No Filter (2023) Movie Script

Hey everybody!
So I finally arrived in Bali!
I'm so excited to be here.
And I admit I'm a little tired.
This is my first walk of the trip,
and I'm gonna visit a temple
in the middle of the jungle.
Oh! Just look at this.
It's amazing.
Guys, that is officially
my dream home.
It's crazy.
I have the whole temple to myself!
Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God.
Here we go!
Let's see how it looks from the top!
You guys should see
the view from up here, OK?
Who's... that?
Oh my God, that's crazy!
OK guys, I can't believe it.
I'm in Bali with the Scarescott. OK?
Somebody's gotta pinch me!
I'll say it again for those in the back.
I'm in Bali with...
Where did he go?
Hey, scarellowers! How are you doing?
All right guys,
let me introduce you my new friend,
- Anna.
- Hi!
So first let's explain to everyone
what's going on here.
Anna, you have chosen
to spend your night here, with me,
in the middle of the jungle,
of your own free will. Correct?
- Yep.
- Great! Now it can really start.
Anna is an American, right?
Visiting Bali, with her parents.
Oh, can we not mention my parents?
Anna, lesson one:
If you wanna be an influencer
then you need to be completely
and totally honest with your followers.
You know,
I like featuring new faces around here.
You know I like too?
Challenges and pranks, right?
But most of all,
I just love to scare people.
As I always say,
nothing is worth more...
Than a good scare!
Oh my God! Oh my God!
This girl knows her stuff!
- I've been a fan forever, so yeah.
- Really? Is that so?
All right,
let's put her to the test then.
I'm specialized in making people
do things they've never imagined.
So, you'll have exactly one minute
to do something
my scarellowers will absolutely love.
And if you succeed...
I'll tag you.
All right.
You see your parents over there?
Yeah. Yeah, that's them.
All right. Let's give them
an unforgettable Bali experience.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
OK. I got a little gift. Here.
- Oh my God!
- That's right. Just put it on!
- OK.
- Yeah.
- Like this?
- Yeah, yeah put it on.
Oh my God, oh my God, that's perfect!
- Yeah?
- That's perfect!
That's perfect, just like Sadako.
- Who?
- Are you kidding me?
Don't tell me you've never seen
the movie The Ring?
- But...
- I know what you'll say,
"I wasn't born when the movie came out."
I don't wanna hear this, OK?
Hey, scarellowers,
for those of you just like Anna here,
who don't have a clue who Sadako is,
guys, please, come on,
go check out The Ring,
it's a classic staple of horror culture.
OK. Back to business. Let's get scary...
OK. Yes, OK, come on. Come on.
OK, perfect.
OK, you go this way, go this way.
- OK.
- Yeah.
Great, great.
OK, Anna.
Come on. Anna?
Anna? What is she doing?
Oh my God! Oh my God!
That was insane!
That was crazy! You just got me!
I just can't believe it!
This is the first time
this has ever happened to me!
And you're the very first person
to even try!
I told you, I'm a fan!
I know you like the classics
and there's nothing more classic
than an old jump scare.
You know if only I had the time
to find a cat for the diversion.
Well, I think I can say well done, Anna!
Challenge accomplished, well done!
And based on the reaction
of my scarellowers,
you deserve your repost!
your socials life is about to change,
'cuz you just got officially...
- Oh my God, thank you so much!
- Yeah!
Hey, scarellowers!
I hope you're doing well.
I'm still here, in Bali,
for another World Prank Tour.
I'm sure you guys remember
my last visit to Belgium
in the parc of Pairi Daiza,
in front of the exact same temple.
How crazy is that, guys?
Really, those temples look
exactly the same.
Except I hope this one
is actually doomed.
Hey, scarellowers!
I just dropped a new video
about my last trip in Bali!
OK guys? So go check it out,
it's on my channel.
Go check it out right now guys, OK?
You won't regret it. Or maybe you will!
Yeah, not bad, but...
I'm sure I can do something scarier.
Hey, scarellowers!
Based on your reactions to my last post,
looks like you all love
my new challenge!
It's quite scary,
but most of all you can do
this all by yourself.
