No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker (2008) Movie Script

I shouldn't be doing this,
but it's dangerous out here.
You said it, mister.
I don't know what worries me more...
running out of water
or running into the Drifter.
The, uh, Drifter?
You never heard
of the Death Valley Drifter?
Killed dozens
out here in the desert.
Kinda funny, huh?
Death Valley.
You get it?
Death Valley.
Uh, at the, uh,
filling station up ahead,
I'll let them know
you need a ride.
It's a sad state of affairs
when a man can't trust
a fellow man.
Damn it.
Okay, I can do that.
I sell supplies
to machine shops.
I used to be a welder myself,
but it's much more
exciting on the road.
If I had stayed in the shop,
I would have never earned
such a colorful nickname.
I know.
I'm getting to it.
They always say
practice makes perfect.
On your knees!
You have the right
to remain silent. Anything...
anything you say can...
I need backup.
What's your 20?
At the old Shrader Ranch Road.
- John's at the school.
- Now!
I've caught
the Death Valley Drifter.
You have the right to remain...
They tell me
my work here is done.
I'm yours.
His parents were victims
of unsolved murders.
He served in Vietnam.
He had the highest
enemy body count in his division.
His not-so-positive record
refers to him
as an unpredictable
killing machine.
Do you enjoy killing people?
Do you enjoy analyzing people?
- It's a job.
- Exactly.
It's a job.
But it's not a job
if you don't have a boss.
What about the voices?
What do these voices say?
Killing in this world is practice
for my afterworld calling,
that I serve
at the universe's discretion
until my earthly body
is completely decayed
and I can kill no more.
How would you feel
if I told you that
these voices aren't real?
You think you know
what's real?
Nobody knows shit.
The only given in this world...
everyone has to die.
Can't say how proud we are
that you're the new sheriff.
We owe this to you...
a true hero.
Do you really think
he heard voices?
Or do you think he was
just angling for an insanity plea?
It sounded like
bullshit to me.
So are you really buying
a home in North Dakota?
Well, I always said
I wanted to retire where it's cold.
It would be nice
to freeze my ass off for once.
We're gonna miss you, Sheriff.
Thanks, darling.
You are exactly
as Mom described you.
Your mother doesn't know me.
She didn't know me
when we were married,
and she sure as hell
doesn't know me 40 years later.
- Top you off?
- Whoa whoa whoa.
Can you give me
another cup, please?
I get a balance going
with the creamers and the sugars,
- and they always... they mix it up.
- Yeah.
Whenever there's a new girl,
I park my spoon
right on top of my cup,
but you'll learn soon enough,
won't you, dear?
Whatever you say, Sheriff.
Is she new?
Yeah, she's from LA.
You two have
something in common.
Wow, we're both from
the second-largest city in the United States.
- Amazing.
- Out here, you take what you can get.
- Asshole.
- Hey, that asshole is the new sheriff.
What is that smell?
I'm cleaning the grease trap.
Did someone take
a shit in the grease trap?
You've got
a mouth on you.
I say it how I see it.
Excuse me,
the toilet's clogged.
It was already clogged
when I went in there.
- Of course it was.
- It's gonna be one of those days.
Going? It already is.
Shouldn't we be doing something?
- Look, son...
- Harris.
- Harris, it's a different pace out here.
You'll get used to it.
It's just... first day on the job,
and catching up with
a father I hardly know,
- it's all a little...
- Overwhelming?
You take the lid off the tank
and check the float.
Make sure it doesn't stick.
You want me to fix it?
And be sure
to wash your hands.
You might need this.
I'm afraid to ask what
you were doing with it in the kitchen.
Well, then don't.
There was a bloody shirt.
- That's all?
- "That's all?"
Well, we are the only
public bathroom in 100 miles.
You'd be surprised
what you find.
Well, surprise me.
- Do you really want to know?
- Yes.
- Do you have a strong stomach?
- Yeah.
- A shoe...
- So?
...with a foot in it.
- No.
Come on.
Come on.
You all right?
- Did the bleeding stop?
- No, my t-shirt was soaked.
- We've gotta get him some help, man.
- I'll be okay.
- Okay okay.
- No, really.
Come on, man.
We gotta get him to a hospital. Let's go.
Stick to the plan.
- Did you put 40 in the pump?
- Yeah.
I cleared out the corner office.
What do you say
we get you moved in?
Oh, before I forget,
I got a call about
a missing man... Indian.
Family said
he wandered away from home
a couple of nights ago.
