No Entry (2005) Movie Script

Where are you, Kaajal?
I am here,
getting your breakfast ready.
Forget the breakfast, darling.
I am already late.
No way! Have your breakfast first!
You are too much!
Smelling good? What's the matter?
And looking very handsome too!
Where are you headed to?
- Think positive, darling!
Where else can I go except to office
that too so early in the morning?
Well, you seem to be dressed
up for a date!
- Okay now?
I was just joking!
Why do you get so serious?
It always starts as a joke...
to develop into a series of questions
suspecting me...
making me late for office everyday!
I have so much work pending today.
Why? Don't you have work everyday?
At least listen to me, Kishan!
- What should I listen?
Why don't you schedule this
interrogation for Sundays?
I can't really help it! Every morning,
I wake up with a resolve...
...that I will not doubt you,
but it all goes kaput in a short while.
Please forgive me!
Have this toast at least.
I'll eat this toast later.
Let me hug you first.
I love you.
- Enough! Go on, now.
Hey! What are you doing?
- Watching TV.
Switch it off and attend
to your chores! Go!
Listen! What is that you are wearing?
A sari and a blouse!
- I know that!
But why all these openings behind?
- For air circulation!
Well, you see, you have ACs,
coolers, everything.
But this is the only arrangement
for me!
Really! This won't work here.
If you want to work in this house...
...keep your AC and cooler covered!
Understood? Go!
Look at that! He talks of important
work at the office and...
forgot to take the file
So many times I have asked you
to refrain from...
you made me forget the file.
Hey, Lakshmi! Where is Kaajal?
Madam has gone for her bath.
Won't be out before an hour.
What's up?
You seem to be in a bad mood.
You ask me to wear such
AC-cooler blouses!
Madam says that it's not done!
To whom should I listen?
Neither to me nor to her!
Just listen to your heart, Lakshmi!
Is it a really an important file?
- No... just a namesake file!
What happened, madam?
What happened, madam?
Sir left a long time ago.
Nothing! Disperse!
- Yes, madam.
Here's your salary.
Don't report to work from tomorrow!
What have I done?
- You haven't done anything yet, right?
But you will surely end up doing
something, someday!
I need a maid for this house and
not a heroine!
Madam, I said that I won't wear
such blouses.
Wear whatever and however you want to!
But not in this house! Ok?
Here you are! Get going!
Ok, I'm leaving! However,
I will say something.
I work in 10 houses.
And those women too have their men.
But no one thinks the way you do!
If you continue doing that, Sir will
get tired of you and find another
You too? I was just explaining
this to her.
What kind of clothes you girls wear!
Sir, is there some problem
with this dress?
Some problem? There are only problems!
It's too revealing! Don't wear
such clothes to office, please!
Your wife prompts you to say this,
isn't it, sir?
What do you mean?
Does being henpecked make me upright?
No, sir, it's the other way round.
- Shut up! Shut up!
What kind of a headline is this?
'Minister involved in sleazy sex! '
Don't you want this newspaper
to continue running?
Publishing such a news without
proper evidence will...
No, sir, we will publish it only
after we have the evidence.
It must be here any moment now.
I know Shekhar won't relent without
shutting this newspaper down.
Now this is something
Don't do such risky works!
You are not just an employee for me.
You are my friend; my younger brother.
You will land up in big trouble
some day!
Sir... I can even lay down my life to
repay the favours you have done to me.
How can I forget the day
when I simply loitered around...
in a deprived and dishevelled state?
You were the one who supported
and helped me then.
But... you never mentioned
about your family till date.
You seem to belong to
a well-to-do family.
What do you mean by 'seem to belong'?
I do belong to one.
I mean, what brings you to this city
all of a sudden and...
that too in such a state?
Sir... my father had a cap-business.
And his partner actually
capped him one day.
The land, the property, the money,
he grabbed everything.
Since nothing else was left, this cap
was his only inheritance to me.
Anyway, sir... which one among these
photos should we publish?
None of these!
Sir, I literally snatched these
photos from a dog's mouth!
Sunny! Enmity with ministers
can cost us dearly!
Already our newspaper is in the red,
do you now want it to shut shop?
Nothing of the sort will happen, sir.
This would rather double up our sales!
Women are in constant lookout for
a proof of their husband's affairs... enable them to put collars
around their necks!
We will provide them
with the proof, sir.
And after that... every morning...
women will make do without...
the vegetables but
not without our newspaper...
...constantly anticipating their
husband's photograph in it
Yes, Sunny! This will help half
the population of husbands... divorce and the rest will
mend their ways on their own.
But, what will be the fate of
our newspaper after that?
It will continue to sell,
even after that.
Every husband in the world can
mend his ways...
but not your friend Prem!
- Yes!
We will click his pictures! He couldn't
reform in his previous birth...
not at all in this birth and will
never in his next birth even.
"Just love me!"
"Am I alone?"
"Surrounded by pretty young things!"
"Just love me!"
"Am I alone?"
"Surrounded by pretty young things!"
"The story of life is momentary."
"The magic of youth, once
lost is gone forever."
"All you pretty ones!"
"Come, let me embrace and
love you all."
"Tomorrow is so unpredictable,
"Just love me!"
"I am known to be an admirer of
beauty by one and all."
"Every girl gets bowled over
by my charisma!"
"I live for fun and frolic!!"
"Wild, wicked and wayward!"
"What's wrong with being one?"
"Just love me!"
What! What are you saying, Prem?
You're already back and
I don't even know of it!
Ok, but for your work in office you'd
have come home to surprise me, isn't it?
I can understand that you are
loaded with work.
Just a minute... what is it?
Isn't the freedom you have given to
Prem on the higher side?
It's not good to trust
someone so blindly!
Sister, leave my husband alone,
at least.
You are so naive, Pooja!
You don't know how these men are...
I know my Prem very well. Great virtues
earned in my previous birth.
...have got me a husband like him.
Look, come home early today. Bye.
- Bye, sweetheart!
Why did you call your wife if you
don't even intend to go home?
One should always be sure
about his wife.
What if she spots me being
so close to you?
Hi, brother! What a timely entry!
Take some more snaps.
Say how about this? C'mon,
go ahead. Go ahead... click it.
Didn't you like the pose?
Here is another one!
Click, man! Don't waste time.
Very good! This one too!
When will I get the photographs?
- In the evening.
But not you, your wife will get them.
Why? Why my wife?
- Well... he wants it that way.
Hey! You are my friend!
The photos are mine!
And you will give them to my wife!
What kind of a friend are you?
A true friend! And I can do anything
to bring him on the right path.
Kishan... I can't really understand.
Am I treading the wrong path?
Aren't you?
You have such a good and trusting wife.
And here you are with another girl!
Isn't this wrong?
What's wrong with it!
Didn't you have a 'Maruti 800' before?
So what?
- You bought a 'Zen' after that.
Then, an 'Opel' and a 'Lancer'.
And you own a 'Mercedes Benz'
today, pal!
I do. But what do you want to say?
All that I want to ask is the reason
why you changed so many cars?
Well, driving the same car
can be so boring.
And one needs to change an old car,
isn't it?
Right! And the wife?
You changed 7 cars in the last 7 years!
But you still have the same wife!
Are you crazy? Does one change his wife
like he changes his car?
Hey, you're right! We are upright guys
and that's why we don't change wives.
But is it some sin to board
another car for a while?
Pooja will answer this question for
you when she gets these pictures!
Officer! Please come here.
Please inform them about the gravity
of the crime of clicking pictures... such a high-security area.
- What are you doing?
Sir, we were just clicking
our friend's pictures.
Just for fun, sir!
- Are they your friends?
They are. But I cannot vouch
for any of them.
I don't want to get into any trouble
if a plane gets hijacked.
Come with me.
- No, officer, just have a look.
There is no roll in it.
We were just joking.
There is no roll? You were joking!
- Yes, we were joking.
It is fine then. In that case,
I can vouch for them. Thank you.
I knew it, brother that...
you can never click such
objectionable pictures of mine.
One day, I will not only do it, Prem,
I will also publish them...
...on the front-page of my newspaper!
Just like P. K. Gupta!
What is this?
What is this?
- It's a photograph.
Whose is it?
- Mine.
It's yours! And who is with you?
She is a girl.
- A girl! What is she to you?
No one.
- No one?
Then what are you doing with her?
What am I doing? Just dancing!
Only in the picture not in reality!
I am your wife and am not
'the public' to be fooled so easily!
Honestly, this is a conspiracy of
the opposition to defame me.
Listen carefully! I will kill you
and myself become a widow...
if ever I see you dancing in a
photograph even.
That journalist really messed up
P. K. Gupta's life.
This suicide case is going to kill me.
I haven't written a single line
in the past half an hour...
and this news needs to go in
tomorrow's newspaper.
Did he throw it for you?
I wish it is for me.
C'mon, read it fast.
Let's see what's written.
I can't live without you.
Wherever you are,
I want to be there with you.
I am leaving this world for you.
Everything will be done.
Have this tea first.
He's contemplating suicide.
He's so cute.
Losing in love makes a person
so lifeless!
Even the tea tastes bitter to him.
Add some sugar, at least.
- Yeah, sure.
Sanjana, such a handsome guy and
he wants to commit suicide?
And that too for his dead girl-friend.
We should save him.
Hey, where has he disappeared?
C'mon, girls.
Hey mister, where's your friend?
- At the suicide point.
Suicide point and you didn't even
bother to stop him?
Well he's my friend and he's doing
a good job. Why should I stop him?
You are his friend?
You should be ashamed of yourself...
stupid. C'mon girls, follow me.
Wow! What a place!
How can people commit
suicide from here?
'Champa, because I couldn't
embrace you... '
'I am embracing death! Your Champak! '
How stupid!
What must he have said before dying?
He must have definitely taken his
girl-friend's name.
I am coming!!!
It's his bike.
- Sanjana, he's there.
Hey, stop.
- Wait...
Hey stop... wait, what...
No, wait... stop what are you doing?
What are you trying to do?
Hello, scoot from here.
- Scoot, but why?
Who are you?
- That doesn't matter.
I won't let you do what you have
come here for.
Why won't you let me?
Do you own this Suicide Point?
This is a public property and
I'll do as I wish.
So you won't relent?
- No!
