Njan Prakashan (2018) Movie Script

This globe was used by Alangattu Achuthan
in his classroom.
He has since passed away.
His son, Prakashan, uses it now
to look at the maps of the countries that
he intends on hopefully visiting.
Poland. Poland.
That's enough for today.
I'll let you know
when new countries are discovered.
Prakashan wanted to become a doctor,
but ended up being a nurse.
Once he cleared his exams,
he felt the job wasn't dignified enough.
You don't even pick a coconut
from the tree when I ask you.
I didn't obtain a degree to climb up
coconut trees.
That guy, Sathishan, who picks coconuts
every month is an M.A. graduate, right?
His father was also a coconut picker.
My father was a school teacher.
That's the difference.
She may be my mother,
but she's so uncultured.
Every person in that house,
except Prakashan,
is gainfully employed
some way or the other.
His sister-in-law sews
and his mother helps her.
His older brother, Pradeepan,
runs a grocery store.
But Prakashan doesn't bother
to ever lend a hand.
Prakashan has an older sister too. Usha.
Usha's husband, Vasanthan,
was a driver in Dubai.
While on his way back home,
Vasanthan bought a lottery ticket
from a duty-free store at Dubai airport.
He won a little over 60 million rupees.
Since then, he has been desperately trying
to convince everyone
that he's a millionaire.
Prakashan also possesses
a specific Malayali trait
found in abundance all over Kerala.
Sit here! Sit here!
Enough! Enough!
Brother, I need to catch
the train to Chennai after lunch.
This is the youngest.
The older one is in Ernakulam.
They're a renowned family.
What's the point?
-The food's no good.
-No, it was fine.
It's because you haven't had
a good feast.
Did the sambar have all the vegetables?
The side dish smelled smoky.
And the dessert wasn't sweet enough.
See you next week
at Raghavan's daughter's wedding.
At times, he considered joining
a political party.
Corruption was his goal.
If he succeeds in spewing false opinions,
he could become an MLA or a minister?
-What is it, Prakashan?
I want to serve the people.
I have decided to join your party.
That's a good decision.
But most of the party workers here
serve the people without regular jobs.
We don't have enough
to fund their expenses.
Maybe some other time.
Since he felt the name "Prakashan"
was old-fashioned,
he had it changed recently.
And got this published in the Gazette
as P. R. Akash.
Hey! Where can I find
Palakkavu Mathachan's house?
-I'll tell him.
The tall, gray-haired guy
with a thick mustache?
-He owns a fertilizer plant in town?
We know him.
You need to go back half a mile.
You'll see an intersection
with a flag post. Turn right, there.
And then you go about 2 miles, right?
There's a paddy field with a Shiva temple
across from it.
The house is right there.
Just ask someone.
-Okay. Thanks.
-Don't miss that intersection.
Sure, I won't.
Dude, Mathachan's house
is right around that corner.
They have a big, fancy car.
Let them go for a ride.
This trip is to meet a potential bride.
Prakashan's friend, Bahuleyan,
who works in Qatar,
asked him to come along...
without realizing what that meant.
Prakashan was quite shocked to see
his friend's potential bride's house.
He left for Qatar as an accountant.
Within two years, his Arab boss
made him the manager of the company.
Where did you study?
I studied engineering in Coimbatore,
and went to school here.
We studied together.
What do you do?
What do you do?
-Shall we ask her to come in then?
The girl was a bit modern
and very beautiful.
This sparked some jealousy
within Prakashan.
She is our only child.
Whatever I have belongs to her.
Nice girl. I liked her.
They are from a reputed family.
There's no need to look further now.
I mean, Bahuleyan.
Don't go for it.
Why not?
Don't ask me too much about this.
I know this girl.
I know about her past.
This is not for you.
-But she didn't seem--
-Don't you trust me?
I do.
Just consider that
I'm saying this for your benefit.
Just let it go.
-I'm letting it go.
-Then let's go.
Even though Bahuleyan let it go,
Prakashan didn't.
Thoughts of that rich, beautiful girl
blossomed like a flower
in Prakashan's heart.
Since he knew
she was way out of his league,
Prakashan tried winning her over.
Do you walk this way every day?
I've come home once.
-What did you say your name was?
P. R. Akash.
If you stalk and harass me again,
you won't see the light.
I'll call the police. Understood?
P. R. Akash's life,
which had no prospects,
was going to turn topsy-turvy
from this moment on.
This is Salomi.
While studying to be a nurse, Prakashan
tried to woo Salomi, who was his junior.
The moment he realized she's not well-off,
he ditched her.
But destiny is leading her
toward Prakashan.
-Look who's here.
I'm a nurse in Bangalore.
Aren't you Prakashan?
Even though you mock me, you're right.
I am not Prakashan now.
Akash. P. R. Akash.
I had it published in the Gazette, too.
I don't know what that is.
But you're the same old person, right?
I didn't call you because--
The number was deleted, my cell phone
was on silent mode when you called...
These lies go along
with owning a cell phone.
So, try some other excuse.
There's no point in saying the truth now.
You won't believe it.
When did you arrive from Bangalore?
And how did you find this house?
The house was easy to find.
When I asked around
where the most crooked guy lived,
they guided me here.
-That's a good one.
-I haven't come to trouble you.
I felt like meeting all my friends,
so I came...
to say goodbye.
I got a job in Germany.
As a nurse.
I'm here now, but I'll be leaving soon.
-So what about the visa?
-It's sorted.
I tried and got it. That's all.
Through a friend's friend.
I owe some money...
but that's okay.
I can repay that with four months' salary.
It's not like here.
The salary there is 3,000 per month.
How much is 3,000 in Indian rupees?
300,000 rupees.
Per month?
That's how Prakashan lost his sleep.
A country and a job he had dreamed about
for so long.
A salary of Rs. 300,000 per month.
An ordinary girl like Salomi
could achieve it.
Prakashan couldn't deal with that.
He needed to get to Germany
one way or the other.
He racked his brains over it.
Finally, he thought of someone
who could help.
His father's student.
He's an agent of migrant laborers
in the city.
He has a lot of contacts.
Anyway, labor
is what he deals with, right?
Gopalji would definitely help him
find a way.
Hey, all of you, get ready to go.
The truck is about to move.
-How many people are in there?
Ten guys to Thoppumpady building site.
Five guys to the field.
Ten guys for loading.
-All of you leave now.
-You guys go quickly.
Start quickly.
Hurry up. It's time to leave.
Gopalji will scold us if we are late.
I'll leave as soon as I finish this tea.
Gopalji, some people
are asking for more money.
-No, it can't be done now.
They need ten guys
to work on the building's flooring.
Sebastian has asked
for five more guys now.
Lesser people are coming over
from Bengal now, Suresh.
The government has changed there.
Only ten guys today.
Let's see tomorrow.
All of you, leave.
Prakashan, what are you doing here
with luggage?
-Are you going to Kashi?
-I came to meet you, Gopalji.
When I asked around, I heard you'd be here
early in the morning.
Not just here,
there are other areas as well.
Until I send these laborers
to different places,
I don't have time to breathe.
We can chat some other time.
Well, Gopalji,
I wanted to discuss an urgent matter.
Otherwise, why would I wait here
so early in the morning?
Then get in.
Two plates of bhuna gorur mangsho
and six rotis, please.
"Bhuna gorur mangsho?"
"Bhuna gorur mangsho."
Beef curry.
Two beef curry and six chapatis.
Moideen, give me two cups of tea.
Not too much sugar, please.
Why do you speak to me in Hindi?
Two cups of tea with less sugar, right?
I'll get that for you.
After talking to these Bengalis
all day long,
I speak in Hindi even at home.
So, Prakashan--
Gopalji, not Prakashan. Akash.
P. R. Akash.
Didn't I tell you? I changed my name
and published it in the Gazette.
Whatever your name may be,
why do you want to go to Germany?
Don't nurses get jobs here?
It's not that, Gopalji.
What do you picture
when you hear the word "nurse"?
An angel wearing a uniform
and a white cap.
That image doesn't suit men.
Then why did you study nursing?
Back then, I wasn't smart.
Are you smart now?
Drink your tea.
Getting to Germany is not an easy task.
Even if you find someone
who sends people there,
if you need a job in Germany,
you need to know German.
When you have that on your application,
you'll get a work visa.
Otherwise, you'll have to marry
a nurse who works in Germany.
They can bring along their husbands
on a family visa.
Instead of going for the impossible,
why don't you go back home?
Thyagu? Hey!
Where are you?
You asked for three days' leave.
It's been a week now.
Don't come back!
He is upstairs.
Prakashan, you haven't left?
Once I take a decision, I stand by it.
I have decided to learn German.
