Night of the Running Man (1995) Movie Script

Watch out, sucker. Can not you see
that the light on red?
For the airport.
I almost did.
- How do you fly?
Half past nine.
We easily get that.
172, en route to McCarran.
Okay, they're waiting for you.
Good timing. Nobody leaves the
Saturday night in Las Vegas.
Can not faster?
I can not afford fine.
You have plenty of time.
If you see me as soon as possible
to the airport ...
... This is for you.
Can not it faster?
- I'm trying.
This is the shortest route,
nobody knows him.
At most two minutes, nothing more.
Rot of the road if you can not drive.
Which company?
- Never mind, keep driving.
Then get in, dick.
What the hell?
- Driving.
I want nothing to do with it.
- If they catch us, go to it.
Ride, damn.
- Shut up.
You want to die? Driving.
Shake it off.
They want to murder us.
What's happening?
What are you doing?
- Shut up.
That cost me my head. Dodging.
Watch out, they will ram us.
What do you do? Driving.
- I cover it.
McCarran is on a pedestrian
deliberately hit by a car.
The 32-year-old victim,
a casino employee ...
... Died on the spot.
According to witnesses, was Nichols
driven mercilessly to the ground.
There is a revolver found
Other clues are missing.
In further developments
notify us again.
It is clear who the perpetrators are.
The mafia loves crash carts.
What would that poor man have
been up to?
Since he does not worry about
more to make.
He seems to overstep the mark
You can not hide
You find them everywhere anyway.
I'm tired, I'm out.
See ya.
Good idea, you look awful.
I will not cheer. Until tomorrow.
Where did I honderdje?
What the hell?
That was long ago.
I missed you.
A couple of months.
I was afraid that somebody else had.
Do not lie to you.
There's too much
You know exactly how I put together.
While I ...
... Almost nothing from you about.
I do not know what work you do.
I do not know where you live.
And I have a feeling ...
... That you not use your real name.
You're the most mysterious man
I have ever met.
There are people who have secrets
should have.
And I am one of them.
I keep it a try.
Some day ...
... You wake up next to me.
And I know all about you.
It would not be so good ...
... If you knew everything about me.
I would not really happy.
Why not?
If people know about you too much,
you are far too vulnerable.
And that should never happen.
I fall asleep.
You've worn me out.
Kiss me to sleep?
Your casino has a deficit of one
million. Stolen by your manager.
I'm sorry that I have this bad
news should.
I know you lot like Al Chambers
are made.
Can you prove it?
- Yes.
You have from now nothing
to do with this case.
You keep your mouth.
You have now nothing more
it. Understood?
I understand it.
From you I had never expected, Al.
What can I do for you, Mr. Chambers?
- Two things.
My money back. And that taxi driver
must disappear.
There should be no trace left behind.
May I ask what?
Do you ever open your mouth?
You have a great reputation.
Everywhere you are regarded as a boulder.
And you're the most expensive of all.
Then you must occasionally
open your mouth?
If you had hired me before,
money was never gone.
Then you're at home lying on one ear,
instead of making you sappel.
What do you do? Call me?
Perhaps not such a bad idea.
Arrogant bastard.
Excuse me.
Sorry to bothering you ...
Could you look? Do you know something
a free gift or something?
I wondered if the alley
anticipates that thing over there ...
What do you want?
- What do you think?
A date?
- A scary cousin, I did again.
I want your wallet. Your money.
Credit cards.
Or I'll blow your guts out.
With that thing?
Please help me.
I can not see.
But buy a dog.
Hurry up, this woman has
has called twice.
- Are you okay?
I was thinking of you. I was in the
neighborhood so I guess I'm just going along.
I'm glad to see you.
How's the sex?
Another new ladies?
Which I can only afford
if you come by. They are so expensive.
Seems like they have a union.
- Whether it is inflation.
The whole commercial is bothered.
- Exactly what I thought.
What can I do for you?
I am looking for a colleague of yours. He has
nothing for a while make themselves heard.
Right. Logan. I was wondering
where it was hanging bungler.
Do you want the picture?
