Night Swim (2024) Movie Script

(grand orchestral fanfare
(distant barking)
-(electrical buzzing)
(monster roars)
(burbling under water)
(deep gasp)

(water burbling)
(pulsating thrumming)
(motor puttering)
(puttering continues)
(puttering continues)
(hinges creaking)
(oxygen whooshing rhythmically)
Tommy, are you awake?
I saw your missing boat outside.
(medical monitor beeping)
I'm gonna get it for you.
-(knocking on door)
-WOMAN: Mrs. Summers.
Are you sure I should go?
I don't mind staying.
MRS. SUMMERS: No, it's fine.
You should go home.
I'll check on the kids later.
Okay, Mrs. Summers.
I'll see you tomorrow.
(crickets chirping)
There you are.
(pole rattling)
(pole squeaking)

MRS. SUMMERS (muffled):
What are you doing?
Sorry, Mom.
I didn't mean...
(pulsating thrumming)
(shuddered breathing)
(motor puttering)
(metallic creaking)
Temagami. Temagami.
Temagami. Temagami...
Mom! Mom!
(dog barking in distance)

ANNOUNCER (over radio):
Brewers played extra innings
with the Marlins yesterday.
They fell in 12.
One-one. Foul ball
up the first baseline,
and it is two strikes.
Brewers are eight and nine
in extra-inning games
so far this season.
Hoping to keep
that streak alive.
Ray, they're ready for us.
(high-pitched ringing)
You okay?
-(ringing stops)
-Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
I'll just give you a head start.
I'll meet you inside.
This has got every single thing
that you asked for.
It has 24-hour emergency
call service.
Right? Which is great.
It's got, uh,
single-level bedrooms.
It's got bath-- All
the bathrooms have handrails.
And you're just minutes away
from one of the best medical
facilities in the Twin Cities.
KAY: It's... I mean,
it's really kind of
a perfect lease for when you
just need a little extra help.
Do you not like it?
-Well, it's nice.
-Are you... are you looking
for a place to throw
the ball around?
Is there any chance
that you're gonna bring
that Waller swing here
once you get better?
(Ray and Kay laughing)
I'm sorry.
I google all my clients,
and it's just not every day
that I get a...
a big-league third baseman.
Yeah, no. I, um...
I'm just focused
on getting better now
and spending some time at home
-and being with family.
-Well, you know what?
You can spend some of that
baseball money right here.
You can't put a price
on peace of mind.
Yeah, well, apparently,
here you can.
It's 4,200 bucks.
Oh, just...
You know what? In the kitchen.
Come here. I want to show you.
There's this accessible design.
And I don't know who did it,
but I think I want one myself.
-I'll tell you that much.
-RAY: You guys like it or...
-EVE: Yeah.
-KAY: I might be your neighbor.
(chatter fades)

(kids chattering)
(kids shouting playfully)

(playful chatter, laughter)
Uh, wait, wait. Honey, honey.
-Wait, stop, stop.
Stop, stop, stop. -What?
Honey, stop, stop, stop. Look.
-Look. Look.
-EVE: Oh.
I would've shown you this place,
but it didn't really meet
your checklist.
And this is not a rental, right?
Oh, I know.
-We were just curious.
Right, well, it's only one owner
for the last couple decades.
And, uh, you know, it needs
just a little work, I think.
But it's not gonna be on the
market very long at this price.
Oh, and you're in
a great school district
with Harold Holt.
That's where I start
in the fall.
No, really?
Oh, I'm a proud alum myself.
Go, Lake Trout.
(both laughing)
And, uh, what subject
do you teach there?
Oh, no.
I'm just in the admin office
while I finish my degree online
for special education.
Oh, good for you. Good for you.
Well, it's never too late
to follow your dream.
-(kids talking in distance)
(gasps) Oh, my gosh.
This is amazing.
What is that?
Oh, the fruit baskets.
Where did Ray get off to?
I didn't see him.
There you are.
There's a pool.
I used to be scared of pools.
My dad pushed me into
one of the training tanks
at Fort Benning
when I was three.
Sink or swim.
I guess I swam.
I always wanted a pool.
When we were kids,
we used to go down the street,
break into the KOA, go swimming.
We used to pretend that we were
the rich kids from the suburbs.
Hey, Mom, can we get lunch?
IZZY: Yeah, I'm ready to go.
Can we get some food?
Mm. Come on, old man.
Before we get too nostalgic.


Familiar face makes his way
down to the plate.
What a story
this has been, folks.
After a year battling illness,
Ray Waller is trying
to do the impossible
with a Major League comeback.
Slider inside.
Waller digs for it...
and connects!
It's a deep ball
into far center field,
and it is gone!

