Nimby (2020) Movie Script

Did you notice Maria trying
to cop a feel again?
Your ass is just too fine.
Come on, Mervi,
she does it with everyone.
Let's take a picture here.
The sun is amazing.
No, wait!
My parents are coming.
So finally, I get to meet
Farrah Mohsen.
Come on,
we have to... tidy up.
You have to leave.
I live here.
It's only for the weekend.
No way I'm leaving.
Believe me, that would be too
much for them.
If you don't have the balls to be
a lesbian, then don't be one.
It's not about that.
Why are all of our lesbian Kodak
moments then being torn down?
Fucking hell...
They own this place, alright? I cannot
just introduce you to them and say:
'Hey, that's Mervi, my girlfriend.
We live together.'
And why not?
You haven't introduced me
to your parents, either.
At least they live
in the same country.
-No, I haven't, because...
-Because what?
Don't you wanna warn your parents?
I haven't talked to Mom for a year.
I can't just call her and say:
'Hi, I'm a lesbian.'
Where is the lesbian with balls
I fell in love with?
Not everybody's mom is like
Farrah Mohsen.
-Calm down.
-They are really provincial.
I don't know if they can
understand this.
So just a quick visit.
Demonstrations in Hamburg have
continued for over three weeks.
Mrs Mohsen,
Europe is getting polarized.
Do you think that Helsinki Summit
will find a way for a dialogue
between different groups?
I don't have those kinds of answers.
Sorry. Even though you yourself have
a refugee background?
I'm a refugee,
not a fortune teller.
Kata texted that she isn't in Helsinki.
She will return tomorrow.
Do you think she might be
using again?
Welcome to Lms.
-Is this the centre?
The only activity is
driving around the gravel pit.
What's "soramonttu"?
A place where you can drive
like an idiot.
What's that?
Oh, no!
Close the borders!
First, they sold the paint factory
to China!
Then, they gave it to the immigrants!
-Then, they gave them bikes!
-Go home!
-Mika, have some manners.
-What's that, pig?
Run along,
or I'll have to call your dad.
-I'm not fucking scared of you!
-Close the borders!
-Close the borders!
Long time no see.
This is Mika and this is Kata.
I'm Mervi's girlfriend.
Oh yeah?
Well, I guess we're
Eskimo brothers then.
It means we both... fucked Mervi.
How about a sausage?
You want sausage?
We have sausage in the back.
Hey, monkey!
Do you want another beating?
Let's go!
This is strange.
She hasn't posted about her trip.
I can't find her anywhere.
Can you be quiet?
I need to write this speech.
Just write: "Choose Peace!"
-Don't start.
You have given hundreds of speeches.
We only have one daughter.
She's not a teenager anymore.
Do you have to smoke
right before meeting my parents?
It helps me to come to terms with the
fact that my girlfriend is a fascist.
Look! That's my dad.
He stole my mother's slogan.
"Valitse rauha". Cute.
Anyway, so how far is it from here?
About 8 kilometres.
And you want to walk that?
-God! Hello!
-Do you have any weed?
So, where are you guys from?
Syria. We escaped the war.
Stop lying. You only escaped a
heterosexual marriage.
Hey, being gay in Syria is war.
I'm not gay.
We are.
Too bad.
No man, it's too good.
This is weed.
I know where she is.
-Hi, Mervi!
-Any mail?
No, ads only.
This is it.
They truly are hillbillies.
Brace yourself.
Let's just have some coffee
and then leave.
It's going to be just fine.
Come on!
Hello?! Is anybody here?
-Did you leave the door open?
-Has something happened?
No, or yes, in a way.
The situation here is that she is...
My girlfriend, Kata.
No... Nice to meet you.
I understand Finnish,
but speak it poorly.
-My name is Kaisa.
-Nice to meet you.
Hi, hello. Topi Hirvi.
-Kata Mohsen. Nice to meet you.
Hey, should we put some coffee on?
Yes. Girls, why don't you
come to the kitchen...
Come on out.
-Hi, Mervi.
-Hi there.
We have this kind of
a romantic arrangement.
We could call it...
an open relationship.
-But only with each other.
