Nineteen Summers (2019) Movie Script

(baby coos)
- This is De'Andre,
say hi, baby.
Look at that smile.
I love my baby boy with all
my heart and all my soul.
He wasn't brought into
this world to be chased
by no white police, or to
be shot and chased down
like no goddamned dog either.
He also wasn't made to
be in nobody's prison.
I love my baby,
don't fuck with mine.
(baby cooing)
You're so perfect.
- [Angel] Robert get over here.
- I'm really happy you came
to De'Andre's birthday party.
- [Angel] I wouldn't have
missed it for anything.
- I just hope they turn
out to be best friends.
- Me too, I have a
feeling that they will.
- Long as you don't go
moving out the city on me.
- It's not in the plans,
I'm in school right now
working hard on
my nursing degree.
You know, something I can
always make money doing.
- Long as you don't
go moving to like,
Lancaster or Vegas.
- Girl, I'm not moving
to no hot ass desert
or the South, that's out.
You see my baby
right over there,
little Robert, he don't
fit in into nobody's South.
- Soon Robert and De'Andre
gon' be little men.
I just wanna be
able to support him.
- People be moving to the
hood for low-cost rent.
If it's too good to be true--
- I rather work two jobs
and do what I gotta do
than to have my boy
end up in that trap.
That endless trap that his
daddy is going through.
- I know what you mean.
- It's like that man
license being taking away
for child support, I
ain't even tell on him.
With early convictions to
get you into the system early
and lightning fast.
I wanna avoid all of that.
(grunts in acknowledgement)
- I be doing the same.
Working, not selling my pussy
for a few lousy dollars.
I can't do it.
- Hallelujah, 'cause we
damn sure better than that.
- A lot better.
What's up with your girl?
I heard she a striper now
and can't keep that
shit out her nose.
- She's all right,
she is my friend.
- [Angel] Okay.
- I mean, you really
think she wanna be doing
that stripping shit?
She hate it, she just
feel like she gotta do
what she gotta do.
- She need to check in
somebody school, you did.
- School is not for
everybody, Angel.
- Hoes need to pick up a book
and get they reading levels up.
- What's wrong Ebony?
- Nothing much.
I have goals, I fell like
I got pregnant too soon,
I know my child needs his daddy.
That's something I know.
I have so many
things I wanna do.
I wanna be rich
and I'm not talking
pay check to pay check neither.
- That's what's up Ebony.
So just promise you not
gon' move out of LA on me.
- [Angel] I promise girl.
(mellow hiphop music)
(dog barking)
(helicopter chugging)
- Dear God, please
grant me the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change.
Give me the courage to
accept the things I can
and the wisdom to
know the differences.
Thank you for keeping
me and my mama,
Diamond and my baby girl,
Jenny, out of trouble.
Backpacks, big
guns and backpacks
Big guns and backpacks
Big guns and backpacks
Big guns and backpacks
Big gun and backpacks
I just got my
mack back, my mack
(engine rumbling)
(phone clicking)
(tapping on door)
(gun clattering)
- [Shady Melvin] Nigga what
you want, what's up with that?
- Don't sneak up on me like
that again, Shady Melvin.
You almost blew your
goddamn head off.
- Man, relax man, listen,
I was just coming to
find out if you wanna go
on a lick with me.
- This nigga, move, move.
(door slams)
Nigga, I already done told you,
I don't rob black
people no more.
I hustle for mine now, cuz.
Get the fuck up outta here.
- You sure?
- Yeah, nigga, I'm sure.
Get the fuck up outta here.
(alarm dinging)
(door slams)
I'm from the set
Where most niggas'
mommas and drug heads
Hungry little zombies but
we honor the blood shed
I'm from the set
To all my niggas you
can find in the mud dead
A couple gotta do as much
time as the judge said
I'm from the set
The little kids
can't play in yards
And everyday's a blessing,
so we praying, Lord
Can't foot it 'round the
set so we stay in cars
My feet like the Houston Hs
they stay in stars, nigga
Orange chucks selling
Laces fat
- Hey.
I'm from the where most
niggas catch cases at
- I've been texting
you all morning.
Did you get it?
- Yeah here.
So me and the guns at the
same place and place is hot
It's a cold
- It's all yours.
- Ay, I'm cooking.
So how much cook
can I put in there?
- Ranch said like seven.
- [Cartoon] Oh
bet, yeah, he good.
- Hey Linda.
What's up my nigga,
how you doing?
- [Willie] Chilling.
Ay that nigga Melvin came over
here looking for you again.
- Yeah, I seen
that nigga earlier.
And you know, I don't
trust that motherfucker.
- [Willie] Hey cuz,
came over here twice
looking for your ass.
- You know, I don't know why
that nigga think I'm a bitch.
And that nigga stay trippin'.
Fuck (speaking away from mic).
Ay Linda.
Ay, where the fuck
is Linda's ass at?
- Shit, she should
be up her room.
- Cuz, did you get my text?
- Yeah nigga, we back on.
What the fuck is the problem?
- Nigga the police
came by here earlier.
- Nigga for real, what they say?
- You sound dumb.
- We ain't even answer
nigga, chill out.
- [Linda] What's up?
- [Cartoon] Check yourself.
- Linda where the
fuck you been at?
- Fell asleep, D.
- [De'Andre] I've been
calling you for five minutes.
- What's up?
- Look I got a sample,
how much money you got?
- I ain't got no money,
you said it was a sample.
- I'll have money tomorrow
when I go shopping.
- Look, look, I
don't give a fuck.
Go get the tools.
- I got 'em.
- Look I don't even know how
long I can sit on the dope.
(objects clattering)
Hungry little zombies,
but we honor the bloodshed
I'm from the set
To all my niggas you
can find in the mud dead
A couple do as much
time as the judge said
I'm from the set
Where most niggas
mommas is drug heads
Hungry little zombies
- My nigga what's
that you listening to?
I'm from the set,
to all my niggas
- Check that shit out, man.
In the mud dead,
A couple gotta do as much
time as the judge said
- Remember that
Mexican nigga, Danny?
He made the beat.
- Check that shit out, D.
- Serious.
- Shit, hey, that's what's up.
- It's some shit you like?
- Stacked.
- Danny been working on--
- My nigga Danny.
- You know that Mexican dude?.
- Yeah, that nigga Danny,
that nigga got that shit, right.
Let me listen to that shit.
- Yeah, ay, get him wearing
- Let me see that shit.
- [Cartoon] Fuck
with it, I'm cook,
I'm cutting the
dope to the beat.
- Y'all rock with that.
- Ay, we gotta get
on that shit, for sure.
- Yeah man, one hundo,
I got you, I got you.
- Hit that nigga up.
- Ay, I'm serious, hit that
nigga up, that shit hard.
- [Willie] Look at Linda.
- [De'Andre] What the fuck?
- [Willie] Man,
that's a damn shame.
- Linda.
(hand smacks)
(hand smacks)
What the fuck?
- Can't believe this shit.
- She dead?
- [De'Andre] Check if
she still breathing.
- I ain't touching that bitch.
Fuck outta here, nigga.
- Dude what the fuck we gon' do?
- She ain't dead.
Watch out, y'all
niggas is stupid.
- Nigga, wait, wait, hold on.
What you 'bout to do?
- Nigga this shit
got tumeric in it.
Fitting to wake her ass up.
Watch out man, calm down.
She do this shit all
the time, my nigga.
- [De'Andre] You sure
you know what you doing?
- Nigga, she a junkie.
I know what the fuck I'm doing.
(ominous orchestra music)
(liquid squirting)
- [De'Andre] My
nigga, crazy as fuck.
Man look, get the fuck up.
We ain't got time for that,
we'll come back for her.
Come on, let's go.
- She solid.
- [De'Andre] Cartoon,
get the fuck up, let's go.
- I'm still cutting the dope.
- Nigga let's go, damn.
(plane rumbling)
(trunk creaks)
(doors slamming)
Nigga won't pull
the seat up out that
Stash spot in the seat, I
pull the heat up out back
To put a nigga in the paper
Ain't gon' read
about that, damn
- Original, that
nigga just a copy.
(sirens wails)
All of it, all of that shit.
The whitey got
torpedo out mack
- Turn that shit down.
- What?
I'mma feed 'em out back
'Cause life's a bitch,
well get busy don't
- What?
- What you do with that dope?
- It's in my bag,
it's in the trunk.
- Motherfucker, is you serious?
- Yeah, how the fuck
was I supposed to know?
- You see what the
fuck I'm talking about?
- Man here they come.
- [De'Andre] Goddamn.
(ominous orchestra music)
- [Officer] Roll call,
whether temperature--
(siren wails)
- [Officer] Put your hands
where I can see 'em now.
- [Woman] This is a
48 clear, 215 Meadow.
