Night's End (2022) Movie Script

1, six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two,
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Forward progress.
If you look
at the entire picture,
you have to ask yourself,
how does employee performance
affect the bottom line?
And what I mean by that is,
is there a revenue loss
when employees are out?
For example,
when I was a manager,
I used to try to spend some time
thinking about how I could
boost employee performance.
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"Ken Barber's Management Tips."
I am Ken Barber.
Uh, see you next time.
See you next...
I-I'm Ken Barber.
See you next time.
There's too much "Ken Barber."
I just said it's
"Ken Barber's Management Tips,"
so obviously I'm Ken Barber.
So, let's say you're a dad
and your kids come to you
when they're like, you know,
three or four years old,
and they're curious
little people,
they want to know about you,
so they ask about your life.
They ask, like, what type
of problems you have.
And my advice would be,
don't get too specific,
'cause if you give them
too many details,
there's gonna be a lot
of follow-up questions,
and you do not want
to deal with that.
But you dowant to make sure
that your kids know that it's
okay to make mistakes,
but not big mistakes,
and to not spend too much time
making excuses or
explaining yourself, I guess.
That's it for this edition.
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"Ken Barber's
Divorced Dad Tips."
I will see you around.
No, I don't think that
overgrown hedges
are gonna take care
of themselves.
It's like an overflowing
trash can in your alley.
You look at it
and think to yourself,
"When was the last time
this trash can got emptied?"
When is the nexttime
it's gonna get emptied?
When is trash day?
Wait, what day is today?
Is it, uh... Is it Thursday?
It's like... It's like we're
living in stasis,
you know what I mean?
And I guess, when we're in
that stasis, we get upended...
or we canget upended
in the end.
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This has been
"Ken Barber's Lawn Life Tips."
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Seven, six,
five, four,
three, two, one.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Forward progress.
I don't have any real numbers,
and, uh...
Come on, man,
let me hear those numbers.
I don't know, maybe like
10 watches so far.
Overall for all the videos,
or individual watches
for just the last one?
10 for the last one.
You mean
"Ken Barber's Lawn Guy"?
"Lawn Life."
"Lawn Life."
Yeah, and like 28
for all of them together.
For two days since
you posted them?
That's not bad, is it?
Oh, no, that's pretty shitty.
Right, but you got the most
looks on the lawn one?
I know... stupid.
You're Ken Barber,
and those are lawn guy...
Lawn life.
Lawn lifetips.
Maybe since that one
was the most popular,
make another one of those,
and maybe this time
with more actual tips
about lawns and less thoughts
about the crushing anguish
of human existence.
Uh, yeah, maybe.
Oh, and you know what else?
Maybe don't post three
different videos all at once.
Maybe just pick a tip topic
and stick with it.
Yeah, just throw my shit
against the wall
and see what sticks?
It's not shit every time,
But hey, what was up
with one of those,
like, taxidermy birds
falling behind you?
- What do you mean?
- On the "lawn guy" video.
One of your weird, like,
stuffed bird things fell off
the shelf right behind you.
It did?
Don't you watch
your own videos?
I mean, I, like,
skim through it.
Well, watch it,
you'll see what I mean.
You mean, like, right now?
Alright, alright, hold on.
"When was the last time
this trash can got emptied?"
When is the next time
it's gonna get emptied?
When is trash day?
Wait, what day is today?
Is it, uh... Is it Thursday?
Oh, damn.
Things don't just fall
like that, man.
Oh, wow, that's weird.
Yeah, let me call
you later, alright?
What is that?
And finally,
on "Ken's Lawn Life Tips,"
an eagle-eyed viewer
brought to my attention
that, when I shot my last video
a few days ago,
that this little guy
fell off the shelf.
Now, you may have noticed
that, uh, I like birds.
Uh, I get it from my dad.
He preferred live birds.
I prefer formerly live birds.
Live birds are messy,
and they make a lot of noise.
And if anybody ever tells you
that you eat like a bird,
don't take that as a compliment.
I don't know
how it fell off the shelf.
Some folks have commented that
maybe my apartment is haunted
and there's a ghost that wanted
to play with the birds.
I don't know about all of that.
Anyway, thank you so much
for tuning in
to the second installment
of "Ken's Lawn Life Tips."
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and I will see you all
next time.
One of my viewers
told me about it.
- Was it Terry?
- No.
Wasn't Terry.
