Nightmare Nurse (2016) Movie Script

Come on, people!
The clock is ticking!
So Brooke, this is
our Friday night special?
I thought a little prosciutto would compliment
the shrimp and the sun-dried tomatoes.
Black olive tapenade.
That's a bold move
on a dish like this.
It was just a taste.
It's too busy.
You hate it.
I hate that you've made
something more interesting
than anything we've had on the
specials in the last four months.
You're my new sous chef.
It's a creme brulee,
not a French...
Oh, you got my text.
Thank you for the heads up.
Is that for me?
Connie, what would Larry say?
If that was from Buttery Bakery,
he'd thank you
with his mouth full.
She's at the bar.
She's gonna love it.
- Go get 'er, tiger.
- Thanks, Connie.
New Zealand...
Looks like you have a fan club.
Congrats, baby.
Lance! Hey.
Oh, my god.
How did you know?
- Connie.
- Yeah...
well don't party too hard.
You have a big night tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to it.
- Thanks, Chef.
- Yeah, don't thank me yet.
My right hand
is the one I usually burn.
Bye, Marco.
Oh, flowers!
But it's not even
our two year anniversary.
- It has been one week since you moved in, though.
- Mm.
And a salted caramel cake?
That's my favorite.
Not bad, Mr. Boston.
I am really proud of you.
Thanks, baby.
All right, a beer for me,
and a shot of tequila
for the sexy top chef.
What are you doing?
Celebrating your promotion.
Come on.
Well in that case,
make it two shots of tequila.
What? Now that you're here,
I'm not driving home.
To your promotion
and to one week
of living together
without a fight.
Let's enjoy it while it lasts.
- And your second celebration shot.
- Oh, I'll grab it.
This one's to allhe amazing
food you're gonna cook for me.
I can't believe
I almost forgot my cake.
Your cake?
You're not gonna
share it with me?
Okay, I thought we agreed
when we moved in together,
everything would be 50/50.
Uh, except for when you bring
home salted caramel cake.
Then it's a 70/30 split.
Oh, okay.
I see how it is.
Not cool.
Very cool!
d Some people want to have
their cake and eat it too d
d And after I take my bite
I give the rest to you d
How's the paper coming along?
Still got a ways to go.
But good news is,
it looks like we're getting
another grant
from the university,
so I'll have more time.
- How much?
- I don't know.
$20,000 I think.
That should buy you some time.
Yeah, but as much as
I enjoy the sabbatical,
I miss the students.
It'll be nice when I can
get back to teaching.
Or you know, we could just...
get married now
and start having kids?
I just got promoted.
Are you gonna be
a stay-at-home dad?
- I could learn to lactate.
- All right.
Lance! Lance!
- Take it easy, Ms. Harmon.
- Lance is going to be okay.
You're in the hospital,
but everything is okay.
Where is he?
I wanna see him.
And you will.
He's recovering
from surgery right now.
Surgery? What happened to him?
You were both in an accident.
You suffered a laceration
to your ribs, and your friend...
- Lance. His name is Lance.
- Okay.
Lance fractured his femur.
What? What happened to us?
You were in a car accident.
He was pinned behind the wheel
when the EMTs arrived
on the scene.
What about... What about the man?
What about the man in the road?
I'm sorry?
The two of you
were brought in alone.
There was nobody with you.
I'm gonna send
the doctor in to see you...
and then we'll see
what we can do
about taking you
to see Lance, okay?
Here we go.
Thank you, Barb...
Thank you, Barbara.
You can call be Barb.
- He's right in there.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I've been waiting for you.
How are you feeling?
Like crap.
But the drugs have helped.
How are you feeling?
I'm fine.
I'm just glad you're okay.
I'm so sorry, baby.
Don't be sorry.
- I didn't see him until the last second...
- Lance...
it was an accident.
He jumped out into the road.
Sorry to bother you guys, but there's
a Detective Thames here to see you.
Okay. Send him in.
- Right this way.
- Thanks. Thank you.
Hi. Pardon the interruption.
I just need a minute to collect
an official statement regarding
the accident, all right?
Of course.
Do we know what happened
to the man we hit?
Yeah, is he gonna be okay?
You know, I...
I'm sorry.
But you'll be glad to know
that your blood alcohol test
came back below the legal limit.
So as of right now, I am only here
to get an official statement.
All right?
Bottom line, Brooke,
is you guys need to be
incredibly thankful
that you survived.
I know.
Just can't believe he died.
It wasn't your fault.
That guy jumped out
in front of your car.
I guarantee you
they will find out
he was hopped up on something.
He could have killed
both of you.
I texted you Gwen's number.
Besides being
Marco's girlfriend,
she is the best attorney
on the West Side.
Oh, my god.
I haven't even spoken to Marco.
No worries.
He just wants you to heal up
and come back when you're ready.
Sorry to interrupt.
I need to change your pack.
Hey Connie,
let me call you back.
Thanks again.
Okay. Bye.
Are you okay?
I'm just having
one of those days.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah. Lost a patient.
She's had a heart disease
for a long time,
but she finally died last night.
She was one of our favorites.
