Nightalk (2022) Movie Script

Do you often have such dreams, Brenda?
- Yes.
- I see.
Oh, this is your first time seeing a therapist,
is that correct?
- Yes, it is.
- And why have you sought out my help?
Because of these dreams?
- Partially,
I just,
I feel really confused in my life right now
and I've just, I've been having these dreams more often so.
- You're a police officer?
I'm a detective.
- So, you started having these dreams about a month ago?
- Well, the preamble to them
started a few months before that.
Can you tell me about that?
- Well, I started on the force about 10 years ago,
and I had just been promoted to detective.
A woman had been strangled to death in a situation
that immediately suggested eccentric sexual overtones.
And my partner Jimmy Dolan and I,
we had been assigned to the case,
which was a surprise,
because we usually dealt with armed robberies.
- Morning Captain.
- Is it?
- What have we got so far?
- Not very much, death by strangulation.
Full name is Joan Chapman, age 36, divorced, no kids.
Ex lives in Florida, so he's probably not in the picture.
- Yeah, you two are heading up this investigation
with Brenda officially number one.
Jimmy reminded me all the political hassles
and bad press we had last year with that serial rapist case.
So, I figured it'd be a good PR
to have a female lead investigator.
- Oh, thanks for the vote of confidence, sir.
- You may not be happy with why you're in charge,
but downtown is keeping a very close eye
on this case and you.
Door's been kicked open.
Take advantage of it.
I'll check with you later.
- There was more than a little irritation
about my appointment from my fellow officers,
because I was younger than them
and definitely because I was a woman.
Jimmy and I had worked together before,
when we were both police officers.
He had some sort of issue with a female officer,
so I quickly set some boundaries
and never had a second of trouble.
- Leo, we're still in for the ponies tonight?
- I wish, it's our anniversary.
If I go to the racetrack tonight,
I'll have to draw up a separation agreement.
- Brenda, we're finished with the bedroom.
We're almost through the dining room.
We're just gonna go grab some lunch, okay?
So, make sure nobody crosses the tape, okay?
- Okay, it's not my first case.
- Yeah, it's your first one as leader right?
Leo, leave it man, lunch.
- Detective Roberto.
Hey babe, we still on for a drink?
- Oh, hey.
Yeah, more than ever.
But something's breaking, so might be a little bit late.
Okay, no problem.
But I can't wait to tell you.
I just met Mr. Right.
- Again?
How can you be wrong about Mr Right and so very often?
I'll tell you later.
- Okay, I'll talk to you soon.
- Your friend Dixie?
- My friend Dixie.
- Fun loving girl.
- Yeah, that she.
Is she your type?
- I don't do crazy.
- Are you still going to the roundup?
- Sometimes.
- All those cougars love a man in uniform.
- This uniform is a cheap suit.
Okay, so tell me about Mr. Right.
Where'd you meet this one?
- On Night Talk.
Night Talk.
Wait, isn't that the sex app?
- Well, it's a chat line.
- It's a chat line where you chat about sex.
- What else are you gonna talk about, the weather?
Look, this is my new Mr. Right.
He's 40, divorced, no kids.
Okay, look, the picture doesn't really do him justice,
but he is very hot.
You should try this app, Brenda.
I don't think a sex app,
is what I need right now, but..
- Oh, when was the last time you had anything down there
besides your fingers?
- Look, I am really busy.
Okay, just gimme your phone.
- Why?
- Trust me.
Have you ever tried a sex app before?
God, no.
- You don't have to say it like that.
It's not strange, or anything, okay?
I mean, you meet some weirdos,
but you can weed them out pretty quickly.
Oh, they have a special on Night Talk.
You gotta try.
- Okay, can we have a normal conversation now?
The city's 22nd murder of the year
has occurred as a 36 year old woman was found
strangled to death in her West End apartment this morning.
Pat Roberts reports.
Ah, give me a break.
I'm off duty.
Is this you alone,
waiting for the phone that never rings?
Well change your life and join the fabulous
Night Talk party line.
Meet the man of your dreams,
or the mysterious stranger of your sexual fantasy.
Go to the Night Talk app on your smartphone
and join up today.
I see that you were divorced.
- Yes, it was short and difficult,
but at least we didn't make it worse by having children so.
- And why was it so difficult?
- He wasn't very confident in sex
and he wanted a strong woman.
It all made sense when I met his mother.
Have you had any serious
relationships since then?
- No, not really.
- Do you wanna find another relationship?
- Yes.
That would be nice.
Dr. Pavich thinks the victim died between 9:00 PM
and 4:00 AM on Thursday the 10th.
These are the two cameras that were running that day.
We've got one in the lobby entrance
and one in the elevator doors.
Here she is leaving for work at 8:00 AM
and coming home at 5:30.
And that's the last we see of her.
So, someone came to see her.
- And that's all we know.
There's no cameras in the hallways outside the apartments.
Any other exits?
- Well, there's a side door,
that goes down to the parking garage,
but there's no cameras.
