Nightlight (2015) Movie Script

I had a bad couple of days,
a few days...
I actually had
a suicide attempt.
I swallowed a bunch of
Sometimes I think I should
just take this flashlight
and... just go out to
Covington and disappear.
My friend has seen some of these
videos that I've recorded,
And she made us this.
Matching key chains.
It's a picture of us from
middle school at a dance.
And it's really nice of her.
Um... She's one of
the best people I know.
I think I'm going
to ask her to the dance.
Maybe things will
change after that.
Who knows?
You stupid fucking flashlight.
Piece of shit.
How am I supposed to play
flashlight games
my flashlight doesn't work?
You're fine.
Damn it.
All right.
Stop crying.
Just forget about it,
forget about him.
Hey, boy.
According to Facebook...
Ben likes... sports.
And he likes rock climbing.
He likes Abercrombie & Fitch.
I know.
He really likes dogs,
so you are going
to be my wing man. OK?
Good boy. You're such a...
Damn it.
Hey, Ben.
Hey, how you doing? Yeah.
Not how you doing...
How are...
Thank you for
inviting me to play
flashlight games with you guys.
Oh, it's going to be
so scary in Covington.
Oh, that sounds
fucking desperate.
OK. Um...
- Hey guys.
- Hold on.
Can we just talk about
our faces for a second?
- Hi, puppy.
- What up?
Hey, what's your name?
I was talking to the dog.
Oh no, I know.
Yeah, that's Kramer.
Well, If you could
keep Kramer away from me,
that would be sweet.
It looks like you were crying.
No, no.
No, I wasn't, I wasn't crying.
I was just, like...
I was laughing so hard
so my eyes were watering.
Does he know any tricks?
I think it's kind of weird
that you brought a dog.
- It's not weird.
- It's weird.
- It's not weird.
- It's weird.
Does anybody know
when Ben's coming?
- What?
- I said why?
I'm just, I'm just wondering.
You are so weird.
I'm just wondering when
everybody's coming.
Uh huh. You're wondering
when everybody's coming?
Or are you wondering
when Ben is coming?
Very funny. Can I have
my flashlight back please?
Everybody knows you have
a fuck crash on Ben.
Is it because he's British?
No I don't, I don't,
I don't like Ben.
- Hi Ben.
- Hey.
Hey Ben.
Your guest brought a dog.
Hey boy.
Are you excited?
I know we said
Lincoln Forest. But, uh...
it's going to be
way cooler in Covington.
Yeah, I've always wanted to play
flashlight games with you guys.
I brought my own flashlight.
Ooh, she brought
her own flashlight.
Whoa. Where did
you find the dog?
- Hey Kramer, buddy.
- So Ben, you've...
you've played
Nightlight before right?
- How does it...?
- Oh, by the way...
How does it work?
Is it like hide and seek?
- 'Cause...
- Robin.
'cause I am
awesome at that game.
Yo, Robin.
Do you work at the
Dairy Beach right now?
Yeah, Cathy told me
that she thought
she saw you yesterday
cleaning counters or something.
No. No, I
wouldn't work there...
Memorize the Wikipedia page?
Guys? How much
further are we going?
It's kind of
good marketing I guess.
Like, you're not cool unless
you kill yourself in Covington.
We're not going
to the church are we?
A fucking possum.
People come
here to die, it's so pretty.
Maybe it's the altitude.
Like it makes people do things
they don't want to do.
The only thing that makes me do
things I don't want to do...
is vagina.
Not mine.
Are you OK?
Yeah, I'm cool.
No you're not.
Oh, my God. The
scariest shit I've ever heard.
You can see dead bodies
just lying at
the bottom of the Crest.
Like that kid from
our school? What his name?
- Who?
- Ethan.
If I was gonna commit
suicide I'd do something cool.
Like drive my Vespa
into a tornado.
Or, or swallow dynamite.
Can you keep walking please?
You can't just go
to some gay ass...
Keep moving...
If you kill yourself,
you deserve to
literally lose your life.
You know I mean?
