No controles (2010) Movie Script

Quiet you catch it, huh?
We got right, but we... Bea.
You remember the lamb
the last year?
What"pesao"you, son!
Yes, yes, I remember.
I bought a shoulder that will turn out better
yet, I have a trick"enterao"...
you leave..."restaurant".
Sergio, this is not your mother knew, huh?
Bea, you do not know what you gonna wear?
A glass of brandy! A chorretn... and you have left
better than I did your mother, Sergio.
Oh, by the way,
felicitas you calling for me...
She always has"echao"cognac.
Of all life has made it!
Aita, we can not stay.
(Off)"Well, just in case, lamb
there's plenty for everyone."
But what work
make you go New Year 's day, eh?
In mine.
That and forgive me son,
but that work is a bit...
Shit! You always said
that their work is shit.
And what we are going to spend New Year's Eve Grandma
and I together, huh? How are we going to go?
At eleven I 'm going to bed.
I'm staying here
in case no off or something.
How not take off?
You'll be waiting there to Grandma!
Joe, chub suitcase!
Bea not you go abroad, huh?
Well parejita,
call me to get to Madrid?
Have you seen? How has trouble giving a hug!
I do not know how many years have you been together?
Come on, Bea.
Oh, woman! If we are for my birthday.
Sure you'll be terrific lamb.
Well, let's see...
Come Aita.
's Looking.
No, no, no, no...
(Off)"A little more, a little more,
what it costs."
Well, I think that's it, right?
Yes, yes, I...
Well, nothing, that... Thank you.
No, no thanks,
You have to tell it once.
Yes, as soon as
Best of divorce, I...
I do not cost anything
eat with you, Sergio...
... but you can not walk well,
I'm going to Germany.
Well, when you spend the holidays
I talk to him, huh?
We left it seven months ago.
Tomorrow I call.
Hey, who also
we 're going to put silly now, huh?
No, no. If you also go very well
in the restaurant of your parents.
I do not know, I hope...
That yes, yes, you will go very well.
Bea yes, yes, you...
... that you're... 're...
Very nice!
I... goodbye.
Some summer will come...
(0ff, to himself)
"Maja... Fuck!"
(Song"Second Prize"
performed by"The Planets")
"Sitting waiting for you to call,
praying that give a signal,
the days getting despaco go,
and I can only wait.
They come to explain
everything has termnado,
you have to say
I do not want to see.
It mposble you've forgotten,
what the two could do..."
(Mobile phone)
Tell me Aita.
(Off)"Sergio! Have you heard the radio?
Come along to dinner."
Eh... no, no. Is that here we have been told
we're going to take off, eh?
(0ff)"You've come a minister talking...
and boy... that should be mounted
at airports in the snow."
No, no, it...
They no longer...
that you can not lose.
(Off)"You get me Bea. I've changed
brandy, I bought the expensive at the pump."
Eh... is that...
right now, just you catch that...
... he can not.
(Off)"But how do you not? Psamela..."
Aita, who say I have to go.
Come agur.
(Hangs up)
Fucking awesome uncle when I look back and say :
"But look who's here, the host"!
How long? From fifth E.G.B.
At least, right?
Do not you remember my name?
Typically than not, they do not fall...
Juan Carlos!
But I no longer call Juan Carlos, eh!
You know what they call me now?
Eh... nope.
JUAN Carlitros!
Huh? Juancar - Liters! JUAN Carlitros!
Huh? GALLON! Liters! Juancarlitros! Liters!
Ha ha! That does not get it!
Champion Portugalete parties...
But you know what category?
Glass lifting! Ha ha ha!
Okay, okay, Portugalete...
Now unemployed, and unemployment, huh?
That will give us something here for everyone!
ztu You were only a year, right?
Fifth around, behind you was,
in the back row. 0ye, so what is this?
Whose... from whom?
Joe, because"toa peasca"
"Tuli","the Turutas","the Petrol"...
Host,"the Petrol"!
How would you clamp, huh?
Well I do not know, I do not know much...
As in"Facebook"...
Zel"Facebook"? Hush, hush, the"Facebook"
I'm not kidding, the"Facebook", huh?
Ripoff. It flips me that people
not realize the duped it is.
That does not work! And people are there, the
"Facebook", the"Facebook". But if it goes well!
I have commanded you friend requests,
well, everyone, but to all of God...
be... and they do not come
because I do not yet accepted or"Tato", huh?
Holy shit the"Facebook"!
Arreglad the server, tatty,
who are some crappy! Za you going?
Well, I opened an account and...
Normal you do not go,
but if anyone is going, dammit!
But look, you're given, you and I have
"encontrao"here in person, in the flesh,
Live and direct, that is what counts,
huh? With the desire I had...
(Shouting) Miss! Hey! Bring twelve grapes,
we will give the ditto.
Heh, heh, heh!
(Off)"What's wrong?"
No... that... we do not go.
But how we will not leave man?
A plane like this what the hell is going
snow affect, Zen it will affect?
Well, on the radio have been told...
The radio, the radio...
But who is going to fly this plane...
sir... the commander or laki Gabilondo?
(0ff)"The news!"
(Off PA)"I speak the commander.
This time we can not take off."
"So we will have to come down. Please
follow the instructions of the crew."
What you said...
(Off PA English)
"Atention Please, the captain is speaking."
"Just to say the weather is not getting
better, so we can not take off..."
How that is not my bag?
But how it will not appear?
(Shout) Come on, sir!
ZSE can wait a second, please?
Fill the sheet, I can not do anything!
Let's see Miss a roommate yours
took her to the cabin...
... because they went into the trunk.
Sir, can I be left over?
Because tonight I have to
Miss being at home!
Eh! Sorry, sorry!
Whew, how are you?
Very good... Thank you.
I'm the boy, the boy in the suitcase that...
that did not fit!
Oh, yes, yes!
I think I put it next to the cabin, yes.
What do you mean"I"?
It was brown with shoulder strap, right?
No, no, no, it was a gray suitcase with wheels.
Sorry, sorry,
up can you get it, please?
zYou can some buddy of yours
up for her?
It is no longer.
You do! Look, I will make a complaint,
but not so general complaint.
I will make a complaint against you!
Zah, no? Tampoco?
To all who do not!
I beg you please!
What do you mean please? What is this?
Because I am new,
I've been working here only a week.
Ya, ya, ya, your name.
Excuse me, is that my father... he is to me
half helped get the job, right?
And to me, what?
That as you know...
is that you do not know my father...
... and he is going to find fixed
because it is the pilot of the plane.
Well since this is what was missing...
Your name! Your name! What?
They have closed the roads... and must
spend the night at a hotel next door.
(Shouting) Hey, hey!
(Whistle) Sergius, fierce!
Come to the last row man
here's the good stuff!
Hey, come on over,
we'll sing carols and everything.
Well, ZA Madrid what? Whose spree or what?
No, Ciudad Real. By working.
For work, says... If tomorrow is a holiday!
Ya but I work in a newspaper there
to see who is the first of the year and that kid.