It was somebody else entirely.
But yeah, all the comments
are saying it might be a ghost.
You should find out if anybody
died in your apartment.
- I'm not gonna do that.
- Oh, come on. Find out.
- Why would I want to know that?
- Because ghosts!
I could research it
for you, even.
- No, thank you.
- You get creeped out too easily.
Always have.
- No, I don't.
- Mm-hmm.
Except for your creepy birds.
Hey, my birds are not creepy.
They are comforting.
Did the building owner
say anything when you moved in?
About people dying
in my apartment? No.
Yeah, don't they have to
reveal stuff like that
to you when you rent it?
The building was built
in, like, 1905.
Mm, so maybe somebody
croaked there like 100 years ago
and the building owner
doesn't even know about it.
Are there any weird bloodstains
on the floor?
Or, like, tapping noises
in the walls?
or terrifying, blood-curdling
screams in the hallway?
Yeah, well, I'm sorry
to disappoint you,
but the only
weird screams are mine.
- The kids are at Donna's?
- Mm-hmm.
Hanging out with her girls.
So, other than your new
apartment being haunted,
is there anything going on
with you?
I'm just doing my video stuff.
Are you getting outside at all?
Uh, I think I'm good here.
It's not healthy,
holing up like that.
Ken, especially in a new town
and a new place.
I disagree.
I think this is
a perfect opportunity for me
to get to know
every inch of my apartment.
Any job prospects?
Nothing yet.
'Cause you're applying, right?
I'm working on it.
You do realize that posting
homemade self-help videos
isn't really working on it.
Seriously, it could
augment things.
If I get enough views,
I can make some real cash.
Excuse me if I don't have two
incomes coming in like you.
You don't have one income
coming in, and wait.
Are... Are you blaming me
and Isaac for having jobs?
No, no.
I'm happy for you, and I'm glad
you all are doing well,
but you know
I got downsized, okay?
It's just about moving forward.
Hey, will you call
the girls tomorrow?
They would really love that.
Maybe in the morning?
- Okay.
- Good.
- Well, I should go.
- Yeah.
Take care of yourself, okay?
Forward progress.
Yep. Forward progress.
Forward progress.
Built in 1905.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Roberta Wellwood.
Cause of death...
Oh, fuck. God damn it.
Okay, so, thirdly,
there's been a lot of talk
about the weirdness
with the bird falling,
and some people think
that it might be a ghost.
Well, at the suggestion
of one of my viewers,
I did some research to find out
if anybody died
in this apartment,
and I found an article
from 1915.
Turns out
that a young woman died
when she fell out of the window
after attacking her
father with an axe.
He survived. She didn't.
Her name is Roberta...
was Roberta.
Roberta Wellwood.
She was 19.
Who is it?!
You... I don't know
how you got in here,
but you're not
supposed to be in here!
Yo, get away from my door
before I call the police!
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three, two.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Forward progress.
You know what?
Maybe you should turn
your whole video channel
into a ghost thing.
You think?
Have you ever watched
those ghost-video
compilation channels?
So, these people
that run these channels,
they get like millions
of hits per video.
There's this one I saw.
It's called, um...
It's called "Dark Corners."
They got two million hits
on a video in a day.
What if...
What if you got your video
on one of those channels
and it linked back to your page?
That's a thought.
Then you could start
pulling in that ad revenue.
Right, 'cause this
just be a side thing.
I say go for it.
Send Dark Corners
your little ghost video,
you get to compile this and take
all the videos that you have,
complete a set, and you win.
You win.
I started poking around
on the Internet, right?
On how you could get
your little ghost girl
or whatever it is to come out
and show herself.
And I came across this thing
called a spirit jar.
- Okay. What's a spirit jar?
- Can you hear yourself?
A spirit jar is a jar
with tape around it
or some other material,
and you draw, like,
symbols on it,
and it helps you
to capture your ghost.
You think I should capture it?
Capture it,
draw it from the ether.
I'm not a seance master.
Don't worry about that.
I'll send you the link.
You figure it out.
Oh, before I forget,
Rachel wanted me to ask you
how Kylie's doing
in middle school.
Okay, tell your wife
that Kylie is doing fine,
I think.
Didn't you just talk
to the girls the other morning?
I-I didn't get
a chance to call.
You got to call your kids.
I don't need you to remind me
to call my kids.
Sounds like you do.
