Nightmare Beach (1989) Movie Script

I didn't kill your sister, bitch!
I'll see you in hell, Strycher!
Edward Diablo Santor,
the state stands ready to
execute you as charged.
Do you have any last words?
I've been framed,
but I'll come back to get even!
Let us pray for your soul.
Pray for your own goddamn soul.
Oh, Lord, please forgive this sinner
who fell victim to the demons inside him.
May the Lord have mercy on you.
This is Warden Jones.
Is there any reason why the execution
of Edward Diablo Santor
cannot be carried out?
Thank you.
When you're messin'
with bad girls like me
We're naughty but nice
Take my body
Take it good
Take the shape I'm in
Treat me like a real man should
See my big baby blues
The best place to start
But baby, please
Don't take my heart
Take my body
Ooh, ooh
Take it good
Take the shape I'm in
Treat me like a real man should
See my big baby blues
The best place to start
But baby, please
Don't take my heart
When you move with
the beat of the night
Don't leave a trace
Like a dog to the bone
Wear your perfume and lace
Now, I'm into respect
So hear my advice
When you're messin'
with bad girls like me
We're naughty but nice
Take my body
Ooh, ooh
Take it good
Take the shape I'm in
Treat me like a real man should
See my big baby blues
The best place to start
But baby, please
Don't take my heart
Do it
Do it like you mean it
Feel it
Oh, feel the beat
Rock and roll us every day
Movin' the blues away
Take my body
Take it real slow
Take the shape I'm in
I'll teach you things
that you should know
Hey, thanks for the lift.
Hey, you owe us $10 for gas.
No problem.
Hey, my wallet's gone.
Hey, there's Dolores.
Hey, man.
Lost lambs.
Hey, girl!
How'd it go?
Like Julia Child roastin' a turkey.
At least that's over with.
Just keep an eye on his biker buddies.
And remember, no excessive force?
Rachael, I
thought we agreed you'd stay
with your Aunt Agnes.
Aunt Agnes is a senile, old drag.
Daddy, I want to have fun.
You young people shouldn't be poisoning
your bodies with alcohol.
Welcome to spring break,
the annual migration of the idiot.
All night till then
I'm gonna wade in it
You know I'm so on fire
Oh, come on higher, you
were the flame in it
Check it out.
And now it feels so good
When you want it so bad
I think I know
I've got a very nice room for you.
It's lined with mirrors.
Why do you think I need mirrors?
. Sorry-
- Thank you.
I just want some, do
when you do what you do
How'd you like that doin'
squats on your tool?
Do you have a reservation?
Ronnie Rivera and the Skip Banacek.
You look familiar.
Yeah, you're the guy who threw
that last-minute interception
at the Orange Bowl.
Blew the national championship.
Still kind of a sore point.
Damn, I thought you had that game won.
Feel so good
Fooled ya!
You jerk!
What's the matter?
You can't take a joke?
Not bad, eh, Skipper?
Don't let it bum you out.
By this time next year,
nobody'll even remember
who played the damn game.
I Will.
Look, buddy.
You gotta bury your dead.
That's the whole idea
for coming here, huh?
One week of nonstop partying
guaranteed to blow away
so many brain cells, you
won't even remember your name!
Quit acting like such a kid.
Hey, remember when we found
where our Easter baskets
were hidden, and we ate all the candy?
How could I forget?
We were grounded for a week.
I want every one of these
used by sunrise, Easter morning,
or I'm telling the whole
school you're a bender.
"It's alive!"
Beaver scouting patrol
leaves in five minutes!
What's this bullshit
about body-snatching?
Somebody bought the caretaker,
made off with Diablo's stiff.
How long ago?
Sometime last night.
Caretaker was fillin' in with dirt
after the Demons gave him a big funeral.
We don't have enough worries,
with this ghoulish nonsense.
Probably some drunk breakers,
thinkin' it's a fun trick.
Diablo's biker buddies.
He vowed he was coming back.
What do you mean?
Those were his last words.
What are you doing here, Reverend?
Visiting my wife's grave.
We don't need any
spook talk goin' around.
I'll take care of those bikers.
Leave them to me.
Please, are
you going to the beach?
Whoa, come on!
Jump in, let's go.