Periodista you? Jo, because if you
a report"horny - horny"...
get... when you come to interview
some friends of mine on the forum"movidajarta. Com"
... we... you will fall of the host,
because they are our roll.
Yeah, but no,
do not really like New Year's Eve...
(Phone call -
Very loud and tacky Tone)
Look, here they are,
to see what spring calving me now, huh...
They have caught site in the Puerta del Sol!
But how come you will not, man?
Come and Liam, as in class
of"Sebas", huh? Remember?
The"Sebas", the class, the teacher...
Yes, yes... the gym, right?
The Sociales. It saved my life.
You remember, right? You saved my life.
Sociales? No...
In examining the"tributaries"
but how will you remember not, man?
The cheat sheet... if cateaba
my mother put me in the haberdashery Curran.
Then I drop the"Chuletoncio"in the middle
test and the"Sebas"coming towards me...
... and when I think I will catch...
WHAM! You raise you hand and dawdle...
Fucking love it!
We entertain there butt, they just
I have time to... I took it and I saw...
Well, the truth is that there... I do not...
Look, do not get to lose him
and would not be what I am now...
What happened to tell you,
then the rock does not believe or anything.
(Off)"Huh? How'd you is the body?"
But the real, huh?
Of those who tell jokes.
Lets see gigs in the haberdashery Curran
not make it ugly to my mother,
but it is temporary,
until paste the pitch.
And not because we think it takes,
you will not believe what I'm going to Madrid...
Tomorrow I have my first gig in the capital!
So you know, if you get married or something,
I will mount a show that is the descojono, Ha!
You have thought of marrying or christening,
or a communion or something? Huh?
Eh... no, no, not at the moment...
But yes have girlfriend, huh?
(Off)"Well, and if you do not,
tranqui you tronqui"...
... than you and me
New Year's Eve we fuck.
Fucking love it! Ha ha ha!
(Voices choppy)
(0ff)"One moment, please."
If that were a quarter
and took the grapes, eh?
No, I 'm going to sleep...
Yeah man, to sleep... sleep it off say,
huh? Because with the illusion that we have done...
I smell... meet tonight
you and I just"fine mandarin".
Hey, Juan Carlos...
Give me your phone, go.
To record it.
Give me your phone and then hit you a hint.
Yes.. to see, points : 6, 2, 0...
Eh... 8... 5, 8, 2... 3... 5, 7.
Do you have ten numbers?
Ah... forgive, forgive... yes, I have given
office extension. Removes the last.
Come then hit you then touch.
To begin the"banter Tomasa"!
Here's your room key
and your partner.
No, no, you're wrong,
is a single room.
I'm sorry,
there are only double rooms.
The minibar is what we want to double,
Miss! Ha ha!
Well, Ciudad Real
I will I have loads of honey...
single... time I've linked
in a bar telling jokes.
In the Pub Zeus, you know him?
The Pub Zeus, do you sound? Pub Zeus, huh?
Yes, yes, which is close to the Plaza de Toros.
Do not see what triunfada that night, hoo!
I swore flag!
You are kidding, right?
The Pub Zeus is a brothel.
You knew... not?
(Hides) Yes, yes I know... Sure
I know man, I knew better... eh...
The thing I say, to see if,
to see if it falls or something... Pub Zeus... clear...
Who is that?
You here!
I was looking... Zoye you can
get into the mobile Internet?
Eh, no idea, I think not.
I just need the locator
because I know if I am with this.
And that phone?
It's the gigs.
The mine itself has not.
No, no.
Hey, would you send me ztu not a message
a few months ago?
No I do not, it goes. If in addition you already...
you already have my phone.
Yeah, well, but I have no work mates.
Where litter. Miss you, put.
About four in the morning.
No, no, I do not...
Bea, please!
(0ff)"A Message to five missed calls
that night."
And you have not called to see who it was?
Not really.
So call and you stay calmer.
I have here the Sergius
one fronted concern, we go.
Do not, do not... do not call... not
call... to see if there will be any left...
Above you... and you're going to give ground.
The worst thing in these cases.
Hey, I still need the computer,
ztu you brought the laptop?
Zah, yes?
Sure, this you have here behind, right?
Ah, yes...
How well... And have wifi?
Buah! Damn if you...
May I say that will, right?
Right. What room are you?
The 411!
Very well, then nothing, leave it and go up, right?
Come, see you later.
(Angrily) Why do you talk to her?
You cool your friend... huh?
And the computer...
Well, to what do come about?
Look, because I saw you you were throwing
and I have not wanted to step on the field...
... if not,
well he had gotten"fichamen".
Not my friend!
Yeah, man, sure...
Zun... fling?
We dated.
And how do you know her?
Zen chat?
There I met online!
You are of mine, bars there late.
Closing kittens should be!
I will not say anything more.
In a workshop!
Vacation! No, I know. friend of
a friend! No, wait, I do not ski!
In line at the movies, in line at the super!
Sure, that you look in the pocket and...
(Angrily) In an ice rink met her!
OK? In an ice rink!
What the patinas you?
No, do not skate, what the fuck I skate!
We were little, we were there...
Well, but,
why I 'm telling you this to you?
No, okay, okay... if you want to talk,
I for me...
Pero you went to Ciudad Real
before leaving or after leaving it?
And how long before huh?
Because obviously, not the same...
Look, Juan Carlos...
"Juan- Carlitros".
Right. I will not say anything more.
We leave, immediately.
No, no, no more, no. That there is something,
I have come the"olorisca", huh?
Hey, see if you think I am a typical
that lets you know the bride and not over it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
0ye, I leave you this, okay?
Also, we
much better so the two.
The password is"DJ DESFAS".
Enjoy you're going to be the two
alone and above all, do not make him laugh.
Why do not I can make people laugh?
ztu have"escuchao"so that the aunts
they are cool guys that make them laugh?
Another duped as the"Facebook"! okay why not
going to make a guy like me six years without a girlfriend?
Ya... wait in the bar, which is coming now.
Okay, hey if that...
I put a sock on the doorknob, huh?
What if I do not fault the mind sleeping triunfada
in the hallway, I owe you one. Sergius!
It seemed that we were leaving and look...
Sergio... are you sure that is everything okay?
Yes.. yes... yes... we, the gigs and stuff,
you know...
Yeah, well...
what you told in the food.
I do not know, girls and stuff... what's up?
In girls, Sergio, that how about since
we leave? Come on, if you want to tell...
That yes, I 'll tell you,
Clearly I tell...
Well, the typical... from this that salts and
have some roll... but let that nothing serious.
Do you know? That this came with the computer
and no... I do not know how to remove it.
As pointed this and... and go.
Well, what you... how about?
Well... that you wanted to talk.
Well, what?
I am pregnant.
Ha ha ha!
Already with the bullshit that...
Sorry, it cost me quite back
to be with someone seriously. ZTo connect?
Eh... here.
How... you serious?
The last few months I've been with someone
serious plan, or so I thought.
Is Ernesto,
I like wedding rings Ana..
No, no, no...
And why did you think?
