Nightwish (1989) Movie Script

We have filled this, doctor.
All ready to go. [xxxx]
Complete your assignment, dammit!
Rise and shine.
I am starving.
You are definitely gonna be
the star of my next session.
Anytime, Jack.
Very nice, Donna.
The best so far
of all the visualizations.
And yet none of you is able
to finish his training.
Not one of you is able to project
his own death.
Donna's very good
at having other people die.
Wasn't that your ring
on the severed hand, doctor?
Oh Bill's just saying because
you left him out of your dream.
Attacked on prom night.
An attacker who isn't sexually motivated.
And such poor table manners.
Why that scenario, Donna?
On the way here tonight I heard a song
they played at my senior prom.
Nice. And then you recall
your adolescent fear
of a male attacker?
And that worked for a while,
but then I began to drift.
Sex per se has lost most of
its fear stimulus for me.
When did you consciously begin
to reshape your dream?
Well, I thought you'd appreciate the ring,
and cannibals. It must always've been
one of my all-time phobia.
So that's why I thought it'd be the perfect scenario
for me to play on through...
something that included my own death.
So why couldn't you do it?
The same reason you couldn't, Bill.
Or you either.
My my.
Are we a little touchy?
Go on.
I just... I became too frightened.
I lost control of my dream.
My dream actually began to...
Began to control you.
In a moment you gave up
your fear took over,
and you were no more use to yourself
or to me.
All of you must learn
to accept the idea of death.
That moment when the Grim Reaper's
cold mouth presses kiss yours,
you must welcome death of curiosity.
I'll soon have you all strong enough
to face anything.
Now, who's next?
Well, the study turned up harmful trace
elements in local water supply.
That was the reason for the mental retardation
and congenital defects.
But government capped the local wells
and piped new water cross the mountains.
Then they placed the victims
in hospitals and asylums.
Pretty much call it a day.
Most of the victims died.
The few who survived
were placed in private homes.
It was more cost-effective.
- How could you?
- He tried to miss it.
He swerved to hit it.
- Donna.
- Don't Donna me!
He hit that rabbit on purpose.
The field is his, the highway is mine.
when the doctor asked me to check
into UFO sightings in this area,
it worried me.
I mean,
the parapsychology has a bad name now.
All we have to do is
tie in little green men,
and we're automatically members of
the Erich von Lunatic fringe.
Jack is worried about his credibility on campus.
Maybe I am, just a little.
But I'm telling you
this is extraordinary stuff.
Did you guys know that the Air Force kept a special
team out here for over two years
there were so many sightings?
What's the punchline?
That aliens set up houses out here, in twenty-mule-team country?
Well, a satellite survey of the
Earth's magnetic field revealed
that the lines of magnetic attraction get closer
to the Earth's surface here than in any other spot in North America.
- Oh no.
- What is it?
My watch stopped.
It must be the magnetic field dipping down.
I knew I should've brought my own car.
Yeah, of course, me too, but now
let's just try and make the best of it, okay?
Look, just forget about him, Donna.
Tell me what you found out
about the tribes in here? What about folklore?
Anything important?
Well, they were the fierce demons stories.
You know, just stuff about monsters
coming up from holes in the ground,
murdering everyone they find.
- Standard enough.
- Yeah.
But then there were odd references
to unnatural creatures.
Even a few stories about prehistoric
space visitors and just things like that.
- You have any peaches?
- No.
One tribe calls this area
"The Valley of Fear".
The original owner of the mine
was a man named John Litten.
He made a fortune
by exploiting the Indians and locals.
They're dugging those minerals for him?
And when the mineral market collapsed,
he had a house built right on top of the mine.
He said he had
the biggest basement in the world.
So, the old guy wanted to live out of here?
He had his whole family out here with him
until the earthquake in '31.
No, that was in Long Beach.
My granddad was in it.
It was centered there,
but Lintten's mine
is right on a fault line.
That's why the minerals
are so close to the surface.
Anyway, part of the house collapsed
and killed one of the children.
His wife took the other kids and left.
You should've killed
all of the little shit.
- So daddy stayed on, baby? [xxxx]
- Yeah.
We gonna get to meet
this old geezer?
I hope not. He's dead.
The highway is mine.
How we going to get into this place?
Doctor made all the arrangements.
I don't get this.
Doctor said that somebody'd be here
to meet us.
I never trust doctors.
Yeah, the doctor made all the arrangements.
Shut up, Dean.
