No Game No Life: Zero (2017) Movie Script

When I was a child,
I thought the world was a much, much simpler place.
I thought there was no challenge that was unbeatable, that if I tried hard enough,
anything was possible.
Everything was cut-and-dry:
you win, you lose, or it ends in a draw.
I need a way that's more precise,
tactics that are more efficient...
I need a superior strategy!
Even when you're up against the best there is,
you could still imagine how you could defeat them the next time.
Such foolish, ignorant youth.
At least that's what I thought.
I thought it was all an illusion or a bad joke.
A false world of stupid games.
But the truth is,
life in this world...
didn't have to be so chaotic.
It didn't have to be so random,
unforgiving and unfair,
without meaning or value.
the next time,
the next time for sure.
Why didn't I win?!
Not to brag or anything, but I've only been defeated once in my entire life, you know.
It's the sixth of the ten pledges:
"All that's made in accordance with the pledges must be upheld.".
This law is absolute, per the One True God who created our world of Disboard.
I'll crush you...
Next time I'm destroying you !
Next time?
if you couldn't beat those two then you won't ever beat me.
Sora and Shiro, you know about them?
...All right, let's do this. I've got an interesting story I can tell you during our next game.
As thanks for this wonderful prize.
You're just trying to distract me, please.
If you wanna talk then just start talking, please.
Very well, then I will !
It's an ancient myth that you'll never be able to tell anyone.
It's okay, I'm not listening anyway.
This happened six thousands years ago.
An unbidden war raged, ravaging the Earth and extinguishing the planets.
As time has gone on, no one remembers it anymore,
and yet,
it's one tale I will never forget.
It's a big one.
The black ash just really come down, we should hurry.
I'm okay.
What do the spirits say?
I can't get a read in the ash.
We'll be relying on our senses for this recon.
Don't let your guard down.
Come here quick! There's a...
No way!
It's a world map, dwarfish made, and it looks like this is the latest version too!
That's not all,
it shows the balance of power between the races and even the dwarves strategy.
Ivan, Aley,
compare this to what we've got and make any corrections.
I'll make sense of this the best I can.
Achte! (I accept)
A message... from the Dwarves?
Exactly how much of this world do they plan to destroy?!
Let's get out of here!
Aley, don't take anything that uses spiritual energy.
If you wanna die go right ahead.
Damn it!
this is an order.
Die here.
Look after my kid Riku.
Promise you'll do that for m-
I'm over here! Come and get me Demonia!
They say there used to be something called "the sun".
It's white flames lit the Heavens.
Turning skies the most brilliant blue you've ever seen.
And then there's an old story length, something out of a fairy tale,
the Gods and their creations waged eternal war.
The Earth burned, choking the Heavens with soot and raining down the ashes of the dead.
These ashes...
are all we have left to honor them,
I guess....
Oh wow! That's my name! It says Nonna!
Hey! I wanna see my name too!
Wait, I wanna go first Couronne.
one at a time.
Couronne! They're back!
Riku, thanks goodness.
Well you took your time! Were you like trying to give me a heart attack or something?
And come on, seriously, how many time do I have to tell you to call me "Big sis'"?
We got back as fast as we could.
About Ivan...
I'm so glad they're back! Where is daddy?
I want to show him the letter I wrote myself! Where is Daddy?
Listen to me, Nonna.
Your daddy...
won't be coming home anymore.
Because he's dead.
You're lying!
It's true.
No it's not! Daddy promised me he'd come home! He said we'd win!
He said he'd be here! He said that humans would win!
We will win.
That's why your daddy fought so hard.
He did it so the rest of us could win.
That's not winning anything!
It should have been you!
You're the one who should have died!
Why don't you two go clean yourselves up in the bath?
I'll just dust myself off.
No. Take a bath.
You guys stink.
So we could...
So we could win?
I'm a god damn hypocrite!
Ivan threw his life away!
And thanks to me he's dead!
I killed him!
I sacrificed him just so I could live a little while longer!
If this keeps going on...
what's the point?
How far will we have to go?
Do we kill half the population for the sake of saving the other half?
How many have to die?
Do we keep going until there's only one left?
When I will gonna be done with this?
How long do we have to keep living like animals?
No human born into a world like this,
could die without a purpose.
It's more than simply having a reason to live:
the mind will not accept death,
if it has no meaning.
Ivan's death was not in vain.
Ruins of the old Elven capital city were a lot of reliable information.
Things most people never got a chance to see.
In a place like this, does anything makes sense anymore?
Is it even possible to find one's sanity?
With a structure of this scale,
it must have been the Flgel.
Look at the size of this thing.
Was that... my imagination?
An Ex-machina?
Adjusting for common parameters.
Stay calm.
This thing operates as part of a collective.
It shares consciousness with a cluster,
which means others must be nearby.
That means...
If I make any hostile moves all the ex-machina will see me as a threat.
I must remain still.
I cannot resist you big brother, you must make a woman out of me.
I think I am the one failing to comprehend here!
Is this scenario not sufficient to bring you gratification?
Well... I'm sorry,
but I'm not one of those weirdos who gets off by being observed by you guys.
Who are "you guys"?
Oh don't play dumb with me.
I know all of this transmits to that cluster thing of yours.
This unit has been disengaged from the cluster collective.
Disengaged you say?
So then you're on your own?
Well, okay then.
What does some stray ex-machina want with someone like me?
I mean, I'm just a human.
to analyze the unique language humans use among themselves.
The language referred to as "the heart".
The heart?
This unit's investigation of the the heart generated multiple logic errors causing this unit to be disassociated.
Thereafter further observation has been conducted independently.
So you're planning to study the heart on your own and get the cluster to take you back, right?
it is postulated that dermo-contact, flesh upon flesh,
results in a unique exchange of emotions.
I request you procreate with this unit.