-Mom, hurry! Dad fell in!
Ray, what happened?
Are you okay?
-RAY: Yeah.
-IZZY: What happened?
-ELLIOT: Mom, is he okay?
Just breathe.
It's okay. It's okay.
-(quietly): Yeah, I'm fine.
-Mom, his cane. -Yep.
-Izzy, give me... Help me here.
-IZZY: Yeah.
-EVE: You got it?
(Ray panting, sighs)
-EVE: You got it?
-RAY: Okay.
-Yeah. Okay.
(muffled chatter)

How long has it been
since your last episode?
RAY: Um, well,
it wasn't really an episode,
I don't think. It's like...
At spring training
about six months ago.
My recommendation
is to escalate the diagnosis
to secondary progressive MS.
No, but the doctor said
he was stabilizing
and that it's about
managing now.
It's better to have
a more accurate diagnosis.
Are you in PT?
No, um, well, I mean,
I'm throwing the ball around
in the front yard with
the kids, and, like, that...
We just got insurance through
the school where I'm working.
-RAY: Yeah.
-Forget baseball.
For now, we need to find
a low-impact activity
that you can do every day.
Walking, yoga.
Most therapists
recommend swimming.
Look, I know it feels like
your whole world
is turning upside down.
It's going to take sacrifice
from you both,
but you can build a good life
First, you have to let go
of the old one.
Use the wheelchair
for the next few days
while you regulate, and I will
bring you back in next week.
Honey, if we rent that townhome,
it'd be like living
in a hospital.
I don't want to be
the sick guy anymore.
But you're sick, Ray.
We need to deal with that
I know. I just don't want it
to define our whole life now.
What about that other house?
The kids will love it,
with all that room.
And with a swimming pool,
we'll have water therapy
in our own backyard.
(Eve sighs)
You know I want our own place.
I'm tired of the kids
changing schools,
making new friends
every time you get traded.
I want us to put down roots,
you know?
I just need to know
that you want that, too.
I do.
I want that, too.
I promise.
Also, you know what else
I was wondering about?
Um, do you have that
black bikini still?
You know which one
I'm talking about?
-With the crisscross straps?
-Guy's in a hospital.
This is what he's thinking?
This summer I went swimming
This summer
I might have drowned
But I held my breath
and I kicked my feet
And I moved my arms around
I moved my arms around...
Hey, there you are, Cider.
Come here, buddy.
How do you like our new home?
Isn't it awesome?
It's so big, right?
Chlorine my eyes,
I'm a self-destructive fool...
Izzy, I'll see you later.
-IZZY: Okay.
-EVE: Good luck.
-You got it.
-Oh, wait, wait, wait.
What? Oh, thanks.
See you later, dipshit.
See you, barf bag.
EVE: Think you're gonna
go out this year?
Yeah. Dad says I'm about
to hit my growth spurt.
Actually, wait.
Yeah. I think you're hitting it
right now.
(Elliot chuckling)
ELLIOT: Here. Wait, wait.
I got it. I got it.
(school bell ringing)
The old Australian crawl
This summer I went swimming
This summer
I might have drowned...
Hey, how tall are you?
Like, um...
Can you just put
your arm up real quick?
Like, yeah. Just like that.
Yeah, you have
a great wingspan. (laughs)
You should come on Friday.
-My name's Ronin.
Hey, you should come on Friday,
for real.
It's gonna be dope.
(school bell ringing)
("The Swimming Song" by
Loudon Wainwright III continues)
(flies buzzing)
ELLIOT: Does it smell weird
to you guys?
IZZY: Nah, you're just
turning back into a dog.
Have to take you back
to the shelter
where Mom and Dad found you.
(blows raspberry)
EVE: What is with
the PYX 106 playlist?
RAY: I'm bringing back
the classics, babe.
-IZZY: I like it, Dad.
-Hey, El, I, uh...
I talked with your coach
at orientation.
He thought it might be good if
I come and help with practice.
I thought it might be
kinda fun, right?
Yeah, Dad.
This is my year, right?
It is.
I think I'm going out
for the swim team.
-EVE: Ooh.
-RAY: Oh, really?
-That's great, Iz.
-Yeah, you're gonna be
a natural. -(chuckles)
That trophy bat, that came alive
the day you were born.
I absolutely launched one
into the Bay.
It was the ninth inning,
and I was at the plate,
and I don't know what it was.
Just this sense of strength
came over me.
I knew it.
I knew it right then.
My Izzy is...
(cries out in pain)
-IZZY: Dad? Oh, my gosh.
What happened?
-ELLIOT: Are you okay?
RAY: Ah, God,
I sliced it pretty good.
What happened? Oh, that looks...
Oh, God.
Oh, my gosh.
-ELLIOT: Ew. What is that?
-Oh, God.
Be careful.
Is that supposed to happen?
I don't think so.
Is it safe?
-No pool is absolutely safe.
-(vacuum whirring)
But you see that cap?
That's a wellhead.
I-I've never seen an actual
spring-fed pool before
in person, but you're tapped
into groundwater.
I'm talking aquiclude.
That's some sublevel
aquifer shit.
-EVE: What does that mean?
-Yeah, what does that mean?
I'm about to tell you
what that means.
That means natural filtration,
geothermal heating,
the whole shebang.
Yeah, we'll give it a shock,
but these spring pools
are supposed to work miracles
on your skin.
This whole area
had natural pools all around.
Wellness centers, health spas.
-That's great. Lucky us, huh?
-EVE: Mm.
-It's funny, isn't it, though?
-RAY: Uh-huh.
I mean...
we evolved out of the water
and some part of our
reptilian brain knows
we're not supposed
to be there anymore,
but-- (clicks tongue)--
I guess that's why we try
to tame it so hard.
It's like trying
to conquer death--
-Jesus. Be Careful.
Are you okay?
God, sorry.
-What an idiot.
All right, well,
here's your invoice.
I'll come back tomorrow.
You should be set up
by next week.
-Great. Thanks.
Hey, Gecko, let's wrap it up.
Come on. Let's boogie, baby.
("You've Got Another Thing
Coming" by Judas Priest plays)
All right, we're good to go!

