No Escape (1994) Movie Script

In the year 2022, the international prison system
is operated by private corporations.
Criminals from all over the world are exploited at a profit.
Prisons have become big business.
Company, man the right!
Company, man the right!
Eyes front.
I said, eyes front!
You have come here
from all over the world...
because society has
no further use for you.
The international prison system...
has given up all hopes
of your rehabilitation.
This place will now be
your holding pen until your death.
Because death is the only way out.
There's no chance of reprieve here...
no possibility of escape.
You are condemned.
Either accept it or die.
I want to see Prisoner 2675.
You marched directly up
to your commanding officer...
put a gun to his head
and blew his brains out.
You were court-martialed and convicted
of first-degree premeditated homicide.
You have since escaped from two
level 5 maximum security prisons.
DNA scan reveals that you have
a pathological aversion to authority...
and a temperament...
prone to violent behavior.
You found a home.
I run a multinational
business here, Mr. Robbins.
Basically, I take human garbage
from around the world and reprocess it.
I'm very good at this business
because I make all the rules.
You will have no future contact
with the outside world.
No visitors,
no phone calls, no letters.
For all intents and purposes,
you're dead.
But if you break any of my rules...
you'll find that there is
life after death.
Very painful life.
Was there anything you wanted to add?
Don't ever turn your back
on me again.
Come on.
Here, it's food.
I saved it for you.
Go ahead, take it.
Come on, man. Quick!
No, don't eat it yet!
They'll find out.
They find out everything, man.
They know everything.
It's our electrical impulses
that give us away.
The ones in the brain.
Lots of electricity
in here, man.
Computers in the walls...
that process the impulses...
and tell them what we're thinking.
So don't think.
Oh, no.
They're coming for me.
- What?
- They're coming for me.
Relax. It's someone else.
- They're coming to get me.
- Relax.
No. That's what they want you to think.
They'll be back.
They're coming to get me.
Where are they taking him?
The killers are kings.
They sharpen their teeth like lions.
Human flesh is tough, you know.
They sharpen their teeth...
Hoarding food is a major infraction.
You are given enough to survive.
No more.
No less.
The punishment for this infraction...
ten lashes.
Prisoner 2675...
you will execute the punishment.
Nine more, please.
Pick it up.
In five seconds, he's dead.
I don't think we know each other
well enough for you to doubt me.
Now pick it up.
One, two...
three, four...
Now begin.
T-One over Absolom.
They're requesting landing coordinates.
Drop 'em close to Sector Four.
Prisoner 2675 has been delivered, sir.
Now put it back.
Isn't this beautiful?
Two-hundred deluxe rooms.
Heated outdoor pool and a staff...
of caring professionals.
I'm sorry. I'm being rude.
My name is Walter Marek.
I'm your resident manager.
- Welcome to vacation paradise.
- I hope you take plastic.
We most certainly do.
We elicit all forms of payment here.
Now, I've taken the liberty...
of scheduling a variety of stimulating
activities for your enjoyment.
- Shuffleboard?
- Water sports.
Now, because some of the activities here
can be extremely rigorous...
we're very selective
about our clientele.
We like to make absolutely certain they
meet the requisite physical demands.
So, just to get that old heart
pounding a little faster...
we thought five minutes
in the pool with Ralph...
our director of aquatic activities.
That's extraordinary.
It's not exactly what we had
in mind, but extraordinary.
I could use a man like you.
A position on my staff, perhaps.
We appear to have an opening.
Think about it-- deluxe rooms,
run of the grounds, free meals...
anyone you can catch, kill and eat.
- How's your health plan?
- That really isn't necessary.
The average life expectancy here
is-- what, six months?
I've been here seven years.
- And what if I say no?
- That would be very disappointing.
Listen, if you gotta go, you gotta go.
I'm not gonna stand in your way.
- I could probably use the...
- I'll stay.
I'll stay.
If you promise to hire
another lifeguard.
You want it?
Get out of the way!
That was a very silly thing to do.
Get him!
Let him go.
- Yes? What is it?
- Sir, transmission from the island.
Code seven.
Prisoner 2675 is alive.
He's at the Insider's camp.
Lower your end!
You don't ever go in there. Ever!
Bring some more water!
How are you feeling?
- Okay.
