Nightmare Neighborhood Moms (2022) Movie Script

[slow mysterious music]
[door creaks open]
christian I'm in here.
[door closes]
you want me to come find you,
so you can do whatever
you want with me?
-[gun cocks]
I thought that--
you thought what,
that I was christian?
My husband, christian?
Cheap. Christian
hates that color.
I, I think this is all just
a big misunderstanding.
I'm not--
you're not what, kira,
sleeping with my husband?
It's bad enough you've been
sneaking around with him
for months, but to stand
here and lie to me about it?
You must think I'm
a complete idiot.
Are you looking for this?
Oh, looks like
christian's running late.
Lucky for me, but
not so much for you.
-[phone thuds]
-[phone shatters]
[kira gasps]
[sighs] you know, he
gave me those flowers too
when we first got together,
before he got bored
and started sleeping
with whores like you.
Bonnie, I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
This was all just a big mistake.
I was gonna end it tonight.
I guess you were
planning on giving him
quite the send off.
You know what the worst
part about all this is?
You're not even special.
This house, everything
that you own,
it's from your ex-husband.
You don't work.
You're not even that pretty.
You're nothing but a basic slut.
Oh, really?
Well, you're nothing
but a frigid bitch,
and that's why chris--
-[gunshot blasts]
-[kira grunts]
[kira thuds]
[tense suspenseful music]
-[bonnie grunts]
-[vase shatters]
[suspenseful music]
[gentle somber music]
[charlotte] we're here.
It's beautiful.
You did good, mom. [giggles]
[women breathing heavily]
not bad.
We can do a second run today
to get the real miles in.
Right, renee?
Absolutely. More cardio
is never a bad thing.
Oh, I guess the new
neighbors finally moved in.
I can't believe the garcias
sold that house for so little.
They should've used me as
their real estate agent.
Oh, it looks like their
girl's about my sabrina's age.
She could use some more
friends. She's just so shy.
Yeah, you're right. Sabrina's
nothing like my victoria.
I also noticed that the new
neighbor has no husband.
Probably divorced.
Maybe her husband's
just, working?
She's lifting all
the heavy boxes.
She is definitely single.
The quintessential
independent woman.
[renee scoffs]
I think we have another
kira on our hands.
Um, I, I, I can go talk to
her, get the story if you want?
No, not yet. I wanna
say hello first.
We're on for tomorrow
after our run?
Yeah, wouldn't miss it. [laughs]
all right, girl.
What's, what's
happening tomorrow?
I, I'll, I'll figure it out.
[angela groans]
[slow somber music]
welcome to the neighborhood.
Hello there, I'm bonnie.
Charlotte. Nice to meet you.
This is for you.
I just love to roll out the
red carpet for new neighbors.
Thank you. That is so kind.
Is that your daughter?
Yes, that's jordan.
I have a daughter too. Victoria.
She's studying abroad in paris.
Wow, you must be so proud.
Oh. Is your husband
home as well?
I'm divorced.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
I'm not. It's for the best.
Are you gonna open it?
Oh, yes, of course.
All of these products are
from an amazing company
that I represent
called elavelle.
That right there,
that's beauty juice.
It'll absolutely
change your life.
Angela, she lives
just down the street.
She got adult cystic
acne, poor thing,
and that cleared it right up.
I am very familiar
with these products.
All of these products, actually.
I'm a sales rep
for elavelle too.
You are?
Well, I knew I liked you.
[charlotte laughs hesitantly]
I am just gonna get you
some nice wine instead.
Oh, no gifts are
necessary, really.
Trust me. You'll need it.
It was lovely to meet you.
I'll be seeing you
around, neighbor.
[tense music]
how's the neighbor?
Nice. I think.
[deep ominous music]
[gasps] charlotte's number one?
[deep somber music]
you've only been there
a year longer than me.
You're not gonna be
number one for long.
[deep somber music]
no personal photos.
All business.
Is that because your
husband left you
for a prettier younger thing?
[deep somber music]
[garage door buzzing]
[cork pops]
[charlotte] oh.
Need some help?
[charlotte] I'm okay.
Christian, you want some wine?
[tense music]
[crickets chirping]
-Let me get that.
-[charlotte groaning]
-I got it.
[christian] I got it.
Pretty heavy.
[charlotte] you're
so nice to help.
[christian] just being
a good neighbor.
Which room's this go in?
Kitchen, but, you really
don't have to do this.
Oh, come on. It's my pleasure.
[tense suspenseful music]
all right. Where do
you want it? [grunts]
you can just put it
right over there.
[box thuds]
[sighs] I'm
christian, by the way.
Charlotte. I think I
met your wife earlier.
Ah, yes, my wife.
Always likes to know
everything that is going on
in the neighborhood.
So, what brings you to
cascade lake, charlotte?
Well, my daughter wants to get
into an ivy for engineering
and there's an amazing
stem program here.
Apparently, all the
kids who get into
the cascade lake's program
end up having their pick
of which university to attend.
That's right, my daughter
got into that program
and now she's
studying in paris.
Your wife mentioned
that, very impressive.
Bonnie's cousin is actually
on the selection committee
for the stem program.
Oh really?
[door clicks shut]
speaking of, this is
my daughter, jordan.
Meet christian.
Hi, it's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
All right, I'm gonna let you
two get back to unpacking,
but if you need some help
lifting the heavier stuff,
I'm just a knock away.
I appreciate that. Thanks again.
You're welcome.
Have a great night.
All right, let's
get these boxes.
[door closes]
What the hell?
Where were you?
I saw the neighbor
carrying a heavy box
and I thought I'd
give her a hand.
Oh, how helpful of you.
Is there something wrong
with being a good neighbor?
Not unless you're going
back to your old ways.
You do have a thing for
neighbors, after all.
And here I thought
we moved past that.
You better watch yourself.
So should you.
[deep tense music]
this neighborhood's a little
weird, don't you think?
You don't like it?
It's just different
living in the suburbs.
At least in the city,
you know what to expect.
I don't really know what these
stepford wives are up to.
That's it. No more
true crime podcasts.
[chuckles] I'm just
looking out for us.
So am I. We are in
this together, babe.
We're here to secure
your future, remember?
Lacy's driving
out here tomorrow.
She's having trouble sleeping,
so I'm packaging together
all these products, kinda like
a better sleep prescription.
Say, that's a cool idea.
You're so good at
this stuff, mom.
I need to channel some
of your sales energy
for my stem program application.
It's due this week and we
both know I'm not that great
at selling myself.