- [Woman] We have a
45 clear, level 45--
- [Officer] License
and registration.
- What's up officer?
- [Officer] Don't move.
- Hey Cartoon.
- Yeah.
- We good?
- My license suspended.
- Nigga, what the fuck?
- I just got insurance, the
car in my sister Pam name.
- Hey, no talking.
- Are you serious, cuz?
- [De'Andre] Niggas
heard that shit.
- Here come officer dickhead.
- So, it's look like your
license is suspended.
I'mma need y'all to
step out of the vehicle.
- Excuse me officer, what
are you pulling us over for?
- [Officer] Loud jungle
music, get out of the car.
- Come on let's go,
get out, come on.
- [De'Andre] Always
do this shit.
- Are you serious?
- Get out of the car.
- Really.
- It not even that serious.
(door creaking)
- [Officer] Turn around.
- Loud jungle music.
- Turn around.
- [Officer] Hands on the roof.
Spread your legs.
- Come on.
- Loud jungle music.
- [Willie] All this for
some loud ass music?
- [Officer] Sit down.
Sit, sit.
- [De'Andre] Is that
really necessary?
(car door slams)
(siren blaring)
- [Officer] Sit down.
(blows out air)
- So y'all go through
them white neighborhoods
pulling over white
- [Officer] Oh,
we like the hood.
Oh, we've heard it all before.
I ain't done nothing wrong.
It's because I'm black, right?
- Get up.
Get, get up.
- [Willie] You ain't
gotta do him like that.
(keys jingling)
(object clattering)
(hinges creaking)
- What's this?
Where'd you get all
that money from huh?
Where'd you get all
that money, homie?
- That ain't even no
fucking real money,
I can make way more
than that shit?
- Yeah, yeah where's
the pay stubs?
- Man, you ain't nothing
But just a beat cop.
Fuck you come off
asking a grown man
where he get his money from?
Ask my motherfucking attorney.
- [Officer] Smart
mouth little shit.
Your mom never tell you not
to talk shit to the police?
- [De'Andre] Fuck is you.
- So what's up?
How's your man here have so
much money than you, huh,
he your boss?
- I ain't got no boss.
Ain't you Mexican?
White man over there
your fucking boss.
- Shut your fucking mouth.
- Nigga, shoot.
- Let's go, get
up, get up, get up.
(trunk creaking)
- Gun, partner.
- Everybody get up, we
got cases on all of y'all.
Come on get up, get up, get up.
Take your money.
- Ay, get on.
Get on my nigga, Willie.
(footsteps thumping)
- What's his name?
Huh, what's his name?
What's his name.
- Get your hands off my neck.
- Tell me his name, I
know you know his name.
- Don't worry about it,
Martinez, we got these two.
Let Jesus lead you
Let Jesus lead you
Let Jesus lead you
All the way,
all the way from
Earth to heaven
- Do all of them from
the left to the right.
Lead you all the way
- You ready to talk?
It's all right, you'll
be talking soon.
Let Jesus lead you,
let Jesus lead you
- [Officer] Stretch
your hands out.
Let Jesus lead
you, all the way
- Put your arms
down, turn around.
All the way from
- Lift your left leg up
Earth to heaven
- [Officer] Turn around.
Let Jesus lead you
- Open your mouth
All the way
- Move your tongue around,
up, down, left, right.
He led my father all the way
All the way from
Earth to heaven
Let Jesus lead you
(objects clattering)
- Man, I can't afford
to take another case.
That was some dumb shit you did.
- I'm taking the case.
Call my sister, Pam, she
gon' get the bail together.
She gon' holla at Diamond,
post our bail, all right.
So stop fucking complaining.
If I had everything
right with my license,
think they would ever
have searched the car?
- You knew that shit, right?
Fucking asking me
something like that.
Them cops from earlier that
came knocking at the door,
were those the same cops?
- I don't know.
- What you mean you don't know?
You ought to remember
every police officer
you encounter with,
especially behind a
fucking criminal record.
- Nigga, I don't know.
- Hey, my nigga.
Yeah, you with the
tattoos on your face.
You gon' eat your sandwich?
- I'm good.
Knock yourself out.
- Thanks.
Dang these motherfuckers
is good, homie.
So what they got y'all
brothers up in here for?
- They said they found
some weed and some guns.
- [Cartoon] Hey, quit that shit.
- [Man In White] No shit?
- Yeah, no shit.
- Hey, you gon' eat your
sandwich too, homie?
- It's all you.
Man, can't trust the police.
- Man, I know.
- So what the fuck
are you, a reporter?
- Hey man, I'm just
making conversation.
It's cold up in here, man.
- Oh, why don't you got get
yourself a fucking blanket?
Go ask the jailer.
Niggas get locked up,
they just let themselves
get treated any
kinda fucking way.
Man, if it was a
white boy up in here,
I bet you he'll be up
on the phone with ACLU.
So why don't you go
get yourself a blanket
and stop asking all
these fucking questions?
- My bad.
Ay yo deputy,
let me get a blanket
man, I'm cold.
(somber orchestra music)
- Hell no.
Man, these fucking fight videos.
Oh, damn.
- Tell my momma I'm
sorry for all the pain
that I caused her.
- Old pie in the sky ass.
- What, what'd you say?
- No, I was just saying,
I just wanted to hear
what you got to say.
Tell my momma I'm sorry for
all the pain that I caused her
But my mom from the hood,
I'm a banger regardless
But momma this EBK,
I'm a banger regardless
I like the fact
that I'm a bastard
I never needed a father
This EBK, every body killer
- That's real cool
man, I know a dude
that'll sign you to
a recording contract.
- That's real tough.
If you youngsters
would've drove your car
on private property,
them white trash cops
wouldn't have been able
to search your shit.
- Ay y'all cut that shit out,
unless you wanna stay here.
Hood, Williamson, you made bail.
I don't wanna see you back
up in here, young man.
- [Cartoon] Fuck you.
- Man, get your weird ass back,
ain't nobody call your name.
Ay, don't come back.
(bag crinkling)
(somber orchestra music)
(low rumbling)
- Can you not smoke that
cigarette in front of me?
- Look, you just better be happy
I picked your monkey
ass up, all right.
And I've been smoking since
you was in a car seat, son.
This my car, De'Andre.
No smoke ain't gon' hurt
your little skinny ass.
- Why do you even
smoke Newports?
You know those kill more black
people than bullets, right?
- Oh so you want me to
get you an Uber, huh?
Worry about your
goddamned self, all right.
And like I said, be happy I
picked your monkey ass up.
- I do feel lucky, mom.
Where's Diamond?
- Diamond is at school and the
baby is (mumbles) at house.
What are you gonna do, son?
- About what?
- Your life.
- I don't even know right now.
Gotta figure some stuff out.
- You need to get
a goddamned job.
- I'm trying to make some money.
Besides, I got a baby
and I can't make no
money working no job.
- Well yes it is gonna be
better than you being in jail
being treated like
some goddamned animal.
- That car wasn't even mine.
Them guns ans shit,
they wasn't even mine.
- Don't you understand that
none of that matters now,
all right.
They gon' put a case
on your monkey ass
and now you gotta pay.
- Pay what?
- Bail bonds, attorneys
fees, the list goes on
and on and on.
And now they gon' be
watching every move you make.
Yeah, that's the life you chose.
all I can do now is pray for you
and you better be praying too.
- I am praying, that's
all I do is pray.
Thanks mom, I love you.
- I love you too, sweetheart.
But you know what, this
gas ain't for free.
So cough it up, give
me some money, please.
- Here we go with this again.
- I'm serious.
- Always trying to get me.
- Give it to me.
- Here.
Look mom, thank you
for coming to get me.
I don't know what I
would do without you.
By the way, you look beautiful.
- Whatever, son.
- I'm serious.
Look, I hope we still shot,
somebody house today.
Let me get a hug.
- All right.
please, try to get
a real job, okay.
Trap house is just
like it sounds.
It's a trap.
- I will.
Thanks momma.
- All right, I'll see you later.
- [De'Andre] Okay.
(shower spraying)
- D.
- Diamond.
- I'm in here, D.
(somber piano music)
- How was school, baby?
- It was okay.
You okay?
- I had some problems all bad.
- It'll get better,
keep your head up.
- Yeah, but, Cartoon
did some dumb shit.
And all them
motherfuckers got my work.
- I heard.
- Look, I'm not even trying
to hear that right now.
- All right, you can
always find a way.
- It's harder
every fucking time.
- You just (speaking
away from mic)
feeling sorry for yourself
or you gonna get in here
and wash that jail off of you?
- I forgot what I was
about to say but fuck it.
(somber piano music)
(shower spraying)
(breathing heavily)
- Don't come in me.
- What?