Okay, maybe I do.
Whatever. Never mind that now.
I'm grabbing another beer.
You know what? I think I will
grab myself a beer, too.
You got beers?
Just the six.
All right, man, whatever.
Meet back here?
Yep, yep.
What the fuck?
You getting outside at all?
H-Hey, man,
I-I got to call you back.
What the shit is this?
I-I was just now
talking to my buddy,
and I-I got up to get a drink.
I-I came back into my office,
and... and then, uh...
That was my... That was my
front door.
I definitely lock my front door.
I al... I always lock
my front door.
I'm very particular about that.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one.
Oh, Ken.
And finally, just to reiterate,
this has not been some
sort of elaborate hoax,
as some people have said,
Quite frankly, I would not
characterize anything in my life
as elaborate right now.
There are only two apartments
in this building.
No one else lives
in the other one.
No one else has a key.
Thank you to all the new
Please keep telling
your friends,
and thank you for watching
"Ken's Lawn Life Tips."
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Forward progress.
I present to you
the spirit jar.
That looks damn good.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
You got those symbols
off the link I sent?
Uh, yeah, what you sent me,
and then I had a...
Uh, hold on, hold on.
I'll show you.
I got it.
This book...
"Ghosts and Their Personas."
Holy shit.
Where'd you get that?
I got off the Internet,
where I get everything.
So, what? It's all about ghosts
and their personas?
It is, in fact, about ghosts
as well as their personas.
Who wrote it?
A gentleman named
Colin Albertson.
Colin Albertson?
So, which
symbols are the ones from that?
Uh, this one,
and I think these.
Oh, you did a total
spirit-jar mish-mash.
To the mish-mash.
Should we give it a test run?
Like, right now?
- Yeah.
- Okay, yeah.
Spirit jar test run.
Do it up.
I should tell you
that I am, uh,
more than a little bit
- Oh, I'm totally terrified.
- Okay.
- So, what's first?
- Uh, read from this thing.
So read that thing.
The first part...
is, "Contra absecro hoc spiritum
justa ad vicinitum voluntatum."
And the second part is, uh,
"malice omnus ad me vinite."
Okay, creepy Latin.
What does it mean?
The first part translates to,
"I pray that the spirit
of the just
against the wishes of mayhem."
And the second part...
"Come to me all the bad."
Okay, now what?
- Now hold up the jar.
- Then hold it up.
- Holding it up.
- Now do you open it?
I open it, but I don't know
what happens next.
Hey. Ken!
The fuck happened?
Ken, can you hear me?
Hey, Ken, can you hear me?
Hey, the hell was that?
What was what?
- What happened to you?
- I fell out of my chair.
Yeah, plus the door and
the lights and the screaming.
What door and light
and screaming?
Everything that happened
just now.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Hey, man, I got to go.
I think I'm about to barf.
Oh, yeah. Me, too.
I mean, that whole thing
sounds really weird.
Oh, it was, Kelsey.
But you didn't record it?
It was just a test run.
But you didn't see any of what
Terry said happened.
I just remember
falling out of my chair.
So you were sitting
in the chair
and then you fell
out of the chair,
but then then nothing
after that?
And you haven't experienced
anything since then?
Yeah, I don't remember
what he said happened
in the first place.
Except falling out
of your chair.
Wait, how did
the spirit jar get closed?
Who told you the spirit jar
was closed?
- Terry e-mailed me.
- He did?
Yeah. You should, for sure,
keep investigating.
Yeah, I-I don't...
I don't know.
- Oh, come on, man. It's so cool.
- It is kind of cool.
We want more ghost videos!
Okay. Oh...
Full disclosure,
we have both kind of
gotten into ghost videos lately.
Seriously, that's what
you're into now?
- Yeah.
- Ghost videos are thebest.
We watch this
ghost-video compilation thing.
We're especially into
that guy Dark Corners.
His compilations
are the fucking creepiest.
"Did you catch it?"
"And now for something
truly terrifying."
Last night, we binge-watched
like 30 of his posts.
It made me have the most
horrifying nightmares.
It was great.
You have to send a link
to Dark Corners.
Yeah, not really
anything to send, so...
Oh, so all the more reason
to keep making videos.
Yeah, I...
Send, send, send!
More, more, more!
Uh, anyway, I'm gonna
go watch TV.
Talk to you later, Ken.
Yeah. Catch you later, Isaac.