C'mon, get hold of him.
Help... help...
Pull me up...
How will we pull him up,
we are not equipped.
Hey, what are you doing?
I can't let a cute guy die like this.
That's why I am taking off my skirt...
you also take off you pants.
You take off yours too. We'll turn it
into a makeshift rope and pull him up.
My hands are slipping.
Pull me out of here.
Hey, he's slipping. C'mon, be quick.
Seems, they've gone from here.
Is someone else there?
I am not here.
Pull me up.
Hold it and come up.
Pull him up...
'Get out of here, Sunny! They've
got another weapon to kill you.'
That's a nice style of expressing
Hey, he's going.
Fast, note down his bike number.
- But why?
We'll inform his family that...
he wants to commit suicide.
Then it's upto him and his family.
01-222. BA-01-222.
I'll tell you about your past
and your future...
I'll tell you everything.
I'll make predictions about your
destiny, you handsome couple.
Let's ask him,
when will we have our kid?
Kaajal, the world has reached the moon
and you want to ask this parrot?
Okay, we'll ask him. Come...
Come and get your predictions,
handsome couple.
Tell me first, which parrot is going
to make the predictions?
The parrot will point the card and
I'll make the predictions.
Raja, tell me the number of this
Number two.
- Number two! Aha!
Brother, you are so fortunate.
You are twice blessed.
You've two houses?
- Yes!
You've two offices?
- Yes!
You've got two cars?
- Of course!
And two wives?
- 100%
Hey, what crap are you talking?
It's not crap. I am just reading
what's written here.
Now, I know why
you were making excuses?
Please tell us some more.
He's got a child from
his second marriage.
- Hey!
Kaajal, don't cry.
I don't have any child.
Kaajal, he's...
- Daddy...
- He's not my kid, Kaajal!
I swear on you,
I don't even know him, Kaajal.
Then why is he coming
running towards you?
Daddy... daddy, I want a balloon.
You want a balloon, come we'll
buy it for you.
Mister, keep you child in control,
he almost got me killed.
Spoilt my entire mood!
Did you see that, Kaajal...
he's not my...
The kid may not be yours
but you do have a second wife.
Kaajal, listen to me...
- I know you very well.
Listen to me, Kaajal! He's a fraud.
Kaajal, why are you crying?
- What to say?
Today being a Sunday I thought to
take Kaajal out...
...but that astrologer...
Hey, why don't we ask him, let us get
your predictions from him?
Then we will come to know whether
he's genuine or a fraud.
Of course, why not?
Come, let's try our luck.
Just wait and see! The reality
will be out any moment.
Raja, tell me this generous
gentleman's card number.
Number One.
- Number one? Aha!
His heart complies with his
innocent face!
What makes you take birth in this
dark age?
You are really fortunate, sister,
that you've got...
...a saint for a husband in these
wretched times.
And my prediction is that this
man has never...
...laid his eyes on another woman
and will never do it.
He's taken you as his wife for all
your future births.
You are really blessed!
Did you hear that? Did you?
Kaajal... Pooja...
Don't cry, Kaajal.
Whatever, you had to speak about
me you did it for him...
Your parrot, I'll...
Not the parrot but the money speaks,
my friend...
Come here...
I have been trying hard to make
you understand but in vain.
What is the most important thing
that God has given us?
Brains. And why?
To use it to our advantage... to lie...
To have a few girlfriends on the sly.
Few? I don't have even one and yet
she has tried to commit suicide twice.
If I did have one then...
- Nothing will happen.
I'll explain you the logic.
A man is a very sensitive creature...
...and that's why whenever
he has an extra-marital affair...
...he feels guilty and showers
his wife with love...
...making the wife think that
her husband loves her a lot.
And when he doesn't have an affair,
he comes home, exhausted.
Quietly he slips into his pyjamas,
eats his dinner,
watches television, fights
and goes off to sleep.
And that's when a wife
starts suspecting that...
her husband is having an affair.
Why are you thinking so much?
Do as I say and you will find Kaajal
happy just as Pooja is.
And that's my guarantee!
I have just given you the idea and see
the result are evident.
That's nice.
- Isn't it? Then it's fun from now on.
What is going on, Kaajal!
Wipe your tears.
I can't see you like this.
Okay, fine...
everything will be alright.
Tonight, I am taking him for dinner
with me. So he'll be late.
Why should I worry
when you are around?
But make him understand.
Teach him something.
Make him just like you, Prem!
- Did you hear that?
Be ready tonight.
- Where are you taking me?
Just come along.
"Hi gorgeous!"
"A few lost their fortunes!"
"A few their beats!"
"Yet others lost their lives!"
"While the rest lost
their whole worlds!"
"A few lost their fortunes and beats!"
"Yet other lost their lives and
their worlds!
"The whole of country was robbed!"
"The lane of love has a - No Entry!"
"They all get my charms..."
"those who come across me"
"They go crazy..."
"dreaming about me"
"My eyes are intoxicating,
my nuances, sensuous"
"Anyone who sees me,
falls for me"
"The lane of love has a - No Entry!"
"My sweetheart, O' my sweetie pie!"
"Just listen to me, buttercups!"
"Let's enjoy this spring of love!"
"Let's trap the whole country!"
"The lane of love should now have a
- Yes Entry!"
"Getting love-struck is said
to be essential, my love!"
"All stories are incomplete
without love, sweetheart!"
"Meeting on the sly and exchanging
" something everyone should
try at least once!"
"The lane of love should now have a
- Yes Entry!"
How come you are boozing tonight?
My wife is at his house and so I have
a chance to get knocked out, today.
Kishan! This is Bobby.
This is a club and not a temple.
Here, you meet like this.
Kishan! Don't let her go.
Prem, ask her to let go of me.
- No...
Didn't you like it?
I like the perfume...
- What? Bobby...
You liked only the perfume?
Prem, Kaajal must be waiting for me.
Allow me to go now.
Nice meeting you. Bye!
Don't look at him, he's a married man.
He loves his wife very much!
- Is that so?
I'll pay you two hundred thousand
if you can to corrupt him.
Two hundred thousand? Bet?
- Yes!
Consider yourself having lost it!
Bobby, come here.
- Coming.
Hey wait...
Okay, bye...
Prem, what kind of a trap are
you setting that poor guy in?
He's not a poor guy. He clicks
my objectionable photographs!
Just let me get something against him
and I won't spare him.
You know, what the ladies were saying?
- What?
They were saying, that we have been
celebrating 'Janmashtmi'
...for so many years now. Very soon we
will be blessed with a child like him.
Be positive! Surely and very
soon we will have one!
What fragrance is this?
Well... it's a perfume...
- Even I know that?
But this is some new one...
not the regular one.
Very true... One of Prem's
friends had put it on me.
He has a perfume store.
I resisted a lot but he had his way.
So, what's the problem?
- Problem?
It's a nice one. You should use it.
- Is that so?
I'll bring some sweets for you.
What is this, Lord? Everyday,
my truths get me a solid bashing.
And my first lie in life earns
me sweets!?
It's not difficult to fool the wives.
Should I step in the 'No Entry' zone,
just like Prem?
No, no... it's not good
to deceive one's wife.
But I surely liked what happened today.
What did you like?
- Everything?
Isn't Pooja at home?
She's gone home...
- What?
She asked me to go to her
place tomorrow...
from where we will go to visit the
Prem won't be spared today. He will
reach home drunk to find Pooja there!
Let me relish the sweets on this!
You had a drink?
Don't ask my whether I had it.
Ask me why I had it.
That's because one of our employees
tried molesting a female staff member.
He misbehaved with her.
When I asked him the reason of his
he said that she appeared to be his
wife to him in his inebriated state.
So, I gave him a tight slap.
Sobbing, he started saying that since
I am a gentleman...
who has never had a drink,
I would never come to know...
...that every woman appears to
be one's wife, when one is drunk.
So, I immediately bought one
bottle and drank it all.
You drank one whole bottle?
Just because he had a full bottle,
I did the same.
Then I asked the staff girls
to stand in a line.
And then I recognised them
by their respective names.
None of them appeared me to be
my wife among them.
So, I called him and said that when
I couldn't see my wife in them...
how could he?
He kept quiet and others were stunned.
I thrashed him,
caught him by his hair...
and said, 'You are maligning the
spirit of liquor.'
'Have you ever treated
your mother or...
sister as you wife in
an inebriated state?
I pushed him and
sacked him then and there.
Did I do something wrong?
You've never wronged anyone.
I know... I know,
your husband is very strong.
O Lord! Make Pooja my wife
in all my births!
Hey! Prem, you seem to be very
happy today.
Whenever my scoundrel friends land
in a soup, it gives me great joy.
Which friend of yours has landed
in a soup, pal?
Not already landed but
Kishan is about to!
I have sent Bobby after him.
But, he's an upright guy.
No matter how upright
a person may be...
seeing a bombshell like Bobby
is sure to make him falter.
Very true!
Bobby has taken him out shopping.
- You are a first rate scoundrel.
What are you scared for? I'm not
going to fleece you like your wife.
I'm tired.
- Oh come on! Let's check out there.
May I buy a necklace?
How's this?
- Nice.
Put it on me.
What's wrong, sis?
- I think I saw Kishan with some girl.
You go a bit overboard with this
habit of suspecting him.
You always feel that he is with
some or the other girl.
It's not an imagination.
I actually saw him.
Hello! Sunrise Publications!
Sunny, it's me.
Me? Who?
- It's me! Kishan!
Sir, your voice sounds so different.
Sunny, transfer my cabin phone
to my mobile.
Why do you worry, sir?
I'm here to take messages for you.
And I will finish you off! Transfer
the line immediately or else...
I will get you transferred.
- Okay, sir.
What are you doing?
- I'm calling up at his office.
Where are you, Kishan?
In Paris. About to jump down
from the Eiffel Tower.
Why do you say so?
- What else should I do?
Where have you called up?
At the office, isn't it?
Where else would I be other
than the office?
Hey! Sunny, just get my files please.
Tell me what is it? I've a lot of work.
- Nothing.
I just called up as I was missing you.
You are unnecessarily getting upset.
Where is he?
- In office.
What happened?
Why are you so scared?
Where the heck have you brought me?
My wife is here.
I was wondering what made you vanish.
