Night Train to Terror (1985) Movie Script

Daddys in the dining room,
Sortin through the news.
Mamas at the shopping mall,
Buyin new shoes.
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Come on and dance with me
Dance, dance with me
Come on and dance with me
Dance, dance with me
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
You praying for me, sir?
I did.
What can I do for you,
Mr. Satan?
What time is it,
Midnight, sir.
The train crashes and thorn.
Right on schedule. The night
porter will see to everything.
Mr. satan.
You really enjoy
seeing people suffer.
- You created man to suffer.
- Wrong I made him to enjoy.
Then why did you
given the right to choose?
I will not force man
to be good.
It can either
walk in my steps or yours.
My way is much more fun.
I offer adultery, alcohol,
tobacco, cocaine.
Greed, rape, murder, war.
All the fun things.
That's why you're
losing so many.
All you can offer is
a short ride on earth.
My proom goes on forever.
They don't believe forever.
All they want is now.
You once sat at my
right side in heaven.
Did you ever dream
of coming back.
- Would you let me?
- Could you change?
Nah. I could more be good
than you can be bad.
Let's take up the first case.
Harry you're driving too fast.
This is the case of Harry Billings,
a hard working salesman
during the day. At night a man
who enjoys cars women and booze.
Sometimes a little too much.
It is his wedding night,
but his wife lies dead.
At the bottom of the river and
Harry lies in a sanitarium ward.
About to enter a new life...
of terror.
I'm Dr. Fargo, a psychiatrist.
Why am I strapped down?
Dinner will be served soon.
- Hey, wait a second...
- I'll see you tomorrow, Harry.
Hey, wait a second,
wait a second,
Don't leave me like this.
And what the hell
kind of a place is this?
When you awake, I'll return.
We'll have a nice long chat.
- How's the new arrival?
- Belligerent.
He's a very handsome man.
Now did you feel good?
One more try and
We'll finish.
Maybe have a phone here,
they'll let us use.
Sorry to bother you
this time of night.
We're lost.
You have a phone
we could use?
Hey, there's pay
phones on the highway.
We stupidly didn't
bring any change.
Okay, come on.
Hello, is this the Bayside Motel?
This is Mrs. Howard Green.
Uh, we have a reservation
tonight but we're lost and...
Where are we?
Just tell us what highway
you're on and we'll find it.
We'll be there as soon
as we can, okay.
Thank you.
Harry, can you hear me?
I can hear you.
That injection puts
you under hypnosis.
You must do exactly
what I tell you.
- Do you understand?
- I understand.
A pill dropped into liquid,
when swallowed
a person remains
unconscious for hours.
This was only one of many methods
Dr. Brewer instructed Harry Billings to use.
- Another?
- Please.
Hey, you're a fast drinker.
Hey, slick.
- Drinks are on me.
- Well, thank you my good man.
To your health, sir.
To the beautiful blondes.
No! Oh, no!
I'm Dr. Brewer, can I help you?
Do you have a patient
named Verna Davis?
Verna Davis?
No I don't think so.
Well, uh, she was last seen driving
with a man in one of your cars.
You must be mistaken.
Oh, my nephew, you he works for the vehicle
department and he uh he gave me this report.
And you see this, uh, this place is
the registered owner of this car.
In that case we'd better
check the records.
- Verna!
- Shh!
She's, uh, there's nobody
at home up there you know.
No offense.
Do you mind if I
sit here, miss?
It's all right Harry, I'm here.
I'm only trying to cure you.
I'll protect you.
No more pain, no more hurt.
No dreams,
only healing in my arms.
Susan would want you
to feel again, feel me.
Only me.
Alive. Warm.
Bodies for money.
Bodies for money.
The victims were kidnapped
tortured and finally murdered.
And then the evil doctors
would sell the body
parts to medical schools
all around the world.
To the future.
Hello? Hello Dory.
No, no, no, you're what is that?
I have Dr. Fargo
with me right now.
I personally can't wait to
hear the old man's wishes.
She's going to hand
pick the next back for him.
He said the old man
will be pleased.
I'll see you, bye bye.
Harry, hand me that
large saw over there.
