Nise: The Heart of Madness (2015) Movie Script

Good morning.
The Heart of Madness
Good morning.
I'm Dr. Nise da Silveira,
Dr. Nelson is expecting me.
One second, please.
Eugenia, Dr. Nise is here.
I was waiting for you.
Come with me please.
The cafeteria is now
on the other side.
This is the women's ward
and here is the men's.
Open the door, please.
No, I don't want to.
Stay still.
I don't want to.
Let's go, doctor.
I don't want to.
You've already seen the courtyard.
We let the patients come out
depending on their status.
When the most aggressive ones
are here, nobody goes in.
Let's go, doctor.
- Through there, doctor.
- Thank you.
Well, as I was saying,
the method is
the result of research
carried out by
Egas Moniz, from Portugal,
who has won
the Nobel Prize for medicine.
A lobotomy is prescribed
to psychotic patients
who in obsessive states, show
a high degree of aggressiveness
which prevents them from
having a healthy social life.
The surgery is done
through bilateral trepanation
on the inferior frontal region.
Here you can see
the thalamus and the cut.
This white substance
in the frontal lobe,
is what prevents the connections.
Gentlemen, the results
are very satisfactory.
We are talking about
patients who were responsible
for the destruction of
their families,
and now live in
harmony with them.
In USA, Dr. Walter Freeman
found a cheap and unusual
instrument to do it.
An ice pick
which enabled him to cure thousands
of patients in a short period of time.
Thanks to lobotomy, psychiatry
is now a medical specialty.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I would like to use this moment to
introduce Dr. Nise da Silveira,
who is returning as a
psychiatrist in this hospital.
To continue our meeting,
let's hear
Dr. Marcelo Mouro's lecture
about electroconvulsive therapy.
Doctors, electroconvulsive
therapy is the most
advanced treatment
tor mental illness.
The method was developed in the 30s
and consists of inducing
convulsion through electricity.
Bring in the patient, please.
Let me go.
Get me off of here.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Get me out of here.
Get me out.
Help me!
I don't want to.
This patient suffers
from schizophrenia.
Most cases resistant
to every kind of treatment
after this procedure.
Please, pass me the electrodes.
As you can see,
the electrodes can be used
uni or bilaterally
Then you just turn this on
and press this button.
The convulsion can last
up to 40 seconds.
The patient shouldn't eat tor 2 hours
before the procedure,
as it can cause vomiting.
We have had great results
both in catatonia
and in acute schizophrenia.
Excuse me, doctor,
how is the dosage determined?
The charge should be enough for the
loss of consciousness and convulsion.
How much is enough?
- Depends on each case.
- How about this case?
Around 30 amperes.
How did you reach
this conclusion, Doctor?
By experience.
You'll get used to it.
I don't believe in healing
through violence, Nelson.
Science has evolved
in the past few years.
Our success rate with
lobotomy is up to 90%,
results comparable with the best
surgical centers
in Europe and North America.
I can't do that.
Nise, then you can't treat here.
There is a sector
run by the nurses.
The funds are low, but I think
we can do something there.
I know you're overqualified for that,
but it's what we have for you.
OTS: Occupational
Therapy Sector.
There is so much to do
in this country,
instead of having fun,
cheering up the patient.
Occupational therapy?
Do you know what that is, Nise?
Do you?
It will compromise your career.
I don't care about my career, Mario.
Especially as, this is the only way for
me to stay at the hospital.
Nobody cares about that sector,
that's why it's run by orderlies.
Mario, if I cared about
what other people think,
I wouldn't do anything.
I know what's better for me.
I want to work.
The other day Lord Byron
peed on my suit.
You shouldn't say that.
It's not true.
Our cats are very well-behaved, Mario.
Let's start the fun.
Place your bets in my hand.
Get ready.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I don't know if
anyone told you,
I'm Dr. Nise da Silveira,
and as of today
I'm in charge of this sector.
Pull up a chair, please.
- Sit down.
- I'm fine standing.
And you are?
- And you?
- Lima.
I want to start by understanding
what you do here.
- We put the patients...
- We put the nutcases to work.
Fixing stuff, cleaning
the toilets, sweeping.
After years away, I'm shocked
by the state of the hospital,
but I count on you to make
this place at least pleasant.
All right?
Lima, you can start
by taking out the trash.
Ivone, are there
any cleaning products?
