No Men Beyond This Point (2015) Movie Script

I actually don't see myself
as being special,
because I'm not.
Not really.
These are green peppers.
So I try not to think about it and
I just go about living my life.
Look at this one.
See that? It's a nice one.
It's not something I'm ashamed
of or anything like that.
But it's not something
I'm proud of, either.
Because I had
nothing to do with it.
You don't get to choose
when you're born.
And as you can see here,
the waxing gibbous
will be taking us
toward the weekend.
And then on Saturday,
we'll have a full moon,
and that's a perigee
for this orbit.
So just keep that in mind as
you're planning your weekend.
Family dinners may be a little
more quarrelsome than usual,
especially if you've got some
menstruating teenagers around the table.
Andrew's been working for us
for almost three years now.
And I've really
come to value him.
-Hi, Andrew. Good morning.
-Good morning. Heading out?
Because he's good
at his job. It's that simple.
The lamp in my bedroom
needs a bulb.
-And the fact is...
-Okay, yeah, I can replace it.
a lot of people we know can't
find men to do the job anymore.
So they're having
to hire women,
which is obviously
a lot more expensive.
-Good morning.
-Good morning!
Maybe it's because he is so
much younger than the other men
we've had working for us,
but I do worry about the impact
his presence has on our kids.
Really, you got a fever?
It's not that I'm worried that he's
corrupting them or anything like that.
It's more that having
a man like him around
might make them
yearn for something
they can't have...
Shouldn't have.
I like the kids being exposed
to a man like Andrew.
Someone who's more in his
prime, more vital and active.
I think you're
gonna be late for school
and you should go get ready.
What are you doing?
I mean, I know it's not
a very popular thing to say,
but I think it's
enriching their lives.
Nine minutes.
All our lives.
Yeah, I suppose from a
historical point of view,
there's some
truth to that.
Seventy-five years
from now,
our daughters
will be able to give
their daughters
and granddaughters
a firsthand account
of what men were really like.
Yeah, I think
that's important.
It's nature's way.
Praise nature.
My name is Andrew Myers.
I am 37 years old, and I'm the
youngest man in the world.
NO MEN BEYOND THIS POIN In 1953 I was a young priest,
just out of the seminary.
I was blessed
with the good fortune
of being assigned
to the Vatican
to work for an order known as the
Congregation of the Causes for Saints.
It was our responsibility
to investigate events
that were so extraordinary that they
could be deemed a divine miracle.
Every year,
there were many claims made.
Stigmatas, apparitions
of the Virgin Mary,
the healing of
deadly medical conditions
and, of course, virgin births.
In a typical year,
there would be
no more than
three or four reports
of virgin births that
warranted any attention.
But in 1953, there were
67 virgin birth claims.
You have to remember
that fatherless pregnancies
first began more
than half a century ago.
This is back when Abrahamic
religions dominated the world,
and Christianity, which had nearly two
billion worshippers at that time,
regarded virgin birth as one
of its most sacred tenets.
Christians believe
that a virgin named Mary
gave birth to their Holy
Prophet, Jesus Christ,
and that he was
fathered by their God.
So you can see why
the Church was so concerned
about the sudden profusion
of virgin birth claims.
Because if they were true, and the
Vatican could not prove otherwise,
then they would have to be
considered miracles.
Except miracles, by their very
nature, are extremely rare events.
Of course, it wasn't just
women who were virgins
that were making these claims.
All sorts of women
were coming forward.
But there was no way to
scientifically validate the claims.
There was no DNA
testing back then,
and the blood testing that
we did have could only prove
that a particular man
wasn't the father,
not that there was
no father at all.
You see, like all mammals,
humans could not procreate
without intercourse
between a male and a female.
It was
scientifically impossible.
So despite the growing
number of women
making fatherless
pregnancy claims,
the only logical conclusion
was that they were all lying.
My doctor was
the one who told me.
That's how you
found out back then.
This was 1953,
and I might have been young,
but I wasn't stupid.
I knew the signs.
I felt awful.
The problem was, there was no possible
way that I could be pregnant.
Richard, he was my husband,
he insisted
that I get retested
because he knew
the same thing I did.
We hadn't been
intimate for over a year.
As soon as
the doctor walked in,
I knew what he
was going to say.
That there was
no mistake with the test.
There was no mistake with the
test. Your wife is pregnant.
Richard demanded
to know who I'd been with.
Who were you with?
What's his name?
I swore to him
that I hadn't been unfaithful.
I haven't been
with anyone.
But he didn't believe me.
Of course, you have.
You're pregnant.
I tried to explain to the doctor
that this was impossible.
He just looked at me
like I was a child.
Do you understand how procreation
works, how babies are made?
You see, when a man and a woman
have sexual relations...
It wasn't until 1988
that they had these tests
that could show that
I was telling the truth,
not that it mattered by
that point. It was obvious.
But back then,
nobody believed me.
The harder I tried to convince
people I was telling the truth,
the crazier I seemed.
And pretty soon, I began
to wonder if I was crazy.
How else could you explain
something like that?
It's outlandish.
Not even worth discussing.
But, Senator, you must admit
these statistics are compelling.
United States, 10,000 claims.
Great Britain, 6,000 claims.
India, 20,000 claims.
Even Soviet women are claiming
to have become pregnant.
We all know that women,
by nature,
are very impressionable
and prone to hysterics.
It's a known fact.
Now perhaps the hormonal
changes involved in pregnancy
amplify this hysteria
and their own gullibility.
And then, you see, they hear about
another woman's bizarre claim
about her pregnancy, and
suddenly they're all doing it.
