Nitram (2021) Movie Script

WOMAN: OK Scott,
what happened to you?
How'd you burn yourself?
SCOTT: Um... I was
playing with some fire and...
I had petrol
'cause it was a rainy day
and, uh, the fire was...
the petrol was
too close to the fire
and... the petrol
caught on fire,
then I panicked.
Then the petrol can
slipped over
and it went a big line of fire
on the thing
and I jumped in it
and it burnt my legs.
And then I just ran down
to the hose
and I turned it on
and I put it full speed
and I just put the fire out.
Then I just ran next door.
WOMAN: How's
your treatment been?
You've had skin grafts,
haven't you?
- SCOTT: Yes, three.
- And has that been OK?
Yes, quite well.
It used to be very itchy
but it's OK now.
WOMAN: Will you be
playing with fire again?
SCOTT: No way.
what happened to you?
How'd you burn yourself?
I was going up to my bedroom
I wanted to see -
I had this light
and I had this coloured
sky rocket
and I wanted to see
if the wick went quick
so I lit it.
And it went fast
and I tried to make it go out
but I couldn't, and...
I... tried...
I broke the stick
trying to get it out
but I couldn't and it
made holes in my jeans.
WOMAN: You'll be in here for
a while longer, won't you?
Yeah, about a week.
WOMAN: Do you think you'll
play with firecrackers anymore?
WOMAN: Don't you think you've
learned a lesson from this?
Yes, but I'm still
playing with it.
MAN: Nitram, shut the fuck up!
Dinner's ready.
MAN: How many fucking times do
I have to tell you, mate?
Don't! No! No!
Don't you fucking do that!
I want you to
take them off him.
It's not doing any harm.
You give those fireworks
to your father.
No wonder the neighbours
hate us.
Since when do you care
what the neighbours think?
Anyway, won't have to worry
about that for much longer.
Have you
talked to the bank again?
They've agreed to the loan.
Does that mean we've bought it?
No, it means we can buy it.
Just have to, um...
get the paperwork sorted out.
- How long will that take?
- Oh, not long.
A few odds and ends.
Didn't I tell you to put those
trousers in the wash?
They're filthy.
Leave it be.
I'm sorry, we're not eating
until he's put them
in the wash.
Go on.
Take them off,
pop them in the wash.
Well come on, we can start.
No, I'll wait.
It's not enough.
It's money for nothing.
What do you expect?
It's your usual amount.
What's it not enough for?
Why do you want that?
You've never surfed
in your life.
- You don't even swim anymore.
- I want it.
- I scuba dive too.
- No, you don't.
- Not anymore.
- Yeah I do.
All that equipment's just
bloody rotting in the shed.
That's to keep it safe.
I'm not wasting any more money
on another one of
your bloody things.
I'm your mother, I love you,
but surfing's not for you.
What's your name?
It's Riley.
- It's a pretty name.
- Thanks.
MAN: Who's your friend?
WOMAN: No idea.
Hey Jamie.
You surf here a lot?
I'm starting
a lawnmower business.
Would you like your lawn cut?
Oh, no, thank you. No, thanks.
- Why not?
- My Dad did it.
- My husband does that for us.
- How much does he charge?
Yeah, it's my husband,
so it's free.
- Oh.
- It's his house.
I could wait till he comes?
You could, or you could...
There's a few houses
down that way as well,
so if you wanted to go
and have another knock...
- Yeah, but yours needs it too.
- Thank you. Have a great day.
Can you please remove
your foot? Thank you. Sorry.
- Have a good day.
- Thank you.
- Hey! Go Nitram!
Come on, Nitram!
- That's it, Nitty!
Oh, my God!
TEACHER: Nitram!
Get away from there!
Boys, no! Boys! Boys!
Get away!
- Get away from it!
- Hey, that's mine!
No! Hey!
- In! Get inside.
- What's wrong?
- Hell are you doing?
- What do you mean?
You can't just be letting off
fireworks outside a school, Nitram!
It's not appropriate!
Hey, stop it!
- Look, your Dad's here.
- Stop it!
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
We used to
go to school together.
I know. Get in the car.
Get in the car.
I'm really fucking sorry.
Mate, he just needs
something else to do, alright?