I'm going to lobotomize
you, doctor Brewer,
just like you've done to others.
Now, we have this
whole place to ourselves.
Just you and me, Harry.
And we don't have to
go out of business.
You bring on the
bacon and I'll fry it.
you're not pleased.
I want to return to a regular life.
Where do I fit into
your regular life?
Emergency! Emergency!
Harry Billings is missing.
Harry I know you're in here.
Harry you'd better
show yourself.
If you don't come out,
Harry, I'll have to send for Otto.
You picked the poor
time to play games.
We have to deliver the
girls at the airport tonight.
No one's leaving here
for that airport tonight.
- Harry, come here.
- Yesterday's shot wore off.
I'm not under your
influence anymore.
- I'm going to free the girls.
- No!
Everything is ours now.
I don't want anything
to do with you anymore.
Let's go.
I know I forgot something.
- What you forget?
- I'm doing surgery.
This is my surgery.
There's only one way to find out.
I'm going to have
to open her up.
- Which one?
- I don't know...
what I use, that.
Here's the thin one.
Oh, wasn't that lovely?
You see, my lord?
There is no evil survival which
man will plunge himself into.
Harry Billings was not a free agent.
And he did try to redeem himself.
I can't see Harry in heaven.
- He does not belong in hell.
- Gentlemen.
How about 100 years in purgatory?
But the two doctors
and Otto are mine.
Make sure they
have a one-way ticket.
What about the track band
in the car up ahead?
What about them?
Why, the musicians,
I usually get most of them anyway.
Not all of them.
But they don't love you.
They never even think of you.
Think of them.
I've never heard one of them pray.
That's because you
don't listen to their music.
You call that music
what they're playing?
- Some of it is quite touching.
- It never touches me.
You have no tears.
You don't know how to cry.
I can laugh,
that's better than tears.
I can love and cry
at the same time.
That is what I listen
for in their music.
Sisters on the telephone,
Gossipin again.
Juniors at the arcade,
Smokin with his friends.
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Come on and dance with me,
dance with me
Come on and dance with me,
dance with me
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Mr. Night porter when
do we get to Las Vegas?
One hour, if there's no delay.
But, what could delay us?
One hour to the train crash.
You really look forward to.
It's the only pleasure you left me
with when you kicked me out of heaven.
And now the case of Gretta Connors.
Gretta Connors.
I really want her.
Popcorn, mister?
Popcorn, mister?
Little girl, where have
you been all my life?
A dollar a bag.
You're gonna buy?
Or crap out.
I'll buy.
And buy.
And buy.
Shall we?
why the hell not?
This is a strange love story,
the case of Gretta Connors.
A young musician
from a small town.
To support her piano playing
she worked in a carnival.
She came to the big city
to find success and love.
Instead, she found
George Youngmeyer.
and as so often
happens to the young.
They're so desperate.
They will believe in anything or anyone.
Gretta gave herself
completely to Youngmeyer.
He promised to make her famous,
but used greta for his own purposes.
She wanted to be a movie
star, so he made her a star.
This is Glenn Marshall, college graduate,
enrolled in medical school.
He stopped by his fraternity
house for a beer one day.
A day that would change his life.
He saw Gretta in one of
Youngmeyer's movies.
It was love at first sight.
Glenn had to find her.
Glenn's obsession finally
brought him to George
Youngmeyer's Manhattan Club,
where greta was playing.
- Here's you mag.
- Thanks.
Where'd we get the piano?
- The gift.
- From who?
- Some guy.
- Doesn't have a name?
You don't know him, so the
name wouldn't mean anything.
I called him and told him that I
needed one so he sent one over.
Some guys are like
that, you know?
- How about going out for dinner?
- There's plenty to eat right here.
- I don't want to go anywhere.
- I just don't want you getting bored.
You just keep getting it up.
Youngmeyer could
not forgive Gretta.
No one ever
walked out on him.
He hated Glenn and still
held a power over Gretta.
George Youngmeyer was
going to have revenge
against the two lovers
in his own horrible way.
And so our story takes
its strange twist.
We go now to the death club,
an evil society run by
Youngmeyer and his partner, Contessa.
