Nizhal (2021) Movie Script

Reimbursement certificate
is with the bill.
Tell your clerk
to file it soon.
Otherwise, it will
remain there.
Shall we go?
Oh, there is a bag too?
Hey, Rajan.
If you want to laugh,
do it before we leave.
What the...
Look at you!
Playing the batman!
It's pouring like crazy...
Hey, take this.
I'll make a move.
I have leave
only till afternoon.
Got one more hour of class today.
Okay then.
Don't hesitate to call me or Shalini
if you need something.
No pretensions.
Carry on, sir.
Go and teach the kids something.
Listen, Baby...
Don't pull that thing
off your face.
Wait till your nose is
back in shape.
Or I'll seize your dumb car and put you
behind the bars under Section 184.
Sure, you will.
Can you see me?
I can't see you...
Dear Kathri...
Please fix this for me.
Internet connection is poor here.
It's raining heavily.
Uncle's camera is switched off.
That's why.
it seems.
Son, I'll start from here
on the 17th.
I'll be there by
early morning on 18th.
Are you listening?
Will you be there
at the airport?
- Are Santha and Gopan on leave?
- No, sir. They are here.
Didn't expect you today.
Who didn't expect?
Yes, who?
Tell to clean it up. Quick.
- Sir.
- Yeah.
Is the CJM here?
Yes, sir. He is in his chamber.
Boxers and football players use this.
To fix the broken nose bridge.
Well, they have a strong reason to do so.
Now, tell me...
What if something has happened
to the guy on the bike?
Can you imagine?
That too, just for sideswiping your car?
He called me names.
So? Will you chase and
knock him off, right?
You're not just a union leader
in the law college anymore.
But a judicial officer.
Don't forget that.
Sir, time for the meeting.
Law Secretary is in the guest-house.
Come, let's call on him.
If he is angry for some reason...
It will vanish if he sees this face.
Spare me, sir.
Come with me.
Yes, at 8 O'clock...
I'll be there.
You know, how hard it was to
convince that boy's parents?
On top of that, none of the cops
like you one bit.
All are waiting for an opportunity.
Fortunately, the traffic DCP is new here.
It's by using a threat that a case for
attacking a judge could spoil his future...
...we could settle the issue.
Baby, why commit such blunders
when you're awaiting a promotion?
That's why, even though
you don't like it...
I'm dragging you to meet
the Law Secretary.
I'm not coming today.
I don't want another problem
because I said something to him.
Sir, you go and meet him.
I'll get off here.
Stop at the shopping mall.
Pull over.
I don't carry an umbrella...
...and this rain.
Where is it raining, man?
- Baby...
- Hmm...
What happened?
Take us to the general hospital.
Go meet Dr. Basheer.
'Out Patient
Listen, Baby...
Call me after you meet the doctor.
Take a fitness certificate too from him.
When you join, let things
be in order on our part.
To tell you the truth...
I too have felt that these guys
should be run over.
I have lost some hair.
But I'm still fit.
You don't have any problem, Mr.Magistrate.
The rain will stop on its own.
We all go through this stage.
Most people try to hide it.
Or to forget it.
But if you really like...
I can call it by a convoluted name.
Post-traumatic stress disorder.
The shock after an accident. That's all.
Though Dr. Basheer put it lightly
to make me stress free...
I don't feel good about it.
That's why I want a second opinion.
If it's Shalini, she will tell
the truth on my face.
In case of speaking out...
My wife is a pro.
Given the unbearable heat now...
I'll gladly switch positions with you, dude.
Dude Rajappan...
Only thundershowers, I don't feel cold.
Really? Then I don't want it.
What's it, man?
Travel agency has confirmed
a car and a driver.
He will be here tomorrow.
- Which is the car?
- Pardon me...
Which car?
If you offer to pay for fuel
at government rates...
You think you will get a Jaguar?
Got ice-cold beer in the fridge.
Can we have one?
- Hey Magistrate...
- Yeah?
Can I bring one for you?
What's up, dear?
Okay, come.
What's up? Are you chill?
- You want it?
- No.
Get me a tea. Strong one.
Can you drink tea?
This is sour, man.
What did Dr. Basheer tell you?
I was telling Baby...
Nothing to worry.
So far...
If this persists...