-A closed circle.
-Nice to meet you.
That's fucking sick.
Fucking gross!
Hey, bunny...
All of my childhood vacations
were sex holidays.
It's not a big deal.
It's kind of funny.
You couldn't understand this at all.
What the fuck is that Nazi
doing there?
Mika is the son of those two pervs,
Osmo and Minttu.
Pro-immigrant groups
also protested...
-Who was that towelhead with Mervi?
-I don't know.
18 people were injured
in the ensuing clashes.
-What is that?
-Walter PPK.
Adolf Hitler's personal pistol.
One of the most reliable
handguns in the world.
-The one he shot himself with?
-Allegedly shot himself.
All we need is a target
worth the gun.
EU Commissioner Farrah Mohsen
cancelled her press conference,
due to family reasons.
She is still expected to give
the keynote speech
at the summit tomorrow.
The summit will affect
traffic in Helsinki...
Mika here.
Yeah. I'll be there. Bye.
Do you want to come?
To meet that stupid Nazi again?
No, thank you.
Mika is what he is, but I need
to talk to him about our parents.
Are you serious?
You can't leave me here.
I'll be maximum 45 minutes.
Hey, Mervi, calm down.
-What's so terrible about this?
-The lying.
We didn't lie.
We just didn't tell you.
This relationship has worked
well for fifteen years.
-We all love each other and...
A long relationship needs work...
Be quiet.
A year ago,
I caught my dad riding your dad.
Then our moms emerged
from the same pile of flesh.
I don't want to think about that.
Me neither, but that image is
hard to forget.
That's why one of them
always took us for ice cream,
so that the rest could fuck in peace.
We had to sleep in a tent
so that the adults could...
"Bunk together."
You could be my brother.
I'd have a hot sister.
Drive any faster, and there will be
no one to give the speech.
I've got everything under control.
-I have...
-Getaway car training, I know.
Try calling Kata again.
Kaisa, come on already!
-It's wonderful that you came.
-Thank you.
My parents are coming
to Finland and...
Mervi and I wanted
to visit here first.
So please, ham sandwich.
Shall I hand you one?
-Are your parents also Muslims?
I'm allowed to ask, aren't I?
I'm a vegetarian.
My mother is a non-practising Muslim
and my father is not a Muslim at all.
-Are you seeking asylum?
I came here to study.
Excuse me, I have to ask...
Was your last name Mohsen?
You wouldn't be related
to Farrah Mohsen?
She is my mother.
-Wow, what a small world.
-Didn't you meet her in Germany?
Yes. We talked about
the importance of helping refugees.
How do you feel about the terrorist
acts committed by Muslims?
Oh, am I not allowed
to ask that either?
-It is connected to the refugee issue.
-Why don't we change the topic?
Have you been dating Mervi
a long time?
Yesterday was our
first anniversary actually.
And now Mervi tells us.
It did take us some time
to come clean, too.
For Mika, our son,
it was hard to swallow.
He has hardly said a word to us
this past year.
Mika was a different man.
When he was seeing Mervi, that is.
How long were they dating?
About three years,
right after confirmation.
They even lived together
for six months.
But that's all in the past.
-They were engaged, too.
-Ancient business, that.
They were engaged.
So, my parents are pervs
and you've become a Nazi.
-You've become an SJW lesbian.
-That is so old-fashioned.
And calling me a Nazi is
the newest thing?
What's the deal with you, then?
I'm no Nazi,
but your Dad's refugee centre
brought a lot of problems.
So you didn't have
any problems before?
Right, typical.
It's easy for you to judge
from your ivory tower.
Remember this?
Why did you leave?
This place was stressing me out.
Was I doing that, too?
Excuse me? What have you
done to yourself?
The Italian word for 'shit'?
The world is shit.
Mika... Mika!
Fucking hell! Wait!
The number you are calling
cannot be reached...
We'll see who's the fucking Nazi!
Get the fuck in there!
Take cover!
Ow, fuck!
Is that tobacco?
I don't think so.
First come the drugs
and then the crime.
We don't have any drugs
or crime in Lms.
-Except for your brother.
-He's my step-brother.
Hey, look who finally showed up!