Mr. Marshall, do
you know about our club?
You tell him, Contessa.
Our society is composed
of members all
of whom have had a close
encounter with death.
Have you ever had such an
experience, Mr. Marshall?
- As a child I almost drowned.
- Childhood experiences don't count.
- You don't have to join our club.
- Are you interested Mr. Marshall?
- I don't know.
- Come off it.
- Spell it out for us, Contessa.
- From time to time.
One of us thinks of a novel
way to expose us to death.
- You're putting me on.
- Not in the least.
- Are you going to sit in,
- You're all still here.
So it can't be
that dangerous.
This is our dangerous,
little friend.
This is what is known as
a tanzanian wing beetle.
It is found only in the lower
foothills of Mawenzi.
It has but a single sting.
The sting of death. Now, when
I take the lid off of the jar,
No one will be allowed to move.
For a single movement might attract
or discourage our little friend.
And the rules demand
total impartiality.
Why did you open the window?
For the same reason
there are empty chambers
in the revolver when one
plays russian roulette.
Our little friend might not decide
to honor one of us with a sting.
- But fly into the garden instead...
- Where he'll sting some innocent person?
A salute.
Here it comes.
No talk to.
Even though he seemed
pleasant on the surface.
George Youngmeyer was
burning with revenge.
He wanted Glenn out of the way.
This way, Mr. Marshall.
I'm the intense eletrocussion computer.
When I light yellow, a minnor
light eletrical shock
discharge to one of the club members.
When I light blue, I will emit
a stronger shock to one of you.
And when I light red
that is the ultimate.
Now the Contessa is ready
to throw the final switch.
That will begin our
game of death, good luck.
And Mr. Marshall, you will
notice there is an empty seat just
as in russian roulette there is
an empty chamber in the revolver.
- Are we ready?
- No, stop.
Shut up!
The process is irreversible.
Once it is started it
cannot be stopped.
So just shut up.
Is me!
Is me!
It's only the blue light.
Don't give me charge
to see who are?
Might seen blow out,
before you very eyes.
If you get it.
A really if you get it.
You like that?
Yeah, out of my life,
once and for all.
Out my life for good.
Mr. Marshall!
Excuse me if I smoke.
Oh yes, yes.
The plot against Glenn failed,
but the electrocution death was
the turning point for Gretta.
She refused to be threatened
anymore by Youngmeyer.
She told George to stay
out of her life, forever.
Glenn and Gretta were
very much in love.
And they were to
be married the next day.
Glenn, look out!
These gentlemen have a
package for you, Contessa.
- Special delivery.
- Uh, thank you.
This is what I owe you.
This is what I owe you.
May I say we're
going to have a ball.
The ball is actually
a construction ball.
It weighs exactly 1250 pounds.
And not this.
Normally it is used for
knocking down buildings.
- Two and a half foot thick.
- They give or take a centimeter or two.
the support is the one
and a half inch rope.
Is laboratory tested to withstand
the weight of
0.9 metric tons, yeah?
2000 pounds.
That the ball will be traveling
in a predescribed circle.
Until it reaches a full
speed at which time
the rope will be tossed
against the saw player.
Scientifically sharpened
for this occasion, yeah?
Gradually the rope
will cut until it is
cut clean through
and the ball will fall.
The ball will fall.
I like that.
Poor souls.
Gretta could do me
a lot of good.
Finish your story, conductor.
Gretta went off with
a nice young man,
and lived happily ever after.
Isn't that a nice story?
Don't look so sad my
friend you've still got
though I heard
all the rest of them.
- And I wanted Gretta.
- Forget it you can't have them.
Coming back to the musicians
in the car up ahead.
Why don't we make a package
deal save a lot of time?
Time is all I have.
- No package deals, no sparrow falls...
- That you don't know.
Why do you go to
such bothering pain?
For so many insignificant cases.
Every creature on
earth is meaningful to me.
After all I made it.
They made a lot of mistakes.
The only mistake I
made is trusting you.
The earth is mine.
I'm taking over.
You're blind if you can't
see what's happening.
Sooner or later they'd have
to make a deal with me.