Oh, and, uh, good luck with
the continued job hunt.
Thanks, man.
I just forgot
how excitable he can be.
You know, you could
have this, too.
A new relationship?
A good relationship.
Yeah, good relationships
are hard.
Yeah, he said to his ex-wife.
But, uh, otherwise you're okay?
No, I-I didn't mean
to imply you're not okay.
I just, you know.
Same concerns I've had...
new town, new job, isolation.
And now, uh,
falling out of a chair.
I haven't been
sleeping well lately.
Well, what's waking you up?
I don't know. I...
I go to sleep fine,
and then I-I just wake up.
Will you please keep
making more ghost videos?
- Oh, sure, fine.
- Yay!
Yay! Yay!
Did you catch it?
Just please promise
not to show the girls.
Oh, my God, no.
They would never come visit you
if they thought
your apartment was haunted.
When do you think
that might happen anyway?
Oh, a visit? Uh, soon.
When soon?
Uh, real soon.
Okay. Well,
we should go.
Hey, maybe give the girls
a call Saturday morning?
- Yeah, for sure.
- All right.
Take care, okay?
Alright, bye.
It's time for the
"Dark Corners" clip of the week.
Ghost blogger Catherine Ohau
sent us this clip from her
channel, "Haunted Ohau,"
where she investigates haunted
and abandoned buildings.
In this
particular investigation,
Catherine was searching the
long-empty St. Ambrose School
in Winston, New York,
and as she moved down
the first-floor hallway,
she noticed a few bits of
discarded clothes on the floor
and a number of
overturned desks.
With her camera, though,
she caught something
truly terrifying.
Did you catch it?
Uh, I have your book,
"Ghost and Their Personas."
So, do you have
your spirit jar handy?
Uh, yeah, it's right here.
Can you hold it up
so that I can see it?
Move it a little closer.
Spin it around.
Okay. Yes.
Thank you.
Can you tell me what offerings
you've included
with your spirit jar?
Any coins or herbs?
Maybe some hair?
I-I was supposed to
put hair in I?
Or coins or herbs.
No, I didn't put
anything in it.
Oh, I see. All right.
Uh, and then the symbols that
are written on the spirit jar...
where did they come from?
Uh, from a list
that a viewer sent me.
And then the rest
of the symbols...
those are from my book?
Yeah. From your book, yeah.
Well, based on examining
your spirit jar
and now hearing that you hadn't
included any offerings,
along with a mish-mash
of symbols,
I'm inclined to believe
that your jar is empty.
And since it's empty,
you may now open the jar.
Are you frightened
to open the jar?
Yeah, if... if I'm
being honest, I am.
Well, if it helps,
I'll say once more,
there is currently nothing
trapped inside
your homemade spirit jar.
If there is,
what should I be prepared for?
Nothing, Ken.
Ghosts... they're like smoke.
They can't do anything to you.
They have no true physical form,
no real power.
Ghosts are like a thin veil
drawn across our reality.
So even if there were a ghost
in your jar, which there isn't,
it couldn't
do a damn thing to you.
Open the jar.
Was there anything else
you needed?
Uh, no, I guess not.
Good luck making
your spooky videos.
I look forward
to watching the next one.
What the fuck?
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six,
five, four,
three, two, one.
Ten, nine, eight..., six,
five, four,
three, two, one.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Come on.
Roberta, Roberta, Roberta.
Please let me out.
Please, please, please.
Ah, ah, oh.
Are you in your closet?
- Are you bleeding?
- Something happened.
Like, ghost-wise?
I don't think that
it's just Roberta here.
I think there's something else.
- Something... Something worse.
- Worse how?
Like, dangerous?
Can we just talk in private?
Well, be careful, Ken.
Okay, what exactly
happened to you?
Something tried
to fucking kill me!
Oh, my God. Oh, my...
Honey, you need
to go to the hospital.
No, it's fine, it's fine.
I'll be fine. It's fine.
It's fine? What, are you
drunk or something?
Oh, my God. You are.
You're drunk.
It's okay, Kelsey. It's fine.
Well, when did you
start drinking again?
I had a beer with Terry
like a couple weeks ago.
So with Terry.
That's not the point.
It's fine.
Okay, okay.
But it doesn't help you.
And tonight,
you were drinking alone.
People do that, Kelsey.
To the point that
they need stitches?
I didn't do this to myself.