That's not mean is it?
All right, come on let's go.
I don't know how you guys think
she's gonna play nightlight
if she can't even cross a log.
Yay, Robin.
I read this OMG fact How long
'til we're through walking?
That this forest is a great
place for blow jobs...
from ghosts.
Shut up.
Ghost blow jobs.
It's starting
to feel very "rape-y".
I've got an Oh My God fact,
that if we don't get
to the stump in 5 minutes
I'm going to throw
you off the Crest.
Whoa! what was that?
Did you just check out his ass?
What? No.
Where were you shining that?
I wasn't shining it anywhere?
Robin was shining
it right on your ass.
Are you checking out my ass?
No, I wasn't.
I wasn't at all.
You guys, I have a way
better ass than Ben.
Come on... I swim.
Have you ever heard
of Bad News Brian?
- Oh, yeah yeah yeah.
- Yeah yeah.
He's so funny.
What is it?
He's hilarious
Or, Unlucky Brian.
Oh, Unlucky Brian.
Unlucky Brian.
Do you guys
follow the President?
I think it's close enough.
Who's first?
I'll show you
guys how it's done.
Go do it.
Let's do this thing.
You girls are
going to regret this.
Here we go.
Go, go, go.
Ben, what happens
if we don't get to
your flashlight in time?
I don't know. That's never
happened before.
Ben, you're up.
Do this thing.
I'm up.
Why is he next?
That's not fair.
Chivalry is isn't dead.
- Who said?
- Girls should be first.
Go Ben!
Do it, do it.
One, two, three, four, five...
I have to say I think Ben's run
was sexier than Chris'.
I am a sexy runner.
I got 12.
Twelve? OK.
Nia, go!
Go, go, go!
- What's up, girl?
- Whoo!
Yeah, let's go Nia.
- Whoo!
- Go girl!
Yeah. Get it.
- Yeah girl.
- This is fun.
- Thirteen, bitches.
- What's she doing?
- Yo, come on.
- Come on.
Hey! Come on!
It's getting closer.
You better run really fast.
- Go go go.
- Go
- Robin wait!
- Robin! Robin!
Get off the tracks.
Go go go go.
What the fuck.
- Holy shit!
- Are you OK?
Your flashlight still works.
That's good, because you're
definitely going to need it.
That's what I mean.
Animals sense that shit.
Like earthquakes.
What? No.
No. No its like...
In Covington is like
scary evil shit.
So if Kramer starts
running from something,
I am getting the fuck outta...
That's it right there.
This is it.
This is what Ritchie
was telling me about.
Want to see
something fucking swag?
This place fucks with light.
Is this where you were?
Yeah. I think so.
Did we really come
here to watch Chris do magic?
All right. So watch.
Some creepy demon is
gonna sneak up on me,
and turn this flashlight on.
Are you sure this
is where you were?
Because it only works
in specific places.
It's like a 4G.
Like a hot spot.
Maybe it's to the left.
- My left?
- No no no...
To the right, to the right.
a little further back.
- Can we hurry up, please?
- A little further.
Right here?
No, Keep going.
I don't think it was this far.
This is stupid. Can we go please?
Oh, It's
right there. Right there.
Chris, whatever this game is,
I'm sure it would be much
more fun with beer.
Oh! I told you!
I told you!
- Oh shit!
- Oh, my God.
What the fuck?
That was hilarious.
Oh my God.
Was I right?
Because if you die in Covington,
your spirit becomes
a part of the woods.
The rocks...
the grass...
the branches...
the animals...
Everything here is haunted.
You might start to feel sleepy.
You lose your sense
of who you are.
You can't find a way out.
That's because there
is no way out anymore.
You come across
the old church...
You know it was
built in the thirties
to ward off evil,
so maybe it will keep you safe.
You ask forgiveness,
and confess your sins.
That's when it's too late.
The spirits are already there.
They take you over.
No matter what you do now,
you are no longer in control.
You find yourself
drawn to the Crest...
staring down the precipice.
Like hundreds
of people before you.