If I don't get in,
it's kinda like we moved
to this town for nothing.
Oh, you know what?
The neighbor mentioned
they're related to someone
who runs the program.
Why don't I see if
I can get a meeting?
And then you can just
let me do the selling.
Yes. Yes, thank you.
[slosomber music]
[utensil clinking]
some of these products are
marketed to help women feel
better in their body.
Let's be honest, they just wanna
get rid of their cellulite.
[both chuckle]
let me guess,
these are the women
who wait to have their
kids in their 30s
and can't seem to peel
off the baby weight.
[laughs] exactly. You're
gonna be a natural at this.
So we'll split the sales
from your commission 50-50.
And you can do it
nights and weekends
until you earn enough
to replace your salary.
-[computer dings]
-new sales contest.
The winner in each district
gets, a company car?
You help me get to
number one and win this--
And you'll be earning
a six-figure commission
by the end of the
year, guaranteed.
Anything to get me outta my
soul-sucking corporate job,
okay, you gotta deal.
Hm. Now here's what
we're going to do.
We're gonna throw a big party,
invite everyone we know,
and we're gonna win that car.
[birds chirping]
[mysterious music]
I love you, and you love me,
and that's all that matters.
[birds chirping]
I'm so excited for
this new sleep package.
I'm really glad the
supplements are helping.
And coupled with
the other products,
you should be getting
more rest in no time.
I'm going to tell all my
sleep-deprived ladies in my pta.
You're going to get
a ton of orders.
Already getting a jump
on the contest, I see.
In the spirit of
friendly competition,
I wanted to invite
you and jordan
to my elavelle garden
party tomorrow.
My daughter might even fly
home from paris to attend.
Did you just make
this, this morning?
Party planning's
kinda my thing.
I, I just ask that you don't
try to poach any of my clients
at the party.
Of course I wouldn't do that.
And in keeping in the spirit
of friendly competition,
I'd like to invite
you to a party
I'm throwing here at the house
next week for my clients.
So, it's settled then.
Oh, before you go,
your husband mentioned
you have a family member
who's on the selection
committee for the stem program.
Did he? Well, he's correct.
My cousin is the
Do you have any pointers on
getting a meeting with him?
We moved to this town
just so my daughter
could be in the school
district and have a chance
in getting into that program.
My cousin's virtually impossible
to get a meeting with.
I mean, he doesn't
really take meetings
with parents directly.
But, maybe I could call him,
get him to move your
daughter's application
to the top of the pile.
Thank you. I
appreciate any help.
[gentle music]
[bonnie] we're working
on a lot of new products,
so really take a look.
Take a look at all
of the skin cream.
And, the lip gloss are
wonderful. Thank you so much.
Oh, no, thank you.
-I'm fine.
-Thanks for coming.
Thanks so much.
[bonnie] hi charlotte.
Hey. Say hi.
Whoo. You're definitely
winning this contest.
I've sold maybe $5,000
worth of products,
and the party's just started,
-so I'm feeling really good.
-Good job.
Now, let's double it.
-Oh, I'm on it.
-Lift, lift. Lift, lift.
-I'll stop.
-What're you doing?
Uh, yes?
What do you know about her?
Oh, well, she's
definitely divorced.
Uh, I know that already.
But, I don't think it was a
friendly divorce if you know--
I'm so glad you could
make it, charlotte.
This is a beautiful party.
Is your daughter here?
I wanted to introduce her.
Jordan really wants to
study in paris someday.
It will be so nice to hear about
your daughter's experience.
Victoria really wanted
to be here, but--
she's in paris studying,
where she should be.
Well, next time
she's in town then.
Here, I brought you this.
[bonnie] oh.
Very generous of you.
Well, it is the
thought that counts.
I can take your purse so
you don't have to hold it.
Sweetheart, the ice
needs refilling.
We have caterers
who can handle that.
Yes, but they don't know where
to find that extra freezer.
Well, you can show them.
I'm in the middle of
hosting our guests.
Mom, why don't we go over there
and get some of
those fancy pastries?
Sure, honey.
Thank you again,
bonnie, for the invite.
This really is a
beautiful party.
Don't embarrass me.
[gentle music]
-[tense music]
-charlotte sommers. Hm.
[purse contents shuffling]
what're you doing?
Oh, just being a good hostess.
By looking through
someone's personal effects?
That's not what I was doing.
Trust me.
I don't need to rifle through
charlotte's cheap purse
to know that she
is not interesting.
[tense music]
[relaxed choral
music in background]
fun party, huh?
[chuckles] yeah.
I just got out of a
riveting conversation
about a celery juice cleanse.
[girls chuckle]
you're jordan, right?
I'm sabrina.
You want some?
Uh, no.
I have a peanut allergy
and all of that sweet stuff
is like almond,
hazelnut, whatever.
[both laugh]
is everyone in the
neighborhood like this?
Yeah, pretty much.
I think my mom would
probably be different
if we lived somewhere else.
But, my dad is away for
business all the time,
and so, she just gets
sucked into it all.
My mom's just been
acting really weird
since the whole robbery
thing, you know?
Oh, you haven't heard?
Yeah, a couple months ago,
somebody broke into a house
in the neighborhood.
They tried to rob the
owner, and they killed her.
[tense music]
I was actually born in the city.
And why'd you move
out of atlanta?
My daughter is trying to get
into the stem program here,
and we have to live in the
school district to qualify.
Oh, well it's nice
that your daughter
will get both environments,
suburbia and city. [chuckles]
how often does she
visit her father?
Things are a bit complicated,
so she's just with me.
Oh, so you get
sole custody then.
Mom, did you know
somebody who was murdered
in this neighborhood
like, three months ago?
-Excuse me?
Sabrina, are you trying
to scare our neighbors?
It's not like it's
a secret, mom.
What happened?
[angela breathing shallowly]
Angela, are you all right?
One second.
[angela gasping]
hey, mom?
[bonnie] is everything
okay over here?
I don't think
angela's feeling well.
Look. Look at me.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I was just informed
there was a murder
in this neighborhood.
Is that true?
It was awful what happened.
But, I promise you that
cascade lakes has never seen
as much as a fly get
hurt before that.
It was a completely random,
isolated incident.
What's going on?
Oh, charlotte just found
out about poor kira.
But I told her that our
neighborhood is completely safe.
There's nothing to worry about.
Okay. This is weird.
You all look like you've
just seen a ghost,
and someone was killed.
