Nirbashito (2014) Movie Script

Yes tell me.
- Don't leave the house
Your stay in Kolkata... probably over.
Severe unrest all over Kolkata
Chaos in Moulali, Mallikbazar,
Ripon Street, Beniapukur!
Police forced to use tear gas, bullets
as angry mobs set fire to the city.
Fundamentalists fuel the rampage.
Section 144 implemented.
Enemy of religion!
Leave Kolkata
Enemy of religion!
Leave Kolkata
You don't want writers to think..
...or write...
...or live.
Hasn't religion spoken of tolerance?
This is no revolution!
This is nonsense!
This is mindless nonsense.
I have nothing else to say
about today,A6s incident.
These are the words of fanatics
Political action political reaction
and political rhetoric...
...affect the psyche of the common man..
BOU (wife)
The common man does not have the
political awareness to deal with it.
The situation went out of control.
Such news is ashed all
over by the media and...
This is very shameful
for our city...
...and for us Bengalis.
Who are you to say whose
visa should be cancelled?!
India is home to Hindus,
Muslims Jains Sikhs...
India is not a religious state.
So we should have been more careful.
What we need to do now
is to keep calm...
Just one more question, Vikram!
Can she really be forced
to leave the city?
I have no such information.
Kolkata... the city of Literature and An.
Such an incident, here, involving a writer!
Mob fury.
And her reaction?
In my opinion, she
should not be disturbed now.
And... excuse me!
And I hope our media
sympathizes with her situation
Is your connection with her
professional or personal?
She's a friend
Excuse me.
It is evident Ambarish, no
one is divulging details.
But still, friends like the esteemed
entrepreneur, Vikram Ehsaas...
...bureaucrats have
been visiting her all day.
'With Shyamal De on the camera,
this is Ritwik, TV Kolkata.
If an individual or a community disapproves of
any written material, there may be protests
Isn't Baaghini a wild cat?
Feeding on raw fish!
Our democracy recognizes
Freedom of Speech
You must understand what's
going on! Just switch on the TV.
Burning vehicles on the
road isn't the right way.
Come along.
Come, eat.
There you go.
Good girl.
My Baaghini knows clever tricks!
Your water.
Your water.
I'm sorry.
You'll have to come with us.
The car's ready.
Cover her head.-
- Okay sir. Cover her head.
Be careful.-
- Please cooperate.
Back door.-
- Please!
Please cooperate. Don't worry,
we've arranged for everything
Where am I going?-
- Please calm down.
Where the hell am I going?-
- Come with us!
Kindly, Madam, please!-
- This is not done!
Open that door!-
- There's a spiral staircase!
- Please don't struggle.
It's all so sudden...
Let's go.-
- You'll hurt yourself!
It's dark.
Just be careful.
Vikram, come with me.
Tell me.-
- Do you have her passport?
Flown to Rajasthan overnight.
Immediately shifted to Delhi
under tight security.
Delhi wasn't safe either.
Sources say she's been
sent out of the country.
To an unknown destination
My baby remains with you.
Raw fish and full-cream milk.
Just a few more days...
I'll return.
I surely will.
Gustav is expecting me.
All well?
The area is secure
Theo... we are needed over here.
Lucas Johansson, President
of the Swedish Pen Club.
Welcome to Sweden Ma'am.
This is where you'll be
staying for the time being
This cottage belongs to Mr. Jan Henrik,
presently out of the city.
We have arranged for
24x7 security here.
So, please make yourself comfortable
until Jan gets back
If you need anything... anything
at all... just...
...give me a call at this number.
All international calls have
been barred. Please have a seam.
So... this is your permit in Stockholm.
We need you to sign
at the last page, please.
Sorry Madam, but...
We do find it most unfortunate
that your country disowns you
And that even India has sent you
away so unceremoniously.
See, I'm an author myself
and I know how that would...-
- I deserve it.
Deserve it?
It's the pen and the sword.
The sword always wins.
Newspaper Headlines:
Newspaper Headlines:
What's up?
'What's wrong?
Get that thing out of here!
It was sitting on my chest!
And keep this thing tied at night.
- Yes.
You didn't ask for my
consent. Now, deal with it
Or get a nanny for it
A nanny?
My phone..
Come with me
And listen, make sure she doesn't
pee on my school books!
Pritam here.
Hello. Yes hello...
This is Amal Majumder,
the photographer.
We'd like to do a photoshoot.
'With me?-
-No. The cat.
At what time today
would she be free?