- Rather, I am going to vanish now.
If she spots me with you,
this shopping centre...
is going to vanish just like the WTC.
Sorry. Bye.
- Hey!
God knows when I'll get a chance
to earn 200,000!
What happened?
It's his car.
- Yes, it's Kishan's car.
But why is it here?
- That means he lied to me.
I'm doomed. O Bhagwan (God), save me!
Did you call me? What's it?
- Yes. My name is Bhagwan.
You called me, didn't you?
What is it?
No, not you.
I was remembering the Almighty!
Ok. It's fine then.
Yes, Kaajal.
- Are you still in the office, Kishan?
Come here and see for yourself.
- No. I just need your car.
It's parked outside the City Centre.
- Why?
I went there for shopping, love.
The car broke down. And the
driver is on his way there.
Tell me where to send him.
- I too had come to the City Centre.
Spotted your car,
so just enquired about it.
You suspect me so much.
What would Pooja think?
No, I am not suspecting...
How do you know Pooja is with me?
- You are so naive.
Have you ever been out for shopping
alone? I just made a guess.
I will hang up now.
- Kiss me first.
I'm disconnecting the line. Bye.
- Bye.
O' God!
My landlady threw my belongings
out of the house.
She threw me out of the house.
That crazy female spread
the word that...
I am committing suicide for
some girl named Champa.
Who is this Champa?
Laugh as much as you want.
But tell me where I will stay now.
She has rendered me homeless.
Don't worry. Stay there.
There? Outside?
- Not outside. Come here.
In my guesthouse.
It's locked since many years.
Here are the keys.
Is this house mine?
- Just to live in it.
Your favours are piling up on me.
How can I ever repay them?
Don't worry about that, Sunny.
I will take it back with interest,
as and when needed.
I am ready to lay my life for you,
brother! Kill me if I object.
Do that later. Get that house cleaned
first. It is infested with mice.
I'll take care of the mice, sister.
But I dread that pest of a girl.
See, I am already hiccupping.
She is definitely plotting
something for me.
Sanjana, look there. Champa's lover.
I think he has changed his mind.
No, in order to deceive others,
such people act happy.
But they continue to suffer from
within. C'mon girls, let's go.
Yes please?
- Do you have rat-poison?
Here's your rat-poison.
- Thank you!
Give me Dettol as well.
- Dettol Soap too?!
Dettol? Even in soap he's
searching for death.
Can't he buy a 'Lifebuoy'?
But why is he buying a rope?
To kill himself with the rope
if the rat-poison deceives him.
Thank you. Do keep coming.
Peep in from there.
Try to see what he's doing here?
Hey, he's climbing on the chair.
He's hanging the rope. O' my God!
- What happened?
He's preparing to kill himself.
- Preparing to kill himself?
Hey, open the door...
- Open the door.
What should we do now?
Go and call the neighbours.
Shout! He's trying to kill himself.
Wait. Stop! Open the door!
What are you doing?
- What are you trying to do?
Who are you all?
- We are your neighbours.
Why have you barged inside my house?
- Tell me what is bothering you?
I am like a mother to you.
Life is an invaluable gift of God.
Don't waste it like this.
Trust my experience. Those who commit
suicide repent it bitterly after death.
Yes, son. Look at me, I still want
to live for another 75 years.
And you've given up to the challenges
of life at such a young age?
Face them bravely.
- Yes, face them bravely.
She's the one who told you everything,
didn't she?
Yes, this innocent girl
saved your life.
What do you want, after all?
I just want to know whether you are
still to consume the rat-poison...
or have you already done it?
Listen, you'll have
to promise me that...
you will never contemplate
suicide henceforth
No, I'll never think about it.
But, I want to kill someone.
- Murder?
What weapon should I use?
- Those doe-horns behind you...
anyone would die if
you shove it in him.
But whom do you want to kill?
- You!
Wait... where are you running to?
I'll kill you and go to jail!
Stop there!
I'm not sparing you.
I've caught you...
where will you escape now?
Have you gone crazy?
- No!
I have rather come to
my senses now.
You have maligned me in front
of the whole world.
Wherever I go,
people start pitying me.
They say that I am the poor guy
who wants to commit suicide.
And people will keep visiting me
just to check whether...
I am dead or still alive.
I want the world to help me
keeping a tab on you.
I am just wishing good for you.
Speak up, will you wish well for
me ever again?
Till my last breath.
Because in today's world, the moment a
person's girlfriend is dead...
he is in another girl's arms
in no time.
And here you are...
who wants to give up his
life for Champa's love?
Champa... Champa...
Just see you get so deeply affected
by the mere mention of her name.
Where does one find such
a beloved these days?
Tell me, won't someone fall
in love with...
a person who believes so much in love?
I love you.
"In love!"
"In love!"
"In love!"
"What has this love done to me?"
"Something seems to be impending..."
"...something has already happened!"
"My love, you are the goal of
my lovelorn heart."
"It doesn't rest in peace without you."
"I have fallen in love with love!"
"My love, you are the goal of
my lovelorn heart."
"In love!"
"These fragrant meetings filled
with nervous emotions."
"Something about you makes
me forget everything."
"This yearning of my loneliness,
scattered all over my rocking dreams..."
"...has kept me engrossed since dusk."
"Such a captivating tale of yours..."
"...makes my heart crave for you!"
"What has this love done to me?"
"Something seems to be impending..."
"...something has already happened!"
"My love, you are the goal of
my lovelorn heart."
"In love!"
What has happened to you today,
There's this strange
warmth in your love.
You? What are you doing here?
I saw your wife going out.
I thought, I shouldn't loose
this opportunity.
So I came in.
Try jumping in the sea of love once.
One dip in it will never
let you want to come out.
Why are you so much after me?
Even I don't know that.
But I find you very alluring.
Finding you before me makes my heart...
...skip a beat.
Listen, if my wife happens
to come here...
not only are you going to get killed
for sure, she will also kill me.
Such a henpecked man?
Not henpecked. I love her a lot.
- So who's stopping you?
Spend 23 hours with her and
allot me only one hour.
I am head-over-heels in love with you.
She might be back any moment now.
You are being so inhospitable.
Ask for a glass of water, at least.
- Right away.
Here, take this...
What happened?
- Nothing.
For whom is this cold drink?
What do you mean by 'for whom? '
It's for you, sweetheart!
You were out in the sun.
- One doesn't feel the sun in an AC car.
What has happened to, you?
I smell something fishy here.
Fishy? But we have no fish in
the house. How can you smell it?
Wow! What a beautiful dress!
You look so pretty and inviting.
I feel like loving you!
Kishan, what's gone wrong
with you all of a sudden?
Nothing has gone wrong!
It's all intentional.
I really love you... I really
love you, Kaajal.
He is so tensed and here you are,
laughing at him?
What else should I do? Shed tears?
He is one great soul
who wants to steal mangoes...
but is also scared of falling
off from the tree.
Am I interested in Bobby?
Are you asking this or
telling this to me?
None of the two.
I am just cursing my luck...
for having gone to the club with you
and getting trapped in this situation.
I would have been ruined had
Kaajal spotted me.
Is it? I will just call up Bobby
and tell her that Kishan hates her.
Forget your home she won't
step even in your lane.
Just see his face turning pale!
Actually his boring
life suits him well.
The same office, the same home
and the same wife.
Forget bothering about Kaajal
and embrace Bobby.
Do something, at least.
Applying one's mind combined
with smart lies...
will never get a man being caught
by his wife.
Sister, it becomes
very tough for me...
whenever you observe this vow of
Do you know why is she
crying so bitterly?
Only tomorrow will that be possible.
She has never broken her vow of
silence in all these 7 years.
I might as well come tomorrow.
You broke your vow?
- I had to.
Kishan was expressing too much
love, yesterday.
That's good, isn't it?
- Not good. It creates suspicion.
Whenever the quantity of a man's
love undergoes any change...
the wife should consider
having lost him.
I will have to turn a detective
for him now.
Only then will he be
caught red-handed.
Wipe yourself dry, sir.
- Thanks.
How's my little doll?
- I'm fine.
Don't worry at all.
No one will learn about it.
Here... keep this money.
Go on... keep it. I told you that
no one will learn about it.
Just take care of my doll.
I'll leave now. Bye!
Bye, my child!
- Bye!
Kaajal! Kaajal... That... I...
- There is no need to explain!
I have seen everything myself! Since
when has all this been going on?
Kaajal, be positive.
Whatever you're thinking...
It's not that way, Kaajal!
- It is!
You are just what I had thought
you were!
Look, Kaajal, listen to me...
- Just, tell me this...
because I don't know!
What does she have that I don't?
Kaajal, you are not in your senses!
She is a married woman!
She has a child!
So you are having an affair
with a married woman!
According to you, a man and
a woman can have...
just one relationship, isn't it?
Come! Come on!
Do you recognize him?
- Ram Gopal!
Yes, it's Ram Gopal.
He was the chief editor of our
newspaper since the last 8 years.
But do you know why...
he is trying to make these
funny paintings to run his home?
Because he lost both his legs
in an accident 6 months ago!
I really tried to help him.
However, he is a proud man.
He did not agree.
Since they were unable
to pay the fees...
his innocent daughter was
thrown out of school!
These people were almost
on the streets!
Since then, I come here discreetly
to help them in some way! And you!
You have crossed all the limits
of suspicion, Kaajal!
I regret having married a woman
like you and ruining my life!
"Everyone likes my face."
"Everyone falls in love with me."
"Everyone likes my face."
Go ahead and drink! Drink, my friend!
Drink this too!
Another 4 doubles, please!
You are not at fault here.
This is the result of...
your wife's suspicion and an
award for your honesty!
There is a limit to suspicion!
A limit to suspicion!
You know, it's understood that
when a man goes out...
he puts a lock on the door.
A person checks once...
or twice but your wife...
she keeps sitting next to the lock!
You are an honest man.
If I was in your place...
I would have sneaked in from the back,
taken everything and...
I would have changed the lock too!
No Entry!
Let me tell you something.
What gives you...
all the grief in this world? A woman!
And who gives you all the
happiness in this world?
A woman! Well, if one woman has
hurt you so much...
let another woman give you
some happiness!
"Love me, honey!"
"Kiss me, honey!"
"There's no one like me!"
Listen to me.
