No Night Is Too Long (2016) Movie Script

Tim Cornish
In 1904, in Maine, a
fishing boat sank.
3 men reached
the lifeboat.
When only one was rescued alive.
There were pieces of human flesh.
He confessed to
eaten mates...
who are on the breath of your throat!
There is no escape.
Summer, the problem
is that a year ago...
I killed someone.
It all started in my
last year at university.
It was just
Christmas and enjoyed myself.
I did many things.
Some of the surprise.
But if I am
shows some interest...
I can not resist.
- I love you.
- I know.
- I love you really.
- Yes.
Did well academically.
Things could not be better.
Can we find a
island and stay there or travel.
- What do you think?
- Hello, Tim
- Hello
- Tim!
- What?
- Do not know why I hate.
And then I saw him!
I could not see his face well...
but there was something...
I'm not sure it was strange.
And ever since I saw him everywhere.
And that was it, he was gone.
I did not know what happened...
could not erase it
my mind.
He only knew he needed to review it.
always liked the introverted type.
But, you know that, right?
Sorry, I was open.
Do not know whether to...
Can enter.
What to listen?
It is...
some opera.
- What?
- Rosenkavalier.
- Do not know.
- It is very good, it's...
It has a beautiful melody.
It is good to...
get carried away.
No thanks.
- Do you have fire?
- Yes, yes... have.
What can I do for you?
Decided that
study paleontology?
- Why am I watching?
- Do not be watched.
Yes, what did?
I watched with my
girlfriend, behind the window.
- Girlfriend?
- One.
- How are you?
- Why do you persist?
Why follow me
to the elevator?
That's what school?
Well done!
This has some 250 million years.
- Where to get it?
- Alaska.
- What was he doing there?
- It was a conference.
There are cruises for people who
interested in such things.
I have a lot of work,
it can not do anything...
- I'm going then.
- Yes.
- By the way...
- What?
Merry Christmas.
Surely I was not happy.
It was the first Christmas without Dad.
And mother began to fade.
It was terrible e. ..
Aunt Clara has not helped.
You need to eat something,
Margaret is very thin.
You know what to do?
I do not know, maybe go to the beach.
I was referring to his life. Already
thought about a career?
In a job?
Not yet.
What you do with your
degree in English?
Will always
teaching at the university?
just thinking about it...
although not
needed associations.
I was so confused, not
because he was a man...
As a kid always
I had an open mind...
like you know.
Heats it to me, Tim
Happy New Year.
It was one Year's Eve
Novo would never forget.
"Without me, without me
Every day is miserable. "
"Me, me...
... The nights are not long. "
Where you going?
At a conference on
sedimentary rocks.
With a leather jacket?
Even more.
Even more.
I started spending all my
time in his apartment.
I never knew what
I meant to him.
And it makes me look very sexy.
The wanted more.
At least in principle.
And at Easter, for which
not going anywhere?
- No, my sister will come.
- Then I disappear.
Face it would be too much, no?
- Then in the summer.
- I'm going to Alaska in the summer.
I conferences
cruises, you know.
- I can not let go.
- Alaska. Damn!
Come on.
So I spent Easter
home without it...
a summer without it.
It was terrible!
Nail polish.
Did not know it was a transvestite.
It is my sister,
must have forgotten about it.
Leads me to Alaska.
You very upset.
Why not take a bit?
- Why?
- I need money.
This summer, do not break.
Deceive many people.
- But to me, fool.
- Enough, Tim
What will I do
all summer?
- You will find something.
- You can not leave me!
My God!
- It's not fair!
- Know how to understand this?
Yes, Alaska is a fossil
more important than me.
Nothing is more
important than you.
Do not spend a single minute
you could not avoid.
I want to come.
Te amo.
"Te amo"
Wish I had not said that.
It should say "love you too."
But I could not.
Because to say...
I felt nothing.
And so it was always for me.
- Always.
- Tim ..
... Love you.
It's all for me.
Can not live without you.
Te amo.
Tim Cornish
"In 1790, Captain Peron
was abandoned on an island.
He remained there three years.
Cut the neck of
turtles and drank his blood.
Was rescued by chance.
Some do not have your luck.
When arrested by the thought
first-degree murder. "
- I will miss you.
- Just one night.
- What will you do?
- I do not know...
the usual.
- What?
- Review.
- More revision.
- Cancel.
I can say I'm sick.
Ivo, just one night.
Go away, will arrive later.
- Te telefono evening.
- Yes.
In a conference
on solid marine?
