Night Raiders (2021) Movie Script

[upbeat music]
[fast-paced music]
[air whooshing]
We knew that they would come for us.
Like they always had before.
We tried to warn the others
that they would come for them too.
Because we knew how far they would go.
Four years ago, I was fasting in the bush.
I saw that a swarm of giant mosquitos
would be coming for us.
I also saw that a person, a guardian,
would come from the north to help us.
We heard stories about
this place called Bigstone.
We thought this person
could lead us there.
[air whooshing]
[footsteps clanging]
[bird chirping]
[whispers in Cree]
[bird chirping]
Why don't you kill it?
I was listening to it.
All right, come on.
It won't get us fed.
- Mum.
- Uh-huh?
What's the main difference
between a vampire and a werewolf?
I mean, aren't they
the same thing?
No, not really.
I mean, they both
once were human
and they're both affected
by sunlight and the moon.
I guess werewolves aren't
really affected by sunlight
but more so the moon.
I think the main differences
actually, how they die.
- [trap snapping]
- [Waseese screaming]
- Waseese!
- Mom!
Get it off, get it off.
It's stuck, okay?
You're going to put up,
knee up. Knee up.
One, two...
[trap snaps]
Let me look at it.
- It's going to be okay.
- [Waseese sobbing]
Hey, its gonna be okay.
Let's get home. Okay. Ready?
It's gonna be okay, right?
Come on, let's get going.
Ready, one two three.
[Waseese] Ow.
[footsteps clanging]
[drone revving]
Waseese, keep quiet.
[door bangs]
[gun thuds]
More will come.
Come on.
[fire rustling]
[Waseese] Mom, my leg hurts.
We got to keep moving.
[upbeat music]
No one can see your face.
No one.
[man on PA] All Documents
must be up to date,
including your child's birth
certificate, medical records,
and personal access code.
Possessing or concealing minors
over the legal age is a felony.
[announcer drowns out]
Aiding those to possess or
conceal minors is also a felony.
Report any suspicious
activity to the authorities.
This is a reminder that
the Federal Academy's...
Come on, let's go.
[man on PA] ...intake age has
changed to four years of age.
Minors born on or before
September 2039
must be reported to the
nearest Academy Intake Bureau.
The nearest Bureau is located
at Jamestown Cathedral.
All Documents must
be up to date,
including your child's
birth certificate,
medical records,
and personal access code.
Possessing or concealing minors
over the legal age is a felony...
Who lives here?
The city went dark
after the war.
Some went to other side.
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.
Is that a child?
No, no. No, no. It's okay,
it's okay. Hold on.
It's all right, Trey.
Come out. Come on out.
I was beginning to
believe that my boy
was the only free one left.
We stick to ourselves.
[wincing, groaning]
It's okay.
It's been here for ages.
It's dead.
Can you hear that?
What do you mean?
It's still breathing.
[drone thuds]
Did it see you?!
- I don't know if it did!
- Dad! Dad!
[Trey] Dad!
- Get in there.
- [Trey] I'm coming!
[siren blaring]
[officer] Hey.
Don't move!
[Trey] I'm eighteen!
[officer] Don't move!
[Joe] Sir, no.
My boy's eighteen.
- [Trey] Please, sir.
- [Joe] No, sir.
[officer] Give me your wrists.
Fifteen! Sir, you are in
the unlawful possession
of an unregistered minor,
official property of the State.
- Please!
- [officer] Get down!
[Joe] No! Please don't
take my son. Please! No!
[Trey] Dad, help! Dad, help!
- [Joe] No, Trey!
- [Trey] Get off!
[Joe] Trey! Remember
what I told you!
Listen to me, remember what
I told you! Please-my son.
- [screams]
- [thuds]
[officer] Stay Down!
[Waseese panting]
Ah, I can't. It really hurts.
[people chattering]
[woman on TV]
At the Federal Academy,
your children receive
a world-class education.
Come on, hurry up!
[woman on TV] The academy
will keep your children safe
while the post-civil war
re-building efforts
continue in your city.
Hey. Come on. Let's go!
[woman on TV] The Federal Academy's
intake age has recently...
Watch your step!
[woman on TV] ...changed
to four years of age.
Please report minors to the
nearest Academy Intake Bureau.
For your convenience, there
are five bureau's to serve you.
Here, keep this on.