I don't care how safe the
neighborhood normally is.
Mom, why don't I build a
neighborhood watch forum?
Let's not make any
rash decisions.
Everything that deals
with the neighborhood
has to be voted on and
approved by all the residents.
Well, I think it's a smart idea.
Yeah, I set one up in
my old neighborhood
as a project for school.
I can build a custom,
private online forum
and we can each hook up our
outdoor security camera feeds
to it.
As long as all the
neighbors agree,
anyone can see what's
going on at any time.
This forum online would help
us watch other neighbors?
Make sure there's nothing
out of sorts going on?
I think that's a fabulous idea.
[deep mysterious music]
[crickets chirping]
so, I'm set up as
the administrator.
I've emailed
everyone their login
to the neighborhood watch forum.
I've uploaded all the
feeds from your outside
security cameras.
You can log into
the forum any time.
Click around, flag any
suspicious activity
by pressing this button.
That'll send an alert
text to all the neighbors.
This is all very
impressive, jordan.
Tell me, what else can you
watch with this kind of setup?
With technology you can
track almost anything.
That's why it's so cool.
When you say track,
do you mean like finding
out where someone is?
For example, if angela
wanted to track down sabrina
because she isn't where she
says she is, could she do that?
I'm always where I say I am.
[group chuckles]
I don't think you need
to worry about sabrina.
But with your phone, you can
track people pretty easily.
Most phones have geolocation,
so you can find out
where someone is.
Thank you for setting
all this up, jordan,
and keeping our
neighborhood safe.
[group claps]
what was all that about?
Well you tell me.
Are you too distracted
by a certain neighbor?
Hey, bonnie, I don't
mean to be pushy,
but have you had a chance
to call your cousin
about the stem program?
Oh, I'm sorry. I have been
swamped with customers.
I will call him tomorrow.
Now that you can see a
little of what jordan can do,
maybe you can put in
a good word for her?
Of course.
Thanks bonnie. I owe you one.
[bonnie chuckles]
[bonnie] I brought
your favorite.
You didn't have to do that.
I'm really glad you were
able to make it out.
It's been awhile.
[bonnie chuckles]
how's victoria doing in college?
Oh, dean's list again.
No surprise there.
And as you know, she was
selected out of thousands
of students to study in paris,
but she still finds time
to call me every day.
I think she's a
little bit homesick.
I'm sure she is.
I'm glad to hear she's
doing well at her studies.
So what brings you in?
I wanted to see if
you were still on that
selection committee
for the stem program.
I am. Why?
Well, there's this student--
bonnie, let me stop
you right there.
If you're here asking
for a favor for a friend,
nothing you say is
gonna sway my decision
to accept their kid.
Okay, I already called in
that favor for victoria.
I can't do it again.
No, it's actually
quite the opposite.
I wanted to warn you
about an applicant.
What do you mean warn me?
Well, there's this student,
her name is jordan porter.
She just moved into my
neighborhood with her mother,
and she has been
causing some trouble.
What kind of trouble?
Several neighbors have
reported their things missing
since she moved in.
And interestingly, she's
the one who helped us
set up our neighborhood watch.
But I'm starting to realize that
that was all part of her plan
to know when the neighbors leave
so that she could break in.
And since she's the
only administrator,
I'm certain she's
erasing the footage
of her stealing things.
That seems a bit complex for
a teenager to mastermind.
Are you sure?
She is a smart one.
We're all gathering
the information still,
and getting the police involved,
but I thought it was
best to let you know now.
I'm sure you wouldn't
wanna tarnish
your program's reputation.
Absolutely not. I
appreciate the intel.
I'll be sure to note it on her
application when it comes in.
What'd you say your
name was again?
Jordan, jordan porter.
Well, thanks cuz,
I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
Thanks for the pastries.
Oh, they're delicious.
Enjoy those.
Yeah, you know I love 'em.
[bonnie chuckles]
[slow somber music]
so, the party will be this
Saturday night at my house.
The theme will be r and r, rest
and relaxation. Hey sweetie.
I'm gonna teach
everyone a bedtime
stretching routine
and meditation,
and of course I'll have plenty
of elavelle product samples.
Everyone will leave
feeling amazing.
[lacy on chat] that
sounds great.
I'll invite the
entire pta.
Hey, the more the merrier.
Oh, this is going to
be so much fun.
Yes it will. I'll
see you Saturday.
[chat end tone]
hey sweetie. How was school?
Mm, pretty good.
Met some new people.
You finish your
stem application?
I know. I know I'm
I'm really good at
the technology stuff,
just not so good at
the application stuff.
I'll finish soon.
You better.
Mom, you're so good at
talking to your clients.
I don't know why anyone
buys from mrs. Mason.
I saw her at the party teaching
mrs. Monroe how to sell
and she was so pushy.
Well, that's how the
company trains you to be.
I just take a different
approach to things.
And that's why you're
number one. [chuckles]
[crickets chirping]
I think with that big commission
check you're gonna get
when you win the sales
contest, you should buy this.
It's a new listing
in marshall hills.
The owners have
already moved out.
It's the perfect second home.
It's not far from here.
It's completely
private, relaxing.
You could do yoga, all day.
We can go look at it tomorrow.
Angela, I'm trying to
win a sales contest.
I don't have time to drive
to the middle of nowhere.
Okay yeah, sure. I'll just
text you the lockbox code.
You can look at it
whenever you want.
I don't understand how
charlotte is number one.
She's just so [scoffs] bland.
Oh, I looked at her social media
and her clients really love her.
Oh, maybe if you took
a different approach.
Her clients are just
too stupid to realize
that she's a fake,
and a husband stealer.
What? Has she been
flirting with christian?
You saw how she looked at
him at my garden party.
And at the house
last weekend [scoffs]
I noticed all of her little
attempts to get his attention.
I guess I didn't notice.
Yeah, it's subtle. Just
like it was with kira.
And just like kira, she is
not gonna get away with it.
[garage door clicks]
oh, christian's home.
Sabrina is friendly with
charlotte's daughter, right?
They seem to be, yeah.
And charlotte is so obsessed
with getting her daughter
into that stem program.
I think that's the only
reason they moved here.
So what happens to charlotte
if poor little jordan
doesn't get in?
Uh. Oh hey, christian.
I, I was just telling bonnie
about this amazing property
in marshall hills.
It's the perfect get away.
We're buying a second home now?
[slow somber music]
[bonnie sighs]
[deep foreboding music]
[bonnie groans lightly]
[computer keys clicking]
you play the part of the
sweet neighbor so well,
just like kira did.