He can't just be hanging
around schools like this.
No I know, I know. I promise it
won't happen again.
- OK?
- OK.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Come on!
Stop it! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
- Stop!
- Stop!
I told you, just stop!
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
- What's wrong with him?
- What's...
- He hates me.
- He doesn't hate you.
He just cannot have
his students playing with
fireworks at lunchtime.
Stop it!
Mum told me to do something.
Yeah, not this.
- Did you tell her?
- No of course not.
I'd be in trouble if I told her
that I gave them back to you.
- They're my friends, though.
- I know.
- I know they're your friends.
- They're my friends.
- I know they're your friends.
- They like me.
But you have to promise me.
I can't keep my eye on you
all the time.
I tell you what.
We'll go for a nice drive,
That's what we need to do.
We need to go for a nice quiet drive.
Alright? OK.
Beautiful, eh?
Be good tourist trade
from the mainland.
Good money.
You're gonna help me run it,
Yeah, good.
Can we have animals?
- What kind?
- Farm animals.
- No, cows.
- We could use the eggs.
Cows? What do you know
about cows?
- What do you know about cows?
- Nothing.
You silly boy.
I'm a silly boy?
You know, if one day you settle
down or something,
you could have kids.
Good place to bring them up.
You know, this place
will be yours one day.
I really want this one, mate.
Thanks for coming in today.
I know it can be hard
for you guys to make it in.
Look, I was wondering
how you were going?
How he's going?
You're taking your medications?
Antidepressant, once a day?
- Are they calming?
- He's run out.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, they do.
They calm him.
- Yeah?
- It makes life easier.
Makes like easier for him
or for you?
So I wondered if
he was at a point
where we could
stop the tablets.
He needs his tablets.
A way to help
not just with the medication,
might be to see someone,
to talk about things.
Sorry, are you talking to me
or Mum?
- You.
- You, silly.
You getting any side effects
from the tablets?
Are you feeling normal on them?
Um... Look, we need
a new letter from you
because otherwise Centrelink
will stop his pension payments.
That's alright.
Look, first of all I'll do
the script for the medication.
You know the Tricyclic - that
you've got to take it every day
and that'll keep
your mood good and stable.
- Thank you.
And you, Carleen, how are
you coping with all of this?
Are you going alright?
I'm fine.
Remember, you can
come and see me as well
to talk about things.
No, I'm good.
I'm starting
a lawnmower business.
Would you like your lawn cut?
I don't know.
Is that your cat?
This is Gilbert.
Hello, Gilbert. May I?
- Hello, Gilbert.
It is a bit unruly, isn't it?
How long will you take?
I'll be real quick.
There's a lot.
There's more out the back.
That's OK. I'm a hard worker.
Come in.
Do you cut
a lot of people's lawns?
Yeah, loads.
I'm really good at it.
Would you like me to
close the door?
Yes, please.
Good girl. Good girl.
OK. Come on.
It's not working.
It's not working.
- I'm sorry.
- Never mind.
Do you walk dogs?
Ah, yeah. Yeah, I do.
Maybe you could
come back tomorrow
and walk my babies for me.
I'm Helen.
My hands are dirty.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
I'm really sorry.
Doesn't matter.
Come on, babies!
Lyric, Amby, come!
Come on!
Come on, Betty.
Lunchtime! Come on, come on!
Come on.
Inside. Good girl.
Do you play?
Not even Chopsticks?
Everyone can play Chopsticks.
All you need is two fingers.
Come sit.
And you make them
look like Chopsticks.
Hmm? And you get them here.
Then this one moves to the E.
Then to the D.
And a little skip down, C.
Back to the middle.
You did it.
Now you can tell people
you can play the piano.
You look like a movie star.
I was on telly once.
When I was little, I burnt my
hands playing with fireworks.
The TV lady came.
Asked me loads of questions.
- You're famous.
- Nah, not anymore.
Do you want to come shopping?
These were my father's.
How do I look?
Very nice.
You look like a businessman.
My father used to take me
driving in his convertible
when I was little.
I used to desperately
want to be a racing car driver.
- Do you like this?
- Yep.
Here she is.
Good old Helen.
Helen, you're back.
Good to see you.