Out of pity I cast
you down on earth.
Don't push me. I'll
open the gates of hell.
Hey, George, I'm starving how
about some hamburgers and beer.
There's no food on this train.
What kind of train is this?
Some call it
the heavenly express.
Others, Satan's Cannonball.
But we guarantee to deliver
every passenger to
his right destination.
Like I really wish our bus
hadn't broken down, you know?
No way.
I think this train is cool.
From the top.
Daddys in the dining room,
Sortin through the news.
Mamas at the shopping mall,
Buyin new shoes.
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Come on and dance with me
Dance, dance with me
Come on and dance with me
Dance, dance with me
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
And now for the
case of Claire Hanson.
There's someone who loves me.
Why shouldn't she?
She's rich.
Her husband adores her.
You bought her love with bribes.
Claire would love me even
if she shouldn't were in bribes.
Shall I show you what
she's really like?
Show me.
The case of Claire Hansen.
A highly respected surgeon.
A devout catholic and wife to
Nobel prize winner, James Hansen.
It is midnight,
the time of dark dreams.
And Claire Hansen is about
to begin a living nightmare.
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
- Acthung!
- Heil Hiltler!
I've bring a message
from the Fuerer.
You haven't met your quota
for the last three weeks.
Your quota has been filled.
And now intermission
at the ballet.
Interwiew of Coultbert Callahan.
I've seen better,
I've seen worse.
We had it.
Just had it.
How this company
compares with?
- Are on television, are we?
- Oh, yes.
Mr. Weiss, I'm only the
police in the fifth precinct.
But, please.
the rest of the world I
don't think I can care.
I... I look for.
All right, we'll find
this son of the bitch.
I can't arrest him, Mr. Weiss.
Why can't you arrest a murderer?
Because all this happened
many years ago in germany,
we had no jurisdiction.
No jurisdiction?
No arrest?
Kill my family.
Easy, Mr. Weiss.
Take it easy.
Come on, control yourself.
That's him!
- Easy, easy.
- That's him!
Well, now we know where he lives.
This is the one.
This is the one
See? See?
This one.
Yes, it's a striking resemblance.
But, uh,
the date of this
paper is april 1944.
It can't be the same man.
I mean, he hasn't he hasn't
aged a day in 35 years.
That guy we saw in the theater.
Facelift, plastic surgery equal.
I mean nothing could make a 60
70 year old man look that young.
- I admit the faces are...
- I want him punish.
God damn it it can't be him.
Can't you see that?
Now you take it easy.
Good night, Mr. Weiss.
You will notice, students, that under a
satisfactory distal block anesthesia,
the area is prepped in the usual manner.
This patient was presented
with a 10 centimeter
complex laceration
of the upper right lung.
With stellate laceration
of the resign artery
and a community fracture of the
upper flatte rib structure.
I'm now using sharp and blunt abridgement
to remove all foreign body materials...
Attention! Dr. Claire Hanson,
please come to room 322.
Dr. Claire Hanson.
Well, uh, he's a white caucasian.
Late seventies, named Abraham Weiss.
Multiple fractures.
Vertebrae broken in three places.
The assailant must have
had tremendous strength.
This tattoo is a nazi concentration
camp identification number.
But this 666 occurred
at the time of his death.
- Lieutenant?
- Was the victim dead?
When you found him?
Well, he lived for
only a few moments.
What did he say he said?
He said a...
Look at the wall. That's all but there.
Were no walls, it was a parking lot.
Thank you, officer.
What I have to say to you
tonight may cause you pain.
It may disillusion you.
It may even make you hate me.
I am here to shatter a myth.
You may well
believe in this myth.
You may hold it
absolutely sacred.
And I take no joy in
destroying your beliefs.
I feel compelled to speak out.
I'm sorry for the pain that
my statement will cause.
But sometimes truth causes pain.
Indeed it now appears
that Jesus Christ as
we know him in the
scriptures never existed.
The Christ that we
have come to know
was invented by men
for their own purposes.
In the first place,
in ancient times,
the word christ was not
the name of a person.
But the title of a public
office in the first century
hundreds of persons could have
been referred to as christ.