But I can see through you.
[computer keys clicking]
Devin sommers, the brain
child of the hottest new
tech startup, lynxtra tech,
and his wife, charlotte.
Startup company
lynxtra tech folds
after multi-million
dollar lawsuit
due to founder's
mismanagement of money.
Maybe you and I
have more in common
than I thought, charlotte.
Husbands who hide things.
[deep tense music]
hey baby, I can't wait
to see you tonight.
You know, it's really
hard pretending like
we're not together.
I can't just go up to you in
the neighborhood and hug you
or kiss you or hold your hand.
But, I love you,
and you love me, and
that's all that matters.
[deep tense music]
[intriguing music]
did you change your
password again?
[deep tense music]
turns out our little
charlotte's ex-husband
got into some financial trouble.
How do you know that?
I did my research last night.
Everything okay?
I just um, I think you
might be misreading
the situation with charlotte.
The last time you were
researching someone--
what, angela? Go ahead.
I dare you to say it.
After you promised
me you would never
speak a word about it again.
I'm sorry.
I don't want there to
be any more accidents.
If everybody behaves themselves
in this neighborhood,
and you can keep it together,
there's not gonna be
any more accidents.
[renee] hey.
I'm gonna run with renee.
Clearly, you are
too weak to keep up.
[angela shuddering]
[angela breathing shallowly]
Mom, are you okay?
-Hey. What's wrong?
-I'm okay, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
[slow tense music]
mom, you have to stop hanging
out with mrs. Mason. Okay?
All she does is make you upset.
And ever since kira
died, it's like--
sh, okay, okay.
Everything okay here?
It's fine. I'm just out
of breath from my run.
You didn't even
go on a run, mom.
Stop lying.
[angela chuckles nervously]
what are you up to this morning?
[deep tense music]
why are you watching her?
Oh, I thought you were at work.
I was on my way there, but
something kept bothering me.
Answer the question.
Why are you watching her?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Charlotte, you're spying on her.
And you were going through
her purse the other day
at the party.
[bonnie] that's ridiculous.
Tell me why you changed
your laptop password,
after we agreed in therapy
to have shared passwords.
I forgot to give
you the new one.
What happened to
angela this morning?
Excuse me?
Something changed
in your friendship
right after kira was murdered.
Angela is on edge,
like she's always trying
to hide something.
Are you accusing poor angela?
No, but I'm sure
if she was pushed,
she could tell
secrets, couldn't she?
You stay away from angela.
Stay away from charlotte.
Ah. Aren't you the hero?
I mean it, bonnie. She's
a neighbor, nothing more.
I have no interest in her
romantically or otherwise.
I find that hard to believe.
Look, that's enough.
I am just getting started.
I could go to the
police right now.
I'm sure they would
love to hear all about
your shady business deals,
your offshore accounts.
You would rot in prison, and
you wouldn't be able to see
your precious charlotte anymore,
or any other woman that you
just can't seem to resist.
But you won't do that, will you?
Miss prim and proper,
queen of the neighborhood.
What would everyone think of
you if I went away to jail?
And you turn me in?
I'll tell the police
you murdered kira.
They would never believe you.
Maybe not.
But what, it will take
them about 30 seconds
to crack angela,
who knows the truth.
We have no choice but
to work together here,
because we both have
something to hide.
So how 'bout we call
a truce, sweetheart.
[ominous music]
[crickets chirping]
[sighs] finally.
[jordan sighs]
[computer dings]
bonnie mason.
15 hours of watch time?
It's only been a week.
Who are you
watching, mrs. Mason?
[phone line ringing]
hey, jord.
Hey, is mrs. Mason
really nosy or something?
Pretty much. Why?
Uh, I can see how many hours
people are checking out
the neighborhood
watch surveillance,
and she's on it all the time.
Oh, she is so obsessed
with this neighborhood
and controlling everybody.
She once had everyone in the
neighborhood sign a petition
that student drivers
couldn't practice there.
So, I had to practice
somewhere else
and I crashed my mom's car.
I blame her, of course.
Yeah. Blaming her sounds
like a good strategy.
[sabrina laughs]
[jordan chuckles]
hey, neighbor.
Finished unpacking?
Lotta work, isn't it?
Oh my goodness.
[both laugh]
[tense eerie music]
[slow foreboding music]
[christian] well,
you look great.
[charlotte] yeah, oh, thank you.
[christian] yeah, very much.
You having a good time?
[christian and charlotte
talking muffled]
[car engine turns over]
you are not gonna
have that party.
[haunting music]
[shades snap]
morning, charlotte.
Hey, um, I booked
massage appointments
for angela me tonight.
I was planning on
surprising her.
Something came up,
and I thought maybe you
would like to go instead.
Maybe you could bring
sabrina and jordan,
make it a mother-daughter
night out, my treat.
Wow, that's so generous.
Thank you, bonnie.
I haven't had a
massage in forever,
and it'll be a great
way to celebrate
that jordan finally finished
her stem application.
Your daughter really
is so talented.
I hope she gets in the program.
Thanks to you for putting in
a good word with your cousin,
maybe her chances
are even higher.
Oh, I should get back
to my sales calls.
Same here. Coming into the
home stretch of the contest.
May the best woman win.
[tense suspenseful music]
[siren blares distantly]
[door clicks open]
thank you.
[slow somber music]
I have an idea.
Since you live too far
to come to my house,
why don't you throw
a relaxation party
for your friends at your house?
I can overnight you a
huge box of products.
Whatever you sell, I can
give you a commission.
[laura on phone] next
week might work.
Let's do it.
You can overnight it?
Yeah. I can get that
right out to you.
-Thanks, laura.
If I can have a
client host a party,
I will double my sales. Hmm.
We're still in second place.
It's time to step it up.
I still have my day job, bonnie.
I've gone into work
late all week for you.
I don't wanna raise
any red flags.
I need to win this.
And I have other priorities.
If you want outta that job
that you whine about every day,
then you need to
get on the phone.
Convince every
woman that you know
that she needs to
lose 10 pounds.
And that elavelle products
are the magic pill.
You know what? I don't
think this is gonna work.
'cause I've brought in
a lotta sales for you.
The rest, you can
handle yourself.
Don't you dare leave.
[door slams shut]
[charlotte] oh, I can't
wait for this massage.
[all talking at once]
[angela] have you been?
