Ninja Vixens Demonic Sacrifices (2007) Movie Script

Uto Castle in Higo
Yukinaga Konishi was a Christian lord
whose baptismal name was Augustan.
He was loved by Hideyoshi Toyotomi...
and was granted half the domain of Higo
with a stipend of 240,000 koku.
During the Korean Campaign,
Domain of Kiyomasa Kato and
Domain of Yukinaga Konishi
he was in direct opposition to...
Kiyomasa Kato who was in favor of
do-or-die above peace negotiations.
And, after Hideyoshi's passing...
ln the year 1600,
the Battle of Sekigahara broke out.
Yukinaga sided with the Western Army,
led by Mitsunari lshida.
After the defeat,
it was reported that he was decapitated
at Rokujogawara in Kyoto.
However, the truth was...
Daisuke TSUCHlYA
Mayumi YOSHlDA & Takako llBOSHl
Masamichi KAWATA & Naoki YAMADA
lsamu NAGATOMO & Yoshimasa SENDA
Takayuki YOSHlZAKl
Kenji ARAl
Directed by Shuichi KOKUMAl
Demonic Sacrifices
Children are wonderful.
Absolutely, my lord.
Ever since our clan was dispersed,
this is the first time we've been able
to relax this much.
Don't call me lord.
l'm no longer a feudal lord
over part of the Higo domain.
Thank you, Lord Yukinaga!
Look, Kotaro.
Look at their smiles.
They're irreplaceable treasures.
The Christian lord, Yukinaga Konishi,
was alive.
Anyway, l feel bad...
for your subordinate.
He died in my place.
Don't feel bad, my lord.
He was a member of Fuma Ninja clan.
He said he was honored to die
in your place, my lord.
God's teachings don't allow me to
kill myself.
The least l can do to repay my fallen
retainers is look after their children...
and help them become independent.
We must rid this world of wars.
That's why we need the Sword of Deus.
And that's why l sent
Firefly and Goemon.
They must be running late.
They're not back yet?
Goemon is a skilled lga ninja. He was
a pupil of the famous master, Momochi.
Firefly, too, is second to none
as a ninja.
l'm sure they'll be back soon.
When they return, we should prepare
for their wedding.
Wedding, you say?
You haven't noticed?
Haven't you seen the way
they look at each other?
You can tell they are in love.
You need more training
in that department, Mr. Kotaro Fuma.
You scored a point, my lord.
Lord Yukinaga!
Lord Yukinaga, where's Firefly?
Well, little one, she'll be back soon.
What's the matter?
We've been so hungry.
That's why you've been waiting for them?
Well, l guess nothing is more important
than filling up your tummies.
Don't worry. Yataro went to
get some vegetables.
We'll eat once he returns.
But Firefly isn't here.
Who's going to cook?
All right then. l'll take over today.
What? You have objections?
Yeah. Because your cooking sucks.
What do you mean?
Mine is ninja cooking.
lt's very nutritious!
All right then. Since l haven't done it
for a while, it'll be my turn today.
Way to go!
ls it true, Goemon?
What are you talking about?
A divine sword that grants any wishes.
lt's kinda hard to believe.
lt's a Christian sword a missionary
named Francisco Xavier brought in.
Only Lord Yukinaga would know.
You're right. We just have to
trust Lord Yukinaga.
You two work for Yukinaga Konishi.
What's this about?
lt was his double who was executed
in Kyoto. Lord Kiyomasa had foresight.
This whole area is surrounded
by us Koga ninjas.
So, tell us where the real Yukinaga is.
Firefly, we'll cut our way through.
Sure thing.
See? Yataro's back.
-Yay! He's back!
-Thank you, Yataro!
They gave us plenty. See?
Hey! Yataro!
Lord Yukinaga!
What's this?
You must be Lord Yukinaga Konishi.
We are Koga ninjas working for
Lord Kiyomasa Kato.
