Nitro Rush (2016) Movie Script

You have a visitor.
You always come weekends.
Yeah, but it's a special day.
Happy birthday!
Remember? As a kid it
was your favorite book.
Maybe you'd like to reread it.
Thanks, Dad. Nice of you.
It was...
last month, his 17th birthday party.
He looks good. Happy.
Darn! I forgot to get
him to write something.
Let's not go there again.
- Stop.
Theo hasn't forgotten you.
- I know he hasn't.
He hasn't forgiven me.
It's all good, Dad. Look,
he knows where to find me.
Bye, Dad.
Max, about your son...
- Shut the door, please.
I have a message from the Lawyer.
All of you, down!
Code white, rear yard.
You're his new bitch?
Drop the knife, Max.
Drop the knife!
OK, Alt-J 8.
Yes! We're in.
Am I interrupting?
They nailed it.
Nice work, but we're done
skimming PINs, right?
We watch the Chemists 24/7.
That's what we're doing. Look.
Is that live?
- Reality TV.
The cops are here.
I can't be arrested. Them neither.
They stay here.
- To be booked?
They're minors.
Sure, no sweat. We'll stay.
Hulk, you go with Daphne.
Guardian angel, man.
OK, perfect.
I'll talk to the cops, buy time.
Get to work. Erase everything, OK?
I don't like this.
This isn't the time, Charly. Help me.
The notorious criminal, the Lawyer,
was arrested by federal
and provincial agents
in an operation targeting an internet
and credit card fraud ring.
The search turned up
illicit computer software
and hundreds of counterfeit credit cards.
Among the suspects are two young hackers
now facing multiple charges.
Theo! Hold on a sec.
We have to talk. Sit down.
What's going on, Theo?
I didn't do it.
I'm not a complete imbecile.
What's the problem?
There are millions of web pirates.
You stole parts for your old cars.
Glad your dad doesn't know.
My dad?
Who's that?
No, Theo...
At least I'm no killer.
No way he can lecture me.
I'm going to bed.
- No, Theo.
Sit down.
The warden wants to see you.
Hello, Max.
I had a date with the warden.
Who're you?
You don't waste time.
Recognize him?
He sold you a heart for your wife.
It ended badly.
What of it?
He was arrested yesterday.
After he got out of organ trafficking,
he moved on to internet fraud.
that's a distraction.
is his prime business.
Nitro Rush.
A designer drug
with a hit like coke,
only better.
More intense.
Coupled with a feeling of
All it takes is one drop.
Just one.
The perfect drug.
Strips away all inhibition.
A drug that gives you wings.
Dangerous illusion!
This is just a prototype.
Circulates clandestinely for now,
but already we've had
several deaths.
Why are you telling me this?
Who are you?
Your pal the Lawyer...
We suspect he's involved in producing
and distributing this drug.
Your intelligence branch sucks.
The Lawyer's far from being a friend.
You're absolutely right.
Our intelligence has its limits.
Which is why we need your help.
The Lawyer is in protective custody
right here.
We need to get him to talk.
But he'd have to stay a little longer.
Now, if he were in a fight, say...
It'd take the right man to provoke him.
You gotta be joking.
We're not big on joking.
I'm not interested.
Do you recognize him?
Didn't know your son's in his gang?
He's suspected of
counterfeiting bank cards,
phishing, identity theft...
Shall I continue?
No way. Your story's bullshit.
Theo's been released on bail.
Do you want to call your dad?
He can confirm everything.
You see, Max,
now you have an excellent
reason to help us.
Think of your son.
Think of Theo, Max.
He needs you.
Alert everybody. The shit's gonna fly.
Lock fatso in his cell.
The rest of you, not a peep.
Everybody on standby.
'Cause when it blows, it's gonna blow.
You bastard!
So you're preying on minors, you scumbag!
What's your problem, Max?
You don't like your kid rolling in cash?
You'd rather he was
a fucking loser like you?
You will never
touch my son again!
OK, I'm going in.
OK, Max. Enough.
- Fuck you!
Calm down!
