No More Easy Life (1979) Movie Script

Sorry for being late.
I feel great.
Good morning
- Good morning
What are we doing?
-What do you mean?
No More Easy Life
Well, for the scene.
- The scene...
We'll use the moonlight.
The light is off.
The camera will be shooting all around.
We'll see the both of you sleeping.
Someone knocks at the door,
you go open it and say "ah".
The whole thing in one cut.
This happened to me.
Yeah, actually it happens alot.
I opened the door and entered.
A man and a woman were sleeping naked.
The guy was snoring loudly.
Next to the door.
Tsuneo looks more masculine than Ken Takakura.
I turn back like Fujima Ryu.
You by the door.
Lustfully, yes like this.
How's the script?
-Like this.
Yesterday, someone spilled tea on it
so we had to dry it.
Take one, light up the three.
No, higher.
Left light, OK!
Bring the microphone down!
Let's go!
What are you looking at?
You got up so early.
Are you still thinking
about that wanderer?
We've been living together
for 4 days.
Don't you think it's time we take this to another level?
What a surprise.
Mari, thank you!
-Thank you!
Put something on before!
Put something on.
Put on what?
Don't you have any?
Do we have to?
But it's better without.
Why do I have to put it on?
It really isn't the same with it.
You didn't use it
with your wanderer, didn't you?
Thank you.
Want some coffee?
Where are my pants?
Some hot one, ok?
- on.
Mary, it was wonderful.
Why did you get off here?
It's closer.
You bought it again?
Yeah, I'm rich.
What a horrible temper!
Why are you avoiding us?
She can't stand you!
I thought I smelled my boyfriend.
Do you have one?
I see, the one with the necktie isn't it?
I. B. Singer...
Excuse me, where is the Kobundo?
The Kobundo?
You go down there.
There's a school.
It's nearby, on the left.
Thank you very much.
Can I sit here?
You come often to this class...
When you're naked in front of people,
what part do you hide rst?
You... You like contemporary poetry?
Do you?
Kind of, yes.
During Nishimura's seminary
we commented on Nobuo Ayukawa.
Didn't you think it's ridiculous?
"The existence of the father"
as the essence of Ayukawas poems.
25 years after the war...
-Sorry, I'd like to read.
There are many of you today.
We'll try not to waste time.
Last time we talked about
poets in post-war Japan.
We'll continue on that topic.
Here you go!
You scared me!
It's been a while!
What's up?
-A job.
-A part-time job.
Poor thing.
What about you?
Why are you wearing a scarf?
ls he a vampire?
You seem happy.
But I'm not happy at all.
I don't really want
to get married anymore.
The other day, his father
came from the countryside.
He introduced him to me.
Apparently he liked me.
I love him too.
But not enough to marry him.
Though, I'd have regrets
if we break up.
Sorry. I thought you were someone else.
No worries.
Let's hang out together!
No thanks.
we lived together for one year,
and you went away without a word.
Welcome back.
When I realized it,
another man was in my room.
and I...
Come on.
You know,
men are not usually allowed here.
But I just saw a man
coming out of the room next door.
He was going out?
Then you'll go back home tonight too.
that's not what a man and a woman
do when they're together.
Don't you think so?
-Yeah, yeah.
What's this?
Did the wanderer give it to you?
There you go!
Come on!
Missed it!
One more try!
I got it!
Well done.
We ran away too, to Kitanotani.
As I thought!
It's getting better and better, isn't it?
That's so great!
Try it!
No thanks.
Want to stop?
I'm tired of it.
A last one.
Open the tulip!
It's inside!
What's going on?
A fight?
Looking for trouble, bastard?
Should I ght too?
Shit, he's here.
It's not the right time.
Ok, I'll go for a walk.
15 minutes-
I'll be waiting.
Hello Mariko.
Back from shopping?
No, from the pachinko.
The pachinko?
I was lucky.
The color of this box is
so beautiful!
No need to compliment
such things.
About the rent...
I'll pay you in the middle of the month.
That'll make two months. OK.
Thank you very much.