He had been drinking. Keep an eye out.
- One second.
- Armed men stormed the casino,
ordering patrons to their knees.
While the customers were held
at gunpoint, one of the men barricaded...
Well, that's not surprising.
The only thing standing
between all that money
and anybody that
wants to take it
are a couple rent-a-cops
clocking minimum wage.
...suspects in this
brazen daytime robbery.
The suspects are armed
and considered dangerous.
They were last seen in a blue
four-door sedan. Any information...
What are you doing here?
Maya, I need your help.
- You always need something.
- This is serious, all right?
And cheating on me
with my sister wasn't?
Whatever you're selling,
I'm not interested.
I do appreciate whatever pull you had
in helping me get this job.
Well, everyone deserves
a second chance.
What is it?
- I don't wanna see you.
- Look, Maya, listen to me.
I have a friend in the car
who needs to get to a hospital.
I'm gonna leave him here.
When I do, you call 9-1-1.
- All right?
- What's going on?
Oh, shit.
Get back... back.
Nick, I need a physical description
- of the casino robbery suspects.
- Copy that.
Three males... two Latinos,
one has a shaved head.
All right, we have a visual.
I need you here
at 6 Corners for backup.
- How many of them?
- Just get your ass over here.
We're gonna let them go.
We'll pull them over
on the highway
- away from the civilians.
- We don't want to let them out of our sight.
- Let's move right now.
- Hey, get back here.
I am still the sheriff here.
It's my last day. It's my call.
- Where the fuck are you?
- There's a problem... 2:00.
No, don't...
don't look right now.
Where's the keys? Shit.
All right, against the car.
Hands on your head.
Whatever I'm about
to say, I'm lying.
Don't move.
Let him go.
She's dead if you don't.
I swear to God.
Let him go.
Please, just let him go now.
He's lying. Shoot him.
Look, our friend is dying.
We don't want to hurt anyone, I swear.
We just need
to get him some help.
I'm a doctor.
I can help your friend.
We just wanna get out of here.
Nice and easy.
You can take me instead.
Help me.
Where are you guys?
- Fire!
- Run, go!
- In here!
- I've got you, buddy.
- Harris, leave him!
- Help!
Nick, where are you?
I need you here now.
Officer down.
Send medical and fire.
Let's go! Come on!
- What was that?
- Earthquake. Come on!
Hurry up! Let's go!
- I couldn't save him.
- You were out.
You tried.
We left Carlos
in the car to die, man.
- He was gonna die anyway.
- You said the guards were unarmed.
Look, don't go blaming me!
I didn't do this alone!
Because you said
no one would get hurt!
If we didn't have to stop
and see your girlfriend,
- we wouldn't be in this shit!
- What did you do?
- We've gotta disappear.
- Our car.
I'll find another one!
What did you do this time?
I just hope the epicenter's near us,
because if there are
any casualties in the city,
it'll be a long time
before we get any help.
- Where are the fugitives?
- They ran behind the diner.
- With the waitress?
- Yeah.
We have a hostage situation.
Hello? Is anybody there?
Do you read?
I think we should make sure
everyone else is okay.
I'm gonna go find a landline.
No no no, just sit tight. Sit tight.
We don't want
to get ourselves killed here.
Backup will be here
at any moment.
- I should just walk away.
- Fine, leave!
It's what you do when things
get tough, you leave. Go!
- Adios.
- See you around.
I don't think so.
We've got a cop car
or a grey four-door.
The grey four-door is hers.
Well, what are
we waiting for? Keys.
Tell him where
the keys are, Maya.
My purse, in my locker, inside.
You go with her.
I'll make sure we're not followed.
They should have
been here by now.
Look, there's a hostage
in there, okay?
And there's other injured parties
in there possibly.
It doesn't help
anybody if we hide.
Yeah, well, it doesn't help anyone
if we don't have a plan.
Look, let's all move together
to the back door
and we'll make
a call on the landline.
Phone's static.
Should we go check the motel?
Yeah, let's go.
Where did all the people go?
Where's Ravi?
Out of here,
where we're going.
Hey, you smell that?
It's rotting flesh.
You don't smell it?
I have anosmia...
no sense of smell.
- There's such a thing?
- Blind people, deaf people...
- they get all the attention.
- Well, I guess if I had a sense to lose...
People and animals
with no sense of smell are twice as likely
to die prematurely.
Bad smells are nature's warning.
Nature's sure as hell warning us.
Are you okay?
Base, there's been
an explosion. Code 13.
