Night School (1981) Movie Script

That's vvhat you vvanna
be vvhen you grovv up? Uh-huh. - A schoolteacher?
- Uh-huh. Well, why,
for heaven's sakes? Because I like you. Well, I like you, too. Here. Thank you. Come on, Lisa! Oops! There's mommy. Bye, miss barron. Goodnight, Lisa. We did finger painting
in school today. Ain't you going home,
miss barron? Yeah, in a while. Well, goodnight. Goodnight, Harry. I'm afraid all
the children have left. Who was it you came for? Who are you? Stop it!
Stop it! You idiot!
What are you doing? Oh, god! Oh! No! Please! No! No! God! Please! No! Aah! No! Oh, god! Aah! God, no! Don't! Aah! Stop, please!
Let me off! Let me off! Aah! Aah! - Coffee?
- Yup. - Uh, juice?
- Grapefruit. How about my cereal? Snap, crackle, pop. That's terrific. You're going to make somebody
a great vvife someday. Oh, promises, promises. How come we didn't
figure out last night that we didn't have
anything for breakfast? We were pretty busy
last night, remember? Yeah, we were,
weren't we? Ohh! Ch, come on! We did that already.
Novv let's eat. I know. We could have
breakfast in bed. That's all you
think about, isn't it? Almost. See how I cleaned up
the house for you? Anything for you. So vvhat nevv and exciting things
does Boston have to offer today? Well, there's
a guest speaker at the Harvard club
at 2:00. That sounds boring. How do you want
your eggs? Cooked. Your wit is outstanding. Oh, I'm glad
you like it. You don't care at all about your alumni
activities, do you, judd? Honey, it's just that i
did the Harvard bit. I have no intention
of becoming one of their ageless
undergraduates. It wouldn't do you any
harm to stay involved. I don't seem to be able
to get it across to you that I like my lifestyle
just the vvay it is. There's ice skating
in the park. There's an exhibition
of Chinese art at the civic center. No? Look, why don't we
drne down to the cape and have lunch? Sounds terrific. We could take a long walk
on the beach. Yeah. Okay, slave,
breakfast. I'm starving. Hello?
Yeah. Taj ? When? Uh-huh. You go on ahead.
I'll meet you there. Bye. Your office? Oh, judd. It's your day off.
You promised. I'm sorry, Stevie,
but it's important. Stevie, look,
why don't you just-- honey.
Honey. Honestly... I wouldn't go
if I didn't have to. I know, but-- come on. Let me
make it up to you. Book a table at the racket
club for about 7:00. I'll be done by then. It's my job. Yeah. Well, it's a lousy job. Listen, I hope you
had a good breakfast 'cause this one's
kind of messy. Dave, hey! Okay, sergeant,
it's all yours. Any angles, bill? Not that I can see. Just a neat job
of decapitation. Head completely severed
from the body. That makes tvvo
killings in a vveek. Let's hope this isn't going
to become an epidemic. Thanks. Okay, get on it,
will you? Thanks. O Kay. Let's have a look. Same m.O.
As the last one. No fingerprints, no suspects,
no motives, no nothing. Who was she? Anne barron. She worked
as a teacher's aide here. When did it happen? About 6:00 last night. I guess
right after school closed. Alright.
I give up. Where's the rest
of her? This you're not
going to believe. Why? Why would he mutilate
her over there and bring the head here
and put it in a bucket? You're the college genius.
I'm just a cop. - You vvant shots of the building?
- Of everything. - Beats the hell out of me.
- Vvho found her? This morning, the director.
She's inside. Roberts, clear that sidevvalk
for crying out loud! You're not going to get much out of her.