I'm so sorry.
Well, it goes
with the territory.
You'd think I'd be used to it,
but I'm not.
In happier news...
I heard that you and Lance
are gonna be released tomorrow.
I'm so happy that Lance is okay.
It's important to know
that your loved ones are safe.
Hey, um...
I was informed
that Lance would need
an in-home nurse
for a couple of weeks.
I was wondering
if that's something
they give you leave to do?
Unfortunately no,
but we do have a database
of referrals from the different
insurance companies.
We can help you set that up.
Okay. Thank you.
- Drink some water.
- Okay.
Feel better.
Brooke! Hey!
I'm glad I caught you guys
before you left.
So look, we found you
a pre-approved nurse
under your insurance provider for
up to six weeks of in-home care.
She can do
physical therapy, too.
Great! Thank you.
Definitely. You guys take care.
- You, too.
- Yeah. Thanks, Paul.
All right...
Ready to get out of here?
- Oh, yeah.
- Let's go.
- Okay...
- Okay...
Oh, god. Okay.
All right.
Thank God for oxy.
Are you okay?
Are you sure
you don't want me to hang
around for just
a couple of more days?
We can postpone
this nurse thing.
No, babe.
I'll be fine.
Stop worrying so much.
You need to get back
to your big new promotion.
I know.
I just want to make sure
you're taken care of.
Oh, I know.
But I'll have this new nurse.
I'll be fine.
She's coming by
for an interview in the morning.
She sounded really nice
on the phone.
Is there anything
you need from school?
I can pick it up
for you in the morning.
No, I think I'm okay.
I got everything
I need on my laptop.
I called the school
this morning and told them
I'd keep working from home.
They're having me
rebuild the site.
- Mm!
- Yeah.
Well, you're the best
cyber builder in the business.
That's me.
If I didn't have
this stupid leg thing,
I'd rebuild your site right now.
What does that even mean?
I have no idea.
- Mm.
- Come here.
Okay. Careful.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, this feels so good.
It's good to be home.
All right...
I'm sure it won't be as good
as the hospital food,
but just give it a shot.
Oh, babe. Thank you.
- It looks amazing.
- Mm-hmm.
Look listen, when I heal up,
let's go take a trip somewhere.
That little inn
in Santa Barbara?
Oh, yes.
The one where
we lock ourselves in
all weekend
like hibernating cubs?
And that would be
your prospective nurse.
I'll get it.
Hi. I'm Chloe.
Hi, Chloe. I'm Brooke.
- Nice to meet you.
- Oh, it's nice to meet you.
Why don't you come on in?
- Oh, very smooth.
- Oh, my.
Uh... paper towels in there?
- I got it.
- Oh please, it's my job.
Oh, god.
I didn't know
Maxim Magazine staffed nurses.
Not laughing.
- There.
- Thanks.
Yeah. You might wanna...
I'll grab that.
Thanks, but I'm not
a complete invalid.
You must be Lance.
It's nice to meet you, Chloe.
How's the leg feeling today?
Sore and stiff but...
better than yesterday.
That's normal.
Your report said you suffered
a nasty femoral fracture.
Yeah. It wasn't pretty.
Why don't you have
a seat, Chloe?
Can I get you anything to drink?
Uh... no.
I'm good. Thanks.
So how long have
you been doing this for?
Oh, practically my whole life.
Um... my parents worked a lot,
- so I looked after my sick grandmother...
- Ow!
...from the time
that I was eight.
Um... I realized then
that this was
what I wanted to be.
I went to nursing school
right out of high school
and 23 patients later,
here I am!
Oh, sorry.
Of course.
Renee and Alejandro
called in sick.
I wasn't supposed to
go back until tomorrow.
Uh, I've got nothing
planned for the rest of the day.
I'd be happy
to look after Lance.
- You could think of it as a trial run.
- Oh...
- Really?
- Go.
I'll be fine, babe.
Go do your sous chef thing.
Are you sure you don't mind?
Of course not.
Well in that case then, um...
let's go in the kitchen
and I'll run you through
- his meds and his allergies and stuff.
- Okay.
Come on, people working!
Well, it seems like I don't need
to find a replacement after all.
As if you could.
Brooke, I need you to dazzle me
with an appetizer
for tonight's special, okay?
It's nice to have you back.
I'm glad you're okay.
Work for me!
He did miss you, you know.
Yeah, I can tell.
So how's Lance doing?
We got him all set up
in the den, a little ramp...
He's good to go.
And how's
the nurse search comin'?
Actually, we have someone
watching him right now.
Uh, she seems very competent.
And very stunning.
No. I totally trust Lance.
Just like he totally trusts me.
It's just... men are men.
That's probably the most brilliant
thing you've ever said.
I mean, it's in
their genetic make up.
They can't help themselves.
Lance can.
Well, the good news
is he's got you,
so why would he want
anyone else, right?
Hey, babe.
How are you feeling?
Actually, it's the most
comfortable I've felt yet.
Oh, that's great.
Oh, sorry.
Hi, Brooke!
Hey, Chloe.
Did you do laundry, too?
