Nna Thaan Case Kodu (2022) Movie Script

I'll be right back.
Buddy! Fill it up.
- Sir?
- Yes?
Lord Ayyappa! You are the refuge!
Lord Ayyappa! You are the refuge!
Lord Ayyappa! You are the refuge!
The dweller of Pampa...
you are the refuge!
The king of Pandalam...
you are the refuge!
The dweller of the hills...
you are the refuge!
Lord Ayyappa, you are the refuge!
Lord Ayyappa, you are the refuge!
Lord Ayyappa, you are the refuge!
- Lord Ayyappa...
- You got to go slow!
What's on your head?
- Offerings for the Lord.
- Only 1 set for both of you?
You seem to have some doubts.
Yes, I do.
Then, why don't you take a look?
- Aravindan... run!
- He's getting away, Sir!
Hey! Stop there.
[Co-Producers - Kunchacko Boban,
Sherin Rachel Santhosh]
I told you we should
have waited a bit more!
This way.
Come this way!
That way is the river!
- Lord Ayyappa...
- you are the refuge!
Producer- Santhosh T Kuruvilla
Looks like they are headed
into Cheemeni police station limits.
- Well, it's their problem now.
- Yeah
[Production Design, Screenplay &
Direction - Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval]
Who are they?
No idea!
I thought they are your men.
I thought they're
your relatives.
- Who are you?
- Rajivan.
- And you?
- Aravindan.
- Why are you here?
- Looking for a job for him.
What kind of job can he do?
- He can dig wells.
- And you?
I don't know any job.
- I can 'speech' Tamil well though.
- Get out!
"Will truth bloom in the
water-course, would it?"
"Will love bloom, in the
path where truth dwells?"
"Will the hope that comes
with love sing a melody?"
"That melody is the
breath of this world!"
"In deep sorrow, my heart sways!"
"With such deep sorrow,
comes another one!"
"Whatever is within"
"is what is in the eye."
"In the name of god,
only love dwells within!"
"In deep sorrow, my heart sways!"
"With such deep sorrow,
comes another one!"
"Whatever is within"
"and whatever is in the eye"
"is clear like a shard of glass!"
"Oh giver of life,
oh beautiful eyed one,"
"Come sing along,
and be my friend!"
"As cupid's arrows strike"
"piercing me with
a thorn-like prick"
"my throat goes dry in anguish!"
"Taking little peeks,"
"playfully ogling around,"
"keeps love's canoe
splashing about!"
"Checking ourselves out,"
"peeking and catching a glance,"
"and when people are around
dressing and dolling up"
"makes the forest
within bloom in love!"
"Sing along,
come on everybody..."
"work is worship,
let's sing together now!"
"Is this life?
or is this magic?"
"They are but mere mortals yearning
for the sounds of water aflow!"
I was a small time thief...
but I stopped
stealing a while back.
"We are mere puppets
of the mighty in this world."
"but live... we will,
and show them how, we will!"
"Tell them all,
we are heroes of this land!"
"Sing our lores,
and ballads of our brave!"
"Oh dark- and gorgeous-haired one,
one with a gift of the gab"
"Beautiful, aren't you?
Like a necklace on the god of love!"
"You make the moon shine at night."
"You make the moonlight
adorn the darkness!"
Promise me you'll never steal again.
"Who felt it first?
The rays of hope, of love!"
"When it was just us,
I trembled!"
"My heart skipped a beat...
as we got closer!"
"Pretty like the moon up there,
shone your bright smile down here!"
"Even in the bath,"
"your thoughts don't leave me,
you're divine!"
"What is within you"
"and what is within me"
"are but whose imaginations?"
"In deep sorrow, my heart sways!"
"With such deep sorrow,
comes another one!"
"Whatever is within"
"is what is in the eye."
"In the name of god,
only love dwells within!"
[07 December 2018]
[Petrol Price Rs. 74.76]
We're running out of diapers.
Rice too.
He'll need the diapers
only if he eats, right?
When will you be back?
Only at dawn.
You go to sleep.
Where are you off to?
Won't mend his ways!
"The angels of god sang,
the angels of love sang,"
"as the moonlight waltzed,
adorning these olive flowers!"
"The angels of god sang,
the angels of love sang,"
"as the moonlight waltzed,
adorning these olive flowers!"
"Who's come today seeking
your melodies, your cozy company?"
"Moving close to your harp,
touching it where it's sharp!"
"Who's come today seeking
your melodies, your cozy company?"
"Moving close to your harp,
touching it where it's sharp!"
"Will come along
as you herd the sheep,"
"will come along
singing with the calves,"
"somebody whispered in your ears!"
"The angels of god sang,
the angels of love sang,"
"as the moonlight waltzed,
adorning these olive flowers!"
"A thousand colours came along"
"and weaved beautiful
raiments for them!"
"A thousand colours came along"
"and weaved beautiful
raiments for them!"
"They opened up a treasure box."
"The skies bloomed!"
"A wedding on the earth,
is one in the heavens too!"
"A wedding on the earth,
is one in the heavens too!"
Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief!
"Weaved a beautiful
necklace with gold beads!"
Kannan Sir, you are
getting a lot of 'likes'.
"Where is the wedding set?"
"In a beautiful
paradise, in a garden?"
"Where the trellis veins sing
chorals in the wind!"
"A wedding on the earth,
is one in the heavens too!"
"A wedding on the earth,
is one in the heavens too!"
- Why are you late?
- Blame "The messengers of god!"
- Just couldn't leave!
- Shall I serve dinner?
I ate with them.
If you keep eating out with
the "Messengers of God"
we'll be wasting
whatever is cooked here.
Have what I made tonight
for breakfast tomorrow.
"A thousand
colours came along..."
Sleep over tonight.
Have breakfast and leave.
Why not!
"And weaved beautiful
raiments for them!"
Why is there no sound on this?
Oh Krishnan... what foolishness!
That's not even the TV.
It's the CCTV.
Hey... hey!
Let go off me!
Thief! Thief!
- Thief! Thief!
- Someone's calling you.
Thief! Thief!
Excuse me, Sister.
- What's going on?
- A thief...
- Oh!
- jumped over the wall...
and the dogs got him.
Bit him!
Oh... and?
Happened a while back.
I just got here.
- Oh, okay.
- People caught him then.
Oh... Brother, hold this.
Excuse me.
Hold him tight.
You break into an MLA's house?!
Brother, listen to me.
I didn't get in to rob.
So you came to
peep into their bedroom? You dog!
- Hey, hold onto him!
- Please don't hurt me...
Ah, the police is here.
He's losing blood! We
should take him to the hospital.
Just come with me.
- Kannan Sir... what happened?
- So...
Sir, let me say it.
We returned after the
program at the temple festival.
We were in our
room, about to sleep.
- You live here?
- No, Sir!
There was some dinner left over.
So I asked them
to stay for breakfast.
- And?
- So when I looked at the CCTV...
I saw a shadow!
When I looked through the window...
- You see that wall?
- Yes.
He climbed over that
wall and jumped in and...
was sneaking by the
wall towards the gate.
So he got in at around that point...
there... jumped over the wall,
and sneaked towards the gate...
Chances are that's how it happened.
- Sir... I am not done.
- Okay... then?
By the time, me and Krishnan
opened the door and came out
He has grabbed onto
'Kingini's throat
and is holding 'Painkili'
under his feet.
- Your kids?
- No.
They are our pet dogs.
But they are like our kids, Sir.
Rakesh is fine.
But they are used to
Kingini and Painkili!
You can call him Rakesh.
He is just a constable.
- And then Mr. Kannan?
- So...
people gathered and then caught him.
The PA's didn't do much.
- But they hit him once and he fell.
- Who is the PA?
- Me.
- Me!
- Two PA's?
- Sir, I am the PA.
He is... PA Krishnan.
P and A are his initials.
- Rakesh... make a note of that.
- Yes.
Mr. Kannan, hope nothing was stolen.
Some Gold or jewellery?
- No. No, right?
- No.
Write down a statement...
on a blank sheet of paper
like a complaint and send
it over to the police station.
- Okay.
- Rakesh, take care of that.
- Yes, Sir.
- Okay.
Hello, excuse me.
Don't worry, just making an arrest.
For breaking into and entering the
house of MLA Kunjikannan...
and attempting a robbery,
as per IPC sections 446 and 393
you are being arrested.
You have the right to apply
for bail through the court.
Also, I have to by duty,
inform a friend or relative.
- Whom can I call?
- Take me to a hospital, Sir.
- I can't take this anymore!
- Hey, Rakesh!
What you are doing?!
Sir, this is my first arrest.
I was enacting CRPC
sections 50 and 50 (A).
I've an oracle ritual in the
morning. Finish this... quick!
Alright, everyone... leave now.
Can't you all hear me?
Go on now.
Just go home, people.
Quick, go on now.
You think you are excluded?
Now that we caught him for you,
you want us out, huh!
How about we give you
an award right away?
Stop screaming!
I can't focus.
Should've thought twice
before trying to steal
instead of crying
shamelessly now.
Half your ass is gone, my love.
What is this even?!
Was it a dog or a lion?!
Never seen something like this
in my entire nursing career.
We'll have to change
the dressing everyday.
And forget about
working for a while.
He doesn't have a job.
Picks up a gig
whenever he feels like.
I was not breaking in to steal!
Mr. Rajivan, I drink 4 litres of
herbal water everyday.
Not cow piss.
How about you say
something sensible?
And by the way...
it's my first arrest.
Don't complicate it, please!
Sir... I didn't steal anything.
I swear on my mother!
Swear on your wife.
Oh... we are not married.
We are just lovers.
Don't ask him to swear though.
He will only fake swear.
How many times have I told you...
to never ever never
ever never ever... steal!
you swore... that you'll never ever
never ever never ever... steal!
That's why I agreed
to have the baby!