Doctor, I'm not paid
to clean this place, ok.
Well then, Ivone,
it's just the two of us.
A bucket, a broom.
People decide what trash is.
People decide.
What are you looking for
in the trash?
What's your name?
People decide what trash is.
Seeds aren't trash.
Seeds are to be planted.
Seeds are to be planted.
People decide what trash is.
Trash is trash.
Good morning.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I need your attention.
I'm taking control of the OTS
and would like to know
how I can collaborate
with you.
What kind of collaboration?
I'm thinking about introducing
new activities
to supplement the treatment.
On this form you should
prescribe the therapy based
on the needs of your patients.
On the back,
write your objectives
and I'll take it from there.
I'm sure that many will benefit.
Some sewing
won't hurt anyone.
Occupational therapy.
I used the wrong term.
- I'm thinking about...
- I have to go, Doctor.
I have a lot of patients to treat.
Explain to me later.
Let's go.
Don't take this.
Put it down.
Let's go.
Welcome. Come in.
Come on in.
Don't touch anything.
Hands off.
You can't play with that.
Come here.
Lima, stand up.
Let's sit on the ground.
I want to sit in a circle,
so everyone can see each other.
I want to tell you my name.
It's Nise.
We need to organize.
I need to learn about you
so that we can...
Get started.
Let's sit down.
I won't say it again. Sit.
Lima, quiet.
Leave them alone, Lima.
Leave them alone.
Ivone, let them
make themselves comfortable.
Nobody needs to sit down.
Let them do whatever they want to.
Seeds are to be planted.
You can come in.
What is your name?
I'm Carlinhos, Carlinhos.
- Sertanejo.
- Sertanejo can come in too.
Sit down, nutcase.
Sit down.
I'm not crazy,
the craziness got in me.
Help me, sit down.
Listen, observe...
Shut up.
What they say here is precious.
This is the base of our work.
Listen, observe
and shut up.
Do you want to plant
these seeds outside?
Seeds to be planted.
Seeds are life that make life,
that makes seeds,
that make life.
Seeds are to be planted.
- Good morning, Eugnia
- Good morning, Doctor.
Eugnia, does this woman
always sleep like this?
I don't know, but she hasn't
got out of bed for two days.
Clean this patient.
Why didn't you go
Sorry, are you feeling all right?
Any pain?
She is pretty, Adelina.
Is she yours?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
- I wanted to know...
- Get out.
Get out, demon.
Get out.
Calm down, Adelina.
She is violent, doctor.
- That's enough.
- This has to dry out.
What happened to him?
Another nutcase beat him up.
Some drooling animal.
He is in the cell again.
- Cell?
- Yes, he's always there.
If he's out,
he could kill someone.
Get out of here.
Lucio, would you lend me that cloth?
You know what this is?
A ball for us to play with.
Shall we play a little?
Lucio, over here.
Let's play ball, Lucio.
Hey you,
please help me.
Sorry, I can't come down.
It's not safe for you
to be there.
- What's your name?
- Almir.
Weren't you ever a kid, Almir?
So come down here
and play with us.
Just a second.
Let's play a little bit,
have some fun.
It's mine.
Calm down.
It should be simple.
You have an entire
sector to manage
and you meddle with
other people's affairs.
The poor guy was in
solitary confinement for two days.
He is psychotic and very aggressive.
He just needs to be treated
like a human being.
Nise, you have no idea,
he is very violent.
Dr. Nelson, do you know
what could be a good idea.
Doctor, where is that form?
Where do I sign?
Octvio, you can't do that.
Let him do it, Ivone.
Almir, how are you?
- Good morning.
- Good morning. Sit down.
Excuse me.
Doctor, I can see that you are
shaking things up around here.
You know that I'm interested
in fine arts.
So I've decided to ask you
if you wouldn't be interested in
having an art studio here.
An art studio?
It would be great.
But we don't have money.
No one cares about this sector.
You already have people
to work here
and I can try to get some
materials for us to start.
- Why are you bringing him here?
- They told me to.
So anything goes here now, eh?
Is he medicated?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
They told me to bring
him here. He's calm now.
Lucio, how are you?
He's hurt, my God.
Let's try to find something
interesting tor you to do.
How are you feeling?
How are you feeling?
Do you want to go to my office,
to take your mind off of it
and get some rest?
Easy, easy.
Look at this.
I don't believe it!
What is this mess?