After twelve?
Yes... Lucas...
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Can you help me?
I'm very hungry.
Food... I need food.
English no no-
Swedish or Finnish.
I'm hungry.
I need to eat.
She's gone underneath again
She's very fidgety!-
- Come out, honey.-
- Baaghini, come out.
Sir, please request her...
...if she could kindly come
and sit on the sofa.
Face the camera-
- Uncle wants to take a snap, come out.
Behave yourself.
- Always in profile!
Sir, do you have a chocolate
that she might like?
- You surely have milk to lure a cat with?
Yes of course!
Come, I'll give you some milk.
Please get it.
She'll come out as soon as you go.
Very disobedient.-
- Let's see if milk works
Always wriggling!
Tough one, this!
Here you go...
Come out you &%$%$!
I am very scared!
I am scared, Mother!
Mother! Mother!
I am sorry to wake you but-
-it's okay.
You are a superstar in Sweden!
A letter from the Prime Minister:
May I?:
Here it is.
Madam Welcome to Sweden.
The Swedish people have always
honoured the humanist in you.
We assure you the maximum
security in our country...
...and hope to offer you the peace
needed for uninterrupted work.
It would be my pleasure
to meet you in person.
My Personal Secretary will
be in touch with you
May this Land of the Midnight Sun
become your home
A real honour.
A real honour, Madam
What more could one ask for?
Anything that I can eat.
So, Pritam..
Your name's in the newspapers.
You're getting calls from journalists...
You're a celebrity, buddy!
Oh please!
She's your friend!
And you never told us!
Hey Pritam... where is she now?
No idea
She didn't even call.
What chaos!-
- It's expected!
You'll keep writing against my religion...
Am I to sit on an easy
chair sucking my thumb?
Moti, don't get me talking!
That's sheer fanaticism.
Debu, there are fanatics
in every religion. Let go!
I agree!
That's the root of all problems!
Let's have some tea
If this was about Ram or Ramkrishna...
...they'd shove it up your-
- Operation Rescue
I've seen enough!
Maqbool Fida Husain painted a
nude of Goddess Saraswati.
Could he come back to
the country in his lifetime?
Why did she leave the can with you,
of all people?
We're acquainted.
Did you speak to her
after she was banished?
We've never spoken.
We hear that there are
many men in her life...
Do you support this as a woman?
Sorry, I have a class.
Mrs. Mukherjee...
I didn't mean to offend.
Please be patient.
Just a few more questions
I won't comment on
anyone's personal life.
Fine, I won't insist.
For the rating box in our daily...
Her work..
Her sex appeal...
Her beauty, personality...
How much would you
rate her on ten?
I respect her as a writer.
So this means..
When you get a copy of her new book...
Who pounces on it?
You or your husband?
He reads the manuscript
before it goes to the press.
For ages now... is men who have raped women.
Don't you think...
...that the woman is raping men
through her writing?
You haven't read all
her writings, I presume.
If she were a man,
would she have been in this plight?
What makes you smile?-
- Nothing
Have your tea-
- Thanks.
I agree with Moti.
If you criticized my religion,
I wouldn't accept it either.
Then go on a rampage! Kill!
Set fire to the entire nation
in the name of religion!
That'll be the end of all civilization!
Debu... calm down and think
Its not just religion.
Her autobiography?
Have you read it?
Is this any way to emancipate women?
Who wants to know about
your private affairs?
- Me??
Which is why you read them.
And retained only the 'private affairs'.
- Sad!
Five books are banned
The writer is banished.
What else could one want?
To express an opinion
and to accept it, with courage.
Come on.
Now come on, you must eat.
I had to leave her behind,
Mr. Johansson
The city refuses to have me
The country refused to
grant me citizenship
But I hope they are not
unkind to my little baby.
I am all she has.
I'm her world.
Stan writing again, Madam
Publishers from this part of the world
are eager to publish your books.
And our Pen Club
is receiving letters daily.
Send the publishers to me-
- I've short-listed a few.
And in my judgement the best choice
would be 'William Nygaard from Norway.
From Norway...
You mean the man who published...
Satanic Verses?
Yes. And got shot by extremists.
They killed the Japanese publisher.
But 'William Nygaard, he survived.
I'd like to meet him please.-
- Hello!
'Wilma, my wife.
Some things I think you need.
How wonderful to meet you!
I'm so glad!
And you're wearing the jumper!
Is it keeping you warm?
- Good, I got some more jumpers.
