Nightmare (2022) Movie Script

One in three people suffers
from sleep disorders,
Sleep paralysis is a condition
in which the body is paralyzed,
while the brain remains awake,
trapped between dream and reality,
Here it is!
Its really old!
- I think it was built in the 1890s
- Right,,,
You have the keys?
Yeah, I got them from the agent,
He said it hasnt been cleared out
What? But its a dead persons estate!
So it hasnt been cleaned either?
I dont think so,
But were paying the asking price!
No one else has seen it,
Neither have we!
Should I try?
Looks like youre struggling!
Theres like a hundred keys!
- I need to find the right one!
- OK, That one, Give it to me! Wait!
Well have to totally redo
Sand the floor, Tear down walls,
Redo the bathroom,
Have you seen the kitchen?
Its a total wreck,
- I know,
- And we need to paint it all,
- Are you ready for this?
- Anything else?
Nothing too scary?
Not as long as we do it together,
Its going to be so great here,
Having second thoughts?
Me? No! You?
Absolutely not,
Youre cute,
Open it! Open it!
- Don't point it at anyone!
- Look out!
I said, don't point it at anyone!
- Its a bit run down,
- But its going to be great,
- Are you fixing it up yourselves?
- Yeah, were all tooled up, Im excited,
Weve got a plan,
- Dont you work full time?
- Yeah, dont you?
- You know hes useless?
- I know,
Dont call me,
Youre probably the last person
Id call,
So, whats next?
The wheels are in motion,
Soon the place will be full of kids,
He claims to have grown up,
Seriously, Its a cool apartment,
How can you guys afford this place?
We wondered about that too,
- We got it for the asking price,
- Seriously? Did someone die here?
- OK,
- Who?
It was in the papers,
A pregnant woman was
We dont know for sure,
Some sort of accident,
She died right here,
Anyway, good news for us,
Can you turn down the damn music?
Ive got a baby trying to sleep,
Sure, I didnt know it was so loud,
Well it is,
Try using your brain,
Ill do it right away,
Would you like a beer?
The only pleasure I have in life now is sleep,
And beer!
Sounds like you could use a babysitter?
You have no idea what youre talking about,
- Is David here?
- Hi!
- David!
- Hes so cute!
Dont touch him, OK?
- David!
- Im coming!
- Is he awake?
- Yes! You cant just walk out,
- Nice to meet you,
- Have they gone?
Thats what happens
when you have kids,
Are you crazy?
No! No way!
You need to listen to him!
Get the fuck out!
Fuck you! I said get the fuck out!
- I hate you!
- Siren, listen to me!
What are you doing?
Im sorry,
Ive got a steady job,,,
Our own apartment
- Almost grown up now,
- Speak for yourself,
But two kids, max,
Theres no room for any more,
What did you say?
By the way, my mother came by,
She wondered if,,,
Oh, I need to take this,
Hi, its Robby,
No, you can call anytime,
- You can't without talking to me first!
- OK, so what should I do?
I told you to get the hell out of here!
Get the fuck out!
Siren? Siren?
Open the door! Siren?
What are you doing? Siren?
- Ready?
- Ready!
Does this look OK?
Whats she doing?
She's just standing there,
I have to go to the office,
Looks like the deals going through,
Ill only be a couple of hours,
Is this OK?
You look nice,
That water stains not too bad,
Ill do it when I get back,
OK! When will you be
,,, and ensure your balance is over the
left foot, while stretching your arm,,,
Hear that?
Sorry, I forgot,
Whats up?
I had a dream,
- You OK?
- Yes,
We just bought our first apartment,
Really? There are no shifts
for the rest of the year?
No, Sorry,
I really like the kids, and
Did I do something wrong?
I thought you were studying
again after summer?
Youre going to be a designer, right?
Youve got such a good eye for colour and
- Leave him be, I can take him,
- Stop it!
What are you doing?
When did you get back?
What are you doing?
I was dreaming
Its clear what about! Im pretty sure our
neighbours heard too,
Look at this,
Look now!
When I came home
you were sleepwalking or something,
What do you mean?
You were totally out of it,
I couldnt reach you,
It was really creepy,
Im awake,
Youre pregnant,
Yes, you are!
Do you hear me? I am awake!
- Its you!
- No!
I will remember the dream, and
Ill be awake in the dream,
One, Ill be awake in the dream,
Two, Ill be awake in the dream, Three,,,
Mona? Mona?
Are you OK?
- Why did you wake me up?
