No One Gets Out Alive (2021) Movie Script

We've got heavy rain
being reported around the region.
But we've got wind gusts
of 30 or 40 miles an hour.
Visibility is poor, so you motorists
be careful out there.
How's it going?
Yeah, you know.
Is Dad there?
He's not going to talk to you.
Do you think
it would make a difference if I
-Came home?
If I write to him.
I've been having bad dreams.
I just want to leave.
I was wrong, okay? I never
I just want things to go back
to how they were.
Listen, Ihave to go to work now.
That arrest led investigators
You there?
Everybody out.
Let's go.
Come on, huh?
Come on.
Let's go.
Keep moving.
Let's go.
-Take care.
-You too.
If you want to stay
any longer, I need your ID.
It's been two weeks now.
Yeah. Okay, you'll get it.
Ambar, are you coming?
-We don't want to be late.
-I'll be right there.
Don't mind the mess.
We just took over the place.
We're still fixing it up.
Your, uh, room's just over here.
You have a good view from thisfloor.
Not that Cleveland's much to lookat.
How you finding it?
Uh, yeah, it's nice.
Not been here long, then.
How many others live here?
Uh, you're the second.
Freja's the first.
Her English ain't so good.
Where's she from?
Somewhere they don't speakEnglish.
Uh, ladies only.
No guests after 9:00.
No smoking, no pets.
Radiator's off.
Once it's on, one side is warm...
-Oh, sorry.
-Shoot. I got it, I got it.
Are you sure? I can just...
I'll prop that up. Okay.
Don't worry. I'll replace that.
-So, where are you from?
South of here.
How far south?
Not very far.
You got a job?
They pay cash?
-One month's rent upfront.
-A month?
You want the room or not?
Key is in the drawer.
Anything else, I'm upstairs, topfloor.
Just holler.
Saved messages.
Hi, sweetheart.It's Mama.
Sorry for calling so late.
You know I can't sleep in these beds.
Thank you for today.
I know you have plans,
but I need you to come in tomorrow.
Please come.
Your visitsare the only thing...
Can you stay a little longer?
Of course.
-Oh, sorry!
Uh, Freja?
Sorry, I'm I'm Ambar.
Red said it's just the two of us.
Red is full of shit.
-This needs to be double stitched.
-Okay. I'm sorry, sir.
-This hem's no good either.
-Yeah, I'm sorry.
-It won't happen again.
-I need you to hurry up.
-You should be doing twice as many.
-Pick up the pace.
-Yes, sir, I'm sorry. Thank you.
He adds the raids go afteremployees,
but not the business owners
also committing crimesby hiring
Come on, we agreed!
But why? Can I know why?
Yes! Fine.
Well, how much is the ID?
-The price went up to 3,000.
-Come on, you said it was one!
-I know, but
-This guy's an asshole. I'm sorry.
Birthplace. If it's Ohio,
it's still a thousand.
-No, it has to be Texas.
-Why can't you come from Ohio?
-I can't.
-Then it's gonna have to cost you more.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
You'll think of something.
Texans are resourceful people.
Be nice when we go out there.
I'm trying to be nice,
but I don't know who she is.
You hardly knew her mother!
It's gonna be a nice evening
as long as you are able to,
you know, be nice.
I'll do my best.
Carlos? Dinner.
-Can I help?
-No, it's okay.
I hope you like meatloaf.
It smells delicious.
Thank you for inviting me.
Of course.
It's our pleasure to meet you.
Thank you.
You must be Carlos.
-Oh, we don't...
Carlos isn't used to speakingSpanish.
I'm I'm sorry.
Carlos, Ambar's mama was my cousin.
That makes Ambar your second cousin.
Are you all set for Friday?
Yes, thank you very much.
No promises,
but I did put in agood word for you.
Don't forget to bring your ID.
They were pretty big on that.
So, how do you like the city,Ambar?
I mean, it's nice.
-Just a little cold.
-It's freezing.
I have to wear two pairs of socks here.
You know, you should get a propercoat.
Sylvia, don't we have something
we can give her?
Oh, no, no. That's okay. I can buy one.
No, it's fine. I...
I have an old coat in my closet.
thank you.
So, Beto says you didn't go tocollege.
Well, I was going to,
but then Mami got sick.