One life,
I'm gonna live it up...
(music continues muffled)
Come on, Dad. Throw some more.
Hold on. I just got to finish
these exercises.
Are you watching this?
The water takes all the strain
off my muscles. It's amazing.
Give me those muscles.
(grunting, laughing)
They're all down there.
I'll get 'em all in one breath.
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Are you ready?
You know, this is, um...
It's gonna sound crazy, but
I think that maybe getting sick
happened for a reason, you know?
I don't think I could've
walked away healthy.
Look, right here.
You'll always be
a baseball player.
I got it fair and square.
But it's not all you are.
It's not why I fell in love
with you.
Don't look back.
-This is all we need.
You know my kiss is magic?
Oh, really?
Yep. If we kiss,
you'll be healed.
Ew, guys.
You know we're here, right?
-ELLIOT: "Oh, I love you
so much." -RAY: All right.
-Ruined it.
-ELLIOT: Mwah. Mwah.
-You ruined the moment.
Now you're gonna pay.
-IZZY: So cringe.
-ELLIOT: No, Dad.
Don't do it, don't do it.
-Please, no. -IZZY: Could you
at least wait until we're gone?
ELLIOT (laughs):
It's comin' now, oh...
Dad, no! Please, no!
(crickets chirping)
(cutting open box)

(indistinct chatter
and laughter on video)
RAY (on video):
You can't catch us.
You can't catch us!
You can't catch us!
Elliot's mine!
(yelling playfully)
-EVE: Don't let him go.
-Come on! You can't catch us!
WOMAN (over laptop):
Teachers need to implement
backdoor strategies
because students with ADHD
and deeply feeling kids
can be easily overwhelmed
by sensory stimulation,
and they may shut down
when emotionally dysregulated.
Kids who are struggling
with anxiety
-and in-class performance...
...they're inclined to...
(water splashing)
-(Cider meows, hisses)
-(collar bell jingling)
-Hey, what's the matter?
You don't want to swim?
(growling, meows shrilly)
(clicks tongue) Pussy.
(laughs quietly)
Ray, you scared me.
-(pulsating thrumming)
-(gasps softly)
(thrumming stops)
(water burbling quietly)
(door opens)
His 27th home run this season,
and the crowd is fully
back in the game.
So many times,
we talk about how momentum
can change
with one swing of the bat.
-One pitch, one play...
-(turns off TV)
You're all wet.
Were you outside a minute ago?
I think I just fell asleep.
I think we should put in
a pool cover just to be safe.
And we need to check out
the lights.
Yeah, s... Yeah, for sure.
Everything okay?
Yeah. Go back to sleep.
-(crickets chirping)
-(pulsating thrumming)
(motor puttering)
(Cider meows)
Mom! Dad!
Come look!
He probably fell in
and got scared.
Well, he, he'll come back
when he's hungry, huh?
We have to find him.
Yeah, that's...
We'll go look for him.
We'll find him.
EVE: It's okay, Ellie.
He'll come back.
IZZY: Pshh-pshh-pshh-pshh-
Come here, Cider.
Come on, puss.
Cider, where'd you go?
-(grunting) -EVE: Izzy,
did you look down there?
No, I didn't check there.
Here, puss.
Maybe he's up in this tree?
Come here, Cider.
You guys look inside the house?
-IZZY: Uh, yeah.
-ELLIOT: Come here, buddy!
IZZY: Not upstairs, though.
Did you look upstairs?
ELLIOT: Again? I promise you,
I already checked upstairs.

Here, Cider.
Come on, Cider.
Want some food?
Come on, Cider.

-RAY: Come on, put your back
into it. -(clicking)
We gotta roll it up,
make it tight,
so when we roll it back out,
it's all clean and nice.
Keep cranking.
One turn at a time.
-(straining): I'm trying.
-Come on.
Keep going. You strike out,
you keep going.
Isn't that right?
Yeah. Don't give up.
That's the key.
That's the only thing that
matters. Let's go, come on.
-Good job. Little wins.
-(clicking continues)
Here we go. Come on.
Be nice to your brother
right now.
None of this has been
easy on him.
RAY: Keep going, keep going.
Good job.
There you go. See?
I know it hasn't been easy
on you, either.
Oh, no. Baby, I'm fine.
I don't want you worrying
about me.
(clicking, metallic squeaking)

(voices whispering indistinctly)
(clicking, metallic squeaking)
What is that?

(high-pitched tone rings)
-(air whooshing)
-(machine beeping steadily)
(machine beeping rhythmically)
-(treadmill whirring)
-(buttons beeping)
(whirring increases)
Um, s...
Uh, what-what is it?
I've never seen such
a dramatic improvement
in such a short time.
We need to do more tests,
but... (inhales) appears there are
no new lesions
and the white tissue
is actually improving.
We started the new diet
like you said,
and the water therapy and...
Twice a day.

We have a pool.