They cannot help themselves.
It becomes a fad.
Here we have the major developed
countries that existed at that time.
What's interesting is that
governments all over the world,
with every different kind
of political structure,
remember this was
before unification,
when faced with fatherless
pregnancy claims,
they all reacted
the exact same way.
I've been very preoccupied with
other matters for a while.
I'd have to ask
a little more time.
Sir, will you
be able to have an opinion
-a little later on?
-I'm not sure.
It has certainly been
a surprising spectacle.
They pretended like
it wasn't happening.
But this is not so hard to
fathom when you consider that
at that time, every one of those
governments was run by men.
Personally, I can understand the
position the authorities took.
It would have been irresponsible
just to come out and say
that a growing number of women were
procreating without male insemination.
On the whole,
men are rational beings.
But we have egos, too.
And nobody likes being told
they're becoming obsolete.
it's not for everyone,
but I still look forward to
going to work every morning.
There's not a lot of guys
who can say that.
Not anymore.
Come on,
I'm gonna tell Mommy.
Come on, you.
There's lots of things
I like about him.
He's fun to be around. And he's
caring, he's easy to talk to.
Andrew, I can't see.
Okay, let's take a break.
If we still had fathers,
he'd definitely be the kind
I'd want for Violet.
What's that word
they used to say
about a man who
looked appealing?
Handser? Hands...
Handsome. Yeah.
Well, that's what they would
have said about Andrew.
That he's handsome.
Parasitism, competition
and mutualism.
Right there?
This is actually the third
household that I've worked in.
And they've all
been different.
Describe species.
Got some more bread.
-Anyone want some?
-Thank you.
This one definitely
keeps me on my toes.
There's six kids,
six months to 17.
But that's okay.
I prefer it that way.
It's better to stay busy.
I think someone's gonna go to
bed. So everyone say good night.
-Good night, sweetheart.
-Good night.
What makes the job
a lot easier, though...
Hey, everybody,
gather in.
is when you genuinely like
the women that you work for.
Okay, is everybody here?
Hey, Luna,
how's it going?
-Hi, Violet.
Doesn't look like
you're gonna be cold today.
Iris is
really easygoing and kind.
And she has this
way about her that...
we need balls.
It's hard to describe.
See your sister? Hi!
Over here.
All I know is that when
I'm around her, I feel
at ease.
Saffron, move in!
Terra's more conservative.
She likes to do things
by the book.
Remember the play, girls,
just like in practice!
So when she's around,
I tend to keep a low profile.
I do my job,
and I stay out of the way.
Because at the end
of the day,
no matter how emotionally
involved I might get,
I'm an employee.
And it's good to be reminded
of that every once in a while.
There he is,
the whippersnapper.
-Hey, Jim, how are you?
-Good, good.
You know Reggie?
He works for Holly Dawson
and Ivy Chan up on Verona.
Sure, yeah.
And my bosses want me to put
on a magic show to boot.
Can you believe that?
As if I can just
summon up balloon animals.
I want to say, "Ladies, I put on a
magic show for you every single day.
"I toilet trained your
daughters, for God's sake."
Excuse me?
Can you keep
your voices down?
Nobody wants to listen
to a bunch of manosaurs.
It's so annoying.
Sorry, we were just talking.
Yeah, relax.
Don't tell me to relax.
You're not even
allowed to be here.
It's okay,
we're actually working.
It doesn't matter.
You can't congregate
in groups of more than two.
Or have you
forgotten that?
Come on,
Those are the rules.
Are you going to
follow them or not?
It's okay. I got to
get back to work.
No, no. Don't go.
Stick around.
It's okay. It's not worth it. It was
good seeing you. I'll see you soon.
See you later.
Maybe if things
had turned out differently,
I'd be a pilot
or an architect like my mom.
But there's no point
in dwelling on that.
I'm gonna make the best of the
opportunities that I do have,
because things
aren't going to change.
Not back to the way they were.
That's just
a fact of nature.
Even though more and more
women were coming forward
with fatherless
pregnancy claims,
they weren't taken seriously.
So things seemed to carry on
as they always had.
I think there was a sense
that it was pointless.
We tried to tell them
what was going on,
but they didn't
want to listen.
They never listened.
But if you'd looked a little
closer, you would have seen that
beneath the women's dutiful,
prim and proper exteriors,
there was a simmering anger
getting ready to boil over.
And then Sister Isabella
came along.
She was living in
a convent in the hills
outside of a small town
in Northern Spain.
Men were strictly forbidden
from entering the convent,
and even if she had wanted
to break her vows,
given the remote location and the
watchfulness of the other nuns,
it would have been impossible
for her to sneak away.
Yet, Sister Isabella discovered,
to her utter dismay
that she was pregnant.
One could argue that if this had
happened in a different time,
the Church may have very well
embraced Sister Isabella,
canonized her
as a living saint,
and perhaps even
looked upon her baby
as the return
of their Messiah.
But then again,
she had a daughter,
so that would
have thrown a wrench
into the Biblical narrative,
wouldn't it?
All we do know is
that the Church wanted
nothing to do
with Sister Isabella.
The Congregation of Causes of
Saints was ordered to destroy
the report they had written,
and deny that they had
ever heard her claim.
They told us
it was for the best.
In the tiny village
of Burgos, Spain,
a group of nuns are
telling a whale of a story.
Meet Sister Isabella.
Though it's hard to tell with
that habit on, she's pregnant.
And guess who they're
saying the father is?
No one.
