Nightshift (2018) Movie Script

Help me, please!
Please help me! Come on!
Help me, please!
- Yes?
- Hey, Amy, um,
I didn't think I'd get a chance to talk
to you before you went to college.
Well, you got me. What's up?
Look, when I came down,
all the lights
were left on again.
I know you don't like the dark
but it's gonna kill
the electricity bill.
I know. I'm sorry, I just...
I really don't like the dark.
Look, I'm really... I'm not trying
to give you a hard time or anything,
but, like, can you not
just stand outside the room
and just reach in
and switch off the light?
Yeah, I'll try it.
Look, I'm sorry, I've just...
I've always been that way.
But I'm... I'm starting
that new job tonight,
so I'll pick up
anything extra on the bill,
I'll have some extra cash.
Great. Thanks, Amy.
Have a good day in college.
Thanks, you too.
- See you.
- Bye
Oh, it's Abby,
the American student, yeah?
Half Irish, half American.
And it... it's Amy.
Of course, I'm James.
We don't really do
the professor thing here.
What can I do for you?
Uh, you said something
in class today
about picking
an artist or a creator to study
and I wanted to pick somebody
from Limerick.
That's a good approach.
Well, there's been a lot of good,
creative people in Limerick.
Uh, Frank McCourt, the writer...
Richard Harris, Hollywood actor.
But everybody knows
about these people already.
If you really want to get a feel
for the city,
go in and talk to the people,
listen to their stories.
You might even discover
Limerick's next great creator.
That's a good idea.
Do you have any recommendations
where I could start?
Now, if I told you that
I'd end up grading my own work,
wouldn't I?
But it's a city
with a great history.
Battles have been waged here,
great art has been made,
but some fairly horrible things
have happened, too.
don't go down the easy route
and end up writing
about some pretty sculpture
you found in a gallery.
Give me something different,
Okay. Thanks... James.
Oh, um, I will probably be...
a bit late to class
in the morning.
What is it about students
and early starts?
Wednesday's hardly
a session night, is it?
No. No, I'm not going out.
I, um...
I got a new job
and its night shifts.
- Oh, so you're on the other side of the bar?
- Not quite.
I'm still dealing with people
but it's the Limerick Hotel.
Oh, wow...
- If you really want to get to know...
Sorry just a sec...
- Don't be too late.
- Okay, thank you.
- MOTHER: Hey, honey.
- Hey, Mom.
Oh, we miss you
so much.
I've only been gone a month.
Ha, a month away
from your parents in Ireland.
- We miss you.
- I know.
- I guess I miss you both too.
- Very funny, missy.
So how are you finding
your cousins? Are they nice?
Yeah. Yeah, they're nice,
I like them.
It's taken me a while
to figure everything out.
They've got slang words
for everything over here.
But no, I like them.
Now you know how I feel.
Thirty years with your father
and I'm just now understanding
that accent.
So have you started
your new job yet?
Uh, no. I start tonight at ten.
General duty night staff.
Oh, that's very late.
No, no.
Um, I finish at six and then...
I'm not in college till one,
so it's fine.
- Okay, good.
- I'm tough, like you.
I'm so proud of you, honey.
We all are.
AMY: Thanks, mom.
I love you.
New girl...
Hey... new girl.
- Yes. Hey, sorry. Hi, I'm Amy.
- Adam.
Let me show you the ropes.
- Right, this is your guest phone.
- Mm-hmm.
This is the outside phone.
We more than likely won't be
using the outside phone,
unless some crazy old one wants to book
a room in the middle of the night.
All we have to do is answer
these two phones,
bring stuff up to guests
if they want it and just...
- tidy up.
- Okay, sure.
There's not many here tonight
so it should be easy enough.
- Great!
- [GRUNTS] So...
- You're an American girl?
- Yes, I am.
I couldn't tell whether you were
a Yank or a Canuck.
I can never tell the difference
between the... the accents.
I'm sorry,
that's like when people say,
"Is Ireland still part of UK?"
Isn't it?
Well, it... it depends on...
on who... who we're talking to,
I suppose... [LAUGHS]
Very clever.
So what are you doing in Ireland
other than contesting
our independence?
- Um, I'm studying for an arts degree.