One made you cry with grief.
This one will make
you cry with happiness!
Do you want her?
- No, my friend.
No! Are you crazy?
Just look at her!
I mean, not now.
- Not now, but you do mean...
that you want her, isn't it? Good!
- Tomorrow, Kaajal...
Kaajal is going to Ajmer tomorrow.
She's going?
I'll send her in the morning.
But where will I take her?
Why do you have the guesthouse then?
The guesthouse is made just for her!
"Just me!"
"There's no one like me!
No, no, no, no! Just me!"
Shall I leave?
- Yes, fine.
I know that I'm not worthy of
your forgiveness.
Please forgive me!
- No, no. It's all right.
I've been with you since
so many years.
But I've never understood you!
I have never valued your love!
- Kaajal!
But I've realised my mistake after
last night's incident.
I've realised that you can never even
look at another woman!
Please get up.
- I promise that...
I'll never doubt you again. Never!
I would have probably never doubted
you had I given you a child!
But I don't know why
I have this fear...
that your desire of fatherhood might
compel you to desert me!
Kishan! I cannot live without my love!
I just cannot!
Look... Look, you are going to Ajmer,
isn't it?
Everything will be all right.
Be positive!
On reaching there, I'll pray not
only for my child...
but for our relationship as well.
I feel that someone has cast an evil
eye on our relationship.
- I've called her. Look Lakshmi...
Sir should have his meals on time.
I know that once I am gone, you'll
eat outside.
And one falls ill after eating outside.
And when I come back, I want to see you
just the way you are now. Ah, yes!
If his head or hand hurt, massage them.
There is nothing wrong in that.
Okay, go and work.
Oh! My bag! Look,
I have kept some clothes...
for Ram Gopal and his family.
Please give them to him... Please!
Why... why are you taking my picture?
Well, will I be able to stay
without you for 2 days?
I'll just be back.
- You mean...
you are going, isn't it?
Of course!
But one must not say that.
But it creates confusion!
- Okay.
I'll be off.
Yes, Kishan, shoot! What?
The programme is cancelled!
Put your snap too, Pooja.
Yes. What happened?
- I don't feel like cheating on her.
She loves me very much.
That's because you're getting
such a big contract...
for the first time. Look at me!
I have no fear!
I'm used to it. I'm used to it, man!
No, Prem, I don't feel right
going into a 'No Entry'!
These shortcuts are not for me,
my friend.
I'll take the main road
as I usually do.
Well, brother, one must never
let a good opportunity pass!
Isn't that right, Pooja?
- Yes, brother, he's absolutely right!
Did you hear that? And listen...
That party must be reaching
at any minute.
Oh my God!
- Why are you scared?
Meet her with full confidence!
And impress her so much...
that whenever she does business...
she does it only with you!
Hello! Prem, look...
- I'm going to South Africa today.
Look now, don't waste
my hundred thousand.
One hundred thousand!
- Yes!
But there's a guarantee that
you'll feel...
that the job was worth one million!
And I'm telling you with
full experience that...
this party is fantastic!
I'll hang up now.
Sorry, I'm a bit late.
Look... I was saying. Bobby...
Can we have this programme
some other day?
You sat down!
- I've kept 100 people waiting for you!
And you are trying to chase
me from here!
The money that Prem had given you...
I'm not asking you to return it.
What do you think?
I've come to you for the 25,000?
He told me it's a hundred thousand!
25,000 rupees! I can refuse
it 2,500 times for you!
Because it's not money but love
that's between us!
It's a matter of the heart!
It's a secret!
A secret!
Let the secret remain a secret!
Please... Please, go away from here.
Where is the washroom?
- Washroom? ...There.
Listen to me.
Come out fast, please.
5 minutes.
- Fast! Fast!
Oops! I forgot my ticket at home!
Driver, take the car home.
"Why are you going having stolen
my heart?"
"What makes you trouble me like this?"
"Why are you going having stolen
my heart?"
"What makes you trouble me like this?"
"I've been waiting for you
since so long."
"Why do you refuse to come close?"
Lakshmi! Where is your master?
- He's gone to the guesthouse.
"Both of us are full of desire!"
"This distance makes us
grow impatient!"
"O' my darling!"
"Our breaths are afire!"
"The surroundings are weaving magic!"
"Both of us are wanton!"
"I'm casting my spell over you!"
"I've been waiting for you
since so long."
"Why do you refuse to come close?"
"Why are you going having stolen my
"What makes you trouble me like this?"
Why did you take so long
to open the door?
I was in the bathroom...
I'm not feeling well.
That is why I couldn't hear the bell.
But what are you doing here?
- What am I doing here? Yes...
I've heard that there's going
to be an income-tax raid.
That's why I had come here to
hide the files...
in the bathroom.
- In the bathroom?
They'll be wet in there!
Don't worry!
I know what should be hidden where!
But, you're here!
- I just forgot my ticket.
Then I remembered that
you also forgot...
to give me money to make an offering.
Well! I'm also a little... forgetful!
Why are your hands trembling so much?
Well... I'm not feeling well.
I'm feeling a bit cold too!
That's strange! Where is Sunny?
- Sunny!
Sunny has gone to get my medicines.
Better move or you will
miss the flight.
C'mon, let's go.
A 'ladies' sandal?
- Is it a lady's sandal?
Can't you see?
- It is a ladies sandal.
Whose is it?
- Must be of some lady.
I know that but whose is it?
- That... That...
We'll have to ask Sunny.
I'll ask him.
You must leave, darling.
Or you'll miss the flight!
This jacket?
It surely belongs to Sunny.
It's a ladies jacket.
Ladies... it can't belong
to Sunny then.
Then who could it belong to?
- That...
We'll have to ask Sunny that as well!
You doubt me, isn't it?
You are doubting me again!
Does this house belong to me? Yes,
it is.
I mean, it belongs to us. But...
but it's Sunny who stays here!
What Sunny does here...
why does he keep a ladies jacket?
How am I supposed to know that?
- I was just asking.
I did not doubt you.
- But I'm the one who is hurt!
It is my heart that is burning!
I do feel that you doubt me!
Okay, I'll leave or
I'll miss the flight.
Okay, leave.
Who is she?
- She is... she is...
Yes, tell me. Or will I have to ask
Sunny about this!
Sunny! Kaajal, what I was saying...
- What were you saying?
Is she the same... Income tax file?
I had just begun trusting you, Kishan.
And as soon as I left...
You cheated on me in such a big way!
I haven't cheated on you.
- So, why don't you tell me?
Who is she? What is she doing here?
- What is this, brother? You just...
Idiot! And duffer! You're in trouble!
- In trouble?
I told you so many times not to
hide anything from Kaajal.
What have I hidden?
- What have you hidden?
Tell her the truth now at least!
She doubts me!
What do I tell her?
- What will you tell her? I'll tell her.
Kaajal, this is Bobby... Sunny's wife.
Wife! When did you get married, Sunny?
- Uh... just now.
What do you mean by 'just now'?
- I mean... just now...
About a week ago...
A week... Just a week back.
She's not wearing a 'mangalsutra'!
- How can she?
Why can't she?
Bobby... Bobby...
Bobby is Christian, you see.
- Yes.
They wear a ring.
- They wear rings, you know!
But why did you hide this from me?
Ask him. Tell her, brother!
Actually, Bobby's brother is
an underworld don.
He was against their love.
And they got married.
Now he's roaming around openly
with a knife!
He says that he wants to kill
his brother-in-law...
and make his sister a widow!
You've locked up such a pretty and
innocent girl since so many days!
You both fell in love and got married.
You've not committed a sin...
to get so scared! Who is her brother?
I'll talk to him!
Kaajal... why will you take the trouble?
I will... I will take care of it.
- Kishan, I...
Be positive! You must leave or you'll
miss the flight.
Ah, yes! Bye!
Call me as soon as you land!
You saved me today!
Hadn't I told you not to make a sound?
And you screamed!?
I had forbidden you even to peep
from the bathroom!
And you came right out!
- There was a cockroach in the bathroom.
Would it have eaten you?
- I got scared.
You got scared!
If my wife's suspicions had been
confirmed today, you know...
I would have ended up spending
the rest of my life...
in terror in my own house!
Why are you scared now?
She's gone, isn't it? You're saved!
Please! Please! Go from here.
What happened, Sunny?
- I had thought you were an upright man.
I am an upright man, my friend!
- Bye, handsome!
Yes! I can see it!
If you hadn't done so many favours
for me I would have printed...
such a big picture of yours
in the newspaper.
Sunny, I haven't done anything.
I really haven't done anything.
Prem is responsible for all this!
But why did you have to call her
my wife in front of Kaajal?
Should I have called her
my wife instead?
You could have called her my girlfriend.
So that, tomorrow...
I could at least say that she left me,
ran away or died!
You called her my wife!
How do I get rid of my wife now?
What if Sanjana learns about this
so-called wife?
She won't come to know, Sunny.
Whatever has happened...
has happened within these 4 walls!
Just between 4 people!
And I made her your wife. Therefore,
I'll only get the two of you divorced!
I mean, I'd like to see my look-alike.
What is his name? Sh... Sh...
- Yes, Shekhar. Mr. Shekhar...
Just come here for a minute,
Sweety. Well...
Ms. Nisha, I wanted to ask you something.
Does he really...
Does he really look like me?
- Absolutely! He looks just like you.
Then it's very important to meet him.
I'll call him.
He's gone to office
Okay... how do you know that
he's gone to office?
He's lying to both his wives and
you're enjoying it!
You can stop me from lying.
How can I ask Govinda not to lie?
Why do you have to whistle
when he is lying?
You intend getting married twice!
Lying is no sin for you! Shut up!
That's why you're enjoying so much
and whistling so loudly!
Go out and fight!
- Shut up!
Go and lie! Keep doing that!
Marry twice! Whistle!
We are finished from today!
- But... have you gone crazy?
For such a small thing, you...
- Is this a small for you?
Listen to me! Sanjana... Sanjana...
I promise that from today...
I'll never enjoy such scenes!
I'll never watch such films!
Please forgive me.
On one condition!
You will have to ask my father for
my hand in marriage.
Just the hand!
I want the entire Sanjana!
Okay... fine.
- Kaajal, ever since you're back...
from Ajmer you're just involved in this
'best couple' function!