That's right, it's another
so-called fatherless pregnancy.
The last thing the Catholic
Church expected was that
a devout order of Spanish nuns would
not only break their vow of silence,
but start talking to
anyone who would listen.
You people think that this
is a joke, but it is not.
It is happening more and more, and the
government needs to acknowledge it.
They need to wake up and
take these claims seriously
or they are going to be sorry.
We would like women
everywhere to know
that despite the world's
scientific community
being unanimous
in their belief
that fatherless pregnancies
are impossible,
we intend to study
this matter vigorously.
And I have no doubt that,
one way or another,
we will be able to put this whole
matter to rest once and for all.
For as long as history has
been recorded we have seen,
with civilization
after civilization,
that once
a group attains power,
they are very
reluctant to give it up.
But history also shows us that
eventually they are always forced to.
Tell us what you saw earlier.
Well, really it's
what I didn't see.
When I came into work this morning,
there were no secretaries,
which is unusual, given
how many of them we have.
And since there was no one
to make me coffee,
I had to go all the way
down to the lobby.
But then it took me
20 minutes to get service
because the waitresses hadn't
shown up for work there, either.
Afterwards, it was
referred to as a strike.
But it wasn't
an organized event.
My mother wasn't even aware that other
women were doing the same thing.
One night, she just decided
that she'd had enough.
My father and brother and I
were in the dining room
waiting for
dinner to be served.
And I noticed she
wasn't in the kitchen.
And it didn't seem like
any food was being prepared.
Then she appeared with a coat on and
her purse in her hand and said...
I'm going out.
I don't know
when I'll be back.
If you want dinner, you'll
have to make it yourselves.
I think there's some
ground beef in the freezer.
And it was really
out of character for her
to be doing
something like that.
But it wasn't until I turned and
saw the look on my father's face
that I realized that something
significant was happening.
I have to admit, I was impressed that
he was able to swallow his pride
and ask me
to take him back.
But then I suddenly
had this realization
that I had absolutely
no use for him in my life.
I love
everything Iris paints.
I always have.
But I'm biased,
because we're so close.
And when you
really like someone,
you tend to like
everything they do.
Am I as crazy about
this man phase she's been in?
Maybe not.
But they're still
beautiful paintings.
I don't think people
acknowledge the issue enough.
I mean, most don't
acknowledge it at all.
But manlessness is something
that really concerns me,
which, I guess, is why I've been making
it such a part of my work lately.
Because I want to
keep the issue alive.
I guess it's my way of making
people confront what's going on.
The paintings don't sell nearly
as well as my other pieces.
they don't sell at all.
Nobody wants a picture of a man
hanging over their fireplace.
It isn't Andrew's age
and what that represents.
He just...
He has this way
about him that I like.
I notice her staring at him a
lot, but it kind of makes sense.
If you're gonna spend all
that time painting someone,
you should probably
really like looking at them.
You think I'm
obsessed with him.
I'm not.
It's just part
of my process.
It doesn't matter
what my subject is.
It's good.
Are you being serious?
Yeah, it's good.
And it's not like there's a lot of
other men around for me to paint.
And he does live with us.
Here is it.
I did it for art class...
It's not perfect
or anything.
I wasn't concerned
with likeness so much.
I was more
interested in his body,
his muscles,
especially in his arms.
I really like his arms.
My grandma used to say
about my grandfather
that it wasn't his looks
or even his personality that
caught her attention at first,
it was his spirit.
And that's what I'm trying
to capture in my paintings,
Andrew's spirit.
And maybe, by extension, the
spirit that exists in all men.
As the number of fatherless
pregnancy claims continued to rise,
we discovered that the number
of normal pregnancies,
in which a man impregnated
a woman, was plummeting.
In fact, by the end of 1957,
three out of four babies born
were coming from
mothers claiming
to have had
a fatherless impregnation.
What was even
more alarming, though,
was the fact that every one of those
mothers gave birth to a girl.
It's the reason
why we get called.
You know,
instead of how it used to be
when you needed to be
with a man to get pregnant.
What? It's true.
That's disgusting.
Parthenogenesis is a form
of asexual reproduction
in which an egg is the sole
source of genetic material
for the creation of an embryo.
But this mode of reproduction
was only known to occur
with insects and
certain types of reptiles.
With mammals, however,
an embryo could only develop if the
egg had been fertilized by a male,
bringing together the genetic
components that make life possible.
But with parthenogenesis, since
all the necessary components
needed for reproduction
are produced by the egg,
sperm are rendered obsolete.
Not only that,
but we discovered
the sperm could no longer
penetrate the wall of the egg.
It was producing a new protein
that hardened the membrane.
The sperm were
literally being shut out.
Even when a sperm was injected
into the egg artificially,
it was almost immediately
rendered inert.
When you take sperm out of
the biological equation,
there are no longer
any Y chromosomes
being introduced
into the embryonic process.
So every embryo has two X chromosomes
and every child is female.
And thus,
no more males.
It wasn't hard for them to figure
out that I was the last one.
I was actually the only boy born
that year in the entire world.
But they didn't make it official
until a few years later,
when they were sure that there
wasn't any more of us coming.
When I started school,
I got a lot of attention.
I was kind of
like the class pet.
Not in a bad way.
It wasn't like I was being
kept in a cage like Mr. Chips.
He was
the actual class pet.
High school was
more of a challenge.
By that point, girls were so
used to not having boys around
that the idea of being attracted to
one was completely alien to them.
Don't get me wrong,
there were some crooked girls,
more than there
are now, I'm sure.