I'm anxious.
What's this?
Brought things to Alaska.
Insect Repellent...
Socks... a lathe.
- And your conference?
- They were enthusiastic.
Hey, check this out.
Tell me if you like something.
We can do many things
the first two weeks.
It boots to walk?
- Boots for hiking?
- This is the most important.
View this view!
It's for when you're wet.
Thank me, I swear.
Brought checks
Travel and dollars.
Worked great?
Yes, a little.
I met someone very...
excited by Alaska.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Someone... the first year.
Approached me in the library.
- Do not mind, do you?
- Iodine.
- Do you mind?
- Gypsum.
It appeared that the opportunity e. ..
I thought I should mention...
I know what pleases you
to be honest.
Should leave you in suspense?
Should shut my feelings?
It's late, is not it?
And did the last race,
the last day of college.
And the last...
The most wanted...
was to go to Alaska with Ivo.
But I could not disappoint him.
4000 km
ice on three sides...
and water in the room.
The only entrance and exit
Juneau is by air or sea.
This road begins at
one side and ends at another.
It has more output,
is the end of the world!
A road that will not
nowhere, brilliant!
Hello, sir!
Welcome to Goncharof.
I have a reservation in
name Ivo Steadman.
Here it is, sir.
- Beautiful view.
- Yes.
- There was a change in plans.
- How?
- One speaker gave up.
- He gave up what?
The next cruise.
I must repay it.
When is the next cruise?
Party tomorrow.
When he returns?
- In 10 days.
- Why did not I?
He did not know until the last minute.
They called me before leaving.
And they were desperate.
I did not want to disappoint them, sorry.
I can not believe.
We should pass
these two weeks together.
Can not abandon me
here, by the end of the world!
I'll go with you.
Can not, is complete.
Get bored when traveling
in both cruises.
Have more fun if you stay.
Very soon I will return.
I should have said.
I'm sorry.
You too.
Could use it
while I'm not.
Serve more to you.
- One beer please.
- Alaskan Amber?
Alaskan, thanks.
There were only a few seconds
and remember what I wore...
as holding your book...
as her hair falling down her face.
I am ashamed to admit it, but
the first thing I thought was...
... That would be a good
way to pass the time.
Excuse me.
He left it at the bar yesterday.
Last night, left the bar.
Would leave the reception,
but do not know your name.
Thank you.
Reading is the only thing to do
here when you are alone.
Good morning, sir.
Will breakfast with Miss?
Yes ..
- Sit down, please.
- Thanks.
This is a strange place, no?
My name is Tim Tim Cornish.
Isabel... Isabel Winwood.
His accent is not strong.
It's because I'm English.
I thought it was North American.
Because I have lived in
Canada in the last 10 years.
And you, where do you live?
It is a town in Suffolk.
Yes, I have heard of him.
- Do you have a festival, no?
- That's it.
I'd like to know.
You should do it.
If you have time, I would like
show me the place.
It's amazing what
is the state capital.
Could crazy
in such a place.
Why are you here?
Knows what to expose himself, no?
These cruises attract only older.
Will only?
Why look at me like that?
It's still next week.
We will have time
for fun.
Although no me
told why they are here.
A friend, Lynette Case,
married someone here.
It's my best friend
met in Vancouver.
Is not well and think it
matter of weeks.
Only 32 years old.
Thinking about losing it...
I know it's selfish but
I feel like fools.
Have you ever lost someone?
My father, 18 months ago.
Miss him?
In a way.
But my mother never
recovered and never will.
If you loved very much.
Sometimes I felt like an intruder...
and I never felt
comfortable at home.
Now my mother is
closing for all.
It's like me
would reject again.
What a pity!
Two people to
laments the end of the world.
And her husband?
Left me.
It has done this before and came back.
It's like a runaway boy.
It can be sweet and loving, " Love, love you. "Where the mind.
But it's nothing to
me and it bothers me.
Why not let him?
He could not renounce it.
You should make these
things work, huh?
come to me.
"When I die, cut it
star-shaped. "
How goes?
both the sky...
the world is
in love with night. "
It's late.
- Mr. Cornish.
- Yes?
There's a letter for you.
I enjoy receiving letters and you?
The calls are transient.
Words fail.
But a letter can be
keep it forever.
I have saved all
the letters I received.
I hope that other
keep mine.
This letter and the
worsened following everything.
Should have taken
hours in writing them...
and I read them in minutes.
He could not bear them.
I had been aware
just wanting to stay with her.
And could not let them know Ivo.
