No Exit (1995) Movie Script

- No!
- Look at America, a sea
of violence and bloodshed.
Oh, we blame it on declining morality
and television, the movies.
You know what?
We're right.
For all the wrong reasons.
- No!
- We need to offer a real
outlet for those dark impulses.
Television tries and
pretends to understand.
But like that pretty girl
that only wants to hold hands.
It's nice.
But face facts.
We just wanna fuck!
- No!
- Real death is one of the
only things that has any impact
on our tired, over-sophisticated
nervous systems.
We need to feel that
age-old rush of adrenaline
as we fight for our lives,
knowing that one mistake
could end it all on the fly.
Dave, Dave, I've lost camera 12.
- Overload on ground
feeds, switch to bypass.
Go to seven and four.
Alright, let's get this over with.
On air in five, four, three, two, one.
Here we go.
Welcome ladies
and gentlemen to No Exit.
This is the start of
a brand new tournament
featuring the master of mayhem,
the current champion, Darcona.
Hank, give me camera five, now!
I got it.
Alright, camera three,
stay with it, stay with it.
Get me camera two, bring up two.
- The service is simple, Mr. Chang.
You subscribe to the channel.
We deliver the box that
unscrambles the signal.
When we're ready to go to air,
we call you one hour ahead of time.
Move to the
right, move in closer!
Camera two, goddamit,
move in camera two!
- Yes, a million dollars
is a lot of money,
but we provide superior
entertainment value.
- Goddamit camera five,
on Darcona, now now now!
Oh shit, I missed the whole damn thing!
- I'm fucking trying here.
- Yes, always to the death.
We guarantee it.
We've just begun a new tournament.
Eight days of nonstop action.
- Camera three, tighter on Darcona.
- We operate out of an
old mining compound
in the Arctic.
We bought it through a corporate shell
from the Canadian government.
Okay camera five, stay on him,
stay tight, stay tight.
Camera three, don't lose him.
- No discounts, no money
back, no guarantees.
It's the nature of the beast, Mr. Chang.
After all, all our
competitions are to the death.
Stay on him, don't lose him.
Alright, stay close, follow the hand.
Alright, now to his face.
- Yeah!
- I'll have a man there tomorrow,
and you'll have the money for me?
- Excellent, Mr. Chang.
And cutting feed.
Three, two, one.
- Yeah!
Mr. Hakeem?
No Exit.
Houston Armstrong.
I understand you were
interested in the quality
of our competitors.
Are they good?
- Of course we offer nothing
but the highest caliber professionals.
We comb the planet looking
for just the right people
to appear on No Exit.
My recruiters work 24 hours a day.
- We got him.
- How was he?
- Strong, fast,
everything a world champion
kickboxer should be.
An excellent choice sir.
He'll make a fine competitor.
- Fine.
Bring him to me, Mr. Tayback.
- We're traveling sir.
- Hello?
Is anyone here?
Ethics and Application?
Got the right class.
How much money
you got on you, rich boy?
Excuse me?
- I said rich boy, how
much money you got on you.
Who the hell are you?
- Nice clothes, clean cut.
I figured a hundred bucks on
you easy, maybe two hundred.
Listen to me, you don't wanna do this.
- And why's that, rich boy?
- Because I'm a third degree
black belt in Taekwondo.
- Is that so, rich boy?
You think you're gonna kick
the shit outta me, huh?
You think you're tough?
What if I don't give a
shit if you're tough huh?
What if I'm just gonna
rip your nose right off
that schoolboy
chickenshit face of yours?
- I told you, I'm a third
degree black belt in Taekwondo.
Yeah yeah, you're Bruce
Fucking Lee.
Listen, Mr. Lee.
I don't believe you.
I think you're full of shit.
I think you're nothing but a
rich college fucking jewboy.
- What did you call me?
- Well I'll be.
You are, aren't you?
You're a Jew.
Fuck, this is my lucky day, huh?
You gotta whole lot more
than a hundred bucks
on you, don't you. Huh?
- I'm a third degree
black belt in Taekwondo.
I am warning you not to
pursue this course of action.
- You're nothing but a chickenshit Jew.
Boy, this is gonna be fun.
I'm gonna stomp you all
over this classroom.
You're gonna be nothing
but a stain on the floor
when I'm done with you,
just a little stain
for your little Jew friends.
- Why don't you get the fuck out of here
before I break your neck?
- You don't got the balls.
Come on, you fucking kyke,
let's see what you're made of, come on,
cause I'm gonna
kick the shit out of you.
- My name is Jason Samuels.
I'm a third degree
black belt in Taekwondo.
If you attack me, I will defend myself.
I have given you due warning.
- Warning?
You're warning me?