I don't want to intrude
in your business
but you seem to be in a gap.
I quit my job.
You should try to find another one.
How long have we
been eating melons?
Mr. Takamizawa offered me
to work in his wife's hair salon.
Thank you.
It looks delicious.
-It looks great.
It has a nice color.
Enjoy your meal.
It tastes good.
-Will you take it?
You have a spoon don't you?
Will you take it?
Well, the rent bills are building up.
I have no choice.
Are you on the pill?
At my place there's this girl
called Akemi.
She studies design
and works in a cabaret.
She has lots of pills.
Don't you want to meet her
and have a chat?
I swear,
it's not the same using condoms.
Can I have this?
Why did l ever
let this guy come in to my room?
He's not that good looking
Yes. On the 15th, yes.
At the welfare ofce, right?
Two weeks ago, at work.
Please be quite!
Yes, Rameau musical office?
I'll change the phone.
Wait a second.
Yes, OK.
Thank you very much.
They're still here!
For real!
It's a couple of cockroaches.
What's going on here?
It's disgusting.
-There are roaches over there.
What the hell are you doing?
They'll leave soon.
You're hurting me.
Don't kill them!
Roaches have existed for
millions years.
We owe them some respect.
I don't think that the Peking Man
was afraid of roaches.
What Peking Man?
I saw them.
-Who cares!
It seems they're gone.
And if they come back,
will you start screaming again?
Don't you think they're gross?
I don't particularly like them.
The roaches are having
a nap.
On my last day of work
Hashimoto invited me to a concert.
It's not worth it.
It costs too much anyway.
Next time,
I want you to put your
wallet right here.
But I had enough for a snack.
Let's walk?
It will be about 10 km.
To your place.
My place is even further away.
Hey Mari!
A long time ago, Jean Cocteau...
Cocteau, the poet!
He used to party every night.
When he went back home,
they say that he
left a light open until dawn.
Actually, he had an inferiority complex.
I wondered what he was reading
all night long.
I checked it,
he was reading Rilke.
So what?
That's all.
Can I kiss you?
The reporter won't be here anyway.
How would I know!
Let me stay for the night
if he's not here, ok?
I'm certain he will not be there.
He's a wanderer.
The time of the student's league
has passed.
I don't think so.
ls he in a sect?
No, in a gang.
He enjoys ghting.
I can't recall the number of times
I visited him at the emergency room.
What's that guy?
Then I ran away.
Think carefully!
Quitting your pharmacy studies!
Aren't you overreacting?
But it's because...
because I love you.
When did people start quitting
their studies for love?
Did I ever tell you to do so?
What should I do then?
The only thing left is suicide.
Why is suicide always your solution?
When we argue, it goes nowhere.
Don't you think we have something
better to do?
Don't you feel ashamed?
Excuse me.
Where's the person hit by a bottle?
Are you a family member?
Right there on the left.
Thank you.
See you.
Are you alright?
I'm ne.
You told me you wouldn't ght anymore.
I didn't start it this time.
Who's that?
She helps me to write for a magazine.
Wearing a kimono?
Did they sew you up?
Five stitches.
Does it hurt?
Those ve stitches, yes.
Do you feel alright?
Are you okay?
-Where am I?
At your place.
Is that you Hashimoto?
You took off your clothes by yourself.
Don't you remember?
The wanderer wasn't there so
you let me stay.
Then we drank.
I remember I drank...
Turn around, I'll dress.
Did we drink Shochu?
You drank several glasses.
Then you embraced me.
Afterwards, you started to howl
for no reason.
Then I decided to leave.
You told me not to leave you alone
and started crying.
I didn't know what to do,
so I lied on the bed next to you.
I told you I wouldn't leave you alone
while caressing your hair.
Then suddenly you smiled.
You begged me to stay.
While you were asleep,
I went back home.
Look, I even brought some stuff.
I borrowed 200 Yen from you for the train.
Did you...
Don't you remember anything?
I don't do that with a drunk girl.
I'd rather do it when the girl is awake.
I usually don't behave like that.