Easy now!
OK, cut some slack!
Don't you move. Do what I say!
- You, back off!
Back off!
- It's OK!
Back off!
Shut up!
- Calm down!
That bastard!
Show me the hall.
- Open the fucking door!
You'll get yourself killed.
- Shut up!
Left hand. Put on the cuff!
Open the door.
Everything's fine, shit!
Open the door! Tell'em!
Open it!
Calm down.
Open the door!
- Open it, dickwit!
Open it!
Calm down.
Close the door.
Close it.
On your knees.
Stick out your arms.
Don't try anything.
Or I'll kill you.
Don't be stupid.
- Shut up.
You won't last long, Max!
Max, dammit.
Come get me, shit.
Wait, wait.
Relax. Relax.
Back. Back.
Your walkie.
Your walkie-talkie. On your knees.
On your knees facing the fence.
Don't move. Stay right there.
Calm down. Get going.
We're going to the infirmary!
What the hell were you thinking?
Have you gone crazy?
Breaking out, and taking a guard hostage!
Theo's in trouble.
You didn't tell me.
What could you have done, in prison?
I'm free now.
You call that free,
with the police on your ass?
I just want to find Theo.
And do what?
- Get him out of there!
He won't listen to you!
You can't stay here, it's too dangerous.
Go to my garage.
Wait, what are you doing!
Let me do that. Sit.
Who'll take care of Theo?
You will, Alice.
You'll look after Theo.
You'll live.
With your new heart you'll live, I promise.
My love, I promise.
You let Mom die.
Now it's your turn.
I brought your stuff,
and coffee.
I snuck out without them seeing.
I won't take it,
the pigs parked right in my face.
No, I understand.
I wanted to tell you, about Theo...
I haven't always told the truth.
It's not too late.
See, when Alice died,
after your guilty verdict,
Theo, he...
He became, like...
He was bullied at school.
He had so much anger inside him...
I worried he'd kill himself.
And me, big dummy, I
didn't know what to do.
I didn't know how to help him, you know?
Course not, Dad.
It's not your fault. You tried.
He needs my help.
I'll bring him home.
You want to help him?
I know where he is.
You see that grey building
with the big windows.
It's there.
I'll stay at the cottage a while.
It's the only place the pigs
won't come to watch me.
Take care of yourself!
Hi there!
- Hi, nothing for me.
Excuse me, handsome.
Can I help you?
Crap, I knew it!
Getting careless, Max.
You'll be spotted.
Hulk, I just want to see Theo.
- Look...
How can I explain it?
Problem is, we don't want you around.
With you here, the cops
will come swarming like shitflies.
So beat it and we'll pretend
we never saw you, OK?
Fuckin' loser.
Dangerous Fugitive on the Loose!
It's Max, right?
I'm Daphne.
Theo, where is he?
He's not a prisoner.
He looks happy, huh?
He never mentions you.
I guess you're not that close.
Not a good idea...
I don't want to see you!
We gotta talk!
Are you fucking deaf?
C'mon, man. Let's go.
Think you can boss me around
like I'm still your kid?
Beat it, I said!
- Wait.
Beat it, fuck!
Theo, wait!
I told you.
Want my advice?
You'd get closer by
becoming his accomplice.
Accomplice? Like what?
What's your game plan,
with the cops on your tail?
I have no plan. I'm big on improv.
So I noticed.
I need him too.
What are you offering in exchange?
I'm not negotiating joint custody.
We're talking.
If you want to see him, you need me.
Make me a proposal.
I have nothing to lose.
I'd say you do.
Or you wouldn't be standing here.
Max was spotted.
The cops...
Get the kids.
Need a lift?
Dammit, man...
You OK?
I know. That was fucking heavy.
He's a goddamn loony!
He bust out to see you.
Fuck off, Charly. OK?
And I thought my dad was fucked up.
I'm out of your league.
Try and chill, man.
You know the cops will lock up your dad.
I hope so.
Is this the Lawyer's place.
- No, it's mine.
Where's Theo?
He'll be here, don't worry.
