Nine Days (2020) Movie Script

Hi, Amanda.
Good morning.
- Hi.
- Hey, baby.
Hey, honey, laundry's done.
Amanda. No, no, no.
Let's hear it, Amanda. Come on.
- Yeah!
- All right.
Happy birthday, Amanda.
Good, good, good.
All right, good job, everybody.
We'll see you tomorrow at 5 p.m.
So eat well rest well.
And if anyone has any problems,
don't let me know.
All right, good.
- That was really good.
- Thanks.
- What's up, Rick?
- Come on, guys.
Oh, how's it going, man?
That's a nice bag, man.
- Please, stop it.
- Oh, this is nice.
- Give me my bag back.
- It is pretty nice.
Come on,
I'm gonna be late to class.
Come on, please.
Give it back. Stop, please.
- Hey, honey, I'm exhausted.
- I'm gonna crash.
Just call him right now.
Hi, I was just around the corner.
I just thought
I'd bring you some supplies.
Did you come to bring supplies,
or to watch the concerto?
Ah. Both.
Some of this food's had an anniversary.
- Mm.
- Anything else you want me to bring?
No, I have everything I need.
- Love.
- What?
Love is all you need.
What's new?
See Rob's working on his heart attack.
Kate's got a new boyfriend.
- Fucking hated the other one.
- Leave me alone.
- Rick's still being bullied.
- Stop. Come on.
Come on, please.
Leave me alone. Stop.
When's Luiza getting married?
All information is in her cabinet.
Yeah, I know,
but when's she getting married?
In eight days.
Oh, perfect. Got a window there.
Thanks for the invite.
Beautiful dress.
Fernando's doing much better.
Right, she's heading to the concerto.
What time does it start?
At 6.
So why's she driving so fast?
Hmm? What did you say?
Have you seen anything different?
She had some problems sleeping.
But she always had problems sleeping
before big concertos.
Nothing we do now
is gonna change anything.
I heard her tires squeal.
Try to get some rest, eh?
Tomorrow you got a lot of work to do.
- Do you like it, Amanda?
- Mm-hm.
Who did you draw here, Amanda?
- My friend.
- Yeah?
- Is this the friend that we never see?
- Mm-hm.
The friend again.
Do you ever talk to your friend?
Not really,
but he's always with me.
What's your friend's name?
His name is Will.
Please, come in.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
My name is Will, by the way.
May I call you...
May I take your picture?
My pleasure.
How old are you, Anne?
Four minutes?
Four hours.
- And some minutes.
- Mm.
When did you learn how to speak?
I don't know.
I think I always knew how to speak.
Do you know why you're here?
Strangely, yes.
Do you mind if I say it out loud,
just to make it official?
As you know,
you are being considered
for the amazing opportunity of life.
If, after this process, you are selected,
you will have the chance
to be born in a fruitful environment
where you can grow,
and accomplish.
Would you like
to be considered for this position?
I would.
Before we get started, may I call you...
Do you have any questions?
- Am I dead?
- I wouldn't say you're alive or dead.
Are you the boss?
I would say, a cog in the wheel.
That sounds intense.
How long is this process?
Hard to pinpoint exactly,
but if you make it
until the end, nine days.
- So I have nine days.
- Yes.
Or less.
After that?
If you're selected,
there is an extension as a newborn.
If not, I would say it's the end.
By "extension," do you mean
I carry on the memories from here?
No. No memories.
But you'll still be you.
What's the difference between, um,
being here
and being alive?
Any feeling, sensation, emotion,
much less intense here.
How can you be so sure of that?
Because of a previous experience
as a living person.
So you were picked.
You sat where I sat, and you won.
And what did you achieve
as a living person?
Unfortunately I can't answer
any questions on the subject.
I have a task for you.
No right or wrong answer.
Just say whatever comes to mind.
You gonna sit there?
From here on, you're not Anne anymore.
You are a war prisoner
in a concentration camp.
You were sent here yesterday
with your 11-year-old son, Nick.
Very smart boy, but quite rebellious too.
This morning, Nick tried to escape,
but was caught by a sadistic guard
who wants to hang him.