You fucking kyke.
The fuck do you think you are, huh, huh?
Turn on the lights.
The words I've just spoken are words
of hate, fear, and cowardice,
words never to be spoken,
prompted by emotions never to be felt.
- Mr. Samuels showed amazing restraint.
He should have kicked
your ass professor.
- I'll keep that in mind
when I'm grading your
thesis, Miss Buckles.
Jason, I'm sorry to have
to put you through that,
but that's what this
course is all about.
I'm John Stoneman.
- Professor.
- Violence is never excusable.
At times in extreme cases,
it may become necessary.
But violence is always
unfortunate, always regrettable,
and always the last resort.
This course, Ethics and
Physical Application,
is devoted to finding the
way of the peaceful warrior,
to embracing the spirit of warriorism
while remaining passive
in the face of aggression.
Jason, you did an excellent
job today in not falling prey
to either my aggression or your own.
Over the next 30 weeks,
you'll all be expected
to deliver a paper a week
while completing a major exam
at the end of the year.
And in addition, there'll
be training sessions
every other day.
Yes, I'm a tough professor.
Yes, the work load is heavy.
But at the end of this
course, those of you
who work very hard will have
attained their master's degree
and mastered their mind and their body.
Chapters one through four of
Jenet to be read for tomorrow.
Chapters, not pages everyone.
Good first day, don't
forget about the homework.
See you tomorrow, good night.
Jason, Jason.
Can I speak to you for a minute?
- Sure professor.
- I hope you understand
why I couldn't let you know
about what was gonna happen today.
- I understand, Professor.
- I want to apologize for
any pain or embarrassment
that my words may have caused you.
- That's okay.
But you know, I would've
kicked your butt, Professor.
- Maybe.
It's been a long time
since I've had a serious confrontation,
so it's possible.
- You hold three 10th degree
black belts, don't you?
- Three?
Why, I seem to have more every day.
Good day today, I'm very proud of you.
- Thanks a lot, Professor.
- Thank you, Jason.
- Excuse me, Professor Stoneman.
- Mmhmm?
- I'd like to talk to
you about something.
- Um, what would you like
to talk to me about...
Professor Stoneman?
How was class?
- It was great.
- No headaches?
- Uh-uh.
- You sure.
- Mmhm.
- Promise?
- I will stop teaching when
I feel the strain, promise.
Who was today's victim?
- Jason Samuels.
- And?
- And he's gonna be a very good student.
How's Einstein?
- I hope you know this baby's
not gonna be named Einstein.
I'm not kidding.
- Don't we have a doctor's appointment?
I'm serious!
I know you are.
The amniocentesis
is good, very good.
- Oh good, I'm glad.
What about their heartbeat?
- Normal.
- So everything's developing well,
- Mmhm.
Just fine.
I know you're both
anxious about the baby
and it's understandable
considering the difficulty
that you've had conceiving and Carmel,
your two miscarriages, but
mother and baby are healthy.
However, in light of
your previous history,
it would be wise to
avoid any serious stress
and keep away from any
strenuous physical activity.
Other than that.
- Is there anything I can do?
- Yeah, take good care of Carmel,
and stop worrying, you're
gonna be a dad soon enough.
- So there's no problem, right?
- Well, my card is making
that pinging noise again,
but other than that, no.
Carmel, would you take this man home
and give him a glass of
wine, make him relax?
Doctor's orders, huh?
- Thank you.
Ah, feel better?
I do, love you.
- I think I'll take the
doctor's advice, go home,
have a glass of wine, relax.
- Oh good, you're still here.
It's for you.
- What is it?
- Well just in case you
wanna know what color
to paint the baby's room.
- Well hold on a sec, you mean,
you know if it's a boy or a girl?
- So do you, if you want.
See you in a week Carmel.
- Thank you.
- Bye Doc.
- Bye John.
You see the
practical person wants to know
the sex of the child,
because then they know
what color to paint the room,
what kind of toys to get,
whereas the impractical person
person goes for the surprise.
I don't know, I just.
What are we?
Do we want to open the envelope?
- Do you, huh?
- I don't know.
Do you?
Do you want to know what
the sex of our child is?
- You know, we've wanted
this baby for a long time.
It doesn't matter if
it's a boy or a girl.
- That's true.
- Waiting a couple more
months won't kill us.
- That's true.
- But.
- What if Einstein's a girl, though?
- Well.
- You sure?
- You know,
I've got a confession to make.
The first time I saw you strolling
across the campus in Paris,
I wanted to ask you out
right there and then.
- Why didn't you?
- I couldn't speak French.
You're so silly.
- Thank you for making
me the happiest man
in the whole wide world.
Thank you.
- Wallet.