And there's nothing
you can do...
as you jump...
except think of the impact.
Turn off your flashlights
as much as you can.
Light attracts them.
Don't write your
name in the forest.
It's a request to die.
And whatever you do...
never enter the church.
That is where they wait.
I'm a Greek statue, I'm a Greek
statue, I'm a Greek statue.
I'm a Greek statue, I'm a Greek
statue, I'm a Greek statue.
I'm a Greek statue,
I'm a Greek statue.
I'm a Greek statue.
I'm a Greek statue.
I'm a Greek statue,
I'm a Greek statue...
What's it going to be?
Um... Dare.
Dare... Nice.
I dare you...
Mm hm.
To text me a naked picture.
Oh yeah.
That's not funny.
No it's not
supposed to be funny.
No, my neighbor
sent a naked picture
to her own Gmail account...
Bam! Charged with distributing
child pornography.
So, you're not going to
send me the picture?
When was...
Mm hm?
The first time you ever
touched yourself
in the swimsuit area,
in an inappropriate fashion?
And Robin here wants
all the disgusting details.
Christmas vacation...
I was watching Rudolph the
Red-Nosed Reindeer on cable.
The Clay-mation?
Oh shit.
Oh, I guess I...
feel a little bit
better. I...
The Grinch and I had a thing.
This is why Katy Perry's boobs
can't be on Sesame Street.
- You nervous?
- No.
You nervous yet?
Are you nervous?
Are you nervous yet?
We went pretty far.
- I don't feel good.
- Like how?
Like sick...
to my stomach...
I just haven't eaten
all day, I guess. So...
Well, I mean, anorexia
is unhealthy, Robin.
No no it's not that.
I just...
I don't know
maybe somebody
can feel my forehead.
You're fine.
I just, I think this is stupid.
Covington is full of wild
animals and cliffs,
And I have to get
to work early tomorrow.
This sounds lame, but...
the first time
is always the best.
Yeah it's so scary.
OK. So,
we blindfold you.
And everybody's
hiding. OK?
And you count
to 100. Slowly...
OK? Like one one thousand,
two one thousand, three...
All right. Now,
when you get to 100,
you take off the blindfold,
and then you try and find us.
But what if I can't find you?
Well... Just
scream "Nightlight."
I love slutty chicks.
And I will not apologize
for that.
No one's asking you to, buddy.
Something about tramp
stamps and tongue rings.
Like, I'm always going to talk
shit about girls who have them.
But the truth is,
it's instant Viagra.
Plus, I was watching Real
Housewives before coming here.
That show always makes me
horny for some reason.
Hey Ben, you know...
I want a Nightlight.
I just, I wanted to
thank you again
for inviting me.
I mean it's been really fun
hanging with the
cool kids for...
Did we already start?
One one thousand...
Two one thousand.
Three one thousand.
Four one thousand...
Five one thousand.
Six one thousand.
Come on.
It's OK Kramer.
We'll just do one of these games
and then we'll go home.
Damn it.
This is so stupid.
I'm going to end up
with poison ivy
or poison oak or some shit.
So dumb.
What was that?
I'm gonna get so lost.
Ha. I see you.
Oh! God damn it.
Did you see the Covington ghost?
Yeah, super scary.
If you're really quiet
you can almost hear it.
Sounds like voices.
But what it's, like, the voices
of everyone who's died here?
It's a river.
Yeah. A river of voices.
Fucking phones in the car, man.
Cool. This is my cousin
Richie. He's hilarious.
Yo, what's up, douche?
Bitch-a-saurus, you
bang that big booty blonde yet?
He's really immature.
I don't really
hang out with him...
Hey whoa.
Hey! Phone.
Hey! Whoa!
Hey! What the hell...
No phones,
Is that my battery?
Yeah I'm actually...
I'm sorry.
Not cool, man. Not...
You're not leaving.
I kind of have to.
No, no, you kind of can't.
Yeah why not?
Uh... well because...
I am using your
flashlight for my turn.
OK fine.
But, please, please
be careful with it.