-No prob.
-Bye bye!
So, how did it go with your fianc?
I'm sorry for not telling you.
You leave me here with your parents
and their racist fuckbuddies,
and run off the whole day with your
Nazi fianc and switch off your phone!
The battery died.
He's my ex-fianc
and it was only two hours.
Is time the main issue here?
At least you got
more time to get high!
Well, excuse me. I didn't know that
I'm supposed to take this shit sober?
-I'm tired of seeing your stoned face.
-Oh, it's my face now?
-Can we talk?
Let's act like grown-ups.
The next bus leaves in an hour,
and one of you is giving us
a ride to the station.
How could you live with a Nazi?
Mika is not really a Nazi!
He's just... an angry hillbilly.
Well, your 'juntti' is trying
to tell you something.
Mika, what the hell?
-What are you trying to tell us?
-Go to hell! Don't come any closer!
Farrah Mohsen!
Welcome! I'm Topi!
-What is going on here?
That refugee bitch who came to Finland.
She is here.
-Stop with the bullshit.
-I'll send you a photo. Hold on!
Fucking hell!
Do not let her leave.
Today, we're changing history!
Kaisa, come on with the sandwiches!
It's a pleasure meeting you.
I have always been a fan of yours.
-Me, too.
-The pleasure is on our side.
It's really nice to meet you all.
-Sorry, we don't speak any German.
-Let me help you with that.
-One coffee and then we leave?
-Or right now, if you want.
-What is it?
-Are you really a lesbian?
-Are you really a homophobe?
-Come on.
These people are clearly
simple-minded country folk.
What is he saying?
He's just getting used
to the idea of us.
I love Kata.
Little opportunist.
-Is he calling me an opportunist?
-No, he's just...
Those Muslims have no respect
for women.
My father is not a Muslim!
If the wife and daughter are Muslims,
isn't the husband one, too?
Perhaps one could think that.
If two out of three are terrorists,
the third one at least...
-Did you just call them terrorists?
-No, I didn't.
-Is there a problem?
Can the Christian group sex pervs
please lay off from judging my family?
Is that possible?
How is polygamy any different?
Oh right, the woman can't have
multiple husbands.
How many wives does your
father have?
How many wives do you have?
-Should I call the local paper?
It might be nice.
-Don't call them.
What is going on?
They have an open relationship
with each other.
Warm cinnamon rolls!
-Even the priest?
-Even the priest.
Maybe us men would like a little
something to calm our nerves.
Here you go.
My father doesn't drink.
What did I tell you! A Muslim.
No, an alcoholic.
-Heart problems! Not 'alkoholisti'.
-I might have a little shot.
Even though you're a priest.
Theologically speaking, it is okay.
I guess you're okay
with a lot of things.
We're not okay about the female
circumcision that Muslims do.
No one with a brain is okay with that!
a toast to mutual understanding!
Do the Finns solve their
problems with booze?
Dad, lay off!
Typical, talking in a language
that the others can't understand.
-Calm down.
-I thought she had a good point.
And yet you are talking Finnish.
Kata, tell your mother, that I have
also managed some refugee affairs.
The local reception centre was
all my doing.
-"Choose Peace!"
-Yeah, "Choose Peace!"
Farrah, Topi told me that you had
a nice discussion with him in Berlin?
Sorry, but I don't remember
meeting you.
-There were the all the...
-So you haven't met her?
-Did you lie to the municipal council?
-You haven't apparently met...
Lying is a strong word.
This might be a good time
to take a photo...
Shut up!
Hermann and Farrah, you may leave,
if you don't like it here.
You too, if you can't deal
with my past.
Mom, Dad, and the Jalonens.
You're welcome to live
any way you want.
I am leaving and I'm not coming back.
Translate that to any
language you want.
Mika! You stop that this minute,
you goddamn little Hitler!
Stop whining, SJW!
-You're acting like a brat.
-Shut up!
What the fuck are you doing?
Your dyke came to save you.
-You stop that this minute!
-Or what?
-Drop the knife!
-Mika! Now you have gone too far.
Back off!
Have you lost your mind?
I have to do this,
since you're not listening to me!