- Don't fu, oh shit,
don't fucking come.
- What you laughing about?
- (chuckles) Why
the compliments?
I know you, what you want?
- I got what I want.
- What's that?
- That's you.
- Oh, you mean this?
- Yeah.
- Be real, I'm
sitting right here.
No, it's yours.
But I'mma tell you right now,
don't be fucking none
of these bitches.
- What?
- I'm telling you again,
you better not cheat
on me, De'Andre.
- D, what type of man
do you think I am?
- [TV Announcer]
Frozen, squeezy breezy
and yummy lemon lime--
- I love you, you
the one that I want.
You the mother of my child.
Doesn't any of that shit
mean anything to you?
Damn, you always gotta spoil
something with that shit.
- I'm just saying I'm
not keeping myself
looking good like
this, working hard
and going to nursing school
trying to build something
for us, for our family
and then you go out
and stick your dick
in one of these hood rats.
So if you do, I need
you to understand,
it's over, partner.
- I ain't even
doing none of that.
Why would I even do that, huh?
- You ain't gotta get mad.
- I ain't mad, I got enough
shit on my mind, okay.
- Well, we all do.
- Chill.
- You mad?
Hmm, are you mad?
- No, I ain't mad.
- Oh shit, what is
that on your forehead?
- What are you talking about?
- Is it, it's a bug.
- Where?
- Hold up, hold up, hold up.
It's right, there.
(hand smacks)
- So that's what we doing now?
So that's what we doing.
(chuckles) Okay.
- No.
- I got you.
That's what we doing?
- Unh unh, stop De'Andre.
- [De'Andre] That's
what we doing?
Okay, okay, you win.
Oh shit.
- [Diamond] I mean it.
(somber piano music)
Good morning (giggles).
- Good morning.
- [Diamond] Did you sleep okay?
- [De'Andre] Yeah, I did.
Where you going?
- I gotta drop Jenny off
at day care real quick.
- (groans) Jenny.
before you go
I need you to do
something for me.
Look, I've been thinking,
I can't be in the
streets with nothing.
- What is it?
- It's insurance, I paid
it up for two years.
It's worth half a mil.
It's for you and Jenny.
- Okay.
I mean, do you feel like
you gon' die or something?
- Hell no.
- You know you can
feel stuff like that--
- No.
- Before it happens, right.
- I'm not.
I just been thinking,
I can't be in these
streets with nothing.
If I'm gone, I need to
leave y'all with something.
I need y'all to
be taken care of.
- Okay.
All right, I'm
just checking, bro.
All right, calm that ass down.
I think it's thoughtful.
- You do?
Thank you.
- [Diamond] Don't be
scaring me like that.
- [De'Andre] I love both y'all.
- [Diamond] I love you, man.
- I love you too.
(lips smack)
Make sure y'all get there safe.
Take my ass back to bed.
(sheets crinkling)
(engine rumbling)
(door thuds close)
(gate rattles)
- Hey.
Y'all moving?
How you doing Robert?
- Yeah girl, we leaving.
- Where?
- Lancaster.
- Lanca, (laughing)
why you moving all the
way the hell out there?
- I found a little three
bedroom, it's a rent to own.
You know, I just, I just
stopped by to say bye.
- Damn, everybody moving huh?
- Everybody moving.
I just think we'll be better
off out there, you know.
And I keep this boy
right here outta trouble.
(children screaming)
- Well damn girl.
You know I'mma miss you, right?
- I'mma miss you too.
- Hey, you take care young man.
All right, you watch yourself.
(chuckles) All right,
well, drive safe.
- Okay.
- I don't know if them tires
gon' make it out there though.
- [Angel] I'll be
doing the best I can.
- All right girl.
- All right.
- Bye Robert.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(engine rumbling)
(low rumbling)
(door slams)
(gun fires)
- Where the money at?
Oh, you a old school player huh?
You a old school player, huh?
Yeah, fucking weirdo.
Put your hands behind your back.
- [Salesman] Come on man,
I'm bleeding, I'm gonna die.
- Shut up with this
fake ass watch.
You're lucky I'mma spare you.
- [Salesman] No it's not.
- Shut your ass up.
Don't fucking try me again.
(door slams)
(ice cream truck thrilling)
- [Cartoon] Hey, how was your
day at school little man?
- [Levi] Good.
- Where did you learn that?
- School.
- For real?
Man, ay listen
here little nigga,
what is you doing?
You have options.
Why are you out here
trying to throw gang signs?
What is you do, this ain't cool.
Think this lifestyle
ain't no joke,
this lifestyle ain't for you.
I don't ever wanna
see you out here
trying to be like me, okay.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Come on man,.
All right, my bad, I didn't
mean to get at you like that
but, I'm just saying, don't
try to be like me bro.
All right, let's go
get something to eat.
(grill sizzling)
- [De'Andre] What you grilling?
- [Man] Ha, ha, I ain't
seen you in a while.
- Yo, it's been
a long time, man.
How you been?
- I'm good.
I heard you been
doing good though.
- Yeah, you know I had to
rack up like 85 stacks.
- Whoa.
- I actually got
something for you.
It's all yours.
- Not bad, youngster.
- Yeah.
- Not bad.
Ay, you still got that Cadillac?
- No man, I had to sell it.
- Yeah, but you know
what, that's all right.
I can't tell you how many times
I done been through that
shit, bit you'll be back.
- Yeah, man, it's like anything
can happen in these streets.
That's why I never
questioned the game.
- My man, well lookey here,
you hold on to that 'til
you get back on your feet.
I know you good for it.
- Look, thanks and all but,
I ain't trying to
owe nobody shit.
- (laughing) Man, you young
cats are more serious than ever.
- [De'Andre] I mean,
shit, we gotta be.
- I respect that, but
this here is a solid.
You don't know me nothing.
See I know how it be out here.
- For real?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Right on.
- Appreciate it.
- Man, you got it.
Oh, yo, yo, yo, one more thing.
Hey, you seen that little
nigga Bobby around here?
- Robert?
- Yeah.
- Angel son?
- That nigga.
- Nah, I haven't seen
that nigga in a while.
- Yeah, well he
owe me some money.
So if you see his
little ass around here,
tell him I need him
to come talk to me.
- For sure, I got you.
- And one more
thing young homie,
this been really
weighing on my mind.
See you young cats,
just don't get it.
If a bitch call the police
on you, she want you dead.
And when the police show up,
understand they coming
to kill your ass.
So shoot or die.
'Cause back in the
day, them white bitches
used to have a motherfucker hung
for some stupid shit like that.
But see and these black
chicks around here
need to understand
what they doing.
You dig?
- Yeah, I got you.
- Right on, yeah, you got it.
All right.
You make sure you hang around.
I've been marinating them
damn wings for two days.
(engines rumbling)
(fence rattling)
- I see you're still alive.
- (chuckles) Course I
am, clown ass nigga.
What you going on, a
little date or something?
- Made it to see another day.
Must be a miracle.
- What's that
cologne you got on?
What's that shit like
high karate, is that
what they call it?
That shit that come in
that green and black can.
- Stupid young nigga.
- Nigga, what?
Get your ass on.
(ominous orchestra music)
(sirens wailing)
- [Officer] Freeze, put
your hands on your head.
(gun fires)
(cheery banjo music)
Oh run nigger, run,
the pattyroller get you
Run nigger, run, well
you better get away
Run nigger, run, well
the pattyroller get you
Run nigger, run, well
you better get away
Nigger run, nigger flew,
nigger tore his shirt in two
Run, run, the
pattyroller get you
Run nigger, run, well
you better get away
(cheery banjo music)
Nigger run, run so fast
Stowed his head
in a hornet's nest
Run nigger, run, well
the pattyroller get you
Run nigger, run, well
you better get away
(helicopter chugging)
Nigger run through the field
Black slick coal
and barley heel
Run nigger, run, well
the pattyroller get you
Run nigger, run, well
you better get away
(helicopter chugging)
(cheery banjo music)
Some folks said,
nigger won't steal
I caught three
in my corn field
One had a bushel
and one had a peck
One had a rope it was
hung around his neck
Run nigger, run, well
the pattyroller get you
Run nigger, run well
you better get away
Run nigger, run, well
the pattyroller get you
Run nigger, run, well
you better get away
(helicopter chugging)
Oh nigger run
and nigger flew
Why the devil can't
a white man chew
(helicopter chugging)
(footsteps shuffling)
(dog barking)
(sighs heavily)
- What's up Jefferson?
Can I get some of that?
(paper crinkling)
(liquid gurgles)
- Rough night?
- Yeah, I guess
you could say that.
- You love LA.
- Man, this ain't
even my T-shirt.
- (chuckles Shit.
Man, man, man.
You sure be going through
it, don't you neighbor?