Nick is right here...
standing on this chair,
with a cord...
around his neck.
This small piece of furniture
is the only thing preventing
your beloved son from being killed,
when the guard says, "Pull the chair."
Pull the chair!
Pull the chair! Pull the chair!
My God.
If you don't pull this chair,
not only will I kill your son,
I'll kill everyone else here.
Shit. Uh...
Would you pull the chair or not?
No right or wrong answers.
Just say whatever comes to mind.
I wouldn't pull the chair.
Can you tell me why?
Well, if I pull the chair,
my son will die for sure.
But if I don't, there's always
a chance the guard is bluffing.
I would pull the chair.
Because I don't care.
It's my fault that my son tried to escape,
so it wouldn't be fair
if everyone else died because of us.
I mean, do I have another kid?
I'd attack the guard.
I'm not sure
if you understand the concept of firearms,
but attacking the guard
is a losing battle.
Losing battle like what?
Like attacking a bear
with nothing but your hands.
What makes you so sure
I would lose that fight?
Thank you for sharing that with me, Anne.
I think I have everything I need.
I think I have everything I need.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
- I should go.
- Thank you.
I will go.
Unless you want me...
Unless you have more ques...
- Mm-mm.
- Nope? All right.
- Other door.
- Yup.
Still learning the lay of the land.
Got any tea left?
You just enter the house now.
I can never resist a brew.
There's some tea in the kitchen.
Got to get back to work.
Be my guest.
Oh, yeah,
Daniel's got his head deep in pizza.
It's his second one.
Jeannine's been on the toilet now
for 25 minutes.
She should've never had
the shoyu chicken, you know.
You not gonna get that?
Everyone else came on time.
Please, come in.
I'm Kyo.
- Nice to meet you, Kyo.
- This is the official entrance.
Please, sit.
This is Kyo. He'll be helping me tonight.
Yes, we got introduced.
Good. My name is Will.
- May I...
- Nice to meet you, Will.
May I call you Emma?
Any problem?
May I choose something for myself?
It's just temporary.
If you're selected, you get another name.
But if I'm not selected,
then it is the only one I'll ever have.
Pick another name.
Anything you want.
I like Emma.
Emma it is.
Emma, may I take your picture?
That won't be necessary.
Sorry, it's a bit flashy.
Thank you, Kyo.
Emma, do you know why you're here?
All right, before we get started,
do you have any questions?
Is Kyo your boss?
I've never thought of it that way, but no.
I would not hire Will.
- So you're an interviewer too?
- He's not allowed to interview.
Unfortunately, uh,
I've never been alive.
All right.
I have a task for you.
I'll start a story.
You tell me how it ends.
Just say whatever comes to mind.
Your name is no longer Emma.
You are a prisoner of war.
- What kind of war?
- Just listen.
You were sent to a concentration camp
with your 11-year-old son, Nick.
This morning, Nick tried to escape,
but was caught by a sadistic guard
who wants to hang him.
Nick is on this chair,
with a cord around his neck.
This small piece of furniture
is the only thing keeping your beloved son
from being killed,
when the guard says, "Pull the chair!"
Pull the chair!
If you don't pull that chair,
not only will I kill your son,
but all the other prisoners here.
Do you want that?
Will, Will.
Pull the chair.
What would you do?
I'm afraid I can't answer that question.
Why not?
Well, the way you put it,
the guard is gonna kill my son
no matter what I do.
- Correct?
- Correct.
Because he is a bad man.
Because that is the way it is.
Because that's the way the story is,
or because that's the way the world is?
Would you pull the chair or not?
I'm really not sure if I can answer
your question if you don't answer mine.
Interesting interviewing style
you got there.
So, what'd you think of her?
She didn't answer my questions.
How bad is that?
Everyone else answered them.
Maybe she's more unique
than everyone else.
Or maybe she's most likely
to fall on the battlefield.
You always talk as if
you're sending them to war.
You always talk as if
you've been alive to know anything.
Excuse me?
You're excused.
Listen, Will,
I'm not gonna argue with you again.
Do whatever you want to yourself.
Cut your dick off
with a plastic knife if you want.
