Ninja Apocalypse (2014) Movie Script

[sirens blaring]
[Reporter] Rioters have
filled in the streets-
[Reporter Z) - - - it's
the fourth wave of riots-
[Reporter 3] This evening martial law
has been declared
throughout the country.
No one shall be allowed
to enter the streets.
The assembly of go vernors
have declared war is imminent.
[bird call]
[bird call]
[bird call]
Scouts from the Uroku
Kingdom mapping our land.
And their preparation
has begun.
Gather all the clans.
It's time.
Cage of the Lost Clan,
the Ninja Council
requests your presence
for a peace summit
at the Warlord's Temple
in the Great
Eastern Mountains.
Choose four of your
finest to accompany you.
They should have honor
and live by the Code.
For it will be they who help usher
in a new era of peace among our kind.
A new age that will provide safety
and security for our families.
So, bring your strongest,
your smartest,
your fiercest,
and your most talented.
May your journey
be swift.
[engine stalls]
[engine starts]
There we go.
And may wisdom
be your guide.
Remember, this
is a peace summit.
Leave your
weapons behind.
The education system
of our ancestors
was they actually had to go
into a room and read stuff.
Yeah, nothing was
downloadable back then.
They had to go
and memorize things.
Is that Becker?
This doesn't look good.
Keep them close,
and stay by me.
What about our weapons?
It's a peace
summit, guys.
Fumitaka must be hard up
if he's invited
the... Lost Clan.
Tell me,
is it that
you've lost your way
or lost your honor?
This is a peace summit.
The Lost Honor Clan makes
much more sense to me now.
It's the big deaf
and dumb guy.
How is life
with the honorless?
Feel more
at home there?
Answer me,
you big freak.
Honor the Code.
Your code.
What they say about you
is only partly right.
I know the truth.
You are a liar
and a coward.
No fighting. We're
here for a peace summit.
You must put your
petty differences aside.
Master Fumitaka
has ordered it.
of the Lost Clan.
How have you been?
Come on.
It's time to flourish.
Master Fumitaka will be
very pleased to see you.
It's been way
too long, brother.
No weapons
in the bunker.
Relinquish them.
Who's Captain Uptight
over there? Hiroshi.
We trained together
under Master Fumitaka.
He was chosen
as a Master's second.
Over you?
I guess you can't be given
everything, can you, little brother?
How far down
does this thing go?
These old bunkers sometimes
went 100 floors down.
Thousands of feet
into the earth.
People lived down here
after the Great War.
Protected them
from the fallout.
Only the 20th floor?
I usually like my peace
summits at least 50 floors down.
No one has ever come back
from the lower floors alive.
Follow me.
Clan leaders,
I am honored
to present to you
our revered master,
Fellow ninja warriors.
Look at
Leaders of the great clans
standing side by side.
Each powerful
in his own right.
Each unique
with his own gift'-
The Southern Clan
with their fire-throwers.
The haunting Specters
of the Eastern Sea.
Mighty Desert Dragons
with an even mightier bite.
The Sirens with their deadly
yet irresistible allure.
Even the mysterious
Lost Clan
has come from afar.
Brothers and sisters,
I come to you
with grave news
that threatens
our very way of life.
We must come together
as one clan today.
[crowd booing
and complaining]
I declare
a year of truce.
No clan may harm
another clan.
No ninja may harm
another ninja.
Violation of this truce
will be punishable
by death.
He was caught
scouting our woods.
The Uroku Kingdom
is building an army.
They will attack soon.
One by one
we would have fallen.
But, my brothers
and sisters,
together as one clan,
we are unbeatable.
We are bound
by the Code.
Code of the Clan.
Who will stand
with me?
[crowd chanting] Fumitaka. Fumitaka.
Fumitaka. Fumitaka. Fumitaka.
On this day,
let the peace
begin now.
Fumitaka. Fumitaka. Fumitaka.
It was that one.
From the Lost Clan.
It was him. Isaw him throw it.
I saw it
with my own eyes.
The one called Cage.
Get us the hell
out of here.
Grab them.
Take them down.
[electrical burst]
Get out of here.
[soft click]
Let's go.
Looks like we're a few
weapons short.
Grab their weapons.
Let's keep moving.
My kind
of peace summit.
Master Hiroshi, you cannot
ignore three witnesses.
Cage must pay
for this.
Bring me Cage... alive.
The clan that captures
him, will be rewarded.
Bring these men
their weapons.
What was that?
I don't know.
I didn't see it.
[soft hissing]
There's something
out there.
Get in the light.
I'm going to learn
that from you one day.
[door opens]
Surge, Surge, Surge, Surge. Surge.
It's an illusion.
(Cage) Surge, we're still
200 feel' underground.
Any bright ideas now,
little brother?