- Hmm.
Have you worked here long?
Too long.
Ever since they reopened.
- Oh, you're up.
Hello, reception.
Yes. Yep, that's no problem.
I'll get those up to you
in a couple of minutes.
Okay, thank you.
There you go, the call with the nuclear
launch codes. What do they want?
Um, room 537 wants
some extra towels.
Bet ya he's an old lad.
Let me see, 5-3-7...
Yep... an old lad. I knew it.
They always want new towels
for some reason.
- I... I don't want to ask.
Well, what are you waiting for?
- Uh, towels are?
- Oh that's right, uh, okay.
This is your swipe card.
This will open up all the doors,
it's right through there.
- Okay.
- Take this with you.
I'll call you if you get stuck.
Right, okay.
Why do I have to be
the one to get them?
You gotta speak into the walkie.
I can see you on camera now,
I got you.
Why are you acting so nervous?
Is it the hotel?
No, I just don't really like
being down here on my own.
Wait, what do you mean,
the hotel?
It's history, the... the murders.
- Very funny.
- No, they're real.
- It was a while ago but...
- Adam, stop.
Oh, come on.
It happened a long time ago.
- It had to be close...
For next time.
Are we good?
One goes up, one goes down.
It's, uh, slow and annoying.
This is where you say
something clever like, er,
"So are you," you know...
slow and annoying.
That's not clever.
- Hello?
This is Amy from reception,
I have your towels.
- Hey, Adam?
- ADAM: Yep.
This guy's not answering.
Just leave them
outside the door for him.
Yeah, but... he's mumbling
and he's not talking
when I call him.
- And?
- What if he's not okay?
I'm... I'm sure he's fine,
what if he's... watching TV
or just on the phone, or...
doing something nasty
in the bathroom?
don't ask about the towels.
Just leave them there. He'll get
up and get them when he's ready.
Oh, good. Um...
Here are your towels.
Fuck it!
Your turn in a minute.
Where are you getting
all these nuts?
The minibar supply room.
You just take them?
Who do you think actually eats
these from the mini bar? Huh?
I mean, who's gonna spend
a fiver on a shitty bag of nuts?
So you just take them?
They keep buying them...
I'm going to keep eating them.
Well, shit.
- Hey, sir.
- Hello, sir, how can I help you?
Yeah, I'd like a room
for tonight, please.
Of course.
If you could just fill this
out here.
Can you excuse me
just for one moment?
Okay. So... go in the back,
get some peanuts and stuff
from the mini bar supplies,
If we make a fuss out of him,
he's not going to tell
the day staff tomorrow
about the mess.
Thank you.
And... this is your key card.
And the room number's
right there,
we've upgraded you to the suite,
free of charge.
And, um, here are some... gifts,
to say sorry about the delay.
Complementary, of course.
No, thanks.
The, um, the stairs
are over here.
Slow and annoying right?
Slow and annoying... Yeah.
Did you, uh...
notice anything strange
about that guy?
Not really.
I guess
he's checking into a hotel
in the middle of the night
with no reservation.
No, that's not it.
- He didn't have any luggage.
- Jesus, put a lid on that, quick.
Will you bring that downstairs?
Hello, reception.
ADAM: Yes, I... I think we might.
Uh, I'll just check
in the lost and found.
I'll bring one up to you.
Is that okay?
Okay, sir, thank you. Bye.
It was your man from earlier.
He's looking for
a phone charger.
I'll have to check
in the lost and found.
Will you bring that down
to the big bins please?
- That's fucking disgusting.
- Yeah, I know.
Where am I going?
Same as the service room,
just turn right.
- Is it dark too?
- No, no. There's lights.
Whoa, whoa, Jesus!
What happened?
There's somebody out there.
He chased me, he attacked me!
What? Are you okay?
Did he do this to you?
No, I tripped into it.
Oh. He didn't touch you
or anything?
- No. No, he chased me.
- What does he look like?
He... he was pale, he...
he had a scraggly beard thing.
- He's filthy.
- Yeah, he's filthy.
Yeah, it's that
fucking homeless guy again.
No. No, this guy was scary,
like there was something
really wrong with him.
Amy, I'm telling you. This isn't
the first time he's done this.
