Nine Lives (2005) Movie Script

Get up against the wall.
- Let's go!
- Get on the ground!
I got her!
- Against the wall.
- Inmate.
Since when are you on the cleaning crew?
Since today.
What happened with the kitchen?
I'm still there.
You're trying too hard.
They're dogs.
Keep your nose out of the shit.
- You and me gonna talk, bitch.
- Walk. Don't talk.
- Cunt.
- Stay!
- Sweet dreams, huh?
- You piss me off, Nicole.
Shut up, princess.
So what was that about?
- What?
- With Nicole, just now.
- Nothing.
- Don't fuck with me, Sandra.
What was what about?
Be straight with me and I can help.
Help what?
I know you're trying to be
on your best behavior here. Don't fuck it up.
She walks around threatening everyone.
That's her thing.
If I catch wind of anything,
you're gonna regret it.
I'm just minding my own business.
What do you know
about that thing in the infirmary?
What thing?
I had nothing to do with that.
I know you had nothing to do with it.
That's not what I'm asking.
I'm asking what you know about it.
Why would I know anything about it?
Because if you happen to know something
that could help me, I could help you.
Help me what? Get my ass kicked?
Rack the gate.
How come you keep saying
you can help me?
- Because I can.
- How?
By writing the judge in your case
about your behavior here.
How long you been in here, Sandra?
- Two months?
- Four and a half.
How do you like it?
You know what the trick is here?
Making yourself invisible.
So tell me something I don't know.
- I don't know anything about the infirmary.
- What do you know something about?
- About that thing with the towels.
- Come on, come on, come on, Sandrita.
You do not want to grow old in here.
I heard that someone said
that Jane was involved with it.
With what, Sandra? With fucking what?
- With the infirmary.
- Who said that?
I don't know. They were behind me.
I wasn't going to turn around.
Good girl.
I'm all done.
Officer, I have visitors.
No visitors today.
- No, yes. They okayed them again.
- No visitors.
I'm pretty sure they okayed them.
Please check.
Anything else you need?
I'm here two minutes,
already I gotta deal with Her Majesty.
Tickets, please.
Come in.
Are there visitors today or not?
I don't think so. Hold on.
I'm pretty sure they okayed them.
I'm not asking you.
Step back, madam.
You know,
people like you don't do well in here.
Why do you say that?
You just don't.
It's natural selection.
They're having them.
Okay. It's your lucky day.
You can let her through.
You again. Ubiquitous.
- You know what that means?
- No.
Someone who's everywhere. That's you.
Is that good or bad?
You're becoming a fixture around here.
Nothing. I'm sorry.
- Why are you staring at me, sister?
- I'm sorry.
- You looking to make friends?
- No.
You think you don't need any?
- Who are you?
- Sandra.
My daughter's name is Sandra.
How old are you?
Thirty-seven, Mom.
She's younger.
Why are you here?
I have visitors.
No, I mean why are you locked up?
Is this your first time?
The first time was a mistake.
Here's a tip for you...
I don't need a tip from you.
Stay off my back.
What advice can you give me?
Look at you. In prison at your age?
It's embarrassing. No, it's disgusting.
Sandra, you're up.
Hi, baby. How are you, sweetie?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
She can't hear me.
- It's dead.
- Yes. Thank you, it's dead.
Hold on.
They're going to fix it.
They are going to fix it!
Are you okay?
Are you all right?
Are you all right, baby?
Keep it down.
The phone is dead.
- Well.
- Can we move to another one?
- No, they're not open.
- I'll wait.
You can't wait. There's only five minutes left
till the hour's over.
- I reported it.
- Okay.
What am I gonna do now?
- She won't be here for another month.
- Calm down, Sandra.
- What the hell do I supposed to do now?
- First thing you're gonna do...
is take your hand off my arm,
then you're gonna calm down.
- I need to talk to the girl.
- You can go back to your cell...
Why is it
that I can't talk to my own daughter?
- Why is it I can't talk to my own daughter?
- I think this visit is over.
- Keep your voice down, Sandra!
- Why?
All right, that's it! Jones!
- Nothing works. Are you okay, baby?
- Come on!
- No!
- Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Come here! Come here, come here.
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry!
I'm sorry. Please, please.
Baby, I'll see you next time.
Mama loves you so much.
- Nothing works in this piece of shit!
- All right, all right!
It's a shithole, you motherfuckers!
- Got her? You got her?
- Yeah.
Let me see my daughter!
Yeah, that's good.
Hello, Di. How are you?
How long have you been back?
God, I don't know. Like five years.
- Five?
- Well, no. I was back for a year...
then I was in London for two more,
and now I've been back for two...
No, three. I don't know.
The year you were back,
you were here in town, or...
What? I look that bad?
No, no.
- You're still you.
- That's a relief, I think.
You live around here?
South Bay, but I'm moving. We're moving.