- Got that.
- Keys.
- Got that.
- Credit card.
Be right back.
- What am I gonna do with you,
Love me forever.
Be right back.
- Okay.
No, no!
Ma'am, are you
down here all by yourself?
Come on, baby!
It's not too safe for
you to be down here, ma'am.
Are you down here all.
Are you down here all alone?
- John!
Get away!
I wouldn't start that car.
I wouldn't start that car!
Help me, no!
Help me, no!
Help me, no!
- No!
- Okay, alright, okay.
- John, no!
You want her?
- John!
What would you like?
You want to buy her?
He wants to buy her!
Rich guy like you?
- John!
- Shut the fuck up!
You got 10,000?
- I've got money, you want money?
- Yeah, we'll take 10,000 for the bitch.
- Alright, take my money.
What have you got here?
- That's what you want, take my money.
What have you got here?
- John, help me!
You got shit in here!
Take him out, come on!
- Are you an angry man?
Violence is not the answer.
Just let her go.
Hey, listen.
Now that is not the answer.
Fuck this, man, just let her go.
Let's get the fuck out of here!
Cheap motherfucker,
get the fuck out of here!
- Please let her go,
she's a pregnant woman.
Please have some compassion.
You want the girl,
you gotta get by me first.
- It's my wife.
You walk away from
this now, and nobody gets hurt.
Fuck you man!
- Alright.
You wish to follow
this course of action,
I think it's only fair to warn you
that I'm a 10th degree black
belt in various martial arts.
- Black belt this, motherfucker!
- Shut the fuck up!
Let me go!
Shut up!
- Violence is not the answer.
This is not what it takes to be a man.
Drop the knife and let her
go and we all walk away.
- Bullshit.
- Put the knife down
and nobody gets hurt.
We all walk away, okay?
- You want her?
You can have her!
- No!
- John, what happened?
- She was attacked
in the parking garage.
- She's hemorrhaging.
- Vital signs?
- Weak.
- What about the fetus?
What about the fetus?
- What about the baby?
Is she gonna lose the baby, doctor?
- We're taking her into the OR.
- What?
I've gotta come with you.
- Hey, hey, you can't come in!
- What do you mean, that's my wife!
I've gotta go in!
Let me go!
Don't you touch me, man, I'll kill you!
- John!
- Don't you touch me!
- John!
- I need to be with her!
- John, wait here!
- Let me be with her, that's my wife.
- I can't leave her alone!
- John!
Let us do our
jobs, that's the best way
you can help Carmella.
Wait here.
- Thank you, thank you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
- It's alright.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Right here, honey.
Right here.
- The baby?
- Sorry.
- Oh my God.
- Sorry.
- Mr. Stoneman, Mr. Stoneman.
You beat those thugs pretty badly.
The kind training you have
must be very effective.
Why don't you tell us about it.
- Get out of here!
Just a couple
of questions, Mr. Stoneman.
The police say that
- I asked you nicely
despite your special skills,
to get out of here right now.
They won't press charges.
How do you feel about this?
- Charge against what?
They attacked my wife.
- But because of your skills,
other people are other people
- lying in a hospital bed.
- They killed my baby.
- Don't touch me, we can talk here.
- Get out of here right now.
Please get out of the room.
Get out of the room.
- Thank you, Jason.
- I lost the baby.
Oh my God.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh my God.
- Please forgive me, honey.
- It's not your fault.
- Please.
- Oh my God.
Oh my God!
Sir, I just saw
the perfect competitor
on a newscast.
He's six feet, 195 pounds.
He's trained and he
has combat experience.
Who is it?
- His name is John Stoneman.
He's a professor at a
college in New York.
10th degree black belt in
three martial art disciplines.
- That certainly indicates potential.
What's he done that's newsworthy?
- Well that's the best part.
A gang attacked his wife.
He saved her.
He killed one of the
attackers and put two
on the critical list.
The press is hailing him
as the all-american hero.
- How nice.
Just what we need.
A hero.
Thanks for the lift home.
- Don't mention it.
This way.
- It was very thoughtful of you
checking in on us like that.
Glad you arrived when you did.
- Well everyone was really worried
when they found out what happened.
I just wanted to come by and see
if there was anything I could do.
- Ethics and Applications.
It's one thing to deal
with it in class, Jason.
It's another thing to be truly provoked.
I allowed myself to be provoked.
I wanted to kill those people.
All my training, philosophy.
That just disappeared.
Everything I believed in
was torn apart by my anger.
I failed, and my baby
died because I failed.
Maybe there's something
else I could've done.
- Maybe something I said.
- Anybody move, you're dead!
Let him go!
Get your asses up.
You, take Stoneman.