Thanks so much.
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop!
Hi, you going to Manatee Beach?
You from around here?
Hey, look.
Maybe you should pull over.
I wanna get off!
Let me off this thing!
I wanna get off this thing!
We made bad love
Do it to me for a
little heaven tonight
Gonna party slow, girl
If it takes all night
Come on and take a chance
Let's make bad love so right
Sorry, dude.
Damn you, damn idiot!
Oh, watch me explode
Hey, biker parking only.
I didn't see any sign.
I'm it.
Now move that toy before I trash it.
Get a grip.
Hey, chill out.
Look, we don't want
any trouble, all right?
Outta here, before I waste 'em.
Stuff this, leatherhead.
Okay, beat it.
Come on, scram, get outta here.
You and your mutts are
barred from the beach
until after spring break.
You can't bar us.
This is our hangout.
Not until after Easter.
Get your asses outta here
before I haul you all in!
Show 'em how.
You wouldn't happen to know
who snatched Diablo's body,
would ya?
Yeah, I watched him fry.
He stank, just like burning garbage.
You dirty son of a bitch!
You framed him, just,
you stinkin' pig!
Go ahead, let him go.
I'll be happy to put
him out of his misery.
You'll get yours, Pig-
I never would for the crowd tonight
You wanna box in the cold moonlight
I love to watch you
when you shake your tail
Get ready I'm on your trail
I've got some lovin'
with your name on it
I love it!
This must be what heaven's like.
Get ready
Ready to play
Ain't nothin' gonna come
between me and my love
Get ready, put your heart on the line
Yo, babe!
Hold on.
What can I get you?
Two shots of 151 rum,
a couple of beer chasers,
and your phone number.
Light or dark beer?
Light, like your eyes.
You know, you'd be a lot
prettier if you'd smile more.
Death in the family.
To brain damage!
Ain't nothing gonna come
between me and my love
Get ready
Beaver patrol, hold the fort.
You can't, you can't hide
Hi, what's your name?
So give it up, baby
It just got good
Hi, you're cute.
Wanna take a walk with me?
No, thanks.
Come on.
I'll be real good to you.
Hey, don't you want that beer?
No, thanks.
I got some lovin' with your name on it
I see the fire and
the look in your eyes
My kind of lovin' is
a lesson you learn
So what We're gonna burn
Burn, burn, burn
Excuse me, sir.
Do you have a quarter so
that I can call my parents?
I hate to ask, but my
pocketbook was stolen.
Oh, sure.
Sure, honey.
Gotta be careful with all these
wild kids around here, huh?
Oh, thank you.
You're a very kind person.
Yeah, tell me, what school do you go to?
I had to drop out.
See, my parents lost their
business and now I have to work.
Oh, that's too bad.
I was studying to be a doctor.
I wanted to help all the
poor people in our town.
Oh, that's a pitiful shame, really.
Thank you.
Have a nice night.
Yeah, now, wait a minute.
You see, maybe if we, uh,
you talk to me about it, we
can come up with a solution.
Well, you've been kind enough already.
Oh, I'm only too glad too help.
All right.
There you go.
Where have you been?
Out, with friends.
You've been drinking and acting lewd.
I'm 18.
I can do what I want.
Don't you care about your soul?
Look, I'm sick of being
judged by your stupid morality!
Just stay out of my life and
let me worry about my own soul.
Hah, yes, sir.
Now that should be carrying you through
the whole next semester, huh?
I don't know how to thank you.
Well, you just get your degree
and help all those poor people.
I will, I will.
All right.
Bye-bye, damn'.
So, you're biology majors.
So am I.
Really, what school?
School o' hard knocks.
Shark, shark!
Shark, shark!
Get outta the way!
Watch it!
A great white dorsal fin!
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
You moron!
Don't ever pull that again!
It was a joke!
Can't anybody take a joke?
What a horse's ass.
I'm going for a burger.
My wallet's missing!
Mine too!
Got us in a game of touch.
Not interested.
Stop being such a wank.
Hey, I saw you in Sports Illustrated.
Tough luck about the Orange Bowl.
I'm gonna go.
Yeah, right.
Sweet smellin' perfume,
skinny and mean
She's the kind of girl
that could make you scream
All right!