But for the selections, it's my duty
to point out what I saw here, and that...
That was unique.
Thanks for the advice.
Thanks for the tea.
- Hello.
- Welcome back, Alex.
Thank you.
Hey, wonderful.
Congratulations on making it
to the second day.
Thank you. It's a nice surprise. Thanks.
- Let me show you the house.
- Ooh, okay, I get the tour.
- Lamp.
- Oh, lamp. Nice.
Hot. Okay.
This is the kitchen.
Oh, wow, look at this.
Very nice.
You like these two colors, don't you?
- Feel free to take anything you like.
- Oh.
Careful what you say.
Careful what you say.
Oh, look at these guys.
Wanna show you the bathroom.
Yeah, sure, sure. Yeah, love that.
is the bathroom.
May I turn it on?
And this is where
you can see through the eyes
of everyone I've previously selected.
What should I do now?
Just watch them.
And anything you like, write it down.
Can I write anything?
Anything you like.
Come here, sweetheart.
What about this one?
That's where you want
to be when this process is over.
If you need anything,
I'll be in this room here.
Oh, Will?
Yesterday, you said
I only have nine days.
Did you start counting yesterday,
or did you start counting today?
But try not to think too much about it.
Oh, okay.
Hey, Rick.
- Come on, guys.
- Oh, man.
- Leave me alone.
- Whoo!
Come on, dude.
No, it's not that cold.
Oh, my God.
That was good.
Is everything okay here?
Oh, yeah.
What's that?
Oh, it's nothing.
Can I see?
Oh, really, it's not anything.
If it's not anything, let me see it.
It's a work in progress.
Okay, but it's not done.
I just started. It's nothing, just...
It's beautiful, Mike.
No, it's not.
That is beautiful.
Why would you want to hide this?
Sorry, I don't know.
Don't you like it?
No, I hate it.
I hate it.
May I have it?
You really want it?
But can you not show anybody else?
I won't.
It's a beach.
It certainly is.
- Amanda, what are you doing up there?
- Climbing.
- Amanda, come down now, please.
- It's okay.
Don't you dare think
about climbing any further.
Okay, Amanda, come on.
One, two, three, go.
All right.
Sorry, Mr. Man.
Are you finished?
Not yet.
You want some?
Don't you get hungry?
I'm like you.
I don't get hungry, but I can eat.
So why don't you eat?
Because I don't get hungry.
Is that really the point of eating?
For me, it is.
All right.
What's it like?
To be alive.
Maybe you'll find out.
Oh, my God.
- Is everything okay here?
- Mm-hm.
Why is he in a wheelchair?
I read your papers.
What'd you think?
I think you can be more selective.
You remember all of them?
Pretty much.
Do any of them ever remember you?
Once. In childhood, one remembered me.
But it didn't last very long.
Why do you think that happened?
I have no idea.
What do you think?
It's good.
Very good.
Is, uh, there anything you didn't like
that you want me to improve?
It's better not to think that way.
What way?
I don't want you
to do what I think is right.
I want you to do what's right for you.
Right, but in the end,
you still come and judge me, right?
And how does that make you feel?
How it makes me feel?
Listen, Will.
I only have seven days left here, okay?
So I'd appreciate
if you were just straightforward with me.
Just tell me the rules,
I'll play the game.
I'm changing the assignment.
Okay, to what?
I want you
to pick something you don't like.
- A moment I don't like?
- Mm.
Should I write that down too?
You could take notes,
but we'll just talk about it.
- I'll work hard on this.
- Mm.
Do you have any questions?
Question? Yeah.
When are we gonna grab a beer together?
A beer?
I saw some bottles in the fridge.
You gotta have a grill.
We can slap some steaks on,
call some chicks.
I'm kind of busy these days,
but thanks for the invite.
All right, well,
this was a great conversation.
Oh, Mike.
Can you come with me?
- Did I do something wrong?
- No.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I knew I...
I knew...
that I wasn't good enough.
This has nothing to do
with being good or bad.
So this is the end of it.
I guess we never really got started.
It's not about the time that you spend.
You've been here a few days,
but you've lived every second
with honesty and intensity.
There's no shame in that.