Your hair is a bit too long, isn't it?
Yes, I didn't take care of it.
I'll equalize the tips.
-Please do.
"Mine is 15cm long.
It's as big as a milk bottle. "
That's bullshit.
"Miss A: That's amazing!
Miss B: It scares me. "
"A : That could hurt.
B : I never thought it could be that big.
Stop reading those dirty things
so loudly.
I nd it amusing.
These dirty things were on the table.
Don't you have any laundry to hang?
I'm going.
I'll stop annoying you.
Work well.
That hurts.
-I'm sorry.
You don't know how to brush properly.
Make some effort!
Miss, where's Yumiko?
This girl is so bad.
Sorry about that, she's still new.
Sorry for being late.
Yumiko, please replace Mariko.
What happened to you?
My child got sick,
and I took him to the doctor.
How is he?
He just caught a cold.
A cold?
You should remarry someone.
No way.
I won't go any further with men.
Doesn't it itch you, physically?
0h, please!
Thank you very much!
- I know them.
- Allright.
Haruko, from the occidental history class.
Hashimoto, from the business section.
- Hashimoto, nice to meet you.
- You too.
May I take your order?
- A medium and a miso soup.
- The same.
Two mediums and two miso soup!
How's work?
-Not so good.
It suits you.
You're getting better and better.
I'll be the boss.
He's like that.
It's on the house.
He looks shabby.
But he's not.
Here you are.
Thank you.
What a sexy voice.
Tomorrow... that works.
Akemi, the pill...
Come to my place.
You scared me.
I'm sorry
I'll give you an efcient tip
to hang the laundry.
An efcient tip?
There aren't enough clothespins.
If you use two of them for each towel,
you won't have enough clothespins.
Can I take that?
First you hang the towel.
You clip the left edge.
And you pile the next one up.
You hang it like this.
You clip it.
You pile the next one up.
If you keep going on like this,
you'll be able to hang all the towels
with the same number of clothespins,
plus one.
This is basic arithmetics.
Try it!
For example.
You hang three pairs of pants.
Those on the edges are still wet,
but the one in the middle is dry.
How do you take out
the one in the middle?
How can l?
-In this case,
you have to take out one of those on the side,
in order to take the dry one
and you'll have to put the other one back.
That's too much trouble.
In that case,
you put your hand into one of these holes.
Take the one in the middle,
and take it out through the hole.
It's efficient.
Are you
from the pro-efciency society?
That's just a lonely game.
Science, with fun.
Well, goodbye.
Mr. Takamizawa...
Thank you for the course.
Not at all.
You obviously should
keep away from such things.
Guys always talk so selshly.
- What did you say?
Girls enjoy it as well!
You enjoy it as well!
- You give head like shit!
- Sit down please.
You don't care about them at all!
I won't listen to this nonsense.
OK. Excuse me.
Come on, calm down.
Piss off!
OK, I got it.
So let's clean up and sleep too.
- I'm going home.
- What?
You're leaving me alone with her?
You're getting along so well.
Come on!
There's nothing between me and her.
Please stay!
Please, stay!
Sorry, I'm going home.
Suit yourself.
What's wrong with her?
Don't you think the boss looked weird?
Yes, it seems she wasn't feeling ne.
It seems that Mr.Takamizawa has a lover.
She might have noticed.
-It looks like it.
Wedding is an arranged adultery.
Pardon me for saying such things.
No, it's really informative.
Finding a good partner is the only thing.
Mariko, come and make the shampoo.
Exams are coming soon.
After that I'll return to the countryside.
To Kagoshima?
Are you gonna work at the prefecture?
I don't know yet, I've got connections.
I hate state employees.
Don't say that!
Take this!
What is it?
It's a duplicate key. Keep it.
I'd like to have yours as well.
I never got Tsuneo's duplicate key.
What's wrong?
I told you not to come here.
But you never contacted me.
Ok, come in.
Are you writing?
Yeah, for a third zone magazine.
It's my rst time working as an anchor.
The kid who collected the data did it badly.
I have to put it in order.