Is it possible that
whatever happened tonight,
that you imagined it?
I didn't hallucinate,
and I'm not fucking drunk.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have called.
God damn it.
Damn it.
Terry. Wake up, Terry.
- Terry, wake up.
- What?
We... We shouldn't have
did what we did.
Mm-hmm. What's that?
We shouldn't have messed
with the spirit jar.
I-I was in my room.
- Terry, wake up.
- Hmm?
There was, um...
- Terry.
- It's great talking to you.
Terry, wake up.
- It's complete bullshit.
- Total bullshit.
I saw what I saw.
I know.
You even said
you saw it before,
when we did the spirit jar.
I didn't really seeanything.
I mostly just... I heard stuff,
and then there was the light
and the door
and then you fell off
your chair, but...
I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I totally agree.
What's going on isbullshit.
People are leaving comments
saying it's all just a big hoax,
that I made it all up.
I don't know. Maybe just
shut down the comments?
Yeah, but then it looks like
I'm hiding something, right?
And also, why would
anybody do this?
Why would I put myself
through all of this?
Some people would.
What people?
People who like attention.
You think I want
this type of attention?
I don't mean you.
I mean, that's why
other people would do it.
- My videos aren't fake.
- I didn't say they were fake.
This is really happening.
Look, I know it is.
What did Kelsey say?
I haven't talked to her
in a couple of days.
Maybe give her a shout.
- She told me you e-mailed her.
- She told you that?
Oh, right.
Yeah, I think
I was just telling her
about what happened
with the spirit jar.
Why'd you think she needed
to know I fell out of my chair?
'Cause she was the one who
told you to do some research.
Who told you she was the one
to tell me to do research?
You did.
No, I didn't.
I think you did.
I would really appreciate it
if the two of you
did not conspire against me.
We're not.
Did you tell her
I was drinking?
Hell no.
Do you have a problem
with me drinking, Terry?
I guess I'm just worried
about your state of mind, man.
I'm not a drunk!
But nearly two years ago,
you didhave a nervous breakdown
which led to you
drinking way too much,
which led to you losing both
your job and your family, right?
What's happening right now
with me in this apartment
has nothing to do with that.
Okay, and why did you have to
move so far away from your kids
anyhow... and from me,
for that matter?
What are you trying
to escape... reality?
I needed a fresh start.
This shit is your fresh start.
You know what, if you think
I'm such a fuck-up, just say so.
I don't think you're a fuck-up.
You're bad friend, Terry.
You're a fucking enabler.
If I'm an enabler,
then you're fucking indulger.
If I'm an indulger,
why would I make up
a fake haunting
just to ruin a life
that I don't want?
You know what?
You wanted to do
this ghost-video stuff
so you could make money
so you wouldn't have to go
get a real job
out in the real world.
you've known me
since grade school.
Everything that is going on
with me is not like before.
It's really happening.
None of it is fake.
- You believe me?
- Never said I didn't.
And hey, I didn't tell Kelsey
about us having a few beers,
and I don't care if you want
to hide from the world.
Maybe we should all be hiding.
You good?
Yeah. Maybe.
I suppose what I'm saying is,
the last time we spoke,
when I examined your spirit jar
and said that it was empty?
Wait, it's not?
No, the jar was empty,
but I took the liberty
of doing some research
on your Roberta Wellwood,
which in turn led me
to some medical reports
that date back
to about five years
after the young woman's
tragic fall.
These reports that I found
involve Roberta's mother,
Yvonne Wellwood,
whereas she confessed that,
in a fit of rage,
she pushed Roberta
out the window
after the failed axe attack
on the father.
Holy shit.
Holy shit, indeed.
These reports go on
to reveal that,
not soon after Yvonne's
confession of murder,
she committed suicide.
She committed suicide
in this apartment?
No, not there,
but in a psychiatric facility
where she was being kept.
Now, my theory is that
when you attempted to use
your homemade spirit jar,
you inadvertently harvested
her deranged soul.
Whoa, whoa.
I harvested her soul?
And it took a while
for Yvonne Wellwood
to reincorporate
from the astral plane
back into your apartment.
So that's why she didn't
immediately present herself.
But once she did,
Yvonne began to wreak havoc
in the hopes of capturing
Roberta's spirit
so that she could replay
her daughter's murder
again and again.
Why would...
Why would she do that?
It's called a ghost loop.