You cheated me!
Don't yell in the hospital, correct?
I was going to say...
don't cry, child!
But they are the same!
Devi... don't do something stupid!
You mean while changing diapers?
I know how to do that.
Go on.
I'd like to get bail.
Hey Policeman!
On Friday, December 7th, 2018...
after midnight and before sunrise
at a house in Cheemeni Panchayat,
opposite Pallipara School...
Adv. Krishnan... you do it.
Attempted robbery
at the MLA's house.
Sections 393 and 446.
But nothing was
stolen Adv. Krishnan.
Nobody was hurt. And there
were no harmful weapons found.
In my self defence,
I grabbed 'Kingini's throat.
That's all.
'Kingini'... is a dog sir.
Please do not give him bail.
He needs to be in remand.
Sir... Section 393
is a false accusation.
In fact, there is no evidence
to support that I intended to steal.
You know the sections of
the penal code, huh!
He has been to the
courts so much that
he has the experience
of a magistrate.
- He is a habitual offender.
- What habitual!
Sir, I cannot even walk.
Half my ass is in the dog's mouth.
- Do you have a lawyer?
- No, I don't.
- Do you want a lawyer?
- No, I just want bail.
This is a prescription.
Should I buy you the medicines?
No, I bought those already.
On the other side.
'Her father is bed-ridden.'
'There is no one but me
to change his diapers. I want bail.'
You need a life sentence. Not bail.
No Sir, please!
An autorickshaw nearly crashed
into me. I jumped to escape it.
Please ask them to investigate.
The name of the autorickshaw is
'With a thousand longing eyes'!
The left side rearview mirror
broke after crashing into a post.
If they check, they will see it.
Anyone to
bail you out?
How do I grant you bail without
someone vouching for you?
Let's do this.
I'll grant you bail
in your own name.
Bring someone for
bail in your next hearing.
Yes, Sir.
Hey Policeman!
Investigate this, okay?
What happened, Sir?
- Is this yours?
- Yes.
'To hell with your
evil eye, you Devil!'
My name is Saji.
Saji, does an auto named
'With a thousand longing eyes'
- operate from here?
- 'With a thousand longing eyes'...
Not here.
Maybe, check in the next stand.
Were you in an accident
or maybe a small crash recently?
Nah, not recently.
How did this happen?
I broke it out of my frustration.
But your auto doesn't run on petrol.
Then why were you frustrated?
- Yeah, it is electric.
- Sir!
It's a private auto that
does not wait at the stand.
Could you check the RT office?
I'll check some workshops.
Ah, let's do that.
Let me know if you need anything.
Do you have maybe 1000 rupees?
For some household requirements.
Why did you go to the market now?
Because I don't know how to steal.
Nobody will give us
money for nothing.
I have some money for emergencies.
Stolen money won't
bring us any good.
Rajivan! You again?
I told you we don't have
work for you here.
Don't you get it?
I haven't gotten a
job anywhere else, Sir.
I don't want the police and
such types coming for you here.
Decent people work here.
Please leave without
making a scene.
Sureshan... half of these
are for Gopi's shop.
The rest are to be
delivered to Thampi's house.
- Collect 1300 rupees from him.
- Sure.
Ah, Rajivan!
Brother, can I have
two packets of bread?
Lalu, get me two packets of bread.
Brother, do you think
you'd have a job... I can do?
What job Rajivan!
I am barely making a living myself.
Also, how can you work
in this condition?
Anyway, get better.
We'll see.
No, it's fine.
['With a thousand longing eyes']
"With a thousand longing eyes..."
"I waited for you!"
"For you my little birdie,
that flew away from me..."
"For you my sweet,
beautiful birdie!"
"With a thousand longing eyes..."
"I waited for you!"
"For you my little birdie,
that flew away from me..."
"For you my sweet,
beautiful birdie!"
"For you my sweet,
beautiful birdie!"
"Never felt the snow fall!"
"Never knew when the sunshine
came and went!"
"My love...
I spent my time..."
"counting the days
until the moment you'd come!"
Birdie! Oh sweet birdie!
Sureshan, a cup of tea?
Brother, two teas please!
Without sugar for Sureshan.
Doesn't need any more, clearly!
Sumalatha and I have
been in love for quite a while.
We don't do any
public... display... uh
Uh... fact...
Yes, we don't do any of that.
Please allow us to unite!
Last Friday...
were you on the Peringara road?
Weren't you about to
crash your auto into me?
So... you aren't her elder brother?
I got scared!
Sir, I found the vehicle.
Sir, that vehicle is my lifeline.
I cannot hand it over.
Your lifeline's ass...
assessment needs to be done.
Nothing to be assessed.
Just my lifeline.
Sureshan, in the jail
you won't be able to
meet your 'teacher'.
Jail? You're taking it too far!
Sir, I almost crashed into him.
It's true. But I didn't!
Attempted 'hit and run' is
also a crime. IPC section--
Hey hey! Rakesh... let him speak.
Yes Sir, this is what happened.
After the Peringara Temple Festival,
I was driving back... slowly.
A milk truck struck me
all of a sudden from behind.
Another vehicle?!
I lost control...
and the vehicle steered towards him.
I have no enmity
towards this man otherwise.
What is he saying!
It is getting murkier.
You take leave and go
play the oracle! Don't work.
What a mess!
Sir, this case is not as complicated
as you think.
You stand that side
and you here.
This way.
Sir, just...
- You need me?
- Just for a...
Sir... this is the truck.
That's the auto.
This truck
crashed onto this auto.
The auto nearly crashed onto him.
He jumped into the MLA's premises.
The dog there...
- Sir!
- Ah! The dog there...
shred him like a slice of bread!
If it were so simple,
why is there a fuss?
It's a police station, Sir!
There will be fuss!
Everyone... leave. Come on.
You get the jeep around.
Go go!
Sir, why are you...
Be seated, Sir!
Hey... what happened?
Your case is done.
Leave now. You're free to go.
Go on... leave.
- What is it?
- Sir...
Could you issue a
signed document stating
I have nothing to do with this case?
- Like a clean chit?
- What for?
Sir, no woman will accept
a man involved in a police case.
Constable! Arrest this fellow.
No, Sir!
I'll explain things to her.
But explaining things to you
seems to be impossible!
The police don't have a problem.
Why do you have one?
The child is growing in my belly.
So I will have a problem!
Transfer the child to my belly then!
You've made sure I cannot step out.
You can cheat me.
Not the public.
What do you want me to do?
Bite the dog's ass in retaliation?
The dog didn't do
that without reason.
Bite the ass of those
who are responsible for it.
This baby cannot live
within me as the child of a thief.
But where else can it live?
The child will live and
grow within me only.
But you can't live here.
Cheemeni police station
crime no. 912/2018.
Srikanth Njendadi.
Sir, he has been in
the jail for 30 days.
He just hit a cop once.
He has been charged with IPC 332.
He's mentally unwell now.
Please grant him bail.
First, ask him to
change his clothes,
get a hair cut and
take a shower.
I will then consider bail.
Continue remand.
But Sir... he has two little kids,
he really needs the bail.
They're better off with
him not being home.
Sir, I have a complaint.
They're refusing to accept it
because it has spelling mistakes.
Hey! Sit down.
By the time I learn to write,
the man will escape.
You are here to increase my BP,
are you?
I've just taken medicines for it!
Trying to create a
mess in the morning!
They say... the magistrate
reaches out when God cannot.
The magistrate reaches out
when God cannot... is what they say.
Hey policeman!
The BP medicine thing I said...
I meant that about you too.
Examine his complaint and
submit a report to me.
Okay, Sir.
Before I get transferred.
Get it?
Okay, Sir.
[One month later]
While returning home after the
the Peringara temple festival
on nearing MLA Kunjikannan's house
I felt like relieving myself
and was urinating there.
Near the MLA's house there
is a big pothole on the road.
A cyclist fell into the pothole.
A milk truck travelling
behind the cyclist,
swerved to avoid hitting him.
The truck made slight contact
with the auto travelling ahead.
The autorickshaw driver lost control
and came right at me
and I jumped over the
compound wall to save myself.
The two dogs in the MLA's house
bit me and tore into my flesh.
The root cause for
the dogs biting me...
is the pothole on the road!
But Rajivan...
you first said the autorickshaw
hitting you was the reason.
Now you say, the pothole in the
road is the reason for everything.
'False accusation
and lack of evidence'
is what the police are claiming.
Where is the evidence?
Where is the proof, Mister?
That pothole is
big enough to bury a man.
What bigger
proof do we need?
The police are saying there is no
evidence to what you are claiming.
They probably...
cannot see this either?
Hey hey!
Curtains down!
Anyone can make up such a story.
The police should also feel
there is some merit to your claim.
They need some proof for that.
How about you leave now?
Sir... please don't
dismiss the case.
- I'll bring you the proof.
- What?
'I'll bring the proof' it seems!
Does this look like a joke to you?
No, Sir. I am serious.
Are you sure?
Firstly, decide against
whom are you filing a case
and give a complaint against him,
I'll accept the case then.
You may leave now.
Janaki abused me, Sir.
What did she call you?
How can I say that,
I am on a sacred penance.
Mrs. Janaki...
what did you call her?
I am also on penance.
Weren't you on penance
when you said it?
I took the Lord's name,
a holy dip and absolved myself.
I'll have to face the Lord's wrath
if I say it again.
My dear good goddesses
If you come here and just say...
she abused me,
how can I file a case... without
knowing what she said?
I can't say it
but I can write it down.
Okay, that works.
Write it down.
This is MLA
Kunjikannan's wife Shubha.
Yes Ma'am, tell me.
The day the thief broke in here,
we lost quite a few things.
Why didn't you say so before,
We didn't notice it
in the commotion.
I'll send Madhu.
Write down a complaint.
