Ninnu Kori (2016) Movie Script

Calling bell
(Children singing song)
That's cute.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
What's all this Arun?
This is for you.
Oh! Oh my God.
Happy Anniversary, Pallavi.
Happy Anniversary.
- Yeah.
Aren't you going to office today?
There's party in the evening.
II've got lots to do.
So, day off.
- (Laughs) Okay.
Bye Pallavi.
- Bye.
Phone ringing
- Pallavi.
Yes, Arun?
- Did you come out?
Going to the mart to pick up groceries.
- Okay.
Actually... my office staff
will be attending the party.
Make necessary arrangements
ffor them as well.
Yeah, Arun. I'll take care of it.
- Okay Pallavi.
Is Uma here?
- Yes, he is here.
Uma.. Uma..
I knew you would come for me.
( Person talking in distance )
We should start from here.
Just a minute.
Stop. Stop.
Here. Take the money.
Good morning, Ma'am.
- Good morning.
Pallavi, get out!
Sorry, ma'am. I was reminded of it
oon the way.
I got late by the time I went home
tto pick up the plate.
Plate isn't important.
The tempo is important.
You have no rhythm,
I told you several times.
Please, ma'am. Give me one chance.
Last chance.
- Sorry. sorry.
- Get out.
Do we really need to dance?
We are eventually
going to get married and settle down.
Are you going to do stage shows
in the future?
Hey! It's not about the stage shows.
I want to make a CD
of my dance performances.
In the future when my husband
and kids watch my dance of TV,
The spark in their eyes..
- A spark?
It would be amazing.
You know, every person
must have some memory in their life.
If not classical, I will do folk dance..
But I surely will.
- I'll kill you!
I don't like the idea
of my wife dancing.
I am not your wife. My life..
- Shut up!
If I see you participating
in dance and games in college..
What will you do?
You will see a violent me. Be careful.
Just to teach him a lesson,
I must learn dance.
Where can we find
a dance teacher now?
I am my faith in
'Simhadri Appanna' The almighty.
We found our master.
- What?
Sir, you always kept mentioning
your favourite student Uma Maheshwar Rao.
Did you see his dance?
Hey, what ever he does is at the top most.
He was always first in studies and dance.
Let him finish his PhD,
you guys would be jealous of his settlement.
Hold it.
Mix it off.
- They may find out.
No one will find out.
- Uma!
What's up, Uma? Will you
just keep dancing at weddings?
Do you have plans for yourself?
- Your husband is calling you.
She proposed to twice while pursuing MCA.
- Did she?
She's takes me for granted
because I rejected her.
You rejected her?
- Hey! Why are you so shocked for everything?
What say, Puma?
- Sir.
It is P. Uma!
- I said the same.
Hmmm... looks like you're enjoying!
- Enjoyment?
'Struggles for making a living.'
When will I get my PhD?
When will I settle down?
You can put up a food truck
and also settle down.
But one must settle down
like Uma Maheswar Rao.
Have some patience.
Heard that you didn't pay the bills.
- You didn't pay?
My checkbook is all wet.
Gate crash into weddings for food
and seek refuge at bus stops,
Spend time happily.
How can a Godfather say that, sir?
I am your Godfather.
Had I been your father,
I'd have ripped your skin off.
You will enter the hostel
only after paying the fee. Tell him.
Only after paying the fee,
you will enter the hostel.
It seems.
- Mix it.
Hey look! he is over there.
- Let's go.
Master! bless me.
- God bless you, my child.
Who are you?
Who do you think I am?
I'm Pallavi. Gitam college student.
I must perform a dance
at my college's event in three days.
I just saw you dancing,
You were amazing.
You are my dance master from today.
My dream will come true
if you teach me dancing.
I can't give up on my work
to make your dream come true.
You don't have to teach me for free.
You can take a fee.
Fee? How much?
We must pay food bill...
ask for 1000 bucks!
Hey, I said 500.
Okay done.
It's not about the money.
If I help one realize their dream,
I will also realize Kalam's dream.
Thank you.
- Alright, give us some advance.
We are very professional.
You have to train first,
we are very practical.
Which place?
Hello, what is this?
Ours is not a romantic song,
it's a mass song.
Hey, turn it on!
- Okay.
You will pay, right?
- Damn you! switch it on.
Are you ready?
- Okay.
Okay, let's do it.
(Mass song in background)
Super! You can't dance with claps.
you must dance.
I will do master.
- Then..
What about the movement?
- I got it.
Yeah. Ready.
(Mass song in the background)
What are you doing?
When you shake your head,
it has to be only your head.
The same with waist.
If you move your entire body
it looks like epilepsy.
What do we do now?
What did you say, master?
Move your head only...
- Master, I have an idea.
What is your idea?
When I move my waist,
hold my head.
When I move my head,
hold my waist.
This will work out master.
Unexpected movement.
Hey Pallavi, are you crazy?
Shut up.
- Hey, Kalamandir Kavitha sit down.
I don't touch waists like this.
we are very professional men.
Master, you are not touching me.
It's just that the dancing hero in you
is touching the dancing queen in me.
- Dancing hero.
Switch it on.
- Start.
See, my waist is shaking.
- Hold my waist. I'll try.
This is fine, master.
Hold my head now.
I'll try the next step.
Did he connect to her?
Master, hold my head not shoulders.
I'm getting it.
Is that fine?
Is that fine?
What happened, master?
Breathe while dancing.
- Oh.
I'll try again.
There it's happening again.
Master, I can't do this.
- You will learn.
I got it.
I could feel it.
You will feel it soon.
Just because I refused you in college?
you came to the roads.
I told you, right?
I hate to see my wife dance.
Who is he?
My master.
- Which school?
- Hey.
Go home and learn some cooking.
Have some control.
What is this?
You never told me
that you are married.
I thought...
- Damn!
I can never be his wife.
He's my super senior
from college.
He asked me to act like his wife
when he ragged me.
Since then he calls me his wife.
He's torturing me from past three years.
Why do you keep calm?
Oh no, I am scared
to look into his eyes. 186
I will help you fight your fear.
Call him to Tenneti Park in the morning.
And then?
I will take care of him.
Why are you so late, master.
That Manohar will be here any minute.
I am very tensed.
Do we have a plan?
- A plan?
Look there.
Seethammadhara S.I.
- S.I ?
There is one more guy
near the sugarcane truck.
Maddilapalem Head Constable.
Do you see ladies
on to your left. - Yes.
- They are not ladies.
Don't stare at them.
'SHE' team.
Oh... - Do you see
a guy jogging in front of you.
Madhurwada C.I
They have information
on eve teasing happening here.
I get it now, master.
Undercover operation.
They are all going to deal
with Manohar now.
For that to happen,
he must just touch you once.
You must make him touch you.
Provoke him.
I can't do it.
Master, he's coming.
You can do it.
Kill him.
- Master, you should stay here.
We are all here.
- Please. please.
You asked me to come alone,
if I am a man. I am here!
What will you do, huh?
What will you do?
Why are you over acting?
What are you looking around?
I'm talking to you.
Speak to me.
Why aren't you talking?
- What?
I will talk now.
What will you do?
Do you think I am scared of you?
I dare you to touch me.
Just touch me for once.
Why are you stepping back43
Touch me. - Looks like
she's come here with a plan.
Just touch me for once.
Let's deal with her later.
- Where are you going?
I dare you to touch me.
Master, did you see that?
- Yes.
He's scared of me.
I could see it in his eyes.
I want to thank the cops.
- Cops?
They aren't cops.
They come here
regularly for jogging and work.