- Do you want to sit down?
- What's your name?
- Robbins.
This is Mr. Hawkins,
our chief of security.
- I'm known as the father here.
- The what?
"The father".
How'd you escape the Outsiders?
- What difference does it make?
- How'd you get past the traps?
What is this place?
Sanctuary, Mr. Robbins.
Most of the men here came
before the Outsiders got so strong.
But you were the first to ever
be captured by Marek and escape.
Not only escape...
you came out
with a very powerful weapon.
- Yeah, what about that?
- We've taken it for everyone's good.
So, how'd you get it?
Look, I've been shot,
beaten, half-drowned.
I'm not in the mood
for an interrogation.
- This is not an interrogation.
- Good. Then you do the talking.
We've created a new society here,
a civilized one.
We are totally alone on this island.
But we have something the prisoners
on the mainland don't have.
a chance to make a life.
You are a highly resourceful man.
We'd like you to join us.
I'm not a joiner anymore.
All I want to do is get off this island.
Take him to Dysart.
Severe oxidation
of the firing module.
Transducers require
a complete overhaul.
Solenoid core, ejector rods, dial
targeting system-- all completely shot.
The coil could be insulated with silk,
if you have any.
Even flax from a corn stalk.
And the ejector rods will be fine
after they're sanded.
- You appear to know your weapons, Mr....
- Robbins. The new arrival.
- How did you get it?
- I slept with the owner.
That's good.
Did you hear what he said, Hawkins?
Mr. Robbins is determined to escape.
Yes. Of course.
You're on an island, Mr. Robbins.
They call it Absolom.
Situated approximately
There's no warden here. No guards.
This is it. We're on a peninsula.
Beyond those trees
are the cliffs and the ocean.
The side open to the jungle
is heavily defended. You know why.
The Outsiders. We estimate
their numbers to be about 600.
There are precisely 98 of us.
The island is under
constant satellite surveillance.
High-resolution optics,
infrared scanners.
It's impossible to break out
There's a fleet of fully armed
gunships stationed 50 miles out.
Once alerted, they
could be here in minutes.
You call this freedom?
Under the circumstances...
we use the term loosely.
I'm sorry, Mr. Robbins,
but like all of us...
you're here
for the rest of your life.
You're not going anywhere with your leg
like that, so you got time to think.
Because soon, you're gonna
have to make a choice.
Either stay here and do your share,
or take your chances out there.
Your feet! Wipe your feet.
The average bare foot
has over 600 million germs.
Wow! So we're talking
There's nothing funny
about sinus infections, bronchitis...
strep throat or pinkeye.
There's no antibiotics here.
No penicillin.
Jesus Christ, the nearest aspirin
is 200 miles away.
Believe me, a bad case of pinkeye,
and you're history.
Okay, I'll remember that.
Now, who are you?
I'm Tom King.
I host the newcomers.
You'll find everything you need
in a drawer over there.
Now, I suggest a comprehensive
oral hygiene program.
Trench mouth is rampant.
And do wash your face thoroughly
before you shave.
A staph infection could kill.
Oh, and the father sent over
some salve for your leg.
Why do they call him the father?
Because that's what he is
to all of us.
Must be the dust.
Why are you following me?
Holy shit!
Don't sneak up on me like that.
I wasn't. I was just...
I heard you escaped from Marek.
No one's ever done that before.
I just wanted to meet
the badass son of a bitch who did...
- Don't.
- Sure. Sorry.
Hey, I understand.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Just leave me alone, okay?
Wet Dreams.
That's what I call this place.
Wet Dreams.
Sometimes I come here
and I think about home.
It's about 5,000 miles that way.
I used to think it was a real slum.
Right now I'd kiss the gutters.
Start swimming.
Are you kidding?
I got a problem with sharks.
I got the same thing with rats.
This is my friend Mr. Robbins.
Don't touch him.
Mr. Robbins, this is Stephano.
Anything you need, he's got it.
Okay, I like the boots.
Here's the deal.
You sign 'em to me
for what I call "merchandise on hand".
You keep the boots.
But when you die, they're mine. Okay?
He does that with everyone.
What kind of merchandise do you have?
In the inventory today, I got
two dozen potatoes. Very few bruises.
I got five pairs of underwear.
They're real clean.