Yeah. You know,
there were just
a few loads in there,
so I figured I'd just, you know.
Are you kidding me?
Thank you so much.
Should I take 'em upstairs?
No. Put it down.
I'll take care of it.
Are you sure?
It's not a problem.
Chloe, you weren't even
supposed to come to work today.
I think you've done enough.
So can you come back
tomorrow at 9:00?
Absolutely. Thank you.
Happy to have you.
Happy to be had.
And Lance is in good hands.
I can see that.
So I brought home some dinner.
Why don't you stay and join us?
Oh... Oh, gosh. No.
That... I... Thank you.
That's very kind of you,
but you guys should have
your time together and I need
to get back to my boyfriend.
It's my night to make dinner.
Oh. Well in that case, you'll have
to take some of this with you.
Save yourself the trouble.
Oh, wow. Thank you.
That... that is so sweet of you.
Thank you.
All right.
Well, goodnight.
Goodnight, Lance!
Goodnight, Chloe.
- Bye.
- Bye!
That was better than I thought.
- I missed you.
- I missed you.
Get some of this.
We agreed no boots on the couch.
And you agreed you wouldn't see
anymore male patients
after the last one.
Well, sometimes
I don't get a choice.
Someone's gotta pay
the bills around here.
Was he good-looking?
And so is his wife.
James, get off.
James, I said
get off of me! James!
James! James, get off!
James get...
You'll need to finish that by noon.
Excuse me?
When a person is supplying
the shift of blood
from the legs into the thorax,
it increases atrial stress,
stimulating the release of ANP,
which initiates diuresis,
leading to
significant water loss.
- Okay, you lost me at "When. "
- Ha.
Sometimes I get a little
carried away with the tech talk.
The bottom line is,
because you're on bed rest,
there's an increase
of urine output
and less blood volume,
which means...
Drink up, my friend.
Okay so, I made up
a little schedule.
We want to make sure
the only atrophy happens
on the bum leg
and not th rest of your body
and you should know that I combine
traditional nursing practices
with eastern
Nepalese philosophy,
which is not only
proven effective,
but has proven
a speedier recovery.
- Well, I'm all for a speedier recovery.
- I thought so.
All right.
Let's get started, shall we?
Kay, left hand out, please.
Keep the hand open.
So there's five major
pressure points on the hand
and the arm that serve
as a breaker box to the body.
Oh, I feel that in my low neck.
Good. Now you should
feel this one in your left side.
Oh, my god.
And there's this one
that not only relieves pressure,
but it stimulates muscle
activity in your lower legs.
That's incredible.
Oh, I totally feel that.
Okay. And here's the last one.
You don't want to
overstimulate your body
on our first go around,
so just drink that water.
It was just weird.
It's like a slap in the face.
Literally the entire box
of pasta in the trash.
Well come on, maybe she's vegan
or lactose intolerant
and she didn't want
to come across rude
or flatulent.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
I could be overreacting.
You? No...
What? I don't overreact.
I don't overreact!
I don't.
Hey Lance, I just got
a text from Brooke.
She said that
she's working late tonight.
What do you think you're doing?
My bladder is about
30 seconds from imploding.
Okay. We'll get
you to the bathroom...
...together and carefully.
There you go.
All right, all right, all right.
We're going, we're going.
- Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
- There we go.
So you a fan
of Thai food or what?
- I love Thai food.
- Yeah?
I never get to have it
'cause Brooke's not a fan.
- Oh.
- Are we getting Thai food?
- Yeah. Absolutely. We're gonna order it.
- Awesome.
Must be your lucky night.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay, we got it.
- Okay.
- Okay. Hold on.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'm going as fast as I can.
- I know, I know, I know.
- All right.
Okay. I think
I got it from here.
- Oh!
- Okay.
All right, let's
do this together.
- Nice and easy...
- All right.
Slowly, slowly.
Just slowly there.
All right.
- Okay.
- Okay. Go ahead.
Lance, this is what
I do for a living.
Go ahead.
It's all very technical to me.
There you go.
Fire away.
Stage fright.
I'll plug my ears.
Yeah, my family are crazy
about basketball.
When I was a kid, my dad had
season tickets to the Clippers.
And it didn't matter
if they were down by 20
in the last five minutes,
we had to stay to the end.
Um, my uncle had
season tickets, too.
- No.
- Yeah.
We were there every game
to the bitter end.
Oh, so that was you seated
across from us.
Yeah, that was us!
Are you okay?
Yeah. I just started
to feel light-headed.
Let's get you moving
around a bit.
Yeah. A lot.
Thanks, Chloe.
I really, really appreciate it.
It's my job.
A very admirable one at that.
Unlike mine.
What do you do?
I'm a web designer.
That's a great job!
Come on, everybody
needs a website.
Oh, you know what?
This could be Brooke.
You okay?
That wasn't too convincing.
Relationship issues.
Mm. Those are fun.
Just tell me they stop
once you get married.
I wouldn't know.
Brooke and I aren't married.
- Get outta here.
- Yeah.
Well, not yet at least.
I asked her a year ago, but...
she has this theory
that we need to wait
until the three year mark.