It happens when restless spirits
are fated to repeat
their tragic circumstances.
Okay. Okay.
Um, you said you had good news?
The good news is, I think
I may have a way I can help you.
I'm going to priority mail you
my very own personal spirit jar,
complete with
the correct markings,
which should, A, capture
and hold the demented spirit
of Yvonne Wellwood
and, B, release the confined
spirit of poor Roberta Wellwood
so that she may then
enter the light.
Your spirit jar
could do all of that?
Yes, it could.
You do want
to help Roberta, yes?
Of course, yes.
But first, before I set
our plan in motion,
I'm wondering
if you could show me
the ribbon
you e-mailed me about.
I'd like to examine it.
Okay, okay, I'll get it.
Hold on.
With these gifts,
mark this place.
With this root,
I stain this flame.
In this room,
with threefold law,
and with these seeds,
begin to draw.
With these words,
the tree now bends.
Ad ligundum eos perito,
eos corum nostrus vende.
Okay, I got it.
Hey. Uh, what was that noise?
I accidentally
stepped on my cat.
Is your cat okay?
Probably. Is that the ribbon?
Oh, yeah, this is it.
Very interesting. Thank you.
So, Ken, do nothing
until you receive
my spirit jar in the mail.
Don't contact any spirits
or record anything.
I won't, I promise.
Do know that I believe you,
in regards to all
that you've shared.
And listen, Ken.
I know we don't
know each other well,
but I do know that you
live alone, as do I.
So I, too, understand the strain
that life gives us,
especially when things
seem out of our control.
But if I could, I'd like
to give you some advice.
Put your world in order.
Forget all the problems
that are outside of yourself
until everything is less,
well, diagonal.
Once you've tackled
your assumed uncertainness,
your self-loathing,
your inability to move forward,
then and only then can you begin
to manage your external issues.
I-I think so.
I'm saying, help yourself,
then help Roberta,
then help everyone else.
I promise we'll fix this, Ken.
- Together.
- Oh, yes.
But anyway, more about
your amazing news.
Yeah. Right.
When's it happening?
I just got
the e-mail this morning.
- When'd you send the clip in?
- That's just it. I didn't.
So how did he hear about it?
He must have found it
on his own,
or one of my viewers
submitted it.
He said he's got to check out
a few things first
but that he really
dug the videos.
Dug how?
His words...
they are undeniable proof.
- Wow!
- That is so damn cool.
Uh, now I got a little bit
of ad revenue coming in,
and you will both appreciate
that next week,
I have two job interviews.
Hot damn!
Everything's coming up
Ken Barber.
Uh, Kelsey, thanks a lot
for making time today
so I could talk to the girls.
- I appreciate it.
- Oh, yeah, of course.
They honestly... They can't
wait to come see you next month.
Yeah, they said
you're getting them a futon?
Picking it up on Sunday.
Oh, it must feel so nice
to finally be settled.
Yeah, it's been, uh...
it's been a pretty shit
couple of years.
No, it hasn't been total shit.
It hasbeen total shit.
I'm sorry.
Nah, it's not on you.
It's been me, whole time.
Well, don't lay the blame
on yourself too thick.
It's just, it's good
you're back on track.
And hey, we're
right here for you,
for whatever you need, okay?
Yeah, okay, thanks.
But, uh...
I'm doing okay for now.
Uh, okay enough.
"Okay enough" is okay enough.
Would you stop being
such a fucking cheeseball?
I can't stop being
a fucking cheeseball.
I ama fucking cheeseball.
- Oh, damn.
- What? Who is it?
Hold on. Shit, is that him?
Answer it, go on. Good luck.
Okay, uh, tell the girls
I can't wait to see them.
- Okay. Okay, go. Bye.
- Okay, bye.
After Ken started doing
these self-help video blogs,
I noticed something behind him
fell off a shelf all on its own.
So that's where all this
started, I guess.
I think this cleansing
is exactly what Ken needs.
He's been through a lot of stuff
in the last few years.
Yeah, but, you know,
what's happening now?
- It's so great for Ken.
- Yeah, I just...
I-I just think
he needs a reboot.
He's on a live stream
for "Dark Corners."
It's totally amazing.
- Very exciting.
- Yeah.
- Good luck, Ken.
- Good luck.
You're gonna kill it.
The history of Ken's building
coupled with the need to save
the soul of a young woman
who died a tragic death.