I found a place for that as well.
To learn German,
are you going to travel all the way here
from home every day?
I thought about that the whole morning.
Finally, I've decided.
What have you decided?
There are places to stay
near the German institute.
But after coming to this city,
how can I stay at another place?
You may scold me if I live elsewhere.
I remember what you said once.
When you were in eighth grade,
all the students went on a tour
to Malampuzha.
Except you.
When my father found out, her paid
for your tour out of his own pocket,
and Gopalji also visited Malampuzha.
When did I say this?
When you visited us when Dad died.
I remember everything, Gopalji.
If that teacher's son stays elsewhere,
wouldn't you feel bad?
I know you will feel bad!
So I thought I'll stay here.
Why not?
I don't need a bed or mattress.
Even the floor is fine.
This will be trouble.
Where did you get the chapatis from?
The Bengalis prepare it downstairs.
We shouldn't differentiate
between Bengalis and Malayalis.
We are all one!
May I have two chapatis?
Hey, Bhubaneshwar!
Yes, Gopalji.
-Bring two chapatis.
-Is the fever high now?
God! Would it be Nipah or something?
Want to go to the hospital?
Should I come?
-I am in the city.
-When did you come?
I reached today. Tell me.
Should I come over?
No. I'll call you if it's necessary.
Cover up with a blanket
and sleep tight. I'll call you tomorrow.
Do you know which countries use German
as their official language?
Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.
How do we ask for
someone's name in Malayalam?
"What is your name?"
The reply would be,
"My name is so-and-so."
How do we ask this in German?
What is your name?
I'll reply to that saying,
my name is Rajmani.
What is your name?
My name is Dhanya.
My name is Vipin.
My name is Akash. P. R. Akash.
Sister, a call for you.
-Bring it here.
Has the fever subsided?
Yes. The fever is gone.
Why have you come here?
I don't know.
Some kind of inner calling
brought me here.
What does that mean?
I'll tell you when we meet.
What are you doing now?
I'm going to take a bath.
Then bathe carefully.
I'll call you later.
Help us, Gopalji.
Stop! Stop!
All of you please don't talk together.
We're not getting Wi-Fi here.
How can we stay without Wi-Fi?
We need Wi-Fi.
I feel some pain inside me.
What kind of pain? Stomach pain?
I'm talking about the stress from not
talking about how I feel to someone.
Then talk to someone.
This is not something
that can be said to random people.
I don't know.
If I could meet you once, Salomi...
Is it possible tomorrow?
Where will we meet?
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Good night.
The construction of this Metro Rail
got done so fast, right?
First, we need to thank
E. Sreedharan sir.
Isn't his house in Ponnani?
This train doesn't go that way.
Not now. I'll thank him
when I see him later.
I thought you wanted to say it now.
In fact, life is like
a Metro train, right?
-Is it?
-Of course.
It starts from some random place,
stops at some other random places.
So many people get in.
It doesn't start from anywhere.
It starts from Aluva.
And it doesn't stop anywhere.
After Aluva, it's Companypadi,
Kalamassery, Edappally, Kaloor...
So on and so forth...
I haven't slept in several days.
What happened?
I am someone who reads a lot of books.
There's a novel I like.
Cat That Got Trapped in a Sack
by Kattakkada Thankappan.
I take that book to read it,
I read one page,
then I close it and keep it away.
Why is that?
That's what I'm getting to.
You know what?
I have written so many poems.
Now, until 3.00 a.m. in the morning,
I just sit idle with a paper and pen.
I can't even write a line of poetry.
Then why don't you try
writing a short story?
You don't understand, Salomi.
What's the problem?
The problem is...
My mind is not under my control now.
I'll come to the point.
You are my problem, Salomi.
I can't control my love for you.
You don't know what you have
until it's gone.
Since I found out that you're leaving...
I don't know what happened.
I can't have a life without you, Salomi.
I don't know how else to say it.
At least you felt like
saying it now, right?
To be frank, I didn't visit anyone else
to say good-bye.
Every time we met each other,
I hoped that you would say
that you loved me, Prakashan.
Do you know that?
Not Prakashan.
P. R. Akash.
No problem.
Today we're going to study perfect tense.
What all did you do yesterday?
Come on, say it.
What all did you do yesterday?
Very good.
What all did you do yesterday?
Yesterday, I...
What was that word, sir?
-I studied German.
Thank you.
Are you doing good, Mr. Gopal?
Hey, Gopalji, are you doing good?
It's German.
Are you doing good?
So you are all prepped?
Of course!
Where are you off to wearing a silk mundu?
I've to attend a wedding.
My wife's relative.
Learning German is fine.
But there are other obstacles
in getting a visa, right?
You'll have to spend a lot of money.
We should find someone
who can arrange a visa.
I've already found a way to fly to Germany
without any of that, Gopalji.
Nurse. Husband visa!
How did you find a nurse so soon?
I knew her from college.
I ditched her later.
She's got a job in Germany now.
So I wooed her again.
-So you will marry her?
But once I reach Germany,
I will get rid of her.
Once I get a job there, I'll make up
some reason to escape from that.
Then I can come back here,
and marry a girl
from a decent family, right?
Are you really Achuthan Master's son?
God has given us intelligence
take advantage of opportunities.
Dad used to say that the goal
is more important than the journey.
Does that mean
that you can cheat anyone for a job?
No cheating in this.
This is no big deal in European countries.
Wedding in the morning,
divorce in the evening. That's all.
They'll start at 10:30 a.m.
We must leave.
I am ready.
Isn't that your wife, Gopalji?
Yes. Prakashan, right?
I was! Now I am Akash.
P. R. Akash.
Akash doesn't suit you.
Bahirakash, suits you better.
He wants to plant a coconut sapling
in outer space.
Dad, bahirakash means space, right?
-Can coconut saplings be planted there?
If your dad was Achuthan Master,
you can plant saplings anywhere.
The mind is a really strange thing.
-Right, Salomi?
Well, I've walked down this sidewalk
so many times.
But the kind of experience
that I've never had then,
I have with you, now, Salomi.
-You don't want flowers, do you?
-Where do you stay here?
-At a bungalow.
Bungalowil Gopalji. Haven't you heard?
He's a great man.
He was my father's student.
Whenever I come to this city,
he insists that I stay with him.
I have no interests in alcohol
and marijuana, right?
He really cares about me.
And who doesn't bow down
before love, dear?
To be honest,
I feel like a dam that's overflowing.
Dam overflowed?
Which one? Mullaperiyar?
No. It was a metaphor.
My love for you, which I had kept
suppressed in my mind for so long.
I meant that it's coming out
like an overflowing dam.
Like that!
You don't really have a nose
for literature, do you?
Does literature smell or what?
It does.
There's a smell of paper and ink
when you open new books, right?
That's called a nose for literature.
-Can you give me 100 Rupees?
Can you give me a few bucks?
You called me here to say that?
I can't come there
in this condition instead, right?
Please. Can you give me 100 rupees?
-What for?
-For alcohol.
Why do you want to drink?
If I don't drink, I can't beg, sir.
I feel embarrassed.
-Give me something, you rascal.
-Get lost, you loafer!
Mind your words!
Your dad is the loafer!
-Who was that?
-That's an old friend of mine.
I didn't recognize him at first.
When I got near him,
he asked, "Who's that pretty girl?"
I said, "She's the girl
I'm going to marry."
I've told him not to tell anyone.
He won't. He's a very nice man.
When will you get the visa?
All the formalities are over.
They will call once
it reaches the embassy.
I need to go to Bangalore and collect it.
The visa and the ticket
will be given together.
You will leave as soon
as you get it, right?
Of course. Isn't that
what I'm waiting for?
Why did you become dull suddenly?
You should go, Salomi.
You must go.
But I'm in a situation where I can't stay
away from you, even for a day.
When I think about that...
Once I reach there,
I'll try to get a work visa somehow.
I heard that there's a huge demand
for male nurses there.
And you're learning German
as well, right?
Wouldn't all that take a lot
of time to get sorted, Salomi?
Until then, without seeing you...
Then what do we do?
Nurses can take their husbands quickly
with a family visa, right?
-Why don't you try that?
-I should get married, right?
You should.
You don't need to announce it
to the whole town.
You need a marriage certificate
from the registrar.
With a certificate, you can get me a visa
on reaching there.
I enquired.
We have to live together
some day or the other, right?
Then what's the problem?
But still...
There are only a few more days left
before I leave.
In between that,
a registered marriage is like...
If it's difficult for you...
I won't force you.
No! It's not like that.
My mom and dad,
I don't know how they will react.
They are staunch believers of the church.
People who are praying
at the church all the time.
They can't even imagine me marrying
someone who's not a Christian.
