Ninety Degrees in the Shade (1965) Movie Script

- Well, here we are again!
- Oh, Mr Baant.
- And how's our Jana?
- Not stocktaking again!
Spot check.
We've come to check your spots.
You've been squeezing
them again, I see.
- Er... Mrs Vvra?
- Mm-hmm?
- This is Mr Kurka.
- Afternoon.
Our new boss at the office.
- Jana.
- Uh-huh?
Have you got a lager?
A nice cold one.
Of course, if it's for you.
You know, if you've been
nibbling at those cherries,
you'll have your stomach pumped
to get the stones back.
- Where's the manager?
- He's out.
- Where?
- Don't know. He didn't tell me.
Mr Vorel is at a board meeting.
That's where I should
like to be, in a nice cool boardroom.
My feet are burning
like Roman candles.
Oh, Mr Kurka, this is our
assistant manager, Miss Winter.
How do you do?
Rosa? Would you close
the shop now? It's time.
Yes, okay. Come on, Jana.
Where would you like to begin?
The cash register,
if you don't mind.
I see the Personnel Department are...
are very complimentary
about you, Miss Winter.
Thank you.
When you need me,
I'll be in the store room.
Can I speak to Mr Vorel, please?
Mr Vorel.
He's left. Oh, I see.
No, no. No, no, that's all right.
Thank you. Thank you.
- 14,383.
- Check it again, would you?
But I have checked it.
Then there's a deficit.
It's me, sir.
I, er...
I forgot my purse this morning,
and borrowed from the till.
I made a receipt.
You know it's against regulations?
Oh, come on, man.
What the hell does it matter?
You know perfectly well
people do it all the time.
- The point is, should they?
- What, 63.50 for one day?
I'll put it back.
We have 153 shops in this combine.
If everyone did the same,
let me see, that would be...
7,625, wouldn't it?
I knew about it, Mr Kurka.
Surely that only makes it worse?
Well, if Miss Winter's
taking the responsibility,
that's all right, then, isn't it?
Yes, of course it is.
It's a trivial matter.
Oh, thanks.
Er... er... Mr Kurka?
Can we let Jana go?
There's a rabbit outside there,
waiting to take her home.
Of course.
Oh, thank you, Mr Baant.
Yes, yes, it's going to be
a wonderful night for us, isn't it?
Working away here,
while you're dancing your feet off.
If there isn't anybody looking,
you can have some beer, can't you?
- Jana!
- Now off you go, Jana! Go on!
You carry on here.
I'll start on the store room.
Well, come on, Mrs Vvra.
It's got to be finished tonight.
May I come in?
Yes, of course.
You keep things very neatly.
Thank you. I...
I do my best.
About the deficit, Miss Winter...
The till shouldn't be regarded as
a kind of piggy-bank, you know.
I'm sorry.
That won't happen again.
Excessive familiarity among employees
makes it difficult to maintain order.
Must we keep that window closed
in this hot weather?
We have so much stock.
We'll start with coffee and tea.
Yes. I'll get the ledger out.
Gherkins. It's a silly name when
you come to think of it, isn't it?
Gherkins, gherkins, gherkins.
I dunno, sounds like
some sort of gnome, doesn't it?
Well, what's next?
- Jam.
- We're certainly in one!
You've been saying that
for years, Mr Baant.
Now, the cognac.
Two, four, six, um... eight, sixteen,
er... twenty-four.
Oh, I'll count that again.
Two, four, six, um...
eight, sixteen, twenty-four,
thirty-two, thirty-eight.
Expensive spirits don't
sell well, do they?
After all, no-one can afford
French cognac here at 305.
Yes, we don't sell
very many of them.
- Perhaps Mr Vorel should transfer some.
- Thirty-two, thirty-four...
thirty-six, thirty-eight, thirty-nine.
Haven't you made a miscalculation?
I'm sorry. Um...
It's, er...
it's thirty-eight.
That's more like it.
The mistake wasn't exactly
favourable to you.
- Wouldn't you like some coffee?
- No, thank you. We're not in a caf.
I can't make this out.
Is it, um... is it seven or nine?
Oh, it's a seven.
What's wrong?
I don't feel very well.
Thank you.
This will pull you together.
- Did you scald yourself?