- Here she is on the seventh, a few days before her murder,
she gets on the elevator with eight other people.
Six guys.
But we have no idea if she's with any of those guys, or not.
- Wait a second.
What about this guy?
Looks like he doesn't want to be seen.
- Yeah, but everybody knows about these cameras
and not everybody likes to be photographed.
Guy's probably married visiting his girlfriend.
- I'll send you guys the video.
Start checking with our coworkers.
Find out everything you can about her personal life.
Oh, and check with the Super.
They usually know everything that's going on.
- This is Mr. Foster.
This is the building Super.
I'm gonna be going over the lobby camera recordings
with him this afternoon.
- Mr. Foster, were you acquainted with Joan Chapman?
- Yeah, she was a bit of a princess,
always complaining about one thing, or the other.
- Okay.
Well the hallway and her apartment are now a crime scene.
So, access will be restricted by a 24 hour police presence.
Mr. Foster.
Mr Foster, do you understand?
- Yeah, yeah sure detective.
- That's all for now, sir.
- Papers are all over this
and we're not even sure
there's an actual crime being committed yet.
Could be forced, or consensual, death by misadventure.
Could even wind up in the civil courts,
anyway politicians are really putting the heat on this.
So, the sooner we clear this up, the better.
here's the victim's credit card statement.
Welcome to Night Talk,
the anonymous phone service that allows you,
to be who you really want to be.
- Oh my God, the woman who was murdered
was on Night Talk?
- Yeah, she was.
I mean, I don't know if she met her attacker on it,
but on it she was a lot.
So, tell me how it works.
- Okay.
I mean, you download the app
and then they send you a user ID number
and you create your own four digit password.
But this is like just voice.
There's like no pictures.
It's completely private and anonymous.
- Right.
- And then when you find someone who's interesting,
then you can exchange emails and phone numbers
and you can chat about sex
and then you can meet and have sex.
- So, I know Night Talk won't give us any information.
So, I've been toying with the idea
of going on it undercover.
- Are you kidding?
- No, look, I could make a profile
that would attract the perp,
I mean the department wouldn't approve,
but I'm thinking about doing it on my own.
You're not kidding?
- No.
- Okay.
Well you're gonna have to go on the kinkier side of the app.
So, you're gonna create a profile
that's like specific to that, right?
So, say you're into dom and sub,
or like whips and chains and we all have secret desires.
I mean, you know, I've tried a few myself.
Have you even taken a tiny little peek at any of yours?
Have you?
- Not yet.
Welcome to Night Talk,
the anonymous phone service
that allows you to - You needed
an older woman.
Be who you really want to be.
I'm a lady.
Looking for a dominant lady.
It's a hot summer night.
Hi, I'm looking for a busty lady,
Open-minded couple, looking for.
To record your personal profile,
please press one.
- This is user 3444.
My name's Sarah.
By day I am a confident and attractive woman,
and by night I like to be sexually dominated.
With the right person, I might even be into rough sex.
Message me.
To listen to profiles,
from those interested in casual encounters, press one,
fetishes and the wild side, press two.
Hi, this is Freddy Box number 2069.
Can't forget that number hey gals?
Or guys, I'm open-minded.
This is box 2001.
My name is Tom.
I'm a confident man with a powerful sexual persona,
single, mid 30s, attractive,
seeking a woman who has a passionate need for such a man.
Could this be you?
This member is talking live to another member.
Both members have their party line option turned on.
To listen to their conversation, or to join in the fun,
press four.
Are you touching yourself Janet?
Oh God Tom, yes.
Your stories are so sexy.
Okay, so you're on a subway.
I'm sitting alone when I get on
and I sit beside you very closely.
It's a hot day and we're both wearing shorts.
And before you know it, our bare thighs are touching.
Yes, feel the heat of my thighs.
Now, and you come closer,
you feel my cock pressing up against you
and I place my sweater between us.
And then I slipped my fingers inside you.
I open you up.
Oh, Tom.
Oh Christ, my husband's home.
Please call me again, box 2963.
Please, please call me.
- I never understood what appealed to people
about phone sex.
I mean, I always thought it was this situation
where women were paid to talk sexy to horny men.
But this was different.
This was real.
Listening in on other people's passions.
I mean, it was thrilling and very erotic.
- It was genuine.
Good sex doesn't really need love, but it does need honesty.
For the next few days, I had several responses to my ad,
but most of them were not worth responding to.
No one interested in anything
that could lead me to the killer.
I couldn't get this man Tom out of my mind.
This is box 2001.
My name is Tom.
This member is talking live to another member.
To leave a message for this profile, press one.
To listen to the next profile, press two.
- Our paths hadn't crossed again.
And each time I went on the line,
I had to asked myself if my personal interest
in this investigation was taking over my professional one?
- There are no signs of a struggle,
which doesn't mean the victim was compliant.
She may have thought the best way out of this situation
was to just do what the perp wanted.