What do I do? The responsibility
is entirely on me!
I've already found 3 couples.
However, I can't understand...
what to do about the 4th! Ah, yes!
How about our Sunny and Bobby?
They will be very good! No, no!
How can both of them come together?
- You think so much before speaking...
that unwittingly I start
doubting you!
Be positive, darling! Actually...
Actually, both had a fight.
And Bobby has gone to her
brother's place.
It's not even been 4 days since
they're married...
and Sunny has already
started fighting!
The poor girl is so nice!
- We know how nice she really is!
I mean, we both know what a nice girl
she is, isn't it?
But he feels she is trouble!
He won't go!
All right! I'll call him then.
Listen! Look... He's already
very unhappy. He'll be tensed too!
I'll talk to him. I'll try...
- No trying!
Both should come for the function Or
I'll reach Bobby's place!
- Yes!
Sir! Hi!
Good that you called me here.
Sunny, we hold a 'best couple'
competition every year.
This year, Kaajal has registered
yours and Bobby's name.
You and Bobby will have to pretend...
to be husband and wife for just
a couple of hours in that function...
Hey! Where are you going?
What happened to you?
Who are you?
- What!
How are we related?
What right do you have
to ask me for help?
Hey! You just said that you could
even lay down your life for me!
Yes! So will you really
kill me for that?
But, Sunny... look...
- No!
What did you say the other day?
'Whatever has happened... '
'has happened within these 4 walls.
Just 4 people know about it.'
Now you want to announce this to the
entire city of Goa that she is my wife?
Look... look, brother...
You can't understand.
You can't understand, brother.
Sanjana hates lies and you're
asking me to lie in public.
You don't know... Judo, Karate, Kung Fu...
she knows everything!
I know. But what will happen
if Kaajal finds out the truth?
She tries to kill herself for
the smallest of things!
Will she be able to handle
something so big?
She'll kill herself!
She will die!
Look, brother... help me one last time.
- If Sanjana comes to know about it...
this will anyway be the last time
that I'll help you!
To get out of this problem, we will...
I can't see any way out for myself!
In fact, I'm getting more into trouble!
I had come to take you along with
me to Sanjana's place...
and talk about our marriage.
- We will talk! We will go to her place!
Be positive!
Everything will be fine!
- I've learnt how to lie.
I'll get you and Sanjana married!
Are you lying to me by any chance?
No, my friend!
You are my younger brother!
There's a problem.
- Another problem?
No one knows her address here.
She's also not been coming...
to the club since the last
couple of days.
I think she must be busy
with another party!
So you know her schedule too!
- We must find her.
- In the entire city!
"Where are you?"
"Where are you?"
"Hi, gorgeous!"
"Where are you?"
"Where are you?"
"We are lost in your love!"
"Where are you?"
"We are lost in your love!"
"We wild and whacky."
"Unconcerned with the world."
"We have been searching for you
"Where are you?"
"Where are you?"
"Hi, gorgeous!"
"No one understands our pain!"
"Who should we share our grief with?"
"Where can we find the shore?"
"Having lost both the worlds!"
"We should your name aloud on the
"Where are you"
"We are lost in your love!"
Hey! Go on! Get lost!
I can't pretend to be a wife!
Be positive! We're ready to pay
as much money you want.
But, I'm going out of town with
him for 3 days.
Yes, let's go.
- Look, brother...
it's very important that
she come with us today.
It's equally important for her
to come with me today.
Brother, you can't understand!
- It's you who can't understand!
I've been trying to get into a
'No Entry' since so many days.
I've finally got an entry today and
you want me to do that tomorrow!
So you won't relent?
- Impossible!
Will you understand if we hit you?
- Look... This is illegal!
So all this is legal?
My wife will divorce me if she
doesn't come with me today!
Your wife will divorce you
if she doesn't go with you today!
But brother, swear by Reliance that you
will make your wife meet mine once...
so that she also learns
something from her!
This applause tells us that you all
are really enjoying...
the spicy question and answer rounds
of all the couples here.
You tell me... what is the difference
you have experienced...
between the nuptial night
and the nights after?
I think that the husband gradually
becomes less of a romantic.
- Yeah!
Mrs. Shekhar, what is the difference
that you've experienced?
Nothing at all! For me, every night
is a nuptial night!
What she means to say is...
since the day we got married...
each night has been like the nuptial
night for us.
Okay, tell me. In these expensive times,
should it be only the husband...
who should earn or the wife as well?
- Both!
The man should earn during the day
and the woman at night.
Superb! What a reply that was!
It means that the man should toil...
during the day. And when he comes
home tired at night...
the wife should serve him
and earn his love!
Isn't that what you want to say?
- Give me the mike!
No, no! It's done.
It was the right answer.
Let's applaud!
May Mr. Gupta be praised!
May Mr. Gupta...
- Enough!
- Greetings! Welcome, Mr. Gupta.
Please come, Please sit here.
I've seen her somewhere.
- No, sir.
This girl is not from this city.
- I've seen her very closely.
I have seen her.
I'll just be back in a second.
The decision of the judges is here.
And as all of us had expected...
the award for the best couple goes to
Mr. And Mrs. Shekhar!
You really deserve this award!
Brothers and sisters,
I'm really pleased to be here.
I really liked your programme.
Your job is done.
Do you remember?
- I do remember, Sunny.
Sunday, at 11 o'clock at Judge Saxena's
residence, isn't it?
I do remember.
- Judge! Are you in some kind of trouble?
Shekhar is just like
my younger brother.
Had it not been for him,
I wouldn't have existed!
I mean, my newspaper would
have not existed.
It's due to his hard work and honesty
that my newspaper is successful today.
That's why I want to make him my
business partner.
But you've come alone for
such a joyous occasion.
Why didn't you bring your wife along?
She won't be able to come for
the wedding as well!
You see. Tell them, brother.
Actually, my wife doesn't
keep too well.
But Shekhar and you were just
talking about something.
Well... I won't hide anything from you...
My wife is a bit mentally unwell.
You see... she saw the World Trade
Centre crumbling from quite close!
9/11... your wife was in America then?
No, she saw it on TV.
- On TV!
That's it. She's been so badly
affected by that incident...
that it may be quite risky to
bring her to the wedding!
One never knows what she might
end up doing!
That's all right.
Priest, you're taking so long to
find an auspicious time!
Brother, you're getting
better and better!
What do you mean?
If you continue lying this way,
you'll beat brother Prem one day!
What happened?
- My right eye has started...
twitching suddenly.
Will something go wrong?
Something goes wrong only if the
left eye twitches.
But why my eye?
Come on, move!
- Look, Inspector...
I'm not that kind of a girl!
Then what kind of a girl are you?
- Very decent and respectable...
and I belong to a good family.
- So what are you doing in this hotel?
Well... I had a fight with my husband.
That's why I came here.
Really! Women go their parent's
house after fighting and you...
Look, Inspector, this is a family
We fight with our husbands and come
and stay in a hotel. - Yes, yes.
We don't give our parents a bad name
by living with them!
Who is this with you?
- Him?
He's my younger brother.
- Brother!
What happened, sister?
What happened, sister?
See what the Inspector is...
- Okay. So your brother is a Gujarati!
C'mon! Move!
- If the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs...
and Christians can be brothers,
why can't a Gujarati be one?
What was he doing here with you?
He had come to cajole me
and take me home.
Yes! Come home, sister. Brother-in-law
must also be very worried!
Inspector, we were discussing
family planning...
I mean, family matters in the hotel
room. I swear by Reliance!
If your sister is married,
she must be having a husband too!
Where is he?
Sunday, at 11 o'clock at Judge Saxena's
residence, isn't it?
You want to meet my husband, isn't it?
That's all. Come along.
According to the holy calendar, the moon
is not in a favourable position...
for the next 2 days, sir.
These 4 days are very inauspicious.
Isn't there an auspicious
time before that?
So, you're really eager
to get married!
What is it, Inspector?
Who is she?
Sorry, Sir. We have arrested her
at the hotel raid.
She says that she's married and
that her husband is at your place.
Her husband! Your husband?
Who is he?
I've told them that...
- No, there's no need to say anything!
Darling, was that the only hotel
in the entire city to go to?
Look how you're dressed!
Uncle, I told you about the
World Trade Centre thing.
That's fine but staying in such a hotel...
- What do I say now?
What will you say? It's all his fault!
Whenever you were angry with her,
you stayed in a hotel, didn't you?
- Then? Yes, I used to do that.
That's what is set her mind.
You came here without her
and she got angry.
How would she know about
the kind of hotel?
Who are you?
- Me?
I'm his brother-in-law.
She is my sister.
Hadn't I asked you to take care
of your sister?
Why did you let her get out of a house?
- Out of the house!
That's all! Inspector,
I'm sorry for the trouble.
Are you satisfied now?
- There's no need to say all this!
Just tell him that the next time I'm at
some hotel, he shouldn't arrest me!
This... how can I say this?
- No problem! I'll tell him.
Inspector, henceforth no matter when
and where you meet her, no arrests!
Come, my child. Sit down.
You've come at a very good time.
After 5 days,
your brother-in-law will be married.
Mr. Kishan... Bring her surely
to the wedding.
- Promise!
I want just this kind of
a laptop for my Shekhar.
Excuse me, madam. Can I help you?
- What's the price of this laptop?
It's already sold, madam. It's being
billed right now. Someone else...
Okay. Give me another one like this.
- I'm sorry, we're out of stock.
Listen. You can buy this one.
I'll select another one.
No, it's really okay. Thank you.
- You must give the wedding present...
on the first night itself and not later.
Give it to her please.
That is so kind of you!
But there's a condition!
You will have to come for
a cup of coffee with me.
Think about it.
You may have to treat me to 2 cups.
I'm in the habit of talking a lot!
- It will be a lot of fun then...
because I have the same habit!
Shall we go?
Both have the same habit
as all women!
What? Really? Congratulations!
Did you hear that? My aunt's son,
Balvinder, our 'Ballu'...
he's getting married on Sunday.
We've been called to the village.
You can go if you want to!
I'm not going to that house...
where people tried to get
you married to someone else!
One must forget old matters
at such times, Kaajal.
You will have to come with me.
- No! I won't go!
Stop being childish, Kaajal! Please!
