Nightmare (1981) Movie Script

George groaning)
Sunday and Monday,
could be a pretty good size rain.
- Shut up, and good night!
degrees down around Lakeland,
79 in Ocala.
- Not again.
Kathy, please come up here.
We need you, please!
Hurry, hurry!
Kathy! Hurry, please!
Shut up!
- Kathy, I saw somebody
looking in the window at us.
- Me, too.
- There's nobody there. Nobody.
Would you please, please go
to sleep? For me, at least.
Good night.
level, three to five feet.
That's on the Atlantic. Four
to six feet on the Gulf.
What's going to happen
during the next 12 hours is
we're gonna have a wind shift change,
more to the southeasterly direction.
Right now, it's going northerly.
By tomorrow, it'll be southeasterly.
Beautiful day to get
outside. Gentle breeze.
It was a comfortable day.
I think that would be
the best way to put it.
85, that five-degree difference
makes all the difference in the world
as far as comfort goes.
There was no rain in the past 24 hours,
even though a cold front
pushed over the top last night.
High 85, overnight 67.
Daytona 76.
- I don't see a damn thing up here.
- Okay, come on down.
We can't find anything out here.
- Shh.
Shh, Kathy.
Shh, Kathy.
There, there. It was just
someone playing a trick.
It's probably one of the
kids in the neighborhood.
- There are still some psychotic episodes
triggered by the dreams.
Tatum has been Dr. Williamson's
patient for a year now.
We think the dreams are fixated
on some childhood trauma, but
Tatum can't or won't tell us.
The experimental drugs are working
for us.
We can control the violent episodes,
but we haven't succeeded
in stopping the dreams.
What we're trying to
do now is modify them.
Okay, Curt, let's hear them.
- Two or three times now.
Always at the same moment.
It's very strange.
- What else?
- It's like I...
It's like I'm a child.
I'm just a child.
- Now, think, George.
Are you looking at a child?
Or are you the child?
- Sometimes I'm the child.
And other times, it's
like he's standing there.
And then, again,
and then I think
I must be the child.
But it, it, it can't be me.
Not with...
- With a weapon, George?
- It's not a weapon!
It's a hatchet. Something
like a hatchet. An icepick.
Then they come in and
they give me the pills.
And it all disappears, vanishes.
- Okay, all right. It's
been a good session, George.
I think we learned a lot.
But I will wanna talk to you
about this again, George.
- Green, type this up first thing
when you come in the morning.
See that it's distributed and
put in Tatum's file, okay?
Case history synopsis.
Tatum transferred from
Braston State Hospital
for the Criminally Insane.
Remanded there by Fifth District Court
after arrest as suspect
in sexual mutilation
and murder of Brooklyn family.
Medical profile, intermittent
epileptic seizures.
Psychological profile,
paranoid schizophrenia
with delusions of grandeur
and obsessive-compulsive dream ideation;
the dream ideation apparently triggered
violent psychotic attacks.
Suffering from severe amnesia.
George's initial response to
methacyclodine was promising.
Later switched to our
newest hypnotic drugs,
hylamine and TL-54.
Has shown rapid progress since.
Psychotic behavior has been extinguished.
Schizophrenia drug controlled.
Seizures drug controlled.
ideation is drug controlled,
and the dream fixations and the acting out
have been modified by
behavior techniques.
Tatum is our first major success.
We have taken a dangerous psychotic
and completely rebuilt him.
Programming him for future government
or private sector use
will be our next step.
My congratulations to
one and all involved.
Thanks, guys.
- My name is Tara Alexander.
And what is your name, darling?
- George.
- Wouldn't you like to be
doing this to me, George?
Oh, I wish it were you.
It would be so wonderful.
Just imagine the two of us together.
Oh, George, I know you could be like this.
Oh, why aren't you in here with me?
- Kathleen, has George Tatum arrived yet?
No, I'm afraid not, Doctor.
- Hello?
Who is this?
- C.J., who was that on the phone?
- I don't know. They didn't answer.
Wait a minute. Here it is.
- Better hurry or you're
gonna miss your bus.
Okay, I won't!
- Goodbye! See ya later, Ma.
When it comes to music,
Philadelphia comes to 101 FM, Easy 101.
- How you doing? Let's go, babe.
Time and tide wait for no man.
You look great.
You wanna be captain tonight?
- Sure.
The great
music of WGNI, Wilmington,
North Carolina. I'm Jay Brower
with your weather part
- You know, sometimes
I think in another life
I musta been a pirate.