What the hell is this?
What's the matter?
This is shit.
He does this
with his own shit,
and I'm the one
who has to clean it.
Clean it, then.
It is your job, after all.
Did you make that doll?
Let's go for a walk?
Good morning, Adelina.
- Now the fun can start.
- Let's get to work then.
Right now.
Do you want to do a little painting?
We have gouache and oil paints.
Want to paint, Octvio?
Want to paint, Carlinhos?
Just for inspiration.
Ivone, leave her.
Carlinhos, I am Carlinhos.
Come here.
There is a patient here painting another.
Lima, Ivone and Almir.
From now on, let's avoid
the term patient.
We are working for these people.
We are the ones
who have to be patient.
They are our clients, clear?
I was saying
that there is a client that is
painting another client.
I don't know if it's toxic.
You said not to interfere.
Exactly Lima,
leave them alone.
That's beautiful, Raphael.
He needs to be cleaned again.
Get out.
I'm going to get you.
I will catch you.
Get out of there.
I told you to behave.
What's going on?
Let him go.
Let him go now!
He's an animal.
I'm telling you
to leave him alone.
I will not tolerate
violence here.
This is the last time.
I told you he's trouble.
I'm coming.
Don't let me get old here.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
dear Nise...
Here you are.
It was translated
to French.
Carl Gustav Jung.
Let me borrow your glasses.
That's it.
Choose where you
want to paint.
What's wrong?
Isn't that beautiful?
When Carlos was committed
he said he saw God
in the sun rays that reflected
in his room's mirror.
He wanted everyone to see
what he was seeing.
Do you know that, in many
Eastern religions,
the golden flower symbolizes
the presence of God
Jung says that the psyche,
just like any other living organism,
has the potential to
reorganize, self-heal,
that manifests itself
in circular figures.
So we can conclude that
his attempt to reorganize
happens through his mystical side.
- At least for now...
- Marta.
How are you?
Doctor, this is Marta.
She's a friend of mine who's also an artist.
She wants to start
an internship here.
Almir said that the artwork
is great and I would love to see it.
Give me
that book, Ivone.
I'm going to lend you these books.
When you've read both
of them, we'll see.
But for now, you can sit down.
Can you stay with us too, Ivone?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Excellent.
Raphael Domingues.
He started working
when he was 14
right after his dad
abandoned his family.
The first symptoms started
around that time.
Then he started
hearing voices,
seeing shadowy figures, having
thoughts about alienation,
persecution and lack of control.
He was committed
when he was 19.
He's 25 now.
I was talking
to Raphael's mother
and she gave me
these drawings
that he did
when he was 13.
He used to work as an illustrator
he even won awards.
Now he only draws these scribbles.
My dears,
today is a special day.
That's why I want
each one of you
to choose an outfit
that you think is very pretty.
Who's going first?
Did you pick an outfit?
To put shoes on,
you need an outfit.
Pick an outfit.
You can't wear a dress.
Are you going
to wear panties too?
- Are you a woman?
- What?
You are a woman.
Grab my dick
and see if I'm a woman.
Grab my dick.
- Stop it, Octvio.
- Grab my dick.
- Grab my dick.
- Stop it.
Let's make a line here.
That's great.
Let's go.
- Shall we go?
- Yes.
Wait for your friends.
I took the liberty
of inviting someone else.
I saw in his eyes that
he wanted to come.
No one will miss him.
What's his name?
- Emygdio.
- Sit down, Emygdio.
It's ok, Ivone,
they are not kids.
But they are going everywhere.
That's what I want, they
never get to spread out.
Today is for going wherever you want.
Who's there?
Who's there?
I want to ask you a favor.
Can you hold this brush for me?
Thank you.
Now I will ask you
to take some paint
from here to here.
It's looking good.
Put some white over here.
Mix the white with blue.
The green looks nice.
That mountain looks great.
Doctor, I won't teach
anyone how to work.
Get her something
to do.
All right, Carlinhos.
Marta, come here, please.
Stay with Raphael.
Do you only draw dashes?
Pay attention to your
drawing, Raphael.
Draw something.
Draw a house
or a donkey.
Don't interfere, Marta.
He will draw whatever he wants
if he wants to.
What do I do?
You can talk to him
if he asks something.
Raphael is drawing
a donkey.
I think Raphael
just needed a muse.
From now on I want you
exclusively with him.