I refuse.
you may take advantage of this unit in any manner you wish.
Though it possesses no orifice.
I refuse.
Wait, no orifice?
A challenge.
I request participation in the game.
if this unit wins, it shall be taken home with you and procreation shall occur.
I can only assume you chose chess on purpose.
You guys are basically walking calculators. There is no way I can win.
What if...
I do manage to win?
you shall take this unit home and then immediate procreation shall occur.
Theyre the same!
Well whatever, I guess there's no getting out of it at this point, is there?
Fine, I'll play along.
a game in accordance to the aforementioned terms.
Sure, I'll play you one time.
Except I'll be making a slight change,
to these little rules of yours.
We have arrived.
So, when it comes to mobility you really don't use any spiritual energy?
Utilizing spiritual energy would have saved 55 782 seconds.
This unit is a Prfer, a model primarily used for analysis.
It's capabilities are lesser than other Ex-machinas.
Who the fuck has a race like this waging war?
It's no wonder the world has gone to Hell.
What should I call you?
Meaning unknown.
Your name. Do you have one?
Designation number: c207Pr4f57t9.
You're kidding. That's your name?
Forget that, you need to go with something easier.
if this unit wins, it will stay with Riku until it is able to fully comprehend the human heart.
Should this unit conceal that it is a machine?
The heart is like an unspoken feeling. It is formed through mutual understanding.
And if you're gonna be with me, you're gonna need to dress like a human.
Query: is self designation an object?
Sure. Whatever.
I shall be called Schwarzer.
No. That's hard to say and weird.
Not gonna work for me. Let's just go with Schwi.
Unclear: adjustment was made for self configuration.
Before we get started, can we do something about the way you talk?
Laden: adopting personality 1610
Hee-hee-hee. Is this better for you big brother?
It was the most logical choice available.
And what logical bullcrap did you use to position yourself as my younger sister?
Answer: I merely presented what was the most optimal option.
You know, it would be a big problem if people started asking about our past.
Just act shy and don't say more than you have to.
And quit starting every sentence sounding like a robot. Understood?
Something like this?
Are you...acting or something?
I am not.
I have chosen a personality matching the given parameters
It's a trace emulation.
It'll do.
I want you to stay where I can see you and keep those clothes on.
Is there maybe something you can do about that tail looking thing you got there?
It is Schwi's power source, a nerve core crossed with spiritual circuitry.
Fine, I guess.
We'll just say it's a fashion choice.
But I'm gonna say this one more time:
do not show that robot body of yours to anyone else.
Yes, I'll show it only to you.
She's so cute!
Who is she?
I found her on the way back in a colony that got wiped out, she was in a...
So is she...
your wife?
His wife?
Oh come on! Don't be shy!
Now your first priority should be having kids, then to spoon and then of course to have five or six more kids!
Could you please cut that out?
And that goes for you too!
What does she mean to you then?
She doesn't mean anything.
What's your name?
I'm Schwi.
That's a lovely name.
So how did you meet Riku here anyway?
He kissed Schwi... and demanded that the two of us partake in procreation.
Well, I just...
You couldn't wait, could you?
Wouldn't you rather shred up these thyself?!
You could have worded that differently you know?
Never mind.
Look, could you at least try to look a bit more mature?
You're making me look bad over here.
But isn't this the form that you prefer?
Nah, that ain't my thing.
Then what form do you like?
Now, you listen here.
Do you even know what it means when you ask that question?
I'm wanting to know what you prefer.
That's not something I can really tell you with words...
Do you remember how I explained the human heart?
I remember.
Let's play.
No thanks.
I didn't have much choice before.
But I find games pointless and I don't have the time to waste on them.
What if they're not pointless?
What if you win?
The prize will be all the information you desire.
For example,
the reason why the Great War began,
and what it will take to end it.
Give me a break.
We humans don't have any choice in that nonsense. So there's no point bothering with it.
There's only one thing I need to know how to do:
how to make it through the day alive.
And that's it.
That's the whole reason I brought you along.
The knowledge, the maths, the engineering tech you ex-machina contain...
If I could beat you then that's what I want.
the current state of our world...
the fact that humans have survived is...
an anomaly.
Even we, Ex-machina...
cannot calculate a reason for this.
As life forms you are weak.
Your civilization is primitive.
You cannot utilize spiritual power, and yet you have subsisted...
It defies all reason.
Yet there must be an answer,
a key...
to your survival.
And my theory is that...
it resides...
in the human heart,
and I intend to find it.
I wish to discover...
You're so full of shit.
You do whatever you want.
You wage war whenever you want.
You've taken everything from us.
And well, I'm so sorry if you're puzzled why we're still alive.
No wonder you know nothing about the human heart.
Okay, fine! You wanna know?
What if my heart hasn't changed?
What if it's deceased the moment I was born?
You get burned in Hell! Every last one of you!
Do you know how many people have died because of you bastards?
You probably know exactly how many, don't you?
And how many more will you make us kill?
I have made you cry.
So therefore...
I assume...
I have said something terrible.
Something... to hurt you.
What I do know about the heart, is that deep inside it,
you wish to kill me.
You can...
stab me.
I will die.
Rather, since I am not a living being, it will be a permanent cessation,
with repair not being possible. A complete systematic failure.
I wish to know your heart.
That's all.
If this is truly what your heart desires, then I want it to be realized.
Will you... Kill me?
Forty-eight people.
Forty-eight and I'm the one who ordered them all to die.
Too many people have died during your "Great War".
Removed from this world, like dust being swept away!
And the one who sent those people to die?
I am the one who told them to!
You awake?
Sorry, I know you're tired, but if you don't mind either...
Oh! Sorry!
Schwi, do you mind if I ask you why you're sitting there straddling me?
Riku, you instructed me to stay where you could see me.
I only meant for you to stay nearby.
if I am not in your line of sighting can you see me?