We can think about other
No need to start the Dr.Basheer's
medication for now, right?
Let us see.
Dr.Basheer is a psychiatrist
and I'm a psychologist treating children.
You can feel that difference.
Don't forget that.
He too is a 'Baby'.
Baby dear.
Talking of children...
Got an interesting case yesterday.
A boy in second grade.
Must be 7 or 8 years old.
Teacher told the kids to tell a story
during the leisure hour.
When the other kids narrated
the usual cat and crow stories...
Our man stood up and told
a great murder story.
Teacher and kids were horrified.
They called me there.
What was the story?
He must have come up with it
from the TV shows or films he watched.
He doesn't feel guilty about it at all.
He was like...why did the teacher
and principal scold him for nothing?
I patted him for that.
Why discourage a budding
Kids of this generation...
You know how harmless I was...
Harmless, my foot.
The car from the travel agency.
I started early to arrive in time.
Installed the official name board too.
Did I scare you?
Got fooled. Burned all that I ate
in the morning.
- I forgot to ask your name.
- Kaif.
From Payyoli.
- Near Vadakara...
- Got it.
Switch on the wipers, man.
What? Wiper?
This is good.
Like headlights during daytime,
this too should become a rule.
Case # 12/1433
Date : 16-02-2019
Ashlee, Ismon, Vishnu, Shamal, Saijos
College youth festival
will start next week.
It would be of great help
if you post it to next week.
During a students' protest...
Driver of a parked bus
was dragged out and beaten up.
Where do you work?
In the Payyannur bus depot.
Did you come all the way
from there for this hearing?
Yes, sir.
Two-way AC chair car
ticket for his travel...
Food, stay and other expenses...
Will your clients bear
the cost of all these?
If not, you may start your arguments
without wasting time.
Come in.
Any problem?
Take a seat.
I'm thinking of taking a few more
days of leave.
Is it the other issue?
No, that's almost gone now
I feel weird with
this thing on my face.
I can remove it after a week.
Till then...
In the two weeks that you were in hospital,
we were postponing and reassigning cases.
It would be good if we clear some backlog
before the court closes for summer break.
You know the situation here.
I'll get back to you tomorrow, sir.
If you decide to go on leave,
inform the district judge.
Baby, want to eat lunch?
Are you busy?
No, tell me.
Remember the school kid
I told you about yesterday?
It's about him.
Can I meet you in person?
His name is Nitin.
Today, another teacher
saw this accidentally.
In his rough book, he has written
the story that I told you about.
I read it.
It's in Malayalam.
The style is that of a child.
It has typos, grammar errors and all that.
But the thing is, he was born
and brought up in Bangalore.
When his mom was transferred to
Info-park recently...
She enrolled him here
in the mid-term.
His father?
He is no more.
Died in an accident.
He has only his mother.
She is into motion graphics
or something like that.
She is pretty famous in that field.
I called her. She is very angry.
Said we are taking the kid's
little pranks way too far.
The story is, killing a man and
drowning in a pond by tying him to a rock.
He is...
He seems to be a genius.
It's not that, Baby.
In the story, he clearly
refers to a place.
Which place?
It's in Alappuzha.
A remote village.
Didn't I tell you?
Nitin is not even familiar with
the places in this city.
Then how?
There's another thing.
A sentence in the story
glaringly stands out.
That... It looks as if someone else
has written it.
My initial diagnosis after meeting
Nitin for the first time was wrong.
He has some problem.
Like me?
Can I meet him?
Just like that.
You know the law. Don't you?
It should be in the presence of the parent.
I told you, his mother is
over protective.
I'm not sure if she'll agree.
Try speaking with her.
The weight of all that
was read is enough...
To prevent from coming up floating.
She wants to meet you first
and then decide.
Sharmila, meet John Baby.
He is the judicial magistrate here.
I can understand why the school
engaged a psychologist for counseling.
But why court, judge and all that?
Please, this isn't official or anything.
Shalini and I are good friends.
We discuss cases whenever we meet.
When I heard about Nitin,
I wanted to meet him.
Hmm. A case?
After meeting, what?
No real purpose.
I want just a casual chat.
Mr.Baby, Nitin is an intelligent
and creative kid.
He has got good imagination.
I've never tried to curtail it.
After that incident,
he is too uncomfortable.