Oh it's so fun, you're
gonna love it. [laughs]
-[car starting]
-[slow haunting music]
[brush rustling]
[slow eerie music]
[slow suspenseful music]
[rattling and clinking]
[tense somber music]
where were ya?
Oh, just out for a run.
Thought you were working late?
You never run at night.
Where'd you get
that sweatshirt?
Out of the back of my closet.
What, is this an interrogation?
I'm headed upstairs
to the office.
Don't work too hard.
[foreboding music]
that was so much fun, we
gotta do it again. Bye, guys.
See you tomorrow.
Okay, see ya.
[alarm beeping]
mom, what is that?
I don't know. Wait here a
second while I check it out.
[alarm beeping continues]
Is there something
going on next door?
There's a gas company
truck out front.
How would I know?
I'm going over to check.
No. Christian.
They checked it during
the inspection, right?
Of course, or we
wouldn't have moved in.
Just to be safe, we recommend
you vacate the house
for at least 48 hours.
We have a ton of people
coming over for a party
tomorrow night.
I guess I'll start calling
everyone to cancel.
We can go to a
hotel for the night.
I'll crack the windows
before I leave the house.
Everything okay over here?
Carbon monoxide issue,
something with the furnace.
We have to leave the
house for the night.
Thank goodness
that you caught it.
That stuff's so dangerous.
What about your party?
I guess I'll need to cancel.
I should call lacy
and the other guests.
Thanks for stopping
by to check on us.
[charlotte sighs]
let's go.
[slow tense music]
[gentle somber music]
[smartphone rings]
charlotte, is everything okay?
I wanted to let you know,
the party is back
on tomorrow night.
What do you mean?
A client of mine
is going to host.
It's in the city,
about 20 miles away,
but you're still welcome
to come if you'd like.
Bonnie, you there?
Yes, I um, I don't think I
could get to the city tomorrow.
Traffic going into atlanta
is just so unpredictable
on the weekends, and I have a
prior engagement right before.
Of course. I understand.
Have a great weekend
and break a leg.
You too.
You will not win.
You will not win!
[food clattering]
[sobbing quietly]
[birds chirping]
[bonnie sighs]
[angela] what time are
they announcing the winner?
[bonnie] any minute now.
I made a record number
of sales this weekend,
no thanks to renee, for
ditching me at the last minute.
I can't imagine that
charlottes little backup party
would be enough to
put her in the lead.
Oh, here it is.
Oh, how about we celebrate
by going to see that house
in marshall hills.
No. Stop trying to
push that place on me.
Okay. "the winner of
the sales contest is..."
what, did you win?
Jordan, jordan, jordan! [yells]
oh my god, mom, I'm
so proud of you.
That means I'm getting a new
car, which means you get--
you're giving me the suv?
When you get your license,
you have a few months still.
Does that mean I can drive
to school this morning?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Now I just have to get
into the stem program
and then we both have
something to celebrate.
Well, I don't think you have
anything to worry about.
Mrs. Mason has a relative
on the committee,
and she's already
put in a good word.
[both yell excitedly]
come on in the car.
Okay, okay, baby, okay. All
right, let's go, let's go.
You wanna go to the spa?
That always makes
you feel better.
Oh, angela, I don't
need a massage.
I need to destroy charlotte.
But she won fairly. What,
what more could you do?
Are you really asking me that?
Charlotte is a leech.
She is just like kira.
If I don't do something,
she's gonna do exactly
what kira did to me.
I, I can't, I can't
be involved with this.
Don't be so dramatic.
Bonnie, I covered for
you. I lied to the police.
I could go to prison
if anyone found out.
What about, what about sabrina?
Breathe, angela breathe, hey.
You know I appreciate what
you did for me, right?
I would never put you in
that position again. Okay?
Come here, come here. Come here.
It's okay.
[slow somber music]
[birds chirping]
I hear they're gonna announce
who's getting into the
stem program on Thursday.
How do you know?
I overheard my chemistry teacher
telling one of the
kids in my class.
Are you excited?
More nervous.
And excited, I
[both chuckle]
want some? It's peanut
butter frosting.
[whispering] it's
my mom's favorite.
No thanks, peanut allergy.
I forgot. You told me that.
I'm sorry.
No, it's all good.
Anything new going on
with the ever-exciting
neighborhood watch?
My mom's so bad at technology,
I'm pretty sure she already
forgot her password. [laughs]
well, mrs. Mason
still seems to be
in some binge-watching
competition with herself.
Other than that,
it's been quiet.
I just can't imagine
what she's looking for.
I don't know.
The only thing I can
think of is her husband.
Wait, she's spying on him?
Your mom's not home, right?
No, she's out with
some of her clients.
Swear you won't say anything.
Uh, duh. Obviously.
[both laugh]
okay, well, I think there
was something going on
between mr. Mason and
kira, the one who died.
Oh my god, why didn't
you tell before?
Well, I kinda forgot about
it until I saw mr. Mason
acting really weird
the other day.
What was he doing?
I couldn't sleep
the other night
so I was on my
porch really early
and I saw him out jogging,
and he just stopped in
front of kira's old house,
and he looked really sad.
Maybe he was just
sad because she died
and they were neighbors.
No, no, because it
made me remember
something from
about a year ago.
I was walking the trail
behind the neighborhood,
and I saw mr. Mason
and kira back there.
What were they doing?
Just talking, I think,
but it was just weird that
they were back there, alone.
And as soon as they saw me,
they got really tense and
weird and just walked off
in opposite directions.
[soft mysterious music]
we can watch footage of mr.
Mason from the other day.
There he is.
Get a little closer.
Hm. He definitely looks sad.
[soft mysterious music]
[glass clinking]
[tense foreboding music]
[tense somber music]
mom, this is definitely the
nicest car you've ever owned.
[christian] yeah?
Are you sure you don't
wanna keep the suv
and I can keep this
one? [chuckles]
[charlotte] you do
really well in school,
and we'll see what happens.
[jordan] are you serious?
[christian] maybe
you'll win another one.
[jordan] maybe.
Your mom did great.
It really is a beautiful car.
Well-deserved, congratulations.
Charlotte, I'm so
glad I caught you.
Wanted to congratulate you
on this wonderful prize.
Thank you.
I had some good competition.
I've gotta head off to work.
Have a great day, honey.
Well, you gonna take it
out for a little spin?
Can't wait to drive it,
but the company is sending
someone to detail it today.
I'll drive it to my client
appointments tonight.
Oh, that's so classy of them.