It's maybe another hour to where I'm going.
I've got maybe an hour's,
three hours' work to do.
I'd say about six or seven.
Don't be late.
I will not wanna drive this road
at dark.
Or changing tire out here.
- Litten stuffed this canyon with animals.
- What?
But the bad water caused mutations
and most of them died.
- I hope.
- What kind of animals?
Wolves, jaguars, lynxes...
That's enough. Thanks.
We are definitely getting out here
before sundown, okay Dean?
Anything you say, Donna.
I know they said he was eccentric,
but this is...
It looks like a perfect place
for a psychotic investigation.
It's psychic, Dean,
not psychotic.
You're very, very cute.
Let's go back by ourselves.
Dean, you're hurting me.
I want to be alone with you.
I don't know
if I can arrange that.
Arrange it.
I'll try.
- Hi.
- Donna.
Thanks for your help, Bill, really.
Hi, Kim.
- Do you want some help with your stuff?
- Would you, Bill?
You know, Bill said that the gate keeper
met them when they arrived.
Yeah? So what?
Well, thanks for... thanks for driving us
up here though, with all our gear.
Maybe I could buy a drink
on our way home tonight?
I don't drink.
Curio guy.
I really don't know
what she sees on him.
Who are you?
Son of a bitch!
What's the... [xxxx]
That can cause bladder damage, pal.
Who are you?
You must be the gatekeeper.
- Where were you when I got here?
- Wendall were here.
Don't feed me that shit!
I had to hop this gate
and get the key myself.
Wendall... Wendall feeds the animals.
I do.
Yeah? Well keep them off the highway.
Wendall guards... the property.
Wendall locks the gate.
I do.
Yeah, how about unlocking the gate?
I want out of here.
Wendall's pets don't like you.
Oh gee, that tears me up, Wendell.
You, uh, got the phone number
up at the house?
You don't know the number?
Wendall calls the house.
Yeah, well, Dean...
I want to call the house.
See what I mean?
So give me the number.
Wendall guards the property,
Wendall locks the gate,
Wendall feeds the animals
and Wendall calls the house.
I do.
What are you saying?
I can't call the house directly? Is that it?
I have to call you?
Wendall guards the property,
Wendall locks the gate,
Wendall feeds the animals
and Wendall calls the house.
I do.
Spare me the details, Wendall.
You don't drink the water, do you?
Hey, Wendall,
don't change.
Wendall's pets don't like Dean.
They don't.
No, they don't.
Four point six.
Four point six.
Six point four.
Six point four?
Yeah, along the window.
Donna, did you remember
to set that to zero?
I don't know.
Here, look at it.
This house is riddled
with behind the wall passages.
There are some chairs in the other room.
Get them, please
and then put them in a circle.
- This is your stuff, Kim?
- Yeah. Seems like..... my bag. [xxxx]
Litten held sances right in this room.
The visiting mediums're all agreed,
there was something extraordinary
about this desert valley.
Few of the mediums ever returned
except one,
a Satanist.
He was a regular.
It was his belief that the house itself
had assumed demonic character.
But don't we need a medium
to conduct our seance?
I mean, all these instruments
seem out of place.
That's the point, Donna.
If we can establish scientific respectability
by recording meticulously the environmental variables,
and when a beasty from beyond shows up,
no one can doubt our findings.
Fine, Bill, but that doesn't answer
Donna's question.
Without a medium how do we get
whatever supposed to happen,
to happen when we want it to?
Reading Litton's diary on seances
I found a cyclic pattern
the periods of activity.
Is... now a period of activity? [xxxx]
I believe that we have a very good chance
to make an authentic contact
with a psychic entity.
it's going to take concentration,
singleness of purpose
and the ability to withstand projections
of your worse fear.
Piece of cake.
Let's get rolling.
Rid yourself of your impatience.
Relax your defenses against the unexpected...
the unusual.
Start recording.
what's happening to the temperature?
- Whoa, what the hell was that?
- Your instruments.
Jack, it's going to touch her!
Do something!
Do nothing.
Do nothing.
That last part came as a surprise.
How'd you do that, doctor?
Shut up.
How did he do it?
How did he do it?!
You mean, this was all a fake?
We had to see
if you had what it takes.
- It was just training.
- Training? How dare you?
Dumb shit like this
accomplishes nothing positive, doctor.
Do you think we're about anything
but to distrust you?
I would have thought that distrust of your
instructor was a prerequisite in graduate work,
with all the backstabbing
and ideas stealing is so prevalent.