Let's bring the kid along, too.
- Let's get this over with.
We're going to air in five,
four, three, two, one.
Camera three, get that long shot.
Get off camera, camera two.
Okay three, stay on,
get off, camera two.
Camera one, stay on Darcona.
Alright camera two, stay on Darcona.
Number one, stay on Darcona.
Move back, move back.
Give me camera three.
I've got it.
Okay, stay in tight.
Number two, stay in tight.
- Get out of my way.
- The chopper has arrived and
Stoneman is in the compound.
I repeat, Stoneman is in the compound.
Bring him right in.
Roger that, sir.
- Double time, gentlemen, do
not keep Mr. Armstrong waiting.
He knows your names,
your skills, your fears.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Where the hell are we?
- My name is Houston Armstrong.
I'm an independent broadcaster.
I run this facility.
You've been chosen to
appear on my next broadcast,
a program called No
Exit which undoubtedly
you've never heard of.
- This is crazy!
- It's not crazy.
- Gentlemen, No Exit is the
only broadcast of its kind.
Maximum entertainment
value for maximum dollars.
Right now we're starting a tournament,
and some of you may play in it.
For those of you who don't,
we'll try to make your stay
as comfortable as possible.
- What exactly is No Exit?
- Professor Stoneman, how's
that lovely wife of yours?
Tragic, truly tragic.
No Exit is a little
game of my own devising.
The rules are simple, the action fast.
You fight an opponent
until one of you dies.
Easy as pie.
Mr. Tayback will see
that you're comfortable.
Good luck, gentlemen.
Some of you may survive.
Move 'em out!
- This doesn't happen!
It just doesn't happen!
- I agree, that doesn't
mean it isn't happening.
Let's just deal with it.
Right Professor.
You literally mean
like fight to the death?
I don't think he was joking.
Excuse me, can you tell me where we are?
- Fight to the death on television?
- It's probably a very
narrow broadcast signal,
heavily coded.
The technology's there.
The equipment's not that expensive.
- Well great, why don't we
start up our own channel?
- Jason, it's important to
stay calm and stay cool.
We're in a very
dangerous situation here.
- Yeah, you...
- Eat up, ladies.
You're gonna need it.
It's cold out there.
- You have to tell me that?
- We'll get a handle on things.
I've no intention of
letting you or kill or die
for someone's entertainment.
Now just stay cool and calm, okay?
- Yes sir.
This is crazy!
We're in the middle of
nowhere, a frozen nowhere!
There's gotta
be a way out of here.
We have to look, think,
and not overreact.
- The beggars are here.
- We've got company.
- I could kill you right now, ladies.
- Who the hell are you?
- Shut up.
Hey, look at me, you faggot.
- Back off, Darcona!
Fuck you, Doc!
- The men are fighting in the cafeteria.
Who is it?
- Darcona, Doc, Jason, Stoneman.
- Stoneman, goddamit.
Tayback, get down there, stop them.
- Roger that, sir.
Oh shit.
- Welcome to No Exit.
- You just don't learn, do you John?
- How ya feeling?
Anybody get the number
of the truck that hit me?
on surviving Mr. Tayback's
preliminary introduction course.
Name's Aaron Smithers.
All the boys call me Doc.
- John Stoneman, that's Jason.
- Aaron Smithers.
you were a wide receiver for Chicago.
I remember when you disappeared
about eight months ago.
- You've been here for eight months?
Oh yeah, I've been here
for eight long fucking months.
- You tried to escape.
Believe me,
there's no way out of here.
I've been looking.
I'll find out for myself.
Then you just go for it.
He will.
You got a nasty one there, huh?
- Yeah, it was a good hit.
The only thing I can
figure is we must be
in some part of northern Canada,
maybe inside the Arctic Circle.
Could be.
- Well, they have communication here.
I mean, they're bringing in
supplies every day, right?
Somebody's gotta know we're here.
- Speaking of prisoners,
what about the guy
with the bad haircut?
- That's Darcona, the
guy who attacked you.
He's fought in three of
Armstrong's tournaments
and he's been here nearly a year.
See, that's what you get when you win.
A chance to fight again and again.
- So what's his story?
- He killed three cops
and escaped from jail.
I dunno, somehow Armstrong was able
to get ahold of this guy.
- We're seriously screwed!
I'm out of here!
- Jason.
- You don't think
everybody who comes up here
tries to escape?
Of course they do.
But after a couple of hours
out there they come back.
If they can find their way.
There ain't nothing but rock
and ice and snow out there.
And Armstrong's men, they
ain't coming after you.
They don't give a shit.
All it means is they're gonna have to
find another competitor.
And that's no sweat off their back.
- So what do you do?
- Stay alive.
