Nightshade (2022) Movie Script

[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[tense music continues]
[tense music continues]
Unlock the door.
Come on, baby. Unlock the door.
Let me open the door. Okay?
Daddy's protecting you.
Mommy is not a nice person.
Honey, honey, open the door!
[tense music]
[ominous music]
[metronome clicking]
[Ben laughs]
No offense, I just,
I didn't love the whole
hypnosis thing last time
and I'm not sure I can do this
I-I-I know it can be
but it's actually the most
affective way
to access those
issues that are rooted deep
inside the subconscious mind.
You know, why don't we
just catch up a little bit.
I mean, it's been a while
since our last session.
Maybe we can try that a little
How is Lucy?
I think she's doing pretty
She does a lot of yoga,
and she spends an absurd amount
of time
in the garage painting, but.
Well, the loss of a
pregnancy is difficult
for a woman at any point,
but in the second trimester,
it's really difficult.
Just remember to keep treating
her gently.
I will.
Well, I'm happy to hear that.
So just the work related stress
Being a homicide detective must
be tough.
Are you still experiencing
Well, no, not really.
I mean, I guess I sleep now.
I've been having these intense
I wake up feeling exhausted,
like I hadn't slept at all.
Well, sometimes the subconscious
mind uses dreamscape
as a way to filter out issues,
and that can be exhausting
in and of itself,
even though you're technically
just laying in your bed.
I try to separate work
from home, you know,
but lately I can't escape it.
I go to bed thinking about all
the details
of these murder cases and
they follow me to my dreams.
Well, we can of course discuss
the more disturbing aspects
of your job and that will help,
but I really think we should
continue with the hypnotherapy.
[Ben sighs]
Sleep depravation can be very
for someone in your line of
so, really, hypnotherapy is
your best bet.
All right.
If it helps me get regular
then, let's just do it.
Lets get some of those
images out of your head.
Do I have your permission to
All right.
Focus on my voice and picture
the numbers
in your head as I say them.
[metronome clicking]
20, 19, 18,
17, 16, 15.
Ben, what's your favorite color?
Ben, if you could pick a favorite
color, what would that be?
And does the color blue
make you feel happy?
Ben, why don't you tell me the
of the murder you're tracking.
He was shot in the back.
[thunder roars]
[gunfire cracks]
All his fingerprints were
[fire roaring]
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
- [entrancing music]
- [metronome clicking]
[jarring sinister music]
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[laundry machine beeps]
Yoga again?
Weren't you doing that last
night too?
You can never have too much
yoga. It cleanses the soul.
Come do some yoga with me
before you go.
Come on, it'd be fun.
Ugh, I'm starving, I need to
Slept like shit again last
More dreams?
Well, how'd your doctor's
appointment go yesterday?
Not sure. I don't really
[phone rings]
Yup. Send me the address right
I'm en route, I'll meet you
Is everything alright?
There's been another murder.
[Lucy] Don't forget your tea.
Oh. Thank you.
[tense music]
Why can't people ever
fucking die in the afternoon?
That way we can discover
them in the early evening,
and I can actually have a
decent morning with my wife.
Good morning to you too.
You look like a piece of shit.
[chuckles] Drink your coffee
and put a smile on your face
for me.
It's tea, asshole.
I told you, I hate coffee.
[Ben] So what do we got?
Ah, older male, Caucasian,
floating in the pool with
multiple gunshot wounds
and a bag around his head.
[Ben] So why would someone
shoot him,
suffocate him, and then drown
Sounds redundant.
Homeowner seemed pretty freaked
out too.
Says she's never seen him
Of course she's never seen
His head's in a bag.
It's the same killer.
His prints are torched off.
Holy shit.
All right. Listen up.
Nobody touch anything.
Let's get the forensics
team back here ASAP.
And somebody get me an ETA
on the medical examiner.
[ominous music]
I don't know.
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
How so?
Well, I woke up standing on
my front lawn the other night.
You woke up outside standing?
Yep. I have no idea how I got
My sprinklers came on
and I woke up standing there
soaking wet.
My neighbor thinks I'm nuts,
I'm sure.
So you've progressed
into sleepwalking?