I'm gonna go to night school
to study business management.
It's a great thing you did,
staying by her side through herillness.
Well, she needed me.
Putting your life on hold all those years,
not a lot of people would've donethat.
Are you listening, Carlos?
Lose something?
No. Uh, there was a sound.
Basement's private.
Sorry. Um, I... I actually need
to talk to youabout something.
Look, it's late. I need to finishup,
so let's talk tomorrow.
Study's private too.
Oh, um
Well, I need to talk to you
about my deposit.
Well, I'm very sorry,
but I need mydeposit back.
Something has come up. You can have
the money for last night and tonight.
You just moved in.
I know, Red. Please, I I need thatmoney.
I already spent it.
-Refurbishments, tools, materials.
It's done. Sorry.
Hey, are you okay?
Coming up next, we find out
what really happened to the four hikers
that went missing
in the Swedish wilderness.
You've always had such beautiful hair.
You'd brush it a hundred times
before letting me leave the house.
And aren't you glad I did?
Are you sure you're happy to stay?
Of course.
You're too kind,Ambar.
What's that in the corner?
You want what?
Can I get paid for next week?
You know how many girls would kill
for this job?
-And youask me for an advance?
-But what if I do double shifts?
Every day you're getting slower!
You're lucky you still have a job.
I'm sorry. I'll move faster.
You just got here,
and you keep saying that!
I know, but I promise. I'm sorry.
Why don't I put you on packing?
I'm not supposed to, but just fortoday.
And you come back tomorrow
and prove to me you're good for this job.
How about a thank you?
Why do you need the ID so soon?
What's so important about Friday?
I have a job interview.
So take the damned ID
which saysyou were born in Ohio.
You can just say Texas was amistake
on your application or something.
-I can't.
-Why not?
-Well, it's complicated.
-So explain!
My uncle.
I called him up
and asked asked for a job, and
he said he couldn't help me
because I wasn't a US citizen, and
I lied and said that I was born...
In Texas!
Mami used to live in Texas, and
now I'm stuck.
I didn't want to come here likethis.
But Mami got sick,
and then she'd get better,
and I could make plans.
But then things would get bad again,
and I'd have to stay.
I was relieved when it was allover.
I could finally leave for a newstart.
You know, people always told me
I had an eye for fashion.
A gift for seeing
who people wouldlike to be.
We came here, and I thought I would
open up a shop or maybe start a website.
Five years later,
and I'm still working
the same shitty job.
We are too kind.
Why else am I still living
with several members of my family?
I should make them work for me.
I love them, but life would be
so much easier without them.
Listen, this is clearly the drink talking,
but why don't I lend you the rest?
-You're going to have a real job soon.
You can pay me back.
And then maybe lend me
some money to do my own thing.
Oh my God.
Kinsi, are you are you serious?
Yes! I'm serious.
When can you get this done?
As soon as you get me the money.
What are you doing?
Get this to your guy
and and get me my papers.
You are sure?
-What are you doing?
-Who's this?
-I don't know. She scared me.
Hi. I'm I'm Ambar.
-Are you guys staying here?
-For now. Drink?
Um No, no, thank you.
I've had plenty tonight.
If I have another one,
I don't think I'll make it
into work tomorrow.
-What do you do for work?
Yeah, it's it's tough out there.
Yeah. It's so much better in here.
Right. Right.
At least the rent is cheap.
It's cheap because it's shit.
Uh Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Evening, ladies.
-You ready to go up?
Let's go.
I thought you said
this place waswomen only.
There was this other guy downstairs.
Oh, that's just Becker. He's my brother.
It's just me and him, don't worry. performed
within the ritual sacrifice.
You will then give her the elderly,
women, children.
In return, you'll receive the blessings
We don't know
how it began or how it ended.
-Good luck.
-Let's go.
All right, let's move it.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Hey, it's Kinsi.
It sucks that you missed me,
but leave a message
and I'll call you back soon. Bye!
-Have you seen Kinsi?
-She quit this morning.
All I get is a text.
Didn't even bother to call.
-Do you have her address?
-I can't give you that.
-Come on. I need it.
-I I just really need it.
-It's against company policy.
Company policy?
What company policy? It's justyou!
You ain't worth the hassle.
-You're fired.
-No, no. Hey, wait, wait...