- How is she?
- Not good.
Poor Lynette.
For the first time in my
life believed to be in love.
That disappoints you?
That night I decided
write to her.
The first letter
love that I wrote.
Lynette returned to the hospital.
In Anchorage.
What will you do?
I do not know. I think
return home.
Mr. Cornish.
More mail.
Do not blame me.
Anyway you should say.
I'm here because I know...
working on cruise ships.
Arrives at the end of the week and
soon as the next begins.
- Cruise on the day go?
- Yes.
And that person you write letters?
Every day.
We were lovers, but this turned out.
But she can not accept.
Fails to understand
we broke up.
If you write every
days must love you very much.
Not my fault.
When he left
I considered returning to England.
And that would have helped you?
The point is: thanks
God I was!
If not, we
should have known.
When all back end.
She'll be here and I
coming home, alone.
But I can get.
Can I visit you in Vancouver.
- Lynette's waiting for me.
- Please wait.
Read this.
Do not miss it.
Must be a secret.
Do not tell anyone.
Who would have believed it? I do not intend
meet with your spouse.
You should not tell
anyone. Must promise.
I promise I will not say anything.
For the lady,
fresh salmon with ginger.
And to you,
halibut with salsa Bourbon.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy your dinner.
I do not want to leave.
There is no reason to stay.
I. .. I'm right.
Should I continue with
my life and you too.
- So will you.
- No.
- Why?
- Because...
- Because...
- Because... because it is not possible.
Why should you go on your cruise.
Why should solve everything!
Please stay with me.
- Stay with me.
- I can not.
- Yes, yes you can.
- I can not.
- Why?
- I can not.
There must revisit my stuff.
I wanted to address.
I must see you again.
I feared that I would not.
I feel... sorry!
I do not want to leave.
- I will go with you.
- No.
Buy the ticket
and climb on the plane.
- Not so simple.
- You will visit in Vancouver.
- Do not visit.
- I'll write.
- I'll call every day.
Will die if you do not see you again.
- Die.
- I will respond.
Te amo.
Ten days, repeating myself.
The cruise ended and would
to Vancouver to see her.
But still
I did not feel better.
I tried to remember his face.
But just saw me looking Ivo...
very coldly.
Not bear thinking
again about having sex with Ivo.
I decided that when he returned...
tell him that we had done.
- What a beautiful reception!
- Sorry, I drank too much.
What smells here!
And I want it back.
Why can not I write?
I'm sorry.
Not even a letter?
- I should have written.
- Not even one.
I know, sorry.
It's my fault.
To have gone well.
There was a good
trip for you, right?
Yes, could be better, I promise.
It's weird.
Ivo, I must say something.
Sorry sir...
The lady with whom
forgot it was yesterday.
It's cute, I decided to save it.
- Thanks.
- Luckily you're back.
A novel?
"Laroche"... very expensive!
- The paid with my money?
- Of course not.
- How to know is "Laroche"?
- It's obvious.
For someone with good taste.
- Hello, Ivo!
Good morning.
What is it?
- We can keep a secret?
- What secret?
Our secret!
Why do others need to know?
Not only is his subject.
If you want so.
All yours.
- Nobody sees us.
- I know.
Why can not things cooled down?
Only one time in the cruise.
- What is happening?
- Nothing.
Just thought it would be a
good idea, that's all.
Maybe that's what
need. What do you think?
Let us behave.
-Of course!
- Do not be too difficult.
There's little boys
first year, they are all old.
But even so...
If you see
a whale, must scream...
"A sharp, two in
point, three-point "...
so we will know where to aim.
Before I speak to Jimmy,
wanted to introduce...
Nathan Hayward, our
specialist in nature.
- Hello everyone.
- And from England...
Dr. Ivo Steadman,
our paleontologist.
"Hello everyone!
- The man called fossils.
And we have Betsy Beranof...
who knows all about
birds and can attract them...
with some songs
interpret that evening.
And to remind them
'm Fergus McKenzie.
Historian of nature.
And now...
the most popular man
onboard: Jimmy, the boss.
Good evening, friends.
A large vodka please.
Are you a student, Mr. Cornish?
Not now, I have just graduated.
At least I hope...
Watched my final exams.
- Which specialty?
- English literature.
Nobody writes like the English...
Have you read Edna O'brien?
No, no.
I've heard cats sing better.
Betsy and I am Beranof
wish you good day!
The temperature is 24
degrees and no clouds.
Why not let me in?
Do not want sex...
We could have slept
together, or we can not?
