Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene (2019) Movie Script

You're always
cheating me grandpa!
You promised you'll come
- Hello doctor
- Please come
When you come, you must take me
to the Marvel studios. Promise?
I'll come, dear. Promise
Ok dear, we'll talk later
- Bye
- Bye
Thanks for the appointment, doctor
We are studying Para
Psychology in Osmania University
Third year students
I know
Err...professor Seetharam
had informed me
Tell me.
What can I do for you?
Doctor, we are doing a research under the topic
'Logical mind and super natural force'
We analyzed many super natural cases
Some are unbelievable
For example...
A four year old girl, Manisha,
who was born and raised in Delhi
She says that her name is Suman
and her parents are in Rajasthan
She even identified the
parents in Rajasthan
I'll just add to this
A girl named Suman
lived in that house and...
she died five years ago
How is it possible, doctor?
We were blown away by these facts
When we discussed about
it with our professor...
An unusual case
unlike these...
he told that you handled
it while you were still practising
Would you mind telling us about that case?
It would be really helpful for our project
And we really are curious to know.
Our world is full of surprises
It is full of surprises
and mysteries
I feel anything is possible
in this world of ours
We just have to keep our
minds open, like a parachute...
and then believe...
and later on accept
Ok. Coming to the case
that you're talking about
A case that I'm very
emotionally connected to
It made me think
about science twice
I think it was in the year 2019
We represent 'Smile' Foundation.
We are supplying free
bags for the kids
Thank you very much.
Hi five!
- Good girl
- For me too
- Hi
- Hi, sister
- How old are you?
- 10
- Can I get this, bag?
- I will... But tell me
- Aren't you going to school?
- No
I'm working as a house maid
- House maid?
- Yes
I won't be going to school,
but I like this bag very much
Atleast I will take
the bag to the work
Can I get a bag?
- Take care.
- Thanks
What's going on?
Why are you gossiping around
instead of going for work?
Now go! Quick!
You! What did you just do?
How dare you raise hands on a kid?
Do you have any sense?
What's going on? Social service?
Government has a strict rule stating that
kids below 12 should not be used as labours
Are you indulging in illegal
activity of child labour?
I'll inform the cops
Cops? Stop showing off
your power to me!
How dare you raise hands on a girl?
How dare you raise voice against
me at my hood? Sit down!
Are you jobless?
We know how to raise our kids
Who permitted you here?
- They must stay put here till evening
- I'll keep an eye, chief
Sit down
The heat will burn your attitude
To hell with our service!
Finish him off!
You have wasted 15 bucks
Who sought your help?
Are you a thug?
Can't you keep away from fights?
- I got it.
- This is not fair.
I'm here because you are in trouble.
Did I seek your help?
I can take care
After buying some time...
We could have solved the
problems and returned
Look, what happened!
We ended up in the police station
- Are you mad, when someone...
- Her intention is that...
You are recently got married...
You have been shifted to a new house...
Why invite trouble now?
Shut up
Don't forget that you
were the one who called me
This is a bit awkward with you
Look butterfly!
You are the best thing to happen to me
Whenever you are in trouble
this will be my reaction
Because I love you
Despite knowing that he hit you
I have kept him alive.
So feel happy about it
I've works piled up. Will come late.
Drop her home.
Take care of her.
Leave me!
Who are you, guys?!
"Would you want me to narrate
this beautiful story?"
"You and I bounded by one emotion"
"Would you like to live this dream again?"
"Let this happiness be shared forver"
"I shall side you"
"You, the eternal desire"
"My sedative live"
"There is no you and me but us"
"Hope this is not a mirage"
"Let's proclaim this forever"
"I shall you casting shadow
that never leaves you"
"Will travel with you through the rebirths"
"I shall you casting shadow
that never leaves you"
"Will travel with you through the rebirths"
"Your eyes stand a testimony to my love"
"I see this world through your eyes"
"You gave me the taste
of this ecstatic world"
"Let's reign together forever"
"You penned this legendary love"
"Let's this bond live for ages"
"Will you reiterate it"
"So that my heart can skip a beat"
"Leaving the time spell bound"
"I shall be your casting shadow
that never leaves you"
"Will travel with you through the rebirths"
"I shall be your casting shadow
that never leaves you"
"Will travel with you
through the rebirths"
This is cheating!
"This is cheating!"
Stop! Stop!
Stop the car!
- What happened, bro?
- An accident
- Please take this route
- Ok
Eyes on the road!
I'm feeling very sleepy
Give me one kiss
I'll keep my eyes on the road and
drive with full focus and confidence
No chance!
You don't have an option called 'No'
Kissing you is my birth right
Are you ok?
Are you ok?
This is why I said
drive carefully!
I should blame myself for supporting you.
I deserve this!
The bills will be hefty.
What do we do now?
This place looks like a forest
How do we reach home?
I see a house over there
Let's inform them about the car and leave
- We don't even know them
- Come on
The car parts will be removed and
sold if we leave it like that
- I am very scared
- Come on. Ain't I here with you?
Rishi, no one's here
Come, let's go
Let me check once
See? It's locked
Told you, nobody would be here
What happened?
Looks like a graveyard
Come, let's leave. I am too scared
Why are you so scared?
Ain't I here with you?
Except humans no one would
be there at a graveyard. Don't worry
- Listen Rishi, this not a good idea
- Just come
No Rishi. Let's leave! Please!
See? No one's here
You never heed me
Rishi, this is not
the time to joke
Are you nuts?
- Do you have any sense? Not the time!
- I'm just kidding
It was just a prank
This is the final
destination, Diya
Not matter how great an individual
is, this is the final destination
Even if it's the PM, this
is the permanent address
- To hell with your philosophy!
- Hey! I'm sorry!
- Don't talk to me
- Hey!
One ki...
We are just back
from the graveyard
Bathe before anything
Before anything?
Including touching you, right?
I know someone, who said that she is not
afraid of ghosts and is fond of horror films
- Now, say it again
- Get lost!
Just one kiss!
We are not kids to exchange flying kisses
Nothing, dear. Nothing
Hey, are you ok?
I'm really hungry and sleepy
- I'll make something
- Ok
- Come.
- I'm so hungry.
Are you okay?
Sandwich is really good!
I'm seeing someone else in the mirror
Could it be some spirit?