- No, it's nothing.
It's an old house.
The fuses are all worn out.
The hell?
Now we've had it!
- Have I gone blind, friends?
- Take a look at the fuses.
Well, how am I going
to do that? Braille?
You're really very different,
aren't you?
What do you mean?
The coffee will stain.
No, please, really.
Don't trouble.
Let me do it.
But it'll dry. It's only coffee.
Good evening!
- Vorel.
- Kurka.
This is our manager.
They told me at Head Office
you were here, sir.
Excuse me.
Tell Mr Baant not to
wreak his vengeance on the fuses.
- There's a main power cut.
- Yes, I will. Thank you.
- You're new here?
- In this district, yes.
I hope Miss Winter's
been looking after you.
We'll finish up in the morning.
At six o'clock, please.
Six o'clock?
The checking must be finished
before you open the shop.
Keys, please.
It's a formality.
Er... glass of vodka?
No, thank you. I don't drink.
- Principle?
- No, ulcers.
Like a drink, Mr Baant?
Mrs Vvra thinks I'm TT.
Only tea!
My tongue's like a fire brick!
May I escort you?
Of course.
Good night, Mr Kurka.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Night, Alena.
- Good night, Mr Vorel.
Well, see you at dawn.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Funny.
- What is?
Baant does the same job as me,
and people like him.
Well, I'm sure you've
no enemies, Mr Kurka.
People spill coffee over me.
- Is it dry now?
- Mm-hmm.
Of course.
- Are you going this way?
- Um... no, I go this way.
- I must rush. Good night.
- Good night.
- Evening.
- Evening.
Five sausages, please.
There you are.
- When did the lights come on?
- The lights?
They haven't been off.
That's funny.
- Good evening.
- Hello.
Have you got it?
You ought to devote
more time to this.
In mathematics, there is order.
Yes, I know.
X plus Y, bracket,
equals, bracket,
C minus R, bracket.
Minus four C.
Oh, I know that I'm
a complete idiot,
and that I've always been
a failure in your eyes!
But I am grateful.
I am very grateful...
for everything.
You're late.
What's the matter?
Nothing. One of my...
Why don't you see a doctor?
There's nothing wrong with me.
Ah, leave me alone.
Well, I think that's
a bout enough, Miss Winter.
What's the matter?
I was just thinking of
Mrs Vvra's face if she came in.
That's not funny.
Turn the light on.
No. No.
What's the matter?
I think we were
stupid to take the risk.
But you said they wouldn't
be back for a week.
- Yes, I know, but...
- Well, nobody saw us come up.
Go on.
Turn the light on.
I can make love to you,
but I'm not allowed
to look at you.
Just like my mother was
with my father.
If I didn't love you,
I'd laugh at you.
Do you love me?
Come here and let me prove it.
That proves nothing.
Why are you always so guilty?
Anybody would think it was a crime.
Hello, Vra. Still working?
Why don't you take a rest?
Well, shall we all go
to the Riviera?
Yes, now. Leave everything!
I've nothing better to do.
- Vra?
- Mm-hmm?
I need that money.
Why? What's up?
I can't tell you.
All of it?
- Yes.
- Hmm.
You're out of your mind.
I haven't got it. I'm broke.
I thought you said next year?
- Yes, I know, but I've got to have it. I...
- Sssh!
Vra, look.
I've got to have it.
Shouldn't have lent it.
I told you so at the time,
if you remember.
Well, what about Emil?
You can try him.
I'd rather you asked him.
Pass me the laundry.
I didn't realise it before,
but you're afraid of him, aren't you?
You're in a spot.
You want a man.
Someone who can help you.
Vra, you know I wouldn't ask you
if I didn't really need it.
This heat!
It's getting me down.
Everything is.
Try Emil.
He's always had a soft spot for you.
You know, by the time
I've finished with you,
I can promise your husband
simply won't recognise you.
- You take a...
- Emil?
Hello, sweetheart!
Want a hairdo?
Excuse me, my sister-in-law.
What about a massage over there?
Behind the curtain, of course.
That goes without saying.
Emil, can you spare a minute, please?
Nice dress! Really beautiful.
You know, I can't think why
I married your sister
when I could have married you.
- It takes money to dress like you.