She's pretty shock up. How long have you known
Anne barron? Oh, um...A couple
of months maybe. She came to work here
in September. Oh, such a sweet girl. She loves children,
and they love her. There. Can you tell me anything abqut
her activities outside of vvork? Nothing really. She vvorked
here during the day to put herself
through school. Do you know
what school? Yes. She attended classes in the
evening at vvendell college. A girls school
on beacon hill. She was studying
to be a teacher. Oh! We'll keep in touch
with you. Here, miss Armand. Drink this.
You'll feel better. - Thank you.
- Everything vvill be alright. I don't vvant the press here until
we get an I.D. From the parents. Seal this area. Go over it
vvith a fine-tooth comb. - We did.
- What did you get? - Nothing.
- Then go over it again! Okay, boss. Meet me at the coroner's office
with the complete reports. I'll have to go check out
that girls college. Oh, that's great. I get
all the routine stuff. You get to go
to the girls school. One of the advantages
of a Harvard degree. Kaka lrah, -"which in Armenian means...?"
-"Here comes the bullshit." Not a mark
on the body. No contusions, no
lacerations, nothing. No signs
of sexual assault. Just a quick, clean execution.
Like a guillotine. Execution?
What can I tell you? That's an odd word
to use. That's the one
that comes to mind. I'll finish
this report. - Thanks, Joe.
- Judd. - Taj, you remember
the Walker case last week? - We found a torso in the bushes?
- Yeah. How long did it take
to find the head? Tvvo days. Forensic
report-- nothing. You remember
where you found it? A duck pond.
Fingerprints-- nothing. - Submerged in vvater.
- In a duck pond, it figures. This time, in a bucket...
Full of vvater. Vvait a minute. Are you trying tc) Feed
me some of that fancy-schmansy freudian-- this is
no mystery, judd. We got a nut
on our hands, a psycho vvho just likes going
around chopping off heads. And that's your
considered opinion, is it? -15 years on the force. -15 years?
And still a sergeant? Sticks and stones, lieutenant,
sticks and stones. I've got this invitation
to go away this weekend. That's great. I know.
I'm really excited. I have a chance
to go skiing. The only problem is that
I've gut so much vvork. Sorry I couldn't be more
helpful, lieutenant. But vvith 300 students, it's difficult
to get to knovv all of them intimately. Perhaps you can speak
to one of her classmates. That would help. I hope this doesn't mean vve'll be
inundated vvith nevvspaper people. There isn't much I can do
about that, miss Griffin. Anne was one
of our night students. Many of my girls do vvork during
the day and go to class at night. She vvas studying anthropology
vvith professor millett. This is his class
in here. - They'll be through in a moment.
- Miss Griffin. Yes, Kathy? There's some television people
dovvnstairs to see you. I suppose I'd better
go take care of them. Uh, you can introduce yourself
to professor millett. Don't worry
about it. I'll be in my office. Thank you. It's a sort of
naturalization process confirming the peace
between two tribes. This is the, uh,
most important of ceremonies among the asmats,
the adoption ceremony. Here we see the clan
preparing the man and woman chosen to become members
of the other clan. They thread long plaits of coconut fiber
in their hair, hiding their faces. This and similar tribal
ceremonies are to be found in the remote parts
of Borneo and new Guinea. This secret
and primitive ritual, um... I just can't believe it. We vvere
very privileged to photograph it. The 30 men,
each from the two villages, lay side by side
on their stomachs. Then 30 women stand over them
with their legs astride. And the two chosen pairs
of men and women wiggle through
the living tunnel. And as they pass, the women emit
groans as if in child birth. At the end of the tunnel, they drop
their loincloths over the cquples, symbolic of the rebirth
from a common mother. Then the newborns are
wrapped on coconut fibers like swaddling clothes. And the symbolic birth
is over, and the ceremony ended. Thank you, Kim. Scenes like this
are a direct link with man's primitive past. Modern man has only
to take a short step to wind up in the primeval
jungle of his ancestors. Hmm. Any questions? - Ah-choo!