If Diya finds out...
Why is this guys photo in my
Whats app display picture?
Is it only me who
can see it or...
everyone can see it?
- Hello...
- Hello...
- Dude, it's me...
- Tell me
- Dude, what happened?
- It's not audible
What is it?
- I'll call you later
- Tell me.
Try to understand.
I'll call you later.
Hang up.
Will call you tomorrow.
Hello, I...
Hello, can you hea...
Why is someone's photo
in my Facebook profile?
What's actually happening?
Hello, who is...
Anybody insid...
Why do...
- When did you come here?
- What are you up to?
Well, nothing...
I just took bath
Guess there is some water log
inside my ears. I can hear echo
I was just clearing it up.
do you see any change in my face?
- Look at me and tell
- You are always playful.
I'm serious. Tell me
Do you see any change?
I know what you're trying for.
Just let go of me
What happened?
What happened, Diya?
Are you ok?
What happened, Diya?
I see a different girl in the mirror
I have no clue.
It's nothing. Diya, it's nothing
Don't worry.
We will be safe
Nothing will happen.
Look at me, Diya
Don't look into the mirror!!
Look at me
I need to show you something too
What is it?
Please don't panic.
Don't get scared
while looking at it.
Diya! Diya!
Since 30 minutes...
Even I'm seeing someone else's
reflection in the mirror
I was afraid of
telling it to you
I'm going mad.
Look! Look over there!
Don't look at it. Diya,
don't look there
It's ok
It's ok
Who are they?
This is happening since we
returned from that graveyard
Even Facebook and Whats app
DP has his photos
I didn't tell you this because
you might get scared
But I think the spirit that has
possessed me was trying to talk to me
Don't panic!!
- Can you just try it? Close your ears
- No! No Rishi
Diya, please
It is important if you are
also able to hear such sounds
Try it.
Hello, I...
It's ok! It's ok. It's ok
It's ok
Try it once again
- It's ok! It's ok
- Rishi...
- Diya! Diya, it's ok
- The sound...
I'm right here with you
Please relax.
It's okay.
Don't tell mom about it
She'll panic
First, let's find
out what is this
What happened?
What happened, Diya?
Where is the exact location?
Madhapur Ayyappa society
2nd street.
- I'll be there in an hour.
- I'll share the location.
- Thank you..
- Okay.
Why is my lady upset in the early hours?
What happened?
I had a nightmare where
I was about to kill you
I might get violent and...
I'm afraid she might hurt you
Don't cry
Even I'm possessed
You think he'll keep
quiet if you harm me?
On a more serious note
I guess only we are seeing
different people in mirror
Else our friends must have seen the
different photos and called us by now
In any case...
I have booked an appointment
at a hypnotism centre
Ill go there and check out this issue.
In the meanwhile, why don't
you meet the church father?
No! No! I'll come with you
Diya...Diya! You have to stay strong
Don't cry
- Excuse me
- Yes...
Can you dust that photo please
- Too much of dust in it
- Ok
There is no dust in it. The color of
the shirt gives such an impression
You went to the graveyard
Also, you saw a burning corpse
Then you returned home
Your tension, fear and
pressure would have raised
That is why you feel such
things happening to you
Then about different photos in
your Facebook and Whats app...
Its all your imagination
It's normal only if you
are facing these issues
What's strange and funny is that
even your wife is facing the same
Look, I hold a Ph.D in Hypnotherapy
I'll clear your issue
in fraction of seconds
Go sit on that sofa
Anyway, it's a thrilling experience
to attend patients like you
Why are so scared?
Look into the mirror
I'm scared to look
into the mirror
I'm right here with you.
Now, be brave and look into the mirror
The girl I see in the mirror, did she die
and has her spirit possessed me, father?
You may leave, sister
There is a word called 'Holy
spirit' mentioned in Bible
Which means spirits
that are pure and good
Spirits that serve Gods are called Angels
Spirits that work against God are
called Demons, that is Satan
There is no link between those holy
spirits and the soul of the deceased
We don't call our soul as Satan.
In fact we call it a ghost
As far as the Bible is concerned,
only after a human dies...
there is a judgment
in the God's court
Whether an individual's soul
goes to heaven or hell...
is decided based on the good and
bad deeds of that individual
A deceased human's soul possessing another
human and performing good and bad deeds...
Well, nothing of that sorts
is mentioned in Bible
Yet there are many super natural occurrences
400 years ago, in a village near Greece...
A small child saw the
reflection of man in a mirror
The villagers got scared
and killed that boy
It was recorded and archived in a library.
I'm witnessing something
that I have read
I'm going to hypnotize you and find
out what's inside your mind. Ok?
I'll find out about the guy in the
mirror from your inner mind and...
based on that I'll decided
what treatment you'll need
Concentrate on my thumb
Focus on my thumb finger!
You are concentrating
on my thumb
Now you are sleeping...
Have you ever met the guy whom
you are seeing on the mirror?
What happened at the graveyard?
Answer me
Your silence won't help me.
Tell me and only
then I can do something
If you are silent,
how can we resolve the problem?
Excuse me, at least you tell me.
How did you possess him?
Excuse me!
If both of you are sleeping...
Who is gonna answer me?
As technology keeps advancing...
realistic horror films and YouTube videos
related to paranormal activities...
makes the people
believe in ghosts
You don't have to fear this
Medical facilities have improved a lot
I'm sure there will be treatment for this
When such problems pop up...
Have faith in God...
Go ahead trusting Him.
Dont be afraid.
You'll be alright
God bless you, child
This is a very complicated case.
If you don't co operate...
You will face the trouble.
You are a goner if public knows about it.
Try to understand
Try to understand the
situation, Rishi.
- Hey Baldie
- Yes.
Are you sane?
Why are you nagging
him when he is asleep?
Is he in your control?
You are hypnotist doctor?
Any exhausted man will
sleep on such a chair.
You hype it as control?
I'll slap you!
What happened?
I saw peeping through...
Why are you guys
so irresponsible?
I have been calling you both since last
night and none of you are attending
You have no idea how upset I am!
We thought we'll text you but then
dozed off to sleep!
Diya! Your looks tell me
that something is fishy
- Let me call him and talk to him
- Aunty..aunty...
I was planning to call you...
- Rishi slipped in the bathroom
- What?!