You have earned a bonus.
Thank you.
Can we keep him?
- You can also keep the rest.
Put it back.
You know what I like about you?
Do you?
- You're totally curious.
I hope it stays that way.
Jerry, are you home?
The luck will smile at you, huh?
Davis, Las Vegas police.
We are looking for this man.
Familiar face?
You sold him a ticket?
Did not see?
The next train to Vancouver
leaves in 45 minutes.
In the large towns it stops?
Salt Lake City, after nine hours.
- Okay, one way love Vancouver.
How much is that?
- $ 183.
Under what name?
Jerry Logan.
Is this for me?
Your change. Have a nice trip.
You want something to eat?
Heavy night behind?
Have you lost a lot?
What did you say?
- Las Vegas, dreamland ...
... Land of losers. Do you have any
about, or have you lost everything?
I even improved.
Can I give you good advice?
I would stop it anyway.
I should know.
I'm waiting for my train.
- Where?
Salt Lake City.
I live not, it's my next
What do you nervous.
- Lack of sleep.
That must be it.
- I gotta go.
This is for you.
The coffee costs only a dollar.
- You've never seen.
There are so many people. After a
while everyone looks the same.
Awesome, thanks.
I look at people. Wait you really
on the train? You really go to Salt Lake?
Can I ask you an advice?
You have to be careful with waitresses.
This time you lucky.
On track 7 is expected
The Northstar Limited ...
... Which will stop in Salt Lake,
Boise, Portland and Seattle.
Passengers are requested to
prepare for departure.
Your ticket, then you can resume
Detective Davis. What is
that train going?
The Limited? Vancouver.
With many stops en route.
All major cities?
- Right.
Having trouble?
- We are looking for this man.
Jerry Logan. We suspect that he
sitting on that train ...
... And this has made.
Not with me, my service is just
Logan, did you?
Name: Jerry.
- With a J?
There is indeed a Jerry Logan
on that train.
I thought you were.
- If a driver is less Vegas?
And you have my briefcase?
- Yes and no.
Vegas has one less taxi driver.
Escaped by train.
With my money?
- Almost.
There is talk of something you
one hated it.
A gambler who wins.
- Where did he go?
To Vancouver, but I doubt
if he ever arrives.
- He knows he is being followed.
Therefore he has taken the train.
He can get off anywhere ...
... Spot a fly
and immediately fly everywhere.
He will not go to Vancouver because
He suspects he will be met.
Okay. And what are you up to?
I'm going to eat. See ya.
Wait a minute.
Are you really the police?
Do you come here to work or gambling?
- Works.
Problems in one of the hotels?
- Someone escaped by train.
Really? What has he done?
There are indications that he is his wife
What does he look? I'm all night
been here.
That's him.
The guy I served tonight.
I have him served.
- Did he say where he went?
Yes, he said.
To Florida.
Thanks. You have really helped us.
Please. Until tomorrow.
Should I fill it?
I believe that you have spoken
with the man I am looking for ...
... But not that he goes to Florida.
If you see me now tell the truth,
I will go up.
If you lie, and I immediately
by ...
... I let you fall.
If they find you, they think of self-
murder. That happens here all the time.
Do you understand?
Where did it go?
- Salt Lake. Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake.
- Very good. Thank you.
Then you find only one solution.
- Greater than 14% we do not.
We have remained.
We have taxi driver yet.
- Not even close?
We come close. I have
established a specialist.
I just wanted to say that I have nothing on you
have to be regarded as an accountant.
But as man am good you a cent.
I am not the one one million
stole from my employer.
That's you.
Did I do that?
I would now like to know what
going on.
How long are we married?
- Hold on now.
You do not sleep, you got nervous
and you drink at a stretch.
Problems at the casino.
I have stolen money and Meyer
has found.
We had a very important
customer, a bigwig from Tokyo.
He only did business with me.
Nothing of a gambler.
At one point he was
for one million in debt.
That money has he given me.
When I had arranged the papers,
he left. Without a receipt.
Nobody does.
This guy is worth three billion.