And so necessary for survival.
All right. Admittedly the instruments
were rigged to scare you.
Bill helped with that.
This is scientific responsibility?
He just followed my instructions.
Now, listen carefully.
The instruments were rigged to act up,
but the ectoplasm...
Was real?
I mean, was not real, but was not fake?
I want you to pay close attention.
I want a full report from all of you
on what you witness.
And I also wanted to know precisely
what each one of you
thought he saw.
Maybe these will help.
How did you get the camera to do this?
- We didn't.
- Look at Kim's picture.
Why does my skeleton show through?
Why is yours different, Kim?
Clearly this site is frequented
by a demonic entity,
the power
- project hallucination.
- That ectoplasm was not hallucintion.
So where is it?
I hit it.
I know it was there.
Well, there's no signs of it
having been there.
Down on the floor,
the fireplace,
not even in your purse.
What we had
was a psychological attack.
But we all saw the same thing.
Well, the very fact that we all saw it,
certainly shows
the power of what we're up again.
Yeah, but what about the photographs?
Well, they're another matter, I'm afraid.
It also shows that it has the power
to instill paranoia.
You're joking, right?
I want you all to watch each other
very closely
for irrational behavior.
Wait a minute, you say that we might not
be able to trust each other?
You've been warned.
Now, I expect professionalism.
Our data must be impeccable.
No mistakes.
I'll accept nothing less.
we'll begin a degaussing the whole house.
Jack, we're supposed to be degaussing.
Just make it up. Who gives a shit?
Do you think the doctor is a little...
like unbalanced?
Compared to what?
- Oh, here we go. Six point eight.
- Six point eight.
Four point six.
- Five point three.
- Five point three.
- Fifty eight point six.
- Fifty eight point six.
Sixty point...
I think that's eight.
How'd you get into a program like this, Kim?
I can't cook so I transfer
from home economics.
- Are you making small talk?
- No, no, no, no, I'm really interested.
Is this mean that strange to you
that I'm here now?
Now, don't get crazy.
It's just that...
that you're so delicate...
- and the program like this...
- And this work is so dangerous.
Yeah, I guess that's what I meant.
Maybe I like danger, Bill.
Maybe that's why I'm here.
You can't scare me off.
You won't scare me.
I'm not afraid of you!
Four point three.
- What?
- Four point three.
Four point three..
- Six point two.
- Six point two.
- I got a null here.
- Null.
- Eight point six.
- Eight point six?
Eight point six! Eight point six!
Why do I have to repeat everything?
I don't know, I...
I thought I heard something.
- What?
- Shh, wait, wait. There it is again.
I don't hear anything.
Who are you?
Dad, can I get out of here now, please?
Who are you?
What do you want?
- I'm getting out of here.
- Wait. We have to help him.
I'm definitely getting out of here.
The boy has been punished
for some minor transgression.
When the quake hit,
he was locked in the attic.
Litton's wife never got over.
She moved out with the surviving children
as soon as the boy was buried.
He put him in the attic
to punish him?
But I'm not interested in summoning up
the ghost of some unfortunate child.
I seek the entity behind everything
that happens in this house.
I don't like the idea of being pinned
to the wall like a bug.
These shackles are as much
for your protection
as to ensure the efficacy of the summoning.
I want nothing to interfere.
I can understand locking up someone you're afraid
might freak out and mess up the effort, but...
- I'll be shackled as well.
- But what if something should happen?
You're wasting time.
What's the matter, Bill?
Too dangerous?
The chains are to keep the entity
from removing us from the room
and also keep us
from harming the entity.
What if the entity
should want to harm us?
I think you should seriously consider
changing career goals.
Paranoia is infectious, as you can see.
Self control is imperative.
My experience with Satanist cults tells me...
You see, the tug-of-war.
We will try to pull the entity
into our dimension.
We'll use strength of will
and processes set down by ritual.
Now, the entity will resist us,
but once we have it...
once here...
it will try in amazing ways
to return to its own sphere,
taking us...
with it.
If it can.
Is this more training exercises, doctor?
Training time is over.
Come to me.
Come to me.
Jack! Jack, are you alright?
Come across that line, damn you.
Come across the line!
Go back! Go back where you came
from you belong!
Get away!
- Come back to me!
- Get away!
Go back!
You don't belong here!
- Go back!
- Shut up you idiot!
Everybody concentrate on close it to us.
Come back!
Come back to me!