Let's go, come on.
Come on, come on.
[woman on TV] The only
pathway to gain citizenship.
Every child deserves
a chance at a brighter future.
I am an academy graduate.
- I am an academy graduate.
- That's Pierre.
[woman on TV]
Register your child today.
Who's that?
I used
to look after him.
At the Academies,
dreams do come true.
[woman on TV]
And remember, it's the law!
Get down! Get down!
Get down!
Okay, let's go.
[door knocking]
it's us.
No! My lovelies?
Hurry. Hurry.
I can't believe it's you!
It's good to see you.
Hey, can I get a
better look at you?
Oh, my.
You're more beautiful
than in my dreams.
This is Roberta.
She's an old friend.
Yeah, I'm her
decrepit old friend.
Here, let's sit you down, hey?
You're good? Okay, hold on.
There you go. Okay.
Hey, do you remember me?
Just a little bit?
You taught me to sing
to the bumblebees
a long, long time ago
and I still do it.
So I get this moment
to thank you, you know.
Thank you.
Hey, I know.
Wait, okay.
Oh! Here they are.
[can rattles]
Now open your hand, flat.
Hey, Spooky!
- [meows]
- Oh, I love you.
It's okay.
Spooky, look.
Open wide, that's it.
Can you hear her purr?
- [purring]
- [laughs]
My goodness,
she does like you a lot.
Can you talk to her too?
You've been in the
bush all this time?
How long has it been,
five years?
- Six.
- Six?
Not easy,
even for the bush lady.
And what about our
little tracker?
Her head's always in the clouds.
Huh, not a bad place to be.
She needs medicine.
They patrol all the clinics now.
It will take weeks.
Yeah, it's infected
and it's getting worse.
I saw Pierre, up on the screen.
Well, my boy's a pilot now.
Where's that picture?
He sent me this picture
when he graduated.
So the drones,
they deliver food now?
Yeah, apparently
they're even A.I. now.
The munchos have their
own little brains.
But they're still
sent from Emerson?
Yeah, they killed us in the war,
now they say they want
to feed us, who knows?
And you two,
where do you want to go?
I don't know.
Back out to the bush?
You... you...
You know, you could
send her to school.
Get her citizenship.
Pierre's having a really
good life in Emerson.
Away from all of this shit.
Yeah, but you'll
never see him again.
You looked after her
when she needed her mother most.
Do you really want
her to be stuck here?
We have no way out, but not her.
My son has it...
Has so much more there
than I could ever give him here.
More than Waseese
could ever have here.
[distant shouting]
[soldier] Hey! Hey,
watch that one over there!
[curses in native tongue]
They're gonna check everywhere.
Where can we hide?
You can't be found with her!
How do we get out?
She's calling you,
she's calling!
- [Waseese] Ah! It hurts.
- Come on.
Come, come, come, come.
Here, come on.
- She's burning up.
- No! You can't move her.
[soldiers chattering]
[Waseese] No...
- Will they help her?
- Yes. Yes. Yes.
- [groans]
- [Niska] It's all right.
It'll be okay.
I'm going to get
you some medicine.
I'll be right back, okay?
This will be better for her.
There's a minor in the shop,
up there and she's sick.
[soldier] Minor! You're with me!
[drones whirring]
- Morning, Lorna.
- Morning.
[announcer] Enter to win
the citizenship lottery.
You could win a passport
to the shining capital
of Emerson State,
where peace
and prosperity reign.
Don't miss you chance,
sign up today.
[man] That's what I did.
You know, I was...
"What is he talking about?"
What have you been up to?
Like, what did I miss?
Other than this, nothing.
Did you miss me?
Even just a little bit?
Hey, check this.
Look at this.
You like that?
Caribou horns.
I should probably get going.
Um, listen, I got
something to tell you.
You know that old guy
I was telling you about?
Well, he like, knows all
kinds of shit, right?
he hooked me up...
He hooked us up.
And it's huge.
What is?
Why don't you meet me
tomorrow at the Zoo
and I'll tell you about it.
Come on. Come on!
What else you got going, huh?
[people chattering]
[man] You shut up!
What's their problem now?
Oh, some terrorist
cell in there.
They got a tip about these guys
who attacked the Academies.
For what?
I dunno.
Child trafficking?
[footsteps clanging]
[soldier] Hut.