How about you?
Near here. Yeah.
- You're pregnant.
- Yeah. Go figure, huh?
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Wow. When's it due?
- August.
- I'm married.
- Yeah, I know.
- You do?
- I heard.
From who?
You know...
I don't really know any of them anymore.
I'm married, too.
- To anyone I know?
- No.
God, I was just thinking about you
a couple weeks ago.
I had this...
My car broke down, and this guy
who towed me was from Dubrovnik.
He barely spoke English.
- Oh, no.
- I was just...
Did you tell him about
your nighttime adventures in the Adriatic?
- Yeah. No. He didn't ask.
- I didn't think so.
So, I'm sorry I look like a cow, but...
You look great.
You having a party,
or just drowning your sorrows?
No, we're having a little picnic tomorrow.
- It's supposed to rain.
- Is it?
Shit. Let's hope it doesn't.
God, it's good to see you.
You, too.
We should...
We should get together and have, like,
a cup of coffee or something. Is that...
I mean, can I call you?
It's okay if you don't want me to.
I understand.
- It's okay.
- Is it okay?
I still have the same number.
You kept it?
Anyway, the machine picks up.
It'll give you options and stuff.
There's a mailbox for me.
All right. We can e-mail, if you prefer.
No, he knows who you are.
I can't believe it.
Anyway, I gotta run.
- But it's good to see you.
- Yeah.
Actually, I think about you all the time.
Stuff we did. Things that happened to us.
The people we were.
It was lovely for a long time, wasn't it?
It was lovely by fits and starts.
I think we should talk about something else,
if we're gonna talk.
Like what?
We already talked about the weather.
Do you have kids?
And what's your wife's name?
What's your husband's name?
If I say his name out loud to you right now,
I won't know if I'm coming or going.
And that's a great feeling when you're 21,
but right now...
Let's not fuck around with all this, okay?
What are you doing for work?
I'm a producer on public radio.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. City affairs show. You know it?
It's a zoo over there,
but the show's pretty good, I think.
What kind of programming?
Everything. Little bit of...
A lot of social stuff, a little bit of education,
economic policy, portraits...
not famous people, regular people...
and humor.
We did a piece last night
on a child's concept of time.
It's interesting stuff, you know. It's...
You never really opened up to me,
you know.
That's not true.
- It's not.
- It is true.
You made me sad for a long time, Damian.
Anything else?
I'm not hurt and I'm not angry.
It's how I remember it.
But none of it matters anymore, anyway.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
- Shit.
- Forget it.
No. I'm sorry.
I run into you and I make you feel like shit...
for l-don't-know-what
that happened 10 years ago, so...
- Nothing's anyone's fault.
...please forgive me. Please.
- It's not?
- No.
- All right, I'll play along with that.
- Thank you.
Anyway, I have to keep going here.
Can I walk you? I'm all done.
What about your stuff?
What, are they gonna steal it?
I'll come back for it.
- Not the cheapest place.
- No.
- Only place open late.
- I know.
- They don't give us a choice.
- No.
And these little neighborhood places,
they're doomed to disappear...
- don't you think?
- Yes.
With all the big chains taking over, and...
One of the great tragedies
of the modern world.
Are you gonna have kids?
I can't. I'm sterile.
- Thanks for laughing.
- No, I'm sorry.
- No, no. It's very funny, I...
- No.
- It's not funny.
- I laugh all the time at it.
I have to get wine. Sorry. Just...
I hear there's new evidence
that alcohol is great for the baby.
You still smoke?
'Cause you should.
Maybe double your intake.
- No.
- What do you need, red or white?
- I need both.
- Okay.
It's pretty good.
Here. This is pretty nice.
- I've read about this.
- Yeah.
You want white as well?
I don't think the white's as good...
as the selection of reds.
It's, like, there's nobody working here.
- Look at us, Damian.
- What?
We're fucking walking and talking
like lovebirds. Fuck.
Five minutes with you, and I just feel
like my life is a figment of my imagination.
I know.
No, you don't know. No, you don't know.
You've just always been this fucking thing
that swallows me.
I gotta go.
You can't just come up to me...
after 100 years, married...
and tell me that you think about me.
You can't do that.
Why not?
- You love your wife?
- Yeah. Of course I do.
You love your husband. This is different.
- How?
- 'Cause it's us.
We're Damian and Diana. We always will be.
Nothing's gonna change it.
Might as well accept.
You know it's true.
Who is it?
Who is it?
- Is Dad home?
- No.
- You scared me.
- Why?
I don't know.
If he's not home,
there's no reason to be scared, right?
- Don't start.
- What am I starting?
- Leave it open.
- Why?
Just leave it open, please.
Leave the goddamn thing open!
Is that so much to ask? I mean, just...
Look at this place.
The land that time forgot.
What's going on?
Call him.
Tell him I'm here,
and I want to work things out.