It doesn't look good.
I don't see any survivors.
You don't see us
because we're back here.
We're still here.
We're okay.
There should be a body in here.
there's no way
he walked out in one piece.
The physics
of an explosion like this,
it's beyond
our comprehension.
- Maybe it...
- Made him disappear?
Yeah, well, I'm gonna
go try the base radio in the car.
- What now?
- We get the fuck out of here.
You're not gonna get away with this.
There's no sunset.
Give me the fucking keys!
If I don't?
You will.
What are you gonna do, kill me?
No, I'm not gonna kill you,
but Binky will.
You wouldn't let that happen.
Well, I guess we're gonna find out,
aren't we? Huh?
Someone wrote out their will
in the guest comment book.
People who stay here
are obsessed with death.
The few who actually
know how to write.
Doctor Al.
I'm Harris.
Hal's son.
Your wife left you
for your captain.
You roughed him up,
got kicked off the force.
- Word spreads quick around here.
- Don't worry.
Most people who live here are
running from one thing or another.
And you?
I own a horse ranch
between here
and the Halfway Travel Oasis.
I work at the hospital in the city.
That's still wet.
The other workers...
what do they drive?
The cook lives here
with his wife.
She's in town with their car.
That's everyone.
Maybe we can carjack, huh?
There hasn't been another car
since we got here.
We're in the middle of nowhere!
- What do you want me to do?
- I should put a bullet in you!
Binky, listen to me.
Put the gun down, please.
Put the gun down.
I will find the keys.
I'll find the keys, okay?
I'll find them.
All right?
I'll find them.
That's the spirit.
The septic tank traps the solids,
lets the water seep
through a bed of gravel.
There's usually
a clean out on top.
Yes, the one job you kept
for over a week...
Randy Rooter.
So respectable.
And a waitress is what, huh?
A start. I have plans.
You've got plans.
What's this?
It's the clean out.
- This?
- I don't know,
but it's next to the tank.
We're going down.
Oh, it's a bomb shelter.
The tank's on the other side.
Someone's been injured.
Possibly the hostage.
Whoever else was here left.
The tires of my motorcycle
were slashed.
Yeah, well,
they don't want to be followed.
So you're the little shit
that robbed the casino.
Fuck you!
All right.
I ain't doing it.
He's gone. We lost him.
What the fuck are you doing?
It's that.
It's the purple
rabbit-foot keychain.
Be careful.
Not funny.
You were worried.
No no, I heard you.
There's still something there.
You still care.
Yesterday I hit a skunk with my car.
Killed it. I cried.
It doesn't mean
I wanna be with a skunk.
You were still worried.
We keep our eyes on him
until help comes.
If we have an opportunity
to rescue the hostage,
don't you think we should?
What the f...
What? What do you see?
We're screwed, Maya.
We're never gonna
find those keys.
- You're screwed.
- They could be anywhere.
They could,
but they're not.
What are you talking about?
Payback's a bitch.
You didn't.
Look, if this means we're even, l...
We are far from even.
I just swam through
shit for you, Maya.
See, that's where
you're wrong.
You swam through
shit for you,
so you could leave
with your boyfriend.
You have never once
done anything just for me.
I didn't come back
here for your help.
It wasn't supposed to happen,
all right, Maya?
I came back here for you. I did.
I came back here for you.
Look, Maya, please just come with me.
Okay, I have money now.
We can make a fresh start.
What can I do
to change your mind?
Just go.
He couldn't have gone far.
He couldn't have gone far.
Drop the radio.
- Kick it towards me.
- You're not gonna get away with this.
- I already am.
- Freeze!
Drop the weapon.
- You drop the weapon!
- I said drop the weapon!
I said drop
the weapon!
Oh shit.
What did you do to him?
- I was standing right here!
- What about your partner?
He was with me.
He was running away.
He was scared of something.
I didn't touch him!
Hey! Don't move! Don't move!
Hey, he let the hostages go.
It's not worth it.
Are you all right?
Yeah, same story,
different day.
We need help... now.
I'm walking up to Hertel Ranch.
- It's two miles up the road.
- No, I'll go.
Hey hey hey, no one is
going anywhere.
We are the help!
We have listened
to you enough already.
You have lost control
of this situation.
Doc, go check out the old man.
Look, backup is on the way.
- We cannot count on them.
- We have no choice.
They are not coming!
It is no surprise
you spent your life alone.
Who could put up with you?
You don't know
anything about me.
Whose fault is that?