Because they thought that if I went to Germany
is coming to live with me.
But I could not leave work to be had here,
that if the sales figure and I know...
Again because of gigs,
seems to be my thing, right?
(Annoyed) Well I too, huh? Yo, we
I... I have rolls but serious. And more!
But hey, right now
catch me single.
But hey, that... aunts that
I can not complain. Come petite!
You have already been downloaded"Brazilian Culitos VI".
That's not mine.
On Blu - Ray!
Not, is a partner, so I got
here on the computer and do not know how to remove it.
(Sound Scratchy computer)
The partner is a horny this...
How is this done?
The what?
When you've already fired once, are you
means you have to re- fire?
Well I think that we say goodbye
no more and that's it, right?
This is the good.
Yeah, well...
If you also going to be"super well"Bea, if you...
Right, because I'm very nice, right?
(Embarrassed) Shut up.
You, too, will go very well.
The only thing... you know.
What if someone tells you to go to live together not
go to work at a newspaper in Ciudad Real.
(Off)"I can not believe."
I can not believe it!
0 is, what will Germany
and do not tell me?
So, how do you want my help
if not tell me things?
I have not asked you to help me.
Let's see, I do not ask you to lose track
to"Sebas"and you saved my life... huh?
In Germany, the host!
Is that this changes everything.
This changes nothing.
We must go butt! Huh, Sergius?
But much butt! OK?
This is like the"Die Hard"
but love!
I 'm going to bed, I'm tired...
Hell, Bruce Willis was also"cansao"
and straps and barefoot and the host...
And he was going? No, not going, holding him there
like a champion... okay or what?
See you tomorrow.
"New Year's Eve Cotillion."
To not go to bed,
Mounted a"megaparty"!
How are you going to ride a cotillion here? also
I just said that there is no alcohol.
Pero anything? ZNI drop?
Root beer, all.
They say they are with alcohol, I believe
that if you get drunk you do not know well.
Happened to me, huh?
Let's see, ztu not understand that a couple
ends and that's it? That's it!
Zia yours?
I control this, Sergius.
No, no. You do not control, no. Because this is not
Zeus Pub... nor the"Facebook"... not the forum...
do not know... what a story... or"Brazilian Culitos
Vl"... which by the way you fell, or...
Zen Blu - Ray?
Yes.. Yes, on Blu - Ray.
Well, I'm...
You're not going anywhere.
We will prepare the cotillion.
That if you want to do a cotillion,
I fine with me, but I do not liis, huh?
What time you see here?
The... five.
Check Punta Cana Well there I have I
head so much scale and wafer,
five in the afternoon, so stay with the
couplet because you go to bed or God.
Can not you see that the more people come,
is easier to anime Bea?
To see, and give with Bea,
Bea has nothing to do with it, dammit!
Because you have overcome, right?
Well, yes.
That says.
Well someone in five minutes
said three times that he has passed...
I have passed by... my balls.
I, a cotillion here, come on, what is
a cotillion, as I do not see but good.
Let's see, now because there is no music,
but you put this a little curious...
looks... and otherwise. Here you can
mark some dancing with the chick.
But hey,
You what do you think, that Bea is dumb or what?
Hey, stop, stop!
Habis seen this?
(Cynic) Yes, of course, the hotel suite.
If you give us descend now fixed, but fixed, huh?
(0ff TV)"... for an unforgettable stay..."
Leave it to me to just be
in Punta Cana
The key that"chinguona"that opens all
rooms, zla have you, no? "Gey"?
(With Ecuadorian accent)
Yeah, but that key I can not leave it.
Average normal.
What you will see
(Off)"is not a thing of witchcraft."
Do not be scared... but this device can do
fire without requiring either a stone or a stick.
Lighter! Lighter!
Did you want is the hotel suite
to celebrate the New Year? not you?
I can be the result,
one condition.
Let me also conclude
the new year.
But they held when they are the twelve
in Ecuador. Here, six in the morning.
Host, are you in Ecuador?
I work tomorrow... I...
I have a friend in Honduras.
Pepn! Sound familiar?
One that has so much front.
Well, shut up, I do not know if I said
Honduras... or Andorra.
Uh! Host!
Here a cotillion course I do, huh, Sergius?
Many suite but we have
a fucking beer.
0ye, what if we do something simple
and cease to trouble us?
Stop, stop,
was a gas station nearby, right?
Yes, on the airport road.
Yes, the road is cut, right?
To see calm. Two of us to come together here
a good group of people to make up.
Because if you are not going to notice too
who is the chick that.
Fuck! Again with the chick!
Which chick?
No, no, no if...
Okay, okay, and the other two will have to go
to the"bebercio", right?
Okay... And who will be the"tontolaba"that
with all this snow will go for spirit, eh?
No offense... I say from
respect. But the way things are...
you are... in the Altiplano genetically
ready to work at low temperatures,
thereby totally all day
rise and fall of the Apennines. That is so.
What if we drew straws?
Ready... Okay, to odd and even,
that no one beat me. Couple!
(Imitates his accent Ecuador)
Frescosorrrrrrrrr ago!
Rest assured me, huh?
I'm not... you know.
That is to say I do not like
the word..."racist". I do not...
Do not worry.
Yeah, but I do not like the names
with people who calls you.
Which ones names?
Well, you know, nicknames...
I know many Spanish,
And how do we say?
Let's see, for this is not comfortable for me,
but immigrants do not call...
Sudacas... I say it and passed bad...
darkies,"panchitos"... and do you see what nicknames.
What a lack of..."machupichus","payosponis"
"lisensiados","little kids"...
and let's leave it... I do not... I do not feel
person I talking about these things...
You see...
And you how we name?
Dear little friends in South America.
And why friends?
Man, Jaime...
Jimmy, my name is Jimmy.
Yeah, but...
do not you want me to call you Jimmy?
You do not like?
Man, yeah, yeah I like it. But, see,
for a parrot. For Jimmy parrot. That yes.
Yeah, but my name is not James.
What is it? That Spanish friends
Jimmy call you, right?
No, I have Spanish friends.
That's not true. Here's one,
Jaime, here you go.
(Electronic Music)
Have you seen the one I installed? Huh?
But how do you convince them
to come?
If you do not have anything else to do.
So you you are Sergio?
I'm sorry. It happened to me as well
two years ago with my wife, the same...
To send a message about
at four in the morning drunk.
But we will help you with whatever it takes.
And if you get the drink,
let us help you better, huh?
0ye, ztu not going to tell you just
there was a party and you are? Huh?
Let's see, is that if you gave emotion
some did not come.
ztu you've already sent the message to Bea?
Eh... no, no.
okay tell me that does not come, what?
How man is not coming? Send him the
message. Send him the message, of course! Come!
Let's see, let's see...
What are you doing? Bring here! 0ye!
Cotilln at 415. Vente.
But what is this shit, Sergius?
Look, brings"paca", let me, you know?
Let him the"master"...
tonight... or mess rapier
or not just the job, huh?
I will not send it, huh?