Why, was it a present
from someone special?
Something like that.
Well, here is a present from me.
That's beautiful, huh?
Oh no.
I can't believe you're
going to leave me
this piece of shit.
You can use mine if you want.
It's a MAG-lite,
so it's like
pretty much the best.
Uh... yeah,
maybe later.
Kramer. Kramer, no.
No. Bad dog. No!
This is why we don't
bring our pets, Robin.
How do you know it was Kramer?
I don't know. I feel bad.
I think we should have
like, a burial
for it or something.
Hey, why don't we look
for the old church in the woods
and hold a service?
Leave the jokes to me, Ben.
I'm going to squash this
Three, two...
- Jesus.
- Chris.
Can you be any more insensitive.
I hear that you are the
best at Nightlight.
Well, I'm only as good
as my flashlight.
You guys are taking this
haunted forest shit seriously.
Ben, you look cute
with that yellow bandanna.
- Hey Robin...
- Let's do it!
You know I'm really
glad you came tonight.
We should hang out more
often. You know?
Did you say something?
Ah. Silly.
Seven one thousand,
eight one thousand.
Nine one thousand...
Ten one thousand.
Eleven one thousand.
Twelve one thousand.
Thirteen one thousand.
Fourteen one thousand.
Nineteen one thousand.
Twenty one thousand..
Twenty, twenty-one one thousand.
Twenty-two one thousand.
Twenty-three one thousand
Twenty-four one thousand.
Twenty-five one thousand
Twenty-six one thousand.
Twenty-seven one thousand.
Twenty-eight one thousand...
Twenty-nine one thousand.
Thirty one thousand...
Forty one thousand.
Forty... yeah, forty one
Forty-two one thousand.
Forty-three one thousand.
Forty-four one thousand.
Forty-five one thousand.
What the fuck...
are you...
Hey, hey, boy.
I love this game.
Where would I hide?
Where the fuck are they?
Found you.
Ben was here.
Do you want my autograph?
I was just here.
OK the creek is on...
No, it's to the left.
Hang on. Train tracks are
back there, so...
There they are.
Who the fuck set this off?
OK, I came from this way,
and I came back...
I came back around...
Shit I'm lost.
This fucking thing.
Robin, your flashlight
is a piece of shit.
What the fuck is that?
What the fuck?
What the fuck is that?
Holy shit.
Are you up here?
How far down is that?
Is that my flashlight?
How long have we been walking?
Why would he
leave my flashlight here?
Because he's being Ben.
So what?
He's messing with us?
You know... What was that?
Maybe he found Chris and Amelia.
He probably found
them fucking in the woods.
Let's go, Nia.
What if he's hurt?
Let's keep going.
This is freaking ridiculous.
I got stuck with you.
People go out here all the time,
and they don't come back.
You don't actually believe
those stupid stories do you?
No, Nia.
I want to make sure
that Ben is not hurt.
Are you coming or not?
Did you really know
the boy who died here?
His name was Ethan.
Do you ever wonder if he...
actually meant to kill himself?
Look, I'm leaving Ben's
light so I can find my way back.
OK, good for you.
I need you to wait for me,
because I don't know how to get
out of the woods from here.
Yeah, OK. We'll see.
I am serious.
- OK.
- I am serious.
- OK?
- OK.
Thank you.
Is everything cool?
Ben, is everything cool?
I'm so worried about you.
Why did I have to
get stuck with Nia?
Shit, I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Look, Nia is waiting
for us, so we should...
We should go... back...
Wait, Ben...
Where you going?
Ben, stop fucking with me...
What the fuck?
I just want this night be over.
Fuck. Come on.
Come on, come on, you
stupid fucking flashlight.
Oh, God damn it.
Just for once...
You piece of shit.
Jesus, you scared
the shit out of me.
Very funny.
Guys, what the fuck?
I am done playing Nightlight.
This is bullshit.
Ha ha, you guys
are so hilarious.
There's no way
I'm going in there.
I am not going in there!
Very funny guys.