But they weren't
accepted by the other girls.
But neither was I,
so we got along just fine.
It really wasn't until
I finished high school
that I realized how different
things were going to be for me,
compared to
the girls I graduated with.
That's when it
finally dawned on me that
I wasn't gonna have the same
opportunities that they were going to.
They were going
down one road
and I was going down another.
I, Eleanor Marie Hamilton,
do solemnly swear...
That I
will faithfully execute...
That I will
faithfully execute...
The office of the President
of the United States.
The office of the President
of the United States.
And with the best
of my ability...
If you had told someone
in the early 1960s
that a woman would be the next
President of the United States,
they wouldn't
have believed you.
It may seem ridiculous now,
but at that time,
people thought they'd have to wait
10, or possibly even 15 years,
before that would happen.
The changes weren't that
drastic, at least not at first.
It's not like they came out
and declared war on men
or anything like that.
But I don't think it
would be a stretch to say
that there was
an element of payback
in their governing agenda.
We very much appreciate
the historical contribution
that men have made
to our civilization.
But the facts are the facts.
Women make up 62% of the
population. And that...
Actually, Senator,
it's 64% now.
And that ratio needs to be represented
in all levels of society.
But isn't your
worker replacement program
a little harsh?
These statistics...
Worker assessment program.
We only allow male
employees to be replaced
if, after a very
thorough assessment,
they are deemed
to be less capable
than an equally
qualified female.
It's simply
a weeding out process.
And there just happens
to be a lot of weeds.
My grandfather, he warned
that this would happen.
He said we never should
have given women the vote.
He said, "You give them an inch,
and they'll take your soul."
You know what?
He was right.
Generally speaking,
men did not
react well to
female-led governments.
More and more of
them began to opt out
and move to rural encampments in what
we now refer to as "the Exodus."
We are not welcome here,
so why stay?
You know?
We'll see how they
get along without us,
because I don't think
it's going to be too long
before they realize the mistake they
made and then beg us to come back.
Hey, jackass!
You forgot your coat.
Kind of an important
item to leave behind
when you're gonna
live in the woods.
I was living
with these three women,
and they were all
beautiful and free loving.
Then they started treating me
like a sex object
and their errand boy.
By the mid-1970s,
it was clear
that women were doing just
fine without men in charge.
This caused a lot of the men who had
left to rethink their positions.
Some returned and took on
more subservient roles.
But a core group
dug in their heels
and refused to accept
the new world order.
It's simple, okay?
Power, respect.
That's what's been
taken away from us,
and that's what we
intend to get back.
It's not called "womankind."
It's called "mankind."
And there's a reason for that,
because for
the last 200,000 years,
men have been keeping
civilization afloat.
We've been steering the ship.
We built the ship.
And now they want
to chuck us overboard
because their eggs
have gone haywire?
Not bloody likely.
-What do we want?
-When do we want it?
-What do we want?
-When do we want it?
The protests tied up traffic
throughout the city,
which is believed to be what
ultimately sparked the violence.
Women just started
getting out of their cars
and coming at us with this...
This look in their eyes.
Get out of the street!
I was trying to get to work, but
the traffic was stopped dead.
And then I saw the men blocking
the road and chanting.
And I snapped.
Protest marches took place
all over the world that day.
At first, it was thought that the violence
was connected to parthenogenesis.
That nature was compensating
for the loss of men
by making women
more aggressive.
But in fact,
it was PMS.
By 1975,
women represented
over three-quarters
of the world's population.
This triggered what's known as
"menstrual ovulatory synchrony,"
which is a phenomenon
where the menstrual cycles of
women become synchronized.
So essentially, the world became
like one big sorority house.
This is just
the tip of the iceberg.
First their bodies
get in sync.
Pretty soon,
it'll be their minds.
Telepathic communication.
How do you contend with that?
You can't.
You can't compete
with the hive mind.
The protest marches
and the ensuing violence
turned out to be
a watershed event.
It was the catalyst
for creating a monthly,
three-day statutory holiday
we now know as "Menses."
But more importantly, the protests
happened right after unification.
So it was the first test
for the newly formed
World Governing Council.
And everyone was watching very closely
to see how they would respond.
First of all,
I want to make it clear
that the World Governing
Council, above all, listens.
We want men's groups everywhere
to know we have heard you.
We acknowledge your plight
and we're going to help you.
As part of our commitment
to ensuring the safety
and comfort of men everywhere,
the World Governing Council has
set aside vast areas of land
for the creation
of male sanctuaries.
These exclusive communities will
be located all over the world,
including the entire
continent of Australia.
Men who live in these
sanctuaries will be provided
all the services they require,
including medical attention,
nutritious meals,
clean clothes,
and of course, entertainment.
We believe that
the remaining men
should be kept as
comfortable as possible
as they live out their lives.
And that their
contribution to humanity
must be, and will be,
respected and honored.
But, at the same time, we must
respect and honor nature's actions.
Praise nature.
Do they think we're children?
Offering us food and a bunch
of silly conveniences.
It is a blatant attempt by this
female regime to pacify us.
We're not stupid.
They can ply us with
all the comforts in the world,
but it will not
change our resolve.
Because they may have taken away
our rightful place in society.
They will not take
away our dignity.
While there's no question
the MLO had a defiant spirit
and were very vocal
about their intentions,
they actually didn't do much
once the Governing Council
established the sanctuaries
and began providing services.
That's rubbish.
Living in the sanctuaries
has not made us weak.
What it has done is given us the
ability to plan our resurgence
as the dominant,
superior sex
without the hassle of having to prepare
meals or take care of ourselves.