- Bless you. We'll pick this up
next time. Now, do be prepared
with pages... 120... Through 127. Thank you. Vvhat's the meaning of this, vvalking in
during the middle of one of my lectures? I'm lieutenant Austin.
Police department. Uh, miss Griffin said
i should talk with you. About what? Anne barron. Yes, I see. It's not that i
knevv the girl very vvell. She'd only been enrolled
for a couple of months. This is the person
you should talk with. Kim? - Yes?
- This is, uh, lieutenant... - Austin.
- Right. From the police department. She and Anne vvere very good friends.
Right, Kim? - Yes.
- I just need some background. We don't have much yet. If I can help,
I'll try. Ohh, this vvhole thing
must be upsetting for you. Yeah. Well, anything that you
can tell the lieutenant I'm sure will help. Thank you.
You're so kind. I finished typing
your notes. You want
to go through them? Yes, of course. If you'll excuse me,
lieutenant. Thank you. What is it
you want to know? Anything
that comes to mind. Did she have any close
friends aside from you? Not many. She was really
a very quiet girl. A boyfriend? Yes. There was a boyfriend. Who was he? I don't know. And you were
her close friend? She would never tell me. She was secretive
about it. He was older
than she was, but she never said
who it was. Why would she do that? Maybe we both knevv him, and she didn't
vvant me to knovv of their affair. A married man, maybe. Something like that. Hovv
could anyone do such a thing? I don't know
what to tell you, Kim. Maybe what your professor
said just now is true. We've all only just stepped
out of the primal jungle. Goodnight. Thank you. Thank you. How'd you get on,
lieutenant? Alright.
She's a little shaken up. Yes, of course. Vvell, she's
a very sensitive girl. I think that she's more upset
than she's letting on. This is miss adjai, our exchange student.
Lieutenant Austin. Hello. I'll have this copied first thing
in the morning. Goodnight. - Goodnight.
- Goodnight. Goodnight. Well... Thank you for your
time, professor. You know,
lieutenant... I think you're dealing vvith
a psychctic killer here, a maniac that strikes
vvithout rhyme or reason... Without
any tangible motive. It's going to be a very hard
person for you to find. Oh, we'll find him. Goodnight. Goodnight. A salami on rye
and a cheeseburger. - Hi.
- Hi, carcl. Just coffee, please. Coffee. Okay. Hey, you. I told you tc) Clean
the tables 20 minutes agc. He can't help it. I've never seen such
a god damn stupid. Hey, you. Vve're up to
our ass in garbage. Get it out. So now he belongs
to us, huh? - Thanks, Carol.
- Ha ha ha! College girls. All they
talk abcut is sex. I ain't got no degree, but I can
give a lecture on that subject. Do you want
anything else? No, thanks. You're in that, uh... professor
millett's class, aren't you? - Yes. Why?
- Is it true? What true? - That he fools around vvith all
his students. - I vvouldn't knovv. Who can blame him? A good-looking guy
like that and all those horny coeds. Come to think of it, I wouldn't
throvv him out of bed myself. Hey. You're not vvalking
home alone tonight, are you? After what happened? I'll be alright. Aah! Jesus, Vince! You scared
me half to death! I didn't mean to. Front door vvas locked. I rang the bell.
Didn't you hear? I came in the back way. I thought you weren't
coming home till later. Aren't you pleased
to see me? Ohh...Yeah. Ahh. Aah! No! Aah! Aah! What are you doing? No. Oh. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Go--go away. Go--go away. Please. Ah...Ah...No! No! No! No! Ah! Ah! No! No! No! Aah! Aah! Our friend really has
a taste for the bizarre-- the old head-in-the-fish-tank
routine. And to do that, he had to
climb tvvo flights of stairs. Carrying the head
already. Just to throw the head
in a fish tank. See? Like I said,
it's bizarre. Sergeant taj, we have
a 214 situation. - That's b-1214.
- The question is why. - Good quesuon.