Torero! Look, the first thing horny greetings
and begins to descojono.
How scaffolding?
Sure, scaffold, of the work!
Do you know? Follow.
Gap at 415. Fully Loaded with 2011,
that 's all jarto. And what is this?
Does that? An emoticon. Huh?
An emoticon, these of... as saying...
you and I..."you and me, here's agenda."
Oh damn, you you preferred the other, the
the closed eye laugh, east of...
Very ours too, Sergius.
Look, do not control this nor crazy.
What do you mean no?
But if it is"errands".
How that is already"errands"?
That you were reading
in the Sent folder.
Fuck, fuck me!
ztu 're stupid?
Look, in ten seconds you respond.
You'll see.
Fuck that fucking ridiculous, really...
(Incoming Message)
Is Bea.
(Shouting) Message Bea, girl!
That shut up, fuck! Fuck!
(Lee) Nothing that... already in pajamas.
Damn, you were right. The of laughter
with closed eyes, with that came fixed, huh?
This... I go a second to fourth.
Right back, okay?
(They knock at the door)
(They knock at the door)
Yes, yes... If you are out of the bathroom!
I'll pass. A kiss.
(Whispers) Your father.
Resume? No, the roads are
cut, which can not. (Whispers) Go...
That no.
Zun"taper"of lamb, for what? good
Aita, I'll call when we get there. Yes, agur, agur.
But why do you call yourself?
I've left
liquid lenses at home.
Ah, well, certainly in the airport there.
Yeah, tomorrow How far?
ztu know what eyes sting with this?
Oh, hi... hello.
What is it?
Nothing... to tell you the cotillion begins
in zero point, right? What if you wanted...
No, is that we
we're tired and not...
I do not! I call to your father
I have revealed. Maybe to take the grapes...
Man... if you have to take the grapes
are taken, of course. Well come on!
No, but I can not go well.
I 'll have to change. May I accompany?
Come on, lads!
I'm going to continue to click great songs!
And so, when you get
is the thing to stop, okay?
By the way, I laughed a lot
with your message before...
I knew you would love it..."How
scaffolding? all right, eh?""How scaffolds."
(TV) With a sound very peculiar...
(TV) Let's see, how come?
(TV) Din, din, din, din, din, din, din...
Less than twenty...
Have we will give time back?
If we carry more bottles,
I do not know.
Well we will have to power. at
Lad that, Sergio. The weird not the other.
Who wants to go with a chick and things
those of the chicks are complicated.
What? Zen Colombia
also are complicated?
Ecuador, I'm from Ecuador...
And, yes, there are complicated.
Ah, I thought that
with the"lambada"and that, no...
Look, I wanted to tell,
but I'm divorced, the way things are.
I'm sorry.
No, no, if I'm not wrong. ztu me look bad?
If I 'm like God.
What happens is that you throw ten years living
with women, you do everything with her...
... nearly eleven years, everything. And of course,
then making friends is not easy.
I go to Punta Cana, either.
Many young couple in love...
cubata much there... with two straws.
Yuck, two straws in the same glass!
Thankfully I've finally known
to one of mine!
I 've been married over 16 years.
Zah, yes?
Look, Jenny, my wife.
Still not come to Spain because... well...
I said... I'm working
teacher in a school and...
How nice is not it? A farewell photo
with all the children of the"poblao".
No, no, they are my children.
Come and go, we did not get. Shoot!
(Off)"Zal hotel is going here?"
Zia road was not cut?
Yes, but it is very important...
Zel Hotel?
We can accompany you.
Right. What a party you're going to ride, huh?
You see...
(Off)"Con the piano do you do?"
Well... I will not bring the piano up there.
Well ya, but you're going to keep playing, right?
Do not think I have time...
That was about to...
change here...
And what?
If I've already seen a thousand times.
Good, but not the same.
Because no. When you left is supposed
you can not change this way before...
Well, it's weird...
That... we'll miss the chimes.
Hey, zya you are going? Joe, too bad, huh?
Come machines...
(Tacky Ringtone)
That penalty Puerta del Sol!
What's up, crack? Hey, just crack
the Perianes rhyme we...
often... descojone. I vomited
Ripple pint of miracle.
Perianes, Perianes Disela!
(Off)"Cuidadin, you go from the box,
huh? Cuidadin."
Juan Carlitros, attentive, there goes...
"I wish you peace, money and health...
Ha ha ha! No, no, for Perianes, boss!
0ye, You still have not written that sign?
For the banner that now!
For the banner, seriously!
How to stop?
Seriously, listen, you have to help
a friend of mine for a lifetime...
Yes, yes, supercolega mine, huh?
(0ff)"From fifth of GBS. Sergius is called."
Does that are pads?
That leaves.
But if you hate the shoulder pads.
Ya. You are not shoulder pads,
has a little pad, but are not.
But how a little? That, that can not
being. Shoulder pads have or not have.
Enough, do not take the pain in the ass
with pads.
Bea, Bea, Bea.
You all right?
Yes, yes.
Wait, wait, wait. It!
Sorry, no... not lame.
Ah! Okay... worth. Ha ha!
Wait, wait, wait!
No, no, there is the cotillion.
No, no. Come, come.
Queris based descojonaros right?
I heard the rhyme horny
that will petar this"Navipeich".
Attention, huh? Tragad, tragad first
to see if you are going to choke with laughter...
... and we still have a dislike.
Come, go:"I wish you peace, money and health...
No, wait, wait...
Joe, this rhymed in the Host before.
I wish you peace... I wish you peace... I wish
health, money and Paz Vega..."huh? EG...
- Give the"0n".
- They will not.
No, no. Let's see, what's up?
What about now?
That does not work.
But how it does not work?
No, no, not now, shit! Not now!
That sure is the antenna
has moved...
in my house... every time you wind
you have to call the technician.
We call reception.
No, no reception time now.
Pero you control this?
I, that is, which comes coach.
Fuck! Let's see, is there any technical here
who knows about antennas? Huh?
Come on!
No, no, no. Let...
No, do not feel like.
Sergio does not, please seriously.
Sergio do not feel like...
Va, only two. Dos.
Two, and if we go guess.
(Start tapping)
What weighed with"Surprise, surprise."Do not
I liked that I liked ever.
And so to meet the prodigious decade?
That was a gift for my sister.
Ha ha! Yeah, right...
(Change Song)
For he thought that now in Germany
apuntaras you classes or something.
Is it an ad?
Yes, but, what are?
Silbndola Been a whole summer.
Yes, yes. Coca -Cola,"Always Coca - Cola."
Yes Ha ha! I 'm going to start studying
anything now, that's enough to prove careers.
Man, I do not tell you
you do a concert, I do not know...
Curran... better than in the restaurant
your parents...
What is it? The restaurant of my parents is
very well. Restaurant spanish"Sangria and Ol".
Besides, who's job you're talking about?
The one that Curran on New Year?
(He plays the song"No controles"
Nacho Cano, fails on some notes)
See, not play so well.
Why never go out?
I do not know, I do not get.
For something we like...
good is... is our song.