Don't you see?
The joke is on them.
All this time,
the regime have believed
that they've been
weakening our resolve.
But what they've actually
been doing is allowing us
to focus on our
plan of attack.
And it won't be long
before we're ready to strike.
I don't think the issue
is whether or not
the MLO is
an effective organization.
It's the fact that their central
goal can't be achieved.
Not when the government
firmly believes
that there's no solution
to the problem.
They don't even see
manlessness as a problem.
To them, it's simply
an evolutionary event,
an act of nature
that's beyond our control
and should
never be questioned,
because nature is sacred.
Notice the energy
rising up your body,
higher and higher.
Feel the power flowing up
through your fingertips.
Breathe it in.
It wasn't enough
that they took away our jobs.
They went and fired God, too.
Worshipping the sacred
cycles of her forces.
Replaced him with a sheila.
That's nature
flowing through you.
Praise nature.
But you can't
question her actions,
because everything she does
is a blessed gift.
Influenza was
an act of nature.
So was malaria and cancer.
But they're not
around anymore.
And not because
nature eradicated them,
but because the government spent trillions
of dollars developing vaccines.
I'm not suggesting that the
Governing Council has been
avoiding dealing with the
manlessness issue on purpose
as a way
to maintain power,
even though having men die off
would certainly achieve that goal.
But I do think it's
worth asking the question.
Why haven't more resources
been put towards it?
There's no doubt in my mind
that the government have been
ignoring the problem.
They're using
nature as an excuse
to push their
number one agenda,
doing away with men.
They go on believing
that they don't need us,
but that's just
another example
of their reckless,
short-term way of thinking.
Being women, they can't
think strategically.
They're incapable of
seeing the big picture.
I'll give you an example.
In 1960, the U.S. Defense Department
was all set to fund a program
that would allow the computers
all around the world
to connect with each other.
They'd have been
linked together
in a massive
communication web.
Could you imagine if all
our word processing units
could talk to each other?
Bloody amazing, right?
Well, women take
over and guess what?
The U.S. Defense budget
gets stuffed.
Don't even getting me started
on space exploration.
They gutted NASA
in the early 1960s,
and the Russian program
didn't stand a chance, either.
I really don't understand
this obsession they have
with putting
a man on the moon.
We all appreciate the important
role it plays in our lives,
but do we really need
to go to the trouble
of sending someone
up there to stand on it?
I don't think so.
Now, if we had a way to put
all of the men on the moon...
So what do we have to show
for all these massive spending
cuts and program cancellations?
World peace and electric cars.
Big bloody deal.
True progress only
comes about through conflict.
Used to be a time when
one country fancied another,
they'd invade it.
War was declared,
and they battled it out
until one of
them was defeated.
And a bigger, stronger nation
was born out of it.
I was just fixing my hair.
Used to be a time,
if a man fancied a woman,
he'd court her,
turn on the charm.
but I'd rather
look at you.
You're beautiful, Connie.
Until she had no choice
but to fall for him.
And they'd get together,
and they'd have sex.
That's a form of conflict.
And out of that came children.
True progress.
We live in a world where
there's no wars, no.
I remember when my parents
told me I was the last boy.
I started wondering if maybe I
was the cause of the problem.
That somehow I had stopped any
more of us from coming out.
Like maybe I had broken
the machinery or something.
Or that God had
taken one look at me
and said, "That's it,
I'm done with males."
Even though we still
don't know for certain,
a consensus has emerged as to what
caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
The same will
be true with men.
Until the cause
is discovered,
a dominant theory will emerge
and become conventional wisdom.
My personal feeling?
It's evolution.
Humans evolved from the apes
and now we're evolving
further into a single sex.
But why?
Why would nature do that?
We just don't need
them anymore. That's all.
It's not as if we're
a hunter-gatherer society.
We don't need men
to protect us
or hunt for food
or build shelters.
And since they
aren't needed anymore,
nature just
stopped producing them.
It's nothing personal.
It's the penis.
It was responsible for the skyscrapers,
the missiles, the oil drills,
and eventually all of that
aggressive, phallic energy
had such a corroding effect
on the planet
that nature had no choice
but to extinguish it.
You know what a NEO is?
Near Earth object.
Now normally,
they're comets or asteroids.
Well, in 1952,
astronomers recorded one
that they thought
was an asteroid.
But due to an unusually large
cloud of solar debris
that was surrounding it,
there was no way to be sure.
Nine months later, the first
so-called fatherless baby was born.
Women have two X chromosomes,
men only have one,
which would be okay if our Y
chromosome had something to offer.
But the fact is,
it pales in comparison.
It only carries
a tiny complement of genes
and it offers no protection
against genetic mutations.
It's kind of
a runty little thing.
And I suspect that's
ultimately what's doing us in.
Why wouldn't there
be female aliens?
A race of asexual,
female aliens
that come to Earth to hijack
our reproductive system.
And do you want to know
why the government
doesn't have an explanation?
Because if they admitted
they knew what the cause was,
they'd be that much closer
to being able to fix it.
So either they
don't want to know
and they've got their
heads stuck in the sand,
or they do know and they're
hiding the truth from us.
Either way, they're avoiding
dealing with the situation.
Men aren't like that,
are they?
-No! No.
When we see a problem,
we attack it.
We tear it apart until we know
everything there is to know about it.
And then what do we do?
-We fix it!
-We fix it!
We don't form committees or talking
circles or go on listening tours.
-We fix it.
-Fix it! Fix it!
And that's exactly
what we're gonna do.