The girl with the red dress on
The girl with the red dress red dress
She's got a face of an angel
and a body that screams
Mean 'n nasty
Yeah, baby!
Little girl, she's finding herself
That's how to make the good times roll
Little girl's actin'
mean and nasty now
Little girl's got a nasty habit
Gotta get her rock 'n roll
The little girl's actin'
mean and nasty now
Mean 'n nasty
Take you or leave you
She got you where she wants you
Let's spend the night together
We'll make it last forever
Look, Skipper.
Anybody can throw five
interceptions in one game.
Testaverde, Elway, Marino.
Doesn't matter.
I'm through with football.
Get outta here.
You're a shoo-in to get
drafted in the first round.
You don't understand.
All I ever wanted was to lead us
to the national championship,
and I blew it.
Oh, here comes the snub queen.
Hey, nice ass!
You're eighty-six!
Get outta here!
Tragic waste of bod.
Two more beers.
Goin' back to the room.
Come on, buddy.
Don't wimp on me.
It's not even dark yet.
And what about all those rubbers?
I'm sure you'll need all of them.
Okay, go ahead.
Be a drag.
Just do me one favor.
Remind me to call my mom tomorrow.
It's her birthday, and, uh, I
plan to be brain-dead by then.
Gonna party slow, girl
if it takes all night
Come on and take a chance
Let's make bad love so right
We make bad love so right
He needs someone warm
and sympathetic to, uh,
drill his brains out.
Well, I didn't know they
taught pimping in college.
Let's make bad love so right
Well, every year we
play host to over 100,000
of our country's finest young people.
How many casualties
have there been so far?
Oh, just a few scrapes
and bruises, right, Chief?
What about the breaker
they found murdered
outside the county line?
Well, that's out of our jurisdiction.
Make sure you get a good
shot of our new city hall.
We're mighty proud of it.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I'd like to know what's
going on here, please.
Could you hold him for
the camera for a minute?
What happened to this boy?
Now, you be sure to put this
to your law school tuition, honey.
Oh, I will.
We're come over
To get you
Wanna get naked?
Get lost, dickhead.
You wanna get sloppy.
You want to bum short hairs.
I'm Ronnie Rivera,
all-conference wide receiver.
Gimme a break, Jerk.
Hey, stud.
What's shakin', mama?
You and me, babe.
All right!
Your place or mine?
I've got a place where we
can party ourselves blind.
Bring it on!
Come on, baby.
You gorgeous thing, you.
You don't worry about
getting any diseases,
'cause I got raincoats.
What are you doing with my old lady?
Then what are them rubbers for?
Easter presents.
I don't like guys who
try to put the horns on me.
Then you shouldn't have
such a horny old lady.
Well, we're gonna have
to teach you some manners.
You're like an animal
You're like an animal
Those are some nasty
cuts you got there, honey.
You son of a bitch!
Come on, biker punk.
Just you and me.
I'll kick your ass!
What the hell could've happened to him?
He spilled booze on
himself and went up in smoke.
These burn marks match the ones
on the murdered hitchhiker.
Aw, Jesus.
Serial murders during
spring break could ruin us.
Well, there were some
motorcycle tracks in the alley.
Maybe it was Diablo.
That's not funny.
Diablo is dead.
You saw him executed.
Right, Doc?
Well, there was no
heartbeat when I checked him,
but there have been documented cases
where a massive shock can cause a
catatonic, almost death-like state
that can last for several hours.
Are you saying it's
possible Diablo's still alive?
I'm saying there's a remote possibility.
Aw, Jesus.
Are you sure nobody else saw the body?
It was hid behind a dumpster.
Why don't you give him
a nice private funeral
out by the old phosphate mine?
You know I can lose my
license by not reporting this?
Do this little favor for me,
and I'll overlook all the pills you give
your pretty beach boys.
Chief, we got a 5-11
at Sunnybrook Mall.
Breakers running naked through the Kmart.
Gimme a beer, quick.
You have to wait your turn.
I can't take this anymore.
Oh, my God!
What's the matter?
Can't you take a joke?
That's not funny.
Excuse me?
I'm sorry, it's just been a crazy day.
That's okay.
I'm looking for my friend.