Hey guys, don't forget
your hashtag, OK?
Remember guys, OK?
All you need is your phone
and a few scary filters.
Hey! Good thing I just launched
my new freaky filters back last week! OK?
And this time only,
you can use a promo code.
And finally, you'll need
some accessories...
Most important thing, your brain.
Not always needed
with social media, right?
But this time, you'll definitely need it
to come up with some great ideas.
Guys, I'm so excited.
This is gonna be huge guys.
This is gonna be brilliant!
Let's spread the challenge around, OK?
But not your fingers, watch it!
Ok guys, stay tuned,
and keep this in mind.
Nothing is worth more
than a good... good... scare!
How can you prove me it was your idea?
Let's say that I promoted your idea.
And how are you gonna share it
if nobody's following you?
What the hell?
Yeah, whatever. You can use a face swap.
You need more to scare me.
That's the one.
- Morning sweetheart.
- Hey Mom.
I don't think
I've ever seen you up so early for school.
It's cause our baby girl
is a big star now.
Listen, it takes time to share
your entire life with your fans.
Ha, ha, ha.
But I was filming,
now I have to do it again.
Stop it.
What are you doing?
Oh come on, do you even know me?
Do I know you? I... I don't know...
- What?
- I hate pineapple.
- You hate pine...?
- Yeah!
- So why did you put it in your breakfast?
- Because the color is great on camera, OK?
- Teenagers...
- What will we do with you?
Hey you know what?
I could be your manager.
I know how to manage myself.
- Oh, excuse me!
- Thanks, Dad.
See, look what I'm doing to my manager.
- Honey, what's happening?
- I don't know.
Your hands are giving up?
OK, I'm leaving.
Oh, it's a video, guys.
Hey, hey, hey! Your breakfast.
I will take
What about the thing you prepared?
OK, so I'm gonna have to clean up?
Remember we're leaving tonight.
I want you back before we go!
- Yeah, yeah.
- On time, please!
Yes, Mom!
You're gonna eat that?
I hate pineapple.
What's your problem?
Find something you like
instead of wasting your time
following people you don't like.
I'm almost here...
- Hey miss.
- Hi, welcome back!
Oh babe!
God! Anna!
Here's the new influencer.
- How's Scott like in real life?
- Did you do it?
Hm, everything you need to know
is on my Instagram.
The rest is on Only Fans.
Guys... everything's fine.
We're back. Anna's the same person
as she was last year,
except now she's got 285150 followers!
Well, actually
it's 285201.
Well, speaking of Scott,
have you seen his new challenge?
We definitely have to try it.
- What challenge?
- The scary pic challenge.
I have something in mind
but I want it to be a surprise.
It's not scary at all.
The 66 seconds challenge
is definitely crazier.
Oh my God,
is that the one where you have
to look at yourself on camera
for 66 seconds without blinking
and you see terrible things
happening to your face?
No way, that's so last month.
You don't need to wait a minute for that.
Just use filters.
Ah... See Mina,
you can use filters,
you just gotta share them.
Yeah if you can't share it,
it doesn't exist.
Mina, you have to see this video.
It's so cool!
- Just look at the views.
- We need to do something like this.
It's scary and realistic.
Wait, you're texting him back already?
- What?
- Let him sweat a bit!
I think your new social status
can let you do whatever you want...
Or... whoever.
Just remember you've got the power!
- Cute.
- What about us?
Do we have to be one of your followers
to be in the pic?
Whatever Mina.
How many photos did you take this morning?
I mean... Are you guys even friends?
Do you even follow her? Listen,
I was her first follower
and now I've got to share her
with 285201 other people.
Oh... 285202 now.
Thanks, Mina.
You're not gonna follow me back?
Hm, we'll see.
I gotta keep an eye
on my followers-to-follow ratio.
You're on probation, Mina.
Oh! Let's take a group selfie. For Scott.
- It's off. It keeps glitching.
- I can take it.
I'll send it to you later.
So, the discussion topic
I've chosen for today
is something
that's going to interest all of you.
It's social media.
So social networks are a mirror.
A mirror of our society,
and of ourselves.
