No One Lives (2012) Movie Script

(woman screams )
- ( footsteps rustling )
- ( woman screams )
(woman grunting, panting )
( screams )
( grunting, panting )
Help me!
Wait! Help!
( Screaming )
( grunting, sobbing )
( screaming )
( music playing on radio )
I don't know.
It's just not gonna be the same.
Trust me, it will be the same.
I'm going to miss everyone.
You saw everybody.
Sometimes it's necessary
to relocate.
Don't make it seem
like it's not your fault.
Out of every bad situation
comes something good.
Don't you agree?
You have a truly demented way
of looking at things.
If I didn't,
I don't think you'd be
so in love with me.
( Chuckles )
Don't flatter yourself.
I'm tired.
Let's stop somewhere
for the night.
( Pings )
Hey now.
Please don't tell me
you're here for directions.
I got 15 rooms,
all with your name on 'em.
Well, good news is,
I know exactly where I'm going.
The bad news is,
I only need one room.
Well, I'll take what I can get.
I just need a credit card.
Pretty, young-
- Just the way I like 'em.
- Yeah.
Well, that's an unusual name.
My father had a unforgiving commitment
to historical reference.
Oh. Well, let's just
get you fixed up, huh?
How does number 8
sound to you?
Infinity-- I like it.
TV anchorman:
...Jet fighters bombed a guerilla base,
killing at least 49 soldiers
and 13 civilians.
- Man: There it is again.
- Anchor: Up next, local law enforcement
and the FBI are scouring
the area north of Spokane
for any evidence that can lead them
to missing heiress Emma Ward.
Officer: From what we can tell,
the carving's about six months old.
It reads "Emma alive."
It's impossible to get
an accurate date,
but tree growth on that particular alder
indicate about a half a year,
probably done in the spring,
right around--
well, after her abduction.
- Clever girl.
- Anchor: Joining us now in the studio
- is the former FBI investigator...
- You think?
Anchor: ...who has worked
many similar cases.
I don't think I would have
thought to do that.
Anchor: What are the FBI agents
dealing with...
Now she has a chance.
- There's always a chance.
- FBI agent: much information...
(TV off)
But you know how these things
turn out.
Take off the towel.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
A man who lacks emotion
is sorry.
I don't lack emotion.
I just process it differently.
Must everything about you
be different?
I like normal.
I would change if I could,
but I can't.
I just can't.
Just tell me you don't love her
more than me.
I don't love her more than you.
I never did.
It was just different.
( Birds chirping )
( rock music playing )
- Burly man: Put some muscle in it.
- ( grunts )
That's easy for you to say.
( Burly man chuckles )
You gotta be kidding.
Jack, can you do me a favor
and go open the gate?
Why? Because the gate
won't open.
( Chuckles )
I need you to open it, please.
- ( Jack sighs )
- Thank you.
( Music continues )
Trouble! Trouble!
( Sighs )
Home sweet home.
- Man: Who are these guys?
- Woman: Honey.
Mind my lead.
Let me do the talking.
Talking? Don't you think
it's a little late for talking?
Hand me-- give me the phone.
- ( Woman screaming )
- Youth: What's he doing?
- Youth: What is he doing?
- Woman: Flynn, stop it!
Flynn, what the fuck?
What the fuck, man?
Argh! Motherfucker.
- Flynn: Damn it!
- Ethan: Come on, man. Get up.
Your problem, Flynn,
is you don't fucking think.
- He had a phone.
- You have a phone.
Should I shoot you?
Every cop in the county
heard that racket.
You made a mess here, Flynn.
Excuse me for saving
our fucking asses.
I mean, what did you think
was gonna happen?
That we'd just sit down and have
a cup of tea with the Cleavers?
Woman: You told us
they were on vacation, Flynn.
Flynn: Well, now
they're on permanent vacation.
- Woman: Fuck this.
- This is so seriously fucked up.
- Woman: Shit.
- Is he fucking crying?
- Are you fucking crying?
- Youth: What did you do?
Ethan, let's shut it down.
Shut it down? Shut it down?