I have more tests to do,
and I'm not exactly certain that this was an actual rape.
Might have even been consensual.
Are you familiar with EAPX?
- Yeah, the strangulation thing.
- Yes, erotic asphyxiation.
To give it its proper term,
the body is deprived of oxygen deliberately,
at the point of orgasm to heighten the sexual pleasure.
Sort of like having sex at the top of Mount Everest.
Oh, sounds extreme.
- It's dangerous all right.
I still have some more tests to do,
before we can decide if that's what happened here.
I'll let you know.
Dr. Johnson, please report to forensics.
- I can't get over that.
Putting your life in danger just to have a better orgasm.
- Maybe it's the only way she could have an orgasm.
- Have you ever tried it?
- Me?
Wouldn't surprise me if you did.
- What the hell is that supposed to mean?
- Oh, come on.
That trouble you got into a couple years ago.
- Ah, it was just a misunderstanding.
Where are we going?
- Well, I have to go visit my dad.
It's 10 years since my mom's passing,
and I promised I'd meet him at the grave site,
which is right next to my brothers.
So, it's gonna be a tough day on him.
- And you.
All right, catch you get later, buddy, all right?
- Thanks.
Tell me, Brenda, how do you see yourself?
- Well, in middle school I was very shy
and awkward and too skinny.
- Do you see yourself as a shy person now?
- Underneath, yes.
- I'm curious as to why,
if you consider yourself a shy person,
you would put yourself in a profession,
where you have to be a forceful and dominant personality?
- I didn't start out that way.
I was studying art history at college,
and my twin brother, Tony,
had just graduated from the police academy
and he joined the force where my father was a captain.
My father was so proud of him.
I mean, so was I.
But Tony only became a police officer to please my father.
Then he began to hate it
and started drinking
and then one night Tony was found in his cruiser drunk.
He had run a red light killing a mother
and her two children.
My father was so ashamed,
disappointed, angry, and Tony, he felt abandoned.
And later that week, Tony used his own service gun
and he killed himself so,
I mean, my father, he was devastated.
- And you?
- Well,
I dropped out of art college and joined the force.
My mother had died a year before,
and so,
I was really the only person my father had left.
Rest in peace Tony,
I love you very much
and so does pop.
- I am just glad your mother didn't live to see that.
- I understand you're hurting dad,
but so was Tony.
I wish you could see that.
- He dishonored the family.
- I don't feel dishonored dad.
I feel sad.
I miss my brother very much.
- So, tell me,
how you doing sweetheart?
Getting your first assignment as a lead, huh?
It's pretty exciting.
- That it is, but I'm not naive dad.
I know politics and family connections played a part in it.
- And it hasn't escaped my notice
that someone's having a birthday next week.
- You don't have to buy me presents.
Only if I want to,
and I didn't really buy this.
- Madame Butterfly, mom's favorite.
- I bought it 10 years ago for your mother's birthday.
No, she didn't make it, but....
- Well, I will cherish it all the more.
- Oh, and don't forget the card.
Tickets as well.
You will be my date.
- Of course.
- I am gonna make you proud Dad.
- I know you will.
There are no messages in your box.
- So, judging by the forensic report and other factors,
there's no evidence that she was struggling against
a sex act that would suggest rape.
- Well, yeah, unless she was facing the barrel of a gun.
- Possibly, but we have no way of knowing
if that was the case, or not.
- Either way,
it's my belief that she was strangled from behind
in the doggy style position while sex was happening.
- Right, so it could have been erotic asphyxiation.
- Yes, it's a dangerous act and possibly pushed too far.
You have one new message.
To hear it, press one.
- Hello, Sarah.
This is Tom, box 2001.
I like your ad.
So, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you a little fantasy story.
It's summertime and you're staying at your friend's
remote cottage while they're traveling through Europe.
But your friend forgot to tell you,
that this is the week they've booked
to have the roof redone.
And I am that roofer.
I knock on the cottage door, but there's no answer.
I go around to the back
and find myself outside an open bathroom window,
and that's when I see you.
You're naked in the shower, your nipples are erect
and I watch you.
Then you suddenly no longer feel alone.
You turn to look out the window,
but I quickly pull back into the bushes,
I hear the shower turn off
and I return to the front door
and I knock.
I knock again and I wait.
Then you answer.
If you wanna hear the rest of my story,
leave me a message in box 2001.
- Brenda.
- Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.
- Ah, no, it's okay.
- I know there's a lot of pressure on you
and me about this case.
It's not gonna be an easy one to crack,
but I'm pleased with how you're handling it so far, okay?.
- Thanks Mike.
I appreciate that.
- Now, get outta here and get some rest.
- Okay.
I look in and I see you naked.
Your breasts are full.
Your nipples erect.
I feast my eyes on you.
You wanna hear the rest of my story?
Leave me a message in box 2001.
Member 2001 is currently online.
To leave a message, press two.
- Hi Tom, this is Sarah.
I received your message this morning
and I liked it very much.
