Night of the Scarecrow (1995) Movie Script

Yeah, you're fired.
Hey, crawl back into
the goddamn bottle you live in.
Get the fuck out of here.
You're fired.
- Oh.
- Hi.
How are you, Robin?
Just give me
the goddamn keys.
Hey, you want some!
Let's have a big hand...
for the Hanford
High School band!
That was great, kids.
This day...
has finally arrived.
And you all remember,
as well as I do,
how a few years ago
everybody was saying...
this town would never be
anything but a farming town...
trapped in the past.
Enjoying the speech?
Not much.
That's the mayor.
Mayor Goodman.
Just a real windbag.
Is that right?
Yeah, I've only been working
for him about a week.
Construction foreman.
I don't think I've ever met a guy...
so in love with his own voice.
I know the type.
Ah, he's a typical politician,
acting like they're doing it for you.
He's got to have a piece of this deal.
He does.
His family owns the land.
An even brighter future...
to add to our illustrious past.
See, there you go?
You from around here?
My name's Dillon.
Dillon Hale.
I'm Claire.
It's nice to meet you, Dillon.
You got a last name, Claire?
- Claire.
- Oh, uh...
Hello Dad.
Claire Goodman.
Excuse me.
Well, didn't know
you were coming back into town.
I wanted to surprise you.
You certainly have.
Hell of a long time...
to go without a call or a letter.
Well, you've been
quite busy in my absence.
Say, hale.
I heard you were having some problem
with that Thompson boy.
Well, not anymore...
I just fired him.
You know, that boy's
daddy and I...
are good friends...
If you undertand me.
So, I think the boy deserves a second chance.
- Don't you?
- Sure, ok.
- Goodman.
- Yeah...
Nice to meet you, Dillon.
Oh, yeah.
Just got back
into town,
don't you think
it's a little early...
to start making new friends?
I just talked to him.
- About what?
- About you.
I know you when it
comes to men, Claire.
Don't you goddamn
embarrass me.
You know what I mean.
Well, would it
embarrass you...
if I invited him
to dinner tonight?
Because I did.
Ah, you... You just...
You just never do
stop testing me, do you, girl?
Not until you pass.
Hey, Dillon!
Wait up.
So why didn't you
tell me who you were?
I did.
I mean before I got my foot
crammed down my mouth.
And miss the benefit of your
brilliant political insights?
Did you tell your dad
what I said?
Yeah, and you now what he said?
You're fired.
I was just teasing before.
Actually, uh, my father
really likes you.
He wanted me to invite
you to dinner tonight.
- Really?
- Uh-huh.
He respects you.
He loves anyone
who's a good kiss-ass.
Hey, Danny, did you get
your job back?
Shit, yeah.
That fucker, Dillon,
my old man
will have his ass.
- Know why?
- Ha ha, why?
'cause he don't
mess around, boy.
Come on. Whoooo!
Yeah! Ha ha.
Come on, man.
Gime me a beer.
Come on, come on.
Won't you listen
O a little bit of my soul...
I want to take you,
Baby, far and wild,
Love you in the
Spirits' style
I love when you
talk so deadly...
So deadly...
Ain't nothing
Ut the dead no more...
Let's bail.
Shouldn't we put it back?
Let Dillon do it, dickhead.
Let's go!
I'll be there in a minute.
Nature calls.
Hope you don't mind a little, uh,
irrigation, dude?
Get out of the way!
Oh! Oh, my God!
Dude, what's up?
It was all around me!
- Did--did you see it?
- You're wasted, man.
Let's get the fuck
out of here!
Have another beer.
You showed up.
I'm flattered.
I'm only here to impress
your father, remeber?
Come on in.
By the way,
you look beautiful.
So do you.
Let me introduce you
to my family.
This is Uncle George.
- How you doing?
- Uncle George...
farmed our land all these years.
This boy looks like
he needs a drink.
As does anybody who works
for my big brother.
Ha ha, I hear you.
Uh, this is my Uncle Thaddeus.
- How you doing?
- His wife Barbara.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Our daughter, Stephanie.
Hope to see you in church.
Yea... Yes, sir.
This is my Uncle Frank.
He's our town sheriff.
Here we go.
Uncle Frank, Dillon.
How's it going?
This is Toby and Martha.
And his wife, Lorraine.
Hi there.
Glad I got a chance to meet ou.
I like to know the folks hanging
around my town.
Why don't we
have a drink...
before he arrests you
for loitering?
Sounds like a good idea.
Let us pray.
To give thanks...
that we undeserved.
Spoilers of this planet...
can enjoy this rich bounty...
though others may be cold,
hungry, homeless, and diseased...
We must remember
in the midst of this richness...
that the appearance of goodness...
is not always what it seems.