(Stops) Ha ha!
Well..."our song". What's that?
Well, it's...
is playing on the ice rink.
No, not ever leave me.
(Whispers) That...
What are we, that we did not...
(Blizzard) If I do not know,
always come to me arreglrmela!
Beware the brick! Huh?
Look, there's the antenna!
Pero what?
If there are one hundred and mother!
Oh, I do not know, either!
What do you do?
How it was a coconut this or what?
The technician moves a little and it works!
Pero move to where?
Oh no idea if I 'm epilator!
Come on!
(TV) All set to welcome
the new year 2011...
Ha ha! What impressed!
Well they are catching.
Yes, fashion, fashionable,
but the hate me.
Remove. Nor hated...
Zah, no? Well that one teacher you laughed.
What teacher?
The teacher, high school...
Okay, because that themselves were pads,
not this.
Ya... not arrived. And there's more
now like you do not know?
Come on. Let's see if we bring the grapes
we will give the ditto.
It occurred to me before, it's good, right?
(Knock on the door)
(Conversations and music)
I'm with you.
Fuck me, this...
We fucked up...
(Shout) A cap with the 2011!
(Conversations choppy)
(Off TV)"Ready for that chime
that is about to go down..."
(Prior Carillon bells first)
Fuck, fuck the remote! Where is
command? The TV remote, who's got it?
Tenis control out there? Who has
the TV remote? Habis seen the remote?
(Continue the twelve strokes)
The command, please. The TV remote!
Usted has seen the TV remote?
The control, please!
This is important, by God.
(0ff TV)"Happy 2011!
that you spend this 2011...
with health, work and love..."
Command, control of the TV! The command!
(0ff TV)"... we see many signs..."
(Off TV)"Yeah, look what he is capable of writing
people in a banner :"
(Off TV)"Bea, Vidal i shere,
back to your champion. Sergio."
Oh, hello! You do not know what came over me
with the cup...
You were at the wedding of Ana..
Well, it is Ernest
not previously liked you...
Yes, yes, it fell not because, let that...
is that thought that you were not...
Because he was gay.
No, no, no...
You met me at a time
a bit odd, really.
Ya, ya, ya...
So ztu longer?
No, not at all. When Ana Wedding
I was perdidsimo. Bea was meet...
Well look who thought
that you no longer...
Pero you come on vacation, or?
Do not, I told my boss
I leave.
Nothing, happy year, which... I leave
to speak of... yours, huh?
Who's that? Huh?
Zeste? This was gay! This when
I met him was gay and now says no!
0 is, before and now yes.
Is that how you eat, eh?
Hell, you can not walk
back and forth, I say, right?
But is it that you can be and then not be?
(Off)"A rare times she says.
A strange time."
Go to study English in London,
but do not do this, host!
And what, is going with her to Germany?
For something we have to do, right?
I say, before you leave...
Is that not for nothing, but be careful,
the only one who knows a little women...
is here... the friend Jaime,
who has been married over 16 years.
Why, ztu that how you did it?
I asked marriage.
Hey, you know how they are arranged ztu
hotel lights?
Only I have to go to the meter room.
Well you're taking. And you, who
the party never ends and Bea do not lie...
Please do not lie! Is important.
Did you ask for marriage?
Okay, okay...
For complaints have to go to customer service.
What have you done?
Nothing, eh... then I tell you.
And now you want?
Well look,
there is a way to break this.
(Dance music, laughter and voices)
Come, come! Do not stop!
But if I am!
Zmas, what?
I do not know, move a little, go for it.
Now laugh.
Ja... ha...
No, laugh as if I'd told
terrific joke.
Ha ha ha!
No shit you're telling jokes! Huh?
Did you tell yours mythical?
No, no... Which mythical?
Yeah, man, you could count on in class,
that of salt. Tell!
Tell Sergius! Tell!
Eh... do not be"pesao".
What is this?
Zesto? Flipa : Vodka with sloe gin and orange.
Orgasm of Mario Bros.
Perfect, hala...
Joe how strong is this, right?
No"stewardess"I swear! Ha ha ha!
This... hey... other music put this
very good, very good, not going.
Trust"DJ Desfas".
I'm telling you to"Sergio". His name...
What is it?
zya not like surprises or what?
Yes, yes... No, but like a month ago were
so sure you could not leave your job...
Let's see, am I here, or not?
Straight from the office, without case or anything...
That itself may sound crazy,
well yes, but...
And through all the hassle
to reach the sales figure and all that?
That give sales figures.
(Sounds more music with rhythm)
Have you looked!
It looked, looked, looked!
So what do I do?
Now, now, now...
Yes, it's...
Run, run, it's going to freak out!
Sure you do not?
No, he has not looked!
No, no!
And why do not you go where her and speak?
You know what happens? That is jealousy.
It is jealousy that can not look...
(Off)"Hey machine!"
I think you have not seen.
(0ff)"Ya, I know that he has not seen."
I know, I know...
So what do we do now?
Neither case has fucking done!
(Off)"Ya, I know he has not done
not fucking case, I know."
What? Are you going to come out and tell me all the cotillion
or what? And my name"Sergius"! Fuck!
You have to give the cantazo more.
Do not... no, that is jealousy.
Well, the other is there by putting a piece
"morreacos"which does not seem very queer.
It is good that this is normal,
because he's not gay.
Now, now...
Well come on, go!
All"pa within"will come!
Hey, I do not know what else I do...
"I do not know why,"no! Va!
(Switch to slower music)
The balls!
Throw a vase or something
to look, huh?
Do not!
Is that comes each pearl...
Have you warned them?
Yes, yes. When the three of us go out, huh?
But if you throw something, there stares.
That I will not throw anything,
I will not stoop so low.
Now, now, now... This is it!
Go, go, go!
Ha ha ha!
(Continued slow music, soft)
(All three) Yes! Well!
Here, here! Have you seen her face
that has been? Did not you see her?
Did you see the face that has been?
Fucking awesome!
Well, now we're even.
Ah, no, no, now we have to go to the room.
In the room, to what do?
Come goes, if ten minutes,
are ten minutes from anything. What will it cost?
Come on, go! If you take an hour entering
and out. How good, how good!
Fuck... huh?
Habis seen Sergius, no?
What a beast!
Zah, that ye might know him?
Sorry, but it's very, very friend of ours.
But why,
so that is gone?
"So that is gone,"he says!
Ha ha!
Hey, if you do not want to know the subject,
we go, huh?
No, quiet...
Pero, what subject?
We're going,"he says.
Well do not know where, because what I...
I think... I have to sleep
in the hallway.
Ha ha ha!
Why do you laugh?
That... Sergio not know.
Fuck no, since he was eight years
I know him...
That to me or I will not come to me,
but how these were going down the hall...
Ya, but I do not understand,
Sergio never fit well to a girl.
And besides, that an aunt that's impossible
to go with Sergio.
Zuna aunt so impossible, why?
(Uncomfortable) Man, because...
because that... eh... eh...
Hum... that... that...
And because it's loud music, huh?
If not, be here listening...