As if he has committed some crime.
You can't do this to my child.
Sharmila, don't you feel strange about
the clear reference to the place?
Doctor, even grown-ups create stories
connecting things that they learn and hear.
Right? I know what it is.
He is a kid with a single parent.
That too, only the mother.
Even if times change, your science
and law will remain the same.
Even I had only my mother.
So, I know that stigma very well.
Sharmila, let's stop.
Sorry for the trouble.
Let me tell you...
As far as I know,
this is serious enough...
...for the doctor or teacher
to report it to the authorities.
You mean, the police?
Ninth floor. I'll come by the stairs.
- What?
- Nothing.
This is Megha.
She takes care of Nitin.
Part time.
One minute...
- Is Niti back?
- Yeah.
- Did he eat anything?
- Lightly.
Leave then. Study well.
You have exams.
Want to serve them tea?
- I'll manage it.
- OK.
What's on his face?
I'm leaving. See you tomorrow.
Don't leave...
You keep it.
Return it later.
- It's over.
- Really? OK.
Hi Nitin.
Hi doctor.
He is my friend. Baby.
Are you a doctor?
Hey, not at all.
You both drink coffee, right?
You want something?
Got another one like that?
Why not?
I'll get it.
Can I get a different colour?
I'll try for sure.
Got some super power?
Of course.
You bet.
Super power goes up at night.
Really super.
No, you're kidding me.
Hold my hand. See?
Goes up in a second.
I've kept chocolate fudge there.
Yeah. Thank you.
Thank you.
What's the judgement?
Didn't the teacher give you
the page of that story?
I will take a look and
give it to Shalini.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Bye, Nitin.
- Bye, doctor.
What do you feel
after meeting him?
Will there be kids
normal than him?
You won't find magistrates
normal than me, either.
As you said, his mother is
a bit over protective.
She knows something is wrong.
But since it's her own kid,
she'll take time to convince herself.
- Niti..
- Yeah...
Take some more if you want.
Go and brush your teeth then.
Give to me.
- Niti...
- Yeah.
How about an outing today?
How is doctor's friend?
He rocks.
Got that Nightwing look.
Who is Nightwing?
Batman's friend?
But Nightwing is younger, right?
Batman is much elder to me, right?
Now I get it.
So, you're Batman!
Green pond...
Green toad...
When shattered medicine bottles
tore in and killed them...
Cries of toads and the sound
of Karuvatta church bell.
When a stone was tied to the
the chest and dipped in water...
Drowned with the eyes wide open.
The weight of all that
was read is enough...
To prevent from floating up.
- Good morning, sir.
- Mm.
There is a place, Karuvatta.
In Alappuzha.
Am I being transferred, sir?
Find out the police station there...
Tell the SHO to call me.
- It's urgent.
- Sure.
- Sir, the fake witness was tutored...
- My lord...
- He is levelling false accusations.
- My lord...
- When I tell the truth...
- Truth, it seems!
Enough. I can't let this go on.
Sir, my client A, bill number 529/01-6-2009...
I have furnished the...
In Harippad station and
in the locality I told you about...
All the recently registered cases
and man missing reports.
Okay. Thank you.
- Kaif, we'll go to Alappuzha tomorrow.
- Sure, sir.
Long trips are profitable anyway.
Satheesan sir left this morning
to Kochi for a case.
That's fine.
- I had asked for a details...
- I've arranged some, sir.
He is our senior CPO,
Take a seat, Sainuddin.
Sir, we've collected details of cases
in the three stations in this area.
In our jurisdiction
during the last three months....
There were two murders.
Both were related to family feud.
The next one was a
highway accident.
That was section 304-A.
What about those two murders?
One was stabbing and
the other was poisoning.
Any deaths by drowning?
Yes, sir. There is one.
In Kariyilakulangara station.
Somasekharan, aged 47 years.
He fell into the well
at home and died.
He went in to fetch
the lost bucket.
Then? Did he get the bucket?
For that, we have to check
the mahassar, sir.
Sir, please drink tea.
Sir, if you can tell me
what exactly are you investigating...
In the statements related to
a robbery case under trial...
There are pointers to some
incidents that happened around here.
But in the case diary, I saw that
those leads aren't probed so far.
It's just my curiosity.
That's all.