The Scriptures warn us...
that beneath the shining skin of the ripe fruit...
lies pestilence,
vermin, and rot.
So, Lord,
we thank you
for you kindness...
in giving us,
as we may be,
this fine feast.
Ah, is that, uh,
fresh corn?
It's actually corn
from Uncle George's farm.
But this is the last year
we'll be having this.
I'm just saying
I'll miss it, that's all.
Those crops have been amazing.
Year in, year out,
it's the best field in the county,
despite droughts, or freeze, and--
Claire, if you're so damn sentimental,
where have you been?
Come on, come on, guys.
We'll all miss the farm.
But, uh, it's worth it.
And it's great having Claire back.
Yeah, so let's cut the crap...
and start stuffing our faces.
O.K., jack, let's have
our next contestant.
Going out?
I told Uncle George...
I'd stop by before it got late.
Is that true, Clair?
Jesus, Dad.
Son of a bitch!
Ahh, there you are.
Smart son of a bitc, huh?
I know you' re in here, asshole!
All right, you son of a bitch.
What the...
Oh, no!
Uncle George!
I just don't understand...
why George would pick
a time like that...
to work on his damn machine.
Frank, George was drunk.
He'd been drinking like that...
ever since Dorothy died.
I mean, an accident like this...
was bound to happen.
I guess you're right.
Uncle Frank,
I have something to tell you.
Going into the barn,
I saw something.
I'm not sure.
I thought it was a man...
standing on
the cornfield's edge.
What did he look like?
He was tall.
He was wearing...
like some
bizarre costume,
and then it was like
he wasn't a man.
What do you mean...
Wasn't a man?
I don't know.
He moved so strange.
And I was looking at him,
and then he was just gone.
Claire, you've been through a lot.
You need some rest.
Let's just get on...
Just get out to the car.
Come on.
Let's go.
What the hell
you trying to do?
She's been through a lot.
I'm the sheriff, Bill!
She might've seen something.
I got to check it out.
I'm a cop.
Frank, don't!
I know how you feel.
You want to believe
there's something you can do.
But being a good cop...
isn't going to bring
George back.
It was an accident.
What the hell else
could it be?
Oh, Lord.
Sweet Jesus.
God protect us.
How do you feel?
That pill you gave me
really knocked me out.
Oh, God.
- I've been out all day.
- That's good.
Needed the rest.
Sweetheart, look,
about what you thought you saw,
it's impossible.
You were just upset.
Your mind was
playing tricks on you.
I know I saw something.
Nothing can bring George back.
What if it wasn't an accident?
It was.
You don't know that.
You're worried about me
embarrassing you.
It's not just you.
This whole town is so concerned
with appearances,
like they're protecting some
nasty little secret.
I don't know what you're
talking about, girl.
Claire, don't go out.
Right now I think I just
need some fresh air.
I don't think you ought
to go out alone.
Why? It's perfectly safe...
unless I have an accident.
Aah! Dillon.
You look like
you saw a ghost.
Were you back there following me?
No, wait, somebody's following you?
I don't see anybody.
I think I need a drink.
Hey, Danny.
Hey, what?
Look who just walked in.
Hey, Claire.
Hey, Dillon.
You looking for me?
Want to maybe finish what you
started yesterday?
No, no, but you know,
someone was mixing it up
with one of my graders.
Left it in the field.
You don't know anything
about that, do you?
Are you accusing me?
Jesus, what is the legal drinking age
around here, 10?
Let's go, man.
My uncle's dead!
Show some respect.
Come on.
Come on.
See you around, Dillon.
Oh, yeah, you're going
to see me around.
Count on it.
I'm counting on it.
Are you all right?
- I'll see you in a while.
- Where are you going?
To the church.
I need to make arrangements.
Poor George.
Funeral services.
Would you like to come
to church with me?
Um, no. Thanks, Dad.
I'm going to go to bed.
I'm really tired.
Come over here, child.
This arrived in the mail for you today.
I am not too happy about this.
We need to have a talk.
Good night, father.
Good night.
Oh, yes.
Come to me.
Come to me, Thaddeus.
Ha ha!
I'm waiting for you.
Who's there?
You know who I am.
Show yourself.
You want to see me?
This is the house of God.
This is not the place for fornication.
Faster, Thaddeus.
You think you can tempt me?
Sweet Jesus,
forgive me, Lord,
For disgracing and dishonoring
this Holy place.
Sweet Jesus.
It's true.
Sins of the father.
What do you want from me?
Oh, Jesus, help me!
Holy Father.
The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He maketh me
to lie down in...
Shall not want.
- I shall not perish.
- Where is my book?
Help me.
Speak now or...
Shall we sit?
Thanks for helping me
get through tonight.
Well, you know, the, um...
- Night's not exactly over.
- I don't even know you yet.