- Emil, you know...
I haven't got time for this.
I need help.
Here, Mavis.
Look, please don't get the ends
too dry so they'll curl well.
Excuse me. Here.
Excuse me.
I need money.
You're not the only one
who needs money. How much?
- Two and a half thousand.
- Right now?
To earn that sort of cash,
you'd have to go on the streets.
I've got some here that'll do.
It's not a lot, that's all.
It leaves me skint.
- Hello, hello, hello! What's going on here?
- Go on, buzz off. Is it enough?
- Thank you.
- So that's Alena.
- Yes, Alena. So what?
- Ooh, lush!
Lush or not, they're all alike.
Once you're hooked, there's a noose
round your neck for the rest of your life.
You'll find out soon enough.
You've a proper harem.
And my wife has only a brother.
That high.
You're better off that way.
It's me.
How are you?
I'll warm you up.
Oh, by the way, um...
it's better not to ring me at home
because Karel keeps
picking up the telephone
and then it's rather awkward.
I had to.
Had to?
It's usually me who can't wait.
I used to enjoy being
independent, but, well...
now I think I need you too much.
There's nowhere to go.
You've got the keys.
For the shop? It's very risky.
Please, Milan.
We'll have to be very careful.
Somebody coming.
I thought you'd never ring me.
Don't touch me.
So, I won't touch you.
Got the list?
Kurka's sharp. He'll find out.
- Mmm, yeah, we'll fix it.
- We?
Suit yourself.
I'm here, aren't I?
Oh, in time.
Don't be so damn touchy.
Have you asked yourself
why I'm here?
'Cause you're involved, sweetie.
You promised you'd
put the stuff back.
I was going to.
I know.
Hey, it's mine.
- It's a good colour.
- Yes, I like it.
Get in, I'll give you
a run round the block.
Did you get the money?
This is all I could get.
Thank you.
Good, I can get the rest.
- Has it come through yet?
- Has what come through yet?
My transfer to another shop.
Oh, yeah. No, I said it's with
the Head Office. It's up to them.
- You did pass it on?
- Look, I said I did.
The sooner I'm away
from you, the better.
Okay, lovely.
Am I so bad?
Weren't we happy?
I mean, it's middle age
creeping on you. You get restless.
You want something more.
Most married women
give up, you know.
Before their men do, or after?
Before we get out of this little lot.
You know, it was very funny watching
you mopping away at his pants.
Kurka by candlelight!
What would you have done if the
lights hadn't gone out conveniently?
Fairies turned 'em off.
- You?
- Mm-hmm.
Have you got it?
Friendship, that's what I like to see.
You can always tell people
who were in the Resistance together.
It's a sort of a... well, like a brother,
really, if you know what I mean.
Look, baby, I've got some beautiful
etchings I'd love to show you,
and I'm sure you'd enjoy it,
if you'd only just come with me. Look...
I say, it's quite nearby,
because it's just to the first...
- When will I get it back?
- The end of next month.
I might be buried.
I'll send you a lovely wreath.
Did.. did you get enough?
Yeah. Always keep a few people
who owe you a favour.
Let 'em think you've forgotten.
Pays off in the end.
You didn't take more than
you told me about, did you?
No, just twelve bottles.
Come on, what do you think I am?
I don't know why we
import this French stuff anyway.
A week's wages for a bottle of cognac.
I'd sooner drink gripe water.
Anything else, please?
Um... have you any Martell, please?
- Yes, madam.
- Three, please.
- Three?
- It's for grandma.
She's really knocking it back.
Ninety-seven in November!
Oh, very well, sir.
Anything more?
Er... one bottle of Black and White.
Grandad is a Scotch Nationalist.
- I'm afraid we're out of Black and White.
- It has to be Black and White!
Would you like Johnnie Walker?
They get choosy after ninety.
Oh, come on, come on, sir.
Anything else?
Look, why don't you go home?
I can do this on my own.
- No.
- You don't have to prove anything.
I'm coming with you.
All right, okay.
Open the door. Whisky!
Oh, come on, look, you've only
just shut. Open the door!
Ah, you're not deaf.
Look, it's accurate!
Open the door!
What's the matter with you? Ah...
Open the door!
The miserable old...
What now?
There's another place
just along the street.