... the live transmission.
Know what I mean, huh? Do not want to think
What will walk doing right now...
Ha ha ha!
The you're riding
by that girl, huh?
Hey look, we're almost.
What is it, what did he say?
Tell me everything.
No... no, it has not gone well.
But how do you not? If I have seen
we were watching.
You remember that we were looking
when we left?
Ya but says no...
which is impossible.
But how that impossible?
Woe is the host, what bad is jealousy!
That is not you. It will cost you...
Come on, you 're not really released.
Come on! Bea did not say that,
is super discreet, no, no...
Two months.
With her.
From the first kiss, two months.
Did not say that...
Lady ages.
Eh... two months were not...
If it's better
you go talk to her.
See, see,"tranquis", huh?
When not want someone
you learn that you"pillao"with someone...
learn... how often?
This has its own theories,
also did not pay much attention, huh?
Schhh! Follow...
A hickey!
A suckered me a hickey
in the neck, huh?
But the soft, in the"lotazo".
No, no, do not do that, huh?
That not how low I will not fall.
Ya... is that...
Damn, what?
Are you Ernesto... the very... says
it is impossible for you to get confused with an aunt like that.
Va, dale.
No, absolutely not, huh?
If only sipping a little.
Do not, I put your complaint if you
and hears my father, I do not care!
Come, go, go...
(Shouting) Hey, I'm not going to kiss anyone!
Let's see, does not count as kiss, huh?
It's windy.
Ventosa clearly. P...
A hickey care who gives it, right?
Of course I do not, fuck.
Okay, okay, okay.
Let's see, well, maybe not! It has nuances
and stuff, do not do this Sergius, huh?
Come and go, if only sip a little,
is suck, it's...
I is that I am with colleagues suction.
Hey, this for me
also has its own, huh? Go.
Here, rather large.
Pero with tongue or without tongue?
How that language?
Where have you seen a hickey with tongue?
Well I know...
Joer! Here, great.
Can you look over there, please?
(Off screams)"God!"
What? ZSE you tell?
And how did it go?
Eh, well, well...
"Well, well", how?
Well, that... well... typical.
(Angrily) where my daughter Sabis
or do not know where is my daughter?
Pero what the hell is this?
What... why are you here?
Hi... happy...
Where were you?
See, see, do not...
I have not asked anything.
Did I ask you something?
Because I think I did not ask anything.
But look, I 'm going to ask now.
Who the fuck did that to you?
Daddy, I have not been...
And above the drunk?
You will start the year shit, motherfucker!
No, no. It was me.
It was me, it was me!
Sorry, I had to have done this.
No, it can not be...
Let's see, I can explain...
More or less...
No, no, no. I 'll explain you!
Come on! Strip out!
Ernesto! Stop it, please!
Ernesto for!
I'm going to tell!
What is it?
Go to you and you better!
Zesto not you will have done your friend the geek?
What do you say geek?
The Geek says.
But why have ridden this?
The what?
We go for a drink, right?
Because we can not go there yet.
OMG we have assembled there.
You almost break her blouse gave you.
Did you come or what?
Come and go, come with us,
it's New Year's Eve, come!
So tell me the joke that
Bea says that accounts for dinner.
zel of salt, no?
(Soft music and snoring)
(Off)"Sergius! Wake up!"
No, that's enough.
I want to sleep.
(Off)"I have no time!"
(0ff)"Do not you see that has been mounted
with that guy."
With what Uncle...?
With you are lifting the bride, dammit!
Well, well... Pero what is this?
Come out of there.
You will not believe
the site has taught me Jimmy...
Do not! That is over, thanks to all,
but that is over and love 0NG, huh?
Zesto 's here?
On the back.
How do you have left the body, eh?
Yeah, okay, fine, very nice.
And bring it here and why? What do I say?
You do not have to say anything,
the first date that the aunts"peta".
No, I do not think
that work with Bea.
With Bea and all. The roll nostalgia, will be
see it and you are going to make an umbrella ass...
Ha ha! What are you doing?
Huh? No, nothing... here we are...
I say, well, here I am...
And this?
Is frozen.
Do not you remember anything?
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
(Off)"I was thinking, huh?"
Bea, Bea!
What are you doing? Where are you going?
Oh, really! How heavy are!
Take a risk a little, go...
No way. Be careful.
But that does not sink.
Did you see?
Ha ha ha!
Not funny, Bea.
You have no fucking grace!
Ha ha ha!
You want me to pull the pool?
Well I shot!
Ya, ya, ya...
What about Ernesto surprise, right?
Let's see, what do you want to know, Sergio?
I know you.
Nothing. It will look good.
ZOS going to go live together?
You what do you think?
I do not know what you wanted, right?
Let go with you to Germany.
What I wanted was someone to care
more than their gigs.
Look, Bea...
Fuck, Sergio! Are you okay?
I'm fine, I'm fine...
Stop, stop, stop!
Do not move!
Sergio do not move!
Yes, of course... 3-0, right?
No, I'm serious! Sergio, please
be quiet! Do not move!
Fuck, shit! What do I do?
What do I do, what I do, Bea?
I do not know.
Stay there, I'll get help!
No, no, no! Neither are going to call
everyone now, huh? Bea!
Fuck, fuck!
(Off)"If something happened because of these!
(Off)"But he did not want to get!"
(Off)"But why did not want to get into?"
(Off)"Do not know,
I do not know why it has gotten..."
What are you doing there with the cold weather?
Pero for what you get there?
Quiet! It's okay! Huh?
Quiet, Sergius!
Where are you going, where you going?
It's all controlled!
(Off)"All controlled!"
(Off)"Hey, where are you going? Where'd you go?"
Hold on! Huh?
No, you see, uh, no!
Let me, who is my friend!
Come on, donkey! Manes!
Well, okay, but carefully.
Soft, easy, guys!
That you do not know!
I do know! Oh! What are you doing?
Oh mother!
Well, well...
do not you worry, huh?
That here I bring a garment
our style.
Come, first,
shoes and pants.
Well, I have a shirt that you'll freak out.
You can have her if that.
Ha ha ha!
Do not you have something else?
Ah, okay, okay...
and I'm catching the roll, now.
Well this last week Pete
Capri bar in Barakaldo.
Because I am professional humorist.
(Off)"Well, I 've noticed plenty of..."
ztu not you believe this, right?
That yes I am. If not, what am I doing here,
eh? Tomorrow I have my first gig in Madrid.
In the Sala Joy.
(Sarcastic) The Joy room...
Come on now, says comedian, humorist!
With the nonsense that I 've done
do today... we, humorist not know...
... but has"descojonao"half hotel, yes!
Do not fuck... Comedian says!
What I have done to help.
(Angrily) Let's see.
Who asked you to help you?
Huh? Who the fuck asked you help?
Did I order I Help? No, I think not...
I owe you one Sergius.
You do not owe me anything, dammit!
You do not owe me anything!
They do not remember the"Sebas"
or from school, or anything! Fuck!
Sergio, please...