I'm home now and would like to continue your fantasy story.
You have a live
connection request from box 2001.
To accept the request, press two.
You are now being connected live to box 2001.
Sarah, I thought you might leave me a message.
Here you are.
Hello, who?
Hello, Tom.
- That's better.
I think it's so much better talking live,
than leaving each other in messages, don't you think?
- I do.
You have a very sexy voice.
- You know,
I've been told that.
Most people sound different on the phone,
but I guess I'm lucky to sound sexy.
So, what's your story?
You married,
Are you on your own?
- I'm on my own.
- That's good.
What do you look like?
And be honest.
- I have blonde hair, green eyes,
five foot four.
Full, figured, slim?
- Slim.
- What about your breasts?
- They're small, but nice.
- It's very good.
Well, let me tell you about myself.
I'm 39 tall, dark and handsome.
I'm not that tall, but I'm tall enough.
Dark and I've been told I'm kind of handsome.
Does that appeal to you?
- Yes.
- Did it turn you on?
- It could.
- Good.
Is that Puccini's Madam Butterfly I'm hearing back there?
- Yes it is.
- Do you know that Puccini wrote that duet
to express butterflies first sexual experience?
- No, I didn't.
- Why don't you turn it up
and I'll finish the rest of my story.
Would you like that?
- Yes, please.
- It's a hot day
and I'm working on your roof, wearing shorts.
You're down below in the garden in a thin halter,
with your perky nipples poking through.
I'm taking in the ripeness of your delicious body,
as the sun beats down on the both of us.
Are you touching yourself a little bit, Sarah?
- Good.
Keep going.
You offer me a glass of water.
So, I come down the ladder and I take the glass.
Now your face is close to my shorts.
You can see the outline of my cock
and I can see the lust in your eyes.
Suddenly I dropped the glass.
Take your hand and I slide it up my shorts,
my cock fills your hand as our eyes lock together.
Our passions are about to explode.
But then suddenly you pull away
and you run back into the cottage.
And I wonder if I've gone too far.
I follow you up to the cottage.
You've gone upstairs and closed the door of your room,
your heart pounds
as you hear me climbing the steps towards you,
I get to the door and I wonder,
is it locked, or open?
- It's locked.
- I turnthe knob and it's open.
It was always open, wasn't it?
Now, I'm in the room and I move towards you,
grab your ankles and I pull you towards me.
I slowly descend upon you when I plunge into you,
again and again.
Oh yes.
- And again.
- Take me Tom.
Take me.
- Sarah, you still there?
- Yes.
- You enjoy yourself?
- I did.
Very much.
- Good.
Maybe next time you'll enjoy yourself even more.
There will be a next time, won't there, Sarah?
- Yes.
- All right.
Well, I look forward to talking to you again.
- Why was I so aroused by this man, Tom?
Was it his strength and confidence
that allowed me to feel so safe and let myself go?
But I never had felt that free.
It's like I had escaped
and I was surprised when these feelings surfaced in me.
- Well, you've come face-to-face with a personal truth
you've always avoided.
In your daily life as a law enforcement officer,
you are the one very much in control.
But as a woman dealing with her own sexuality
and the overwhelming power of it,
you need to be seduced by another,
to do things that you subconsciously desire,
but can't admit to, or accept.
And Brenda, this is a barrier
that you yourself have built.
- Fingerprint report.
The victims, of course, was everywhere,
except on the doorknobs and drawers where they should be.
- It's probably just wiped clean by the perp.
- Charlie's report says that there's two sets of prints,
one which was left by the super.
- Yeah, but as a super,
there'd be lots of reasons for him to be in there.
- There's also a set that we can't trace.
I mean, no criminal record, nothing on file.
- Yeah, but who?
I mean, no one seems to know much about her personal life.
- Okay, well, nothing else to do,
but keep hammering at it until we find something
that leads us to something else, so keep at it.
Brenda a minute, please.
- Yeah.
- I had a thought.
The victim and this guy we're looking for,
they might have met on that sex app, you mentioned,
Night Line was it?
- No, no, Night Talk.
- You think it might be useful at all,
if we put an undercover on it?
She could listen to the weirdos
and see if she picks anything up.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that could work.
Do you have anybody in mind?
- No, off the top of my head.
Could even be you.
- Yeah, that could work.
- You can make up a fake ad.
See if anybody like this perp,
we're looking for bites.
Might not be strictly legal, but.
- Yeah, let me think about it.
I need a pick me up, care to join?
- Of course.
- The Roundup?
- Nah, I'm off that place.
- Oh did you use up all those cougars?
No, I go to a new place now, buddy of mine knows it.
- West Side Wildcat.
That's me.
I was a fullback of the 92 team.
Jimmy here was the right guard.
Now, of course, the 93 team were the city champs,
which I wasn't part of because, we moved outta the city.
So, I missed out on all the glory.
- And the ring.
- Oh, wait, when did you get that?
- Just got it.