Oh, and try not to look as though
you've just committed a murder.
You're giving me the shakes.
But I haven't done anything
like this before.
Don't worry,
it's easier than adultery.
Jirka not back?
Feel better?
You don't like him.
I suppose...
'cause he's yours?
He's my son.
Of course I like him.
Well, why can't you
damn well show it?
Has he shown me anything?
I'm going to bed.
She got a chill
in the winter, poor little darling.
I had a terrible time with her.
She was really very ill.
Her nose was quite dry,
- and her eyes were all closed up.
- Ssh!
I had to bathe her
three times a day.
Really, she hasn't been the same since,
and neither have I.
And all because you spoil her.
I don't spoil her.
But one gets to love one's little dog.
They're so sweet.
I'd give her a good hiding.
A poorly dog needs proper care.
Just as you and I do when we're ill.
But it's "Selina, my dear,"
and "Selina, my darling."
Why don't you call her Spot
and treat her like a real dog?
Come on.
Strike a match.
It's only the refrigerator.
Oh, the fridge.
Alena, pass the bottle.
Alena, pass the bottle.
What's the matter with you?
Come on, what's the matter with you?
What's the matter with you?
Hmm? Come on.
Are you awake, hmm?
What is the matter?
There is something.
You would have got yourself
a woman years ago.
Don't be ridiculous.
A book? Go to sleep.
I can't sleep while you're awake.
Well, two hours to sleep.
One and a half.
Aren't you glad? It's all over.
Well, aren't you? Hmm?
The cognac, yes.
I... I wasn't thinking of that.
What's the matter?
This time, I...
I feel obscene.
Maybe you ought to pay me.
Well, it wasn't exactly rape.
But we had some good times, didn't we?
Two women are a strain,
though, aren't they?
Good night.
Good night.
- Morning.
- Morning.
The birds were still snoring
when I woke up this morning.
So was my landlady.
And I've got indigestion.
And you, I suppose you
were out half the night
with that pimply-faced rabbit
of yours, dancing, eh?
- No!
- That's youth for you.
Miss Winter's very late, isn't she?
Ah, it's not six o'clock yet.
Oh well, back to the gherkins.
Going to be another scorcher today.
I'm going for a swim at lunchtime.
It's fine for you, isn't it?
We shall have to stay here and fry.
Fat men are supposed to float,
but not Mr Kurka and I.
- We shall sink to the bottom.
- The keys.
Oh, Mrs Vvra,
come here a minute, will you?
- I want to check that rice again.
- All right.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I thought you weren't coming.
It's only five minutes.
- Morning, Rosa. Morning, Mr Baant.
- Morning.
- Good morning, Janey.
- Call if you want me, Mr Kurka.
He's a bit sharp, but I
don't dislike it in a man.
Well, he's new,
after all, you know.
He'll settle down.
It's cool in here.
And quiet.
I like the early morning.
I was brought up in the country.
Am I boring you?
Sorry, I didn't sleep well last night.
Neither did I.
I hear you've applied for a transfer.
Aren't you happy here?
Well, it isn't that.
I... I live with my sister, and...
well, she really needs the room.
My new digs will be miles away, and...
I hate a long journey to work.
you're not married, then?
I don't mean to be personal.
I don't think I'm cut out for it.
No, it's not easy.
Where would you like to start?
Mr Baant!
Mr Baant!
He doesn't like to be
left alone with the ladies!
So I suggest we start right away.
Now, if Miss Winter
will kindly check the ledger,
Mr Baant will go through the
inventory of the wines and spirits.
Damn nuisance, aren't they?
Oh, I'm sure it isn't necessary
checking up on people.
Oh, well...
Oh, wait a minute. They're a bit
tight packed here, just a bit.
We'll have to bring some of these
down to the lower shelf.
Alena, take these,
move them down to a lower shelf.
- Can I come in?
- Of course.
Well, that's done it!
That'll cost you three hundred crowns.
That was clumsy, Mr Baant.
However, this time we'll write it off.
Well, it breaks your heart, doesn't it?
Twenty crowns a drop.
Almost makes you want to lick it up.
That's funny.
You taste it.
Mr Vorel,
you try it.
I don't understand.
It mu... must be cognac.