Ms. Pats,
if people were confronted
with their true actual selves,
they'd probably... run away screaming.
Thanks for sharing,
Tyler, we'll look at that later.
But some psychologists say
that actually,
for teenagers, for instance,
it's a way for them
to overcome their inhibitions,
and to face the fear of the gaze
of others in the real world.
So what do you think about that?
Does anybody have anything to say?
Well, Cicero said
"if the face is the mirror of the mind,
the eyes are its interpreters."
I believe that social networks
allow everyone
to have their own perspective on things.
To be free, to be able to express
and interpret what they see,
who they are, and...
and who they wanna be.
Hm... Interesting, Anna.
But a relevant answer doesn't give you
the right to use your phone in class.
Unfortunately for you,
teachers are exempt.
Listen, I've gotta take this. So you stay
in your seats. I'll be right back.
Show me.
- I'm working on it, OK?
- Oh my God, hurry up.
- The fuck?
- Disgusting.
Holy shit.
Have a tissue?
- Gross.
- Filming.
- Oh my God.
- Please help me.
My boy's bleeding from his nose.
Guys, don't film!
What is wrong with you?
Are you OK?
Oh yeah, you need help.
I've got 885 views.
Mine's at 1250 views.
Why don't this kind of things
happen to me?
I mean, this guy's already famous.
Someone from New York reposted it.
It's just so crazy, you know,
how much you can bleed.
It's disgusting.
I'm looking up the symptoms on webMD.
Can't mess with this nose.
This is the fourth time I've gotten
a message like this. Since this morning.
That's just a spam.
I get tons all the time.
[Lauren] If they don't have any followers
you can just block them.
Surprised you didn't post anything.
I see
you didn't listen to my advice earlier.
You were the one that told me
to take advantage of my new status.
So, now I'm just gonna heat
things up until he melts.
Well, you're full of surprises.
Well, what can I say,
new year, new me.
Hey my beauties!
I'm talking to you from school
and I'm so happy to be back!
I know you all must have seen the video
of the kid bleeding in class.
Please, don't share it. Poor guy.
So... You wanna make a new video
and prank my friends?
I might have something to motivate you.
No worries.
No, I'm just peeing.
I'd love that.
Kinda cool, kinda spooky.
I don't think she'd be into it.
Talk more tonight?
No sorry...
I thought I heard something.
Did you hear that?
Is everything OK?
Is everything OK?
Got you! You've been pranked!
What the fuck, are you crazy?
Everybody say hello
to my best friend Lauren!
- You're live?
- Duh!
Thanks for the comments,
And don't forget to send in your pics
for Scarescott's challenge,
I'll be sharing the best ones.
Get out of my face Anna.
But before scaring your besties,
go give mine a follow.
if you love fitness,
you will love her posts.
Seriously, stop it.
I'm not one of your fans,
I'm your friend.
Don't cut it like that! They're probably
wondering what's happening.
I'm the one wondering what's happening.
Don't sweat it, it's just a funny prank.
- Scott wasn't able...
- Stop talking about Scott
and his stupid pranks!
I get it, you're cool.
I like the new you
but I loved the old Anna.
You also love
this manipulative bitch too.
- Were you ever gonna tell me?
- It's nothing.
She was cool to me over the summer and...
I promise once you get to know her,
she's really nice.
Yeah, sure, "nice".
It's not like she was bullying nonstop
for the past two years or anything.
It wasn't really bullying.
You know she was a bitch to you too.
It's not that simple.
We talked. A lot,
while you were gone and
she has confidence issues and...
- You always intimated her.
- No!
I don't trust her, it's bullshit.
She's probably the one that's trolling me
with these fake profiles.
I gotta go.
But you saw her today.
She even started following you.
Don't forget I'm always here for you.
All right guys, I'm almost home now,
so thank you for your comments
and your company.
You know it was just a little prank
to thank you all for following me.
And as I mentioned earlier
I am working on something huge
with Scott.
And I know you guys are super eager
to know what it is,
but just trust me, OK?
It'll blow your minds.
But before that,
spread the scare pic challenge,
don't be afraid to freak out
those around you.
Like and follow and I'll be sure
to share your best pics.