[Headmaster] Selection day
is one week away.
If you want to be chosen
as the one to transfer our most
elite academy in Emerson State,
you must work for it.
Victoria, please
lead the pledge.
[students] We pledge our hearts
and give our allegiance
to our glorious Republic.
We praise the great southern
nation for emancipating us
and solemnly swear
to protect it,
in the name of God,
our liberty and freedom.
One country,
one language, one flag.
[pulsing electronic music]
You look beautiful.
You ready to celebrate?
I'm feeling kinda tired tonight.
I know. I know you are.
It's because you're in
this shitty shithole
and you gotta get out, so do I.
I was thinking
we'd go to Emerson.
That sounds fun.
No, I'm serious.
Remember that old guy
I told you about?
Well, he hooked me up.
I mean, he hooked me up
with citizenship.
What? How?
My ID is being re-programmed
right now okay?
And so is yours,
I paid for it, Okay?
In four days,
we are gonna be legit
as fucking shit status citizens.
Can you fucking believe it?
You can have anything you
want over there, anything!
Yeah, but wouldn't we have
to live with those assholes?
Yeah, and who gives a shit?
You said you had a kid right?
You can be with her
when she graduates.
Why not?
Are you serious?
[students chattering]
[student] Well at least
I don't have to sleep
next to bush girl.
[student #2] I know!
You should switch beds with me.
[student #1] No way!
[student #2]
Ewe! Something smells.
I think she breathed
on this pillow.
[all laughing]
[woman] Good night, girls.
- [student #1] Gross!
- [door opens]
[student #2] Quiet.
Lie down, lie down!
[footsteps approaching]
[woman] Esther, come with me.
[footsteps ascending]
[door bangs]
[door opens]
[crickets chirping]
[wind whooshing]
[horse snorting]
[horse whinnying]
Hey, where did you come from?
Yeah, come on.
[Charlie] Take a right,
the door's unlocked.
No, hold up.
You're almost there.
You're clear, go now.
Get away from those kids!
What the...!
Who the fuck are you?
Get the fuck off me!
Go! Get her, get her!
- Hold still!
- Let me go!
Hurry up.
She intercepted us.
This is Cree land.
Who are you and
where are you from?
Answer the question.
Niska Halcrow.
You're Cree?
From Kiskachewanohk.
Do you speak Cree?
A little.
What are you doing
with the kids?
[Leo] What were you doing
outside the academy?
Actually, I was abducted
by some of your people
along with two kids.
[speaking Cree]
Were you tracking her?
[Leo] No, but I've
seen her before.
She's a berry seller
at the market.
I think she might beokanaweyihcikew.
Her? Really?
Find out everything you can on her. Hurry.
Don't let her out of your sight.
I need to talk to the
Elders and the leaders.
[Leo] Wait.
Our search may be over.
[people chattering and laughing]
So as I put my laptop down
I see Leo and Somonis
coming around the
corner with two kids,
and out of nowhere
comes a flying punch.
It was like whoosh!
Shot in the dark.
Hiya! Like a Ninja.
[all laughing]
You were so busy playing around while
there was a battle going on,
you didn't notice her coming.
[Charlie] She wasn't like
the soldiers though.
She was deadly silent.
Just like your farts.
[all laughing]
[Charlie] I told you
that was personal. Whatever.
Welcome Niska.
My name is Tiny.
Get her some food.
[Elder Chachigee]
I was woken up
to come and meet this woman.
Where is she?
There she is.
From Kiskachewanohk.
Niska come.
[speaking Cree]
I am glad to meet you.
Long ago, we were told that someone
would be arriving from the north.
We have been waiting
for you for a long time.
You are the guardian.
And now we will dance.
Two more children have been brought back
along with one of our own. Welcome.
[all speaking Cree]
[sings in Cree]
Am I being held here?
'Cause I really
need to get back.
You ever live
with your own people?
Have you?
You're a long ways from home.
I go where I'm needed.
[Ida] You have
a child at the Academy?
She was taken in the Fall.
She was just a little one then.
She's eleven.
You survived a very long
time alone with her, Niska.
It's remarkable that you were
able to protect her for so long.
Not just anyone can do that.
I'm going to find her again
on the other side.
You are welcome here
in Kitsaki, Niska.
Come. Get some rest.
[birds chirping]
[people chattering]
[Leo] Come this way.