What's that face?
Come in.
I had a quarrel with my mother.
About me?
She says one can't trust a reporter.
She isn't wrong.
Since I quit my pharmacy studies..
She's wondering
what will I do in the Arts Faculty.
She's right.
I wanted to ask you that too.
Next time it's certain.
She won't send me money anymore.
You went to cry at your father's place.
And then came here?
Of course not.
What's wrong?
You don't feel alright?
Stupid mother!
Couldn't she tell me she was feeling lonely?
Stop talking, you'll choke.
Serves you right!
Mind your own business, wanker!
Who's there?
I sell owers for handicapped people.
Will you buy one from me?
Again? You already came here.
But look how beautiful they are!
They're articial so they don't wither.
300 Yen for the bouquet.
It's not expensive!
We don't need that, do we?
Wait a second.
Where are you from?
I collect funds for disabled people.
What do you do with the money?
For the institution...
Which one?
This and that...
There's a disabled person in my family.
So I wanted to know which institution
you came from.
ls that true?
About the handicapped person in your family?
Yes, my little brother is in an institution.
Thank you.
It might not be so warm.
Good, good.
She stabbed him, the boss stabbed him!
All that blood!
I was frightened.
But... Why?
I don't know.
She suddenly went crazy.
I told her to stop, but...
Take the legs!
Put him down.
Let's go!
Did you see what happened?
Uh, no...
-I saw it all.
I would like to hear your testimony.
-My testimony?
Were you working?
No, there weren't any customers.
I was reading.
You were alone with the Takamizawas?
Have you got any idea about the cause?
-No, I don't.
I think they were arguing
Your name?
My name is Yumiko Hirano.
It's weird to see you here.
Are you drawing?
Yes, but I'm really bad.
These are only some apples and mandarins.
-You shouldn't have.
I wasn't sure if I could visit you.
Are you alright?
You lost your job.
Is madam Tokiko still at the police station?
We will by
not making it a criminal case...
but I was shocked.
But what?
Oh that...
She thought she had no other choice.
Does your wound still hurt?
Yes, It hurts.
The blades used by women
contain a peculiar poison.
A violent poison.
You also have some.
Men do not?
No, men do not have any.
That suits yourself pretty well.
That's true.
Who's there?
I'm coming out.
Who's that?
The Tsuneo?
Where's my wallet?
-Why do you want it?
I need it, that's all.
Here it is.
Are you leaving?
Who was in your room?
No one.
Let's go.
Sure there's someone.
-Let's go.
I often went to your place.
You didn't call me once in six months.
I was in the countryside.
In Akita?
I did a lot of things.
I'm at a standstill.
A soon as I came back I had to start
it all over again.
Then a rm from the countryside
employed me.
It's a good opportunity
to see my village again.
ls it?
You came back to tell me that?
Not only that.
I'm not the type that waits for a man.
What does that mean?
Are you leaving directly?
No I have to collect some info
around here.
I looked around too much
and got myself into trouble...
Give me 1000 Yen!
And you?
You must have 1000 Yen at least,
to drink all that beer.
Give me 1000 Yen!
Let's go.
Why are you calling a taxi?
Let's go.
I'll walk.
Where are you going?
Isn't it obvious?
Go back to your place.
Please, go back to your place.
Go back to your place.
I'm begging you.
I asked you why!
-Because there's a guy at my place.
0k, I'll go home.
I don't want to go.
But he's waiting for you, isn't he?
I want to stay with you.
So you're the wanderer?
No news for six months
and suddenly you appear.
How cool for an old civil rights defender!
Why do you wear sunglasses?
Can't you look at people in the eyes?
Is it that hard to bare?
Say something!
It's gonna get cold.
Hashimoto, don't!
Hashimoto, no!
Stop it!
Don't you know what time it is?
What's up?
How are you doing?
You're so hip!
We broke up and I feel relieved.
What about you, coming back
to classes for the tests?
Not at all. I was looking for a job.
A job?
Will you quit school?
Don't you want to tell me
everything while having a cup of tea?
I have to go to work. Sorry.