Size 44. Fruit of the Loom.
Yeah, okay. I got, um...
I got 14 disposable razors.
They're pink, but
who gives a shit, right?
Hey, you a ballplayer?
You look like a ballplayer.
I got a first baseman's mitt.
Huh? You a righty? What?
What are you doing?
I'm trying to do business here.
- I found some rubber.
- I'm overwhelmed.
Here, take my sack...
and bring it up the cliff...
and quit bothering me.
Hey, I want this mitt.
Come on back!
I gotta have something you want.
Got a boat?
A boat.
I love those boots!
What are you doing?
No one goes out at night.
I don't take orders anymore.
We're all cons here.
We're all lifers.
And just like in the joint,
we got rules.
You could've been an Outsider.
You're lucky I didn't kill you.
You think I'm lucky?
Count your blessings.
You know what I want.
Come on.
Don't be shy with that.
This is my absolute,
goddamn favorite.
This is good, ain't it?
Yeah, if you like roadkill.
It's not for everyone.
Why were you sent here, Casey?
The Weinberger Kidnapping.
You did that?
I was just a gopher. Drove the car,
went for coffee, fed the kids.
We kept 'em in this little closet.
I kept telling the boss
it's hard to breathe...
but he had a million dollars
in the brain.
I would've never hurt 'em.
I had a brother and sister
their age.
Supply drop.
- What?
- Supply drop.
It's for the Outsiders.
We don't get any.
- How often do they come?
- Twice a month, maybe.
If you're thinking about trying to jump
that chopper, forget it.
They pick a new spot each time.
We never know where.
Even if we did, who's gonna fly it?
Most of these cons can't even read.
- I can.
- What? Fly a chopper?
No. Read.
Mr. Robbins, I think it's time
I bought you a drink.
Mr. Killian!
How about two shots
of your finest 12-day-old?
Piss off!
Come on. Mr. Robbins is new in town.
Give us a little taste.
Down the hatch.
Brain spasm. It's taken me years
to get that effect.
- This stuff'll kill you.
- What?
- Mr. Killian is very sensitive.
- You call my life's work shit...
- It's turpentine.
- and expect to live?
You bastard! You get out!
I can whip your ass
with only one arm, you know!
I'm sure you could.
Anybody who could make nectar like this
I wouldn't want to mess with.
We gotta go to the gate.
Everyone's gotta go to the gate.
- What's going on?
- A man fell asleep at his post.
He was warned.
It's the second time.
The rules are clear.
They've been established...
to preserve the security
of the community.
Any man who, by action or omission,
jeopardizes the lives...
of any or all among us...
commits a capital offense.
The penalty is banishment.
Come on.
You don't approve?
You need my approval to kill a man?
- He broke the rules.
- And now he's gonna die because of it.
That's what happens to innocent people.
They're always dying for someone else's
idea of what's right or wrong.
We live under constant threat
from the Outsiders.
That man could've cost
everyone their lives.
This is what we have to do
to survive.
How long can you stay awake,
Mr. Robbins...
without somebody guarding your back?
- What's the problem?
- What about the food from the drop?
You'll get it
when I say you can get it!
Tomorrow, if you behave.
We're sick of you telling us
when we can eat and when we can't.
Maybe somebody else
should be giving the orders.
Really? Do you have anybody
particular in mind?
What about the con
who stole the gun...
and gave you a bath?
Maybe we should ask him.
That's not funny.
Now that's funny!
They're gonna tear each other
to pieces down there.
We better get our men together.
We'll make a raid.
Raids aren't gonna work anymore.
We need to take it all.
We need their land,
their food, everything.
We need the other gangs.
Maybe there's another way.
Maybe we should just
make it personal.
Just me and Dad.
Merry Christmas!
How are you doing, guy?
Hey, I made you a hat. You don't
have to wear it if you don't want.
It's a party.
We're having a party.
It's a Christmas party.
Come on. Excuse me.
Quiet, please. Quiet.
Will you be quiet!
All right! Okay!
Here we go.
Yeah, baby!
Thank you.
A lovely tree.
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride...
Want to go caroling?
On a one-horse open sleigh...
Uncle Stephano shopped till he dropped,
and he has a present for one and all.
These little suckers.
All right!