He's on his way to work.
Just call him.
Why don't you call him?
It's too late for the phone.
Too many misunderstandings.
Whoever invented the telephone
never had a conversation.
Well, he's wanted to talk to you
in person forever.
You're the one who doesn't want it.
Are you taking sides?
So what happened? What changed?
I'm tired.
I want to put an end to it.
Do you want to call him or not?
Dad says he can be here in an hour.
- Shit.
- Hold on.
Wait. Holly, wait! She's leaving.
I can't stop her. I can't.
You know what she's...
Okay, wait. Holly, he's on his way.
He'll be here in 10 minutes.
He'll be here in 10.
She's coming back.
Now, see, it's funny how that works.
You know, he couldn't be here right away,
then all of a sudden he could.
He is who he is, you know? Leave it open.
I don't want to take sides, okay?
I'm not taking sides. But...
you show up,
and you expect him to leave work...
and be here right away,
and an hour's not fast enough for you.
Okay, don't talk about things
you don't know about.
My mouth is dry.
- You want water or coffee?
- Yeah, water. That's good.
So you have to leave
when he gets here, okay?
I want you to.
You're unbelievable.
I'm not asking it lightly. I need it.
- Where do you want me to go?
- Around the block. I don't care.
Just promise.
One morning, I was sitting there...
it wasn't that table, it was another,
but it was right there...
crying over my breakfast while Mom
and Dad screamed at each other...
and you were crying your lungs out
in the bathroom, and...
She didn't change your diaper
for a week once.
A week?
A week.
It's a good thing you can't remember.
He fucked a woman in this house
while we were all sleeping.
Did you know that?
How did you know that?
He told me.
He's courted you
and courted you and courted you and just...
How's Joseph?
- He's gone.
- Gone where?
He left. Been awhile.
Well, what happened?
I drove him away, you know?
Hard to believe, isn't it?
- Holly, why didn't you...
- Stop asking me shit, okay?
You know what?
"Why?" Always "why?"
I can't believe you still live here.
This place is a fucking graveyard.
Hey, pudding.
You're still here.
Push me, Daddy. Push.
You know, he once, when...
He once...
This is before you were born.
He bought me a spy kit for my birthday...
and it had a pair of glasses with a mirror.
You know, like, right here,
so you could see behind you.
Daddy said it was like having eyes
in the back of your head.
And he wrapped it himself.
And his look.
You know, he was watching me unwrap it.
And I do, I remember that look.
And it was a good look.
So not every memory is a bad one?
If every memory were a bad one,
how great that would be.
All kinds of looks.
He wants to talk.
Holly, he talks about you all the time.
Does he talk about that weekend
in Palm Springs?
- What weekend?
- Ask him.
- Holly, all he wants to do is...
- No. Don't you patronize me.
I taught you how to read and write.
You know better.
I used to pretend that you were my baby...
and that we were gonna run off
and live somewhere else.
I mean, isn't that amazing?
The mind of a child.
How are you?
I'm good.
How's school?
I made Phi Beta Kappa.
Any boyfriends?
- No.
- I thought, you know... I...
Hey, you never know
where love is gonna show its ugly face.
What bedroom are you sleeping in
these days?
The one in the front.
And is your bed on the bathroom side
or under the window?
Under the window.
Does Kelly Escalante live next door still?
- No, she's in Denver.
- She flew!
What made you think of her?
She could see my bedroom
from her window.
Hey, what was that song we used to sing,
from pre-school?
You know,
the one about the planting of the seeds.
You know, you know.
With fertile ground
I don't know. Come.
I know it.
Come, come, let's do it. You know it.
Inch by inch
- Right?
- Yeah.
Row by row
I'm gonna make this garden grow
All I need is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground
Pulling weeds
Picking stones
We are made from dreams and bones
Need a place to call my home
When the rain comes tumbling down
You can't live like this, Holly.
I know.
God damn.
Go on. You said you'd go. Go.
No, no, no. Don't come any closer.
No, I don't.
God, I didn't think it was this swank.
- It's swank, isn't it?
- He's got money.
You always say that.
They're rich.
It's okay.
It's good to have rich friends. Thanks.
- Don't be an asshole.
- I'm your asshole.
Martin Smith for Damian Stone.
I could get used to this.
Why not?
- It could be.
- No.
They are who they are. We are who we are.
I like the sound of that.
"We are who we are."
- I thought they hadn't moved in yet.
- They haven't.
- They're just showing us the apartment.
- Why?
They just want to show it to us.
- Then we'll go out.
- Jesus.
Look, look.
They're like children off to school.
They've lived through so much.
They've shared everything.
I love you.
- Maybe it wasn't tonight.
- You wish. It's tonight.
I want to see them.
Yeah, right.
They're not picking up.
They're in, though. I'll call back in a minute.
You think something's wrong?
