Night Pulse (2018) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(classic music)
- [Man] I went to the
movies the other day,
I noticed a trend starting to emerge.
The yuppie fear thriller.
Now I don't know what a yuppie is,
we certainly weren't all as good looking
as James Spader or Rob Lowe.
These certainly aren't the
movies I can relate to.
Do you ever notice in these films
how everybody's so well tanned,
well toned and well groomed?
This one stars Matthew
Modine and Melanie Griffith.
It also has a sociopathic in it played
by Michel Keaton, I hope I
didn't ruin that for you.
Here's another example of
yuppie culture, shoulder pads.
Now when I when I was growing up
the only time anyone wore shoulder pads
was in the national football league.
I guess it's supposed to be fashionable.
What exactly is a yuppie anyway?
I'm told it's an acronym,
it stands for young, urban, professional.
Of course when I was young I wasn't
concerned with being a
young urban professional.
I was more concerned with surviving
the mortar rounds coming from
a German gun in placement.
American youth of today are to busy
worrying about the color of their new BMW.
When I was a kid I had
to stand in bread lines,
you know we had simpler
problems when I was growing up.
Like if the Russians were gonna
be rolling tanks down
Welsher Boulevard or not,
course when I was in my early 20s
my ambition was to
dodge stuka dive bombers
that the Germans were
laying on us at D day,
I wasn't concerned about new technology
like fanny packs or word processors.
No my concerns were more about whether
or not my buddies were hanging
dead from barbed wire on Omaha beach.
I was to busy jumping into
my fox hole to avoid getting
my head blown off by a german
machine gun in placement.
While these yuppies today walk around with
their fanny packs I was carrying
home my buddy in a bucket.
Of course we didn't have fanny packs back
then otherwise we'd need very big
ones to carry around our buddies.
They call them body bags in the military.
Instead of fanny packs
and other new technologies
like word processors and fax machines
my main concern was on Omaha beach
and the human soup that
we were being ground
up into by the german artillery.
- I'm Morley Safer we'll.
- Hello?
- [Phone] Trent.
- General Schwartzcoff.
- [Phone] It's ready.
Get your cash ready.
Are you listening?
- Yes sir.
- [Phone] I need you to do something.
- Of course I'll do something sir.
- [Phone] Someone is hired to kill you.
Somebody you know Trent.
- Oh really?
- [Phone] You understand?
- Yes sir.
- [Phone] It's your goddamn partner Tim.
He wants you dead.
- He wants me dead.
- [Phone] Listen to me.
You know Willard.
He hired Bono from U2 to
do the dirty work Trent.
- Bono?
- [Phone] Can you believe that?
- I'll take care of it immediately.
- [Girl] If something happens to
my mommy will you take care of me?
- Of course I would.
- [Man] And their destruction.
- There's only one woman for me.
- That's all you need.
- [Man] Her triumph.
- When your husband makes
love to you it's my face he's.
- Just get out of our house.
- She's turning me Micheal
just like you said she would.
- [Woman] Call the police.
- [Man] Clare calm down.
- [Woman] You don't know
what she's capable of.
- [Man] People don't deserve freedom.
- Anyone can have an exploit.
- [Woman] Micheal?
- [Woman] What goes around comes around.
- [Girl] Mommy.
- [Woman] The hand that rocks
the cradle is the hand
that rules the world.
- [Woman] It's my family.
- [Man] The hand that rocks the cradle.
- They don't deserve free enterprise.
This is our time my friend.
- Hello?
- [Phone] Trent it's Dan.
- Dan.
- [Phone] You alright?
- I know this is gonna sound crazy,
I just saw a preview for this movie.
The hand that rocks the cradle.
- [Dan] Yeah I'm looking forward to that.
- [Trent] I saw myself in the preview.
- [Dan] What?
- No it was me.
It was my life, it was my
wife, it was my family.
- [Dan] That doesn't make any sense.
- [Trent] I know it doesn't
make any sense but that what I saw.
- [Dan] That's crazy.
- I know it sounds crazy.
I saw myself in the trailer.
- [Dan] Bullshit.
- [Trent] I was in the preview.
- [Dan] That don't make no sense.
- I saw myself in the trailer.
I saw my wife, I saw my babysitter.
- [Dan] No you saw Rebecca De Mornay.
- I saw everything.
- [Dan] Trent listen to
me you need some rest boy.
I want you to get some rest right now.
- Alright, alright, ya.
- [Dan] You need some rest boy.
- I think I know what this means.
There is a hand rocking the cradle.
It's rocking my cradle.
- [Dan] Trent listen to me.
The hand that rocks the cradle
is the hand that rule the world.
You understand boy?
(ominous music)
- Trent will you take that jacket off?
- Meh.
- You know in all the years we've
been married I've never once
seen you without that thing on.
- That's because I'm always working.
(eerie music) (stretching)
What the hell, what the hell is that?
I have work to do and he's
going though the garbage.
It's after midnight.
(crinkling) (eerie music)
Shouldn't he be watching
his 1-900 commercials?
Suppose he's taking out the trash?
Doubt it.
I'm gonna kill him!
I'm gonna kill him.
Sorry he just kinda gets on my last nerve.
(crinkling) (stretching)
I hate him so much, I need him
dead now, now, make it stop!
(crinkling) (dramatic music)
- What turns women on?
It's the most incredible feeling.
What turns women on?
For men only.
What turns women on will turn you on.
Call 1-900-660-6666,
one dollar per minute,
five dollars for the first minute.
What turns women on?
- [TV] Here it is, the UFO hot line,
your phone number to the
biggest cover up ever.
Call 1-900.
- Mr. DuPont, I put the baby to bed.
Will there be anything else?
- No thank you Tempest.
That will be all.
- Good night.
(dramatic chord)
It's our reality now Mr. DuPont, isn't it?
(dramatic chord)
Half past six babe
Time to head for
Golden lights
It's a good time
- How much longer is your no good brother
in law going to be staying with us?
It's been over four years now
and he's still sitting on my couch.
- [TV] Call survival
for any car, any driver.
Survival offers the
lowest rates guaranteed,
call survival now.
- [Woman] He thinks he can do
that to me and I won't tell anyone?
Well I'm telling.
- [TV] Something fishy is
going on with Meow Mix.
- Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.
When the clock strikes half past midnight.
(dramatic chord)
- I can't believe your telling me this.
- [TV] Secret confessions
call 1-900-370-9200.
- [Wife] Is he still out there?
- What do you think?
He's been out there for four years,
why would tonight be any different?
God I can't sleep I need another drink.
- [TV] There's a new pet.
- [Tobo] Chia.
- [TV] Chia pet the pottery that grows.
Soak your Chia, plant the seeds,
keep it watered and watch it grow.
- Ch, ch, chia.
(dramatic chord)
- This is insane, I can run
the entire government
but I can't go to my own
kitchen and get myself a drink.
- He thinks he can to that to
me and I won't tell anyone?
Well I'm telling.
- [TV] Hear startling secret
confessions, call 1-900.
- People need to realize
that the party is over.
No ones gonna have any fun on my watch.
80 percent of the population
of this country is behind bars
because of laws that I wrote.
We need to get that idiot
brother of your off the couch.
- [TV] Creep phone the phone
number nightmares are made of.
Call 1-900.
- I'm gonna go get a drink.
- Well don't forget to
invite Mitt Romney over.
- [TV] Chia pet the pottery that grows.
- Is the Chia a real animal?
(eerie music)
- Is he still out there.
- No he's entered the Bermuda triangle.
Course he's still here,
he's in the living room.
- Do you think Vanilla
Ice is the guys real name?
When the clock strikes
half past six babe
Time to head for the golden lights
(ominous music) (jingling)
(crying out)
I love you, you fucking bitch!
You scared little girl?
- Get lost creep.
- Don't you want a real man?
What are you so scared of?
I got two tickets to paradise.
Come here baby girl.
All you girls do is ignore us.
To good for us aren't you?
Get over here.
- No.
- Tobo Watch, you scared aren't you?
- I think you're the ones that's
scared my deranged friend.
- Hey!
(eerie music)
(dramatic music)
- Fuck you you fucking phyco!
(ominous music)
Leave me alone!
Okay just come right now.
(growling) (ominous music)
Thank God this creepy nuts
been following me all night.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Are you alright?
- I'm good, I'm fine, in fine.
- Are you hurt?
- I'm okay.
- You're sure?
- Jesus I'm fine.
- I'll kill him.
I will kill that son of a bitch.
- Just relax, relax.
- I will kill that son of a bitch.
- You need to relax.
You're not in the secret service anymore.
- I'll kill him.
I'll blow him into a thousand
pieces from here to Kansas.
I'll get you, you son of a bitch!
I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.
I'll kill him.
- Calm down.
You're emanating a level
five negative frequency
and you're completely throwing
me off balance right now.
- Oh Christ you're gonna throw
that new aged flak at me again?
When are you gonna get a real job?
I can get you a desk job at the pentagon.
- I like working at the Alexandria two.
It's a beautiful environment,
we do chakra healings with crystals okay?