These little morsels of technology
beat the odds, washed up here...
and they're as good as they were
the day they came off the assembly line.
Gentlemen, let me demonstrate.
come and get 'em!
Look. For the long, cold nights ahead.
I won't be needing it.
Thank you.
Turn it down!
Another year is past.
The first for some.
For others, just one more.
No path to the island
is ever the same...
but we all share something...
something that cannot
be taken away from us.
We have proved to ourselves...
that we cannot be written off...
that our lives mean something.
We are not animals.
We are human beings.
That's our reprieve.
That's our pardon.
That's our freedom.
- Merry Christmas, everyone.
- Merry Christmas!
Now I have a toast.
To all our victims.
May they rest in peace.
So you're leaving us?
At daybreak.
How far do you think you'll get?
I don't know.
I'll figure something out.
Look, I don't have all the answers,
but at least here you can have help.
You can have purpose.
You can even have friends.
Most people would call that a life.
I don't want a life
with you people.
What made you like this?
Robbins, we're all guilty
in someone's eyes.
Especially so in our own.
Maybe you can't forgive yourself yet,
but eventually you have to...
or you won't survive.
Good luck, Mr. Robbins.
Hey! What's going on?
A signal fire on the ridge.
The Outsiders are going to attack.
Let's go! Come on, move it!
- What happened?
- Somebody tipped them off.
Doesn't matter.
We stick with the plan.
- What do you want?
- Will you stand with me on the wall?
Get out!
Hawkins, there was a signal?
We have a spy in the Outsiders' camp.
Been there for over a year.
Robbins, do you believe that there's
a god up there who's looking out for us?
There's something up there.
It sure as hell isn't God.
Sir, a strike force in Sector Four.
They're at the village perimeter.
What the hell are they waiting for?
Down! Get down!
- It's started.
- Any major thermal activity?
No. Just a minor signature.
Nothing that'll show up on a satellite.
You're sure?
It'll take more heat than that
for someone to investigate.
- Choppers on ready alert, sir?
- No. Let 'em fight it out.
There you go, guys.
Excuse me.
Do it.
Get him out of here.
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year
It's been a long time, Dan.
God, you've done well for yourself.
You know that?
I'm impressed.
I am very impressed.
Really nice place
you have here.
Hardwood floors.
It's just a stone's throw
from the ocean.
With the price of real estate
the way it is right now...
you are very lucky, especially
with a lakeside location.
This is a prime site.
You know?
I gotta tell ya,
your security sucks.
Look at this.
This is great.
I really get behind
on my reading.
I never seem to have enough time
these days. It's a great shame.
I've always wanted
to read this.
"Basket Weaving:
The Creative Choice".
Now I'm gonna kill you.
If I'd known you were gonna
be here, I would've knocked.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Thanks a lot.
I don't know what happened.
I had him in my sights.
I guess I didn't load the weapon right.
It's okay.
They hit us like this two or three
times a year. Sometimes more.
- Steal our food, loot our herds.
- He wasn't after food.
He was coming for you.
Maybe Marek's losing patience.
You'd better hope
he never gets organized.
Once he does, he's gonna
bury you and this place.
That's our problem, not yours.
Isn't it?
He's military trained.
You realize that?
And not just a soldier.
Navy SEAL, Marine recon.
Special forces.
Take your pick.
But somebody
taught him how to kill.
The men we honor tonight
fought bravely.
They sacrificed
their lives for us.
And though they have surrendered
all that remained for them to give...
we must not pity them.
Their pain is gone.
And now, at last,
their souls are free.
And when we reach for the fruits
of their labors and find that gone...
that's when we'll miss them.
Why did they let this happen?
The warden wants us to fight,
wipe each other out.
- Why?
- Because he can do anything...
he bloody well pleases.
You don't understand,
do you?
This place is sacred.
It's private.
The prison authorities,
they keep it classified.
No one out there
even knows it exists.
If word ever did leak out,
the public wouldn't allow it.
That's why they make sure
it's impossible to escape.
As me tight-assed old
catholic mother used to say:
"Alas, for Earth's sins,
we shall pay".
And what sins
is he paying for?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
He gave us our lives back.
He was a surgeon.
Still is a damn good one.
He had lots of money, big house
and a young, beautiful wife.
But she got bored,
started sleeping around.