Hey, we're listening.
What do you want?
Phones, give me your phones!
-This has gone way too far.
-Shut up and give me your phone!
Give me your phones.
-I'll fucking kill her!
-Give them to him.
You too back there!
Mervi, tell them!
Kata, bring the phones!
-Dad, give me your phone!
-Come on!
Hurry up!
-Now, let her go!
-Shut up, you towelhead!
Mervi. You too. The phone!
-Mika, calm down.
-Back off!
-Mika, darling...
-Shut the fuck up for once!
-It's me, Daddy.
-Back the fuck up!
Now you're going to get it.
Farrah, let's go inside.
Come, Kata.
Come inside.
Everybody inside!
Dad, get the shotgun!
-There's only one left.
-We went out shooting with Kaisa.
Fantastic! Give it to me.
-Damn idiot!
-Calm down, Dad!
-Where did I leave my Bible?
-What are you looking for?
-Watch out!
-Here we go...
-My eggs!
-Oh fuck, it burns!
-Is there a landline?
-Do you have a phone?
-It's just for decoration.
-The laptop?
-Where do I go?
-I got their phones.
-Throw them into the rainwater barrel.
We don't want to hurt anyone.
We just want to talk to Farrah Mohsen.
-What did he say?
-He wants to talk to you.
-What does he want?
-He wants to talk to Mom.
I'm Farrah Mohsen.
What do you wanna talk about?
Surrender, and no one will get hurt!
You bastards!
You will never get her!
We're in no hurry.
No one is expecting a speech from me.
Artsi. There must be some
mutual misunderstanding...
We have a shotgun,
so don't you try to get in!
-Don't provoke them.
It's Osmo! Hey, Artsi...
Don't you think
that this has gone a bit too far?
We're supposed to go to the baptism.
-This is just the beginning.
My dear brother...
-Be quiet!
Merda, find some planks and nails.
You will all stay there
until you hand over Farrah Mohsen.
We are in no hurry.
Artsi, I was thinking...
Maybe we have scared
them enough.
-I wouldn't want...
-Mervi to get hurt?
That's not what I want, either.
I don't think you're seeing
the bigger picture.
Sure, I do.
Merda, you are the reason
all this is taking place.
You are the most important person
in the world today.
Do you understand that?
-I understand.
I am damn proud of you, soldier.
They are making sure
that we don't get out.
-Do you understand that?
-Of course they understand.
Looking at them!
I doubt they understand
much about anything.
-You sure have a lot to say.
-What did you say?
Speak English.
Speak German
if you have something to say!
Stop yelling.
The Nazis have surrounded us.
-We are in real danger.
-They are not Nazis.
What are they, then?
The guys laid off from
the paint factory.
At least our Mika isn't a Nazi.
He just spray-painted
a swastika on your RV!
He just wants to provoke us.
You dumped him over the phone.
-Where should I have dumped him?
It was such a blow to Mika
that he cut himself.
An engagement is a sacred promise.
Right, Osmo?
Yes, it is that.
How do your group sex antics fit in
with this Christian frame of mind?
We're not sinning in the eyes of God -
since this is based on love
and we are open with each other.
Why aren't you open with everybody?
While God may forgive,
the congregation doesn't.
What happens now?
-We wait.
-For what?
The water is cut off!
Tell them to give me the weapon.
I do this for a living.
We Christians view things
through reason, not zeal!
Reason? You are an evolution denier.
We've agreed not to talk
about religion or politics here.
I don't fucking care.
What do we do now?
Don't freak out, but what if
we just gave them Farrah?
-They just wanted to talk to her.
-Right, Osmo?
-That's what they said.
I can see where your son got
his ideas from.
Those ideas came from your homeland.
Nazi Germany.
Are you referring to the era
when Finland was allied with Germany?
I've read my history, too.
Hey, guys...
Of course we're not giving them Farrah.
"Choose Peace," we say.
If anyone of you tries anything...
Minttu didn't really mean it.
Of course not, but it is
an option like any other.
We need to be able to talk
about things.
-What are they saying?
-Everything is okay. You can relax.
You know, I don't believe you.