Hey, Kinsi, it's Ambar.
Call me back.
Hey, it's Kinsi.
It sucks that you missed me,
but leave a message and I'll call...
Oh, shit!
-I'm so sorry.
-What the fuck!
What's wrong?
Have you seen Freja?
Uh, she she moved out.
What? When?
A couple days back.
People come and go from here allthe time.
I'm sorry. I need to...
I wanted to talk about yourdeposit.
With the new girls here,
it's a little easier, so
-I can get it back to you.
-Okay, now?
No, I don't have cash on me right now.
Okay. Thanks.I'm sorry.
Hey, Beck, you okay?
Saved messages.
Hi, sweetheart. It's Mama.
Sorry for calling so late.
You know I can't sleep in these beds.
Thank you for today.
I know you have plans,
but I need you to come in tomorrow.
Hi, sweetheart. It's Mama.
Sorry for calling so late.
You know I can't sleep in these beds.
Thank you for today.
I know you have plans...
Please don't
Please, Mary, no.
I must prepare you,
or Arthur will hurt us both.
Come here!
Come here.
Hurry up! Stop!
You'll do what I say.
No, Mary. No.
Please, Mary.
Please, Mary.
Mary, please.
Don't listen to Arthur.
Please, let me...
Come on.
Pick up the phone!
It's the middle of the night.
Are you all right?
Beto, can you pick me up?
I'm at 1521 Recolte Avenue. Please.
Please, Beto. I can't stay here. Please...
We're out of town.
We're looking at a college
for Carlos, remember?
Listen, if you're in trouble,
call the cops.
No, I can't call the police.
-Why not?
Because I wasn't born in Texas.
What do you mean?
I came here after Mama died.
I'm so sorry. I'll make it up to you,
but I really need your help.
Can you wire me some money?
Please, I promise I'll pay you back.
I'm sorry.
It's just we'd never even met before.
Look, I'll come see you as soon as I can.
Just try and stay
out of trouble until then.
Red, I need my...
Where's Red?
He said he'd give me my depositback.
-I'll send him down when he getsback.
No. There's no vacancy. Not here.
-I'll pay the rest tomorrow...
-Just get out of here, okay?
Come on.
Hold up.
Hey, where you going, darling?
Hi, sweetheart.It's Mama.
Sorry for calling so late.
You know I can't sleep in these beds.
Thank you for today
This is the red line to Tower City.
Next stop, West Park.
The 444 team has been tracking
this major weather storm all day.
We are here tonight to let you know
just how long the snow
Thank you. Can I...
Sorry, can I actually have another one?
Did you bring my deposit?
Hello to you too.
Sorry, hi.
No, I was out.
It's back at the house.
You sounded like you were upset,
so I came straight here.
Okay. Can you bring it?
You want me to drive
all the wayback across town,
pick up your money, and bring it here?
-I can't go back to the house.
I don't want
to take you back there either.
Becker and I
didn't see eye-to-eye on yourrefund.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Becker's a bit off,
but he took care of me growing up.
Our dad, I had a hard time with him.
Becker stuck up for me.
But he's sick now.
And the way I see it,
he looked after me
Now it's my turn.
You know what I mean?
Come on. Let's get your money.
The money's in your room.
What did I tell you girls
about smoking in the lounge?
We weren't.
Ambar, come have a drink.
No, I'm not staying. Thank you.
Come help me!
Red, where's the wine going?
Wherever. I'll be there in a minute.
You sure you don't want a drink?
Where's my money?
You sure?
Where's my money, Red?
Suit yourself.
I know this house is kind ofweird.
My dad used to dig up
and collectall this strange stuff.
He was a real nutjob. Killed ourmom.
-I want to leave now.
-Come here, come on.
It'll warm you up.
Get out of my way.
I wish you hadn't called me.
-I was gonna help you.
-Get out...
I hope you know that part wastrue.
If you hadn't left,
I would've given youyour money.
-You'd be out ofhere.
But Becker
He needs you.
Fuck you.
Let me make thisas easy
as I canfor you. You gotta drink...
-Beck, I got this.
-Beck, I got...
-Shut the fuck up.
Let me teach you something.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
your mouth.
Please don't try to leave.
He'll make it way worse.
We come in, please?
-You're alone?
Come on.
We should stay together.