How are you?
- It's beautiful.
- Beautiful, isn't she?
C Class.
Driver, passenger airbag.
Want to take it for a spin?
- How's it feeling, Helen?
- It's lovely.
- Driving nicely?
- Beautiful.
Are you comfortable?
That'd be the power steering.
- This the sunroof?
- Yes, absolutely.
- Button's just there.
- Yeah, I know.
This one?
- This the lights?
- Yeah, just there.
Look at that, Helen.
- Safe as houses, Helen.
- Yeah, safe as houses.
Driver, passenger airbags.
- How's the steering?
Hey! Hey! Stop it, mate!
Don't be stupid.
Don't call me stupid, mate.
You have to try before you buy,
- Hey! Stop it!
- Keep your hands to yourself.
Listen to her.
Hey, stop it now!
Helen, pull over!
- He's just excited.
- Pull over now!
- Just excited.
- Stop it! Pull over!
- I'm pulling over.
- That's it!
Pull over! Fuck's sake.
Sorry, he's...
- What's wrong?
- You shouldn't do that.
That's it. We're done.
Out. Out now!
Get out! Out! That's enough!
We're done. We are done!
- Let him...
- Get out!
Thank you.
Having fucking fun? Havin fun?
Next time she's here,
you make sure you're not,
you fucking little retard.
You fuck with
one of my cars again,
I will fuck with you.
You got it?
You got it?
All good?
Thanks for coming back. Enjoy.
Can't wait, huh?
Good luck.
Great to see you again, Helen.
See you soon.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got you a present.
The Volvo's yours.
Thank you.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
Are you rich?
Yeah, I suppose I am.
How come?
You've heard of TattsLotto?
I own it.
(SINGS) On a tree by a river
A little tom tit...
- A little tom tit?
- Mm-hmm.
Sang willow, tit willow
Tit willow
Tit willow, tit willow...
And I said to him, dicky bird
Why do you sit?
Tit willow?
Singing willow, tit willow
Tit willow
Is it weakness of intellect
Birdie, I cried
Or a rather tough worm
In your little inside
With a shake
of his poor little head
He replied...
BOTH: Tit willow, tit willow
Tit willow.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, mate.
- Hey, Mum.
- Hi, love.
When did you last
wash that hair?
- It's too long.
- I'm growing it long.
Wish I had long hair.
I'll make an appointment
for you tomorrow.
- I'm not cutting my hair.
- Oh, you will.
- Yeah, you'll cut it.
- No, I won't.
Yes, you are.
I don't want to live here
It's just too bad
you got nowhere else to go.
Helen says I can live with her.
- Who?
- Who's Helen, mate?
She's a singer, and an actress.
And she has a house with heaps
of spare rooms, so it's OK.
You know
what he's talking about?
Are you sleeping
with this woman?
She's my friend.
- What's that?
- That's my new car.
Did she give you that?
Helen gives me whatever I want.
- Oh does she?
- Yes she does.
You alright?
(WHISPERS) Love. Hey.
You're alright.
Away you go then, go on.
Go on,
off to your fancy friend.
I hate living here.
Well I'll be glad to see... see...
to see the back of you.
Why do you always
have to push it?
- You push it to the edge.
- Oh, shut up.
You always push it.
I'll see if I can get him.
He'll be back.
No-one can live with that boy
but us.
- (HELEN SINGS) ..dickie bird
Why do you sit?
Sing willow, tit willow
Tit willow
Is it weakness of intellect
Birdie, I cried
Or a rather tough worm
In your little inside
With a shake of his
poor little head
He replied.
I want to live here now.
Come on, babies!
- HELEN: Dinner!
I brought you some sheets.
This was my room.
Hop down.
She likes you.
I'll let you two
get to know each other.
- You scared us.
What are you doing?
We're just watching a movie.
Is something wrong?
Just wanted to say goodnight.
You got a headache?
Why are you taking pills?
Mum says they help.
With what? Are you sick?
No, I just get sad sometimes.
'Night, Helen.
Oh, yes. That one.
I picked these for you.
Thank you. Oh, how lovely.
This is Helen. Helen, Mum.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
A bit wet.
Yeah, it's cause they're fresh.
I've heard a lot about you.