He goes through the bins looking for stuff
that the... the guests leave behind.
I'll look after this, okay?
Why don't you just go up
to one of the empty rooms,
clean yourself up, okay?
Here, look...
Uh, room 509 is empty.
Just go up there,
clean yourself off, relax.
I'll have a cup of tea for you
when you come down, okay?
Are you sure? Are you gonna be
okay on your own?
Yes, trust me. We're practically
arch enemies at this point.
Here we go.
All right, Fuck-o.
Ah, Jesus Christ!
Dirty bastard.
[WHISPERS] Three more hours.
If that's not you,
you better get up here quick.
if you're not a guest here,
I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.
- Jesus Christ!
I'm sorry I thought that that...
I thought that guy got in.
You gotta stop this shit.
I told you I'd get rid of him,
he never comes in here.
Okay, Jesus.
Sorry, I...
Where were you coming from?
I was looking for
the wet floor sign, you happy?
I think there's one
in the service room.
Right. Well, I'll go get it
to save all the drama.
Let's just take a break and
have a cup of tea, sound good?
All right.
- So did you find him?
- No.
But the gate is open
so he must've left.
Look, he's been here since
before I started working here,
he's harmless.
He just gets stuff
out of the bin from the kitchen,
you know, junk and stuff.
- He wouldn't hurt you,
- He chased me, Adam.
Yeah, well...
I don't know.
Right. You have not experienced Ireland
until you've had a cup of tea,
and some of these.
I know you've had
a shitty first day,
but it's not always like this.
We've a pretty easy job,
you know.
I looked it up.
- What?
- The murders.
What'd you do that for? You
don't need to know that shit...
I thought you were just trying
to give me a hard time.
- I didn't think it actually happened.
- Now you know.
I just...
I don't understand how they
could open this place again.
People forget...
Tourists don't know
their history.
It's pretty easy
when there's money involved.
It's horrible.
I mean that elevator...
I know.
You know...
that was the only thing
they didn't replace,
during the refitting.
It's too expensive, you know?
I mean they cleaned it,
and they...
put new tiles and stuff,
but they, uh...
- they didn't put a new one in.
- So there's still stuff
- from the murders in the hotel?
- Oh, no. No.
Anything with blood on it
was taken away,
which was
pretty much everything. They...
they re-did the carpets,
re-wallpapered the walls.
They even had a priest
come in and bless the place.
- Why did they do that?
- It's Ireland.
You have to go to confession
if you take a shite.
Yeah, but why blessed though?
Do you really want to know?
Okay. Well...
When they were
taking the bodies out,
they noticed all these...
markings on the skin.
He'd cut the insides
out of his victims
and covered himself
in some sort of... ritual.
Of course, the church went mad,
tried to cover it up, but...
someone's uncle's cousin
knew one of the priests
involved in the blessing
and then...
Now you know.
What about the guy?
- It said they never found him.
- Oh, nobody knows where he is.
Everyone has their theory,
you know?
Some of the more outlandish ones
involve aliens coming down
and opening some portal to hell.
Another one
is that he was hiding here
and then died in the walls.
[SCOFFS] I know.
They're all bullshit.
What I think happened is that he
killed the last one in the elevator...
then nothing.
The gates of hell didn't open
and welcome him in,
he didn't ascend
into some higher power, nada.
He just panicked, you know,
he cleaned the stuff off himself
and walked out the door.
And now he's living somewhere,
working some shitty job,
waiting to ascend.
It just...
doesn't feel right being here.
Something feels off
about the place.
You're working the night shift.
I mean this happens,
you're tired.
It affects people
in different ways.
I mean,
it is a pretty big hotel.
Lightbulbs go, doors creak,
you just...
have to get over it.
Are you serious?
I've had the night from hell,
I've been...
chased and scared and...
covered in shit that was no doubt
left there from your last shift.
Not to mention you have me doing
all the legwork,
while you sit on your ass
and play with peanuts.
And after all this shit,
I'm still here.
Yeah, I think
that's getting over it.
No, I'm getting on with it.
Right. Okay, okay, okay.
I know it's not very fair of me.
- No its not.
- Well, look...
I'll stop giving you a hard time
and I'll pick up the slack.
I... I was just trying to get you
up to speed with the place.