Power count.
I spent all mine getting
us off the summit floor.
Barely time
to make a blue spark.
Did anyone get a look
at the assassin?
No. It all happened
so fast.
It's got to be Becker.
How could it be Becker?
You look nothing alike.
The look on Becker's face right after.
Like he knew it was going to happen.
Well, who would want
Fumitaka dead anyways?
It's Becker.
He doesn't want peace.
He wants us gone.
He kills Fumitaka
and then blames me.
Gives him the excuse to finally
take our entire village out
while putting him in tight
with the new regime.
Two birds, one stone.
If you turn yourself in,
they'll let the rest of us go.
I doubt that. It's
worth a shot, isn't i2'?
We're just waiting
to die down here.
Your loyalty
is appreciated.
You got us into this mess
coming to this ridiculous summit.
Surge, you're acting
like an idiot.
Oh, I'm an idiot, huh?
I'm an idiot?
Look where it's gotten
us to, huh? Surge.
How is he going to
hold this clan together?
Well, at least I'll
be drunk when we die.
We'll stay alive by the Code.
Your Code is dead and so are we.
Our Code
is a commitment.
To the clan. The village. Each other.
This isn't about us.
About whether we live.
It's about whether
our wives live,
our children live,
our clan lives.
The Code
is bigger than me.
Bigger than us.
we... must be
bigger than us.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Let's split up.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
We'll never find
each other.
We've got to cover
more ground.
All right,
let's split up.
But remember this spot.
Get back here in 15.
[lockers crash]
Two on one? I guess the odds are even.
[breathing heavily]
Find anything?
Six guarding
a staircase.
Must lead somewhere
they don't want us to go.
Picked up some presents
for you. Where's Mar?
[sword clanks]
[loud clank]
[Mar screaming]
Mar, guardian
of clan and family.
Your heart
beat with bravery.
Your blood
flowed with sacrifice.
Your death
defined honor.
Peace, my friend.
Peace and honor
in the worlds to come.
Grab whatever you can.
We're leaving in ten.
Hey, Trillion.
[breathing heavily]
You're going
to make it.
We're all
going to make it.
Your brother.
Can you trust him
with Sky?
They're awfully close.
Been close ever since Sky came to us.
Oh, Sky
wasn't born to us.
He was
from Becker's clan.
When they discovered
he couldn't hear or speak,
they cast him out.
Sky wandered all the way over
to the far territory to us,
back when my father was
still master of our clan.
Dad took him in,
placed him with a family
that could raise him,
and he's been loyal to me
and my brother ever since.
He won't fight
against us.
They've killed
two of my men,
one of the Dragons, and at
least five of your guards.
Where are they now?
They were last seen
near the elevator.
Which elevator?
The elevator.
[door creaks]
Get back.
[fire ball whizzing]
Give it up and I'll
let your men go free.
[fire ball whizzing]
That is not an option.
We're not getting
through this way.
We're going to have
to go back.
They're not advancing.
They're trying to block us.
There must be an exit
behind that door.
From behind.
Do your men know
that you killed Fumitaka?
Three witnesses
saw you do it.
Why would I
kill him, huh?
You're bitter, Cage.
He chose Hiroshi
over you.
Your men
doubt you, Becker.
They know
you're behind this.
I wouldn't close
my eyes tonight.
If your men are smart, they'll
take care of you themselves.
Where are
your men now?
You want to see the Lost Clan?
I'll show you the Lost Clan.
Fall in.
Get them.
Hey, here it is.
Let's go.
Come on.
Check the bags
for weapons.
I got some
throwing knives.
And black powder.
For making fireballs.
Highly explosive.
No throwing stars.
They're fire-throwers.
Do your homework.
I don't think
I like your tone.
[loud clanking]
[electricity sizzling]
What's that?
[loud clank]
[loud crash]
[men groaning]
No. No, no, no, no.
God, this isn't good.
How do you call the elevator? You don't.
What the hell is that supposed to
mean? It's a decoy. Iz' only goes down.
Whoever built' this place, put
them in, so anyone trying to escape
would end up way the hell down here.
There must be another way out of here.
[unsheathes sword]
Another way out?
It's all your fault.
Back off.
I should've turned you in
when I had the chance.
I should've left you
at home.
Let him go, Surge.
I am the older son.
Father should've never
put you in charge.
[Cage grunts]
You should be
taking orders from me.
You'd be dead
without me.
[electrical burst]
No, you're wasting it.
None of us are going to
have power until tomorrow.
[electricity sizzles]
You're killing
each other.
You're killing us.
Power count.
Power count.
I'm spent.
How about you, Surge? You
saved some for us, right?
You thought of the clan,
right? Yeah,Igot something left.
You wasted it.
We will stick together.
There's no other way out but together.