This is for you, love.
I like the colours.
You look like a superhero.
HELEN: I got you something too.
It's our star sign.
You know our birthdays
are only nine days apart.
- No, I didn't.
- I'm a bull, Mum.
(WHISPERS) Do you want me to
bring the cake out?
Maybe, maybe after.
- Alright.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
OK. No worries.
MUM: Happy birthday.
I got him something else, too.
More gold?
Something sweet
I know he'll like.
Goodness, you know a lot
about my son.
When you live
with someone, you...
What exactly is going on here?
Sorry, I don't know
what you mean.
He mows your lawn,
you buy him a car.
He mows it again,
he moves in with you.
What's next, marriage?
He needed a car.
He doesn't have a licence.
I didn't know that.
Yes, well I guess
you don't know everything.
Don't you have
your own children?
What about a husband?
So which is he?
A husband or a son?
Dear, we came here to
get to know our son's friend.
And I'm trying to do that.
Which is it?
I got him collared. Look!
Agh, agh, agh!
Do you have a problem with me?
I've got a question.
Why him?
What do you like about my son?
He's considerate.
And helpful.
He's a special man...
..and a dear friend.
When he was a little boy,
we used to play a game
at the fabric shop in town.
He'd go off and hide in all
the big, tall rolls of fabric.
And then I'd try and find him.
He was about five.
He loved it. I loved it.
We used to play a lot of games.
That sounds beautiful.
But then this one day...
..I went to find him.
and he wasn't there.
I looked everywhere.
Not in the silks,
not in the cottons.
I just couldn't find him.
Ran into all the shops.
Strangers were
stopping to help me.
I looked for him
for over an hour.
Tears streaming down my face.
I was hysterical.
Well, you know...
I mean, that's the worst thing,
isn't it?
A mother losing her child.
What did you do?
I gave up
and went back to the car.
I was going to drive
to the police station.
But then...
..I heard someone laughing.
I looked around...
..and there he was...
..lying on the floor
of the backseat...
..looking up at me, laughing.
Laughing at my pain.
Laughing like it was the
funniest thing in the world.
Watch out for your hair, mate.
You did promise me
you were going to help run it.
- (WOMAN) Hi, Maurice.
- Hi.
How are you going?
Um, I tried to call,
about Seascape.
Yeah, no, I've got everything.
Sorry it took so long.
There's been a change of plans.
What do you mean?
The B&B sold. Another couple
bid on the property.
Theirs was larger than yours. I wanted
to save you the trouble of coming down.
Why wouldn't I come here?
The vendor
took the bigger offer,
so the B&B sold,
just not to you.
You told me
that the place was mine.
Mmm. For a while, it was. But while we
were waiting for you to organise financing,
a new offer came in.
- Can I match it?
- No.
The paperwork's
already gone through.
Well, I promise to keep
my eye out for something else.
Well, take care
and I'll call you later.
Yeah. Thanks.
Come on, mate.
Let's go find another one.
- What's that?
- What?
In your hand.
It's my air rifle.
Where'd it come from?
My Dad got me it
when I was a kid.
Get rid of it.
I don't want it here.
Can you buy me a real gun?
I beg your pardon?
This one's boring.
No. I don't like them.
But I want it
and you have the money.
That doesn't matter.
It's my money.
Then I'll use
my own money then,
after I've mowed the lawns.
Not for buying a gun,
you won't.
I won't pay you, if that's what
you're going to spend it on.
I don't want guns in my house.
But it's for our protection.
I've lived fifty years
without any protection.
I don't need any now.
Helen, it's me.
Sorry, Helen.
You don't have to
give me a gun anymore.
We can go to Hollywood, where
they make our favourite movies.
You really want
to go to America?
I want us both to go.
Like a family.
Like a real family.
We can go to the travel agent
in the morning.
- Stop! You're scratching me!
(SINGS) Eyes are fully open
to my awful situation
I shall go at once to Roderic
and make him an oration
I shall tell him I've recovered
My forgotten moral senses
And I don't care twopence-ha'penny
For any consequences
So I do not want to perish
by the sword or by the dagger
But a martyr may indulge
a little pardonable swagger
And a...
Flattery, my... mmm...