He slipped in the bathroom?
Do you have any sense?
You should have called me,
instead you are uttering non sense.
But how did he slip?
- Hello?
- Hello, Rishi!
Just a minute, Diya
Let me turn on the Bluetooth
Can you hear me?
Why aren't you
attending my calls?
My head is bursting in tension
I was with the doctor
- How can I attend calls when he is examining me?
- Ok
What did the doctor say?
He said medicine
will solve the issue
What did the church
father had to say?
His answer was not clear.
He said there's nothing to worry
I forgot to tell you
- You mom just left.
- Mom came there?
Yes, she rebuked for
not taking the calls.
I somehow managed her saying
you slipped in the bathroom
- So, maintain that
- Ok. I'll take care
I'll manage
Rishi, I'm afraid to be all alone at home
Come home quickly
Let me go to that graveyard and
check if any couple had died
You don't worry.
I will come soon.
Excuse me
Did you attend any couples corpse
yesterday, aging around 30-35 years?
The cop just took my son away
asking the same question
Wonder who is that good-for-nothing couple
who died and are creating trouble for us!
Only two corpses were
brought yesterday
That too both were old aged people
You people are torturing
us with your questions
Get lost!
Thank you
How is it possible, doctor?
I saw someone else in the mirror
instead of my daughter-in-law?
could this be a ghost?
Do we need to consult an exorcist?
I am confused since I
look into that mirror
It's not so easy for every doctor
to come across such a case
So, what we should do,
to begin with this...
Let's do a complete
body scan for Diya
Call up your son and ask
him to bring her here? - Ok.
- Put it on the speaker mode
- Ok doctor
Diya, what are you doing now?
I'm scared to see a different
face on our photos
It's foolish to get scared of this.
Everything is gonna be ok.
My mom's calling
Where are you , Rishi?
Mom, well...err...I slipped in the bathroom
- Sorry, sir
- It's ok
When I came to your house today morning...
I saw someone else in the
mirror reflection of Diya
I was truly shocked to see that
Something is fishy there
I just spoke to the doctor regarding this.
Do one thing...
bring Diya to Apollo
hospital right away
This is not just Diya's problem
Even I...
see someone else's
refection in the mirror
So Rishi...
To begin with...
the reports seem to be
normal when I look at this
Andcit is not a hypnotical issue
It's a psychological problem
Then whose reflection
is it on the mirror?
Coming to that
But before that you have to
understand this clearly
Ghosts are a myth
The soul of a deceased person
is what we address as ghost
Soul is nothing but
a beautiful memory
Just like the sunlight, rain
and the breeze that touches us
Do you feel any scientific
changes in your hormones?
or any memory leak in the brain?
I just can't comprehend now
But we will get to it.
I must admit it.
In this segment, one of the
rarest case I have ever seen
One in a ten million
is born with two heads
Some grow very well though
their brains don't grow much
I see this as a similar problem
I'm surprised by the fact that both
of you are facing the same issue
Ask me the treatment and
medication for this...
then honestly I don't know
I have to study
about it hereafter
Doctor, I almost forget
While talking I could feel
some sound overlapping
Not when I speak normally
but when I talk over a
call or close my ears
An irritating noise
That's nothing
First time you saw someone else's reflection
in the mirror and that made you feel so
We call it hallucination
Hearing an echo while closing
ears and speaking is common
We can treat with medicines.
Not to worry
One last question
what if the person I see in he mirror...
turns violent? Any chances?
Just come with me. Let's go near the mirror
- Doctor..
Don't be scared. Come. It's ok
Ok, here is a deal
The person we see instead of Rishi..
if he breaks the
mirror and kill us?
We'll also comeback as
ghosts and kill everyone
Rishi, come.
It's ok. Come on
Whoa Rishi! This is magic!
Doesn't look like the grotesque
ghosts from the movies
He too looks normal, just like you
That's what I'm saying.
Nothing to be scared now
Just look at him.
who is the one I'm seeing in the mirror?
Is he alive or dead?
At least if we can
get that information...
we'll at least be peaceful
Yeah. Sit
I'll ask the Assistant commissioner
of the police to come here
We'll ask him to find out if
the person is alive or dead
You'll also be relieved
I'll also get a clarity in the treatment!
- Subba Reddy!
- Sir?
It's a ghost!
Don't frighten me.
We are cops.
- Be brave.
- Sir?
Mr. ACP...
This is my best opportunity to
prove that ghosts are a myth
Whose reflection is it on the mirror?
I want to find out
if such a man exists, sir
Not to worry, doctor
If such a person exists...
then we can find out for sure
Just a second
This device is called EVP
Short for Electronic Voice Phenomena
This device will sense any paranormal
sounds or if any ghost speaks
In Hollywood movies,
in order to decode the voice of ghosts
some hefty machines
will be showcased
This is the smaller version.
Rishi, if you don't mind, talk something
I'm Rishi.
My wife's name is Diya
Let's play it to see if
it has recorded anything.
I have to discuss with sir
regarding your protection
- I'll see you tomorrow, Rishi
- Ok sir
- Take care
- Thank you
- Nice meeting you, ACP sir.
- Be brave
Thank you
I was scared that it
might be some ghost, doc
Instead of Rishi we are seeing someone
else's reflection in the mirror
If not a ghost then what
do you think it is?
But you said it was a medical condition
How can a doctor tell his patient
that he is possessed by a ghost?
How can I tell that you
are possessed by a ghost?
So I lied that it was a medical problem.
Hope you understand.
This is a dummy.
It's a normal recorder.
This is that actual recorder.
It would have recorded it for sure
Let's play this and observe
I'm sure it's the voice of the person
whom Rishi is seeing in the mirror
Usually such sounds are heard
only during the sleep mode
- Subba Reddy!
- Sir?
We have to discuss something personal
- Go out
- Ok, sir
- Please lock the door
- Ok, sir
- Sir...
- What happened, sir?
Do you know that it's a ghost?
- Indeed yes.
- What?
How can you call me despite know this?
How can you do that?
If he could just asked me to
find out the man in the reflection
by messaging on What's App
I could have inferred and replied back
Why did you make me its enemy?
How can you do that?
It has identified me
Will it spare me?
It will swear me
And will thrash me, isn't it?