Adv. Krishnan...
if this case goes on
like a never ending saga
Mr. Kannan won't have
time for anything else!
Right, Ramesh?
Well... but
these days it doesn't take
much to get embarrassed.
Isn't it better...
to just withdraw
the case and let things be?
Right Mr. Kannan?
Who told you that it is us who'll
get embarrassed by this case?
It's not?
What is it?
Been trying to call you for a while.
Mother Goddess is always available!
What brings you to
my doorstep, son?
Things have been stolen
from the MLA's house.
What's missing?
A suitcase full of documents,
1 lakh rupees
and a collection of poems.
A collection of poems were stolen?
Mother Goddess has written
many a ballad and lores!
This won't go too far.
It will return to your own house.
"With deep sorrow...
my heart sways!"
"With deep sorrow within..."
Dad, please stop. Let me write this.
"With deep sorrow, sways my heart."
"With deep sorrow within,
comes another!"
"What is within you,
what is in your eye..."
"is clear like a shard of glass!"
With deep sorrow within,
comes another man here!
- Mr. Gangadharan?
- Yes.
I retired two years ago.
I've studied law.
So I thought I'll
make use of the free time.
So I became a lawyer.
- Who's that?
- Devi's Dad.
I am Advocate Gangadharan.
From Kuttamath.
I was a Deputy
Superintendent in the police.
I now work as a lawyer
at the Hosdurg court.
I know your son-in-law
since a long time.
No thief bigger than him around!
Long time back,
he broke into my house.
He stole a lot of law books.
Despite being a cop,
I never got them back.
Nothing was thrown.
They're all here.
Well... the law has solutions
for everything, right Rajivan?
there seems to be an issue.
Ah... Mr. Gangadharan!
So... things are missing
from the MLA's house.
It's a very serious case now.
There will have to be an arrest.
They went missing so
many days after the incident?!
There is no law that says
it cannot happen.
Right, Sir?
Not really.
Sister... I have a gig
early tomorrow.
If you play games,
nothing good will happen to you.
Just tell us where the goods are.
Sir! I never took anything.
How about we do a silent search?
- Rakesh?
- Sir.
Hold on, one moment!
There are women in the house.
Do you have a warrant?
Mr. Gangadharan, don't get involved!
Those in service only need to be
worried about getting transferred.
So I can get involved.
- What must I do then?
- Come back, quick.
You went without a search warrant...
- don't make it an issue.
- So we'll return?
Go to the court in the morning.
Submit a report
and obtain a warrant.
We'll do the needful then.
- Okay, Sir.
- Okay.
Honourable Court,
on the 8th of last month,
while I was returning from
the Peringara Temple Festival
near the boundary wall of
MLA Kunjikannan's house...
- Rajivan...
- Yes?
In the application for the court,
you cannot use the word 'ass'.
From now onwards, your ass
shall be known as buttocks.
Good to know.
For the same case...
arresting a person
twice is unheard of.
As of now, Rajivan's condition
is bad from the dog's bite.
If he is handed over to the police,
they will torture him more.
All I would like to tell
the honourable court today is
kindly examine the CCTV
footage from the MLA's house.
As soon as Rajivan
jumped over the wall,
the dogs got him.
And soon after the people come in
and pin him down. It's quite clear.
has not gone
anywhere close to the house.
How can there be charges for theft?
This is an attempt to malign
the validity of the private case
filed by Rajivan.
It's completely
fabricated by the police.
The things missing
from the MLA's house
are some extremely
important documents,
some books,
and some money.
Basically a suitcase with all these.
Rajivan has some quirks.
No matter where he breaks into,
he always steals books too.
Adv. Gangadharan
knows that only too well.
Rajivan's house
and the houses of those close to him
should be allowed to be searched,
Your Honour.
What is this even! Search
his house and the entire village!
Rajivan's wife is pregnant.
While her father...
is unwell and bedridden
since a long time.
They don't have to
conduct the search.
The police will do it.
You are making a joke of it!
I am making a serious
plea to the court.
Adv. Gangadharan,
what really is the problem
if the search takes place?
But... if the..
if they search the house
they... shouldn't trouble his family
and the search should be
conducted in an orderly fashion.
I request you to kindly
instruct the police to do so.
Did you hear that policeman?
Search should be conducted
properly and humanely.
- Okay, Sir.
- Search granted.
There is just one
another thing, Your Honour.
The case filed by the MLA is an
extension of the case filed Rajivan
Therefore, I request that...
both cases be heard together.
How can that be possible?
The cause of action is
different in both cases.
The two cases need
to be tried separately.
That isn't the case.
The case filed by Rajivan
will turn out to be the truth.
Then, the case filed by
the MLA will be a waste.
On the other hand,
for the sake of the argument,
if we assume that
the MLA wins the case,
then Rajivan's
case will be in vain.
Therefore, won't it be better
to hear the cases together?
Why waste the
respected court's time?
Adv. Krishnan, does
that not make sense?
If the honourable court thinks so,
and if Adv. Gangadharan too
wishes the same, then sure.
Did you rewrite and
submit your complaint?
The complainant Kozhummal Rajivan,
aged 42, , a daily wage labourer
hereby submits
his complaint
in the First Class Magistrate
court, Hosdurg.
Because of the pothole on
Pallippara-Peringara Road
an accident occurred on
the night of December 7th.
To save my life from the same,
I had to jump the wall of the house
in front of me.
The dogs in the house bit me
and caused serious injuries.
The responsibility of
the pothole on the road
lies solely on the PWD Minister.
So your complaint is
against Minister KP Preman?
You think you can just
file a case against a minister?
The minister is a public servant.
To file a case against a minister,
you need the
approval of the cabinet.
What kind of rule is that?!
Did they take the approval of
thieves to file a case against me?
That's the law.
Can we disobey it?
You do this.
See if you can get your job
at the brick factory back.
If not... find something else
and continue your life.
Go on now.
Nileshwaram police station...
Crime Number...
I told you the complaint
will be dismissed.
How about we get the approval?
By the time you get
the approval,
your buttocks will be back
to being your ass.
Excuse me.
Just hold on... one second.
My name is Rajivan,
I am from Cheemeni.
I would like to meet the
Chief Minister.
The CM does not live here.
But when I enquired around,
they said this was the house.
Someone clearly took you for a ride.
She was born here.
But she lives in
Thiruvananthapuram now.
I had a complaint to give her.
We don't accept complaints here.
Please go to her office.
Yeah, tell me.
No, no. Somebody
just came home...
I don't have the health
to go till Thiruvananthapuram.
Rajivan, have some tea.
Aunty will call now.
Hi Aunty! Go ahead, talk.
Hello Sister!
Hello. What's so important that
you went to my ancestral house?
I had filed a complaint against
a member of your government,
Minister KP Preman.
The court said they
need your permission.
Please allow it.
What did he do to you?
I took the oath of office
4 years back.
And for 4 years,
they have been after me.
'An uneducated man'
'a man who blabbers everything
that comes to his mind, a snob'
And many other things...
they say about me.
- Red Salute!
- Why are they thirsty for my blood?
My dear friends from
the opposition party...
I don't have enough
blood to give you!
And my blood isn't as
tasty as you imagine!
Where will the minister go
after the event?
Who are you?
What's the matter?
A dog bit me a few days back.
I need to speak to him about it.
Corruption cases, hate speech cases,
- What is it called in English?
- Hate speech!
Ah! Yes.
'Hate speak'.
And yes, there is a
molestation case too.
Do this. Take a
blank sheet of paper.
Write a complaint.
Give it to the police station.
I'll get the minister
to call them.
...the media keeps digging these up
and is after me!
I am not sure that will help.
My complaint is against him.
...and then they'll come
up with another accusation!
And what did Preman tell you
when you went to meet him?
I only have one
thing to tell them all.
Sue me!
Down with Revathy Krishna,
the dictator!
Down with Revathy Krishna,
the dictator!
[3 months later -
Petrol price Rs. 74.76]
In a case where a young man Rajivan
was bitten by a dog
the cabinet has
permitted the prosecution
of PWD minister KP Preman.
Rajivan claims he has incriminating
evidence against the minister.
There are state-wide
protests against the decision.
The protest by KCP party workers
turned violent at various places.
Effigies of the Chief Minister
were burnt.
To escape an accident
caused by a pothole on the road,
Rajivan jumped the wall of a house
and the 2 dogs there bit him.
Rajivan approached the court
with a peculiar complaint
that the PWD minister was
responsible for the pothole.
However, the cabinet approval
for Minister KP Preman's prosecution
has come as a
complete surprise to many.
When it comes to
corruption and violence...
ruling party or opposition party...
becomes irrelevant
to our party's agenda.
The protesters
and trouble-makers
have no connections
to Minister Preman.
He has clarified multiple
times that he is innocent.
when he is not afraid
of the proceedings,
others and the media need not be
concerned for him.
Get it?
Those trying to
disrupt the peace and harmony
will be handled with force.
This case is now in the courts.
KP Preman and his party
have the courage to face it.
It is with that
staunch belief that
the permission to prosecute
him has been granted.
As for the rest...
let the law take its course.
It does take a woman
to set things right!
Mr. Rajivan...
Mr. Rajivan... a moment please.
How far are you willing to go
in this legal battle for
the common man?
The ass is mine.
Not the common man's.
You are up against a minister.
Do you think you can win?
You are here with mics,
That's a victory in itself.
We will be at our homes if we
lose the case too. Don't worry.
Case no. 1899/2018.
CC No. 926/2018.
Witness No. 1 - Kozhummal Rajivan.
What is this Adv. Gangadharan?
The lawyer and the
complainant are sitting together?
Oh let the poor soul sit here!
Poor soul?
Tomorrow you'll seat him
on the magistrate's chair.
I am pleading my own case.
Can't I sit here?
Adv. Krishnan, what is
your problem if he sits there?
Sure, Sir.