Fight if I have to.
- Why not band together.
We could overpower them.
- They outnumber us two to one.
And we can't get organized with
guys like Darcona among us.
And they've got guns.
- So you fight for this maniac?
That's bullshit!
Total bullshit!
- You listen to me!
You just got here!
You got no right to open
your mouth up in front of me.
Now when you've been here for a month
and killed a couple of guys
and put your life on the
line three, four, five times,
then we will talk.
I'm sorry Mrs. Stoneman,
but we can't find a
trace of his whereabouts.
- Wait wait wait, what do
you mean there's no trace?
It's not like my husband
to just disappear like that
Well, I find it pretty hard
to accept too, Mrs. Stoneman,
but there's nothing more
I can do at this point.
Your husband just
seems to have vanished.
- Look detective, John was very upset.
I'm really worried about him.
He's my husband.
I love him.
I need to know what's happened to him.
I understand, I understand,
and we're doing everything
possible to locate your husband,
but without any...
- Oh, you're fast!
Gonna use it?
Come on Johnny, use it.
You're faster than a bullet?
Come on.
Just give that fucking thing back to me.
Okay now, just give it back.
Give it back.
Tough guy.
But notice you're getting real chummy
with the nigger and the faggot kid.
Now I think it's really
good you're making friends
here at camp.
Be awful if something happened to them.
Now stand the fuck up.
Armstrong wants to see you.
Professor of bullshit.
- John.
My altar.
Share some tea with me and meditate.
I like to think you'll do very well
on our little show, Professor.
I feel you bring a breath of
fresh air to the proceedings.
I could kill you
right now before Tayback
could even fire his gun.
- But you won't.
I'd be dead, and Mr.
Tayback would kill you.
So what would it get you?
- For what?
I haven't done anything.
Oh, maybe a little kidnapping,
but nothing that
warrants my being killed.
At least not by you, not yet.
Besides, I have the feeling
that revenge is beneath you.
You're more noble than that.
John, let me tell you about No Exit.
Oh, you think it's barbarism,
an anomaly,
a few wealthy sickos
who want to watch men
beat each other to death,
a truly fringe audience.
But you'd be wrong to
dismiss it so easily.
- What do you think No
Exit is if not sick?
- An essential service.
How many cultures
have their bloodsports?
All of them, I'd say,
in one form or another.
Football, hockey, boxing,
well they're just more genteel
version of what I offer.
And guess what?
They're not doing their job.
Look at America.
A sea of violence and bloodshed.
Oh, we blame it on decline in morality
and television, the movies.
You know what?
We're right.
For all the wrong reasons.
We need to offer a real outlet
for those dark impulses.
Oh, television tries.
It pretends to understand,
but like that pretty girl
that only wants to hold hands.
It's nice.
But face facts, we just wanna fuck.
Death, real death is
one of the only things
that has real impact on our tired,
oversophisticated nervous systems.
We need to feel that age
old rush of adrenaline
as we fight for our lives,
knowing that one
mistake could end it all
in the blink of an eye.
And if we can't actually
participate in the killing,
then the next best thing is watching it.
You're so wrong.
You've confused
perversity with potential.
- My impressive sales figures
tell a different story.
No, you're the one who's wrong, John.
And the sooner you admit
that, the happier you'll be.
Breathe with me, John.
Welcome to the key event.
Tonight we've got Aaron Doc Smithers,
former linebacker for
Chicago versus Chi Fong,
one of the fastest, hardest
hitting fighters from Hong Kong.
- I'm sorry.
- To me.
Breathe Doc, you're not breathing.
Stop, you're not breathing.
If you don't breathe, you become tense,
and if you tense up,
your reflexes are slow.
So you have to breathe.
Bend your knees, relax your shoulders.
I want you to get in touch
with your inner spirit,
your inner strength.
Feel that power down there.
I want you to feel that.
Feel that, concentrate.
Feel that power, you feel it?
Take all that power and that strength
through your body into mine.
Feel that power and that strength.
One punch.
Bring your arms up.
Concentrate, focus.
Power, inner strength.
Again, breathe.
Right inside block.
I open the body like a book.
I see all your pages.
From here, you're vulnerable.
There, here.
Take this.
You understand?
- I understand, John.
What is it, Gary?
Jefferson killed himself.
We found him hanging in a storeroom.
- He was supposed to fight tonight.
- That was the plan.
- How disappointing.
Perhaps it's time we throw
our Professor Stoneman
into the mix.
Relay's down.
Hey, where's camera seven.
Running system diagnostic.
Mainframe search, we're peaking.
We're going to air in five,
four, three, two, one.
- Armstrong, I told you, I'm
not gonna be any part of this.
or both of you will be
shot dead immediately.