What do you wanna know?
Tell me what you want from life.
I'm looking for what
everybody else is looking.
Somebody who'll be there
in the morning.
That shouldn't be too hard to find.
You'd be surprised.
I'm just not the kind of guy
that women stick around with.
You know...
They use me,
then they lose me.
Oh, from what I hear.
That's what every guy
wants from life.
I guess I'm not every guy.
You're not.
Lucky thing for you
I came into town.
How lucky?
I haven't decided yet.
How long does it
usually take you?
Depends on the guy.
I've made up my mind.
I said stop!
Because my mom
is still awake, you idiot.
It gets you hot,
doesn't it?
Let's go out.
Someplace where
no one can hear us.
- Someplace romantic.
- I guess that'd be ok.
You got a couple bucks
for beers?
Shut up.
My mother's going to hear us.
Sit tight, babe.
I got to get me
a tall cool one.
I thought that's what I was.
No, you're the short hot one.
You're such a pig!
It's about time you got back.
You will cleanse my seed.
What the fuck?
What's happening?
- Danny.
- What?
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
Well, hey, there.
Can't seem
to find the body.
Danny Thompson's van
was found with blood all over it.
His body was torn apart...
like something inhuman gotten hold of him.
This is out of control.
Damn right.
Two, maybe three murders...
in the last two nights.
It's not being done
by a homeless man.
Not by a man at all.
Frank, get ahold of yourself.
You started sounding like Thaddeus.
I don't care.
I'm trying to do my job.
Then stop listening
to ghost stories.
Go after the obvious human suspect.
- Who would that be?
- That'd be Dillon Hale.
You saw the fight he had with Danny yesterday.
Ben tells me they
damn near got into it...
tonight at the tavern.
That's real convincing
evidence, isn't it?
Frank, sit down.
As always, let me
spell it out for you.
You're the sheriff here...
because I'm damn mayor.
Now I'm about to close
the biggest land deal...
in this town's history.
And we can't afford...
to look like a bunch of hicks...
letting murderers
run around loose.
Or monsters,
so you do your damn job,
little brother.
You arrest the son of a bitch and close the case.
You know what it sounds like to me, big brother?
It sounds like you're more interested in the land deal than your family.
What're you doing?
Where you going?
I don't know.
Something feels weird with my family.
I don't know what.
I got to go.
All right.
I'm going with you.
- Oh, my God!
- Jesus! What...
Do it.
Hold still.
I'm almost done.
This is the last one.
Thank you.
Here's some water.
Drink some.
Who did this to you?
It's not safe here.
For you?
For any of us.
- What is going on?
- Where's Stephanie?
Has he taken my daughter?
Has he claimed her?
Of course he has.
She will not be spared.
None of us will.
None of us will!
Tell me what you're talking about.
come back.
Who has come back?
Come back for what?
For generations
we've been trying to forget...
when we should have remembered...
Oh, God, please.
It all began over 100 years ago...
when the Goodmans founded this town.
They came west looking for a better life,
and when they arrived here,
they found more hardship.
the ground was hard,
soil void of nutriments.
People were starving.
Old Silas Goodman...
was their spiritual leader.
The people came to him
and asked for his help,
but there was nothing
he could do.
And then this stranger came.
He was a man of magic,
a man of evil.
In Hanford he saw
a land of opportunity.
He came to Silas
and offered him...
a solution, a bargain.
He would make
the earth fertile,
the wells run rich,
the weather temperate,
the crops grow bountiful.
The price was simple:
In this town, the warlock
would have complete freedom,
Freedom from persecution,
freedom to do as he liked.
At first all went well.
The town prospered.
And the warlock's presence
seemed harmless.
But Silas Goodman
was a god-fearing man.
He knew he had made
a pact with the devil,
a devil he could not control.
The warlock was a hedonist
of the first order.
He took over the town,
not by force but by pleasure.
He lured the young girls into witches' sabbaths,
which turned out to be
nothing but wild orgies.
He even seduced
Silas' own daughter.
Silas decided it was time to stop this...
no matter the price...
and stole his book of magic spells...
and turned his own magic against him.
One night Silas drugged the warlock.
At dawn Silas and the townspeople...
dragged the demon out to the field.
They'd cut a stone slab
that would seal his tomb.
They chopped a path
deep into the corn.
When the warlock realized
what was going to happen,
he started to scream and threaten.
Even as they lashed him
to the cross,
and crucified him,
it took the warlock
two screaming days...
to finally die.
Our people burned the body,
put his charred bones
into the special casket,
burying them deep into the ground.
As long as the bones
remained undisturbed,
the people of Hanford
would be assured...
rich harvest for all time.
Each generation
would erect a scarecrow...
as a reminder.