That tore him up inside.
One day, they found her
dead of an overdose.
He claimed it was suicide.
But the jury didn't believe him.
Gave him life.
What do you think?
Did he do it?
I think he's
the only innocent man here.
Lying son of a bitch!
All this crap
about a new society.
You've been planning
to escape all along.
How much further?
It's 2,000 meters.
- Why aren't they stopping it?
- It's a specially designed craft...
designed to evade their radar
and their sensors.
It's got an
internal cooling system.
- They can't see it.
- We don't know that yet.
There's a five-mile surveillance
circle that surrounds the island.
They haven't crossed it yet.
What do you got?
The warden's dry cleaning.
Main gate.
Open it up.
- 500 meters.
- It's gonna make it.
Warden, transmission from the island.
Code 7.
It's out.
It's gotta be.
Come on! Move! Out!
You all right?
It's possible the cooling system
failed, triggering the...
- That's bullshit, and you know it!
- They were tipped off.
The warden's planted someone.
We've suspected for months.
Why do you think
we've been so cautious?
For all we know, you could've
been working for him too.
I thought you were supposed to be
in charge of security, Hawkins.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- They're gone!
- There's nothing we can do about it.
- Who were they?
You don't know them.
They were in the caves for months...
preparing, training.
Good men.
Well, now that I know,
I want in.
- I'm on the next boat.
- Who the hell do you think you are?
They're men that have been here years,
worked hard, did the time.
Why should you get space?
You ain't done shit.
He's right, Robbins.
You haven't earned it.
Not yet.
You don't waste any time,
do you?
The components are
manufactured here...
and later assembled
in the cave.
Is this the one
you're gonna be on?
No, Mr. Robbins,
I won't be leaving.
Thirty years ago...
I used my God-given talents
to make a bomb...
a very powerful bomb...
for money.
I didn't believe in the cause.
Didn't even understand it.
I just wanted the money.
Fifty people died.
Now, I'm right where I belong.
What's this?
We've been working for years on the
construction of a viable power source.
Power source, my ass.
This is a V8.
Yes, that's right.
It's an old Chevy.
Theoretically, it might propel
a craft with sufficient force...
to get it clear
of the surveillance circle.
Hopefully before
their informant spots it.
- Unfortunately, it's useless.
- Why?
We're missing one vital component.
In order for the mechanism to function
properly, it requires a device that...
A distributor. Yeah.
Yes, a distributor. A simple,
ordinary, garden-variety distributor...
found at any auto store
anywhere in the world.
Problem is, Mr. Robbins...
we're not in the world.
- I want a space on the next boat.
- We've already discussed that.
Listen to me.
You've got a worthless engine
because it's missing something. Right?
What if I told you I've seen what
you're looking for in Marek's camp?
And you'll get it for us
if it buys you a space?
Along with Casey. He doesn't
belong here, and you know it.
You've been to Marek's camp.
You know and I know that you stand
almost no chance of returning alive.
That's my problem.
I think that there's something
you ought to be made aware of.
We have an understanding here that
anyone who escapes gets the word out.
And risk getting sent back?
You think we take all these risks
just to save a few men?
We have a responsibility
to blow this place wide open.
And the boat is the only way
for getting the rest of us off.
You've heard my deal. There's no
conditions. Take it or leave it.
So you're going back
to Marek's, huh?
How the hell did you find out?
It's a small town.
You got a set of balls on ya.
I'll give you that, man.
Of course,
the smart money says...
that Marek's gonna be playing jacks
with 'em sometime next week.
I appreciate the support.
No, you can't have my shoes.
Wait a minute.
I'm shocked that you would even
think that's why I came here.
No, you're gonna need those shoes.
You're gonna be doin' a lot of runnin'.
Then again, a strong,
smart, tough guy like you...
will probably make it back wounded
and die here and everything.
- And then you know what will happen?
- No. What?
Everybody'll be fightin'
over those shoes.
It'll disrupt the happiness
of the entire village.
What do you want me to do?
Sign a contract for my shoes?
- Just initial the bottom of page...
- Get out.
Okay. No problem.
We'll make it a verbal agreement.
- I'll go get a witness.
- Get out!
Look, I've charted
the safest route.
Just follow the line
upriver to the falls.