But if you raised your hand when the test
for"tributaries". Remember?
Well, because it would have any questions!
Well, well... it 'll help because
I feel like, because you're my friend.
We're not friends, dammit!
They do not understand anything!
But what fault is it?
Juanan is your best friend? Huh?
And what about Jimmy? That is your best friend,
we, of all life.
Do not fuck, that are not friends.
And the"Facebook"fucking works!
What happens is that people do not want to know
anything from you, such as at school.
No, no, let him... if he is right.
If this and I've been told
other times...
That soon sweetie lame people,
I talk a lot, I repeat things...
If... as I have said, and...
I might be there bitter
all day, huh?
But I will not change,
because I like to be.
And if someone I care about,
I say and I repeat.
To me I can not go to Germany.
What was missing, come on! What was missing!
Give me the key.
You can not leave without talking to her.
Hey, you quiet right now
break the claim, right?
But I do not care if the complaint.
Yes, of course... sure.
0ye, hey, where are you going?
Stay"standing", which are the twelve!
It's twelve in Ecuador. And you me
promised to spend the New Year with me.
(Alarm Clock)
And now a toast to Lupita!
(Angrily) Hala. Happy year.
Well, see if you can guess what this is.
But to me guess plan
what is the song title, right?
Do not give me clues.
(Start tapping the tuning
the announcement of Coca -Cola)
Do not... no sound?
Yeah, man, but how is not going
to sound? If this is the mythical Ad...
Cola Cao!
No. Coca - Cola.
Okay, another. This does not come out very well,
but it is easier.
(Start tapping"No controls")
Sergio and you What you were doing in the pool?
We were rolling...
... and, well, typical
that you slip and you fall...
What a joke!
(Forced laughter) The what?
Nothing. (Continued playing"No controls")
Do not you sound a little?
I believe that you do not leave because you
very tired. Your eyes are red.
Yeah, no, but that's not why.
Are the lenses.
Well, this clearly
is well known in Alaska...
what happens is... right now
I do not know what is the title.
Normal, normal, not at all like...
(Whispers) Is Sergio...
This is a... a guy who goes to the market
and tells the clerk...
"Uh, excuse me,
May I put a kilo of salt petite?"
Y... and then the clerk is... Crouch
to put salt as well had a neckline...
a cleavage and...... as very broad,
going to be looked... that he looked all...
Take the guy and says,"Excuse me, miss,
but me is getting fat".
And she says :"No, no, sir,
'm getting is the petite..."
And he says :"Well, that...
yes, yes, I..."
(The two at a time)
petite... that 's getting me.
He was getting fat,
yes, another thing, he was getting...
With boobs there,
Like two-headed midget. Ha ha ha!
I need you to do me a favor.
Come, let us return to fuss...
As in the class of"Sebas", huh?
No, no, that 's going to shit.
No, you're going to do well.
You have to entertain Ernesto.
Ernesto Za? Right now I entertain,
butt, huh? A tope!
Wait, wait...
pero you know what you do?
(0ff)"I do not know!"
Is that if I did not think things out.
Well, quiet, peaceful...
First you have to separate them.
Have you"Take off"the brick?
What brick?
0 is, we...
Fuck me, fuck me!
But why take away the brick?
There is no brick! I do not know! What is
this, the Middle Ages or what? Damn, not now!
(Off)"What are you doing?"
Stop, stop! Where are you going?
Wait, wait, wait...
No need. Eh! Juanan! Jimmy!
Eh! Juanan! Jimmy!
... has reached into the snow and picked
one of these native bichejo...
Juanan! Jimmy!
Here the"truqun"is the aim.
Huh? Let's see, Juancarlitros, who see
but do not give them. Away, away,"pall"...
"Tranqui tronqui"
freak you how I play boules.
Wait, wait, wait...
Leave it to me! Let me.
What is it, that Juancarlitros
everything is bad, right?
Let me. Bring!
(Car Alarm)
Hosts! Hosts, man!
(Shouting) What is it?
Eh! Eh!
Eh! Here! Eh!
(Off)"Here! Arriba! Here!"
(Car Alarm)
Do not touch anything in case!
This I have to see Sergio.
Eh! What the fuck happened here?
It has been done alone,
boulder has fallen from the sky, there...
... and has exploded and broke all the glass!
That has fallen from the sky!
Come, come.
That there with Jimmy Andorra butt!
I have to go through the room before...
Do not return to the room, huh?
Do not ever!
You come with me, please.
Come, go, go!
We have to hurry, Jimmy, huh?
A tile! A tile, yet!
But Zun brick? what?
Where'd you come from?
Let me explain!
Let's see, it's not the first time through...
I've seen it... and fall times
bricks from the sky. So will this country!
Hey, what happened?
Ernesto 's car, do not you see?
What Car? No, I... nothing... no...
That this... Can I have a moment? Right.
Hey, where are you going?
A by mobile.
You can not.
No, because... you can not, you have to move...
the car... back, the car.
But what do you say?
Yes, yes, yes.
Let's see, why do I have
I have to move the car now?
Because yes, apparently you have to move,
have said, huh? They say... people... yes...
ztu what you?
(Crystal and car alarm)
Look, another one! Has fallen another!
And those who may fall yet! Huh?
Watch this role he had there in the trunk,
in a kind of bonus...
Fuck! This I have to see Sergius!
Let not! Huh? Let not!
What is it?
I have been called to the room,
the bus leaves in five minutes.
Zen plane going?
In Stuttgart.
No, not yet... Not yet!
But how do you not?
Not yet!
He's crazy...
Well, what?
You knew he was going to Germany...
Well then with Ernesto,
all"palante", okay?
Very well.
Very good...
Yeah, well, the truth is always
has been very good.
In fact, when you left was the most
I called and was very concerned about me...
(Annoyed) And this was, Before or after
to become straight?
Hey, you do not call me Sergius!
So stop asking bullshit!
(They knock at the door)
Will he.
What are you doing?
No, no, nothing to... nothing.
(Catch your breath)
Can you... can... out?
Zun moment?
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah...
What is it?
Read it, was in his car.
(Lee)"Thank you for the three years of service
COFICASA rendered. Luck."What is this?
Ernesto. The bastard has not gone.
I have started, which is not the same!
No, I do not understand.
That has not left him, he got fired.
So it goes with Bea...
... because he has nothing better to do.
What 's on your tray, Sergius!
Wait, wait, let's see...
Ni"to see"or wafers, which this guy
is a liar, that is clear, Sergius...
... that gives me that this
have not liked guys ever!
I told you.
That would end this well!
Is there a problem?
Eh, no, no...
Do you have dream?
No... Well, yes,
but that's not... are the lenses.
Are you going to tell me something sad, right?
Because you have to tell me something sad.
Do you remember when we went to Elche
home to your cousins??, same thing happened to me?
Ah, yes, yes!
Let your cousins??had a lot
of"movies"to mourn and... Which got?
Do not know, do not remember, was a melodrama...
Yes, but my eyes a little wet
and do not see what good. Something sad.
Do not ask me why, please.