Is this some sort of role-play?
No! It's not!
It's okay, Big Sis understands!
Whenever you're done, let me know so Schwi can take a bath.
A bath?
Riku said I could show my body only to him.
In that case...
You have her trained?!
Couronne, please just leave us alone.
You two are sure moving quickly.
Okay, I'll let you two have some privacy.
I'll go kick out whoever is in the bath.
I am... Sorry.
Sorry for what?
For being the aggressor and yet asking you about the heart.
It's illogical.
I wouldn't say illogical...
It's insensitive.
My circuits aren't capable of sensitive transmissions.
That's not what I meant.
In any case, I'm sorry that I got all worked up.
Is that a bad thing to do?
Could be.
I might lose it, and smack you and that wouldn't solve anything would it?
Do you wish to strike me Riku?
Of course not.
I'm just making a point.
Maybe I'm not so sure myself.
Let's play a game.
What did you bring that thing for?
Because that's when you smiled Riku.
It's the only time.
Let's play a game.
I wish...
I wish to know your heart Riku.
But, also not in a manner that hurts you.
I have a conflict.
I don't know what to do.
You mean you'd have to hurt me in order to do it?
Can't you just go back to your cluster?
I'm sure you can learn all you want about the heart without forcing anatomy.
Yes. That's true.
But either way,
I don't wish to cause you harm.
Why is that?
You're asking me?
Stating possibility.
this unit has found the cluster pointless, meaningless and irrelevant.
With personal analysis of the heart taking prominence. I want you to remain and,
Stop that!
it seems I don't want to go back.
It seems..?
Unable to quantify definitely.
it would seem so.
So it does.
It's a little confusing.
Pawn to E4.
You could at least let me have the first move.
Your turn.
Also, you're playing while I'm sitting here brushing your hair.
That's not very fair, is it?
So...why is it so long anyway?
If you would prefer it to be short I will cut it.
No, you don't have to do that.
You just don't get it, do you?
Here you go, I have assigned a compact telescope
Look. I told you.
I still haven't beaten you at chess.
But I thought this is what you wanted.
So I made it for you.
That is where I met you.
There's something about that place that's always really bugged me.
But it's so far away that I can't just get up and walk there.
We have arrived.
Well you sure are the observant one, aren't you?
Have you noticed the buildings are all destroyed but,
for some reason, the ground here is mostly untouched.
That would be because of the Elves' protective magic.
But why let everything be completely wiped out, except for this one spot?
To the Elves this was an important facility.
An emergency shelter.
Or something else?
Something of more value.
A facility to research and develop, new weaponry.
What the Hell is this?
Protective glyphs of the Old Deus, Kainas.
That's the creator of the Elves.
These are not protective glyphs.
Regarding elvish glyphs or magical writings.
They do not correspond to any available data.
It's probably some damn new horrible foolishness they invented.
The Dwarves have enough power to destroy the planet.
ka Si Anse
Proof of Concept Reactor.
You can read the Elvish language?
The best clues in information out there is worthless if you can't understand it.
To this day the traits,
the languages and the customs of the various races have been passed down into our history,
written works, any means you can think of.
It's what we do.
Because, we lonely humans, aren't going to just sit back and let ourselves get wiped out.
That being said,
I can't read a damn thing else on here.
Especially this part,
must be like a name, right?
If this is all classified information,
then it's most likely that this is written in code, encrypted.
You're right, that's a problem.
It means even the names of whoever's involved with this are also being encrypted.
ka Si Anse
The only thing we know for sure so far is a bunch of fucking nonsense?
Riku stand back!
There's a security system,
the Elvish magic remains active.
Don't worry,
I'm fine.
What was that?
A special ability of the ex-machina,
if attacked we can analyze, emulate, and reproduce the attack.
Copying it.
But as a Prfer I would only be able to generate less than ten percent of it's original strength.
If you say so.
But you might still tone it down a bit.
I'm sorry.
I broke my promise,
and I used spiritual energy.
Well I guess it's better than dying.
Anyway, we should probably get out of here pretty quick before some band of freaks comes and finds us.
We got a soot storm.
I will be fine.
My system pulses a decontamination solution that purchase the impurities of the Ash.
You'll maybe fine but that doesn't mean I will be.
I see you brought the chess set, right?
I am sorry.
I'm not complaining
You want to play a game?
You don't mind?
No. That's good.
We're stuck down here because of the storm and everything.
It's a good way to kill some time, right?
Come on! How do you keep doing that?
One more time!
why do you keep challenging me when you know you can't beat me?
I can't beat you?
Yes, well you haven't yet.
Not even once.
I'm just thinking about this in the big picture.
There's no way you can beat me every single time.
I...I understand.
The current conditions upon this planet are fatal for all of Humanity,
the fact that you exist is an aberration.
This aberration...
this accomplishment... is possible because of your heart,
your will.
Despite overwhelming odds, Humanity as a whole survives.
This is an objective fact and yet...
You refuse to accept that fact.
For some reason,
you don't wish to acknowledge what you are.
Why is that?
Well let me ask you this:
what's the point of surviving when you live in a world like this one?
You just run as hard and as fast as you can and you keep running,
but what then?
What the Hell else do you do?
Just sit back and let yourself get obliterated into nothing?
And if don't like that idea,
can you let 999 people die for the sake of 1001? Will that change anything at all?
Tell me then Schwi,
what else can we do?
What... should I do?
I wish to know as well.
So then... what does your heart tell you Riku?
Just look at what a freaking mess I am.
I asked you 'cause honestly I don't know.
I'm afraid my heart is not talking.
In that case,
what do YOU wish to do?
What I wish to do?
Whatever it is.
I will help you.
I will be right by your side.
And I will stay there, until you understand your heart.
I shall keep watch over you to see what it is that your heart truly desires.
I wish to do whatever it is that you wish to do Riku.