You guys enjoy it. [laughs]
[charlotte and
jordan giggling]
[gentle somber music]
[bonnie yelling]
[smartphone ringing]
[sadly] hello?
Bonnie. Hi, it's peter
swanson from elavelle.
Mr. Swanson. What an honor
to have you calling me.
Well first of all,
call me peter, please.
I like to personally reach
out to my top salespeople,
and I was so impressed
with the numbers this month
I decided to host a small
dinner next week in atlanta.
I'd like to invite you to
join me and a few members
of our executive team.
I would love to. Are there
any other sales reps invited?
Uh, just one. Charlotte
porter, the contest winner.
You know, we have an opening
for a district manager
for the entire
southeast region.
The most profitable
region in the company?
That's the one, yes.
It's got a $250,000
base salary,
very attractive
quarterly bonuses,
and you don't have to deal with
the day-to-day direct sales.
Does that sound like something
that would interest you?
Yes. I am so honored
you are considering me.
Well, you and
charlotte, of course.
I'll have my assistant
send over the details
and location for the
meeting and dinner.
See you then. Take care.
Thank you.
[soft tense music]
hey, I couldn't help
but notice your work.
Beautiful job on this car.
Thanks. This is a real nice one.
I would love to get
an estimate for mine.
Do you mind checking
it out right now?
I have a meeting to get to.
It's that house right there.
Not at all.
Oh, I gotta take this.
I'll meet you over there.
[tense suspenseful music]
[bleach dribbling]
[jordan and sabrina laughing]
[sabrina] thanks for
walking home with me.
Of course. Beats
taking the bus.
[smartphone alerts]
oh my god, finally.
It's the list of people who
got into the stem program.
[sabrina gasps]
open it.
[slow somber music]
I, I didn't get in.
That's impossible. You're like
the smartest person I know.
Yeah well, not smart
enough, I guess.
Hey, do you wanna go
get some milkshakes?
I heard about this new place
that makes you try all of
these crazy new flavors.
Nothing makes you feel better
than a pound of ice cream.
[gentle somber music]
I can't believe they
didn't accept you.
Bonnie even put in a good
word with her cousin.
He's superintendent,
doesn't have enough clout
to make a decision?
Maybe that boarding
school in new hampshire
is my only option.
Honey, I don't wanna think
about sending you away
to boarding school.
Well, I don't know
what else to do,
unless we both move
to new hampshire.
I can't move there
because of work.
I have to stay in the
southeast district,
and there's nothing
open in the northeast.
I'm gonna make some
calls starting tomorrow,
find out what happened.
You don't have to do that.
I want to.
Whoa. [laughs]
what is in that?
I don't even know.
It was called triple deluxe
or something with like,
a hundred different things
to make me forget about
not getting into
the stem program.
Well, I don't think
straws are gonna be able
to suck this thing up, we're
gonna need some spoons.
Can you, yeah. [laughs]
[door shutting]
oh charlotte, what a surprise.
I thought you'd be out driving
that shiny new car of yours.
I'm meeting a client
in 30 minutes or so,
but I wanted to tell you,
jordan didn't get
into the stem program.
Did your cousin mention
anything to you?
No, that's news to me.
Well, it is a highly
competitive program.
My daughter got in of course,
but she had a stellar
academic record.
Your daughter also had a
family member on the committee.
I tried calling your
cousin several times today,
but his secretary
wouldn't put me through.
Like I told you before,
it's impossible to get
a meeting with him.
He's the superintendent.
It's his job to be
available for the parents.
No, he's the top executive
of the school district.
The people that work under
him take the meetings.
Besides, there's an entire
committee who decides
who gets into the stem program.
Then I will speak to
every single person
on that committee if I have to.
My daughter deserves this.
[deep tense music]
I think they gave
us the wrong ones.
[sabrina coughs]
this ones tastes like
cherry. I hate cherry.
[sabrina gasps]
you okay?
Wait that means you, you got
the one with peanut butter.
Let me.
[sabrina gasping]
just breathe.
[sabrina gasping]
[smartphone alerts]
[charlotte sighs]
[deep somber music]
oh my god.
-[tense music]
-[angela breathing heavily]
jordan just told
me what happened.
I have to get to my daughter.
Anytime she gets a shot,
she has to go to the
hospital afterwards,
and my car's still
at the mechanics.
I knew I should've
gotten a rental car.
And bonnie just left,
so she can't pick me up,
and I'm trying to get an uber
but it's saying no drivers
are available right now.
Just take my new car.
The client I'm seeing tonight
ordered a lot more product
than I expected, so
I'm taking the suv.
Take my new car.
Okay, thank you so much.
Come on, come on.
[slow somber music]
[car chiming]
What is going on?
-What the hell?
-[car chiming]
[engine stalling]
come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Come, come on.
[engine stalling]
[horn honks]
[angela gasps]
[horn honks]
-[angela screams]
-[vehicles crash]
[bird cawing]
today I'm standing
in front of you,
angela's loving family
and dearest friends
with deep sadness in my heart.
Angela showed us that no
matter how hard life can be,
we must stay loyal, love
fiercely, and live every moment
because we never know
how or when it will end.
Angela was more than
a best friend to me.
She was like the
sister I never had.
Her spirit will always guide
every decision that I make
for the rest of my life.
I'm forever grateful
for every moment
that we spent together.
[tense music]
hey sabrina. Hey,
hey, I'm here for you.
I just can't listen
to those lies anymore.
Mrs. Mason?
Yeah, she's so full of it.
Did you know that when we first
moved to this neighborhood,
she hated my mom, she hated her.
She made it hell for her
until she needed something
from my dad, and then suddenly
she's mom's best friend.
I didn't know
that. I'm so sorry.
At least I won't have to put
up with her for much longer.
What do you mean?
I have to move to
germany with my dad.
I know, it sucks, but
he can't leave work,
and I can't wait to be
outta this neighborhood.
But I don't wanna leave school
and I don't wanna
leave you. [sniffling]
maybe I can come
visit you out there.
Yeah. I'd love that.
[gentle somber music]
well, I'll keep watch
and I'll jump in
if mrs. Mason even
tries to come near you.
[sighs] I'm not
kidding though, jordan.
There's something very
wrong with ms. Mason.
I know we joke about her a
lot, but I have a bad feeling
there's things we
just don't know about.
She's not just some harmless
neighborhood mom. She's crazy.
[foreboding music]
[crickets chirping]
it was a nice service
for sabrina's mom today.
When does she
leave for germany?
This weekend. I'm
really gonna miss her.