Pick on the new girl.
I can hear you.
This isn't real.
They're just fucking with you.
They're just fucking with you.
Just keep going.
It's just them.
They're right there.
What the fuck is that?
It's a dead end.
How did Ben's flashlight
get back here?
God, what am I doing here?
I just want to go home.
OK, I know there has
to be another tunnel.
There's no way they
got out of here
unless there's another tunnel.
Where would it be, though?
I should never have come
here for a stupid boy.
Somebody help!
Oh my God. Oh my...
What the fuck is happening?
Guys! Nia!
What the fuck just happened?
Kramer! Kramer?
Kramer come here.
Come on Kramer.
Come on boy. We gotta go.
Kramer come.
OK come on.
Kramer, come right now.
No! No, Kramer.
Kramer. Bad dog!
Come back here.
Kramer let's get out of here
No... Ow.
- Run!
- I can't...
Run to the church.
- Run!
- I can't...
I can't run.
I can't run. I'm hurt...
Chris, wait.
Nia, wake up.
Nia, stop. I know
you're not possessed.
Chris, I found Nia.
Nia. I can do this...
Why won't you wake up?
I can't fucking do this.
I said that I guarantee
Robin won't admit
she got an afterschool job
- because she's fucking - insecure.
- Oh my God.
Oh, and she tries too hard.
- Such a fucking loser.
- She tries way too hard.
So insecure.
And so...
Why did you leave me?
Nia, this isn't
where I left you.
I left you with Ben's light,
and I found it in a
fucking cave.
I saw somebody that wasn't you.
I was waiting for you.
What are you talking about, Nia?
What is wrong?
I heard you yell
my name and I...
You wouldn't wake up
you were passed out.
What the fuck is going on?
And then Chris runs off.
He was scared.
Maybe something
happened to Amelia.
They're at the church.
I'm serious. Robin.
No, Nia, I'm not going to
fucking church.
Fuck. We bought a bunch of
fake blood and...
Nia, are you
even fucking listening me?
Chris and me were going to
pretend to be dead.
I almost died.
You weren't in that cave.
You don't know
what I just fucking saw.
This whole forest
is a graveyard.
It was just a joke.
There are crosses everywhere.
I'm sorry, Robin.
I don't know what to say.
We're assholes.
Let's just get out of here.
Why am I so tired?
Nia, I feel sick.
It's them!
Is Ben still hiding?
Hey! Ha ha.
Good morning.
- Flashlight's here.
- Hey!
They're fucking with us.
What the fuck?
- They're asleep.
- No, they...
Fuck they're burning up.
All right.
Um... um...
All right. Um...
Help us!
They say that when you're being
raped that you should yell fire,
because no one comes
when you yell help.
But you're not being raped.
- Rape!
- Fire!
Time out!
OK. I'm going to
look for my battery.
No no no...
I know where it is.
Then we'll call for help.
Who are you going to call?
Please don't set me up
like that in a haunted forest.
No. Chris.
Nia. OK.
Wake up, please.
Please please please.
Robin? Come on.
I'm getting the fuck
out of here.
Nia, we passed out.
What's wrong with us?
Where are we?
Your name is written
in this tree.
How long have we been here?
I don't know, since 10:00.
Why am I so tired?
Did you see this fall?
Let's just leave Chris
and Amelia at the church.
Good. I'm just
happy we're leaving.
Fuck. What the fuck?
Who's fucking...
What is this? Nia, are you?
What is this?
Nia, are you seeing all this?
What is this?
What is that?
Chris's backpack.
No, don't open
that. Don't open that, Nia.
Wait, Nia... don't
open that.
No wait. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Oh, fuck.
Do you think he was
running from something?
Where did all this
blood comes from?
It's sticky.
Corn syrup?
There's like 20 more
condoms in there.
I think there's lube,
I can't touch this.
See if there's
a map or something.
Here. Hold this.
Covington Woods Ghost wiki...
"Turn your flashlight
off as much possible...
Don't go anywhere
near the forest.
Watch out for wolves
and rattlesnakes."