And the beat goes
on at the Great Seaside
Holiday Inn lounges, downtown
North Myrtle Beach and surf-side,
home of the famous Myrtle Monster,
the tallest, meanest,
wildest drink in captivity.
And while you sip a monster or two,
you can get into the
best music on the beach.
This week, the Port of Call
Lounge Holiday Downtown
presents Inner Star
for the second big week.
Five guys who play all
your Top 40 favorites
in the comfortable atmosphere
of the Sand Trap Lounge
- Shit.
The pride of Myrtle
Beach, South Carolina,
our very own Alabama band,
Feels So Right.
QZQ features a great
new LP on "The Album Hour"
every Wednesday night at 9.
Join Mike Wallace for another great LP
coming up Wednesday night,
a new one from Marshall
Tucker titled "Dedicated."
Got a big weekend in store for the city.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Barbara.
- Please understand.
Not tonight, okay?
- Okay. Drive safe.
I'll call you soon to make
sure you get home all right.
- Don't worry about me.
I'm going right home.
- Hello?
Hello, Steve?
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- The halfway house
doesn't know where he is.
The outpatient desk hasn't seen him.
And you're his doctor,
and you don't know where
the fuck he is, huh?
That makes it kinda
unanimous, doesn't it, hmm?
So no one knows where he is, right?
- Look, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.
- Sorry?!
You lose a dangerously psychotic patient
from a secret experimental drug program,
and all you can say is
"I'm sorry"?
Did you check his job?
- Yeah, he left there two weeks ago.
You know, I think we're making altogether
too big a thing outta this.
The man is simply not dangerous.
- You're a bigger schmuck
than I thought you were.
- Shit.
- I want him back.
Now, if you value your job,
you will get him back
in this hospital before
things get out of hand.
Now, am I making myself
perfectly clear to you?
Do you get it?
Get off your ass and find him.
- Yes, yes.
The kids have gone.
No, no screaming kids all day.
Of course last night was special.
Okay, all right. Give
me a little while, okay?
I'll be there in a little while.
All right, bye.
This is WWLD, Daytona Beach,
with relaxing, refreshing
music from Love 95.
- It's locked.
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Kimmy, help me over there.
I can get in that way.
Kimmy, help me up here.
- You're waking me up.
- Susan?
What wouldn't I give?
- What time is it?
I gotta go.
Don't forget, C.J.,
Mom said you gotta take out the garbage.
No way.
- Let 'em eat Mallomars this afternoon.
- Shh, I gotta go to my kids.
- One afternoon they can make
their own peanut butter
- Come on.
Woman, you are torturing me.
I have needs.
I'm a human being.
I got feelings.
- Kim, Tammy!
- C.J!
- Oh, my God, C.J., what's
the matter? What happened?
- Hello?
- Kim?
- Mom, is this you?
Hurry home, hurry home!
- Stop screaming at me.
I know I'm not home. I'll be
home in five minutes.
What's going on in there?
- Mom, it's C.J.! He's on the
floor covered in blood!
- He what?
Well, don't touch him.
- Oh, my God.
- C.J.!
- I'll be right there. I'll be right home.
I'll be right home, just wait.
- What's wrong? What's wrong?
- It's C.J. He's bloody.
- Get the keys. I'll drive you over.
- Oh, God.
- Tell me, what happened?
- It hurts. Let me be.
- Hey, calm down, you're
not gonna be any help
to C.J. if you're a nervous wreck.
Easy, easy.
- Leave me alone!
- Tell me what happened!
- Hey, listen, we don't
know what's wrong with him.
Hey, listen, there's no sense in getting
all upset till we get there.
He's probably all right.
Tell me what
happened! Let me see!
- It hurts! Leave me alone, I said!
- Hey, we're gonna be
there in just a minute.
- Mom, he's dying! He's dying!
- Oh, shit.
Oh, it hurts.
- Out of the way, quick.
Okay, okay, how you doing?
Just relax, we're here right now.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Just lift your head up,
just a little bit. Okay.
Now, just tell me, what happened?
Just tell us what happened.
What happened, C.J.?
How did you get like this?
- A man, out by the street.
He tried to kill me with a knife.
- What?
- It hurts. Oh, Mommy, it hurts.
- Hey, it's okay, buddy.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Oh, baby.
- Okay, your mommy's here.
We're here now. We're
gonna take care of you.
It's gonna be all right.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
It's gonna be all right. Okay.
Now, I'm just gonna lift up your shirt.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
C.J., it's ketchup.
- I knew it. I knew it.
I could see it in his eyes.