Check mate.
That would have probably been a good time to maybe call it a draw... just saying.
Has there been any changes in the atmospheric conditions?
No there hasn't.
It's beautiful.
it's kinda nice not being alone, right?
you haven't always been alone, have you?
But I'm idiot,
I always push myself to extremes: trying to be something special.
If I were to just go by what I would do, well then things might actually work out well.
tell me something:
what is the point of this war and what can we do to end it?
When I was a child,
I thought the world was a much, much simpler place.
I thought there was no challenge that was unbeatable.
That if I tried hard enough,
anything was possible.
Everything was cut-and-dry:
you win, you lose, or it ends in a draw.
I thought I was seeing the world with clear eyes.
But it...
But it was all such foolish, ignorant ideas of youth.
you know in the end, it turns out that I was dead wrong.
You know what Schwi?
Together I think we can make things in this world get interesting.
That's it.
Those eyes are good Riku.
I have...good eyes?
likes to see those eyes.
I mean don't you?
There you go being confusing again.
This is really bad!
Please remain calm!
Aim for the west exit!
Nonna you go with the others.
Now go!
This place will get turned in ash too?
Then what?
What have I done all this for?
Riku, come on. You can't worry about all that now.
Why don't you just let me take things from here?
Schwi, you put that in writing, right?
Yes I did.
Which means Couronne,
that as of today, you're the head of the colony.
And that, is the site for your new colony.
You'll be safe if you stay in the western escape route.
Well, best of luck to you and everything
Wait Riku! What will me and the rest of the campers do?
Now everything is gonna be fine.
Because from here on out, no one else is going to die.
Hey! So what sort of craziness are you two cooking up?
Just a little game.
We're gonna take it easy and just pass the time.
As for now, everyone here is dead. We no longer exist in this world,
we're ghosts.
The day of the final battle will come,
it's no use in hoping for a future where it won't.
The world is an abomination.
So do we just run to stay alive,
praying for that last battle?
And pray to who?
These god damn butchers who call themselves Gods?
Artosh, creator of the Flgel.
Kainas, creator of the Elves.
Okein, creator of the Dwarves.
All of them claim to be the one true ruler of this world, fighting for their precious throne and doing nothing but destroying everything in the process.
These pieces of shit don't deserve any of our prayers!
It's time to open your eyes.
We can no longer rely on Horou to save us.
Which is why we have to build things up ourselves.
In the end this world is nothing but a game.
Those butchers are after the Suniaster
A conceptual device sent to bring absolute authority over this entire world,
which is why they have to go themselves to this bullshit where anything goes.
we're gonna make our own rules on our own terms.
And then...
we will win.
Number 1: No matter what, you must not kill.
The heart does not wish for murder.
Number 2: You must let no one die.
The heart doesn't want anyone to die.
Number 3: You must let no one discover you.
If we're discovered, we're dead.
Number 4: No tactic is off limits.
Not even a sly trick should be considered dirty.
Number 5: Those guys' rules mean nothing to us.
The heart doesn't give two shits about their bloody gun tests.
Number 6: Break any of these rules, and you lose.
The heart gains nothing from a victory where violence are principles.
That's it.
Now we do whatever we want.
We are the ghosts.
We will not kill a single member of the other races including the Old Deus.
And we will not be discovered.
We are a phantom,
we will guide the course of this war to it's fruition!
That will be our victory.
To finally see the end of their god damn war.
Our enemies are Gods with great tools of violence and despair.
Now this game was never meant for us to play,
so to win this we must do everything in secret and behind the scenes.
And even if we win, we can have no memory of this,
because ghosts don't exist, they just vanish.
But know this, if we can do this,
if we can master this game for real,
and we can win it,
we can die with our heads held high!
Because we lived the coolest, most badass lives ever!
If you're willing to play along,
if you're ready to get started then stay here.
I'm gonna be honest with you,
no offense, but I really thought that you guys were a bit smarter than this.
Smart men would have left before you finished your little speech.
Come on now, you didn't really think there were any smart people left in the world did you?
And where else are you gonna find a bunch of crazier fools than these?
The smart would have already chosen death over this place.
And yet the smartest ones did bother being born.
We did what you asked for Riku.
You're the one who chose us, remember?
Yeah that's right.
The one who leads a bunch of dumb asses is the biggest dumb ass of all!
Yes. Humans are fools.
But it takes a great fool to know how to not let foolishness get them killed.
We have stayed alive in a world where life has no value.
They are all fools, incredibly weak and vulnerable.
Magnificent weak fools all, who deaves great respect.
Okay everybody! Let's do this!
Let us pledge upon the wishes of our fallen brotherhood!
Not upon the memories of the fallen.
With the rules we have vowed to fallen,
to everyone here.
I pledge Aschente.
Let's get this game started.
I am now certain.
I don't understand the human heart.
All potential strategies have a less than one percent chance of success.
Then you must be wondering why everyone is so sure that we can pull it off.
So Schwi,
if you roll a dice what are the odds you roll a 6?
A one out of six chance.
Maybe so.
But what if someone who doesn't exist swaps it out for a dice that will only roll a six?
You're talking about manipulation of the variables.
I like to call it cheating.
But that was fun, right?
We are the singularity of the equation.
We'll make every prediction,
every strategy and calculation, come together exactly how we want it to.
If we pull it off, it will be a...
A miracle.
It would be an anomaly.
Success would be a distortion of probability theory.
Anything can happen though.
Zero or one hundred, it doesn't really matter.
I mean that's why they call it a theory.
Would you like me to prove it to you?
Question: what are the odds that right here and now, I would have professed my love to you?
Intent unclear.
Estimation: near zero.
Yeah well, you're wrong.
Will you marry me?
I decline.
I'm sorry I got carried away even though I'm just a virgin! Please don't widen the wound!