ELLIOT: Hey, Mom, I finished
all my work in study hall.
Can I go swimming?
Okay, but don't go alone.
Ask your dad.
RAY (over speakers):
A progress report.
I, uh, you all know
I was diagnosed with MS
not too long ago,
um, a little while back.
-Dad -I've been able
to work out in rehab
and been getting back at it
for the last little while
and I've made a lot of strides
that I'm proud of.
I think that I can show you,
demonstrate my ability
is still at a level that
I'd be able to make an impact
on a team rather quickly.
Hey, pal. (panting)
Can you help me out
with something?
Can you throw on a 25?
What are you doing
with the camera?
Helps me with my training.
(Ray grunting)
Can you dive for coins with me?
Mom says I can't swim alone.
(Ray exhales, grunts)
Yeah, um...
Hand me one of those coins.
You gotta promise me
you're gonna stay
in the shallow end.
Throw this one in the pool
for me.
And I'll come find it. Okay?
All right.

Hey, Dad.
(coin clinks)
GIRL (muffled):

I got 'em all in one breath.
It's not funny.
I know that's you.
I'm keeping the money.
Okay, I'm going under.
(bird cawing in distance)
(banging, creaking)
(muffled humming)
(humming stops)
Can you hear me?
I need help.
I'm looking for my mom.
Who are you?
My name is Rebecca Summers.
I found your toy.
Let go of me!
(screams) Help!

Is someone out here?
Ellie, are you sure?
Her name is Rebecca.
She said she was looking
for her mom.

(whirring loudly)
It was probably just a kid
who snuck over the gate.
That's all.
Anyway, we have a lock
on it now, so...
I didn't see anyone out there.
Maybe he's pretending.
'Cause he doesn't have
any real friends yet.
Remember he talked to that pet
gecko or lizard, or whatever?
He was five.
Yeah, but he talked to him
for months after he died.
He's gonna make friends.
He just...
It just takes him time.
I'm going to his practice
later today.
So, maybe that'll help, like,
break the ice with the kids.
You should come,
'cause he always plays better
when you're there.
He's more himself.
Maybe we should have
the team over.
-You know, for a cookout
or something? -Yes.
That's a great idea.
-Yeah, like a pool party.
That's why I married you,
because you're a genius.
Invite your coworkers,
friends, whoever.
-Just "Meet the Wallers," right?
-Sounds great.
-Can I invite some friends?
Yes, invite whoever you want.
It's a great idea.
We should invite
everybody you know.
-We're a welcoming family.
-IZZY (laughing): Stop.
RAY: How many people you think
we can fit in the pool?
We're the pool family now.
All right. Get in front of it.
Good. Move it around.
There you go, in front of it,
in front of it.
It's all right. It's all right.
Get in front of it.
In front of it.
(hip-hop music playing nearby)
Come on, wake up, man.
Let's hustle.
Let's hustle, boys.
You know what baseball is,
It's a stick and a ball
and a bunch of guys
wearing long socks.
It's play.
How come it's so easy
for Dad and Izzy?
It's not.
Everyone's scared of something.
Izzy used to hate
drop-off in kindergarten.
Every day, I'd wait outside
until I saw her
in the classroom window,
and she'd give me the signal.
Show him, Iz.
COACH: There we go!
Good job, good job.
Green light to swing.
Wait for the ball, boys!
-Come on, come on!
-(clicks tongue)
-Hey, there he is.
-RAY: Hey, Coach.
Sorry I'm late.
-Hey, guys.
-EVE: Hey.
All right.
You got this.
Hey, boys, this is Elliot's dad.
He's a former Brewers
third baseman,
and he's here to turn you
into all-star hitters.
Uh, you got this.
You got this. Nice and easy.
You gotta follow through
the ball.
Don't just, like, check swing.
-There you go.
-Yes! Nice!
All right. Line drive
up the middle. There you go.
All right, move it around,
move it around.
RAY: You're bent way over
at the waist, right?
And you turn out with your body.
Don't hit it with your hands.
You turn out with your body.
-All right. Good job.
-BOY: There you go!
Way to get on top of it.
Good job.
Oh, hey, Ray, that's my son, Ty.
Yeah, keep an eye.
He's got good mechanics.
RAY: All right, Ty.
Let's see what you got.
There you go.
Yes, Ty. Yes.
-Good swing. Good hit.
-TY: Yeah, I got you, Dad.
-Good job.
-TY: Thanks, Mr. Waller.
All right, El, you ready?
Go, Ellie!
-RAY: All right, let's go.
-TY: Hey.
Good luck out there, man.
You got this.
Way to go. Whoo. Good job, Ty.
Hey, Ellie.
All right, Elliot.
All right, come on.
You got this.
You got it, Elliot.
-RAY: There you go. Nice!
-TY: Nice going.
There you go. All right.
Good job.
-Yes, Elliot.
-RAY: All right.
That's what stepping
into the ball does.
You go after it and you get it.
Good job. Way to go.
Try for the other side
of the field. Way to go.
We'll work on it.
Don't worry about it.
COACH: Hey, Ray,
you want to take some?
I mean, if you're up for it.
-COACH: Yeah?
-RAY: Sure, right?
Take a couple. I'll be fine.
All right. All right,
get ready, boys! Get ready!
All right.
Okay, you ready?
You guys ready out there?
Bend your knees.
Bend your knees.
Take it easy on me.
I haven't swung in a while.
(grunts) All right, hold on.
Let me loosen up real quick.
-Okay, okay. Next one.
-Just let me... Yeah.