Can I offer you a drink?
That's not why I'm here.
Let's talk business.
Nitro Rush.
The perfect drug. Everyone wants it.
I want the recipe.
The magic formula,
guarded by the Chemists.
The Chemists?
Hugo and Racine.
Two researchers, certified psychos.
They've been in prison, too...
For torturing a rival
who copied their antidepressant.
They have lousy social skills,
but they're geniuses.
They refused to sell us
their formula. So...
So you want to steal it?
We're making headway.
Thanks to Theo.
- Fuck! Calm down.
Beat it!
- A real wiz-kid.
But you knew that.
He helped us find the secret location
of their lab.
We've been spying on them for weeks.
No deal if Theo's in on the job.
That may be a problem.
Why's that?
'Cause the job's my idea.
Why'd you bring him?
Well now...
He's still free?
We should call the cops.
The boss won't like it.
- The boss is in prison.
Put your feet up.
Give him a chance.
He broke out of jail.
Maybe he can help us break into the lab.
Think it over.
It won't affect us.
Theo agrees.
Ball's in your court.
- Theo's out,
or there's no deal.
Theo's not negotiable.
And you're on borrowed time.
If I call the cops,
you'll never see your son again.
That what you want?
How about that drink?
Relax, I'll just be a sec.
Expect me to explain everything?
Start with location.
We've studied their routine for 5 weeks.
The Chemists live in this isolated cabin.
Their lab's two clicks away,
in another old cabin,
pretty secluded.
And the formula's hidden there?
They keep it on a USB key.
So we can't hack into it.
How do you know?
When they use their computer,
I access its webcam.
We've watched for weeks.
We located the key.
Is that live?
Yup. They work all night and leave at noon.
They're fucking regular.
Is that them?
Two goddamn nerds!
Quiet, Hulk.
Put a gun to their heads
and they'll hand over the formula pronto.
We said no violence, no guns, no torture.
They're as proud of Nitro
as if it were a cure for cancer.
They'll never give it up.
If you say so.
We get Theo in and he
accesses their server.
But that won't be easy.
Why not?
We can't drive there. They'll see us.
We have to go through the forest.
That's where it gets tough.
To protect the cabin,
the Chemists put up fences.
And a ground-up detection system.
One step inside and the alarm goes off.
The perimeter's 25 meters wide.
I doubt you can jump it.
A forest...
We'll pretend we're apes.
Won't be hard for you, Hulk.
We'll need equipment.
And a place to train.
Out of sight.
This isn't a plan!
It's a goddamn family outing, shit.
You wanted to talk?
Pick a destination.
What do you mean?
To confuse the cops.
I can send you anywhere.
Even Disneyland?
It's done, bro.
This truck's low on torque.
If there's action, we'll be screwed.
I know a guy who can fix it.
He worked for my dad.
Max, my man!
On the news they said you went south.
Yeah, I know.
These two sent the cops
on a goose chase.
Your son?
- No, Charly, his best friend.
My boy, Theo.
You must be so proud of your dad.
A jailbreaker, a superhero!
Thanks, Hubert.
As a kid your dad owned this track!
Hello, miss.
- Hello.
Can you take her on?
- You bet!
Hubert, over here.
The truck.
There's one thing I can do.
Your best?
Fuckin' hell. Talk about a toy!
Now this is a gun!
Wanna go for a ride?
Can we take it for a spin?
- They're gonna split.
No, Theo'd never leave me.
I trust him more than you.
If they bond it's good for the team.
As a teen, speed was my drug.
I know, I remember.
It's cool we can finally talk.
Talk about what? I know your story.
I'm supposed to think you're a hero?
OK, I get it. Stop your show.
I tried everything to save her.
I would've died for your mom.
But she died instead.
That heart you got her broke.
Mom died of sorrow
when you went to jail.
You knew it was hopeless.
And that I'd be left without a dad.
We'll leave at 5
and do another run-through.
Enough bullshit training.
Go easy on that.
Are you nervous?
- No!
It's only normal.
I'm excited, I get a kick out of it.