We don't have a problem.
And I don't have a problem
with them sitting here either.
Where... is the accused
KP Preman?
The accused is absent, Your Honour.
Filing absent petition.
The minister has
said what he had to.
Your turn, Rajivan.
Here, read this.
I know it.
I do swear in the name of
God that what I shall state
shall be the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
My name is Kozhummal Rajivan.
A while back,
I used to be a small time thief.
I have been convicted
in most of the cases.
For the last two years,
I never did anything wrong.
I make an honest living.
The night of the incident
when I was returning home
after the Peringara temple festival
I felt like peeing.
I was peeing on the wall of
MLA Kunjikannan's house.
Suddenly, an autorickshaw
drifted and came right at me.
In the spur of the moment,
I got scared and jumped the wall.
- And 'Kingini'...
- 'Kingini' and 'Painkili'...
got hold of... my...
buttocks... and
injured me seriously.
I went through hell, Sir.
I was once again labelled a thief.
The public beat me up
for a crime I never did.
I can't work.
To be frank...
even to sit and take a shit--
What is this Rajivan?
This is a court.
Maintain some civility.
Rajivan, kindly avoid the
use of unparliamentary language.
This is a serious office of the law.
The newspapers said that
I broke into steal...
so I can't
get a job anywhere!
I am in deep trouble.
The root cause for
this is the minister.
Are you done?
Yes, now I am done.
- Cross.
- Sir...
there is another case
that is connected to this.
Once the witnesses
give their statements in that case,
we'll do his cross.
Announce the connected case.
Cheemeni police station...
Crime No. 1923/2018
accused Kozhummal Rajivan.
Are there witnesses?
Shubha Kunjikkannan.
didn't you file a complaint
at the police station?
Yes, I did.
The incident that you
mention in your complaint...
do you remember the
day, date, and time it took place?
On the night of 2018 December 7th,
at around 11
I woke up startled when 'Kingini'
and 'Painkili' started barking.
Didn't you go to check?
No I was alone and afraid to.
Did they bark after that?
Around 1 AM again both 'Kingini'
and 'Painkili' began barking loudly.
That's when Kannan and I
woke up.
Since Mr. Kannan was there,
you must have checked?
Yes and we saw
'Kingini' and 'Painkili' biting the
thief without letting him get away.
Both the dogs were biting the thief?
No, the thief had
grabbed 'Kingini's throat.
'Painkili' had grabbed the thief
biting him from behind.
Can you recognise the thief?
It was that man.
Was anything stolen?
A suitcase with extremely
'expensive documents',
1 lakh rupees, and a
collection of poems I wrote.
That's all.
That's all.
it's too long to circle
around from there.
My legs can't take it any more.
Can I go from here?
Just go from somewhere, Rajivan!
Have you seen the thief
before this in person?
How'd you know it was me then?
The PA's told me.
MLA's PAs, right?
They'd know what a thief looks like!
Earlier you said, you saw the thief
when you stepped out.
Now you say the PAs
told you who the thief was.
When you saw the thief, did he
have the suitcase in his hands?
I did not take it that day!
When you took it...
is for the police to find out.
The complaint you
gave to the police states that
you heard dogs bark
non-stop at around 12 midnight
and I got in at that time.
Sir... the CCTV footage from the
MLA's house will show us clearly
that between 11 PM and 1 AM the dogs
left their enclosure only once.
That was when the MLA returned home.
Throw that 'Kingini'
out of the court.
Bring him in only
when his case is called.
The suitcase that
you claim was stolen...
file... 1 lakh rupees...
and your poetry...
Neither has the police found it
nor have they shown it to you
for identifying it.
there's no evidence
in this case at all!
Why am I being put to trial
when I am sick and unwell?
Shubha, you may leave.
- He left?
- A while back!
Ah, there he is.
What kind of lawyer are you?!
When you put a witness on the stand
you need train them on exactly
what to say.
I didn't expect her to
panic like that, Shukoor!
She writes poetry.
So I thought she'd be courageous.
You've made a
mountain out of a 'dog-case'!
in the witness list you've submitted
is there even 1 person
actually related to this case?
I've no clue from where
we're going to get punched!
Be careful.
There'll be more punches.
Well... you be careful.
Remember, the MLA
has nothing to lose.
Not the same with
the minister, right?
Hey Krishnan!
What kind of talk is that!
Rajivan, you've stopped
stealing since what... three years?
- Two years.
- Two years.
But you can't let go
of the habit, can you?
Rajivan quitting
stealing is like
Winston Churchill's story of
quitting smoking.
That he stopped stealing...
is in itself a big lie!
A while back... when
Rajivan was about 30 years old
he stopped stealing
and joined Adv.
Sadhanandan's office,
that is Adv. Gangadharan's
father's office... as a clerk.
In the fourth month
after he joined...
for stealing the donation
box at the Ramanthali temple
the police arrested him.
Right, Rajivan?
- That wasn't me!
- Yeah, right!
The court convicted him.
In a case where the courts found
him guilty on the basis of evidence,
he now claims he didn't do it.
That's mocking the courts, Rajivan!
This is a... copy of the
judgment of your conviction.
That may be marked as Exhibit B1,
Your Honour.
From the grounds of the
Peringara Temple Festival...
when did you leave that night?
About 12:30.
When you left...
the MLA was still at the festival.
Did you see him there?
Yes, I did.
You were sure he wasn't at home,
when you left towards his house?
And somehow exactly when you neared
his house, you felt like urinating.
Despite there being
smaller by-lanes around,
he chose exactly the MLA's
house to relieve himself.
Seems like a
convenient justification.
When the rickshaw came at you,
there was a lot of space around.
But you didn't move away, instead
you chose to jump over the wall
into the MLA's house.
Any particular reason... Rajivan?
- Lord!
- Sir...!
How dare you behave
like this in the court!
You think you can do
any nonsense here?
Let go of him.
Everyone sit.
- Pushpa, you alright?
- Yes, Sir.
- Adv. Shukoor?
- I am fine, Sir.
Rajivan, this is
your last warning.
I will have you jailed.
When I tried to hit him...
why did Adv. Shukoor fall
onto that woman?
there is so much space around.
we cannot encourage
such hooliganism.
It is inappropriate for our courts.
They say... magistrates
preside where Gods can't!
you need to clean the court
premises for three days.
when a vehicle that
has lost control came at me
I didn't realise where I jumped to.
I jumped over the
wall in self-defence.
Actions taken in self-defence
cannot be termed as crimes.
Doesn't that book say so?
Right, Adv. Krishnan?
you may answer verbally.
I cannot accept your histrionics
as evidence.
Sir, it should not be on record.
Sir, please don't put it on record.
No, no.
the CCTV footage
presented in the MLA's case...
should be examined as
evidence in my complaint too.
The exact time that I jumped
you can see an autorickshaw
passing me from behind.
that is the auto of Sureshan.
We need to bring him to
court as soon as possible.
Smash it!
Vipin... you think Minister Preman
will get trapped in this case?
Keep those dreams to yourself.
You guys can't do anything to
our leader in the name of this case.
You'll find a way to settle it.
Or even kill the complainant.
Isn't that your MO?
No need for anyone to kill him.
He'll die making trips to the court.
If you tell the dogs that
they bit him because of the potholes
even they'll be shocked!
Say I threw a pot of
hot water into the air,
and it fell on someone who
was walking under it, burning him.
Can I claim that its not my fault
that he chose to walk right there?
In that case, so many accidents
occur in Kerala
should the minister be prosecuted
for all of them?
Who comes up with these new ideas!
Hot water, it seems.
Hey... did this accident
happen because the driver dozed off?
It was because of the pothole,
- 5-3!
- The law is the same for all.
That's the CM's stand.
How did Preman come
into the picture? I don't get it.
My dear Gopi...
If a coconut tree in Vipin's
yard grows and slants over my yard,
and a coconut falls onto
my roof causing damage
from whom do I ask compensation?
Vipin or his coconut tree?
Me of course! But you
wouldn't ask my father, right?
I will ask your father!
Your father brought
you up to be like this.
So I'll ask him too.
Fine, ask him.
But would you involve my uncle?
I will!
Your uncle got your mother
married to your father!
So, I'll ask him too!
Why not!
Prakash! No need
to talk about his uncle.
Why are you getting upset
if I talk about his uncle.
Why are you dragging
his uncle into this?
If someone's wrong, I don't care
whose father or uncle it is!
- What's your problem?
- His uncle is my father!
- So what should I do?
- Talk about your own father!
- What did you say?!
- He and his example!
Don't you dare touch me!
Why did you bring
his father into it!
Let go of me!
How dare you bring
my father into this?!
- Leave him! Let him go.
- Guys, stop it!
- Good Goddess!
- How dare you bring my...
[You can kill me,
but not defeat me.]
[4 Months later
Petrol price - Rs. 75.07]
I do swear in the name of God
that what I shall
state shall be the truth,
the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth.
Have you seen me anywhere?
Yes, I have.
- When?
- At the Peringara Temple festival.
"A wedding on the earth,
is one in the heavens too!"
Thief! Thief!
Catch him! Don't let him get away.
Stop right there!
I told you to leave
without doing anything.
Hand it over!
Give me the wallet!
Leave! Go!
Hey... we got it.
This happened on the same
day approximately 2 hours earlier.
I helped him because
I stopped stealing.
I don't know this man otherwise.
Evidence action section...
Section... Uh...
Section 54... states that
previous bad character is
not relevant.
Right, Adv. Krishnan?
For Adv. Shukoor and Adv. Krishnan
I am a bad person.
But there are people, who can
vouch that I am a good person.
Make way, please!
MLA Kunjikkannan and his
group are arriving at
Minister KP Preman's residence for
an urgent meeting as we speak.
The PWD minister has released
a statement saying
the courts should be questioned for
accepting such a baseless case.