[people chattering joyfully]
Welcome Niska.
You guys said to me
I could leave now.
I've got to get
back to the city.
Waseese is in an evil place.
[Leo] Waseese is in danger.
What? Why?
The Academy
isn't what you think.
The kids are trained to become
Jingo puppets.
They are subjected to unspeakable things.
Well, let me talk to the kids
that you took last night then?
Wouldn't you rather talk to Waseese?
We can get her from the Academy.
Isn't it too
soon to go back?
[Ida] But there is one thing
we ask of you in return.
We need you to take the children
to a safe zone up north.
We need you to take the kids
to a safe zone up north.
Bigstone. You've
heard of it, right?
Bigstone's just a rumor.
No, it's real.
And we need someone
to take the children there.
We need someone who knows
how to live off the land.
How far is it?
From Kiskachewanohk,
three weeks.
Three weeks?
That's way too far.
Don't you want
your daughter back?
Of course.
But with a bunch of kids
for the drones to hunt?
You have no idea, do you?
You need to get your daughter
out now while she has a chance.
Before it's too late to
reverse the brainwashing.
Brainwashing? Come on.
Brainwashing, yeah.
indoctrination, re-education.
You ought to know, call it
whatever the fuck you like,
but it's real.
They get turned against
their own in there.
[Ida] Niska, you can't wait
for her to get to Emerson.
Your daughter won't
be the same person
when she comes out
of the Academy.
[Elder] We look at these rocks as
life forms, similar to the trees.
This reflects how we see and think.
This is a balsam tree.
We use them in many different ways.
You can't tell me that
you honestly believe
she is better off
with the Jingoes.
The Jingoes are morons
but at least she has food,
medicine, an education.
No, I don't believe you.
You kept her out for years.
Yeah, and for what?
So she could end up in
desperate fucking misery
like all the rest of us?
Look around you, You think
this is just about you kid?
There's a whole way
of life at stake here.
Not sure that won her over.
She is not Ogunuheneechigew.
What are you doing here?
Respectfully Ida,
I don't think she's the one
I think we're wasting
our time with her.
No, you're wasting our time.
She's just scared.
You know she can do it.
Yes, yes, but it doesn't
mean she will do it.
You better go convince her then.
[speaking Cree]
[bird chirping]
[feathers flutter]
[Pigeon coos]
[speaking Cree]
[door closes]
[beeps, unlocks]
[alarm blaring]
[door bangs]
Hey, Lorna.
[Randy] Niska! Niska!
Hey, where have you been?
What's going on?
There's a virus.
Everything's fucked.
The borders are
closing tonight.
- We gotta go now.
- What?
Hey, it's okay.
We gotta go pick up our IDs.
What do you know about Bigstone?
What's the matter?
We're going to leave this
hell hole forever, okay?
We're going to leave all our
struggles behind, all right?
We gotta go.
[announcer] There is a mandatory
evacuation order in effect.
Please report to your
designated departure point.
Hey! You're okay.
They raided my place.
They took everyone away.
Oh no.
And they're spreading
shit in our food.
Hey, hey.
I just can't find my cat.
Meow, meow...
Listen, we gotta go.
Okay look, there's a pop-up
shelter in Jamestown.
We can drop her off there,
we can't get her
across the border.
Hey, do you want to come?
Where are we going?
Yeah, come on.
Somewhere safe.
[announcer] Please report to
your designated departure point.
Oh shit.
[soldier] Hey!
There's a mandatory evacuation
order in effect.
Come with me.
We can just go home!
[soldier] No, ma'am, let's go.
[Randy] Stay together.
[soldier] Let's go, keep moving.
[Randy to Niska]
It's okay, it's okay.
- Through here.
- This is what they do.
Through here.
He's clear.
Move on. Hold, sir! See?
He's good, move on.
- Cuff him.
- Yes, sir.
Oh no, no.
Look, she can't get on there.
Everyone's going. Cuff her.
Let me see.
[Ida] Just do what they say.
Hey! I'm gonna
throw this up front,
and when it goes off we
get the fuck out the back.
She comes with us.
- Hey!
- Roberta!
- Pierre!
- Hey! Ma'am, ma'am!
- Sit down and be quiet.
- Roberta!
- Be quiet.
- Roberta.
- Hey!
- That's my son!
Sit down and be quiet. Ma'am!