I've had it. I've had
it with these tricks.
You just love to scare
all of us, don't you?
We could have had an accident
out there driving so fast,
but you don't care about that, do you?
You don't care about your own mother!
Get upstairs to bed!
I mean it, get upstairs, I
don't want to even see you!
Get upstairs!
Don't come down till
tomorrow morning either!
You two.
- Hey, that's your boy.
He's a little too bright and
a little too imaginative.
He's not some gangster.
- And as for you two...
Tammy, you're the oldest now,
you should know better.
Just get in that...
I don't even wanna see you!
Get in that television room.
Turn on the television.
Look at this mess.
Look at this mess.
How many times do I have to tell you
to stay outta the food, huh?
- Hey, relax, just mellow out!
- What do you know?
You don't have to face this every day.
I hate this fucking house.
Do you know I've hated this house
ever since the day he left,
the day after C.J. was born?
Who cares anyway?
- I care.
You want a drink?
- Scotch is in the bar.
- I got it.
- I'm sorry.
Gotta do something about him.
- What are you gonna do?
Tell you what.
Why don't we all go out to
McDuff's and get some dinner?
You wanna go out to
McDuff's and get some fish?
Come on.
Come on. Everybody get dressed.
Okay, come on, you guys.
Turn off the tube.
Come on, let's go.
- Hello?
- C.J., come here!
- What's up?
- Come here!
- I can't, I'm being punished.
- Well, I got your stuff.
- Great, throw it up.
Thanks! See you tomorrow.
- I'll see ya. Bye.
- Seven plus 12.
- It's 19, Kim.
It's not funny.
What do you wanna do, remain
in the fourth grade forever?
You need math to get by.
- She doesn't even know
what you're talking about.
- Enough's enough.
Come on, both of you, up to
bed. It's past 10 o'clock.
Come on.
- C.J., are you all right?
- Good night, Tammy. And please be quiet.
I don't want you waking up C.J.
Who's there?
Why are you doing this?
Who is it?
Who's there?
- Nanny nanny boo boo,
stick your head in doo doo.
- I can't babysit anymore.
I can't take anymore, I just can't.
- Wait a minute, now.
Just wait a minute.
- C.J. is not normal. He is evil.
- No, he just likes to
play games. You know that.
- No, he likes scaring.
He scares me, he scares
you, he scares everybody.
I just can't take it anymore.
- Come on, calm down, Kath.
- No!
The dummy, the phone calls.
He was in his room, it wasn't him.
Breathing, I just can't.
- Some crazy nut comes out
of the movies and calls you.
It's just a coincidence.
- No, it isn't.
- No, I can't let you. I need you, Kathy.
- You just gotta find another
babysitter, Ms. Temper.
I can't take it.
- No, I've just made some
lemonade. Let's go in here.
- No.
- Kathy.
- Sounds like a nice location.
How old's the house?
- Must be over 50 years old,
but it's in good shape.
- How many bedrooms?
- Four bedrooms, two...
Two baths, one upstairs, one downstairs.
It's got a beautiful view of the river.
- Sounds nice. I'd like to see the house.
When can I come over?
And I'll need some pictures.
Just like those on the wall there.
Just simple pictures. Polaroids'll do.
- Okay, I have a friend that...
I'll get you the pictures,
and you can come over
this week, if you like.
- Fine, I believe it'll sell.
I believe it'll sell quickly.
- Oh, good.
- I want you to put your mind at ease.
- Okay.
- Thanks for coming in.
- Thank you. You've been a lot of help.
- I'll call you in a few days, all right?
- A few days? Okay, thank
you, nice to meet you.
- Bye, now. Have a good day.
- Thank you. You, too.
- Say, "Cheese."
Asking me to take a Polaroids sorta like
asking Picasso to paint your car.
- That's fine. He said simple pictures.
- Hey, come here.
There's nobody in the house, is there?
Take a look at that.
- A man. A man's figure.
What's going on?
- Nobody there now.
Let's go take a look.
- Who's in there?
- Come on upstairs.
Well, there sure isn't
anything up here now.
- That's so strange.
- I think our imaginations are just
getting affected by C.J.'s.
- I can't believe what I saw.
- Hey, it was probably nothing.
Probably a very simple explanation.
- There's a lotta strange
things happening in this house.
- This is instant film.
- Let me see.
- Probably just a shadow in the emulsion.
- Let me see it.
- Did you ever see that
Antonioni film "Blow Up,"
where he thinks he sees a
murder in the photograph
that he keeps blowing up bigger
and bigger
and bigger, trying to see the murderer?