Now why don't you just throw
your little handbook out the window
and start trusting yourself?
What are you so afraid of?
Take plenty of water.
Be back by sundown.
Hey, take this.
This is Mr. Anderson.
He was scheduled
for surgery today.
He wasn't expected
to survive.
How did he wander
all the way out here?
You know, there's a precise nature
to the wounds.
It looks as if they were made
with surgical tools.
It's just strange that
someone would kill him this way.
How's that?
He was scheduled
for open-heart surgery.
- What's wrong with you, man, huh?
- You stink.
Hey, you know what?
I got the keys, didn't I?
Pull over.
Oh, come on, Binky.
What now, all right?
Stop the car.
I could take a shower, all right?
I'll take a shower.
Stop the car and get out.
- What are you doing?
- I'm starting over.
Are you okay?
Did you see that?
You really didn't see that?
You haven't made
any weapons?
You don't know
where you're at, do you?
6 Corners Travel Stop.
My people tell the story
of an evil darkness
that lurks in the space
between the light and the dark.
That's where we are.
If you do not go peacefully
when Mother Nature
calls you back home,
this darkness will come
and take you by force.
Are you Leonard Eaglesmith?
That's me.
Yeah, your family called in
and said you were missing...
wandered away from home.
You had been drinking.
Something terrible must
have happened to me.
All right, all right.
Look, why don't you
sleep it off, huh?
We'll set you up
a room here at the motel.
You'll feel better
in the morning.
I can fight back,
and I will not die lying down.
Well, I mean,
I can't make you stay.
You haven't broken
any laws,
but I think
you should consider
waiting with us
out of the elements.
I warned you.
What is going on?!
.' I tried to scold you.'
.' But yesterday
you had already gone.'
.' You know, you move so fast.'
.' You're a solitary breed.'
.' Yeah, everybody loves you.'
.' That's a solitary... .'
"You are trapped between
light and dark, night and day."
That's what Eaglesmith said.
Where are you going?
To find him.
What's wrong with you?
Binky, your head, man.
What? What?!
What? What?
Maybe you should lie down
a little bit, you know?
I don't want to lie down!
- What did I hit?
- I don't know.
Something doesn't
want us to leave.
What's going on, Binky?
Well, don't leave me.
Don't be an asshole.
Slow down!
You wanna know what
the problem with me is?
You. Ever since
I met you, you...
Look, this is not the time!
I'm freaking out here!
Come on, man.
I need you now, more than ever.
Oh yeah, look who's being nice
now that they don't have a face.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
What the... water! Water!
Don't just stand there. Water!
- Water? I don't have any water.
- We've gotta do something.
Come on, help.
Are you kidding?
- I can't do it on command!
- Just try!
- Don't look at it.
- I wasn't.
I hope that's not my share.
- Carlos?
- What happened to you?
Badass black thing's chasing me
around with a flame-thrower.
- Black thing?
- It's hunting everyone here, man.
- Hunting?
- Watch your backs.
You smell that?
I have a cold.
I don't have a nose.
I wouldn't stick
around here if I was you.
Carlos. Carlos, wait! Carlos!
I think he's in trouble.
I found these.
He's probably
passed out somewhere.
You could smell the booze
from a mile away.
If any of the prophecies
are correct,
we're not the first to face this,
- and we won't be the last.
- That's just a lot of hogwash.
"An evil darkness lurks"?
Listen to her. She's right.
Any luck with the phone?
Couldn't get to it.
Oh, there's just a little matter
of an invisible wall
that's keeping us
all trapped here.
That and a smelly ass
Grim-Reaper-Iooking thing
performing lipo on an Indian man
in a shack off old 13.
"See?" She says "See?"
Now I was hoping that
you would think I was out of my mind,
at the very least sarcastic.
I would pour you a coffee,
but I think you need this.
"Rotting flesh.
The smell of death.
Beware the Reeker."
Whoa whoa whoa,
let's not jump to conclusions.
Well, what about
the old man then?
Well, call me crazy,
but I would tend to believe
that the armed robbers
were responsible,
not some ghost
with a hygiene problem.
Add up the clues.
- It's called detective work.
- Where are you going?
To protect us.
Will you come on?
Come on.
What, you're worried about the cash?
- What about your face?
- Yeah, right.
Now I got nothing. I can't even
afford to buy a new fucking face.
You can buy a face?
Well, for the right price,
they can make a man into a woman...
filet and fold your penis
right up inside. Why not?
How could you even be alive?