This piece is by Carlos.
Both of these.
They aren't signed.
We need to write their names,
date it and put their number.
That is very important.
- Good morning, Pedro.
- Good morning.
Prof. Carl Gustav Jung,
in the Pedro II Psychiatric
Center in Rio de Janeiro,
there is a studio
where patients
draw and paint
in complete freedom.
No suggestions are given.
No models are proposed.
With my most
respectful regards
I'm sending you some
pictures of paintings
that look like mandalas
or similar forms.
They were spontaneously
painted by the schizophrenics.
Thus, primal images
arise from their paintings
presenting an empirical and convincing
demonstration of analytical psychology.
There is no cultural influence
I can't even begin to
explain, Master,
how much your books have
helped my work as a psychiatrist
and they personally
helped me a lot as well.
With admiration,
Nise da Silveira.
The fat one will swallow
the nigger, right Lima?
The fat one will swallow
the nigger, right Lima?
You are a young doctor,
you should be more open minded.
He's here just because
he helps with the laundry.
He's here just because
he helps with the laundry.
The chronic and incurable should
be transferred to Jacarepagua hospital.
I want you to look at this
and tell me if this is the
work of someone incurable.
Fernando's work
intrigues me, Almir.
Fernando's work
intrigues me, Almir.
Look at this room he painted
with all the objects out of place,
completely chaotic.
Then he paints
an empty room
where he builds the
the structure of the house.
The walls, floor...
Little by little, he adds objects,
The walls, floor...
Little by little, he adds objects,
books, an aquarium...
And then, finally, he paints
all the objects together
And then, finally, he paints
all the objects together
in an organized structure.
I think he is finding his place.
One more of Carlos' pieces here.
Take these mandalas from
here and put all of Carlos'
on this table,
it is easier to organize.
on this table,
it is easier to organize.
Lima, grab Emygdio's
piece for me.
This is Fernando's place.
I know, but these pieces
have a lot in common.
- They are kind of impressionist.
- No, Almir.
Sorry, but you can't.
Sorry, but you can't.
If it's not by author and in
chronological order, it makes no sense.
Get ready.
Say cheese.
This is our friend, Mario Pedrosa.
This is our friend, Mario Pedrosa.
He came to see your work.
Would you like
something to drink?
Yes, please.
- Want anything? Cake?
- Cake, please.
- Want anything? Cake?
- Cake, please.
Have you seen who's here,
- Who?
- Pedrosa.
Mario Pedrosa, the critic?
Mario Pedrosa,
the greatest art critic in Brazil.
Do you know Mario Pedrosa?
Do you know Mario Pedrosa?
He is holding one of his warriors.
Is that a warrior?
This is the image of the
woman and a flower.
This is the image of the
woman and a flower.
It's extraordinary to
find such artwork
in a place like this.
It's amazing how they translate
their unconscious into art
with no technical knowledge.
Emygdio, for example,
used to be a mechanic in the Navy.
Emygdio, for example,
used to be a mechanic in the Navy.
Where is he?
Over there,
sitting on the bench.
He's been here
for more than 20 years.
You know his diagnosis?
Chronic, incurable.
Excuse me, Mario.
Doctors, I'm glad you came.
I can finally show you my work.
Do you want some cake?
- We're just passing through.
- I'll be quick, I promise.
- We're just passing through.
- I'll be quick, I promise.
When I started the activities
of the art studio, I noticed
that abstraction was constant
in the clients' production.
However, by interacting in a
welcoming and free space,
However, by interacting in a
welcoming and free space,
such as the OTS,
geometric figures
began to arise,
especially the circle,
the perfect shape.
Schizophrenia is associated with
the loss ol logical language,
Schizophrenia is associated with
the loss ol logical language,
but today I'm sure
they are communicating
in a different language.
A language we've forgotten
and that we must learn again.
A language we've forgotten
and that we must learn again.
These images, doctors,
are images of the unconscious.
I read the reports about
the progress in the sector,
but you omitted something,
but you omitted something,
when will one of
your patients be cured?
I don't know when they
will be cured,
I don't even know if they will,
but I'm sure they
are better than before.
But I'm sure they
are better than before.
Look at them.
Look at what your patient,
Lcio, is making.
He's never studied drawing,
Weren't you informed of
the progress in his behavior?
Frankly, Dr. Nise,
our job is to cure the patients,
not comfort them.