I want you to think
of what you saw on those TVs,
and pick a moment
truly meaningful for you.
I know it's not much, but if you allow me,
I will do my best to recreate
that moment for your experience.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
You're good.
Thank you.
I was helping Joan a couple
of weeks back, and she had this candidate.
Ah, this guy, I mean,
he was a right pain in the ass.
Kept banging on like,
"Where? How? Why?" all the time.
And so Joan came up with
this really good argument like,
"We don't know, just like
the people in the TVs who don't know."
You know, and that,
to me, was mind-blowing.
Maybe there's another parallel dimension
where someone interviewed me,
and she or he sent me here,
and I just can't remember.
I mean, can you imagine it?
Right now
there are people sat in their chairs,
like, rooting for us, judging us,
laughing at my jokes,
and those people are being watched
by someone else too,
who's being watched by someone else,
who's being watched by someone else,
who's being watched by someone else.
It's deep, though, innit?
Tag. You're it.
You're it now.
Do you need something?
What is this?
It's a last wish.
I don't get it.
A candidate was eliminated, so...
I asked if there was a moment
he would like to experience.
A last wish.
We're making a moment here.
I can't picture a moment here.
Neither can I. Just following orders.
Let me help.
You won't get any extra time
for your assignment.
- I already finished for today.
- You can sand the wood.
I don't have time
to teach her how to sand.
I can figure it out.
Looks like we got a natural here.
If you could pick a moment,
what moment would you pick?
A moment?
A moment you'd like to experience.
Okay, don't laugh.
I won't.
in the movies,
when they climb the top of the mountain,
they usually yell something out,
so they can hear their voice echoing.
I would take a deep breath, and, uh...
You're laughing, Emma.
I'm laughing with you.
You're... Oh, laughing with me.
What about you, Will?
I've lived before.
I know.
Is there a moment you'd like to...?
There is no moment.
Not a single one?
From your whole life?
Why do you say that?
You're the one who's lived. Why say...?
Kyo, can you please
help me take this inside?
Does every interviewer do that
for the candidates who get eliminated?
No, only him.
What happened to him?
When he was alive?
Will was...
Special how?
Too good.
Too kind.
Too sensitive.
But isn't that a good thing?
When I first saw Will,
he was still in one of those TVs.
Talented, but struggled his whole life
to fit into a world different from him.
Did have love inside him.
Maybe too much.
Too much love, no one to give it to.
You know,
we can't do a lot from here,
we really can't,
but there were days
I wished I was with him,
just to let him know
he wasn't alone as he thought he was.
It's match point.
Everything in his favor.
One-love, 40-15, his serve.
He hits the ball.
So he tries again, but more nervous now.
I think,
"He's done it a thousand times.
He'll be all right."
- Net.
- Oh, come on!
It's all downhill from there.
- So close to winning, but...
- Damn it.
He let his emotions get in the way.
So in that situation, you would do what?
I'd fight through it.
She takes the box,
puts the doughnuts in, and passes it on.
She takes the box,
puts the doughnuts in, and passes it on.
She takes the box,
puts the doughnuts in, and passes it on.
She takes the box,
puts the doughnuts in, and passes it on.
Did I tell you, she takes the box,
puts the doughnuts in, and passes it on?
I've been watching this one kid,
Rick, for the past few days.
How's it going, man?
And every time I see him,
his classmates are picking on him.
Hurting him, stealing from him.
We're not pressing that hard.
- Come on.
- Rick.
I don't like what the kids do to Rick,
but what I really don't like
is what he doesn't do.
He never reacts.
He never does anything. He just takes it.
What would you do in his position?
I would hit back.
So you're justifying violence.
Well, it's not...
It's not violence if you didn't start it.
Then what is it?
It's the only way...
It's the only way you'd get them to stop.
I did what you asked me.
And I observed several people.
And I chose one that
I have been watching very closely.
And what don't you like about this person?
He hates himself.
He thinks he's a failure,
and that everything he does
is worthless and shameful.
And no doubt that
he's experienced so much pain
to a point where he felt so much
that today he just wants to feel nothing.
And the numbness,
it makes him feel safe now.