- Chaka?
- Chakra, seven energy points of the body.
12 to be exact.
- Oh yeah you're real pure and healthy,
look at you, you're
smoking like a chimney.
- [Woman] Why are you
talking to me like this?
- [Father] Can you please put that out?
- [Woman] I am not
putting the cigarette out.
- Look it's the 90s, nobody smokes in
the 90s anymore, there's all kinds
of smoking bans around the city.
You should follow them.
(dramatic music)
- [Woman] He's right there,
he's right there, turn around quick!
- Where?
- Right there, right there.
- You God damn mother fucker.
- There he is, there he is.
- Come on, come on.
- There he is there he is.
- I'm gonna get him, get him.
- Go get him.
- I'm gonna smack him.
- I'm gonna kill you you mother fucker.
- [Woman] Faster.
- [Father] You'll die sucker.
You'll die sucker!
- [Woman] Get him!
- Die.
- Go get him.
(bangs) (thuds)
- Mother fucker.
- Go back, reverse, make sure he's dead.
Do it, do it.
- I'm gonna run him over plus.
- Get him, get him.
- Fuck this guy.
(tires squealing)
(tearing) (crying out)
- Oh my God.
Is he still alive?
- [Woman] Do it.
- [Father] How much more.
- [Woman] Run him over!
- Okay, Jesus.
(tires screeching)
- Go.
(tires screeching)
(crying out)
- [Father] Fucker.
(thuds) - do it again, go back.
- Alright.
- Do it again.
- I'm gonna run him over.
- [Woman] Go, go, go, go, go.
(crying out) (thuds)
- Jesus Christ.
What is this guy superman?
- [Woman] Dad go, go, go, go.
- [Father] My God how
much can he fucking take?
- [Woman] Get him.
- [Father] Oh my God what kind
of human being can take this kind of shit?
- Hit him again, hit him again.
- I got him.
This guy is fucking still alive,
I can't believe he's still moving.
- [Woman] Just drive.
- Where are all these freaks
coming from, Jesus Christ.
- Watch that guy, watch that
guy, watch that guy oh my God!
- [Father] Jesus Christ.
Is he dead?
Get the fuck outta here.
Let's get the hell out of here
before I lose my position
with Whitney Houston.
She finds out about this and I'm fired.
Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby
- I want him dead.
- [TV] Dial this number now,
I've got some tales to tell,
Freddy's favorite bed time stories.
- I don't care if he's your brother,
my brother, I don't care
who's bother in law he is.
- [TV] Brand new and
straight from my boiler room
to your home, it's Freddy
Kruger on your phone.
- All I wanna do is go
use my new hula packard,
I just got windows three.
When we're gonna stop
Yo I don't know turn off
the lights and I'll glow
Ice ice baby
Vanilla ice ice baby
- I have someone coming over tonight.
- Who's coming over?
- Oh, Confusia says if you answer
the door in a skimpy outfit like
that you'll have free meals
for the rest of your life.
- She can cut my hair
all night if I had any.
- Can you please let me sleep.
- You'll sleep when we tell you to sleep.
- I need to go to sleep, I can't.
- No!
- [Trent] There's no time for sleep.
Tessa can you get her some coffee,
some cocaine, anything
left over from the 80s.
- [Dick] God damn it wake up!
- [Rhonda] Please, I need to sleep.
- Wake up.
- You are gonna stay awake
as long as we tell you to.
- Wake up!
- I'm trying.
- Stop whining, wake up.
- I have not slept in months.
- Stop your whining Rhonda, wake up.
- Wake up.
- Wake up.
- Wake up.
- I just wanna sleep, please.
- You snooze you lose.
- You guys just won't stop torturing me.
(dramatic music) (growling)
- Rhonda's gonna be taking care
of some of our dirty
work, aren't you Rhonda?
- Another bed
and dead operation or
something more dangerous?
- No, no more BnDs for you right now,
we're gonna put you onto
something a little bigger.
We're gonna put you on to
operation peanut butter.
- The peanut butter
and pretzels operation?
(dramatic music) (growling)
(crying out) (splatters)
(ominous music) (growling)
- Hello?
- [Trent] What is with you
and the peanut butter pretzel operation?
Can't you get over it?
- What do you want me to do,
just skip to the fig newton operation?
Not now, can't you see were busy!
(dramatic music) (growling)
(screams) (splats)
- That's nice, what phone is that?
- It's a Motorola 9000.
Doc Severinsen on the line.
- [Dick] From the tonight show?
Johnny's quitting this year,
this is really bad news for us.
Yes sir.
Doc sir, yes.
(eerie music)
Oh my dear God.
Emic Man is running
around Hollywood naked,
yes, I'm, I'm right on it.
Well what exactly did she say?
Oh my God.
MC Hammer just dropped the hammer.
David Letterman just got a letter bomb.
Epic mans sweeps stakes is a fake.
Chubby Chase is starting his
own talk show, Kevin Costner is.
Shop lifting the reboot pump.
I'll notify the FBI, believe me.
- Secretary of the Feds
works for Doc Severinsen?
- Rhonda we need you start
the baby bumper butter blanket
operation on USA next week.
- Ok, what's the baby blanket butter op?
- It's an HRM zap.
- HMR yeah I know about that,
that's the Harmonic
Manipulation of Rap and Hip Hop.
It's the private job.
- Just keep blasting the
Ice ice baby campaign.
We've got 90 percent of the
country covered with it by now.
- [Tessa] I've notice, I
can't get away from that song.
- The ice ice baby frequency has turned
the masses into mindless morons faster
than you can say meow mix.
Take heed 'cause I'm a lyrical poet
Miami's on the scene just
in case you didn't know it
My town that created
all the bass sound
Enough to shake and
kick holes in the ground
'Cause my style's
like a chemical spill
Feasible rhymes that
you can vision and feel
Conducted and formed
This is a hell of a concept
We make it hype and you
want to step with this
Shay plays on the fade
slice it like a ninja
Cut like a razor blade so fast
Other DJ's say damn
If my rhyme was a drug
I'd sell it by the gram
Keep my composure when
it's time to get loose
Magnetized by the mic
while I kick my juice
If there was a problem
Yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook
while my DJ revolves it
Ice ice baby
- Do people even realize
that was a Queen song first?
- Hell no.
It's called sampling.
We're sampling the past into the present.
You're gonna be hearing
a lot more of it soon.
- [Dick] Sampling.
- Knock it off Dick.
Yes sampling, we're
sampling reality in a way.
Soon no one's gonna know the difference.
- Sampling!
- Sampling.
- Sampling?
- Sampling.
- Sampling?
- Sampling.
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling.
- Sampling!
- Sampling!
- Sampling.
- Sampling!
- Sampling.
- Sampling?
- Sampling.
- Sampling.
- We're sampling reality in a way.
- Sampling, sampling, sampling.
- Sampling, sampling, sampling.
- [Both] Sampling, sampling,
sampling, sampling, sampling.
- We're sampling reality in a way.
Quick to the point,
to the point no faking
I'm cooking MC's like a pound of bacon
- The upper barrel is a hallow tube
with a screwed in match barrel.
Titanium alloy makes up the receiver.
Between it from solid
chrome bolt is removed
with a switch on the left
side similar to a tech nine.
Solid chrome makes up the receiver,
the effective range is 600 miles solider.
It's fed on 30 box magazines
and supports various opt.
When in hyper auto mode it flares 950 RPM,
with a muscle bullet of 910 milliseconds.
It's basically a shorter
and lighter version of the
Desert Eagle Mark Seven.
Twin lasers have a range
all the way to the moon.
We shot a crater on the
dark side of the moon.
Civilian life is expendable.
Remember that.
Can't get the goddamn thing locked.
Shit, there is goes.
Rhonda Shear, good luck.
(suspenseful music)
(cars) (suspenseful music)
(eerie music)
(gun fires) (thuds)
(rustling) (growling)
(eerie music)
(dramatic chord)
(eerie music)
(dramatic chord)
(eerie music)
- I'm gonna go look for a job today.
(eerie music)
- I'm the one who has the CIA bringing
us in 2,000,000,000 dollars a year on
the poppy fields in Afghanistan,
do you understand that?
My cordless is to far
away from the receiver,
I'm gonna have to call you back,
I can't hear a goddamn thing.
Where the fuck is she, fuck.
- And get my gun out of the car will you?
- The war on drugs was my idea.
- [Man] It's done, don't worry about it.
- [Trent] Julia Roberts?
(crying out)
What, what, what's the matter, what?
- Oh my God he's a meat
head, I can't do it anymore.
- [Trent] Tessa!
- I can't do it anymore, I can't.
- Julia Roberts from Pretty Women is here.
- Help me.
I don't know what to do,
he's going to beat me
to a pulp and he's going to kill me
and drown me in a pool of my own blood.
- Christ I'm gonna kill that son of a.
- For all I know he's just gonna watch
the pools of blood for
days, he's just a bastard.
- Alright, alright, take it
easy okay, we're here to help.
You can stay with us for a
while, what ever you need.