- You were scared till now.
You scared him off now.
Do you understand what you have now?
- It's in you.
I said those things to you,
as you will be courageous. That's it.
Thank you master.
Thank you.
"Heartbeat suddenly begins pacing up"
"Who is that it came across?
Happiness fills up the relation"
"When did this bond form?"
"Is it really me with you?"
"Is it really happening as I feel like
As the girl I like applauds me"
"She hugs me away with pleasure"
"She took into a world
Where I have never seen stars earlier"
"Heartbeat suddenly begins pacing up
Who is that it came across?"
"Happiness fills up the relation
When did this bond form"
- Uma.
The courage you ignited in me
is so amazing..
Wonder how it would be
having you in my life.
So, campus holidays start tomorrow.
Hostel will be closed.
My friend runs an EAMCET coaching
center in Hyderabad.
If you teach there in summer,
you may earn up to 25 grand.
You can use it for
next semester's expenses. Go!
No sir.
I can't go away from Vizag.
- Who is the girl?
I've seen lot of Puma's like you
in this university. sit down.
What can I do when I ask you to progress
and you decide to fall in Love.
So, What's your next plan, sir?
I'll take a room for rent
and teach here itself.
'When luck wants to take you ahead,
brain drags you backwards.'
There is no one who would rent
a space for bachelors in Vizag?
Rajeshwari I told you so many times
to turn the cooker off after three whistles.
It's waste of gas.
- I forgot, dear.
Coffee dear.
- Father-in-law.
I told you to give the money to the dealer
from Ramana. I am checking on that.
I didn't, father-in-law.
- Why?
We take money on Friday
but we don't give, right?
I got some marks.
What is this?
- A love letter father.
What? Who gave it to you?
The bachelor staying on terrace.
You are not just using the room
but my wi-fi also..
Is it your will and wish?
- I didn't use it, sir.
You wrote a love letter to my daughter?
- On a Friday!
I thought he was a nice guy...
- All bachelors are not the same.
Why would I write a love letter.
I treat her like my cousin sister.
Why can't you think of her as a sibling?
You can judge his cunning mind here.
- yes.
Throw him out..
- I can't even write a leave letter, sir.
If you are still here my Father-in-law
will change your fate.
Sir, please.
Father, I always told you
not to give space to a bachelor.
You don't understand.
- It's not a palace for a family to stay.
Just a pent house.
That's how he must have thought!
I saw a vacant flat yesterday and called you.
- You called me?
- What's your name?
Uma Maheshwar rao.
- Good.
What do you do?
- PhD in Statistics.
Andhra University.
- Statistics?
Calculations I mean...
You are pursuing PhD, right?
That's not a job.
What's your source of income then?
I mean how?
I get scholarships, sir.
And I take tutions on free days.
- That sounds good.
I have a grandson.
He hates studying.
You must teach him for free..
- Sure.
Until the PhD is done with.
- Sure.
Until I finish my PhD, right?
- Until he finishes his PhD.
Come I'll show you the house.
I'll see you soon.
Please. - Come on.
- Coming sir.
Girlfriend and cousin sisters
won't come home, right?
I am not a 'Romeo' type of guy.
I am a 'Gentleman' sir.
Everyone would tell you the same.
- Father-in-law.
Come on in.
- New bachelor.
Tell him the rules and regulations
and show him the pent house.
- Thanks sir.
Listen, it is not about connecting with him,
it is about not disconnecting with him.
You must be very lucky
to get space in our pent house.
How much did he tell you the rent is?
- Six thousand, he said.
It would cost eight thousand with taxes.
- Taxes?
Freedom tax.
There's a toll gate between
you and my uncle.
I will be opening it.
If you get beers home,
I must open it..
Girlfriends too. I have to lift.
For you to open the gates
I must pay you two grand.
Every month?
- Obviously.
Look, this is just between us.
- What matter?
Smart fellow.
- Pent house is amazing, sir.
What about my two grand?
- I'll give you in two days.
Give me your hand.
Thank you, sir.
Father, why did you rent
the space to a bachelor again?
The one who left
gave me a love letter, right?
But he's not even the type
who would take one if you give.
He's going to take tutions
for Chintu at free of cost.
He is well calculated.
He's comfortable with me as well.
- Who is asking you?
Lost my marks.
We just got one guy vacated yesterday.
Are all bachelors are not the same.
- Okay.
You like him, right?
My dear.
Careful, that's our penthouse.
Who is this guy?
Good morning sir.
- You said things.
This is it?
I'm staying alone,
why do I need this waste expense?
According to the law...
- Enough.
He will have his calculations.
- Yes, calculations.
One minute.
Who is he?
- A friend.
What do you mean by friend?
- We share everything.
Even bad luck?
- Anyone would share a biryani.
A true friend will also share bad luck.
I am true friend of him.
He looks like a black ticket guy.
Why do you have friends like him?
- Cut him lose.
Whom are you talking about?
- Him.
Who is he?
Oh... is it done like this?
Go. Come to the campus.
You carry on. You can use
the old bachelors things.
Lovababu, please bring them.
Don't want 2000?
- Yes, I'll lift.
If there is a song, Pallavi might come.
- Son?
Over here.
- Where?
Oh... Aunty.
- Whats your name?
Uma Maheshwar Rao, aunt.
Unlike the previous bachelor,
please be well behaved.
Whoever rents space
at our place becomes family.
You should feel that way.
- Completely.
Make sure you get these savories
and baskets downstairs when it rains.
I can't come up due to Arthritis.
Don't hesitate to bring
sarees and blouses.
Sarees and blouses?
When the tank is full,
come down and switch off the motor.
What is wrong with you?
Even you have arthritis?
What did you say, son?
- I will come down anytime.
You must be like family.
- You will see it for yourself.
Let's go.
Is everyone downstairs, aunty?
Today is Sunday, right?
Everyone is home.
That's it, right?
It's his first day, right?
do you have anything to eat?
That is... get it from a hotel.
There's Hotel Mayuri right next to the house.
It is amazing.
You must try it.
- It's very good son.
Go quick.
- Ok, Grandmother.
Shall we start tutions?
- Go away.
When will I finish my PhD
in that case?
PhD is not calk walk.
One must be hardworking and dedicated.
- Don't you want the house?
Let's start in the evening.
- Sharp at Six.
I should puncture this fellow.
You like the house?
- Why wouldn't I like it?
In-laws house after all.
Eat cashew porridge and text me.
"Which thread has pulled me along?"
"With you by my side,
my heart feels elated"
"This wasnt something I asked for"
"It is a gift I found by myself"
"Every second is a celebration now"
"The dream I wished for
has now reached me like you"
"She hugs me away with pleasure"
"She took into a world
Where I have never seen stars earlier"
"Half of happiness and half of surprise"
"This truth somehow feels really good"
"With time as the witness
Life moves along as love"
"My journey now turns precious
No matter which direction I take"
"Heartbeat suddenly begins pacing up
Who is that it came across?"
"Happiness fills up the relation
When did this bond form?"
"Is it really me with you?"
'Is it really happening as I feel like"
"She hugs me away with pleasure"
"She took into a world
Where I have never seen stars earlier"
Where is the bike?
- Bike is not here.
- Why are you apologizing.
Let it be.
We'll buy a car after we get married.
For now let's use Auto. come on.
Lovababu.. I asked him to sell
the papers every month..
Irresponsible fellow.
Hey dear.
Why are you drenched?
It's not even raining.
What is this, dad?
If it is not raining in MVP colony
doesn't mean it won't rain anywhere.