That I have the eyelashes as sandpaper,
Well I do not know... to see... well... you imagine...
imagine a lamb...
a lamb... you lose your mother...
and then the lamb goes through the woods...
lost... and suddenly, and is looking
his mother,"Mom, mom"...
Ha ha! But what the fuck is that?
I do not know!
This is what happened to me.
Why is it so hard to say things? I
could make the softest I mourn with you.
Yes.. Well, see what you think of this.
How about...
that just did not turn to see.
Well, you know, now we both thought so,
to maintain contact, but...
I do not know, God knows, right? And look,
petite farewell at a roadside hotel.
I do not know if that's sad, but let me at
least I find it sad, sad as hell.
Same is the last time you... last
you and I see, right?
How about?
As... sting you least?
The message of the four in the morning
what I sent you. From mobile work...
I know it makes no sense,
but I wanted to see and did not dare to tell you.
And so were the six months, love you see
and not tell you because I Bea...
... I have not been with anyone or anything.
Yes, I know it was bullshit about the message,
how are going to answer?
But that weekend I
every time I came a message...
... and saw that it was not yours,
I remember when you told me...
we left... to live together. Do not know
what happened, do not think I acojonara, but...
Bea... the work of Ciudad Real
I was offered...
I looked... me.
Now six months I've been trying to quit
and talk to you, but...
... but just a little late, right?
(Off)"You go with Ernesto and I'll
Ciudad Real and... I do not know, Bea..."
I dread to think... that...
I dread to think... I do not know
if we will be so lucky, you know?
How about, better?
Yes, yes, much better.
No, that's enough.
Very well, thank you.
My plane leaves already.
I do not know, what do you do?
So pick this up a bit
and notify Ernesto. No?
Look how well, how to taste.
I do not bite.
You have to say something else or?
You know that the pads
do not get so bad?
(Music slow, sad)
That Jaime!
Look, some weekends I come
me here to this hotel, half board.
Well, happy to be
his friend in South America.
(Mobile phone)
It's my wife. How about honey, how are you?
Well... Similarly, a happy year for everyone.
Ma'am... Happy new year.
I'm the director of the school of her husband.
Yes.. we are very proud of him.
That is the best teacher in the school...
No, if you like family. Here is,
celebrating the new year with my wife...
Concha y... with me.
We've invited our villa...
(0ff)"Yes, we have
looking forward to meet you..."
Happy year from Spain. Yes,
just wanted to say that... bye, bye.
Do not worry that it has been believed. They will not
ever know that you're cleaning stairs.
It has hung!
Eh... Cario? No, that is a partner
joker, he likes a joke.
Even, every time I called Jaime,
Jaime, Jaime.
Jimmy! But tell him to come,
to come at once!
Do not... May I let explain, please?
Are you okay?
Yes, yes...
And this?
What? You like?
Is it yours?
The first gift of the year, right?
I thought you,
than you does not...
Tell me, tell me...
No, the music that you did not care.
All that to play the piano and others.
Come, do not be silly...
Have you left something engraved?
That there is something recorded.
(Begins to play"No controles"
Nacho Cano)
Is Alaska, right?
Aita, what are you doing here?
I came as soon as the road opened.
Aita, I have to tell you something about Bea.
Well, let the car.
Because you're going to quit your job, right?
Ah, yes, yes, yes.
(0ff)"If you saw me coming... you know
I thought of that work."
(Off)"You'll see how to find something better."
Sergio! Where are you going?
Excuse me, Zel flight to Stuttgart?
And you do you care?
Sorry, closed sales
for fifteen minutes.
No, no, I wanted to know if it is out.
Pero do you want to know that?
Yes, taking runway for takeoff.
You want us to catch the next
leaving for Germany?
What we take, we're the three you.
No, no, I 'm going home.
But how man home?
If you almost had...
At noon there another flight to Stuttgart,
shift change, we leave.
I'm fine, still, I'm fine.
Hey, Sergius, you hit a tap Reyes
to see if you dare or something.
May I have your phone on the agenda. Well,
I know by heart. Look, 620, 85...
Wait. I'll give you one, okay?
Another, why?
Because this is the previous work,
and how I've lost, because... that...
Ya... clear...
Thank you.
And this?
Zesto? Well that make them laugh,
Sergius works, you know?
That works for the host! Huh?
Do you know? Ha ha ha!
Hala, come, come,
I have the car that fatal"aparcao".
Bea Pero what is good or bad?
Not gonna like, Aita...
Bea, I think Sergio
has something to tell...
What is it?
That... I do not like lamb.
Shit, I know!
Me neither!
(Sounds the song"No controles"
Nacho Cano played by 0You 0LE)
Thank you! Good night... Good night,
Madrid! My name is Juancarlitros...
Huh? Liters... and... good
I'm very happy here, huh...
... if my name is randy, you will see
what comes next. Pa, pa, pa!
This is a guy who comes with two aunts
buenisimas to a pizzeria and says:
"Hey, can I put two pizzas with ham
and cheese?"and says:"Familiares?"
"No, they are whores, but they are hungry."
Ha ha ha!
Well, maybe this will seem a mood,
a bit politically incorrect
Juancarlitros but the humor is.
Take it or leave it. Oh!
The other day I was meeting a friend
and says :
"0ye Juancarlitros, you know that my brother
walk cycle from four years?"
I say,"Joe, for it must be
the host by far, right?"Ha ha ha!
Let's see, well, see, it was not my friend,
this is a technique we use...
Professional comedians..., huh?
You do as it is your friend and such...
to enter the story...,
but do not go saying then...
..."Joe 's friend Juancarlitros
things they have."Ahhhhhh!
A woman goes to the doctor and says:
"Doctor, do you examine your breasts?"
... and look at the doctor and says,"Notable high".
Huh? What? You'll fool you with it. Done.
What's the favorite cheese
Sherlock Holmes?
"Emmental","Emmental", huh?
"Elementary my dear Watson."
Sure, here you do not like it or Gruyere,
nor Cabrales, nor the other, nor the gorgonzola...
I... I eat"doblaos"cheese.
You, too, eh? You look
hoops you miss him a lot, huh? Ha ha!
Pero what we mean?
Now one goes well, surreal, huh?
For those who style mole"Jordi LP".
The curtain rises and we see a butcher,
that in the window is a sign that says :
"With the purchase of a kilo of knuckle
a free bottle of whiskey."
How are you called?
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha! Forgive, forgive!
Ha ha ha!
"With DYC give knuckle".
Look how Descojonado the blonde!
This is the Titanic is sinking,
and goes overboard Captain running...
... and meets a sailor,
and tells the captain :
"Quick, take the pot
we 're out of here, huh?"
And he said the sailor :"But man,
women still remaining."
He says :
"Yes, to get laid I am now."
Ha ha ha! You stop going to give us something
here at all. Ha ha!
"Doctor, doctor, what do you recommend for
yellow teeth?"says :"Tie brown."
Ha ha ha!
This is what I have to tell the Sergius,
this is our roll, this joke...
(Continue the song"No controls")