Ken's willingness to participate
in this cleansing ritual
is sincerely a heroic act.
It's very dangerous,
this kind of ritual.
So there's bound to be
a few supernatural fireworks
in the room tonight.
Fasten your seatbelts, fuckers.
Welcome to tonight's
amazing "Dark Corners"
live-stream investigation
of the bizarre and terrifying
Wellwood ghosts.
Before we head
to our investigation, though,
I want to take a minute
to reintroduce our expert panel.
First from "Thriller Vids,"
paranormal expert
and popular ghost blogger
Lyden Knight.
It's great to be here, D.C.
And also, best-selling author
and award-winning
paranormal researcher
Colin Albertson.
And of course, there's me,
your host, Dark Corners.
Colin, you were the person
who originally
turned me on to Ken's videos
of the Wellwood ghosts.
What made you want
to send me his link?
I actually discovered
Ken's posts rather by accident.
He referenced my book in one
of his first videos.
I contacted Ken,
offering to help him
better investigate his haunting.
We should note, you've been out
of the paranormal-research loop
for a while now, right?
I admit I've had my share
of recent legal kerfuffles,
but I've put all that aside.
Tonight's event
is far too important.
Now, Lyden,
you've examined the videos
of Ken Barber's purported
Wellwood ghosts.
- Thoroughly.
- What's your take?
In Ken's first encounter
with the spirit
that he refers to as Roberta,
she appears to be wearing
a white dress.
I've heard some people say
they also think
she appears to be screaming.
The reason Roberta most likely
is screaming is...
Right, Colin,
you said you've done
some additional research
on the building.
I discovered that Roberta's
mother, Yvonne Wellwood...
The second Wellwood ghost,
whom we are hoping
we encounter tonight.
Yes. That Yvonne had actually
confessed to murdering Roberta.
there is reason to believe
that that haunting
will continue.
Colin's theory is... and
correct me, Colin, if I'm wrong.
Colin's theory is
that Ken's homemade spirit jar
might have somehow pulled
the spirit of Roberta's mother
from the astral plane
to our earthly plane
to torment her daughter
again and again.
Let me remind everyone
what we're referring to.
And let me warn you,
this video is truly terrifying.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
Did you catch it?
No, no, no, no, no...
But what is it?
I have to say, that thing
doesn't look like it could be
the ghost of Yvonne Wellwood.
When the spirit
of Yvonne Wellwood
entered our earthly plane,
she underwent a radical
ectoplasmic transformation.
Whatever it is,
it looks dangerous.
Well, Yvonne was
a psychotic murderer.
According to whatever
medical files you found?
Well, I did a little research
into Yvonne Wellwood myself,
and I found no record
of her at all.
That's strange.
Either way, it seems
there's no denying
there are likely two paranormal
entities haunting this location,
which should make for
an intriguing investigation.
And so, with that,
how about we head on over
to Ken Barber, currently at
the Wellwood investigation site?
Ken Barber.
Oh, h-hey, D.C.
I have to say, we are so amped
to be delving
into your haunting.
Tell me, is there anything
happening there right now?
Uh, no, nothing.
But i-if something does happen,
I will make sure
to let you know.
Along with tonight's
"Dark Corners" live stream,
we've got something special
planned for our investigation.
Ken, would you like
to elaborate?
Uh, sure. Colin sent me this.
That's Colin's personal
spirit jar, correct?
It is.
Is it safe to use?
Of course. Perfectly.
I just hope it works.
It will cleanse the space.
We're hoping we might actually
exorcise both Wellwood ghosts
from your apartment.
Is that right, Ken?
It is.
Let me introduce, live,
in-person, our special guests,
Terry Gilson and
Kelsey and Isaac Dees.
Hey, what's up?
- Oh, hello.
- Hey, D.C.
So jazzed to be here.
It is so cool
to have everyone here.
Okay, if you're just
joining us,
we're hoping to use
an authentic paranormal device
called a spirit jar
to call forth
and actually release
the purported spirit
of the young Roberta Wellwood
to the astral plane
and capture and contain her
murderous mother,
Yvonne Wellwood.
Is that right, Colin?
- Yes, D.C.
- Okay.
Ken, hey. Are you nearly ready?
Uh, yeah, I think we're
good to go.
It looks like we've officially
begun our live stream.
Take it away, Colin,
whenever you're ready.