- So what's the answer'? Beats me. Tango-14, are
you reading? Over. The sandwich. Tango-14,
do you read me? We keep coming back
to water. Mm-hmm. Well, they say our
distant ancestors all crawled up
out of the ocean. Not mine. Mine came frqm a small
tovvn on the turkish border. That makes two victims
from the same girls school. And this one vvorked in
an aquarium feeding fish. More water. Maybe the guy vve're
after is a sailor, and he thought she was
some kind of mermaid like--vvhat do they call
them-- those Lorelei-- why do I put up
with you? Because I'm lovable. Don't you ever take
your job seriously? Aw, come on, judd. If we did, we'd end up
in the funny farm. Duck pond...Bucket...
And fish tank. What the hell
are you eating? A sandwich.
Would you like some? Yeah. Tuna fish. Is professor millett in? I'd
like to have a vvord vvith him. I'm afraid that's
impossible. He's vvorking and left strict
instructions not to be disturbed. But miss, uh, adjai...
Is that right? - That's right.
- I'm not a salesman. I'm a police officer, and i
can disturb anybody anytime. I'll see if he can
talk to you. This way, please. I, um, I didn't expect
to find you here. I vvork here. I'm professor
millett's research assistant. You wait there, please. Come in, please. Have a seat, lieutenant Austin.
Be with you in a minute. No, thank you,
I'll stand. Well, then, what
can I do for you? - There's been another killing.
- Hmm. That doesn't seem
to surprise you. When man kills
for the sake of killing, there's no reason
why he should stop. Do you really believe man
can kill just like that? Why not? You see, animals kill vvhen they're
hungry or vvhen they're threatened. But man is the only animal
who destroys his own kind for the sheer
pleasure of it. The dead girl vvas one of
your students, professor. Don't tell me these are
motiveless killings, because
i don't believe it. Who was it? Kim morrison. Both girls were
in your class. I'd have to be
very, very stupid not to think that there
could be some connection. - Such as?
- Tell me. - Coincidence.
- Would you like to know the statistics on that
kind of coincidence? Vvere you having an affair
vvith Anne barron, professqr? I make it a strict rule never tc) Becqme
emotionally involved vvith my students. That isn't the way
i heard it. You shouldn't listen to young
girls' gossip, lieutenant. They're barely
out of puberty. They're apt to mix
fantasy with reality. Oh, come on, professor. Were you having an affair
with Anne barron? - No.
- And Kim morrison? - Certainly not.
- Excuse me. I thought you might
like some coffee. Not for me, thank you.
I have to be going. - See yourself-- - i
think I can manage that. You know, professor,
i think you're wrong. People don't kill
just for the hell of it. There's always a reason. Insolent son of a bitch. He's just doing his job. - Don't start defending him.
- I'm not-- how many more
cheap rumors? It's common gossip
around the school. Oh, Christ! You're not going to
have a jealous tantrum, are you? I don't know what more
you want from me. I love you. I'd do anything
in the vvorld for you. But it's not enough. There's always going to
be somebody else. You don't believe vvhat
he's saying, do you? - Why not?
- Oh, god. You were like that
when I first met you. I don't see any reason
why you should have changed. Then you should have
known what to expect. Hi, honey. - You want some coffee?
- Yeah. What's the matter?
You got the blues? If it's a man,
forget him. They ain't worth
the aggravation. They only thing they're going
to take home is money. Hi, baby.
How's my sweetheart? - Can I get you anything?
- Like excited? I knovv vvhat you vvant,
and it ain't on the menu. Aw, don't say that.