Dr. Cezar, you don't cure anyone.
You use your patients for
your sadistic experiments.
Excuse me.
Brute force is the only
advantage you have over them.
You also use this hospital
to test your theories.
You also use this hospital
to test your theories.
That's typical of communists,
to call humanism
their personal ambition.
My instrument is a brush,
yours is an ice-pick.
Yours is an ice-pick.
You need to talk to each other.
Talk to him, Aurlio.
Hey, Emygdio.
Do you remember me?
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me, Emygdio.
Look at me.
It's your brother, Aurlio.
Great idea to come here...
He's not getting better.
Yes, he is getting better.
Calm down,
let me talk to him.
Emygdio, your brother
is here, talk to him.
Emygdio, your brother
is here, talk to him.
Talk, Emygdio.
Let's go.
My mother is still coming.
I want my mother.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Do you know what this surgery,
Do you know what this surgery,
lobotomy, will do to Fernando?
lobotomy, will do to Fernando?
It will destroy a part of his brain.
Fernando will lose
the ability to feel.
Look at him in the newspaper.
The critic said he is a great
artist, Mrs. Carmen.
- He did?
- Yes.
- Can I keep this?
- Of course.
It was just jealousy,
it can happen to anyone.
Look at the beautiful
things Fernando is doing.
This looks like a house
I used to work in.
He went there with me every week.
He was 8 or 9 years old.
He loved to sit in the room
listening to Violeta play the piano.
- Who is Violeta?
- My boss' daughter.
He went nuts when
she got married.
Well, then.
That's it, Mrs. Carmen,
Fernando is trying to tell
us a story that he lived.
Give him a chance.
Here it is.
Fernando's mother withdrew
the authorization tor his lobotomy.
You know that this isn't ethical.
You shouldn't have done
it to a colleague.
Dr. Cezar is in charge
of this patient.
I don't regret it.
He doesn't care about Fernando.
I did what I thought was right.
Whatever happens
to the patient from now on
is your responsibility.
Let's sit here for a while.
Look at Lima.
Come here, Fernando.
Do you want to go?
Do you?
Let's go?
Come, Fernando.
Help me, Almir.
- This is great.
- Where are the dogs?
This is great.
What a surprise.
It's Jung!
Mario, look at this!
What's this, Nise
Jung? A letter?
Jung, Mario.
Look what he says...
He thinks I'm a man.
Jung is also sexist.
That's not a problem.
He is very impressed with
the quality of the artwork
which is rare
in schizophrenics.
He advises me to learn more about
the history of each of my patients.
He also says...
"It seems like
your patients work
surrounded by people that are
not afraid of the unconscious."
Another client arrived.
Who wants to meet him?
Calm, easy.
This one already has an owner.
I'm giving him to Lcio,
the creator of the warriors.
- He's mine.
- Clean your hands.
Don't cover him in clay.
Don't squeeze him too much.
Careful because his paw is hurt.
It's meal time.
Where are the bowls?
This isn't yours.
- Doctor, please.
- Would you like to come in?
No, I'm fine here.
Animals are not allowed
in the hospital.
You will have to fix this
before we get fined.
But they are good
for the clients.
Animals generate affection.
This has been great
tor their treatment.
They are filthy and defecate
all over the hospital.
Everybody is complaining.
Doctors, nurses, orderlies.
These animals work
as co-therapists.
Animals as co-therapists?
Frankly, you have lost
all sense of reality.
I don't know
what to tell you.
If they are suddenly
taken away from the clients
it will be a catastrophe.
Scabies, ticks, the smell...
It's out of control.
As if the hospital
didn't already stink.
These animals take
more baths
than your patients
in the infirmary.
I don't care about your opinion
and if this anarchy doesn't end,
you will be punished.
Please, keep this door shut.
What about the music, Fernando?
The open window
looking at the landscape...
Someday it opens...
but it's a lot of work.
You can see the
structure is a bit curvy.
Emygdio always starts
with these short strokes
and from them he structures
the rest of the painting.
They're "dotz".
- What? "Dotz"?
- "Dotz", the "dotz".
He came up with it
this brush movement.
We've spent years
studying an history,
methods and painters from
all over the world,
to suddenly find this here,
in a psychiatric hospital.
Emygdio, you are one of the
best painters in Brazil.
I'm not a painter,
I'm a worker.
But, while I'm inside here,
I'm going to paint.