Are there ponds around here?
This is Alappuzha, sir.
Plenty of ponds and canals.
No, what I meant was...
Unused ones covered by
algae and all, you know.
Pond covered with algae..?
Sainu sir, what about the
ruined pond in Karamoodu?
Yes, Vijayan.
Come in.
Vijayan is a local.
From the eastern side.
Where exactly is this pond?
About half a mile from here.
You know the pond behind
the old health centre, right?
Okay, got it.
What was it like?
There used to be a
full-time compounder there.
When the Taluk Hospital
was started...
Dispensary was closed down.
Then anti-social elements
occupied it.
Booze, gambling...
Pretty much everything.
CI Sharaf sir rounded them up
and evacuated the place.
After acquiring land for the road,
the local body demolished the building.
When was it?
Almost 7-8 years back.
Let's go there.
Why not?
- Vijayan, get the vehicle ready.
- Sure, sir.
Is Karuvatta church that side?
Church is towards the west, sir.
I mean...
Is it close enough to hear
the church bell?
That depends on the strength
of the one who rings it.
Vijayan, is this the route?
The dispensary was that side, sir.
Students, take out your books.
It's summer. Haven't I told you
to drink plenty of water?
Lekha, get some water. Quick!
- Mr. Vijayan.
- Sir.
Can you get someone
who can dive in this?
I can pay what they ask for.
Sure, sir. Let me try.
What is in here, sir?
Let's hope there is nothing.
It's dehydration.
We've given him IV.
He is okay now.
Right, Nitin?
During the interval, he will run
in the hot sun around the ground.
But won't drink a drop of water.
He can avoid going to
the toilet, right?
Not just him.
All of them do this.
Didn't you know? Police has brought
a dreaded dacoit to our dirty pond.
They say sacks full of gold and
valuables are hidden in the pond.
A one-eyed man wearing a mask
like Jose Prakash in old films.
A real terror!
What's wrong, Niti?
No fever, right?
Megha said she will come early today.
Do you want Mummy to stay?
- What is going on, sir?
- I don't know
Look there
Don't come forward. Back off.
Clear it off
Rest of it is at the bottom.
[Indistinct chatter]
Satheesan sir is on his way.
DySP is out of town.
Sir, you shouldn't have
done this to us.
From what you said about those
Weren't you expecting this?
The information was that a stash of
banned and fake currencies...
...was packed in plastic bags and
thrown into a pond somewhere here.
Where would that be?
What's the matter, dude?
- Come, I'll tell you.
- What? Baby...
Got a beer?
- No, I can get you a drink.
- Get me something.
Dude, tell me at least now
what it is.
The pond in Nitin's
story is real.
Not only that... the guy too is.
Why did you go
looking for that pond?
I don't know.
It feels like his problem
and mine are entwined.
His solution is me...
And my solution is him.
That's what I feel.
The police claims about unlawful
entry and the prosecution argument....
...are totally unbelievable,
your honour.
We've evidences to prove that
my client reached there by the evening.
Come in.
- I'll call you.
- Okay, sir.
- I had looked for you this morning.
- Then?
You had not come then.
Just a courtesy call?
I had gone to Harippad yesterday.
Wanted to tell you about that.
Everyone knows about it now.
District Judge informed me.
He was informed by Home Secretary.
It seems DGP asked why we need state police
if judges can directly investigate cases!
Haven't I told you about my plan to
register for a PhD in Law University?
For the proposal, I refer files in the
library and archives in my free time.
When I read some old case diaries
belonging to that place...
I was curious to do some
interesting field work.
The officers messed it up.
I heard that you went there to
probe some fake currency case.
That was a spontaneous excuse
that I came up with.
Baby, are you hiding something
from me?
No. I swear.
Send me the details of those references.
Sure, let me check and share those.
Those are 7-8 years old.
Man, forensic guys say the
skeleton is at least 30 years old.
To confirm, they are sending it to
the anthropology lab in Delhi.
30 years back?
This is getting even more complicated.
On top of that, my boss and
the police chief are questioning me.
I had spoken to Sharmila.
For now, don't tell them
about these developments.
No, I won't.
She wants to meet you.
You can tell her.
Okay, I'll call her.
I've to discuss a few things with you.
Mr.Baby, can we meet tomorrow?