I wouldn't call it progress,
I'd call it fucking crazy.
Have you ever lost
time like that before?
Not that I know of.
And how does your wife
handle your sleepwalking?
Lucy sleeps like a rock
so I don't think she's even
and I haven't told her about it.
Why's that?
I don't know. I don't
want to freak her out.
Ben, you guys are a team
and she's your partner.
Don't you think that she would
to know if you're struggling?
Yeah, I guess. It's just
that she's still so fragile.
I feel like we're just coming
out of
that dark place we were in.
Why would I want to worry or
upset her?
Do you love your wife?
What? Of course I love my
Listen, I-I just,
besides the sleepwalking,
I don't know, I'm starting to
about myself a little bit.
Okay. I want you to
try not to worry so much.
If you want to do a little
there's a great shop downtown
called the Cult Of Gemini.
They have a large selection
of books about the mind.
It might help you to maybe learn
about your dreams and see how
your mind processes stress.
So should we get started?
Do I have your permission?
Focus on my voice and picture
the numbers as I say them.
[metronome clicking]
20, 19, 18,
17, 16, 15.
[ominous music]
[entrancing music]
[jarring sinister music]
[ominous music]
Don't stay up all night
spying on the neighbors.
[ominous music]
- Morning.
- Morning.
[sinister music]
Can I help you find anything?
Uh, I'm not sure.
I've driven by this
place for so many years,
I figured I'd just stop
by and check it out.
Great. Well, take a look
My name is Dawn.
Thanks, Dawn.
[ominous music]
[sinister music]
That's a good one if
you're looking to read palms.
Sorry about that. I didn't
mean to startle you.
You interested in telling the
Aren't we all?
Is there a real reason you
came in
to check us out today?
I uh, I've been having
these pretty intense dreams
and I thought I'd look into it.
It's probably nothing, but.
Dreams are never nothing.
I find more often than not
that dreams are the soul's
way of telling us things.
Dreams are the keepers of the
that we keep from ourselves.
Take this, on the house.
Thanks. What is it?
Black tourmaline. It
wards off dark energy.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
[sinister music]
[ominous music]
[droning music]
Is something wrong?
Everything's fine.
[Ben] Well, it's 3:00 AM.
What are you doing in here?
Just thinking about what
if things last year hadn't
We'd be a real family right now
if I hadn't lost the baby.
Hey. Hey.
We are a real family, Lucy. You
and me.
You doing okay? We haven't
talked about this in a while.
Yeah, I'm okay.
I just think about it sometimes,
and I've realized I have
so much I need to do
before I should be
someone's mom, you know?
It'll happen when the time is
And when it does, you're
gonna be an awesome mom.
[Lucy chuckles]
You sure you're okay?
I'm not the one sleepwalking.
[ominous music]
Well, try and get some sleep.
At least one of us should.
[ominous music]
[gunfire cracking]
I just got back from a meeting
with the chief of detectives.
He said the two murder cases you
guys are on have matching MOs.
Is that true?
Yeah. I was gonna tell
you when we got out of here-
Save it.
If this guy leaves another
victim in the same way,
I'm gonna have the chief
and the feds breathing down my
Sir, we're going over the
but without being able to ID
the victims,
we're stalling out.
We're running around blind
until we get some DNA results
This guy leaves nothing behind.
Not a hair, not a shell casing,
Well, what about a dental
The medical examiner is
on it but so far nothing.
All right.
Well, you need to get
creative and figure it out.
If you need anything at
all, just let me know.
But make it happen. Get me
Well, see, I was...
I swear, he hates me.
[ominous music]
What's with this prick?
No clue, but I don't trust
dudes that don't blink.
He's always got his eyes on
Of course he does.
He likes you. A lot. [laughs]
[Narrator] These wasps are
at the peak of their prowess.
Their queen is relentless.
Her workers strong, her
fighters are many.
There's more killers.
Defending the nest at any cost,
the queen must protect her
from the unpredictable elements
of nature.
She shelters them from
the brutal outside world.
Soon, after battle, hunger
settles in.
She must feed her young.
[dramatic music]
Their lives and the future
of the nest depend on it.