Sir, a small request
I will strive hard and find
the man in the reflection
nab him and will
hand him over to you
At least I'll find him
Please take care of the ghost
Since childhood till now
I haven't seen any ghost movie
I used to pee when
someone mentions it
FYI my pants are already wet
Won't cops fear the ghosts?
-Even CM will fear ghosts
- Take care!
Do you think we are specially
trained to nab the ghosts?
No more patients please
They should have called
en exorcist for such cases
What the hell I can do?
Make sure that he doesn't notice
Even my enemy shouldn't face situation
Did he notice me?
Seems he is following me?
God, please save me
He has spot me
He is following me
Why is he following me?
Why are you following, sir?
What do you have in your mind?
Oh God!
I am not the usual cop that
you always come across
I don't take bribes
I have...never harmed
any of the prisoners
People make fun of me saying that I'm
suppose to be a primary school teacher
I have been talking for quite some time
Why don't you reply, sir?
Didn't you suggest the doctor
to send us to an exorcist?
And you wanna play innocent now?
An exorcist can...
resolve your problems
I wanted to help you
I was not thinking of
separating you both
Right, sir?
Where are yo...
Where did he, go, sir?
Where is this gentleman?
What happened sir?
Why are you blabbering all alone?
Blabbering all alone?
- Sir... you left you phone.
- Oh?!
- Thank you.. thank you so much
- Welcome
Rishi... come on.
What are you upto, Rishi?
You came to me with a problem
And now you are
trying to scare me?
Doctor, you told I had
a medical condition
I was waiting outside
the hospital corridor, doctor
Later, I saw AC
He was all scared
talking to himself looking all around
I didn't understand anything
He was scared as
if he saw a ghost
I felt that you're
hiding something from me
Hence, I was trying to scare you and
you didn't react
I can't think of any
brilliant idea beyond this
I just want to know the truth
Tell me "Rishi, this is just medical
condition and there is no ghost"
I'll trust that and leave
But please be frank
Rishi, you what is the
responsibility of a good doctor?
To treat the patient
without infusing fear
A doctor is ought to do it
That's what I did
But when you have such a clarity, I don't
think I have to hide anything from you
Yes Rishi, you are possessed by a ghost
It's indeed scary to hear this
But this feels better
At least if the spirit inside
me becomes violent...
I can prepare myself to save myself
See Rishi...
we approach every case in a unique way
We give immediate
results in some cases
In some cases we give results by
following the trial and error method
Now its all about patience
Please be patient
You will be fine.
Trust me.
Thanks doctor
- Take care
- Sorry if I had troubled you
Hold on... hold on
- Get me two chilled beers
- Okay sir
Why is he meditating
with liquor on the table?
I Mahesh Gunta from Bitaragunta
Why are you breaking your
head after buying the liquor?
You should value the liquor.
Please have it.
Come on, Cheers!
No brother
What happened, bro
I have an issue
Please leave me alone
Who is trouble free?
Don't I have any?
My dad beats me up
for getting up late
My colleagues scold
me for not bathing
My project manager scolds
me despite my toiling hard
Please have it.
- Try to understand, brother.
- What now?
is someone inside me.
Even now I'm not sure...
If I'm talking to you or he is talking.
I'm going mad.
- Can't risk taking alcohol.
- There is just one guy inside you.
Do you know how
many guys have possessed me?
On the third peg
Chota bheem comes out
Iron man comes out for the 6th peg
Hulk on the 10th peg
I have rented my
body for the Avengers
You are nothing when compared to me
Have it
Please have it
If I drink it
I'm not sure who'll get high;
Me or him?
You please enjoy
Forget this
Let me take a pic
- No photos please
- If I spot you again
I want to make sure that I
won't encounter you again
Come on
Fair guy
What are you searching?
Some dumb head interfered
while taking a snap with you
Where is that dumbo?
It's not someone else
I told that there is someone inside me
It's him
Just now I met my doctor
Seems the one inside me is a ghost
If you are fine with the ghosts
Let's be friends, bro
Why are you crying?
I had 7 beers that cost me 3000 bucks
Taxes extra
I lost the whole kick of it
Now I have to redeem having cheap liquor
Hello... Is it the liquor shop?
Please don't close the shop,
I'm on my way
Where are we going?
ACP sir has found out the details
of the guy I see in mirror
The doctor had called
You noticed this?
- Holy ash and vermillion.
- So you are not scared of ghosts.
Not at all.
Very good, ACP sir.
Do you know the ghosts
hate anything related to God?
- What?
- Really?
- They hate this?
- Yes
Hello, doctor
Rishi, come on in
- Hello, Rishi!
- Hi, sir!
- Hello, sir
- Come sit
- Take your seat
- Sir
Sir, who is he?
How did you find out?
This accident happened 4 days ago
It happened in the outskirts of Hyderabad
Hence we were able to trace it fast
Did you recently take the Chevella
road while traveling by car?
Yes, recently while I was
returning from Vikarabad...
I used that road
In fact we visited a graveyard nearby
We even noticed a dead body burning
Same spot
The graveyard or the burning corpse
has nothing to do with your issue
That's a death spot
A young couple,
Arjun and Madhavi
were there
Both of them died on the spot
The couple who died on the spot...
Arjun and Madhavi
It's them whom you are
seeing in the mirror...
- Subba Reddy
- Sir
Take a look.
So, four days ago...
It was both of us, who
died in an accident?
So am I seeing this world
by possessing him?
So, I'm the ghost?
Doctor, so you were narrating us the
story of Arjun, who actually died?
This is the specialty
of this case
Arjun died and possessed Rishi...
but he was under the impression
that Rishi had possessed him
Arjun was terrified!
Sir sorry but just a minute
Then what was all about him seeing
Rishi's reflection in the mirror?
The fact is that, it was Rishi who was
seeing Arjun's reflection in the mirror
Everyone of us saw
Arjun in the mirror
This was a big shock to Arjun
I'm Arjun...
and you're Madhavi, it seems
Why aren't we aware of
our own identities?
Then who's Rishi and Diya?
Why did we possess them?
So, basically we are looking at everyone
through Rishi and Diya's point of view
So, guess everyone...
must have seen us in
the mirror, right?