But I know that...
it's really just poisoning
what is left of him.
And deep inside, I think he knows it too.
This man...
He sounds irreparable.
He thinks so.
But I know that
there's still something left.
- Sorry to interrupt, but Mike's here.
- Mm-hm.
Feel free to spend
the rest of your day in the TV room.
Oh, all right. Come in.
Stay here, and no matter what happens,
don't let him see you.
Thank you for your help.
The candidate really enjoyed the moment.
Glad to hear that.
The man that
you were talking about this afternoon...
In high school,
he was a part of this theater group.
He never liked it.
No one liked him either.
Two days before the opening night,
the main actor, Sam,
got really sick.
He wasn't the best
to replace Sam, for sure,
but he had the best memory in the group,
and Sam's monologues were quite long
to be memorized in such a short time.
So for the next 48 hours,
this poor kid read
and reread that monologue,
hundreds upon hundreds
upon hundreds of times,
right up until the minute
before the curtains opened.
Hands sweating,
But when he stepped on that stage,
something weird happened.
This warm feeling came to him,
as if he was...
no longer invisible.
He was all over the stage,
becoming one with all those watching,
and the words vibrating everywhere,
yet no longer coming from him,
but through him,
as if his body was nothing but a vessel.
He can't explain it even looking back now.
A glimpse of something
he'd never touched before...
and would never touch again.
That's the moment
he would like to experience again?
Not at all.
it would make him feel alive again.
I'm telling you this
because I think you've got talent.
But if you really want to survive that,
you're going to need to become tougher.
Tougher than this man ever was.
And how do I know
the man is telling the truth,
now that I find out
he was once a great actor?
Then I searched
through her adult life,
and I couldn't find anything either.
There were bad moments,
but she always handled them really well.
Now look at this.
She got the violin to the car.
If she wasn't driving
to the concerto that day,
why would she take the violin with her?
One thing stood out to me, though.
You probably remember
that she rarely cried.
No tears, nothing.
She never let it out.
The only time she did that...
...was when she played the violin.
It makes me wonder
if there was a part of her
that she was always hiding,
like something that she never showed,
that we never saw, because...
Why are you doing this, Will?
- Just trying to figure out what happened.
- We can't figure out what happened there.
I need to know.
Because it's my duty to know for a fact.
Your duty is to choose someone,
and mine is to make sure
you chose well, in my opinion.
And in my opinion,
she was the best choice.
No matter if she did it on purpose or not.
You feel the same?
See you tomorrow.
Come on, let me go.
Let me go.
What would you do?
Come on.
I would talk to them.
Let me go. Come on, guys.
That's not going to work.
Come on.
I would talk to them again.
You find a wallet in the street
with 500 dollars in it.
What do you do?
I'd take the money,
but I'd donate half of it to charity.
Why do you donate half of it to charity?
So you don't ask me why I took the money.
Your mother makes cookies
for your brother, but not for you.
What do you do?
There's gonna be a delicious spit glaze
on them, I'll tell you that much.
My God. That's about to bite.
That's what I'm talking about.
Look what I found in the fridge.
Hey, all right.
To our six-day friendship.
Only three more to go.
Ah, that's nice.
You learn
you have six months to live.
What do you do?
I travel the world.
What do you do?
I empty our bank accounts
and call a divorce attorney.
- What do you do?
- I get a ride with one of my coworkers.
What do you do?
I poison him.
Here are the rest of the tests.
Thank you.
Yes, Maria.
I, uh...
Oh, I think I forgot.
Well, if you remember,
I'll be in the other room.
Thank you.
I left my assignment on the desk.
Thank you, Maria.
Hi, Will. This is Colleen.
Colleen, this is Will.
Nice to meet you, Will.
Kyo talked a lot about you.
Wish I could say the same.
Can we come in?
Who is she?
Colleen's an interviewer too.
A great one, just like you.
So you just bring all the other
interviewers to my house now?
Well, by coincidence, uh,
she chose someone
who knew someone you chose.
As in, they knew each other
in the real world?
Small real world, isn't it?
Who did you choose?
Amanda's cousin.
You know,
they were so close at that time.