25th anniversary reunion.
- Which I was at, but the 92 team didn't get a ring.
Enjoy, guys.
- So, what did Sherlock Holmes have to say?
- So, he is thinking about putting someone
on the chat line undercover.
- Worth a shot.
- He asked me.
- Your voice is sexier than mine.
- But I'm already on it.
- Jesus Christ.
- I went on it two weeks ago on my own.
Look, I didn't tell you because
I hadn't come up with anything,
but I created this ad and I went on the fetish category.
- Oh, you must have heard some pretty interesting stuff.
- Come on don't be so pervy.
It's police work, not my private life,
and I haven't come up with anything,
and maybe never will.
- Well, you've gone this far.
Might as well give it more time, we got nothing anyway.
- You think I should tell Bennett?
- Tell him you're moving forward with his idea.
I mean, who's to know you're thinking faster than him?
Most of us are anyway.
Okay, but this is strictly between us.
- Absolutely.
- From then on, I couldn't think about the case
without thinking of Tom.
I had no idea what he even looked like.
It could be anybody.
I was becoming obsessed with this man.
As soon as I got home,
the first thing I did was go to the Night Talk app.
Tom told me the most wonderful fantasies,
I could ever imagine.
At first, I was taken by his overwhelming sexual energy.
But then as his stories continued,
I could also sense beneath his strength,
a softer and gentler side to him.
And I began to feel so open with this man I had never met,
or touched, let alone kissed.
Then I saw Madame Butterfly
and for the first time through new eyes.
I was more than ever, deeply moved by Madam Butterfly,
because my experience with Tom had helped me in accepting
the power and passion of my own sexuality.
But Tom had also left me in a dilemma.
My professional investigative reasons
for being on Night Talk,
were now becoming overridden by my personal erotic ones.
And then I found myself in a further
and more painful dilemma,
one I should have seen coming.
- I love the way you come, Sarah,
so beautifully, so passionately.
- I love the way you make me come.
- But I wanna see you come Sarah, I wanna feel you come.
I think we should meet.
- No.
No, I can't do that.
- Why not?
A lot of people meet on this line.
- Have you met many women on this line?
- That's not important.
What's important is I haven't talked to anyone
that I wanted to meet as much as I wanna meet you.
- Yes, I know, but meeting could ruin everything.
I mean, I hardly know you, but I do trust you.
But maybe it's because we haven't met.
I mean, there's no expectations, no realities.
We can just be each other's fantasies.
- Fantasies can only go so far, Sarah.
I wanna make this thing real.
Do you understand that?
- Yes.
Let me think about it.
- Okay.
You think about it.
Think about what it'll be like for you,
if I don't take your calls anymore.
Do you understand that?
- Yes.
- Good.
- Brenda, you cannot let this guy get away.
I mean, talk about beginner's luck.
I've been on that app for like a year,
and I have not struck hot gold like this guy.
- What about Mr. Right?
- Mr half right, his half.
Anyway, you've gotta meet up with this Tom guy.
I mean, he's giving you what you want in spades.
- Look, I'm a police officer investigating a murder.
I can't risk blowing my cover.
- Yeah, but don't you wanna blow him?
- Ha ha.
And what if he is not the way that I imagined?
- Are your orgasms imagined?
- No.
- Okay.
So you gotta arrange to meet him
at a coffee shop or something, right?
Give him a false description of what you're wearing
and you can check him out anonymously.
And if you're into him, you text him,
you tell him I got tied up at work,
and you arrange to meet him later
and he can tie you up for real.
If you pass on him, pass him on to me.
- I had imagined Tom to be a stern looking man,
but he has a shyness in his eyes.
In contrast to his brash, confident manner on Night Talk.
I panicked.
I just couldn't go up to this man I had never seen before
and just say, "Hi, I'm Sarah,
"the blonde who's been climaxing over the phone
"and I'm here because I want more"
Tom, look I'm sorry I'm not there.
There was an emergency at work,
but hopefully we can meet again.
We connected later online that night.
He was so angry and hurt that I didn't show up.
He started yelling and cursing at me,
and then I started to cry,
and then he felt bad and he started apologizing.
And then I saw this softer, gentler side of him.
- Like?
- He said, it was the awareness of his vulnerability
that angered him
and that he thought he had conquered it.
- Did he explain more about that?
- Well, he said that he was a nerdy,
smart kid in high school and that he had a crush on Jenny,
a girl in the senior class.
- She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen.
I was crazy about her.
Then she asked me to cheat
and write an essay for her college entry exam.
But I refused, I just couldn't do it.
So, she wrote it herself.
She didn't get accepted.
So, she started plotting her revenge.
She invited me over to her parents' place
when they were away, and she started to seduce me.
She got me completely naked
and led me into her darkened bedroom,
by my very stiff cock.
Then suddenly, boom,
surprise, the lights switched on
and there were all of her friends
and a guy who turned out to be her boyfriend,
standing there laughing at me.