At first I was bitter
about it, but...
You know, after a while,
I started to understand it.
Now, this texting guy.
Is he the one for you?
I don't know.
Sorry, I just...
I always envisioned
the guy that I ended up with...
treating me like a princess.
And this one, not so much.
Then dump him.
Why shouldn't you be
treated like a princess?
You deserve that, don't you?
Why settle?
I appreciate you staying
a little longer.
Oh, come on.
It's my pleasure.
You know, Lance is one
of the more civilized patients
I've had in a long time.
Here. I packed you
a little something.
Uh, we ordered in
Thai food tonight.
- I'm full.
- Great!
I'm so relieved he finally
has someone to enjoy Thai with.
Just for future knowledge,
are you allergic to any foods?
So you're not vegan
or you don't have
an allergy to pasta?
No, I love pasta.
Which by the way,
thank you again for last night.
The pasta was delicious.
Sure. My pleasure.
Okay. Well, you have
a good night.
Bye, Lance.
I don't know what to say, love.
Maybe she has an aversion
to Italian food
and she didn't want to tell you.
Why wouldn't
she want to tell me?
Who knows?
Maybe because you're a sous chef
at an authentic
Italian restaurant
and she didn't
want to offend you.
It's just odd.
It's like she wanted
me to see it, you know...
putting it in our trash can.
There's my lady.
I'm going to bed.
Hey, hey, hey.
Is that how you treat
the man you're with?
How 'bout a proper hello?
Just get off me, okay?
Baby, I'm just trying
to spread the love.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Thanks for coming,
- Oh, of course.
Come on in.
His name was Darren Wells.
Mid 40s.
He drove a delivery truck.
He was off that night.
The toxicology lab reported
that he had a very high
amount of alcohol
in his bloodstream.
Apparently he was
a recovering addict
who had taken to heavy drinking.
I spoke with a DA,
who is a personal friend,
and I think that this
is just one of those cases
that tends to go away.
But... I mean,
that poor man.
We just feel so bad
about what happened.
Did he have a family?
Well, since both
of his parents are deceased,
I really don't foresee a lawsuit
or anything of that nature.
Well, was he married
or did he have kids?
Just a brother in Wisconsin.
But I believe that
if a suit was filed,
we would have already heard about
it from the county courthouse.
I don't know.
I feel like we should at least
reach out to his brother
and send our condolences.
That is very sweet
of you, Brooke,
but I don't recommend it.
In these cases,
it's best to just lay low
and let him grieve his loss
because the bottom line is,
the two of you were victims
in the situation
just as much as he was.
This is top five for sure.
- For reals?
- For reals.
Yes! Because I'm going to feature it at
the restaurant fundraiser on Friday.
Well seriously, hon,
it's phenomenal.
I'm already thinking
about seconds.
Well somebody sure
has his appetite back.
I know.
I'm feeling more like myself
these past couple of days.
I guess Chloe's
doing something right.
Seriously, hon.
She knows what she's doing.
She uses this traditional
Nepalese medical philosophy
with these pressure points
and herbal medicine...
- The pain has been cut in half.
- Oh, my god.
That's great, sweetie.
And here I am being so selfish
and complaining about her when
she's helping you get healthy.
I'm awful.
Yes, you are.
Seconds, please.
- All right.
- More... more...
- Okay.
- Uh-huh. There we go.
So sorry I didn't mean
to sneak up on you.
No, no. I'm just a big baby.
You look pretty.
They were just giving away
free makeup samples
at Bloomingdale's,
so I thought, "Why not?"
I love makeup samples.
Yeah. I wish they were giving away
free samples of your perfume.
I love that.
Oh, thank you.
It's Lance's favorite.
It's called Forbidden Romance.
It's actually one of the more
affordable ones out there.
Uh, Chloe, I just wanted
to say how much I appreciate
everything that
you're doing for Lance.
It's my pleasure.
Not to mention, my job, which...
I should get back to our patient
'cause Lord knows
he's gonna need help again
aiming for that toilet.
Your meal
of champions is served.
A very colorful display.
It's no Brooke, but I'm shooting
to be better than the hospital.
You're really reaching
for that gold standard.
All right,
let's get you situated.
I recognize that fragrance.
Do you like it?
It's a favorite of Brooke's.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
So it's pins
and needles in my leg.
Okay. Lower or upper?
Um... I'm good.
You... you nailed it.
I feel great.
- Okay.
- Could you pass me my iPad, please?
Not before you eat your soup.
Oh, it's okay.
I'm not really that hungry right now.
You've got to stick
to the program, Mister.
And I slaved
in the kitchen all day!
All right.
Yes, ma'am.
It's delicious.
Simple, yet so robust.
Okay, let's...
- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
Yeah, let's just take it off.
I'm gonna get you a clean shirt.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I picked the blue one 'cause
I like this color best on you.
All right...
Arms up.
Oh, you got somethin'.
Uh yeah, you know what?
It's... it's not budging.
Got it.
That prick
from the Times is here!
Hasn't reviewed me
in over twyears!
- Harrison Duben?
- No. The other one.
- Sherridan Tishman?
- No. The other one.