Oh my God.
For your weakness...
we have just lost, possibly for ever,
a chance to be eminent among scientists.
You nearly got us killed.
Doctor, you better tend to Jack.
He may be hurt.
That's an excellent idea, Donna.
Wakey-up, Jackie.
It's time for school.
I mean to report it
to the Academic Senate.
You can't keep doing this stuff over
and over and getting away with it! [xxxx]
- This is your third University!
- Third time's a charm, Bill.
Doctor, you better unlock us,
I'm getting pins and needles in my arms.
It's the same kind of behavior
that got him kicked out of Duke,
and the same behavior is gonna
get you kicked out of Cal U.
What do you mean, kicked out?
I mean he was forced to resign.
Shut up!
Two died that time.
How many will die in this experiment?
Wait, doctor,
people working with you were killed?
What about this, doctor?
- You know, I think it's gonna take quite some time...
- Not me.
- degaus this house. It's...
- I have enough of your training sessions!
Training sessions?
You don't have the slightest idea
what parapsychology is.
You're pitiful.
Look at him!
- The man's unfit for graduate work.
- I'm unfit?
Who put you up at this?
If that's what you think, that's fine with me.
I resign from the program.
That's why I think we're entitled to know
what Bill is supported to.
I want to go home.
That's out of the question, Jack.
We're all committed to finish...
You better hold on to them, cos after
I spread the word about this fiasco,
you're gonna have your ass ...... [xxxx]
Listen to yourselves!
Listen to yourselves.
This is the paranoia that the entity
has planted in our minds.
It is turning us against each other.
If this is in my head,
then why hasn't he unlocked us?
I'm not cut out for this shit!
I'm gonna get a ride back to anybody
who wants to go with me.
Oh, you'll take the rest as well?
- Who did put you up to this, Bill?
- No one put him up to anything!
It is the paranoia.
There's only one paranoid in this room.
Or is he a schizoid?
I am willing walk back.
no one...
is going back.
Wait a minute! Don't open that!
Don't open that!
Don't open that!
Don't open thatj!
But we're here for new experiences,
aren't we?
stand over there like a good fellow.
A stooge to run the special effects
while you frightened poor Jack to death?
Let me out of this, now.
Well, Stanley, he's not capable of
scientific thinking,
but he is very helpful in other ways.
Come on, doctor, the show's over.
Hustle over here with the key.
I've had all I want of your
quasi-scientific bullshit! I resign!
Resignation accepted.
I have to change my lab coat.
Get rid of the body,
then unlock our friends here.
We'll begin degaussing the house again
from top to bottom.
Preparation for our next encounter.
It's saying about hour and a half.
I'm looking for signs of rebellion.
I see none.
Any questions?
No, sir.
Wa'll get right to work, sir.
Stanley, unlock these shackles right now.
"Take away the body,
then unlock our friends."
That's what the doctor said.
For God sake, Stanley,
don't be so damn literal!
Unlock us first.
Oh God.
You guys, we have got to get out of here.
I think our best bet
is to act as if we're going to
go on with a doctor
till we get a chance to subdue him.
All right, but who is gonna
take care of the demon?
Let that be your department, Kim.
Keep him distracted.
After Jack and I
take care of the doctor,
we'll all tackle Stanley, okay?
What are the tools for?
The doctor told you to unlock us.
Stanley, unlock me first, okay?
Do as you're told, Stanley.
The doctor gave you your orders.
He didn't
say how soon I had to unlock you.
Oh shit.
He always makes me do the hard stuff.
Well, complain later, right?
My hands are going numb.
Sometimes Stanley gets to have a little fun.
Sometimes he gets to keep a souvenir.
Some things are against the law.
And if the police should find out,
they would be very, very angry.
The doctor too, Stanley.
If he finds out he's gonna be pissed off, Stanley!
No. This is my job.
Everybody works around here.
If you don't work
you don't eat.
"Not everybody there gets to help
a scientist, Stanley."
- That's what the doctor said.
- Stanley!
Are you just doing this
to teach us not to be scared?!
Oh no...
- This is for real! This is for real!
- I'm gonna get the souvenir.
This is a mess.
You shouldn't make a mess.
She didn't mean to, Stanley.
The doctor says:
"You gotta be punished
if you make a mess."
Stanley, she didn't mean to.
Stop that! You have to get punished
for making this mess.
Doctor says:
"Not all the peaches and cream is life."
Doctor says:
"Sometimes we have to be punished."