I didn't need so many.-
- And here, I got a brown one
Brown one's nice.-
-80 now you really should be warm.
Thank you.
So, its bought in a charity shop,
which I thought you would like
And of course I have some...
I really hope they fit you.
We don't want you to
freeze your feet.
I don't know if you need them
Some underwear?
Maybe not the right size?-
- No, I think they should be fine
You can try them.
Thought you might need some.-
- Yes!
Yes! And some knickers as well.
Everything under control, Gustav?
Yes! All good.
Do we need anything else?
English lessons for me and Theo.
We'll see what we can do about that!
The reporters are chasing
me to school now!
"Why did she keep the cat
at your house?"
"When a new book comes...
who pounces on it?...
You or your husband?"
Please listen...
I had no answers, Pupu-
- Sorry.
I feel so humiliated!
- Do you have an answer?
Told you, I'm sorry!
Please don'! go, I love you!
Please don't go my love!
I need rest, Pupu
I'm going to my mother's.
I've arranged for a maid!
Why go to your mother's?
You didn't engage a maid
when I conceived!
Now there's a governess
for the girlfriend's cam!!
You yourself asked me get a nanny!
Oh right!
You always do everything I say!
You asked me not to bring her home,
so I didn't.
This is just her cat!
This is not 'just her cat', Pritam!!
It's that woman!
She's all over this house!
I don't want to have
anything to do with her!!
Please calm down
I don't want her name to be
uttered ever again!
You get it!!!-
- Okay.
You'll hurt yourself!
I shouldn't have had this baby!
So this one is for pizza?-
- Yes, this is for pizza
Can I use this on...
...normal bread?-
- You can use it on whatever you want.
Bread or different...
White pepper.-
- And this one?
I'll make some more coffee
We're sorry Madam but...
The owner of this cottage
is coming back... so...
We have to vacate.
N ow.
'Wilma and I would love to
have you stay with us.
That would be wonderful!
It is not my daughter's fault.
After all, she is
four months pregnant.
And... cams aren't good for
pregnant women.
Get rid of the can at least
for this reason!
One last word of advice
...who's important - the cat...
...or your wife
And child!
If you can't remove the cat... daughter stays with me.
Mary Anne Weaver?-
- Yes.
We'll bring her home
if you insist, but...
We could invite her
to your Press Conference
Press Conference?
From the Ministry of Culture.
Press Conference Do's and Dont s.
It's to be held at Rusbud,
the Government Annexe.
500 reporters from all over the world.
A small gathering in a small space.
Just for your security.
I cannot lie, Lucas.
The whole literary world knows that... country wants my head.
That I've been sent away from India
Why must I lie?
If you ever wish to go back to
Bangladesh or to India, then...
I have nothing against
Bangladesh or India
It's the extremists I'm against.
Extremists the world over.
Extremism is taking lives all
over the world...
And I have very rigid opinions on that.
It's a bitter practicality that we
plead you to accept for now.
Then it's pointless having a
Press Conference. Cancel it.
We can't keep the press away forever.
But it's so unlike me, Lucas!
Even my parents...
...have been forced to
pretend that I don't exist...
...simply because I've always
stood my ground.
In order to speak...
...write what you feel, you need a home.. need a country where you can stay!
Is this a threat?
Don't get me wrong
Sweden indeed is your country.
And you are a citizen here
You need to live!
Even Galileo...
...had to lie to the Church.
Just to save his discourse.
You have a visitor, Madam
Mary Anne Weaver!
I had almost given up hope.
I travelled to Dhaka to meet-
- I know!
I know, you...
You met my people. You..
...met my mother, my father!
I know.
I know!
Please.. Come!
When I asked them where I could
find you, they couldn't say.
Your father... he..
...grabbed my hands...
...and cried
Your mother...
...she just had this blank stare
I felt so helpless!
They're so very proud of you.
They won't be.
Not any more
Because I must lie now. I must say
that the Sun goes round our Earth...
...that the Moon has her own light,
that the...
...harmony of the stars of the universe..
...the galaxies just don't exist!
Just to be free!
To live and tell my story.
I'm ready for your interview.
I already have all your answers.
Madam has locked
the cat in the bathroom.
- Yes.
I'll keep this you carry on.
Are these your starters?
Or have you got the can
hooked onto alcohol?
No... -
- I came for the medical file
I have a check up tomorrow.
Please stay.
Shall I make tea?
The electricity bill is due for tomorrow.
Thank you very much, 'Wilma!
Now I can start writing again.