- Yes, yes, there was
nothing in the picture.
Give me. Let me see.
- Yeah, there was, there was a murder.
Tell you what.
Let's pick the kids up at
school and go to the beach.
- All right, George, where are you?
Found. Myrtle Beach?
What the hell's he
doing in South Carolina?
He's sure as hell not in lockdown.
Let's see if he stole another car.
Oh, shit.
Oh, boy.
Come on, come on.
Daytona? Daytona Beach?
I think we better go find him, huh?
- C.J., get those damn birds out of here!
Look at 'em, look at 'em!
They're all over the damn place.
- Mom! Mom!
That man's down the beach...
That man that's been following me!
- C.J., do you know the story of
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?
- I'm not lying!
- That's enough, C.J.!
Now, I've had it with you!
- Relax.
- I've had it with these stories!
- Will you just relax?
- Sure, C.J.. What'd you see,
a man from Mars down there?
No more stories, C.J.! I've had it!
- Relax, relax! I'll talk to him.
Hey, partner.
- I'm not lying.
- Nobody says you're lying,
but you sure tell a mean story.
You know, you're getting a reputation
as the Cocoa Pinocchio.
These things are just like stories to you,
but you know, you really upset her.
It's hard on your mother, you know.
You're kinda the man of the house.
You gotta take care of her.
Do you understand?
- Swear on a stack of Bibles.
- Okay, C.J., let me take a look.
The guy down there walking all by himself,
is that the guy you saw?
- I don't know. I'm not sure.
- C.J.
- Nobody believes me.
Do you like my mom?
- I like your mom very much.
- You think you might marry her?
- What made you ask a question like that?
- Just curious.
- Hm?
- Just curious.
- How would you feel about that?
- I'd feel great.
What if you marry her?
Will you be my father
or something like that?
- You know what?
- What?
- I'd be very proud to be your father.
- Hello.
I want you.
Oh, my God, I want you so bad.
I know you.
- Who is this?
- I saw your body.
Your legs.
- Stop it.
- You were sleeping in my bed.
Stop it!
- My body over yours.
- Listen, I'm gonna call the
police if you don't stop it.
- You're alone, and I'm coming to
- Hello?
George, is that you?
- Happened again.
- All right, George, where are you?
- It's stronger, stronger than the pills.
Takes me over!
- George, I'm your friend,
and it's important that you
tell me just where you are.
- It makes me do these things.
- Listen to me, George.
It's only a dream, and
dreams can't hurt you.
Are you there, George?
- Daddy.
- George, don't hang up!
- Hey, C.J., what you up to today?
- I'm going to feed my birds.
Hey, C.J., how
come you're over here?
- I'm just hanging around.
I'm gonna feed my birds. Wanna help?
- Sure. Oh, I gotta go to my mom first.
But I'll be back.
- Wait, bring the other kids along, too.
- Okay.
- I'll wait for you guys.
- C.J.?
I know you're in here, C.J.
I saw your bike outside.
It's Candy.
- C.J.?
C.J., you in here?
Hey, C.J.?
- Tony!
I know you're in there
because I saw you go in.
Come on down.
- Hey, C.J.
Come on up here. Did you
see all this neat stuff?
- I have to leave.
I'm gonna leave.
Bye, see you tomorrow.
- C.J.
Oh, my God.
- Shut up. I can't hear the phone.
Right now, I gotta get these kids
- Give me my hamburger!
- No!
- Give me my hamburger.
Cop! Cop! Cop!
- C.J.'s gonna get it now.
- You know him, don't you?
You know him, don't you?
Your name C.J.?
How old are you, C.J.?
Is your age a secret?
- Nine.
- Nine, you're a pretty big boy for nine.
I bet you're smart, too.
C.J., I need your help.
I need to know what happened
to your friend Tony today.
Do you know what happened
to your friend here?
You must've seen something.
You were here with your
friends today playing.
And Tony's...
Where were you, C.J.?
Answer me. I've got to know now.
Did you see what happened
to your friend Tony?
- No.
Are you sure?
Did you see anybody in the house?
When was the last time you saw Tony?
- This morning.
- You didn't play with him at the house?
You didn't play a trick on him?
All the other children
said you were there.
Where were you, C.J.?
- You can even ask my other
friends. He's my best friend.
- I've already asked them, C.J.,
and they say you were here.
C.J., did you hurt your friend Tony?
Did you hurt Tony?
I didn't Kill him.
- I think this is pointless.
I think we oughta just...
Let's get him in.
