Ninja Vixens: Web of Passion (2003) Movie Script

as Shadow
as Miracle
as Mirage
Directed by Hitoshi YUHO
Ninja Vixens - Web of Passion
Master Enbaku!
Head of the Musho Ninja Sect
Master Enbaku!
Head of the Musho Ninja Sect
All things come from darkness
and return to darkness.
I have gone to darkness but returned
to tell you something important.
It is my last duty to pass down
the regret from my previous life.
Don't miss a word of mine.
About half an hour ago,
Lord Fuji, whom we
the Musho sect serve,
was attacked by a rogue.
Lord Fuji was attacked?
Today is the third anniversary of
his nanny, Lady Kin's death.
It happened after the memorial service.
Lord Fuji has been extremely
busy with his upcoming wedding.
Head of the fief of Fujibayashi
Lord Sanemitsu Fujibayashi
It's no wonder he immediately fell asleep.
All of a sudden, he noticed
a very fragrant smell of musk.
He woke up to find himself
in a strange mansion.
He thought it was quite strange
that he was sleeping at such a place.
A Chinese woman?
He said she was very beautiful.
Mysterious Chinese Woman, Mei Ling
Where am I?
Where are the servants at this castle?
Hurry up and go get them.
Hey, don't you understand me?
What are you doing?
He thought the silk spider on her back
had smiled at him.
The rest was a natural turn of events
between a man and a woman.
I haven't even asked your name yet.
Forgive me. I can't tell you.
Oh? You can talk.
Tell me your name or...
I want your regal rod, my lord.
You're insatiable.
It's quite remarkable.
Let's show it to everyone.
It's gone! It's gone!
What happened?
My... my Willy...
If you want your important thing back,
bring me the one and only
Sacred Scroll of Ninja...
that belongs to the Musho sect ninjas...
who serve you.
What? How dare you!
You're just a foreigner!
It was just a dream...
Enbaku! Enbaku!
Emergency! It's an emergency!
My lord, what happened?
It was gone, all right. There was
no trace. It was nice and smooth.
The only ones who can use
such a magic skill is...
Dark Beast's clan!
It's the Anju sect's sexual power,
Theft in a Dream.
The power is effective
only in close proximity.
I immediately searched nearby.
What a blunder I made
as head of the Musho ninja sect.
All I could do was...
to use the ninja power of
"return the spirit",
and come back to you briefly
to deliver the message.
Master Enbaku.
You do understand this is
an extremely urgent matter.
If we fail, the Fujibayashi lineage
will be severed.
However, we cannot hand over
our Sacred Scroll of Ninja.
We'll recover Lord Fuji's privates
for the honor of the Musho ninja vixens.
Never, ever fail.
Lady Shadow.
Someone is watching us.
But from a distance, not nearby.
Shadow and Miracle.
I have witnessed it loud and clear.
Defected Ninja, Sutemaru
Your flute always sounds refreshing,
Lady Mirage.
Birds were charmed by it too.
Only birds and beasts understand
my music.
It means I, Sutemaru, am
a kind of beast.
I appreciate it.
So, how did it go?
I approached an old woman who used
to be a maid at the Yoshida mansion,
played up to her and this is
what I got. See?
Good job. Where's the treasure?
Probably right here.
How will Lord Yoshida react when he
finds the night-crying pot missing?
We could take his life as well, but...
it's boring.
We should leave a boring task
like that to the samurais.
He can cry every night in place of
the pot. I can't wait to see it!
If you want to recover the pot
the honorable shogun gave you,
it'll cost you 300 gold coins.
Hurry! Pay up!
There's something I overheard.
Is it lucrative?
Of course!
Things have been restless around
Lord Fuji lately.
He seems to be threatened somehow
with his wedding approaching.
So, what do you say? Maybe we can
butt in and get a share...
I already knew.
You knew?
Enbaku sent me a message
into the darkness of my blind eye...
about the incident earlier
just before he died.
Master Enbaku died?
Dark Beast decapitated him.
What in the world?!
What's the matter?
But... Dark Beast...
He's a monster that supposedly was
a pupil of a Chinese priest, Kai Ching.
What could he be after?
What's he after?
He's after the Sacred Scroll of Ninja
of the Musho ninja sect.
Did you say the Sacred Scroll of Ninja?!
So, what do we do, Sutemaru?
I'm in. We'll get to the pot later.
Musho or Anju? It's all up to us to pick
which sect we'll side with.
There's big money in this.
We'll be rich!
You don't know where the Sacred
Scroll of Ninja is?!
We looked in every nook and cranny
but we haven't located it.
It should've been in
Master Enbaku's possession.