- What about all the-?
- He said shut it down.
Like we were never here.
Come on, let's go.
I had to.
I'm hungry-
So go eat.
And leave you here alone?
Why don't you go have dinner
with your girlfriend?
Would you be rational?
I know what you were doing
out there.
You're wrong.
(drill whirring)
Hey, where do you suggest
we eat tonight?
Let's see, uh...
go up here about 20 miles
and take a right on Highway 21.
There's a place called Helen's--
great food, delicious steaks.
Great. Thanks.
This old boy treating you well?
All right, then.
You kids enjoy yourself
and I'll see you when you get back.
This is all about her, isn't it?
Woman: Can you possibly imagine
it being about anybody else?
Man: Can we just enjoy
a pleasant dinner?
( Door lock chirps )
Woman: Doesn't look like we'll have
trouble finding a table.
Man: Note to self--
"Do not order the fish."
(woman chuckles )
Aha. A sign of forgiveness?
Don't get carried away.
( Man chuckles )
( cowbell rattles )
( music playing softly )
( cowbell rattles )
Get yourself comfortable.
Sit anywhere you like.
It's awful quiet these months.
Amber will be right with you.
Amber, table!
Hey there.
I'm Amber.
Today's fish is a terrific
John Dory
and the steak is an aged rib eye.
Is it aged
because no one orders it?
Very funny.
Why don't I start you off
with something to drink?
( Cowbell rattles )
- Oh, shit.
- Helen, a pitcher.
( Rock music playing faintly )
Flynn: Where's your
sense of humor, Hoag?
I just have to have my--
my fun.
He's a total psychopath.
I'm a team player.
You, my friend,
have become a fucking liability.
And my fucking wallet is empty.
Ethan's right.
Today's on you.
Figure out a way to make it right
and maybe we will be
friends again.
True that.
Are you--
are you mad at me also?
Listen, if I have to take
any shit from you today,
I'm gonna turn your fucking ball sack
into a beanie.
- I'm just saying--
- Shut the fuck up.
You can talk
once you've put in your time.
I have to take a leak.
Don't tell me
you're watching your weight.
A girl's gotta keep her figure.
You're crazy.
Look who's talking.
Hey, are you guys
from around here?
I think they're mutes.
- I think they're fucking mutes.
- Denny: God damn it.
We're just passing through.
I see.
- Are you moving?
- Relocating.
Traveling with all your
worldly belongings?
This is my only
worldly belonging.
Is that right?
How much
is she worth to you?
Please, we don't want
any trouble.
- Look, just forget it, okay?
- Hey!
If I wanted to hear
from an asshole,
I'd rip you a new one.
All right?
The way I see it,
your girlfriend looks at me
like I'm the unsavory type.
Like I'm someone
you don't even want to get to know.
Uncouth, perhaps.
Is that it?
Yeah, don't.
You're not the type.
Trust me, I know the type.
Don't mind my boy here.
His idea of friendliness
is to scare the tourists.
( Softly )
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Please excuse us.
- Hoag: Move.
- Whoa.
( Flynn chuckles, whistles )
Do not shit where I eat.
( Door closes, bell rattles )
( music continues )
J' 'Cause death is my best friend. J'
( insects chirping )
( music playing on radio )
Am I really your only
worldly possession?
Of all people,
- you should know I need my--
- ( motorcycle engine revving )
( tires screech )
( bangs )
( car approaching )
" ( Flynn groans)
' ( Hoag chuckling )
What in fuck's name is this?
We can strip her down.
There's parts in here.
And where, pray tell,
is the owner of this luxury vehicle?
Convalescing at the gas station,
after which Ethan
will encourage him
to cooperate.
I told you, I don't like you getting
my brother involved in your shit.
This guy is some uppity
rich motherfucker
who was at the right place
at the right time.
All it's gonna take
is just a little bit of torture
and we'll have bank codes,
pin numbers and all sorts of shit.
Kidnapping tourists
is your idea of fast cash?
Did I not just make up
for the short haul?
Why don't you get off
my fucking ass?