I thought he did not count Sat
I put the money in the office ...
... And Meyer said he even
Moments later the Japanese returned
for its receipt. Forgotten.
I was not there, and when Alice has
sent to him by Meyer.
There he received a receipt.
Meyer wants the money now ...
... Otherwise he steps into Gurino.
I wanted to give him ...
... But the man who came to get,
it went off.
I say no more. This guy had the money
behind in a taxi ...
and the driver made off with it
gone. We are looking for him.
Come here.
What's that?
- Because you're so stupid.
We did not need that million.
It was just as well.
Not anymore.
We are approaching Salt Lake City.
The next flight to Los Angeles
is full.
On the next flight is a place.
That leaves at half past nine.
Mr. Eckhart, Francine. I have a
Jerry Logan on a United flight.
He has a flight booked
in Salt Lake.
Vertrekijd 9.30 pm gate 4B.
Want your seat number?
No, you do not. Thanks.
You've earned a bonus.
Jack Daniels on ice.
And a glass of water.
Should I write?
- That's good, I'll take that one.
Already a hard day behind?
It is busy. Is it free?
Go ahead.
- Thanks.
Can you believe, say.
You have to watch.
- What do I see?
Feel that? This is a knife, Mr. Logan.
Look at the newspaper, or do you read,
listen and keep your mouth shut.
If you do not do exactly as I say,
then I spot down here.
Nobody here will have the time or courage
have to stop me.
You have money that is not yours.
I just get it back.
We go out of here, you bring me
for that money ...
... And if nothing is missing,
you can go.
You lucky, because if
it was my money, I'd kill you.
Do you understand what I mean?
Shall we?
The sinks are left,
the table on the right.
Cubicle or urinal?
- Small shed.
Beware the step.
Right here.
Will you sit down.
I'll get you when you board
Everything good?
You can board. I will be your bag
just take over?
We are glad that you fly with us.
We are completely full.
See you, Jer.
Derek, with Eckhart. I'm going to a fax
He is on his way to L.A.
I need your help.
Are you free?
Go ahead.
Do you know a good hotel?
Expensive and famous, or cheap and
unfamiliar with good service?
The latter.
- When I've come to the right place.
Can I smoke here?
They're your lungs.
How far is it?
- Not so far.
What's the hotel?
It's called ...
... Mills House. Weird,
but nice and clean.
A long way, huh?
- We're almost there.
L.A you come out?
- No.
I'm from the east. And I
understand you come from Las Vegas.
Who are you?
Welcome to Mills House.
I'm Derek Mills, your host.
Off very slowly.
Very quiet. And no jokes.
I close the door is closed.
The right.
If you wish, you may sit down.
Give it to me.
We have some time. Drink?
I'll tell you how things
are going.
If you lay low,
There is nothing wrong.
But if you try anything,
I'll shoot you down.
I will not shoot, but
wait is sometimes a bit painful.
Do you understand what I mean?
What do you drink?
Scotch I had expected.
- No, bourbon.
You're good at the mess.
Have you ever done such a thing?
Money stolen, I mean.
I thought so too can you see me
I am not a taxi driver?
I 'collectors', you might say.
You can also wait there.
How come you me good
Currently waiting for?
I knew exactly when you would come,
and I swung with some money.
Who said you needed me
The guy in Salt Lake?
- Eckhart. David Eckhart.
Professionals. Maybe the best.
One thing I know ...
... If your afsturen Eckhart,
You've made it very colorful.
David and I are old friends,
We have often worked together.
How do you get?
You're not in a position
to negotiate.
Moreover, I get on my roof Eckhart.
Not that I'm afraid of him, but
Why would I make trouble?
You do not really look like a thief.
I wish that money does not agree.
It had cost me my head anyway.
Would you make another one?
I need something else.
You're awake.
Let me explain. According to Eckhart
you're an expert at running away.
I need to ensure that you
stop functioning.
Lunch, I missed you, but the rest
of the fun I will not deny.
We must hurry,
otherwise the cold.
Interestingly, how much pain a person
can endure. How he reacts.
You know that a lot of people are
who really live ...