- Youre really bleeding!
Its just my period,
But you never bleed like this,
- Wheres Robby?
- At work,
So youre doing it alone?
- Here you go,
- Thanks,
Im just going to change,
- Didnt you have a plan?
- Yes,
- You have to put up a new wall,
- I have to pull that one down first,
- Then I was going to paint
- Did you make that?
- Mona, youre amazing!
- Thank you,
- Its really nice,
- Have it if you want it,
- Seriously?
- Yes, youd look lovely,
Mona, you should do your own collection,
Just go for it,
- I need a proper job,
- Youre not going back to college?
I dont think the doorbell works,
- Am I intruding?
- No, Sorry about the mess
Were up and running, so,,,
That's fine,
Ive been there,
We redid the entire apartment
when we moved in,
Was there something,,,
Can I help you?
Sorry, you must think
I just need to get out
I wondered Im going to a lecture,
Would you like to come?
- Me?
- Yes,
I was planning on finishing here
David couldnt go, so
But thats fine, Ill go alone,
Whats the lecture about?
We have a long tradition of
supernatural myths,
but few as compelling as
the Mare, the nightmare demon,
The term nightmare derives from traditional
accounts of being ridden by a mare,
a being from Nordic and Germanic folklore
that settles on the chest of a sleeper,
and rides him or her
causing them to experience
horrible dreams,
The notion of being ridden by a mare
is without a doubt a cultural
interpretation of sleep paralysis,
a state that occurs just before sleep
or just after waking,
The assault involves hallucinations
and temporary physical incapacitation,
It can result in difficulty breathing,
and the terrifying experience
of being awake in a nightmare,
I started the Somnia Clinic
almost 30 years ago,
in order to offer better treatments
to patients with sleep disorders,
Sleep routines are unique,
treatment must be adapted to the individual
Get in touch and we will analyze your sleep
and provide a personalized plan,
I can't any longer,
We don't have anything available,,,
You're not able to,,,,
No, You cant
Hi, How are you?
Can I help you?
I brought some buns
I thought that Id come and say hi properly,
Thank you,
- How old are you?
- 25,
- Newlyweds?
- No, Were not married,
- How long have you been together?
- Almost five years,
- So, planning for a baby soon?
- No, I dont think so,
We tried for a long time,
When he finally came
- Is he OK?
- Yes,
- Do you want to hold him?
- Yes, Id love to,
- Ill go and get him,
- OK,
- We could wait until hes awake,
- Maybe thats better,
Let him sleep some more,
May I use the bathroom?
They switched off the machine today,
We did it,
- They think it was crib death,
- Are you sure?
We did the right thing,
Look at me, Its over,
Are you awake?
Cant you sleep?
Follow me,
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
- Mona! What are you doing?
- Where is he?
- He was under the duvet!
- Theres no one here!
- I saw him, I was awake,
- Listen to me!
You barely sleep, and when you do,
you sleepwalk and hurt yourself,
- I was awake in the dream,
- And you keep me awake every fucking night!
I keep you awake?
Im so sorry
You can get dressed now,
Youre six weeks pregnant,
and everything looks fine,
- Why do you want an abortion?
- Its not the right time,
Youre 25, you live with your partner,
Its the best possible time,
Are you quite sure about this?
Yes, I am,
I think you should go home
and talk with your boyfriend,
If youre still sure, you can both
come back in a week's time,
Here, Take this with you,
Right now, youre here,
Baby has started growing arms and legs,
You take this pill today,
These you take at home in two days,
Theyre inserted vaginally,
This first one stops the pregnancy developing
and starts the process,
The vaginal suppositories will cause
powerful contractions of the uterus,
Use painkillers, Youll get severe cramps
when your uterus expels the fetus,
New design?
- When did you get up?
- Not sure, Early,
- Whats this?
- No idea,
You should slow down
with the renovation,
Then nothing will get done,
False alarm,
I just double-checked,
- OK, Theres no baby?
- No baby,
You could tell me, you know, Im ready,
But Im not
pregnant, I mean,
Tell me about yesterday!
- It went really well, actually,
- Yes?
We drove for over ten hours,
just to see the wind farm,
- Hes going to invest I hope,
- Really?
We need to celebrate!
Shall we go out for dinner?
I forgot to tell you
theyre coming over for dinner tonight?
Everyone from work, We take it
in turns, My turn today,
Theyre coming here?