He also said that people who say
rubbish for publicity stunts
should not be given such
importance in the media.
Don't dream that you can force me to
resign with such tactics, he added.
The opposition leader retorted that
this case would be the iceberg...
...against which the KCP
ship would crash and sink.
Riyas KMR reporting from Kanhangad
with cameraman KP Santhosh.
is not something to be scared of.
They're doing this because
of the upcoming election.
It's just a minor case.
100 percent.
You've brought this
'dog-case' upon me
in an attempt to usurp me, right?
Oh my goodness!
Will I ever do that?
Can a thief really bring you down?
We'll see if that happens.
Right, Chandran?
100 percent.
Don't take it so lightly either.
Makes no difference to the court
if you are a thief or a minister.
The procedure is
the same for everyone.
If his position is so fragile,
he'd rather let it go, Shukoor!
Someone's pulling
some strings from outside.
And playing some tricks
to bring Mr. Preman down.
You should be careful.
- Right Chandran?
- Yes!
If he resigns, then you become
the minister, right Kunjikkannan?
The party has only
2 MLA's, right?
Become a minister by taking
him down?! Not for me! No way!
Oh... so why did you become an MLA?
To make Tik-Tok videos?
- Sureshan Kaavunthazhe?
- Yes?
Please accept this.
What is it?
Did the teacher send it?
No, the court sent it.
It's a Summons.
- Yuck!
- Please sign here.
- What is that?
- CRPC Chapter 6 (3).
- What does that mean?
- Be in court on April 1st.
- April 1st?
- Yes.
April 1st, does not work for me.
I have a date with the teacher.
- Take someone else.
- Someone else?
Another section will be
charged then. IPC 419.
- Impersonation.
- That's a crime?
Of course.
I don't have a coat
to wear to the court!
CMP 1899/2018
CC No. 926/2018
Cheemeni Crime No. 17/2018
Witness No. 2 Sureshan Kaavunthazhe.
I do swear in the name of God
that what I shall
state shall be the truth,
the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth.
Sureshan Kaavunthazhe...
Yes. And you are the magistrate...
Sureshan, how fast were
you driving that night?
20... maybe 25 Kph.
The speed limit there is 60.
And there were no
issues with your vehicle?
Were there other
vehicles on the road?
Why were you going
so slowly, Sureshan?
No reason, huh?
For this story you made up
and told the court
How much money
did Rajivan give you?
Hey... I don't have money
to take her to the hospital.
And you think I can pay him?
Don't speak nonsense.
Why don't you say everything
yourself and let the witness go?
Rajivan... stop the bickering.
I know you don't have money
to take her to the hospital
and that's why you were stealing.
I can prove it without your help.
who was travelling
in the auto that night?
- Me!
- Only you?
Sir, if we check the CCTV footage
we can clearly see there
was someone else in the auto.
We should examine that.
Sir... Rajivan, Sureshan,
and another person
have together conspired to do this.
Rajivan went from behind
stole the suitcase and gave
it to Sureshan.
Then when they returned...
- is when the MLA's dogs--
- 'Kingini' and 'Painkili'...
grabbed Rajivan.
The second witness Sureshan
should not be approved.
The honourable court should
charge him for perjury.
Why are we here?
We have something to discuss.
I have deliveries to make
for the bakery.
I need to go.
That's a lot of stairs.
My BP will rise if I climb up.
Your BP will come down if
you climb up, Sureshan!
I told you to not
involve me in this.
My love life will
be affected by this.
You won't understand the frustration
of an unmarried auto driver.
We'll get you married.
Just come on in.
I won't let you go without
telling us who was with you.
The person will have
to come to the court.
Must you really win by
dragging a poor girl into court?!
are they the thief and his
girlfriend you were talking about?
He does talk about you a lot.
That you aren't married,
but are living together
and you're pregnant...
And because of that he
keeps asking me to take leave!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Isn't that Sureshan?
- Yes.
What happened? Did your
auto crash into something again?
No. He fell off the stairs.
At least that's not a crime.
- How come you're here?
- You must have read...
about the murder on the shuttle
court. The whole team is here.
Been a couple of days right?
Yes, it's been 2-3 days.
But the accused and the witnesses
were unconscious.
Can't question them if
they are unconscious.
I'll see you later.
Lot's of work to do.
They need to be discharged.
Presented in the court
and file CRPC--
- Brilliant! Okay then...
- See you.
Teacher, we need a favour from you.
Please come to the court once.
To the court?
I can't, Sureshan!
I told you she wouldn't.
This teacher isn't interested
in the rebuilding of the nation.
you only want to look ahead in life.
But also look at his 'behind'.
Or think of this child
growing inside of me.
Okay, I will come.
I am with you
for the rebuilding of the nation.
But I have a condition.
I do swear that I will
only present the truth.
where did you both
go so late at night?
For a couple who
have decided to unite
is there a place more
comfortable than their own auto?
I was in no hurry to go home.
Neither was he.
So he drove the auto very slowly.
20-25 Kph.
Sureshan doesn't have to drive at
this lawyer's convenience, does he?!
Sureshan is very caring.
That's his style.
'Slow-steady wins the race',
that's my style.
Slow down!
I need to make notes!
Sorry, Sir.
Sir, I had requested
to not accept this witness.
But I should be!
She's wasting our
precious time, Sir.
No, Sir!
I've submitted a 45-second video
of me and Sureshan as evidence.
Please examine it, Sir.
Prosecution Exhibit No. 6.
"Did the breeze kiss you?"
"Birdie... sweet birdie!"
"Did the little dragonfly
play the sitar?"
"Birdie... sweet birdie!"
Oh God!
"Did the peacock in you dance"
"with the blue
feathers out waving?"
"Birdie... sweet birdie!"
"Birdie... sweet birdie!"
"The yellow flower that"
"bloomed in my memories,
won't you return?"
"Having flown away from me,"
the bliss of my life,
won't you return?"
"With a thousand longing eyes..."
"I waited for you!"
"For you my little birdie,
that flew away from me..."
"For you my sweet beautiful birdie!"
"Birdie... sweet birdie!"
My name is
Johnny David Puliyamveedu.
I live near Cherupuzha.
I am a tempo truck driver.
I drive milk around.
Have you seen me ever
before December 7th?
No, I haven't.
Can you tell us what happened
on the night of December 7th?
On the night of December 7th...
Johnny... which is me
was on his way to pick
up the milk from the farmers.
Right in front of Pallippara school
a cyclist fell onto the road,
like Bam!
- Did you run him over?
- No!
Johnny... which is me,
took the lord's name...
and swerved to the right!
The vehicle skidded.
- Why did you stop?
- Did you write it down?
I can do my job!
You do yours!
Sir, one mistake of yours...
can lead me to the gallows!
Johnny... which is me,
loves to talk!
The magistrate won't get it wrong.
Tell us the rest.
So... the vehicle is now
skidding towards the right.
A Bullet Motorbike is
headed my way in full speed.
Johnny took St. Alphonsa's name
and swerved to the
left but to my bad luck
the truck scraped
the auto just ahead of me.
- And then?
- And then what...!
Things got out of
the auto guy's hands.
and Johnny... me again,
got out of there!
To be frank, I am the fearful type.
How did the cyclist fall?
Oh that you should ask him.
That was a wide road.
Why did he have to
fall into that pothole?!
Johnny means there
was a pothole on the road.
There was!
But they have covered it now.
- Johnny David, right?
- Yes.
And you are from Pala?
Yes, but my family moved here
during my grandfather's time.
Johnny, do you use
any narcotic substances?
In the name of St. Antony!
Who's spreading these lies?
Do you encourage people to use them?
- Nah!
- No?
Johnny... which is you,
has two cases to his name.
- Really?
- Aren't there? There are.
One registered in the
Nileshwaram Police station in 2014.
For over-speeding.
And in 2015 at the
Hosdurg police station...
for selling banned
Is that even a real case?!
Sir, Johnny is saying
that this isn't even a case!
Sir, every night...
Johnny leaves from his
house at Cherupuzha
- and drives to Cheruvathur.
- Yes.
- Gets there by 1 a.m.
- Correct.
From then... till 3 a.m.
early morning...
he meets migrant labourers.
He has a regular set of customers.
And distributes banned substances
like Hans and other Ghutka products.
After that, from the dairy farmers
between Cheemeni to Panathur
- Johnny collects Milk.
- Correct.
He then drops off the milk
at the Panathur Milk Society.
After that he heads to
the Karnataka Border area
from where he buys these substances
hides them in the
empty milk containers
and returns to Cherupuzha.
This is Johnny's...
daily schedule, correct?
December 7th, on the
night you saw the incident
was there Hans
hidden in your milk containers?
- Johnny...
- Yes?
From your house in Cherupuzha,
till Cheruvathur
- it is what 28-30 km away?
- Yes, yes.
Normally, how much
time does it take?
Takes about 30-35 mins.
On the night of the incident,
December 7th that is...
you were a little late to leave,
That night, you left
only after 12:40.
Sir, the footage
from the MLA's house
was submitted as evidence earlier.
Zakaria lives next
door to Johnny.
The CCTV footage was from his house
was submitted today.
From the two CCTV footages,
one thing can be inferred.
Johnny starts from
Cherupuzha at 12:30.
On the night of the
incident, he left after 12:40.
To reach Cheemeni at 1,
he would've had to
drive really fast.
The rash driving caused
by his over-speeding
lead to his crash
with Sureshan's auto.
This case...
is simply not about the road.
The rest is Rajivan's
and Johnny's imagination.
That's all, Your Honour.
- Didn't expect this, did you?
- No.
My good Sir... Can I just be frank?
I make rupees 40 on a pack of Hans.
If I sell 100 a day, I make 4000.
4000 multiplied by 25...
that's nearly a Lakh a month.
If the police get me, and I
am fined about 20000 rupees...