That's impossible.
What do you say to this?
I... I don't know. I...
I've no idea.
Mr Baant,
give me another bottle.
Check the lot.
Cognac, whisky, the lot.
Well, look... you...
I don't understand.
It must be cognac!
It must be cognac!
I know it is!
I suggest you go and lie down
for a moment in the office.
Look, nobody's blaming you.
I don't understand.
I've... I've known her for years.
She's... she's always been
absolutely trustworthy.
Bit of practice, you'll be good.
Oh, I wish we could do this
every weekend.
Hey, look! A bite!
Got it!
It's a big one.
- Supper.
- Let it go.
- I'd have grilled it.
- Yes, I know.
Can you get me the maggots?
Ooh, I hate touching these maggots.
You don't really like me, do you?
What makes you think that?
Well, you know.
You love me, but...
you don't really like me.
Don't I?
I'm gonna get a divorce.
I want to live with you properly.
You never will.
I mean it.
Yes, you mean it.
Well, that's it.
79 bottles filled with tea,
12 genuine.
Somebody's made themselves
a small fortune.
How much is Courvoisier?
Er... 325 crowns.
What's behind those crates?
That's the door to the yard.
Hasn't been opened for years.
You didn't tell me
there was another door.
Well, I didn't know there was.
I don't understand it.
Why didn't he take the lot
when he was about it?
That's what I should have done.
It's a lot of money.
Who's responsible?
Well, as manager, I am.
And who's responsible to you?
Well, everybody in the shop's
responsible to me.
I mean, it could be anybody.
It could be Mrs Vvra, Janey...
I can't for the life of me
think it could be Alena.
I mean, she's... she's always been
so sort of efficient, so...
so honest.
You're very loyal, Mr Vorel.
Now, let's continue.
It's hot and close today,
and my heart doesn't usually take
kindly to this sort of weather, you know.
Another scalp, eh?
That's four, isn't it?
- The sixth.
- Hmm.
Well, if you'll take my advice,
in these circumstances
you'll have to be pretty tough.
Our best shop!
This really is rather a mess.
Well, you're certainly doing
a thorough job, but seriously...
Thank you.
Seriously, you've got me looking
for thieves under every counter.
- Do you smoke?
- No, thank you.
Look, I didn't make this up.
These are the bare facts.
Look, Kurka,
I want your opinion.
Naturally, I'm not trying
to influence you, but...
do we have to bring in
the big guns?
Like lawyers, police, court?
She's a woman, for heaven's sake.
Maybe she's got kids.
What do we know about her?
Well, if you ask me,
this affair doesn't exactly
throw a rosy light on the Head Office.
Just a moment, Kurka. Everything
you say may be perfectly true.
Never mind about that. I think,
this time, we ought to be lenient.
Of course, there's no room
for personal feelings.
Take the human angle
on any criminal, and you're done for.
Father drank, mother preferred
her elder son, and so on and so on.
No, you might well feel sorry for him,
but you have to condemn him.
- Mm-hmm.
- But, if you want to handle
this case in your own way,
then, of course...
do so.
Oh, hello.
Is Mr Kurka at home?
- Yes. Come in.
- Thank you.
Hello, Dad.
There's a lady here to see you.
Good evening.
- Clear the table.
- Right.
Sit down, please.
I take it you wanted
to speak to me?
I came because I, er...
How did the tea get in those bottles?
It's... it's...
difficult for me to say.
Come, now.
Tell me everything.
You see...
you see, I thought if...
if I could explain to you...
There's no need to explain.
It's out of my hands now.
This deficit...
it's much more
than many people's wages
for a whole year.
Excuse me, please.
- Who's she?
- Come on, now.
What does she want?
What does she want?
- It couldn't possibly interest you.
- Why?
- Please! Er... excuse me.
- I just want my damn pills!
- Give it to me. Give it to me!
- Sit down.
I'm sorry, I should have
gone straight away.
Oh, that's all right.
But you won't tell me
the facts, so I...
I don't know how I can help you.
You see... when you
first came to the shop, I...
Doesn't matter.
Sorry to have disturbed you.
I've been looking all over for you.
What have you been doing up there?
- Nothing.
- Nothing? What do you mean, nothing?
It was pointless.
I've been worried sick.