Nothing's wrong
except they love to fuck with us.
Probably laughing at us right now.
Jesus, are you nuts?
Paranoia. Hey.
Come sit with me.
- You can't smoke here.
- I know that, Mom.
You look like a hood.
- Not good enough for you?
- No.
Not the man you want
for the father of your children?
Go ahead, sir. 207.
Make a left
when you come out of the elevator...
then another left at the end of the hallway.
- What?
- It's tiny.
- Don't start, Sonia. Don't fucking start.
- Can we walk up?
- No.
- Please. It's just one flight.
No. I'm not walking up the fucking stairs.
You're a prick to me sometimes.
I know.
- Hey, guys.
- Thought maybe you'd forgotten.
- No, we didn't.
- About what?
About tonight.
The man at reception
said you weren't picking up.
- What, just now?
- We were here. We're here.
Yeah, that's right.
You know, when we were in the back,
we probably didn't hear the phone.
- Were you having sex?
- Yeah, right.
That's funny.
- You look great.
- Hi.
What a place.
You guys want a drink?
- You have one?
- Yeah, sure.
Brought a bottle to celebrate.
- Serve it up.
- I'll take you for a tour.
- It's not really big enough to call it a tour.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on.
So what's up?
Same old.
This is elegant, Lisa.
It wasn't that expensive. For what it is.
You guys were having sex just now,
weren't you?
What, on the wood floor? No, thank you.
You have that glow.
It's not a glow. That's a headache.
- You look good.
- Do I?
- Good earrings.
- Thanks.
I love those.
- Guess who I ran into.
- Who?
- The Ghost of Christmas Past.
- Yeah.
I talk to him.
- You do?
- Sometimes.
You sleep with him?
No more screwing around.
Martin and I are really building on
something now. We talk about the future.
- I'm happy to hear that.
- I know how you feel about him.
Prove me wrong.
- He's frail, you know.
- Yes. Yeah.
How are things at work?
Really good.
And for Martin?
- The lap of luxury.
- Shut up. Come on.
Let's drink a toast.
How nice. Cozy.
What shall we drink to?
- Whatever your heart desires.
- To your new place.
- All right.
- No. Let me think.
To continuity.
What does that mean?
What I want to drink to.
- It's intellectual.
- I know what she means.
Continuity. Flow.
- Growth.
- Thank you.
- To continuity.
- Cheers.
Listen, we want to apologize again
about last week.
- Forget it.
- No, it was wrong. Just not showing up.
We had a huge fight.
Did Martin tell you about it?
- No.
- Well, we had this huge fight in the car...
on the way over here...
and Martin jumped out of the car
and walked away.
Against traffic, you know.
And so I had to get behind the wheel.
I couldn't make the U-turn. I was crying.
It was beautiful.
You made her cry?
I thought we weren't going to talk
about this.
We can talk about it with these guys.
I thought we agreed
that we were gonna make another excuse.
Did we agree to that?
See, this is why we have these huge battles.
Because we make a decision...
a good one,
to make things better for ourselves...
then we don't stick to it.
- Don't get angry with her.
- I'm not angry, I'm not. I just...
I love her. I love you, Sonia. I just wish we
could stick to a single thing we agree on.
I'll give you another example.
We always said
that we wouldn't get pregnant...
- before being together for four years.
- I don't wanna talk about this.
- We're close to these guys.
- Martin, come on.
No, they're our closest friends.
We can talk to them about this.
So we agreed on four years, and after
six months, we slip and we get pregnant.
So we both agree, at first,
that we don't want the baby.
So we set a date to get...
To take care of it, you know?
Then I'm out sick for two weeks.
Walking pneumonia.
And we have to cancel.
By the time I'm back on my feet again,
Sonia's changed her mind.
She wants the baby.
So I sit down with her,
and we go over all the reasons...
why we said we didn't want children yet.
And we set another appointment
to take care of it.
And while we're waiting for it to come up,
I start getting cold feet.
I wasn't as torn as she was
in the first place...
but, you know, I started thinking,
"Are we doing the right thing?
"Maybe we should have the fucking baby."
And I don't say anything to her...
because, you know,
I don't want to confuse the issue any more...
so I keep it to myself and it's okay.
But it could have been messy.
We should have stuck to our guns.
We shouldn't have got pregnant.
We were sloppy.
We did the right thing in the end,
but we were sloppy, like we are.
Can I use your bathroom?
- Sammy?
- Yeah?
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Where's your mom?
- She's back there.
- Doing what?
- Nothing.
Don't worry. Don't get up, please, I've got it.
What about you, June bug?
Still love your dad?
I love you. You know, for the both of us.
- Is that a song?
- Will you sit with me?
Dad, I've got a shit load of homework
due tomorrow.
You kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?
I have news for you.
Well, I didn't want to tell you before,
but now you're old enough.
School's diddlysquat.