I assure you the weaponry
you see around you
is quite real.
Now fight dammit, and make it good!
- Forgive me!
- No need for forgiveness.
Welcome ladies
and gentlemen, welcome.
Tonight is the cage event.
The fence is electrified, as
are the staffs, both deadly,
and it's John Stoneman's first event,
his first match, his first test.
He's a skilled athlete,
we all know that,
very accomplished and
proficient in martial arts.
The big question is, and it's a big one,
can he make the kill.
Stoneman's opponent
tonight is Ronald Henry,
the world champion heavyweight kickboxer
and and a formidable
opponent he is indeed.
Kill him, now.
- Go ahead, you wanna shoot me?
Shoot me.
I'm not killing him.
- For a smart guy, you're
pretty damn stupid.
You keep this up, you're
gonna get yourself killed.
- Keep what up?
- You know what I'm talking about.
You've got to kill your opponents.
If you don't kill your man,
Armstrong's gonna kill you.
Have we got that clear?
Can that overeducated brain
of yours break that down?
- I won't kill.
- Hey listen to me.
It's not an option, John.
What if we all refuse
to fight, refuse to kill?
- Then he'll kill us all, one by one.
Then he'd be out of business.
- Oh no, Armstrong
would just keep bringing
more and more competitors
like he always has.
- And what if they refuse
to fight, refuse to kill.
Then he'd be out of business,
wouldn't he?
- What if there was a
war and nobody came?
Ah come on, John!
You're forgetting
about guys like Darcona,
men who get off on violence and murder.
- But you and me, we can
make a difference here,
we can set an example.
If we refuse to play Armstrong's game,
we send a message to
people like Armstrong,
people that abuse fellow beings.
Like hatemongers, Nazis, racists.
People like Armstrong
must be stopped, Aaron.
No matter what cost.
- I don't know if I'm
ready to pay the price.
- What if we can't escape?
What if this is the only way out?
I'm not gonna play by Armstrong's rules.
I killed once before.
And maybe I was justified,
maybe I wasn't.
But I will never, never kill anyone
under circumstances like these.
- Reports from our field
operatives suggest that Stoneman
could be a problem with subscribers.
- How so?
Well, we had
complaints in Cairo, Delhi,
and in New York.
- Complaints?
Our subscribers are complaining?
- They're upset Stoneman
didn't kill his man.
- Is the man alive?
- No, he died about an hour ago.
- Why did he die?
Because of injuries sustained
in last night's fight.
- Seems Mr. Stoneman did his job then.
- Sir.
You missed a spot.
You will
play by my rules, John.
- You are violating
every imaginable concept
of human decency.
You kidnap people and you
turn them into animals.
And you do this all for the
lowest of reasons, money.
I don't know, it's like something
in that sick mind of yours
seems to rationalize that, justify it.
You practice sophistry
and you assume airs
of wisdom and superiority.
But you're nothing but a very greedy
and very exploitive man.
And I'm gonna stop you.
- Go ahead John, make a move.
See how long it takes the
guard outside my office
to make you a memory.
Very eloquent, though.
I'm touched.
You know, there were times
during your fight last night
when I thought we'd lost you.
But you pulled it out in the end.
Perfect, just perfect.
Oh, almost perfect.
You see, the man you fought did
not die during the telecast.
Oh, he was in a great deal
of pain, but he didn't die
until the show was over.
I don't think you ever
intended killing him.
I think his death was
just a happy accident.
It starts to get around
that our competitors
only sometimes die, it's
not good for business.
- Business?
Men like you call slavery business.
- John, this is my world.
I own it, and I own you.
You'll kill when I say kill,
fight when I say fight.
- I won't fight.
I won't kill.
- But you already have, John.
What about those poor
young men you killed
while protecting your wife?
- That was self-defense and
that was more than justified.
Don't you throw that in my face!
- You see John, everybody
justifies, rationalizes.
Even you.
I'm not too concerned.
When a man is faced with a decision
either to kill or be killed,
I put my money on
self-preservation every time.
- I won't kill.
- Don't be too hasty, John.
Remember, all our
decisions impact on others.
- You leave my family out of this.
You hear me!
- Let me guess, filet mignon?
Barbecue shrimp?
- See you around, sweet meat.
- Come on!
- Even in the midst of winter,
there is an invincible summer.
Your breathing was much
better today, Aaron.
- Maybe there is hope.
- Hope, hope for what?
Hope that you kill a couple
more guys before they kill you?
Hope to stop the suffering, Doc?
- Cool your jets, Mr. Samuels.
- We gotta escape!
Or we gotta kill them!
There's no more options here!
- Jason, our opportunity will come.