I didn't know he memorized it.
Maybe it can
tell us how to get out.
At least how to find the church.
The church was built
near the 800 foot crest...
as a safe haven...
last stop for those
considering suicide.
Victims of possession
usually appear drowsy
or fall into a
sleep-like state.
Robin, did we fall
asleep on purpose?
We were tired.
Victims exhibit
loss of muscle control
and eye reflex.
All were found to have carved
their name into the forest
before death.
I don't want to
read this anymore.
Remember that creek we crossed?
Maybe if we're really
quietly could hear it.
Sounds travels really
far of night right?
In the mountains...
I remember this.
Like deja vu or something.
When we were asleep
I dreamed about this.
I remember...
we were waiting here...
and we couldn't hear the creek.
And I had this awful
feeling in my stomach.
Like I couldn't move.
So I looked to you...
And... you were standing
right over there,
under the fallen tree.
We were terrified.
Something was following us.
And there was a noise.
What happened next?
Your nose started bleeding.
My nose?
It seems fine.
- What the fuck?
- Are you OK?
Come on...
I want to keep going.
I want to find the creek.
We've been trying to leave.
It won't let us.
Turn off your light.
Where the fuck are you guys?
We're moving in fucking circles.
I feel like something's
watching us.
What the fuck does this
place want from us?
Let us go.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
It's doing that flicker thing
that Chris was talking about.
No, the batteries are just old.
Well here...
Let me...
It holds the battery
life when you keep it warm.
- Jesus Christ.
- What?
Your flashlight
says Ethan on it?
You brought the flashlight
of your deceased friend
to the haunted forest
where he mysteriously died.
That's not a rational decision.
Neither is fingering
yourself to The Grinch,
but hey, here we are.
You fucked us.
You know that right?
There's some real Exorcist
shit going on here.
The flashlight isn't haunted.
The tooth fairy didn't bring
me Lady fucking Gaga tickets
when I lost a molar.
I live in the real world Nia.
It's not my fault that
my parents are wealthy.
If anything it was
a stigma I had to overcome.
Oh please.
Why am I holding this?
Fuck my life.
Oh my God, I'm still
touching it.
- I don't want it...
- Just give it to me.
I told you.
Didn't tell you,
it's your fucking friend.
This is bad.
Does this mean there's a
demon or something?
It has motion sensors.
It can't possibly have
electricity are running into it.
How do you know
there's no electricity
running into it?
Dear God, I know I don't
talk to you often, as you know,
But if you could please
watch over me right now.
- Are you kidding me?
- OK us...
- ...bring me into this.
- What?
Just motion sensors.
I'm leaving, I'm leaving,
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
I'm going to be more honest,
and I'm going to go
to church more often
if I get out of here.
Please, please, please.
I'm sorry that I dropped
out of youth group
Because I thought all
the kids were annoying,
but they were really annoying...
I don't like this.
I don't like it.
I don't like it.
Wait. Listen up.
Listen to me.
This is a good thing.
This means we're getting
out of here.
Maybe I should go back.
That's a horrible idea.
No, no, no, can't
find my camera.
Are you completely
fucking insane?
It has a strong flash.
We can use it to...
No, we're not going back.
I don't want to be
anywhere near these lights,
And I feel like if
your flashlight dies.
A flash isn't going to help.
Is there something there?
I don't see anything.
It's getting closer.
- What? is it?
- I don't know.
We have something following us.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Nia where are you?
Where did you go?
I think it's gone.
Nia? Fuck.
Stop faking.
Wake of Nia, wake up.
It's not funny.
Fine. If you don't
wake up, I'm leaving.
Did you hear me?
I'm going to leave if you
don't stop.
Help us!
Help us!
You were right.
This was all my fault.
So here is my
embarrassing story.
Sophomore year...
my friend Ethan
asked me to Homecoming.
We went to all the middle
school dances together.
We even got our
picture taken once.
But I was tired of being
the smart girl who
socialized with the uncool.
I wanted to be
pretty and popular.