It's your home environment that counts.
- Sam?
- What?
What did your father say?
Why won't you tell me?
I heard him say something.
He said nothing.
He was just fooling around.
- He exhausts me.
- Don't say that.
Why? It's not a bad thing.
It just is what it is.
I'm sorry. I'm just tired.
Don't start.
Need help.
What is it?
Spanish city, six letters, begins with "B".
- How do you know that?
- Bilbao.
You're a bookworm.
Sit down.
How's your mom?
She's okay.
She worries me.
She's fine.
- And you worry me sometimes.
- Honey, I'm good.
You could have gone away back east
to school, you know...
instead of staying behind
to clean up your daddy's poop.
Nice, Dad.
What happened with Leland?
From poop to Leland? Nice transition, Dad.
What happened?
You leave him or the other way around?
- It doesn't matter, Dad.
- Who leaves who? Of course it matters.
I encouraged him to leave me.
Clever girl. He does not deserve you.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Come sit.
Come on.
Okay, now, just listen.
Hear me out, okay?
I want you to reconsider
going away to school.
We can afford it, Sammy.
No, I like it here.
- I know it's a little scary, honey.
- I'm not scared.
What's that counselor's name again?
The handsome one.
Mr. Stanton?
He said you can get in just about anywhere.
He's wrong.
Look at that face.
You make this house make sense.
- Sammy.
- I'll be right there.
Spread your wings, Sammy.
Everything passes so quickly.
good looks...
that way of thinking about your life like
it's something that's gonna happen later.
Everything becomes today
not later, not tomorrow...
today. You think about that, okay?
- What up?
- What is your mom going on about?
The secret stuff of the universe.
- What are they?
- You haven't heard?
We're all cripples inside.
One day, you'll have a child your age.
I'll be long gone.
Oh, boo-hoo.
Will you think of me now and then?
- And what good is that going to do me?
- So it's all about you, huh?
You love no one like you love your own kid.
It's religion.
Why are we talking about this?
Because you are the heart of the house.
Look at this. You should go through
some of this stuff and get rid of it.
You've got clothes in here
from way back when.
- Not today, okay?
- We should go through the whole house.
So what was your father
going on and on about?
He's a good man.
- But what?
- But nothing.
Look at this.
You remember this day?
It's a barbeque at Rita's.
And on the way back home,
we had car trouble, and your dad...
Your dad had to change a tire
in the pouring rain.
You were in the back seat, crying your
eyes out because you were so hungry...
and I didn't have anything
to give you to eat.
And he lost the keys.
And there we sat, trapped in that car...
just screaming at each other.
You don't remember that?
He was diagnosed that year.
When you were little...
we used to stumble all over each other...
running down that hallway
to get to your room just to watch you sleep.
What is the point of all this?
I'm tired, Sammy.
Take a pill. Take a nap.
We'll all be here when you wake up.
You don't have to worry about that.
It's not the same without the left hand.
Why the long face?
- I think I'll go and lie down.
- Do you need help?
- Mom in there?
- Yes.
I'm okay, then.
Sam, you're not passing
on going away to school back east...
because of me, are you?
Don't flatter yourself, schnookums.
Because that would be foolish.
Mom's here.
I mean, she's my right-hand man.
You know that.
She and I are joined together at the hip.
- Like carny freaks?
- That's right, honey.
Hey, step right up, ladies and gentlemen.
You're a golden child, Sam.
You're kind and you're generous.
And everything you touch, you turn to gold.
You will find someone that deserves you.
Someone with a set of wheels?
I'm off into your mother's arms.
Lucky you.
Are you hungry?
You okay?
I love you, Sammy.
Thanks for coming to this.
Of course, honey.
Did you even meet her, Dad?
Yeah. At that benefit concert.
We talked for a while.
I don't think she knew I was your dad.
She knew.
- I liked her.
- Don't.
Don't do that.
- It's not the time or place for that.
- It's all right.
It's okay.
What did you like about her?
I don't know. She seemed
like a straightforward person, you know?
Discreet, gentle.
- Gentle?
- Yeah.
- I don't know.
- You make it sound like you know.
No. I mean, how do you sum up a person?
Each woman is a universe.
Did you talk to Andrew?
No. I just...
How long has it been
since you've seen him?
A year and a half.
- Did you talk...
- Is this 20 Questions, Mom?
You know what? Why don't you guys go on,
and I'll catch up with you?
- There's no hurry.
- Let's go.
- Am I drooling?
- Stop it.
Is this hard on you? Seeing Andrew, I mean.
You're a tough cookie.
Look at this place.
- Hi.
- Hey, you.
- Hello, Rebecca.
- Hi, Roman.
- Wow, look at you.
- Yeah.
For good luck?
What's it like in there?
You know.
- They're saying she killed herself.
- What?
Yeah. She may have taken a whole vial
of her dad's heart medication.