- Look man, I'll be all right.
But have you seen Diamond
and my baby this morning?
- She left right
before you walked up.
- Man, what's up
with you Jefferson?
Look, I know you
ain't just no whino.
- It's my house.
My nephew Leon don't own
it, I rent a room to him.
It's my goddamned house.
- That's big.
You know that?
- Just remember, it's chess,
not checkers out here.
You got to be strategic.
Women and children
can make mistakes
that us black men can't.
That's why jails
are full of niggas,
they get you to make
that one mistake
when you're around 19 or 20.
And then they make
your ass a felon
and bam, you in the system.
- Shit crazy.
But why do they do that?
Why is the system so fucked up?
- You just make sure you take
care of that girl of yours.
Take good care of her.
You and your daughter, man
that's all you need, man.
These motherfuckers in these
streets just come and go.
You'll find out soon and
your friends will be
doing Olympic jail terms
and getting killed.
You just remember that
and keep that in mind, hmm.
And remember, don't
let nobody tell you
you can't do something.
- Motherfuckers always
telling me I ain't shit,
or I'mma be dead
or end up in jail.
- You just be smart and don't
do no dumb shit yourself.
- Well look man, I gotta go.
I need to take this fucking
bullshit off anyway.
Plus I need to look for
another job on the internet.
- Oh.
- What you giving me?
- Here.
- What's this?
- If you serious
about finding a job,
you could talk to Fernando.
He's over there at Olympic
and Pico Boulevards.
- Fernando.
(grunts in agreement)
On Pico Boulevard, where
they sell the dirt weed?
- That's right.
- Thanks, thanks Jeff.
- Yeah.
- Cool, I gotta get going.
Thank you.
This clown ass nigga.
- Dumb ass nigga, man.
(liquid gurgling)
(somber piano music)
(metal clanking)
(liquid gurgling)
(jug thuds)
(sighs heavily)
- That smells good,
what you cooking?
- [Diamond] Oatmeal.
- Where is my, oh there she is.
- Say hi, nana.
- Morning momma.
- Can you do me a favor?
Can you pick her up
from day care, please?
- Sure, no problem.
Look at that boo boo, who
wouldn't want to pick up
that little cuteness.
- Why, where you gon' be at?
- Why are you
asking me that, huh?
That's a rhetorical question.
I ain't never known you
to be the jealous type.
- I asked you a simple
motherfucking question.
- School, okay.
Can you not see?
Some of us care about
the future, De'Andre.
- You know, you looking
real nice, De'Andre.
Don't mess up your blessings
this early in the morning
with all that foul mouth
and stank attitude.
- Look, I'm the
lone ranger here.
Y'all think me working
at some moving job
is something special?
I ain't trying to
be no fucking slave.
- Hmm, all right, you
know what, I'm out.
I might come back
later, but if I don't,
I'll see you first thing
in the morning, all right.
(baby fussing)
- All right, momma.
So you think me working,
lifting heavy ass
back-breaking furniture
all day is good?
- You wanna know the truth?
- Yeah, Diamond,
what's the truth?
- I think it's progress.
- Progress, that's bullshit.
Economic equality,
now that's progress.
- Oh, yeah, nigga, progress.
A forward movement
towards a destination.
- That racket you call a
school, got you real smart, huh?
- Gosh, nigga, you complaining
and you ain't even got
the damn job yet.
- I'm complaining?
- Yes.
- Look, I'm just trying
to tell you how it is.
- Okay.
- That's all I'm trying to do.
- Just give it a try, okay.
You might end up liking it.
Besides, what kind of example
are you setting for Jenny?
Give me a kiss.
Say, love you, daddy.
- Bye baby.
- (lip smacks) muah.
Bye baby.
- All right.
(engine chugging)
- Man, look at my dogs
looking all fresh.
- [Deandre] Shut up.
Man, where you get
that damn sweater from?
- [Willie] Exactly.
- Ay what they call that shit,
a gentile, my nigga?
- [Willie] Who picked
that out for you?
- I look good in it.
My sister Pam got this Rouse.
- [Willie] Rouse or Ross?
- Man, I don't know
why you hating.
Matter of fact, why you even
going to this job interview?
You know you don't want no job.
Illiterate ass.
- [Willie] I could read,
I don't know what
you talking 'bout.
- [De'Andre] You gon' let him
talk to you like that, man?
- Man, ain't no
hoes in this in car.
We doing what we gotta do.
Can you say the
same 'bout yourself?
- Man you a hater.
- What's that?
- Matter of fact,
here, it's a brochure.
Here read this.
- Man, I could read,
don't know what
you talking 'bout.
- You bring a brochure on him.
- He just mad 'cause
I got away (chuckles).
- [Cartoon] Man, tell
us what that say.
(paper crinkling)
- What's good, you
can't read, cuz?
- [Willie] Man, he just
mad, trust me I can read.
- Man, nigga, you
quick to talk shit,
but you know you ain't shit.
- Ay, ay, cut that shit out.
Ay, cut that shit out.
Take that shit
outside, not in my car.
- [Willie] Get your ass.
- Always do this.
(car doors slamming)
Ay, I got a fucking
interview to go to.
You good?
Nigga you good?
You good?
I got a fucking interview.
- Nobody tripping man, you
need to chill out Cartoon.
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Hit this.
- [Deandre] You sure?
- That's what I'm
talking about, cuz.
- That's all you
need and you good.
- Ugly ass sweater.
- [Deandre] Damn.
- Ay you know what,
let me put the strap up
just in case I do
get the job and shit.
You know, what I'm
saying, pop the trunk.
(door clicks open)
- It open.
I don't even know why
you brought that shit.
You're trying to get a job.
- Just 'cause y'all ain't
ready, don't fuck it for me.
(mug thuds)
(sighs heavily)
- Lopez.
Lopez, why do you wanna
work here at Atlas?
- I need to make some
money for rent, food,
shit like that.
- Shit like that.
I'm gonna give you
a second chance
to answer that question, okay.
- Where you from, homie?
- You talking to me?
- Yeah.
- I'm from LA.
- Who you bang with?
- Is you serious cuz, we
in a fucking interview?
- Shit, you all tatted up,
you look like the type.
(clipboard clatters)
- We all got that look.
- Yeah, who is you?
- Huh, I'm Farell, but
I come in peace, homie.
- Yeah, aight.
- Course he do.
- Look I know your big
homie thirsty as fuck,
he was in San Quin
with my cousin Rich.
He a rapper.
- Yeah, I know him.
He got that one song,
Hill money, yeah.
- Hill money.
- Oh, hill money?
- Yeah.
- [Willie] Money shit.
- That's your peoples?
- Yeah.
- You rap?
- Hell yeah.
Do you rap?
- Do you rap?
- Do I rap?
Yeah, I rap.
- Well shit, spit something.
- Right here, right now?
- Why not?
- I got you.
(drumming hiphop beat)
Now I let the top
back when I get high
I remember freestyle
sessions in the g-rod
You wasn't with it if you
ain't had you a Hyundai
Even the little home
girls took 'em sometimes
Even the little home
girls took 'em sometimes
Even the little home
girls took 'em sometimes
Even the little home
girls took 'em sometimes
Even the little home girls
- What is this?
- My bad.
- Nathaniel Petticoat.
- Yeah, that's me.
- Come on in.
- Yo.
- You straight.
- Yeah I'm good.
- All right, sup homie?
- Stop banging on my damn table.
(door slams)
- Is everything good?
- You wrote here that
you've been to jail
and that you have a record.
- Yeah, I'm on parole, sir.
- Most people lie.
- I only lie in court.
- So why do you need the job?
- Well, I don't actually
need the job for money.
I got money.
- So then why are you here?
- It's a condition of my parole.
I gotta be employed.
Gloria Rodriguez said,
you'll know what's up.
(money shuffling)
- One second.
(phone thuds)
It's $500 up front.
- It's all there.
(money shuffling)
- All right.
sign right there,
sign the rest of the paperwork
and the time cards.
Welcome to Atlas Moving Company.
- You got it man.
This shit easy.
Easy boy.
Drove out here for--
- This nigga right here,
who the fuck is this?
What's good brother?
Hey, we having a
like a little party,
you should come through.
- Shit, as long as y'all
can guarantee my safety.
- Guarantee my safety.
- You hear that shit?
- Guarantee my safety.
- You heard that?
Man, you straight, we got you.
- Shit I'm in that bitch then.
- Oh yeah.
- For sure.
(blows out air)
(hiphop beat)
(sign buzzing)
(door knocking)
- What took you so damn long?
- Now you got what you need,
I need to head back to work.
- Don't be rushing me, Leon.
How much money you got?
- What are you talking about?
I just went to the projects
to get this for you.
- This ain't enough.