You can't get away. l suggest
you come with us without resisting.
-Don't move!
Kotaro Fuma. Even you can't do anything
with all these guns pointed at you.
All you want is me. Correct?
You're not to harm others!
You're correct. We are after only you.
But if you resist,
we'll have to shoot you all,
including the children. Understand?
l guess the Kogas beat us to it.
What shall we do?
Too many of them with guns.
We can't do anything.
lf l go, you won't harm
these children. Right?
We promise.
-You shouldn't go, Lord Yukinaga.
-Don't worry, Kotaro.
Lord Yukinaga!
Lord Yukinaga, what's your answer?
l'm coming!
As soon as Goemon and Firely return,
leave this place.
Take care of the children.
You made us work very hard,
Lord Yukinaga.
So, where are we going now?
-To see Kiyomasa?
That's not necessary.
What are you doing? Stop!
Lord Yukinaga...much to my chagrin...
You tricked me!
lt's hard to believe those words
coming from you, Lord Yukinaga.
That's just how it is in wartime.
Dear God!
Dear God Almighty,
Creator of All Things!
What did the children do?
Tell me what crime they committed!
l had faith in you.
Look at this atrocity done
to the children l loved!
Why do you...
Why do you remain silent?
Answer me, God!
Why are you not answering me?
Why are you not doing anything?
That's your answer?
Very well.
l, Yukinaga Augustan Konishi,
turn my back on you as of now!
l have never despised anyone
from the bottom of my heart.
But that's no longer the case.
That's no longer the case!
l despise you!
l despise Kiyomasa!
l despise Tokugawa and Toyotomi!
l despise all who are alive!
And God!
The one l despise most is...
Yukinaga Konishi has finally gone mad.
l will never forgive you!
Goemon, where are they?
They're not after us anymore. Let's go
see Lord Yukinaga as soon as possible.
-Welcome back!
-Welcome back!
They're Koga ninjas?
We were too late.
l wish Whirlwind and Flame could have
let us know a little sooner.
We finally brought it back...
The Sword of Deus that
Lord Yukinaga asked for!
Don't cry, Firefly.
Cry no more!
l'm telling you to stop crying!
A divine sword that grants any wishes?
lt's of no use anymore!
Why is it glowing?
What kind of trick is this?
Master Hanzo, Look! What's that?
There's no doubt.
lt's Lord Yukinaga's head!
Master Hanzo!
You must be Lord Yukinaga Konishi.
l'm Hanzo, an lga ninja.
Why has someone noble like you
returned to this world?
Have no regrets and rest in peace!
l despise Kiyomasa.
l despise Tokugawa and Toyotomi.
l despise all living things.
Rest in peace, Lord Yukinaga!
l can't reason with him.
Master Hanzo!
Stay there, Dogwood!
This is more than you can handle!
Master Hanzo, what was it?
What in the world is about to happen?
What was that light?
l don't know. lt happened suddenly
when l stuck the sword into the ground.
Lord Yukinaga!
Lord Yukinaga!
l have returned.
l have returned!
Firefly. Goemon.
Be happy.
The Sword of Deus, the divine sword
that grants wishes...
brought me back from the underworld.
l thank you, Goemon.
lf you hadn't stuck the sword into
the ground soaked with my curse,
l wouldn't have been able to return.
So, Kotaro.
How do you feel?
My body feels unbelievably light.
l've never felt like this.
The world of the dead is wonderful.
You feel no pain or suffering
as you do in life.
Now, you should hurry and
come here too.
They're both dead.
They're evil spirits not of this world.
You're so cold, Goemon.
l have brought another person for you.
l've missed you, Goemon lshikawa.
l thought he had passed away.
You haven't seen your teacher
for a long time.
Goemon, look a little happier.
Have you improved your skills
since then, Goemon?
Now, come along with us.
You can join me, Yukinaga Konishi,
Kotaro Fuma and Momochi...
to kick off a new battle.