-IZZY: Dad?
Ooh. You okay, boss?
You okay?
Uh, I'm okay.
I'm good. Let's keep going.
-I'm good. I'm good.
Why don't you throw that again?
All right.

(heart beating)
(crowd cheering)
(high-pitched ringing)
-(sharp crack)
-(ball whistling)

-(laughter, cheering)
-BOY: Oh! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
(coach chuckles)
-(Ray laughing)
-(excited chatter)
COACH: See, boys,
that's how you hit a ball.
That's how you hit it, man.
You know the deal.
Stay in the house, bed by 10:00.
-We'll be back after dinner.
Don't make me regret
not getting a sitter.
-IZZY: Yeah, okay, I know.
-EVE: Ray, you ready?
-(baseball broadcast playing)
We gotta go.
(vehicle departing)
(footsteps nearby)
Hey, someone's coming over
in a minute.
It's not a big deal.
It's for the swim team.
If you tell Mom,
I'm gonna put a Tide POD
in your fish tank.
("Break" by No Devotion
playing over speakers)
(Izzy squeals, laughs)
Marco. Marco.
(Izzy laughing)
You're cheating.
You opened your eyes.
I mean, you look great
with your hair wet.
(Ronin laughs)
You're supposed to say "Polo."
-(both laughing)
RONIN (muffled):
Fish out of water.
(Izzy laughs)
They want to see you
Come on. You have to say
something back.
They want to see you
(song stops)
VOICE (whispering):
(pulsating thrumming)
Ronin, stop, please. Marco.
VOICE (whispering):
I hear you.
You're right there.
(voice breathing)
Marco. Come on.
Come on.
Got you. No! Oh, oh!
-(pulsating thrumming)
-(trembling breaths)
-(raspy voice): Polo.
Ronin, you're dead.

(Izzy screaming)

-RONIN: I got you. (laughs)
-(song resumes playing)
Wait, why didn't you call
"fish out of water"?
-Oh, my God.
-(breathing heavily)
Izzy, you okay?
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Talk to me.
Something was down there.
Something grabbed me.
-Something grabbed you?
-Were you not down there?
No. Look, look, it's okay.
Look, I'm right here.
I didn't see anything.
You were only down there
for a couple seconds.
Maybe your foot got stuck
in the pool cleaner.
-Did it?
I don't know. Maybe.
It's okay. It's okay.
There's nothing there.
-Mom and Dad are home!
-Shit. Oh, shit.
I didn't tell my parents
you were coming over.
-Oh, uh, wow. -I'm sorry.
You gotta grab your stuff
-and get out the back gate.
-All right. Um...
Thanks for inviting me over.
Okay, great.
I'll catch you on Saturday?
Uh, Saturday?
Uh, the pool party.
Oh. Yeah.
(song fading): They want
to see you break...

-(gate rattling)
-RONIN: The gate won't open.
(balloon pops)
I know something scared you
last night.
I saw the way you got
out of the water.
Go away.
Tell me.
Or I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad
your boyfriend was here.
You saw something, didn't you?
My leg just got caught
in the pool cleaner.
-You're lying. I can tell.
-Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh. Stop.
Things have been better
since we moved here.
I mean, Dad's healthier.
Mom's happy.
Do you want to freak them out
just so we have to move again?
What makes more sense,
that the pool's helping us
or that it's haunted?
What if it's both?
(door opening)
Hey, I'm back!
(door closing)
Keep your mouth shut.
Hey. Where are you two?
No one's gonna believe us
Coming, Mom.
I can help.
Everything okay?
Yeah, Mom. Everything's fine.
(doorbell ringing)
Oh, shit.
(playing over speakers):
Are you ready now
To get on down?
(door opening)
Get on down, baby
Get on down...
It's so nice to meet you guys.
I mean, you really didn't
have to bring that.
Are you kidding?
You're hosting
the entire neighborhood.
-Thank you.
-Of course.
Uh, is Mr. Waller here?
Oh, yeah. He's out back.
You-you guys can go say hi.
Oh, my God,
the house looks great.
Oh, wow.
Oh, I made my jiggly rum cake.
But this is not
for the kids. Okay?
There's enough Captain Morgan
in here
to get Phil into his famous
Bermuda G-string.
("Backwards Hat"
by Team Callahan playing)
-COACH: You seem to be doing
a lot better, man. -Thank you.
I don't think I've ever seen
anybody hit a ball that hard.
RAY (laughing): Tell my agent
that when you see him.
Yeah, he used to rep, uh,
Evan Longoria, Mark Teixeira.
-He repped a lot
of good people. -No shit.
-Yeah. -You know, I'd love
for Ty to meet him.
RAY: Yeah, sure. Maybe I can
get him to come to practice.
Sun's out, guns out.
You ready? Let's go.
Coming in.
Yeah, so he, he came over
for a swim last night.
Um, it was cool.
But, uh, he... he kissed me.
-Shut up. No, he didn't.
But I, I actually think it's
hotter that he's Christian.
-(laughs): Really?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
It's, like, forbidden.
Hey, Izzy, I got this for you.
-You all right?
-IZZY: Yeah.
-(girls laughing)
Nothing. We were just... We're
saying we should go for a swim.
-We're gonna go for a swim.
We're gonna head
out to the water.
Come on. Come on.
I'm good, thanks.
-You sure?
All right.
In this land
of mirrors and weed
Walk the line...
(rock music playing outside)
The kids must love the pool.
-Do you swim?
Oh, my dad was Navy.
I was doing dive drills
before I could walk.
Oh, you should have
seen her eyes light up
when she saw this place.
I can tell that
you're used to hosting.
-ANGEL: Mm-hmm.
Well, we moved so much
when Ray was playing.
It's just nice to meet people
you might actually know
next year.
Aw, you're gonna know us.
This is an annual event,
like it or not.
(boy screams outside)
-(boy coughing)
-(water splashing)
(laughing, shouting playfully)
KAY: And did you bring
your suit today?
ANGEL: Oh, I did.
I'm wearing it already.
Okay, good.
I haven't had a suit
in 25 years.
(both women chuckling)
Throw a little color
on it...
(music continues muffled)
-On the canvas, bottoms up
-Bottoms up...
Hey, El!
Where are you?
Let's get in the pool.
-TY: Mr. Waller?
Hey, El!
Will you sign this for me?
It took me like an hour
to find it last night.
Yeah, of course.
Thank you so much.
There you go.
-Now hold on to that.
-Oh, I will.
It's gonna be worth something
RAY: Steroid Shrek over here
thinks he owns the damn pool.
Think we can take him?
Yeah, I got you, man!
-All right, we got this, okay?
-Yeah. All right.
-Let's go. Come on.