Well, chickens live
with their heads cut off.
Yeah, for a few seconds,
but they don't talk
and they sure don't walk.
I swear, if I get out of this,
I am never doing
anything bad again.
I'll volunteer.
I'll sing for the needy.
- Oh, check it out.
- What?
It's clean, it's green and it's mine.
I'm not sticking around.
Okay, don't shoot.
Please take me to jail.
Please take me to jail.
Look, I give up. I surrender.
You saw him,
didn't you?
Yeah. Yeah yeah,
I saw him.
Down on your knees!
I don't think
he's going anywhere.
There's a problem
with the world... it ends.
- Now! Now! Hands behind your head.
- Okay okay okay.
We could use the help.
He's not gonna be much help
when he's under arrest.
Look, I just think
we should stick together.
Armed robbery,
attempted murder, resisting arrest.
You have a sworn duty
to enforce the law, kid.
I told you there was no sunset.
Maya, make sure they protect you.
Maya, please.
- Maya, don't ignore me.
- Keep on moving.
Look, he had half
of his head missing, okay?
Now I don't know
much about science,
but I know that when your brain's
showing, and part of it's missing,
that, you know, you should be dead,
not walking around.
This all happened in a car accident
with an invisible wall?
- I swear. I swear to God.
- Sheriff.
That's not what killed him, you guys.
It was this... this black ghost
with a flame-thrower
of all things.
I swear to God.
He's responsive
with normal reflexes.
He doesn't appear
to be drunk or on drugs.
- It's incredible.
- What?
Your heart...
it's beating, but it's so slow.
You should be
in a coma or dead.
You're the doctor.
All of us.
It's like we're in
some sort of walking coma.
We're not quite alive
and not quite dead.
We're in between?
Well, we can't hurt ourselves.
The only thing
that can hurt us is... this death.
We need to make a plan.
Yeah, well...
my plan is to have a good meal
and take a nap
in one of these lovely rooms.
- Sheriff.
- Listen, hey.
No, don't leave me
here alone!
I'll stay.
I like it when fish fuck.
Excuse me?
I said I like it
when fish fuck.
Are you serious?
Why lie?
Either all of this
isn't real,
or we're gonna
die soon anyway.
Whichever it is,
all bets are off.
We might as well be honest
with each other, you know?
Under water?
No, in a bed. Yes.
I saw two dolphins doing it
in an aquarium once.
It was... it was hot.
Not that I would want to fuck a fish.
You know what I'm saying?
I just... something about it.
It was... you know?
I mean, it was...
I once stole
a quadriplegic's wallet.
I needed new shoes.
I thought we were being honest
with each other, right, Deputy?
Listen, Deputy,
I was kidding, all right?
Help me.
In here.
Someone, please help!
Hey, Deputy.
There's so much blood.
I can help you.
You can't.
Thanks for trying.
Look out!
You know, if there was
a radiation accident at the power plant,
it could have messed
with the electronic transmission.
Have you seen the people
who stay here?
I'm not gonna sit around here
and wait to be proven wrong.
I'm with you, Sheriff.
There's no Tooth Fairy,
no Santa Claus
and, on my life,
no soul collector.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Is everybody okay?
- Ravi?
Who is there?
Is there somebody there?
Who is it?
Your worst nightmare.
Everyone has to die.
Oh my...
It's cool.
It's cool, it's cool, it's cool,
it's cool, it's cool, it's cool.
It's cool.
Somebody help!
Help me!
He just dropped. He fell.
Come on.
Okay, lie still. Lie still.
This thing threw me.
It was trying to kill me.
Okay, you have a fractured skull.
It's a serious injury.
I need you not to move.
Lie still.
I'm gonna go get
some ice to stop the swelling.
You... I need you
to keep an eye on him.
- Yell for me if he stops breathing.
- No no no no.
- What do you mean "no"?
- No.
- Why not?
- What?
What the fuck was that?
This is a taser gun.
It fires an electrical current.
It'll temporarily disable your victim.
Look, hey,
how about a gun for me, huh?
Don't press your luck, pal. Here.
What have you got here?
What else
do these voices tell you?
They need good killers
in the in between
to collect errant souls.
How does that make you feel?
I'm one of the chosen.
I don't feel.
I'll work till I rot away,
then someone else
will replace me.
They will always be
training new killers.
It's always been
and will always be that way.
Have you even considered that
what you are doing is wrong?
This was a big deal.
You never talk about it.
I thought he was insane.
But the voices
he heard were right?
I don't... I don't get it.