Oh, OK, um...
I know I mix a lot of content
on this profile,
and I really wasn't supposed
to tell you right now but...
OK, I'll just stop teasing. OK.
I'm gonna be launching a new account
that will focus only on horror
and pranks.
But be patient, OK? It's coming soon.
No, Snake P, I am not lost.
This is my neighborhood,
where I grew up.
Nature and silence.
Maybe too much silence.
Oh you see,
I'm not alone.
- Um...
- Hey Anna?
- Anyways, as I was saying...
- What's up?
- Say hello to my followers.
- I'll keep talking...
- Hi!
- Hey!
Tell Scott he'll get competition.
I'm launching my channel.
Yes, in the neighborhood.
- Lived here all my life...
- Busy talking to your followers.
With my family...
- You can block me everywhere.
- Yes, cool, have fun.
I know who you really are.
You just had the non-pleasure of meeting
my creepy ex-neighbor, Jason.
How do I describe him?
Well I had to block him,
if that tells you anything.
Yeah, he went to my school
and was a total perv.
He actually got kicked out
for sending dick pics
to all the girls in my grade.
Anyways, let's stop talking about him.
Oh, one last thing, yes.
My bestie, Lauren,
actually broke his nose,
right over there, in front of my house.
Yeah, you really
don't wanna piss her off.
Can you come inside, sweetheart?
I wanna go over the list.
- Yeah, I'm coming dad.
- We have to do the security check.
It's like he thinks we live
in this old nineties slasher movie
where teenagers are murdered
by psycho killers.
Anna. Inside. Now.
You're live, Dad!
- Are you filming me?
- Yes!
Yes, Jay104, even if I die
I will forever live on socials.
Anyways, I gotta go, guys.
Thanks again for the follow.
Love you all.
- Scare you soon, beauties.
- Anna.
- Please don't make me ask you again.
- Just two minutes, OK?
Gotta be kidding me.
I just wanna grab a few more pics.
- Honey, honey!
- What?
Anna, can you put your phone down
for one second
and come inside, please?
We gotta go over the checklist.
We don't wanna leave after dark. Come on.
I can't take this phone anymore.
This shit is embarrassing.
I think she's gonna drive me crazy.
It's me!
It was nuts to think
we could avoid this teen thing.
All right, get out.
Let me take care of it.
All right, Anna, darling, listen to me.
Hey, listen to me, OK.
So you have the alarm number
with the code to give, if they call.
Please don't forget to take your laundry
out of the machine this time.
There's more milk in the garage fridge...
Come on, unlock!
Hey! What do you think you're doing?
It was finally restarting!
Excuse me?
Mom, please?
No, no, Anna,
you need to join the real world.
This stuff has been driving you crazy
since the holidays.
Look, I barely recognize
my daughter anymore.
You're glued to your phone all day long.
what world do you live in?
Listen, if this social media stuff keeps
affecting you like this,
we'll just...
we'll just get rid of everything.
- Really?
- Um-hum.
You're one to talk, Mom,
who spent half of her days
at the beach in Bali
taking pictures in her swimsuit,
and getting me to retouch them.
OK, cut it out.
We have to go now, but we'll continue
this conversation when we get back.
Oh my God.
OK, well we need
to set some boundaries here.
Come on, we're gonna be late.
- Mom...
- Take this.
- What...
- Deal with her. I can't.
- What do you want me to do with this?
- I don't know.
I know. We'll just take it with us.
What? No, just quit it, OK?
I shouldn't have talked to you like that,
but my phone wasn't working.
- I was upset...
- Hey!
I'm sorry, OK?
I'll be better, I promise.
Heads up.
Are you out of your mind?
Anna? Are you kidding me?
Watch your tone.
Yeah, yeah I'm sorry.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah.
Have a nice trip.
I want you to call us every day.
I know, I know,
it's the same every time.
But just go, OK?
You're gonna be late. I'll be OK.
Hey, honey.
I love you.
All right, have fun. Be safe.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Hey friends!
So this is my first try-on haul.
And I'm so excited!
Anyways, this, is my first outfit.
Something very casual.
I really like the shirt's shoulders.
They're very cute.