It is a total mess,
Its only for drinks,
Theyd love to meet you and see our place,
- OK, but Im asking Liv and Martin too,
- Go ahead,
Im going to sand down the water stain,
I did it yesterday,
OK, so Ill do some painting,
- We have to strip the paper first,
- Ill do that before they come,
Whats up?
Its nothing,
Youre not going to tell him youre pregnant?
Hed understand if you explained,
Ive tried talking about it,
but he doesnt get it,
That you dont want to?
- You cant tell Martin, OK?
- I wont say a word,
Not a word, I promise,
Know what he said earlier?
That I looked strange,
Dont listen to Robby,
hes the king of straight!
You look amazing!
You made that top, right?
- No, Siren!
- Mona?
- No! Siren!
- No!
- Out there?
- Mona!
Did you see it?
I didnt see anything,
I saw that she fell,
Youre sure she jumped?
She wasnt pushed?
I want to go away,
- We cant afford it,
- You dont understand at all,
Im going crazy stuck here alone,
- You have to sleep,
- I cant, I only have nightmares,
OK, Well go on a trip,
Take a break from the renovation,
- I can ask for time off work and,,,
- No, We can't, Just forget it,
Its not going to work,
Perhaps we should see a doctor,
get some sleeping pills?
Get some help,
Ill stroke your back,
and you guess what Im drawing,
- I cant,
- I havent started yet,
Hi, Welcome to the Somnia Clinic,
Hi, I was at Aksel Bruuns lecture,
and was wondering if he might have an opening?
Do you wake from nightmares every night?
- Sleepwalk?
- Yes,
Do you remember your dreams?
Yes, but when I wake up its like
I have no control over my body,
Its like I'm completely frozen,
Who do you dream about?
Its hard to explain,
Its dark, But its a figure, A man,
Have you experienced being awake
in your dream?
Yes, I think so,
What do you mean?
Its really good you came,,,
If you do nothing now,
it will only get worse,
You risk doing things in your sleep
over which you have no control,
Sleep disorders should be taken
very seriously,
- Do you have time for an examination?
- Now? Sleep here now?
Its my last opening for a long time,
Of course, its up to you,
Now a little prick
So you sleep faster and deeper,
Ill be monitoring
your sleep patterns,
The mask will emit a dim light,
just enough to wake you in the dream,
Then you can control the dream yourself,
Try using a mirror, for example,
A mirror?
You look into the mirror,
and ask yourself if you are awake,
You can try turning a light on and off,
but very few people manage that,
It takes a lot of practice to turn on
the light in a dream,
But those who master it,
achieve full control,
You are in control,
I am awake, Im in control,
- How are you feeling?
- The switch didnt work, But I was awake,
This is very promising, Do you
remember your dream?
Yes, I saw my reflection in the glass,
I told myself I was awake,
Then he appeared,
A figure, Robby, my boyfriend,
But it wasnt him,
Were you afraid?
I made him disappear,
But he came back,
It went dark, I tried to turn on the light,
but the switch didnt work,
Then suddenly you were there,
Thats fantastic for a first attempt,
It takes a lot of practice to turn on the light
in a dream,
Were awake,
Ill arrange another appointment for you,
- OK, How much will it cost?
- Dont worry about that,
I have a sleep study in progress,
and you fit in perfectly,
You show a huge talent for lucid dreaming, Mona,
Bring Robby along and he can learn too,
Oh fuck! Hi!
I thought you were at work,
I took the day off,
So you painted over the wallpaper?
There must be a hundred layers,
Now it's primed,
Perfect for a kids room,
Or we could rent it out? A bit more cash,
- Youre in a good mood today,
- Yes,
I recorded your brain waves,
here you can see the different stages,
Whats that?
This is when REM sleep starts,
When you are most active,
Have you ever seen anyone
hurt another in their sleep?
What? You threw a lamp at me!
Mona suffers from several sleep disorders,
it can damage a relationship,
You must have patience,
Im using radical new technology
which can show dreams,
Show? How?
The brain sends out electrical signals
which an algorithm translates into images,
It's very close to what we experience
when dreaming,
And you want to use this on Mona?
That's fine by me, If it can help,
- Are you ready?
- Ready? Yes,
You stay here,
Active dreaming in NREM,
Atypical sleep pattern in the first phase,
- Whats REM?
- Rapid Eye Movement
Which occurs during the active dreaming period,
But now she is in NREM,
Non-REM, Deep sleep,
Its very unusual to dream in this state,
Test waking dream,
Stimulation, Five seconds,
People dont understand how important this is,
The others couldn't be saved,
but with Mona I will succeed,
Your bathroom
Test lucid dreaming,
Ten seconds,
Hi, Do you know where Aksel is?