But I've got to die tomorrow,
so it really doesn't matter!
So it really doesn't matter!
So it really doesn't matter
So it really doesn't matter
So it really doesn't matter
So it really doesn't matter,
matter, matter, matter, matter
Can we go first class?
You should treat yourself,
Helen. You deserve it.
We'll go to New York.
Mum and Dad have always wanted
to go to New York.
I think it will be too much to
go to New York in one week.
- Yeah?
- But we can go another time.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, stop it!
Behave yourself.
- Whoo!
(WHISPERS) Oh, love.
Where's Helen?
There was an accident, darling.
What happened?
Well, she died, love.
The, uh... police want to have
a chat with you, son.
Tell them to leave him alone.
They want to know
what happened.
Well, were you speeding?
I don't know what happened.
No? So...
I was asleep.
You were asleep?
Tell them I was asleep.
Well, I'll talk to them.
You just relax, alright?
Calm down.
It's alright.
Calm down. It's OK.
Shh, calm down.
Just calm down.
Come on. Just calm down.
Calm down, mate.
Calm down, mate!
Come on, just calm down, mate.
Calm down.
It's alright, mate. Calm down.
- Just calm down, mate!
- NURSE: Doctor James!
- There's a good boy.
- It's alright.
Eyes are fully open
to my awful situation
I shall go at once to Roderic
and make him an oration
I shall tell him
I've recovered
My forgotten moral senses
And I don't care
For any consequences
No, I do not want to perish
by the sword or by the dagger
But a martyr may indulge
a little pardonable swagger
And a word or two
of compliment
My vanity would flatter
But I've got to die tomorrow,
so it really doesn't matter!
So it really
doesn't matter...
Thanks, man. Two Swannies.
Ten bucks.
- Ten?
- Ten.
No, I got it.
Shit, thanks mate.
Not a problem.
What happened to your face,
- I hurt it.
- Did ya?
Yeah. Surfing.
I'm Jamie. Cheers.
I know.
You know I'm Jamie?
- From the necker?
- Yeah.
Fuck, I guess your face
looked different, eh.
Not that much.
Do you want a smoke?
- Well come on.
- OK.
Hey, Nitram! Your change, mate.
NITRAM: It's all the bubbles.
You can do the rest.
I think you... It's all gone.
I think you used it.
I got a little bit.
Don't call me that.
Why not?
People at school
used to call me it
and I don't like it,
that's all.
So why'd they call you that?
Do you have nits?
- It's what it sounds like.
- You do, don't ya?
You know, maybe me and you
should surf sometime.
OK, I'd like that.
You and me.
Fuck, man.
Look at her.
Do you have a lady?
Then you should go talk to her.
You should. You should.
What would I say?
Well, you tell her
she looks hot.
You ever done that
to a girl before?
Go on, man.
She's hot.
Go on.
- Nitram.
- Don't do that.
It's not funny.
(WHISPERS) Too slow.
(INDISTINCTLY) You're hot.
How are you?
Have you been taking
your medication?
Why are you here?
Your father wants to see you.
He's... Um...
He's not very well.
What's wrong with him?
Why don't you
go and put your shoes on?
How are you even still here?
I mean...
Didn't she have any family?
Surely they
want their house back.
It's mine. She gave it to me.
Helen gave me everything.
Your son's here.
You should know Helen left him
half a million dollars
and everything she owned.
I'll make us some tea.
Mum says you're sick. Says you
won't leave the house anymore.
Is that true?
I'm still...
I'm still looking
for properties.
I can buy you
whatever you want, Dad.
I can buy you
whatever you want.
- Do you want a car?
- Mm-hmm.
We could go for a drive.
(WHISPERS) You're scaring me.
- Come on.
- Get off!
- Put your pants on.
- Come on, put your pants on.
- What are you doing?
Put your pants on.
- Put your pants on.
- Son! Off!
Put your pants on, Dad.
- No, no! Stop!
- Come on, it's OK.
Put your fuckin' pants on!
Put your pants on.
It's OK, it's OK.
It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.
- Son...
- It's OK.
- Fuck off.
- It's OK, it's OK.
Get the fuck up.
I'll get up! I'll get up!
I'll get up!
- Get up, Dad.