I still make about 80000.
That's why I do this.
What can one really
make from milk anyway?
1800 a day at best! That's all.
Do you have any idea
what you're saying?
If I put this on your record,
you will be in jail forever.
Oh no, Sir.
Milk is my main business.
- the other one is a side hustle!
- Hey!
Move him to a side now.
Rajivan do not bring
such witnesses here!
What did you think the court is,
a stage for your drama?
Stop wasting our time.
The next hearing
will be on June 3rd.
Rajivan, your witnesses are okay.
But regardless of what they say,
the buck will stop at Engineer
Samuel or the contractor.
It won't go beyond them.
Didn't mean to dishearten you.
Right now you are a thief who
tried to break into the MLA's house.
The truth about how you
reached the MLA's house
and why the dogs bit you,
should be proven.
We have to win this case somehow.
Instead of wasting our time running
after the MLA and the minister,
let's pin the case on
Samuel... the government engineer.
And the minister?
Did the minister
dig the pothole?
Isn't your wife convinced
of your innocence?
Aren't you?
- I know he's innocent.
- Then, what's the problem?
Then why was he beaten up?
Why did he go to jail?
If you listen to him
and stop with Samuel
you're done for.
Get out of the way, please.
Long live the labour union!
Long live the labour union!
Long live the labour union!
Long live the labour union!
Who is it?
Is Mr. Samuel at home?
No, he has gone to Thrissur.
Okay then.
I'll come tomorrow.
But he'll be back only in a week.
Tell him a Rajivan
had come to meet him.
It was about a court case.
Rajivan, stop!
Where are you off to?
Of course, he is a crook.
He built that road after all.
Did you see him?
What did he say?
Don't think he will come.
Was hiding inside.
- What?
- He was hiding, he won't come.
He should be there.
In that case...
let's add him as an accused
and deliver a summons.
- Should we mess him up like that?
- If not, you're done for.
You'll get thrown under the bus
and so will your case.
This is indeed a messed up case.
In my Dad's time...
if we'd gotten such a case
he would have made
a spectacle out of it.
You know?
Rajivan, what are you looking at?
See this?
The video Sumalatha
shot in the auto.
There is a motorcyclist
passing by. Let's find him.
KL 60 N 6072...
The trouble caused by a video call
still hasn't died down.
This case is politically charged.
It's not right for me to interfere.
Please don't involve me.
Please Sir! Don't say that.
All you need to do is
come to the court once.
To the court?
Find another way.
Also, my date of return is fixed.
You are studying law.
But you haven't
learnt much, have you?
How about you check in
when I am done with my course?
And that's why I've
booked my return ticket.
You can leave.
Let's leave I guess?
What if we request to
move up the date of hearing?
Please don't come
here again for this.
What are we waiting here for?
We travelled all the way from
Cheemeni, and burnt so much fuel!
For what?!
Come on now.
In my father's ancestral house,
there was a huge mango tree.
A really large one...
the trunk as thick as an elephant!
That big.
The mangoes used to be so high up,
that our stone throws
would barely reach it.
- What happened?
- Think we ran out of petrol.
What do we do now?
You've been pushing me around
for a while. Push the car now!
Devi close the doors!
Gangadharan, call the cops!
"From across the 14 worlds..."
"O deities that know
it all through your inner eyes!"
"The flame has spread,
it's all over the body now."
"O holy ballads that
drown all sorrows!"
"Keep it going on..."
"until victory is yours,
your rebellion!"
"Rise up!
"This ammunition, take it
in your arms! Agitate, let us!"
"Fists must go up!
Forward and always!"
"Armaments... there are none!"
"In this battle, you cannot fall,
march on!"
"By the beats of the wave,
swing on!"
"Be the eye,
see them traps ahead!"
Stop right there!
"Is that a dark tunnel
on the way?"
"Are those tales of old,
on the mind?"
"Are those knots of dread,
on the body?!"
"Weary trials and tribulations,
are all over the world!"
"That's a prison,
right up ahead!"
"A dungeon that's flaming inside!"
"This fight, this dance, without it,
what'd be left of us?!"
"When the steps
go pacing faster"
"when the strategies
all have to alter"
"this chariot race,
without it, what'd be our fate?"
"Armaments... there are none!"
"In this battle, you cannot fall
march on!"
"By the beats of the wave,
swing on!"
"Be the eye,
see them traps ahead!"
"Sounds of the anklet
that fill up the ears"
"and banks of the beautiful
Kavvayi river, join in!"
"Keep it going on..."
"until victory is yours,
your rebellion!"
"Rise up!
"This ammunition, take it
in your arms! Agitate, let us!"
"Fists must go up!
Forward and always!"
"Armaments... there are none!"
"In this battle, you cannot fall,
march on!"
"By the beats of the wave,
swing on!"
"Be the eye,
see them traps ahead!"
Don't move, okay!
We won't get paid if they think
we aren't good!
I think they are from the committee.
Ganging up on one guy!?
Get away, guys.
Hey! Stop it.
Leave him alone.
Stop this hooliganism in the church
premises, or I'll call the cops.
- Hey, let's get out of here.
- Leave!
Are you okay?
Can you get up?
Want some water?
Hold on.
Take it easy.
They didn't come to kill you.
The ones who come to kill,
will definitely kill!
This was meant to scare you.
Well, it's very important for them
that I don't die.
And lower him... slowly.
- Sorry to have troubled you.
- No, not at all!
'Be kind and be efficient'
that's our motto!
By the way...
do include some solid food items
like Beef and Parottas in your diet.
You won't have to
change your diapers often.
Beef is cheaper
than diapers! Right?
What happened? Who were they?
It's nothing.
They were trying to scare me.
You are saying nothing,
but your face is all swollen.
- I am fine.
- Hope nothing happened.
What could happen?
He is used to it now.
Can't let it go.
We should file a case for this too.
On blank sheet of paper,
write down a complaint and...
Rakesh... no more complaints.
We've stopped doing that.
- Rajivan!
- Yes?
The case is done, I guess?
They realized it and so
sent men to beat you up.
Could've been to kill you even.
- What is it?
- Shall we leave?
We're to?
You are off to the airport,
right? We'll drop you.
- No thanks, I've booked a taxi.
- No need of that.
We can go in my car.
- Just fill up the fuel.
- Hey! No.
The route to the airport is blocked.
I know a shortcut.
I don't need that.
What is this? I'll call the police!
The police will come
even if I call them.
No need of that.
Sir, will come with us.
We'll go in my car.
Fine, don't fill petrol also.
- What nonsense is this!
- Let us drop you!
Good Morning, Sir!
Relatives don't
want you to leave?
Open the boot.
Lord Anjaneya!
Just drive, man!
Sir... one of your
relatives is behind the car.
- Hey... what are you doing?
- Get up, Brother.
If you plan to go anywhere
other than the court.
you'll have to drive over my body.
Why can't you understand?
I can't come.
Since matters have
come this far
Raghu, you're going to the court
before you go anywhere else.
Sir, I already arrived late.
If you delay it anymore,
you will miss your flight.
Unless the flight also gets delayed.
Get lost, man.
Raghu isn't going anywhere.
Open the boot.
I'll take the bus.
Raghu Sir...
At this age, if I am not
afraid of going to the court,
why should a law
student like you be?
That man is unable
to live peacefully.
This is your last chance to do good.
Otherwise, all 3 of us will die.
The minister will kill
him after the case.
Instead of putting an 'RIP'
status on social media after he dies
why don't you just
come to the court?
I saw that accident.
And I really want to help you.
But I have been told to not utter
a word about this anymore.
If the CM's nephew
is being threatened,
imagine our situation.
They'll kill us on the streets, Sir!
This guy might be able to help you.
Your Honour, this case has
been going on for a long time.
If they are introducing new evidence
and witnesses at this stage
it just means, they are manipulated.
ever since this case began,
everyone has been asking
where is the evidence?
where are the witnesses?
Right? Haven't you asked?
It's bloody disgusting of you to
say that they are unacceptable now!
Sir, what is this?
Whose responsibility is it to
maintain decorum in the courts?
Don't give me a bad name!
I have warned you a
couple of times.
I will throw you out the next time.
I am building the evidence
that the police is supposed to.
I said that out of my frustration.
Sir... he says he's
'building' the evidence.
Your Honour, you are well aware that
in this case the complainant's
evidence closed long back.
My humble submission...
please don't accept
a new evidence at this stage,
which is irrelevant.
And the complainant himself
stated before this court that
he has fabricated the evidence.
But Adv. Shukoor...
why are you scaring him
by talking in English?
He does not know
the ways of the court.
But we can accept the evidence,
can't we?
No, Sir. You took the same
stand in Sumalatha's case.
It's not right, Sir.
Rajivan, did you hear that?
This is your last chance.
There will be no more opportunities.
Next hearing, July 16th.
16th is her due date.
if the case can finish by then,
it will be a big relief.
Sir, are you going to preside over
the case at his convenience too?
But why not, Sir?
I need to know he is innocent
before the baby is born.
Hey! Sit down.
Do you think the court
functions as per your wishes?
Can we decide the proceedings here
based on your delivery date?
The hearing will be on 16th.
But why is that, Sir?
You moved the dates when
the minister was unwell.
Can't do the same in my case?
- Sir...
- Preman must come.
Don't make me issue a warrant.
Sir, he is a minister.
So what? Will I gobble him up?
Until this case is over,
this lady is not permitted
on the court premises.
I am out of almonds.
I do swear in the name of God
that what I shall state
shall be the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
- I do swear in the name...
- Hey stop!
In one language... will do!
Sir, I can...
Just tell your name and address.
Akash Kunjikann,
Mahadevagramam 670307.
- What do you do?
- I am a biker.
- A mechanic?
- No Sir, with the bike--
Hey hey! Not you.
Let him speak.