Give me $200.
- 200, hell no.
- Come on, Leon,
this little shit,
that ain't gon'
do nothing for me.
I ain't no hoe.
Come on.
I hope you got a condom.
You got five minutes.
(sheets crinkling)
(zipper whizzing)
All right, that's enough.
- What?
- You gotta go to work, man.
And I'm just trying to smoke.
Sit down.
Have some.
- No, Monica, I'm
good, I'm good.
- Just try it, if
you don't like it,
just don't fuck with it no more.
- All right, I'll try it.
(lighter clicks)
(ominous music)
(lighter clicks)
Let me try that.
(lighter clicks)
(exhales audibly)
S much time as the judge
said, I'm from the set
The little kids
can't play in yards
And everyday's a blessing
so we praying lord
Can't foot it 'round the
set so we stay in cars
My feet like the Houston Hs
They stay in stars, nigga
Orange chucks
and the laces fat
I'm the set where more
niggas catch cases at
It's also known as the place
Where it's racist at
So we and the guns
at the same place
And place is hot, unh
It's a cold game
but the heats is hot
From homicides and
over niggas body
Sheets is dropped
In the cold for the
bodies, niggas peeps is hot
'Cause they gave
their life for the set
But the streets is not
Gon' do you the same
But you have to stay
true to the game
No matter if it's a life
Saving even two to the brain
You wanted to bang, but
it ain't no joke about it
You gon' do it then you
got to be a loco 'bout it
I'm from the set where most
niggas mommas is drug heads
Hungry little zombies but
we honor the blood shed
I'm from the set,
to all my niggas
You can find in the mud dead
A couple gotta do as much
time as the judge said
I'm from the set, where
most niggas mommas is
- Fuck.
- How was work?
- Hard ass work.
I feel like that hamster
that run on the wheels.
You know that, they
keep running and running
and they get nowhere.
His only achievement is that
upside down water bottle
and that's not even a
fucking achievement.
For the simple fact that
that water bottle was
always available to him.
- That good, huh?
So, I'm guessing you're
not happy with your job?
- I guess, for you lifting
heavy ass furniture
for the white man
in Marina del Rey
is some career
achievement, right?
Them motherfuckers is
always doubting me,
thinking I'm gon' rob they shit
knowing that I need
this fucking job.
- Okay.
I get it.
Just try to make the
best of it, okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
I'll see you later.
Got to beat this LA traffic.
- Fuck man.
Look I don't know if I could
keep doing this fucking job.
(zipper whizzing)
- Stop being so
hard on yourself.
(speaking away from mic)
- Oh hell no this
motherfucking Leon.
(door slams)
Sup, Leon, you not
talking shit today?
- Nigga.
- Okay.
- Shit.
- Gimme kiss.
(lips smack)
In the house.
- See you later.
- Later.
(keys jingling)
- Be safe.
- Okay.
(speaking in foreign language)
- What's up little
man, you good?
- Yeah.
- Ey look, I'm glad you
brought this little nigga over.
This little nigga gon'
be somebody one day.
- For real.
- Hey, how's school?
- Good.
- That's cool.
- That's cool.
Ay look, when you grow up,
don't sell no drugs.
- [Cartoon] So you
a preacher now?
- Man, shut up.
Look, you can make just as much
money working an honest job.
You hear me?
- Yeah.
- Everybody need to
watch this movie.
- Yeah, they do.
Let me get a hit of that shit.
(mumbling) Nigga.
- We really do this
every other Friday.
Sip a lil something,
blow a lil something
and watch "Scarface".
- This movie more interesting
than church, in my opinion.
- I wouldn't know, the
only time I went to church
was at my homeboy's funeral.
(upbeat dance music)
(sighs heavily)
- Man that ain't good, you
should try it out one day.
- (mumbling) alone with it.
Y'all really think Jesus
gon' come and save y'all?
He only favor the
rich white people.
If that wasn't true,
why our neighborhood
so fucked up man, huh?
- Man, you crazy,
it's gon' get better.
It has to.
- Yeah, see that in itself
ain't s'pose to
be like that, man.
- Ey, you got a lawyer?
- Nah man.
I got this public defender.
His name like Arnie Cinco,
some, some white bullshit, man.
- Nigga you sound
scared, you scared?
- Hell no, are you?
- Man, the only thing I
fear is being worthless.
Shit, being used
by white people.
They try to destroy
your self worth,
make a nigga feel like a slave.
You know what I'm saying?
(speaking in foreign language)
It's like they watching
your every move,
scoping niggas and
shit like that.
Shit crazy.
- Man, sounds like that job
really getting to your head.
- Man, fuck that job.
Thank you "Scarface".
I'm going back to
make some real money.
- You say you gonna show
me how to shoot a jump.
(gun firing on television)
- On one condition.
- [Levi] What's that?
(liquid gurgling)
- Don't tell my girl
I've been drinking.
- I ain't no snitch.
- Yeah, you better not be.
Pass that.
(gulps audibly)
What you mean
What you mean though
What you mean though
What you mean though
Watch me guess, I be in
the hood, I be in the hood
I be in the hood,
I be in the hood
- [Farell] Look who
showed up to the party.
I thought y'all be
scared to come out here.
Club, throwing out the hood
- We good being here?
- Hell yeah we good.
Look this my shit and
I invited y'all here.
Plus these are my homies and
they already know what's up.
- [Asia] What?
- This D.
- Hi.
- How you doing?
- I'm good.
I'm Asia.
- I'm De'Andre.
- Damn, I ain't never seen
you around here De'Andre.
- Well, you see me now.
- I see you.
- Yup.
- Hey, take care of him
for me, I'mma circle round.
- So what's up?
- What's good, you
trying to go inside?
- Yeah, let's go.
- Why you always
trying to hit my weed?
- Man, I got the same
five you got on it, nigga.
Pass that.
- All right.
Give me my.
(Asia speaking away from mic)
(door slams)
(upbeat hiphop music)
- [Woman] How you doing?
How you doing?
(upbeat hiphop music)
- I was just chilling.
But you said that
(speaking away from mic).
Well there you go, I know.
Hey baby, I was looking for you.
- Bitch, what the fuck is this?
- Whoa, whoa, calm down.
What is wrong with you?
- Don't say shit.
- Stop.
- Who the fuck is this clown?
- I don't know--
- Man, relax,
it ain't even that serious.
- Relax, what?
- Hey, baby, stop.
- You picked the wrong one.
- He has nothing do, stop.
- Are you trying to
protect this fool?
- No, I'm not, stop, Eddie.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Fuck you nigga.
- [Cartoon] Ay man get back.
(gun fires)
(woman screams)
- Gimme that, shit.
(bottles clattering)
(ominous orchestra music)
- What is it?
- Laquisha is at the door,
she got a video.
- Wait, whoa, whoa, too close.
- Okay.
(hand smacks)
What's this?
- It's a receipt for the shovel.
- You got this
motherfucker from Walmart?
- Yeah.
- [De'Andre] Fucking clown.
- Fuck it, where my change at?
Man, keep it, I know
you ain't even got it.
- Shit, bye Felisha.
- This shit crazy, Walmart got
some good ass prices though.
- True.
- What's up Laquisha,
what's up with you?
- I good, how are you?
- I'm good, how are you?
- I'm good, check this out.
I got something for you.
- What's that?
- Oh shit.
(gun fires)
- Shit.
(gun firing repeatedly)
That shit crazy.
Hey, has anybody
else seen this shit?
- Man, my little cousin
and Blacky and them,
you know Blacky, right?
- Nigga, what the fuck.
Yeah, yeah.
Did anybody else
get a copy of this?
- Nah, it's all yours.
I figure it could help you out
with a law suit or something.
- Shit, maybe.
- Nigga, them clowns
was shooting at you
like they was some
fucking cowboys.
Trying to take your
motherfucking head off fam.
- Y'all hear this shit?
Coulda got my motherfucking ass.
Anyway, thank you.
- Wow, thanks man.
- I appreciate that
shit, no problem.
- I got you.
- I got you too.
- All right, see you guys.
- [Cartoon] All right.
- Damn D, what you gon' do, bro.
- Nigga, make no fucking sense.
- That's reckless.
- Ay, you know what we can do?
We can edit that shit and make
a motherfucking music video.
Like some type of
War Stars type shit.
- Unh, nigga.
- You know we gon' get some
bitches with that, nigga.
- Nigga, fuck you.
- Always fucking playing, man.
(mellow hiphop music)
Hop out click clack blast,
yeah, nigga brains out
Blow a nigga shit back fast
Hop back in the
whip, hit the gas
Hit the weed real
hard then pass
We don't talk about
it, we already did that
We don't talk about
it, we already did that
- You see that shit nigga?
That shit hard as
fuck right there.