[entrancing music]
[jarring sinister music]
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[jarring sinister music]
What's wrong?
[Lucy laughs]
I thought you hated those
disco lights.
Uh, I gotta go into
work for a little bit.
Right now?
You know, it's late but, I
don't sleep anyway, right?
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, everything is
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[tense music continues]
We gotta file a official
about what we found here,
so I you need to think long and
about how the hell you found
this scene and do it fast.
I told you, I had a
hunch so I followed it.
I'm telling you the truth,
A hunch about what?
About the victim? About the
The location?
Come on, man, you gotta
give me something here.
Okay? Because this shit,
this shit looks real bad.
You got the whole team spooked.
Hell, you got me spooked.
Look, I had a feeling
that something was here
and there was.
What was I supposed to do?
Not call it in because
you'd be freaked out?
You know what good partners
They trust each other enough
to tell the whole story.
[ominous music]
[Ben] There's been another
I saw it in my dreams this time.
I saw it. They don't believe
me, though.
I don't think they trust me
Who doesn't trust you?
I just shouldn't tell anyone.
Who doesn't trust you, Ben?
They'll all think I'm crazy.
Who will think you're crazy?
My partner. My wife.
They'll all think I'm insane.
You think your wife
will think your insane?
You don't trust her to be on
your side?
Wow. Uh, hi.
Welcome back. How are you
Um, tired. Is everything okay?
Completely fine.
Ben, have you ever heard
of the incubus phenomenon?
Well, an incubus is a demonic
creature from mythology,
and it's been recorded
that it sits on the chest
of a human at night,
causing them horrible
dreams, nightmares even.
In modern day psychiatry,
it's become the name of a
which basically describes
waking dreams.
So I'm awake while I'm
In a sense, yes.
If I'm awake, then why can't
I stop it?
Well, because for that
level of deep sleep,
your body basically relaxes
into a state of paralysis.
And even though your
conscious mind is awake,
your body is still sleeping.
It's a very common issue amongst
people with extreme stress.
But I'm not paralyzed.
I'm, I'm sleepwalking.
Well, I think the sleepwalking
is another issue altogether.
And once we get a handle on the
I really feel that the
sleepwalking might stop.
Listen, I wanna tell you
but I'm not sure if I should.
Ben, you can tell me
anything. I'm here to help.
I think I'm having visions,
or premonitions or, or whatever
and uh, I know this sounds
Actually, it's not crazy at
It's a lot more common than you
it's just not talked about all
that often.
So um, you're having visions?
Just the other night, I saw
so I got up and I drove there
in the middle of the night.
And sure enough, there it was.
Ben, what can you tell
me about this third murder?
[ominous music]
How did you know about the
third murder?
Well, you just told
me while you were under.
B-Ben, look, you don't, you
don't need to be concerned.
Everything you tell me is
Okay, you know what?
Actually, we're out of time.
I would like to see you again
but for an extended session.
[tense foreboding music]
[tense foreboding music
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[jarring sinister music]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
Is someone at the door?
What's going on?
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
You're outside walking around,
grabbing the newspaper at 2:00
What the fuck are you doing?
Why are you at my house right
What the hell is going on?
Is everything all right?
Yeah, everything's fine. Um,
-It was my fault, babe.
I, I had my phone off and he'd
been texting me all night.
Yeah, honestly, I was just
stopping by
and making sure everything was,
was okay.
Okay. Well, do you wanna come
No, no, no.
I should go. Yeah, I should I
I already feel like an ass. I'm
No. No, no, no, don't be.
It-it means a lot, honestly.
All right, I'm going back to
Good night, guys.
Good night, Lucy.
You always shower in your socks?
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[Ben] Hi. Do you remember me?
I was here a few days ago.
Yes, I remember you.
What can I do for you?
Listen, I noticed
that you locked the door
after I left the other day.
You were scared of me or
something. Why?
It was closing time.
But it wasn't.
You had three more hours
to the sign in the window.
Look, I've been seeing
some weird shit lately.
Please just help me.
See those candles?
[sinister music]
Now you try.
[sinister music]
All I can say is that everything
in this shop is cleansed and
meaning that it all
carries positive energy.
You seem to be charged
with an incredible amount
of negative energy.