The only other one
is Gena Slutzky.
That prick.
She almost ruined my career.
I need something...
magic from you tonight.
Can I count on you?
Of course.
That's my girl.
Whose got table 49?
I need his plated in five!
- Hey.
- Hi.
Is Brooke here?
She had to work late again.
Does it bother you that your
relationship is so one-sided?
It's not one-sided.
I think you deserve better.
Like, a wise and incredibly
handsome man wouldn't simply settle.
I took your advice, by the way.
I dumped James.
He was gone
first thing in the morning.
Yeah well, I'm not settling.
Brooke is everything
I ever wanted.
I'm a very lucky man.
She turned down
your marriage proposal.
She's never around
when you need her.
Actions speak louder than words.
Chloe, enough!
What? Stop.
Okay, you need to
get your things and leave!
Lance, I'm sorry.
I didn't...
I mean...
I was getting mixed messages.
Excuse me?
Okay, it was my fault.
Completely my fault.
I crossed lines.
I don't...
Just kind of... am going
through a lot right now.
Don't fire me.
Chloe, this is all
just so bizarre.
I mean, I don't see any way
that we can keep you on.
I screwed up, okay?
I screwed up.
It is not gonna happen again.
I promise you.
All right, I'm gonna be completely
professional from now on.
Lance, please.
All right, let's just call it
a day and sleep on it, okay?
I'm just gonna
finish the laundry...
No. No need.
It's fine.
Just go home and get some rest.
- Are... are you okay by yourself?
- Yeah. I'm fine.
I'm just exhausted
and going back to sleep.
I'm just gonna
let myself out then.
Thank you...
Somebody's a little jumpy.
Thank God it's you.
Who else would it be?
Just had a nightmare.
You know,
people coming after me.
Oh, poor baby.
Do you want me
to make it better?
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
How was work?
Stressful and amazing
all at the same time.
We had the Times reviewer there.
Anyway, I'll tell
you all about it,
but first, I must shower.
How was everything here today?
You know, just...
same old, same old.
Be back in a flash.
I didn't hear you come in.
You shouldn't be moving
around without me.
Actually, I feel good.
Good enough that I can
wheel this thing on my own.
Well, I am your nurse
and you need to do as I advise.
And right now, I advise
you to get back onto the couch.
All right. Carefully...
So I'm gonna go
back in the kitchen
and make you your first meal.
Not to mention, you are way
overdue for your medication.
If you need anything else,
I'll be in the kitchen.
Hey, Chloe?
I want you to know
that I'm sorry...
if I was at all
a bit harsh with you.
I appreciate
everything you said.
And I'm more than willing
to keep you on.
Can I go into the kitchen now?
Ugh. Typical Monday.
Eight reservations.
Hey, Marco's not here tonight.
Why don't you go home
and make dinner for your man?
- Really?
- Yeah. I can cover around here.
All right.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Lance, wake up!
Wake up!
Call 911!
Baby? Baby?
And you have no idea
how long he was like that for?
I mean, what were you doing?
I was just doing laundry.
I was in the other room.
I know this is my fault.
It's just that I have no idea
what could have happened to him.
Bad reactions to drugs
happen all the time,
so maybe the oxy
was just too much
with his slight arrhythmia.
Ms. Harmon?
I'm sorry, we're just
gonna have Ms. Harmon
come back right now.
You can follow me.
I'm his nurse, so I should be fine
to go in and I'd like to see him.
I understand,
but I have doctors' orders.
No one else is gonna
be let in tonight.
You should really go home
and get some rest.
We'll take good care of him.
Come on.
Could you call
or text me, please?
Do you have
any idea what happened?
How much oxycodone
he took in the last 24 hours?
I don't know.
The amount he always takes.
The amount he was prescribed.
The tox report says otherwise.
A normal dose couldn't have
caused what happened to Lance.
Wait a second.
Are you telling me
that Lance was poisoned?
What I'm telling you
is that he's very lucky
you showed up when you did.
Look, the average person takes between
12 and 20 breaths per minute.
When they wheeled Lance in here,
his BPM was well below ten.
He was on his way
to cardiac arrest.
What I'd like to know is where
his nurse was during all of this.
She was doing laundry
in the other room.
Are you sure
this wasn't an accident?
I just don't see how.
Oh, my god.
Listen, his doctor will be
in to speak with you shortly.
You can go in.
Hey. Hey, babe.
This is like my second home.
How are you feeling?
What happened?
You OD'd on your drugs.
Did Chloe give you any extra?
Or did you take any extra?
Well, do you remember anything?
Not much.
I was trying to get
some work done on the couch
and then I started
to feel groggy, and...
I turned on the TV and then...
and then I wake up here.
Is it still Monday?
It's Tuesday.
Barb thinks that Chloe did it.
I... is that
what the doctor said?
That I was
purposefully poisoned?
It looks that way. Yeah.
I haven't been
totally honest with you.
Things haven't been going
as smoothly with Chloe
as I lead you to believe.
She made a pass at me.
She tried to kiss me
and I... I pushed her away
and I sent her home.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I felt bad.
She seemed like she was about
to fall off the deep end and...