- I'm not dying in here!
Or on television.
I'm ready to escape now!
Are you coming?
Or you staying?
- Jason, listen to yourself, come here.
- Kid could be right.
- We will escape.
Not yet.
We're not ready.
We don't know enough about where we are,
how far we are from civilization.
We try to escape now,
we'll all die out there.
- Yeah!
- Your time will come, baby.
Wakey wakey.
Someone would like to get
to know you a little better.
Get off, get off!
You comfy?
Let me out of here!
Dammit, dammit!
Open this door!
- I'm gonna hurt you.
I'm gonna make you scream.
Don't move, baby.
- Jason, have a nice date?
- Jason?
What happened to him?
What happened to him?
- Darcona raped him.
Used him like a woman.
Personally, I think Jason liked it.
Have a nice night, John.
- Jason, are you alright?
Don't touch me!
This is your fault.
You understand?
This is all your fault.
- I'm sorry.
Get out.
Leave me alone.
- Jason.
Get out!
Not a pretty sight.
You son of a bitch!
That was a warning John.
You wouldn't obey me.
That's what happens
when you don't obey me.
People get hurt, innocent people.
The name of the
game is kill or be killed.
- He's a kid for god sakes!
- John, I'm a reasonable man.
That's why Jason's still breathing.
Next time I might not be so reasonable.
Come on, John.
Get into the spirit of things.
Kill somebody.
The fuck!
- You make a sound, I'll kill you.
- You'll kill me, huh!
- How'd the little faggot
get out of here, eh?
- Okay, John, bring the kid back!
Don't let Jason die out there!
Bring him back, John.
- Sir, Stoneman's in
the transport compound
and he's got an ATV.
Shall I have him stopped?
- No.
Let the Professor go.
- Roger that, sir.
- Don't be a fool.
You'll die out here.
I'm not gonna let you kill yourself.
- I'd rather die free
than live in there!
- I'm taking you back!
I'm going back!
You won't make it.
- It's the only chance I got.
- No it's not.
Come back Jason.
We're all gonna get out.
- How?
- I don't know how.
But I promise you, we're gonna get out.
We're gonna get out.
We're gonna get out.
I promise you.
- Drop your weapon and
step away from the machine!
Samuels, drop the gun!
Get out of the
truck, Armstrong, now!
- Jason, drop the weapon.
- Armstrong, get out of the truck.
Get out now!
- Five seconds, did you hear him?
- I wanna go home!
- Put the fucking gun down.
- Five, four, three.
- Jason, what are you
doing, drop the weapon.
- Two!
- Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen.
Jason, put down the gun.
- Put the weapon down, Jason.
You don't wanna kill anybody, okay?
- Listen to John, Jason.
We can work this out.
- We're gonna get out of here.
I promised you we're
gonna get out of this.
- Good.
Thank you, John.
- Okay.
- Kill him.
- No!
- Hey!
Armstrong holds a much
higher opinion of you
than I do, Professor.
Me, I figure you're just
about good enough to piss on.
Somebody clean him up.
Get him out of there.
Mrs. Stoneman.
- Hm?
Mrs. Stoneman.
I have some news about your husband.
Get up and get dressed,
and I'll take you to him.
- Mr. Armstrong sends his apologies.
He's been detained, but he'll
be with you shortly, John.
The show's just about to start.
I'm afraid I don't have
any chips or popcorn
to offer you, but I'm sure
you'll enjoy the program
just the same.
John, I want to talk
to you about something.
I'm thinking of starting
up my own broadcast.
I've got a great deal for you.
You wouldn't have to
kill anyone, just fight.
We would do all the killing for you.
- You get me out of here,
you understand?
I need to see my wife, and
then I'll think about it.
- Darcona, our reigning champion
meeting in the semi-finals
with Doc, Aaron Smithers,
former linebacker for Chicago.
Jesus no!
- Stoneman's heading to the pit.
Do you want us to stop him?
- No.
Let them get a good
taste for each other.
It'll make good promo.
Okay, switch over to five.
Push five.
- I will say goodbye to that
faggot Stoneman for you.
- Camera three, tighter on Darcona.
- What do you want on
your tombstone, asshole?
Get ready for a long.
Camera three, stay on him, stay on him.
Okay, keep on him.
Okay, switch over to five.
Push five.
- Stay on top of him.
Be ready, be ready.
Camera three now.
Sweet dreams, baby.
- Get off, get off, get off, get off!
- You're next, Stoneman!
You're next!
You're dead meat!
Dead meat!
night, the final match
of the tournament.
Stoneman versus Darcona, don't miss it.
Who will be the champion
of this tournament?
John Stoneman the thinker
or Darcona the stinker?