Here. Shuffle and cut
with your right hand.
Tarot cards?
Do you want my help or not?
Draw three, face up, and
lay them in front of you.
Are those bad?
See this?
The tower card indicates
a catastrophic change
in your personal life.
A deeply personal betrayal.
What, is my wife cheating on
me or?
Generally the cards tend to
lean more
towards the spiritual side.
Less literal.
The devil card indicates
a destructive force,
a lack of humanity,
carnal desire for the
destruction of others.
And this one?
Reversed judgment.
Means a loss of freedom or
Okay. What does it all mean?
There's a darkness
surrounding you.
Something is brewing inside.
You've been betrayed in some way
that's left you open to the
The cards never lie.
How do I fix it? Please,
just tell me what to do.
You find the source of the
What's causing the darkness,
the dreams.
Only then can figure out how to
banish it.
[suspenseful music]
[ominous music]
[entrancing music]
[entrancing music continues]
What in the actual fuck, man!
I almost shot you. I almost
shot you.
Look, I don't know! I don't
I don't know what I'm doing
here, I swear!
The fuck you mean you don't
It's one o'clock in the morning
and you're snooping around
my goddamn backyard.
Look, I don't know.
I swear I don't know.
I've been seeing weird shit,
I've been having crazy dreams,
and, and sleepwalking!
Something is up. Something
is wrong with me.
Listen. Just listen.
I woke up standing on my front
lawn the other night, Becket,
and I woke up in the shower
when you came
to my door last night.
I'm all fucked up man.
I've been seeing a shrink about
and I'm trying to work things
Nobody is gonna believe this.
Nobody is gonna believe
this bullshit, Ben.
Becket, I'm telling you,
I keep seeing these things in
my dreams.
Right? I keep seeing
them and they're real.
You know what?
Okay. Okay.
It's all happening.
Then I'm gonna need you to
take a lie detecter test.
All right?
Or something because
this is some bullshit.
Look, I don't know what to
tell you.
I'll take the lie detecter test,
but please, don't tell anyone
I woke up in your pool.
All right? Please.
[gentle serene music]
You're gonna owe me
coffee for a week, Becket.
Yeah, I know.
Maybe a whole month.
Supposed to be off the record.
I'll take care of you.
Thanks for coming over so late.
You know we don't even
do these things anymore.
Whatever. They work.
[gentle serene music]
Okay. I need you to stay real
We're gonna run through
a series of questions.
No movement while we conduct
this, okay?
What's your name?
Benjamin Hays.
How old are you?
What color is this pen?
And we are at Detective
Becket's house right now?
Great. Let's begin.
Did you know what you were
when you got here tonight?
Have you ever shown up
at Detective Becket's house
Did you come here tonight
with the express purpose of
hurting Detective Becket?
Of course not.
[Haskins] You trust Detective
Absolutely. With my life.
[Haskins] Are you on any
How did you find the location
of victim number three?
I saw it in my dream.
Do you think you're psychic?
Yes. I do.
[Haskins] Are you in any way
to the three murders that have
taken place this last week?
I'm a detective on both murder
Okay. I got another question.
What were you doing at
the occult store downtown?
I'm learning to read palms.
[computer beeps]
Oh come on, I'm kidding.
I'm making my rounds.
I was there asking
questions, digging around.
It's practically across the
street from the crime scene.
Okay. One final question.
Do you feel like you've deceived
or tricked Detective Becket or
myself during this polygraph?
Okay, he's, he's telling the
[droning music]
[tense suspenseful music]
[elevator beeps]
I just got back the DNA results,
along with the full medical
of all three of our victims.
Guess what?
Tell me.
All of them have something
very interesting in common.
Not only are they very shitty
who were recently paroled,
but the medical records show
that they all saw the same
Check it out.
Dr. Amelia Collins. That's my
Are you serious?
Holy shit.
I-I knew something was up
with her.
How much have you told her?
Shit! I mean, she's been
hypnotizing me, Becket!
Who knows what I've been
telling her?
You can't remember?
Well, I'm not exactly
or in control when she's doing
Shit, I mean, she knew
about the third murder
before I knew I had even told
Oh come on. Really?