Sir, I travel the world on my bike.
That's my profession.
- It doesn't need fuel?
- It needs, Sir!
Petrol is so expensive now!
Keeps rising everyday!
It's 75 now. Increased
75 paise today.
Can you do something, Sir?
Business is down!
'Everything will be set right' that
was their motto, right? Let's see!
You begin.
Sir, me and about 6-7 biker friends
were returning from
a Himalayan bike trip.
On December 1st,
we started from Kasol.
It takes about 6-7 days from Kasol.
To get from the Himalayas
till here takes a lot of time!
For now, tell us what you saw on
December 7th near the MLA's house.
Okay... about 20 metres
from the MLA's house
there is a wayside eatery.
Generally on our way back
from trips, we stop there for food.
- Did you stop there that night?
- Yes, I did.
From there I had...
4 Parottas
and a duck roast,
since beef had finished
and since I didn't have money
for grape juice, a black tea.
I told him I'll pay later
and was waiting for my friends.
At that point I saw a tempo truck
approaching from a distance.
A little ahead of
the truck,
a poor cyclist rode over
a pothole and fell.
The truck behind him swerved
to the right to avoid hitting him.
But then a motorbike was travelling
towards them from the opposite side.
In order to avoid hitting him,
the truck swerved to the left.
And the truck scraped the
rear of the auto just ahead of it.
The auto rickshaw
lost control
and scraped a lamp
post a little ahead.
The truck and the auto
left without stopping.
Sir... the petrol cost...
is there anyway you can reduce it?
At least 5 rupees?
It's a girl!
Sir... it's a girl.
That's good to hear.
What else do you need?
A name for the child?
Akash... in December
is it cold in the Himalayas?
Yes, it is about minus 8.
Lot of snow there, I guess.
Only in some places.
I bought some in a small jar.
Akash, if you get
snow from there
won't it melt by the
time you get here?
You can put it into the freezer.
Same impact.
Akash Kunjikann...
why did you choose this profession?
I will take that question.
One day, I just realised
that my name suits a biker.
I had a couple of tattoos too.
When I got the entire arm
tattooed, things got interesting!
And that's how I
chose this profession.
Akash, do you smoke?
- Yes, I do.
- Do you smoke Ganja?
Only if it is good stuff.
Since you were returning
from the Himalayas,
you must have
smoked that evening?
It's wrong to assume that all those
coming from Himalayas smoke up.
True! The Ganges comes from the
Himalayas, does it smoke up?
I never asked if Ganga smoked up.
I asked if you did. Answer that!
I did.
Sir... that night he was
under the influence of drugs.
He must have been hallucinating.
He is telling us his imaginations.
He never saw it
and probably wasn't even there!
Sir... only I smoked up.
My helmet camera did not.
Akash... back then in December...
all those who came
with you on the trip
have jobs except you.
Yes, they do.
They're my hope.
Buddy... 'Hope' is a nice name.
Name your kid Hope.
Just answer the questions.
Do you know where you are?
Sir... what is this?
Isn't this the court?
Behave yourself while in court.
Get it?
Sorry. You proceed.
'Hope' is indeed a good name.
Sir! What is this?
- Are you also mocking the court?
- Sorry!
- You continue.
- I lost my flow. I am done.
That's all.
Don't get angry Adv. Shukoor.
You've said so
much nonsense here.
Am I not listening to that?
Anyway, forget that.
Why isn't KP Preman present?
he has a back-ache.
He is unable to travel.
A back-ache?
You think I don't have one?
But I am here!
In the court.
He is attending weddings,
laying foundation stones
campaigning for the election too.
He's fine then.
Gets a back-ache
when he has to come here?
His wife has just delivered a baby.
Yet, he is here everyday.
A woman 9 months pregnant
could come to the court.
What trouble does KP Preman have
that is worse than hers?
Sir, he is the
minister of state.
What minister!
That he is in the legislative
assembly. Here he is an accused.
What's that dock there for?
For decoration?
- Arrest him and present him!
- Sir!
Issue warrant.
In such situations...
we sacrifice someone and get away.
You mean me, right?
You won't be alone, Contractor.
The private secretaries too.
The minister is
needed for our future.
Not the case with you.
Put this on his head.
Mr. Preman
should we hire a better lawyer?
- Isn't that smarter?
- Not needed, Sir.
We can close this
case at the next hearing.
You wouldn't have to
come to the court again.
This may not have created
flutters within the ministry
but this is an interesting thought
placed before the justice system.
It's an amusing point that
a common man Rajivan
has put forth to the court.
He has brought forward the important
issue of 'root cause'.
This case is progressing at a quick
pace, which is rare with our courts.
The promptness
shown in issuing a
stay order against
withholding salaries,
or the immediacy shown
in the liquor ban case
and the temple entry cases,
is now being shown in a
case where a dog bit a man.
It's a relief that courts
are functioning at such speeds.
The statement and evidence
given by Akash Kunjikann
have now made it imperative
for KP Preman to appear in court.
Preman Sir... the BBC are here!
Hmm, the case might be minor,
but the publicity is major!
CMP 1899/2018
CC No. 926/2018
Accused No. 1
KP Preman.
Preman Sir!
Hello, Sir!
- Been busy?
- A bit.
You know how busy
a politician can get.
- Also, a by-election is coming up.
- True.
- Are you afraid to stand alone?
- Uh, no.
Also, I am never alone.
I am generally part
of one of the coalitions.
No, I mean are you afraid to
stand alone there in the dock?
No, Sir.
Then ask your bodyguards to leave.
Out you go.
Hey... who do you
think will take your chair?
Call it.
Prosecution witness no. 8
Samuel Pulliyullaveettil.
Engineer Samuel...
I guess you know some law.
Yes, he does.
Just like you know
how to build a road.
- Shut up!
- What!
Sir... he interferes at every point.
What is this behaviour?!
Sit down, Man!
Samuel... about this
Pallippara-Peringara road
the work was handed out
after issuing a tender.
Usually in PWD contracts
maintenance work
is the responsibility of the
company that takes the contract.
Maintenance clause was
not put in the contract.
Why was the maintenance clause
not put in the contract?
That's what I am trying to ask.
That was because... Minister...
KP Preman called
and told to remove it.
The minister called you directly?
The minister did not call himself.
The private secretary called.
He said the minister asked him to.
So the minister told the PS,
and he called you.
And you removed the maintenance
clause from the contract.
Didn't you commit a big offence?
- Right?
- Yes, Sir.
the responsibility of a road
rather the responsibility
of accidents
occurring due to
bad quality roads
is solely that of the PWD Engineer.
Sir, this case should
be filed against this man.
He should be the first
accused in this case.
Sir, why is such a senior
minister put on the dock like this!
Samuel will have to be
on the accused list.
Otherwise, the case
won't move forward.
I don't mind being an
accused in this case.
Won't make a
difference even if you did.
What you did... is a big offence!
According to CRPC Section 319,
Samuel Pulliyullaveettil
is ordered to be Accused No. 2
by this court.
Well, weren't we
waiting for him to come?
The witness became the accused!
How was that?!
Sir, I have a request.
What is it, Samuel?
Sir, I'd like to turn approver.
Kindly allow me as an accused to
depose as a prosecution witness.
But you will have
to file an application.
We have the application, Sir.
I have filed a petition.
You are appearing for him too?
From... just about now.
Very well then!
Any objections?
I have been holding the post of the
PWD Engineer for the last 16 years.
During the time,
I have been transferred 18 times.
In the last four years, there are
have been very few transfers.
Just two... in fact.
That is because...
as per the minister's wishes
I started altering the contracts
to benefit the contractors.
That is the only reason
why the transfers reduced.
I am not looking forward to
getting the government's pension.
I mean I haven't really
worked enough for that.
Frankly because... he has not let
me work peacefully for a single day.
For his relatives,
for his party,
his supporters and for
his personal needs,
he made me siphon
money from government funds.
He made me sign documents
to facilitate such transactions.
- What is this, Sir!
- Shukoor, sit down. I'll ask him.
There is no point
blabbering in court.
- Do you have evidence for this?
- Yes, we do.
Strong and relevant evidence.
Let me present them one by one.
For the last 16 years,
while he was working
many of the contracts that he drew
up were asked to be modified.
The instructions to do so
sent by various private secretaries
are attached herewith.
To alter the maintenance
clause in the contract
for the road where
the accident took place
the Minister drafted a new contract.
Here is the original.
At that time, the minister,
his personal assistant,
and his personal secretaries
all have made calls to the Engineer.
Here are the phone call records,
incoming and outgoing.
During the construction of
Pallipara-Peringara Road
an analysis report found its
quality to be inadequate.
Here's a copy of the report.
The minister may have
destroyed the original.
After the road where the
accident took place was built
the public filed a number of
complaints against the bad quality.
Also, there are 32 complaints
filed regarding the very pothole
that led to Rajivan being
bitten by the dogs.
Here is the order to halt the
repair work citing lack of funds.
Sir, is this a case trial
or a street play?
Nonsense drama!
While submitting
evidence in the court,
one must share the
evidence with the defence.
He doesn't seem to have a basic
understanding of legal procedure.
Eh... but then
Samuel wasn't an accused earlier.
The documents can
be presented only now.
It's not that, Sir.
The moment Rajivan decided to bring
Samuel to the court as a witness
they realised Samuel
would turn into an accused.
Isn't that why he came to the court
today with a Section 315 petition
and a sack full of evidence.
This a pre-planned drama.
This doesn't suit the
professional ethics of an advocate.
Okay, I admit that.
But I am not trying
to kill someone, Sir.
Just trying to save
people from potholes on roads!
A copy of the evidence
shall be accepted by the court
only after it is shared
with the defence.
Adv. Gangadharan... it will be good
if you understand the basic
functioning of the legal process.
Adv. Shukoor, I said the
court will accept the evidence.
