Ninja Vixens: Crimson Blades (2000) Movie Script

In the distant past there were people
who fluttered in the darkness.
They were ninjas.
They were managed strictly
by their class system.
Masters, Deputy, Disciples
These classes were absolute
and inherited.
Because of that...
many tragedies were repeated.
Yukashi OTAKI
Kenji ARAI
Mudo ODA
Produced by Koichi KOBAYASHI
Producers: Junichi SAKAI Mikio
Music by Takehiro KITA
and Susie HIRONO
(I submit your soul to Buddha.)
Written and directed by
This story is about...
the days when I accepted
destiny to be unchangeable.
I was like a leaf adrift, tossed around
like a tiny boat in raging waves.
The spring wind was
still chilly at that time but...
the feeble sunlight was
bright enough to blind me.
Ninja Vixens
Crimson Blades
You took care of it for us.
Thank you so much as always.
If it weren't for you, Shinobu,
we would've already been...
Please, Village Chief.
This is the least I can do for you
for saving me from dying on the street.
With him gone,
the group of local magistrates who
torment farmers is almost extinct.
Though not fully, I have been able
to avenge my daughter's death.
Those magistrates...
they behaved dishonestly,
amassed assets and abducted women.
A demon in hell would seem
nicer than them.
It's all right. Don't worry.
That magistrate is no longer here.
It's all right.
How long have you been
secretly living here?
It's been two years.
I was injured too badly to move
in the first year.
Time sure flies fast.
Back then, this post town was
abandoned because of an epidemic.
You wandered into this village
around that time.
Yes, sir.
I was badly injured and you nursed me
back to health without asking anything.
I will never forget that
I owe my life to you.
Don't mention it.
I did it because it felt like
you were my daughter.
You are...
Go tell the Chief!
Damn you!
Get her!
That's Shinobu of the Ephemeral
for you.
You're just as sharp as before.
I've been looking for you.
Don't move.
I don't trust you completely yet.
Don't move.
Your injury is more serious
than it looks.
You won't be able to use
your right arm until the next full moon.
The men from the village are
getting pathetic.
What did you do with the dead body?
I dumped it in the pond.
The carps in the pond will finish it
in half a month.
I almost forgot! Ouch!
They found out where you are!
Master has sent out assassins.
I came to warn you.
The head of the assassins is
Dragon of the Gathering Clouds.
What them?
He believes that you killed
his father.
No. I didn't do it!
I was framed.
But you ran away.
Yes, but...
You know what happens to
a defector from a ninja clan.
I can smell blood.
Colored rice!
Looks like he fought Shinobu.
She hasn't lost her touch.
- Only half an hour ago.
- Let's go!
Why did you come here?
You know how I feel about you.
If you defect from the village,
they'll be after you too.
Tell me.
I'm the one who killed Dragon's father.
Master ordered me to kill him!
What in the world...?
You know about the problem
with who will become the successor?
Why should I care about the family feud
of the Master I've never met?
Dragon's father sided with
the second son, Master Toji.
The first son, Master Togen, gave me
an order to...
kill Dragon's father.
That's when you showed up.
You bastard!
- Shall we go in?
- Not yet.
We have little time left!
I'm not going to just kill her in haste.
Master Togen successfully took over
the headship of the clan.
Then he wanted to get rid of me
for knowing the secret.
That's when I found out that
you had been located.
I thought I'd have a chance of
surviving if I was with you...
the best ninja in the village.
You have some nerve!
Please understand! It was
an assignment as a ninja.
I couldn't reveal the secret.
Because of you...
you were forced to flee and turn
Dragon, whom you loved, against you.
- Shut up!
- I'm so sorry!
But I can't change anything now!
Kill me, if you want.
You know how I feel about you.
I love you. Please...
You bastard... you gave me
the "potion of acolasia."
You were the best ninja in the village.
I'm wounded.
Is that why?
This is the only way I can
get my wish.
You animal!
Forgive me.
Forgive me!
I'm scared!
I worked hard as a ninja until now.
I believed it was my destiny.
But I can't take it anymore...
I can no longer stand the fear of
deceiving and being deceived.
Help me!
I can't live without you.
Shinobu, I want to live my life
with you.
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Letting me sneak behind you?
You need to train harder.
Oh, well.
A love affair among Ninja disciples
is prohibited. We should die together.
Don't be silly. We can't change destiny.
But you're not skilled enough
to survive.
Watch your mouth.
Some day I'll become a man
who can protect you.