Wanna ask the headless corpse
where it is?
There are no executives
who know its whereabouts.
You received hands-on training
from him.
Don't you know?
The Scroll was never allowed outside.
How would a lowly ninja like me know?
Lady Yo who is betrothed to our master
is related to the shogun family.
What will happen when she finds out
he's missing it on their wedding night?
It'll be clearly heard by
the shogun family.
An arranged marriage with such a man
will receive enormous attention and...
the entire family will be destroyed.
We must find the Sacred Scroll of Ninja
at all costs.
What if it's found?
It's simple.
The Fujibayashi fief retainer Kiyozaemon Urabe We
hand it over in exchange for our lord's thing and...
The Fujibayashi fief retainer Kiyozaemon
Urabe since Dark Beast will be there...
since Dark Beast will be there...
We'll capture him and his entourage.
But he's skilled enough to kill
Master Enbaku. It won't be easy.
Lord Urabe, will you please put
me in charge of this plan?
I promise I will recover
Lord Fuji's member.
You will?
Why should I trust a ninja vixen
like you?
What did you say?
You're all just monsters trained
by Enbaku to use sexual power.
I don't need help from the likes of you.
You call us ninja vixens monsters?
That's how you're referred to.
Do all the higher-ups agree with
the plan you just described?
It's not just your discretion, is it?
Now that Enbaku is gone, only I can
lead the Musho sect.
This wouldn't have happened if he
had guarded Lord Fuji more closely.
What's so funny?
I'm not laughing... at all.
You must be thinking about giving them
the Scroll and switching sides.
That's absurd!
Now, give me the Sacred Scroll!
Don't jump the gun!
I just knocked him unconscious.
He's crazy.
He always treated Master Enbaku
like a sworn enemy.
He's far from being qualified
as our leader.
I can't believe
the Sacred Scroll of Ninja is missing.
That's another big task in itself.
But where could it be?
My lord, forgive me.
Please spare me, my lord.
My lord.
This woman laughed at me
when she saw my groin.
Don't let it get to you.
Please be prudent.
Your wedding is approaching.
Shut up!
Have you found the Sacred Scroll?
Well, not yet.
The Musho sect is totally useless.
Please be patient. Just a little longer.
I can't wait. Aren't the ninja vixens
under Enbaku doing anything?
They're searching for your member,
but they're women after all.
I can't depend on them, eh?
You have other plans, don't you?
You said you'd be in charge of
the Musho sect!
We will succeed for sure.
And when we do, my lord, please make
sure you will promote me to serve you.
The best that a ninja out of action
can be is a samurai, huh?
Hurry up and get my Willy back!
That's him!
Master Enbaku!
Very good.
- Wake up!
- Yes, sir.
Those bastards at the castle!
They may hold him responsible,
but this is no way to bury anyone!
Just leave his body in the open.
He's not a dog or a cat.
We live as a shadow and die
as a shadow in the open.
This is a ninja's destiny.
Remember that.
You'll understand some day.
If the Sacred Scroll of Ninja is nowhere
to be found, then Master Enbaku has it.
Pardon me.
What them?!
Just a little too late.
Anju Sect Ninja, Dragon Blaze
Just a little too late.
Anju Sect Ninja, Dragon Blaze
Anju Sect Ninja, Dragon Blaze I got here before you
and cut him open to get the Sacred Scroll of Ninja.
I got here before you and cut him open
to get the Sacred Scroll of Ninja.
See this?
You bastard!
It belongs to us, the Musho ninja sect.
Give it back!
What a laugh!
Ninja vixens, if you want it back,
do it by force!
Why you!
Anju ninja power,
Pillars of Fire!
Musho ninja sexy power,
Whirlwind of the Shadow!
Is that all?
Musho ninja sexy power,
Needles of the Shadow!
Lady Shadow!
Lady Shadow, long time no see!
Mirage! Sutemaru!
Hey, this is no party.
Stop playing the flute!
Don't be so boorish!
Stop! Stop!
Ninja Vixen Sexy Power Sensual Kaleidoscope
Ninja vixen sexy power, Sensual Kaleidoscope.
Stop! What are you doing to me?
Stop playing the flute!
Stop playing the flute!
Ah, the Sacred Scroll of Ninja!
This is the Musho ninja sect's
Sacred Scroll.
If you want it back, have
Lord Fuji prepare some money.
Why you!
Or Lord Fuji's manhood won't return.
How do you know about it?
Enbaku sent me telepathy.
Master Enbaku did?
Not only did he raise
an orphan like me,
he told me about a profitable gig
just before he passed away.
I'm so grateful.
You traitor! How dare a defector
like you make a mockery of him!