Look you live right next door,
we can just go over when he's not there,
get your things and bring
them back here, it's okay.
- No, I, I was.
- [Tessa] Since when did men think
they could start treating us this way?
- [Trent] I don't think we need
to turn this into a sexist argument.
- [Julia] I was!
- You know in the 80s we had
the really successful slasher films,
you know it was like the
last gasp of male dominance
and really did well
for us in the industry,
I'm not saying that
women don't have a place
but I just think that if we just went back
to that a little bit we would
have a great market for it,
you know the market even shows
that the creeps are still out there.
- Alright, could you knock it off Jacques!
Don't listen to him.
- [Jacques] You always cut me off on
this and I'm telling you.
- This is not funny.
- [Jacques] You know your problem,
you never got creeped out enough,
that was always the issue,
if you got creeped on more.
- I was!
- I think it would have
blown out better for ya,
look I'm just trying to say
that there was a time when men had a place
in this industry and women have
just kinda swooped in and taken over.
- [Trent] Well they haven't completely
taken over the show yet, come on.
- Look I am working for
women at this point ya know,
I mean I got Dawn Steels got my balls
in her matzo soup every morning basically
I mean I'm taking it up the ass here!
- [Tessa] Are you kidding
me, knock it off already.
- I was.
- Everyone, why are you
bringing this up now?
Jacques will you knock it off?
- I was sleeping with the enemy!
(dramatic music)
- Trent come here, this is my wife Naomi,
Naomi this is Trent.
She's the creator and CEO of Chia pet.
- Chia pet, that is huge.
- Ch, ch, ch, Chia.
- Ch, ch, ch, Chia.
Ch, ch, ch, Chia.
Ch, ch, ch, Chia.
Ch, ch, ch, Chia,
ch, ch, ch, Chia, ch, ch, ch,
ch, ch, Chia, ch, ch, ch, Chia.
Bad things happen to good people
all the time for no
reason what so ever Trent.
We can take care of this.
- I just want the guy
out of my house, okay.
He gives me the creeps.
- [Man] I know, but what
about the babysitter?
- [Trent] Alright just stay
calm, hand her some clothes,
just a pair of something.
- I cannot believe you
have this in your home,
is this a real Dego?
- Yes.
- Fifth century.
Oh my goodness and you know what,
these candelabras are very beautiful to,
is that a real Rinuaga?
- Yes.
- Oh my goodness very impressive.
- [Tessa] Thank you.
- I don't wanna hear these
excuses anymore, he's a coked up,
he's just unreliable, he's unstable.
- [Man] Don't worry about it.
- [Trent] The guy is unreliable
and I can't have him in
the operation anymore,
you've got to get rid of Tim.
- Hey what's going on?
- [Trent's] Schedule
47 is off the computer.
- [Man] What?
- [Trent] Schedule 47 is off the computer.
- Well did you check the backup file?
- You know the only people who
had access to that file
are me and my Leslie.
- You know the only people who
had access to that file are me and Leslie.
- Brit.
- Brit.
- And you.
- And you.
- If you're trying to say something
why don't you just come out and say it.
- Comrade Pavelchenski reporting sir.
- [Man] I have very much
enjoyed this laser disk,
I am returning to you now.
- When your husband makes love
to me, it's my face he sees.
There's a woman on the
outside looking inside
She'll see me
- [Woman] We're gonna go in Thursday?
- [Man] Oh Jesus, you're scarring me.
- [Woman] Alright.
(cries out)
- [Trent] How in the
hell did you get in here?
- Uh, uh.
(eerie music)
(ominous music)
- People don't deserve freedom,
they don't deserve free enterprise.
This is our time my friend.
- Yes!
- We own capitalism.
- [Group] Yes!
- We own government.
- Yes!
- We make the rules!
- [Group] Yes.
(dramatic chord)
- The portal is closed.
Time is frozen.
1991 will be the final year.
There will be no more
progress from this moment on.
Except for the internet and smart phones.
- [All] Child of darkness, child of light.
Bring us together, bring us might.
- Steel and lace, carrier of mace.
- [All] Give us power, give us a flower.
Howling four at the door.
Bring us the unborn, bring us the storm.
- Door to silence, bringer of violence.
- [All] Give us the rune
stone, give us the moon stone.
Servants of twilight fires within,
immortal sins, next of kin's.
Evil destruction, children of the night.
- Give us a kiss before dying.
Give us this night.
- [All] Give us a kiss before dying.
- Give us the sight.
(ominous music)
- Nobody else has seen this right?
What, it was just playing last night?
- That idiot Tobo must
have left this thing playing all night.
- Yeah well we cannot
let these things be seen.
If the tribunal finds out,
you know what will happen.
- [Trent] I know, I know,
don't worry about it okay?
Moron didn't know what he was seeing,
he probably thinks this is out takes
from a slayer video or something.
While she's not real at all.
She comes from glass bricks.
- [Robert] Explain, I don't get it.
- She's an artificial construct,
she comes from glass bricks.
- [Man] That's the babysitter.
- [Trent] What the fuck?
- [Robert] You're right.
- [Trent] Well yes.
- I knew there was something
about her, I knew it.
We're gonna close that deal, tonight.
- Good, the wall is sealed.
- Is it solidified?
- Yup, it's rock solid.
We did it, we changed the time line.
We just reshaped reality.
- How ya doing?
I'm officer Chooford.
This is special officer Chasuhaga.
Do you mind if we come in
and have a word with ya?
- Chewford?
- Chugo, I mean Chooford, Chooford,
my dad gave me the
nickname when I was a kid.
It stuck, anyway, do
you mind if we come in?
- Not at all, we whole heartedly
support law enforcement.
In fact I write most of the
policies you gentlemen follow.
(bangs) (coughing)
- Yeah you're a big man in that area huh?
Three strike law.
- Yeah, trying to get it
down to a one strike law.
Or maybe half a strike, fuck 'em.
- Life for a thumb here?
- Let's make it a misdemeanor.
- Seems a bit harsh.
- [Chasuhaga] Yeah, that's ridiculous.
- And who is this again?
- She's special officer Chasuhaga.
She's part of a new
investigative division.
- What investigative division is that?
I over see all the divisions.
- Not this on.
- Is that who I think it is?
- [Trent] Yeah, that's Julia Roberts
she's staying with us for a while.
- Julia fucking Roberts?
(throat clearing)
Pretty fucking woman.
I love her, you know just my wife
and I just the other night we went
and saw Sleeping With The Enemy.
- [Trent] Yeah well she was sleeping
with the enemy and that's
why she's here now.
- Julia fucking Roberts
lives on your couch?
- It's incredible, I thought she
had a movie to do but sh
will not get off my couch.
We had one unwanted roommate,
now we can't get rid of this one.
- Is it a pull off couch?
- No it's a stay on couch,
people get in that couch
and they don't wanna leave.
- Well did ya try walking around naked,
maybe that'll um, get her out of here.
- We've tried everything,
she does not wanna leave.
No, Julia Roberts is very
comfortable where she is apparently.
- Well she looks hot, sitting there.
- [Trent] Yeah, well maybe she
can go to live on your
couch for six months.
- Well she's welcome, my wife
wouldn't like her very much.
- Do you know anything
about pretty young women
wandering around in
the early morning hours
wrapped in plastic and
tin foil on your street?
- Can't say that I do.
- Tell you what, reports we're getting.
These girls are being shot
with a tranquilizer gun
and end up wandering around
out in front of your house.
Walking around your street.
And you're telling me you
know nothing about it?
- I don't know anything about it.
- They're seen coming from your house.
- No idea.
- You sure?
- Oh yeah I'm sure.
- You know that your other
neighbor is Bill Cosby?
- So?
- We've been investigating him
for a while and we're gonna blow
the lid on that story very
soon here, any day now.
- Blow the lid on what story,
I have no idea what you're talking about.
- Oh I think you do.
You and bill do a little hug
and drug on your off time.
- Listen I work with president Bush.
We write the policies that you guys follow
and we sign your paychecks so
you remember that
darling, watch your step.
- Not my pay check.
(dramatic chord)
- Call us if you need anything.
- Ya I'll be sure to call.
Doors over this way.
- [Narrator] She's changed her name.
Her looks, her life.
All to escape the most
dangerous man she ever met.
Her husband.
- [Man] Where is she?
- This is our last chance.
I can't live without you
and I won't let you live without me.
- [Narrator] Julia Roberts
Sleeping With The Enemy.
Rated R, starts Friday February eighth
at theaters every where.
- [TV] Wow, are you hungry?
What's the difference at 711?
How about a big bite?
One pound, 100 percent all meat.
Must get a big bite hot
for just 59 cents at 711.
- [TV] This Saturday eight am to eleven.
- I can't sleep, I can't sleep.
Julia Roberts has been living
in my living room for six months.
She's taken over the whole place,
I can't even leave this room.
- [TV] I'm going to recover,
but I can't do it without you.
Just when Hillary O'Neil
had given up on love.
- [TV] I don't think I can deal with love.
- [TV] She fell for a guy
who had given up on life.