Have you...
have you been saying anything to him?
What if I did?
Once Kurka bites,
he never lets go.
Er... I want to talk to you.
- There's nothing to say.
- I must talk to you. Please!
Look, you know what would happen
if they thought it was me? A manager?
I'd get three years.
If... if they thought it was you
you'd... you'd be all right.
You'd only get probation.
Look, I've got a lot of friends.
I'll get you another job.
- I've spoken to a lawyer about it. He's...
- Did you?
Ah, now, come on! Be reasonable!
Well, you wanted
a transfer, didn't you?
Yes, yes, I did.
Well, what do you want, then?
A lot of trouble for me,
or just a bit of trouble for yourself?
Look, don't you think
I feel badly about this?
I... I...
I don't know what you feel.
Well, you were the one who
broke it off, not me.
Alena, look, I've...
Alena, I love you.
You gave me more than she ever gave me,
in that wretched house. I was...
Ah, now, come on. Stop this.
- Don't...
- Didn't we mean something to each other?
Ah, you miserable bitch.
You wallow in self-pity!
You just enjoy it!
Alena, wait!
Alena, come on, now! Be reasonable!
Alena. Alena!
Why all the temperament?
I haven't done anything.
Look, they can search my place.
I'm not the one
with the car and the money.
- What's this? Revenge?
- No.
After all, you did it.
You gonna tell Kurka?
You'll pay for that.
Me? Or my children?
You should have
thought of them before.
Come on!
What a day!
What a mess! Tonda said this place
was a bit untidy, and he was right.
Mind the ladder.
You want a drink?
Dead Man.
Hey, how do I look?
Sexy eyes.
I bet I'm your 114th
assistant manageress.
At this rate, you'll miss your train.
They'll all be waiting for you.
Leave my family out of this, will you?
When I get home, I'll tell her
I'm going to get a divorce.
- Not again.
- Well, what's the matter?
Aren't you pleased? Huh?
- You're a fool.
- Oh, charming!
That's... that's a great
start to the morning.
I don't want to marry you,
and I never believed
you wanted to marry me.
Ah, come on, now.
You're desperate to get married.
Show me a woman who isn't.
You mean any woman who'd
want to marry you, don't you?
I wouldn't have married you
if you'd been free in the first place.
Well, if you listen to me,
it wouldn't have killed Alena
to look after the children
while Grandma's ill,
instead of us having to traipse
all the way down there,
and Grandma having to be up
perhaps all hours of the night
if either of them wants anything.
You know what they're like:
one wants a glass of water, the other...
Oh, shut up.
You'll wake the neighbours.
Ah, the neighbours!
What do I care about the neighbours?
Anyway, I was talking
about Jarda before,
and I said to him,
"Look at the chances I had!
- "Why, I had the world at my feet!"
- You missed a lot, didn't you, huh?
Ah, you're just like
your sister Alena.
- Little madam...
- I'm not blind.
You'd have her on her back
if she gave you the chance.
Oh, rubbish. You're always
on at me about something.
What's the matter with you?
What's biting you these days?
Why don't you go to your doctor and
have it out with him? I don't know!
She's embarrassed
by the way you talk to her.
Oh, get away!
She knows I'm only teasing.
She doesn't take me seriously.
You and your family!
Can't find the blasted key!
- Oh, shut up.
- Look at this door. Not even a keyhole!
Looks like the keys are inside.
This is wonderful.
Coming back at this time of night
and not being able to...
- Hey, what's that smell?
- What?
The kids! Oh, God!
Ah, stop raving. We took 'em
to Granny, didn't we?
- But Alena's in there.
- Huh?
- We can ring.
- Do you want to blow this whole place up?
- What are you going to do?
- Alena!
We should have given her back
the money she lent us.
Oh, cut the hysterics
and help, will you?
- What's the matter?
- I told you to...
All right. Alena! Alena!
Well, will you...
What's the noise out here?
I can't rest!
Shut up!
Alena, open the door, will you?
Vra! Vra, get a doctor!
Good morning.
Something wrong?
Inspector, this is
Mr Kurka from our Head Office.
- May I show him this letter?
- Certainly.
Is she dead?
She's in the hospital.
Mr Vorel,
she wrote it to you.