Have you seen him?
No, not since last night.
He got pretty drunk after you left.
I need to find him and
remind him to call his mom.
Well, I'll tell him if I see him.
Thanks a lot.
Hey, someone swiped our dough!
Son of a bitch!
Sweet smellin' perfume,
skinny and mean
She's the kind of girl
that could make you scream
The girl with the red dress on
The girl with the red dress red dress
She's got a face of an angel
and a body that screams
Mean 'n nasty
Little girl, she's finding herself
That's how to make the good times roll
Little girl's actin'
mean and nasty now
Little girl's got a nasty habit
Gotta get her rock 'n roll
The little girl's actin'
mean and nasty now
Mean 'n nasty
Take you or leave you
She got you where she wants you
Excuse me.
Where did you get that medal?
From my old man.
That looks just like my friend's medal.
What a coincidence.
We're coming over
To get you
Don't breathe, punk.
Hey, this college puke was spying on us!
He followed me from the beach.
I'm looking for my friend.
That's his medal.
You calling my old lady a thief?
Look, just tell me where
my friend is, all right?
We ain't seen him,
and you're trespassing!
What's goin' on here?
We caught this puke trespassing.
They stole my friend's medal.
Get back to you own kind, college boy.
But I...
You creep!
Got a warrant here to
search for Diablo's body.
We ain't got it.
Wouldn't surprise me if you dirtbags
was orgyin' with his corpse.
You're a real bastard, Strycher.
Someday I'll watch the rest of you fry,
just the way I watched him.
Hey, Strycher.
Maybe he rose up from the dead to get you.
I can't believe my luck,
bumping into a physical therapy student!
Well, I just learned a
great new massage technique.
Thank you.
That does it!
I feel like a new man!
Are you sure I can't help
you walk down to the car?
No, no.
I can make it, believe me.
That was some massage, I'll tell ya.
This'll get ya that
therapy table you wanted.
Oh, thank you so much!
Do do do
Someone there?
Who's in there?
You pervert!
You slimy, peeping, little pervert!
Come on!
Open the door, please!
Open the door!
Open the door.
Help. Help!
Please open the do...
Well, now, me and the boys
Feel like gettin' into trouble
Hello, Reverend.
Hello, Gail.
Is my daughter in there?
She left earlier.
Excuse me.
Is something wrong?
That poor man.
He's the father of that
girl who came on to you
the other night.
Did you see my friend?
I looked for him,
but he didn't come in.
I found his medal.
Some biker chick was wearing it.
One of the Demons?
They're bad news.
Wouldn't tell me anything,
but I think they beat him up.
Did you check the beach clinic?
That's where they take
all the injured breakers.
"Where is it?"
I'll show you.
Hop in.
I'm Skip.
Gail Jackson.
Go Gators!
How 'bout them Gators!
Gators, baby!
Do you see him?
There's the doctor.
Dr. Willet?
Uh, we're looking for a breaker who might
have been beat up and brought here.
So many.
Do you have a description?
He's six feet, 175, was wearing jeans,
a red tank top, with a blue
and white shirt over it.
No, I've, I really don't recall
seeing anyone that fits that description.
Are you sure?
I don't believe so.
Excuse me.
Come on.
We'll try the police station.
Stay here.
We had our purses stolen on the beach,
and we know who it was!
He was about five foot
three with blondish hair.
He's wearing a baseball
cap, a yellow T-shirt,
and surfer pants.
There's probably 20,000
breakers fit that description,
and we ain't got the
manpower to haul 'em all in
for a lineup.
What can I do for you, Gail?
We're looking
for Skip's roommate.
He's disappeared.
Probably shacked up
with some beach bunny.
No, one of the Demon's
girlfriends was wearing his medal.
Maybe he gave it to her.
No way.
Kidnapping's a serious charge.
You better have some witnesses.
Wanna put out a missing person's report?
Let's go.
Thanks a lot.
What'd they want?
Looking for his missing buddy.
Hey, that's Banacek!
The kid that blew the Orange Bowl.
Yeah, I dropped 50 bucks on that game.
Well, thanks anyway.
Sorry we couldn't find him.
Well, where to?
I better get home.
Go Gators!
Go Gators!
That's a creepy looking place.