No, Niti has never spoken about
or written anything like this.
I secretly checked all the books
in his room.
Poor kid. I was the one who insisted
that he learn to write and speak Malayalam.
It turned out to be like this.
Is there someone who
Nitin is close to?
Either in Bangalore or here?
We have no one who can
I'm a mother who can't even
sing a lullaby properly.
Anyway, don't reveal anything
to him for now.
Nitin is not in the
picture now.
Let it stay that way
for now.
Yes, Shalini told me. Thanks.
After I left my lawyer's job,
I am telling such blatant lies
only since last couple of days.
Through sessions with Nitin,
Shalini will find out what this is.
She is very good with children.
John too is like that, I think.
You made friends with
Niti pretty fast.
He calls you Bebo.
The name Kareena Kapoor's
best friend Karan Johar calls her.
This boy!
Stop it, you!
That's all I can do, sir.
Now the sky is clear of rainclouds.
Just a pleasant sun shower.
Like the proverbial fox's wedding.
Yeah, you were always a fox.
Then the wedding. Get on with it!
What's wrong with you?
It's just my love for the boy.
I'm going home tomorrow.
Mom has returned.
I have to argue my case of why
I couldn't go to the airport to pick her.
I've had it if I don't call on her.
Bebo, can I come with you?
Dear, no...
Why not? Tomorrow is a holiday.
We can return by evening.
Don't give him too much at a time.
As a kid, Baby too loved candies.
With his teeth full of cavities.
Are you both in love or something?
No, not at all.
My son and John are good friends.
That's all.
I am very open and direct
in my talk.
Hope you don't mind, dear.
I used to have small talk
with the neighbours in America...
My daughter and granddaughter
always warn me not to.
While in law college, Baby had
an intense love affair.
She used to come here and all.
Those days, his dad was alive.
A sweet girl.
We all loved her.
I don't know why. They fell out
with each other and broke up.
Since then, he has been single.
Here, take this.
- Bebo...
- What's it, man?
Are your thundershowers
Yeah, man.
Shall I tell you something?
Yeah, go on.
I know more stories.
So you don't know
anything else?
Records from British era
have noted this aspect.
'Water bodies and crimes'
The relations between water bodies
and crimes. That's my research topic.
But getting this skeleton
was a big coincidence.
- Strange!
- Yeah, very strange.
Report from the lab in Delhi.
The skeleton is of one Mohan.
From that locality.
Had gone missing 28 years ago.
He was a coconut palm climber.
Along with it some social work too.
Some local activism and all.
Sir, you can't park here.
- Sorry.
- Sir.
I'm clueless about
where to start or how to proceed.
I also don't know what to do. Yesterday
Shalini had talked with him for a long time.
He didn't mention to her the new story.
Shalini says he mentioned it to you
because he trusts you deeply.
Anyway, I'm not asking him
anything about this story.
I have been getting
offers from Europe.
Sweden. Nice place.
A change might help Nitin too.
Rs. 1200?!
How will I pay it?
Since the person is identified,
some new information may come up.
Then we can...
Leave me.
I'll give the money.
We'll see the further proceeding then.
- Hey!
- Yes...
Sir, it's my wife. If I don't pick up,
she'll be suspicious.
A lady has been
waiting since morning.
Is it about some case? Didn't you
say I can't meet like that?
Yes. She said it's
something personal.
She is from Karuvatta,
she wanted me to inform you.
I'm Bhanu.
I'm from Karuvatta.
Mohan was cremated
yesterday evening.
We were engaged.
I waited 7-8 years
after he disappeared.
Then married someone else.
Have 2 kids.
Mohan had enemies?
He was bold enough to oppose any injustice.
Very proud and adamant.
Someone once scorned him
in a gathering for his caste.
For that he turned down
his government teacher job...
...and became a coconut palm climber.
The day he went missing,
there was big chaos at our place.
The dike broke at Thottappally estuary
and water had entered all the fields.
Nobody knew where
or with whom he went.
He didn't go anywhere, he was
right there. No one realised it.
Sir, please tell me the truth.
Wasn't it Mohan who informed you
that he was sleeping under that lake?
Only I need to know.
Great! All we were lacking
were some ghosts...
What else! He is up to
scaring me with these stories...
In a way, isn't she right?
Who would have told this to Nitin?