Too bad. Work good then.
I want to meet you. M.
How much is it?
It's not written.
Wait a second please.
Excuse me, how much is this?
500 Yen.
It's 500 Yen.
Thank you.
You're never here when I come.
Call me soon.
Hashimoto, yours is the blue one.
How can you forget such a thing?
It doesn't matter, does it?
Yes it does. It's disgusting.
I won't use that brush anymore.
We kiss after eating, don't we?
It's not the same!
Don't you understand that?
You're gross!
Stop it.
Don't you see I'm washing the dishes?
You're unbelievable!
I swallowed. Calm down.
Turn on the hot water and leave it to me.
No, I'm gonna throw this away.
Come on, how many have you already
thrown away like this?
Please, don't get mad.
Stop it!
Tomorrow I'll nish my exams.
Afterwards I'm going back to the countryside.
And there's that work thing as well.
Do you have a lot of luggage?
See, you've got a lot of luggage.
This one too, please.
-Put this one here.
You have hidden skills.
Your doing it so well.
It looks like a norimaki.
Did anyone ever tell you
to place things carefully?
Sure, if I don't put it carefully
it hurts.
You only think about that!
Give me this.
I'll come back as soon as possible.
Take your time!
Please don't meet that guy!
Darling hold this for me, please.
Thank you.
Are you back?
Be careful.
Where are you?
Shinjuku? Yes.
OK, south exit.
See you.
You went to my place many times.
Let's sit here.
What's this room?
Have you got enough money?
Don't worry.
It's not dirty money isn't it?
You've become a woman.
Are you still with that boy?
It's not like it used to be.
There's no reason for it to be the same.
The negotiations in Akita went bad.
I'm getting nervous.
That's not like you.
I'm still the same though.
You know, when I met you
I thought I would stay with you
all my life.
After toying with me,
you suddenly disappeared.
And when I manage to meet you again
You tell me that it's not like before.
When I was a kid,
I used to dream I was ying.
All naked, I was ying in the sky.
I dreamed I was ying again.
I was ying with a hang glider.
Now, I need a tool to y.
That's the reason I went to Akita.
Wait for me. I'm building a glider,
I'll come and pick you up.
But I don't have any.
Pregnancy: a knowledge of ten months
Miss Tsuyama.
You're a student.
As you saw it with the pregnancy test,
with the urine, isn't it?
I think you already understood it.
There's 95% chance
that you are pregnant.
Then it's a pregnancy.
Do you intend to keep it?
It's a little bit complicated.
Yes, as a student, of course.
I would advise you to keep it.
But if you can't,
in case of
articial pregnancy interruption,
we need your written consent.
Write your name,
Your partner's name,
Your address,
sign and put your seal.
Then wait until the operation.
- Understood.
If he doesn't answer when you knock,
that's because he's not here.
- I thought he might be sleeping.
- If he's not deaf, he would've answered.
Was he here this morning?
I've got absolutely no idea.
- Tell me...
- If you want anything,
leave him a note at the door.
We all do that.
Why are you sitting down?
Waiting here won't make him come.
What's going on?
A quarrel?
No, she's sitting here.
She's waiting for him.
That's not true.
It's no use.
He rarely comes here.
That's what I said
Are you leaving?
It's better.
The more you run after men,
the more they run away from you.
You're at Fujimiso.
Where are you?
Where are you?
When will you be back?
I'd like to meet you...
I've been to your place.
There was a weird guy
with sun glasses.
What are you telling me?
I didn't say that.
But I had no choice!
It's urgent, I'm telling you.
Anyway don't go back to my apartment,
If you go back there,
you'll get involved as well.
I want to see you right now.
That's impossible right now.
We'll meet the next time I come back.
I have a favor to ask you.
I need 3 million Yen.
Are you serious?
Tell your family you're
in a critical situation.
You need an appendicitis operation.
If you don't have the money, you know
your father's address, don't you?
He could probably...
I can't ask him for that.
Without it I'm screwed.
You're always talking about yourself.
What do you think I want to tell you?