The Mohsen-Haettenschweiler family
is taking this room.
No one else is allowed in.
Farrah, get in here!
Farrah, please!
Yelling is the first level of violence.
-You too, come.
-Are you serious?
We have lost our common direction.
Our problem is behind the door
and your daughter brought her here.
-Don't start blaming Kata.
-I wasn't blaming Kata, but you.
Your Nazi-Mika started this.
-Mika is no Nazi.
-Sure he is.
Having concerns about your homeland
does not make you a Nazi.
Seriously, we are in this situation
due to the problems caused by the
refugee centre in the paint factory.
-The refugees again?!
-It's the reception centre.
-So this is my fault?
-Partly, yes.
Doesn't your Holy Book tell us
to help our neighbours?
Was the reception centre founded on
your love for our neighbours
or for government grants?
The local services have to be paid.
-Or did it pay for your raise?
And you put them in
an old mouldy paint factory?
Where were we supposed to put them?
The Church didn't provide a space.
Is the Church responsible
for the council's mistakes?
The church can't house non-Christians.
-What would my parishioners say?
Why don't I warm up
some lavender oil...
No ear candles can resolve this!
Hey, hey! No religion!
-Or politics.
-Son of a bitch!
-Fucking gel-head!
Wake up, people!
You all need to try to think
of something to do here.
We can't get out.
We can't get away.
And we can't use a phone.
Can we come up with a way
to contact someone on the outside?
Like a passer-by?
They want to throw her out.
-No, they don't. What's wrong with you?
This is empty.
Everyone here is against us.
-Let's hang a sheet on the roof.
-Yes. A good idea.
-I'll get one.
-Who's going to help me?
I need your help.
Fuck! You think he saw us?
I don't know.
I don't think he saw us.
Alright. Let's just tape it
and get out of here.
Hey, a gnome!
Someone's on the roof.
I'm taking a hostage.
What are you girls twerking
up here for?
Teuvo! What the fuck?
-Are you crazy?
-Talk to him, say something!
What can I say?
Fuck off, Teuvo!
Let's have the sheet then.
Stop it!
Just let it go! Let go!
You let go!
Don't let go!
Okay, grab my hand.
Come on, give me your hand.
Hold on, we got you.
Help me!
Help me!
-Who's screaming?
-Teuvo fell off the roof.
The Koistinen boy?
-The towelhead stabbed me!
-It was your own fault.
What the fuck are you on about?
They tried to kill Teuvo!
Calm down!
Bandage the leg.
-What the hell?
-Is everyone okay in there?
Everything is okay!
Listen up inside!
Young Mohsen just tried to kill
one of us.
This means that you have to give up
Farrah's whole family -
in order to be spared.
-They want to kill us.
-They don't want to kill us.
Then what do they want?
You shouldn't have stabbed Teuvo.
It was an accident,
it was his own fault.
-He tried to make Kata fall.
-Are there more knives in her pocket?
Are you serious?
I can hear you.
We need to surrender.
We can't. The angels say no.
-Kaisa, you can't be serious.
-You pray for the angels, too!
My angels are real.
And Jesus card is
the ultimate trump card?
Jesus doesn't live in cards,
but in hearts.
-I'm picking you a card. Look.
-No, I won't!
Let's forget the cards.
Minttu, let's go upstairs.
Kaisa, we talked about this.
It's no use talking to them.
Mika! Get over here!
Your mother and I
would like to come out.
-Help us out!
Is the Reverend in need of help?
when I got beat up at school
and I asked for your help?
You said that if I told anyone
we're brothers, you would beat me up.
-I'm sorry. I was a stupid child.
-Yes, you were.
Minttu. Any regrets?
Mika, bring us a ladder!
-We are going to stay upstairs.
-Excuse me?
We're neutral.
You can't do that.
That's what you always do,
you flip-flopping turncoat.
Me? That is not true.
I always have opinions.
-Don't take that!
-What are we supposed to drink?
This situation just doesn't involve us.
Excuse me, it's your son outside.
He started the whole crap!
We already had this conversation.
-You can't be impartial in a homicide.
-Theologically speaking, we can.
No, that is completely immoral.