- I'll get up!
I'll get up.
I promise. I promise.
I'll get up.
- Get off me.
- You'll get up?
- Get off me!
- Get up?
Look at me. You look at me.
- Look at me.
- It's alright.
- I promise to get up.
- It's alright.
I promise to get up.
I'll get up.
I'll get up.
Good job.
I'm gonna get my glass...
I'll come. I'll come.
Here you are.
I'll come with you.
- OK.
- It's OK.
That's what
you're s'posed to do.
That's what you do.
- Yes?
- Yeah.
- This is for you.
- What's for me?
I'm a businessman.
This is for you.
Yeah? OK,
but what is this for us?
What do you need?
What do you want?
It's not all of it.
All of what?
But it's most of it and I'll
pay you the rest, I promise.
Look. See?
It's money?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, but for what?
It is for you.
- No, no, no, stop.
- What's going on?
What I just saved
for the place.
The place? No, no, no.
Our place. We live here.
This is not for sale.
We live here.
Yeah, we saw it.
We saw it first, though.
WOMAN: What do you mean,
you saw it first?
We saw it first.
We were supposed to buy it
and you guys came in
with a bigger offer.
But we live here.
This is our property.
- This is our home.
- We own it. It's ours.
- Just take the money.
- It's our home.
- Take the fucking money.
- BOTH: No.
- Don't get like that.
- I'm not.
We don't want to sell the
- Take the fucking money.
- I don't want you here.
OK, I want you
off the property now.
Just take the money!
We're gonna ring the police...
Just take my fucking money!
- Leave!
- Just take the fucking money!
No! No!
- Get out of it!
- Piss off!
I'll call the police!
Do you mind if I sit?
I was chatting to
your Mum before.
She said she thought
Dad had seemed a little bit
out of sorts recently.
Had you noticed him
acting differently at all?
Bit quiet, that's all.
MAN: Three, two, one.
Were you close with your Dad?
You might want to go
and have a chat to your Mum
and I'll come and ask you a few
more questions a bit later.
It'll be nice.
Here's my son.
Excuse me.
Sorry I'm late.
What are you doing?
Get that off.
Oi, stop it!
Who comes to his father's
funeral dressed like a clown?
I'm not dressed like a clown.
I'm dressed nice.
You are not going to
embarrass me today.
Look, it's got wolves on it.
And a forest.
This is funny to you?
You're not going to ruin today.
I need to say goodbye to Dad,
Excuse me?
Good afternoon! How are you?
Please have a seat.
How can I help you?
- I'd like to go away.
- You'd like to go away? Sure.
would you like to go?
What state or country
were you looking at...
Helen and I were going to go to
Los Angeles.
You'd like to go
to Los Angeles?
- To America.
- To America?
Yep, absolutely. And when
were you thinking of going?
- Now?
- Yeah.
- As in today?
- Yeah.
Yep, sure.
OK, let me have a look
and I'll see
what I can find for you.
- OK.
- First class.
- Oh, first class?
- Yeah, first class.
OK, let's just
have a look here.
I've got a really good
seven-night package here
including hire car, hotel.
This enough?
Oh, yes, that's plenty thank
you very much.
Full buffet breakfast.
Would you like me
to book that one for you?
I'm a businessman.
You're a businessman.
Do you travel a lot?
Yeah. We were
going to go first class.
Oh, you're going with somebody?
Or you're just going
on your own?
- You said 'we'.
- Would you like to come?
Would I like to come with you?
Yeah, you can come with me.
I could buy you a ticket.
Oh, no, sorry,
I'm way too busy.
That's OK. I understand.
I'm sure you could take a
friend with you, or a partner.
So is it just for one person?
Yep OK, no problem.
We'll book that in for you.
I got you this.
I know you and Dad always
wanted to go.
I miss him.
Why didn't you cry?
When the police found him,
you didn't cry.
How come?
Just because I don't cry
doesn't mean I'm not hurting.
What about you?
Why didn't you cry?
Do you even... miss him?
He really loved you.
Not enough to stick around,
He was so unwell.
Everyone else feels shitty
all the time.
Walks around
feeling fucking sad.
Why couldn't he?
I don't know.
If anyone should have walked
into that dam, it was me.