Lucas told me you prefer typing.
Thank you, both of you.
What was that?
It means, 'thank you'.
- Yes.
And to your new life in Sweden!
They say cats have many lives.
So do you!
Let's sit.
My Baaghini will be very...
...very cold this winter.
My Baaghini.
'Wild cat!
Someday, Wilma..
...I'll return
I'll return.
And I'll take you with me
I'll play Bengali songs for you.
And we'll sing together.
And we'll...-
- And we'll dance!
I can'! dance!-
- Yes you can!
Really, no, I can't!-
- Come here!
Dance with me!-
- I can't!
- I can'! dance!
I can't! Please.
No! Dance with me!-
- I can't!
Be with me!
Yes, you can dance with me!
Come on!
Okay I'll try!
We'll dance and I'll step on your toes!
And we'll... laugh like crazy!
And we'll cry!
And we'll talk and talk and talk!
We'll scream until they hear!
And we'll love the whole world!
And we'll teach men.. how to love!
And how to live!
...not to have...!
What 'not to have sex'!
I want to have sex!
Lots of sex!
...not with..
Most of our women...
...have never ever experienced
an orgasm!
Can you believe what
failures these men are?
Never had an orgasm?
Even you';?
I've had my share of good sex...
...with men I chose to accept.
...I am one of those species
who can come out and say that.
Most women can't.
Sex is taboo.
Women mustn't want pleasure
I'm shocked!-
- They must only serve.
Gratify male libido!
Only serve.
Not ask
But... that's so...
...that's so terrible!
It is!
From where I come Wilma..
Women are not even allowed
to think differently.
We are all expected to grow...
within a very rigid, very...
And if we dare question it,
question the system or...
...any system..
...this is what happens.
Look at me!
I'm nowhere.
Extremists force your own people, your
family, your friends to disown you.
I've lost my citizenship.
My people don't know where I am.
Call them!
Talk to them!
I'm not allowed, Wilma
Nobody must know where I am
I only wish I could reach out
to them just once.
At least my parents
To let them know I'm
still living... I'm..
...I did work out away...
Would you be careful?
Nobody must find out.
Sometimes there are extremist
decisions even within a family.
Which is why your wife has
left for her father':
Now your situation is
like that of the Government's.
Either get rid of Baaghini...
...or lose your wife's support.
I have a feeling Baaghini has
not been cared for at all.
Only bad news in my inbox.
I'm sending you my
friend's office address
Arrange to send Baaghini over.
At least I'll have someone
to speak to in Bengali.
Do not mention my name in
the address.
I'm mailing you an
authorization letter.
Where's the address?-
- Right there.
Oh right!-
-'What are you looking at?
What do I do?
Keep shut, he's coming.
What else, send her.
Send who?
- Moti...
- Can't you see I'm busy?
Send who?-
- Err... Baa..
- Send Shayonti to Buddy's in-laws'!
But Shayonti is already...-
- Pregnant! She needs rest. So...
Yes tell me.
What are you saying?-
- What else! Send it!
To Sweden??
Operation Courier Service.
Courier a cam?!
Do not ring, 0 midnight phone.
Here's your pillow
Your blanket wrap
A pill for deep slumber
Sleep the night away.
The city now is only dead wood
The sky too has
turned off the stars to sleep.
'When you ring, chunks of ice run
down my spine, stupefying me.
Like the frail leaves in the Norwesters
I shiver all over
And the locust attacks my golden yield.
I remain alone and forgotten
In this distant land of snow.
I hear that Father's heart
is failing him
His eyes are weakened too.
And friends making quick escapes
To a shelter yet unknown.
Do not ring, 0 midnight phone.
No one lies awake for
you at this hour
Even the drunks of the night
have gone to sleep
Please sleep the night away.
Sweden. 18 kilograms. 32000.
18 kilograms!
How come?
But we carry her very easily.
It includes the wooden
box and the packaging
Exactly! And this 32000 includes
courier charges...'s fees...
Umm.. So the doctor will
accompany her to Sweden?
It's an 8 to 10 hour journey...
If there's wailing and
screaming all the way...
The doctor's?-
- Come on!
Didn't I tell you she'll
need sedation?
- Give the letter.
Her mother's authorization letter.
It's HER cat?!-
- Yes.
- Sir...
It's impossible to send the cat
without a Police NOC.
- Why the Police?
She's a VVIP cat.
Just an NOC from the Police HQ!
That's it!