- It will not do breakfast?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- It's ridiculous, I do not know why he came.
I do not know
went to the elevator.
Good morning.
Was on deck...
And I saw two seals.
How exciting!
It will be a beautiful day.
That said Betsy.
I hated every minute.
I could not wait for that
this would end.
And when finished would
Vancouver to see Isabel.
But there was something
should do before.
Ivo lost patience
by our cool-down period.
- I thought a break.
- Do not tarry.
Good afternoon...
Betsy Beranof am...
There were fantastic these glaciers?
If you want more...
-Ivo, please stop!
And I'll tell more if
anyone knows of ice ages...
... Is Ivo Steadman.
I was thinking...
I decided not to make the next cruise.
Why not?
To be with you.
You are with me now.
I know.
But would more time with you.
Can not stop?
Can I achieve a refund.
I spoke with Fergus.
- Do you agree?
- Only mentioned and he said...
it was okay.
Do not you like?
We could go to San Francisco.
what do you think?
I assume that will not come to the conference.
Why do we want to know about
ice ages?
I want to leave.
I want to leave.
When the cruise
finish on Friday, finished!
- We're done.
- There is serious...
Yes, I'm serious.
Sorry, Ivo.
It's obvious, right?
Not for me.
I do not love!
Perhaps you think that what
felt about me has changed...
but could be mistaken, no?
We can not finish.
- But not love.
- Do not say that.
I never loved you!
- No way.
- It's the truth.
Met someone, right?
Who is he?
You are mistaken.
- It's a lie.
- It's no lie.
It's a woman and
I'm in love with her.
The hotel met in Juneau.
I will go to Vancouver to be with her.
Her name is Isabel
I love her.
A few days more.
I would separate
would see him and Elizabeth.
And that was the end of the nightmare.
But I knew that
kill the next day.
Was only 18 years, by God.
A baby.
And why let a small crime
on an island in the middle of nowhere.
What happened to him?
Some years later he was rescued.
But the strange thing was
that to be abandoned...
had two hands, but the
only one had to be rescued.
- What do you mean?
- She ate it.
Oh my God!
I'm Betsy Beranof
wishing them a good day.
15 degrees and make time
But no matter why
is the day of the dinosaurs.
To the island Chechin
where we see the footprints...
a dinosaur
more than 300 million years...
Imagine 300 million years
You mention me?
- You talked about me?
- You know I've had a relationship.
I know it was with a woman, right?
- How do you know?
- He believed in it?
- Of course.
- I will go with you.
- What do you mean?
- Vancouver.
I'll go with you to meet her.
- You can not.
- Sure.
We can drink
three, have some fun.
You think I give a
defeated so easily?
Friends, this number
corresponds to their coats.
The red side to be seen.
Upon his return, withdraw
the coats and let...
the numbers of the black side.
Look at all of you...
They walked around,
million years ago.
The "dinosaur" were going overboard.
You can take photos and share them.
We have one hour
to explore the island.
We return to
boats at 12:30 hours.
Very good. Thanks.
If you want a print
memory footprint...
ask the paper to Connie.
Ivo, we need to talk.
I need to let me go.
Just, you know.
Still want to stay with me?
I do not think that is what they want.
Do not know.
Do not know who he is.
She does not know who you are.
- He would not tell, do you?
- About us?
How do you know she does not know?
How would I know?
How would I know?
You may not know.
Give us something that
when we're talking.
- Do not come to me.
- How to get there without me?
- No money.
- Of course I have money.
- It's a terrible liar.
- Said he would pay.
He did not believe it would sell!
I hated every minute!
One wonders, would
returned to England...
if Isabel had not known.
She is the only
why I stayed.
Want money?
That's what you want?
Because they want money,
I suggest you sell.
Not worth much, but
charge is not expensive...
Well friends, we go out to sea.
Put on your coats.
- Number 40!
- It's me!
- Number 10!
- Here I am!
The 22?
- Number 22!
- It's mine!
- Number 22!
- It's mine.
Here you are.
- Where is Ivo?
- Must be on another boat.
"Yes, it was on another boat.
Well, walking.
- Greg! Release the rope!
- I will!
Come all.
Find blankets.
How are you?
Come, come.
No, you come, I'll handle it.
Come, join us to others!
Hi, Tim
How do you feel?
Why do you ask?
Not afraid of water?
So nobody's here?
So it seems.
I'm too old for these doideiras.
Cause I think is very young.
Want to join me?
Not at the moment, thanks.