I always remember Amanda and Cecily
watching that
cartoon together after school.
The one with that purple talking horse.
What was the name of that show?
Uh, "Fire" something.
The Wildfire.
Yes, The Wildfire.
Cecily was crazy about that one.
She had like five shoeboxes
filled with all the toys.
You know, the horses,
the girl, the king, the queen.
Except, uh...
Lady Diabolyn.
Only Amanda had that one.
Only Amanda.
Forget how she got it.
She played for
one of the composers of the show.
That kid.
You must be very proud of her.
You know, like you,
I've been alive too, and it's...
Let's not talk about me, shall we?
They found this
after Amanda died.
I didn't see her write it.
Sometimes it's hard
to keep track of all of them.
You can't record everything.
Just go.
Please, just...
Just go.
I'm sorry it's hard to hear.
I just want you to move on.
Just give him some time.
You know how hard it is
for me to watch you do...
Get out!
She didn't do this.
She didn't do this.
She didn't do this.
No, no, no.
No, no, no!
Diego! Diego!
Is this Fernando?
If you were this person
in that situation, what would you do?
I need you to answer.
I don't know the answer.
How could you know?
- If I could be there in that situation...
- That's not possible.
Yes, I know,
but that's why I can't give you an answer.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
What would you do?
I don't know.
Are you okay?
What would you do?
I wouldn't think twice.
The moment he moved, he'd be dead.
what would you do?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I can't even understand
what they're saying.
- You think it's funny?
- No, it's just a joke. It's just a joke.
- It's a joke for you?
- No, it...
Come on, this is heavy shit,
heavy shit,
and I don't understand
why we can't just relax.
This is so tense.
Thank you.
Come on.
If you were in this situation,
what would you do?
I don't understand
why this is necessary.
This is pain.
What you're feeling right now is nothing
compared to what people feel when alive.
Is this...
Is this because of what I wrote to you?
It isn't.
I knew
I shouldn't have written that letter.
But something inside me...
I couldn't stop it.
So I thought that...
maybe it meant something.
That maybe you felt
the same way.
I'm sorry if you misunderstood, Maria.
I would like for you
to write down a moment truly meaningful...
I had a chance.
I had a chance, but I threw it away.
Are you not gonna get dressed?
I'm fine.
Congratulations, Will.
She looks happy.
I have to get back to work.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Alex.
It's all right.
I wanted to apologize for yesterday.
Come on, Will, it was my fault too.
I should've taken your question
a little more seriously.
I also wanted to thank you
for everything that
you've been doing here.
That's nice to hear.
I've had... It's my pleasure.
My pleasure.
But I have to tell you that...
What do you have to tell me?
I have to tell you that you
don't fit the vacancy you're applying for.
And that means?
I'm not choosing you, Alex.
But thank you for all your hard work
and dedication over the past eight days.
You've come very far.
Please, I'm just...
If you could just give me one more chance.
I just want one more chance.
That's it. That's all I need.
- There's nothing I can do.
- Just one more chance.
I know you were pissed yesterday,
and I'm telling you,
I promise that won't happen again.
- That's not it.
- That's what I'm telling you.
That's not it.
Then what is it?
What is it?
I'm asking for another chance.
You can't do that for a friend?
I thought we were friends.
Since I'm not choosing you...
I would like for you to write down
a moment truly meaningful for you.
- I'll do my best to recreate that moment.
- Please.
Please, Will. Please.
I made my decision.
I'm sorry.
God, you're pathetic.
You stay in this house,
and you judge everyone
and everything,
but what have you done, huh?
What have you done?
Who the fuck are you to judge us?
You're afraid.
You're afraid.
And you want everybody else
to be afraid too.
That's it, isn't it?
Not me.
I'm not jumping on that train, man.
Thank you for coming.
It's okay.
Please, please.
- Don't let me go. Please, don't let me go.
- It's okay.
- Please, don't let me go.
- It's okay.
- Please, don't let me go.
- It's okay.
- I don't want to go. I don't want to go.
- It's okay.
- I don't want to go.
- Shh.
I thought I told you
to dismiss her for today.
I'm sorry. I forgot.