I'm looking for a home in this city
A room where I can sleep at night
A home...where I can shed
my clothes for a shower
Sing to my heart's content
Or sip my self-brewed cup of tea
And write beautiful poetry.
I have no home of my own.
Dagens Nyheter's Guest House..
...will be more secure.
More private
You can write there
I write better among people.
How far is Gouripur from Kolkata?
How far is Shambhuganj Bridge
from Sealdah Station?
How far is Radhapukur?
And the naked afternoons
drooping over horizons of kaash?
The Bhatiyali melodies that ow
down the heart of the Brahmaputra?
How far are they?
How far are they?
Gouripur had homes
Courtyards, fields for shepherds
Stone-terraced river banks
sky-canopied bazaars
And it had...
Is she there now?
She and her rag dolls?
Does she play now as she did,
hopscotch, dust up to her knees?
Sixteen men?
'With peas and turnips
Does she still cook on
her heart-warmed fire?
Somebody said the other day
that Gouri is gone
Picked up by one or many, the
moment she stepped out of her nest
Stripped off saree, thrown
into the canal at Baashkhali.
Found with a hungry bite
on her cheek.
If Gouri is indeed gone
If Gouri is gone indeed
If sails are indeed windless
To which unknown land would I
swim, pushing against the tide..
Flowing on and on...
For my love?
No brandy on duty.
It's going to be along winter.
Make it double.
It's so cold you can almost smell it.
Yes.. like Christmas.
And you can smell the snow.
Yes... I get it.
She's unhappy.
She's had no dinner.
She'll survive
After all she's a doctor.
Why do they want her head?
She looks quite normal... ordinary.
But she's not 'woman-woman'...
...doesn't dress up.
She looks son of angry.
I feel sad for her.
Why did you stop the song?
Gustav is in the shower.
Coffee, Madam?
Are you crazy?
The Commissioner of Police
must issue an NOC for a cam?
But if I have to send the cat
to Sweden...
It's your cat, send it to the
moon if you like!
Why involve the police here?-
- Since she's a VIC, an NOC -
Very Important Cat!
I see.
How are you related to her?-
- She is staying in my house now.
In your house??
In this city?!
Right now she's outside, in
her basket, with Jayanta.
In a basket?-
- Yes.
I'm not talking about the cat.
How are you related to the lady?
A friend.
Look, before I issue the NOC,
I need to speak to the CM.
You know how sensitive this issue is
Come back next week-
- Let's go.
Oh no! Did you have to pee
in the Police HQ?
Baaghini is just like her mother.
There's no stopping her.
There were mild protests
in the city after you left.
Now there's a stony silence.
You are in cold storage now.
Even a celebrity is forgotten
within a few days of death.
Not only am I ordinary...
...but I'm also alive.
Only, I've nearly stopped writing
I seem to be forgetting my language.
Once Baaghini comes
I'll get some practice
I'll return.
And I'll write once more
For you Madam!
Had called to ask you how you were.
You didn't answer.
I'm fine.
Good. You take care.
Forgive me if you can.
It's probably her birthday today.
Have you wished her?
I did. Just before I sent you my message.
Thanks for being honest.
My inbox is overowing with
birthday emails for you..
...from bureaucrats journalists
But I have a special birthday
surprise for you.
Here we go!
Let me read this
Dear Madam...
We are honoured to present to you...
...this year's Kurt Tucholsky Award...
...for your invaluable
contribution to literature.
An award worth 150,000 Swedish Crowns!
Celebrations are not for me.
I chose this life of loneliness
I can't complain.
I took the other road,
the road less travelled by.
And that's what made all the difference.
Robert Frost.
- Very inspiring.
And Virginia Woolf!
She's been a great inspiration
And Simone de Beauvoir:
Yes she will live!
Yes she will live!
Yes she will live a hundred years!-
Let the music play!
Happy Birthday my dear!
This is the best surprise today!
Have some cake-
- I'd love to have some cake!
Lucas got this green...
cake for me here
Princess Tone!!
I love it!
And champagne.
'YES Champagne.
- Yes 'Thank you'.
Oh my darling!
I told Lucas not
to tell you I was coming.
Where's the music?
Let's dance!
You know I can'! dance.-
- Of course you can!
This room is fantastic!
Oh, I can play the piano for you!
Well, I don't know what to play!
This is a song all Swedes know.
It's not a home, Wilma
My home, my love, how are you?
Do you feel lonely?
So do I.
I'm as lonely.
I walk about in empty rooms
Can you see me in the dark?
Can you hear me move?
