Ninja III: The Domination (1984) Movie Script

Hey you guys give me a hand will ya?
What the hell do you think you're doing, huh?
Hold it!
Watch it!
Get out! Get out!
Run! Run!
Run! Come on, come on!
No! You son of a..
Oh my god.
Rachel, this is Dan. Tenth hole. There's been a murder -
you better get the cops out here, quick!
All West Side units: Possible 4-51 at municipal golf course.
Respond immediately.
Copy. 4-51 at the golf course. Let's go!
Get the gun. Off the son of a bitch!
All units. All Units. We have a 10-20.
At Western Lake municipal golf course.
Proceed with caution. I repeat: Proceed with caution. Over.
10-4 we're on our way.
There he is!
Hold your fire. I don't anyone to hit that chopper.
Hold on, I'll get him!
Call the paramedics in here!
Get these two out of the water!
He must be in the water. Look out.
Hey over here!
There he goes!
You guys hurry up!
You guys come on down here..
Come on over here. Hurry up!
I've got him. I've got him. He's right here!
Look out!
Got him!
What's going on?
Where'd he go? Where the hell did he go?
Weren't he just here?
He was standing right here..
Let's find this dude! Come on!
Spread out. Let's get him!
Let's go. Come on.
I'm fuckin' outta here. Dammit, stay together man.
There's a fever running through my heart and soul
So hungry for someone to take me home
Love Bites
I can taste it in the night
I need a lover
Love Bites
I've got to feed my appetite
Find me a lover
I've been waiting
For the striking of the match of love
Someone who'll take me
Off my feet and to the heat of desire
How much longer can I keep on holding on?
Someone come and rescue me
I'm almost gone
Hey! Are you alright?
Do you need any help?
Oh god!
[Speaking japanese]
[Speaking japanese]
[Speaking japanese]
You didn't see any kind of a weapon?
Not even a gun or a knife?
Lying nearby maybe?
I told you. He was dead when I found him.
But are you sure?
I didn't examine him. I'm not a paramedic for christ sakes.
What is this anyway?
Calm down.
Now, this man murdered a very important scientist -
killed security guards, police men -
and we know nothing about him.
Give her a break lieutenant.
Yeah, OK.
Look, miss Ryder, you may go now.
You keep in touch.
Rough day, huh?
Yeah, thanks, but I don't use soft-drinks.
How about some coffee?
A daiquiri?
How about some candy?
Are you alright?
Yeah I'm OK. I just need to be alone.
Let me take you home.
Look, you get this straight. I don't go out with cops, alright?
The name is Secord.
Billy Secord.
I'll be in touch.
Oh christ.
God is she beautiful.
No, no, no, no, no.
Yeah, she's right here.
Sorry, I've got an aerobics class.
No, I'm not gonna tell you where it's at.
Hey look, would you just lay off it buddy. It's just not in the cards alright?
What a friend you are..
Hey Christie.
What the hell is this?
You got this to kill the cop with or something?
Most people prefer guns you know.
Come on let's go. We're gonna be late.
One. Two. Three. Four. Kick.
One. Two. Three. Four. Get your legs up there. Come on.
Three. Four. You're doing great.
Use those arms. Yeah. Go.
And to the left. Two. Three.
You're doing real good. Yeah.
Knees up. And down. Two. Three.
Four and stretch. Stretch.
Come on you guys let's go. Stretch.
And stretch. Two. Three. Four.
Now easy. Twist. Two. Use your arms.
Yeah. Keep moving. Yeah. Full of energy guys.
Yeah. Keep going. Two.
OK. Are you guys ready?
Yeah! Yeah.
Hands forward. And Side. Side. Forward. And go.
Come on. Keep going. We're almost finished. And kick. Kick.
Kick. Two. Three. Now we're trying running.
Go. Faster. Go. Go.
Go. Come on you guys. Faster.
Make it burn!
Come on you guys. What are you doing?
Don't stop now. We're almost finished.
Come on. Yay. You guys are doing great. Alright!
OK. Good class you guys. Walk around a little bit.
Stretch out those muscles.
Cool down before you take shower. See you all later.
You're just not gonna quit are you?
I'm just a stubborn kind of guy.
No kidding.
Hey wait a minute.
Did you hear that guy you found was a professional Japanese assassin?
You mean you went all the way to my aerobics class just to tell me that?
You still won't make it easy will you?
Oh. So now it should be easy?
Just this once. So..
How about some coffee?
You know coffee is really bad for your health?
No. No. Oh no.
No. No please, no.
Leave me alone. Leave me alone. No.
Come on you guys. Now let her go!
Go on Lucy. Don't let them scare you.
Hey, who the hell you think you are?
I'm the one telling you to get out of my way.
Or maybe we just save you for desert yeah?
You guys are disgusting!
Well excuse me!
Knock it off!
Hey it was your idea in the first place.
Go to hell!
Yeah. Hey look. We'll be friends alright?