I was humiliated,
shattered, angry.
I dropped outta school the next day.
I shut down.
I didn't want to have anything to do with women
for a very long time.
And when I started again,
I made a promise that,
I was never gonna be treated like that.
I was never gonna give up that kind of control.
And I started to feel that I liked it
and when I got on to Night Talk.
I found that there are women on the line who liked it too,
just like you.
That's just phone sex fantasy, Sarah.
It's play acting.
Acting it brought us together, the real us.
And that's why I want to be with you for real.
Sarah, this is the last time I'm gonna ask,
you understand that?
- Okay.
Let's try it for real.
- Okay, good.
This Friday, 7:00 o'clock, The Merlo on Clark Street.
Do you know it?
- I do.
- I'll see you then.
Were you falling in love with him?
- Well, I certainly was in lust with him,
but I began to wonder if there could be something more.
- Did you want to be in love with him?
- Yes.
I didn't know it then,
but Tom allowed me to be myself.
I've been waiting for somebody like that,
except that it took a dramatic turn.
We still had no definite leads in our investigation.
So on a hunch, I decided to revisit the crime scene.
I'd gone over Leo's report that morning.
He listed items he had checked in the kitchen,
including two canisters, one with sugar and one with flour.
But then I noticed that there was a third canister,
and I wonder if he had checked it.
In the crime world,
criminals make mistakes all the time,
and sometimes, so do police.
So, I decided not to tell Captain Bennett
about Leo's mistake and deal with it myself.
So, these are the guys that she was interested in.
- Okay.
Well, we need her user ID and her password,
so we can listen to the messages from these guys.
But only if she sees them.
She was a busy lady.
Oh my goodness.
But doesn't mean she met up with any of these guys.
- So Night Talk gives you a user ID number,
and then you have to choose your four digit password.
What if she was lazy like everybody else
and picked her birthday?
- Yes, that's easy to remember.
- Okay, so she was born November 14th, 1984.
I mean, that's 1184 or 1114.
So we need to find a number written down in conjunction with
another number and then that's her user id.
Oh bingo.
third page. - Oh wow,
she was lazy.
Welcome to Night Talk.
This is user number 4375.
My name is Joan.
- That's her.
- I'm a mid 30s attractive lady.
You have one saved message.
Hi, Joan.
This is Tom from box 2001.
- Oh my God, is that your guy?
- Yeah, it is.
I would love to meet you this Thursday
and act out that fantasy story we talked about.
Message me in my mailbox 2001, or call me on my cell.
- That woman was killed on the Thursday.
- Jesus.
- Tom.
I was shattered and in shock,
but I knew what I had to do.
I'll call you back.
- I have a suspect.
- What?
- Yeah.
A guy who talked to the victim on the chat line.
He left his phone number in the voice box.
- Anything visual?
If you know what the guy looks like,
who can check the lobby camera?
- No.
No idea what he looks like.
I don't know if they actually met,
but I do know that they made plans to meet,
on the night of her death.
- We'll talk to him.
Do you wanna make the call?
- No, you go ahead.
- All right.
You may crack this one there cowboy.
Mr Wilson?
Detective Jimmy Dolan, we spoke on the phone.
This is Detective Roberto.
May we come in?
- Of course.
You guys wanted to talk to me about a telephone fraud?
- Not exactly a fraud, Mr. Wilson,
do you recognize this woman?
- No.
No, never seen her before.
- Not in the newspapers a couple weeks ago,
television newscasts?
- No, I try not to watch the news.
I prefer the radio.
My friends say I'm from another century.
Nah, I've never seen her before.
- The woman was a customer of an app called Night Talk.
It's a sex chat line.
You ever been on it?
- Yeah.
Actually, I have, yeah.
On it occasionally.
- Well, on that line, I found a message from you to her.
I would love to meet this Thursday,
to act out that submissive fantasy I told you about.
Did you leave that message?
- That's not illegal, is it?
- No, but the woman was found dead a few weeks ago,
on a Thursday.
- Well, I never even met her.
We just talked on the phone.
A lot of people on the line say they're gonna meet up,
but they never do.
- Were you ever in her apartment?
- No.
No, I never met her,
so I wouldn't even know where she lives.
We just had a telephone connection.
That's it.
- Thank you.
Our investigation is ongoing, Mr. Wilson.
So, we may have to talk to you again.
So, I wouldn't make any travel plans for a while.
- Sure.
- So what do you make of that?
- He could be telling the truth, I guess.
- Yeah, and Elvis could still be on tour.
Let's just see what the prints say.
That's him.
So, now we know he was in the building that night.
We have a match,
the unidentified prince in the apartment,
are Tom Wilson's, bring him in.
Mr. Wilson, when you were shown this photo,
you said you didn't know her.
That's right.
Now we have fingerprints you put on that photo,
match the prints we found in the victim's apartment.
So, if you never met her,
what were your prints doing in her apartment?
- This is our man.
- You're absolutely sure?
- Brenda, come on.