It's me, my soul, that moves about
In empty rooms,
leaving behind drops of tears.
The plants in the verandah
need water, but no one's there
Can'! they survive on tears?
I hold a river in my eyes
Tell me if you want a sea,
I'll pour it to you
My home, You must live.
Are you merely my home?
You are my lost homeland
You are my mother-tongue
My home... live, my love
And keep me alive!
They never stop to think
before they write!
And then it becomes our responsibility!
She writes a book and releases it!
That's it! Now deal with it!
It's a VIC... so the courier service
is insisting on an NOC!
They've turned the cat into a tigress!
So have we!
Umm... We've been talking
about this cat all day long!
That's right!
Do you know how many meetings
I've had to cancel for the day?
'A hanky today, a can tomorrow!'
He's quoting Sukumar Ray...-
- Shut up!
I can't take this any more!
Don't I have any other work?
If they want to send it, let them!
Sir, I think we must have a word
with those who are against her.
I mean... we need a religious NOC.
- Sir!
Take charge. Don't delay.
After all, this is a religious matter.
A cat's religion,
this is my department, Sir.
Department of Fisheries!
My life of banishment
led me to introspect.
That's when I started telling
the story of this girl.
A meek, shy girl...
Who grew up amidst rigorous
family discipline and exploitation
A girl, whose dreams and hopes
were trashed away everyday.
I told the story of that ordinary girl.
The girl who was wounded
again and again
She lived alone, fought alone.
She became her own shelter.
Her environment, surroundings
have helped her evolve
They've made her what she is
That's my story.
Have I committed a crime?
Is it a crime to write
an autobiography?
It's a relief that they
have no objection!
Should I issue the NOC, Sir?-
-Yes, go ahead.
One minute! There's still
one major problem Sir.
-'What now?
What is it now?
What if you issue an NOC...
...and then the cat...
Say, you issue the NOC...
...and the cat...
...escapes in transit!
Or say it dies-
- Oh God!
The entire blame will come
tumbling down on us!
They'll project it as an
assassination or a religious murder!
And blame on the police
means blame on you!
No! You represent the government!
No way! No NOC!
If the government is blamed then...
There starts another discussion!
Sorry, Sir.
The bottom-line is,
I will NOT issue the NOC!
Sir, what if we..
...have a word with the embassy?
Why the embassy?-
- Embassy!!
Good riddance!
Send the cat through
the Swedish Embassy!
The CM is sending his man to Delhi. recommend Baaghini at
the embassy.
Since I am her local guardian,
I have to go as well.
But yes.. they're taking
good care of her, you know.
The Department of Fisheries
sends fresh fish for Baaghini daily.
Pabda! Parshey!
Amazing taste!
Why are you laughing?
It's a fact!
Come on, eat your fill, baby.
Isn't my Baaghini a wild cat?
Oh baby! Look at you!
'Wild cat!
Let me clean your eyes!
Good girl!
Always the best!
Sleep sweetheart.
Sleep in peace.
Sleep in peace, my baby...
So once again you're cut off
from the rest of the world.
Lucas is very upset with me.
I have... would you please
check my mails for me?
Send me print-outs of mails
from Pritam Mukherjee
I'll just write that down for you.
Pritam Mukherjee, through... Theo.
- Yes, when he goes to you for provisions.
This is his email ID.
He's the one..
...who's going to send...
Baaghini over to your office address
You really should have
been more careful.
I'm sorry!
I'll do my best.
The Chief Minister's
recommendation looks good.
We shall extend all possible cooperation.
So, where is she?-
- Sweden
The cat.-
- The cat's in Kolkata
- Mr. Pritam Mukhopadhyay.
The cat, Mr... Mulka-dha-padhay...
...the name of the cat!
- Bug-in..
A cat named after a bug?-
- No, actually not a 'bug', Sir.
It's 'Baagh'.
You see, in Bengali,'Baagh' means tiger.
So... 'Baaghini' is female for tiger.
You see, umm..
'Baagh-Baaghini', tiger-tigress...
Deer... err...
...dearest... and then..
Yes of course.
How very amazing
That would be all.
Our Honorary Consul in Kolkata
will be dealing with you... directly.
Thank you.
Let's go...
What is it, Manibul?
But... what would be our
next step, Sir?
When are you going back
to Kolkata?
This evening itself, Sir.
Otherwise Baaghini has to
sleep with my maid.
There he goes!-
- But the maid leaves exactly at 9.
She's very punctual.