- [TV] You really wanna have some fun?
(eerie music) (screams)
- [TV] Julia Robert
Campbell Scott, Dying Young,
rated R starts Friday June
21st at theaters everywhere.
- [TV] It's true, Marvin's
super sale is back,
I'm so excited aren't you excited honey?
- I will call Steven Spielberg,
I heard he's making a new
movie, a Peter Pan flick.
- Are you kidding me?
- She could play Tinker
Bell for all I care.
- [TV] Only from the mind of the yoga.
- [TV] This is the commercial.
Bell Atlantic doesn't want you to see.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah.
- What's your plan now?
- [TV] Well it covers
a wider area than ours.
- [TV] So?
- [TV] So it's got more listings.
- [TV] And?
- [TV] And it's easy to use.
- How many people know about it?
- 5, 6,000,000.
- We got a problem.
- She sits out there all day just
flicking channels and eating
her little carrot sticks.
Crunch, crunch, crunch,
crunch I got my carrot sticks.
I can't stand it.
- Am I still living here?
- There's something really good about
looking down on all these
fuckers from up here.
You know puts everything into perspective.
- Something about it just feels right.
- Well you know it's
like I tell my friend,
you know, I was talking
to a friend of mine.
Kate O'Katelyn over the weekend
at the Beverly hill brunch on Sunday,
we were sipping on a couple
of bottomless mimosas
and I'm sitting there
trying to tell him you know.
The only thing that matters
in this fucking town
is real estate if you
really think about it,
the whole movie business, it's a big sham.
It's a bunch of BS.
And then you think about
Melrose, and Sunset,
and all these different areas,
it's all just commerce man.
When my L.A. Gear shoe kicks
off people are gonna go fucking nuts.
All those break dancers in Venice,
they're all gonna be wearing my shit.
When that fanny pack takes over,
it's gonna be like a fucking
bomb dropping on these fuckers.
(waves crashing) (eerie music)
- I am not looking forward to going
to another one of these Sade
sound check, let me tell you.
- [Tessa] You're gonna have to stop
being a baby you now I mean.
- [Naomi] Oh my goodness.
- [Tessa] You need to suck it up.
Okay Trent's got connections,
he's a smooth operator.
- Jewel box life, diamond nights,
ruby lights high in the sky,
heaven help him when he falls.
- That's great baby,
take it, take it again.
- [Man] Can switch on the front speakers?
- [Man] Sure.
Diamond nights and ruby
lights high in the sky
Heaven help him when he falls
- I own this town.
Diamond life lover boy
He moves in space with minimal waste
And maximum joy
City lights
- I own this town.
Business nights
- Her performance is incredible,
her movements are lith,
a black Nigerian cat.
I just, I love Sade.
Her voice, it's like bottled liquid smoke
coming from a Louisiana
buyer or just enveloping me,
it's like I'm getting vapors in my mind
and I'm just about ready to pass out.
I love Sade.
- That's my wife boys, isn't she great?
No need to ask he's a smooth operator
Smooth operator
- I thought Naomi was your wife?
- Huh, nah she's my assistant,
and her names Teresa.
(sprays) (crying out)
Shut up.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I fine just stop
talking about my wife.
Chicago western male
- Stop being a lunatic, you're nuts.
(sniffs) (crying out)
Shut up, just shut up.
No, no, no, no this is
ah, what's your name?
- Teresa.
- What ever, this is
Teresa, she's the manager.
- Teresa, Naomi, which is it?
- Teresa, she's the manager of Chia pet.
- Sade!
She fell.
- Don't worry about it.
- Is she gonna be okay?
- She kinda fell funny didn't she?
- No she'll be fine it's,
it happens all the time
don't worry about it.
- Hey can somebody go over there
and check on her, how she doing?
- Honey, we'll be there in
about 15 minutes alright,
just relax, she's fine, just
mind your own business okay?
Just do your job.
- She's on the ground.
- I know, it's fine,
she faints all the time,
it's some sort of, it's drugs okay?
- That's not normal.
- Okay, okay, you guys sit here
and complain I'm gonna go
introduce her to Geddy.
- Yeah but she's passed,
who the fuck it Geddy?
- Oh Christ.
Hey, wake up.
Jesus, Geddy.
- Oh uh, yeah.
- [Robert] This is Sade.
- Hello.
- [Robert] Sade, this is Geddy.
- What's your band called?
- This is Rush.
They're legends, how do you not know that?
- I wouldn't call us legends
but are you, are you hallucinating or?
- Just a little dizzy.
- Okay.
- Baby, aren't we in a rush?
- Adios.
- I'll take care of her.
- [Getty] Be safe.
- I got it.
- Alright.
Alright, let's do it.
You ready on sound?
- [Man] Sure.
- Alright, one, two, three, four.
(rock music)
We take our chances fate is
just a weight of circumstances
That's the way that lady luck dances
- Do you have a stun gun I can borrow?
- I don't carry a gun.
Roll the bones
Why are we here
Because we're here roll the bones
Roll the bones
Why does it happen
- I just want to go up there
an slap Geddy Lee but you know I'm afraid
if I did his voice would get higher
and it could probably
shatter my ear drums.
Jack relax get busy with the facts
No zodiacs or almanacs no
maniacs in polyester slacks
Just the facts gonna
kick some gluteus max
- This is Rush?
This is terrible, since
when did Rush do rap music?
- This is the 90s.
- Well I hope that we control
the next decade and have
better music that this in it.
- We will.
(upbeat music)
What's the deal spin the
wheel if the dice are hot
- I do like the drummers
red jacket though.
I'd love to wrap Sade around in it.
- Not only that but the
drummer writes all the lyrics.
- No that's the drummer of Roxy music.
Stop throwing stones
The night has a thousand saxophones
So get out there and rock
And roll the bones
- That's not Neil pert?
- Neil Pert, no he doesn't.
- Look like a drag queen.
- What?
- Okay.
Why are we here because we're here
Roll the bones roll the bones
- I've been meaning to talk
to you about some stock
options, military related.
I think that this is gonna be big.
- Ted I need that son of a bitch dead,
I need him gone now, I
worked to hard on this,
he's crumbling under the pressure,
he can't take it, he's gotta go.
- I think I can help you.
- Do you mind adjusting sound right there?
Thank you.
- Fuck you Rush.
Come on let's go.
- [Sade] I honestly don't know
what happened in there, I just.
- [Robert] You just fainted it's fine.
- [Sade] Wait.
- [Robert] What?
- Where's out limo.
- There is no limo, why
would I call you a limo?
- Because I asked you to?
- You must have asked somebody else,
I gotta go to the scar
club so can you just walk?
- It's ten bloody miles.
- [Robert] I don't care.
- [Sade] You bastard.
(upbeat music) (eerie music)
I'm caught up in collision
And now I'm so done
You crept up like a spider
I got caught in your web
And there was no way to escape
I tried to switch my lanes
But then I hit my brakes
Sparks turned into flames
I should have stopped
at the red light cause
Now I'm like a deer
caught in the headlights
(eerie music) (sirens)
(suspenseful music)
(cries out) (suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music) (sirens)
(suspenseful music) (chuckling)
(suspenseful music) (sirens)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music) (splashing)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music) (whooshing)
(eerie music)
(dramatic music) (whooshing)
(hissing) (smacking)
(suspenseful music)
(pops) (suspenseful music)
(eerie chord)
(dance music)
(dance music) (cheering)
- Dominique, aren't you some big powerful
guy that runs the government or something?
- What?
Yeah I'm powerful.
How did you know I ran the government?
We run everything.
- [Woman] What?
- [Trent] Any conflict,
I can make a decision.
I can't hear you.
- The government is a
fake administrations,
it's phony, it's full
of clowns and buffoons,
it's just something
we put together as a show for the public.
- So you guys aren't so
stuffy and square after all.
(dance music)
- Can we leave now, I'd
like to get out of here.
- I really do run things.
And by the way, I wrote the laws
that these people are
breaking here tonight.
Nobody wants a funny voice
Nobody wants my little voice
Nobody wants my little voice
- What's with the cat?
(dance music)
(dramatic chord)
- Yes, this in industry, I've
gotta quit this industry,
I'm gonna get into dry
cleaning, fuck this shit.
- You said dry cleaning is
good business, good money.
- You can make money that way
so you don't have to deal
with difficult people.
Hey listen I'm gonna have to hang
up the phone bludgeon her
to death because she's,
I'll just have to call you right
back after I slam this
fucking phone on her skull.
- It's good, it's not her
skull, women need to be hit.
(bangs) (dramatic chord)
- Where were we, okay.
Paragraph 15 in the contract.
(dramatic chord) (cries out)
I'm playing Pebbles and
Bam Bam, I'm Pebbles.
- It's good, it's good
game, Flintstones game.
Who ya got there?
- She's just this girl,
man she's a stupid broad.
I smack her around, I
gotta keep her in line.
- Give her a line, that's good.
- There's gonna be a Pepsi
commercial candidate,
almost signed up for, I think
I can get Billy Freak in,
if I can't get freak in
I'm gonna get Bagdanovich.