There's heavy rainfall in Akkayapalem.
Got drenched while coming back
from Kavita's place.
Is it?
- yes.
Go and dry yourself up.
Okay, father.
It's raining there and not here..
Hey... wait.
- Are you coming from Akkayapalem?
Yes sir, how did you know?
It is raining very heavily, right?
- Major storm, sir.
But how did you know.
Carry on.
Looks like you are calculating
climate as well..
Good night, sir.
- Good night.
Phone ringing
- How long should I wait.
Sorry, I'll be there in five minutes.
Come soon.
- Okay, bye.
Where is Murthy?
- In his chamber.
Did you check it.
- Yes, I checked.
Phone ringing
Phone ringing
Hello, Uma.
- I reached where are you?
I saw the guys who stole my bike.
- Where?
They are on the harbor road.
I'm following them. Come soon.
- Pallavi, don't go.
Why didn't you change registration plate.
- I wanted to change after you see the bike.
Is the condition of the bike good?
- Hello.
This is our bike.
Do you have RC book, license?
If you show them all.
I will give it.
Shut up!
- It's okay show me.
He's asking, right?
Show him.
Show me.
Let's go from here.
- Where?
I can take my bike, let's go.
- It's right here Uma.
Not here.
- Uma, that's our bike.
Can it carry four people?
Hold it.
It will break.
What did you say?
- He asked can it pulll four?
Why do you talk about
mileage with girls.
Men should talk about them.
- Talk with you?
Don't you think before doing anything?
What if something happened to you?
Let the bike be.
- Why?
This is the bike we went out on.
It's our memory, Uma.
After our wedding, you must take me
and our kids on this bike.
Why are you laughing?
When will you grow up?
When will I marry you.
When will we have kids?
It will take a lot of time.
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
You think I am a kid?
- Did I say you are a kid?
I'm just saying you have to grow up.
- Why Uma..
Look at your face.
So you are here.
What is this Padma doing?
They married her off
after intermediate.
What does the guy do?
He's a pilot...
- Then what.
If the guy is good enough,
age doesn't matter.
You were 16 when I married you...
What happened to you?
You are living life queen size.
Even I will look after your
daughter like that.
She is happy too.
Had you settled a bit and got married,
it would have been better.
Every one was asking at the wedding.
When we are getting
our younger one married.
I am on a look out..
What is he doing? How much
ddoes he earn? Is it a permanent job?
There's lot to look into.
If our neighbour or tenant ask,
shall we give her away?
How can we do that?
Our Pallavi will get a good match.
Play the game, aunt.
I was about to call you...
- Sir.
Prof. Chatterjee from Delhi's JNU just called...
He is impressed.
He's asking you to come to Delhi.
If you do your thesis under him,
the credibility for your PhD gets stronger.
Start to Delhi immediately.
Phone ringing
Pallavi, I have to tell you something.
- I too have something to tell you.
I'm coming.
Why don't you think once.
- I already thought a lot about it.
Why is everyone so serious?
I have a good news.
- Let's marry Uma.
They are discussing about
my wedding at home.
They are looking for proposals from the US.
They surely will not
let me get married to you.
We'll go some where and get married.
We shall, Pallavi.
But, so suddenly?
What is the need to elope
and get married?
If I elope with you,
they will be mad at me.
If I elope after the match making
or during the wedding,
They will blame my family.
I don't like that.
How do we get married now.
- Uma.
I won't ask you where and how.
I just need your love.
Let's think for a week.
- No.
We'll leave tomorrow.
Don't worry about the money,
I'll take care of it.
What are you thinking about?
Do you actually want to get married?
Let's get married.
I love you, Uma.
I love you.
Go... Why are you so slow?
Hey Uma...
Are you going home?
Yes sir.
- Good, let's go.
As the clock ticks 1 o'clock I feel hungry.
Are you coming from university.
- Yes sir.
Our family is planning to go
to Tirupati next week.
Why don't you come along?
Planning to go after the wedding, sir.
That's a good calculation.
Good. Good.
Looks like a fight. Pull over.
What are you talking?
Don't shout. Talk normally.
- There's nothing to talk.
If you don't leave right now,
we'll lodge a complaint at the police station.
Let's go to the station and finalize then.
- What happened, Damu. Who is he?
He is in love with Bindu.
If I don't get Bindu married to him
- She is also in love with me. Ask her.
Son, Loving someone is not wrong.
Asking for the girl like this is wrong.
What do you do?
- I am pursuing my degree.
How will you look after her
with a degree?
I will ride a rick and feed her, sir.
You will ride a rick?
Do you have any idea as to
how he raised his daughter?
He made her study
in best schools and best colleges.
He arranged for split AC at home
during her board exams.
Can you do that?
If you ride a rick
you won't even get a table fan.
We don't need all that, uncle.
It's easy to say that now.
But after the wedding..
if you feel like going for a movie or shopping,
you'll have to think several times.
If something goes wrong,
you will turn to this house.
Just say that you have issue with my caste
and not beat around the bush.
Just shut up I say.
We don't care about
your caste and background.
Will you be able to take care of her
or not is what matters to us?
We always think of marrying
our daughter to an eligible guy.
That's when you come into picture.
Only in the name of love.
You will have kids and make them suffer.
A generation's future goes down the drain.
If we are sure that you can take care
of our daughter better than us,
We wouldn't mind even if she elopes.
We will rest peacefully here.
You are not of that stature. So, leave.
I know how to deal with this.
- Let's go.
Do what ever you can.
I'll see you then.
- Okay.
Look how today's generation is.
An educated person like you
would understand.
Let's go. Useless fellow.
Is everything alright?
'If we are sure that you can take care
of our daughter better than us'
'We wouldn't mind even if she elopes.
We will rest peacefully here.'
'Prof. Chatterjee called
from Delhi regarding thesis.'
If you do thesis under him,
the credibility of your PhD is different.
So, you want to go to Delhi,
finish your PhD and get a job.
Then we will get married.
I am doing this for our future.
This is your future.
Where am I, Uma?
Just one year.
Meanwhile if my parents
get me married here.
If it comes to that
I will come and take you away.
But not right now.
Understand. Just one year.
There's no second chance in love.
- Pallavi.
What's up.
You said you'd stay till Chintu
complete his PhD.
How can you just leave?
I don't want to go but I have no choice.
For a better future.
It's for our good.
Thank you, sir.
I'll see you soon.
Hang the 'To-Let' board again.
"I asked the voice in my heart
Oh passing time! Where is my love?"
"I forgot myself thinking of her
I asked my heart where her presence is"
"I cant imagine myself without you"
"I look for our story
in every thought of mine"
"I am within you, desiring for you
I walked along with you as the truth"
"You are in the depths of my heart"
"You are my better half and my world"
"Your friendship is the tune that guides me"
"This journey doesnt halt
at just reaching you"
"This travel has no exhaustion"
What, sister?
Why so suddenly?
Come, get ready fast.
She is our younger daughter, Pallavi!
Do you have any special hobbies
like music and cookery?
She learnt almost all items
cooking from youtube.
Ok, happy.
- Ok.
Phone ringing
Hi Pallavi.
- Uma.
What an amazing timing.
I am going to submit my final paper.
I'll be Uma Maheshwar Rao PhD
in six months.
Pallavi, my life ambition
is going to be fulfiled.
I had a weird feeling
that we didn't talk.
But now that you have called
I am very happy.
What are you thinking about?
Wish me all the best.
All the best.
- Thank you. Thank you so much.
I will call you back after the seminar.
There's a lot we need to talk. Bye. Bye.