Either the murderer.
Or the one murdered.
Enough with your theory.
You've been mad for a while...
Where to?
Let me have a drink.
Can't take this otherwise.
It's sure someone
told it to Nitin.
Wonder why he is not admitting it.
Is he scared?
Or is it something else...
What about making him
narrate the new story?
I can't. I can't even handle
the existing pressures.
I was just saying...
Mr. Magistrate, I need a drink before
I give you a piece of my mind.
OK, I'll make a move.
- Wait. Eat something.
- No.
Come come.
Meghu, come.
No need to hold hands, Meghu.
Let me call my mom
Don't wet your dress, Nitin.
- Come on.
- No dear, you go.
- Bebo, come.
- Oh no. Go on.
- Meghu, come. Let's play.
- Meghna, take care.
- Meghu, come
- Hold my hand.
Careful, Nitin.
Sir, can I serve you
piping hot Banana fritters?
Leave me alone, my dear!
Come Meghu, run...
I haven't told you
anything about Nitin's dad.
Sachin was a special correspondent
with 'The Stateman'.
We met in Delhi.
Then we moved to Bangalore.
The marriage was registered there.
Your families?
It was just friends
and colleagues.
Sachin's family was strongly
against it. Caste difference.
I've told about me, right?
My parents died very early.
Sachin was obsessed with
investigative stories. One after the other.
One night he went to
meet a secret source.
In an unfinished building in the suburb.
Accident? Or...
Don't know.
Nitin was born
the night Sachin passed away.
Premature birth.
Like that lady mentioned, what if Nitin
is getting these stories from his father?
I've kept all of Sachin's computers
and files safe in Bangalore.
Shall we go check?
Meghu, come here!
- Nitin!
- Coming.
Bebo, come play.
Let's hear your new story first.
That one after this game.
You know where
the story takes place?
Is Cherai Thura
the name of a place?
Lovely family.
It's an enormous swamp.
In dark brown color.
All the rotten fish of Cherai Thura
is dumped here.
Thus it's full of fish.
The fattie was also
dumped there, like the fish.
As he went down, bubs...
- Bubbles?
- Ya, those will come up.
What, he is speeding up again!
Sir, you can park
the car there.
Why I insisted in meeting outside...
There are two guys from special branch
in the station. Both are useless.
They are from the association.
Also, your profession is one
that's hated by police force.
Because for the curses we say to people,
we get repaid in the courtroom.
Good that you suggested meeting here.
We are saved of a special branch report.
- Aftab
- Yes?
Are there any marshes nearby?
Marshes and Mangroves,
you find here and there.
I've found someone who can help you.
An additional sub inspector
who retired when I joined.
From around here.
He's a nice man. Name is Michael.
I was just calling you, sir.
What does the judge want?
Michael, is there a marsh nearby?
A big one.
Where fish waste from
the beach is dumped?
Ah got it. Meenmutti.
If you are free,
can we go there?
OK sir.
This is the Meenmutti marsh
you were asking for.
How long has it been
since the marsh was filled?
It will be... at least 25 years.
It was the ancestral property of one Yohannan.
It had extended till the estuary.
During the real estate boom in Kochi,
even the marsh became pricey.
There was lot of demand.
But, Yohannan didn't entertain any.
He was a peculiar kind.
Used to stand in for local body elections as
an independent candidate, distill his own arrack...
A strange life... Intoxicated in
his own liquor, he died in this marsh.
Then the land transaction
happened in a jiffy.
Was this Yohannan a huge man?
Of course. He could stand firm
even against a wild buffalo.
How do you know all this?
No, I was looking into
some old incidents as part of a research.
Are you sure Yohannan's
death was by accident?
I had just entered the service.
Was in reserve camp at Malappuram.
It's just what I heard over calls
and during visits to home.
Our station must be having
old files. Right, Aftab sir?
I searched around here.
This also isn't fiction.
It's more than quarter century old.
As you said, let's go to
Bangalore as soon as we can.
Superintendent Sir, Look...
Good... Sir.
- You're not dead?
- No, sir.
Under your watch, that magistrate went to
Cherai and caused all this trouble, right?
But sir, I didn't even reach Varappuzha bridge.
Before that this happened...
Such idiots...
Dear sir, I can't bear
this detective work.