Now, Firefly.
Come over here with the Sword of Deus.
Lord Yukinaga, what are you
trying to do?
For the sole purpose of revenge
and massacre...
Lord Yukinaga...?
All of us who have returned here
have a grudge against this world.
Now we know...
that we, the dead, despise
all living things!
Putting all lives in the hands
of the Grim Reaper...
and reducing them to dust.
That is the wish of those of us...
who are dead and back
from the underworld.
And this is what l put out
as a challenge to God.
Do you understand, Goemon?
Now, bring me the Sword of Deus!
How imprudent!
What shall we do, Lord Yukinaga?
Nothing much.
The Sword will return to me for sure.
lt was the spring of the year 1615,
shortly before the Summer Campaign
of the Siege of Osaka.
Firefly, are you all right?
What about you, Goemon?
Good. You're unharmed.
You're a ninja vixen who served
Lord Yukinaga?
Yes. l'm Firefly.
l'm Hanzo.
l'm Whirlwind.
l'm Flame.
l'm Dogwood.
You are Goemon lshikawa. Correct?
Why do you know my name?
We serve Shogun leyasu.
Shogun leyasu?
Hold it!
We were ordered to find Lord Yukinaga,
but this is no time for that.
You're right.
Now our mutual enemies are...
the vengeful ghosts, Kotaro Fuma,
and Lord Yukinaga Konishi.
Lord Yukinaga is our enemy...?
Osaka Castle
ln the meantime, at Osaka Castle,
Osaka Castle
Lord Hideyori Toyotomi and his mother,
Lady Yodo, are given notice...
by leyasu Tokugawa to...
evacuate the castle and expel an army of
masterless samurais from the castle.
lt was undoubtedly the ultimatum.
That bastard, leyasu!
How ungrateful and rude!
l will never agree to it!
What shall we do then, Lady Yodo?
Declare war, of course!
Hurry up and make ready!
What? You can't take my orders?
Do you mean to tell me that my son
should kowtow to his retainer?
That's not the case.
But if we start a war against Tokugawa,
we have no chance of winning.
Enough is enough! Go away!
By your leave!
What should l do?
They're all good for nothing!
No one tries hard enough to protect
my son, the true ruler.
lf nothing is done, he'll be killed.
And so will l.
No! l don't want to part from my son!
Lord Hideyori is
Regent Hideyoshi's and my son.
He's my most precious treasure!
l'll never let that happen!
But how can l make sure...
You seem to be in trouble, Lady Yodo.
Who are you? How did you get in?
My name is Momochi, an lga ninja.
An lga ninja, you say?
leyasu must've sent you!
Gentlemen! Emergency!
l'm on your side.
You want to protect Lord Hideyori.
Am l correct?
But l'll do anything
to protect my beloved son!
l'm not sure what l can do
under the circumstances.
l feel your pain.
Master Momochi, do you have
any good ideas?
l do.
What? There's a way?
Not just that. You will be able to...
protect Lord Hideyori on your own.
What is it? Tell me!
l will give you any reward you wish!
Very well.
Come over here, my lady.
What are you doing? You tricked me!
l didn't trick you.
You'll be able to protect him
for eternity.
Lady Yodo,
with your own hands.
l see.
So, that's the sword.
Yes. l was told that it's a missionary's
sword that grants wishes.
A group of the dead that challenges
all living things, huh?
Tricky enemy to deal with.
Master Hanzo.
Do you plan to battle Lord Yukinaga
and the others?
This world is for those who are alive.
l won't let the dead take over.
This is no ordinary battle.
lt's a battle between the dead
and the living.
We must stop them at all costs!
Master Hanzo!
Whirlwind, get in touch with
the agent in Osaka Castle.
You'll go to Lord Kiyomasa Kato
of Kumamoto Castle.
Dogwood, connect with Lord leyasu.
-Yes, sir.
So long.
l'll see you two if fate allows it.
Yes, sir.