Flynn, another fuckup like today,
and I end you.
( Clanking, creaking )
( door slams )
Where are we?
Last place on earth.
a comedian.
This seem funny to you?
Have they hurt you?
What do you think?
I've made a decision.
Please forgive me.
No talking, sweetness.
I can't do this anymore.
I said shut up.
(whispers )
Betty, don't.
It's been an experience.
- ( Woman screams )
- What the fuck?
Oh, "W"
I'll see you in the next life.
What the fuck?
( Screaming )
What the fuck?
Get away from her.
Hey. HEY-
You're dead, fucker.
(grunting )
- (coughs)
- That's where you're mistaken.
But this should clear up
the confusion.
( Gasps )
Handcuffs- that was
your first mistake.
You people never heard
of zip ties?
( Ethan whimpering )
- ( Emma grunting)
- Come on.
Can I get some fucking help
here, please?
It's too late for this
fucking shit, Flynn.
Fuck, what the fuck is that?
This is a girl that I found
in the fucking trunk.
Fuck, she smells like
a fucking toilet.
- ( Emma grunting)
- All right, all right, all right.
Hold still, all right?
I'm gonna take this off.
You're gonna stand still.
Easy, easy.
- ( Screams )
- Come here. Did she bite me?
- Tamara: Fuck.
- ( screaming )
Hey. HEY-
- Flynn: Stop it. Stop it.
- ( Emma screaming )
Denny: What the hell
is all that yelling?
There's a world of shit
erupting downstairs.
Stop it.
It's 2:30 in the morning.
And there's some girl down there
screaming like she's got bugs up in her.
Don't bust my balls, Amber.
Seems like Flynn carjacked
that couple from the restaurant.
- Cut the shit.
- No, seriously.
- I gotta check it out.
- No, you ain't gotta do nothing.
- No, I gotta go. I gotta go.
- No.
I gotta go.
( Emma screaming )
- No. No. No.
- What the fuck is going on?
Flynn found her
in the trunk of the car.
Where is he? Where is he?
You killed him, right?
Please tell me he's dead.
Expand on "he."
Oh, God.
- What's going on?
- We have to get out of here.
- We-- we have to--
- What?
Get Ethan on the radio, now.
Now. Go.
No, we have to leave now.
We have to get out of here now.
Why won't you let me go?
What were you doing
in the trunk of that car?
Answer him.
- Answer him.
- ( grunts)
He had to move. He knew
they were coming, so he had to--
Tamara: Who the fuck
are we talking about?
Listen to me. He's gonna come for me.
He always does.
Why don't you start
by telling us his name?
He doesn't have a name.
He's gonna come
and he's gonna kill you all.
Dad, Ethan is not coming up
on the radio.
Keep trying-
You're not gonna get him.
You're not gonna get him.
He's-- he's already dead.
How the fuck do you know?
Shut the fuck up, Flynn!
( Emma panting )
Please just call the police.
Are you people fucking retarded?
Go up the road
and wake Ethan the fuck up.
I'm going with him.
This Flynn show
is getting under my skin.
I'm sick of being disrespected.
Denny, it's not a fucking
book club.
You earn your way around here.
If you want respect,
- you need to grow a pair.
- Yeah, like Flynn?
Flynn might be a scumbag,
but he's a loyal soldier,
and that means something.
Well, I'm practically blood.
Banging his little girl
doesn't buy you rights.
Makes you brave, though,
considering every dick in town
has been in that shit.
This is my girlfriend
you're talking about.
God, Dens, please.
Something's not right.
All right, let's go.
( Dripping echoes )
Ethan, are you in here?
- ( Radio buzzing )
- What the fuck happened to the radio?
Oh, fuck.
What the fuck? What the fuck?
( Screams )
How the fuck did he kill Ethan?
- Mother of God.
- Nobody kills Ethan.
Tamara: What the hell
happened here?
Oh, fuck.
This is so wrong.
Flynn really fucked up bad,
didn't he?
Looks that way.
- ( Denny retches )
- Fuck.
Here, I think these should fit you.
- What's gotten into you, girl?