Good evening, friends.
just a reminder to...
those who feel well.
You can leave your
equipment in the cabin...
and an official
will arrive tomorrow.
Bye for now.
- Hi, Tim
- Hello
Assist the party
farewell tonight?
Not sure yet.
- I hope it comes.
- Hopefully.
By the way, how you feel Ivo?
I do not know.
I do not think it feels good.
It's party time.
See you in half an hour.
Lack half hours for the party.
Oh, Tim!
Come, come in!
Very good.
I was pleased to see you.
See you next year?
Recommendations for Hank.
- Thanks.
- Goodbye darling.
I was pleased to see you.
Ivo is in you?
Stepped forward and took a taxi.
Maybe you have not seen.
Well ..
Go there!
- See ya.
- Bye.
Tommy, good luck next year.
Hope you catch a fish.
Enjoy your flight, Mr. Cornish.
In the end I will be
flying to Vancouver.
I can not think of Ivo.
Just wanted to be with Isabel
again and forget to Ivo.
But it did not take into
back with a vengeance.
I remembered where there was
the address of Elizabeth.
I'll take that, yeah okay.
Could you help me?
Looking for Isabel Winwood.
Isabel Winwood? Sorry,
wrong number.
Information that city...
Can you give me the number
a hospital in Anchorage?
- Anchorage?
- Alaska.
I can not give the information.
Please is very important.
Can you tell me if
is still in hospital?
Not in hospital.
- It's in your house?
- No longer with us.
- I know, I told you.
- Lynette Case died.
Mr. Case is not
Want to leave a message?
- When you come back?
- In two weeks.
- Two weeks.
- You are on vacation.
Everything was falling apart
and did not know what to do.
Maybe stay and wait
and find it by accident.
Not believed
in what he did.
I could not believe
I did something.
Then I began to lose
interest to find it.
She had killed Ivo
to be with Isabel.
How could you say that?
But he felt the need
to tell everything to someone.
What do you do in England?
I am an accessor.
So make lots of money.
Maybe some day win, there
the divide, okay?
No, no, no.
The one I keep in
safety box.
You know?
For an emergency.
I'm here on vacation.
- I will soon though.
- Where do you live?
In Suffolk.
The place is old.
Although money
I do not want a place.
But I'm not very.
And that's a problem.
Thank you, sir.
I did something wrong...
I did something very bad.
I killed someone.
I killed someone.
Do not cry.
Can you tell me.
Tell me everything.
And there began.
He would not leave me quiet.
Then I realized
that he could not continue.
The true taste of the skins.
Shaving the Living!
Threw me.
It was like an obsession, you know?
Understands this...
is obsessed with someone?
Soon deteriorated, as if there
had nothing to say.
Began to bother me
with that of animal rights.
He spoke to me as a
children and their friends came...
talking donkeys and
Dolphins... these things.
Started sending
these things by fax.
Photos of dogs watching you
as if he needed it.
Monkeys with
machines in the skull.
'll Change the locks.
I live here...
Can not continue with it.
I know.
It is the fourth time that makes me...
and that the fourth round.
What kind of marriage is that?
I know, Elizabeth.
I need someone to trust.
Bother you.
- Indeed.
- And who's to blame?
Leaves, I'll take it.
Hey, Isabel...
Look who's here.
Appeared out of nowhere?
As God!
Can you believe?
It's too bad.
Want a beer?
- I will not stay.
- Come on.
Lost your tongue, Izzy?
No, no.
Where is it?
Hey, where is it?
Where is who?
I thought I would know.
If I knew it was not
wondering, do you?
- Who we?
- Tim Cornish.
A friend from England...
Age .. my lover.
It was me on a cruise.
We visited a
island and fight.
I fell on a rock and lost consciousness.
And he left me there.
I imagine that thought...
I was dead.
My God!
How long were you there?
Two or three days.
A colleague suspected...
and... cruise
Next to me was...
and here I am.
My God!
I wanted to kill you for real?
I wanted out of life
because he has another lover.
Is with him now?
I do not know.
What is happening here?
Just know that when
tried to kill me...
had intentions of
continue the romance.
With whom would the novel?
With my sister.
Open the door!
- How can you do to me?
- It should not invite me...
- I thought I could trust...
- Do not want to do it.
Did not want to spy on you
but you traveled.
- It was ridiculous.
- But I knew it!
I knew how I felt about him.
I knew what I felt!
Therefore can not control people.
Get out!
- You have proposed to seduce him?
- Of course not!
Who gave the
first step, was it?