- I said I don't want to go!
Kaajal, you...
- Stop! Stop! Do you want her to agree?
Fine... as you wish...
but I'll have to go.
Or else, Ballu won't sit on the horse!
He won't be able to get married!
Ballu, do one thing! Come along with me.
- Okay.
Or I'll get bored alone.
- Absolutely!
Are you feeling bad that I'm not going?
But you can understand my problem too,
isn't it?
Besides, my friend is getting
married here on Sunday.
I have to attend her wedding.
- Yes.
Which friend is getting married?
And that too, on Sunday!
It could be anyone.
Why are you scared?
I dread that on reaching my wedding,
dressed as a groom...
sister-in-law will welcome me
with the bride's friends!
What are you saying, pal?
Will you get me divorced...
on the day of your wedding?
- No!
Sanjana can't be that friend!
- Why?
Look, has Sanjana ever met Kaajal?
- No.
Has Kaajal ever met Sanjana?
- No.
Have I ever spoken about Sanjana
to your sister-in-law?
Have you ever spoken to your
sister-in-law about Sanjana?
Where did you give me the
chance to do that?
So then? Be positive, pal!
Look... please take this. 20,000
rupees should be enough for 3 hours!
Give me more!
- Here you go. Please. Is it fine now?
This way, I can see both your office
and your home being sold!
It's your father-in-law who asked me
to bring this crazy woman along!
Your marriage would be in
trouble without her!
I will get married, won't I?
There's hardly any time left for
the auspicious moment!
All your problems will be solved.
Be positive!
May Mr. Gupta be praised!
Shekhar! This is my son-in-law.
You... you know him?
- Quite well!
Really! How?
Daddy... look, mummy is
calling you there.
Mummy! Oh, mummy!
Excuse me. I'll just be back. Take care.
- I'll just be back.
Hey, Photo!
So, Photo...
What's with this second marriage?
It's a second marriage!
It's a second marriage!
- Yes.
It's a second marriage.
Photo, did you leave your first wife?
Or did she elope with someone else?
Well... Both!
- Both?
Yes. She was eloping with someone;
I left her.
That's good.
She was an immoral girl!
The girl is immoral!
The girl is immoral!
- What's going on?
What is it?
I am coming.
That's amazing!
You're the first wife in this world...
who is attending her husband's
wedding and is happy as well!
It's my brother-in-law's wedding.
Mr. P.K.
- Yes.
When did Shekhar become
your brother-in-law?
Since the time he became my husband!
You're her husband!
You gave us the 'best couple'
award and forgot!
Tell me something...
- We'll talk later.
Have this sweet first.
Have a 'laddu' first.
Brother! That minister...
- Don't you worry!
Now he'll open his mouth only
to eat 'laddus'!
Why are you needlessly tensed?
Look at me? Am I tensed?
Your tension has arrived!
Look over there!
How come she's here?
What should we do now?
Are you tensed now?
- Don't be so smug!
I've just come along with the marriage
procession. But it's you who...
has to get married, isn't it?
- Yes... Run!
- You insolent man!
Do you know where Sanjana is?
- She's there.
What an insolent man that was!
Refused to relent.
Are you Kaajal?
- Yes.
Who is that playing this funeral
tune at a wedding?
Uncle, give me a cold drink.
Mummy! Look... uncle is not giving
me a cold drink! Mummy!
You! And why are you
dressed as a groom?
That's it! Even you feel that
it's my wedding, isn't it?
Even I feel that way!
Actually, sister-in-law,
it's my friend's wedding.
He buys two of everything.
Two shoes!
One for me and one for him!
Two watches!
One for me and one for him!
And this...
he's gone too far this time!
Two outfits!
One for me and one for him!
I hope he didn't buy
two 'mangalsutras'!
Sister-in-law, your sense of humour
is just great!
Just a minute!
You had gone to Poona
with Kishan, isn't it?
We came back!
- Why?
Tell her why we came back from Poona.
Poona... Poona...
where did we go to Poona at all?
I could remember each and everything
you said on the train.
The way my aunt fought with you,
the way she made digs at
you all the time...
and the way she used to encourage
me to get married again!
That's it! I caught Sunny's hand
and got off the train!
It's good that we got off
at a station.
Or else, he would have
also gotten me...
Call the bride and
the groom, please.
Go, Sunny!
They're calling you!
What are you staring at me for?
Go to your friend!
His friend is really strange!
Neither will he sit on the dais
without him...
nor will he get married!
I wonder what will happen on
the nuptial night!
But it's his friend's wedding!
Why are you dressed like a relative?
Hey! That's right! Why am I carrying
this burden on my head?
Come on, Kaajal, let's go home.
- Wait till the wedding takes place.
How will the wedding take place
if you're around?
I mean, will the wedding not take
place if you're not around?
Come on, let's go. Let's go home.
- I want to see the groom's face.
He's shyer than the bride!
You won't be able to see his face!
What happened now?
- You're not taking me seriously, Kaajal!
My condition is getting worse, Kaajal!
- Why have you kept your hand there?
Because I'm in pain, Kaajal!
- What! Should I call the doctor?
That will be of no use.
Let's go to the doctor instead!
Let's go.
- Yes.
Hey! It's nothing!
Watch the wedding! - What!
One must say that! A person's
wedding should not be ruined!
Let's go to the doctor.
Thats my wife!
You're very lucky.
You've just come in time.
Or it would have been too late!
- What?
Yes. I was just going to go home!
Get up! Everything is normal.
- Normal?
Doctor, has my sugar level increased
by any chance?
No! Your sugar, salt and chilly,
everything is normal!
Did you run a grocery shop earlier?
- How did you know that?
It's been years since I shut
that business down.
Doctor, you do laugh a lot!
A doctor has told me that laughter
is very good for health!
Stop laughing and tell us
about his health!
He had a heart attack.
- But you just said that...
everything is normal.
I have to say that! If you tell the
heart patient about the first attack...
he may get the second attack!
- Oh my God!
What happened?
- I don't have pain...
in the chest, but here.
Oh! The kidney! Are you miserable?
Do you drink night and day?
I'm not a miserable drunkard!
I married the woman I fell in love with.
Good Lord! We were saved from
the fourth Devdas (movie).
But what you are suffering
from is worms...
I mean, it is a heart problem.
I'll prescribe a few medicines.
Good if you take them and better
if you don't.
To be honest, more than medicines,
what you need is...
Prayer, isn't it?
You need a holiday.
I'm giving you this card along
with the case paper.
This is the best hotel of Mauritius.
You'll get a discount of 25% if you
give my reference.
You're not a doctor!
You're a travel agent!
How did you find out?
Doctor! What are you doing here?
Doctor! Mr. Kishan?
The doctor is my brother.
He called me to inform me
that you'd be coming.
So, are you twin brothers?
What do I say? My father was a real...
Come along.
He's younger and I'm older.
But he thinks that he's older!
Now you tell me...
Is his dispensary bigger or this hotel?
Your hotel is bigger.
- So who is older? Me or him?
You're older.
- Absolutely right!
What did you say?
- Nothing.
Please take my luggage and
my wife to the room.
Hello, Sunny! How are you?
- Why have you called?
Hey! Why are you talking so rudely?
- The state you left me in...
I felt that I wasn't getting
married but fighting a war!
But your wedding did take place.
Did you see how I pretended to
have a heart attack?
Brother, don't you feel that you're
just lying these days?
Be positive, pal! It's said that
even if you lie a 100 times...
to help a wedding take place,
God forgives you!
He will forgive a 100 lies,
not a 1000!
To keep you free from worry,
I've come to Mauritius...
with your sister-in-law. And you!
- What? What did you say?
Where have you come?
- Mauritius! Why?
Welcome! I'm here as well!
- What! In which hotel are you?
I'll never tell you that! Or else,
here also, you will...
Hey, Sunny! In the whole wide world,
did you have to come to this hotel...
and this city for your honeymoon?
Did you inform me that... you were
coming to this city and this hotel?
Look, Sunny, before our wives
see each other...
take Sanjana away from here.
I can say the same dialogue to you,
can't I?
Hey! Kaajal thinks that I'm
a heart patient. I can't move around!
What will I tell her about
the shifting?
As if I won't have to explain
anything to Sanjana!
Look, brother! This is your second
honeymoon but the first one for me!
Have some mercy on me!
- Don't scream!
My cottage is right here!
Your sister-in-law will come out!
- That one?
- Very good! This one's mine!
Run, brother!
You're here! What a surprise!
Has sister-in-law come along as well?
Well... she wasn't
feeling too well. So...
So, I left her home.
Sir, I've taken your luggage and
your wife to the room.
Brother, why did you lie that you
haven't got sister-in-law along?
- Because he's ashamed, Sanjana.
You do know that sister-in-law
isn't mentally sound.
So that means I was alone in the
room with a mad woman!
I can understand your problem.
Look at where she is!
How did she come here, Sunny?
Is that your wife, sir?
You just took her to the room and
forgot about it so soon!
No, but the one I left in the room...
- Shut up! You're arguing with me!
But, Sir, the one I left in the room...
- Come on... Scoot! Go on!
He's a strange, forgetful man!
Listen... Who are you?
- What do you mean?
Who are both of you?
- She's my wife. I swear by Reliance!
And I'm her husband! Why?
- So, who is that man...
who's calling himself her husband?
- Who?
That man!
So, the couple is here too!
How are you, Sanjana?
So you've come for your honeymoon
with my darling brother-in-law?
You've got your brother
along here too!
Why did you have to follow us?
- You had asked me...
to take care of sister, isn't it?
- That was in India.
I can take care of her myself here!
So you're back.
- Let's go, Sanjana.
- To the room!
Why are you standing here? Scoot!
Hey, Bobby! You're here too.
Where are you running off too?
- Where is Sunny?
What happened? Why did you bring
me to the room so fast?
Kiss me!
- No! Not now!
Who is he?
- I'm her brother.
So, you're her brother!
Hey, Kaajal!
- You want to kill my Sunny!
You think you're a great don!
I'll kill you before you can...
Kaajal! He's not her brother.
He is one of her brother's men...
who has become her bodyguard
to protect her from him!
Go, take Bobby away.
Get up!
Stand up straight!
What were you doing in that room?