- Maybe we should let her clean up.
Till we hear from Ethan, I'm not
letting that one out of my sight.
I already told you,
he's dead.
You don't know my brother.
I never will.
( Both grunting )
( Tamara coughs, panting )
What happened to you?
What's your name?
( Door closes )
I have a question.
Do you people have any idea
what you're dealing with?
Where the fuck is the girl? I told you
not to let her out of your sight.
You know how you guys
always make fun of me
for watching all those
reality shows?
Well, just wait till you see this.
( Theme music playing )
So it's mostly just pedophiles
and bank robbers,
guys who kill their families
and shit,
but I've been totally into
this one story.
Baby girl,
don't be wasting my time.
This one.
That's you, right?
It was like any other Friday night
at the Oregon Arts Complex--
a night that would be
seared into the minds
of parents
of 15 college students forever.
Oregon student Emma Ward
and her friends were having a party,
celebrating the end of the semester
like most students.
Except this celebration
turned bloody.
A killer entered the house.
Was he already there, waiting,
or was he a friend?
Police and federal authorities
have never been able to place together
the mystery of how or why
it happened.
But when it was over,
14 students had been brutally murdered.
Only one was never found--
Emma Ward,
the heiress to the Nashville-based
Ward Publication empire.
Did she know the killer?
Until now, it was unclear.
That's when hunter Richard Louie
discovered this.
I was tracking a deer
when it got caught up in this thing.
Officer: Apparently the carving
is about eight months old.
Lab tests prove that this is
Emma Ward's blood on the glass.
Now we must continue our investigation
under the premise
that she is out there somewhere.
Narrator: The Ward family is offering
a $2 million reward
for any information leading
to the recovery of their daughter.
Up next, Kansas City authorities
are still searching
for a 20-month-old toddler
after her sudden disappearance
from her home three weeks ago.
"American Crime"...
- ( TV off )
- Jackpot.
And the driver of the car...?
Is the maniac who did all that.
That bitch has "payday"
written all across her face.
Yeah, and a trail of heat
from here to Oregon
hunting for the motherfucker
who kidnapped her.
Hoag, we're not talking about
some nickel-and-dime
highway robbery bullshit.
- ( Men speaking softly )
- Emma,
you know we're only here
to help you, right?
...But this presents...
- ( spits )
- ...complications.
( Hisses )
- A word.
- Amber: Denny.
Stay here.
I want this motherfucker found.
Denny: We searched for the guy.
I think he hoofed it into the woods.
Well, you didn't look
hard enough.
Flynn: At least we know
he's not gonna go to the cops.
The man who did this
doesn't forget
the man who crossed him,
and neither do I.
Get Ethan out of here.
Put him in the shed.
We are gonna
clean this mess up.
( M utters )
Denny: Why are we the ones moving him
all over this fucking country?
We should bury him proper.
I ain't digging that hole.
( Denny grunts )
That should keep
the flies off him.
Now go clean up
the back of the van.
That's bullshit.
I picked him up.
I told you.
You should have listened to me.
I need to know exactly
what we're dealing with.
Where's the girl-- Betty?
I guess he was done with her.
No, he would never do that,
not to her. You--
you guys fucked up.
You really fucked up.
Am I right in guessing
your friend will be heading our way?
I am asking you a question.
- ( Bones crack)
- ( grunting )
Stop her!
Stop. Stop"
or it will be your brains
running down those stairs.
Then you'd better
get yourself a mop.
(cocks gun )
Oh, that's fine.
My best hope of escape is while
he's killing the whole bunch of you.
So I'll just wait.
( beeps )
( blade rings )
You're telling me
that chick is worth $2 million?
Denny, stop fucking counting the cash.
Start loading the guns.
Watch this bitch.
If she moves, waste her.
Tamara, after we take off,
lock this place down.
Shoot anything
that comes through the door.
Wait, wait, wait,
what do you mean, we?
This prick is not gonna
find himself now, is he?
Well, shouldn't one of us hang back
and protect the girls?
Nobody's hanging back.