Osmo! Osmo...
Good luck!
Kaisa, why don't you
make us some sandwiches?
Make your own sandwiches.
Thank you.
Maybe I should make some
for my parents.
Should we take some upstairs
to the Vatican?
The Vatican can starve.
-What's the use in that?
What's the use of neutrality?
But aren't they important to you?
Maybe it was just sex.
Do we have something to drink?
There's some buttermilk.
It's me, Kata.
I brought you something to eat.
-What is going on out there?
-People are splitting into groups.
They might try to use you against us.
Stay here with us.
-Can I take Mervi with me?
-She's not welcome here.
In any case,
I have to use the toilet.
Topi, easy now.
Take it easy, Hermann!
-What do they want?
-Everything is okay.
-Is he threatening you?
-Put the gun down.
Put the axe away.
Go and get your boss.
Mrs. Mohsen,
do you want to surrender?
Will you spare my daughter,
if I do?
I will, but I can't make any
promises for my men.
Why are you doing this?
With the right action
at the right time,
one can write history.
Today is my chance.
-I envy you.
You still believe
that you can change the world.
I am certain of it.
And you think that by killing me
you'll make the world a better place.
Who said I was going to kill you?
If I could cure all the world's
problems by killing you,
I wouldn't hesitate one moment.
But sadly,
the world isn't that simple.
Or maybe it is.
The flush doesn't work.
What are you planning?
You'd always solve
things with violence.
-That is different.
-Oh, because I am a woman? Weak?
Can't protect myself with this cane?
Sure you can, but the thing is...
-You have never seen war, Hermann.
1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8
and 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8 and 1, 2...
No, just don't...
Don't lift me up.
Okay. 5, 6...
Mervi, can we please just stop?
I don't know...
I'm just so confused.
I don't get it.
I mean, those people
are your family and your friends.
Why are they acting like this?
I don't know.
Why is your father
behaving like this?
Let's try to get some rest,
it doesn't matter.
My father thinks you're only
after our money.
Well, that's crazy.
-You haven't paid any rent yet.
Yeah, you've had
a pretty cushy life for free.
Are you serious? You've had a pretty
cushy life as well!
It's your parents' place,
you don't pay any rent.
You said to me I don't have
to pay any rent.
I've never said to you you don't have
to pay any rent.
Maybe not exact words,
that I don't have to...
Anyway, that's what I thought,
that I don't have to pay.
I mean it's obvious, I shouldn't tell
you to, I shouldn't ask for rent!
-That's weird!
-This is weird, you're being weird!
I am weird now?
In this whole fucked-up situation,
you think that I'm the weird one?
I just don't understand
why we are talking about some rent
all of a sudden.
Stop it! Stop it! I'm going
to have a smoke.
Well, no surprise there!
What the fuck are you doing?
Don't want to wake the others up.
Jesus asked me to talk with you.
What do you want?
Could I... get a joint?
Why should I give you anything?
You want my family dead.
-No, I don't want your family...
-No, you do.
No, I don't.
I just want this all to end.
Isn't that what we all want?
-Whatever. Go ahead, have a hit.
-Thank you.
I can see your confusion.
I was a musician back
in the days.
Meaning before I was born again.
And this is the only thing
I've been missing from that life.
Osmo doesn't understand getting
a bit high once in a while.
Same thing with my parents.
They sent me to Finland to stop me
from partying and doing drugs.
Did it work?
Anyways, I'm going to bed.
So enjoy yourself.
-Do you have any cigarettes?
But I have cognac.
Farrah was attacked two years ago.
I couldn't help her,
because I was drunk.
Things changed after that.
Farrah lost her passion for politics.
And everything else.
We agreed, when Mervi was little -
that Topi would concentrate on politics
and I would take care of our home.
It pisses me off that I agreed to that.
Mervi is such a Daddy's girl.
That pisses me off, too.
We haven't even had sex for ages.
I bet it's different for you.
Let's see what the cards say.
"Take action."
-What's going on here?
-Nothing special.
-A nightcap.
-Maybe you shouldn't drink.
I'll drink when I want to.
I must be going.
Thank you for the cognac.