Rishi and Diya would've seen us in
their selfies and in the mirror
Similarly, when they got worried and checked
their Facebook and Whats app profile...
it was actually us,
who reacted to it
This is not our house
We met Rishi's parents
This is not our life
Where did we live?
Where are our parents?
What are we doing here?
Doctor! Wait...Sorry but...
I'm visualizing your narration...
but why am I seeing Arjun?
Logically, Arjun must be
inside the mirror world and...
I must be visualizing Rishi, right?
I am narrating you Arjun's story
from Arjun's point of view
So, naturally you'll visualize him
Your visualization
is perfectly fine
Just continue with it
And you'll understand it easily
Why are we still in their body?
Why haven't we left their bodies yet?
Yeah right!
Ask me like I'm an expert who keeps
possessing a new body everyday
Even I'm confused here
until now, we always ran
away from the mirror
Why don't we try talking
to them through mirror?
Let me go and try that
You go and try it out in
the mirror in bedroom
Hi Rishi
What's wrong with him?
Why are you so scared?
Are you nuts? I'm a ghost!
Don't you watch horror movies?
I am better at using your body than you do!
Don't be afraid!
Are you able to hear and understand me?
Stop being afraid. Are you able
to hear and understand me?
I can hear you very clear, bro!
I'm shivering in fear!
I'm don't feel like peeing
yet I'm in the bathroom...
and standing in
front of the mirror
I know you are the one
who is making me do it
Please, leave me bro
Please don't be scared of me. I'm not like
the violent ghosts you see in the movie
I'm just like you
I swear, I don't remember how
I possessed you, brother
Only if we find that out...
we'll get an idea about
how can I leave your body
I'm so relieved that we
are able to communicate
Let's discuss and
find out a solution
Did you travel along the
Chevalla road 4 days ago?
We had been to a resort
in a nearby village
We had chicken 65, mutton
chops and drank lassi
Then we set back to home
We saw a car crashed
I approached the car if
someone inside would need help
But there were no one inside the car
So I picked my phone
to call the cops
- Then I felt a shock!
- Hello!
My wife is an ardent fan of horror movies
On the way to the graveyard
nearby, I wanted to prank her
After returning from there,
we started seeing you in mirror
I thought you possessed me
when I was at the graveyard
I went and checked there
Only two corpses were
brought yesterday
That too both were
old aged people
The police was investigating
the undertaker on that day
Now I realize it is to
investigate your death case
I also met with an accident and
I also pranked my girlfriend
After returning home,
I saw you in the mirror
This is what even I remember
How about we go, explain this to doctor
and see if he can give us a solution?
I'm sure he'll give us some idea
Oh, come on! You always show
up with some new facts
I just gave it a try
and it worked out
Just a try?
Yes sir
Who's talking to me now?
Sir, it's Arjun
Arjun, this is
a huge positive!
So, tell me. How did
you possess Rishi?
Sir, I came seeking
you to find that out
I don't remember anything
Like my identity, my life,
my parents and my friends
Why am I seeing Rishi's mother
as mine and living his life?
I came to you to find
out these things
The problem here is that...
you haven't realized
that you're dead
But in reality, you're dead
and have possessed Rishi
Your memory is not active
Rishi's memory is active
Which is why you are
living Rishi's life
Let's do one thing
Let's revive your memory
Arjun, go to your house
Try to meet your parents
If you're able to recollect them...
then with that result we can try to
sort out this case. I'll see to it
Sir, why do you look tensed?
Commissioner ordered me
to handle Arjun's case
Subba Reddy ran away hearing that
Commissioner said " Didn't you
speak to Arjun in the mirror..."
"So, ask him and find out if this is an
accident or murder and close the case"
- Hello. Who is speaking?
- Sir...
Sir, it's me, Rishi
Sir! Sir...err...Rishi sir?
One minute.
Turn around!
Now, close your ears!
- Tell me, sir
- Do you have Arjun's address?
I do! I do have his address
I'll message you the address
A small request
Sir...err...Rishi sir, who
gave you this number?
The doctor gave it to me
My God!
- Catch it! Out!
- Yay! Out!
- That was trials!
- You're out!
- Talk too much and I'll leave with my bat!
- Come on! Play fair! You're out!
Arjun! Don't go out alone!
You can't carry it downstairs
- I'll be safe.
- Let me come.
- Wait
- Bye, mom.
- Wait, Arjun
- What is it, mom?
- I'll come, see you off at the van
- No need, mom
My friends will taunt me
- Bye mom!
- Wait
Arjun... sit and wear it!
- Take your lunch box
- Lunch box? No need mom
I'm not in school anymore.
I'll have it in the college canteen
That's my house, brother
This is where I grew up
I'm gonna meet my parents for
the first time after my death
I'm nervous
He has left us
Have some water
I have never seen my
mom like this before
My dad's my best friend, brother
And he is weeping over there
And I am even unable
to console them
Sorry brother
I'm unable to control the tears
I've no idea how to console you, brother.
Please don't cry
So your memory is back, bro?
My father is a professor
My mom is a house wife
My mom heads the family
We were a happy family
My dad and me would
booze together
But we good as dead
if caught by mom
- He said it was a medicine
- Aren't you sane enough to say 'no'?
- Your son made me drink
- Hey stop!
I met Arjun while pursuing MBA
And we instantly clicked
Our love affair was quite
popular in the college campus
But Arjun's fury was
even more popular
But he used to oblige me
" Excuse me, my devilish baby"
"Why are you despondent?"
" Hello, I'm sorry"
"Forgive me once"
"Let's go chill...
This our itinerary"
" why are you you
furious my lady..."
"You a paved my new path"
"With your kind rebukes"
"You stole my heart, beauty"
"You increased my momentum "
"And I lost myself in your quest"
" Excuse me, my devilish baby"
" You're my fantasy"
" Oh my love!"
" You're my ecstasy"
" Excuse me, my devilish baby"
" You're my fantasy"
" Oh my beauty!"
" You're my ecstasy"
" Hello, I'm sorry!"
"Forgive me once"
"Let's go chill...
This our itinerary"
"Every moment with you is a boon"
"Who turned on this magic?"
"Every moment is a celebration"
"You are the cause of it"
"Are you a rebellion"
"Who instigated my
heart to agitate? "
"Shower mercy on men"
"Don't begin a war
for just a kiss"
" Excuse me, my devilish baby"
" You're my fantasy"
" Oh my beauty!"