... Really feel ...
... When they are hurt?
In a while you understand
what I mean.
I hope you're dead,
crazy bastard.
The burn team is ready.
The anesthetic works. One hundred milligrams
He's awake.
How do you feel?
- Where am I?
At Saint Mary. They can
found unconscious in the street.
You have severe burns, Mr. Logan.
- How do you know my name?
We've looked at your portfolio.
We always do.
It's much better. A few
weeks of rest ...
I had a bag with me?
- Yes. Everything is in the closet.
You'll be okay.
Call me Jerry.
I'm Chris Altman.
How long have I been here?
- You brought yesterday.
How did you get those wounds?
I was boiling water
for coffee ...
... And that's handled.
Here is Las Vegas. You got there
I have no family.
Then you really expect few visitors.
I'll have to do with you.
- You're safe here.
You have sped.
- What did I say?
You sounded pretty scared. If you were
on her own.
I think you're nice.
You need to rest. I'll come
check back later.
I do not walk away.
David, old pal of mine.
That was long ago.
What happened?
- I screwed up.
I have given him a foot.
- And again loosened?
I thought he was disabled.
He is tougher than he looks.
I'm off all the burns units.
We find it perfectly well. I have already
put a search string.
Five grand for the finder.
At my expense of course.
Please let me know.
There will come a day when we compared
each other.
Like westerns.
How do you think it ends?
Very fast.
I am looking for a patient. Jerry Logan.
Burned feet.
Are you family?
- Yes, I am a cousin from Vegas.
So I look for you after. I need
as a patient.
You have to stay in bed.
- I just watched. I feel better.
You're doing very well.
- There is someone for you.
Well dressed. He says he has a cousin
from you, from Vegas.
Should I call the police?
No police. I gotta get out of here.
That is not at all.
- Should I draw something or what?
All my work for nothing.
You belong in a hospital.
- He goes after everything.
Take me to a hotel.
- There is a chance that you die.
Else too. Take me to a hotel,
care medicine, I give you money.
Five thousand dollars if you help me.
Ten thousand.
Fifteen thousand. Please help me.
You may get dressed again,
Mrs. Johnson.
I must find him, he has severe
burns. Jerry Logan.
He has his feet severely burned.
Yes, now I remember.
Young, handsome guy?
He was taken to the Mercy
Burns Centre.
Mercy Burn Center.
- Other side of town. Fifth Street.
Here, ten minutes away
is a hotel.
I will help you to your hotel, exchange your
link, enter your medicines ...
but then it stops.
Careful. Not too fast.
Beware of the table.
You're hot. The inflammation
worse. Put your pants down.
You heard me.
In other circumstances I would
your sweet ass stand out.
The circumstances are not flawed?
Who is this guy?
- The less you know, the better.
It seemed to me a cop, and you seem
me no villain.
I am not.
I'm a taxi driver.
A regular taxi driver ...
... With terrible luck.
It's a long time since I was in the
party was a nice woman.
You need to rest.
Altman nurses to fire victims
at the Continental. You take it on?
No, I have an appointment.
I have earned themselves the five thousand.
He sits at the Continental.
Ten minutes from here.
With a nurse.
I go there now.
You've helped me very much.
You saved my life,
but after eating you away.
It is not safe in my neighborhood.
- You need help.
I'll manage. Especially after your help.
I'm gonna get a little refresher.
Room service. I'll pick up the magazine.
The blade is there.
Where is that girl?
- Go home.
I want my money.
If I get my money,
I make you now.
Where's my money?
Home, did you?
Come out, dear.
Get out.
The stairs.
Give that bag.
- What's going on?
I do not know.
- Who was that guy?
He's from Vegas. Member of the Mafia,
I think.
I have some money suppressed.
- I do not know. One million is a lot?
We need a plan.
- I wish you did not get involved.
There you'll be late.
You need to have new connection.
- Not in the hospital.
I got home a little lie.
- First, that money in a vault.
We do not have time for.
It should. Without that money, he
not kill us.
I want the airports,
bus stations, train stations ...