- The evidence is clear.
tell us what happened.
- Okay, okay.
I was there.
She invited me over and I went,
but I was only there for an hour
and it wasn't working out.
So, I left.
- What wasn't working out?
- Why I went there.
- For the sex?
- Yeah.
It became awkward.
We were fooling around in the living room and then...
- How?
- I don't know, kissing, touching.
She brought me into the bedroom
and then that's when she told me what she wanted.
- Which was?
- She wanted me to tie her up, do this this EAPX thing,
take a scarf and tie it around her neck from behind,
while we had sex,
and tighten it and tighten until she climaxed
and then let go.
She said it was the best way to have an orgasm.
And then once she came, she was gonna do it to me.
I may have some weird sexual taste,
but not that weird, or that dangerous.
So, I left.
Look, I think I have the right to call my lawyer.
Detective Dolan,
could you come to my office please?
- I almost got him.
- You're close.
But we gotta let him see his lawyer.
While we're bringing him in here,
Brenda, go in there and see what you can get out of him.
Try the good cop routine.
- Sir, I'm not very good at that.
- Go.
- How long have you been on the chat line, Mr. Wilson?
- Two months.
- And why were you on it?
Well, I work from home
and don't get a lot of chances to meet women.
I hate picking up in bars, so I figured I'd give it a try.
- Did you like it?
- Yeah.
Yes, I did.
I'm not a typical sexy guy in person,
but I found I could be online.
- Did you meet any other women besides Joan Chapman?
- No, she was the first one.
The only one.
Just my luck.
I talked to a few women on the line,
but none of them really wanted to meet up.
I think they were just playing games.
- All of them?
I mean, there wasn't even one woman
who wasn't playing a game?
- Well, actually there was one, a couple of weeks back,
thought we connected and thought that, yeah,
maybe this could be a real thing.
- Did you meet her?
- No.
She stood me up.
She said it was a work thing, but,
I don't know I think she got scared.
- Scared how?
- Scared to show up.
Be her true self.
- Well, that's all for now, Mr. Wilson.
You'll please excuse me.
- I think we can charge him,
then we'll see if he cracks.
- Yeah, I'm in.
- We'll hold him for 24 hours,
then we'll question him again with his lawyer present.
Good job, detective.
- Thank you, sir.
- After a day like today, I need a drink.
How about you?
- No, I could use some sleep.
- Well, you've earned it.
All right, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah, see you tomorrow.
Hey Eddie, what's up?
Brenda, Jimmy's just out of his mind
and the cops are here to take him away.
- Okay, yeah, I'll be right there.
- Hey Brenda.
I don't know what, or why it happened,
but our friend over there had a little too much to drink.
They started freaking out
and started throwing punches at people.
Detective, your friend is here.
Hey, Brenda, what are you doing here?
- Look, we don't wanna arrest him
and Eddie here is cool.
So, it's all off the record.
- Fellas, let's go for a drink.
- No, no, they're on duty cowboy.
- Come on, let's get you back to the ranch.
- Come on.
- Oh. - Let's go.
Let's get you some food.
Food? - Yeah.
Thanks Eddie.
I got it from here.
- Get some sleep Jimmy.
- So, what was that all about?
What happened?
- What happened?
I don't think you wanna know that, Brenda.
- And why not?
I'm your partner and your friend.
You can tell me anything.
- Not this,
not this time.
We've been together for a long time, right?
What, like two years?
- Three, since we're police officers.
- Okay.
In those three, in those two,
in those three years,
now you're a good looking woman, Brenda.
A mighty good looking woman.
Have I ever made the teeniest pass at you?
- No.
And I've respected you for that.
- Good.
- Remember that, aye?
Now you're good looking woman Brenda.
A mighty good looking woman.
Have I ever made the teeniest pass at you?
- Jimmy.
Yeah, so when I saw the ring,
I knew it was Jimmy who caused Joan Chapman's death.
Does Jimmy suspect you know?
- I don't think so.
Have you ever had to arrest someone close to you pops?
- Well, that's part of being a cop sweetheart.
But yes,
I have.
As you know, I grew up in the rough part of town.
My brother Ricky and I used to get into a lot of trouble,
B and E,
stealing cars, you know, stuff.
Before I got in to deep, I straightened out.
I became a police officer.
But Ricky,
and about three years after I became a cop,
I had to arrest my own brother
and I did.
- Wow, I didn't know that.
- Nobody did.
We made a deal not to tell mama,
or anybody else.
So, Ricky did his time, straightened out.
Thank God mama never found out,
she would've killed me.
I'm glad you came by this morning, sweetie.
I've been thinking a lot about Tony these last few days
and I've come to realize
that I put an enormous amount of pressure on him
to follow in my footsteps.
I always thought Tony was the strong one.
I didn't realize how sensitive he was underneath.
As for you,
I always thought you were just a sensitive one.
I didn't recognize how strong you are inside.
Both wonderful qualities.