In fact, there is not a
single written reference
to a man called Jesus
in existence today.
Other than the literary
creations of the
authors of the gospels
and the new testament.
The lone exception
occurs in Josephus,
a brief passage mentioning
and praising Jesus.
Reputable scholars today agree that
this brief passage is a forgery.
I propose...
to build a culture upon the
premise that god is dead.
For my part...
He never existed.
And if the christian
god is dead,
so it is with all other gods.
There is no supreme being.
We are alone.
- It's not too late, James.
- Too late for what?
To stop the publication.
I spent four years
on this book, Claire.
I believe it is the most
important work of my life.
And if there is a God,
what will happen to you?
I suppose I'll go to hell.
James, when I joined this foundation you
told me that I would have a free hand.
But haven't you.
Thank you.
A Mr. Papini to see you.
- I don't know any Paupini.
- Uh, okay, get rid of him.
Don't alarm yourself, Dr Hansen.
I just want to help you.
I don't know you and I don't
need your help. Now uh, leave.
Everyone needs help,
Mr. Nobel prize winner.
- Especially you.
- Out.
Look at this, Dr. Hansen.
- Sit down, Mr...
- Papini.
- What can I do for you, Mr. Papini.
- It's what I can do for you, doctor.
- All right, what can you do for me?
- You're on the way to hell.
If you would read my book you would
realize that this is all wasted on me.
It is far more
terrible to be possessed.
When satan remains invisible.
Mr. Papini. I'll be frank.
Thanks to contemporary research,
that imaginary being satan
has completely disappeared.
His place has been
taken by scientific reality.
Hysterics, miracles
and delusions,
al fall within the province
of the neurosurgeon.
Not the priest or witch doctor.
I appreciate your concern,
Mr. Papini will you please...
For now.
Hey, what are you doing here, buddy?
What are you doing here?
Hey, turn around and talk to us,
what are you doing here?
The Hansens live here.
Hey, you know the
Hansens, do you?
- I'm protecting Mr. Hansen.
- From who?
- The devil.
- The devil? Let's go buddy. Come on.
Hey, watch my glasses.
The devil is coming!
Jimmy boy, come on in.
I gotta wait for her.
What makes you think
she is coming back?
I still gotta wait.
- Who is it?
- Police, open up.
- Get your boss.
- Wait a minute.
It's all right.
Go back to bed.
Ever hear of a man named Weiss?
A 70 year old jew.
- No.
- He seemed to know you.
Where are you from, Mr. Olivier?
Really officer,
at this hour of the night.
Never mind.
You see, Mr. Olivier.
I get lots of time.
Time is all I have.
And I'm going to spend
an awful lot of it.
Checking on you.
Good night, Mr. Olivier.
"Claire Hansen, I've warned your
husband but he does not believe.
I'm hoping you will receive
this letter before it's too late.
I won't let them
have you, beware,
for out of the pits of hell
satan has come for you.
In god's name, Papini."
You have been chosen to
combat the evil of Satan.
And his emissaries on earth
god has granted special powers
to those who are pure in
thought and kind in heart.
This is your cross to bear.
We cannot choose our fate.
Nor the times we
are born to live in.
It is not by accident that you
have mett he devil's emissary.
You are one of the chosen.
He can never destroy you.
Now, you have a task to perform.
Look down at the floor.
It is an ancient box made
of the true wood.
of the cross of our
lord who died of it.
Guard this box will,
Dr. Claire Hansen.
For it, is your mission to remove
the heart of the devil's demon.
Olivier. And secure it
in this holiest of vessels.
Come up, Mr. Papini.
- Why do you wear white?
- I find it becoming.
Deceptive is the word.
Red is your color.
- Have you come to challenge me?
- I came to the battle.
You are a default monk.
You are not pure heart.
We scourt you to the battle.
The son of god
died for man's sins.
I hope my sin died with him.
God has only one son
and his name is Satan.
Fear you speak that name in
the same breath as a true son.
What is your name?
In the eyes of god I command
you to tell me your name.
I am Ishtar.
You say he called you yesterday?
Yes. I drove him to
the pier and he said
he had an appointment
in the roundhouse.