We're gonna get back into power
and put an end to manlessness.
Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!
Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!
Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!
I just received some
very important information.
They're serving tenderloin
in the mess hall tonight
and they're
serving it right now.
Come on! Let's go.
I realize now it was a kind of
survivor's guilt that I was feeling.
And even though it's totally
crazy, I still feel twinges of it.
It's usually when I see
other men looking at me,
and I think they blame me for
being the last one out the door.
"What did you do?
What did you do?"
I don't feel good about it.
But I don't feel bad, either.
It's not like
they're being massacred.
They're just
getting old and dying off.
It's like, I remember reading
in the paper a while ago
that the last surviving member
of this rock band had died.
They were called
The Raymonds, I think.
The Ramones?
Right. Anyway,
I remember feeling sad.
But not for all
the members of the band,
or because they wouldn't
be producing any new songs,
but because
someone had died.
That's always sad,
but that's also
a part of life.
Nothing is forever.
You're comparing the extinction of
men to a punk band from the '70s?
It's actually kind
of the same thing.
One day, I'm going
to open up the paper
and find out that
the last man has died.
And I think I'm going to feel the same
way that I did about The Raymonds.
I'm so excited to meet you.
-I loved your book.
-So nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
What's your name?
Imagine if
the entire planet
was exposed to sunlight
24 hours a day.
It would never get dark, so we wouldn't
have any use for the word "night."
The same is true
for the word "gender."
Once men are gone, it will
cease to have any meaning.
And good riddance. It's the most
divisive word in human history.
But doing away with gender does not
mean we have to do away with sex.
Despite what the government
would have us believe,
women still crave
sexual intimacy,
just as we're still
instinctively pairing off
in order to
raise our children.
Because without intimacy,
the bond that
holds a couple together
will eventually
start to disintegrate.
And then their families
will disintegrate,
and then where does that
leave our society as a whole?
But the government hasn't
embraced this rationale.
In fact, the members
of the Governing Council
are these
out-of-touch conservatives
who harbor an irrational fear
of a male resurgence.
And this paranoia
has trickled down
into the bedrock of the
government's social policy,
which explains
why it's so extreme.
They've turned their
fear of heterosexuality
into a fear of any
kind of sex at all.
Mom, can I ask you something?
Of course, dear.
What is it?
Is it strange that when
I touch myself, you know,
down there,
that it feels really good?
Have you found yourself
in this situation?
Or perhaps it's a conversation
you're dreading?
Well, don't worry,
you're not alone.
The fact is,
as girls reach puberty,
the joy and excitement
of impending fertility
can often be accompanied by the
confusion and perils of sexual arousal.
The Department of Health
has produced this video...
I think what you
have to understand
is that these are
confusing times.
We are still in a period
of evolutionary transition.
Sexual urges
are still present,
yet sex is no longer
Nature will eventually
eradicate these impulses,
but until then, until we
have become fully evolved,
the Governing Council needs
to ensure that young women
don't get caught up in the
futility of erotic pleasure.
We're not supposed
to talk about it.
We're actually not supposed
to even know about it.
the old kind of sex.
You know, intercourse?
And now there's all
this worry about urges.
"Are you having urges?
Don't give in to the urges."
Next they'll be telling us
that if we get an itch,
we shouldn't scratch it.
It's not physical,
it's psychological.
So you just need to
not think about it.
I mean, if you were to have
those feelings... Thoughts.
They're thoughts,
not feelings.
Which I've never had.
We are not trying to
discourage intimacy.
At least not
emotional intimacy.
It is critical that
young people be taught
to nurture meaningful and deeply
fulfilling non-sexual bonds,
because they need to
grow up believing in love.
We all need to
believe in that.
You're a funny little thing,
aren't you?
Would you like me to
tell you another story?
All right.
Well, once upon a time,
there was a fair maiden...
Your Highness.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
-I certainly didn't mean to startle...
-I just wasn't expecting...
Jasmine and I, my best friend,
we've talked about it.
And we both like a lot of the same
music and we get along really well.
But I'm just not sure I want to
spend the rest of my life with her.
We've known
each other forever.
Not quite.
since high school.
Grade 11.
That's when I had Dahlia.
I had partnered up with a friend
of mine, but that didn't work out.
Then Iris got called, and we
were both looking to pair off,
so it was
just great timing.
And we've been
together ever since.
I think it's proof that
you can partner with someone
without there having
to be that intimacy.
Because you can't force
someone to feel that way.
Terra and I are good friends,
we're partners,
we're raising
our kids together,
but it's not
anything more than that.
I think it's worked out
really well for us.
Yes, yeah, of course.
It's been great.
But you know, I also think
it's easy to understand,
given the circumstances, why
someone else might want a...
I don't know, a deeper bond
with their partner.
I'm not saying it should be
sexual or anything like that.
Of course not,
it shouldn't be.
But that doesn't mean it can't be
something more meaningful or intense.
But there are men
still out there.
Some of them aren't
that much older than you or I.
So it's not
completely hopeless.
It just bothers me the way
that people talk about men
like they're already gone.
They're not.
They're still here.
One of them is, anyway.
She's talking
about Andrew.
Okay, yeah.
Andrew is a good example.
And I'll admit it,
I'm very fond of him.
Can we... Could we just
take a small break?
I just need to...
Excuse me.
It's not like
I didn't know there was
something going
on between them.
The way they look at each
other, and Iris' paintings.
But I assumed... I hoped
it was a harmless flirtation.
But it's not.
I can see that now, it's
obvious, they're intimate.