" You're my ecstasy"
" You're my fantasy"
"Oh my love"
" You're my ecstasy"
My dad learnt about us...
And disagreed to get us married
Even Arjun's father tried
a lot to convince him
But my dad insulted him badly
After this incident
Arjun family stopped supporting
us as my parents didn't give a nod
Hey butterfly!
Shall we get married?
Shall we get married?
Our marriage separated
us from our parents
For the first time ever,
I was worried about my future
Madhavi used to talk to
her father over phone
But I was angry over my mom
for not accepting our love
So, I completely
distanced myself from them
For Madhavi's first
birthday after our marriage
I had planned a surprise for her
But only while coming back...
Fine, that's enough about me.
Tell me about your life, brother
I don't know anything about you
My life too was very jovial, like
yours until you possessed me
Every since you possessed me, my life has changed
and it feels like I'm under house arrest
Sorry brother
Brother, other day when Madhavi
met the church father...
she mentioned a story about a small
incident in Greece, that father told her
Bro, I thought throughout the night
and also checked out in YouTube
Spirits leave the body once they go violent
If you are ok with it, I shall try getting
violent and see if I leave your body
Please bro!
I peed while watching the video.
You want me invite more trouble?
No! Let's follow the rules
prescribed by the doctor
Bro, stop being a chicken!
I'll not scare or harm anyone
I'll just try becoming violent
If it works out, good for us or else
we'll just follow doctor's instruction
If you are so keen on getting
out of my body, what can I do?
If you try it
But let me tell you few facts about me.
Will you note it down?
Walking makes me tired
I'll catch a flu if I
get drenched in rain
I'll catch fever if I get
into the swimming poo
The sun makes me sweat
Apart from these, anything violent you
try and I'll lend my full cooperation
That's the least I can do.
What happened, ,bro?
You are showing mixed
reactions at one instance.
Now, we'll dip our
heads in this bath tub
We'll hold our breath as long as we
can and then when we come out...
And when you come out,
I'll be gone for good
One minute, bro...
My mom had warned about dangers in wat...
Let me complete my senten...
I have asthma! I have vising problem!
After living such a great life,
do you want my death in the bathroom?
If you dip once more,
forget about you leaving my body
I will leave my body
Please show some mercy
Brother, looks brand new
In fact, I just removed the covering
Just after our wedding,
I bought it to build my reputation
I have gifted this
building to her.
So, I thought it was
unnecessary and stopped it.
Why is he increasing his speed,now?
You are too...
Bro! No!
Bro! Listen, I don't
have that much stamina!
Why are you increasing the speed?
At this pace, I can move from end of
the city to the other end in an hour
Bro! Bro!
(Chanting mantras)
Listen, you are possessed
It's a known fact
I'll introduce it to you.
You just get rid of him
Why is turning around?
To whom will he introduce?
Here he comes
Mr. Priest, please meet Rishi
This priest is quiet famous
Can you get rid of this ghost?
I can't do it
Anyone who comes here to get rid of
ghost, I beat them with these Neem leaves
That's all is required
to get rid of the ghost
Now, do I beat you with the Neem leaves or
do I beat the ghost in the iPad? Tell me!
How can you say so?
What about my money?
Okay fine.
Look, take back the 2000
rupees you paid me as advance
And this my earnings, today.
You may have that too
Please leave! I plead you!
Lower the window...
Do you need the coolers?
What's your problem, bro?
Don't act naive.
If I doze off,
I will not wake up for the next 2 days
I hearing some noise
Like the sound of
scrapping coconut...
I'm hearing such noise
Why are you laughing when
I'm getting tormented?
Sorry bro
Diya, we thought you and
Rishi possessed us and...
I got scared, so I took all your
photos, wrapped up it in a bed sheet
What was your mindset like, at that moment?
I was really scared thinking
it was all done by a ghost
I was worried if I did something
and what if it made you violent
Hence, I kept quiet
To wake up someone from deep
sleep at unearthly hours...
and making him stand in front of
the mirror is a crime, you know?
If I hire a good lawyer, I can sue you!
First, listen to me, bro
The other day, when you saw my
car met with an accident...
did anyone divert your car
saying the road is blocked?
Let's discuss tomorrow.
Why talk about the accident now?
Just answer me!
Brother, there was no diversion
I stopped after seeing a car off road
I have to take that route to home
I see tears in your eyes.
Any recollection of your flashback?
Are you gonna tell it to me now?
Brother! Brother, please...a small favor
We shall start it tomorrow morning
and I shall pay complete attention
I feel very sleepy, brother.
Shall we go to sleep now?
Sorry bro...
but until I'm here...
you'll hardly get any sleep
Thank you.
Wait...what? Come again!
Won't I get sleep?
Where are you going?
You are forcing on me?
You will face the karma
what are you doing at this hour?
Come, let's go, sleep
You died in the accident
I was murdered!
The accident was framed!
It was a murder plan!
- Calm down! Arjun!
- No!
I'm not gonna spare
anyone who did this
- I won't spare anyone!
- Arjun..
Do you have any sense?
You beat the hell out
people when you were alive
Now, we are dead.
Try to understand
What if something happens to
Rishi because of you? Arjun!
If you bash up or murder anyone,
Rishi will go to prison! Not you!
Won't you even consider
all these factors?
Why should I?
My life was ruined!
How can you be so selfish, Arjun?
You didn't obey me when we were alive
At least please obey me now, Arjun!
Please! Please!
They must not face any
trouble because of you
Someone murdered me
and ruined my life!
If anyone had murdered you...
the police will take care of it
So, please calm down
Why do dead people like us have to get
angry or tensed and have emotions?
Let's focus on leaving
Rishi's and Diya's body
Please, listen to me Arjun
Do as you wish!
People say death brings peace
But in my case...
even after death, I have no peace!
I'm sorry
There was no issue until you
didn't recollect anything
But now,
you have recollecting things.
I mean things that
are related to you
So, Rishi's brain is in a confused state
What should I do now, doctor?
You can't do anything
Just relax
Blood vomiting is
a normal symptom
But we'll sort it out. Don't worry
Bleeding nose, now is that normal or...
did you say that to save the
patient from panicking?
Why did he have a bleeding nose?