She doesn't fit.
Why do you keep her in the house, then?
- Hmm?
- All right.
I'll eliminate her tonight.
What? Why?
She didn't show me
what I needed to see from her.
Let me guess. You want her to be tough?
Maybe kill someone?
You want me
to pick another prey like I did before.
A prey?
Prey? What the fuck are you talking about?
Last week Amanda was your pride and joy.
Now she's a failure?
She's not a failure.
You wouldn't understand, because you're...
- Because I've never been alive?
- Yes.
- That what you're gonna say?
- Yes, that's what I was going to say.
You know, what I hate most about you is
that look in your eyes
as if you think you knew everything when
you just shat on the opportunity you had.
I hope you have it.
- So you can stop this nonsense jealousy.
- I'm not jealous.
You can't even see it.
It's not about me or you.
It's about giving her a chance.
That's a great idea.
I send flowers,
and other people send pigs to eat them.
It's Rick.
Fuck you, man.
What happened?
He reacted.
- I'm gonna fucking kill you.
- Fuck.
You're gonna hit me and then run?
What are you thinking?
All right.
Why do you think she did it?
She's dead, Will. Why's it matter?
Twenty-eight years watching her,
and I couldn't see a warning sign.
Even if you saw all the signs,
what could you do from here?
I couldn't do anything.
All I can do is send them
to that shithole and say, "Survive it."
- It's a shithole?
- It's a shithole.
- Hole full of shit.
- Yeah.
I get the metaphor.
Because you're smart.
Very smart, Kyo, and I'm dumb.
Very, very dumb.
Couldn't even see it when I chose her.
See what?
That she's just like me.
You had great potential, Will.
You know that.
Potential for what?
To fail?
To give up?
What about the good memories? Huh?
Good memories, bad memories,
they're all just the same right now.
It still hurts...
in a way that
no one can see and only I can feel.
And now...
Now what?
Now I know she felt the same way.
- Welcome, madam.
- Hi. Good evening.
- Like to come this way?
- Well, the place looks lovely.
Yeah, we just had it done.
- Um, Kane?
- Yeah.
This is Emma.
Hi. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Pleasure's all mine.
I have to go back now.
Please, take a seat.
- A delicious dinner will be served.
- Thank you.
Last day.
Are you afraid?
Of what?
What might happen.
Are you?
I think so.
I saw this a few years ago, and it just...
Ooh, it just gives me the shivers.
I'm watching this girl
as she's driving back home,
pissed out of her head,
and her mate's in the back,
completely wasted.
Then, boom, car passes over the bump.
Her mate wakes up, desperate to puke.
Electric windows are broken.
"Stop the car. Stop the car.
And mate just keeps driving.
What does he do?
He pukes, but in his mouth.
He's trying to keep her mom's car clean,
so he heroically swallows everything back.
And the taste is so fucking bad.
And as this puke is going down,
it just starts coming back up again.
And now he's swallowing it.
- Puking, swallowing it.
- No.
She's driving to get back home.
He opens the door.
It's your go, champ.
A story more disgusting than mine.
I don't have a story like that.
All right.
It's not a puke story, but, um...
A few days ago, I was watching the news
of two middle-school girls
who went missing.
Everybody started looking for them.
Initially their parents
were really hopeful
that it was just a prank
or something, right?
Well, two days later,
the authorities found out
that they were dead.
Turned out that
their 60-year-old English schoolteacher
raped and murdered those girls
and then buried them in his backyard.
Now, when the police
asked him why he did it,
he said, um,
because he was in love with them.
That was fucking disgusting.
I don't think that was the type
of disgusting he was referring to.
No, but it's what
I find disgusting.
I'm just curious why you decided
to bring up this isolated case...
- Isolated case?
- Mm-hm.
What do you mean?
Stuff like that happens all the time.
- All the time?
- Yeah.
I feel like you're bringing up
an exception.
An exception? Are you kidding me?
What world have you been watching?
The same world you've been watching.
I don't think you have.
Every single day,
someone hurts someone else.
Every single day,
someone takes someone else's life.
Every single day,
someone takes their own life.
Why are you focusing on that?
Why are you not focusing on that?