- Jesus.
- Wow.
I know. I didn't think she was the type.
What type?
I don't know.
The type for big gestures?
A woman can't kill herself.
I'm leaving. I have a meeting in half an hour.
Life goes on.
- Bye.
- A ticking clock.
How is he doing?
He hasn't said a single word to anyone
since it happened.
His brother's taking care of everything.
Do you think he wants to see me?
Thanks a lot, Becca.
- What?
- Throw me a bone here.
You shouldn't be here.
- What did that woman say to you?
- Wait for me.
Did you see Rebecca? Pregnant, wow.
I don't know why everybody waits so long
these days.
You know, I had you at 17.
Now, that was too early.
But, you know, if you wait that late,
it takes its toll.
You girls are too busy mothering your men.
- Where do we go?
- I think we're over here.
You know, I think
we should give our condolences first.
- I think it's the proper thing.
- Later.
- No, honey. Now. It's the proper thing.
- Mother.
He was your husband, you know?
Your husband.
We're so sorry.
And if there's anything at all that we could
do to help you in your time of grief...
please let us know.
Thank you.
I didn't realize Andrew was religious.
- It's for comfort.
- For strength.
Life is fleeting.
Stop it.
All right.
Stop it.
- Hey!
- Hello, Lorna, how are you?
- Did you know her?
- Yeah.
We met at a yoga class.
- Small world.
- Yeah, we make it small when we want to.
What do you mean?
By opening doors, instead of closing them.
You trying to tell me something?
Because everyone here is looking at me
and talking to me as if I'm part of this.
Of what? Of this disaster?
I didn't mean anything by it.
It is a small world.
We're all moths around the same light bulb.
What was she like?
I don't know. It's hard, you know?
You know.
I feel so detached at these occasions.
It's horrible, but I do.
May God forgive me.
So are you still seeing that other guy?
I liked him. What happened?
Whatever happens.
You wake up one morning...
And you rinse them off.
If her sisters see you here,
all hell is gonna break loose.
Cut the crap.
- I wanna go now.
- What's wrong?
- I just... I wanna go. Now.
- Okay.
Is anything wrong?
I don't wanna be in here with you.
Andrew, your wife's funeral's in there.
I have an idea.
Why don't you and I make out
in front of her dead body?
It would excite you, huh?
You don't think so?
You don't think this is her day?
You shit, you're going crazy.
No. No! No.
Wait. Wait.
Lorna? Lorna, is Andrew in there?
Bonnie's sisters are here.
Is that 114?
Are you okay?
Very well, my love.
Come here. Come here!
Look. Look at that moon.
That's the same moon that Jesus saw.
And Buddha and Mohammed.
I've never thought of that.
It's a reminder to us all
that we are linked to everyone...
and everything on this little planet.
That's beautiful.
We make them, and we are made of them.
Which reminds me...
they didn't have a single-malt Scotch,
so I got us a blended.
A blended?
- Blended Scotch, not single-malt Scotch.
- Okay.
I thought...
You're a Scotch drinker, right?
I thought that's what you wanted.
I hate Scotch.
Well, maybe...
Hate is maybe too strong a word.
I mean, twist my arm, and I'll drink it.
Well, I will if you will.
- It's a deal?
- It's a deal.
- Madame.
- Mr. Stanton.
Sealed with a kiss.
No, please.
- Why?
- I don't know. Here?
Why not?
- Without music?
- Music is inside of us.
Listen to you.
You're a good kisser.
Thank you.
I've been told that once before.
Really? By whom?
An immigration agent.
Here we are at last. Home, sweet home.
Your place or mine, Ruthie?
Ruth, does anyone ever call you "Ruthie"?
- No.
- No?
They've come for us.
A turn of events for someone.
I hope it's something
she can laugh about tomorrow.
That's a sweet thing to say.
Well, it's laugh...
or regret, the ugliest feeling in the world.
- Will you excuse me?
- Yes.
Do you like these animal programs?
I do.
It's life like we can only imagine it.
Planetary life.
It's better if you have no idea
how they make them.
Why? Do they hurt the animals?
No, but it's all put together.
See the lion, right?
He's looking at the zebras?
The zebras were photographed
in another country the year before.
How do you know that?
That's how they work.
They put the pieces together to tell a story...
or they put an animal in the way of another
so they can film the action.
It's all a confection.
Something they've cooked up
for our delight.
So it's not real?
It's real. Everything is real.
There's nothing more real than a mirage.
What shall we drink to?
To me.
absent friends.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
We need ice.
- It's okay.
- No.
No, let's not settle for anything...
less than the ideal tonight.
Watch your head.
I'm sorry, I just...
Well, did you know this woman?
No, I'm in Room 114.
'Cause they're gonna want to talk
to anyone who does.
She's been on the run.
But, you know,
that didn't stop her from talking my ear off.