Tell me when I'm back.
For now, do as l said.
I'm counting on you.
I'm hanging up.
Take care.
I wasn't expecting
to receive a call from you.
How does it feel
going from official to pub owner?
It's much better than the town hall.
There's a lot of young people like you.
It's like I'm becoming young again.
Are you getting along well
with your partner?
I wouldn't say that.
And with mom?
She refuses to sign the divorce papers.
I'm embarrassed.
Don't you want children
with the new one?
No she doesn't want any.
And I'm too old anyway.
Have you got any problems?
No, I just suddenly wanted to see you.
Take this.
No thanks.
-Don't worry about it.
OK. But I'll give it back to you.
Come on, don't worry about it!
That's not you.
I'm an adult now.
What's going on?
You look like you have nothing to do.
Yes, after that incident
I don't have a lot to do.
Don't be so worried,
smile a bit.
Got it!
What about him?
I think he's at the rooftop.
Men really think they can do anything.
Pregnancy interruption request.
Partner: Tsuyama Tsuneo.
What a mess!
I'm back.
What happened?
Aren't you feeling well?
It seems I caught a cold.
A cold?
Let me see.
It seems you don't have fever.
Did you show that to a doctor?
He said I caught a cold.
Look, I brought back some souvenirs.
Isn't it great?
It's a couple of dolls.
Do you want some rice crackers?
It fell down.
I'll put it back later.
It's really dirty in here.
I'll do the laundry.
Don't! Just put it there.
Come on, I'm able to do the laundry.
-Stop it, I feel ashamed.
You're sick,
so take it easy and sleep.
As for the job, it looks good.
I wrote it in the letter.
Good for you.
So many things happened.
Do you like doing the laundry?
Not really, but I can do it.
The old man goes searching for wood in the mountain.
The old lady does the laundry by the river.
I like that.
But the old lady
lies down in bed with a cold.
What do you want to eat for dinner?
Should I cook a Kagoshima dish?
What is that?
The one I wanted to bring from Kagoshima.
Didn't you read my letters?
Excuse me.
Miss Tsuyama.
Do you have the document?
Did you skip breakfast?
Please wait there.
Please count slowly.
Excuse me, how much is this?
500 Yen.
I'll take it like this.
Thank you.
I don't want to see you anymore.
Don't ask me for the reason.
Give me back my duplicate key.
My letters.
Why did you call me so suddenly
to ask for 3 million?
You didn't get it, right?
How could I?
I don't even know what you wanted it for.
I'm being pursued.
Did you read my article?
That gang is not very nice.
Yes it was interesting.
If I can't get 3 million Yen,
I'll lose my pinkie.
That's why I'm running away.
Furthermore, you caused problems coming to my place,
that's also why.
Come on.
It's my fault
if you have trouble at work?
I didn't say that.
I had a lot of problems with my work.
you only think about yourself.
What was your emergency?
I'm asking you, answer me.
I'm pregnant.
ls it my child?
That's impossible.
Why is that?
But you're with the other guy.
And it never happened beforehand.
You're not obliged to trust me.
You only trust yourself
Have an abortion!
I'd like you to a have an abortion.
I don't want children.
I'll never have any.
I don't want to leave my blood.
Have an abortion!
Please do it for me.
I don't want to become a father.
It's already done.
I already did.
Fucking bastard!
What do you think you're doing, bastard!?
Let's have some tea.
You don't want?
Do you prefer alcohol?
"In the world history textbook"
"no letter feels lonely"
"I go to the used book store"
"I look at the sea for a while
and go home"
"I'll be alone tomorrow"
"I'm not afraid of ying"
"The only thing I fear is crashing down"
"That's what those stupid people told me"
"Bye-bye with the left hand"
"Bye-bye with the right hand"
"This is the time for saying goodbye"
"Bye-bye Bye-bye"
and Kao and Okuda
Leo Morimoto
Juxo Itami
Original story by:
Noriko Minabe
Music: Michi Tanaka
Produced by:
Japan's Art Theater Guild
Director: Yoichi Higashi