Great reason.
Think the drug is immoral?
You said it, not me.
So what about you?
What's your reason?
I'm doing it to protect you.
And I know I can't change your mind.
I don't need protection.
She's manipulating you.
She'd do anything to...
- OK, no.
Don't talk about her.
You don't know her like I do.
Don't talk about her.
You don't know her like I do.
Don't leave them. Stay on them 24/24
Yes, Boss
Can't sleep either?
The adrenaline's kicking in.
And you?
Are you nervous?
I have no plan B. it's this or nothing.
What about your company?
My agency?
It's a money-laundering op
for the Lawyer.
He's in jail, the tap's shut.
Why not get a job like everybody else?
I work for myself. Suits me better.
You have no scruples?
No scruples, no friends, no family.
Nothing tying me down.
And nothing to lose.
Contrary to you.
Might be good for you.
I lack the patience.
When I try to go straight, I get fucked.
By my probation officer once.
Been in prison?
Does that shock you?
What were you sent up for?
The same as you, Max.
A mistake.
A dumb mistake.
But I didn't have to break out.
And you wound up with a scumbag
like the Lawyer.
The Lawyer's over.
They can't keep him inside long.
I'll just pull this job and disappear.
Good timing.
Timing's the story of my life.
Take you, for example.
I didn't plan it, but since you're here...
And you, Max?
What's your plan?
Either I go back inside or I'm killed.
With a million in cash,
and a car that does 300 an hour
on a road that never ends...
And a gorgeous babe like you next to me,
is that it?
For you it's either black or white.
I'm a manipulator.
And a slut.
But the truth is,
you'll never really know
what I'm feeling.
The truth is,
if you put my son in danger,
or if you hurt him in any way,
I'll find you.
You OK, Theo?
- Yeah.
You're driving.
What's this?
I need to know where we're going.
I'll direct you.
Let's gm!
How long were you inside?
Nice pick-up line, champ.
For me, prison is like
any other place.
And you're going back?
Yeah, absolutely.
You go back to jail, I disappear.
That's the best for Theo.
His heart will be broken again.
I know.
He'll get over it.
You OK?
Let's gm!
- You OK?
Yeah, I'm ripped to see some action.
Charly, where are they?
- Still at the lab.
For another hour.
Enough time to reach the perimeter
through the forest.
They better not do overtime.
What's with him?
- You didn't!
He's high!
- Shit, relax.
You're grounded.
Listen, you shithead!
I'll show you, you fucker!
Get off me!
- Calm down!
Just wait, I'm gonna crush you alive,
you bastard!
That mother!
Christ, he'll be sorry!
Keep going.
Fuck... Shit...
You'll track us?
- With Theo and Daphne's cells.
I have a lock on the GPSs.
You OK?
We're reaching the perimeter.
How's Hulk?
I don't know.
Watch him, I don't trust him.
No problem.
What are you doing?
- Practicing my swing.
Guess you're out of a job.
I'm the back-up, man!
The fence is right ahead.
They shut the computer. They're done.
The cabin's over there.
Keep clear of the
perimeter, you never know.
This'll be tougher than in the hangar.
The fun starts now.
Watch it!
They're coming your way!
Did you check everything's off?
- Everything.
They left the perimeter, system armed.
Turn off the oven?
- I always do.
We gotta go.
Don't be vulgar.
No bad language.
Are they there?
Yeah, just about.
I have to go to the lab.
I checked everything. Relax, OK?
I have a bad feeling.
Like yesterday, the day before,
and every other day.
I'll get my cell.
- Leave it!
Don't touch the ground.
Grab my arm!
Your hand, go!
Take my arm.
We're on the roof. We're going in.
Phone call.
Me too.
- Listen.
There's been a change of plans.
Hulk will explain it all to you.
The formula! Go!
You need to enter your password.
The transfer's started.
- The transfer's started.
Everything OK?
- Yeah, fine.
Enough dicking around, Christ!
You're with me. Focus, shit!
Gimme the goddamn formula.
The fucking formula, shit!
On a DVD or key, I don't care, but give it!