(man clucking like a chicken)
You ready, Big League?
(laughter outside)
Nice, buddy.
Get 'em, Mikey!
You know, when we were
fixing up the pool,
they said it hadn't been used
in probably 15 years.
Maybe longer.
It's weird, right?
No. No, I don't know.
Maybe they weren't pool people.
(sets down plate)
Okay, you know what?
You know, this is your new home,
and I-I didn't want to
say anything
that would taint your...
your feelings about this house.
Come on, we closed months ago.
What is it?
-MAN: Get it, buddy. Yeah.
-RAY: Ty, use your core.
-MAN: Let's go!
-RAY: Use your core, Ty.
-There you go.
-Lean forward a little bit.
-Yeah. That's it.
-Lean forward.
-Use your arms. Your arms.
-Going down, Mikey.
I swear, I had no idea
that this was the same house
until my friend told me
after you'd already moved in.
And I was gonna tell you,
but you seemed so happy here.
And I... I didn't want to put
any poo in the pudding.
it-it's very possible
that the people who lived here
before, that they...
You know,
they liked the neighborhood,
and they wanted
the good school district,
but they didn't feel comfortable
using the pool
because of certain
alleged events.
Alleged events?
Yeah, I...
You know, I don't remember
much about it.
Just, there were these stories
about this little girl who--
uh, from Harold Holt--
and she drowned here.
I know, it's just...
Oh, it is a tragedy.
You know, I-I mean, I don't
know why that would make
someone not want to use
a perfectly good swimming pool,
but you know what?
People are...
They're superstitious.
Aren't they, really?
Was the little girl's name
(Kay gasps)
Wait. How did you know that?
-RAY: Okay, keep pushing.
Let's go. Let's take 'em down.
Come on, Ty.
-Don't give up. Use your legs.
-MAN: Let's go.
-Come on, Ty.
-Keep going.
-Use your legs, Ty.
-You got him. Keep pushing.
(muffled grunting)
-RAY: Don't give up.
-MAN: Get him, Mikey.
-That's it, buddy.
-You're going down!

Let's go! We won!
Let's go!
We did it, Mr. Waller! Whoo!
All right, you can let go now.
Mr. Waller. Mr. Waller.
Hey, let go. Hey!
Mr. Waller, please let go.
You've got my legs, Mr. Waller.
-Let go! Let go!
(raspy voice growling)
TY (muffled):
Mr. Waller.
You're grabbing on my legs.
Let go. Mr. Waller!
(voice whispering indistinctly)
Mr. Waller...
(voice whispering indistinctly,
Let go!
(muffled yelling)
(motor puttering)
(muffled grunting)
Hey, Ty.
Baby, you seen Ty?
Mom! Mom!
Mom. Outside in the pool.
Oh, my God. Ty!
Oh, my...
-Ty? -Out of the way!
Out of the way! Out of the way!

Ty! What happened?
Help me! Someone help!
-Give him to me.
-ANGEL: Get him out.
Pull him over the edge.
Someone call for help!
-ELLIOT: Mom, look! It's Dad!
-COACH: Move!
-Ty, breathe. Breathe.
-ANGEL: It's okay. It's okay.
-I got him. -Come on, breathe,
breathe. Wh-What happened?
What happened?
What the hell happened?
Someone call for help.
Call 911! Someone call for help.
EVE (breathing shakily):
Ray. Ray.
What happened, Ty?
(gasping, coughing)
Dad? Dad?
-You're okay.
-Yeah, just hold on to my arm.
-It's okay. It's okay.
-IZZY: Okay.
-EVE: Let's get him inside.
-IZZY: Okay, one, two...
-EVE: It's okay. You're okay.