We'll take a shower. Have a couple of beers..
Get your hands off of me!
Come on!
What do you want?
Just keep quiet and move your butt. You're under arrest.
Look. If you're gonna book me. Then book me.
Otherwise just don't bother me anymore.
Oh I'm not gonna arrest you.
I just wanna take you back to my old neighborhood.
There's a guy there I want you to beat up for me.
Would you stop the car?
Oh come on. I'm only teasing you.
Stop the car!
Look Christie I'm only trying to help.
You'd get charged for assault for what you did to those guys.
Well that's my problem.
And I don't need any help.
Especially from you, officer Secord.
You know. I am sick and tired of hearing about how you don't like cops.
Because I wanna tell you something, miss Independence.
I like being a cop.
And if you don't wanna go out with me just 'cause I'm a cop -
Then to hell with you, lady.
You can go now.
I don't have any coffee in my apartment -
But I do have some V-8 juice.
Would you like to take me home?
Baby take a look at me
There's something that I've got to know
Are you gonna take a chance with me
Or just a game of stop and go
Are you gonna let me in
Or is it gonna be a lonely night
Are we getting near the end
Or just starting up right
Baby take a look at me
Is it really that bad a face
Maybe you've got someone else
But maybe I could take his place
I could give it my best shot
I like your pajamas.
That was quite a show you put on in your car.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so angry.
That's OK.
You're very sexy when you get angry.
Oh god.
What are you doing?
I just couldn't sleep.
I had a nightmare so I decided to put some clothes away.
God. This is beautiful.
Where did you get this?
It's Japanese.
One of these days I'm gonna hang it on my wall.
You're full of surprises aren't ya?
[Over P.A.] Paris and Oslo is in its final boarding process at gate 35.
Local flight 21: Non stop into Tokyo now boarding at gate 22.
It is an honor to be your guest.
The honor is ours, Yamada san.
I'm grateful for the letter you sent me to Japan.
We have bad news, Yamada san.
But we'll talk later.
Hi! What's wrong?
I gotta break our date. They gave me off-duty work.
That's OK.
Are you alright?
Listen. I gotta drive Case back. I'll call you later OK?
Billy? Where in the hell are you for christ sakes!
What's the matter with you?
Stop it Billy..
It's just that I'm feeling really weird.
Just go to sleep. And I'll be there by morning.
Never mind. I'll be OK.
You just take care of yourself.
Son of a bitch.
God dammit.
What the..
You mother.. I'll kill you. You son of a bitch!
What the hell..
What the..
No. No..
No. Please. No. No. Please.
Please. Oh. God.
Billy, I think there's something wrong with me.
I can sense things before they even happen.
I find things in the apartment.
And I don't even know where they came from.
Look at this.
How did you get that?
I don't remember.
What do you mean you don't remember?
I mean I don't remember.
I go blank. For hours. Maybe even longer.
I feel like there's somebody making me do things.
Things that I don't wanna do.
Then do something about it.
Honey, I don't know what to do.
I'll help you sweetheart.
Medically you're a very fit young woman.
No evidence of any abnormality in the brain.
No tumor.
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You have a strong heart.
Your diet is better than average.
You are under severe stress of course.
But otherwise, doctor Boland, the psychiatrist you saw, says -
Says there's nothing out of the ordinary.
Aside from your exceptional extra sensory perception.
And your pre-occupation with Japanese culture.
No harm in that.
Excuse me?
Have you seen officer Secord?
No I haven't.
Oh well, we'll just see who put me up to it.
So are we going with you?
Heck yes..
I wanna go in a police car.
Well good..
Can I put on the siren and the lights?
Oh I'll get it.
You guys just sit there.
Who could this be? This is crazy.
Oh hi. Come on in. We could use some more towels.
Ooh it's hot. Don't pull me..
This feels good. We've been having fun..
Who's she?
I don't know. But it's alright.
You better watch yourself big man!
What the hell kind of place is this?
Beat it bitch!
What's going on?
Go ahead kid. The son of bitch is all yours.
Oh let's split..
No. I wanna watch.
This guy is a real jerk.
Boy. You said it.
Let's get outta here.
What is she doing to him?
I don't know. But the bastard seems to be enjoying it doesn't he?
Sure is.
Hey. What's the matter with him?
No! What are you doing?
Where the hell have you been? I looked everywhere for you.
What is going on? Where have you been?
I don't know.
You gotta know. You've been gone since noon.
Billy, I don't care what these doctors say.
There's something wrong with me.
I try to fight it.
But I can't even remember what.
Or why.
There's somebody, Billy.
I can feel it in the room some times. Hear me.
Listen. There's an officer in the Asiatic division -
He told me there's this guy downtown the local Japanese swear by.
For your information, Billy -
I don't believe in demons, ghosts, spirits, or any of that kind of stuff.
Well neither do I.
But when you blank out. We don't know what to believe in do we?