Sister-in-law, I... I went looking
for her to that room by mistake.
And I've been looking for you
since so long! You are really...
Why do both of you get out of
each other's sight?
You've come for your honeymoon.
Enjoy yourselves together!
That's what I always keep telling
him but he doesn't listen to me!
So, will you enjoy with him?
Well... he's my husband!
- Where are your glasses?
How many times have I told you
to wear your glasses!
Your brother-in-law is there! That one!
- Me!
What's happening here?
I'm really confused!
Let's go to our rooms. Let's freshen up
and meet again in the evening.
That's right. Let's freshen up.
- But where should I go?
With your brother-in-law! Where else?
- Let's go. Let's go, Kaajal.
Who is whose husband and who
is whose wife...
I must find that out!
"A heart is always crazy!"
"It defies all logic!"
"How can it be blamed
if it behaves waywardly..."
"in such a charming company?"
"A heart is always crazy!"
"It defies all logic!"
"How can it be blamed if it
behaves waywardly..."
"in such a charming company?"
"It beats relentlessly at nights
defying all efforts..."
"it remains under no control."
"Careful lest it might break."
"It's very fragile."
"It caves under no pressure..."
"All efforts fail..."
"to separate it from another
heart it loves!"
"We are together..."
"immersed in love."
"Why won't it not inebriate us?"
"That too with such a
companion around?"
"The language and the
tale of love..."
"need no expression for the
heart to understand."
"A heart responds to another
heart intuitively."
"Let love flow freely."
"Let the hearts unite
without any fear."
"Don't put them under any guard!"
"All it takes is a moment..."
"for the hearts to meet
and blossom."
"And the trance of love
engulfs a person..."
"in such a captivating company."
"A heart is always crazy!"
"It defies all logic!"
"How can it be blamed if it
behaves waywardly..."
"in such a charming company?"
Minister, what are you doing here
in South Africa?
Hi Prem. How are you?
- I'm fine.
Are you here on a vacation?
- No, I have settled down here.
Settled...? Your business
was doing fine in India.
There were heavy showers in Mumbai
on the 26th of July.
I thought the rains were romantic, so
I fixed a programme in my guest house.
I had no idea the rains would turn
into a nightmare.
The water ran neck high, people
reached home after two days.
I was also stuck out there with her
for two days.
The media worked overnight,
they found me out.
And I was watching myself on tv.
The pictures were damn sleazy...
bad, very bad.
I cleared the mess up
in the morning.
And wife?
- Said, I don't deserve to be in India.
And she dragged me here.
- Nice.
At least India is rid
of a self-styled leader.
You are one damn step ahead of me.
How do you it?
I don't understand.
How do you woo girls? Teach me.
You were thrown out of India
because of women.
D'you want to be thrown
out of here too?
You have a pretty good wife.
Why do you flip about?
Have you seen my wife?
- Yes
Beautiful, well-mannered, strong
and reliable...
she's a real gem. And you... gosh!
You are raving
That woman can't see me happy
Everytime I fall in love,
she grieves.
If I give dictations to my secretary,
she feels bad. This is not fair.
Forget India, you don't deserve
to live in this world.
I'll kill you and rather be a widow.
- Go ahead.
- Bless you.
Get up!
Get up!
- My glasses...
What do you think you were watching?
Get back here... you can't sleep
at nights if you sight me, eh?
To hell with your love!
Move it!
You always make up your mind
at the last moment, Kishan.
Four hours!
- Several famous actors too.
Four hours are not a big deal.
Why did you stop? Move ahead.
Whom has she come along with?
It doesn't matter whom she has
come with? Come on...
You consider Sunny as your
younger brother...
and you aren't bothered to
know with whom his wife is?
I mean, the movie is about
to start...
I remember... she calls him a brother.
What is going on here?
- Kaajal...
Come on, we'll tell Sunny about it
then it's up to Sunny and her.
Let's go from here.
What is going on here?
Tell him to stay away from my friend.
- Kaajal... Kaajal...
Kaajal, you?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
You've just been married
and have come...
back from a honeymoon.
What are you doing?
What have I done?
You've come for a movie with
another man...
and you dare to ask me what
you have done?"
The guy is indeed handsome and
smart but that doesn't...
mean you will deceive your husband.
- Just listen...
And you... you've got wandering
eyes, right?
Go upstairs, and see what your
wife is doing?
Your wife?
Kaajal, let's go.
The movie will start anytime.
Movie can wait but I'll teach
him such a lesson today...
which will make him forget
his maths.
Don't do it, Kaajal. In school,
he used to fail in maths.
He has not only failed in maths
but also in his life.
Just because I am quiet it doesn't
mean that I won't say anything.
What will you say?
That... rather you should
be ashamed and not me.
Why are you with him if you
claim to be upright? - With him?
He wife might be crazy but he's
still a rich man...
and so you've come with him,
haven't you?
What... what is she saying?
We will sort it out amicably
after seeing the movie.
Let's go or else we'll
miss the movie.
She's calling me crazy and you
want to see a movie?
Am I crazy? Am I?
- How can you be crazy, Kaajal?
Then whom is she calling crazy?
- His wife...
Hey, I am his wife.
If you are his wife then
who is she?
She's Bobby, his wife...
Not his wife but his...
What? She's your wife?
No she's his wife.
- What?
Is Bobby your wife?
- No, she's his wife.
Whose wife is she?
- His...
Tell us, whose wife Bobby is?
- His...
She's my wife...
- What?
I means ours...
- Both of us...
You lied to me...
- Kaajal, please...
Listen to me...
- Kaajal, please...
You have been sleeping in the
office for the past two days.
I have a very good solution for
all your worries.
I have a weapon for you, sir!
- I mean an idea, sir!
Do you belong to a blacksmith family...
that you are calling an
idea a weapon?
Sir, you are a wayward fellow,
a thorough womanizer.
You are not as you seem to be.
Hey, mind your language.
- And you are no less.
Sister on the face with
Bobby in arms!
Hey, what did you say just now?
You have to say this to
each other's wife.
Your have prove yourself
as the villain
while proving the other
guy to be a hero.
That will purge all your sins.
I am your slave, sir!
You can return the idea
if you don't like it.
But it really hurts when
somebody bashes me.
Why didn't you give such a
positive idea before?
We've been tensed about it
for the past two days?
Thank you very much.
C'mon Ritu, get ready soon.
Greetings, uncle!
- Greetings, dear!
Where's Sanjana, uncle?
- She's gone to meet you.
She's at my house?
But why?
To apologise. She'd offended
you yesterday...
Kaajal, you will miss each other
if you go to your house now.
Why don't you wait here?
She will come here moment now.
Kaajal dear, we've to go somewhere.
Please don't mind. Is anybody there?
No Lakshmi, I don't want tea or coffee
You can get back to your work.
Hey, is nobody home?
Oh, you are here...
It's good that you are alone.
Sanjana, I need to talk to you.
You are angry with, brother,
aren't you?
But it's my fault.
I am the real culprit.
Brother is no lesser to a saint.
God has stopped creating such good men.
My only hobby is: Girls...
It's an art to hook up a girl
and I am an expert in it.
It's not difficult to hook them up.
Yes. If the girl seems
difficult to please...
then act to be in love with another
and try to commit suicide.
Then that girl will come to your
rescue and then its fun.
But Sanjana was different.
Whenever, I moved closer to her.
She'd ask me to wait till marriage.
And so I had to make her my wife.
My wife has a headache...
She keeps cribbing for all 24 hours.
How can a sane man live with her?
I've never understood
how can a man live...
with one woman for his
entire life?
There are some who do
just as your Sunny.
But I cannot live like that.
It's true.
Lies... she keeps insisting
upon not lying.
Does she understand what a lie is?
I must have lied to her many times.
The first lie is that I don't lie...
And the second one that I don't
love anyone else other than her.
But the truth is I love Bobby!
That's why I have kept Bobby
in another house.
Where I can visit frequently
to have a nice time.
For the past couple of days we
have been living as husband and wife.
One last weapon is left, sir!
I used it and it had the
right effect.
Which weapon?
- Divorce.
Sir, listen to my whole idea.
I want to save your marital life.
I had a fight with my wife and
she threatened to walk out...
I asked her to leave only
after a divorce.
Ever since, my wife has forgotten...
even to mention her parental home.
Sir, can I take a seat?
We men have only one weapon
against our wives.
Sir, these letters
have come for you.
This one is yours.
What happened, sir?
What is it, sir?
Had you given this idea to our
wives before telling us?
They have sent us a divorce notice.
Now what are we going to do?
Only God can help you.
Control yourself, Sunny!
Be positive...
why are you laughing?
The colour of my envelope is
red and yours is yellow.
Here we are about to lose our
lives and you are...
thinking of the envelope's colour?
Think of something... think...
That's what I am doing...
Wonder what Prem must be doing after
having put us in this condition.
- Hello Prem, it's me Kishan!
Kishan, yeah tell me.
Didn't I tell you, he hasn't
gone for any business trip?
He's having a time of his life
with girls around him.
At this time of the night?
- It's daytime there.
Prem, a catastrophe has struck us.
It's very bad but there's
no such news here.
Because of you, I...
- Not I but us...
we are in deep trouble.
My life...
- Our lives...
Yes, our lives have been
destroyed by our wives.
What do you mean by us?
Who else got ruined along with you?
You are married too?
Yes and now I am going to
get divorced too.
Don't be so surprised.
The girl that you'd sent
to my guest house...
has set our houses on fire.
She was a bombshell,
not a small cracker.
Shame on you! Two men
can't hide an affair!
An editor and a crime reporter!
What makes your newspaper sell?
Chuck the newspaper first...
Hey, what are you doing?
Talk to him nicely.
Okay then, you speak to him...
The matter has turned
very serious here.
Please do something or else my
life will also be ruined...
along with your friend.
- Friend?
One who cannot do
one simple thing?
One who cannot even
lie to his wife?
Couldn't handle Bobby...
how can he ruin your life?
He cannot be my friend.
- Prem, stop giving a speech.
Come here and solve our
problem or else...
Or else...
- Or else, what?
Or else...
Our lives will be ruined...
I know that you have solutions
to every problem.
Please come back soon.
We are alone here.
Hey, don't cry... I am coming back.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
You doubt your...
saintly husbands and that
too for Bobby.