Marek's camp is just east.
An example of
an older technology...
invented by Mr. Sergi Molotov
a long time ago.
As per Sergi's original instructions,
you just light it and throw it.
Okay, thanks.
Good luck.
- I wanna come with you.
- No.
- Please, take me with you.
- Casey, go home.
I can help!
Goddamn it!
I thought you were my friend!
Have you ever killed anyone?
That's what's gonna happen out there.
I'm gonna have to kill.
No hesitation, no conscience.
Once you do that,
you're never the same.
- You're lucky you can't do it.
- You won't come back.
Casey, who's the guy who went
up against Marek and lived?
- You did.
- That's right.
And I'm gonna do it again.
You're looking for a friend?
I'm the best friend you ever had.
Now go back. Go.
Sorry to keep
you waiting, gentlemen.
I've been a little preoccupied.
I think it's about time we all
patched up our differences, don't you?
Anyone who would like to disagree
with me, please raise your right hand.
If you've got one.
Good. Very good.
As you can see, I've eliminated
all the heads of state.
So from now on, we're all
gonna be very nice and civilized.
No more gangs, no more
petty squabbles, no more fighting.
I've been under
a lot of stress lately.
So the reason for this
is very simple.
I really wanna be in charge.
You're just a boy.
Sweet, tender,
adorable little boy.
Tie him up.
And I don't want him bruised.
And slowly,
very, very slowly...
they climbed up
to the top of the stairs.
And then, the three little bears
found the little boy...
sleeping in their bed.
And they all said,
"Who on Earth could this be"?
And when the little boy
didn't answer...
the big daddy bear...
ripped his arm off.
You are so cute.
But far too young
to be out here on your own.
Where are your other little friends?
Are they gonna come by and say hi too?
Come on. Don't be shy.
You can tell your Uncle Walter.
Fuck you.
Same game as before, my friend.
Except this time with
an itsy-bitsy little twist.
I think you're gonna love it.
First prize is a chance to live.
Second prize-- You really don't
wanna hear what second prize is.
So please don't disappoint us.
We've all paid to see a show,
given up our free time.
So if you refuse to fight,
it's gonna be really boring.
And I'm gonna wind up having
to jump in there and kill you both.
Go on!
You've gotta kill me.
I'm never gettin' out of here.
You have a chance.
You can save 'em.
You know, I am really trying
to retain my faith in humanity here.
But you are making it
very, very difficult.
You know that?
I welcomed you with open arms.
I treated you with respect.
I even offered you a position
on my staff. And what do you do?
You turn around and you make
a fuckin' horse's ass out of me!
I hate it when that happens.
What do you think
you were trying to do?
Think you were gonna kill me?
Is that why you came back?
You really thought
you could kill me?
Shame about the boy,
mind you.
What you gotta remember is that
nothing ever goes to waste here.
So tomorrow night, I'm gonna have
a little dinner party...
and share him with my friends.
You're gonna die
very, very badly.
Marek's got all the gangs together.
He's planning an attack.
You've got to warn them.
I'll signal when they march.
- Now go.
- Why are you doing this?
One distributor.
Make it work.
The father fell ill
soon after you left.
- The men are worried.
- They should be.
Marek's gonna attack.
We start by fortifying the barrier.
We reinforce the towers.
Build a tiered layer of defense
with a moat just beyond the gate.
What about mantraps? Setting up
a killing zone outside the barrier?
- That's good.
- I suggest we fill the moat with fuel.
I'm sure Mr. Killian
will be happy to oblige.
High octane.
Double production. Right away.
And more weapons: lances,
spears, crossbows, everything.
It's gonna mean more metal.
Tell your men...
we're gonna need all the metal
we can get our hands on.
We're outnumbered six to one.
Marek's united all the gangs,
so if he wants this place...
there's nothing we can do
to stop him.
If we stay here,
he's gonna kill us all.
What are you saying?
We abandon the village?
Let them take it?
I'm just telling you
the facts.
I think what he's saying is
we should just walk away...
from everything we've worked for
for the last 13 years.
That's bullshit! I'm not
walking away without a fight.
He's right!
What is the point
of fooling ourselves?
We've always been
about survival.
Whatever it takes.
It's the only way.
Mr. Hawkins, make preparations
to abandon the compound.