And I knew that if I told you,
you would freak out about it.
That's not the kind of
thing you keep from me, Lance.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
But you know, we just, we were just
talking about her guy problem and...
I told her that she could
do better and she must have been
crazy enough to think
that I meant myself.
You're not supposed to
be her friend, Lance.
She's your nurse.
You can't even pee
without help from her.
I mean, what were you thinking?
You probably weren't thinking.
You were probably just playing
your cutesy, handsome, charming,
absent-minded professor
as usual.
Brooke, that's not fair.
I didn't want to cause
more problems in the event
that it was just some silly,
conjured, isolated incident.
Yeah. A silly,
isolated incident
incident that almost
got you killed... again.
Where are you going?
To call the cops.
Detective Thames, we need you to
come to the hospital right away.
Well, how are
we doing, Mr. Boston?
Okay, I guess.
I've seen better days.
So listen, your girlfriend
told me that you overdosed
on this medication
you've been on
and that made me very concerned
about this nurse of yours.
Chloe Spade?
I don't know
if either of you know this,
but Ms. Spade
is manic depressive.
Well, we knew she was on
medication, so we kind of figured.
Yeah. Well, this isn't the first time
she's had issues
with one of her patients.
Oh, so she tried
to kill someone else?
No, no. But...
Well, this previous patient
a few years back, um,
he was a successful actor
in Brentwood,
injured himself on set,
couldn't walk, and...
they became involved.
When Ms. Spade found out
that he was married,
his wife was in Canada
working on another film, um...
she went crazy.
Uh... destroyed the house,
left the guy helpless
and immobile
without food or a phone.
- But she didn't try to murder him?
- Well, technically.
But it's negligence
all the same.
I mean, it was just virtue
of the fact that they guy
decided to drop the charges she
hooked on with another contractor.
But you know, given her history,
her dad's abuse, her illness,
the drug cocktails
she's taken...
it's bad.
Well, how is she even
able to nurse still?
I... I don't know.
We're working on that.
Okay, and how can we be
sure that she wanted to kill me?
I mean, she's a nurse, right?
She knows what it takes
to kill somebody,
so if she wanted me dead,
I'd be dead.
maybe she wanted to be heard?
Or... maybe
she was just pissed?
It doesn't change what she did, Lance.
I mean, you could have died!
She shouldn't be
anyone's nurse if she's crazy!
You're right...
but I'm not sure
I want to press charges either.
I mean... Chloe needs
to be in a hospital,
not in some jail cell.
Look, the doctor would
probably suggest rehab,
but I doubt very much that
Ms. Spade would admit to anything.
And in the way that
she administered your drugs,
the doctor wasn't even
sure of her intent.
So it's time for
you to get another nurse.
In the meantime,
I'm going to look into this
a little bit further,
and if you hear anything else,
you guys call me right away.
- And get out of this bed.
- Thanks, Detective.
- Thank you.
- All right. Take care.
Oh, Brooke!
How is he?
How's Lance?
You don't have to worry.
We decided not to press charges.
Press charges?
For what?
Don't make this
harder than it is.
The oxy.
We know you tried to OD him.
No! What?
I gave him the same amount
I've always given him.
The amount that he's prescribed.
It's in his report, Chloe.
Brooke, I didn't do this.
Is this like
that actor in Brentwood?
Oh, my...
That... I was not
in my right mind.
Are you ever in your right mind?
Or are you just utterly
and completely delusional?
Our attorney has
called your contractor
and let them know
that we will no longer
be needing your services.
You're fired.
No. No, no.
Don't do this.
No, no. I... I didn't
do anything wrong.
Between making passes
at my boyfriend
and then almost killing
him with drugs,
I disagree.
This... this can't
be happening again.
Chloe look, I should hate you
for what you did, but I don't.
I know you haven't
had an easy life,
but you need to seek
professional help.
The staff here is willing
to help you.
No. I am not going
to rehab again.
But you're not fit to nurse.
Let me just...
let me just go see Lance, okay?
Let me just
tell him goodbye. Please?
Absolutely not.
You know, if you guys
were so perfect for each other,
why haven't you married him yet?
It's people like you, Brooke,
who have the world
handed to them
on a silver platter,
taking every single thing
for granted,
who deserve nothing.
This is Lance. Leave a message at the
Lance, hi. It's Chloe.
Listen, um, can you just call me
as soon as you get this, please?
You have to know I would never
do anything to hurt you.
I love you, okay?
I know you're with Brooke, but please,
I just need you to call me, okay?
What do you want?
Chloe, I know it's you.
Wow, she really
wants to talk to you.
I guess you guys really bonded.
What, between the Thai food
and her helping you urinate...
Come on, Brooke.
You know nothing happened.
Do I?
I thought we trusted each other.
So did I.
Now where are you going?
If we're gonna get stuck
here another night,
then I need to go home
and take a shower
and get us some fresh clothes.
Don't leave like this.
Get some rest.
I'll be back later.
You better get out of here!
I'm two seconds
from calling the police!
Do you know
if she was admitted yet?
Excuse me, I have
a delivery for Lance Boston.