Goemon, what shall we do now?
Tell me! What are we going to do?
There's no way we can fight them.
lsn't that right?
Am l not right?
Lord Yukinaga and Master Kotaro...
were the first people who treated me
kindly when l was still a bandit.
And Master Momochi was my teacher.
lt's unthinkable to fight against them.
But all this started because of me.
Can you really fight Lord Yukinaga?
Can you kill Master Kotaro?
Can you really kill those who have
loved and cherished you?
l must reap the fruit of
the seed l planted!
lt's the ninjas' code. More importantly,
l've got to have my own way.
Ninjas' code?
l don't care about your stupid pride!
Let's get rid of such a sword and...
go to a place no one knows us.
We can live quietly there.
What do you say, Goemon?
Let's do it!
Why aren't you saying anything?
l can't!
Why not?
Like what Master Hanzo said,
this is no ordinary battle.
Lord Yukinaga won't rest until he kills
all living things in this world.
But it's not his fault to begin with!
The blame should go to those who killed
Lord Yukinaga and the others!
This wouldn't have happened
if l hadn't stuck the sword in the ground.
No. lt's not your fault!
Firefly. You should run.
l want you to escape this.
No. Never!
l...l don't want to be away from you.
But...l'm not sure...
if l can fight Lord Yukinaga.
l can't do that.
Tell me, Goemon, what shall l do?
Firefly, l will protect you by all means.
Oh, l was tired of waiting.
You're the one to please me tonight?
Hurry. Let me see your face.
What in the world...?
Come to me, Lord Hideyori.
Have you gone mad, Mother?
When you were little,
you used to sleep in my arms.
So, let's do what we used to.
Mother, this is not allowed.
Lord Hideyori.
l will...
l promise l'll protect you for sure.
Someone! ls someone around?
Sire, how may l help you?
Send for Harufusa Ohno.
Send for Matabei Goto.
We're going to war against leyasu.
What did you say?
We're going to war against Tokugawa!
l, Hideyori Toyotomi, am
giving the order.
Thus, the Summer Campaign of
the Siege of Osaka began...
on April 26th of the year 1615.
Kumamoto Castle in Higo Domain
Kumamoto Castle in Higo Domain
ln the meantime, in Kumamoto Castle,
the residence castle of Kiyomasa Kato,
ln the meantime, in Kumamoto Castle,
the residence castle of Kiyomasa Kato,
a calamity was about to happen.
You're Kotaro Fuma!
You're Hanzo's pet ninja vixen,
aren't you?
l won't let you get in my way!
Why you!
lt's no use.
You're too unskilled
to get away from me.
How wonderful...
a woman's skin is.
the skin of a live woman.
Did Tokugawa send you
to take my life?
Or is it Lady Yodo who sent you?
l'm one of Seven Spears
of Shizugatake.
Don't underestimate me. Show yourself!
Show yourself!
You're as sharp as before,
Lord Kiyomasa.
Yukinaga Konishi!
l knew you were alive.
No. l did die...
by the hands of the Koga ninjas
you sent.
l died once but could not
rest peacefully.
So l returned from the demon world.
Why you, specter!
Finally, it has begun!
Lord Yukinaga, have your revenge
to your heart's content!
Are you in pain, Kiyomasa?
Go ahead and suffer! Suffer more!
The children your subordinates killed
suffered a lot more!
What are you talking about?
l have no clue!
Don't play dumb!
Suffer! Suffer more!
Suffer long and burn
in the inferno of Hell!
Now you have tasted
the inferno of Hell.
How is it? ls it delicious? Huh?
Answer me, Kiyomasa!
What's the matter, sire?
My lord. My lord!
Pardon us!
My lord!
My lord!
l just can't do it.
Point a sword at Lord Yukinaga?
l just can't.
l see. That's fine.
That's so you, Firefly. That's how
l'd expect you to be.
Say, Firefly.