You must call Uma once again.
He might have come down
to take me away maybe.
But after that if he said
that I ruined his career,
I can't take it.
From the past one year,
I've been talking to myself.
Not for another moment.
- Uma.
I didn't come to stay with you.
Prof. Murthy called me yesterday.
- This is Prof. Murthy.
How are you doing, sir?
I am good dear.
How are you?
I am good. How is Uma?
I am sure he's got a great position.
No dear.
He went under depression
when knew about your wedding.
I sent him to the US to get a job.
He couldn't think over you.
He's become an alcohol addict now.
He told me that he was going to meet you.
I said that it would be wrong.
Now he stopped going to the office.
If he doesn't take over the project
in 10 days they will fire him.
He's not in a state
to even listen to me.
I was hoping if you could
explain it to him.
He's the best student in my career.
I can't see him ruin everything.
Are you here to show sympathy?
No Uma.
I thought you forgot everything
and leading a happy life.
It's a lie.
If your love was true.
This is all a lie.
Don't you think I know?
Many girls get married for their parents...
For their parents and society's contentment.
Spend life with a guy
that they don't love at all.
But you don't need this.
I am there for you.
Just say it, I'll take care of everything.
I am very happy with Arun.
How do I tell you.
The care and affection that he showered
on me has left our love clouded.
Did you just say that?
Look straight into my eyes and tell me.
Tell me that you don't love me.
No, Uma.
- Why aren't you looking?
If you do, that cloud will melt away
in your tears, right? - Uma.
You are not understanding.
- Why did you come?
What if I drink? What if I am jobless?
What if I die?
- I am here to stop all of that.
That day, I felt your career was more
important than our life together.
That's why I got married and left.
And if you ruin that career now,
I can't take it.
I don't care about anything, Pallavi.
You can't expect me to happy
when you are suffering there.
Whatever it may be,
you will come for me,
I will wait for you.
Okay, time to get the party started.
Pop the champagne.
Out of all in the gang,
you guys are made for each other, Arun.
Hello, it's us after them.
Dude, these guys are mad for each other.
That's true, bro. 87.
Let's celebrate.
I love you.
Is everything okay?
- I met Uma today.
When I told you about Uma
after the wedding,
The amount of support you gave for me
to become normal..
... Is beyond words.
Love doesn't stop with the first..
I knew this after you came into my life.
But Uma...
Is ruining his life thinking
that I am suffering with you.
I think I am responsible for that.
It's killing me.
How do I tell him that
I am very happy with you.
He'd know if he sees, right?
What if he really sees us.
Arun, let's call Uma home for 10 days.
If he sees it for himself
he'll believe it.
Then he will move on with his life.
Only if you are okay.
If your guilt goes with him getting back
to normalcy, let him come.
I want your happiness.
Thank you, Arun.
Thank you.
- That's okay.
What? I should stay with you to see
how you and your husband and living happily?
You are spoiling your life thinking
that I am suffering here, right?
Come and see for yourself.
You will realize that I am living
a happy life with my husband.
What if I realize?
I want you to forget everything
and rejoin work.
You should start a new life.
What if I don't realize?
And what if you realize
that you still love me?
Will you let go off everything
and come with me?
See Pallavi, you know the truth.
Your silence says it all.
- I will come, Uma.
Only when your come
your heart will know the truth.
Remember, you said
there's no second chance in Love.
You are now calling me
and giving me a second chance.
Do you understand..
... My victory has already begun.
You can't guess the winner
in the beginning of the game.
We'll know towards the end.
Let's see.
See you.
Hi, Uma.
Hi Uma.
- Where is the washroom?
Arun, give a break please.
Good morning, Uma.
- Good morning.
Uma, you spent all these years
as a bachelor.
Can't you make a coffee?
Come help yourself.
But you gave him coffee.
Even he was a bachelor before marriage.
Get married,
Your wife will serve you.
Not just coffee
but tea and breakfast too.
You won't come, right?
I'll make my coffee.
You chopped them now?
When will you cook?
It's a Venusian salad, Uma.
Arun eats it.
He is very health concious,
Actually I got habituated too.
It's better if you too get used to it.
Will you eat this for health, brother?
At our place, they eat this
if they fall sick.
Your would feed me cashew upma.
That was in Vizag.
She would cook it
in the pent house sometimes.
Do you know how well
Pallavi makes upma?
Is it?
- Is it?
As the flour in a supermarket is bad,
she especially buys it outside.
Uma, enough now.
With some ghee, cashew,
Chopped chilli are sprinkled,
You would add something in the end.
- Yes.
Felt like I can live eating upma
all my life.
Pallavi is crazy about Uma.
What happened?
Pallavi is crazy about upma. Isn't it?
Why don't you cook something you like?
Why cook for me?
I can leave anything for you, Arun.
Okay, Pallavi. I will be back.
- Okay.
You are good at wife's duty.
Does it seem like a duty to you?
I am doing it with love.
I mean, you are doing
your duty well with love.
Pallavi, I am leaving to the office.
I'll call you in the evening.
Actually, I have to leave too.
- Okay. Let's move.
What do I do then?
Tour around the house.
Play with tiger.
That's a tiger and
I have to play with it.
Am I a guest or security in this house?
One of you take me with you.
Seat belt.
Where are we having lunch, bro.
We just had our breakfast.
It's better if we preplan, right?
We struggled once already.
- Nice... Nice car.
Bringing him home was a huge mistake,
you sent him with Arun now.
You are creating problems
for yourself, Pallavi.
I felt it is right to solve this problem
rather than facing it our entire lives.
I believe that
he is going to change.
He would change?
I doubt it.
If anyone asks,
Tell them you are my friend.
Obviously. Will I say
Pallavi's ex-boyfriend otherwise.
I won't say it. It will sound bad.
Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
Morning sir.
- Good morning.
What is this brother?
Artificial greetings and plastic faces.
Do you know the first time
Pallavi called me "Master" with lots of love?
Pallavi shows love even towards servants.
It's her nature. Stick on.
Even you are delivered punches
sometimes, Uma.
Hello, Mr. Prasad.
How do you know my name?
- If there isn't one Prasad in every four people,
Why would this be America?
Yeah. That's right.
- What's for lunch?
Not just once or twice...
- She gets upma to the university.
Such a good girlfriend, boss!
Isn't it?
- Shouldn't have gone to Delhi.
- if she goes to Delhi?
Will she get married without his notice.
This is very unfair.
Why didn't she call and say
about the marriage. Pity.
Forget about that.
After coming to USA...
- Uma..
Sir, your friend is superb.
What a love story!
What a feeling!
Love story? Whose?
His friend's love story, sir.
- Oh...
- Uma, let's go.
Sir, story has just reached India from USA.
You came in between.
Let him complete, sir.
Complete your work first.
Uma, let's start.
Okay guys. I have to leave.
Next time we will discuss in detail.
- Uma.
Can we go?
- Bye. See you.
No, we are going for dinner.
Pallavi is already waiting for us at the restaurant.
Thank you.
- Yeah. Finally...
What happened?
Could you just tell me what it is.
You tell him.
You tell him.
Damn! Somebody say what it is.
Okay. I will say it.
- Wait for a minute. let me tell.
Okay, tell him.
Pallavi wanted to eat prawns biryani.
So I took her to Raju's dhaba in Rushikonda.
After reaching, madam challenged me. "I dare
you to leave without paying the bill".
So I thought we could escape somehow.
Meanwhile, the owners saw us.
We ran and they chased us.
That's all, brother.
No, Arun. He is not saying what actually
happened. I will tell you.