Let's go.
I hope
you're hearing this.
I have evidence
proving your innocence.
But I have to prove it
to the other clans.
They want blood,
and I can't hold them off
for too long.
You've got
to make it back here.
There are two exit elevators locate-
Cage, I hope
you're hearing this.
I have evidence-
No, no, no, no.
What elevators?
But I have to prove it
to the other clans.
They want blood,
and I can't hold them off
for too long.
You've got
to make it back here.
That's just great.
You broke it.
Hey, hey.
Let's just keep moving.
Cage, I hope
you're hearing this.
I have evidence
proving your innocence.
But I have to prove it
to the other clans.
They want blood,
and I can't hold them off
for too long.
You've got
to make it back-
Holy hell.
What's that smell?
It's been
so many years.
The air must have
preserved the flesh.
It's almost like-
[yelling] Get it off me. Get it off me.
You got to get me
out of here, man.
Get me out of here.
We stay together.
We'll find a way out.
It's okay.
You okay?
Just relax.
What the hell?
Let's get out of here.
Secure the door.
No, no,
no, no, no.
Shut up.
Why are we stopping?
[zombies grunting]
[banging continues]
[banging stops]
Okay, okay.
It's okay.
All right,
let's have a look.
Anybody got
some water?
We need to wrap that.
Give me your belt.
Here we go.
You're going
to make it.
We're all going
to make it.
I don't know
about you guys,
but zombie killing
makes me hungry.
Come on. Let's get the hell back home.
Here it is.
Start it up.
Come on.
It's not working.
Come on.
Get on it.
I don't know this system,
you guys. I can't do this.
Come on.
I got it.
Come on, let's go.
Here we go.
Let's go.
(Trillion) Get back in here. Let's go.
(Trillion) There's too
many. The gate won '2' close.
Come on.
(Trillion) Cage, it's too late. No. Sky.
We can't save him.
It's over.
No, no.
No, Sky,
Sky, no.
I'm unarmed.
You can check for
yourself if you'd like.
You want to know who
killed Fumitaka, don't you?
Tell me.
You look like you could use some rest
and attention.
You have no idea.
No weapons.
This was the Warlord's
private apartment.
Fully stocked
by Fumitaka.
It has everything
you could ever want.
Medical supplies.
Private exits.
Private bedrooms.
It was Becker,
wasn't it?
Is that what
you want me to say?
Do you not remember?
Remember what?
The answers
are all
right... in there.
[muted chanting]
It can't be.
You're just tired.
You need to drink.
What have you done?
Just relax.
Find the exit.
Come on.
Leaving without
saying goodbye?
Now, that's
just rude.
No need to rush home.
Everyone in your village will
be dead before you get there.
All the clans
have been sent.
Bye-bye, Lost Clan.
[Siren screaming]
We made it.
You're going
to make it.
You're going
to be all right.
Hold on. Please, please,
please, please, brother.
Stay with me.
Just hold on.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Please, brother.
Stay with me.
I need your help.
L... need you, brother.
I can't do this alone.
Father chose
the right son.
This will slow down
the poison.
Now rest.
You put up
quite a fight.
I didn't think
you had it in you.
The assassination,
I know you didn't do it.
What a revelation.
Are you finally
admitting your guilt?
Three witnesses
saw you.
They saw
an illusion.
Do it, you coward.
Kill me.
Who is headed
to my village?
What village?
Who killed Fumitaka?
You did.
Didn't you?
Where are we?
Home, Surge.
The poison
is moving again.
We need to get you back
to the village now.
Okay, I'll be back
in a second.
[water running]
Reveal yourself.
Every clan has
their secret weapon.
But I have the most
powerful one of them all.
[muted chanting]
You killed
our master.
Why? When did you become so naive?
You have no honor.
No respect for the Code.
I live
by my own code.
You had everything.
No, I had nothing.
Master Fumitaka
always loved you most.
I knew you would
always be my enemy.
Fumitaka chose you.
Only because
I made it so.
When we were young,
my deceit was subtle.
Master Fumitaka seeing
you steal an apple
or hearing you tell
a little white lie.
Before long, he
couldn't quite trust you.
That made him very sad.
It broke his poor
little heart.
Needless to say, I started
looking very promising to him.
He gave you everything.
I waited years
to take over the clan.
But our beloved Fumitaka
decided to call
for peace,
bring you and all the
others back into the fold.
I intercepted
his message.
He was going to make you his second.
Seeing you as master
of the Lost Clan,
upholding the Code
so well.
made me vomit.
That is why now
you must die.
Cage of the Lost Clan,
you are a great warrior
and an honorable ninja.
of the Southern Clan,
I promise you your
homeland will be protected.
Don't protect us.
Respect us.
Come on, brother.
Let's go home.