Until then, keep this with you.
Until then, think of it as me.
A hidden needle?
I'm strong.
That part of you bothers me...
Your caring is enough for me.
That part of you bothers...
It's destiny, huh?
I thought you'd fled.
You're wounded. I can't leave you.
What are you gonna do?
Are you listening, Dragon?
Be quiet.
Let's quit being ninjas and run away.
How dare you?
No matter how hard we work,
we will remain disciples...
or a group leader at best.
We could die at any moment.
Don't be ridiculous!
Shinobu killed my father!
I'm going to accomplish this mission
at all costs.
Run away with me!
Let's quit being ninjas.
And you want to be hunted down
just like Shinobu?
I'll take that as long as I'm with you.
Let's run... together.
Cut it out!
If you keep making light of the mission...
What will happen?
I'll kill you.
Did you have enough?
That's not enough to recuperate.
Why are you here?
Dragon! It was you then...?
No questions allowed!
Maple, retreat for now.
Don't go, Shinobu!
The presence of the group leader
means there are no more disciples.
This is perfect timing!
Dragon, fight me!
Why did you kill my father?
I didn't do it. It was Hanji!
Why did you flee then?
Why is Hanji here?
Believe me!
Why didn't you come to the place
that I indicated?
I did go.
I swear... I went to the Jizo shrine.
But I set the signal to point to
the riverbed that day.
How can that be?!
The stone was pointing
toward the shrine.
That's a lie!
It was Hanji who killed your father.
The Master ordered him to.
Don't lie!
I'm not lying!
Then, why didn't you come to
the place I assigned?
I told you...
Damn! That potion from last night...
Dragon hasn't noticed, has he?
The potion is wearing off, isn't it?
Not really.
I know you have a crush on Dragon.
You threw the throwing knife
at me earlier.
This is what you want.
I don't want it!
This potion has been handed down
only in the family of the ninja masters.
If you betray me, you won't get this
any longer.
Don't forget our goal.
Once I get promoted, I'll see
what I can do about Dragon.
He got away... thanks to your potion!
I'm sorry.
Sorry about that.
Now everyone has fallen into my trap...
Dragon, you have a crush on
Shinobu, don't you?
Why do you say that?
We're both disciples. That's impossible.
Just impossible!
Are you sure? That's not
how it looks to me.
Don't be ridiculous!
By the way, Dragon,
you know that the Master is
critically ill.
We don't know if his first son, Togen,
or his second son, Toji, will take over.
Rumor has it that your father will
side with Toji.
What will you do?
To me the Master is someone
above the clouds, so...
I have no clue.
I want to move up the ladder.
I wanna be among master ranks
at all costs.
It's tragic about you and Shinobu
only because you are disciples.
Isn't that true?
Don't label it tragic just yet!
Why? Why is Hanji here?
Stop it, Maple!
Let's run. We have no chance
against Shinobu.
I don't know what you want to
squeeze out of her,
but we can't capture her alive.
How come Hanji's presence
doesn't bother you?
He was sent in by the Master...
The Master?
Nothing. I know nothing!
Tell me!
If you don't tell me, I'll kill you
right here.
The Master assigned him.
You know how Shinobu is.
Shinobu was an orphan and
she's afraid of being abandoned.
And she can't abandon those
who need her.
Hanji was sent in to keep Shinobu
from fleeing.
The Master didn't trust me then.
Damn it!
The signal stone was moved...
It wasn't you?
Please. Run away with me.
Why doesn't he understand?
If we don't do anything about it...
Hanji, we should get going.
To where?
We can't stay here any longer.
Don't worry. I won't abandon you.
I'll go get some herbs.
Get ready before I return.
So I guess I can't beat you just yet.
'Cause you get distracted too much.
You recognized the signal.
I swear that the signal pointed
toward the little statue.
Are you saying someone moved
the stone?
Did you kill my subordinates?
It ended up saving Hanji
from the attack.
I hear Hanji was sent in to
keep an eye on you.
You mean they killed those disciples
for that?
I'm a group leader and
they don't tell me anything.
Let alone disciples...
I don't know any more.
How can I trust you now, Dragon?
I don't know.
If Hanji was sent in by the Master,
why didn't he kill me?
He had opportunities.
Did you sleep with him?
He secretly gave me a potion.
That doesn't surprise me.
I don't know what to believe.
I wanted to find out myself...
if you really killed my father.
If I can't trust anyone,
I'll take a chance and believe you.