- Yeah, it is.
- That nigga hook me up, bruh.
Nigga on some real shit,
that nigga fucked it.
- That shit bad.
(ominous orchestra music)
(footsteps tapping)
- What did they say?
- [Jerry] They agreed to
the proposition 36 deal.
You get a drug program.
- [Slater] No jail time?
- Take the plea and you
could get probation today.
Not so bad, considering
you were charged
with felony possession.
- Not bad, Jerry.
Thank you.
- No problem.
(money crinkling)
Hey, say hi to your dad for me.
- Will do.
(exhales audibly)
What'd they get you for?
- Bullshit ass
weed and gun case.
What about you?
- Meth lab, but look
at me, I'm white.
They let us off easy.
- Course they do.
- I tell them I use that shit
and I get put into
a drug program.
- That lawyer over there
with the $2000 suit,
that's all you?
- Yeah.
(footsteps approaching)
He your attorney?
- Hell no, I don't fuck
with white lawyers.
- That's real.
I could tell you got heart.
I like that, my name is Slater.
- De'Andre.
- Get at me with the
money, I got the best.
- Word?
- You like white bitches?
- Shit, maybe.
But I got a girl.
- Me too, come on, YOLO.
- Crazy motherfucker.
Here's my mix tape.
- Can't stop, won't stop, huh.
No doubt.
Cool, that's you?
- Yup.
That's me.
(ominous orchestra music)
We don't talk about
it, we already did that
We don't talk about
it, we already did that
We don't talk about
it, we already did that
- Wait, rewind that back.
Click, clack, blast
- What these fools just say?
We don't talk about it,
we already did that.
- Oh these rappers think
they tough for real, huh.
Well we gon' see.
Nigga ship back past
Hop back
- Fuck EBK.
(ominous orchestra music)
(children chattering)
- Levi is a very bright student.
Go ahead and show your big
brother what you can do.
(chalk scraping)
- Damn, how the fuck
you know how to do that?
(clears throat)
Oh, oh, excuse me ma'am,
I mean good job, Levi, we
say good job, all right.
- It's okay.
He really needs his mom and dad.
- He ain't got a mom and our
daddy just got out of prison.
- I didn't know.
- It's okay, I
ain't expect you to.
All right look, here's the deal.
I'm kind of all
he got right now,
you know I get him
ready for school.
Me and my sister Pam,
we look out or him,
help him with his
homework, you know.
We all he got 'til our
pops get back on his feet.
- Do you have contact
with your dad?
- Yeah, even though
it be hard but
he family and we don't turn
our back on our loved ones.
You know, I'm taking
him to go see him.
- Great,
Cartoon, thank
you for coming by.
- [Cartoon] You're welcome.
- You tell your dad I said hi.
- I will.
- It's really important
that we let them know
that we love them, so you just
go ahead and reassure Levi.
- He know, that's my lil bro,
you know what I'm saying.
(hands slapping)
That's what we do, this clown.
I wouldn't be here
if I didn't care.
But you know,
what's up with you?
You seeing anybody?
- As a matter of
fact, I certainly am.
I'm newly married.
- Is that right?
So who's the lucky guy?
Oh so you like them Asians, huh.
What's wrong with the brothers?
- I like 'em all, I
do, (laughs) I do.
Yeah, although we
are a blended family.
It's like the majority
of my students.
- [Cartoon] Is that right?
- Mm hmm, he got kids
from another marriage
and I got my daughter.
So it works out.
- Mm hmm, you know, that's
good, I'm happy for you.
- Thank you.
And you keep up the
good work, young man.
- Yes Mrs. Carson.
(mellow piano music)
- Man, I remember when I tried
to take you all
to a Dodger game.
It was all good, 'til
you burst out crying
because you was so bored.
- Man, I ain't never
liked baseball, man.
- Man,
I haven't,
I haven't laughed
in a long time.
You don't know how
good this feels.
I just wanna say thanks for
taking care of little man.
You and Pam.
- Yeah, about Pam, pops.
You know Pam still
mad at you right?
She just, she just
can't get over it.
It's a woman thing I guess.
- I can't help the fact
that she feels affirmed
or doesn't feel
acknowledged by me.
I know, I wasn't there,
I was on the inside.
- You know she still
love you though,
she just, she just
can't express it, man.
- I'm an ex convict, I'm
used to all types of people
not valuing me, period,
but my own daughter,
it's tough for me.
- I know it is man,
but you know what,
if us as a family don't
lift each other up,
ain't nobody going to.
- It's just so frustrating
that it hurts so much
that I wanna help but I can't.
I can't do a goddamned
thing but exist.
It's not the same as living.
- Man, you're being too
hard on yourself, man.
The good thing, you
outta jail, man,
there's fresh air, you know.
You ain't in the cell no more.
I'm proud of you.
Man, just focus on getting
yourself right, pops.
- I'm just happy to see y'all.
I'm really glad you boys
came down to visit me.
I just wish I had my own house
instead of them having
me down in this rundown
hotel room down in Skid Row.
Come here, come give me a hug.
- Your pops.
(mellow piano music)
- All right.
- Love you, dad.
- Come here son.
- Ey, I'mma be back next week
with Levi too, all right.
- You boys take care.
- Stay outta trouble.
I better not get no collect
calls man, all right.
(mellow piano music)
- Don't fucking play.
- Better not be no weirdo.
- Say no stupid shit.
Ain't no fucking weirdo.
- Have me going in no weird
ass nigga's house, bruh.
- This man mean
business all right.
Just calm it down.
- All right, all right,
all right.
(door clicks open)
- You made it.
- What's good?
- I got for you,
just what I told you.
- For sure.
That's all you.
- [Slater] This is the guy
I was telling y'all about
with the rap music.
That's Allison.
- Hey.
I heard your song, I liked it.
- Thanks.
This a bad ass house.
- Mom gave this house, dude.
- Ey, whatever happened
with your case?
- Remember the white
guy with the $2000 suit?
- Yeah.
- [Slater] Got my
probation dropped.
- That's cool.
- [Slater] I don't
gotta report or nothing.
- That's crazy.
Well shit, go ahead,
count it Slate.
- I trust it's there.
We'll talk soon.
What's up with your case?
- Man I got court on the 24th.
Shit this is my
crimey right here.
He had took the case with me.
(grunts in agreement)
- That's fucking solid.
- It's Cartoon.
- Ey, well shit,
y'all take care.
We gotta go anyway.
- [Slater] You sure you
don't wanna hang around
a little longer?
- Nah, I'm straight, I
don't feel comfortable
with all this dope on me.
- Yeah man, we got
moves to make, let's go.
- Okay, hey, call me.
- For sure, we got
business shit to do.
- [Slater] Yes sir.
(footsteps receding)
- Ay man, you really gon' trust
these trailer trash snitches?
I know you seen the Donald
Trump sign on they lawn.
Come on now, check it, check it.
We gon' come back later tonight,
we gon' rob 'em all
right, simple as that.
- Look man, look, nah
they cool all right.
You make some real
money fucking with them.
Stop tripping.
- [Cartoon] All right.
- What's your deal?
- You really gonna trust
these fucking niggers, man?
You know they're probably
gonna double back, reckon.
Probably go grab their homeboys,
and rob us, fucking kill us.
- Hey, let 'em come.
- Little Freddy got
killed last night.
- [De'Andre] I know.
- It's dangerous out in
these streets, De'Andre.
It's like Syria.
You already got a court case,
you need to stay in the house.
You not Superman.
- I'm already in the
damn house, Diamond.
I ain't no stupid nigga out
here with a fucking death wish.
And besides, you
ain't my mother,
you just my bitch.
- You know what, I'm
not gon' be your bitch
too many more times.
Calling me a bitch.
- Okay, so who's
bitch are you then?
- De'Andre, I might
not be your mother,
but she gon' tell
you the same thing.
- Yeah.
- I know you cheated on me.
- So that, is that what
this shit is all about?
You're crazy.
- I know you did.
- No I fucking didn't
and you're wrong again.
I'm getting the
fuck up outta here.
- You know what
you did, De'Andre.
- [De'Andre] Didn't do shit.
(birds chirping)
(cars rumbling)
(horn blaring)
(people talking in background)
(gun fires)
(woman screams)
(ominous orchestra music)
(dog barking)
- Cartoon dead.
- What?
- [Man] He dead.
- Who did it?
(car doors slam)
(engine revs)
Son of a fucking bitch.
Niggas took that nigga.
- [Man] If you think
trials are dramatic
on TV or in the movies,
wait until you
participate in a real one.
- What you realize is that
this is real, this is not--
- This is some bullshit.
- [Man] This is not fake--
- Not guilty.
How 'bout that?
- Our mans was there.
- What's up my homies?
- Laquisha, what's the deal?