It's not like we were
planning for it to happen.
The more time he and I
spent together, we just...
It happened.
Everything's gonna change now
with Terra and I,
and Andrew.
She likes having
this aura of mystery.
It's part of being an artist,
right? Being provocative.
But I never believed
she was actually crooked.
I just thought
it was an act.
Surprise, surprise, right?
You only see what
you want to see.
-I have no idea what to do.
-It's going to be fine.
No, I don't think it is.
-You sure?
What are they doing?
What's going on?
Okay, okay, back in the house.
Now. Everyone, come on, go, go.
Can you turn
it off, please?
Excuse me?
Now, please.
Of course there are still women
who are attracted to men
and don't want them
to perish.
We understand that.
But they are a small segment
of the population,
maybe 10%.
And like the men they're pining
for, they're a dying breed.
Which is why we think it's best
for the population as a whole,
and for young people
to prohibit
opposite sex unions
and to encourage all the remaining
men to go into the sanctuaries,
so we can focus on the next
stage of our evolution
without any unnecessary
distractions or confusion.
So, this is it right here.
People are always expecting a big
electrified fence or something,
but you have to keep in mind
that this particular sanctuary
is over 300 square kilometers, and
it's one of the smaller ones.
So a fence just
isn't an option.
Of course, the service
roads are all gated.
We patrol
the entire perimeter.
But to be honest,
we don't really get many men
trying to escape anymore.
That was more of
an issue 10, 20 years ago.
Back then, they were
wandering out all the time.
Are you getting him?
Mostly looking
for female contact.
There's a man outside!
Just get out of here!
-Hey, no. It's okay.
It's okay.
Get inside
the house right now.
It's okay.
Don't come any closer.
It's okay.
I just want to talk.
What's your name? I'm Kirk.
I already called
the police.
You're very pretty.
Get inside now!
They just couldn't help
themselves, of course.
It's just part
of their nature.
Border patrol agents
quickly arrived at the scene
and then surrounded the man
when he climbed up into a tree.
I wasn't doing anything!
Just leave me alone.
Not you, you're cute.
After a lengthy standoff,
the agents were forced
to use a tranquilizer gun
to sedate the unruly man.
They then returned him to the
nearby Northbrook Sanctuary,
where he is no doubt
rethinking any future plans
to venture
outside the perimeter.
Like animals.
That's how I'd
characterize it.
Except when animals are endangered,
everybody's all up in arms.
Committees are formed,
monies are raised.
Can't do without those
Tasmanian fruit bats, can we?
But what do they do
when it comes to men?
They take away
our livelihoods,
shove us out
into the wilderness,
erase us from
their books and movies.
And just for good measure, they
basically go and castrate us.
I'm not joking.
This is evidence,
undeniable proof that what we've
been suspecting for years
is actually going on.
The report clearly states that they
are lacing our food with estrogen,
which is the girly hormone.
Smith claimed the document,
which he says is
an internal government memo,
clearly shows that the Governing
Council has been carrying out
a program intended to,
quote, "kill their boners."
A man's sex drive
is his life blood.
You take that away from him,
you might as well kill him.
So I am here to tell you that
we will no longer eat the food.
We are now officially
on a hunger strike.
They might be able to
strip us of our dignity,
but they will never
take away our manhood.
The problem was,
other than that memo,
which the government claimed
was just a discussion paper,
there was no proof.
They had found a way to put a
synthetic hormone into the food
without there being
any way to detect it.
Which just shows,
once again,
how capable their
scientists can be
when they put their
minds to something.
Thanks, Dawn.
Speaking of things
that are short-lived,
the Male Liberation
Organization announced today
they are ending their hunger strike
after only a day and a half.
Darius Smith, the group's
leader, would only say
it was due to "circumstances
beyond their control."
What were we
supposed to do?
When a man gets hungry,
he has to eat.
That's just
the way it is.
Does that mean we failed?
No, not in the least.
Now the world is
aware of the lengths
that this authoritarian regime
will go to denigrate men.
But you're still
eating the food.
Couldn't you have grown
and prepared your own food?
Yes, of course we could have
grown and prepared our own food.
But we've deliberately chosen
not to, out of protest.
Because if we'd refused
the tainted food,
the story would
have gone away.
People will forget what
their government did to us.
But by continuing
to eat it every day,
the world is
constantly reminded.
They have to live with it
just like we do.
I'm not at liberty to go
into many details about that,
but I can say that we did add
estrogen to the sanctuary food.
But only until 2008.
At that time,
we realized the initiative
was no longer necessary due to
the increasing age of the men.
They were losing their
sex drives naturally.
That's a load of crap.
Of course they're
still lacing the food.
It's bloody propaganda
is what that is.
We're not so old either,
you know?
No harm in showing
this now, I guess.
People assume that because
I was the last one born,
that I'm very involved
in the cause.
I get approached all the time
by pro-male organizations,
the MLO, Man Up, Penis.
They all want me
to use my notoriety
to help raise awareness,
to lobby the government.
But that's not who I am.
I'm not the activist type.
Believe me, there are others who are
way more effective at that than me.
You know, leaders.
I'm just a guy.
I don't know.
It's hard to see how
we can be together now.
The government
would never sanction it.
Being intimate
with your employer
doesn't look good
on your record.
I guess I just got
to stay positive.
I'm not gonna say
it's a terrible place.
Excuse me, are these lima
beans in the quinoa salad?
-No, they're split peas.
It's not.
They treat us well.
But it doesn't matter
how comfortable a place is,
it can still
feel like a prison.