I am the manager.
I didn't believe it was her,
but this letter admits everything,
so you were right.
She was in a bad way
when she left the shop.
She didn't come back again
in the afternoon.
It must have preyed
on her mind all day.
These are trivial reasons.
Obviously, it wasn't trivial to her.
I am not a psychologist.
You don't have to be a psychologist.
You just have to be human.
It always seemed to me
she was a very lonely person.
She'd have been alive still
if one of us had given her a thought.
Do you mean me?
Well, someone's to blame.
You've nothing
to blame yourself for, Mr Kurka.
You did your duty.
You take over, Mr Baant.
I'm asking to be put with
somebody else, the next job.
I'm not saying it's anybody's fault.
I don't know.
It's too much.
She hasn't
regained consciousness
since she was admitted
late last night.
She's in this room.
Come in.
Now, let's see...
95 over 50 blood pressure.
- Breathing?
- 36.
Might be worse.
Might be better.
Patients who do come round
always say they had
the most beautiful dreams.
They don't deserve 'em.
Has she a chance, doctor?
At very best,
a fifty-fifty chance, I'd say.
Ah, Kurka.
Be back in a minute.
It's a nasty case, Kurka.
I hope she'll recover
from it, poor girl.
Silly thing to go and do,
and all for a few bottles.
- Anything new?
- Erm...
an idea...
it wasn't Miss Winter
who was really responsible.
What on earth do you mean, Kurka?
Helen, get me the complete files
of that case, would you?
I'm surprised at you, Kurka.
You've always said that
a man of law shouldn't be influenced
by imagination
or personal feelings.
Thank you.
Now, this'll remind me...
Report... ah!
You wrote it yourself.
Deficit statement...
and, er... police notes...
a copy of a letter
admitting everything...
motive facts...
Perfect case, I would say.
Perhaps she...
protected someone?
Well, you can't think it's Vorel.
I don't know yet.
But he has the
best qualifications now.
- Yes.
- I really couldn't believe
a thing like that of him.
- Look, allegations: no.
- Yes.
You know perfectly well
if she hadn't tried to kill herself,
you wouldn't have given her
a moment's thought.
Perhaps you, er...
you also knew her personally?
Well, um... I know this sort of thing
shakes one up,
Four years ago, I had
a case of embezzlement.
The man hanged himself.
Well, somebody has to do the job.
If you'll excuse me, I must go.
Is there something else?
Please, I'd like to be
relieved of this post.
Oh, Kurka, you're not serious?
No, no, I... no, I... I don't think
I'm the right man for this work.
It must be the weather.
A bit of a holiday,
that's what you need.
Your leave's due, right?
We'll talk about it
when you get back,
so don't give it another thought.
Helen, take these down to the
legal department, would you?
And don't worry so much!
Good evening.
He spoils everything.
Hello, Dad.
Will you have a drink?
Thank you.
Come on, let's go!
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Milan, there's someone to see you.
- Hello. What can I do for you?
- Do come in.
Can we talk a moment?
Ah, yes, erm...
- Can I get you some coffee?
- No, thank you.
Er... what can I do?
Anything about checking,
or about Alena?
Daddy, where are you?
I came...
on impulse.
Well, surely you can say
why you came?
Not now.
But, er...
no doubt, some other time.
Just a moment.
I'm sorry. Goodbye.
- Now, come to the office...
- Doctor, there's a call for you.
Oh, yes. Pardon me.
She died half an hour ago.
Who's that speaking?
Who are you, please?
That's the fourth time he rang.
You've guessed, she's dead.
I don't believe she ever
really meant to do it.
That's the tragedy.
She wouldn't have had time
if her sister had come home
when she said she would.
We did everything we could.
- Morning.
- Morning.
You should have finished
the sweeping by now, Jana.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
The new girl's upstairs,
waiting for you.
Oh, good, that'll be Miss Marek.
Good morning! My name's Vorel.
I'm the manager. Let me help you.
- It's very kind of you.
- Oh, no, no, no. They're very heavy.
Where shall I put them?
- Just... just over there.
- Good.
Very good with white wine.
Do you like white wine, Miss Marek?
Mrs Marek.
And I prefer red.
I'm sorry.
I'm divorced.
Well, you don't look...