- Very beautiful, Professor.
John, we need to have a little talk.
- There's nothing to talk about.
- Oh no, we have a great
deal to talk about.
John, let me explain something to you.
You're not going to win.
You can't,
it's just not part of the plan.
- I'll win.
I may even kill Darcona, but I will win,
and there's nothing
you can do to stop me.
- Yes there is.
Say hello John.
You see, there's a great
deal I can do about it.
No Exit is my game.
lI created it, I run it, I
say who wins and who doesn't.
- But I thought I was good for the game.
- Well you are, better than I'd hoped.
The problem is you're
a short-term benefit.
Now Darcona,
he's in it for the long haul.
He's the man they love to hate.
They'll tune in just to watch him lose.
Which he never does.
Because if he can't handle it,
I can occasionally kind of lend a hand.
Cheating's all part of the show, John.
- You're insane.
- Oh don't you see, John.
You were a good and intelligent man.
A few more fights and you'd
be just like Jason or Doc.
Just another victim.
I need continuity, John,
a continuing character.
Nothing personal.
Just business.
But you are going to take a dive, John.
Sacrifice your life for the
life of the woman you love.
What could be more noble than that?
And after all, isn't nobility
what you're all about?
- What guarantees do I have
that you'll let her go?
- Just my guarantee that
if you don't do what I say,
I will kill her, and
I will make you watch,
and then I will kill you.
- I'm really sorry it has
to end this way, John.
But the bottom line is the bottom line.
And the good businessman always goes
for the long-term investment.
- Armstrong!
If you harm so much as
a hair on Carmel's body,
I'll tear you limb from
limb, and that's a promise!
That's a promise!
You hear me!
I'll kill you!
- Yeah!
Here it
is, ladies and gentlemen,
the conclusion of our tournament.
Tonight's event is the final event
and it's Darcona versus Stoneman.
The event we've chosen is the key.
We're all familiar with it.
- Alright, let's get this over with.
Going to air in five,
four, three, two, one.
Both competitors
are wearing wrist cuffs
fastened above their wrists.
The only way they can be
removed is by the keycard
at the end of the corridors.
- Jesus, I hope he doesn't lose.
- Me too.
- I think you'll find this very
interesting, Mrs. Stoneman.
There's an intensity in our broadcast
unlike anything you've ever seen before.
We're very proud of our work here.
to the starting line.
Here comes Darcona.
Darcona has
five minutes on his wristband
Stoneman has two, so the
pressure's really on for Stoneman
to make it to the end
and liberate the keycard
which will guarantee his freedom.
They're off!
- Stop this now.
- Won't be much longer, Mrs. Stone.
- Camera three's down!
- Dammit!
- Stop this, stop this now!
- It won't be long now, Mrs. Stone.
- Move in, camera one, tighter.
- This is insane.
- No it's not, it's television.
- No!
No exit, baby.
- No!
- Don't worry, Mrs. Stoneman.
Your husband won't feel a thing.
- Camera seven, close up on
Stoneman pulling out the knife!
- You lose, baby.
- Wow.
- Transmission terminated.
- Congratulations John, you won.
Somehow, you killed Darcona
and managed to beat me
at my own game!
- Hey Dave.
- We had a deal, and you fucked me over!
You hear me?
You fucked me over on my show!
On my show!
- It's over.
- Bullshit, it's over.
It's not over until I say it's over.
- I really hate Armstrong.
- Me too.
- Let's go to air.
- What would your
subscribers do if they know
you'd kill my wife and I in cold blood.
- I don't fucking know.
Hunt me down, kill me on my own show,
tell their friends to subscribe.
I have no idea.
But they don't know, do they.
- Well they do now.
- Dave.
Dave you cocksucker,
you're fired, you hear me?
And that goes for you too Hank!
Armstrong, it's over.
- Why?
Because I kill your wife?
Because I kill you?
Hell, it's a bonus, John.
I kill people all the time.
Every broadcast I send
three or four people
to their deaths.
Life is cheap, John.
Your life, my life.
Money is the only thing with value.
- You don't know the meaning of value.
- It's television, John.
You can't stop me.
A few good lawyers and I'll
be right back in business.
I'll just open up somewhere else.
You can't stop me, John!
- You're right, I can't stop you.
- Fuck!
Come on!
- Shit.
This is Hank in control.
There's a transport hovercraft
running to leave in Bay 2.
Anyone wanting to
get out better be on it.
- Let's get out of here.
- Wait a minute,
let's not be hasty here.
Now John, I just wanna
tell you one thing, okay.
Armstrong is gone.
It could just be you,
and it could just be me.
Hundreds of millions of dollars.
- Do you mind?
- What do you say, John?
John, would you...