This thing is a serial killer?
Whatever it is now,
it's also trapped here,
working for...
death, I guess,
taking people's lives
who are supposed to die
but don't wanna die.
What are you writing?
I'm making sure other people
know who we're up against.
Well, what about us, now?
Well, if there's nothing left of him,
he can't hurt us.
We have to completely
destroy him.
What do you say
we do now, Sheriff?
Kill him.
We need a timer.
Well, there must be a clock
around here somewhere
that we could use
to reconfigure.
We need a trigger that's gonna release
the gas at a steady rate
- to create vapors.
- Follow me.
We fill the tank with gas.
- When it swishes around the bowl...
- Vapors.
This will give us about 15 seconds
before the vapors in the bowl ignite.
I... never actually caught him.
If it had been up to me,
he would have gotten away.
I ran.
I'm no hero.
I lived a life I didn't earn.
I was always afraid that you
or everybody would find out
what a fraud I was...
so I pushed people away.
It would have been nice
to have you around,
- hero or not.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Look, I know I've never been much
of a father to you...
and I'm not sure
I can ever make it up to you,
but I want you to know
that I'm gonna try.
There will be time.
I really hope so.
But if there isn't,
I just wanted you to know
who your father really was.
I'm gonna go
help the kids with the gas.
Be careful.
Thanks... son.
Sorry, I was getting
our pilot light.
- Is my dad not with you?
- No.
- He didn't help you?
- I didn't see him.
Stay here.
Hey, asshole! I'm back!
Did you hear that?
Hey, any luck?
- There it was again.
- What?
It's another explosion.
Oh dear God.
He's breathing.
Heart's beating... barely.
- He's lost a lot of blood.
- No kidding.
But we can't help
him if we die.
Come on.
Your time will come.
Nick, where are you?
I need you right now.
Officer down. Send medical.
Send medic...
You made this town safe.
Copy that.
What's the 20 on the suspects?
Sheriff? Sheriff.
Hey, come here.
Don't worry, okay?
I've got your back.
It's all right.
What are we doing?
When he gets close,
we open the propane valve,
we flush,
we dive in
the bomb shelter
and it's "Goodbye, asshole."
I mean, what are we doing?
Living in the moment.
If we're actually living.
- Anything?
- I'm not sure.
Do you see that?
- No.
- Lights.
- No, what?
- A cop car.
- No, hey, Maya. Maya, Maya, Maya, wait!
- Hey!
Help! Help!
Come on.
Come on!
Maya, in the shelter now!
- What are you doing?
- I am not letting you die here alone.
What, are you crazy?
Maya, don't!
Take me instead.
Come on. I'm easy.
Psych. Payback's a bitch, isn't it?
Copy that.
So what's the 20
on the suspects?
Sheriff? Sheriff.
Hey, there's been
an explosion. Code 13.
It doesn't look good.
I don't see any survivors.
All units respond
to 6 Corners Travel Stop.
We need fire,
EMTs, coroner stat.
Miss, don't move.
Help is on its way.
He didn't make it
through surgery.
I told you.
It looks like you owe me 20 bucks.
There has been an explosion
at the 6 Corners off the old 64.
Two survivors en route.
Tag them and bag them.
Yeah, we got a male
Native American deceased.
It looks like the vultures and the coyotes
beat us to the punch here.
Log your coordinates
and run.
Report to the 6 Corners.
Officer down.
You're the little shit that robbed
the casino, huh?
If you weren't toast already,
I'd kill you myself.
Oh, he's gone.
We lost him.
Too bad.
You've got a punctured lung
and a couple broken bones,
but you're gonna be all right.
He saved your life.
- He did?
- Yeah.
Listen, honey, do you remember
anything about what happened?
There were gunshots.
The gas pump exploded.
We ran, and we were fine.
And then I blacked out.
Never mind.
I found the rest of him.
He has massive head injuries.
My father... did he make it?
He would have wanted
you to have this.
I was using the restroom.
When I heard the big boom,
I call for help.
That's when I heard
the second big boom.
- You say there were two explosions?
- Yes.
In here!
Harris, leave him!
Nick, where are you?
I need you here now. Officer down.
Come on, hurry up!
The thing threw me.
Copy that.
What's the 20 on the suspect?
Sheriff? Sheriff.
- Where is the babysitter?
- You know.
You told me.
I told you what?
What to do with her.
- No, I didn't.
- Someone did.
Someone did?
To practice.
The voices said
it was my duty.
Where is she?