I followed your instructions and
followed that magistrate for days.
In the morning,
he goes to court.
And in the evening roams around,
with his wife and kid... the beach and
expensive coffee shops.
Wife and kid? Who were you
following all these days?
Full family is there.
See the photo.
You can enlarge it. How's it?
Sudevan, I'll send a photo.
Ya, the same case.
Trace that woman
and kid soon.
Home, school or office.
Wherever it is, discreetly.
Send someone with brains.
Prosecution has failed to
establish that the accused...
...has willfully committed
to the crime and...
Call me when
you're done, sir.
Police were at
Nitin's school for him.
They asked what's
his connection with you.
I am scared.
Don't worry.
I'll reach soon.
They enquired about
me with the HRM.
Again, about you.
Nothing will happen.
I've told everything to my chief Mr. Ajith.
All investigations against both of you
will be called off immediately. I promise.
But we need to find the truth
behind this as soon as possible.
Let's go to Bangalore
with Nitin right away.
Are Sachin's files
in some locker?
Sachin's editor.
He was everything to us.
We had given everything to him.
After retirement, he stays at Hoggenakal.
I had called him.
But didn't say any of these.
So it has to be by road.
But we shouldn't use our cars.
There's a way.
Long trips are economical.
I always tell sir.
Mobile is switched off.
We'll reach there early in the morning.
I'm sure Nitin doesn't know
how he got these stories.
But this deceased dad...
I don't know what to say, Baby.
I just want to save Nitin from this tangle.
What if we get some clue
from that man's files.
Sorry, Shalini. I'll call you later.
Just tell him.
Do you like Parotta?
Did you order?
Poor kid!
He's enjoying this trip.
"Story's burning like a fire..."
"See the shadow lying
Lying on the fire"
Come here, kid
How are you feeling?
- Hello. Mathias Pandya
- John Baby.
Come in.
He's Bahauddin.
Great chef!
Can we have fish
in the afternoon?
Fresh fish from Kaveri river.
I can't look at it.
You please go through them, John.
I'll do it.
The computers have passwords?
The police had cracked it during
the investigation. Now there's nothing.
Come on.
Hey, look there
Look at that.
See, mom.
I went boating
- How was it?
- I enjoyed a lot
I'm sure. What Nitin says are
not stories from Sachin.
Grenache 1972.
Son, do you like beef curry?
Fish from Kaveri,
Great chef, Alladin...
- Bahauddin.
- Yeah, Bahauddin. That only.
I thought it would be
a big deal. This is some...
I've decided to move to Europe.
Whatever is haunting him
is in this land.
Over there,
he'll forget everything.
Malayalam too.
'He was everything to us.'
[Garbled sounds]
[Whispers] Choked his neck
and killed.
Nothing in the world is
stronger than the final struggle.
Ma'am, sir returned
early in the morning.
He got a call about
some urgent case in the court.
He asked you both to
return at your convenience.
Are you sure that Sharmila isn't
aware that she is the problem?
Will someone in their right mind
tell such stories to their kid?
So the kid doesn't know
it's from his mom? Great!
What his subconscious mind
registers during sleep... being recreated
somehow when awake.
Sharmila also must have heard
stories in a similar manner.
In her childhood.
So, that's the secret behind
the age of these murders.
It's late.
Should I stay back?
No, Valsala.
You may leave.
Will you get leave easily here,
like in government service?
Isn't there any legal penalty
for such poor jokes?
What happened?
Leaving in the middle of the night,
not answering calls...
Nitin was quite sad. Is it some
international legal problem?
Nitin got those stories
from you, Sharmila.
What did you say, John?
Those are stories which
you said during your sleep.
Here, have this.
Shalini will pick Nitin
from the school in the evening.
Is there something wrong with me?
I was the one who was
asking this question for a while.
Drink it first.
This isn't like that.
My child...
You have heard these stories
from someone as a kid.
That's still somewhere
inside your mind. That's all.
What's all? Don't say
hollow words, John.
If I investigate it myself, someone
who's tailing me will find out. That's why.
You tell me the thing.
It's about Sharmila.
I need the details of her deceased mom.
How many times I told you, John.
Mom was an ordinary government employee.
A clerk at the water authority.
How will she tell
murder stories?
Dad died before I was two.