As if there are no courts above him!
Pointless, since you'll be
pleading the case there too!
Get aside.
In a compelling David
and Goliath story
developing out of India
in the state of Kerala,
a man accused of robbery is taking
on a far more powerful adversary,
a minister of the state.
In the last 10 months,
the plaintiff Mr. Kozhummal Rajivan
has been waging a battle in court
to sue Mr. KP Preman.
Kerala's public works minister.
In a turn of events, that has
caught the public imagination
Mr. Rajivan who just has
a primary school education
is appearing himself as
his attorney for the trial.
The backstory of civic
corruption in Kerala
where 4000 people
are killed and 40000 injured
annually in road accidents,
is a matter of grave concern.
However, events
unfolded in such a way
that it was not Mr. Rajivan who
bore the brunt of the dog's attack
but the minister and
the state administration.
The 5 witnesses that appeared for
the complainant are the following.
Kozhummal Rajivan
Sureshan Kaavunthazhe
Johnny David
Sumalatha PK
Akash Kunjikann
The statements of the above
and the submitted evidence
are attempting to prove that
the pothole on the road
led to Rajivan being
bitten by the dogs.
- Are you aware of this?
- Yes.
Do you agree?
Why would I!
You are the reason
for the potholes
accuses Engineer Samuel.
How do you plead to that charge?
Not guilty.
Would you like to add
anything Minister KP Preman?
Yes, Sir.
Go ahead.
This began the day
I became a minister.
The entire opposition...
is trying to remove me from my
ministerial post.
There are political
conspiracies behind it.
Rajivan is part of that conspiracy.
On the day of our party meet
he came to meet me.
For this dog-case
he wanted me to pay
him a huge ransom.
And he threatened to file a case
and bring me a bad name.
I have no prior enmity towards
Rajivan or reason to harm him.
As per the norms laid
down by these engineers,
not a single contractor
will bid to build it.
Just because a dog
bit someone somewhere
filing a case against me
is definitely part of a
larger conspiracy, Sir.
Please don't cause me trouble for
something that I don't even know of.
A whole community is looking
forward to my service.
Don't disappoint them.
That is all I have to say.
Oh, you think you can get
away with one dialogue of yours!
Sit down, Rajivan.
Go home if you want to speak
while Section 313 is being answered.
Rajivan, sit. Don't
create a scene.
The minister won't
have the guts to answer me directly.
Sir, you don't have to answer.
- You sit down.
- It's okay. Let him speak.
Hey! I decide who speaks and when.
Not you. Get it?
Okay, you speak.
On March 29th, there was
a murder on a shuttle court.
Prakashan... following a heated
argument in the shuttle court,
kicked Thampi.
Thampi fell on Vipin.
Vipin stumbled onto Gopi,
who was just watching the game.
The metal bar in Vipin's hands,
struck Gopi in his
chest killing him instantly.
He didn't die! He was martyred!
Even though Vipin was holding
the bar that struck Gopi,
the case was
registered against
the person who kicked
him... Prakashan.
Since the dead man and the man who
stabbed him were both of his party,
the person who kicked
him became the accused.
If the reason for
Gopi's death...
was the kick by Prakashan...
then the reason
the dog bit me was...
your signature to alter
the contract! Right?
The minister's job is not to
look for potholes on the road.
Others have been appointed
to do that.
Government officers.
They will do the needful.
Then why don't you send
them to beg for votes too?!
Why do you roam around
in khaadi clothes...
Hey! Hey! Grab him.
Make him sit.
Sit down!
What is this?
How dare you do this in a court?
I get a little lenient with you and
you think you can chew my ear off!
You think this is your house?
Preman this is not the assembly!
Good lord! What nuisances!
Such hell!
Are you done
examining the witness?
Yes, Sir.
- Adv. Shukoor?
- Yes, Sir.
- Adv. Gangadharan?
- Yes, done.
Adv. Krishnan?
Lord! What all must
I see before I leave?
[15 months later]
CMP 1899/2018
CC No. 1926/2018
Complainant Rajivan Kozhummal.
Accused No. 1 KP Preman.
Accused No. 2
Samuel Puliyullaveettil.
Accused No. 1
present, Your Honour.
A 2 also present. Please
get into the witness box.
Your Honour, I am
appearing for Accused No. 1.
In this case, the prosecution
examined 5 witnesses...
including the complainant.
These statements,
on careful examination,
can be found to be baseless and
make no sense when read together.
In the statement of Rajivan,
the first witness,
during the music program
at the temple festival
he mentions that the MLA
was present at the venue.
Right after the music program,
the firecrackers go off.
The right time for a thief to steal.
When breaking a
door open and entering
no one will notice because of
the sound of the firecrackers.
- Sir, during the...
- You!
Sit down.
It's difficult to believe that you
were peeing at the wall, Rajivan!
That street is very well lit.
And Sir, the street that he
walked through to get there
is relatively dark!
Witnesses 2 and 4
are exaggerating.
That's the auto driver
and his girlfriend.
They use the auto
as a place to romance.
What else would the
driver need to lose control?
Sir, there is enough
space to steer an auto
if a truck hits it
on that 18-feet-wide road.
He hit the post,
because of his own carelessness.
The prosecution in their own
submission uses the word 'scraped'.
A wall 4.75 feet high...
It's preposterous to say Rajivan
jumped that for self-defence.
It's not possible.
Document No. 2 are CCTV visuals from
two different places.
Witness No. 3 Johnny...
sells banned narcotic substances
and his statement
cannot be believed.
Didn't the court ask
you to keep quiet?
I just got up to
adjust my dhoti--
Don't adjust it until
it's your turn to speak.
Sir... above all...
the so called cyclist from Mizoram
hasn't made it to the court yet.
Because there is no
person like that.
Akash Kunjikann,
who is a habitual user of drugs,
made up the rest
in his hallucination.
They have miserably
failed to prove their case.
Your Honour, my humble
submission is that...
Accused No. 1 Minister KP Preman
may be acquitted of all charges.
That's all, Your Honour.
For complainant's hearing.
I was 14 when I
first stole something.
Broke into a hotel.
Nobody asked me why
I was stealing.
Instead of handing
me over to the police,
if they had asked me why I did it
I would have probably
never stolen again.
But nobody asks that.
Because... who wants
to know the reason?!
A few days back in Tamil Nadu
a container lorry rammed into a bus
and 19 people died.
The son of an auto driver I know
was among them.
He was just 24.
The RTO submitted
a report within a week.
The lorry driver was arrested and
the case was closed.
Everyone slept peacefully.
Job done.
The verdict...
involuntary manslaughter.
In an accident, those directly
and indirectly responsible
are both considered guilty.
So says the law, right?
That's what I've heard.
In that case
isn't everyone guilty... from the
person who fitted the container bolt
to the person who
overloaded the container,
and the owners of
the trucking company
who told the driver to
continue driving at night?
When the firecrackers go off,
a thief will never break in.
The owners could have just been
jolted awake and may get up to pee.
A train that passes by everyday at
the same time may not wake them up.
But firecrackers go off only once
a year. That is sure to wake them.
Not all thieves look for
opportunity in calamity.
May be KP Preman does.
The cyclist who
fell into the pothole
was a daily wage worker
employed in a hotel
He was from Mizoram.
At the same that the public
and the police were thrashing me
Witness No. 5 Akash Kunjikann
and Raghu took him to the hospital.
Brother... are you okay? Get up!
What happened?
- Hang on tight, Brother.
- Get him onto the bike.
The cyclist cannot come
to give his statement.
Because three days later...
he died.
When he fell, he hit his head.
The road is not just for vehicles.
It is also for walking, right?
When poor people are harassed
by powerful men
and someone stands up to them, there
is something they always say...
sue me!
The courage comes from thinking
we won't file a case or...
is it because they feel that
we won't win even if we sued them?
Both are bad, right?
For judgement, August 11th.
[11th August 2020]
[Petrol Price Rs. 81.73]
Ignorance is the root cause
of all difficulties.
Ignorance could be of a common man
or that of those
supposed to lead them.
The root cause of problems
make us emotionally disturbed.
Finding solutions are difficult
but never impossible.
The denial of Kozhummal
Rajivan's basic human right
of walking on a public road safely,
the constant threats
to a government officer
and not allowing him
to discharge his duties,
and the failure of
the public servant
to properly discharge his duties
are the charges
that this court finds KP
Preman guilty of beyond doubt.
Taking into account his age,
a punishment of 6
months imprisonment
and a fine of Rs. 1 Lakh are
hence pronounced by this court.
For the injuries
the complainant had to endure
because of the above offences
and for his loss of
reputation and dignity,
Minister KP Preman
must publicly apologize
to Kozhummal Rajivan
and his family.
This court orders that the medical
expenses incurred by Rajivan
Rs. 3213
and the compensation for the loss of
income due to the injuries caused,
Rs. 72000,
must be paid by
KP Preman from his personal wealth
to Rajivan immediately.
Ministers like KP
Preman must re-examine
and understand the duties and
responsibilities of their positions.
For fighting this battle and
keeping his faith in the judiciary,
Rajivan deserves praise.
Accused No. 2 Samuel Puliyullaveetil
is found Not Guilty and is acquitted
since his actions were coerced
by the first accused in the case.
The verdict shall be enacted
with the permission of the
Honourable High Court.
Until such time, Minister KP Preman
is granted bail in his own name.
[A few months later]
[Petrol Price Rs. 100.11]
Have some more, please?
Just this much more.
It's only this much... come on,
open your mouth.
If you finish it,
you can ride your cycle.
- Devi, I am leaving.
- Just a moment... coming.
Daddy will be back soon, sweetheart!
Say Bye to Daddy!
- Bye bye!
- Bye
Start the truck!
Let him walk a little.
But a little ahead is the main road!
Start the truck.
Which moron made such a
big pothole on the road?!