Just tell them I'm a Christian.
If they ask about your family?
Just tell them I grew up
at an orphanage in a church.
You're such a liar.
This banana isn't ripe yet.
Can't you get the stem too?
You cut it yourself, Mom.
You never obey me!
Where's the rosary?
By the way, when Dad asked for your name,
I just said what came to mind.
Haven't you heard of Sylvester Stallone?
You could have said it's Benny
or Johnnykutty.
I've said it anyway.
Dad's name is Gregorias Salsalavos.
He's called Gregory for short.
You should match him, right? Come.
This is Sylvester.
You've reached?
She told us that you would come.
You're much smarter than
I imagined you to be.
Yes. No one would believe
that he grew up in an orphanage.
If we think about it,
who's not an orphan, son?
My father and mother died.
So am I not an orphan?
Dad, what you said just now
is one of life's greatest truths.
Please bless me.
Saw that?
The benefit of being raised by Fathers.
I had told them that
you were raised by a priest.
-She's the younger one.
-I know.
-Not Celona. Celina.
Yes, Celina. Awesome name.
-You're in the tenth grade, right?
-No, ninth.
I didn't take blessings from Mom.
Come inside, son.
It's the first time that
I'm being called "son" by a mother.
I'm an orphan, right?
It's good that you're an orphan.
Once he earns, he doesn't need to
take care of other people's expenses.
Yes. It's all God's blessings.
-Go, light the candle.
Son, Sylvi, please sit inside.
-I'll wash up and come.
Sylvi bro...
What's that?
Sorry, I meant Sylvi.
-They want you to pray.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins as we forgive
those who sin against us.
Save us in times of trial,
and deliver us from evil. Amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.
Aren't you a pretty lotus?
Aren't you the girl of my dreams?
Aren't you a bouquet
In which desire blooms?
Aren't we one, forever?
This heart is singing love songs
Everything I see is beautiful
The scorching sun feels like snow
When you are by my side
Love has given us wings
And we're flying high
With endless desires
Our eyes are casting nets of dreams
Between each other, often
Aren't you a pretty lotus?
Aren't you the girl of my dreams?
Aren't you a bouquet
In which desire blooms?
Aren't we one, forever?
When we meet often
Won't your face light up with a smile?
When you smile
Doesn't it have the sweetness of honey?
When we meet often
Won't your face light up with a smile?
When you smile
Doesn't it have the sweetness of honey?
In the skies that are colored
With a hundred evening clouds
You and I soar high
In excitement, far away
We are swimming together
To meet in dreamy shores
Riding through the dancing waves
At the prow of the boat
The heart is happy
The spring that has come at the wrong time
After a long wait
The bee that flies and sings
All around town
Has endless happiness
Every step you take
Provides rhythm in my heart
A new life is blossoming
When we meet often
Won't your face light up with a smile?
When you smile
Doesn't it have the sweetness of honey?
When we meet often
Won't your face light up with a smile?
When you smile
Doesn't it have the sweetness of honey?
Aren't you a pretty lotus?
Aren't you the girl of my dreams?
Aren't you a bouquet
In which desire blooms?
Aren't we one, forever?
This heart is singing love songs
Everything that I see
Is looking beautiful
The scorching sun feels like snow
When you are by my side
Love has given us wings
And we're flying high
With endless desires
Our eyes are casting nets of dreams
Between each other, often
Aren't you a pretty lotus?
Aren't you the girl of my dreams?
Aren't you a bouquet
In which desire blooms?
Aren't we one, forever?
When we meet often
Won't your face light up with a smile?
When you smile
Doesn't it have the sweetness of honey?
When we meet often
Won't your face light up with a smile?
When you smile
Doesn't it have the sweetness of honey?
Mom, Salomi had called me.
She said "Hello."
Then I heard her crying.
What happened?
Where is Salomi?
She is lying down, son.
She's not eating anything,
or taking a bath.
Tell me, what's the matter?
Her Germany trip got canceled.
We need to pay Rs. 300,000 more
for the visa.
We had thought of taking out a mortage
on this property.
And then?
Only when we showed the title deed
to the bank did we realize something.
Salomi's aunt is a nun in Italy.
She left, saying
she doesn't need any assets.
But without her signature,
the bank won't give us money.
Didn't you call Italy then?
We did. She said
she would come and sign it.
But she can come only after a month.
Apparently, there's a big conference
happening there, led by the Pope.
But by then, the last date
for the visa would be over.
You need Rs. 300,000?
You don't worry, son.
Let's think of it as
God just didn't favor her.
Salomi, don't cry.
It's not that you can
get it so easily, right?
You shouldn't let it go.
Let me see...
If there's any way.
Mom, ask her to get up and eat something.
She shouldn't fall sick.
-Son, wait.
-What is it, Dad?
Shall we do a group prayer?
That day's prayer hasn't worked.
I'll be back soon.
He wants to pray
when I'm going crazy here!
My dear Prakashan, you should join
some TV channel for a comedy show.
I'm sure that people would die laughing
hearing this joke of yours.
Anitha, call Mom.
Ask her to come
if she wants to hear a good joke.
Someone here is going to Germany.
What is it, Pradeepan?
Mom, apparently, he is going to Germany.
For a nursing job.
He needs Rs. 300,000 for the visa.
God, don't make me laugh like this.
What happened to you, Prakashan?
It's not a joke, Mom.
I'm serious.
It's been so long
since you finished your nursing course.
Have you worked in any hospital here?
And you want to go to Germany?
We would only get peanuts as salary here.
If we need anything more,
we need to go on strike.
The goons of the hospital owners
would break my legs.
Want to see me on all fours?
Anything good happened
when you were walking on two legs?
All fours would be a change, man!
None of them were ever cultured.
Dude, even if you sell the bike,
you'd still need more money, right?
Something is better than nothing.
Didn't your brother-in-law win
60 million from Dubai duty-free?
Rs. 300,000 won't be a problem for him.
I won't get a single penny.
He is a miser.
He quit his driver's job
as soon as he won the lottery.
Tell me if there's any other way.
If you have anything to pawn,
there's one way.
What way?
Don't you know Keshavan Nair of Mavungal?
-He'll help.
But you'll have to pay a bit of interest.
That's not a problem.
It will be a problem only
if you intend to pay it, right?
To pawn...
My house and land are family-owned.
Mom won't give that.
But I can steal it.
Is Keshavan Nair playing the veena?
He's miserable in life.
He's taking it out on the veena.
What are you doing here?
We came to meet Keshavan.
He has gone to Munnar
to encroach on a property.
Encroach on a property?
-Won't there be police? Isn't it risky?
Not at all. He has gone with a huge cross.
He'll install a cross
on the encroached land.
There won't be any problem after that.
Now the only way
is to meet your brother-in-law.
What have you got to lose?
I don't have any hope.
But I'll give it a try, right?
You should!
-Then you guys leave with the bike.
Someone named Krishna Kumar
is looking for a bike, right?
I'll get off when I get an auto rickshaw.
Isn't Usha here?
Usha was here...
It was you?
I hid when I heard the sound
of the auto rickshaw.
I'm fed up with people
who come asking for donations.
A priest came yesterday.
Saying that he wants
to build an orphanage.
You know Vasanthan, right?
No questions asked.
He wrote a check
for Rs. 500,000 immediately.
-How are you doing, sister?
-Not too good.
I'm under a lot of pressure until
the construction of this house gets done.
That's why I'm not even able
to come and meet Mom.
Didn't you see?
We're building it to resemble a ship.
Vasanth is really fond of ships, right?
You don't have any job as always, right?
I've found a job now.
A great job.
In Germany.
You and your husband
should help me slightly.
I don't have enough money
for the visa yet.
I still need Rs. 300,000.
Once I get my salary,
I'll repay that money first.
But you should tell Vasanthan
and get this sorted out.
Where were you yesterday?
-I was here.
-Then why didn't you come here?
Came from Ernakulam yesterday.
Is that my fault?
This morning we decided
to buy a Lamborghini.
We paid the advance
with the money we had.
Isn't that a cow, like Nandini?
If you want a local one,
Vechur and Kasaragod Kullan are best.
Lamborghini, a cow?
You idiot! Lamborghini is a car
bought by really rich people.
It costs 25,000,000 rupees.
I need only 300,000 rupees.
No way, Prakashan.
Vasanth has invested all his money
in our business. You better get going.
He doesn't even know
what a Lamborghini is.
-Which world is he living in?
-Come, brother. Let's go.
You sold your bike, right?
What else can I do?
Mom, not even one out of
a million people get this visa.
I'm asking this because
I don't trust you at all.
Will you really get the visa?
Shall I tear my heart open?
I know your history, right?
I've made mistakes.