My dad used to own it
before he and my mom died.
Oh, it looks like rain.
Just what I don't need.
The bar is gonna be insane tomorrow.
Why do you work there?
I need the money.
Besides, it's, this town
isn't exactly booming
with opportunity.
Then why don't you move?
I guess 'cause I've
lived here all my life.
Thanks for the ride.
Thanks for the help.
I'm sure he'll show up.
You live here alone?
My sister used to live here with me,
until she was murdered.
One of the Demons did it.
Did they ever catch him?
They electrocuted him the other day.
Look, I'd rather not talk
about this right now.
It's very painful.
Hey, I understand.
Would you like to
come in for some coffee?
Better keep looking for Ronnie.
You, uh, working tomorrow?
Every day until break is over.
Mind if I drop by to see you?
I'd like that.
Good night.
Good night.
Your parents should be whipped.
Well, obviously he's been garroted,
strangled by someone taller.
They had to pull up.
Maybe whoever he was peepin' on.
Let's keep this as
low-profile as we can.
She's burned, just like the other one.
Get another ambulance down here quick,
and move all these gawkers back.
- Don't move.
I have no money.
I don't want money.
Just pull over.
Pull over!
Where's my friend?
I don't know.
That's a lie.
Where is he?
He's dead.
How did he die?
I don't know.
They burned him and then beat him.
Who did it, the bikers?
I really don't know.
Where's his body?
The phosphate mine.
What did they do to you, man?
You asked me to go with you.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't I?
I don't know.
I, I let you down again, man.
I should've been there for you.
I'm sorry I let you down.
I'm sorry.
You finish your eulogy?
Get that shovel and put that
dirt back where you found it.
Who killed him?
Don't question me, boy!
Do it!
Or you'll wind up right beside him.
That your car?
Point this thing north to the county line,
and don't stop till you see snow.
You can't keep this covered up.
You try to stir things up,
you're facing a murder charge.
You could never prove it.
Bet me.
I got your fingerprints
all over this, boy.
Why don't you try to
find the real killer?
You got 30 seconds to get outta here.
Loomis here.
We need a suspect in these killings quick.
Don't sweat it.
I got just the boy for ya.
Go Gators!
You can't pull this crap with me!
I didn't kill nobody!
Well, tell it to the judge.
You're motherfuckin' framing me,
just like you framed Diablo.
Shut the fuck up.
Son of a bitch!
Hey, come back here and take
these goddamn cuffs off!
Go Gators!
Another beer here.
Oh, thank God you're here.
I'm bushed.
All I see is a world gone crazy
I see chaos in the street
I see everybody searchin'
Feelin' incomplete
Now, I don't know the answers
But I don't let it
I almost shot you.
What's wrong?
Someone on a motorcycle
followed me home.
There's nobody there.
I wasn't imagining it.
I believe you.
I'm sorry if I scared you.
The chief of police ran me out of town
and this was the only
place I knew where to hide.
I found Ronnie, buried
out at some old mine.
Oh, no.
The local officials are
trying to cover it up.
I made that doctor tell
me where they buried him.
He must've called the chief.
He told me that he would
frame me for Ronnie's murder
if I came back.
But why?
Why don't they find the real killer?
I don't know.
So, how did he die?
He, he had, he had burns
all over his body.
But why would they try to cover it up?
It must be because of spring break.
I mean a gruesome murder like
that could scare off business.
At least two other
people have been killed.
And that girl staying at
the hotel had burns too.
What are you gonna do?
Stay till I find Ronnie's killer.
You could stay here if you want.
I'll go make up the couch.
There's been another murder!
There's been another murder!
Oh, no!
Come on!
Oh, my God!
There he is, there he is!
Quick, somebody call the cops!
Ha ha, fooled ya.
You jerk, you moron, you idiot.
You asshole.
Go to hell.
Nobody can take a joke.
"You jerk!"
Where you goin'?
Who are you?
Let me go!
Put those willies out there!
Come on, girls!
Coat 'em in oil!
Bring 'em out, girls!
Wet 'em down!
That's it!
Get ready I'm on your tail
I've got some loving
with your name on it
So hot We're gonna burn, burn, burn
Get ready, ready to burn
Ain't nothin'
Good morning.