That's a nasty. I'm sorry. I'm pregnant,
Vincent. You're not happy. It came as a surprise,
that's all. I'm not going to
have an abortion. I never mentioned
abortion. How long? Three months. Why didn't you tell me
about it before? I didn't know how
you'd react. I should have known. That's why you've been
acting crazy lately. So you're gonna
let me have the baby? It's going to be
alright, I promise you. How are you doing,
Carol? Fine. Anything
i can get you? I don't like to turn down
an offer from a pretty girl, but no, thanks. Do you have to flirt
with the waitress? I was just trying
to be friendly. I'm sorry. I love you. I don't know what
I'd do without you. I love you, too. I'm not
going to let you dovvn. Can't we get married? I'd make you so happy,
i promise. I got to go. We'll talk about it
later. Please, Vincent? Don't worry about it. - Okay.
- I'll see you later. If you believe
that bullshit, honey, you'll believe anything. Vvatch out. You'll never
make it to class that vvay. - By the way, the project
looks very good. J5ee you . Yes? Who is it? Can I have
a word with you? Not right novv, if you don't
mind, professor millett. Why on earth didn't you
tell me about this sooner? I thought
i could handle it. You can't handle
a man like that. He's a self-centered,
ruthless man. You'd think he'd have more sense than
to have an affair vvith a student. I've been so stupid. Didn't you knovv he's living
vvith his assistant Eleanor? No. His teaching days
in this school are over. I'm not going to allow
that professor millett to use this college as a playground
for his sexual exploits. Just get hold
of yourself, alright? I really thought
he liked me. Just don't talk
about it, alright? Kathy, you live alone,
don't you? Vvould you like to spend
the night at my house? We can talk, and
you won't feel so alone. Yes, I'd like that.
Thank you. You're very sweet, darling,
and unfortunately, men are going to
take advantage of you. We don't want that
to happen, do we? Hmm? Jeez, I hate to leave
yqu vvith this mess. I wouldn't do this,
but my wife is sick-- - I knovv. Go home.
- If dnly that damn stupid had shovvn up. Oh, Gary. Vve're better
off vvithout him. Lock up, set the alarm,
and gd by the back doqr. I know. Goodnight. Damn it. That doesn't
belong there. W-who's there? Is that you, Gus? Hello? Oh, god. Oh, no. No. Oh, shit! Fucking lock. Oh! Aah! Oh! Fucking creep! Get away from me! Oh, Jesus! Aah! What did I do? No! No. Get away! Jesus Christ! No! Aah! Aah! Aah! What the hell's
happened here? Oh, no. Jesus, why me? Why the hell do they
pick on me? Holy shit. What the hell
was going on here? Look at this
god damn mess. Must've been a hell
of a party. Damn bums! It's the
second time this month. Why don't you
call the cops? How about some food? Vvould you let me clean
up, for Christ's sake? Make with the food.
We'll take care of this. You'd think they got
something better to do. This must've been
some party, huh? What went on anyway? - Hey, Gus.
- Yeah? Where's Carol? Beats the hell
out of me. Hey, maybe she found herself
a piece of hot stuff. She'll get plenty of hot stuff
from me vvhen she shovv up. What a mess! Be careful. Don't cut
yourself on that glass. Yuck. How about
some coffee, Gus? I only got two hands. What do you got
to eat? I got beef stew.
You like beef stew? Yeah, I like beef stew. Sounds good to me. Carol--i don't understand. I tell her lock up,
turn on the alarm... It's not like her. You can't count
on help these days. Hurry up with the food,
will you, Gus? Want to pass
the sugar? You shouldn't use that. I know, I know.
You told me already. I've been feeling
better. How about you? I feel alright.
Here you go. What's the matter? Enjoy yourselves, boys. Thank you, Gus. - You're welcome.
- Alright. Nice. Just
what I needed. Mmm. Mmm. Oh! Ooh! What is it? Oh, god. - Hey, Gus.
- Yeah? Ever use a hair net
when you cook? Why? What's the matter? Are you kidding? I've got hair
in my stew. Yeah? Mine's alright.
Nothing wrong with mine. Mmm. Tastes good. Where the hell
she put the stock? Oh, my god. Oh, my god! And what time
did you leave last night? About 11:00.