- What up Quish?
- What's up, what's up?
Listen, y'all got
something for Cartoon?
Come on that's the homie.
That the nigga homie, come on.
All right, bet.
(cup thuds)
- The original deal is gone.
- What, can they do that?
- They did it.
- This is fucked up.
Is that what me paying
you $10,000 get me?
- Don't get it
confused, De'Andre.
That white bitch
prosecutor wants
to send your black
ass to prison,
have a jury back there
right goddamned now.
- What are they saying?
- Problem is a dead
man can't take a case.
When your pal Williamson
got himself murderer,
your alibi died that day.
They ready to take your
ass to trial today.
- So what are my
options Mr. Grimes?
- Since Mr. Williamson
can't testify,
it's your word against
the police word.
- That's not gon' fucking work.
- Now, who do you thin a
jury is going to believe?
Certainly not you.
- Of course not.
So what do they want?
- They wanna give
you a prison number.
- Fuck.
How long?
- If you take the
deal today, 18 months.
- What the (chair
scrapes), 18 months?
You know I'm not gonna
fucking take that.
- And if you go
to trial and lose
and with your gang
enhancements attached,
you're looking at 10 years.
- That's some fucking bullshit.
- And you have to pay
me an additional $15,000
to represent you at trial.
- Fuck.
- Are you willing to do that?
(knocking loudly)
- Police.
(knocking loudly)
LAPD Homicide.
- Can I help you?
- I'm Detective Thomas, my
partner, Detective Lilliefield.
We're with the LAPD Robbery
and Homicide Division.
- [Lilliefield]
De'Andre Hood here?
- No.
- Could we come in
and take a look?
- You got a search warrant?
- No, but 30 minutes
and a phone call
we can damn sure get one.
- Well you gon'
have to go get that,
'cause you ain't
coming all the way up
and through here.
- My sister look, we just wanna
ask De'Andre a few questions
and we gon' be on our way.
- I'm not your sister.
You Uncle Tom.
I'm just smoking a
cigarette on my porch
minding my own business.
You two can get the fuck on.
Get off my porch.
Asking 'bout
De'Andre (mumbling).
(door slams)
(dog barking)
(footsteps receding)
(knocking loudly)
- Go away.
(sign buzzing)
(knocking loudly)
Dumb strung out nigga.
There's no way I'm
letting him in here.
- Open the goddamned door bitch.
I'mma count to three.
- [Monica] You're not my man.
- Fuck you.
Fuck you.
(knocking loudly)
(cars rumbling)
(ominous orchestra music)
(tires screeching)
(crashes loudly)
(glass breaking)
(heart beating)
(machine beeping)
- Wake your black ass up.
(machine beeping)
Leon Henderson.
- Detective Lilliefield,
Detective Thomas,
LAPD Homicide Division.
What you did.
- No way, no.
I didn't do that.
I didn't do nothing.
Must be a misunderstanding.
- Oh, whoa is me, it's
a goddamned nightmare.
Well, you ought to be
waking up any moment.
you killed this beautiful woman.
Goddamned crack head.
- [Detective Thomas] Smoking
that damned crack pipe.
What I tell you?
This is just one dumb nigga.
(machine beeping)
- Where am I?
- You know, that doesn't
matter anymore actually,
'cause you killed a white woman.
- Right now, you
at 2051 Marengo,
LA County Medical Center,
jail ward basement.
But in a few months, you
gon' have a new address boy.
Motherfucking Pelican Bay, with
all the Mexicans and niggas
for the rest of your life.
- Is this hell?
This can't be right.
I have a baby on the way.
(breathing heavily)
I swear I didn't do this.
I have a great
job with benefits.
I work for the City like y'all.
We share a brotherhood.
I'm parking enforcement.
- Just because you a
damned ticket writer
don't mean shit to us.
Ask us if we give a shit?
Hell to the nah, no.
You going down boy.
- Yeah I can't help
you, but the prison bus
will be here in a couple days.
- What can I do to
make this right?
- Can't take that back.
(inhales audibly)
(siren blaring)
(train rumbling)
(crutches clattering)
- Leon.
What the hell are
you doing here?
- I fucked up man.
- Did you get
involved in that riot
with he Mexicans last week?
- Nah man.
Got high smoking
some sherm, man.
I must've lost it, I
killed a lady by accident.
- Nah, man, not you, Leon.
- Yeah, it's real, I'm here.
- How much time they get you?
- 23 to life.
- Damn.
I can't believe that shit, man.
I wouldn't wish anybody to
be in this damned hell hole.
Shit sucks.
You got any money on your books?
- Nah, not really.
- Damn, man.
I got you.
(broom clatters)
- [Leon] Okay, thank you.
- Keep your head up man all
right, for real, I got you.
(gate clatters in background)
All right, man.
(footsteps receding)
(breathing heavily)
- Mr. Fischer.
Sorry I'm late.
- Okay, can we go in now?
- Absolutely, I got
the keys right here.
You're gonna love this place.
Well as you can see t's
beautiful hardwood floors.
Top quality appliances
in the kitchen.
I mean, come on,
beautiful views.
- Look,
because you were late
I have to reschedule.
- Okay, no problem, Mr. Fischer.
Here's my card.
- And when I reschedule, I'm
asking for another agent.
- Something wrong?
- Heh.
(door creaking)
(sighs heavily)
(thuds softly)
- What's up Big E?
- Big C, what's cracking
with you, you good?
- [Uncle Clyde] Yeah, I'm good.
- Who is this
motherfucker right here?
- [Big C] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's my nephew.
- Sup lil nephew?
This lil nigga got some heart.
- What's good?
- I like this motherfucker, man.
I like this motherfucker, yeah.
- [Uncle Clyde] SO what
you doing up in here?
- Man, I was over on
Atlantic and Artesia,
right at that 7-Eleven, right.
This motherfucking nigga,
I mean this Mexican nigga,
swung out, motherfucking
run up on me,
yakking at the
motherfucking mouth, right.
So I'm like, you know, I
already know what time it is.
So I'm like, I'm
watching him right.
I'm telling you lil
nephew listen to me,
you better watch
them motherfuckers,
they sneaky as motherfucker.
But see I already
know what time it was,
'cause he came over me then
slumped over like this, right.
And I know he had a li
strap underneath the skin,
so I knew he was gon' try
shoot me underneath the shirt.
So you know what I did?
- What?
- I told the judge, straight up.
I told the judge
I let off all nine
'cause it was my life or his.
Damn, damn, damn.
Let that motherfucker have it.
And I'mma tell you
something else.
The judge fucked up.
Bitch gon' give me 18 months.
I can do that standing on
my head, on my momma though,
I should've been set free
'cause I didn't give that
motherfucker a chance.
It was either him or me.
(chuckling) You dig?
Fuck that motherfucker.
- Look here, man.
We found out who killed
your best friend.
- What who?
- Man, some nigga named, Farell.
- Farell.
- Yeah, that.
- Nigga Farell.
(bars clanking)
- [Uncle Clyde] Nephew.
- What?
- We also heard
that his bitch ass
put a gun on you and
your homies' heads.
- Is you serious?
- Yeah, paid your
man Willie 5000.
- Fucking Willie.
- Cartoon's death
and you was next,
jail saved your life.
- That's my fucking best friend.
I don't wanna hear that shit.
I don't wanna hear
it, Uncle Clyde.
- Hey, hey, it's the truth.
I ain't gon' lie to you.
I wouldn't lie to you.
- I don't wanna hear that shit.
- [Uncle Clyde] Shh,
calm down, look at me.
I know you aren't a killer,
but I am.
- Fuck that.
Hold on, oh my stomach.
I gotta take a shit.
- Handle your business nephew.
We'll figure something out.
(ominous orchestra music)
- [De'Andre]
Motherfucking Farell.
- Now you a cold nigga, right?
You can gun done your own
homies like it's nothing.
- Man it's a dog
eat dog world, shit.
It's just business.
Now run this by me
before I change my mind.
- Here's the deal, 5000 a
head for the little homies.
10 racks for the OGs.
You'll get the other half
when you gun down
either one of them
and I read about in
the homicide report
of the LA Times newspaper.
- You just make sure
you have my money.
- Say less.
- Cool.
All right.
(car door opens and shuts)
- Dear God,
(dramatic piano music)
you know this isn't right.
(dramatic piano music)
But please God, let me
wake up in the morning
in this godforsaken place.
I don't wanna live.
I don't.
(solemn orchestra music)
I don't know if I can
make in this place.
It's not for me.
- [Diamond] I love you,
okay, you gotta stay strong.
- I don't know, I
don't belong here.
- Just think about us.
- I will, bye.
(phone clatters)
(solemn orchestra music)
- What the fuck
is you looking at?
Keep it going.