Ken, along with my spirit jar,
I've included a velvet bag.
Yeah, sorry to interrupt,
but could you explain
the symbols on the jar?
The symbols are an ancient
language. Each symbol...
By "ancient,"
how old do you mean?
They are quite...
And what specific language
are the symbols derived from?
I'm sorry, D.C.,
and I apologize,
but now that I have begun
the ritual,
I'd ask to not have
any interruptions.
Oh, right.
Sorry. Apologies.
Thank you.
Ken, go ahead and open the jar.
I sent along a few items
in a velvet bag.
Uh, right.
Now, call out each
individual item
as you remove it from the bag.
A, uh... A purple rock.
- The next item, please.
- A raven's claw.
A piece of broken mirror.
- And finally.
- Um...
It's, uh...
My thumb.
- No fucking way.
- Go ahead.
Put my thumb in
the spirit jar, Ken.
- Oh.
- Oh, hell no.
Oh, hell no!
Good. Now, Ken, You should have
also received an envelope.
Go ahead and open that envelope
and remove its contents.
Ye... Yeah. Yeah.
Now, in order for
the cleansing to work,
I'll need you to light
the candle, then both of us
will say the first
half of the incantation.
- We should read it together?
- Yes, together.
Well, go ahead,
light the candle.
Etsa talakel.
Etsa talakel.
Tes zel samante.
Tes zel samante.
Telana une runa.
Cons noma tel telana une runa.
Mene khanala.
- Mi shanala, etsa talakel.
- Etsa talakel.
Etsa talakel,
etsa talakel.
I think I messed that up.
- Ken?
- Yeah?
A-Are you hearing anything?
Footsteps or... or breathing,
or any other sounds?
D.C., I would like to continue
the ritual, if I may.
Uh, yeah, sorry.
Thank you, Colin.
Ken, if you could pick up
the spirit jar
and put it in your left hand.
We'll now read the second half
of the incantation
so we may release Roberta
from her earthly binds.
Are you ready?
Yeah, le... let's just
get this over with.
Come, etsa talakel.
Come, etsa talakel.
You who wish entry.
You who wish pain.
You who wish fire.
You who wish flame.
Take the sacrifice bound here,
trapped here.
Feed and grow.
Haruite mea vota sic erit.
- Ken, what... what's happening?
- She's right there.
- Who's right there?
- Roberta.
She's right there.
You don't see?
She's right...
She's right there.
Gah! Oh!
Okay, what do I do?
What do I do?
- Shit.
- Ken, where is the spirit jar?
- It's gone!
- Um...
It's gone.
The spirit jar's gone.
- The spirit jar isn't there?
- Oh, shit.
Oh, God, she's coming
towards me. What do I do?
- Stop it. I want it to stop.
- What the fuck?
She's coming towards me.
What do I do?!
- Um...
- Turn it all off. Just stop.
Uh, Colin, any... any thoughts?
I-I don't want
to do this anymore.
- Colin!
- What is happening?
- I have no idea.
- I want it to stop now!
Okay, hey, hey.
Hey, Ken, just hang in there.
Everything is gonna be
all right.
Turn it all off.
Turn it all off.
- Shit!
- Fuck!
Did you hear that?
There's something else here.
I'm... I'm assuming that to be
the second Wellwood ghost,
the ghost of Yvonne Wellwood?
- Right, Colin?
- Colin?
Okay, any... any advice on what
Ken should do right now?
Um, Colin?
D.C., I really don't
think that thing
is the ghost of Yvonne Wellwood.
I now welcome
to this mortal existence,
the fully realized
and corporeal form
of the most corrupt
and holy Etsa Talakel!
What the fuck is he doing?!
The one and true lord
of the malicious flame!
Oh, shit.
What the hell is happening?
Stop playing. Ken!
Is that it?
Is it over?
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- What is happening?
- Is Ken okay?
- I don't know!
Come on, man.
Y'all stop playing. Ken!
- Ken!
- Okay, okay.
Everybody just calm down.
Everybody calm down.
Ken? Ken?
- Ken!
- Colin, what have you done?
Welcome, everyone!
What the hell
have you done, Colin?
Welcome to
the new and everlasting
age of torment.
What the fuck?
- Ken, hey.
- What the fuck?
Oh, my God.
What the hell is happening?
What the fuck is happening?!
- No.
- It's okay.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Forward progress.