I had to go home. My wife was sick... Vvhat the hell vvas the
head doing in the sink? How am i
supposed to know? Duck ponds, buckets,
a fish tank... - Now a sink?
- What's he talking about? - Shh. Lifesaver?
- No. - What about the kid?
- What kid? That dishvvasher that's
kind of tutti-frutti? - Yeah. Very strange boy.
- Where is he? I don't know.
He's no show up two days. Where does he live? I got it written down
someplace. Look, mister, we got
four killings on our hands, and we don't even have
a god damn fingerprint. - So get it, vvill you?
- Yeah, okay. I get it novv. Hey, lieutenant. Over here, lieutenant,
in the garbage. Call the coroner's
office. Okay,
get on it, will you? Here's the address
he give me. Section 13, municipal lavv-- you are
required to register the correct address of any employees.
You get that? Ah, go to hell. Unbelievable. Boy, this must be
his summer place, huh? - Gary downs?
- Yeah. - Police.
- Oh. You work at
the lamplight? Yeah. Well, Gary,
why aren't you at work? Is there a lavv that says I have to
go to vvork if I don't feel good? The man asked you
a question. I got sick. Hey, pretty, pretty. Now, what's this,
a hobby of yours? So what if it is? It's kind of a sick
hobby, isn't it, Gary? What do you want? I ain't done nothing. You sure, Gary?
Here. Have a raisin. Gary, you knovv a girl
named Carol mann? She's a waitress
at the cafe. Very good, very good. When did you
last see her? I don't know. Try hard. No one's
going to hurt you. The night before last. Night before last.
Very good again. Were you ever arrested
for indecent exposure? Gary, surely you can
remember that. Here. New York, 1979,
Chicago, January 1980-- this one's a real
doozy, gar. Three old ladies
in one evening. If those dumb broads provoked
you, I could understand that. You probably
had good reason. Come on.
Let's get out of here. Hey, where you going? He's a peeping tom. Ever knovv a
flasher to commit a serious crime? - There's alvvays a first time.
- This ain't it. Look, according
to my police manual, it says
that every officer should investigate
every clue no matter
how insignificant, and that's just
what I intend to do. So have a good time. Hey, what-- ah, shit. Is the professor here? Uh...L haven't seen him. Then how did you get in?
Do you have a search warrant? Since you brought it up,
no, I don't. Then would you
please leave? Or would you rather
i call the police? Oh, that would
be embarrassing. Then please go. Uh-uh. Very well. Isn't breaking and entering a
crime, even for a policeman? Isn't headhunting a crime,
even for an anthropologist? What's that
supposed to mean? Nothing, except
i suddenly find myself up to my...
Neck in heads. Heads in duck ponds,
in fish tanks, in buckets, and I come here
and find more heads. Are you suggesting
there's some connection between professor
millett's research and these awful murders? Yes, miss adjai.
I'm suggesting just that. How can you
make a comparison between this kind
of butchery and the tradition
of eastern culture? These rituals existed
years before this continent
was even discovered. The headhunters
of new Guinea are not cannibals
or savages. They seriously believe that in
taking the heads of their enemies, they are possessing
their life force. And by putting
the heads in water? They believe they're
cleansing evil spirits from the souls
of their enemies, leaving only the purity
of the spirit. How did you know that? I didn't. - Lieutenant-- - don't ask me.
I'm not an anthropologist. I only knovv we have three
bodies vvith no heads, and all the heads were
found immersed in water. Even the most depraved
homicidal maniac wouldn't do that
just for fun. We've had a few kooks
in our time, but headhunters? Not too many. Is professor millett
in there? Oh, he's up
in his classroom. It's not
a very nice thing to do... To have an affair vvith
scmeone and then drop her. I thought you had
more feeling than that. Eleanor, l... - Vvho the hell do you think you are?