What is it?
lf the Sword of Deus could really grant
you anything, what would you ask for?
What's the matter?
lt's just that...
you ask such a question out of the blue.
l just asked. No big deal.
You're right.
lf that's the case...
lf that's the case...
To be with you, Goemon...
What about you, Goemon?
l would wish for a happy life
with the children...
Lord Yukinaga, and Master Kotaro.
Have you made up your mind?
What do you say?
Have you decided to reside
in the demon world with us?
l owe it to you that l've become
a full-fledged ninja.
l'm grateful for that.
But l cannot follow you the way you are.
Oh? Why is that?
You are no longer who you were.
Teacher. No, vengeful ghost, Momochi!
l ask you to return to the underworld
with my sword.
That's the last and utmost courtesy
l can show to my teacher!
l knew you'd say that, Goemon.
Let me see...
how much you've improved.
Firefly, run! That is my answer!
-What are you doing? Get away!
-l can't leave without you!
How imprudent!
Goemon! Goemon!
Quick! Go! Get away!
No, l don't want to!
You thought you let her get away?
Too optimistic, Goemon.
Shut up!
Still a greenhorn. A pupil can't
surpass his teacher easily after all.
What a beautiful view!
"The spring scenery is worth
a thousand gold coins.''
lt's even more than that.
To my eyes, it's worth
ten thousand gold coins.
Are you becoming delusional?
Can't you see, Teacher,
the view of Hell?
Both Lord Mototsugu Goto and
Lord Shigenari Kimura were killed!
About 150,000 Tokugawa soldiers
have surrounded the castle!
-What shall we do, Lord Hideyori!
-Lord Hideyori!
Go to war.
Battle against the Tokugawa!
Are you awake, Firefly?
Master Hanzo. Dogwood!
You fell off the cliff.
What about Goemon? Where is he?
He died.
He took Momochi with him.
You must be lying! lt can't be!
lt's true. The explosion was
so severe that there was no trace.
Boss, l've found out
where Yukinaga is.
-They're in Osaka Castle.
-Osaka Castle?
l hear they're performing
magic rituals underground.
l see.
lt makes sense.
Besides, Lord leyasu has already
started attacking the castle.
Don't let this opportunity slip by.
Let's go...
to Osaka Castle!
Please wait!
Please take me with you.
Please take me.
Goemon risked his life to save me.
l won't die needlessly.
Firefly, you are...
Let's go, Master Hanzo.
l'm sure Lord Yukinaga is
waiting for me.
The tragic end was approaching
the Toyotomi family.
Lord Yukimura Sanada has just
been killed in the battle!
Lord Hideyori! Lord Hideyori!
Pardon me!
Lady Yodo, what in the world...?
What are you doing?
Don't interrupt us! Leave!
We'll discuss this later!
Get them out of here for now!
Sure! Now, Lord Hideyori.
Pardon me!
Lord Hideyori, quick!
-This way please!
-Let go of me!
What are you doing, my lady!
You're trying to take us apart,
aren't you?
Lady Yodo has gone mad!
l won't let that happen!
-Please stop!
-Please stop!
Lady Yodo!
Lord Hideyori!
Don't worry.
l'll never let them get a hold of you!
You're mine forever!
Lord Hideyori!
There's such a place...?
Even castle employees hardly
know about this passage.
This is where Lord Yukinaga is?
l'm sure he's been waiting.
Watch out.
Welcome, Firefly.
Lord Yukinaga!
Thank you for bringing me
the Sword of Deus.
Job well done.
Lord Yukinaga!
Firefly, l'll reward you for
bringing me the sword.
Come all the way to the end
of this passage.
You can't have your way.
The others are not invited,
but l ought to entertain them somehow.
They are dead just as we are.
They all have the deepest hatred
for those who are alive.
Let them tear you to pieces
and join the ranks of the dead!
Enjoy to your heart's content.
Boss, go ahead and leave.
l'll keep them at bay.