Told me about her little girl...
and how unfair life was and...
I don't know.
Oh, yeah, and...
how the stars all line up
for some people and not for others.
I mean, she had this whole world-view.
You would not believe the people
that pass through here on a full moon.
I mean, they're just like ghosts
dragging their chains.
I've never seen you before.
Well, hey, we all make our beds, huh?
You forgot a shoe.
Are you there?
- Hi.
- Is something wrong?
No. Everything's fine.
Did Diana come?
No, no, she wasn't feeling well.
She couldn't make it.
Is it over?
No, it hasn't started yet, so...
don't wait for me for dinner, okay?
Hey, how was your day?
I ran into Mr. Mack
and he totally didn't recognize me.
That's funny. Did you tell your dad?
Yeah, I told him.
What'd he say?
I don't know. He laughed. He's Dad.
Well, be sure he gets his...
- I'll just see you at home, okay?
- Okay.
I love you, Sammy.
Your mother loves you.
I know.
She's a good girl.
Hang on to your clothes.
Who's here with you?
- My husband's outside.
- I'll let him know that you're ready.
Just walk down the hall.
Room 63, on your right.
- Hi.
- Camille Caso.
Hello, Camille. Take this bed right here.
When was the last time you ate?
- I had dinner at 9:00.
- Anything today? Water?
- Nope. Nothing.
- Okay.
Let's take your blood pressure here.
- What is it?
- One second.
You're okay. 145 over 90.
You're a bit nervous.
Just take deeper breaths.
All right,
I'll be back to hook you up to your IV...
to keep you nice and hydrated, okay?
Those are my clothes over there.
You're supposed to keep them.
Can I wear them?
She threw this blanket over me
like I was dead.
Slow down, Camille.
I dreamt that my breast
was flushed down the toilet...
and washed out to the ocean
and the sea gulls were pecking on it.
- Lucky sea gulls.
- Come on.
What do they do with it?
- I don't know. We'll ask the doctor.
- No, don't.
- Don't, okay?
- Okay.
Can we call Tess?
No, you can't use a cell phone in here.
It's not allowed.
You know what?
I think they probably went to school already.
I hope she took her heavy sweater.
This is the year of her period.
I got mine when I was 12.
Can you sit me up here?
I don't want to lie down the whole time.
- No, no, the bed goes up.
- All right.
- No, I know. Let me find the thing.
- Wanna push the bed up?
- No, up! Up!
- I know. Okay. All right, all right. Hold on.
- How's that?
- More.
- More, more, more.
- All right, all right, all right.
- Okay, stop!
- Okay.
If something were to happen to me...
you would love her to death
and take care of her forever, right?
- Nothing's gonna happen to you.
- How do you know that?
- Are you gonna take care of her?
- What do you think?
The thought of my little girl in the world
without me can crush me like an egg.
- Nothing's gonna happen.
- Okay.
- I'll bring her by in the afternoon.
- Okay.
She loves you.
You have such a knack for the obvious.
God, I'm so angry with you.
I don't know. Ever since I was diagnosed,
I've been hating your guts.
What did I do?
- Wanna talk about it?
- No. Now?
No. We'll talk about it
when I'm the titless wonder.
- Is this man bothering you?
- Yeah.
Go ahead, sir, and take a seat,
or I'll have to call the police.
- Okay.
- I'm just joking.
Let me plug into you here.
Dr. Roberto Chiprut. He's a great doctor.
He's everyone's favorite around here.
Would you say he's a leg man
or a breast man?
Your hands are a little clammy. You okay?
Bring you back
something to calm you down.
I don't want something to calm me down.
Don't patronize me.
What am I, a cat being neutered?
You should give your husband your ring
to hang on to.
Fuck. What the fuck am I doing?
Why did you let me talk to her like that?
- Shit! Oh, God. That's a bad omen.
- No, it's all right.
- Richard. Shit, shit, shit.
- I got it. Hey! Hey, hey!
Cut the crap, okay?
Now just breathe a little. Come on.
Slow in. Come on.
Long out.
Very good.
I can't stop thinking about my mom.
What about her?
Seeing her naked when I was a little girl.
She was the most beautiful woman
I ever saw.
I'm going to be a freak, Richard.
Camille, no.
Hi. I'm Dr. Wyatt.
- I'm your anesthesiologist.
- Hi.
How do you feel?
- What's wrong?
- I'm scared.
You're gonna do well.
I'm going to be mutilated.
Well, yes, it is true.
It will take some time to adjust.
Get used to it, right?
You're supposed to get used to everything.
Like little animals.
- Well, is that so bad?
- No.
No, it's a blessing to be little animals.
Did you talk to Dr. Chiprut
about reconstructive surgery?
I don't wanna be reconstructed.
Why don't you say something?
Why are you standing there like a zombie?
- That's my husband.
- Hi.
Well, let's see. Have you had anything
to eat or drink today?