She's in your head man. That's
not good.
I'm telling you right now,
something is up with this lady.
She's got you sleepwalking
and thinking you're psychic.
Right, who knows what kind of
shit she's filling your head
with while your hypnotized.
There's only one way to find
Wire me up for my therapy
session with her today.
[tense music]
[Amelia] Focus on my voice
and picture the numbers
in your head as I say them.
15, 14, 13,
12, 11.
Ben, what's your favorite
[Becket chuckles]
Do you ever dream about cows?
Are you sleeping better
[Amelia] Are you
still having nightmares?
[Amelia] Are you still
having premonitions?
What are the latest details
of the murder cases you're
working on?
We got the DNA results back
from the lab
and ID'd the victims.
They were all bad people.
Bad people?
And do you think that these
bad people deserve to die?
Who do you think is
killing these bad people?
You are.
Oh shit. Oh shit.
I-I'm sorry, uh could
you elaborate on that?
All the victims were your
Um. [clears throat]
[phone buzzing]
Is there anything else
you'd like to share with me?
I'm wearing a wire.
Shut the fuck up.
[tense music]
Is everything okay?
Is there anything you'd
like tell me, Detective?
Tell her, tell her
everything, Ben.
Tell her you're fucking
social security number.
Tell her every goddamn thing.
Uh, no, I don't think so.
I feel pretty good.
What do we think.
[Amelia] I-I'm sorry, uh
could you elaborate on that?
[Ben] All the victims
were your patients.
[Amelia] Um. [clears throat]
Is there anything else
you'd like to share with me?
[Ben] I'm wearing a wire.
Suffice it to say, undercover
is not your thing, Hays.
Sir, in my defense, I
was under deep hypnosis.
I don't care if you were
under hypnosis, a spell,
or a Taiwanese hooker.
You never admit to the suspect
that you're wearing a wire!
Or that the suspect is a
[sighs] Everything you've got
so far
is circumstantial at best.
But you heard the recording,
She was clearly pumping him
for information about the case.
And sir, all three
victims were her patients.
I'm not saying it's not her.
What I'm saying is don't
have shit to show me yet.
She covered her ass.
Look, there are a
couple of Facebook posts
of her making creme brulee.
You know what she uses for that?
A tiny little blow torch.
Just perfect for burning off
Let me explain something to
Number one, she's a therapist.
It's literally her job to
pump people for information.
Number two, it could
absolutely be a coincidence.
She's sanctioned by the state
to exclusively work with
parolees and police officers.
And number three, there are
thousands of people out there
who make creme brulee,
and they probably all
have little blow torches.
You've got nothing.
Hays! Are you fuckin' sleepin'?
Look, go home and get some rest.
And the two of you,
don't come back in here
until you've got some
real evidence to show me.
Some DNA, some fingerprints,
some videotape, something.
Yes, sir.
See? He hates me.
All right.
Um, let's circle back and
start from square one,
go through the details again
and hopefully something will
add up.
I've sent you all the new
information on our murder victims.
Let's just go through the files.
What is it, Miss Cleo?
You having another vision?
Get fucked.
[Becket laughs]
Okay. Tell me what I'm
gonna eat for dinner tonight.
A big bowl of dicks.
Ah, see, I knew you were a
She didn't sound surprised at
when I told her point blank
that she was the killer.
And why would she ask me if I
that bad people deserved to die?
Let's dig into her. See if
we can figure this shit out.
[tense music]
[computer beeping]
[tense music continues]
[entrancing music]
[gunfire cracks]
[ominous music]
Can I help you?
Sorry for just dropping
in on you like this.
I owe you a huge apology
and I just, I wanted to
come and break the ice
and talk to you about
everything one on one.
I'm sorry, sir. I have no
idea what you're talking about.
Do we know each other?
[ominous music]
Are you being serious right
Who gave you this address?
Are you okay?
Sir. Are you okay?
[ominous music]
You're home early?
You know her, don't you?
What? Who?
My fucking shrink, Lucy!
You know her. Don't lie to me!
She drinks your special tea,
You know, the special
tea that you make by hand?
The special tea that you pour
down my throat every morning?
What are you saying?