So... I have to go... and... sleep with Baaghini.
Of course, I understand
In that case you can start
working on ...Buggini's passport.
And the first step would be to get a...
...passport-sized photograph taken.
Face straight.
Eyes in the camera
Ears showing clearly.
4 copies
Come on, turn your head-
- Not your head Sir, the cat's.
There she goes!-
- Look how she's wriggling!
Keep quiet!
Look at the camera!
Move your hand!-
- It's covering her ears!
How am I supposed to
control her ears now!
Oh God! 'Will you
remove your hands?
Look how she's biting!
Be careful!-
- Ouch!
Look at the lens!-
- Now I'll scold you!
We also need photographs for her visa!
On a white background!-
-ls there a white loin-cloth at home?
What is the real colour
of the cat?
Pure white? Off-white or pink?
Completely pure white.
'Completely pure white'.-
- We can tweak it in Photoshop.
But a cat won't pose
You can'! train cats
Madam's passport!
The passport! Let's see!
The passport is ready!
Here... over here...-
- Hold this.
And here.. the candidate
has to sign here
Now you need a signature?-
- But she's a cat.
How on earth will a cat sign?-
- Can everyone sign in our country?
A thumb impression will do.
A thumb-print?-
- It's simple.
Here.. here..
I have marked all the forms.
The candidate... will have to give
her paw prints here.
On all these forms?-
-it's a rule, Sir!
'What's wrong, Sir? Why don't you
finish your sherbet?
Don't be so nervous!
Here, have some snacks.
Every candidate
has special requirements.
Thank you.-
- Mention not.
Okay. Mr. Goenka..
We'll take your leave
My pleasure, Mr. Gupta!
Thank you, Sir.-
- All the best!
See you, sir.-
- See you.
Sir, I'll go see them off.-
- Okay.
- Just a minute... excuse me!
What's wrong?-
--Must've gone back for his sherbet.
Which paw do we use
for the thumb-print?
The hind ones are her legs...
And the forelegs, her arms!
- Simple!
Have a nice day!
I'm weary
Take care
My beloved country
May no one ever... compelled
to leave her motherland.
You'd like cigarettes?
When my Baaghini comes here...
I'll marry her to you, Gustav.
Always at your service, Madam
What do you think, Theo?
I'll marry him to my Baaghini.
Smile, Madam.
Be happy-
Why are you blushing?
Baaghini will like you.
Theo will be your Best Man.
Won't you, Theo?
I'm buying provisions.
Do you need anything?
Does everyone have a stamp-pad?
- Put her on the chair.
Don'! pull her legs!-
- If she bites, you'll need injections!
Is the first-aid box ready?-
- Tickle her a little!
Catch her!
Here's your ball, honey!-
- Did you give her this smiley ball?
Please cooperate!
She's run away again!-
- Get hold of her!
This compounder's a sissy!-
-What did I do?
My sweet little pie!-
- Cooperate with the police!
And she's gone again!-
- Get hold of her, somebody!
She'll drive us mad today!
She's gone to the living room.
Over there! Yes!
Over there!-
- No, I'll go first! Wait!
She's gone behind the almirah.-
- Oh no!
Please cooperate!
Come out!
Lure her with this ball!
She's run away!-
- I'll see the end of this!
Here you are, darling!!
Baaghini sweetheart!
Hey compounder, get hold of her!-
- There she goes!
'Without sleeping pills...
...this is impossible.
I'm sorry for the rush.
I'll... explain everything later.
This is Liliana, Pen Club member.
We met at the... Press Conference
Where do I go?.
Liliana's summer house.
In... Ljustero.-
- Yes.
It's an island.
On the Baltic.
It's yet another banishment.
Gustav? Theo?
Gustav will... be with you
Where are you lost?
No mails..
Are You upset?
Or are you ill?
We're going berserk trying
to get Baaghini to cooperate
It's so evident that
she's your daughter!
Jayanta is trying to sedate Baaghini now.
Come on, get me the ball!
And Baaghini... is running around with
the new ball that Shayonti gave her...
Come on honey!
Don't be naughty now!
Sweet kitty!
Here I come!
A small little paw-print from you!
And Baaghini... running around with a new ball.
I wonder how he'll get her to sign!
Just a few more days...
...and you can speak Bengali
with Baaghini again
You'll write again.
And return
I'm not very easy with cats Sir.
It's just that this verification
is mandatory for the passport...
Though, the passport is done
A mere formality now.
Just one look at the candidate.
From a distance.That's it!