After escaping that day...
Whenever we went to Rushikonda,
Uma would wear a monkey cap.
He looks exactly like a Gurkha.
Why don't we pay 500 rupees bill?
He is a super market
owner just for namesake.
Very greedy family.
Her brother-in-law is a master piece.
Who is it? Sir didn't even
have a rupee in his hand.
You know I would give items from
our super market for free.
I would also pay for his fuel.
He would pay half for fuel and
buy beer with the rest.
I gave you so many...
- What did you give?
What did you give?
You gave a dairy milk in the beginning.
But I gave a watch for new year eve,
T-shirt for pongal.
A reading lamp for Diwali.
I gave a lot.
Okay. If we continue talking,
food will get cold. Have it.
Why aren't you eating, brother? Any problem?
- No. I'm good.
You might also be having memories like so.
I would like to listen.
You have nothing?
Let's eat?
- Okay.
Pallavi, I need to refill the gas,
if you want things get them.
You didn't forget anything, Pallavi.
- Forget what?
You know what I am talking about.
Hey... My bag... Hey...
- Pallavi, wait.
Stay here.
- Uma.
Arun, are you fine?
- I am okay.
Are you crazy?
He has a knife.
- They kill for small issues here.
What if something happened to you?
Just for a bag after all...
- Not after all.
It's our memory.
My first gift to Pallavi.
I'm fine.
Good night, Uma.
- Good night? I can't sleep if you both sleep together.
- I mean I can't sleep alone.
- What do I say?
New place.
On top of that, I am scared of ghosts.
Last time, it took me ten days to sleep
in your pent house. Remember?
So, I will sleep in his room if needed -
Thank you, brother.
I will sleep peacefully now.
Okay, Good night.
And... Pallavi.
- Ya.
We are going for trekking tomorrow.
We need to wake up early.
Okay. Good night.
What, Pallavi?
Good night.
"Dad says you will be renowned one day."
Pallavi... are you ready?
- Yeah, ready.
It's time. Where is Uma?
I thought he is in your room.
- No, I thought he came downstairs.
Ball... Ball... Ball...
Hit him... Hit him...
Give me the ball.
He is dead today.
Finish him.
That's it!
- Uma.
What is this Uma?
Seven stones game.
It looks like a sad game.
Such a violent game.
What if something happens to kids?
Here, they don't accept if we scold the kid.
If they play this, they will be behind bars.
What do get by watching cartoons at home?
If they come out and play.
One will know what's laughter and life.
- Hey Arun...
- Hi Arun...
Hey guys!
- Hi.
Hey guys! How are you?
- All set for trekking, guys?
How come you are here?
- That's my question.
Kavita settled here as a dentist.
Oh.. seems she could do nothing in
India and so she pulls teeth here.
Uma... Debashish is Kavita's husband.
- Is he the unlucky one?
Hello, sir.
- Hello, man.
Who is he? You didn't introduce him
He is my classmate.
We studied together in Dehradun.
I haven't seen you there.
In Dehradun...
When did you both study together?
sixth grade to Tenth Grade.
We studied from first to fifth grade.
Ya, correct.
Just miss...
It's okay. Let's go.
- Come. Let's go.
- Trekking is very healthy.
There's 40% fresh oxygen in the city.
We have 80% pure oxygen here.
Let's all join in ICU then.
We get 100% oxygen.
Joke. Joke.
Hey, come on.
- Whatever.
You find yourself at such places.
Every experience is an achievement, Uma.
- We are almost there.
Let's move.
My achievement is different.
First time...
- What?
Looking at a hill trying to climb another.
Look... If you try to take advantage of
Pallavi's innocence and disturb her life,
I will not tolerate.
Where is you husband? Debashish... Debashish...
- Why?
To discuss about your Vizag
flash back love stories.
If you poke into my life,
I will disturb yours..
Don't do that I beg you.
Waters anyone?
Uma, water?
Yeah. Sure...
Pallavi... smile - Yeah.
You look beautiful.
- Hi guys! Attention please.
We are going to make an announcement.
They didn't say anything yet.
Are you buying a house?
Manasa, are you pregnant?
No, Pallavi.
- What is it then?
Then what?
Actually, we are getting separated.
- Are you getting separated?
What are you saying?
- What?
Suresh, we thought you guys
are mad for each other.
That is what we thought and got married.
But we realized after one year.
Our thoughts and likes are all different.
We are mechanically together
but there is no love.
That is why the both of us...
- What, Manasa?
You understood there's no
love just in an year?
You might feel it once you have kids.
Be positive, Suresh. I think you guys
have to take some more time.
Will you ideal couple please
stop for a while?
Damn this guy.
Take time?
Wait until they have kids?
Are you saying they should separate after their
understanding turns into misunderstanding,
Get into fights after having kids,
argue who should have the kids.
Hate each other at the court, spoil their
kids' lives along with theirs?
That will be good time to separate?
Isn't it better to happily separate right now
when they still have some understanding?
They want to give their life a second chance.
Let them find their soul mates.
Manasa... Listen...
You guys should give down more time -
One minute.
I am telling you, boss.
No relationship stands without love.
Even if they are husband and wife.
Thank for that.
So we wish to celebrate Manasa's
birthday before separating.
All of you should be there.
- I will come.
- your wish man.
Look, Pallavi.
They got some clarity.
You should only get it.
I don't need any clarity, Uma.
It's you.
What is this?
Half boiled...
- I'm half boiled too.
Joke, brother.
So, you don't drink.
These girls can't be
understood at all, boss.
They love a guy with all the habits.
They marry a guy with no habits.
I am drunk, brother.
Don't feel bad.
Yes, brother.
How many girls did you before
getting married to Pallavi?
Why do you need that now?
Maybe three or four...
So, Pallavi is number five.
If you would like any other girl,
Pallavi wouldn't be in your life.
Pallavi is just your
option but not a choice.
But I am not like that.
I love her and I wanted to marry her only.
I thought my life and death was with her.
Isn't mine true love?
Uma, you are crossing your limits.
Pallavi, let him talk.
During the match.
What all did you ask Pallavi?
That day, I was...
He is very broad-minded.
When he asked if I wanted to work
or stay home after marriage.
He let me choose and gave
me a lot of freedom.
Haven't you asked if she loved
someone else before?
Haven't you asked if she loved
someone else before?.
That innocent one might have told you.
Our love would have lived.
What can you do...
You would look for another match.
That's all, right?
Stop it, Uma.
Don't be childish.
Okay, I am childish.
You are mature.
I have a question for you.
- Ask me.
A girl..
If a girl thinks she is
unhappy with her husband.
Runs away with another guy,
What is it called?
They say "You are having a illegal
relationship with him"
In the same way...
When a girl loves a guy.
But another guy marries her,
What is that called, brother?
I say "You are having an illegal
relationship with my love."
Happy birthday,
Manasa - Hi, Suresh.
Congratulations, boss. I wish your break up
call becomes the wake up call to many.
- Thank you so much, brother.
You brought sparkle to the party.
- Many more to come.
Hey, Uma bro.
- Yes.
Enjoying, bro?
- Yes.
Bro, you left in between your friend's
love story. Why don't you complete it?
I am not able to feel
it as it's my friend's.
I will own it as mine and narrate - Okay,
boss. We will own it too.
"Once upon a time, on the Vizag beach road
She wished me saying - Hey Master!
"Once upon a time, on the Vizag beach road
She wished me saying - Hey Master!