You two know each
other. You know my shrink.
I feel like I'm going insane.
This is what happens to
people when they don't sleep.
They lose their fucking
minds, Ben! Look at you!
Anybody can buy one of
those empty tea bags,
and fill it up with whatever
they want.
Ben, this is just a coincidence.
You need to sleep. This
is all in your head.
She didn't even recognize
me. I'm going insane.
What? She didn't recognize
She acted like she'd
never seen me before.
Please, I'm telling you,
something's, something's wrong.
You need sleep, babe.
[tense music]
Get a full night's rest
and tomorrow we're going to a
real doctor.
Please, let's get you some help.
You're scaring me, Ben.
[ominous music]
[haunting beautiful music]
[haunting beautiful music
[Amelia] How is Lucy?
Do you love your wife?
Well, the loss of a pregnancy
is difficult
for a woman at any point,
but in the second trimester,
it's really difficult.
It's not only she started to
feel the baby
in the womb inside of her,
she's also been inundated with
Just remember to keep
treating her gently. Okay?
[haunting beautiful music]
Just focus on my voice.
Picture the numbers in
your head as I say them.
20, 19, 18,
17, 16, 15.
Ben, what's your favorite color?
[Lucy] This is what happens
to people
when they don't sleep.
They lose their fucking
minds, Ben! Look at you!
Anybody can buy one of
those empty tea bags,
and fill it up with whatever
they want.
Ben, this is just a coincidence.
You need to sleep. This
is all in your head.
[Lucy's voice echoes]
[haunting beautiful music]
[jarring sinister music]
[ominous music]
Oh fuck! Oh fuck.
Oh my God.
Oh fuck. Fuck.
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
What the fuck.
[sinister music]
Just relax for a bit,
you've had a long week.
What the fuck.
Gets worse if you fight
it, honey. Just relax.
What the fuck.
I didn't want to lie to you,
but you weren't ready to know
It's a lot to take in, babe.
I'll make sense out of
all of this, I promise.
I finally figured it out, Ben.
How to be a hero.
I've been watching you
struggle through paperwork
and bullshit bureaucracy for
You bust your ass to bring in
the bad guy
and half the time they walk
and get away on a technicality.
What the hell are you doing?
Babe, don't you see?
This is how we can make a
bring the bad guys down for
good together.
We make an amazing team.
You're fucking crazy.
But let's be honest,
there's just too many criminals
out there.
You're never gonna make a
difference chasing bad guys
around all day, silly.
What are you talking about?
There's a lot of sick
people that need to die, babe.
Listen, Ben, I want you
to be my partner in this.
When I lost the baby, you
took care of me so well.
I lost myself there for a while
between the grief and the
hormones, ugh,
but you, you helped me find
my way back to who I am
and who I'm supposed to be.
You're crazy.
What are you talking about?
Our job as parents starts now.
It's up to us to make
this world a safer place
for our future children.
If we trust each other
you know, we could make
an unbeatable team.
You make me better, you make me
Listen, I've put together
a pretty extensive to-do list
for us.
I went through and red
flagged countless files
from Dr. Collins's therapy
I knew it.
You've known her all along.
I stopped by her house
and introduced myself, yes.
[Lucy knocks on door]
[sinister music]
[Amelia] And what can you
Ben, you can tell me anything.
Do you love your wife?
And really, Ben? Cows?
Since when have you liked cows?
Listen, I've got a list
of freaks that need to go.
I've narrowed it down
to a select few, well, 100.
They're all pedophiles and
rapists, Ben!
They're really bad people.
Except for your cop buddy in
the trunk.
He's been getting too close
to us. He's been watching us.
You're just as sick as they
are, Lucy!
You're the one who needs
the fucking shrink!
[ominous music]
You don't know this, Ben, but
my father murdered my mother.
I was six when he buried
her in my backyard.
[ominous music]
I was six. Just a baby.
Apparently my dad wasn't
of a woman owning her own power,
so he brutally murdered her.
I thought when they put him
in prison it was for good.
He was supposed to die in there.
But no, they let him out.
My mother's life was worth 30
30 years, how sad is that?
So you killed him?
Oh, no, no, honey. You did.