Oh? You sound tough.
But you won't be able to beat us
with that wounded arm.
Besides, your partner is not exactly...
What did you say?
Let's see. Why don't I take a look
at the Sacred Scroll of Ninja?
This is funny!
The head of the Musho sect was
certainly clever!
It must've been his top-rate trick
to lure Dark Beast and his group out.
He even used his own body to
manipulate and set them up.
He's frightening.
Since you are injured, why don't you
cooperate with us?
Not with a defector!
I'm with her.
Enbaku may have appeared to both
you and me so that we'd work together.
You're after money! Why should we
cooperate with someone ambivalent!
We have the means to find out
Dark Beast's whereabouts.
Is that true?
We're in it for the money and
you're in it for loyalty.
At least until we get to the treasure...
Sure thing!
Ninja vixen ninja power,
Third Eye.
Ninja Vixen Ninja Power Third Eye
Ninja vixen ninja power, Third Eye.
Ninja Vixen Ninja Power
Third Eye
Did his eyeball give you
any visual clue?
It must be where he was last night.
Very good. Which direction then?
Aren't you coming?
I don't intend to conspire with you.
You're OK with it? Aren't you?
All right.
There was a booze party here.
They're all gone?
Let's spend the night here.
They may come back.
Anyway, it sure is a spooky temple.
Look who's talking.
Don't tell me you're scared.
That's absurd!
Sutemaru, stand guard outside.
They might've left some clues.
I'll go look around.
What's wrong?
What happened?
Three people broke in last night
and made unreasonable demands.
Not only that... they raped me.
Hold on. Then they shoved you
in there and started a party?
What were they like?
A warrior priest, a Chinese woman...
and a very beautiful man
with white hair.
What were they talking about?
I couldn't clearly hear on the other
side of the sliding door.
But I think it was about a man's...
- Thing!
- Yes.
How long did they stay?
Probably until dawn.
You went through a lot.
You should get some more rest.
I can't serve you much...
so deep in the mountains,
but I'd like to be of service to you.
Thank you so very much.
Ah! Over there!
Let me do it.
I don't need your help!
- Mirage.
- What?
- Why did you defect?
- Why do you wanna know?
To kill time. It'd be interesting
to hear a defector's side of the story.
To kill time? I'll tell you then.
I got sick of being a pawn.
Don't tell me you don't know of
Lord Fuji's doings.
Not only does he impose cruel taxes,
but he kidnaps women in the fief.
When he's done with them,
he kills them.
You know how much
his subjects are suffering.
It's not our job to be concerned
about them.
Enbaku tricked me by saying the same.
Master Enbaku raised an orphan
like yourself. Don't you feel indebted?
He just raised me as
a disposable pawn.
How can you say that?
Live and die as a shadow in the field.
It may sound cool, but...
it's nothing but a code convenient
only to samurais. ls it not?
You become a ninja fully aware of it.
But, Shadow,
have you ever wanted to
risk your own life for yourself,
instead of for some morons?
Lord Fuji is not worth
risking my life for?
Not when I think of the dead who died
because of his whims.
Enbaku was fully aware of it but
continued to support him heartlessly.
Even though he raised me,
I cannot forgive him.
Isn't it what a leader does?
For the sake of our code." ls it all
we need to settle every matter?
There is nothing to add to it.
Both you and I lost our parents
because of Enbaku's plans.
Is it true that you made one of
Mirage's eyes blind?
It happened when we were little.
We were playing tag
in some mountains like these.
She was running away and
I was "it".
I lost my bearings, slipped and
wound up dangling from a cliff.
And the one who rescued me was...
After rescuing me,
she plummeted down into the
bamboo forest instead of me.
She screamed and
I rushed to rescue her.
I found a cut end of bamboo
piercing through her eye.
It was the bamboo...
I had cut while practicing
my sword skills.
So you defected with Mirage...
to protect her life?
My name, too, means
"Defected from the World".
Maybe the wind called me.
The wind?
Her injury mysteriously united us.
Whatever will be will be.
I can depend only on my skills,
which is surprisingly fun.
It's kinda fun to tease feudal lords
with tactful plans.
Without justified purpose, the art of
Ninja is nothing but skills of thieves.
You're no different than Dark Beast.
Well, think whatever you like.
Where is she?
Huh? The priestess was over there...
I'll go check it out.
Why do you think Enbaku sent in
our parents to the losing battle?
I don't care.
It's because our parents
reproved him about the code.
Stop imagining nonsense.
Join forces with me. Seek freedom.
You'll be in a whole new world.
I'm no bird or animal.
You should determine your own fate.
Forget about the stupid code and
use your skills for your own sake.