But can't I ever reform, or what?
I'll swear on you, Mom.
You've done that several times too.
What else should I do?
I just want to see you doing well
before I die.
Even though she came here
from another house,
Pradeepan's wife has a good heart.
She just wants you to succeed somehow.
She's saving her money for you
without Pradeepan's knowledge.
I also have some money which I made
by sewing churidars and dresses.
Thank you, Mom.
How much would it be?
If you're here to work,
you should work!
Don't waste time on your mobiles.
I shouldn't hear a complaint again.
-Gopalji, I was--
-Shut up.
All of you, leave.
Get to work!
What are you doing here?
When I saw the vehicle,
I knew that you would be nearby.
What are you up to now?
Up to?
Do you think I'm a cheat, Gopalji?
I'm just trying to succeed somehow.
Get inside.
I've believed everything.
Forget about 100,000 rupees!
I don't even have a penny for you.
-I didn't want to trouble you, Gopalji.
-Then why are you troubling me?
Didn't I tell you? I sold my bike.
Mom gave me whatever she had.
If I don't get this,
Salomi's visa will get canceled
and I'll be stranded.
Just to keep this rolling.
It'll be a month, at the most.
By then, the nun will come from Italy
after the Pope's conference.
My father was so fond of you, Gopalji.
I was a little boy then.
Dad would come home
and talk about you daily, Gopalji.
It's due to that fondness
that he gave you money
to go see Malampuzha.
That's all true. But how can I
give you money when I don't have any?
Beggars can't be choosers, right?
It's said that such beggars
should be slapped immediately as well.
-I haven't heard that proverb.
-It's new.
Well, they say this
in TV advertisements, right?
"Despite having gold at home,
why do you look for money elsewhere?"
There would be some gold
at your house as well, right?
Not at my house. It might be
in the guy's house from the ad.
The necklace that your wife was wearing
when she was here to go for that wedding?
Isn't that about 45 grams?
You had set your eyes on that?
If you sell that, you can buy
a better one within one month.
She won't give that.
Her brother from Bahrain gifted her that.
I don't know if what I'm saying is wrong.
I'm saying this because this
is a life and death situation.
Can you take it without her knowledge?
Right. You mean I should steal it?
How will this be a theft? Think about it.
Is the life of your mentor's son
more important?
Or a necklace that we can buy
in a month more important?
That's not the problem.
I've never lied to my wife to this date.
Are you even a husband?
Is there any man in Kerala today
who hasn't lied to his wife?
Prakashan, I can't give you a guarantee.
-I'll try.
-That's enough.
That's enough.
Oh, it's only you, Gopi?
I got really scared.
I had kept Bindranwala's passport
somewhere here.
When did you come?
I didn't hear you come in.
I forgot to burst crackers while coming.
Can you bring me some tea?
You don't normally come
on Wednesdays, right?
Honestly, I felt like seeing you.
Yeah, right! I would have sent
my photo if you had told me!
How is that the same?
But you said you came for the passport?
-I thought I'll take it...
-What was that noise, Mom?
Your dad's madham broke.
What does madham mean, Dad?
Madham means religion.
Islam matham, Christian matham,
Hindu matham.
How does it break?
Don't you have anything to study?
Go! I need to sleep.
-Can I say something?
We are going on an excursion
to Kanyakumari this time.
Wherever it is, I'll give you
the money for that.
A Malampuzha problem from long back
is still troubling me.
You leave now. I need to sleep.
Eat this before having tea.
I was thinking...
How long has it been
since you watched a movie?
A good movie has released. Jackal.
-Go and watch it.
The evening show
wouldn't have started yet.
Take the kids as well.
I can sleep peacefully
during that time as well.
Right. How can we watch
a movie without you?
You know what the problem is?
The laborers from Gorakhpur reached
the railway station at 3:00 a.m.
By the time I made them settle down,
it was sunrise. I couldn't sleep!
The Bengalis were troubling me there.
It's okay if you're not going
for the movie. Let me close this door.
Just a minute. Shall I get you tea?
I have this banana. I don't need tea.
Let me go to sleep.
What happened to you?
You're closing the door, refusing tea.
These are new habits.
Will you please leave?
Exactly Rs. 300,000.
We can breathe properly now.
With you being late,
we were really worried.
It must have been a lot of trouble, right?
I sold my bike.
Mother also lent me some money.
I mean the Mother from the orphanage.
She travels on a bike. We sold that.
Since it's me,
she won't ask the money to be returned.
But we should repay this money
as soon as possible.
That's not a problem
once Margaret returns from Italy.
Dear, let's go to Bangalore today
to collect the visa.
Hey, Sylvi.
If there are no other problems,
let's register your marriage
on the 17th.
It's all God's mercy.
Let's head inside, son.
Let's all pray before Christ.
I prayed for two hours in the morning
before coming here.
I need to go to the airport urgently.
An old flight...
I mean, a friend is coming home.
I'm already late. I'll call you.
Stop kidding, Latha.
Where would the necklace go?
Are there any signs of a break-in
on the windows or doors?
If not, that necklace should be there.
No! No! Don't call the police.
That will lead to a lot of trouble.
No need to call the police.
I'll come there and decide.
How much was the necklace worth?
What's the point in that, Davis?
It's gone now.
Gopi is here.
What happened? Davis and Molly?
Why have all of you gathered?
They came when
the heard about the stolen necklace.
When did you get here, Sudhakaran?
All that later.
Why didn't you call the police?
Just a minute.
Don't you know
how the police are these days?
They would turn the victim
into the culprit.
Moreover, I am sure the necklace is here.
Where else can it be?
I searched every nook and corner.
Where did it go then?
You should be more careful.
Luckily, I know the sub-inspector here.
He can catch any thief within seconds.
So you did inform the police?
What other option did we have?
They said they would bring along
a fingerprint expert.
That's very good.
Even if the thief has fled,
his fingerprint would still be there.
I am off, then.
I need to pay wages to the laborers.
I'm already late.
You can pay them later.
How can the head of the family be missing
when the police come?
Not just that, I need to buy flour
to make chapatis.
We have flour here.
I'll make chapatis for you.
There are other problems too.
-Hello, sir.
Thefts don't usually happen
in this area, Sudhakaran.
Even the people here say so, sir.
Have you brought along
the fingerprint expert?
He's the head of the family.
My brother-in-law.
Really? What did you ask?
Fingerprint expert...
The one who examines it, right?
Yes, he's here. Why?
Well, the fingerprints
of the family members
would be there in that room, right?
Would you be able to identify
the thief's fingerprint separately
from that, sir?
Where do you work?
He supplies Bengali-Bihari laborers.
Is that so?
I need information about a Bihari
charged in another case.
Would you spare me a minute?
We don't have Biharis.
All are from Orissa, sir.
That's okay. Come on.
Come here, please! Bring his wife, too.
Come on.
I think they found the necklace.
All of you may leave.
Please leave.
The necklace hasn't been stolen.
-Please leave.
-All of you leave.
Where were you?
I am getting my marriage registered today.
Witnesses need to sign, right?
I wanted you to be one of them, Gopalji.
When you went missing,
Salomi said she would arrange someone.
Where were you, Gopalji?
I had to attend a funeral.
I'm coming from there.
Who died?
A Bengali or someone from Orissa?
An idiot Malayali.
Oh, no. Poor thing.
Leave all that.
It's all okay for you now, right?
Once I'm married, everything will be okay.
-Everything will be okay for me too.
Gopalji, how's this kurta?
I bought it with the leftover money
I had from selling the bike.
It's my wedding.
A change would be good, right?
That was the only thing that was missing!
Anyway, I'm really grateful to you
for teaching me a new skill.
What skill?
Now, even if I lose my job as an agent,
I don't have to worry.
I don't understand anything you're saying.
it's all my fault.
Gopalji, you're speaking gibberish,
like they do in an art film.
Wife, kids, brother-in-law,
Gopalji, I'll be late
if I stay any longer.
See you after the wedding, okay?
Take care.
Hello? Salomi? I've reached here.
What happened to your father?
Oh, God. Where?
Don't cry, Salomi.
I'll be there.
Right away!
The old man had to have a chest pain
right now!
What happened to your dad?
Where? Where is he?
They have taken him to run all the tests
as per doctor's recommendation.
He was fine at bedtime despite having
porotta and beef for dinner.
This morning he told me
he's feeling really weak
and wants to go
to the hospital immediately.
-Is it because he ate porottas?
-That can't be it.
Dad eats five to six porottas daily.
Come on, Dad.
Sit slowly.
Is it COAD?
The patient is my father.
is it something like that?
Ask the doctor, please.
Who is the CID you are asking
about, Sylvi?
Not "CID," but "COAD."