She's my wife and their
Prem, why are you taking the blame
to save your friends?
Kaajal, I am not taking
anyone's blame...
I swear by my friends,
I am not lying.
And if I am lying then they
will die within one week.
You still don't believe me?
I think, I'll have to give them
the geographical details of my life.
Bobby and I loved each
other since childhood.
But my and her fathers
were sworn enemies.
And so Bobby and I got
married secretly.
On the next day of our wedding...
my father went to Barista
for coffee.
He met Pooja there, happened to like
her and then she became my wife.
Take it in whichever way...
but I couldn't break
my father's heart.
He was a heart patient.
His situation was so critical
that he would...
clasp his heart while
talking to me.
And I was in a constant fear
that he'd die any moment.
And I'd have to carry his
burden on my shoulder.
We just steal a couple of
singles while he...
talks only in boundaries.
We will lose our match if he
loses his wicket.
My father was very happy
with our wedding.
He was so happy with our
wedding that he...
died of heart attack
two days later.
And left me with two wives.
I remember him all the time.
Let's not discuss such
depressing topics.
Let's come to the point.
While going abroad I asked you
to look after Pooja...
leaving poor Bobby alone.
And so I asked my friends to
take care of her...
when I am not in town.
That's what they did.
But what was the need
for you to lie?
But they couldn't also speak
the truth.
After all Pooja is your friend.
You could've squealed to Pooja.
You would have told her that
Bobby is my wife.
Then who am I?
The guys are trapped,
I'm helping them out.
I'm not involved.
There's this girl...
Prem, what are you whispering
in her ears?
Hang on.
Why are you gesturing?
Say what you want to?
Just wait for a couple of
minutes, please!
No Prem, whatever you have
to say... say it aloud.
Then listen...
Pooja, they called me up in
South Africa saying that...
their secret has been revealed
asking me to rush back.
That their wives have come to
know of their affairs.
I came here for the sake of
their friendship.
You are our friend but that doesn't
mean you will say anything.
Our friendship is limited to
this birth but my...
relationship with my wife
spans over many births.
This calculation makes no sense that
I'll leave my wife for a friend.
You are actually responsible
to ruin his life.
I am a witness of your attempts
to set him up with Bobby.
And he got me trapped in return.
He's the witness.
Pooja, these two...
- Enough...
Just tell me, have I ever
enquired about your whereabouts?
Have I ever questioned you for
your late nights?
Have I ever asked you
for any explanation?
Not only that, whenever you were
not at home I'd answer...
all the unwanted phone calls and
take all the messages.
I used to trust you so much.
But today, you've lost that trust.
You've lost your Pooja forever.
Pooja, these three friends
are alike.
Hey listen,
I don't know about them...
but I am not at all like them.
Prove yourself innocent in the court.
C'mon, Pooja!
Pooja won't go anywhere.
Listen to me, you can go to badminton
court tennis or any other court.
But don't go to that court.
Pooja... Pooja...
She is not even responding.
- We've got the answer, Prem.
My answer carries a notice
along while yours does not.
I don't understand, what the problem
with your friends is.
It all depends on time.
When the time isn't right...
even good intentions go wrong.
So, what do you want me to do?
I just want you to tell their
wives that they'd got...
stuck in this situation
because of me.
That they have not done
anything to you.
What will happen to you then?
Bobby, my wife, isn't a suspicious
and short tempered person...
like Kaajal and Sanjana.
She's very innocent and lovable.
She's angry and upset now but
I'll make her understand.
You're still looking at them.
- Everyone's dancing, why aren't they?
Madam, don't you like this song?
I told you my time isn't right now.
- I am the one going through...
a bad phase. What about my money?
- Money... Money...
I am about to lose my wife and
you are thinking about money.
Isn't there anything important
in your life other than the money?
Give me a drink.
Mr. Prem, Bobby's husband is
in coma for the past two years.
She had to pay 20 thousand per
day just to keep him Rahul.
What will be more important
for her than money?
Sorry, I shouldn't have
asked for money.
Why are you looking at me like this?
It's so difficult to keep
a happy facade.
From now on the responsibility
of your husband's treatment is mine.
There's only one solution to
get out of the mess...
You are saying it now, after we've
fallen in this mess.
We will apologize to our wives.
We tried our best but did they accept
our explanation? No!
They won't ever believe that we are
innocent, right Sunny?
Apologising to them will make
them realise...
that we regret our deeds.
We are ashamed and so we are
telling them the truth.
Just because they consider all our
truth as fibbing...
will they consider our lies as truth?
- We will make them believe us.
Everything will be alright.
Be positive!
Brother, you keep saying, be positive.
What is it?
It's my blood group.
Please forgive us.
- What are you doing?
We were stupid, ungracious...
We were ungrateful...
- We'd lost our way.
What could we do,
we'd lost our minds.
I promise, I won't
ever go to a club.
As this mess started from there.
I'd gone to the club to
end up in this mess...
What am I saying?
Sir... sir...
Prem sir has gone to the Suicide
Point to commit suicide.
Why isn't Pooja here as yet? Have they
told her I'm here to kill myself?
Look, there he is, Prem...
- Brother Prem...
She's here.
Suicide mission starts.
I am going for an atonement
of my sins.
No, brother, stop... there's
a dangerous ravine ahead.
Now, neither can anyone stop me nor
can anyone save me from it.
Son, this seems to be very deep.
You are going to turn into a
mince meat, once in it.
Take one step behind.
- Hey, what are you doing? Run fast.
What can I do? Should
I wear the horse's shoe?
I am running as fast as I can.
Someone at least inform me
about my wife.
Why can't you run faster?
- Then, how should I run?
Just as you used to run behind
me to hit me.
Brother Prem, I am coming...
I think I should turn around and see.
- What has happened to you now?
- Slowly.
- Sunny, this a very dangerous slope...
- Reduce your speed.
Prem, I can't.
Sunny, wait...
- Hold me...
Oh, my cap... father!
Why had you come here?
- To save you.
You are Sunny and not a film hero.
If you weren't going to commit suicide
then why did you come here?
If a dog is chasing a car,
it doesn't mean he wants...
to own or drive the car.
I had come here to scare my wife.
Now, I am scared.
Why are you calling Kishan,
is he Lord Kishan that...
he will come and save us.
All of you wait here while
I will go and check it out.
Hurry up.
Sunny, Prem...
- Kishan...
Where are you both?
Come down, you'll be able to see us.
Come down...
Prem? You? Here?
- Yes.
Where's Sunny?
- Your friend is hanging on to my leg.
Yes brother, I am here,
hanging on Prem's leg.
Then keep hanging.
Did you come here...
to save him or kill him?
Didn't I say he will spoil everything
with his unsteady demeanour...
why did you bring him here?
- Sunny, you are such a duffer...
Shut up! First get us out of here.
Then you can reprimand me.
Don't stand there talking to us.
Go and find some rope.
I'll search for it...
Get a rope...
- Rope...
There might be one in the car,
I'll go and get it.
Prem, I got one.
Here, catch it.
Catch it...
C'mon, catch it...
Prem, why are you dancing
like Aishwarya Rai?
Be still...
I am still, but I can't seem
to catch the rope...
Kishan has thrown towards me.
Brother Kishan, throw it
down further.
Okay, one minute...
Here take this...
- Be careful...
Kaajal, be quiet! Can't you
see what I am doing?
Kishan, a little bit further.
Here take this...
Kishan, be careful...
- Hey, shut up, don't disturb me.
Kishan, little more.
Is it? Here you are!
- Kishan, be careful!
Don't worry about me.
Nothing has happened to me.
Don't worry.
I'll bring them up.
Kishan, further down.
Further down?
Asking me to move further down,
look here is where you have brought us.
Had it been in his control,
he will pack us up.
What are you doing sunny?
- You fool.
You are cutting the branch that
you are hanging on to.
Should I kick you off?
Sorry, brother Prem...
Kishan, I feel giddy
when I look down.
Then don't look down.
Close your eyes.
That is going to anyhow
happen in sometime.
Kishan, be positive,
think positive.
What happened, Prem?
"How to keep my heart in control?"
"In such a precarious situation."
He's a strange man, he can sing
in this situation too?
Go away...
Have you gone crazy?
Go away...
- Did something pass by?
Why were you singing a song?
I wanted to sing... I like singing
when I am hanging on a cliff.
Do something, Pooja, Kaajal...
Why are you tying the rope to the rock?
Throw it here first.
If I don't tie it to the rock then
we too will off from the cliff.
Please do it, soon...
Throw it fast.
Prem, calm down...
I think it's a water snake,
not the poisonous one...
Nothing will happen if it bites.
Are you sure?
- Even I am not sure.
Catch the rope and come up...
Hey, it's a rope...
- If it is a rope then catch it.
No I won't catch it...
- Why not?
If I hold on to the rope then Pooja
will think I was just acting.
Then we are really going to die.
Kishan, hold on to the rope.
- Please tell her, both of you.
Pooja, forgive brother Prem...
Pooja, accept his apology or
else Kishan and Sunny...
are going to die unnecessarily.
Forgive him, Pooja!
Please forgive him.
Prem, come up!
I am no longer angry with you.
I've forgiven you.
- Alright Pooja, I am coming up.
Pooja, you are great,
for having forgiven me.
Hey, be careful...
Pull them up.
I am coming up, Pooja.
I am coming...
Sanjana, I am coming...
Kaajal, I am bringing your
husband along.
I am coming...
You both, catch on to
the rope too...
Hadn't it been a question of
saving these two, I would have...
rather used this rope as a noose.
Pooja, you are great.
If I'd been in your place
I wouldn't...
have forgiven you either.
So from now on, I will follow
whatever you wish me to do.
I'll listen to everything.
- Yes.
Then you'll have to be my husband
in every birth.
I love you very much, Prem.
I have faith in God...
I know that you will surely
change your habits.
Which means you already knew that
I was straying?
Pooja, your husband Prem has
changed from today.
I take an oath on you.
I promise to be the best
husband ever.
I am sorry.
- Prem.
Aren't you ashamed of anything
after what we have gone through?
Listen, want a bite?
No, I don't want anything.
I am dieting.
Did you see that none of them
really turned back to see her.
You've really changed.
"My happiness is with you..."
"My beloved..."