We're hunting this motherfucker
and we are gonna burn him down.
What, as-- as on fire?
Flynn: It's a figure of speech,
you idiot.
Come on!
I want this motherfucker dead.
(groaning )
( Screaming )
Fuck. Shit.
( Gunfire popping )
- Tamara: You see him?
- Where the fuck are you?
Come out and fight
like a man, bitch.
Get back in!
Fuck. I'm fucking shot.
- Denny.
- Am I fucking dying?
- Denny.
- Am I dying?
- Fuck me. I can't believe it.
- Where's Hoag?
- Gone.
- Gone? What does he mean, gone?
- He's gone. He's gone. He got him.
- ( Amber sobbing )
( Denny sobbing )
Fucking Flynn, give me
some fucking help here.
- Denny: Am I fucking dying?
- Tamara: Get up, get up.
( All chattering )
Tamara: We're losing a ton
of blood here. Get him to the couch.
Where's my dad?
- Denny: I don't know. I don't know.
- Flynn: Let me look at it.
- Denny: There's a lot of blood.
- Let me look at it!
It's just a flesh wound, all right, man?
You're gonna be all right.
You're not going
back out there.
I'm not leaving without Hoag.
Hoag is history.
Fuck you, Flynn.
He wouldn't leave without you.
In case you haven't noticed,
he's everywhere.
So if you want to take your sweet tits
and get shot off, be my guest!
(coughing )
What's he doing?
He's trapping us.
If you hadn't killed
all those fucking people...
Killed what people?
- Killed what people?
- None that concern you!
Flynn, you might want to drop
the bad guy routine.
I'm your path to living,
and you seem to be bent
on playing the dying game.
Well then, we're gonna
die together, bitch.
(machine whirring )
( metal clanging )
(groaning )
So, what are you,
the leader here?
You are playing this all wrong.
My people are gonna find you
and they're gonna fucking kill you.
Man: Who knows?
You might all be heroes.
Well, not you.
(grunting )
( screams )
You motherfucking cocksucker.
You must be satisfied
to go from leader to martyr.
Any thoughts?
( Screams )
(whimpering )
I can get the girl for you.
I can get the girl for you.
You can go on your way.
No. No.
You see, I'm planning on handling
that little task on my own.
I thought you were gonna help me
get things back to the way they were.
Can you do that--
turn back time?
- Hoag: No.
- Man: No.
You know what I hate
about the common criminal?
They're so mediocre.
Please, what the fuck
are you talking about?
Man: It's in mendacity
that we achieve our very best.
Is this your best?
Fuck you.
Man: Because I am not
even close.
- Let me up. Let me up.
- You know who I am?
Who am I?
am I?
Hoag: I don't know.
A serial killer?
A serial killer?
Sweet Jesus, no.
Serial killers deal in singularities.
I'm a numbers guy,
which makes me
a total psychopath.
Admittedly, there are a few things
that might stereotype me--
fixations, rituals,
Case in point.
But what really motivates me
is the absolute need
to get the job done.
How many are in the house?
Do your math, quick.
Five. There's five.
Including my Emma?
Oh, you're under the impression
she's one of you, huh?
( Chuckles )
Okay, you've served your purpose.
Any last words?
not terribly clever,
but the clarity of the intention--
crystal clear.
However, no.
- No, please.
- ( thumping )
( Hoag grunting, screaming )
I bet you want to kill the man
who did this to you.
Your powers of perception
are staggering.
Why you?
I guess you could say
he loves me.
Today we're gonna advance
to something much more challenging.
Let's meditate for a moment
on the power you have
over living things.
The only thing
keeping you in here
is me.
Anything happens to me,
and you die.
Fun fact--
there are documented cases
in which prisoners
found in cages
long after their captors
left to their own, final,
desperate measures,
actually cannibalized
You know what the technical term
for that is?
Please stop.
listen to me carefully.
When the arterial vein is sliced,
the body tends to bleed out
within 10 minutes.
It's not like in the movies
when someone's jugular
is severed
and they immediately
drop dead.
But it's also impossible
for the victim
to administer the proper medical help.