I can't believe
you're saying that!
Do it!
What about Casey?
Did he follow you?
What happened?
I'm sorry.
How close are you
to finishing the boat?
- It's nearly ready.
- Finish it.
- What for?
- Just finish it.
I've been here for 13 years.
From the beginning.
I helped build this place
with my sweat...
my heart.
And I've watched a lot
of good men die defending it.
And I saw for the first time
in my whole miserable life...
what a home could be.
I can't just walk out on it.
I can't just hand it over
to those animals because nobody...
is gonna be here
to stop them.
Who said no one's
gonna be here?
They said
you were getting better.
I was lying.
I'm dying.
I have Hodgkin's disease.
It's progressive.
Without proper treatment,
Does anyone else know?
Hawkins suspects.
The rest will know soon enough.
For now, you're the only one.
I have a month left,
maybe two.
But before I go...
there's an important matter
to be settled.
I want you
to take my place.
The men respect you.
You're a natural leader.
Without you,
they don't stand a chance.
- That's not my problem.
- It has to be you.
I've known for years
this day would come.
I didn't risk my life
with Marek to stay here.
I have to get off this island.
You've got this terminal case of
"no one can tell me what to do".
You were a soldier. You must
have fought for something once.
I'm gonna take care of Marek
for my own reasons.
- After that, I'm gone.
- Why?
You can't change your past.
That's easy for you
to say, isn't it?
- You don't have blood on your hands.
- What makes you so sure?
I know what they think.
It doesn't matter.
My wife's death
was no suicide.
If you go, at least take this.
This is my journal.
It's the truth about this place.
Give it to someone
who will save these people.
All right, then.
Let's give it a try.
I was the leader of
a helicopter assault on a village.
It was supposed to be
the source of bio-weapons fire.
I should've known better.
I had a lot of combat time,
so I should've known.
And it was too easy.
There was no radar,
no air defense.
I kept telling him...
but he ordered us in anyway.
And God help me,
I always followed orders.
We vaporized the place.
And they covered it up.
We were losing the war.
The brass needed a big body count.
So they covered it up and
gave me a medal for the victory.
And even after I killed the old man,
no one would listen to me.
No one wanted
to hear the truth.
And that's why
I have to get back.
'Cause the real story is buried
with those women and children.
I have to tell somebody
what really happened.
'Cause I can't live
with it alone anymore.
Let the truth come out.
All of it.
- What is it? Another raid?
- Looks like a major attack.
What about thermal activity?
- None so far.
- Son of a bitch!
You want it?
Come and get it!
What the hell's that?
Sensors are going off
the gauge, sir.
Somebody will
definitely read that.
Get me a chopper.
I want a fully armed
riot platoon ready to go.
I got him.
I don't envy you
going back to a world...
that could create
such destruction.
Six choppers fueled and standing by.
Platoon's all gearing up.
- E.T.D.: 12 minutes.
- I'm not waiting. Tell them to follow.
Tonight, we'll bury the father.
Tomorrow, we'll start
rebuilding the compound.
Tomorrow, we start
all over again.
Where is it?
Is this it?
Is this how you talk to him?
Is this how you tell him
what he wants to know? Tell me!
He promised to take me
off this place.
- He promised me freedom.
- I got a promise for you.
You're gonna help with the next boat,
or I'll kill ya!
It's too late.
He's coming.
The warden.
He's coming straightaway.
What are the coordinates?
Where's he gonna land?
The lower field,
past the river.
Those coordinates are no good.
Tell him he needs new ones.
- Right?
- Yes.
Sir, we have a transmission,
Code 7.
Warden, the landing zone
has a problem.
- What do you mean, there's a problem?
- The Outsiders.
They're retreating through
that area. It's too close.
Come on. Let's go.
We don't have a lot of time.
Listen. The father.
You talked to him before...
What did he say?
He wanted me to go
to the authorities.
He wanted you
to take his place.
I'm gonna blow this place wide open.
You have my word on that.
- Pick him up.
- Six gunships are on their way.
- E.T.A.: ten minutes.
- I said, pick him up.
Goddamn it, liftoff!
One, two, three...
four, five!
We've got to go.
No. We'll wait here
for the choppers.
We can't stay here.
We've got to hide.
"No Escape"
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