Okay, let's wrap it up here.
- Mommy, what happened?
- Shut up.
- Mom, are you home?
Stupid teachers sent me home.
All of 'em think I killed Tony.
Are you home?
Mom, you're in there, aren't ya?
- Leave this house.
While you can.
- Peter, that's you!
What are you doing on the phone?
You don't scare me at all.
- Get out of here.
Get out.
- George is not here. I have known George.
George is my patient. I know his patterns.
I know the way he thinks.
- Paul, Paul, Paul.
- George doesn't even drive.
- I checked the family name, Paul.
- George can't be here.
- It's a very unusual name
in this neck of the woods.
- Look, we know that a
family with the same name
has lived in this area.
In fact, no, they've lived in several
different areas down here.
- Which is exactly why I had
such trouble tracking it.
But there is a connection.
- There is no connection.
- Paul, there is a solid connection.
This man is in Florida.
- Look, let me make it
real simple for you, Paul.
George's recurring dream?
Well, it's all in the police
records from 25 years ago.
- He's right, Paul.
- It really happened here.
His father, the woman he was with.
They were both killed. It
even talks about an ax.
It is the same person. It is George Tatum.
- Oh, my God.
- Okay, now, Paul, Paul, wait.
What we have to try and
do here is map out
- We don't have to map out anything.
Now, Paul, you believed in these drugs,
and you rebuilt this man.
And you did put him
back out on the street.
But now he's out there Killing people.
And we can't have that.
Now, you find him
and you fix it.
- Kathy, I am desperate. I mean it.
I've called everybody in town.
I've called everybody there is.
Please, just come tonight.
It's a business party, for Bob.
We have to go. We have to make
an appearance, that's all.
I promised him. Please?
Oh, Kathy, he'll pay you $20,
and it'll be just two hours.
I know that's what's bothering you.
No, C.J. will not...
He's promised he won't...
He won't cause any more
trouble. He won't do it again.
I'll be home in two hours.
Bob will pay you $20.
I know you need the money.
Please, Kathy.
I'm desperate.
Just this once?
Oh, thank you.
Okay, I'll fix some dinner.
I'll be home in two hours.
I promise you.
Okay, thanks.
- You're gonna get it.
Oh, it's cold.
- My God. What are you trying to do,
pull another C.J. on me?
- Hey, don't get so upset, babe.
Your sister told me where you were.
- How'd you get in here?
- Well, I just let myself in.
Thought you wanted some company.
- You know I never mind
having you with me.
- I thought we'd get high later on.
I brought a joint over.
- I don't know. The kids are upstairs.
I just checked on 'em,
but what if they wake up?
- Now, don't worry. We'll be careful.
We don't wanna make any noises.
- Joey, God.
I don't believe you.
- Don't worry about it, babe.
- What are you trying to do,
kill the both of us?
Watch it.
Look out!
What about the kids? What about the kids?
- Don't worry about the kids.
- We've got to.
- Now, they're upstairs.
I could use another joint about now.
- Shh! Joey, remember
the kids are upstairs.
- All right. Don't worry about it.
How about going and get the joint for me?
It's over in my pants.
- You go get it. I'm gonna
go take a shower.
- Gotta do everything by myself, huh?
- Be quiet.
- All right.
There's your pants.
And my shirt.
What do you know? My pants.
Now, where's that smoke?
- Joey, I'm out.
Don't tell me you went to sleep.
Joey? Joey, is that you?
C.J., what are you doing outta bed?!
I'm getting sick and
tired of your silly games!
Would you knock it off?
That's it, I'm calling your mother.
Kim, Tammy, wake up!
Somebody's trying to kill Kathy!
- Get outta here!
- No, get up!
- Get back to your room!
- No, I'm not lying!
- Come on, Tammy!
Run, run!
- Kathy? What took you
so long to answer?
Are the kids asleep?
- Mom?
Come on, Kim. Let's go downstairs, quick!
Here, Tammy, let's go.
It's busy.
- C.J.!
- Where's Kathy?
She's dead.
- He's still alive!
Don't go in the
house, C.J. He's still alive!
It's okay, I've still got the gun.
He's still
alive, C.J.! You're crazy!
- You don't understand.
You don't understand.
- Hi, Dad. I'm home.
- Oh, yes.
Love it.
Yes, baby.
Oh, yes.
- No, no! George!
Oh, my God!
No! Oh!
No! No, George!
- Daddy... Daddy...
- George, you don't understand.
No, George. Son, no.
- No! God, it's my husband!
That's my husband!
Oh, God!