I just have to go out
and see him.
Sit. Down.
- [Niska] Come on, it's okay.
- Please.
- It's okay just sit.
- Sit down.
Come on, Roberta! Come on.
Hey! Hey!
Get back in your seat now!
Get down, now!
[Randy] Come on! Niska!
[Roberta] Pierre!
[soldier] Get off of him!
Let him go, right now!
[soldier] At the back,
at the back.
Let me cut this.
Come on! Let's go.
Hey, don't move!
Drop your weapon.
It's me.
Stay back, stay back!
I said stay back!
You remember me?
You do remember.
No, you're just
a fucking freeloader.
[gun bangs]
[Niska] Roberta!
Why did he do that?
He was her son.
[speaking Maori]
Is it too late?
But we have to go now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Put some pressure on it.
- Okay.
All right, let's go.
Come on we gotta...
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
No thanks.
I haven't been in a car
in a while.
Just take it for later.
How do you get past
the check points in this?
This guy's passport.
You have a passport?
[Leo] My dad,
he's an energy diplomat.
He brokers oil between nations.
That's why he's always on his
high horse about everything.
[Niska] Did you know
about the virus?
[Leo] Yeah.
It was made in Emerson.
Jingoes want to
start the war again.
And now force our kids
onto the front lines of it.
And what's Ogunuheneechigew?
It means Guardian.
Three Summers ago,
Elder Chachigee
went into the bush.
She fasted and prayed for
four days and four nights.
Images came to her.
First, mosquitoes.
But these mosquitoes
were massive,
ten times bigger than
regular mosquitoes.
She saw an angry swarm of
them in the sky coming for us.
She also said
a stranger would come
to the camp from the north.
And this stranger,
the guardian,
would ensure the
survival of her people.
[Leo] Yeah, so no pressure.
And that's why
people think I came?
Well, some people.
Super-sized mosquitoes?
[Leo] Look, just
forget about that okay?
We help you,
you help us, that's it.
Fucking Jingoes
keep expanding their mine.
As long as we have
one piece of land,
they will always come for us.
[door clangs]
[soldier] Come on, let's go.
[door opens, closes]
[footsteps approaching]
No one has ever made
it so far before.
Did you have help?
I see.
I've been watching you,
The people you come
from aren't bad,
but they are incapable.
They have to come to us
for hand-outs because
they can't hold down jobs.
They can't take care
of their own families.
That's not true.
Oh, really?
How do you think
you came to be here?
That's your mom, right?
She gave you up.
you have what
it takes to make it.
[girl] She's in trouble.
[indistinct whispering]
[Headmaster] Can anyone do it?
[soldier] Ready? Go.
12.9 seconds.
[Headmaster] Anyone else?
Elizabeth, come up.
[soldier] Okay. Go.
5.4 seconds.
Excellent work.
That is a new Academy record.
[Victoria] She cheated.
The savage cheated!
[grunts, groans]
Elizabeth, step forward.
[soldier] Hut!
Does anyone dare challenge her?
Are you ready to give yourself
to your country completely?
Are you ready to defend your
liberty and your freedom?
- Yes.
- Good.
Because tomorrow, you will be
departing for Emerson State.
[children] We pledge our
hearts and give our allegiance
to our glorious Republic.
We praise the great southern
nation for emancipating us
and solemnly swear
to protect it,
in the name of God,
our liberty and freedom.
One country,
one language, one flag.
- Can I go in there?
- No.
But they've been
in there for hours.
This is a private
council meeting.
Come in.
We're supposed to be
preparing for the raid.
Is there a problem?
All of our relations are meeting here.
We need to do this in a good way
and think in a good way.
Thank you grandmother.
We must evacuate the camp
children by tonight.
I don't understand.
We are going to get my
daughter tonight, right?
The Jingoes have built a new mining road
overnight that is heading
straight for our camp.
We're concerned that we've run
out of time for the raid.
The Jingoes are building a road
heading straight for Kitsaki.
We may be out of time.
But you agreed to help me.
We want to help but they've advanced much
faster than what we thought.
I'm not taking those kids
unless we pick up Waseese first.
And you'll endanger every
free child we've rescued.
Every single one in this camp!
Long ago, our grandfathers were here.
They all lived here.
But then this government
forced us to leave.
They even tried to kill us.
They even tried to kill us.