About intimacy, humans exchange it in order to reproduce.
But Schwi is Ex-machina.
I don't care about that!
I just want you and me forever!
Why? I"m by your side right now.
That's not what I mean, okay? I'm talking, as a life partner!
Ex-machina cannot reproduce.
That doesn't matter!!
We cannot copulate either.
Riku, you would always be a virgin
That doesn't matter!!
A momentarydelay
Ahh, come ooon I don't caaaare Detaiiils!!
It is not possible
Because I...
Reflection: From Prfer to energy
Decision approved.
I destroyed your home Riku.
It was me.
Lsen: Org. 2807: Umweg.
I did it.
Can you...
still say what you just said?
Schwi, I already knew that.
Somehow I already knew.
How is that?
the first thing that seemed a little off is,
you know... the first moment we ever met.
I mean, why would you have chosen to play chess in the first place?
Why would you have chosen to play chess in the first place?
Wasn't very well thought out, was it?
Even if that is so... why?
I guess because once I knew the whole story,
I kinda fell for you.
Nothing will change the fact that you wiped out my hometown.
But if wasn't for that then we probably never would've met.
It is what it is.
We can try and sugarcoat it, but it won't change anything.
You can cry,
or feel bad,
or promise to never do it again.
Maybe pity is why you took an interest in me in the first place?
But no matter your past, in the present you're with me.
And in my future, it's where I want you to stay.
It's called forever.
Being with you has made me think that even in a world like this, I want to live.
It's the only thing I can think of that makes me want to smile.
will you throw logic out of the window and chose to walk this path with me?
That is, as my wife?
In every sense,
to all rational appearances...
it is absurd.
And yet.
Let me...
Let me be by your side. With you and you alone Riku, forever.
And I, the same with you.
do you take Schwi to be your wife,
swearing to grow old together,
support and love each other and to stay alive?
Yeah, I swear.
Riku ! Please.
Sorry, we sorta got rid of that.
So, Aschente.
Kinda bugs me that you've been up to all this crazy stuff without letting me know anything.
Like, what the fuck?!
You don't even tell me you have a secret hide out and when I get here you're getting married !
Can we just get on with this stupid ceremony please?
You're the one who said we needed it.
Do you, Schwi, take Riku as your husband,
swear to grow together, support and love each other?
I swear to Riku, the one who taught me why I was born
and who gave me a heart, I pledge myself.
I will not let you die Riku.
We will live side by side right to the end.
And so, as your new big sister, I would like to congratulate you on your marriage.
You are so cute!
Couronne, why are you..?
Well she is the one you chose to be your bride, right?
So in closing, you shall carve your names onto this.
On a rock?
Yes on a rock. If you guys are gonna live in secret, there could be no official documents.
There's your name..
Yes, with my surname, and from now on it will be the same for all three of us.
It's weird for us to share a name.
Riku, Schwi, I don't know what you are... What either of you are planning to do.
I mean, you two aren't really part of this world.
But well, I do know I have a little brother I adore and now a courageous younger sister too.
So, I beg you:
be careful and don't do anything rash.
I don't wanna lose my family.
Yeah, no one is gonna die Couronne.
Because this is one game we'll sure win.
You can trust us Big Sister!
I just smelt the black ash.
Well done Werebeast.
You can eat me if you want but,
I guarantee you I won't taste very good.
Who the hell are you?
Your clan has made the west coast of the continent of Lucia, your home.
But the Dwarves are planning to conduct an advanced weapons test out there.
And be warned this thing can even kill an Old Deus.
It's a large scale explosive called an E-bomb.
Your kind can use Blood Destruction, right?
It can prove useful for you to get into the Dwarves facility.
You could make quick work of it, take care of things however you like.
The Dwarves' fleet keeps close watch of the Werebeasts and then moves into action.
The Werebeasts, fearful of the E-bomb, flee Lucia.
Next, secret Elvish information is given to the Dwarves.
And this, is where it all comes together.
Who are you?
Let's see.
Let me just call myself "ghost".
I assume you have business here that warrants barging into my home unannounced.
I was thinking the two of us could have a little game.
A game?
And the currency we'll bet with is information.
If you win I'll tell you something. If you lose, you tell me something.
I don't know who you are,
and yet you think Nina Clive will just accept a challenge from you?
I'll give you something upfront then.
Information on the ka Si Anse has been leaked to the Dwarves.
Is that good enough?
As the applicant and caretaker of the ka Si Anse theory,
you should have the ability to confirm if this information is valid or not.
Am I mistaken?
Very well, I may not know who you are but this is something I cannot ignore.
Therefore here is my wager.
The advocate of ka Si Anse theory is actually...
Somebody else right?
Yes I've already heard.
But I also know that's not true.
And you will resort to magic to make me believe your lie.
Now then what shall I give you?
When the Dwarves learned of the ka Si Anse, they concluded that it wasn't a threat.
And I have proof.
That's ridiculous!
It's true.
And I have more information.
The Dwarves are in possession of a weapon of their own, and it's even more powerful than the ka Si Anse.
The evil?
A weapon of tremendous scale, one that can wipe out the entire continent.
You're saying those creatures that burrow in the earth like moles, created something... something more advanced than the ka Si Anse: the combination of Elvish and spiritual magic.
Wait just a moment.
There have been times that you've chosen to lose on purpose.
Let me ask one last thing: are you our enemy,
or are you our ally?
I am neither your enemy, nor your ally.
I wish for as few of you to die as possible.
Very well Mr Ghost.
To be clear young man, I can assume you've shared this information with me alone, yes?
I guess I should tell you. My name is not Nina Clive;
My name is Think Nirvalen.
Did I fool you? Or did you already figure it out?
Did you ever hear me call you Nina?
Of course if you know anything about me,
I'm going to make you regret ever trying to make me do a play thing.