It's the name of a disease.
It means chronic obstructive
airway disease.
It's an abbreviation used by people
like us in the medical field.
Our wedding's put off.
Is that important now?
How can I go to Germany in this situation?
Won't the visa get canceled?
Salomi, he is my father as well.
Don't even think about canceling
the journey.
That's true, dear. Sylvi is here, right?
He borrowed money to pay for your visa.
-Wouldn't all that be in vain?
-No, Mom.
I'm not going to Germany.
Salomi, please come.
Just give us a minute.
There are doctors here to treat him.
If a nurse is needed, I'm here.
Don't you trust me?
But still...
What's the use if you stay here, Salomi?
Don't cancel the trip at any cost.
The ticket is for the day after, right?
After joining there,
just come back here once.
We'll get married then.
Board the flight without any worry.
-Was Dad discharged from the hospital?
He didn't get discharged, son.
He fought with the doctors.
He was fed up of staying in the hospital.
How can he do that?
I came to know only when I got there.
How is he now?
He's fine. Just that he has to go
for a checkup once a month.
Take this.
It's Horlicks and some fruits for him.
Have a seat, Sylvi. I'll get you tea.
-He is in the bathroom.
-Very well.
Salomi didn't call
after reaching there, Mom.
-She didn't call?
She had called her dad once.
When was that, dear?
Four or five days after she reached.
It's a new place.
She hasn't found a place to stay yet.
And she doesn't have money
to make international calls.
She needs to get the salary first, right?
Well, there would be
other Malayali nurses, right?
She can call from their phones.
Unfortunately, there's not
a single Malayali nurse in that hospital.
She will call soon.
How can she not call you?
Why don't you relax?
-Whom are you chatting with?
Let me see!
-Who is it?
-It's no one!
No one?
-Let me see.
-Don't check it, please.
Let me see.
-It's nobody.
-Let me see.
Give us today our daily bread,
and forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Mom, give him those yellow tablets
for one more month.
Don't eat fried foods
and pickles anymore.
-Can I eat beef?
-Really? You want beef?
I'll bring you beef, Dad.
One kilo, right?
Sylvi, don't soil your hands.
I'll do it.
Let me learn all this.
Once I go to Germany,
I'll be the only one to help Salomi.
That's true.
She doesn't know all this anyway.
Don't worry. I'll teach her.
Stop crying. Girls should be brave.
Why are you crying?
One guy harasses her every day
on her way to school.
That's all? We'll sort that out tomorrow.
Oh, my God!
That's all! Come!
I also learned this job quite a bit.
He needs to take an echo test,
and an angiogram, if necessary.
Just for my peace of mind.
His creatinine level is slightly high.
But doctors don't bother about it. Why?
There's no medicine to reduce
the creatinine level in allopathy.
For that, we need to try homeopathy.
I have a friend in Kuttippuram, Dr. Iqbal.
He's very good.
Why are you silent, Dad? Aren't you happy?
What happened, Mom?
You are so loving and affectionate,
but my daughter
couldn't understand you, son.
What happened?
Show him the WhatsApp message
that came in today, dear.
Isn't this Salomi?
That traitor married that German guy
standing next to her.
-Oh, my God!
-No! Dad!
People meet up once a while
Smile in greeting to be nice
Do those smiles contain drops of honey?
People meet up once a while
Smile in greeting to be nice
Do those smiles contain drops of honey?
Do you want to die? Move your vehicle!
Sorry for the inconvenience.
I am an undercover cop from CID.
Oh, no. CID.
I got a tip that a thief I'm after
is in this bus.
All of you should cooperate
with me to catch him.
This is the first time I've seen
a CID agent in the flesh.
Have you seen a dead one before?
Is this ugly fellow a CID agent?
Even though he's ugly,
he must be really intelligent.
Come on.
Is he the thief?
He looks like such a gentleman.
Nowadays, gentlemen commit crimes.
Move the bag. Let's see your face.
Aren't you ashamed of stealing stuff?
A big thank you from the CID department
to all of you.
Driver, thank you!
You thief! Look at him!
Hey, thief! Show your face!
Isn't he ashamed?
In front of so many people, you...
So that people in the bus get to know
you... Who are you? Kodiyeri Balakrishnan?
They would have thought
I am an actual thief!
My dear Prakashan, this is called
a backlash from the past.
My wife, brother-in-law, sub-inspector.
You didn't see what happened
to me in front of them, right?
Get in.
Pour some sambar for me.
Sambar for you?
You don't want?
Anyway, you learned quite a bit
of the German, didn't you?
I lost a lot of money like that, too.
It's not gone.
Let's put out a newspaper ad.
"Nurses working in Germany,
if you need a high-grade husband
who speaks German
please contact P. R. Akash
from Thavalakkuzhi."
Don't crack such cruel jokes, Gopalji.
I had started out to meet Mom.
To get the money for that necklace
and give it to you.
As if your mom has a vault,
kept open for you.
"My dear son, go ahead and take the money
for the necklace."
Your money is safe, Gopalji.
That aunty will return from Italy
right after the Pope's conference.
Once she's back,
she'll sign the property deed
which will help in taking out a mortgage.
Then we'll get the money.
Salomi's dad has promised me that.
Let him promise that to me as well.
I'll also come to meet him.
You don't trust me at all, Gopalji?
You are the only one I don't trust.
Who is it?
Have you come to view the house?
No, we've come to meet the family here.
The people who lived here moved.
Antony mentioned new tenants
would inspect the house today.
This house was a rental?
Yes, Advocate Antony gives this house
on rent.
Do you know where that family moved?
Who knows?
They hadn't paid their rent for a while.
They didn't even inform Antony.
He has gone nuts over this.
Tomorrow's lottery! Tomorrow's lottery!
Tomorrow's lottery!
Tomorrow's lottery, sir.
Please buy a ticket, sir.
The lots will be drawn tomorrow.
He has just won the Salomi Lottery.
He doesn't need anymore. He won't bear it.
Tomorrow's lottery!
I feel quite relieved right now.
I had my doubts
on whether you were intelligent.
There is no confusion now.
That's what makes me so happy now.
You're feeling happy
when I'm completely shattered?
How are you shattered?
Did you lose a single penny
you earned through your hard work?
Forget that.
You also lost the necklace of my wife,
who had nothing to do with all this.
Don't say that, Gopalji!
Your wife is my sister-in-law.
Who are you?
My father's dearest student.
Gopalji, you shouldn't forget
that Achuthan Master gave money
to that tearful 12-year-old
who desperately wanted to tour Malampuzha.
-You shouldn't.
-Just a minute. Please stop.
Back then,
Achuthan Master gave me seven rupees.
Here take this.
It's ten times that amount.
Don't ever mention Malampuzha again.
Are all relationships meant to be ruined
this easily over money, Gopalji?
I need to sever
the Malampuzha relationship today.
No, Gopalji. No.
There are people who struggle every day
to earn a living.
You don't know anything about that.
You're not doing the only job
you are qualified for,
how will you succeed?
Fine. Nursing it is, then.
You can't decide that on your own.
Just because you studied it,
would anyone give you a nurse's job
without any work experience?
What should I do then? Should I die?
But I appreciate this zeal
of wanting to die.
Such people can do anything.
Now you let me decide
what needs to be done.
What do you mean?
I'll decide what needs
to be done in your life.
So what next?
Then you needn't know anything.
I will lead you though the paths
I think are right.
What is this?
This is called a paddy field.
The seedlings that you have to plant
are lying on the field.
What should I do here?
You will plant the seedlings.
You will get the same salary
given to the Bengalis.
And if you work for enough number of days,
you will be able to repay the debt
that you owe me.
I can't find any other way, Prakashan.
-But, Gopalji, I'm--
-No one in that group knows you.
-But I don't know this work.
-There's nothing to know.
Just untie the seedlings,
plant them one by one in the marsh.
Just follow what they are doing.
I'm not used to all this, Gopalji.
This is our problem.
We can't farm our own land,
but we go abroad
and wash a stranger's toilet.
Go, Prakashan.
What is this?
The folk song of Bengalis.
Now we can hear
only their songs on our fields.
We've forgotten how to farm,
and our songs too.
Hey, Prakashan!
It doesn't matter if you think
that I'm only flattering you.
The Bengalis and Biharis
really respect you now.
You carried 50 sacks of cement all alone?
That's how you should be.
That Kaushal Pandey talked about you
in such high regard for so long today.
-Will he get his sister to marry me?
-He doesn't have a sister.
That's great.
Do you need to take rest now?
Yes, I do.
Not exactly that.
The job you know. Nursing. That job.
It's not a hospital. It's a house.
A girl who is in tenth grade
should be given medicines
and injections on time.