Is everything OK?
Unusually strong rhythm,
Im awake,
Is she having a nightmare?
Is everything OK?
No! Calm down!
Sorry! Are you OK?
Im so sorry,
Are you alright?
Just relax, Breathe,
Im so sorry,
Im fine, Mona,
Ive been through worse,
Is it always Robby?
Youre having nightmares about me?
And you didnt say anything?
Its you, but its not you,
It's difficult to explain, OK?
Mona, I want you to continue
to practice lucid dreaming,
Each time you manage to stay awake,
the more control youll get,
- Soon youll be able to control him,
- Control what?
Were talking about a dream, right? Not me
Its a Mare,
Monas experiences match the
classic description of the Mare,
- Thats just nonsense,
- A demon that hunts you in your sleep,
paralyzes you and tries to suffocate you,
- I thought you were a doctor?
- For the patient, it feels like possession,
Its impossible to fight it,
He also treated Siren, Did you know?
You stole it from the clinic?
Did he say anything about the other women?
They all lived here,
in this building,
He probably approached them all,
All women, all had violent nightmares,
sleepwalkers and damaged people,
Siren was also told to train
herself in lucid dreaming,
Dont you think its a big coincidence
he treated so many from this building?
Its fucked up, More crazy stuff about
mare demons and lucid dreaming
The Mare shows no sign of
being controlled by the patient,
even when she is lucid dreaming,
After she gave birth, the nightmares stopped,
but she is now convinced that the Mare
has possessed her baby son,
- OK, that doesnt sound good,
- No, it doesnt!
What do you want me to do?
Cancel my appointment?
- Yes!
- OK,
- Yes, So were good?
- Yes,
How are you?
Am I in the clinic?
No, ER,
You scared me,
Why didnt you say anything?
Hi there, Mona,
Im Jakob, How are you doing?
-Im OK,
-Youve lost a lot of blood, but youll be fine,
I can confirm that the fetus is dead,
Dead? Is it still inside me?
We call it a missed abortion,
The fetus is dead, but you havent expelled it,
- When did you take the final pills?
- Yesterday,
Weve given you another dose,
but if it doesnt come out this week,
youll have to come in again
for dilation and curettage,
One more thing
We found some deep wounds on your thigh,
and several bruises on your body,
- I did that fixing our place up,
- Ah, OK,,,
How are you?
Get away! When did you choose Mona?
As soon as we moved in?
You stay away,
Were done with your bullshit therapy!
Youre powerful, Ive never seen anyone
control their dream like you,
- Mona, you cant escape him,
- Stay away!
Have you told Robby he comes every night?
To make her pregnant, So he can be
born into our world, A demon,,,
What are you trying to do, you old psycho!
He was a real freak! All he talked about was
nightmare demons and,,,
I dont need any sleep expert,
You dont have nightmares anymore?
- No,
- So, good,
And your job? Hows it going?
Yes, really cool, A bit too much overtime,
of course,
What do you actually do at work?
- You know what I do,
- I know you go to work,
No one in this room actually knows
what you do,
I deploy financial tools to factoring
algorithms to optimize the green
To your new job, Robby,
And the new apartment,
- Im not drunk, Im not going to sleep,
- Just lie down for a bit,
Rest for a bit,
- Dont turn the light off,
- OK, I wont,
Are you alright, Mona?
They call it a missed abortion,
Try to rest, OK?
Itll be over soon,
Its a demon baby,
Hes not coming out,
Is that your dream?
- He comes every night,
- Who?
Who comes every night?
But now Im ready!
Mona, give me the knife!
- No!
- You have to give me the knife!
- We thought better she told you herself,
- But she didnt,
It was terrible, I thought she was dead,
She was covered in blood,
Shes sleeping,
With a knife under her pillow,
Whats she so afraid of?
She has nightmares about me,
- You?
- Every night,
Youre awake!
- Mona,
- Are you OK?
Mona? Are you OK?
Mona, what are you doing?
- Mona!
- You dont want me anymore
- Robby, she needs help,
- You have to wake up now,
She thinks theres a demon baby
inside her and she sleeps with a knife,
I get it!
Robby! Robby!
You lied to me!
Why did you lie?
You could have told me,
Why couldnt you just tell me?
No! Listen to me!
Mona? No!
Drop the knife, Please!
Its me! Its me!
Im so sorry!