Any reason to believe
he'd commit suicide.
- I didn't know him that well.
- He was murdered.
Held under the water till
he was drowned there
are bruises on his
neck and shoulders.
Mrs. Hansen,
who'd want to kill them?
I couldn't say. My husband told me
he was a defrocked monk.
That he once encountered the devil.
- Why'd he call you?
- To warn me.
- Against what?
- I'm afraid you wouldn't understand.
Try, please try me.
He warned you against what?
- Satan.
- Who?
That'll be all, miss Hansen.
I'm sorry to have troubled you.
Really, Mr. Stern.
Is this necessary?
You know this man?
- Never saw him before.
- You can go, Mrs. Hansen.
Mr. Olivier, may have
your attention, please?
Look. See, the same 666.
Was on Jim's Scalp,
the parking attendant.
Mrs. Hansen.
I said you can go.
This man was murdered by Jim.
Seems you have a double
mystery on your hands.
- You can go.
- Thank you.
You know, you've got some
kind of a fix on that guy.
He hasn't done a damn thing.
I know... I know...
where it is.
I know.
Now let me show you.
There now you see, Peter.
That's world war one, 1914.
A long long time ago.
Now look over here
as over here that's
that's the franco-prussian
war of 1870.
1870, with Bismarck, 1875.
- Think of that neather...
- And he's the same guy.
Yeah he hasn't aged a day.
In all those years. This is what Weiss
meant when he said look on the wall.
Let's shake something
out of that son of a bitch.
Go, let's go.
Something, Jesus.
I represent a foundation who is
very interested in your work.
I'm not interested
in the foundation. Look...
I think it would be
advantageous if we met...
I'm sorry sir, but I don't
meet with strangers.
Dr. Hansen.
I am not a stranger.
We've met many times
before in the past.
- But I have no recollection of it.
- You'll remember the face.
Look I'm afraid,
I don't understand.
A boat will meet you
with the pier, be there.
What now?
Mr. Olivier lives on the
remote side of island.
You wait here.
But who am I wait?
It's the most important
meeting of your life.
You wait here.
All right, come on.
Open! Open!
Come on.
What'a matter? Hey!
I can't open.
I can't open that damn thing.
Up here, Dr. Hansen.
- Do you know who I am?
- You must be Mr. Olivier.
We want you to join our
organization, doctor.
I'd have to know a
great deal more about it.
Oh, you know all about us.
- We two believe God is dead.
- Just who are you?
I serve the master.
It'll be your privilege.
- To serve him too.
- I serve no one.
- I'm my own master.
- There is only one master.
And his name is Satan.
I don't believe in satan any
more than I believe in God.
Before this touches the floor.
For it is by giving
that one receives.
it is by self-forgetting that one finds.
It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.
It is by dying that one
awakens to eternal life.
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it!
You see, I won Claire failed.
She was faithful to the end.
That is victory.
- But my man walked out alive.
- Only because I let him.
I grant you Claire,
but you can't deny me her husband.
He said god is Dead.
I hate to separate them.
I leave the decision to Claire.
- That isn't fair.
- Fair?
Did I hear you say fair?
Gentlemen, it's dawn.
Gonna be a bad boy,
Stayin after school.
Principal is workin hard,
Makin new rules.
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Come on and dance with me
Dance, dance with me
Dance with me
Dance, dance with me
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Wasn't that beautiful?
Shall we continue?
I'm tired of playing that game with you.
I'll play this is for keeps.
The musicians must be judged.
I shed my mercy upon them
as I took the gentle rain.
You've shed no mercy on me.
I condemn to walk
the earth forever.
And forever shall I
seek the company of men.
Seek out.
The rich, powerful.
Kings and dictators.
The poor, the sick and children...
should always be mine.
Come on, and dance with me.
Dance, dance with me
Come on, and dance with me.
Dance, dance with me
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Sisters on the telephone,
Gossipin again.
Juniors at the arcade,
Smokin with his friends.
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.
Come on, and dance with me.
Dance, dance with me
- Come on, baby.
- Dance, dance with me.
Dance, dance with me
Everybodys got something to do,
Everybody but you.