Stanley, what are you doing?
I took care of the body, like you said.
Taken all so a long time
for such a simple task.
I have work to do with my colleagues.
And Stanley,
what was that business with the trunk?
That bad snake made a mistake.
It had to be punished.
Well, later you're gonna need
more therapy, Stanley.
Yes, a lot more therapy.
Well, students, let's all go to work.
Now, Stanley will just go with Kim.
And Donna and Jack will be with me.
That's just in case
any of you have any doubts
whether not you're on my team.
- Six point four.
- Eighty eight.
- Seven point three.
- Eighty eight point five.
Eighty nine.
There's a definite pattern.
The residual magnetism form the first two encounter
indicates that next emergence
is gonna be lower.
Lower than the basement?
The mine shaft itself.
Has it occurred to you,
that this...
this thing may be luring us
down to it's own territory?
Don't be silly, darling.
The entity is retreating.
May I have those last set of readings, doctor?
I'm afraid I miss them.
I don't need your help.
Stanley, can you look at this machine?
There's something wrong with it.
The doctor said:
"Never fix the machines."
Well, the doctor is not here, Stanley,
and I don't know what's wrong with it.
"Stanley, you don't know shit about machines."
That's what the doctor says.
Kim tricked Stanley,
now Kim's gonna get punnished!
Hey, did you guys hear that?
I heard a bump.
A bump?
In this house a bump is nothing.
Maybe we should go check on
Kim and Stanley?
They can take care of themselves.
Forty two.
Looks like very promising.
Two point four.
Give me a reading, Jack.
I need some confirmation on there.
-What's the matter? What's happening?
- I was calling you!
Why didn't you answer me?
What are you talking about?
The spiders. Your hands, Jack!
What spiders?
We were standing right here.
You never made a sound.
This work is definitely
taking its toll on me.
What is it did you think you saw?
Ring, ring, ring.
Is someone there?
Is someone there?
Who's there?
It's Wendall.
Oh, thank God.
Listen, Wendall, you've got to help us.
Wendall helps.
Wendall guards the property.
He locks the gates.
I feed the animals, I do.
Wendall, we need help at the house.
There's been an accident, Wendall.
Are you in there?
Can you hear me, Wendall?
Wendall hears you.
I, I help. I feed the animals,
I lock the gate, I do.
Wendall, we need help.
You can help us?
Is there anyone gonna come?
Yes. Yes, someone's coming.
Dean. Dean's coming.
Oh, thank God.
Wendall, when is Dean going to be here?
God, Bill.
Oh, I know what you're thinking,
but do I look dead?
We're training?
What about Stanley?
Come on.
There's something back here
I think you want to see.
The highway is mine!
I've been down here setting up
the rest of the experiment.
I want you to help me put an end
of the experiment, Bill.
The doctor has to be stopped.
He's gone overboard. That's for sure.
Being pigheaded has got him
in trouble before.
I know that it's gonna sound crazy,
but do you know what we learned
about the UFO reports?
The magnetism, the mutant animals,
the deformed human beings.
Well, the doctor may be
a scientist all right, Bill,
but his job is to dissect
and study human beings.
I ensure of it.
Remember, Kim,
the doctor thinks that one side-effect
of the entity summoning
is an attack on our reasoning process.
Of course he said that.
That is the easiest way
to get us to believe.
- The evidence is right in front of our noses!
- But what evidence?
That the doctor is an alien,
for God's sake!
Don't be so thick!
The doctor is an alien!
Well, maybe is some truth
in what you say.
Let me show you something I discovered.
Come on in.
Looks like you get the prize, Kimmie.
Just off the mark.
Study and dissection, yes,
but also breeding.
There's an opening for you.
Kim, you're not gonna suck that licky thing,
are you?
I'm sorry, doctor.
I lost control on my dream again.
Wendall, your phone is ringing.
Hello, Dean here.
where the fuck are the keys?
Wendall, you're dead meat.
God, Wendall,
you really did it.
I'm sorry about the rabbits.
Said don't change.
In time. It's getting dull.
Get off of my car!
Scream louder than that!
where are you?
Kim, thank God!
I didn't think we'd ever find you.
Where have you been?
We're afraid something happened to you.
What happened to your clothes?
Where is Stanley?
I tricked him.
Good for you.
- Can we get out of this way?
- No!
- What is it?
- Will you listen?
Come with me, Kim.
Come on.
It's okay. Come on.
If we've been just hanging on.