I think I'm up to speed.
In all fairness...
I'd be fairly spooked
if it was my first day.
It's fine.
We're good.
So what's the etiquette, then?
Is it a dunk?
Or do you sip and bite, or?
Well that's not the question
you need to ask yourself.
What you need to decide
is whether you're a bag in,
or a bag out, kind of girl.
Okay, so, how about this.
I'll sweep the floor,
I'll scrub it,
and I'll be on tea duty for the next
two and a half hours, how about that?
Finally making sense.
- MOTHER: Hello?
- Hey, Mom.
Oh, Amy, sweetheart,
are you all right?
Ugh, I don't know.
having a really tough day here...
Honey, I know it's hard.
It must be the middle
of the night there, right?
Oh, it's not that, I'm just...
Some homeless guy got
into the hotel and he chased me,
and then I fell
and ruined my uniform.
And the guy I'm working with,
he keeps trying to scare me.
I'm just... done.
I just wanna go home.
[SIGHING] Listen, honey.
Don't let this guy scare you.
You're better than this
Normally I wouldn't, but...
I looked up what he said
and there was some pretty bad
murders here,
like ten years ago.
- What?
- I know.
They shut the place down
it just reopened
a couple years ago.
Oh. Well I don't blame you
for being scared, then.
[SIGHS] I don't know, this place
isn't worth the extra cash.
Look, all you gotta do
is make it through the night,
and ask to be changed
to the day shift in the morning.
I guess.
[SIGHS] Thanks, Mom. I love you.
No problem, honey.
I love you too.
- Just do me a favor,
- call me in the morning...
Just make it through the night.
Stay awake.
Wait until morning.
You got this.
Hello, reception.
Um, no, sir,
we haven't forgotten about you,
um, just one sec.
[WHISPERS] Charger?
Uh, check the box.
Just one sec, sir.
I think, uh...
Yeah, we have one.
I'll bring that straight up
to you.
- Away I go.
- No, it's fine. I'll go.
I'm falling asleep here anyway.
- You keep cleaning.
- Are you sure you'll be okay?
Yes, I'll be fine.
Don't forget your walkie talkie.
You better believe it.
This guy's weird,
I'll be calling you.
Oh, hey. Adam said we were
the only ones working tonight.
I'm Amy. I'm on reception.
- Sorry. Um, here you go.
- Thanks. Wait...
This won't work, it isn't Irish.
We have three pins, not two.
Shoot. Um, I actually know a way
to make it work. Can I try?
Now, sir.
Thanks for that. I appreciate
the trouble you've gone to.
It's no problem.
- I've had one hell of a day.
- Same here.
It's my first shift.
I'm just trying to get used
to all the night time stuff.
Looks like neither of us are going
to get any sleep tonight then.
Oh, I personally cannot wait
to fall into bed and just...
pass out.
What has you still awake?
My wife is leaving me.
I just had to get up
and get out,
I'm too wound up to sleep.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
Amy, are you all right?
No inappropriate touching,
I hope.
Yes, Adam. I'm fine, thank you.
I'm really sorry about him.
He's a bit of an ass.
Yeah, I got that.
Thanks for the charger.
Look if you need anything else,
don't hesitate to contact
the front desk.
Hey, Adam?
All the lights are off up here.
ADAM: Just... keep your cool.
I'll stay here with you until
you're in the lift, all right?
AMY: I'm okay. I think the maid must've
turned it off on her way down.
A guest, is it?
No, I... I met a maid.
She didn't really say
anything though.
There's no maid on tonight.
No, I definitely saw her.
Hmm, I'll just make
double sure on the roster.
Please. Help me. She's bleeding.
ADAM: Amy? Hello?
MAN: Please, help.
She's dying.
Get the towels.
You need to hold it to her neck,
like this.
ADAM: Amy? Hello, Amy?
Adam, Adam you've got to call
an ambulance,
there's a woman bleeding,
she's dying.
What the fuck is going on?
Call an ambulance now!
- ADAM: What's going on?
- AMY: Oh my God. Help, please.
Please, she's bleeding!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- ADAM: Amy, answer me.
- AMY: Come on!
- ADAM: Amy? Hello?
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- ADAM: Can you hear me?