Enough is enough!
Hang on!
You want me on your side so that
you can survive longer.
Survive longer?
You mean, "me"?
I erased such words from
my vocabulary when I defected.
Damn it!
Good job bringing them here.
Hey, it's food!
Anju sect ninja power,
Anju Sect Ninja Power, Surrogate
Cloak Surrogate Cloak.
You bitch!
I thought he'd died.
Miracle is over there!
- Let's go!
- Sure.
You're the one who appeared
in Lord Fuji's dream?
I sure am.
Where is Lord Fuji's member?
How did it go?
We nailed him this time.
It's so strange.
We did kill him. What's going on?
Where is Miracle?
Who is it?
Head of the Anju Sect of Ninja
Dark Beast I'm Dark Beast.
Head of the Anju Sect of Ninja
Dark Beast
Head of the Anju Sect of Ninja Dark
Beast Haven't you been looking for me?
Haven't you been looking for me?
Untie me!
Tell me where the Sacred Scroll
of Ninja is.
I don't know!
Your beautiful body may end up
getting scarred.
You seem to be sexually
inexperienced for a ninja vixen.
It's a secret pill that I concocted
with a dead woman's internal organs.
How do you like it?
You body is responding very well.
If you make too much noise, you'll
become the ingredients for the pill.
- Lucky me! Thanks.
- Damn, you bastard!
- One more game!
- Sure thing.
I can't keep up with that kind of bet.
If you're so cheap, just watch!
Sorry again!
Aren't you working for the priestess
at the temple for petty cash?
Can I join you guys?
The priestess? No one lives there.
Don't play dumb!
Remember we had those drinks
the other night?
I was listening to your conversation
when I was lying down.
Weren't you asleep?
I hear she kills lost travelers, steals
their belongings and sells them...
and that you guys are helping her
in some way.
You were drunk. It must be a dream.
You'll keep playing dumb?
You'll be sorry.
We'll be sorry?
Hey! Look!
Over there!
Pretty good catch.
Which one do you want?
The one on the right.
All right. Deal!
Ladies, pretend you're at Death's River
and this is a ritual for the dead.
Pleasure us so that we'll rest in peace.
Hurry! Hurry!
Ninja Vixen Sexual Power, Soiled Linen Dance
Ninja vixen sexual power, Soiled Linen Dance.
It stinks!
Didn't I say you'll be sorry?
You are...
Don't worry. The real one is
sleeping over there.
If you talk without resisting,
we'll spare your life.
You've helped Priestess Jakuryou,
haven't you?
We only helped her sell items
she stole from the dead.
We never killed!
We delivered stuff to a Chinese woman
who's occasionally at the temple.
Chinese woman?
The priestess wanted us to make
delivery for a handsome fee.
when it was time, she made us
wear red blindfolds and told us to go.
It smelled like rotten garbage.
She jokingly said it was a woman's
internal organs.
It would've been impossible
with blindfolds,
but we could run without bumping into
anything. We were so surprised!
When our feet stopped and we took
off the blindfolds, it was pitch dark.
A woman was standing right there.
Then what?
We got paid and went home.
Where was it?
We got blindfolded again. She said
we'd die if we took them off.
What are they doing with a woman's
internal organs?
The priestess said they might be
used to make sex pills or something.
You had a job recently.
No way!
Don't lie! Then how can you
bet that much?
You carried a woman!
We know nothing at all!
Don't you know when to give up?
Tell us where the Sacred Scroll
of Ninja is.
Or, the woman named Miracle
will have to die.
It's Dark Beast, isn't it? Where is he?
Show yourself!
Give us back Lord Fuji's privates!
What makes you think the lowly Musho
Sect can defeat the Dark Beast clan?
You bastard!
We, the Dark Beast clan, have already
abandoned physical forms.
So, it's a waste of time to kill us.
Abandoned physical forms?
It's the duty of ninjas to live and die
in the shadow.
But, as long as physical forms exist
as vessels,
we cannot become shadow
in true sense.
So, I sought training from
a Chinese priest, Kai Ching,
and succeeded in abandoning
physical forms to live in the darkness.
It is impossible to abandon
physical forms.
I reside in infinity.
It's nothing like this world.
the internal evil darkness exists
in everyone's heart and...
that's where my clan and I live.
Internal evil darkness?
The evil darkness in people is
This is why people get excited about...
war, incest, robbery and
everything evil.
We travel freely in this world as we
live in the darkness that connects all.
You mean there are as many exits
into this world as there are people?
- Next!
- Yes, sir.
Why did you save Enbaku?
Didn't you hate the heartless Enbaku?
It's an illusion. Just an illusion!