Just a minute
Tap the ball
Come on. Just try it
Don't stop this action
Keep tapping that ball and
throw this up and catch it
Are you serious? Alright
Come on. Come on. Yes!
See that?
Give different set of actions
to your each hand and...
it confuses your brain
Circus, gymnastics and people who
do acrobatics practice for years and...
bring their body and mind under control
So, if suddenly the brain receives
instructions from two people...
With both their memories, emotions...
Rishi's fear
Arjun's anger and vengeance
So, when the brain keeps on receiving
two sets of instructions...
the brain cannot handle
it and it'll collapse
First time...
I was afraid that Rishi's
life was in danger
But I was unable to share it with them
Where do I begin with?
Rishi's brain has collapsed
He had bleeding from nose
If this continues, then
his life will be in risk
Relax. Please don't worry.
We'll find a solution
What's happening, brother?
How did you die?
Was it an accident?
If it's an accident then why one
of the car's windows is broke?
And why were there pieces
of beer bottle around it?
Did you drink and drive?
Or did anyone murder you?
I have a small doubt
If we tell him everything then what
the heck is he gonna do? Ask him
Dear, we know what the heck
to do and what not to do
Lucky you're a ghost or else I'd have
hanged you upside down and ripped you apart
- Give it a shot! Come on! Try it!
- Aiyo! Oh my God!
Give it a shot!
Damn! For a second I
forgot that he is a ghost!
He seems to be very spooky
He is shivering for just a scream
I'm not sure if he can
help us with the case
Are you really a ghost?
If so, go avenge your death by
killing your murderer
Instead why are you threatening
me, when I'm supporting you?
Rishi, it doesn't look
like he'll leave you body
I'm telling you! Now, leave! Leave!
Are you a thug?
Trying to scare me?
You want me to repeat?
I kindly requested you leave his body.
Was I wrong?
Come Rishi
Told you, police is helpless
Cops are destined to rot like this
Jobs that will be never resurrected
- Murthy?
- Sir?
- I need complete details of Arjun's case
- Ok sir
I need the complete report of that
case on my table within half an hour
Get me a report on the car's brake
condition before the accident
The autopsy report is ready, sir
After possessing Rishi,
get reports of his movements
If I had guessed it right,
some gangs would have killed him
Don't miss any evidence
Listen Arjun!
Non co operation to the investigation is unfair
I have explained you oftentimes
I'm not interested in such investigations
Please try to understand
the situation, Arjun
Sir, I already told you...
- Please move
- Sorry brother
Please move
Please stop!
Take this route
Please move
- Hello Arjun, you there?
- I'll call you back, doctor
Sounds strange, Dr. Eshwar but this is
the first time I'm nervous about a surgery
It's probably because I'm looking
into this case personally
This surgery you want me to perform is not
only complicated but first of it's kind
Two persons memories active in one brain!
It's highly impossible, doctor
You're asking me to treat a super
natural thing with science
Not just that
Rishi's brain cells, tissue,
nerves are completely damaged
I don't even understand, how he is alive!
To be very honest with you doctor...
We don't even have a 10% chance
that this surgery will be a success
Not just that,
Rishi's life is also at high risk
Then it's up to you
You know what Dr. Eshwar...
Even if we avoid the surgery then
he'll survive maximum for 10-15 days
So, we might as well take a chance
and believe that miracles do happen
Then let's do it, doctor.
Let's give it a shot
Dr. Eshwar is quiet efficient
He'll perform a small surgery on Rishi
The you will be dumped
off from his memory
Please arrange for the
surgery at once, doctor
Rishi's family is already
very much worried
Let them be peaceful at least
And so, my chapter ends after this.
Do you know how many days have passed
since you called me' Butterfly'?
Do you know how many days have passed
since you called me' Butterfly'?
I'm sensing a stomach upset.
I'll be back in 10 minutes
Where are you going?
Bathroom... I'll be back soon...
10 minutes... Please
- Sorry. Sorry
- Make it fast!
Brother, I can't judge my action
But please trust me once
I will not trouble you
Who are you?
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
- I am starving. Why so late?
- Sorry!
A small disturbance inside
Are you ok now?
Everything's set now
Hey Butterfly...
you are the best
thing to happen to me
I love you
Fine, I'll come
Can you please come with me?
This is one of such kind
the day you will be nabbed
Get into the jeep
Sir, not just that but
what I'm saying is...
why do you want us to postpone
the surgery from today?
Do the surgery tomorrow, sir
I need an hour with Arjun!
The other day while inquiry, didn't
you ask me what the heck did I do?
Here is a list of what
the heck I've done
Before you leave Rishi's body...
I wanted you to know what the heck we have
done and hence I postponed your surgery
Let me tell you, how
you died on that day
Explain what happened
Sir, on the day of accident,
I was driving down...
I was driving perfectly fine
but he was driving recklessly
I don't know what happened after that
I clearly understood he is innocent.
The investigation has proved it
- You may leave
- Thank you, sir
Thank you
Summon the next
Arjun, about these guys
Speak out!
He bashed up our chief, that
too in our own locality
Our chief had a reputation in that
locality. He was embarrassed
I couldn't bare it.
I decided to finish him off
I love you, Arjun
- No buddy
- Listen, let's leave
Shut up!
We decided to isolate him and murder him
While we were following
him on Chevala road...
Look! He met with an accident!
We've got him. Let's finish
him off nice and slow
Hey look! An accident!
Who are these guys?
Hold on!
May be muggers
Hey! He's dead
Good for us. Look,
he died on the spot
We thought he died but we saw him
one day while waiting at signal
- Looks like Arjun
- What?
Let get away at once! Drive! Fast!
He came back as a ghost.
We were scared that he'll kill all of us
Hence, we didn't step
out of the house at all
a masked guy thrashed us.
We presumed that it might be
him and wanted to leave the city
But you caught us
before we could leave
It's true that we conspired,
but we didn't kill him
Lock them behind the bars.
- Sir...
- Get lost
- Raju...
- Sir?
- Send in the third team
- Ok sir
My grandpa died ten days ago
After everyone left, I was
boozing with my friends
An accident!
Call the ambulance
Can you hear us, sir?
- Sir! Sir! Open the door
- Dude!
Dude, let me break the door open.