Amy! For Christ's sake, talk,
Hello? Can you hear me, Amy?
What's going on?
What's going on, Amy?
Adam, something's happening.
There... was a man here
and a woman,
and now they're gone, and...
the woman was bleeding
and I... I don't know,
but the maid
had cuts on her back.
Amy, what are you talking about?
I need to go, Adam.
This fucking lift!
Adam, please call the police.
Somebody stabbed the woman.
Call the police.
The... stairs, Amy.
Amy, go for the stairs!
This makes no sense,
this make no...
S... Somebody, please help.
Hey, Adam.
Sorry I fell asleep.
Adam, are you there?
- ADAM: [OVER RADIO] Yeah, Amy.
- Hey, what time is it?
What does it matter?
Seriously, what time is it?
He's coming for you.
Adam, that's not funny. Stop.
He's almost there, Amy.
Well, Amy, it would seem
that you're the one in danger.
Is that... Is that him?
Is that him I hear
outside your door?
- Adam, stop it!
- He's coming to kill you,
unless you're already dead.
ADAM: [OVER RADIO] It's not me,
it's him. Amy, help me.
It's not me, it's him. Help me!
Get away from me.
- No, no. No, no.
- Please, please, I didn't do anything!
Listen to me!
My name's Pete.
I'm here to help you.
- What?
- We're trapped in the hotel.
What is going on?
That thing that happened
those ten years ago,
that was just the beginning.
I was one of his last victims.
This isn't real.
I can assure you it's very real.
Look, I'm trapped,
I'm in a cycle that I'm forced
to re-live.
I'm dead?
No, no. You're not dead,
not yet.
- I'm here to help you.
- Why?
Because I know the horrors
that these rooms hold.
No, no. That's...
that's not going to work in here
- Listen, what's your name?
- Amy.
Okay, Amy, do you know anybody?
Who's the last person
you spoke with?
Uh, the...
The old man and the woman.
No good. They're like me,
we can't help 'em.
Um... There's a guy in room 530.
Okay, room 530, okay.
We're gonna go to his room,
and we're going to get him.
No, no, no, we need to stay
in here until the cops come,
Adam called them.
That's not gonna happen,
we're not in the living world.
We're somewhere
kind of in between.
Listen, you need to come
with me.
I'm going to get you
out of here.
Whatever you hear,
just keep moving.
[WHISPERS] What did I say?
Come on.
- What the hell is going on?
- We're trapped in the hotel.
What do you mean trapped?
Who the hell are you?
You need to listen to me.
I'm one of the already dead.
I want to stop you
from becoming like me.
What? Jesus Christ.
Now do you want to live,
or do you want to die?
We're running out of time.
- BILL: Okay.
- Okay then.
This happens in a cycle.
The only way for you two
to escape is through the lift.
That's where the final victim
was killed.
You try to stop him
and it all resets again
and we're back
to where we started.
What happened that night,
is already happening again,
it's well underway.
The final victim, she's gonna bang on
all the doors as she's being chased.
Then she's going to press
the button for the lift.
Only she can call it.
- That is how you escape.
- What about you?
I can't go. I've got my part
to play in all of this.
Jesus Christ,
this thing is dead.
That won't work, not in here.
BILL: What do you mean
it won't work, not in here?
Look, I just about had enough
of the two of you.
All I wanted, was a room,
for the night, on my own.
And the next thing the two
of you come barging in here.
Look, I've had enough, get out.
Get out! Get out!
Adam, can you hear me?
ADAM: Amy? Amy, are you there?
Yes. Yes, Adam, I'm here.
What the fuck is going on?
- I don't know, we're trapped there's somebody after us...
Did you really think
that was going to work?
You're stuck, you stupid bitch.
- Why are you doing this?
- It's not me.
It's the big guy himself
from all those years ago.
Now what are you going to do?
It's just a little wait,
and then the real fun begins.
Listen to me, you sick bastard!
- I don't know why you're doing this...
- Stop talking now!
ADAM: Oh, the homeless fucker
is there,
well that changes everything.
Why did you do that? We could have
used that to call somebody else!
- That's not even your friend.
- What?
Ah, shit.
- WOMAN: Help me, please!
- What is that?