I wanted to be you.
So I lied.
I lied, and I told Ethan
that I was going
to be out of town.
But I still went...
by myself, and...
as I was waiting
on the bleachers,
praying that Ben
would ask me to dance,
Ethan walked in.
And I didn't know what to do,
Or what he was going
to say when you saw me.
He just smiled...
like everything was OK.
Like he was happy.
That night, Ethan
to Covington... alone.
And he hiked to
the top of the Crest,
and he jumped.
But as soon as
I heard it, I knew.
I knew was because of me,
and I felt so guilty
that I came here,
and I tried to kill myself.
That's when I
found his flashlight.
And I kept it as a reminder.
Ghosts and demons
don't kill people.
People kill people.
Nia we have to go. Wake up.
I think it's back.
Don't hurt me.
Nia. We're leaving.
Oh my God.
Thank God. Thank God.
Let me go.
I want to go.
Let me leave!
Thank you, Ethan.
I don't want to be here.
Why am I here?
Come on, please work.
God damn it.
Kramer. Come here, boy.
OK, Kramer.
Kramer, don't be scared.
My light's not working.
Oh please let this work.
Please look this work.
I just want to get
my dog and go home.
What was that?
Oh God, oh God, oh God.
OK. Just get
to the truck.
It's OK.
OK, Ethan, what
is it that you want?
What do you want from me?
Please start. Please start.
Please... start.
All right, Ethan.
I'm coming.
I'm here.
I'm ready.
Where do you want me to go?
Fuck. I was scared
shitless waiting for you.
How could you leave
me for that long?
I'm sorry, Amelia.
I couldn't find my phone
I was looking
And then my flashlight died.
Yeah, well it's working now.
This is Robin's.
Where is she?
She wasn't there.
And, I probably should have
turned around and looked.
I'm not leaving
without our friends.
You weren't there.
You didn't see the tree fall.
And there were noises.
I've been hearing
voices up here.
But, maybe
whatever is out there,
isn't trying to hurt us.
You know?
I don't know.
Hey! Your fingers...
Oh fuck.
I don't know.
We're going to die.
Everything you said
is coming true.
I'm sorry.
Tell me what
I can do. Anything.
Just tell me what I can do.
Say a prayer.
A prayer, OK.
To make me feel better.
Yeah. OK,
uh... uh...
Say the "Our Father" prayer.
Our father...
All right.
Our father...
I don't think I know that one.
Then do the "Hail Mary" prayer.
I don't think I know any of
these prayers.
Oh, um...
Chris. I'm Lutheran.
OK, um...
Hey yo God, if you're listening
It said Amelia and Chris.
If you really exists
Tell her to give me a kiss.
Do you hear that?
- Turn it off.
- I'm trying.
- Hurry.
- I'm trying...
- Just cover it.
- What the hell?
Wait, wait,
Did that just move it?
No. I kicked it.
Oh my God what's that noise?
Just look at me.
There's nothing there.
Chris what's happening?
It's just us.
It's OK.
Chris, it's coming closer.
Oh, my God.
Chris. Chris
are you OK? No!
Talk to me Chris, please.
Oh, my God.
No! No! No!
Please, no. No!
When does this end?
Oh, my God.
Nia. I thought
you were dead.
Ethan, there's
blood on her hands.
What did you make her do?
Let her go.
No, no, no, no...
I'm sorry for what
happened to my friends.
I know that I am responsible.
That it's all my fault...
But you shouldn't have
punished them
for what I did.
I'm sorry for being selfish.
I'm sorry for being stupid.
For coming here to this forest,
when I knew
I should never return.
I wish I had gone
to the dance with you.
Listen to me.
I know that...
something horrible
happened to you
when you came here.
But Ethan, Ethan, this
isn't the real you.
You were kind.
And you were so caring...
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I let
my only real friend die.
I'm so sorry Ethan.
I'm sorry.
Where are we?
This is for Robin.
I'm going to Covington Woods,
to the top of the Crest.
So this is my suicide note.
I wonder if you'll notice.