They arrested one of the
Demons for the hotel murders.
But there was another
killing late last night,
a breaker girl whose
body, what was left of it,
was dumped in front of city hall.
So the killer's still out there.
How are you gonna find it?
I wanna check out those bikers first.
Either they killed Ronnie,
or they know who did.
I wanna go with you.
It's too dangerous.
I don't care.
I owe this to my sister.
Testing, one, two, three.
Testing, one, two, three.
Get a shot of the mayor.
That's the fourth
news crew this morning.
We're probably on the
damn satellite by now.
Oh, Jesus.
Just promise 'em the
situation is under control.
Damn switchboard's jammed with
calls from worried parents.
I'm gonna haul in the rest
of those dirtbag bikers.
Oh, you know it's not them,
just like you knew it wasn't Diablo
that killed the Jackson girl.
Hey, don't go playing virgin on me.
You know too.
You wanted a patsy to save face.
I delivered him for you.
What if the killer is Diablo?
Aw, don't talk like
the goddamn Reverend.
I watched him fry.
No way he could've lived through it.
I told you, I told you.
You can't hide murder.
You can't hide.
Willet, you're drunk.
No, no.
I'm ruined!
They'll take my license!
Shut up.
Keep your goddamn mouth shut.
You shut...
Whoo, let's ride.
The whole gang's here.
I'll slip into your moonlit night
Feel the heat within
That's Trina.
Her ex-boyfriend is the
one who killed my sister.
Wait here.
Soon we will be free
Yell, and I'll cut your fucking throat.
I want some answers.
Drop dead.
Who killed my friend?
Not us.
We didn't even know he was dead.
That's bull.
You killed him, just like
Diablo killed my sister.
Diablo didn't kill anybody.
He was too drunk to even walk that night.
That's a dirty lie.
Why don't you ask
that bastard, Strycher?
He was the one who framed him.
How'd he get Ronnie's medal?
We kicked his ass.
But he was still alive when we split.
Then who killed him?
You tell me.
Maybe it was Diablo.
I don't believe her,
especially about my sister.
What if it's all true?
Well, Diablo swore to me
at the execution chamber
that he didn't kill Mary.
What about Strycher?
He's always been real mean.
He used to follow me and
Mary around in his car
and try to get us to take rides with him.
You don't think he could've
killed the both of them, do you?
Only way to know is to check him out.
Let's go.
I don't see his car.
He must be on duty.
Does he live with anyone?
Watch the road.
It's open.
Are you okay?
Where did you get that?
I started carrying it
after my sister was killed.
It's a good idea, huh?
What are we looking for?
You'll know if you find it.
You get the bed.
I'll check the drawers.
Look at this.
That doesn't prove he's a murderer.
This might be something.
Oh, that's so sick.
What is it?
That's my sister, Mary.
That's how she looked
when they found her body.
Stinking, rotten bastard!
It still doesn't prove he killed her.
He could have stolen it
from her police file.
It's him.
What do we do?
Rich, where the hell you been?
What's happening, huh?
What's been going on here?
Come here.
Somebody's been here.
Dyn-o-mite, dyn-o-mite
Wanna roll your mind tonight
What do you want?
I thought you might like
to go to the prayer meeting
with me.
Daddy, I told you, I'm
not going to church anymore.
Let's pray together.
Stop it!
Rachael, wait!
Rachael, please.
Uh, sorry to intrude, Reverend,
but I need to talk to you.
Yes, come on in.
We've got a delicate
situation on our hands here,
with these murders.
Is it really possible
that it could be Diablo?
As an evil spirit?
As whatever you like.
I have got over a hundred
thousand potential victims
out there.
He could be influencing someone,
like the demons our Lord cast out.
Ah, Jesus.
If that's true, then what can we do?
The only thing we can
do is pray, brother.
First they waste Diablo.
Now they snatch Dawg.
They're trying to wipe us out.
Are we gonna sit around and take it
like a bunch of pussies?
No, no way.
Goddamn right.
I'm gonna go free my brother.
Anybody else comin'?
Yeah, yeah!
Come on!
Hey, wait!
Hey, wait!
Wait for me!
Hey, wait!
Where are you?
Who's there?