We have no time! Hurry!
Don't die, Whirlwind!
Dead men, l must ask you to
return to your grave!
Master Kotaro!
You've come this far.
They haven't treated you well?
But l won't let you go beyond here.
You must be kidding.
Master Hanzo?
Dogwood, hurry to Yukinaga to
take back the Sword of Deus.
l'll be behind you. l promise.
But Master Hanzo!
What are you doing, Dogwood?
Quick! Go!
l said, "Go!''
Dogwood, you love Master Hanzo...
Hanzo Hattori,
the head of the lga ninjas.
l wanted to fight once
while l was alive.
The feeling was mutual.
Kotaro Fuma, the head of
the infamous Fuma clan.
What happened to make someone regal
like you fall into the demon world...
and turn into a cursed corpse?
You have no room to talk!
Our main Hojo family was eradicated...
and Lord Yukinaga, who gave me
peace and comfort also was killed.
That anger keeps me going!
lt tells me to kill all living things.
Come on, Hanzo.
Take my sword full of grudges...
from the demon world!
Here l come!
l will happily...
take you on!
Not bad, Hanzo.
l'm pleasantly surprised.
You too. l wish we had fought
before you died.
Unparalleled sword technique!
Lord Yukinaga!
You've come, Firefly.
Lord Yukinaga, please stop all this!
What do you mean?
This is just the beginning...
of my challenge to God!
Lord Yukinaga!
l gave Kiyomasa a gruesome death.
l manipulated Lady Yodo
to start this war and...
l've killed countless lives.
Was God able to stop me?
God does nothing.
He doesn't answer.
Just like when my children were killed!
Firefly, l'll never be able to forget...
the resentment and sorrow of that day!
Come to my side and
fight with me against God.
Master...Hanzo...will come...for sure.
Until then...
Lord Yukinaga, l have finally
made up my mind.
Really? Finally you made the decision?
Come along with me
as a member of the demon world.
What are you doing, Firefly?
Lord Yukinaga.
l'm grateful for all that you did
for me before.
But l can't follow you
the way you are.
Because you're no longer
who you were.
Goemon saved my life.
Goemon is always with me.
Lord Yukinaga.
No. Vengeful ghost, Yukinaga Konishi!
l ask you to return to the underworld
with my sword.
That's the last...
and utmost courtesy
l can show to my teacher!
Goemon is always with you, huh?
Firefly, l haven't repaid you for
bringing me the sword.
You can have it!
l don't believe this...
lf you had returned with the Sword
of Deus, l would've married you two.
Firefly, this is my reward to you.
Get married with him right here
and now as a couple of the demon world!
Goemon protected me when l was
being picked on in the village.
Goemon carried me on his back
when l was injured.
He gently warmed me up
when l was freezing.
When l ran out of food,
he shared his with me.
Goemon said l was cute...
and that he loved me.
He said he'd protect me!
lt was my wish...
l wanted to marry you.
l love you...
You came too, Hanzo.
How is it? Are you sad?
Come with us to the demon world.
You, Firefly...
and that young girl...
you can all return to this world.
l refuse.
Dogwood risked her life
for the sake of those who are alive.
So did Whirlwind and Flame.
And Goemon and Firefly
over there too.
lf l go to the demon world, l'd never
be able to show my face!
What a fool!
Just as l thought. God does nothing!
God wishes to do battle with me!
Now, die, Hanzo!
And rise from the dead as a member
of the demon world and my subordinate!
(l submit your soul to Buddha.)
How can this be?!
Dear God...
ls this...
your answer?
The Toyotomi clan died out in this
Summer Campaign of the Siege of Osaka.
That's what history says.
lt was May 8th in the year 1615.
Seven years later, a boy was born
to a masterless samurai in Nagasaki.
He was named Shiro Tokisada Masuda.
later known as Shiro Amakusa.
16 years later, the Shimabara Rebellion
by Christian peasants broke out.