- I'm sorry about that. Even so,
it's my responsibility to take an interest in the
vvelfare of the girls here. I think we knovv vvhat your
interest is in the girls here, and it's not
for their welfare. What time would you
like an appointment? Anytime that's convenient
for you is fine. Do you know where
miss adjai is? She just left,
professor. Will you get that thing
outta the way? Hey, take a hike.
Don't get so damn excited. This is delta-1.
Go ahead. Over. Lieutenant,
this is taj. Are you sitting down?
Over. What is it, taj? I'm right outside
helene Griffin's house, and guess who's staying
at her place out. Over. Surprise me. Our little friend Gary. What happened
to millett? Here.
Have some soup. I lost him behind
a garbage truck. - How long's he been here?
- Since midnight. You have no faith
at all. All you need
to be a good cop is a good
pair of shoes. There he goes. I sure hate to embarrass
you, old buddy. Let's move. Hey. He's all mine. You cover me
from out front. Hey,
watch your ass... You ugly bastard. Don't be nervous. Does this bother you? No. Damn! I'd better get it. It's my office phone. Hello? Hello? Hey-. Oh! Oh, no. No! Aah! Helene? Aah! Aah! Jesus! Don't. Let--. Leave me alone! - It hurts.
- Spread 'em! What the fuck
are you doing? That's
the wrong guy. Where you going? Headhunting. Take it easy,
will you? Where the hell
you been? I've been
worried sick. I did it for us,
Vincent. And for our baby. Oh, my god. I had to do it,
Vincent. All those women
you lusted after. A family's sacred. You and me... And now the baby. And any threat
to that sanctity, I must strike down. I did it
because I love you. I don't believe it. You must be hungry. I'll get you
something to eat. - You must be completely insane.
- Vvhy? For performing a ritual that's been
accepted for thousands of years? It's this culture that's
uncivilized, Vincent. Where a vvoman isn't
allovved to defend herself and the ones she loves. You killed them all? Yes. And if you insist on having
affairs vvith other vvomen, I'm going to have
to kill them, too. That's logical,
isn't it? Yes. Yes,
that's very logical. They're coming
for me now, Vincent... And if they come in here,
they're going to kill me... And if they kill me, they're
going to kill our baby. You don't want that,
do you? Not if you love me. You do love me,
don't you? Eleanor, no! Don't go!
They'll kill you! Listen to me,
Eleanor! Let go of me! Millett! Millett! Get him! Give me your gun. I'll put out an apb. Jesus! Beacon hill area.
West on Charles. In pursuit of suspect
on motorcycle, wearing black pants,
jacket, and helmet. All available units
to block off area. Delta-1 over. - I hate tc) Trouble you--
- vvhat? I got to go
to the bathroom. Do it out
the god damn window! Hang on, handsome. He's heading south
on walnut. Somebody head him off! I'm on my way. Holy shit! Get an ambulance! Dave,
give me a hand. Looks like
his neck is broken. Forget the ambulance. Well... Ain't you the smart
Harvard cop? - Am I?
- What do you mean? This vvraps up the
vvhole case, dcesn't it? Does it? Get him
the hell out of here. Alright, son.
I'll take you home. "We beseech thee,
dear lord, "look down upon this,
thy humble servant, "and have mercy upon him. "Throw wide
the gates of heaven "and cleanse this poor departed
soul cf his mortal sins, "that he may find grace
and eternal peace "ln thy heavenly kingdom. "And as we commit these mortal
remains unto the earth, "ashes to ashes, "dust to dust, "look not upon this earthly
flesh vvith harsh judgment, "but embrace this,
thy servant's soul, "into thy safekeeping, "and in your infinite mercy
welcome this-- "welcome
this unhappy man, "that he may be cleansed
of his mortal sins and dwell in the house
of the lord forever. Amen." Miss adjai. Is the ceremony over? Yes. I hope so. So, who'd you expect,
the headhunter? Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Eh? Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!