They say the trick is to fill
your days up as much as you can.
To try to enjoy yourself.
But I can't seem to do that.
My mind is
always somewhere else.
Back at the house with Iris.
That's not what it's like
for most of these guys.
They've gotten
used to it here.
They like it.
But then again, most of them have
no reason to want to go back.
I do.
That's gorgeous.
Hold that... That will
look wonderful on you.
Here we have the guest of
honor, the so lovely Olive,
who, as you can see,
is celebrating her first moon.
I guess on the surface,
things went back to normal.
How does it
feel to be a woman?
But it wasn't
the same after Andrew left.
And here we have
the proud mother.
Terra and I, we just couldn't
recover from what happened.
She felt betrayed.
Let's get a picture
of the two moms.
And nothing I
could say was gonna
make her see
things differently.
can you move?
-What's that?
-Can you move, please?
And the kids
really missed Andrew.
Especially Dahlia.
For my part, I tried to
move on with my life,
but I couldn't.
I couldn't stop
thinking about him.
What really got to me
was when I stopped
and thought about how I was going to
be there for the rest of my life.
It was like being
on the deck of a ship
that was sinking
really slowly.
And the women have
all left on the lifeboats,
but the men are
just sitting there.
Waiting to meet their fate.
That's kind of
when it hit home.
How when I'm gone,
we're all gonna be gone.
I knew I couldn't
just sit there waiting.
I had to do something.
I had to leave.
They don't make it
easy to do that, though.
I left in the middle of the night
and I ran as fast as I could.
But it didn't take long
before they found me.
He didn't think
I was gonna be there.
I was praying that she
was going to be there,
but I had no idea
if she got my message.
He was just staring at me with
this stunned look on his face.
So I said...
You just gonna stand there? Or
are we gonna get out of here?
I think that we were so
determined to be together
that we never really stopped and
thought about all the implications.
They were gonna
be looking for Andrew,
and we couldn't
go into hiding.
What kind of life is that?
I mean,
we'd already been hiding.
Pretending like
we weren't involved.
This was gonna
be a lot harder.
It just seemed so unfair,
because what we wanted
felt so natural.
To be together,
to marry, to have kids.
And none of it
was possible.
But if we wanted
things to change,
we were gonna have to be the
ones to do something about it.
There's been a surprising development
in the sanctuary escape story
that we told you
about last week.
The 37-year-old Myers
surprised everyone
today when he arrived
at the Jefferson Street Community
Hall to give a press conference.
Andrew Myers,
the youngest man in the world,
resurfaced today after escaping
from the Alice Lake Sanctuary.
At an impromptu
press conference,
he and his former employer,
Iris Balishev,
made a startling announcement.
We not only want
the right to marry,
we want to have
children together.
Even though
heterosexual reproduction
is considered
to be impossible,
it is our hope
and our belief
that with the resources
of the Governing Council
and the support of the scientific
community, that it can become a reality.
That it should
become a reality.
And I realize that I'm biased
because I'm in love with a man,
but I know
I'm not the only one.
Please speak up,
because time is running out.
Seeing the two of them
together like that,
so obviously in love,
pleading for recognition,
it awoke something in people.
Go ahead,
you're on the air.
I don't care
who knows anymore. I like men.
I'm not saying
I totally agree with it,
but you have to admit,
they make a cute couple.
I'll tell you what
the answer is. No.
Just let them die off.
Come on, are they really
that bad? I don't think so.
This is
a question of morality.
We can't just stand by and let them
vanish off the face of the Earth.
That's not what
women are about.
There were more calls today
for the Governing Council
to take action on manlessness.
Of course, the Governing Council
is aware of the public's reaction.
And they're taking
it very seriously.
That's why they've convened
these emergency meetings,
to assess the situation and
consider any possible solutions.
It doesn't matter if we figure
out how to keep men around.
It's not our place to intervene.
This is an act of nature.
Praise nature.
I think they should find a way
to start producing men again.
But not too many.
Maybe 100 or 150.
Then see how it goes.
There's been so much attention
focused on us from the press
that we decided to make it a
really small, private ceremony.
But it was beautiful.
And legal.
We even have
a license to prove it.
I don't have it on me right
now, but it's the real thing.
We're married.
And now we've been getting
even more attention
because of this
little development.
It's not so little anymore.
We don't know if it's a boy.
We asked them not to tell us.
I really want it
to be a surprise.
But the procedure worked.
Andrew's DNA is present.
It's his.
It's ours.
It's what she wanted.
To be with him
and have a baby.
So good for her.
And if it's a boy like
everyone seems to think,
then that's great for the
world, too, I suppose.
Personally, I couldn't imagine
having something like that
growing inside of me.
A male baby.
It turns out that the Y chromosome
was the culprit after all.
The government scientists
disguised the Y chromosome
to look like an X chromosome,
thereby tricking the egg
into accepting it.
Do I wish people had been this
excited when I got pregnant?
Of course.
But it's a good thing
that's happened.
I never really liked the idea
of men going extinct.
Didn't feel right.
On the other hand,
I'm not going to deny
that I'm happy they came
as close as they did.
Gave them one hell of a scare.
And that's exactly
what they needed.
That's what I've
been saying all along.
We just had to stay vigilant,
keep our wits about us.
And sooner or later,
we'd get our chance.
And here we are.
It does feel different.
I don't know if
it's just in my head,
but I feel like I'm pregnant
for the first time.
Which, I guess
in a way, I am.
I don't know,
I'm just really excited.
I'm just praying
it's not a girl.
No, no, I was just...