I know you will, sweetie.
I looked into that boarding
school in new hampshire again.
I don't wanna leave you mom,
but it's only a few hours
flight from the atlanta airport,
and it's not that expensive.
I can come home every weekend.
Sweetie, no. I haven't given
up on the program here yet.
They already rejected me.
With no good reason.
You have perfect grades,
stellar references
from your other school
technology programs,
and you've built the most
sophisticated neighborhood watch
I've ever seen.
There has to be a reason
they didn't accept you.
And we're gonna find out
what their reason is. Okay?
I won't give up. Not yet.
[jordan sighs]
that for the elavelle
dinner tomorrow night?
I could come with you if
that'd make you feel better
after everything that's
happened with angela.
We could even make
a night of it.
Get a suite at a hotel in
the city, like old times.
Hm, like old times, huh?
I think we're way past that.
We have our truce.
I don't tell your secrets
and you don't share mine.
No need to complicate things.
[deep foreboding music]
I'm gonna feel a lot
better very soon.
[tense mysterious music]
[tense mysterious music]
[birds chirping]
[zipper scratches]
I'm leaving a little bit
earlier for my dinner tonight.
I have a meeting
with a new client.
I'll be gone before you
get home from school,
so I'll see you
later tonight, okay?
Okay. Good luck, I
know they'll love you.
Thank you, sweetie.
[soft mysterious music]
no reception.
Well that's good.
Angela was right
about the privacy.
And there's the code.
[tense music]
[charlotte sighs]
here we go.
[tense somber music]
[suspenseful music]
-[cars honking]
-oh, I can't believe this.
Come on, I'm gonna be late.
[tense music]
[charlotte sighs]
[jordan sighs]
Anyone here?
Can I help you, young lady?
Superintendent campbell?
Yeah, that's me.
How'd you get in here?
The door was unlocked.
Well, my secretary must've
forgotten to lock it
for the day.
What can I help you with?
I'm jordan porter. My mom
was trying to reach you.
Porter, huh? Yeah, I got
your mother's messages.
If you're here to
try to change my mind
about the stem program,
you're wasting your time.
I was just wondering
why I wasn't chosen.
Well, it's a committee
selection, miss porter.
I wouldn't know everyone's
personal reasons
for not selecting you.
Okay. Uh, well, did
you vote for me?
If you must know, I
rejected your application.
Miss porter your
acceptance or nonacceptance
into this program is
not up for discussion.
Well there has to be a reason.
I have perfect grades
and references
and better test scores
than two of the other
applicants that got in.
I know, but it's not
just about test scores.
I know you're related to
my neighbor, mrs. Mason,
and she said she'd put
in a good word for me.
Did that put you
off or something?
A good word?
Miss porter, I'm afraid
you're a bit confused
about how others perceive you.
Okay? Now if you'll excuse
me, I have a meeting.
I expect this
conversation ends here.
Good day.
-Thank you.
[deep tense music]
dammit, charlotte, I can't
be late for this dinner.
Now there's not gonna
be enough time. [groans]
[tense music]
[sighs] no reception, great.
At least my gps still works.
[soft mysterious music]
hi, this is charlotte porter.
Sorry I can't take your
call, please leave a message.
Hey, mom, I just had a
super-weird conversation
with the superintendent.
Call me when you get this.
[suspenseful music]
[charlotte sighs]
[charlotte sighs]
[suspenseful music]
Rebecca, it's charlotte.
[ominous music]
[charlotte cries out]
let me outta here!
[banging at door]
what? What is happening?
Please, just come open the door.
Somebody, please!
Help me.
Please, please, help.
Rickets chirping]
[phone ringing]
hey, jordan.
Hey. I'm sorry to bother you.
I know you're packing
for germany and have
a million things to deal
with, but I think mrs. Mason
is the one who
messed up my chances
of getting into
the stem program.
Are you serious?
Yeah, so, her cousin
is the superintendent.
I asked him why I didn't get in,
and he said some cryptic thing
about how I don't know
how others perceive me.
Maybe she told him I did
something bad, but, why?
I don't know.
Maybe she's mad at your mom
for winning the sales contest.
That's a weird way
to get revenge.
She's a weird lady.
[jordan sighs]
hold on.
You said before that
you thought mr. Mason
was having an affair with that
neighbor, the one who died.
Yeah, kira.
And now mrs. Mason watches
everyone in the neighborhood
all the time.
That doesn't surprise
me. She's a big snoop.
Oh my god. Get this.
Most days, mrs. Mason watches
for two to three hours.
But on the 17th she
watched for six hours.
That's the day my mom died.
I know.
Hey, let me go through
the rest of this
neighborhood watch footage
and I'll call you back.
I have a weird feeling
about all of this.
Are you gonna be okay?
Yeah. I'm just gonna
finish packing.
Um, I'll talk to you later.
Love you.
Love you.
[jordan sighs]
[computer keys clicking]
Where are you going?
[tense foreboding music]
and why did you
come to my house?
[tense foreboding music]
what are you doing?
[tense foreboding music]
[phone keys clicking]
[phone line ringing]
uh, come on, mom.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
[jordan groans]
[dramatic music]
if I could just
pry that door open.
[soft mysterious music]
okay. Okay. Okay.
[tense suspenseful music]
[charlotte grunts softly]
[light jazz music]
[patrons chattering]
oh, oh bonnie, I'm just
as impressed with your wit
as I am with your sales numbers.
And, since it seems
charlotte's a no-show,
you are the leading
candidate for this position.
I am so flattered and honored.
Shall we order some
wine for the table?
Tell you what, you can
do the honors and choose.
How about the chateau du cray?
Oh, I've actually always
wanted to try that.
It's a great bordeaux.
Hm. A lady that knows her
wine, very impressive.
[suspenseful music]
[woman on phone]
I'm sorry miss,
we checked with the party
and she hasn't arrived yet.
Are you sure?
There's only one woman who
is a guest of the party,
and her name isn't charlotte.
As soon as she arrives,
can you please tell her
to call her daughter?
I will, miss.
Thanks. [sighs]
[soft mysterious music]
maybe I'm overreacting.
[soft mysterious music]
there's one way to find out,
mr. Mason.
Hey. Jordan.
Everything okay?
Not really, no.
It's about my mom.
What about her?
Is mrs. Mason like, mad
at my mom or something?
Oh no, I don't believe so. Why?
Are you sure?
Because I'm pretty sure she
said something to her cousin
that ruined my chances of
getting into the stem program.