After all, the rumor that Elves are relentlessly tenacious...
first began with none other than the Nirvalen family.
Riku, hurry! It's a decontaminant.
Riku you lied to me! You said that it would only be an hour.
You've been breathing Black Ash for twice that time!
I Didn't have a choice.
Or I would have given myself away. I had to do it.
And besides, look how smart you are,
the one who can predict that sort of suicidal behavior, right?
I think this is maybe it for me.
So, how much longer do you think I've got?
I won't let you die.
You have to stay alive until I die.
How long do Ex-machina live?
I have another 892 years left of life.
I guess I'll have to step up the game.
And so the first objective was achieved.
Moving the violent battle lines outside of the human territories.
First the Dwarves and now the Elves.
Even the Werebeasts are leaving!
What's going on?
Lily, keep my things for me, I'll be back!
Wait, Couronne!
The ghosts continued to take action from behind the scenes.
And just like we wanted, the Elves eventually became allies with the Fairies,
and moved to ramp up their contracts with the Dragonia in order to defeat all the Dwarvish fleet.
Meanwhile, the Dwarves became allies with the Gigants,
as well as several Phantasmas, who were all on friendly terms.
Manipulated by the ghosts' information,
each of the major powers took steps to guard against the large scale destructive weaponry of the other,
moving their headquarters to the neighboring continent of Ariena.
And well that just so happen to be the home base of the greatest threat of all:
the Old Deus Artosh.
23 units are now installed.
That leaves 9 remaining.
And so, as each of the other races started to take advantage of the situation,
the clock began ticking down to the world's final battle.
Exactly like we wanted.
Hey Schwi,
of all the Gods, is there a god of games?
And if I told you I met him, would you believe me?
The stuff he does, it's way beyond anything I can anticipate,
so of course I lose to him every single time,
and yet,
it's so much fun that I can't stand it.
And it's like I just know that I can beat him the next time,
I've been thinking about that since this whole thing started. So I...
I have to settle things with him once and for all.
Because that game of ours isn't over yet.
If you believe this,
I believe it too.
If you say he exists, then he does.
I do not doubt you.
Why isn't someone here to hear you say that?! They couldn't believe me!
It's just like you said,
we haven't lost a single person to the war,
and sightings of the other races have dried up too.
Yeah I bet.
Well, if you two are the ones behind all of this,
then I say that you are doing something pretty amazing.
But Riku!
Look at the shape you're in! You need to be more careful!
It's not a problem.
It's a big problem Riku!
You're falling apart.
We're almost there.
Just let me be.
But when is almost?
I want it to be over.
How long do I have to keep worrying about you?
do you know what the gods are after with this war of theirs?
The throne of the One True God.
Yeah, according to Schwi,
it's something they refer to as the Suniaster.
It's a kind of conceptual device. And it was designed so that out of all of those big fancy Old Deus idiots, only one of them can be called God.
A conceptual device?
How are you ever supposed to find something like that?
It will be only under one condition,
it must manifest itself in front of the absolute greatest power on the planet.
And if there are ten gods out there with equal power,
they will have to kill all the other nine. Making whoever is left the One True God.
That's their twisted way of thinking.
What? Then they're morons!
So that's the reason that we've been...
Couronne, they're even dumber than you think.
Listen to this:
their precious Suniaster, we can make it show up without going through all that trouble.
And that's why I've gathered all these handsome fellas together.
The ka Si Anse,
the E-bomb,
the Heaven's strike,
they're powerful enough on their own,
but when put together in one area,
they could blast a hole right through the planet.
The planet?!
All the Old Deus were literally born from this world.
They all came from the spirit circuit.
Which means the greatest power of the whole wild world is actually...
The spirit circuit.
We may be the weakest but we've set the stage for the final scene.
We're gonna use their own strength against them and turn the global balance of power on it's baffled little head.
The Suniaster will appear and once it is acquired,
the One True God will be mean and the planet will be rebirth.
This operation will be an all out assault, so it must be done using Schwi's weaponry which can skew the power's direction.
It will be an amalgam of influence, installing 32 Umweg units and should, in theory, allow us to build enough raw power to destroy the planet.
There are nine installations left.
And once everything is set up...
Those fools will pierce the planet's core themselves, and we'll be there to snatch the Suniaster right under their noses.
And we'll do it without anyone dying.
"Hey there, how 'you doing? You like losing? How does that feel?"
What did you tell them all before you came here?
How about the colony is in an absolute panic?
Don't let them be on their own for too long.
What's going on? You guys said that and left without saying anything, that you'll never...
Take care of Nonna and the others, they need you.
Riku, just sleep.
I can't.
We have to hurry with setting up the Umweg.
It can wait.
The attack will not be starting anytime soon. Your predictions are never wrong.
You can rest for a little while.
You should, take a day off.
You're right.
I can probably use some time to get my strength back up.
I'm sorry for being such a burden.
Riku. Please just sleep now, you're not a burden.
And Schwi.
I have a favor to ask you.
Could you, hold my hand while I sleep?
I will hold your hand.
For as long as you need. Don't worry Riku.
Schwi, thank you for coming into my life.
I mean it.
I love you so much.
Forever and ever.
I'm sorry.
I'll be back.
The Elves have the ka Si Anse.
The Dwarfs have their E-bomb.
But, they're both still weak and yet challenging Lord Artosh.
The fools should get squashed! Nya!
That hurt...
You're the one being foolish Azriel, we can't afford to make any brazen moves ourselves.
Lord Artosh is awaiting the right opportunity,
and so we must all wait as well.
Rather tedious isn't it?
8 more.
If I acquire the Suniaster, then Riku will not die.
Riku, just hold on.
Well now.
Are you out here all by yourself on this lovely day?
I observed faint readings of spiritual energy so I came to investigate.
And well, what a most unexpected bounty it has yielded me.
It's a pleasure to meet you, scrap.