Don't ever lose them,
because as a cop, you're gonna need them.
- So, how are you feeling?
- Probably about as bad as I look.
- What went down last night?
I asked you, but you never told me.
- I don't know.
Got down, had too much to drink.
No biggie.
- Having dangerous sex with a woman who dies is no biggie?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Jimmy.
It's me,
your partner, and your pal.
It was you on the elevator hiding your face.
- What are you talking about?
- Jimmy,
I need you to be straight with me now.
- I should have known I can never fool you Brenda.
- Okay.
Let's go to Mike's office.
- Met her at the Roundup.
We went back to her place.
She said all she wanted was hot sex and lots of it.
After that first time I tried to contact her again,
but she was always busy.
Then out of the blue, she phones me up
and invites me over.
Naturally I went.
I had no idea this Tom guy was there before me.
We start fooling around the usual stuff
and then she wants to do this EAPX thing,
just like Tom told us.
And so I started doing her from behind
and choking her with the scarf,
and she's saying "Tighter and tighter".
And then everything's just going so fast.
I didn't realize what I was doing.
"Tighter and tighter" she kept on saying
and we were both coming and then she was dead.
- Jesus, Jimmy.
- I was a drunk cop.
What do I know about all this weird shit she was into?
Anyway, I wiped down as many prints as I can remember,
and then I beat it out the side door.
You guys know my reputation.
I've been on paid leave before.
One more strike against me,
then I'm finished in this department.
And that's why I pushed Mike to put us in charge,
so I could cover myself
and just make this case go away unsolved.
But I never counted on an innocent guy taking the rap.
- Well, we're probably looking at
death by misadventure Jimmy.
Hate to see that happen to a good cop like you.
Detective Roberto.
- Mr. Wilson.
- Hey.
Look, I just wanted to thank you
for helping me outta that mess back there.
- Yeah, well that's my job.
- Well, you didn't have to believe me, and I'm glad you did.
I felt like I could talk to you, like you understood.
I was just a lonely guy using this thing
as a way to communicate with these women.
But after all this,
I don't think I'm going back on the line.
- Yeah, well that sounds like a good idea.
Do you think you'll miss it?
- No.
Well, I maybe that one lady I was telling you about,
Sarah, we had a connection, but who knows?
She's probably some single mom with 17 kids, or something.
Who knows?
Anyway, thank you again, detective.
Detective, what's your first name, by the way?
- Brenda.
- Brenda.
I can't help the feeling that we've met before
and I just, I don't know where, or when.
- Well, I started off in traffic.
Maybe I gave you a ticket.
- Traffic
Yeah, maybe,
there's just something really familiar.
I don't know maybe t's your voice or,
is this your regular station?
- Yeah, I've been here for the past three years.
- Okay, well.
Okay, well, nice to meet you Brenda,
and thanks again.
So, Tom never knew that you were that Sarah
on the chat line?
- No.
- Brenda, the preamble to these dreams
started a few months ago with this investigation,
but the dreams themselves just started recently.
Did anything else happen?
- Yes.
A couple of weeks ago I started dating this man.
He's wonderful.
He's kind and funny and smart,
but he's not very confident.
And after my experience with Tom,
I know that's the sort of man that I want
and that I need.
- But do you think you're being fair to yourself,
to expect this man to be like, Tom, is it fair to this man?
- That's just it.
I know that he can be strong like Tom,
because he is Tom.
I was coming out of the station one day
and there he was waiting
and one thing led to another and we started dating,
and then I started to fall in love.
Or, maybe I was already in love
and then came the moment when sex became a possibility.
But I kept waiting for this confident Tom
that I knew on the phone to show up.
I knew he could be strong,
but I couldn't tell him how I knew that.
- Yes, he might have felt used, betrayed.
- How do I get the strong man that I first knew,
without telling him the whole truth?
- But tell him the truth.
Brenda, if you have an issue, any issue,
the best way to deal with it is to be honest
and to tackle it straight on.
Tell him everything.
- Dear Tom, I know this email will come as a shock to you,
but please read on and don't make any assumptions
until you've read all of it.
You know me casually as Brenda a police officer,
but you also know me deeply and passionately as Sarah,
the lady on Night Talk.
As a police officer,
I had this plan of going undercover to solve a crime.
I had no intention of ever meeting anyone.
But then you and your passion came into my life,
your stories, your ability to let me surrender,
to feel, to feel free and let go.
I never experienced that.
So, if you can get past my betrayal
and come to me as that stranger on the roof,
who excited me and who made my imagination
explode with passion,
then my heart and my home's open to you.
Yes, Tom.
Here's the door to my heart.
And yes, the door is not locked.
It is open, just as it was in your story.
So come to me.
Take me now for real,
as you once did in fantasy,
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm here.
- Take me Tom.
Oh Brenda.
I love you, Brenda.
Oh Tom.
Oh God, I'm gonna come.
I'm gonna come.
Oh, Tom,
we found each other.
Yes, Brenda, we have.