Who are you?
I knew they couldn't kill you, baby.
Don't worry about me and Dawg.
I'm still yours.
Oh, baby, take off that helmet
so I can see your pretty face.
Stop, no, stop!
No, no.
Don't think I'm falling at your feet
I'll be your slave I'll
count every heartbeat
'Cause I don't think
I can lose you again
I still feel the hurt
Still remember the pain
You and I were the right romance
Where's Strycher?
I haven't seen him all night.
Get every available man out here.
Yes, sir.
Touch me now
The fire glows
Turn on the heat I miss you so
Uh, Charlie four-two.
Aqua 10-28 at the band shell.
Say the word, I'll be there
To live in your love
I don't really care
Say the word
Take me high
As long as you're here
in my arms, I could die
Thank you.
Jockstrap boyfriend
busted into my trailer.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
And I'm gonna get you both.
And you're gonna wish to hell
you died with your sister.
Over here.
Strycher just came into the bar.
He knows we broke into his trailer.
He said he's gonna get us.
Do you still think he's the killer?
I don't know.
I got a plan.
The killer followed you
the other night, right?
Maybe he'll follow you again.
You ride around on your
scooter and keep me posted.
I'll wait here so that
he doesn't suspect a plan.
Well, how can we catch him?
You don't have to do this, you know?
No, I want to.
Here, take this.
Be careful.
Ma'am, I ain't got
anybody to send over there.
The whole shift's on crowd control.
All right. Just give me the address.
We'll send somebody over if we can.
What the hell?
Put the phone down.
Come on, we gotta haul
before the heat comes down.
Wait, I got a score to settle first.
Let's go.
How's it going?
Nothing yet.
Skip, can you hear me?
No sign of him.
It's no fantasy I belong
I need you so bad
This just can't be wrong
Oh, I can't believe
I'd be back for more
I need you, baby
Like never before
It's just that joker jerk.
Come on, move your ass.
Somebody else got murdered!
Settle down!
You're gonna be all right.
Just settle down, slow down.
Take it easy.
Get out of my way!
Skip, can you hear me?
I think he's behind me.
I'm going west on Third, on Third Street.
What, do you own the street?
Get out of the way!
Up yours, bud!
Move it!
What, do you own the street?
Move it, or I'll rip your head off!
Okay, bud, okay.
Take it easy, okay.
Oh, everything's okay, Officer.
Thanks, bye.
Move it!
Skip, Skip.
False alarm.
Find Chief Strycher.
Tell him we lost control.
Skip, I've been down
the same streets twice.
There's no sign of him.
What should I do?
Why don't you head towards
your father's junkyard?
I'll follow you a few blocks behind.
Who's there?
Now your ass is mine.
You sorry-ass jockstrap.
Who do you think you're
fuckin' around with?
This is yours.
Assaulting an officer
with a deadly weapon.
That's cause to blow your
fuckin' pretty head off.
Get up, you ugly tub of chicken guts!
You ain't such a tough pig now.
Let's go for a ride.
You're like an animal
Skip. Skip!
Who are you?
You killed my sister.
You're an evil little
slut, just like your sister.
You killed her!
She was a lustful sinner,
like these heathen invaders!
You're crazy!
I am the avenging angel of the Lord.
I wreak his vengeance on
those who flaunt his will.
Everyone must die, like Diablo,
death by electrocution.
Looks like a stadium after a big game.
I'm havin' some more
With the opposite sex
Comin' on too strong
I won't miss it.
Is what you need to get
Now, I'm into good times
Fun is my middle name
So don't start what
what you can't complete
Love's my game
Take my body
Ooh, ooh
Take it good
Take the shape I'm in
Treat me like a real man should
See my big baby blues
The best place to start
But baby, please
Don't take my heart
When you move with
the beat of the night
Don't leave a trace
Like a dog to the bone
Wear your perfume and lace
Now, I'm into respect
So hear my advice
When you're messin'
with bad girls like me
We're naughty but nice
Take my body
Ooh, ooh
Take it good
Take the shape I'm in
Treat me like a real man should
See my big baby blues
The best place to start
But baby, please
Don't take my heart
Baby, baby, baby, please
Don't break my heart
Baby, please
Don't break my heart