European Commissioner
Farrah Mohsen has disappeared.
She didn't attend her press conference
and has been out of reach since.
The whole Europe is
waiting for Ms. Mohsen's speech.
Artsi, I think Merda is
up to something.
You need to shoot a video of my speech.
-What speech?
The speech that will be
broadcast tomorrow.
-Okay, men. How's the battle spirit?
We are at war.
The Third World War has been
underway for a long time now
and unfortunately
we are losing the battle!
We are losing to the political elite,
to the multicultural human filth,
SJW's and all kinds of feminist cows!
We are not attacking.
We are defending ourselves!
Those of you who understand my words,
will understand my actions.
You know that now
it is our time to rise.
The world will not change
unless we change it!
The world will not be saved
unless we save it.
Can I trust you to be at my side
until the end?
To the end!
Thank you, men.
What's going to happen tomorrow?
What would Hitler do?
Are you having doubts?
I've gotta take a leak.
I'll piss on that house.
What do you want?
You have to get out of there.
Artsi might set the house on fire.
You were going to slit my throat.
You have to trust me.
I saw you on the roof
and didn't rat on you.
-Let's piss until the whole house rots.
-Go for it.
Wake up!
Get up!
It is time to rewrite history.
Fill all the empty bottles
with gasoline.
Soldiers! Wake up!
Your girlfriend was scheming
with that little Nazi last night.
They were whispering through
the window.
Have you been talking to Mika?
-He was talking to me.
He wanted to help.
Are you serious?
Those Nazi people want to kill us!
Mika doesn't want to kill us.
He wants to help.
Kata, you can trust me.
I would never hurt you.
Kata, come.
I love you.
Maybe it's better this way.
After all, they are outsiders.
Knock, knock.
Never mind him.
Your father can be an idiot.
At least he doesn't desiccate
the people around him.
I know that we have had
some problems before...
We didn't have problems.
You did.
You don't know how stressful
it was to live here.
I moved away, so I wouldn't become
a bitter old hag like you.
-I'm not at all bitter.
-Oh, please!
I don't know why Dad
hasn't left you.
As soon as I did,
I was able to breathe again.
If it was so awful,
why didn't you say anything?
-I am saying it now!
-Let's talk then.
Let's fucking talk!
The post! The post!
Topi, the post!
-Out of the way!
-Heikki, call the police!
-We're being held prisoner!
-Call the police!
Heikki! I'm glad it was you.
-Do you guys need help?
-We'll be just fine.
How is it coming along?
Are you going to shut them up?
They'll be silenced soon.
-Okay. See ya.
-See you.
Attention, everybody in the house!
You have until noon
to give us the Mohsens!
After that, we will
set the house on fire.
Open the door!
What's the meaning of this?
Open the door!
How do we get out
if they start the fire?
We'll think about it then.
Come on, guys, open up.
In God's name, open the door!
-It's best that you stay there.
You can't save them all,
but think about it.
You could save your
own daughter's life.
The door will be opened
if they set the house on fire.
Please, open.
Topi... My darling.
-Kata, are you crazy?
-What? You reek of booze.
A small nightcap is a different matter.
Let me have some.
Did you have something to say?
What are you up to, Merda?
The guys were complaining
that they're hungry.
-Why don't I go get some food?
-They are hungry?
Right now?
They were drinking
and smoking all night.
As long as you make it quick.
Get me some soy wieners.
Fuck off.
What do we do if they
do set the house on fire?
What are our options?
If we gave them Farrah's family,
Mervi would never speak to us again.
She doesn't really want
to speak to me as it is.
So we hand them over.
We still have an hour to decide.
-Hi, it's Mika Jalonen here.
Artsi is about to kill Farrah Mohsen.
We need the police here now.
Stop making crank calls
or I will have to call your dad again.
He's also being held prisoner
at Topi Hirvi's farm!
Send the cops there now!
I have real policework to do,
so bye bye.
Hello? The Reverend
never came to the baptism.
Get ready to go.
Hey, shithead!
It is ten to twelve!
You have ten minutes
to save yourselves!
I have a confession to make.
I started smoking weed again.
I thought that was all behind you.
And I slept with Artsi.