Not a thing. Not a thing.
Okay. I'll see you inside.
Scares me to death to be put to sleep.
- What scares you about it?
- No consciousness.
No consciousness is death by definition.
- It's like sleeping.
- No, it's not.
When I'm asleep,
I'm with everybody from my life.
Past, present.
For better or worse, I'm connected.
I just feel fucked up.
You know, you're gonna have to try to relax.
- You're just making it worse on yourself.
- We're nothing, Rich.
- Do you ever think about that?
- No, no.
- We're nothing.
- We're a lot more than nothing.
No, we're fucking nothing.
We're dreams and bones.
You know what I hate? The surgeon
doesn't come in here to say hi to me...
touch base with me. He's in there hiding,
waiting like an executioner.
- My mouth is so dry.
- I'll get you some water.
I can't drink anything.
Hello? Does that ring a bell?
Just sit.
You have that same face you've always had.
Well, that's a relief.
Try to understand what I'm saying to you.
- What're you saying?
- I'm saying you...
I don't know.
It's got something to do with...
Fuck. Do I have to explain myself always?
You were a stranger once.
What's that?
- Something to relax you.
- No, no. I don't want to go to sleep yet.
- I'm not ready to go to sleep yet.
- You won't go to sleep. It's just to relax you.
God, I don't like her.
Horrible to be at the mercy of others.
We're not at the mercy of others.
- We're connected, like you just said.
- Connected?
My connections feel very frail right now.
That shot helps, actually.
They run this place well, don't they?
- What, what?
- What did you just say?
Nothing. You said something.
- Yes.
- What did you say?
We're so lucky.
Lucky, how?
To be a part of something.
What are we part of?
We cling on... We cling on... Oh, God.
Cling on...
What did you say?
About what?
- You said something.
- I know.
- You know what?
- I know I said something.
I'm not out of it.
Well, what was it that you said?
About what?
About what you said.
I know.
We're gonna be together forever.
Are we lost?
Of course not. We're almost there.
I'm thirsty.
How many graves
do you think there are here?
Wow, I don't know, Maria.
In school, we used to have those estimates.
With Miss Ronson, remember?
- How many marbles in that big jar?
- Yeah.
I won one time.
I guessed 212 and there were 223.
I was the closest.
Miss Ronson.
Careful not to step on the gravestones.
Now, stop that!
- I'm not stepping on them.
- Well, it's not nice.
How come nobody visits all these graves?
Because most of the people who
used to come and visit them have died, too.
Are they buried here, too?
Well, some are.
Look, sometimes there's a grave...
and then the wife or the husband
of that person is buried nearby.
And those big ones?
They're called mausoleums.
A whole family's buried there.
When people die,
they just put them in with all the others.
Who puts them there?
Whoever's left.
Why are you laughing?
I don't know.
Look at that.
- Look, she's on another one.
- Yeah, she's king of the hill.
Well, she can do whatever she wants here.
She has her run of the place.
"Her run of the place."
That's a funny expression.
- She lives here.
- Yeah.
Wow, can you imagine?
She eats here. Poops here.
Maybe she poops on the graves.
Yeah, maybe she does.
How come you only come here once a year?
Do you think I should come more often?
I don't know.
Can I have a sandwich?
Look what I've got.
You remembered these.
How come they say cats have nine lives?
You know, I don't know.
Do you think it's true?
No, no. Just one.
Can I still eat it?
Yeah, just brush it off.
Who waters the lawn here?
Probably have sprinklers on timers.
- So nobody sees it.
- What do you mean?
Nobody sees the sprinklers watering...
because they're on timers
and everyone's dead.
You funny bunny.
I need to pee.
- I asked you if you needed to.
- I know.
- In the parking lot, I asked you twice.
- I know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Can you hold it?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Because if you can't,
we can go behind a tree or something.
- No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Okay?
Your hair looks good, Mom.
Thanks. Not too short?
- Well, everything helps.
- Helps what?
Old age.
You're not old.
Well, I'm gonna be. I hope.
We move on.
We go on.
Everyone here went on
with all their fucking baggage.
My father used to say that. God bless him.
Your grandfather.
What do you mean, "baggage"?
All the stuff you have to carry around.
Yeah, I don't know how anyone does it.
I don't remember my grandfather.
What's wrong?
You need to pee?
Let's go.
Here you go.
Can I get up on the tree?
- I don't think so, honey.
- Just to there. Just that branch.
- Got it?
- Yes.
All right, now don't stand up,
'cause it's dangerous.
Okay. Just right here.
There we go.
- Okay.
- Just a little longer.
I'm taller than you up here,
and I'm all grown-up.
I spy with my little eye...
something blue.
- The sky.
- No.
- Those flowers over there.
- No.
- That sign?
- No.
- I give up.
- No!
The dress of a little girl.
I'm tired, honey.