That's all.
It will be a live-in arrangement,
along with food.
You'll have a lot of time to relax.
What say?
Why do you need my opinion
when I'm stuck in this necklace trap?
Very good.
You will get a good salary.
Once this job is done,
we will buy the necklace.
Then you will be free. Is that okay?
-Who are you?
-I've come to meet Ms. Rachel.
-Gopalji sent you?
She is inside. Go ahead.
Good morning, madam.
Prakashan, right?
No. P. R. Akash.
Gopalji calls me Prakashan
by mistake sometimes.
That must be it.
When we need laborers here,
I call Gopalji.
Pauly, this is the guy Gopalji sent.
No, no! P. R. Akash.
Pauly is the all-in-all here.
Whatever you need, just tell her.
Exams are going on in my college now.
Since I'm the principal,
I can't stay away at all.
I still carved a bit of time to come home.
-Tina hasn't woken up.
-How would she?
She was fiddling with her phone
till sunrise.
-She is slightly mischievous.
My daughter.
When I say no to something,
she will do exactly that.
They are children.
We have to be gentle with them.
I have had patients
with different behaviors.
If you have so much confidence,
there's nothing to fear.
The medicine chart is in her room.
The doctor checks on her regularly.
If she says she can't sleep at night,
you might have to give her an injection.
And there's one important thing.
Junk food is her weakness.
The doctor has specifically said
we shouldn't give
her cakes, pizzas and burgers.
But she manages to order those
using her phone.
-Don't allow that at any cost.
-I'll see to it.
Don't waste your time talking.
You're already late.
Okay, then. She will show you your room.
-Call me when she wakes up.
-All right.
Come on, Akashan.
This is your room.
-Do you want something to drink?
Akashan! Here's some tea.
What a great house!
This house was built
by Rachel's grandfather.
Rachel inherited it.
Did you eat anything in the morning?
No. Gopalji said I'll get everything here.
Then let me cook something for you.
Once Tina wakes up,
I won't be able to do anything.
She gets angry at the drop of a hat.
-Do you want puttu or idiyappam?
-Puttu would be great.
-Puttu, right?
-I'll make egg curry too.
Oh, my God!
Don't shout, man!
-Who are you?
-You were a girl?
I would have done something.
There's a gate in the front.
Then why did you come this way?
-I came to meet Tina.
-Should you scale the wall for that?
Who are you?
I haven't seen you around.
Not seeing me is the problem?
Would you stop shouting?
If that security guard spots me,
that's it.
If there's a problem
if the security guard spots you,
then there's a real problem.
I came because Tina called me.
Then why didn't you take the gate?
I'll tell you the matter.
Will you help me?
Well, who are you actually?
I'm here to take care of Tina.
P. R. Akash.
The new nurse?
You can say that too.
Tina is really fond of burgers.
I make these at home.
-I deliver them according to orders.
-Understood. This won't do.
I have to take care
of the patient's health.
I won't allow you to give such filthy food
to my patients.
I will not repeat this!
I took so much trouble coming here, right?
Let me give this. I won't come again.
Security! Security! Pauly! Pauly!
-You traitor!
-What did you say?
Security! Pauly! Security, thief!
Security, come fast! Pauly!
Good morning, Tina.
Mr. Akash, right?
Yeah. P. R. Akash.
Mom had mentioned you. I woke up late.
You must have been watching something on
YouTube the whole night. Was it a movie?
No, nothing in particular.
I just keep watching something
until I feel sleepy.
Mostly Netflix.
It's a good movie. I've seen it.
But night is meant for sleeping.
Kids your age should sleep
around 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m.
Sleep is the best medicine for our body.
Now that I'm here, we'll bring discipline
to your sleeping and eating patterns.
True. I also felt the same.
But there should be someone
sensible enough to teach me all this.
Yeah, yeah.
Back in 2014, when I was
in Lilavati Hospital in Bombay,
I had a patient there.
Have you worked in Lilavati and all?
Sorry. I forgot to mention that.
At first, I was in AIIMS, Delhi.
From there,
I was called to Apollo in Chennai.
By then, Aster Medcity called me.
Then Vandanam Medical College,
Cherpulassery Health Center, and so forth.
You have so much experience?
I'm really lucky.
I think I'm also lucky.
Ever since I came here,
everyone here gave me the impression
that you are a difficult child.
But when I met you, I realized
you're such an innocent girl!
Ruby, catch!
Oh, my God!
Did it go? Stupid dog.
Oh, my God! Pauly! Please save me!
The dog is after me!
Ruby, come here!
Ruby, please!
She will rip apart that boy. Oh, God!
Ruby, don't bite him.
Oh, my God!
You chased off that lady who delivered
the burger I ordered. Stay there.
Mom, tea.
Just wait a bit, Germany.
-Shall we go, then?
You've changed your clothes.
Now, take your bag as well.
Such a nice breeze.
It's scorching hot.
It's not wrong that you feel so now.
It was a lucky escape.
That dog would have killed me.
Think about it, Gopalji.
Do you want to get me killed
for a necklace?
You should also consider something else.
If the Indian Army flees when faced
by an enemy with machine guns and bombs,
what would happen to India?
This is so silly.
One child and one dog!
We can sort it out.
You get in first.
Get in, fast.
Shall I make avial for lunch, dear?
Will you eat it?
-I'll have chapati and chutney.
-Chapati and chutney?
That doesn't sound like
a good combination.
This combination is fine for me.
Look who's here! Come in.
That was some good running.
I laughed a lot.
I need to say a few things to you, dear.
Why not? Go ahead.
There's absolute poverty
in his house.
Oh, no! But he didn't tell me that.
-Aunty, give them some rice.
-Right away.
No need of rice.
I was just telling you
his situation, dear.
His father's been paralyzed
for the past seven years.
You poor thing.
His mother is mentally unstable.
She is kept in chains.
Oh, gosh!
He has two sisters, both are blind.
O, lord, why are you torturing
a family like this?
I'm not saying
you shouldn't punish him
when he makes a mistake.
Now he has a bad knee pain.
It's difficult for him to run.
So, for the time being,
please keep the dog away.
Once his knee pain is gone?
Once his pain is cured, you can chase him
as much as you want.
Before that, give biscuits
and get friendly with the dog.
Like I said.
Paralyzed dad, crazy mother
and two blind sisters.
Please show him some mercy.
Shall I leave then? Goodbye.
What an idiotic sob story.
Dad is paralyzed, mom is crazy.
Does he think everyone would believe
such foolish lies?
He likes to fib a lot.
He is a compulsive liar.
I thought all that was true.
Akashan, you would have
eaten something, right?
Not at all!
Then come on.
The dog didn't bite you, right?
-There's still time.
Both the nurses who were here were bitten.
Oh, God!
You should have seen them
both running away, shouting and bleeding.
The nurse after that,
Tina knocked her down with one kick.
Fourteen stitches to her head.
Never stepped foot in here after that.
That's when Rachel decided
to hire a male nurse.
You could climb the tree
only because you're a man.
Are you done already?
I've had enough.
Gopalji, wait till I get my hands
on you...
Excuse me.
What's does that girl suffer from?
You know, like I said...
She got a fever two-three months back.
She was treated in Bombay
and Vellore for that.
By the time she came back,
she missed a lot of classes.
After that, she wasn't sent to school.
Dr. Varghese checks on her regularly.
Her main disease is none of that, Akashan.
It's because her dad left.
Her parents always fought
saying he had an affair.
Now they are divorced.
He has never come back to this city.
I heard he is in Malaysia or Singapore.
He is with the other woman.
Oh, my God! Run! Run!
-Run! Run!
-Don't worry. The dog is in the cage.
The dog is in the cage.
But you just be a little careful, Akashan.
Even though whatever Gopalji said
were lies,
my situation is almost similar.
If you untie the dog, I'll run away again.
But I'll bounce back like a rubber ball.
I'm that desperate.
From now on, any number
of people can scale the wall.
I won't say a word.
Shruthi won't scale the wall again.
Well, if anyone else wants
to scale the wall, let them come.
As if people are queuing up
to scale the wall here.
Well, I was saying that there
won't be any objection from my side.
-I will eat the food I like.
-You should.
A compromise, then.
You chased Shruthi away, right?
Go to her house and buy a burger.
Right away.
I'll go buy it this very second.
Send me that address on WhatsApp.
And please tell the dog about me.
Burger! Burger!
What do you want?
Stop grinning and tell me
the matter, mister.
There's no security guard
to throw you out from here.
Initial excitement.
It was my first day at work.
That's why I made that mistake.
Did you have to come all the way here
to say that?
You could have sent a letter.
In return for chasing you,
I was chased by the dog there.