Um... I'm not quite sure what that is.
But it kinda works.
Yeah, maybe not.
Let's go see.
A little BTS action for you guys.
As you can see, it's not always easy
making videos at home.
This guy is just
parked outside my house,
blasting his music.
You might remember
this creep from earlier.
Can you turn off your music?
This guy clearly doesn't give a fuck.
Oh! I will tag his profile
in the comments,
and maybe you guys can drop him
a little message.
Maybe tell him to turn his
fucking music off!
I'll also pay him a little visit.
Talk to you guys after!
Oh my God! Susan!
What are you doing here?
You practically gave me a heart attack.
I am so sorry, sweetie.
You scared the hell out of me!
I almost dropped the cake.
Your mom asked me
to check up on you,
so I thought I would bring over
a little treat like old time.
Right... Thank you, Susan,
but Mom should know
I don't need a nanny anymore.
- Anyways, I have a lot of work to do.
- Is everything OK?
Are you alone?
Yeah, yeah. I was just making a video
that I have to post tonight.
Probably doesn't mean
much to you...
Are you kidding?
I follow you, honey.
- Really?
- Um-hum.
- Wow!
- I do a lot of things too.
I can see that.
You ever got any weird messages
because of that username?
Yes... How did you know?
I don't understand most of them.
Speaking of which,
could you please help me
because I do not know how to erase...
How about, I come around tomorrow
and I will give you a full tutorial?
Yeah? I'll see you then.
I blocked this guy everywhere...
I don't understand...
Stop being an idiot, OK?
You don't want me
to get Lauren here
to break your face in again, do you?
You can do this, Anna.
You can defend yourself.
Yes. Remember,
you are not alone.
I'm filming you, OK?
So if you do any weird shit,
all my followers will see.
And then you can prepare yourself
for a surge of haters.
I don't understand, that's...
It's impossible.
Oh my God.
This guy is psychotic.
Oh my God.
Come on. OK.
Oh God.
Lauren, come on.
Please, come on.
This is Lauren's voicemail.
- You know what to do.
- God, why?
Yes, OK, come on, Lauren.
Oh no, no, no, no...
I need you now.
Come on, come on.
No, no, no, no.
OK, think.
Yes, the video, the video, OK.
Well, how about I come around tomorrow
and I will give you a full tutorial, OK?
- I'll see you then.
- You're just coming in, but...
Fuck, fuck!
Oh my God.
- Hey babe, sorry.
- I need you to call 911.
Lauren you have to call 911, OK?
This is fucked...
- What?
- It's so fucked. He's dead, I'm scared.
And I don't know what to do.
What, what are you...
what are you talking about? What happened?
Jason... He is...
What did he do this time?
He's dead.
Wait... Wait, what?
Is... Is this another one of your pranks?
No, no, no. I swear,
he was parked outside of my house.
And I heard this scream
like I never heard anyone scream before.
And then... then I saw him
in the trunk.
You know, he didn't have eyes.
He didn't have eyes anymore.
I need you to calm down, OK?
OK. Now tell me.
I'm just gonna send you everything.
I filmed it all, so... you'll see.
Why were you in his car?
No, no. I wasn't.
He was parked outside blasting his music
and I wanted him just to...
to turn it off.
- OK, are you watching?
- Yes. I'm watching.
But I... I just don't understand.
We all know Jason's a perv and I...
the video...
Oh shit.
Damn, OK!
Finally showing us your dirty side!
Oh you gotta be careful,
you're lucky he didn't post these.
What... what are you talking about?
That's not me, they're photoshopped!
You don't need to be embarrassed,
they're really good.
But... better not show Tyler,
he'll die of a boner attack.
I'm telling you, that's not me!
OK, so...
- It's a prank, is that it?
- No, Jesus, Lauren,
just watch the video, OK?
Do you see?
Look, I can barely see anything
inside the trunk,
because the video keeps freezing.
What? Well I... I didn't dream it.
I saw it, I filmed it, OK?
I don't know what to tell you.
Is his car still there?
I can't see...
I... I don't understand.
It's gone...
Did you get that?
Jason's notification.
No, no, no. No way,
I blocked that perv.