Warning: Hostile action against this unit will trigger appropriate counter measures.
From a single Prfer unit? Isn't that cute.
I've confirmed there's no cluster readings within a 100km radius.
No one is coming to help you, so I'd say this is a wonderful chance to remove that charming little head of yours.
Number 1: you must not kill anyone.
Luckily for you. Ex-machina have no understanding of the concept of death, do they?
Number 2: you must let no one die.
There really is no use in resisting and so-
I refuse.
This unit has been abandoned.
It has no worth.
Number 6: break any of these rules, and you lose.
I'd like you to, drop this.
Don't tell me an Ex-machina is pleading for its life out of a fear of death?
Oh, so then you're a defect cast out from your own collective? Oh you are a premium catch indeed.
I've determined our respective combat abilities. My chances of winning are:
And yet.
In improbability theory, there is no zero.
Laden: Launching code 1673B743E1F255, Activate: Lsen
Final Warning.
All armaments, fire power and combat maneuvers shall be employed.
And you will beg for your life.
Oh no, how precious. I thought Ex-machina were designed and constructed to parse and emulate the most optimal method to destruction.
I'm sorry sweetie but I think someone has played a joke on you.
Scattering the elemental bones. As a machine, I suppose you're not very kind to the environment are you?
However, I might be able to do something about that.
Your depiction is unaffiliated.
Lsen: Enderpokryphen!
I should continue my escape until having reached a distance where the Flgel cannot detect me.
Oh is that right?
And just what do you have in mind next?
Oh dear, I thought I was targeting the neck.
Perhaps my aim was a little bit off.
Because obviously, I cannot imagine a machine having anything close to resembling... intuition.
Anyway, this is growing tiresome. All I need from you is your adorable head.
The rest of you I will bury you in the dirt.
I don't want to die.
I can't die.
Because of me.
We cannot fail.
All I can do now...
All I can do...
All I can do for Riku is...
My designation number is c207Pr4f57t9 Requesting reconnection to bercluster Befehler Ein. My analysis of the Human Heart is complete. I'm requesting reconnection. repeat.
You have been permanently severed from the collective. And your data has been the source of critical error.
Your request has been denied.
That isn't the code!
I dispute this refusal. All Prfer reports and analytical studies are required to be sent to the Einzieg.
I strongly urge reconnection.
Einzieg, no... Correction:
I don't want to die!
I love Riku, I don't want to be separated from him.
This doesn't make any sense.
These are the feelings Riku gave me.
These, are all Schwis' feelings.
There all mine and mine alone!
You can't just tell me to hand them over.
I won't let you have them.
You can't feel these feelings!
As calculated, your unit is damaged.
I know.
This system is contradicting of failing, and yet still manages to function, this is an anomaly.
I know that is why.
This status is no possible.
And yet it is, it is the heart Riku gave me. It shows me, the truth!
In consideration of said status. It is deemed your unit contains valuable sample data.
Re-initiating data synchronization. Completion time is 251 seconds.
During which time, further damage to your unit is not permissible.
Initiating the algorithm for combating unknown foes.
These emotions.
This parse, the life I have received being born a machine.
I have 251 seconds to survive... So I must!
Are you trying to imply something, with those gorgeous wings of yours?
A bit audacious, but brilliantly constructed my dear.
I never told you my name.
But that would be it.
It was a gift to me,
from the one I love.
Oh yes, where are my manners. My name is Jibril. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
But I'm afraid,
it is time for us to say goodbye.
You cannot play your enemies at their own game. Do not give them the initiative.
Make them drop their guard, make them believe you are an unworthy opponent.
No. Make your enemies put their guard up. Make them worry about acting rationally.
If immediate action doesn't fit, then wait for the next move.
I can't die, not yet!
I cannot die!
Finally, a workable mistake.
You've caused me quite a surprising amount of effort.
What do you mean by mistake?
Allow me to explain.
I apologize for calling you scrap metal, it was shamefully crass, but...
I have deemed your presence a threat the needs to be eliminated.
You are an enemy worthy of the full extent of my power.
In this game.
Victory goes to me.
Lsen: Kein-Eintrag
Hey Riku.
It's Schwi.
I finally understand.
am so happy I met you.
Next time.
We'll never be apart.
I truly...
love you.
I didn't get her head... Now the merchandise is gone...
And I used so much of my energy, that I turned into this little thing.
What a waste of time... This wasn't worth the trouble at all...
I thought...
I thought I could win this time for sure. So long as I had Schwi, and the others.
I don't know what cruel god out there made us humans, but..
Come on please, just once...
Can't you let me win just one god damn time?
Well? If not...
Why did you give me a heart to feel such pain?
You have to stay alive until I die.
Yeah that's right.
If my Schwi is gone, then what's the point anymore.
I have nothing left...
Spieler Riku.
Who are you?
I have no name.
But I shall call myself: Einzieg.
I am here to fulfill the wish given to me by the prayer, the deceased called: Schwi.
Rule Number 2: You must let no-one die.
The rules you came up with.
The conditions of failure.
They do not apply to the loss of a tool.
They do not apply to the loss of Schwi.
This makes check.
The rest is up to you.
Allow me to provide you with some additional information.
First off, given that the various races have gathered near the Einsweig installation points.
Any movement on our part will be immediately detected by the cluster. With a 98 percent probability that we will engage in battle.
Thus, only the 24 Einsweig currently installed can be used.
Meaning it will not be possible to draw the energy downward and into the planet.
However it will be possible to guide the energy south-west.
Second, we Ex-machina are able to deploy weaponry. And this weaponry can be used to analyze and replicate any attack that is incurred.
Spieler Riku. You will take control of this weaponry and use it to drill into the planet.
Allowing you to manifest the Suniaster.
Ex-machina are built machines, mere tools bereft of heart.