Dean is coming to help us.
- How do you know that?
- Wendall told me.
You saw Wendall?
I talked to him on the phone.
I saw Bill.
You did?
Well, I saw his body.
He'd been mostly eaten.
Jack! Jack, are you all right?!
Jack, the magnetic anomaly
is the key to this place.
Look, the dipping the magnetic lines
over this mine
act as a landing beacon
for alien spacecraft.
Donna, you haven't seen what I saw.
Look, Bill's hacking body,
insects and parasites...
Just don't tell me...
Look, Kim, aren't parasites
one of your greatest fears?
I don't know if they were really parasites.
They were too alien,
but the way they stuck to the flesh
were the same...
- Kim, we've all seen things.
- And the thing that was living inside his head.
I suppose I just imagined that too.
Hallucinations, Kim.
Nothing but hallucinations.
The doctor explained how the entity
is trying to set us against each other:
implants these visions
based on our worst fears.
Shut up! Both of you!
You better listen to me.
Our only hope is
that Dean gets here very soon.
Bill showed me a room.
A breeding chamber used by the aliens.
He wanted to use me for food.
Bill was alive?
Yes, he was alive,
but I had to split his head open.
I don't want to hear this.
Wait, wait. How did you split
his head open?
I hit him with this.
I am convinced
by what the alien said.
You spoke to an alien?
Bill was an alien and he said
the doctor is one too.
There's no blood on this.
Of course not. He didn't bleed,
he was an alien.
Bugs came out instead of blood.
Bugs? I haven't seen that one.
Kim, you were just hallucinating.
No. You want to talk me out
of what I saw,
because you're an alien too.
Kim, the doctor will explain everything.
This isn't "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
Look, look, you said
Bill didn't bleed, right?
Well, if we show you that we bleed,
we can't be aliens, can we?
Cut me. You'll see.
- You too, Jack.
- What, this isn't enough?
We bleed, Kim.
But I guess
aliens must bleed after all.
I guess
I'm gonna have to kill you.
Aliens, indeed.
Don't you realize that you're about to miss
the most important
scientific discovery of your life?
Time for conjunction.
It's the only moments away.
You have got to believe me!
We are not dealing
with the supernatural here.
Aliens live in this mine!
Everything else is just a side-effect.
I've heard enough out of you.
Get over there and take your position.
You can't contain a creature
from another planet
with the lines painted on the floor.
Kim saw something, doctor.
What if Kim's right?
What if this is a trap?
Maybe the wind, the noise, everything...
The entity is afraid of us.
Can't you understand that?
It's using its only weapon:
to try to confuse us.
- What if it wins this time?!
- It won't!
- How do you know that?
- Reject the hallucination!
How many times do I have to tell you?
We're making history,
aren't we, doctor?
Those insects...
What were they?
They're infecting organisms.
Once on your skin they metamorphise
into the larger parasites.
Oh my God.
Oh shit!
They got everywhere!
Reject your hallucination!
It's a bug.
I'm having another hallucination!
Be strong, Jack.
We're having the same hallucination!
No, that's no hallucination.
Stand firm, you coward!
It can't cross the pentagram.
- This alien won't stop!
- No!
- You'll not throw away my life's work.
- You'll not throw away my life!
Stanley, is that you?
Dean, is that you?
Dean, I was waiting and waiting for you.
I wanted to...
It hurts.
Do it!
Very good session, I'd say.
Maybe I should take a hike.
Kim might be a little embarrassed
to face me after the way
she made me look.
Don't pout, Jack.
It's all in the name of science.
You're to be congratulated.
Yours was the most complex
guided dream I've ever seen.
And dreams within the dreams...
Little masterpieces.
A man dreams that he's a butterfly.
But in his dream the butterfly falls
asleep and dreams that it's a man.
When he awakens,
he's never quite sure,
whether he is himself,
or a butterfly just dreaming
that it is a man.
You all right?
You better dry off.
Kim, you might catch your deathly cold.
Bad joke. Sorry.
Good evening, doctor.
You folks're about finished in here?
I'm supposed to
wax the floor tonight, so...
- Just closing down, Jim.
- Thank you, doctor.
I don't need a college degree
this badly, doctor.
You're just get Guinea Pigs
if you stay here.
I thought this was my dream.
Let me out of this dream.
Wake up, Kimmie.
Kimmie, wake up!
- Nice day, doctor.
- I want out of here! Wake up!
I want out of here! Wake up!
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