We need help now,
You mean, I need help,
I want you to see a proper doctor,
I want to speak with David,
He wasnt my son,
I took a paternity test,
I didnt understand what was,,,
Siren doesnt know,,, or didnt know,
Then its him, She said
he looks very much like me,
The one in the dream who looks
like me but isnt me,
From the day he was born,
he was trying to kill me,
In dreams you always survive,
but when the dream happens in our world
I got really confused,,,
You know?
Didnt you get any help from Aksel?
Aksel He said he tried everything,
but I really dont know,
She couldnt stay awake in
the dream like she had to,
so he won every time,
Every fucking night,
She just couldnt live with it,
We tried for a kid for years,
then we moved in here and she
got pregnant just like that,
She told me she was being raped every night,
- What are you talking about?
- He wants only to be born,
Its his only wish,
We did the right thing,
We did,
Its unbelievable unthinkable
But we didnt have any choice,
What did you do?
What did you both do, David?
At first, we drugged him,
but soon that didnt work,
He was growing stronger
There was no other way out,
- We made it look like crib death,
- Were leaving now,
You have to get rid of it, Right away,
Stay the fuck away from her!
When hes still small hes weak,
Dont wait too long!
What are you doing,
Are you going to Aksel?
You know he was struck off?
Can you please listen?
Hes crazy, Hell use you,
Hes dangerous,
- Im not doing this!
- Youre not doing this? How nice,
But this isnt about you,
Why didnt you tell me you were pregnant?
Can we do this later?
Why didnt you tell me you had the abortion?
I tried, But you never listen,
You dont understand anything,
- You just want me to stay at home,
- What the hell are you saying?
You told me you wanted kids,
- I panicked, I couldnt breathe,
- Did I say I wanted kids now?
- I meant in the future,
- You never listen!
I dont know if I want children, Ever!
And it wasnt my idea to buy
this apartment together,
Robby, what are you doing now?
Do what the fuck you want,
Listen, Im really sorry,
This is crazy,
But I have to sort it out,
Youve got a lot more than that
to sort out,
There is life here,
Its a boy,
- Can I have another abortion?
- Yes,
But hell make you pregnant again,
When hes finished with one woman,
he goes on to the next one,
Some moved, but it made no difference,
Im not sure if I believe in this
I cant bear it Im so tired!
Mona, you have to let me help you,
Ive seen too many lose this fight,
Hi! Youve reached Robby, Leave a message!
Hi Robby,
Im at the clinic, They say Im still pregnant,
its a boy and hes alive,
You cant flee from him,
You have to confront him,
I dont know really,
He told me to fight,
See him for what he is,
Rip off his mask, Take control,
Kill him by switching the light on,
Im confused
I think we need to talk,
He will lose his hold over you
and let you go,
Youll be too powerful for him,
Can we talk?
Back home in the apartment?
I love you,
When you give a signal, Ill wake you
with another needle,
Show me the signal again,
One, Two, Three,
Then Ill wake you up,
and out of the dream,
- Try to stay in as long as you can,
- One, I will wake up in the dream,
Two, I will wake up in the dream,
Three, I will
Hi, I got your message,
Im so sorry I just left,
Im at the apartment now,
Ill come and pick you up,
Im leaving now,
Where are you?
He is here,
Hes coming now,
Hes coming,
What are you doing?
David, stop!
Mona, Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Im coming, Mona,
Im coming,
One, I will wake up in the dream,
Two, I will wake up in the dream,
Three,,, I will wake up,,,
Mona, its Aksel,
Can you move?
We are awake in your dream,
Im awake,
We're awake together,
Mona! The light,
Turn on the light! Mona!
I left her, its my fault,
You cant think like that,
She was all alone with him,
Do they know why he killed himself?
What he did to her?
Will she be OK?
Theres activity in the frontal cortex,
which is unusual,
Shes awake, but not fully,
That gives us hope,
But shes unaware of her surroundings,
She still has a lot of drugs in her system,
A potent mix of Ketoral and Fentanyl,
But the fetus survived,
Its vital functions are normal,
But the fetus is dead?
She had an abortion,
The fetus is alive,
- But if she doesnt wake up?
- The baby will grow normally,
and be delivered by Caesarean section,
Ill be back tomorrow to check on her,
Talk to her,
Im here, OK?
Robby? Can you hear me?
Should I get him?
No, Just sleep, Ill go,
Mona, Stop! Listen to me!
Youre awake!
Don't do it,
It was the Mare,