Hold him
Hey! He is dead
Run, the ambulance is here
Poor souls. We could have
put them in the ambulance
Shut up! Are you nuts?
At least if they are alive,
we could have helped them
But the cops won't believe we say that
They'll arrest us claiming that we
were drunk and we murdered them
Stay quiet
They called up the ambulance
in order to save you
I traced them using that number
Even they are innocent
You guys may leave
Mr. Arjun
Every case must be handled
in a sensitive way
Even if you slip off a bit...
You will hit the wrong road
Just like yours
So, never take cops
for granted and presume them as imbeciles
Thanks sir
If I'm living still after death,
it's because of Rishi
He is my only friend now
Madhavi made me swear that my past
shouldn't haunt his present life
Sir, the other day when I threatened
you in the police station...
it was not with the intention
to make fun of you
I was scared that it might
make Rishi run around for this
Sorry if I had hurt you
You let me know the
truth about my demise
I owe you bigtime
I thought we were murdered
My mind was filled
with a murderous rage
But I don't want Rishi
to get in trouble
They got punished for their crimes
Even you died because of me
But what's my sentence?
My dad always advice
me to be careful...
Now I get it why he said so, butterfly
If something happens to us
Our dear ones suffer the most
My mistake has...
cost both our lives, right?
I'm equally responsible
for that accident
If anything had happened to
you alone in this accident...
do you think I could
have lived with that?
You're my world
I'm with you even after death
That's my sole happiness
Even after death...
now I realize why we are here, Madhavi
Who are you?
Why do you look lost in thoughts?
Why are you barging in? Answer me
- Whom are you looking for?
- Who is he?
- I don't know
- Who are you, dear?
- Doesn't say anything
- Whom are you looking for?
Please, come with me
Look in the mirror
How is this possible? I can
see my son in the mirror
Oh my dear
Dear, can he see me too?
Yes. He can see you through me
He'll be in my body for
only eight more hours
The only thing he wished for, is
to meet you guys before departing
You can talk to him by
looking into the mirror
- Can you hear me, mom?
- Yes dear. Tell me
It's so hurting to see you like this, mom
Please give me a hug, mom
I am hungry
Aiyo! Wait
Dear, please go to the shop!
You stay with him
Let me check what's available...
I'm acting weird
Yes! idly batter
Oh god! I forgot to prepare it
What will he prepare at this hour?
Gosh! Why did I take this?
Damn! There is nothing at
home to cook at this moment!
I have no idea what to cook, dear
Don't cry, mom
" Oh my dear mother!
this is what has been destined"
" I will miss your fatherly
love, dad"
" Destiny can't be evaded"
" But please forgive me for
the blunders I had commit"
" I acted hasty"
" But now I've ebbed out"
" I'm on my way to the far world"
" fading good bye ,
oh dear mother!"
" Oh my dear mother!
this is what has been destined"
" I will miss your fatherly
love, dad"
"I'm embracing you"
" through their touch"
" Time moves on"
" Wish we could stop the time"
" Here I'm with you!"
" I'll be the air you breathe"
" and keep you smiling.."
" I wanna be born as your daughter again"
" So please don't lose heart and be sad"
"If I'm destined for a rebirth"
Being a son to you both...
is the best blessing I
ever got in my life
You guys never fell short
in taking care of me
Life is full of uncertainties
I want you to keep smiling
No matter where I am, I'll be looking
down on you guys through someone
Come here, dad
Come here
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, dad
- God bless you! God bless you!
I want you guys to
stay happy always
Sorry for bothering you a lot
Good bye, mom. Good bye, dad
Console your yourself.
Thanks Arjun
Meeting my parents...
has made me very happy
This moment is all I need, Arjun
I have no regrets
The ones in love
Swear to stay along
through out the life
But, you
are here with me after death
Even now...
Leaving this world is a bit
concern, but...
If you are separated from me
What will happen to me?
I'm scared, Madhavi
you're the best thing to happen to me
Ok. No more of this crying
I want you see you smiling
I love you forever...
and ever!
- Good morning, Rishi. Awake?
- Oh crap! Good morning
- Shall we start the procedure?
- Mom...
what is doctor talking about?
What am I doing here?
- Well...that...
- What happened mom?
Actually what happened to me?
Tell me, mom!
- Rishi, come with me in and stand in front of the mirror
- Ok
Looks like Arjun has left my son's body
You are completely alright!
Who is inside my body?
What happened?
Wasn't I suffering from fever?
You are completely alright, honey
- You are almost cured
- I'm alright
What are you saying, doctor?
If that's the case,
he might have left earlier
Seeing Arjun instead of
you was a huge miracle
Arjun was struggling to find
a way to leave your body
Through you, he met his parents yesterday
I guess Arjun and Madhavi would've
got an fulfillment of life at that point
I wanted to send off Arjun
in the morning with a hug
He left without giving me that chance
The best part is that, after spending time
with their children, one last time...
Arjun and Madhavi's
parents became normal
Dear, why are you so dull?
Even I'm completely fine now.
What's wrong with you?
Remember what Arjun said?
We promised him to stay
happy, you remember?
Get up!
Don't look gloomy
Go for a walk.
This is a huge miracle. Will someone
believe if I say this happened?
This is just my theory
It was convincing to me
Supernatural stuffs can only
be found in the news
A magic called human emotions
cannot be proven scientifically
May be in the near future, we'll have
a scientific explanation to this
So what I'm saying, in your thesis, try to
come up with new ideas and different ideas
All the best
Complete your thesis and come.
I'll meet you again
Good luck
- Thank you, doctor
- Bye
I'll just come
Doctor, if you don't mind
One last doubt
Do you think Arjun will come back?
It would be nice if he comes
They were really a cute couple
And moreover that bloody
fellow owes me a hug
Rascal! He didn't even
bid a good bye to me
Felt like giving you a hug, doctor
What's your name again?
Let's go
Coming Madhavi
Make it fast
See you, doctor
Why did you address me as Madhavi now?
Because I love you, Butterfly
And you're the best
thing to happen to me
You won't understand it now
You'll realize in time. Let's go
Only in our two Telugu speaking states...
15,000 plus death reports
are being recorded.
How many of them would have
got an opportunity to meet
their loved one after
death,like Arjun and Madhavi?
Let's please take care of ourselves
If not for us...
At least for our beloved ones.