He's just posted something on his story.
It says hashtag scare pic challenge.
He's pranked you.
But how?
I have his phone.
You know? How would he even post?
Who's that?
You're not alone?
Hey babe.
What the fuck is she doing there?
Why didn't you tell me she was there?
Anna, calm down.
Firstly, I can make my own choices,
and secondly...
I didn't know this conversation
was gonna veer off into insanity.
So you're really together?
But you said it was nothing.
What, you jealous now?
Shut the fuck up, you bitch.
- I wasn't talking to you.
- Stop!
Have you even seen
Jason's YouTube channel?
No, of course you haven't.
You're so self-obsessed
you're only watching your own videos.
He's copying you, copying Scott,
and clearly,
he's so much better than you.
All right...
So you've been fucking with me
from the beginning.
It's not like that!
Fuck off, good night.
She's insane.
She's been like this since she's been
acting like the queen bee of socials.
Yeah... I...
I've never seen her
like this before, like...
It's all gone to her head...
You like scaring me
for your shitty pranks?
Well, here's your phone, asshole!
Hi guys! I hope you're good.
I'm actually not in a great place
right now.
Well yeah...
Have you ever...
Have you ever been betrayed?
By your best friend?
After what happened,
I called my best friend,
well she just laughed in my face
with her new girlfriend...
Whatever, I...
I won't keep you guys up all night,
but I just wanted to say, I am so lucky
to have each and every one of you,
and I'm just sending tons of love
and good vibes your way.
Talk soon.
Anna. What are you doing?
I haven't seen you like this.
I wasn't making fun of you.
Mina isn't staying late.
I'll call you.
I love you, OK?
What the hell?
There she is,
the birthday girl and her new present!
My first real smartphone.
Sixteen is super sweet.
Oh, and maybe they'll stop
teasing me at school now.
Oh thank God! Oh and yes!
Oh, excuse me?
Uh... bye-bye!
Addison Rae, watch out!
- Anna's coming!
- Oh yeah.
What's that?
What is that?
Anna, I'm always there for you.
Happy birthday.
Just a call away. Love you.
- Aw!
- Cute.
Honestly, you're so lucky
to have a friend like me.
Yeah! Especially one so humble.
- OK, so...
- Yes.
Anna, tell me,
what is it like to be sixteen?
I don't know.
It's pretty crazy,
you know, life's going so fast
and high school's gonna be over
in two years.
Two years!
My mom says
these are the best years of your life,
but... I don't know how I feel about that.
It's not that great.
- You big cheese ball!
- Oh OK.
Honestly, let's just end the day
by doing something fun.
- OK, are you ready?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
OK. So we're gonna film
your first story!
Still at the gym?
Charge your phone.
See? How hard was that?
How's that even possible?
This little piggy went to market.
Oh, and this little piggy,
he stayed at home.
Oh my God.
This little piggy had roast beef.
Oh, and this little piggy?
He had none.
Oh my God.
And this little piggy...
What is she doing?
He went...
This is disgusting.
Wee wee wee wee wee wee...
Oh my God.
Wee wee wee wee...
Get off my phone.
Get off my phone, come on!
No, no, no, no, no, no...
Oh my God. How did you do that?
And how did your hack my account?
You know, I'm not really sure
if I'm into that.
But either way,
the prank was super cool.
And it's too bad I wasn't filming
cause my reaction was
pretty crazy.
What filter did you use
to swap all the faces?
And I swear,
I saw real blood on my hand,
like actual real blood.
It was so freaky!
Hey babe.
You OK?
Look I'm sorry about earlier.
I don't want you to think
that I'm picking sides or anything.
You know I heard.
You can sleep with whoever you want.
- It's none of my business.
- What did you hear?
Nothing, I...
Maybe this whole social media thing
is just
too much.
So much has changed
in such a short amount of time
I'm... overwhelmed.
You know?
Oh! But have you seen Scott's reels?
They're amazing.
Yeah. Yeah, I've seen them.
Can you tell him
to stop using my pictures for his videos?
It's creepy.
He's not going to turn
into a stalker, is he?
Oh come on, that's just his thing.