You lucky you up in here.
I got a work assignment
and I'm in good with the CO
that does the cell assignments.
So you know what to do.
Don't fuck this up.
(plastic rustling)
- That nigga Uncle Clyde
got connections man.
When I first came here, I
seen that nigga in the cop car
drinking coffee and shit.
- Yeah, that's because he's
been in here for so long.
Uncle Clyde is my main man.
He's always looking out.
- Yo, word.
Ay nigga, I never thought
we'd be in the same joint.
At least we in this
motherfucker together.
You fittin' to get out soon.
- Yeah, I can't wait to get
out of this fucking hell hole.
- Shit nigga, I bet.
(people talking in background)
Yo, how Diamond and your moms?
- They cool.
- You good, D?
Seem a little distant, cuh.
What's up with you?
- I guess, I guess it's
just hard timing, you know.
- No man.
- Been in this motherfucker
so long.
You know what, I
miss my nigga, man.
- Cartoon?
- Uh huh.
- Yeah, me too, man.
Shit, every time I
think about that nigga
I start tearing up and shit.
- Really?
- Yeah, nigga, that
shit fuck with me.
'Member cuh, used to wear them
funny ass sweaters and shit?
Nigga's a old fool, man, swear.
- That part right there,
that part right there.
(fabric shuffling)
(low rumbling)
- Yeah nigga, that's
what you call chow.
- [De'Andre] I know you did it.
- What?
- You killed Cartoon.
- Hold up my nigga, I
don't know what you heard
but that shit ain't true.
- I ain't got nothing.
I ain't you Willie.
You didn't give Cartoon
a motherfucking chance
before you blew his
goddamned brains out.
You a cold motherfucker.
You took him out while
he was grabbing something
to fucking eat.
Now it's just me, you and God.
(fist smacks)
(shoes squeaking)
- You ain't no killer.
I killed Cartoon, nigga.
Now your ass is next.
What's wrong, huh?
(fist thudding)
(shoes squeaking)
- You a dead nigga.
I got your ass now.
(metal clattering)
(breathing heavily)
That's for Cartoon,
nigga, motherfucker.
- Yo, come on, psst,
the guard is coming.
Come on, don't worry
'bout that let's go.
(objects thudding)
(mellow hiphop music)
- You know you
really are beautiful.
(chuckles uncomfortably)
Let's have a toast.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
(mellow hiphop music)
I need a girl like
- It's time for you to move
and be at that next
level in your life.
- Gerald, I have a
man, I told you that.
- He's not here and I am.
Where is he anyway?
- He's upstate.
- So I don't see a problem.
- He's just been in
there for so long.
- And?
- I've just heard stories
about what happens
in places like that.
- So what you saying?
- I don't know if he's gonna
be the same as when he went in.
- Are you serious?
Diamond, I'm into you and
you siting here talking to me
about another man.
- I'm,
I thought you were
the kinda person
I could talk to about this.
I'm sorry.
- Okay.
You know, I got a
lot to offer you.
And when you're serious
about what you really want,
you let me know, Diamond.
That is if I'm still around.
Boy so fly, swagger, something
'bout the gutter chicks
Hot fly pussy ain't
nothing like no other bitch
Sexy black cherries
keep the best sex
Bet your best bet
Ladee keep this
pussy wet, wet
I got that bomb shit
Oh, I got that bomb
I'm that bad chick
that you wan' get with
(clothes shuffling)
(thuds softly)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What happened to your face?
- It ain't nothing, the
Mexicans is tripping again.
I'm straight.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, where's Jenny?
- She at home, D.
- Why didn't you bring her?
- Why you think I
ain't bring her?
This isn't the life that I
envisioned for us, De'Andre.
Look around.
Look, look at this place.
There's no way I'm
gonna bring my baby
inside of a place
that looks like this.
You, you gotta change your ways.
- Are you fucking somebody else?
- What?
- Because obviously
you on some other shit.
I'm in this prison.
Do you have any idea
what they do to people
behind these places?
And this is how you
come at me, Diamond?
I thought you loved me, Diamond.
- What are you, what
are you talking about?
I do love you, I'm here ain't I.
You know what.
(phone thuds)
(exhales audibly)
You're right.
I'm being insensitive.
I'm sorry.
- What's going on?
Wat is it that you
wanted to tell me?
- So that attorney
of yours was able
to get ahold of a YouTube video.
He thinks you have a case.
He wants to help us.
He just needs you to
sign a few papers.
- Huh?
He wants 40%.
That showster got ice water
flowing through his vein.
- Yeah but that's
good news right?
Look, baby, it'll help you
get your career started.
- I've been in here 18
months because of him.
I'm to the point where I
don't feel anything anymore.
- You don't mean that.
- I had a lot of time to think.
Every nigga in here
think they a rapper.
Leon was right, this ain't
nothing but a pipe dream.
I just wanna get the
fuck up outta here.
Kiss my baby and tell
her that I love her
and that I'll be home soon.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- Do the right thing, Diamond.
- You want to tell
me what happened.
- Nothing happened?
- I know you're being released
and people talk in here.
What happened to your cell mate?
- You know warden I
can't tell you anything
that goes on behind these walls.
I hear he was suicidal.
- You know if I get evidence
you'll be sitting in
that concrete cell
for the rest of
your natural life.
And I know you don't want that.
- No sir,
I do not.
- I heard you rap.
My first thoughts,
every black man in this country
wants to make it as a rapper.
There's only so many of you
that can make it to the top
you understand what I'm saying?
- Yes.
I do.
- White supremacy made
you think you ain't enough
unless you a famous rapper,
but you getting a second chance.
I've seen some hard
core motherfuckers
inside these walls.
Survival is one thing
but you don't have to
be a part of that cycle.
You know how many fathers and
sons are in these facilities?
Do you know why?
- Why?
- Because black men
and their sons
are the most incarcerated
people on this planet.
We incarcerate more black men
than Africa at the
height of apartheid.
Incarceration is the
holocaust for black people.
As you know because you're here,
prisons are places of
torture and unimaginable
How old are you?
- I'm 19.
- Do something with
your life, son.
Don't fuck this up.
- Yes sir.
(footsteps thudding)
Shady Melvin.
What the hell happened?
What you doing here?
(chains rattling)
(exhales heavily)
- I was on this lick.
Got shot nine times.
- Damn.
- Right now, with
Pat uncle actually.
You remember Pat?
- Yeah, I remember him.
That nigga was with the Pits.
- Yeah, well, he got.
- Damn.
- Gave me his murder.
- Damn, that's fucked up.
Hey, keep your
head up, all right.
(footsteps receding)
(dog barking)
(door clicks shut)
(papers shuffling)
(table thuds)
(keys jingling)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I was just gonna get
the rest of my things.
- [De'Andre] Okay.
- Okay.
- Lot of guys I grew up
with are already forgotten
or thrown away.
I just wanna say I,
thank you.
(Jenny cooing)
- Yeah.
(critters twittering)
(mailbox clanking)
(paper crinkling)
(engine rumbling)
- Shit, Jeff.
(engines rumbling)
(gun firing repeatedly)
(ominous orchestra music)
(sirens blaring)
(doors clanking)
- [De'Andre] I
ain't doing nothing.
- [Officer] I got a warrant,
step out of the car.
(objects clattering)
(speaking away from mic)
(door slams)
Put your hands back.
- [De'Andre] What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
(ominous orchestra music)
(gun firing repeatedly)
(ominous orchestra music)
(solemn violin music)
(mellow hiphop music)
I'm from the set, where most
niggas mommas is drug heads
Hungry little zombies,
but we honor the bloodshed
I'm from set,
to all my niggas
You can find in the mud dead
A couple gotta do as much
time as the judge said
I'm from the set
The little kids
can't play in yards
And everyday's a blessing
so we praying, Lord
Can't foot it 'round the
set, so we stay in cars
My feet like the Houston
Hs, stay in stars, nigga
Orange chucks and laces fat
I'm from the set where
most niggas catch cases at
It's also known as the place
Where it's racists at
So we and the guns
at the same place
And place is hot
Unh, it's a cold game
but the Heats is hot
From homicides and over
niggas' body sheet is dropped
In the cold for the bodies
Niggas keeps it hot
'Cause they gave
they life for the set
But the streets is not
gon' do you the same
(solemn piano music)
(woman vocalizing)
Can I start my
prayer this morning
Can I start my
prayer this morning
Can I send you some light
Don't let this
place bring you down
Bring you down, yeah
Promise everything
will be all right
All right
You gotta stay strong,
got to be strong
Gotta carry on
Gotta carry on
And have a little
faith in your life
Yeah, yeah
And when you wake
up this morning
And when you wake
in the morning
I'll be there
Ill be there
Oh yeah
(solemn piano music)