But they could not do it.
We are still here.
The goose is never alone on a journey.
In order to succeed,
she always travels with a partner.
This is what we also have to do as people.
Thank you grandmother.
We'll get Waseese tonight
and then you take
the kids to Bigstone.
Niska, do we agree or not?
Thank you.
[speaking Cree] Somonis, prepare the
camp. Leo and Charlie,
you'll raid tonight for the last time.
If anything happens to
these kids, it's on you.
- Come on.
- [horse neighs]
[upbeat music]
Okay, we're in.
[Charlie] Take a right.
[Leo] Okay, let's go.
Guard station up ahead.
[Leo] Okay, station number 14.
- What's going on?
- Just one minute.
- We don't have a minute!
- You in, Charlie?
[Charlie] Yeah, I'm in.
[footsteps clanging]
[Charlie] Room 26
should be on your left.
Door's unlocked.
What are you doing here?
We gotta go.
you left me behind.
I know. I know I did.
But I was wondering
if you might... [sobs]
if you might want to
come back with me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm here now.
It won't happen again, okay?
Aw, shit.
[alarm blaring]
Clear. Down here.
[gun shots]
[Leo grunts]
Okay, stay here. All right?
- [guard] Does anyone copy?
- Leo, are you hurt?
Nah, I'm good.
[Charlie] Can you hear me?
- [Leo] Yeah. We're good, bro.
- [Charlie] Oh geez.
[Leo] Oh shit.
More soldiers.
[Charlie] Leo, I found out
they discovered Kinsaki.
They're sending
troops to the camp!
I can't get back in
time to save those kids.
But you promised.
You never stood
a chance out there.
Niska, please don't do this.
We'll find a way.
I think it's coming...
Oh fuck.
You gotta get out of there, now!
No, No.
I'm going to distract them
and you're going to
get out of here, okay?
- Get out of here!
- No.
- Take the kids north.
- No, Leo. I can't!
You will.
[guard] Move, move,
move, hold up.
Fall back! Move, move, move.
[speaking Maori]
[drone whirring]
[Niska] Get down.
[gun firing]
Let's move! Let's move!
Go, go, go, go!
Charlie, lock the doors!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Get as many as we can.
Get up, get up!
Come on, come on.
Get up, get up, get up.
Come on, hurry up!
Hey bro, we need a way out.
[Charlie] Copy that.
I know a way out.
Hey, never mind, bro,
we're on it.
Just meet us at the
rendezvous point.
- Let's go!
- [Charlie] Yup.
Oh, Charlie? Release the horses.
Only pack necessities!
Not a dream catcher.
Don't panic, we've got bannock.
Soldiers, soldiers
on the perimeter.
Any sign of them?
[Ida] Fuck!
How many?
Maybe 25.
I'll get the kids out.
You lead the line.
But we need you.
The kids need protection.
You can do this.
Nothing makes me more proud
than to stand with you all.
If we take our last breaths fighting
against our colonizers,
then it will be a good way to die.
[all cheering]
Somonis will lead the line.
[speaking Cree]
Warrior up!
Give me enough time to get them out.
[warriors chattering]
[Tiny singing]
[Captain] Company, halt!
This is an illegal encampment,
you must surrender now.
Hold the line!
Watch out!
[all screaming, yelling]
Let it through!
They just let you through?
Yeah, I know, I don't get it.
[Leo] They're not here to attack
us they're here to keep us in!
Mom, we have to go.
- Get over here.
- Don't you hear that?
- [Niska] What?
- Hear what, Waseese?
[gun firing]
Oh shit.
[Niska] Get in! Get in!
Fight to the end!
[Somonis] Get ready!
Waseese, no!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
She can hear them.
[speaking Cree]
Niska is the guardian of her.
[wind whooshing]
Now get the fuck off our land.
Go! Go!
Retreat, fall back!
Let's go!
[all cheering]
[Tiny] Niska!
Mom! No, mom!
No, no, no, no.
- Put some pressure on it!
- Bandage.
[Somonis] She got hit
in the shoulder.
[Leo] We've got you, Niska.
How did you do that?
Come here.
[Elder Chachigee]
It was her mother that brought her to us.
All the way down from the north.
She came back to her people
to protect us on that day.
We call her the guardian.
[drum beating]
[women singing in
foreign language]
[upbeat music]