I ran for my life,
ran till I reached my hometown.
If I don't go back with a burger,
I'll lose my job.
Why do I care if you lose your job?
There's no burger here.
Mahatma Gandhi forgave the foreigners
who pushed him down
from the train in South Africa.
Then go and ask Mahatma Gandhi
to give you the burger.
Who is it, dear?
The nurse who came
to look after Tina, Mom.
But I heard a male voice.
I am a male nurse, Mom.
Hey! I have a lot of work.
Can you please leave?
-Who are you?
-I'm... Burger...
Is your name Burger?
Yes. I thought I'll buy one as well.
Why are you still standing here?
You didn't ask me to sit. That's why.
You're still standing there
even after I asked you to leave.
-I am Akash.
-I never asked.
I said it so that you can
call me by my name.
So, Akash,
I need mayonnaise to make a burger.
It's over.
Moreover, my mom fell down
and broke her leg.
-I have to make her do physiotherapy.
-Do it.
This may...
If you tell me
where I can get that stuff, I'll buy it.
I don't buy it from anywhere.
I have to make it myself.
That would take time.
My dear Shruthi, whatever you say,
I can't go back without the burger.
No matter how long you take,
I'll wait here.
This is such a nuisance, God!
How's the burger?
Mom, why do you keep troubling me
by calling me all the time?
I am okay!
What more can I say
than what I said in the morning?
That's because I'm worried, dear.
You won't understand that.
You don't read books and stay
on the computer all the time.
Hasn't the doctor asked you to exercise?
Even if it's just walking
for a little while.
And Akash...
How is he?
Is he next to you? Put him on the phone.
Hello, Mummy! I mean, Madam.
No. I am really strict.
Anyway, ever since I came here,
I haven't allowed junk food inside.
Tina asked me once for a burger.
I told her that's impossible.
Initially, she was angry.
But then we became friends.
Very sweet girl.
No. I'll do that.
Hats off!
You lie so well!
I should survive, right?
I'm actually not very fond of burgers.
But when Mom says no,
I feel like having them.
Won't your mom feel sad?
Tina has a bad headache.
She hasn't slept till now.
She vomited twice too.
Oh, God! Did the burger cause all this?
What happened?
-I feel like my head's splitting.
-Then what?
She was watching this all this while.
How will her head not hurt then?
Get me a wet cloth.
I'll put it over her forehead.
So this burger is actually troublesome?
Did you tell Pauly?
-Don't tell her.
Don't take that.
There's another stethoscope in the drawer.
Show me your hand.
It's like an ant bite.
Now close your eyes
and lie down peacefully.
You'll feel fresh
after a good night's sleep.
You don't need that.
Then give me that book
which is kept open there.
I want to read it until I feel sleepy.
Are these books that you read, Tina?
Some of them.
This is a good novel. Sad Cypress.
I had read a good novel.
Kattakkada Thankappan's
Cat That Got Trapped in a Sack.
-What cat?
-Cat That Got Trapped in a Sack.
What a great name!
The story is great too.
But now you have to sleep.
I'll tell you tomorrow.
-Tomorrow is fine.
-Okay. Good night.
Good night?
The sun is about to rise.
Then good morning.
Do you sleep here?
She doesn't allow me inside.
The dog is untied.
Don't open the doors outside, Akash.
I saw you at the shop.
Didn't you buy any vegetables?
I came to sell, not to buy.
I saw that when I came home that day.
There are so many vegetables there.
In fact, I was going to come
to your house to say thanks.
That single burger saved me
from getting fired.
Now Tina and I are really close.
-How is she now?
-She is totally fine.
Very smart.
How is your mom?
She's better.
She walked about five to six feet
yesterday without any help.
I forgot to ask you something.
I didn't see your father
when I came home that day.
How will you see him?
Dad left much earlier to a place
where no one can see him.
Oh, my God!
I am sorry.
Why are you getting so shocked
for the death of someone
you don't know at all?
I was shocked thinking about the shock
you might have had then.
Do you know?
It's been seven years
since my father died.
I haven't recovered from that shock yet.
Whenever I think about my father,
my eyes tear up.
Why are you laughing?
I didn't say anything funny.
I laughed thinking about Charlie Chaplin.
That comedian?
That comedian said something funny
while he spoke on a stage once.
All the people laughed out loud.
After some time, when he repeated
the same joke, not many people laughed.
But Chaplin didn't let it go.
He repeated the same joke
for a third time.
Then the people became irritated.
Even if you keep repeating
the same joke again and again,
would anyone laugh?
This is what Chaplin also asked.
You who don't laugh when I repeat
the same joke again and again,
why do you feel sad thinking about
something that hurt you again and again?
-So this Chaplin is not just a clown?
-Real genius.
Long story short, the education
of your younger brother and sister,
your mom's treatment...
You're carrying this burden all alone?
None of them are sitting on my head
to feel that it's a burden, right?
It's not that.
Just by selling burgers
and vegetables alone...
-I can meet all my expenses, right?
It's not very expensive to live, Akash.
Our expenses increase
when we try to live like others.
Who is this imported lover?
-You won't like any of us, right?
-Lover is your dad, you pig!
-Giving me scary looks? Rascal!
They will say many things.
Just ignore them.
I almost lost it.
This is the problem with Malayalis.
They poke their nose
in other people's business.
Will this happen in England?
Will this happen in Germany?
It might happen in Germany.
I'm going this way.
I'm going that way.
You tried to show off
in front of that girl?
What am I supposed to do
when he speaks nonsense?
-Curse him now if you dare!
-Come on, you pig!
You better stop!
Oh, God!
-Where is he?
-He's not here.
Come, let's check there.
What happened?
Why did you come that way?
What are you doing here?
Isn't this my house?
-Yeah! I forgot that.
-Why did you run?
Who ran?
I wasn't running.
I called a guy a dog and a rascal
for troubling you, right?
He came with a few goons to threaten me.
He doesn't know me. Would I let him go?
I hit four of them
in their vulnerable areas.
I missed one guy.
Such fights are not new for me.
Can I get some water to drink?
Oh, my God!
Here you go.
All of them are hurt.
I still beat them up after that
because I was angry.
Just a minute.
That's when a guy lying on the ground
called the police.
I left that place immediately.
I don't have time to waste
with the police and courts, right?
-Shall I leave?
-Who is it, dear?
Give her my regards.
Tina will be looking for me.
Don't go that way.
What if they come again and hit you?
Go this way.
Thank you.
I swear on Velankanni Mother
and the Koratty Goddess,
I haven't called Rachel.
Then how did you know that I poured
the milk and juice in the wash basin?
Mummy was just trying a trick.
Since it's true, you fell for it.
Instead, would I say anything bad
about you to her?
You can stare at me all day if you want,
but I'm telling the truth.
Go on!
No! Don't take that, dear.
I swear on my Mathachan who died.
Nothing is ready in the kitchen.
I've washed the fish and kept it there.
-Don't go.
-I have a lot of work in the kitchen.
Say sorry to Velankanni Mother
and Koratty Goddess.
I didn't call Rachel, dear.
She called me.
She asked me
whether you drank the milk.
You said "No, she poured
it down the wash basin."
I said that.
-She didn't ask you about the juice?
Yet you told her that I wasted it.
Have you forgotten that I can read minds?
I've washed the fish and kept it there.
What's that thing?
Let me see.
This is something that can find out
if you're lying or not.
Very few people have this in India.
-You're kidding.
If you keep any lies hidden,
I can reveal them.
I'm not lying about anything, right?
How does this work?
Would there be
a variation in the heartbeat?
I can't say all that.
-Come. Let me see.
-Well, there's no need.
If I check with this, I can find out
the truth about that fight you had.
Shall I tell you how many people hit you,
and how badly you got hit?
Oh, so you've found out about it?
Tell me the truth.
Did you get beaten up badly?
I was a champion runner and long jumper
while studying in school.
Shruthi also understood
that you're an expert in lying.
Is it? Are you such good friends?
Ever since I stopped going to school,
Shruthi is my only companion.
But I don't get to meet her all the time.
She is busy, right?
She comes once in a while.
Only if I call her.
Today I came to know
that her father's dead.
Poor thing.
She's really sad,
even though she doesn't show it.
Shruthi is sad
that her dad is no more.
I'm sad that despite him being alive,
I don't even know where my dad is.
Dad was really soft.
But my mom is stubborn.
She's a principal at home too.
She likes to control other people.
I was Dad's pet.
My likes were his likes.
If I wanted to go to Disneyland,
he would take me there.
Every birthday since my eighth birthday,
we would go to different places.
Australia, Switzerland, Germany.
Those are just memories now.
Even my dad.
You've been to Germany?
Have you been to Germany, Akash?