I'm a group leader,
Dragon of the Gathering Clouds.
What the hell are you doing?
- They're not up for a talk. Ready?
- Yeah.
Why you! Only if you didn't exist...
Stop! I don't wanna kill anyone!
I thought I had gotten rid of you!
You moved the stone...
Right. Dragon is mine.
Maple, stop it!
Why did you do it without my order?
I asked you why!
Why did you do it on your own?
You probably tried to let Dragon escape.
You've already served your purpose.
I'll put in ten pills of this potion.
It'll drive you insane and kill you.
What a pity to be a disciple.
But I'm different!
I'm just a disciple after all.
Don't say that.
I can't make sense of anything now.
Dragon, you decide.
Let's run away. Enough is enough.
Follow me.
Yes. I will follow you.
Don't lose it. Hold onto it.
Thank you.
What were you going to say
when you gave this to me?
It doesn't matter anymore.
What is it?
The can. Wanna come with me?
Come on.
You said you'd follow me.
Go wherever you want.
What is it?
I wanted to make sure you're there.
Don't be silly.
What would you do if I vanished?
What kind of question is that?
I'm still not strong enough
to protect you.
I'll protect you, Dragon.
So, don't say anything like that!
You don't doubt me, huh?
Don't even go there. Stop joking
and hurry back.
About your question earlier...
Huh? Yeah...?
What's the matter?
Hurry back, Dragon!
Answer me!
What's the matter, Dragon?
What happened, Dragon?
You bastard, Dragon!
I'll make you regret
teasing me like this.
Dragon, are you prepared to die?
Why? Why...?
Hanji cast a spell on him.
Shinobu... I win.
I won't let you have Dragon.
Now, let's go.
Dra... gon...
No! Don't die!
Shinobu... don't cry.
We can't defy destiny after all.
It all began...
when I wrongly thought...
you killed...
my father.
Say no more! It's all right.
We'll be together from now on.
It's all my fault because
I didn't fully trust you.
No. It's because I didn't
trust you fully.
It's no one's fault.
It's destiny.
Unless the rules change, our destiny
doesn't change either.
We are disciples after all.
The amulet...
In the next world...
I promise I'll find you.
This will serve as a marker
to find you then.
Promise me...
you'll keep this with you.
I'll... protect you.
At last, you're injured.
I planned to have you and Dragon
kill each other from the get-go.
And Maple, who knew too much.
You bastard!
They could've done a good job though.
But, all is well now. I'll be promoted
into the ranks of the masters.
I wonder how much longer
you can fight with that wound.
I'll never forgive you!
Kill her!
The potion...
Feels good?
Don't get away.
Are you awake now?
You are...
Right. I'm the head
of the village, Togen.
Because the most competent ninja
might have sided with my brother.
I used Maple and Hanji to set it up
so that you were forced to flee.
Why did you save me when I was
about to die on the road then?
To add a final touch.
Final touch?
It wasn't fellows of the magistrate,
not disciples, that were killed.
They were remnants of the loyalists
to my younger brother!
Thanks to you, they're all wiped out
and my position is secure.
I no longer need dangerous tools.
That includes you, Dragon and Maple.
You animal!
Oh? You can still move?
Are you looking for this?
For the last time, enjoy it.
You're being awfully meek.
It's hard to believe you are
the strongest woman in the village.
Please stop.
Help me.
Since you're about to die,
I'll tell you a secret.
I killed your parents too.
And I had you raised as a child
that no one needed.
That's why you can't say no to
anyone who needs you...
just like you couldn't say no to
Hanji or me, the head of the village.
Even if you kill me, someone will
succeed me anyway.
The destiny of those being pursued...
will never change.
I will sever the thread of destiny!
What a fool.
I was...
only used by
the masters.
Apologize to Dragon in the next world!
You protected me.
That part of you...
Don't be arrogant about your strength.
The enemy dwells inside you.
Don't forget that I'm always
with you, Shinobu.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
It wouldn't have ended like this.
This story is about...
the days when I accepted
destiny to be unchangeable.
I was like a leaf adrift, tossed around
like a tiny boat in raging waves.
But that's all far in the past.
I have set out on a journey again...
to sever the thread of destiny.
CAS Sihnobu of the Ephemeral
Yukashi OTAKI
Dragon of the Gathering Clouds
Kenji ARAI
Hanji the Badger
Village Chief's Daughter
Maple of East Cloud
Village Chief / Togen
Mudo ODA