I don't have the formula.
It's being uploaded to the cloud
on a server protected by a code.
What? What the fuck does that mean?
Daphne changed the code last night.
Only she knows it.
Double-crossing bitch!
That bitch!
Fucking whore!
Goddamn fucking cow!
Yes, what?
Hulk's flipped. He's coming to the cabin.
- Jesus!
That goddamn bitch!
New plan. We'll get a lift.
You're joking! out?
How long?
- 66 seconds.
- Wait!
We abort!
- We wait!
Take it off!
- Daphne...
He's updating the Lawyer by cell.
Look at me, it'll be OK.
If we drive by the Chemists'
house we're dead!
Did you hear that?
- I heard a noise.
There's a noise.
Yeah, a noise.
Jesus Christ!
We're gonna be OK.
HOW long?
15 seconds.
Go! Go! Go!
We're reaching the perimeter.
We'll set off the alarm!
Go, go, go!
Gimme the code!
Give it, fuck!
Give it!
Guys, fuck! The Chemists!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Pedal to the metal!
Nice, Hulk!
You OK, man?
Get us outta here!
- There's one!
Over here too!
Where's the other guy?
- We lost him!
Hold on!
Guys, you OK back there?
Where to?
You have a cottage!
- So?
Theo told me. Let's go!
It's not around here!
- You like to drive, so drive!
Hey, gramps.
Things OK?
You, stay here.
We don't want any trouble, OK?
You must have internet.
Don't even think about it.
It's a family reunion.
I mean, jeez,
three generations of losers.
Drop your gun and say that.
Don't think I Wouldn't like to.
What's taking so long?
We did it.
We're connected.
- About time.
Yes, boss?
My love.
My treasure...
You changed the password?
So? We have the formula.
If it's all the same, darling,
I'd like you to give me the code.
Like, right now.
Or else what? You'll kill me?
Yes, boss.
You bastard!
- Don't you move, man!
I know how much you love your little Theo.
Your little lapdog.
The code. Enough of your games!
I have the code.
I managed to skim the code.
I changed the password.
Why'd VOu do it?
All you wanted was the formula and cash.
I didn't matter.
This is real touching, but enough's enough.
First, we'll eliminate Daphne,
who's of no use now.
- Theo, you OK?
Get away! Get away!
- Charly, into the bedroom!
The formula!
Daphne, stop.
Stop, it's over.
We'll leave in the pickup.
Daphne, don't do it.
You can't get away.
Fuck you, Max.
Theo, you shouldn't have.
Shit! What's wrong?
It'll be OK.
She won't die, I promise.
Theo, she won't die.
She'll be alright.
You were working for the cops?
No, I did it for you.
But I'm going to jail too.
No, you'll start a new life.
Somewhere else. With a new identity
and no criminal record.
That was the deal.
What deal?
They were desperate to stop the drug.
And I was desperate
to be with you.
So we negotiated.
You mean they let you escape?
Yeah, it was all a plan.
It seemed too smooth.
It was planned for a day later.
I decided to advance my escape.
After that...
They'd put a chip in my arm.
So they could track me.
I just had to signal them,
in case of a problem.
You have to give them
the code for the formula.
That was the deal.
OK, no problem.
Anyway, the file on the server's empty.
I never transferred it.
I erased everything.
Unless the Chemists can remember
a 75-page formula,
the formula's history.
Check this, Dad!
It's just like yours.
We replated the chrome, put on mags...
Grampa is modding the engine.
Yeah, she's a beaut.
Not bad, huh?
- When you take her out,
video me in.
Of course. Don't worry, Dad.
You have a visitor.
I gotta go.
- You take care!
Grandpa, say bye!
OK, hi! Bye!
Open UP-
My Max.
Enjoying your new cell?
Still not very chatty, huh?
We intercepted these photos on the web.
What's this mean?
You promised no one could locate them.
Our system failed.
we can work something out,
between partners...
You helped us solve a big problem, Max.
We think you can still be useful.
See where I'm going?
You can protect your family better
if you're free.