Emma, why don't you tell us
your disgusting story?
Two days ago, I was watching a young woman
who happened
to have a big poop clogging her toilet.
I like the premise. Go on.
So she kept trying to flush it,
but it would just stay there.
Until she brought a guy to her apartment.
And, of course, the first thing
he wanted to do was use her bathroom.
So she freaked out.
She was like, "Just give me a minute."
She ran in there, locked the door.
She opens a new toothbrush.
And then she begins
to rub that gigantic mass of poop.
And she rubs it, and rubs it, and rubs it,
until the bowl is sparkling clean.
Later on, they were spooning,
and he whispers in her ear,
"Babe, thank you so much
for leaving me that toothbrush.
I really love the soft ones."
Oh, God.
Is that it?
No, because five minutes
before he told her that,
they were passionately making out.
Now that you've had the chance
to get to know each other,
possibly see some things maybe I haven't,
I have a simple request.
I would like for you to tell me
why the person sitting next to you
doesn't deserve to be alive.
Who wants to start?
I have to tell you that you don't
fit the position you're applying for.
I know it's not easy
to receive this kind of news,
but I would like for you
to take advantage of the remaining hours
to write down
a moment truly meaningful for you.
It's not much.
But if you allow me, I will do my best
to recreate
that moment for your experience.
You can take your time.
You have to choose something else.
But I can't think of anything else.
I'm sorry.
Some hours
after you leave the house,
you'll feel it,
as if you weren't here anymore
and your senses were
becoming unbearably sharper...
and stronger.
It's your new beginning.
You'll never remember me,
or anything else
that happened in this place,
but as I said before, you'll still be you.
Thank you.
There's nothing to thank me for.
I'm really sorry about Emma.
Emma's here to say goodbye.
He's, uh, busy with some other work.
I understand.
You've still got some time left.
Do you want me to wait with you?
No, no, thank you.
I think I would rather be alone.
- Okay.
- Mm-hm.
You know, we've come a long way.
Nine days.
Nine days.
It's been a pleasure.
The pleasure's been mine.
She's gone.
Probably by the time you read this,
I'll no longer exist.
I'm sorry that life
didn't go the way you wanted,
and that all the pain you went through
doesn't allow you
to see what I can see right now.
I took the freedom
to write all the beautiful moments
that I experienced in this house.
Look attentively,
and you will always find these moments.
Please, don't take them for granted,
because in my nine days here, I never did.
Have you ever reckon'd the earth much?
Spend this day
And night with me
And you shall possess the origin
Of all poems
I celebrate myself
And sing myself
And what I assume you shall assume
For every atom belonging to me
As good belongs to you
I loafe and invite my soul
I lean and I loafe at my ease
Observing a spear
Of summer grass
My tongue
Every atom of my blood
Born here
From parents born here
And their parents the same
As their parents the same
I, now 37 years old
And in perfect health begin
Hoping to cease not till death
The smoke of my breath
Buzz'd whispers
Crotch and vine
My inspiration and respiration
The passing of air and blood
Through my lungs
The sound of the belch'd words of my voice
Loos'd to the eddies of the wind
A few light kisses
Mwah, mwah
A few embraces
The reaching around of arms
The play of the light
And shade on the trees
As the supple boughs wag
The delight alone
Or the rush of the streets, mm
Or along the fields and hill-sides
The feeling of health
The full-noon trill
The song of me
Rising from bed and greeting the sun
Hey, sun
Da, da, da, da-da, da
Sun, sun, sun
Sun, sun, sun
Sun, sun
The last scud of sun holds back for me
It flings my likeness after the rest
And as true as any on the shadow'd wilds
It coaxes me to the vapor
And the dusk
I depart as air
I effuse my flesh in eddies
And drift it in lacy jags
And to die
Is different
Than any one supposed
And luckier
I bequeath myself to the dirt
To grow from the grass I love
If you want me again
Look for me under your boot-soles
You will hardly know who I am
Or what I mean
But I shall be good health
To you nevertheless
Failing to fetch me at first
Keep encouraged
Missing me one place
Search another
I stop someplace
Waiting for you
Thank you.