"She swayed her waist around She whispered
'I love you' in my ears"
"She closed both my eyes And that
is why it hurts like such"
"Break up Break up Break up Umas
King like life is now packed up"
"Break up Break up Break up Uma's
King like life is now packed up"
"She sat behind me on the bike,
with hands on my shoulders"
"She promised not to let me go"
"While I thought I found my soul mate
She left me alone in the market"
"She followed me like a shooting star and
seemed like a sweet honey drop to me"
"She has shown me stars in
the name of beauty"
"She has shown me stars in
the name of beauty"
"Break up Break up Break up Umas
King like life is now packed up"
"Break up Break up Break up Umas
King like life is now packed up"
"She said all she wished for was happiness"
"She said that is why she
went far from my sight"
"How would the heart
stay happy without her?"
"When would she understand my pain?"
"Ladies are like this, bro.
Believing everything they say"
"We give them our heart and they leave
with it They move on to somebody else"
"Break up Break up Break up Umas
King like life is now packed up"
"Break up Break up Break up Umas
King like life is now packed up"
"Break up Break up Break up Umas
King like life is now packed up".
Calling bell
Ya coming.
I told you, uncle.
She would be a surprise.
We would have missed this
expression otherwise.
Dad.. all of sudden you are here?
Nothing. I wanted to see you and son-in-law.
We came.
He is Ramesh.
Lovababu's friend.
- He picked us up from the airport.
You can go now.
Where is my bro?
Brother... Brother...
Hey penthouse... What are you doing here?
What is he doing here?
- He is my childhood classmate, uncle.
Classmate? When? Where?
We studied together in Vizag.
He got a job in US.
I called him here to spend some
time together for 10 days.
Pallavi told me earlier that you know him really well.
- Yes.
Yes, dad. He came here two days ago.
Yea, sir. It's been two days.
Two days ago.
Hey calculation...
Seems you settled well here.
Where is our pent house and where's America?
Here we meet again.
World is so small, isn't it?
Too small.
This must be a relation from another life,
Dad, you must be tired.
Come and freshen up.
Make some coffee...
Ask calculation to do it otherwise.
Bro looks too slim.
- Fresh up.
Uma, you need to leave from here urgently It
will be a problem if my dad gets to know.
He will doubt us if I leave.
Brother already committed I
will be here for 10 days.
It's okay, Pallavi.
They know him anyways.
Let him stay.
I will start to office. See you.
Look, Uma.
If my dad knows why you came here,
I will never see your face again.
Why will I tell him?
The other hand.
I can't make out difference
between worker and the owner.
Such a big mall.
It will take a day to roam.
Salary wouldn't be enough to buy here.
- What?
I am saying both husband and
wife would have to work.
Watch your step, dad.
- Hi...
Dad, she is Swetha. Office colleague...
Greetings, uncle.
- Greetings, dear.
Look, Lovababu... Though they left out
country, culture stays the same.
Our way of bringing up is like that,
Hey, Sekhar...
Hi, Pallavi. How are you?
- Hi, Sekhar...
Hi, Sweety. How are you?
how is school.
I got chocolate for you.
Dear, please don't mind.
Why is he calling him dad?
Uncle, he is my ex-husband Sekhar.
That kid was born to us both.
That girl calls him dad?
Actually, she is my ex-wife.
She was born to us both.
What about this girl?
- She is Peter's daughter.
That girl...
- She is my daughter.
It's like a Malayalam film.
I don't understand anything.
Okay. This boy and that girl...
I didn't understand.
- I understood.
I'll tell you.
You are now watching...
"Hum Aapke Hai Koun"
Swetha, come with your first husband.
Peter, come with your first wife.
As a result of their marriage,
they started Production No.1.
A boy and a girl here.
Small issues raised later.
- Already?
Will they halt Production because of that?
Another boy and girl here.
Yelling developed into hitting.
At that time...
Peter connected to Swetha at that time.
Will Sekhar stay quiet?
He connected to Jo.
They felt it's better to separate and
stay happy rather than fighting.
Pallavi, am I correct?
They decided to go for the second marriage.
While leaving, Peter took his daughter
and Sekhar took his son. Shift!
The family photo you saw in the
beginning it's the same.
Almost the same.
They started a happy family again. This
little one was born. Production No. 3.
They might start any moment.
You are now watching "Hum Saath Saath Hai."
Clarity, my foot! I feel dizzy.
Father-in-law, if we send them to Jeans
program, even anchor Suma will feel dizzy.
Sir... Sir... Drink slowly.
Why are you so tensed about other families?
He is tensed about his family.
That means...
You and aunty are getting divorced?
- No, we are not getting divorced.
Uma, you are Arun's best friend
and our family friend.
So, I am telling you.
- Wait, father-in-law. Wait...
Who's your favourite god?
- How does it matter?
Wait, father-in-law.
Lord Balaji.
Promise you will not tell anyone
about what happens now.
Why is this family obsessive with promise.
I promise I won't tell anyone
Tell him now, father-in-law.
You know Damodar, right?
Yes, in Vizag.
You warned a guy about his love
with Damodar's daughter.
Damodar later got his daughter married
to a guy of high stature.
But that girl committed suicide,
unable to forget her love.
That is when I felt I should've
got her married to her lover.
It's correct he can't provide her all the
facilities but she would atleast be alive.
Let it go, sir. What can we do?
She is unlucky.
No. He is really tensed about his daughter
About Pallavi?
Yes. Even Pallavi was in love.
You know?
- Do you know too?
How do you know?
I have to do everything.
- Your dad...
Aren't you done yet?
Ready, uncle.
Calm down.
Your friend is happy, right?
I am asking you.
Is she in love by any chance?
Tell me!
Yes, uncle. She did love.
Who is he?
What will you do by knowing, uncle?
Will you get her married to him?
- Why do you ask then, uncle?
Shut up and check what's to be done.
Just like every other parent,
I got her married even after
knowing about her love.
But, I doubt if Pallavi too is unhappy with
her married life like Damodar's daughter?
That is why I came immediately.
That incident in the mall scared me more.
Are Arun and Pallavi happy together?
Why are you so silent?
I don't know how to tell you, sir
We will understand.
We can't tolerate this tension. Tell me.
I came here as my best friend called me.
There are four bedrooms in the house.
But he sleeps in my room.
When I ask why,
he says he is comfortable with me
- what?
If he is comfortable with me,
then he is not comfortable with her.
Not being with Pallavi,
Are you saying the truth?
- Check for yourself, sir.
We are sleeping, dear.
- Okay.
Got to sleep, dear.
- Okay, dad.
Is Arun here?
Is he there?
Can I come?
Uma, I am going to sleep. You are coming, right?
- Yeah Arun.
He is right.
It's the film "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" -
What do you mean?
In that movie, Aishwarya Rai is
in love with Salman Khan.
But is in an unhappy marriage
with Ajay Devgan.
Pallavi's situation is the same.
Who is Ajay Devgan here?
- Arun.
Salman Khan...
- We need to find out.
Dad, what happened?
- Toothache.
Kavita clinic is right here. Let's go.
- It's okay dear I can go.
It's okay, dad. I am working from home today
- Why disturb you work? I will go.
Pent house is here. He will take us.
Hey, pent house...
Sir, why do you have toothache
all of a sudden?
Toothache? He is acting.
- Yes.
Why are we going to meet Kavita?
- To know about Pallavi's lover.
What will you do by knowing?
- What will we do?
Father-in-law might get
Pallavi married to him.
How can we spoil her
life with our own hands?
Why do you bother?
- Yeah. Why do I bother?
You wait. Marriage?
We need to know who he is,
where he is, what he does.
If he still loves Pallavi.