Excuse me..
She doesn't bite, does she?
She was sleeping. Made us run
all night with stamp-pads...
The cat and the tiger belong to...-
- The same family.
- Sir...
...the tiger's not matching at all!
How come?
She's plain in the photos
but here she has blue spots...
That's the ink from the stamp pad.
Imagine that today is the day
after Holi (festival of colours).
So the candidate
has weird colours on her...
No Sir!!
Give her a shampoo...
...and bring her to the police station!
Right to Equality!
Right to Freedom of Religion!
Right to Education!
Right to Freedom!-
-Who's going to write on the board?
- Yes Rohan!
Write this down boys.-
- Give me a pen.
Bring your own pen next time.
Sorry... I think I forgot to
put it on silent.
Sorry boys, it
must be an emergency.
- I'm in class!
Any problem?
Make it fast!
Oh! Just one thing!
Emergency!... -
- Emergency?!
Can you fix an appointment for
Baaghini at your salon, please?
She just collapsed
during her shampoo!
Come on!
Move it!
Hey move! Take left!-
- Mind the door!
I'll get the admission done.
Stan oxygen. What's her BP?
The Commissioner is here.
What happened?-
- I took her to the salon, so...
- Yes.
- The patient is stable, as of now.
She'll improve once
the she's out of stress.
She'll be fine
Don't worry.
Thank you.
What a relief!
Just a minute, doctor.
She's supposed to leave for
Europe tomorrow. Can she?
- No, not in the next few months.
Sorry. -
- What!
Sir, what do we do now?
See, now it's the
responsibility of the embassy.
How is she?
Still the same.
Have you had anything to eat?
I can't take this any more
Should I come?
Let me be
'Don't abandon cats in winter'.
See the shadow,
see them Movitz, my friend
Escape into a darkness
that never ends
All the gold and the purple
from the shovel
Watch them turn into filthy
clothes and gravel
Waves Charon from the
other side of the swirling river
Waving three times and then
the undertaker himself...
Never again will you taste a grape
So, Movitz, dear friend, help me...
Cumber the tombstone
over our sister
Waves Charon from the
other side of the turbulent river
Hello Doctor!
We need you right away!
So, Movitz, dear friend, help me...
Cumber the gravestone
over our sister
Nearly there.
Clean her forehead.
Push a little more!
Boat... with..
Sir Lucas Johansson..
Hello! And good morning to you!
France has granted you
honorary citizenship of Paris.
You see, they all love you.
How long do I live here?
Till I die?
Or... will I have to be imprisoned
in Paris now?
Or in Germany?
I shall fight to death my
right to go home!
If I am a criminal...
why don't they take me to court?
T! me';?
Why imprison me here in this island?
I can't live here!
I can't... write, I can't talk!
These security men,
guns boots, bayonets!
And I am a poet!
My darling...
The embassy... from India...
...sent you an e-mail.
Your cat is in their care.
She's been to hospital.
So she can't be sent to you.
I'm sorry.
We have a surprise for you!
Look at her!
Isn't she beautiful?-
- A real beauty!
Hello kitty!
I helped... deliver...
...a baby after along time.
Last night.
And after a long long time...l...
...saw a mother... and...
...her daughter together.
See, Baaghini is my daughter,
I need to be with her!
She knows my language...
...connection with home
Return her home.
Let's not put this baby
through the same hell... of...
Return her home to her mum
To mother.
That's where she belongs
It's her birthright.
Wait for me O Madhupur Netrokona
The crossroads at Joydebpur, wait for me
I shall be back.
Back in the crowd, amidst the chaos
In drought and ood.
Wait for me O huts, courtyards
lemon boughs and football fields
I shall be back.
To sing in the full moon, to swing..
To throw a fishing line into the pond
in the heart of the bamboo grove.
Wait for me, Afzal Hossein, Khairunnesa
And you, Idul Aara
I shall be back.
To love, laugh, weave dreams
on those strings of life
Wait, O Motijhil, Shantinagar,
the Book Fair in February
I shall be back.
A cloud ies from the West to the East
I shall give her my tear drops
So she may rain on tin roofs of homes,
on the banks of the oval pond...
Birds y from West to East
in Winter-time
A feather each will they shed
On leafy ponds
On the Shitalakkha waters
On the waters of Bengal's Bay.
Listen, 0 Brahmaputra!
I shall be back!
Listen O Sal forests of Bihar!
Mahasthangar, the mountains of Sitakund!
I shall be back!
If not in human form..