(indistinct police radio
Ty said he wouldn't let go.
No, Coach, you know the disease
attacks his nervous system.
I mean...
No. He nearly drowned, too.
We're not gonna press charges,
We're fine.
Uh, hey, Eve, I just...
I don't think Ray should come
to practice anymore.
Look, I'm so sorry.
Do you hear what he's saying?
Don't come near
our family again.
(thunder rumbling)

-EVE: Come on, let's go.
Let's go. -RAY: Wait. Wait.
-Stop, stop. Stop.
-Here, just put the...
-Stop. God, wait.
-Get in the car.
Wait. Where are we going?
I don't know. Just not here.
There's something wrong
with that pool.
Eve, there's nothing wrong
with the pool.
The pool's fine.
The pool's the greatest thing
to ever happen to me.
Listen. I mean, honey,
it would be different this time.
It would be so different.
We wouldn't have to make
the same sacri...
What are you talking about?
You almost drowned today.
That little boy almost drowned.

(engine starts)
(Ray coughing)
-(coughing continues)
-Dad, stop.
-ELLIOT: Mom, what's going on?
-Stop the car.
-Mom, do something.
-I don't know what to do.
Is he breathing?
What is happening?
Please! He can't breathe!
-IZZY: Cough it out.
-Oh, my God.
-IZZY: Dad.
-Get him out of the car!
No, no, no, he's stable now,
but I... I've never seen him
like this before.
It was like something was
attacking him from the inside.
DOCTOR (over phone):
Look, I know these episodes
are frightening.
I can have him come in
on Tuesday
for another round of tests,
but in the meantime,
-just let him rest and recover.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what's happening.
It's okay.
I didn't mean to hurt that boy.
You don't have to talk.
We'll just get you stable
and just...
We'll figure out what to do.
It's just one more time.
It's just one more.
I just need one more time.
You can carry me into the pool.
I just need to get in
one more time.

It's so cool in the deep water.
It's so cool in the deep.
(water whooshing)
I told him he could
sleep here tonight.
(Izzy sighs)
You know your dad talks about
being at bat and...
feeling this rush of strength
when you were born?
I was 22 in a hospital
surrounded by strangers, and...
and I felt totally alone.
And I didn't...
And I didn't think
I could keep pushing.
I didn't think I would...
I didn't...
I didn't think I would be
a good mom.
And I just wanted to give up.
And you must have felt
how scared I was.
Because suddenly,
there you were.
And I wasn't alone anymore.

We're never alone
if we have each other.
I'm not gonna let anything
bad happen to us, okay?
-(phone ringing)
KAY: Hi, Eve.
I'm sorry your party ended
on a sour note,
but you give people time
and they're gonna
forget all about it.
Kay, it's not that. It's...
Would you consider yourself
an open-minded person?
Yeah, I like to think so.
Why are you asking?
It wasn't just Rebecca.
If you go back,
there's more people
who lived at the house
who just went missing.
I need to know what's going on.
Eve, I swear I told you
everything I knew at the house.
I don't know anything
about this.
Just tell me what I can do
to help.
EVE: Does the Summers family
live nearby?

(doorbell rings)
My name is Eve Waller.
I tried to call you yesterday.
I think my family lives
in your old house.
With the pool?
Come in.
That's Thomas.
USAID ambassador in Washington.
His work in Sudan
saved thousands
during the refugee crisis.
Your son?
Yeah. My pride and joy.
He's responsible
for this beautiful home.
Though he doesn't visit
as much as I'd like.
This is about as far
as I can make it,
if you don't mind.
(air hissing)
I know this is strange,
but I wanted to ask you about
when you lived at the house.
What a special place. (sighs)
Tommy loved that pool.
I could hardly
get him out of the water.
Did you have a daughter, too?
No, it's-it's just Thomas and I.
Oh, he writes
the most wonderful letters.
He's in Washington,
doing so much good.
Mrs. Summers,
I'm not here to upset you.
But I don't know
who else to talk to.
My husband was sick,
and we moved into the house,
and he started getting better.
And I think...
the pool made him better.
But my kids have seen things.
And so have I.
There's something bad
in the water, isn't there?
What happened to your daughter?
To Rebecca?
(air hissing)
Please. I'm worried
that the same thing
is going to happen
to my husband.
Did you ever use
a wishing well as a child?
Throw a coin in the water
and pray with all your heart.
Some water is magic.
Before there was a house
or a pool...
there was a spring
in the ground.
I don't know
what's beneath the surface.
Maybe no one does.
But I know it gives us
our deepest desires.
The people then
must have worshipped it
when they found out
what it could do.
The deep water.
Temagami. Temagami.
The well has a wish of its own.
Once the water is woken,
it will take a life.
Someone has to pay
so the water can keep giving.
The way it gave to me.
Tommy was so sick.
(short chuckle)
And look at him now.
But what happened
to your daughter?
It was...
better with Rebecca,
more humane for a child
not to know
what was coming.
Mom! Help!
(in distance):
Mom! Mom!
-(Rebecca screaming)
Becky? Becky!
(screams) Mom! Mom!
-Help! (screams)
-(Tommy coughing)
Mom, Becky's outside!
Mom! Mom!
REBECCA (screams):
Mom, Becky's outside!
The water used me as a vessel
to do what must be done.
Don't worry about your husband.
He's the one who gets the wish.
He gets his health.
I got my son back.
It'll be worth it.
You'll see.
Love requires sacrifice.
That's not love.
It's not a sacrifice
if you get something back.
Rebecca asked where you were.
She's still looking for you.
You can still help us.
There has to be
some way to stop this.
(ragged coughing)
(gasping, coughing)
(water burbling)