You can check his profile.
He just pranks everyone.
Not gonna complain. I got 13500 followers
in one night from this. So...
Babe, you're going nuts.
What did you say?
If he was gonna turn into a stalker.
No, after that.
I didn't say anything after that.
You'd sell your ass for followers.
Hey, I heard that. What are you doing?
Are you setting me up for another video?
Always complaining
and talking about yourself.
You're so fucking selfish.
Look, if you've just called me
to be a bitch, it's not worth it!
You're just the person I wanted to see.
I'm so glad to hear you say that.
Got a nice house, you know.
Hey, do you want a beer?
Um... yeah. Sure.
Can you just grab a bottle opener
from that closet right there?
- This one?
- Yes. Yeah.
You still doing a lot of sports?
Yeah, of course.
I'm actually starting a fitness channel.
- Oh cool!
- Yeah it's cool.
Some brands have been
hitting me up... for some collabs.
- So I need to be fit as fuck, you know?
- Right.
Are you sure it's in here?
Because I can't seem to find it.
What? That was sick.
How did you do that?
What can I say, I'm just...
Full of surprises.
Yeah, apparently.
It's funny...
I always thought
that you were like this
good girl you know? But
judging from your summer videos,
I could tell you're really...
Yeah, different.
Well, cheers
to the new and... different Anna.
Do you think
I could ask you for a favor?
Depends what it is.
Yeah, I just need to take a shower
cause there wasn't any...
There wasn't any
hot water at the gym, so...
What, you didn't wanna take
a good, cold, shower?
No, I just...
I just didn't wanna cool down
before seeing you, you know.
It's funny.
I thought you were the one hitting on me.
Yeah, yeah...
Yeah, we were just
here having fun, right?
But why you think you came here tonight?
To see you...
And maybe
to have some more... fun?
Oh my God.
Oh my God, are you OK?
What the fuck happened?
I... I dunno.
Sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me.
You must think I'm a...
- Are you sure you're good?
- Yeah.
- Your hand...
- Honestly I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- A hundred percent?
- Yeah.
Um... Didn't you wanna take a shower?
- Um... Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Sorry, I must...
I stink, I'm sweaty and...
No, no it's fine.
It is the second door on the left.
- Behind the bedroom.
- OK.
Towels are under the sink.
- Are under the... Yeah, OK.
- Yeah.
- All right, um...
- OK.
- I'll just go.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- OK.
How are you?
Say hi.
You're not gonna come in here with me?
Oh, that's nice!
Feels good.
You got strong hands...
Really strong.
Aya... That's nice.
No, it's OK, I like it a bit rough.
That's cool.
Ok, that's a little too... Oh fuck!
What the fuck are you doing?
Fucking bitch!
I always knew he was an asshole.
Even more cause
he only started talking to us
after we became... popular.
Oh my God.
Oh my God...
I'm so sorry, Tyler.
I'm so sorry...
Come on.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
This is too long.
Um... OK.
Come on, come on...
No, no, no, no.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey everybody, new video,
new mystery waiting to be solved.
This week we talk
about the disappearance
of this youtuber from Mexico, Car lit a no.
For people who don't know the story:
The guy has been missing
for about two years now.
He disappeared
during his holidays in Bali,
after posting a video
while he was killing two of his friends
on the beach.
It's fucking creepy!
The video was immediately erased
by YouTube.
But you know me, I got some screenshots!
One thing was very disturbing:
His eyes were totally black.
And today, I can say that I know why!
God damn it, come on!
There's a lot of mystery on this island.
Legends about Gods and demons,
but not only that.
Ancients say that Balinese culture
is based on balance...
- Come on!
- Like Ying and Yang.
If the balance dips the dark way,
if we show our self in our bad light,
with ego, selfishness,
jealousy, and hatred,
then our own demon
can wake up and slowly take control.
And how do you take care of your demon?
Purification by fire.
Hey scarellowers,
guess who's back! I'm still here
with my new friend, Anna,
and the fun is not over yet, OK?
Look at that guys,
this is so scary at night. Look...
- Shh!
- Oh yeah, we gotta be quiet.
Because the site is closed,
and we're not supposed to be here, OK?