Do you know which room he's in?
You can just leave it here.
We'll make sure he gets it.
Oh. I promised the courier that I
would deliver it to him directly.
What floor do you work on?
First floor check-in.
I didn't know we had
any new hires down there.
What's your name, Miss?
Just make sure
Lance Boston gets these, please.
I want to throw up.
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault, Barb.
The hospital needs to figure out
a better system
to screen these people.
I agree.
Listen, I have a bunch
of vacation days stockpiled.
I'll take care of Lance.
Oh, that's so sweet.
But we couldn't ask
you to do that, Barb.
I'm not asking.
I'm telling.
Can't argue with that, babe.
Thanks a lot.
All right, you ready
to get out of here
once and for all?
Aw, but I was finally getting used to
the bedspring prodding my sphincter.
Getting out on good behavior?
The doctor says he thinks he'd
be better off resting at home.
I'm just a little bit concerned
about Chloe making an appearance.
Well, the good news is besides
filing the restraining order,
I also put in a call in
to her staffing administration
to make sure that she does
not do this to anyone again.
You did change the locks
in your house, yes?
- Of course.
- Good.
Now, I don't want you guys
to worry about anything, okay?
But just do not
encourage her behavior.
Don't answer her phone calls,
her text messages,
her e-mails... Nothing.
And she's gonna go away, okay?
All right, I have another client here
to see, but you guys take care, okay?
You, too.
Thanks, Gwen.
No. Monday is a no-go.
No. I have lunch
with Brilstein at noon,
and then I'm going dress
shopping with my sister after.
I'm not gonna
cancel on her again.
Okay. Yes.
I have a hot date
tonight with a bottle
of chardonnay
in my bed, goodnight.
You can't take
my job away from me.
Nursing is the only
thing I love.
Oh, well then
you shouldn't be so awful at it.
I'm calling the police.
What are you doing?
Brooke, it's Connie.
Gwen's been attacked.
She's in the hospital.
It's serious.
She's not waking up.
- Brooke, she's not waking up!
- Babe... babe.
Oh, my god.
You don't think
it could've been Chloe, do you?
I don't know.
I mean, would Chloe even
know who Gwen is?
They never met.
I don't know.
It just seems
like a weird coincidence.
Now she's in coma.
I was thinking
about going to visit her
in the hospital after
the fundraiser tomorrow night.
You should.
I'm sorry.
For what?
I haven't been
the best girlfriend.
I'm always putting myself first.
If there's anything good
that's come out of all of this,
it's that I realize
I could never live without you.
if anyone should apologize,
it should be me.
I should've told you.
I don't know why I didn't.
I just...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I said
I wanted to wait
when you asked me to marry you.
I wanted to.
I guess I just thought that...
we could wait
until we had more money or...
more time.
I know.
But we don't always
get more time, do we?
I love you.
I love you, too.
All right. Eat up.
And I can't get in to see
him sooner than that, huh?
something is wrong
with my pills and...
they're not working.
I need something
stronger, you know?
Next Monday.
Okay. Great. Thanks.
Boy do I have a treat for you.
Rumor has it
you have a sweet tooth.
Ms. Harmon tipped me off.
You know, she's not
much of a baker.
She's much more into the savory,
which is probably good for me,
'cause if she was, I'd be fat.
This was my mother's recipe.
Even after she got sick
with Alzheimer's,
she didn't miss
a beat in the kitchen.
I think she believed that good
cooking was the best medicine.
Well, it must have
been hard, though.
You know what they say...
If it doesn't kill you,
it makes you stronger.
I think it's what made me
the nurse I am today.
A damn good one,
from what I can tell.
Thank you for that.
And speaking of which,
how's the new patient?
Is Gwen gonna be okay?
I heard she was
doing really well.
She's expected to make
a full recovery.
That is great.
Yeah. She got lucky.
You expecting company?
Well, let's see who it is.
What are you doing here?
I came to see Lance.
You're not welcome
here, Ms. Spade.
- Lance!
- Hold on.
I've been so worried about you.
I don't know what happened
the other day,
but I swear to you,
I didn't poison you.
Look Chloe,
the police are looking for you.
You need to check yourself in
and get yourself
some real help now, okay?
I'm here to help you.
I want to work
for you again. Please.
I think he's made
himself perfectly clear.
I'm supposed to be his nurse!
Not anymore you're not.
And she didn't
say anything else?
She didn't try to force
herself in or anything.
She just left.
This is just getting
so out of hand.
What did the detective say?
Just that they're still
looking for her.
Well, that's reassuring.
Brooke, baby... relax.
The police are
taking care of it.
Trust me...
everything's gonna be fine.
Chloe Spade!
This is Detective Thames!
Can you open up
the door, please?
We have a warrant
to search the premises!
I'm gonna need you
to open the door, ma'am!
Ms. Spade!
Hey, Barb.
I'm not supposed to
share this with anyone,
but I think you should know.
Last night, Ms. Spade was
admitted to the hospital.
Seriously? What for?
Apparently she tried
to commit suicide.
The cops found her.
She took a lethal dose of oxy,
which I can only imagine
came from Lance's prescription.