- PETE: The last victim.
- WOMAN: Please help me!
You've changed the cycle.
If we leave her out there,
you're all dead.
- WOMAN: Help me, please!
- She'll draw him straight here. Wait here.
WOMAN: Please help me!
You've gotta help me.
He took my boyfriend
and he tried to kill me...
Shh! You've gotta be quiet,
or he'll find us, okay? Shh.
Why doesn't she remember
like you?
She's stuck in her loop.
Sometimes it happens to me, too.
What did you mean before when
you said I changed the cycle?
You altered the timeline.
That voice wasn't your friend,
it was him.
He knows I'm helping you,
that's the reason
why she's appeared here.
- It's like a way of the timeline bouncing back.
- Dammit.
I'll guide you through this.
Just follow me,
and do what I say.
We need to go to a room where
the murders didn't take place,
it makes it a little harder
for him to follow us.
I'll go first...
and you follow across the hall,
three doors down.
No, I can't go back out there.
- Don't make go back out there...
- AMY: What's your name?
- WOMAN: Laurie.
- Laurie, okay, you stay with me.
Okay, you can hold my hand.
I have the master key and we'll outrun
him all night if we have to, okay?
You stay with me.
Okay, let's go.
- Go.
- The key won't work.
I'll hold him off,
you know what to do.
- We can't leave you.
- No, you can't save me.
- Daddy.
- Don't look, honey.
I... I'm scared.
PETE: Back to the start.
GIRL: No! Dad!
So what do we do now?
- I don't know.
- What about the windows?
They only open a few inches,
we tried them already.
If we can't get out, we'll...
we'll get a message out.
won't that change things again?
AMY: I don't know.
I told Adam
to call the cops, but...
I don't even know
if that was really him.
We just have to...
hope it works.
We're sitting ducks here.
- We need to move.
- Where?
- What?
- Where? Where are we gonna go?
Just stop! Stop for a second,
let me think.
Pete said that we...
need to play it out
till the end...
wait for Laurie
to call the elevator.
I'm not following.
We need to go to the room
closest to the elevator,
and then Laurie, you call it,
and then...
we wait in the room
until it comes.
Why does it have to be me?
- It just has to be that way.
- I'm not going.
Look Laurie,
I know it's not fair.
Okay? But that's just
how it has to be.
- I'm going to help you.
- No.
- Laurie.
- No.
Do you want to get out of here
or not?
We'll all go.
Something's not right,
we need to go.
Quick, hide.
No. No, no, Amy! Amy! Help me!
No! Help me!
LAURIE: No! No! No!
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God. No.
No! No! No, no.
No, no, no!
No! No!
No. No.
Why are you doing this?
I take my job...
very seriously.
As you live and breathe.
Well... [LAUGHS]
It's you...
It's you from the front desk!
Oh... you remembered me.
Must have made an impression.
You see...
it's not about recreating
the murders.
That's not why we're here.
We're creating
a whole new story, something...
that will live on,
beyond us all.
Something like me.
You sick fuck! You drew us here!
You made it happen like this!
No. No. No! Can't you see?
It's not about this body.
It's not about this,
I am more than this.
He is just a vessel.
Sit down, don't be stupid,
sit the fuck down.
Oh, here we go.
I'm not going to beg you,
you piece of shit!
I don't need you to.
Don't worry, ladies,
not one drop will be wasted.
LAURIE: Please.
- Please, please!
- Come on, you need to hit the elevator.
Laurie, come on!
I'm not stupid.
If he catches you,
I can get away.
I can change the cycle.
I'm sorry.
Don't move.
Amy, what the fuck?
Police! Drop your weapon!
Put your hands in the air!
Put your hands in the air!
Ma'am, drop the weapon!
We're armed!
No, no. It's...
it's him you need.
It's... It's him, it's not me.
It's him!
- PETE: You have to get out.
- Just make it through the night.
Amy! Help me!
Stay awake.
AMY: He killed them all!
Wait till morning.
AMY: I had to stop him!
- You can't save me.
- We'll all go.
AMY: I'm free now!
No. Please, please, no.
PETE: You try to stop him,
and it all resets again,
and we're back
to where we started.
I'm sorry, Amy.
ADAM: Welcome.