Billy, I don't think this is such a good idea.
Hi. My name is Billy Secord. We spoke on the phone.
Oh yes. You are expected. Would you follow me?
It is wise of you to come. Oh young ones.
He is here now..
I can tell you much more.
Follow me.
Sure beats the Rocky Horror Picture Show..
Give him a chance.
These are necessary.
In case the spirit becomes angry.
Isn't he even gonna ask me what the problem is?
Just relax.
Don't worry sweetheart. I'll be right here.
Is he in you?
Yes.. He is.
And he wants you to stop!
Who are you?
[Speaking Japanese]
[Speaking Japanese]
Oh my god.
Maybe we better stop.
No. You finish it.
Get rid of the son of a bitch.
I.. I don't know what is wrong..
[Speaking Japanese]
What are you doing?
I must obey the spirit. He wishes me to cut her loose.
No, no, don't. Stop.
Please forgive him. The fool does not know what a terrible mistake he's making.
Help me!
Oh Billy. Help me!
I'm scared!
You fool!
You cannot stop me!
I am a ninja!
No one, nothing can stop me!
He is gone.
Are you sure?
He's tired himself.
But he will return.
I cannot say.
I wanna know who he is.
I cannot tell you any more.
I heard "ninja".
I wanna know what the hell that is.
It is better you.. You not know too much.
For your own sake.
You tell me, you old bastard. Or I'm gonna bust you right now.
She is possessed by a black ninja.
With all the powers of the nine hand cutting.
Nothing can be done.
I tell you she will be totally..
Don't tell me nothing can be done!
I want you to help her!
Sorry. I cannot.
There is one thing..
In the Eagle Mountain in Japan.
The very one power that can destroy him.
Only a ninja can destroy a ninja.
Hey! Excuse me.
Who are you?
Can we help you?
How'd you get in here?
[Speaking Japanese]
So are you gonna tell me what happened?
He hypnotized you that's all.
So why all the bruises?
Come on Billy. You can tell me.
I don't think he knew what he was doing.
The guy's probably a fake.
There's something you're not telling me.
How's it going?
I'm sorry. Hi.
Marty Winslow. Sergeant Pickwick -
This is Christie.
I know the lady's beautiful -
But don't forget the funeral.
Four thirty. Clark City Cemetery.
Yeah. I'll try and make it.
Anything new?
Nothing. Just speculation the killings are linked to that -
professional assassin we wasted at the golf course last week.
That stiff you found -
It was stolen out of the morgue.
Now the chief believes it's a professional job -
Some sort of Japanese mafia or something.
Yeah. So be careful.
See you at four thirty.
No you don't. Not again.
Damn you!
Just leave me alone!
Stop it!
I dream about you all the time
I can't think about nothing else
And we share together the psalm of David. Psalm 23.
The lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside quiet waters.
He restores my soul.
He guides me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil for thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou has prepared a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.
Thou has anointed my head with oil.
My cup overflows.
Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow me all of the days of my life.
And I will dwell in the house of the lord forever.
The earth is the lord's and all it contains.
On Guard. Salute.
Oh my god!
Get down!
Come on. Open that trunk.
Give me a baton. Me too. Let's go.
Come on.
Hold it! He's over here!
Blow him away!
Come on up here!
Come over here. Let him have it!
See him over there?
Hold it!
Spread 'em!
Let me talk to him.
Move it.
I have to ask..
- I was waiting for you.
You know me?
You know where the sword is?
Do not hesitate -
I have come from Japan to revenge.
I know what should be done.
You're a ninja?
It doesn't matter.
Go and get the girl and the sword -
And take them to the old temple.
On the hill.
Wait for me.
Don't worry.
Hey. Hey Charlie..
Hey what's going on here?
They are only sleeping.
Billy you scared me.
God, I'm so glad you're here..
Don't move.
What are you doing?
I said just don't move.
They're all dead Christie..
You killed them.
I saw everything.
I haven't killed anybody..
Listen to me -
There's a man here from Japan.
A ninja.
We're gonna go meet him at that old temple on the hill.
And he is going to help you.
I can.. - Don't move!
I could never do anything to hurt you..
Oh god I hope that's true.
Put your hands out in front of you.
But Billy..
Put your hands out in front of you!
I love you..
Christie no..
Christie no.
Wake up now. Come on. Come on.
[Speaking Japanese]
You're the ninja.
You can help me?
Is it true that only a ninja can destroy a ninja?
It's true.
Help me please. I must get rid of him.
Do you know what I must do?
Do what you have to. I don't wanna hurt anyone else.
It might be dangerous for you.
Will I die?
Not if the spirit leaves you.
And returns to his body.
Then I will destroy him.
And you will be safe.
And if it doesn't -
You'll kill me.
Oh no..
Come on Christie.
Come on.
I think I'm gonna be alright now..
Oh I love you!
I love you.
Billy wait.
Christie no!
It's over now.