He was also a clerk at LIC.
If you repeat the questions,
will any of these change?
Shouldn't we get to the root of this?
That's why I...
Any other close relatives,
family friends?
I swear, there is no one
in my memory.
Those stories are also
not in your memory, right?
It'll end with this.
Right, Baby?
Don't know if this is
the end or the beginning.
We need to go somewhere.
Can you get out now?
To where?
I'll send location details in whatsapp.
I'll be there now.
Is it for photocopy?
If it's a book, leave it here.
I'll keep it ready tomorrow.
The machine is young.
I can't run along.
Do you recognise her?
He wasn't just my mom's colleague.
He was always around for everything.
Even when she died, he was the one
active more than my relatives.
Slowly we lost touch.
After growing up,
I've wondered...
...whether they were in love.
He is conscious.
Your son?
He's a spitting image
of Radhamma. Come.
Come on
I'm Dr. Shalini.
I wanted to ask you about some things
Sharmila heard in her sleep as a child.
Listen to me carefully.
This is very serious.
Those things she heard as a child
lie deep in her subconscious mind.
Some murders from
around 30 years back.
Like her, it is being passed
on to her son in sleep.
We know every vicious act
you committed.
Weren't you asleep,
Who's that old man?
Another story teller like you.
I haven't done
anything personally.
It was to eliminate
the enemies of the party.
That too, not directly.
Just coordination.
Arranging the place,
occasion and people.
I was the union leader.
Young and ambitious too.
Didn't feel any hesitation.
Since Radhamani got posted there,
I had some other dreams for the first time.
She too liked it. But it wasn't
long since her husband died.
What would relatives and
people around think?
The times were such.
Not so much different from now.
Since Radhamma came to my mind,
I began to feel guilty about what I did.
Some nights, in a heavily drunken state
I'll go to Radhamma's house.
I'll cry and talk till I get some peace.
She'll sit and hear everything
with the kid sleeping on her lap.
Not saying anything.
You were everything for her.
Even after she passed away,
I haven't forgotten you.
I had a feeling that you will be
leading a happy life somewhere.
May be it's right.
Party's insistence,
for the party.
But they are all murders.
Tomorrow upon discharge,
the police will arrest you.
Believe me.
I haven't done anything
with my hands.
Save your confessions
for the police and court.
- Will you hold my bag, uncle?
- How heavy is it, man!
Are you studying anything?
Or just playing 'Angry birds'?
I used to be 'Angry birds'
top scorer.
I had a video conference.
Let him come with us.
I'll drop back later.
I'll drop you at the bus stand.
Don't stay here any longer, uncle.
Dear, the police...
Now nobody knows.
You go somewhere before that.
Else perhaps
mom will be sad.
No need.
You had left barehanded.
You'll need it.
Sure, I'll update.
He has left
the hospital.
Couldn't find him when
they went to change the drip.
Leave him. Why have police
and army in this old age?
How will you prove these?
You can imagine in what positions now
those who made him do all these will be.
If they want, they will strike down
him, you and even me.
What else!
Hatchu dear...
Let's play.
Hatchu dear...
The old man at the hospital mentioned
one Radhamma, right? Who's that?
She's someone related
to you. Why?
What's it?
I know the story about
how a Radhamma was killed.
Radhamani had insisted on
ending the deadly politics.
I couldn't.
At last...
When I felt she will go away from me
and let out my secrets...
Radhamma's life...
As she writhed...
She gazed at me last...
After the cremation, everyone left.
My heart hurt to see you sleeping tired
from crying in Radhamma's room.
Like I used to tell Radhamma,
I sat at your feet and confessed.
That was my mistake.
Believe me...
I haven't done anything
with my hands.
Maybe not to forget
what you did to my mom... mind remembered
stories of other murders.
With mom's asthma and your political influence,
things were easy. Right?
'We know every vicious act
you committed.'
'Weren't you asleep, dear?'
That doctor girl said your son
also knows those stories.
Let her go
Dear, if you take it to school
give only to your close friends.
Cool, granny!
Let's go.
You please insist.
Tell him to meet.
Maybe he'll agree.
That girl is now assistant professor
at Law College. Her mom is a lawyer.
So, they are all his tribe.
I'll tell him.
Be a good boy.
- Bye.
- Tata.