Do you know what that is?
No biggie.
I'm not a doctor either.
I can tell you
this much, though--
you elevate the wound
above the heart
and you apply pressure
to the area.
And you bandage tightly.
That's very important.
( Gasps, sobs )
Why are you telling me this?
Because no matter
how much you hate me,
you now have the opportunity
to save my life.
( Screams )
What's gonna happen
to my dad?
You and your dad--
you didn't get along.
He wasn't the best role model.
He's going to be tortured
and killed.
Why didn't he kill you?
I think he was trying
to create me.
What did he do to you?
Would he hurt you?
You should have run
while you had the chance.
All right, Dens,
here, swallow this.
I don't want to die.
Just swallow this.
It will take the edge off, all right?
All right.
Good boy, good boy. All right.
No one's dying on my watch,
all right?
( Denny sobs )
- Oh.
- Tamara: All right, fine.
We need to get him
some real help here.
Good idea.
I'll call an ambulance.
Let me get right on that.
What about the Jeep?
Unless he got into the garage.
It's been broken down
for a fucking year.
Dad is dead.
Ethan is dead.
Denny's not doing so hot.
I'm looking at your ugly asses
and guess what I'm thinking.
I'm thinking fucking dead!
You know what?
No one's ever given a shit
what you think.
Listen, bitch,
just because my old man
was giving you the deep dicking
doesn't make you my mother.
And with him dead, that pretty much
makes this my fucking house.
So why don't you shut the fuck up
or get the fuck out?
- Denny: Oh, God.
- Hello.
- Aggh!
- Come on, bitch.
Hey, enough.
- Enough.
- ( thumps)
Someone's at the door.
( thumping continues )
Want to go take a peek?
You go take a peek.
( Thumping stops )
You gigantic pussies.
I'll look.
Is it Hoag?
- No, it's a bag.
- Flynn: What kind of bag?
I don't know. Just a bag.
Do not open that door.
Whatever's in the bag is bad.
Just get the fuck out of my way.
That's my dad's ring.
Is that blood? Fucking hell.
Just close the fucking door!
Enough, motherfucker!
Come on, bring it!
(women screaming )
Oh, fuck.
Denny, I have to get out of here
right now.
I can get the Jeep going.
What, are you fucking crazy?
If I don't make a move
right now,
I'm not gonna last long.
You know it. I know it.
I can get that Jeep going.
And I'll get us
the fuck out of here.
Okay, Den.
You realize he's probably got
the whole place rigged, right?
You ready?
( Faintly )
I love you.
( Amber sobbing )
Let's go.
Emma: You shouldn't have
let them go.
What's it to you?
Well, 'cause when they're dead,
five becomes three.
And last I checked,
there's strength in numbers.
Here. Stay here.
- Denny: Get in.
- Okay.
Hey, I love you.
I love you too.
- Amber: Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Come on, baby.
- Come on.
- ( engine starts )
- Ah.
- Come on.
Yes, yes, yes, yes-
( engine knocking )
( Engine stops )
Oh, don't, don't, don't.
Where are you going?
- I'm gonna fix it.
- No, no, no.
- I'm gonna fix it.
- Don't leave me.
Don't worry.
(Amber whimpering )
Hurry, baby-
Okay, come on.
- (Yelps)
- Quiet,
I'm gonna try a few things.
When I knock on the hood,
you give the ignition a twist,
all right?
- Okay?
- Okay,
This will only
take a second, okay?
Honey, be careful.
( Knocks )
- ( engine sputters )
- Oh, fuck.
Denny, come on, please.
- ( Knocks )
- ( engine starts )
- Got it!
- ( gasps )
Yes. Yes, it's working.
It's running fine. Get in the car.
Really lay down on it.
Denny, Denny, it's running fine.
Please get in the fucking car.
(grunting )
It's fine.
Get in the fucking car, please.
(engine grinding)
Oh, fuck!
Oh, my God!
( Screams )
( screams )
( screaming )
We need to go right now.
When I say run, we run.
Where the fuck
are we supposed to go?