[ominous music]
[gunfire cracks]
[eerie music]
What the fuck have you done?
A lot. A whole lot, Ben.
What do you think I've been
in here painting? [chuckles]
[ominous music]
This was my mother's box.
She was into some pretty
powerful stuff.
It took me a long time
to fully comprehend what's in
this box.
[ominous music]
Most little girls play with
My mother, she taught me
how to play with power.
Real power, Ben.
I'd forgotten all about it
until last year
when we lost the baby.
And it all started coming back
to me.
[ominous music]
[metronome clicking]
[ominous music continues]
And what the fuck is in that
Just something to help you
and Dr. Collins keep an open
I want you to know that
I love you very much.
And I just think that we
could make the best team
and I hope that we can
seriously find a way
to make this work.
I know you don't believe
in all this silly stuff,
but let me show you how
powerful it really is.
What is it doing? Lucy!
[ominous music]
The fuck did you do?
[ominous music]
Now, don't get twitchy, baby.
You won't even feel it, trust
I normally do this when you're
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
I'm not so fragile now, am I?
Just sit tight.
I have to go into your work
It's gonna be nice to see
where you spend all your time.
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
Oh wow, never seen you here
so early.
Please tell me you got some
Excuse me?
Did you even sleep at all?
Oh, uh, not really.
Is that a cup of coffee in
your hands?
And dear God, are you
drinking it black like a man?
[laughs] I'm proud of you.
Yeah, I just forgot my tea.
Oh, well, Lucy's gonna
have your ass for that.
I'll have you know that my
is a very understanding person.
[laughs] Yeah, whatever.
Well shit, since you're
here, let's hit the range.
[ominous music]
So did anything hit you last
when you were going over the
'Cause I got absolutely nothing.
I did have some thoughts
and I made a bunch of notes,
but of course I left them at
Wait, you made notes?
Jesus Christ. Lack of sleep
is really changing you, man.
All right. Go for it.
Are you serious right now?
You shouldn't even be
operating a gun this tired!
[gunfire cracks]
Holy shit, nice work.
When did you start shooting
You don't ever practice
shooting left-handed?
No. I don't even think
I could hit the target.
[gunfire cracks]
All right. Look, I'm about to
take a piss.
I'll be back. [laughs]
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[computer beeping]
Damn it! Come on!
[computer beeping]
You've gotta be kidding me.
Yo. You ditched me, asshole.
Oh, I know.
I just had a thought but
I think I'm gonna have
to go back to the house
and get my notes after all.
I might just head back,
do some work from home.
Hey! Catch, asshole.
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck is going on, Ben?
Lucy, Lucy!
Hey! What did you do to her?
What have you done, Ben?
I've done a lot, Becket.
I've done a whole lot.
What are you talking about?
Come on, they were all bad
Don't you think bad people
deserve to die?
How did you pass the lie
detector test?
Answer me.
We can get you help.
Okay? Let me help you.
Let me help you.
Lucy loves you, and I
fucking love you, man.
You're my brother,
but I need you to put
that fucking gun down.
I need you to relax. Okay?
Relax. Cuffs, okay?
I need you to put these on
so we can go get this shit
figured out right now.
[Becket] We're better than
Lucy tried to help me, but
there's nothing she could do.
Crazy is crazy and I'm way
past the help part by now.
No. No, Ben.
I'm just gonna make it all go
away now.
And hey, I'll finally get some
I'm so sorry, baby, change of
Ben, listen to me. Listen!
No! No!
[Lucy] Ben. No!
[Becket] I'm sorry.
Now, it's okay. Come on, come
on, come on.
[Becket] I got you. Come on.
No, no, no.
[Becket] Lucy, come on. I got
I got you. Come on.
He-he lost his mind.
He kept saying crazy things-
- I know.
- like he was killing people
and he was never gonna stop.
[Becket] I'm so, I'm so sorry.
And then I tried helping him,
I tried.
He started seeing the shrink
and it only got worse.
[Becket] It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[foreboding music]
[gunfire cracking]
[haunting beautiful music]
[haunting beautiful music
[haunting beautiful music
[haunting beautiful music
[haunting beautiful music
[haunting beautiful music
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]