-Am I depressing to be around?
Can you for once tell it
to me straight?
Am I depressing to be around
or not?
I'm sorry, Kata,
for sending you off to Finland.
But you were impossible.
Why Artsi, of all people?
Because Artsi has weed.
And he really wants me.
You only fuck me if Topi is with us.
Five minutes!
Sure, it's depressing to make you
coffee and sandwiches for 20 years.
That's what you want to talk about?
Who forced you to make them?
You did! - Me?
I have a confession to make.
You didn't do any studying.
Not a day. -What?
We have been paying for your studies
for the whole damn year...
I agreed to our sex arrangement
just to keep you happy.
You're the one who
wanted to fuck Minttu!
It was better than couples therapy.
Do you love me?
Or Topi?
Three minutes!
-I should have fucked Hermann.
-You still have time.
O, You King of Kings
Ruler of Heaven and all beings
Please cast Your eyes upon our land...
And bless us with Your merciful hand
You have two minutes!
-Are we still talking?
-I guess we have to be.
We need to make a decision.
Fuck it!
One minute!
-Kata! They are breaking in!
-Be quiet!
Stop it!
You have ten seconds!
Nine... eight...
-You need to think about our family.
-Give me the shotgun.
We have to sacrifice them
to save the rest of us.
Mervi, don't listen to them.!
Men, take your positions!
I've been waiting for this for so long.
Brothers, attack!
Brothers, attack!
Damn traitor!
-What do you want?
-I'm helping you.
-Mervi, open the door.
-You're gonna let them in.
I'm sorry for what I did,
but this is going to get a lot worse,
if you don't trust me.
-Don't let him in!
-Please, let Mika in!
You don't have a choice!
Look at me, Mervi.
Listen. Don't..
Shut the fuck up,
you fucking weirdo!
No, Hermann!
Why should I trust you?
Mervi, look.
-You left me at the first syllable.
-You are so damn stupid.
Maybe, but you can trust me.
Mervi... I mean you no harm.
-Well, what are we gonna do?
-We're getting the fuck out of here.
-I'm going out.
-Absolutely not.
And you, shut up for once.
Now you are going
to tolerate each other
just for this one moment that we
get out of here. Is that clear?!
-Now we do what she says.
-No, we won't. Listen to me...
-Shut up, now!
-Let's go!
Mervi, to the car!
-Sorry about earlier...
-I'm gonna fuck you up.
You fucking killed my brother!
You're not hitting my son!
Mohsen is getting away!
A pistol Nazi versus
a shotgun justice warrior.
Whose odds are better?
You don't have the balls.
I'll shoot if you shoot.
At this distance,
it would blow your head off.
Now listen up, everybody.
You're going to stop fucking around.
The next one to hit someone
will lose their head!
I don't care if it's a Nazi
or a refugee,
I will fucking shoot you in the face!
You don't have to love each other.
You don't even have
to like each other.
But you do have
to tolerate each other!
All people are deep down the same
but when they stop talking to each
other, they become different.
Violence is not conversation!
-The cops!
-Let's go!
It's easy for a whore to holler
with a shotgun in her hand!
I didn't even have any ammo left.
We shall rise again!
Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Let's go.
Farrah, we owe you an apology.
Yeah, you were quite ready
to kill us, right?
Yeah, sorry.
We went a little overboard.
We can still make the conference.
-Can we get a lift?
-Of course, ladies. Come on.
Thank you for having us.
Mervi... We are so sorry.
Me too. I guess we need to talk.
But first, I want to go home
and get a good night's sleep.
Call us when you wake up. -I will.
This time, I will actually call.
What about us?
I guess we need to have a chat
about religion and politics.
We're not in this much of a hurry.
-Don't worry. I have...
-You have getaway car training.
Show me what you've got, darling.
Burn rubber.
Yesterday, I had no idea what
to tell you today.
I thought all of this was useless.
Nonsense, or said already.
But this morning, a brave young lady
gave me a speech of a lifetime.
You don't have to love each other.
You don't even have to like each other.
But you do have to tol...
All people are deep down the same,
but when they stop talking,
they become different.
Violence is not conversation.