Did you? It was love
at first sight?
Romeo huddling
Juliet in Juneau!
- You read what you wrote?
- No!
- Read on your own?
- I could not do that.
- Do not do that.
- Read all?
What explanation do you want?
It will be something selfish...
but also...
What is it?
Pity me!
I also think
I fell for it.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Ivo, please...
All this is right?
This guy Tim and you...
Is it right?
I'll tell you something...
I love Elizabeth now
how I loved her then.
But no matter...
why not come back to see her.
"Thanks to drink sea water...
I almost dehydrated...
I was rescued almost
to die.
"I've got you in sight!"
"Do not tarry"
How have you been?
I went to Greenland and Iceland...
I washed dishes...
and I come here and meet you.
I wanted to meet me?
I must do something.
- Anything with alcohol?
- No. .. not.
I do not drink.
I sleep on the street.
Are your parents?
My mother, yes.
He had a heart attack.
Is in an asylum.
It's a beautiful house.
No, it is not.
Plenty of space, beside the sea.
Must be expensive, no?
I do not know.
I think so.
Yes, thanks.
I'll show you where to sleep.
Hello, Tim
My wife, Felicity.
He is Tim Cornish
studied together.
Very pleased.
Tim, I love you.
- What a pleasure to meet you!
- How are you?
- And you?
- Not bad, I studied law.
Hello, Tim
It's too bad.
Are you sick?
I came for the opera.
But when you see
nostalgia came over me!
I'm surprised that is
here. I thought it had gone.
I am also surprised to see you.
It seems that walked
seeing a ghost.
let me in?
What to do now?
Not much.
- And you?
- I am still in college.
Was there all year?
Where else?
I have seen you in
everywhere from...
The Alaska?
It is your imagination.
I think so.
And the guilt.
Okay. Just want to sugar.
Why are you here?
Why wait so long?
I told you.
I came for the opera.
If it had been before
I do not know what would.
Now I feel different.
I thought I had killed you.
No attempt
again, is not it?
You still have the scarf
my sister?
Your sister?
You know?
All the time
spent together...
never asked for my family...
where they were...
what they did...
If it were not so selfish
would avoid many problems.
Save it!
It was you, right?
all of these.
Someone sent them
for you, right?
Worked very well.
I went nuts.
All this over...
castaways and cannibals.
It's sickening.
It's my brother's handwriting.
It's a darn.
I do not know what she thought Elizabeth.
He had such good taste.
In general...
I wonder...
they must hate me.
I must go.
I have money for you.
Been saving.
Keeping what you stole.
If I was dead
to do this?
I do not know.
I do not have any,
but I have enough.
I do not want.
- I want to take.
- This would improve things?
- Keep it going away.
- It rains too much!
Get wet.
Waits, wait.
Put this.
- Tim
- Do it for me.
- How to return you?
- You can have it.
- For the good times.
- The leave the hotel.
You can get there.
You know you can stay if you want.
It has several rooms here.
I will say no.
Through the good times.
It is too cute, you know?
But it is fatal!
Should think carefully before
to re-engage.
You survived.
Maybe it's a blessing.
What kind of relationship
had with Dr. Steadman?
We were lovers, I said.
- Broke a year ago.
- Why?
Because over.
Why do people break up?
What I did in Saxburgh?
Came to the festival
Music, like so many thousands.
This French gentleman, Thierry...
- Massin.
- Exactly.
- What did you do in Saxburgh?
- I do not know.
Been threatened or blackmailed?
You killed Ivo Steadman?
Why would want to do this?
It was a joke?
The man who died
last week...
was the guy who
murdered one year ago.
wanted the full story...
and voila.
From beginning to end.
I would not worry.
There is no evidence against it.
Who had said...
that the innocent boy
the choir end this way?
We know that
crazy for you, right?
Especially me.
I admit...
that was long ago
but we were young...
was very real.
Why I asked?
Because it was the only
lawyer I thought of.
Yes ..
Thanks, Sgt.
- Thierry arrested.
- Why?
Heard someone force entry?
I have heard many things.
Told him of their economies
and wanted to reach them.
For that killed Ivo?
Confused person.
Ivo wore his jacket, was
dark, was an easy mistake.
Thierry wants his keys.
This is your brand, no?
Got its way.
I did not kill him.
But that is all your fault
Thierry was here.
Then, somehow, is their
guilt that Ivo has died.
Thanks for the help.
Now go fuck your wife.
God help the
who try to love you.
Isabel is the one I loved.
May God help us!