I'm the one no-one listens to.
I'm the retard.
Oh, don't say that.
You and Dad would always argue
about it, wouldn't you?
No we didn't.
Slow means the same thing, Mum.
You're no different than all them
kids who called me Nitram at school.
Well, that's not true.
I'm your mother.
Yes, I gave birth to you.
And sometimes I watch myself...
..but I don't know who...
..who it is that
I'm looking at.
..I can't get to him.
If I could...
If I could just change him
so that he was like everyone
else, but I don't know how.
So instead I'm...
I'm here, stuck here,
like this.
Eating this shit,
talking to you,
all because I'm
not a coward like him.
I don't understand
what you're...
talking about.
It doesn't matter, Mum.
Neither do I.
MAN: So, uh, what can I
help you with today?
You after pistols? Shotguns?
See that one
just up from the bottom,
in the middle there?
The one in the middle?
The black one?
That's the AR-15.
That's a semi-auto.
That's basically
the civilian model
to the M-16 that
they used in Vietnam.
So you've got the sliding...
..butt, so you can
move it up and down.
Nice and light.
Straight into the shoulder.
Beautiful weapon.
Takes .223 rounds.
Thirty-round mags.
- Do you want to have a look?
- Yeah, can I?
Yeah, of course you can.
Just watch where you're
pointing it. We'll just...
OK, make sure she's clear.
And without getting your fingers
in the way, you press that button.
- Bang, she goes. Alright?
There you go.
Now just before, just before,
Safety's out.
Alright? So just make sure you
get it right into your shoulder.
Right in here. Yeah.
Get your... One foot forward.
Lean into it.
Hang on, hang on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm just mucking around.
(CHUCKLES) Just...
- Alright, lean into it.
- Yeah.
Push forward.
Just breathe in.
And as you get to
the top of your breath,
just squeeze the trigger.
So, what do you think?
All good to go?
What do I think about what?
What do you think about
the gun?
- I like it, I told you.
- You like it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah?
Are you interested
in buying it?
- Yeah.
- You are? OK, beautiful.
You ever shot anything like
this before?
- Yeah, once or twice.
- What did you use?
I used, um... a rifle.
- Was it a .22?
- Yeah, it was a .22.
OK. You've got to understand these things
have got a bit more kick than a .22.
- And was the .22 semi-auto?
- No.
So you know the difference
between a semi-auto and auto?
Yeah... An auto you just
pull the trigger,
and you'll just empty the mag.
OK, with these you've got to
click, click, click, OK?
- Yeah.
- Each shot.
The whole lot together,
five grand
and I'll give you
eighty rounds of ammo as well.
The price OK?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
What have we got here?
That enough?
Oh, yeah, OK.
Yep, that's fine. No dramas.
Is there anything else
you're after?
- Shotgun.
- Shotgun?
Yeah, OK. Well I think we've
just got some new shipment in.
So we'll go out and see Larry
out the back.
Do you want to go out and have
a look at those?
- Yeah.
- Yep, alright. No dramas.
This is the
Daewoo 12-gauge shotgun.
Ten-round mag.
Just the dust cover there.
Just up to the shoulder.
- Bang.
Have a go of that.
Be aware it's a lot heavier
than the AR-15.
It's cool looking, though.
It is, isn't it?
Nice and modern.
So same as before.
Be careful there.
You've got to hold it and you've
got to really control this one
because she's gonna kick.
She'll kick like a mule.
So lift it up. Keep it up high.
Make sure you're
looking through.
And same as before
with your breathing.
Same, just gently
squeeze the trigger.
That's it. Perfect.
- What do you think?
- I like it. It's good.
- You like it?
- It's heavy.
OK, so what I can do
with this one,
it comes with a strap,
I'll throw in a bag.
You're looking at three grand
for that. Five grand for that.
- OK.
- Right?
So a total of eight thousand.
- OK.
- Yep, OK.
So have you got your
gun licence?
You don't have one at all?
- I don't have one.
- You don't have one?
No licence.
- Ah, OK.
- I've got this.
Yeah, I know
you've got the money.
That's fine.
That's not a problem.
- No look it's...
- If you need more...
No, no, you're not
registering the rifles?