We are designed to complete a purpose. And must carry out the orders we are given.
As such, now Spieler Riku.
I shall aid you in your purpose. Your orders please.
The rules did not include...
The loss of a tool.
If this is what you wish.
Then I wish it too.
That is just cute! Nya.
I never was a fan of the whole healing procedure. Nya.
It has been such a long time since I've seen you like this Jibril.
But I can't still help but wonder what the piece of junk was up to.
Detecting multiple heat signatures from the outside. It's...
What is going on here, who had the nerve to launch Heavens' Strike?
We've confirmed the preemptive strike originating from Avant-Heim. Prepare to launch the E-bomb.
Fire the ka Si Anse. Maximum output!
Aim for Artosh to Starbord and the Dwarfish fleet to the Port.
I predict a strike from Avant-Heim.
No... This is...
Nya... Those mechanical monsters are thumbing their noses at us.
Piles of scrap!
I've grown tired of this charade.
And now I must respond. A beam of all my power shall confront the attacks of the weakest.
Yes, you... Monkey.
The Heavens' Strike came from behind Avant-Heim. Fired in a way so that no one was killed and as a result.
Cluster 11 is now in motion. Headed for point Z.
All out war is on the verge.
Take your positions.
We're going up against an Old Deus.
He will see right through whatever plan we humans come up with.
And be assured, he will bring everything he has to wipe us out.
That's how the powerful think. It's how they do things.
The foolish will not know in which they are mindless apes in worth less than the dirt in which they hide.
You can struggle, but you will know that no matter how many of you band together and writhe upon the earth. You are no strength of the Heavens.
Fire the ka Si Anse. Maximum capacity!
Launch the E-bomb!
Heavens' Strike!
Even the combined power of the ka Si Anse and the E-bomb could not stop the enveloping fury of Artosh's Heaven's Strike.
All of that energy will collide and build into a raging blaze.
Because of the brilliant light, this signals the end of this world.
And then.
It's turning away.
All that energy.
We are machines, tools bereft of heart.
We have lived here yet never alive. Let us die having lived!
Aus. Jawohl!
Cluster 11 has incorporated 4807 units. And calculated aberration and replication, synchronizing.
Org. 0000: Stalemartyr. This is for you.
Okay then.
That makes this a draw.
A Stale-mate.
Sorry all you so called Gods.
The Suniaster.
How many people have died for this moment?
Schwi's comrades.
Life after life.
How many...
How many people have I sent to their deaths?!
What have I done. I was nothing but a fraud. A con artist, gambling with Schwis' spirit.
No I can't take it. I can't do this.
This can't possibly be a draw!
I'm sorry... Schwi.
I lost.
Hey Schwi.
If it can only be you and me.
The two of us, together again.
The next time for sure though. I know we're going to win Schwi.
I know exactly how we can win the next time around.
Oh God of the Game! My life is worth nothing now!
But I'm offering it to you. And for the first time in my life.
I pray to you!
I'm begging you! That even if a loser and a cheat... someone who would steal and fall into disgrace.
That even if these hands are stained in blood...
Please. Please say it all meant something, that we meant something!
Anyone... Please tell me you can put an end to this war!
Please... Take the Suniaster.
The hell?
So you were real after all...
Let's play another game.
This time I'll show you that we can win. Schwi and I.
Count on it.
When I was a child, I thought the world was a much, much simpler place.
I thought that there was no challenge unbeatable. That if I tried hard enough, anything was possible.
I thought I was seeing the world with clear eyes.
Maybe I was.
Check Mate.
Right Riku?
If things are going well, do you think you could move the white rook to E6 for me?
Couronne Dola.
Or I mean...
Big Sis'.
I'll leave the rest to you.
That you so much. For everything.
Riku, Schwi.
You two did something truly incredible.
You put an end to the eternal war.
And yet...
Why do I feel like this?
Why is it that I feel so... Why do I...
Why do I feel so cheated.
The game isn't over yet you know.
That may very well be check, but it's not check mate.
Still if something doesn't change.
Then we'll be locked in a perpetual check.
This is a first for me you know... It's ended in a draw.
No one created you.
No one wished for you.
And no one asked for you.
Purely of your own will, you went from beasts to walking on two legs.
Attaining knowledge and becoming what you are today. A nameless race.
But I, the one true god, shall give you a name.
And so.
To all exceed, the self appointed sentient races.
First, there was Achte, to honor the fallen.
Then Aschent, for consent between a races.
But now you will use Aschente.
As of this day, the world will be forever changed!
Now lets keep this game going!
So about that story, how much of it was true and how much was complete garbage?
Oh Izuna, if I told the whole truth. It wouldn't be an unspeakable myth now anymore would it?
You can be a real jerk, you know that?
But while, I like having you pet so I'll forgive you.
Sora, Shiro, Steph.
Oh jeez, where the heck did you go?
You really gotta look out, there's a bunch of creeps out there you know.
Someone like Sora, or someone like Shiro?
You meet me and just took off moron... .
They're absolutely right Izuna, there are no creeps in this entire world worse than these two right here. Ah...
Oh my god, what are you doing?!
What is that writing?
Hi. Hello hello!
Can you read this?
Oh it's an ancient language from way back before Immanity became one of the races.
Come to think of it, most of our problems are usually this idiots fault.
It says, Couronne Dola, Riku Dola and Schwi Dola.
Couronne Dola?
Yes, she was the ruling Queen of Elkia.
She was smart and full of joy, and a bright soul that was never seen crying.
She was the pride of the Dola family.
And who are the other two?
I have no idea.
This little creature is not part of Immanity
I feel like I've heard that name before..
At least. I think so.
As it turns out, the world really isn't all the complicated.
It's pretty simple actually.
It's all just a game, a very simple game.
Of course, some will try to make it difficult.
But you can handle them, I know it.
I know you can!
Let's get this game started!