- Bagdanovich?
Good, good.
I like him.
- You know who Peter Bagdanovich is?
These young people don't know
who Peter Bagdanovich is.
- They know nothing, stupid.
- These kids today,
they only know about MTV
and video games, they
don't know good movies.
- I know, I know they're worthless.
Hit her again.
(growling) (dramatic chord)
- Ya keep it up, go ahead I want it.
- Hope she's scared, they're all stupid.
- To bad murder's not legal,
you know what I'm saying?
That would make life easy.
- Murder should be legal, I agree.
- Take a little work in the industry
well here you are, you're in the industry.
Are you happy now?
- They need to learn how
movie business works.
We need to teach them.
- I can't believe the
retards who work for me,
everybody I deal with is fucking stupid.
It's fucking crazy.
- Julia Filtz was a fucking mad bitch.
It's cool with the way you fired her.
Cliff Robertson's crazy to.
Hope she's scared, they're all stupid.
- I'll get back to you,
how does that sound.
- [TV] Are you being poisoned
by someone close to you?
Second hand smoke learn first hand
the truth about smoke in your face.
- [TV] Watch 2020 Friday.
- [TV] High tech marketing,
tomorrow how do marketers know
if you are a potential customer.
- [TV] Also Bette Midler along
with a new co star James Connor
on good morning America tomorrow.
- [TV] They're young, rich, pretty.
- He thinks he can do that to
me and I won't tell anyone?
Well I'm telling, I'm telling,
I'm telling, I'm telling, I'm telling,
I'm telling, I'm telling.
- [TV] Adren Davis thought
she'd met the perfect man.
- Multi tasking.
- [TV] I'm telling, I'm telling,
I'm telling, I'm telling.
- [TV] It was anybody else really.
- [Woman] I really did believe in someone.
- [TV] Goldie Hawn.
- I can't believe he's back on my couch,
it's been four years he was gone
and then Julia Roberts took up residence
and as horrible as that
was it was a pleasure
compared to this, why is your sweaty
worthless brother back on my couch?
- I can't believe, I can't believe,
I can't believe, I can't
believe, you're telling me this.
- [TV] Secret confessions, call 1-900.
- Multi tasking.
- I can't believe, I can't believe,
I can't believe, I can't
believe, I can't believe.
- You're drunk again.
- Yeah I'm drunk, I'm drunk with power.
I drunk with power, I have so much power.
- I hate when you get to this point.
- I can take care of anything in
this whole country but I can't
get your worthless loser
brother off of my couch.
(sensual music)
- [TV] The movies till dawn
continue on channel five.
- I'm not drunk.
I'm in charge, I'm the one in charge.
What's Shaw Day doing in this?
President Bush answers to me!
Sit back.
- [TV] A mother forced to choose
between justice and her family.
- All he does is sit and watch
1-900 commercials all night.
Psychic this, and Chia pet that.
It never ends with this pig.
What's Shaw Day doing in this?
How did he get back?
I don't understand it.
- Bono listen.
I want this guy dead.
- It's taken care of,
don't worry about it.
- No I want it done immediately.
- Yeah well you know,
the bands in town, we have to rehearse.
Alright, Edge will be pissed
if I just disappear so.
- This is crazy, where is he?
- Where is he usually?
- [Car] Prepare to fucking die!
- Coked out of his mind,
maybe that's him now.
- Well he should be here, where is he?
- Are you alright?
- Trent hey.
Hey Trent, hi Trent.
- Brent.
- Trent, how you doing Trent?
- Brent.
- Trent.
- How are you doing Brent.
- Trent.
- Wow what are you doing around?
- Well I just came from Tower Records
across the street, a lot of
great sales on new releases.
Just picked up the new Gypsies
Kings, Glorious Stephan
for my wife, the new Rush
Roll the Bones, Nirvana.
- Rush?
- It's okay To Sting.
- Amazing.
- Rush?
- Rush is to be avoided.
- Well I know they rap on it,
but look this is Rush
we're talking about here.
- Rush?
- [Brent] Okay alright, it's Rush.
Alright, don't get me started on Rush.
- This Bono guy, he's, I
don't know how you say,
Bono, Boneo, what ever the
fuck, he's just getting to big.
- The U2 guy?
- Yeah and I want him done.
You know what I mean, I just a want you,
you just gotta get rid of him.
- You want him to vanish.
- Yes, please.
- You want me to take care of him.
How much?
- You know how much.
- 27 Gs?
- 27 Gs.
- Why the odd number, why not 28?
- Better get it while you
can because I just bought
the store and we're
shutting down Tower Records.
- You're shutting down Tower Records?
- Tower Records, Sam Goody, Music Plus,
Tempo Records, Warehouse nation wide.
- Oh my God, let's get rid of them all.
- They're very liberal, they hire hippies.
Especially Tower Records,
we can't have that kind of freedom.
Hey Trent.
- [Trent] It's a nerve condition?
Full of teretis.
But anyways, Tim is keeping us waiting.
I don't know if you know Tim,
but he's another unstable,
coked out associate.
- Never met him.
- You wanna be a fake cop a little longer,
you shut the fuck up and
you go kill this guy for me.
That's all you gotta do, we
never have to speak again
unless I need somebody else
done, which I probably will.
(helicopter chopping)
- Got the choppers out,
you hear that shit?
- That's my friend, don't worry about it.
No you know why, you know
why that's out there?
Cause if you decide to kill me.
There's a witness, oh yeah
there's a camera on us right now.
- [Man] That's pretty cool though.
- [Robert] Oh it's so cool.
- Having choppers up there and shit.
How much were you gonna
pay me to kill Bono?
- Manufacturing, CDs, cassettes,
vinyl, every damn thing.
We're gonna remove any tangible
product in the consumers hands Trent.
Once that's gone it's just profit for us.
For everyone.
Fuck them.
- I agree.
- Product placement for movies,
- TV, everything.
- Absolutely.
- Full control, people
are sweet, they're morons.
- [Trent] Fuck any model that
I set with the film industry.
- Fuck the public, fuck everyone.
- [Trent] It's the new standard.
- Consumers actually
think they have a choice
to take things home that they can buy?
Forget it, people are
morons, we'll remove options.
Fuck everyone.
- The music industry is over
and more importantly I need to be
in charge of the entire thing.
People are asleep, we're invited
here but your little plan
to shut down Tower Records.
- [Brent] No, no, no, no, no.
- How did you come up with such a thing?
- We're shutting down the
entire music retail industry.
In both America and the world.
- Right.
- [Brent] You know how much
it costs to manufacture CDs?
- [Trent] I do not.
- Ten cents, cassettes, five
cents, the hesta Ann front.
- [Trent] I see your point.
- [Brent] We're shutting them all down,
the public are morons, we
control the world now Trent.
We have to do Russia of
799 before it's to late,
we're shutting it down
Trent the world is ours.
- I don't think that guys
capable of shutting his garage.
The world is ours?
No, no, the world is mine.
The fucks he got?
Taking my business model from cineplex
odeon and transposing it to Tower Records.
This will never work.
(somber music)
- [Trent] Gene Spader?
- [Chad] Fucking bad
influence that asshole.
- [Trent] Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
- I mean that's the other thing,
I'm just under so much stress
with Janet and everything.
She's been over eating
her weights going up
and down like a goddamn Wall street stock.
- [Trent] What does she weigh now anyway?
- [Chad] She's up to 275.
- [Trent] Jesus.
- [Chad] Spending thousands on
this new fucking jazzercise thing
and I don't know if it's working or not.
And I mean so it's, you
know a breath of fresh air
when you come up here because you're
one of my only friends, actually
maybe my dearest friend.
- [Trent] You know I'm more
concerned with Latoya right now.
Do you know she's talking?
- Let me tell you something Trent,
Laytoya's toying around a little to much.
- She's wild.
She's out of control, how she learned
this stuff in the first place
I'll never understand why she was let in,
this is Latoya Jackson
we're talking about here.
- You know Janet is driving
me crazy, I can't control her.
She sits around the house
all day eating Hagen daz.
- What has she done for you lately?
- You know that I'm the person
that wrote the lyrics
for the song Control?
- That's very impressive.
- And you know where
those lyrics came from?
- Perimeter scan clear.
- [Chad] They came from you Trent.
From what I've learned about you.
From how you've made me feel.
We can sit here and we can
talk all fucking day long.
But it's how you've made me feel,
that's what inspired the
lyrics behind Control.
- So should I be expecting
a check any day now?
Sick of people ripping me off.
First Spader, now you.
- Let's go inside and
make some sandwiches.
- Alright, let's go.
(dramatic music)
- I want this guy dead.
- [Bono] Don't worry about
it I'll take care of it.
- Look, I gotta rehears
with the band alright?
Edge is flying in tomorrow.
- [Robert] What am I paying you for again?
Listen to me, U2 would
be nothing without me.
U2 would be nothing without me.
- [Bono] Do you mean me,
you to or the band U2?
- [Robert] Jesus fucking Christ.