And she watches people in
the neighborhood, a lot.
Okay, what do you mean?
On the neighborhood watch
forum, she's on it all the time.
Did you know that?
No. But I work a lot,
I'm not home that much.
[sighs] were you home the
day that sabrina's mom died
while driving my mom's car?
No. Why?
Because she was on it watching
for six hours that day.
And she even came to my house,
and she was hanging
around my mom's new car.
What does that mean?
What exactly was she doing?
I don't know.
Do you think there's any
possibility that your wife
would wanna hurt my mom?
Mr. Mason, please.
If you know anything,
my mom's supposed to be
at that company dinner right now
and she never showed up.
You know something,
and I can tell.
[jordan sighs]
You're just gonna leave?
Yes. But you're coming with me.
We're gonna find her.
[charlotte yelling
and grunting]
-[charlotte grunting]
-[wood thudding]
who are you, rebecca, and
why did you lock me in here?
[charlotte breathing heavily]
-let me out!
-[shed rattles]
[foreboding music]
other than the restaurant,
your mom didn't mention
going anywhere else, right?
She was going to see
a new client today,
before the company dinner.
Do you know where?
No. She didn't say.
Hold on. I think I
can track her phone.
I can use "find a phone".
I thought you could only do
that with your own device.
I'm pretty sure I linked
our phones a while back.
Yep, I did.
Okay, uh, the closest town
is called marshall hills.
Marshall hills?
Wasn't angela
showing a property?
Go to the real estate website
and pull up the listings
for angela samuels.
I think I know where
your mother is.
[tense mysterious music]
hs] bonnie, we are all
very impressed with you.
I'd like to officially
offer you the job.
Yes, I accept.
I'm so excited and honored
for this opportunity.
I hope I'm not
speaking out of turn,
but I do think that you
made the right choice
between me and charlotte.
Well, given charlotte
didn't show up tonight,
it's clear she wasn't
interested in the position.
I don't think
that's the reason.
Charlotte has some
skeletons in her closet.
She has the reputation in our
district for being ruthless.
Well, that's not
necessarily a bad thing.
We actually appreciate tenacity.
Of course.
But charlotte has a
certain inclination
for using practices that
are not acceptable or legal.
She must've learned a thing
or two from her ex-husband.
He got into some financial
trouble at his own business.
And I just learned that
charlotte was well aware of it.
She even had a hand in it.
I had no idea.
We can't have someone
like that on our team,
and certainly not in
a management role.
[ominous music]
[deep somber music]
that's my mom's car.
[deep somber music]
Jordan, is that you,
baby? I'm in here.
[jordan] mom?
-[banging on shed]
-jordan, I'm here.
Hang on charlotte.
[charlotte] okay.
We need to break the lock.
Okay, just wait, mom, okay?
[charlotte] okay.
[christian grunts]
get back, charlotte!
[christian yells]
[lock clatters]
oh, oh, jordan.
[jordan] thank god you're okay.
I'm all right, baby.
[charlotte breathing heavily]
how did you find me?
And why are you two together?
I tracked your phone,
but it only went so far.
And mr. Mason knew the rest.
I think my wife had
something to do with this.
You're saying bonnie
locked me in here?
I mean, maybe she
pretended to be a client
to get you out here.
Just to stop me from going
to the company dinner?
Or did she want to--
mom, I think mrs. Mason did
something to your new car.
She thought you were
gonna drive it that night,
not mrs. Samuels.
We don't have any proof.
Well, it's about damn
time we get some.
[deep somber music]
how 'bout we do lunch next week?
Oh, I'd love that.
We can brief you more on
the upcoming conferences
and your travel schedule.
[glass clinking]
everyone, let's
have one last toast
congratulating bonnie
on her new position.
Managing the most important
district, the southeast.
[glasses clinking]
so exciting.
[christian] I'm
looking for someone.
[deep foreboding music]
What are you doing here?
I just rescued
charlotte from a shed.
The one you locked her in,
and planned to kill her.
Are you insane? I would
never do something like that.
You know what I think?
I think you two are
having an affair,
and you came down
here to sabotage me.
Looks like she roped her
daughter into this too.
That's what you think,
but here's what I know.
You murdered our
neighbor, kira,
'cause I was having
an affair with her.
And you only got away with it
'cause you have information
about my business that could
put me away for a long time.
What do you think
you're doing?
You tampered with
charlotte's car,
hoping she'd get
into an accident,
but you killed your
best friend instead.
And I have every
reason to believe
you were headed back
to that house tonight
to murder charlotte too.
Peter, he's lying.
It's over, bonnie.
You idiot.
Do you realize you are
gonna rot in prison now?
But it's a small price
to pay to stop you
from hurting anyone else.
[tense music]
-[bonnie yells]
-[knife slashing]
-[jordan screams]
-[crowd gasps]
oh no you don't.
[jordan] mom, no!
[christian groans]
[charlotte and bonnie
grunting and yelling]
[knife clinking]
you are not gonna get
away with this, you bitch!
[charlotte cries out]
[adventurous music]
[silverware clattering]
[both yelling]
[chef] whoa, whoa, whoa.
You did it!
Jordan, go!
[bonnie yells]
[charlotte and bonnie yelling]
I can't wait to watch you die.
-[cup clunks]
-[bonnie grunts]
-[charlotte whimpering]
-[body thudding]
[deep somber music]
[siren blaring]
[jordan] mom.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
[slow somber music]
[sabrina] thanks,
you can come see me.
You can even stay with me.
-What if I literally--
-[both laugh]
maybe they'll let me [muffled
by sabrina laughing].
Okay. [laughs]
I don't think so. They're
very strict there.
-I bet.
-You know what happened--
right, exactly.
We don't want any
[both laughing]--
hey, girls.
Sabrina, we didn't think
we'd see you 'til next month.
I know, I'm so thankful my dad
decided to come back early.
Hi. It's so good to see you.
We're both so
happy to see you.
[all giggle]
for jordan getting accepted
into both universities
she applied to.
Jord, why didn't you tell me?
I'm still processing.
That's so exciting.
Oh, congrats.
It's all because I got
into that stem program.
[charlotte] yeah.
In both my interviews,
they said that was the
most impressive part
of my application.
[all chuckle]
what university do you
think I should go to?
Whatever one you want, honey.
Luckily with this new
district manager job,
I have more
flexibility to travel,
so I can come see you anytime.
[all giggle]
[sabrina] I'm so proud of
you, jordan. You did azing.
[girls laugh]