Three, two, one, zero.
What do you see?
Come on, answer please.
- Anna?
- Dad?
Is everything OK?
I don't have time to talk right now...
Something happened.
- What?
- I don't know.
Mom just... fell down. It's her leg.
- Is she OK?
- The doctor said... it's broken.
On the way to the hospital.
Gotta go, talk to you later.
Hey! Hey! Be careful.
Is that Mom?
It hurts so bad, I need...
I need something...
Come on.
Why are you deleting all your pictures?
What's going on with you?
Hey call me back, I'm freaking out.
Oh my God, Anna.
Scott, they...
they found his body. He's dead.
I'm losing it, call me back...
What the fuck are you doing?
You're scaring everyone.
You're acting insane.
You need serious help, Anna.
Anna, please, stop this.
I don't understand what's going on.
- No, Mina, it's...
- Just stop sending me those videos.
I don't wanna do your stupid challenge.
Mina, it's not me, OK?
You have to erase all the pictures of me
off your phone and turn it off, OK?
What? I don't... I don't understand.
Mina, you have to turn off your phone!
What... what is this video?
- Don't open it!
- Please, stop!
I'm coming over.
I'm there in 20.
No, no, no.
Don't come, don't come.
Oh my God.
Lauren, pick up the phone. Come on...
Oh shit.
Anna, what's going on?
Oh God...
Hey beauties!
Today we're gonna have
a very special make up tutorial.
I'll be sharing with you
my ultimate secret to getting clear skin
and looking healthier
and younger, forever.
Well, almost.
Oh, and this time
there is no promo code. It's free!
You will need... a bowl,
two egg whites,
some honey...
Some avocado.
And your best friend.
You're my best friend.
She's surprised, guys.
Don't be shy now, Lauren.
OK, so you wanna mix it all up.
Then you let it sit for a little while.
And it's supposed to look
a little bit like this.
It's not very appetizing, and
it stinks a bit, but...
It's not like
you're gonna eat it for dinner.
And at this point,
you're probably all thinking
it's nothing special.
I've seen it all before.
But, I'm gonna share with you
the secret ingredient
that makes all the difference.
You wanna see?
This is where your best friend comes in.
Now you wanna mix it up.
Pretty quickly.
Like this.
Ok. Now, it is ready,
for your face.
OK. So,
you just wanna get it right on there
like this.
You wanna make sure
it's all spread out evenly.
Make sure you don't miss any spots.
Actually smells really good.
And I look super cute too,
which is always a bonus.
How do I look, guys?
Pretty cute?
Now we leave it on,
let it penetrate the skin
for thirty minutes,
which is just enough time
to clean it up.
Actually, it's not that bad.
Join me next week, where I will show you
all the tips and tricks
for getting rid of a body.
No, no, no...
We don't need them.
They were just taking advantage of us.
Now you can be
the best version of yourself.
Everything I did, you did.
You're responsible for it all.
We... killed them.
I'm responsible for it all.
I killed them.
- No. No, no, no...
- You don't understand.
There are always two people in a selfie.
It's not real, it's not real...
The one you look like,
and the one you really are.
Oh my God... your face.
What happened?
Honey, I got your message
and I came right over.
I'm calling the police.
911, what's your emergency?
I'm Susan Blake,
I'm at... 78 Carpenter Street.
My neighbor
and her friends have been attacked.
Is the suspect still in the house?
I don't think that...
Can you hear me?
Is anybody there?
I told you...
I'm not a kid anymore.
Ma'am? Are you in a safe place?
Help me.
Please, I've just been attacked,
and they're all dead
and I think I might be next.
Please, tell my parents
that I love them.
And I want you to know that I love y...
Come on, let's take that pic!
Hope you're well.
OK, the pics.
Today I did a more natural makeup
than usual.
I'll put a bit at the bottom.
- There.
- That's crazy.
This filter is...
- What is this?
- What is this filter?
Good looking guy, right? I like it.
- Weird...
- But...
- What?
- What's up with your eyes?
- What's with this phone?
- Come on!
What filter do you use to black them out?
- This is bullshit.
- What?
There's... no filter.