How can he forget her so easily, sir?
He might be a true lover.
Ask Kavita properly, sir.
- Hey... Shut up.
I never thought this fatso would
be useful for my love story.
Finally she is useful like this.
We can't say the truth.
She will tell.
Hey Kavita.
Come on, uncle. Pallavi just called.
Sorry don't mind.
- I need to speak with you.
About what, uncle?
If this is taking a long time...
She is telling everything I guess.
Yes, sir.
- What?
Start the vehicle.
What did Kavita tell you, sir?
Mr. Lovababu.
- Yes.
What did Kavita say?
- Twins...
To whom?
- Sanyasi Naidu...
Who is he?
- The one who loved Pallavi.
He got married and settled in Jamaica.
Kavita is an idiot.
He must be a scoundrel to get married before
his lover as her wedding was fixed.
Third class fellow.
I feel bad as my daughter still
thinks about such a guy. Damn!
I feel this information isn't correct, sir.
Do you know the right information?
- I can't tell you even if I know.
- I will get to know and tell you.
Tell me.
I will tell you.
- Tell me.
Hey... Shut up.
Yes. Your dad doubts that you
and Arun aren't happy.
He asked me who you were in love with.
I said Sanyasi Naidu. I managed somehow.
I doubt Uma on this.
Kavita, I will talk to you later. Dad's here.
- Ok... bye.
What, dad? Is your ache gone?
- Ache?
It's still there, dear.
- Stop it, dad.
Kavita told me everything.
Dad, Arun and I are really happy.
There is no one between us
Why are you tensed.
You have given me the best as a dad.
And Arun is the best.
The bedroom matter?
Yeah. you sleep in a room.
And son-in-law in another room.
Dad, he is Arun's best friend.
Yeah but...
They are chatting away and
then going to sleep.
What's wrong in that? Tell me.
What's wrong?
Friends, right?
You look happy, That's enough for me.
I had a little hope you will change.
That's no more now.
But I didn't say anything, Pallavi.
This house, Arun and my parents...
This is my world.
Though you agree or not.
This is the truth.
Now it's really over.
Food looks very delicious.
What is it, uncle.
You seem very happy today.
If some matters are cleared.
That happiness is different.
Since dad came here you couldn't
spend time with him.
Take a day off tomorrow.
All of us shall go out.
No Pallavi, I'm going to Santa
monica on a business trip.
Then we will come with
you to Santa monica.
I heard Venice beach is really beautiful.
- No Pallavi.
I will be busy in project work.
Son-in-law is busy, let him be.
No dad, he keeps going regularly,
but he never takes me.
But this time we are going, That's it.
It's not about that Pallavi.
- No we are also coming. Thats it.
Final? Very good.
Hey Calculation, why don't you join us.
Why me?
You're going out with family.
I don't want to disturb.
You are just like our family.
Hey Penthouse, the girls
in the American beach...
They are very traditional.
- Eat.
You're coming too.
Dad, do you want me to play a song?
A song.
- Yes.
Brother, not this song please.
What, Uma?
Watch the sceneries and enjoy.
When my son-in-law spared so much cash
on the trip, why are you so low?.
Father-in-law, he is really lucky.
Is it ordinary to sit with us and
be on the same trip as us?
As if you are from the Tippu Sultan family...
- What?
Arun must have gotten him his job too.
- No. Uma is very talented.
- Thank you, Arun.
What's that talent we don't know.
His fate changed after he
came to our pent house.
Wow! Location is amazing, father-in-law.
Pent house...
Come.. let's take a self
Not self. It's a selfie.
Whatever. come.
Location's to that's side.
- That is why I put it that way.
Hats off, sir.
- Thank you.
Wait, smile a bit.
I booked three rooms. I will get the keys.
Why three rooms, son?
You both can stay in a room.
Pent house will adjust with us.
We will get an extra bed.
Is it okay for you?
- Okay?
Isn't he fortune to sleep amongst us,
In between?
- Between.
Hey, let's go.
- Come.
Father-in-law, this is for you.
That's good, uncle.
Why don't you join us?
Who will handover the
ball if everyone plays?
Hey pent house...
- It's okay, sir.
Give me the ball.
Phone ringing
Pallavi, just a second.
Pallavi, I have to go.
- What?
I have a client waiting in the coffee shop.
I'll talk to him and come.
Uncle, I will be right back.
See you.
Come and join us
Come on... Joker of the game.
Throw the ball.
Hey pass the ball.
Arun forgot his wallet, dad.
I will give it and come.
Uma, did you see how lovely
Arun and Pallavi are?
You have mistaken them.
He should have some knowledge like
us to understand, father-in-law.
- Damn!
Birds... Beautiful birds...
How long will you stay alone?
Why don't you get married?
Why bother about my marriage now, sir?
You are young and employed.
Why is pent house tensed about marriage?
Don't. Don't go there.
Is it?
- Please...
Uma, if I had another daughter, I would
definitely get her married to you.
When she was there, you won't and when
she's gone, you give me offers.
I said it generally.
- I too said it generally.
Seems like this frame will
fit us both perfectly.
Shall we go?
- What's there?
Let's go. Seems calculation
is really annoyed
Phone ringing
Uncle? Uncle to whom?
- Hello.
Who is it?
- Who are you?
Who are you?
Shut up. Who's beside you?
Hot models. Why?
Had too much alcohol?
No. Had too much fire...
Will you send fire engines?
Shut up and give Mr. Chandramouli the phone
I am Arun's father.
Someone on the phone...
- Who is it?
Talk, sir
How are you, brother-in-law?
Who was that stupid eating my brain?
He is our...
You will be thrilled to know.
He studied with your son in Vizag.
They are best friends.
- Best friends?
He studied in Dehradun only. He didn't have
friends only let alone a best friend.
You might be confused.
I am sending you the photograph.
He might be confused.
He saw it. Did you recognize?
Brother-in-law, this is the first
time I am seeing that face.
Even Arun doesn't know him.
This guy fooled you well.
What happened, brother-in-law?
I will call you back.
He says Uma and Arun aren't friends.
Not friends?
Why is he at Pallavi's house then?
I don't know.
Call Kavita immediately.
Brother-in-law, she's on line.
Hello... Pallavi tell me.
I am Pallavi's father.
- Tell me, uncle.
Why'd you lie to me?
- Which matter, uncle?
I came to know Uma and Arun aren't friends.
Not only that. I came to know
everything that's happening here.
Why did you hide this, Kavita?
I already told her, uncle.
She didn't listen to me.
She said Uma is spoiling his life and that
staying with them would change him.
She convinced me and Arun...
I'm really so sorry I didn't mean too...
Pallavi was in love with Uma?
Which means...
Sanyasi Naidu and Salman Khan...
Look at the song he is listening to,
Hey Uma...
Why are you dull, Uma?
What happened?
I will be happy if something happens.
Nothing's happening.
How was your meeting with the client?
Ya, It went well.
Is the project merger done?
Almost, Pallavi.
Were you coming here for this since a year?
Was the meeting in the client's
office or the parking lot?
What are you talking about, Pallavi?
Are you okay?
Not okay, Arun.
Something happened, sir.
Pallavi, why are you shouting?
I saw you, Arun.
With that girl in the parking lot...
That girl...
- How could you lie so easily.
Don't say you have nothing to do with her.
I'm not dumb.
Pallavi, just calm down.
- No.
I share everything in my life with you.
Even about my love...
- Let me talk...
I called Uma here as he would have
a clarity looking at our love.
No, Pallavi.
- I now understand, Arun.