Our ancestors thought this
tomb was sealed forever,
but now somehow
the warlock's spirit has escaped,
as if we'd brought the evil on ourselves.
So how do we stop it?
The secret is in his book of spells.
It was given to your father...
as first-born of our generation.
What he's done with it,
I don't now.
The spell that would
destroy the warlock...
is in that book.
Ok, Dillon,
you better get him home.
I'm going to my father's and find the book.
I'll get your uncle home,
and you be careful.
Thaddeus, tell me.
What's going to happen
if he finds the book?
He can reunite his spirit with flesh.
He will become human again.
If that happens,
no one...
No one can stop his power.
No one.
Where's my book?
- Where is my book?
- Go fuck yourself.
I want you to sympathize with me.
I want you to know how it feels...
to be me.
You motherfucker!
Thaddeus, is that you?
Come on.
Let's get you here.
You want something to drink?
Coffee? I don't know what you got here.
I'll have something.
I'd like some tea.
Tea is it.
I better tell my wife I'm all right.
Barbara, we need...
Oh, God.
Barbara, I'm so sorry,
my sweet.
I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
One last time.
Where's my book?
Yaah! You filth!
Back to your grave!
Rot with the worms!
Fooled ya!
Drop it! Put it down.
Raise your hands, Hale.
Just do it!
Come on.
I'm taking you in
for the murder of Danny Thompson.
Are you out of your mind?
Shut up!
But you gotta talk to
Thaddeus about it.
He's got some ideas
about what's going on. Alright?
Where is he?
He's upstairs.
I just brought him home.
- I was making find tea.
- Ok, let's go find him.
Thad, you in there?
I know he's there.
Maybe he's passed out.
Jesus Christ.
- You son of a bitch!
- You think I did this?
I'll kill you!
The door was locked from the inside!
Think about it, man!
Think about it!
- Come over here.
- Where you going?
We got to get
to Claire's house...
What are you doing, man?
You know I didn't do this.
I don't know anything, man.
But I know you're not going anywhere.
If we don't hurry,
they'll all be dead when we get there.
Oh, God.
Daddy... Daddy!
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's true, isn't it?
It's true, Uncle Frank.
We have got to find the warlock's book.
Yo have any idea where it might be?
It could be anywhere.
All right.
Wait a minute.
When we were kids
playing in this house,
Will told me about
a secret hiding place in the attic.
He said if anything ever happened to him,
there was something real important up there.
Ok, let's go.
No. I'll look.
You go outside.
I got Dillon in the car.
No. I am not walking away from this.
Your father told me there's a trapdoor...
in one of the floorboards in the attic.
Here. Hold this.
He said I'd know it
when I saw it.
Ok. Come on up.
Come on.
Damn it.
It's right over here.
Wait. What's that?
Yea , that's it.
Help me move it.
That one.
Come on.
I'm trying.
Lift it.
Get the book!
Claire, get the book!
Any more?
You killed my family,
you motherfucker!
I got it!
I got it!
Run! Run! Come on!
Claire, he's right behind you!
Get in the car!
Come on!
Come on! Get in the car!
Get in the car! Come on!
Start it!
Come on! He's coming!
Go! Go!
Dillon, here.
[police radio]
Sheriff, you there?
Come in.
It says there's
a physical connection...
between the warlock's spirit and the bones.
If we destroy the bones,
then he's dead forever.
They were buried in the field
when they crucified him.
Look out, Claire!
We need your help!
He's right behind us!
Stop right there!
Move to the front of the car!
Put your hands on the hood!
Get your ass out here right now!
He'll be right here!
Shut up!
Come on, man!
Where's the sheriff?
He's dead.
If he gets this book, we're fucked.
Put your hands on the car!
Just fuckin' listen to us!
No, you listen to me.
You get your hands back on that vehicle,
or I'll shoot your fucking head!
- Don't go back there!
- Teddy, check that out there.
I wouldn't do that if I were you!
Go on.
Come on, come on!
Come on.
Get the bolt cutters.
We got to burn his bones, right?
I got something better than that.
This shit will melt through rock
at room temperature.
Liquidate that fucking bastard.
Wait, wait, wait.
Get that hatchet.
Get through!
The tomb's in the center of the cornfield.
Give me the flashlight.
Hold my legs.
Hold my legs.
I can't hold you very long.
I see something.
Drop me lower.
I can't reach it.
- More! Lower!
- I'm trying.
My book!
Burn, you motherfucker!
My bones!
My bones!
- Claire!
- Dillon!
Where are you?
Meet me at the handcuffs.
The handcuffs!
Claire! Drop!
Come on,
Come on.
Come on!
Let's get out of here.
Claire! Claire, come on!
Let's go!
How about some fire, scarecrow?
Oh, my God!
You ok?
Are you ok?
Are you ok?
Got him.