Uh... Chloe tried
to kill herself last night.
- She's in the hospital.
- What?
How is she doing?
Well, she's stable.
The bigger question is
whether the doctor admits her
to a psychiatric
hospital or not.
My guess is that
he probably will,
but she's got
at least 24 hours here.
I thought you should know.
Okay. Please keep us updated.
You bet.
This is insane.
Chloe tried to kill herself?
I think she must have
felt some serious guilt...
after what she'd done to us.
Maybe it all just
finally caught up to her.
Yeah. Maybe.
I'm just glad they found her.
I hope she gets committed
somewhere soon
so she can't get near us again.
Yeah. Me, too.
How's it goin'?
Chloe's in the hospital.
She tried to kill
herself last night.
They're gonna hold her.
Hopefully they'll finally
commit her this time.
Well, that's exactly
what she needs.
Yeah. I'm just glad that I can
leave Lance at home and not worry.
Nice to finally have
your life back, right?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, Barb.
Dr. Floyd just got the order to
prep Chloe Spade for transport.
- Wait. That's tonight?
- Apparently so.
All right. I'll get on it.
And how are we feeling, dear?
We're alone.
You can drop
the holier-than-thou act.
Well, fine.
Since we're sharing
our true feelings,
I have to tell you, I'm a bit
disappointed in you, Chloe...
Trying to check out
of the job I paid you to do.
But then I realized,
it's partially my fault,
what, with the placebo
pills and all.
The ones I replaced
your anti-depressants with.
You gave me placebos?
Well, I had to
tip the scales somehow.
- God.
- Your sex appeal wasn't doing it on its own.
That's why I was so messed up.
You bitch!
Such language.
We were only
supposed to mess with them.
I could go to jail
for attempted murder!
You could go to jail for murder.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna make absolutely sure
you don't go to jail.
Don't do me any
favors, all right?
I made up my mind.
When the cops come,
I'm telling them everything.
No, no, no.
Just let me do my job.
And what does that mean?
I'm the best nurse
in this hospital.
Just let me make it all better.
Just like I always do.
I want nothing to do with this.
Do you understand? I'm out.
Oh, I know.
Last night when
they brought you in here,
I realized that you gave
me the perfect opportunity
to clean this whole thing up
nice and neat...
just like I did with James.
What did you to to J...
What the...
Now the big guy
comes up to bat...
I really am sorry
about this, Chloe,
but I've seen so many
girls like you.
Trust me, you weren't
gonna get any better.
The first pitch...
Barb! Hey.
Is everything okay?
I just wanted to
check in on you.
I'll just put
these in the kitchen.
Oh! Well, that's
very... sweet of you.
It is so sweet how
he likes to rub my feet
at the end of the day,
but they're so sweaty.
I've been in these
freaking shoes for 12 hours.
- Marry him.
- Yeah.
Hold on.
- This is Brooke Harmon.
- Hi, Brooke.
This is Eric,
Darren Wells's brother?
- Well hello.
- I'm sorry to call you like this,
but I really need to warn you.
Your nurse Barbara...
she isn't who she says she is.
Wait. What did you say?
Cookies were delicious.
I really appreciate
you stopping by, Barb.
I am just
all of a sudden exhausted.
I think I'm just gonna crash.
That's because I put something
extra special in these cookies.
Excuse me?
You didn't think you were
gonna get away with it, did you?
Killing him.
What are you talking about?
The man you ran over.
Left in the street bloody.
That was my fiancee...
Darren Wells.
whatever pain we've caused you,
we've already paid for it
tenfold with everything
Chloe put us through already.
Chloe works for me.
I paid her to take care of you.
You paid Chloe
to try to kill me?
No, no.
She's much too much
of a coward for that.
I paid her to ruin your life
like you ruined mine.
I'm the one that made you OD.
I'm the one
that wants to kill you.
And this time...
I'm not gonna fail.
Go to your happy place, Lance.
That would be
right here with me, bitch.
I can't feel anything.
Now where were we?
What did you do to me?
- You don't have to do this!
- Back away from him, Barb!
Honey, you got to be kidding me.
Take it easy, Chloe.
If you help me out,
I can give you double.
I'm not interested.
You sure?
You could do a whole lot
with $5,000.
Barb! Get off, Barb!
Barb, stop it!
Barb! Barb, please!
- Oh...
- Honey.
Is she dead?
How did you know?
- I sent a card to Darren Wells's brother.
- What?
He called me and he said that Darren
was engaged to a nurse named Barb.
I'm so glad you're okay.
My hero.
Babe, it's over.
- It's over.
- It's over.
What about Chloe?
Let's get her some help.
The first drink
I've had in ages.
So good.
Oh! And I got you...
Salted caramel cake?
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
Thought it was about time
that I asked again.
Might be a little hard for me to get
down on one knee at the moment, but...
Well, I was
actually thinking that
since I said no the first time,
I should be the one to ask you.
will you marry me?
It's about damn time.
- So is that a yes?
- Yes! That is a yes.
Okay. Good.
- Does it fit?
- Let's see.
Let's put in on. Ah!