Uma doesn't need clarity. I do.
I sacrificed my love for you, Arun.
Tell me.
How many meetings do you have?
How many tours to go?
Tell me.
You want to tell something, tell me.
There is another girl in Arun's life.
What are you talking about?
I saw it myself.
I couldn't believe it.
He is hiding it since a year.
He is coming to Santa Monica for her.
I did a huge mistake getting
married without my will.
I got the punishment.
I don't understand whom do
I share my pain with.
I don't know if sharing helps.
Why are you telling me then, Pallavi?
Some things can only be shared
with the ones we love.
"Hey time!
Answer me and show me the proof"
"Is it fair of you to just pass along?"
"Tell me whats the use of this relation?"
"Is it possible to know that
in the starting seconds?"
"I am talking to you, time!"
"How long do I suffer?"
"Hey time!
Answer me and show me the proof"
"Is it fair of you to just pass along?"
You have to show the bride a star.
Where is it?
I can't see it.
Even if it is not here, you should show her.
I don't want to lie to her.
- It's just an formality.
Even if it's a formality, I wouldn't do it.
"As soon as both the hands meet"
"They say they would live happily together"
"When our life meets us like our partner"
"We dont believe in the words
I would never leave you "
"I am talking to you, time!"
"How long do I suffer?"
"Only two ways out and both
are filled with thorns"
"Dont leave me asking me to choose"
"As there is some fault in yesterday"
"We cant leave it as a negative
for tomorrow, right?"
"Hey time!
Answer me and show me the proof"
"Is it fair of you to just pass along?"
"Tell me whats the use of this relation?"
"Is it possible to know that
in the starting seconds?"
"I am talking to you, time!"
"How long do I suffer?"
"I am talking to you, time!"
"How long do I suffer?"
Why'd you call me, sir?
I met Pallavi's lover. Uma...
Where is he, sir?
- Not now.
A year ago I met him.
He was on our top floor,
loving my daughter without my notice.
Valuing a father's words of having
stature to marry the girl he loves.
He failed in love for his career.
He is trying to win again.
I know everything, Uma.
Pallavi isn't happy with Arun.
She still loves you.
As a father, I made a mistake getting
her married without her will.
God's given me another
chance to make it right.
Pallavi and Arun...
Pallavi and you...
- It's not correct.
It's not, sir.
What, bro?
Waiting for girlfriend, huh?
Santa Monica...
Is she nice?
Beautiful than Pallavi?
Just shut up.
Angry, huh?
If you can be angry even after cheating
her with the same lie for a year.
How angry should Pallavi be?
How angry should her dad be for
trusting you with her daughter?
How angry should I be even after
wishing for you both to separate?
Why will we be angry, brother?
We shouldn't be.
Now I understand.
That I accepted you both as husband
and wife without my notice.
I thought even God can't separate you both.
But, what have you done?
What have I done?
What have I done?
I am used to being alone since childhood.
I can't easily mingle with anyone.
No friends too.
Christi then came into my life.
My MBA classmate in Stanford.
She is very expressive.
She would follow her heart.
We soon became friends.
I couldn't be free with anyone except her
I would share everything with her.
She help me to open up.
I share everything with her.
I thought I found a best friend.
But she suddenly proposed
love to me one day.
I didn't understand how to react.
I saw a best friend in her but
had no other feelings.
But her love for me kept increasing.
She met me even after MBA was completed.
Then I completely avoided her.
I knew after I got married with Pallavi.
She got depressed and turned
into a drug addict.
She attempted suicide.
I couldn't bear it.
I felt I am the reason for that.
I felt guilty.
I am trying my best as a friend
to bring her back to normal.
Will any husband agree to his wife calling
her lover home as his life isn't spoiled?
I did.
You know why?
I saw Christi in you.
I didn't want your
life to be like Christi's.
Why don't you tell Pallavi this?
I felt it's unnecessary to
tell and disturb her.
When the situation came,
The way she spoke.
I couldn't tell her.
That minute.
When she spoke differently,
I felt dead.
I can't live without her.
She is my life.
Let's go.
Let's tell Pallavi this. Arun and Pallavi can...
- Who are we, sir?
Who are we in between husband and wife?
This ain't our problem, sir.
Let's wait for Arun.
No, dad. He might have eaten outside.
You continue.
You are on time.
Come. Let's eat.
I already had.
What is this?
I don't like this.
Seems he is also roaming with some girl.
Pallavi, father-in-law knows everything.
He also knows Uma and you were in love.
Look, dear. Listen to me and divorce him.
- Dad...
Marry Uma.
Uma, are you fine with it?
- I am always okay with it.
Seems Pallavi is confused.
She thinks Arun still loves her.
If he really loved you,
would he let me stay here for 10 days?
If he really loved you,
would he not doubt us at least once?
He has no interest, no love.
What does he think?
He doesn't need Pallavi or
he need not doubt her?
I might be confused.
Anyways, I am ready sir.
I am okay with it if she is.
- I am okay with it.
Listen to me.
Arun isn't correct for you.
It's better to separate happily
than stay together fighting.
What do you say, Uma?
- Correct, sir.
It isnt a big issue for your
generation to separate anyways.
You say yes and I will take care
of the rest. Pallavi...
Where are you going, Arun?
Far away from you.
Pallavi, stop it.
Stop it, Pallavi.
I am telling you. Stop it,
You want to leave me.
Why do you still need this?
Will you leave as I asked who the girl is?
I spoke so that day as I didn't want
any other girl in your heart.
With that pain I spoke that way.
Couldn't you see my love in that?
I am not bothered about this world.
You tell me.
Say one word. That's all.
What I saw that day, was it true or not?
There's no one in my life except you.
You are my life.
This is life, sir.
Love has nothing to do with marriage.
Marriage doesn't need love, sir.
You wanted the girl you loved to
have a happy life and family.
Your love is truly sincere.
- My love is nothing.
People dont even bother about
their lovers after marriage.
Pallavi who wished for my life.
Arun for saving Christi's live.
My love is nothing compared to them.
It's just a memory.
I thought my life was done
before I came here.
I came looking for it.
But after watching Arun and Pallavi,
I understood.
Our life is always with us, sir.
We need not look for it elsewhere.
It's enough if you accept
it like Pallavi did.
Life becomes beautiful, sir.
Life throws many chances at us.
We have to give it a chance.
I will, sir.
Where to, Uma?
I understood, sir.
I need to explain it to the
Uma Maheswararao inside.
Give him ten minutes
and he will settle, sir.
- Yes.
I want to ask you about something.
- What is it, mother?
Do you know Suguna's sister daughter Raji.
- Yes I know.
What do you say about getting
her married to Uma.
He doesn't drink nor has any love stories.
He is very good guy.
Yes, it will be good.
Hi Uma...
- I didn't expect that you would come.
Festival should be celebrated with Family,
I don't have any.
Will you go to your uncle?
Hey, come on...
No need, your ladies won't come near me.
I understood.
Hey Uma,
when will you feed us some Dal rice.
I meant when will you get married.
- Take.
We have a very good girl in our relatives.
Recently I met a girl on Facebook.
She is from Vizag.
We are just chatting and will
meet her this weekend.
Uma, you never mentioned about it.
Is she good looking?
Deepika Padukone.
- Is she really that good.
I don't know. That was her display picture.
How can you decide that on
Facebook without seeing her.
Our hearts should meet looks
don't matter to me.
Okay, but when will you meet,
love and marry?
We will marry and then love each other sir.
Great words.
- Find out if it's a boy or girl.
Sir, don't put these doubts in my head.