You're not registering
these rifles, are you?
- No.
- No.
- OK, so that's fine.
- We don't need to register it.
No, no. You know,
if you'd wanted a handgun
you know, there's no way I
could have sold you a handgun,
alright? So...
Larry, can you do me a favour,
Can you just get me
a couple of boxes of, um...
- .12 gauge?
- .12 gauge for that.
- No worries.
- Get a spare mag.
- Yep.
- Four rounds .223 for that.
- .223s, yeah, four of those.
- Yep.
Yeah, no worries.
Four and two.
And just a nice bag for each,
I think.
- Two mags.
- Two mags, yeah, yeah.
- Two mags for each.
- Yeah, and a bag.
Yeah, two mags,
including that one.
- OK.
- So just an extra, alright?
Yeah, cool.
- That's it, easy.
- Alright.
- Too easy, mate.
- OK, good.
- Alright.
- Pleasure.
Thanks for your business.
He can do that and we'll
go do the money.
No worries.
Hey, Jamie.
What's going on?
Come here.
This is for you.
It's for you. Come on.
It didn't cost me much.
Take one.
Whose is all that?
It's yours. I got it for you.
Take one.
Just take one.
What's wrong?
Hi, Helen. Hi, Helen.
Hi, Helen.
Hi Helen, I'm home.
I'm home.
Hi Helen, I'm home.
I'm home, Helen.
I'm home. I'm home, Helen.
Hi, Helen. Hi Helen.
(DEEPER) Hi Helen.
your smile. I like your smile.
I like your smile.
I like your smile.
And a youth club he ran was
closed down 10 years ago
amidst allegations he
interfered with young boys.
REPORTER: What had happened
was beyond this community's
Scotland's Chief Constable
gave an early assessment
of the enormity of the loss.
MAN: A terrible set
of circumstances
occurred at Dunblane
Primary School this morning.
There was 13 children dead,
and two adults and a number
of children in hospital.
REPORTER: And while Britain
mourned the deaths
of the innocent
it also struggled to find
someone or something to blame
for what had happened.
The man who ran amok
in the school gymnasium
was well known
to police and locals.
A misfit, a loner,
an oddball, a weirdo -
just some of the descriptions
now emerging.
He was mistrusted
for his obsession with
young boys and with guns.
Evil visited us yesterday
and we don't know why.
We don't understand it.
And I guess we never will.
just wept on the streets,
and there was fear,
with mothers and fathers
Some ran towards
the town's primary school
in terror of
what they might find.
REPORTER: Others hurried away,
clutching their children,
glad they were alive.
NITRAM: What's this one?
That's the...
- MAN: AR-10.
- AR-10?
That's a little heavier.
Yeah, that's a bit heavier.
A bit longer.
Different style.
Different weapon
made by different people.
Like Ford versus Holden,
you know? It's a preference.
But the same twenty-shot,
It's good too, though.
It feels good.
Yeah, nine hundred
for the AR-10,
or fifteen hundred for both.
That's with the three mags and
I've got some boxes of ammo.
I'll chuck in
some ammo for you.
It's a good deal.
- Fifteen hundred?
- Yeah.
That's one hundred.
Three hundred.
It's good.
Well done.
I bought pies.
What are you doing tomorrow?
It's the weekend.
You should do something.
Why don't you go dancing?
You used to love dancing
when you were a kid.
Might meet a girl.
Or maybe you...
I don't know, maybe
you've got a girl already.
I have.
Oh, what's her name?
- Riley?
- Mm.
That's a nice name.
How did you meet her?
At the beach.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well I'm glad you got that
surfboard, then.
You could have asked her
over for dinner tonight.
Look at what you've done.
It's really amazing.
You've even cleaned
the windows.
Goodnight, love.
Come on. Come on.
There we go. Come on.
Get down. Come on, let's go.
Come on.
- What can I get for this?
Uh... fruit cup and a juice.
That OK?
There you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
REPORTER: With 25 people
confirmed dead
it's believed to be
the worst mass-shooting
in Australian history.
The nightmare unfolded around
half past two this afternoon.
A lone gunman, armed
with a high-powered rifle,
entered the Port Arthur
historic site
and began firing... (FADES)