- [Bono] Look Achtung Baby
is on tour right now baby.
I'll have Chango take care of it.
- I don't know what Chango is,
just get the fuck done with it.
- It's Chango.
(upbeat music)
The rhythm the rhythm
don't believe the hype
Yeah yeah yeah how low can you go
So low we can do this here we go again
You're playing yourself help us put
The stamp up off the shelf
Here's our muse it's
serving you some music
Oh my God a brand new find
Get down pop it to your right
Let's get it on like December fourth
Tell ya brothers for the
trouble hey they bust a bubble
And we rumble
(muffled rap music)
Get you own till
alone to the education
Gotta gotta work that
ass and stop chasing
Come on
Get down with it
(muffled rap music)
(cars) (rap music)
Come on ya'll let's go
So many of us and limbo high
Get it on it's why I
sip on three stones
And my son we need a
piece of the swat okay
Indestructible soul answers steel
History shouldn't be
a matriarchs story
Real history
We gonna a wake it up one
day till we all get payed
The right way in full in full
Check aint no walking dive
to the right it's starting
Kill 'em soon you'll see
what I'm talking about
One day we're gonna work it out
(suspenseful music)
Let's go
All the brothers in the street
are willing to work it out
Let's get it on
Let's get it on let's get it on
Let's get it on
Yo drop the rhyme in over time G
In 1995 don't dress to this
We kiss their car
(gun firing)
Revoke revise realize
they're super bad
Smoke cause I'm smart
(bangs) (splats)
(gun shots) (clattering)
(crying out) (splatting)
Keep a hand on the things you did
Brother my brother now I
know what I said saying
Keep your hand we are former
(gun fires)
(crying out) (shattering)
- [Man] Get him!
- [Guy] Come on.
(guns firing)
(sirens) (crying out)
(guns firing)
(sirens) Let's get it on
(clattering) Come on
(whacks) (gun fires)
(helicopter chopping)
(whacking) (dance music)
(eerie music)
- Chad I'm sorry I'm late
but you will not believe
what just happened.
This hip hop moron, this
rapper just attacked me
on the Sunset strip but I kicked
his ass, I took care of it.
- I've nothing to wear
tonight, what am I gonna do?
- Take a walk, I'll get you a drink.
Pick your poison.
You still a scotch man?
- Scotch, I'll take a scotch.
- Baby can you get me a
scotch and a shot of tequila?
- [Janet] Okay.
- Have you met Trent?
Trent's here, he's a
really good friend of mine.
This is my wife, Janet Jackson.
- [Trent] Janet Jackson?
- How are you?
- Wow it is really nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
- What Have You Done For
Me Lately, love that.
So how's this no fear campaign
of yours coming along?
Or is that a brand?
Just what the hell are you
trying to put together here?
- I mean it's a nice little racket
but I mean I'm still making
more money with water beds.
- Bubbles gonna pop on that real soon.
- That's cute.
He's just a friend of
mine, he means nothing,
he's little confused,
he's a little scared.
Just play the quagmire
and let me do this okay?
- [Janet] But I'm just, don't trust him.
- You just need to walk
around and look cute okay?
- You played ball with
the Mendez brothers?
Didn't those guys kill their parents?
- Trent this is America,
innocent until proven guilty.
- You always know just
how to calm me down.
- Yeah, ya see you just need to put
your mind in a different dimension.
You know what the
problem with the mind is?
You don't own it.
It's not yours for the taking my brother.
Just sit back and relax,
don't let your emotions
get the best of you.
You just roll with the waves.
Dan's acquired right of Docking.
- These raw bands are gonna be famous.
Pay to play on the Sunset strip?
I created that.
The idea is to get Cindy
Loper to actually wear
a fanny pack for the photo shoot
for the next album coming out.
- She's so unusual she's
probably gonna go for it.
- [Chad] And if you know it's gonna branch
off to people like Peewee Herman.
Spoke with Eddie Van Halen a well.
We might even try to
get the Cory Hame fella
to do it as well, I hear his career
is starting to take off from
my good friends down at CAA.
Stop just because
People walking by watching us
I don't give a damn what they think
I want you now I don't
wanna stop just because
You know as far as the music goes on
the creative aspect there's an amazing
music producer who goes
by the name of Jimmy Jam.
He showed out of Minnesota.
Who'd have thought Minnesota?
Anyway this guys music, he
uses and ASRQ 10 keyboard
and produces some of the
most amazing melodies
this city's ever gonna hear.
- Chad, my wife's brother.
He's driving me fucking crazy,
he's been staying with
us for over four years.
This disgusting idiot Tobo, okay?
And he found a tape of mine,
he thought it was a Poison video.
It is a secret illuminati
ritual this cannot be found.
You know how much trouble I could get in?
- Trent take it easy brother.
You know it's just like
I was telling my friend.
Christian Brando, you
can't control any of it.
You need to come here an
play tennis more often.
- [Trent] I'm used to having control.
- Remember, we own this time.
- Oh I know, it's ours.
- We're going into the 90s hell.
Trent just sit back and relax brother,
you're with Caruso now.
But the most important thing
for you to always remember Trent
is the we own this time brother.
- Oh I know.
But I love hearing it.
- But try thinking about not thinking
and try controlling what you can't
control which is absolutely nothing.
- Chad, it's all about control.
How do you think I got where I am today?
How do you think that I have
all of the judges in my pocket?
How do you think I'm the
one writing the laws?
It's all about taking control.
- Trent you have nothing to
fear, but no fear itself.
- That's where the no
fear things came from.
(dramatic music)
- Friday is the spice of life.
- We all like the
different things in guys.
- One persons turn offs might
be another persons turn on.
- The one thing we share
in common is Telefriends.
- [TV] Where I always
meet the greatest guys.
- [TV] Call now.
- That was a lovely meal Trent,
thank you and your lovely
wife Tessa very much,
thank this lovely ladies as well,
it's been a wonderful evening.
- Aw thank you.
- You Know what, these kind of gatherings
remind me of some of the great Japanese
films that maybe you're familiar with.
You know the Japanese were
the masters of the frame,
they were the masters of composition,
and years later I was
approached to the Exorcist.
And that was a film that was very much
a part of the zaikaist at the time.
But things have changed now
and they want me to do
this yuppie fear thriller
type film that's, you know you're probably
more in tune with it that I
am, it's part of the Zaikaist.
The studio isn't always right,
the suits are usually wrong.
- No, no, no, the studio's always right.
- Trent I know what your saying
about the era of the maverick film maker
being at an end but I think you're wrong.
I think if even if you
take into consideration
the restrictions and some of the efforts
that are being made to
corral some of these,
these maverick film makers,
I think there's still
a few that are going to distinguish
themselves in the years ahead.
For instance speaking for
myself I just finished.
Cat Squad two and there was
very little intemperance
from the suits, I was able to do what
I wanted to do the way I wanted to do it.
- Well William with all due respect with
the budget that you were working with no
one was going to interfere,
but when you wanna think big.
At that point maybe it's best to let
some other people take
control of the situation.
Sit down with Steven Spielberg,
ask him who's making the decisions.
- It sounds to me Trent like your on board
for all kinds of artistic suppression,
if you don't mind me saying that.
- Oh no, no, we're not suppressing it,
we're bringing it to the forefront.
(suspenseful music)
- When I started working in this industry
I was working completely
from a five cents level,
just completely locked in.
And by the time I'm finished
my latest film The Guardian
I was fully on board with
beings living in trees.
- [Trent] As long as
we keep people stupid.
- Well the goal of this film
is to wake people up,
it's just the opposite.
These films are, this
is a five alarm fire.
I don't know why you would say that Trent.
(suspenseful music)
- The thing I like about
You William Friedkin
is that you're a director
who's willing to play ball.
- Well let's not get
to carried away Trent,
I like the support from up top
but I'm not one of these people
that's ready to throw I the towel,
that the age of the maverick director.
(suspenseful music)
And Trent I can't help but
wonder if you've completely
sold your soul to this
illuminati construct of money.
(suspenseful music)
And you can literally walk in to
some of these gay clubs and
it would be pitch black.
- I remember that.
- [William] You're to young.
(suspenseful music)
It dealt with all the things
we're dealing with now,
the corporate ownership of America,
the corporatization of culture.
- [Woman] I can't believe that.
- [William] The emerging police state.
And I wrote Bill, I
said how soon can we get
a script drafted and make a
fucking movie out of this?
(suspenseful music)
- [William] He introduced me
to a group of producers
and all they kept talking
about was the reptilian illuminati.
I'd never heard of these concepts,
I didn't know what the hell
they were talking about.
(suspenseful music)
Credit Bill Blady with
turning the envelope.
- That's funny.
In the mean time we're staying back here
and we are shutting down all
of the single house movie theaters.
- Why?
- Which of course you're
in agreement with.
- No, why?
Are you looking to kill the spirit
of cinema which this entire
industry was founded upon?
- [Trent] The spirit of cinema?
- Trent are you in league
with this effort to destroy.
- It's required.
- [William] The individual
auteur authorship of.