And car rental ...
to be monitored.
Are you forgetting something?
The nurse.
What's that?
- I know where she lives.
All that is bad for your gejakker.
You need rest.
I must first make a plan
and we should get out of here.
I'm sorry, Chris.
I was never allowed to involve you.
This is what you do not deserve.
- You do not always get what you deserve.
So it is just.
I make sure he finds me.
- He'll kill me. Not exactly.
Then he gets his money.
I offer him half million.
Maybe he lets me go.
- You're kidding.
He takes the money and kill us both.
- Not if I kill him first.
I have never had anything important
done in my life.
I've never had anything to me
forward to.
Except now.
If I do not ...
And besides, if I would not do,
I see you never.
I would miss you.
Get're not stupid things.
If I had wanted to kill you, I
it did when you were asleep.
Come on down.
- The money is in a bank vault.
I start my patience with you
to lose.
Do you have the receipt?
Your nurse is awake.
- She's here all out.
Hold it against her.
From the doorway.
From the doorway.
I wondered where you were.
- You stay here until I say so.
He's here.
- Stay here.
Morning, sweetheart.
Mercy Burn Center.
My patience has run out.
We tie her. And then
we wait until the bank opens.
If anything happens to her, you do not see
cent of that money.
I want to throw a akkordje.
Go ahead.
- Pool. She stays here.
Did you think I could show
with half the money?
You Just Do not found.
Five tons, cash.
You let us alone, I get the money
and we speak here tonight off.
Are you a gambler?
Missed opportunity.
I have to arrange something tonight,
but then I come back.
You know now that I am over the city
have in mind.
So make sure the money is ready.
And loosening of the money ...
... If you try to escape,
you shake it all.
What is that?
- The address of my sister.
I only know the city.
I put a personal ad
in the newspaper.
If it is safe. If it's over.
Long drive.
See ya.
What are you doing here?
- I have found that driver.
How dare you break in here.
Mr. Gurino is very disappointed.
Night, Roz.
Night, Al.
Why do we really
drive all that way?
You can not be too careful.
Have you cleaned them?
- Yes, tonight.
But Mr. Gurino believe something
have been overlooked.
If he finds something even worse than
a thief, then it is a traitor.
Sorry to interrupt, but I'll just
of breeding ...
... And the stallions and mares are
And the beast that had broken loose?
- It is again stable.
He was not quite right,
He was at the vet.
I would appreciate it if you have
just went along with him.
Thank you. I also want to
someone. This is Helena.
I'm back tomorrow.
I'll call you for an appointment.
Weapons are not for you.
- Sorry, Jerry.
You have a very big mistake.
Well, actually two errors.
You had one million, but your flight
more. Your second mistake is more important.
You started to think you were smart,
but in fact you only happiness.
We had a deal.
- With you? Forget it.
The money you have stolen from
me. One half I take it.
And tomorrow we get another
Half of ...
... While your friend stays with Mills.
I do not have money taken.
- Well a bargain, but no money?
That was my plan at all.
- What were you planning?
I wanted to murder you.
You're a gambler.
But I agree. You're lying. You're not
been for nothing to the bank.
Where's that bag?
I'll tell you just, stupid dick.
Ask me to the test.
I am a little upset.
Go find that bag.
Where's the money?
- Are you deaf? I did not make it.
Go ahead.
Leave her alone.
In the basement.
- Where in the basement?
Behind some rocks.
- Shall I go get?
No, I do it myself.
Hold it down it.
Very quickly, remember?
You collect money and I just
behind you.
You okay? I told you
not affected?
Then I'll come get it.
I can head to your girlfriend
to throw down ...
... Then you'll automatically win.
But this is a much nicer way.
What a rush.
So good I have at times not
I'm coming, though.
Well done.
I have no gun anymore.
In the dark, you have nothing to do.
But I have something else.
Who was hit, huh?
You bleed a lot?
And now I'm going to murder you.
It is still with you.
Jerry, where is he?
Come on.
We're on the flight to Rio.
Jack Mallory and Kelly Rose.
First two to Rio?
How would you pay?