(wheezy chuckling)
It'll be over soon.
The water will sleep again.
someone else
will find the house.
Someone else who needs its help.
(gasping, gagging)

(crickets chirping)
IZZY: Thanks, Ronin.
See you tomorrow.
(door opens)
Hey, Mom, Dad, we're home.
(keys jingling)
Dad, we're home.
She's not answering.
Think Dad might be with her.
I'm gonna go check the garage.
(cat meows)
-(sets glass down)
Come here, Cider.
(smacking lips)
Come here, Cider.
-(cat meows)
-(collar bell jingling)
-(cat meows)
-(collar bell jingling)
(collar bell jingling)
(cat meows)

(cat meows)
It's okay, buddy.
I'm right here.
(cat whimpers)
(clicking, creaking)
(pulsating thrumming)

(muffled yelling)
Elliot! Elliot!
-(Eve yells)
-IZZY: Mom.
-Come on. Okay, okay.
-Izzy, help me. Come on.
(both grunting, straining)
I don't know what happened.
I don't know...
Elliot's down there.
-All I know is that he...
-Go in the house.
-Call for help. Go!
Okay, I'm going.
Dad! (grunts)
(coughing, panting)

(glass clinks on floor)
(floorboards creaking)
There you are.
I've been looking for you, Iz.
(water trickling)
What's the matter?
(Izzy whimpering,
breath trembling)
-(wet footsteps)
(footsteps stop)
Okay, I'm...
I-I'm calling for help.
-Don't do that!
(Izzy gasps, screams)

-RAY: I know you want me
to get better.
You understand, don't you?
We have to get help.
Baby, we already got help.
Life is too hard for Elliot.
It's better this way.
Aah! (grunts)
Help! Help! Help!

(distorted voices howling)
-(pounding continues)
-Please! Help!
Is anyone out there?
Call for help!
-(static burst)
Take me out to the ball game
Take me out with the crowd
Buy me some peanuts
and Cracker Jack
I don't care...
(static droning)
-You're supposed to say "Polo."

(muffled whimpering)

Why don't you stay here,
and it'll all be over soon.
(lock clicks)
(trembling breaths)
(footsteps approaching)
(Eve gasps, pants)
Oh, God. Come on.
Come on, Ellie. Come on.
One, two, three, four, five.
Come on. Come on.
It's too late.
Love requires sacrifice.
Oh, Ray, please.
Please, we need
to get him to a hospital, Ray.
He needs your help. Look at him.
-(Ray grunts)
(Ray breathing heavily)
(Eve grunts)
The water chose him.
He loves the pool.
Elliot will always be here.
He'll always be here.
-(groans, coughs)
(water burbling)
(high-pitched ringing)
Something has you.
You have to fight it.
It's going to take sacrifice,
but you can have
a good life together.
EVE: I just need to know
that you want that, too.
Please come back.
I want that, too.
Elliot needs you.
(high-pitched ringing continues)
Come back.
-Come back. Come back.
-(Ray groans)
(grunts, coughs)

Izzy, no...
(grunts softly)
It's me.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Mom. (coughs)
-EVE: Ellie!
-Is he okay?
EVE: He's breathing.
We gotta get him out of here.
-Come on. Come on, baby.
Dad, come on. Let's go.

-(Elliot groaning)
-IZZY: Dad?
Oh, my God. Mom?
(coughing, choking)
Baby, what's wrong?
-RAY: Elliot.
-Mom, it's the water.
-It's not gonna let him leave.
-(Eve gasping, whimpering)
Ray, it's-it's getting worse.
(Elliot coughing)
Get him up, Izzy. Help me.
Someone has to pay.

(deep gasp)
-(indistinct, frantic chatter)
-(voice wheezing)
-(water splashing)
-(Elliot coughing, gasping)
Dad, where are you going?
Don't look back.
(water burbling)

(voices whispering)
Are you okay?
-Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
I'm good.
I'm okay.
Where's Dad?
(all breathing heavily)

I got you.
(sighs) Okay.
(birds chirping)

(static crackles)
Hey, Eve, kids.
(chuckles) Um...
I-I don't know
what's gonna come of all this,
but I just feel like
I still got something to prove.
You know, and...
I want to make you proud.
Baseball's always
just come easy to me.
the other stuff, not so much.
I guess I just...
...wish I knew a better way
to let you know
how much you mean to me.
Love you.
This yours?
You know,
we could still sell the house.
I mean, we could go anywhere.
But then it's going to happen
to someone else, isn't it?
Dad wouldn't want that.
-(vehicle engine whirring)
-(Eve sighs)

(water burbling)

(screaming over
heavy electronic beat)
("Deeper" by
Even Beyond Even Beyond playing)
Can you speak,
can you call my name?
Take my hand
Maybe we could be
together somehow
Jumping in,
but I'm so afraid
I feel the rush, but I'm
rising to the surface now
But you say go deeper
Go deeper
Take me deeper
into your love
You say go deeper
Go deeper
Fall deeper into me
Take me deeper
Drag me down
to the other side
Pull me under
Fill my lungs
with your memories
How is it real?
I can hear your heart
through the screams
And it's calling me
Take me deeper
Drag me down
to the other side
How is it real?
I can hear your heart
through the screams
-And it's calling me deep.
-(song ends)

(music fades)