- Hey, no, no, no, no, we're trying
to make some money here, cineplex odeon.
- [Tessa] Calm down.
- It's okay, cineplex odeon,
multiplexes are the future.
- [TV] Rated R, starts
tomorrow at theater everywhere.
- Trent I didn't sign up for this,
when I was making The
People vs Paul Crump,
before you were in
diapers my good young man.
- [Trent] Uh huh, uh huh.
- The zaikaist of the time was
that american film makers would have
the opportunity to become auteurs,
do you now the auteur theory?
- Oh that opportunity
has passed my friend.
No, no, no, the single
house movie theaters
are the past, multiplexes are the future.
- [Lady] Yes.
- It's very simple, the more
screens, the more money.
We're going to over see it all,
we're going to make sure
that we give the people what they want.
And we're gonna get what we want,
you're with me on this right?
- I'm gonna have to think about it Trent.
- William Friedkin, I know
you're with me on this.
The 90s are gonna be a
great time my friend,
just get on board.
- I'm in.
- Hey, we're manipulating reality.
- To The Guardian.
- [Women] The Guardian,
the Guardian was great.
- [Trent] Block buster.
(suspenseful music)
(chattering) (eerie music)
- [Woman] Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- [Trent] Really guys?
(dramatic chord)
(guns firing)
(suspenseful music)
- [TV] 1-900-867-3007,
three dollars per minute.
Stay on as long as you'd
like, for adult only.
(dramatic music)
- Where, where am I?
What's going?
- The hell?
- Why do I sound like this?
- (coughs)
This doesn't make any sense.
- Well, what a little shit, what the hell?
- Where's Friedkin?
Where's Billy Friedkin?
Where is everybody?
Why am I here.
(dramatic chord) What is this?
- Oh no.
- Man.
- [Trent] This can't be happening.
No! (Screaming)
I, I've gotta get home.
What the, what the hell are you?
So what, what do you think
you're looking at, stop it.
Stop it, no, no, no don't look at me,
this is not the real me.
Leave me alone, don't look
at me, don't look at me.
- This is not, this is not me.
- New Jack city.
- I don't look like this.
- Everybody crowd around,
- Follow us, this is where the party's at.
Yeah I see you.
- New Jack city?
New Jack city?
- [Guys] New Jack city.
- Fuck me, Jack city.
I'm not interested, I don't care.
- New Jack city.
- Shut up, it must be a terrible movie.
Mario Van Peebles is over rated.
(coughs) (radio chatter)
- Why are you so obsessed
with these glass bricks?
God you're disgusting.
And what's with this novel
that you took from the house?
Is this some kind of mystery
that your building, you
need to keep me in on this.
I'm your partner.
I out rank you you know?
And when are you gonna clean
up this fucking pigpen?
This is a fucking pigpen!
This is a company car, not your house.
I don't even know how you got hired.
I can't believe you're a police officer.
Much less a fucking detective.
How the hell did you get hired anyway?
- Do you remember those glass bricks
in the bathroom back at the house?
- Ya.
- Every time I touched one
it was like touching jelly.
It was fucking weird.
- Huh?
- Look.
Let's go.
- Where?
- We're gonna go see detective Matsahiro.
- Who?
- Detective Matsahiro.
(car dinging)
- So where is this guy?
- Hey get your gun tucked
into your bun alright?
He's gonna be right
here, he's expecting us.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- There he is.
Pleasure officer.
Matsahiro, special officer Chasuhaga
from the stock division.
- Stockade?
- Yeah he's from Tokyo, from on
the black reign division, down long.
- Black reign division?
- Yeah like the movie, Black Reign.
- Micheal Gagain.
- Yeah I know the movie guys
but what the hell is going on?
- She knows a little bit,
she's a little confused,
why don't you tell her.
It's a very strong connection,
I've been telling ya.
- No this is insane,
is this some kind of practical joke Chuck?
- You are named Chuck Chooford?
- Yes, I gave him a
different name from before,
yeah I'm Chooford.
- [Chasuhaga] What the heck is going on?
- When the glass brick freezes.
- What?
- Time freezes, I've been telling ya.
- We need to find baby
shitter, how you say?
- [Chooford] Sitter.
- Baby what?
- [Chooford] Babysitter,
through Japanese, babyshitter, babysitter.
- Okay, the babysitter in the house?
- [Chooford] Yes.
- [Chasuhaga] Alright so, time
freezes, what does that mean?
What is going on guys?
- I am the foulest of them all.
Hold out your palm, I'll
leave my ink stain on you.
Nobody cares, nobody's interested unless.
- Who is this guy?
Kim Fowley?
Give me a break, that guy's all washed up,
I'm bigger than Kim Fowley.
No, I'll never accept it,
I'll never accept this,
I killed Duke Connor, I'm within control.
I bent the laws.
This is terrible, noise,
this is not working.
This is not the reality
that I'm gonna live with.
What are you talking about?
- [Man] All I want is my
fucking money forward.
- That guy's lucky to sell
ten tickets to anything.
I'm still Trent DuPont.
- [Man] Trent, what are you doing?
Turn around.
You're blocking me, what the
hell can't you move outta here.
Hell you dummy sons of
bitches, get out of my way.
Listen to me, get out of my way.
(yelling) - [Trent] I'm still.
Trent DuPont, I'm still I'm control.
You can stay there, writes
the laws, my reality!
Changing, I'm changing my reality,
multiplexes are the future.
- Ivory?
- Ivory ya.
- Where, what are you doing?
- I'm in Palm Springs right now.
- Where's my driver?
Your car was supposed to
be here 30 minutes ago.
- Well ya'll gotta figure
it out for yourselves.
- I don't know what's
going on in Westwood,
there was a shooting,
the blacks were there
and there was a screening
of a black film and someone got shot,
(booms) It's complete mayhem
there across the street right now.
- I ain't got nothing
to do with that shit.
- That's the thing, with Trent
it's becoming a disaster.
When I get back from Paris,
if that's not taken care of
you and I are gonna have
some serious problems.
It's getting sloppy Ivory.
It's getting really sloppy.
- Hey man, Trent started this whole thing,
I do what Trent says.
- Whatever Trent tells you is a lie.
As a matter of fact I already
got Trent taken care of.
I mean for Christs sakes the guys
not even an american,
he's a fucking Canadian.
- Man I'm in Palm Springs right now.
- I don't give a damn if
you're in Palm Springs,
I need a car here in ten minutes.
- Hey listen man, this is the
new Jack city uprising man.
- You know what's gonna happen
if Janet doesn't make that flight?
- Janet don't want nothing
to do with your ass no more.
- You would have never even
have met Axle Rose if it wasn't for me.
- Actual Fowley?
- Not Actual Fowley, Axle Rose.
- She ain't taking no flight,
she coming with me now.
- Oh, oh really?
Well you listen to me you fucking cunt.
If you don't start thinking rationally
you're gonna end up in a fucking coffin
right next to Trent, you understand that?
- Did this mother fucker
just call me a cunt?
- You know what, go fuck
yourself you fucking cunt.
Now let's get the fuck out of here
(dramatic music)
Wait a second, where are we going?
Let's go this way.
(dramatic music)
- [Man] Trent.
- What?
- [Man] Trent.
- What's that sound?
What in the worlds talking to me?
- Yo craft it's time, cause we're
about to take over this baby.
- This is our terf.
- This is our food line right here.
- That's right.
- Cause if you cross that line
you gonna get bum whooped.
- I can't sleep.
Oh no, I thought if I woke
up I'd be myself again.
(dramatic music) Not this self,
but my real self.
- That's right man, come join the party.
Come on, come join the party.
- Right on.
- [Boys] Come on, there's gonna
be a party and we gonna boogie boy.
New Jack city boy.
We are gonna boogie.
New Jack city boy.
Do it.
- [Trent] No strikes.
Just stop it.
- Hey. (Dramatic music)
- Who are you?
- [Human] I'm Trent DuPont, move it.
- But that's impossible, I'm Trent DuPont.
- [Human] I don't have time for this.
- No, no, no, no.
- I'm a busy man.
- I'm Trent DuPont.
- I'm Trent DuPont.
- Oh you think you're tough
just cause you're taller than me.
- I don't know who you are,
I don't care who you are,
- I'm Trent DuPont.
- Alright brother.
- You're not Trent DuPont, I'm
Trent DuPont, I'll kill you.
- I don't have time for you.
(dramatic chord) (yelling)
- [Trent] I'll have you
killed, you stay right there.
I will get you, I will attack you,
I will, where are you going?
Get back here!
(yelling) (sirens)
(dramatic music)
- That's how we do it,
New Jack city.
- [All] New Jack city, New
Jack city, New Jack city.
(dramatic music) (sirens)
(booming) (dramatic music)
- [Boys] New Jack city boy, New Jack city.
(dramatic chord)
- Well, here's what we gotta do.
We got Westwood man, New
Jack city Panthers is
taking over, everybody will
think you gotta leave Westwood.
You obviously do not see
what's going on out here,
did you see that movie I just opened up?
You saw what happened?
- Do you want that times ten?