I almost did.
Why? The flight broke down?
No. My pilot eloped with someone else.
Leave that.
Which is the place you liked the most
among all the places you've seen?
No way!
-What do we have here?
-What's not here?
Seas, lakes, mountains, a lot of rivers.
The landscape and climate here
can't be found anywhere else.
Kerala is truly God's own country, right?
Take it!
It's difficult, dear.
Okay. Come on.
Hey! You said that
you're a good player, right?
Can't you see the shuttlecock?
It's been a long time since I played.
I used to play with Dad after school.
It was Dad who tied this net.
Your dad is a weakness for you, right?
I saw your eyes welling up
while talking about him yesterday.
I felt like seeing Dad
once again, before dying.
That's why.
Before dying, right?
Not just once, you can see him
a thousand times.
Your life has just begun, Tina.
But it's about to end.
I'm not joking.
I won't be alive for too long.
You get a thrill out of
shocking people like this?
Like how you shocked me
by untying the dog that day.
It's okay. Just wipe it off with cotton.
-It's fine.
Sit up, dear.
Look here.
Now look here.
Now stand up.
When I pull, hold tightly, okay?
Now this hand.
Good. Sit down.
You haven't had double vision
after that day, right?
-Like seeing one person as two?
You're all right.
Don't play badminton again. Take rest.
Aren't you making good food for her?
I am. But she doesn't eat it.
You should eat well, okay?
Okay, then. Call me if anything comes up.
Give her something to drink.
Dear, shall I bring some juice for you?
I have done B.Sc. Nursing.
What is she being treated for?
She told me today that
she won't be living much longer.
-What's your name?
A cyst is growing in that girl's brain.
There's no cure.
Since it's at a steering point,
surgery and radiation cannot be done.
We can only hope for a miracle
at this point.
Let's see.
You believed it
when the doctor told you, right?
-You're asking me?
-Who else is here?
Don't be sad.
I hate that the most.
Some members of my mom's family,
they start crying as soon as they see me.
So I've told her not to let
any of them inside this house.
I don't even like it when Mom cries.
She's going to the college
because I forced her.
Otherwise, she would have resigned
and sat here all the time.
I'll tell you one thing.
There is a lot of paridhi
to man's inventions.
I mean limits.
However, miracles do happen.
Do you know the story of that
cancer patient in America, Tina?
-You should hear it.
All the doctors confirmed that
he would die within a month.
-Then what?
He was very rich.
Anyway, he would die within a month.
So he decided to live the last few days
of his life to the fullest.
Charlie Chaplin, Tom and Jerry...
He started watching such movies
and shows and laughed out loud.
One month went by,
two months went by.
And even after six months, he didn't die.
Doctors were all shocked.
When they examined him,
there was not even a trace of cancer!
He was completely cured.
Isn't this fiction?
What's the name of that book?
It's not a book. It's the truth.
His disease was cured
because of the metabolic changes
caused by laughter.
Laughter rooms were started
in many hospitals after this incident.
Let's also show them some miracles.
Don't you know Gopalji?
The one who brought me here.
He's a great man.
In his words, give me control
of this vehicle called Tina.
Let's play, laugh, celebrate
and go on a journey.
Someone sprinkled colors
On the soul today
Golden stars of desire
Blinked their blue eyes here and there
The breeze is playing the music of life
On these sands and the flowers
When the sunlight joins the heart
Of the morning dew
It forms a beautiful rainbow
Time is offering happiness
And joy all around
O flame of desire
O little butterfly, come
To rise high
Someone sprinkled colors
On the soul today
Golden stars of desire
Blinked their blue eyes here and there
My friend.
-Did you like our land?
-You speak German?
Your land is wonderful.
Thank you.
-Are you doing good?
See you.
You were in love with her, right?
Please accept this.
That money was supposed
to get you to Germany.
That's done, right?
Don't force me.
I don't want it.
Can I try for a visa to Germany?
I am able to control
such unnecessary desires now.
See you. Some other time.
Isn't this life beautiful?
Isn't this life precious?
The wounds of this day
Shall become sweet tomorrow
Let's turn into a clear river
In the morning, and keep flowing
The sand would erase those dark memories
In this new journey
The breeze is playing the music of life
On these sands and the flowers
When the sunlight joins
The heart of the morning dew
It forms a beautiful rainbow
Time is offering happiness
And joy all around
O flame of desire
O little butterfly, come
To rise high
Someone sprinkled colors
On the soul today
Golden stars of desire
Blinked their blue eyes here and there
It's done.
We should go for a movie tomorrow.
An awesome comedy movie has just released.
It's supposed to be really funny
from start to finish.
We'll die laughing.
Nice name, right? Deadlock.
That day, you said the name of
some novel, right? What was it?
Cat in a sack?
Not cat in a sack.
Cat That Got Trapped in a Sack.
That's right. That was also a good name.
You didn't tell me its story.
If I tell you that, you might feel sad.
It's okay. Tell me.
-Is it necessary?
Keshootty, the cripple,
and Malootty, the blind one.
They are the hero and heroine
of the story.
Say those names again.
Keshootty and Malootty.
"Keshootty, Malootty?"
Is their native place Ooty or what?
Not Ooty. Kerala.
Keshavan kutty got shortened to Keshootty.
Malu kutty became Malootty.
-They were madly in love.
Keshootty had only one desire in life.
That his Malootty should be able to see
at least through one eye.
So he goes in search of an eye.
Which store did he search for eyes at?
Is there a store
where you get eyes? Nonsense.
Don't get angry. I just asked a question.
Some good people donate eyes.
That's what Keshootty is searching for.
On one side, he is looking for that.
That's when Malootty gets a phone call.
"Hello, Malootty, I am the doctor.
I've got a donor for your eyes."
Can she be any happier?
The operation happens! Success!
Huge success! She gains her eyesight.
As soon as she got her eyesight,
the first thing she asked was,
"Where is my Keshootty, the cripple?"
Here comes the twist in the story.
-Whose eyes did she get?
-Whose was it?
It was the eyes of her Keshootty,
whom she loved more than her own life.
As soon as she heard this, she screamed
"My Keshootty" and ran.
She kept on running until she reached
a railway track and saw someone.
The body of Keshootty,
who died under a train.
Even though a train ran over him,
there wasn't even a scratch on his body.
But those eyes...
They were missing.
Unable to bear that,
she killed herself by getting under
the Nethravathi Express
which was running late,
and died a tragic death!
Don't cry, dear.
This is why I said that
I'm not telling this story.
Are you laughing?
You're laughing when I said
such a serious story?
When I become really sad,
I start laughing.
And laughing is good
for metabolic change, right?
Well, why did that fool give
both his eyes?
If it was one eye, both of them
would have been able to see, right?
That's called sacrifice.
There's another story
by Kattakkada Thankappan.
It's a classical one.
A love story of a boy and girl
affected by autism.
I read it when I was in tenth grade.
My eyes well up when I think about it.
I Won't Forget You Even I Forget Myself.
If you hear that, you'll definitely cry.
Shall I narrate it?
You're sleeping?
Get up!
You need to take medicines after food.
The sand would erase those dark memories
In this new journey
That boy is about to leave.
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm leaving.
No one else has stayed
for so long with her.
It was your lonely life...
that worried her the most.
It was her mom whom she loved the most.
I'll go meet someone and come.
We met each other because of Tina, right?
I still can't believe it.
When I was talking to her...
She died right in front of my eyes.
Did you forget what Chaplin said,
not to think about things
that hurt you again and again?
It's true.
This is the first time that I felt
that nursing is not just a job.
To be able to provide relief to others
is truly a blessing.
And I'm lucky that
I was able to learn it.
When good things happen in life,
I'll call you.
Seeing you is an inspiration, Shruthi.
Are these formal words necessary?
These are not formal words.
It's the truth.
Don't worry. It's normal.
-Did you sleep well at night?
-Someone is waiting for you.
-Just hold this.
I just thought I'd let you know
that I've started work here.
I wasn't expecting to see you.
I just wanted to see you in this uniform.
In fact, this is really great.
Shall we sit in the canteen?
I'll buy you a good burger.
Hey, Shruthi!
-Hey, hi!
-How are you?
-I am good.
-We studied together.
It's been such a long time.
Dad is not keeping well.
He's been admitted here.
Why are you here?
This is my friend. He works here.
I used to be.
Not anymore.
I am Prakashan.
Someone sprinkled colors
On soul today
Golden stars of desire
Blinked their blue eyes here and there
Isn't this life beautiful?
Isn't this life precious?
The wounds of this day
Shall become sweet tomorrow
Let's turn into a clear river
In the morning, and keep flowing
The sand would erase those dark memories
In this new journey