What was that?
According to Dark Beast, it was
the darkness within me.
In fact, I almost killed Enbaku.
That's true, but...
The darkness within me must've been
amplified by borrowing that man's eye.
That's not the case!
What do you mean?
If his eye is the cause, I should be
affected more as I swallowed it first.
I'm positive it was the darkness
within me.
I always dreamed of Enbaku
getting killed by you.
You wanted me to kill Enbaku?
But the goodness within you
stopped my wish from coming true.
Why in the world...?
You know that my parents,
just like both your parents,
lost their lives because of
Enbaku's cruel plans.
I wondered, as a child,
why we must give up our lives
so easily...
for the sake of a samurai's whims.
The eyeball's poison is working.
I won't live much longer.
I enjoyed being with you,
Lady Mirage.
Fly like a bird.
Run like an animal.
You felt guilty about my eye.
So you defected with me.
That's silly.
Lady Shadow.
Take this.
This matches Lady Mirage's charm.
I no longer need this.
The darkness within me is getting
bigger, as death gets nearer.
The darkness of the other world
is the darkness within.
This is perfect timing...
for taking both of you to Dark Beast.
I'm positive you will succeed.
God of Iizuna,
please hear my last wish.
Shall we go?
I don't know if I can go back alive.
I won't lend you my hand.
Same to you!
Did you bring the Sacred Scroll
of Ninja for me?
That's not what we agreed upon.
If that's the case,
I can't give you back
what's important to you.
If I fire the Musho sect and hire
you and your clan in their place,
you'll give me the secret
Chinese potion.
That's what you said in my dream!
Yes, I did.
I did promise the secret potion that
gives you bottomless powers, but...
only if you hand over
the Sacred Scroll of Ninja.
Why are you so attached to
the Sacred Scroll?
I, Dark Beast, reside in
the darkness in people's hearts.
We have very limited access
to the real world from here.
There are two types of exits.
One is through the dead.
The other is through evil people
just like you, my lord.
I plan to create more exits.
Evil, huh?
Are you saying that the Sacred Scroll
tells you how to do it?
With the Scroll in my hand,
we should be able to use...
anyone as a passage
to the real world.
I thought I'd find the Scroll easily.
But Enbaku had hidden it somewhere.
If you don't have the Sacred Scroll,
maybe I should kill you and...
replace you.
You betrayed us! Die!
I don't believe this!
It is the Sacred Scroll of Ninja!
What the heck?
Way to go, Enbaku.
He engraved the Scroll on the body of
the man who betrayed him.
It's telling you to live as a monster
just like us ninjas.
This is funny.
Enbaku, I'll make you sorry!
What a task you were given!
All of you are...
nothing but pawns Enbaku used
for his revenge.
He planned it all.
You fools.
It doesn't bother us. If we are pawns,
we'll go for a checkmate.
The shogunate will pay up
if we go to them with this scandal.
So, do you wanna join forces now?
Of course! You don't even need to ask.
Wave Punch!
Anju Sect Ninja Power,
Wave Punch
How imprudent!
Return of the Dead!
Anju Sect Ninja Power,
Return of the Dead
Return of the Dead!
Anju Sect Ninja Power,
Return of the Dead
This is bad! It's endless!
We must kill Dark Beast at all costs!
I'm counting on you!
What can I do?
Why you!
Anju sect ninja power,
Spider Whore
Anju Sect Ninja Power, Spider Whore
Anju sect ninja power, Spider Whore
Anju Sect Ninja Power,
Spider Whore
What? Mirage!
Stop it!
Have you been waiting for long?
That's not fair!
Shadow, use this to kill the spider.
What's the deal?
Was Dark Beast the Chinese woman
or was it the other way around?
It was both.
Dark Beast lost his body.
They were just like two mirrors
reflecting the other person's image.
Let's go.
I hope he'll find his very important
member in the other world.
What are you doing here?
We were only watching him sleep.
Don't make a big deal.
It's you, Mirage!
Shadow, why are you with a defector?
I've seen the Musho sect ninjas
killed everywhere.
- Is it your doing?
- Nonsense!
You monsters! Who are you
siding with now?
Don't tell me you're after his life!
My lord!
Don't be wary. I'll protect you.
My lord!
All three of you did a good job
avenging my death. Congratulations.
I don't believe this!
Peel off the Sacred Scroll on
Lord Fuji's skin and take it with you.
Go ahead and peel it off so that
you can lead the Musho sect.
I'm not interested in the Musho sect!
What's the matter, Mirage?
Do you want to waste the skills
I taught you? It's my order.
Listen to the man who raised you
as if you were my own!
Enough! Rest in peace!