- It was very unfortunate.
- Do you want that times ten?
- It was a very unfortunate.
(yelling) (shattering)
- You see this, you see L.A?
No, it's about to be U.B.L.A.
United brother of Los Angeles
cause we coming in here.
You see that street, that
street called what, Lance?
Lance, we're gonna turn
that into Malcolm street.
- [All] New Jack city, (sirens)
New Jack city, New Jack
city, New Jack city.
New Jack city, New Jack city.
(yelling) (shattering)
- Fuck you white cracker
yuppie mother fucker.
You got that mother fucker, I'll kill you.
(shatters) (zapping)
(yelling) (dramatic music)
(alarms ringing)
- [All] New Jack city,
New Jack city.
- You know I run L.A. Gear,
you know I started the fanny pack bang.
- That's great.
- And it's a craze in Venice,
the electric Boogaloo.
Everything will break in one or two.
- We're gonna break more
than one or two, I'm talking.
- Fuck you white cracker
yuppie mother fuckers.
- [All] New Jack city, New Jack city,
New Jack city, New jack city.
(fire crackling)
New Jack city, New jack city.
- This movement is moving right?
I just don't know how it's gonna
stop man cause we taking
over Westwood man.
(dramatic chord) (eerie music)
- Hey get yo ass beat.
(booms) (Sirens)
(dramatic music)
- Trent I'm at the Man Regent in Westwood
and I don't like at all what I'm seeing.
The Guardian is playing
here to an empty house,
now you were promising
me some, some pretty.
- Robust box office receipts.
- What?
And I don't see 'em pall.
- Get you ass off the.
- Quite frankly
your starting to burn my ass kid.
- You're lucky to be directing
anything at your age.
- Now I want you to explain to me how
I'm gonna make up for this embarrassing
debut when there's commissions
going up the street.
If they saw the movie.
- Do you know how many strings
I had to pull to get
that movie playing at.
- I'm on one of these,
they call 'em cell phones, one of these.
- Oh good for you, you're on a cell phone.
- Kelly, Kelly got it for me, Kelly Lang.
- You hear me white boy?
- Kelly Lang is an old drunk
and she's incompetent,
letting go of her immediately.
- Oh beat it, (yelling)
take it on the archers
pal, get outta here.
There's a bunch of nut cases taking over
the neighborhood tonight
and I've got an empty
theater on the debut night
of the frickin Guardian.
- I can't help you Friedkin.
- Well you better do
something or we're gonna
have a riot on our hands, I'm
getting the hell out of here.
- A riot, oh good, I
hope you die in the riot.
- We taking over UCLA to man.
We aint no black has been's
man cause it's a new Jack city.
- It's united.
- I'll give you
the fanny packs, I get 25 percent
of the Rhythm nation tour
and I might give you a dime on L.A. Gear.
- You see this crazy.
- Man I mean its crazy.
- This is what I'm trying to tell you.
- I'm losing money.
- We go back together.
- You mother fucker,
- Get the hell out of here.
- You mother fucker,
- And you did this to me.
- You get the hell outta here.
- You promised to me.
- New Jack city mother fucker.
- That we are gonna have.
- You on the wrong side of.
- This whole city's ready to explode.
- Hold on, Friedkin, shut up for a minute.
What the hell.
(yelling) (dramatic music)
- [All] New Jack city New Jack city,
New Jack city, New jack city.
- There's a lot of angry black individuals
out and about tonight aren't there?
- You see, you see
what's going on out here.
N.J.C.P. New Jack city man.
- Hey listen man, ive
gotta get back inside,
I don't wanna deal with all these men.
- Panthers.
- [All] New Jack city,
(dramatic music)
New Jack city, New Jack city,
New Jack city, New Jack city.
- Fuck Westwood man, fuck Westwood.
- [All] New Jack city,
(dramatic music) (shattering)
New Jack city, New Jack city,
New Jack city, New Jack city,
New Jack city, New Jack city,
New Jack city, New Jack city,
New Jack city, new Jack city,
New Jack city, New jack city.
(dramatic music)
- Dispatch where's my next pick up.
Fuck, Jesus Christ man.
They're coming at me every where man.
- Look at you and look
at me, I'm safe here.
I'm safe here, this is Westwood
and I'm safer than you right now.
- Fuck, we gotta drop this broad off,
she's a corporate lawyer.
You gotta get us outta here man.
New Jack city. (Dramatic chord)
- Hey Mac, you forget who're dealing with.
I am the controller.
(dramatic music) (chattering)
What, what, what is this?
What the fuck is this?
What's happening?
(dramatic music)
Gasoline, gasoline.
Okay alright, don't forget
who's in charge here.
I make the rules.
I make the policies.
I order the government,
I run the corporations.
Stay back, The Guardian in theaters now.
We're all gonna burn.
We're all gonna.
(screaming) (fire whooshing)
(dramatic music) (sirens)
(dramatic music)
- [All] New Jack city,
New Jack city.
(screaming) (fire crackling)
- Oh my God.
That's me burning over there,
somebody help me, somebody.
- [Man] Look at that public theater
down there, they never showed up.
- [All] New Jack city, New jack city.
New Jack city, New Jack city.
- Somebody put that fire out.
Oh my God I'm burning up.
(dramatic music) (hissing)
- It's over man, it's the end
of the world as we know it.
R.A.M. it is the end of
the world, time is frozen.
(fire crackling) (gurgling)
(suspenseful music)
- [Chooford] This whole
goddamn city's lit.
Look at it it's lit.
It says it right there.
Hot bloggers maniacs.
Disco haters, I like disco.
- [Chasuhaga] What you
don't like rap music?
- [Chooford] It's not going away,
this shits gonna be with us forever now.
No more eagles what
happened to the eagles?
Take it easy, this is the times,
this is the house of music.
You know what year this is Chasuhaga?
- [Chasuhaga] Yeah it's 1991.
- [Chooford] You're damn right,
it's 1991 and we're not
going anywhere, we're stuck.
Be year 1991 forever.
- What are you.
Is this that time freezing
talk you've been telling me?
With the glass bricks?
I don't even understand,
you just a bunch of full of crap,
you're just a crazy as
the fucking rioters.
- You bet.
(dramatic music)
- [Woman] Did you hear the
new Milli Vanilli album?
- Oh my goodness, I love Milli Vanilli.
- Oh you would.
- They can put vanilla in everything.
- [Woman] They do.
- What is up with this creep over here?
- [Woman] Oh yeah.
- [Woman] I mean seriously,
it's been non stop.
- What is up with men,
why are they so creepy?
- I don't know.
Why are they so creepy.
- [Woman] It's like he
can't control himself,
men are so brutish.
- Seriously what is wrong with that guy?
He has staring problem,
you have a staring problem?
- [Woman] We're not
feeling it, what a phyco.
- Isn't it?
- But why can't we go to this bar and not,
you know have this creep
crushing his fists in our face?
It's like get a grip.
- [Woman] Yeah he's trying.
- You guys, Kurt Cobain is so hot.
- So hot.
- [Man] That fucking
bitch, she ruined my life!
She ruined my life!
- Men are such creeps.
- Yeah, you know fuck men.
- Fuck men.
- Fuck me.
- [All] Well fuck men, fuck
men, fuck men, fuck men.
- But I do love that new Brian Adam
song in the new Robin Hood?
- [Woman] Oh do not get me
started on Kevin Costner.
- [Woman] Kevin Costner.
- [Woman] So dreamy.
He can save me any day.
- [Woman] Wasn't there,
there was a part in the movie
where he put the arrow in
his mouth, what was that?
- Oh yeah, no, no, no,
he like rips off some
of those feathers and it
makes it more arrow dynamic.
- Why did everything blow up at the end,
it was medieval times, why
would it explode like that?
- That was the black gun
powder that they had.
- [Woman] Really, so big like
that in the medieval times?
- Well yeah I mean they had gun powder
that's how they blew things up.
- [Man] They're all fucking bitches!
- [Man] They don't need us.
- [Man] I can't believe she did it to me.
- [Man] They don't need you boy.
- [Man] I can't believe it!
(yelling) (dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(gun fires)
- This is the last drive in open.
They shut them all down.
Double angry they closed
all the drive in the down.
Tobo likes silence of the lambs.
Tobo's favorite film.
Tobo like crime.
(dramatic music)
- American tale, fibo goes
west, what the fuck man.
So if a black boogies once
in a while God damn it.
Took five dollars on that bullshit.
Kevin Costner as Robin Hood,
man fuck that shit man.
Fuck them movies man, just
like Tower of records man,
fuck all that music that's going
on today man, bullshit man.
Fuck Vanilla I've, fuck U2 to, not you,
I'm talking U2, Achtung Baby.
Fuck that album man.
Sell outs.
(dramatic music)
- Kill all men, kill
all men, kill all men,
kill all men, kill all men, kill all men.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- [Man] Hey watch it!
(bangs) (honks)
(dramatic music)
(sirens) (dramatic music)
- [Man] I'm not paying for medical bills
after I knock the shit out of her.
(yelling) (dramatic music)