-You want to fight him?
-No. He'll kill us.
-He's different. Wemust leave.
No, he's downstairs,
always by thebasement door.
We should wait.
But in day he sleeps.
You think they're keeping
other women in the basement?
I don't know. I don't want to find out.
There's something wrong with this place.
What have you seen?
I keep dreaming about home.
My son is there.
But he's changed, something'sdifferent.
I like him like this.
I can't leave him.
So I hold him.
I hold him tight, do not let go.
And And I see this box.
A stone box?
Even when I'm awake, I see it.
-I've seen it too.
I think the box is here.
I want to go home.
You hear it too?
All night, the same.
Women crying.
They're dead.
Stay a little longer.
-Ambar. Wake up!
-Come here.
-No, Petra!
-Get up!
-Why do I have to...
Hey, man.
It's a little early to be coming around.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but I'mlooking for somebody.
Her name is Ambar Cruz.
-Sorry, don't know her.
-She's 5'7", brown hair, this long.
-She said that she was living here.
-Still no.
I'm sorry. I know it's early, but
-Like I said, I ain't seen her.
She's in trouble.
Maybe she isn't using her real name.
If she's lying to you about that,
maybe she's lying to you
about where she's staying.
Yeah, I just want to be sure, you know?
She ain't here.
That's her coat.
-What the hell are you talkingabout?
-That's her coat. My wife gave...
-Hombre, settle down!
Don't hombre me...
Beto, help!
-Beto, up here! Third floor!
-Where are you?
-Are you okay?
Step back!
Beto, watch out, there's another guy!
Stop! Stop!
Leave him alone!
Leave him alone!
Son of a bitch!
Jesus, Beck. Look what you...
Prepare her.
-No! No!
-She's ready. Just calm down, man.
Her next.
That's too many in one go, Beck.
You don't...
What are you going to do to us?
Are you going to kill us?
-Of course you're going to kill us.
Why are you doing this?
I'm trying to help my brother.
By doing this?
He's sick.
You haven't seen him after,
there's benefits. Believe me.
We moved back home because we couldn't
afford Beck's medical bills.
He wasn't doing so good.
I wanted to convince the old man
to let us stay for a while.
Then we saw what he'd done
to those girls.
He made Mom help him,
and then he killed her too.
We did the world a favor,
getting rid of our dad.
I wanted to leave right after,
but Beck said we could fix the placeup.
But just like Dad,
he started spending more time
with that damn box.
He thinks it chose him.
And then he started gettingbetter.
Beck says he only needs
a few more hits,
and then we canstop all this.
Hits of what?
How many, Red?
-How many women?
-He's my fucking brother.
You need to get out of here.
We're done.
Hey, look at me.
Come on, look at me.
Let's get out of here.
I'm sorry,chica.
-She's almost done. Just gotta...
-Her next.
Don't fight.
The last one fought.
No! No, no!
Red! Red!
Get help.
Oh my God.
Stop. Stop!
What the fuck.
Stop! Help!
Please, please. Please wait...
Oh my God.
No, no, no, no, no!
No! No! Stop!
Becker... Becker, Becker. Becker, stop.
Oh my God.
Becker. Becker, hey.
Please. Please stop.Please stop.
Come on. Come on, come on, come on.
Becker. Hey.
Please let me go.
Come on.
Please, let me go.
Becker, Becker, please.
Please stop!
You should feel honored.
Let me go.
No. No, no, no. No
Come on, come on.
-Ambar, hold on.
Come on.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I am.
Let's go. Hurry.
Help me!
Help me!
One more!
One more!
You've always had such beautiful hair.
You'd brush it a hundred times
before letting me leave the house.
And aren't you glad I did?
Can you stay a little longer?
Please stay.
Stay with me.
I don't want you to go.
I need you to stay with me.
Can you stay a little longer?
Stay a little longer?
I can't stay here.
I need you.
-Please, Mom, I have to go.
-You're too kind.
-You're too kind.
-You need to stay, sweetheart.
-Stay a little longer.
-I can't do this again.
-Stay still.
Stay still.
What is it?
-Go check.
Something's different.
Open it.
-Why? What is it?
-Just open it.
There's nothing.
No, wait!
Come on.
Stop! Stop!
You won't...
Please. I didn't mean to.
Please don't do this.