This work isn't just
a medical investigation, Nise.
It's also artistic
and political too.
I've talked to a lot of people
about the revolution
you're having in this hospital.
We have to get
this art out of here,
people need to see this.
You are alone, at the mercy
of your reactionary colleagues.
Science will not save your work,
it's art and the public opinion.
Get down, Octvio.
Let's go, it's time to sleep.
We're finishing up here.
Close up and give
the key to Luizinho.
Let's go?
Let's go, Raphael.
Let's go?
Let's go, Raphael.
Emygdio wants to go back home.
I would like to know what
happened between both of you.
We were neighbors
and very young.
We were close,
but nothing important.
Actually, I did like him.
But he joined the Navy
and started to travel a lot.
I spent a long time
without seeing him.
It was hard.
So you married his brother?
Yes, but he got sick.
He and his brother
stopped talking
because of all this.
What about this request?
Do you think that taking
Emygdio home could work out?
I don't know.
I have to talk to my husband.
I think that...
He's painting, right?
- Isn't he better?
- No.
He is still in treatment.
Everybody dancing.
Look out, a snake!
I'm lying.
I've never seen them like this.
I wonder what our distinguished
psychiatrists are saying.
It looks like our artist is
ready to leave.
Don't worry,
we'll take care of him.
How will you support Emygdio?
With his art work, Doctor.
- Let's go to the party?
- Let's go.
Let's cheer up.
Raphael, look at me.
I have to tell you something.
Something great's happened.
I got a scholarship,
and I'm going to London.
I won't be able
to come here for a while,
but I...
I'll be back.
I promise I'll be back.
Ivone, see what's wrong
with Raphael.
What happened?
I told him, Doctor.
- I told him.
- Did you?
Now leave him alone.
- Me and Raphael...
- There is no "Me and Raphael"
It's Raphael.
There is only Raphael.
- Do you understand?
- Calm down.
I'm not angry, Almir!
Stop whining,
it's messing up the party.
ladies and gentlemen.
A round of applause for our
newest oldest artist,
Emygdio de Barros.
Tell us what will you do
when you leave.
Good evening.
I would like to
tell all my colleagues that
while I am here
I will continue painting and...
But you won't paint here,
you will paint out of here.
- Right?
- It's here...
this machine inside.
They killed them!
They killed them!
What happened?
Ivone, I need you.
Now's not the time.
Go help Fernando.
Almir, go get help.
Call the manager.
Help Lucio.
Why give them and
then take away?
Stop it, Lucio.
Why give them and
then take away?
Why give them?
Lucio, stop.
Dr. Cezar, where is Lucio?
Please, don't do anything to him.
You've seen the beautiful
things he's been making.
He is expressing himself
and showing affection.
He almost killed a nurse.
He was brought to that.
He couldn't take the loss
and freaked out.
Please, our treatment
can't be interrupted.
Lucio is my problem.
Don't worry about it.
Everything is under control.
Just a minute, Mario.
Forgive me, Marta.
I don't want to hurt
those I love,
but when I realize it,
it's done.
Go, study and come back soon.
We have a lot more to do here.
Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me.
Excuse me, please.
I would now like
to say a few words.
One of the most powerful functions of art
is the exposure of the unconscious.
Which is just as mysterious
in the normal
as in the so-called abnormal.
The images of the unconscious
are only a symbolic language
that psychiatry must decipher.
But nothing prevents
these paintings from being
alive or beautiful,
such as true works of an.
This is an opportunity to see
what conventional psychiatry
is attempting to stifle.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I now present you the work of
great new Brazilian artists
Raphael Domingues,
Lucio Noeman,
Carlos Pertuis,
Adelina Gomes,
Emygdio de Barros,
Fernando Diniz,
Octvio Incio.
I would also like
to introduce you
the person responsible for all of this.
Dr. Nise da Silveira.
I think like Antonin Artaud.
There are 10 thousand ways
to do something with your life...
and belong to your own time.
You want me to
repeat the sentence?
There are 10 thousand ways
to belong to life
and to fight for your own time.
We intend to recuperate
men who are considered garbage.
Towards a socially useful life.
And maybe even richer than
the lives they were leading before.
Enough, you're killing me.
The curtains have come down.
Tetrazzini has already sung
the highest note.
Tetrazzini was an old sing...
Are you recording this, you nutcase?
You are?