Did you fucking hear that?
That was Amber
running in the woods.
We need to go
right fucking now.
Let's move.
( Screaming )
Oh, my God. Denny, Denny.
- Tamara, he's dead.
- Come on, Denny.
- Tamara, he's dead. Get in the car.
- ( sobbing )
Tamara: Fuck.
At least you died trying, kid.
(coughing )
(gagging )
Just a second.
( Denny gagging )
Oh, my God, he's alive,
you fucking asshole.
- Look at him. Look at him.
- He's alive. You fucking asshole,
- get the fuck off him.
- Look at him.
- You think we're doing him a favor?
- Get him in the goddamn fucking car!
(Amber gagging )
Why are you doing this?
It keeps me fit.
But I didn't do
anything wrong.
Then I guess
you're just unlucky.
( Radio beeps )
( gasping )
Fucking ain't worth it.
Seems like
I've just saved our lives.
How 'bout some thanks?
Yeah, I'm sure
Denny is super thankful.
( Tires screech )
Why don't you turn your lights on,
Who said I was asking
for your opinion?
Well, we've come this far.
It would be nice to actually live.
- ( Screams )
- Oh!
You just killed the one person
who actually had a soul.
Yeah, well, what does that
make you?
Make sure she doesn't get
any ideas.
You got any ideas?
Come on, Denny.
Looks like you may be
the lucky one, bro.
( Honks horn )
- ( rock music playing )
- Man: You see it? You see it?
The moon's really big.
It's like--
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa. Whoa.
( Chuckles )
Hey. Hey, dude, did you get
in an accident or something?
Exactly-- something.
I mean, do you need a ride?
This day just keeps getting
better and better.
Have you come up
with a plan yet, genius?
I need to think.
( Door squeaks )
( Pings )
- Well, hello there.
- Evening.
Please don't tell me
you're here for directions.
I've got 15 rooms,
all with your name on 'em.
Just one, thanks.
- Are you solo?
- Are we playing 20-fucking-Questions?
How about number 3?
That's fine.
All I need is a credit card.
Of course.
Interesting name.
Isn't it?
Park anywhere you like.
You have a good night.
Hello, Sheriff.
This is Harris.
Flynn: We're driving down the lovely
country road, just you and me.
If they connect the dots,
we're dead ducks.
So Hoag and all that shit
never fucking happened.
Oh, the wheels of genius
are spinning.
And you, little missy...
You're gonna nod your head
like a good little girl.
So we're driving
and, holy shit,
we see a girl
crawling out of the woods
all fucked up.
We throw her inside
and we realize
we got us Emma fucking Ward.
You're my payday-
So all we have to do now...
is kick up our dogs,
relax, freshen up.
Come first thing,
I'm taking you to Nashville.
You're taking me home?
You didn't think
that I'd just hand you in
to some backcountry
Johnny Law, did you?
I'm gonna take you
straight to your daddy.
Because I want to get paid.
But I think you're worth
more than $2 million.
I think you're worth
at least five.
What do you think?
Come here.
Attagirl. Attagirl.
I have to pee.
I'll be right here.
( Water splattering )
The gun's right there.
Why now?
'Cause you won't make it home alive
if you don't.
So you'd kill him.
You hate him enough.
I don't want to find out
that I can't.
You're different.
Maybe I should just
kill you both.
All right, then.
I'll blow his fucking head off.
( Knocks on door)
What the fuck's
going on in here?
You guys having
a fucking sewing circle?
I told you I will cooperate.
You'd say anything,
wouldn't you?
I bet when that psycho had you
tied up under his bed,
you'd say all sorts
of pretty little lies, wouldn't you?
You saved my life, Emma.
I saved you to save myself,
nothing more.
Did you search me
for a key,
for a way out?
There was no key.
Because there was no lock.
Don't lie to me, Emma.
You had a choice.
You chose me.
( Door slams )
You don't lie to him,
not if you want to stay alive.
Well, I'm not afraid of him.
County sheriff.
Get up.
County sheriff.
Open up, please.
Don't say a fucking word.
- Evening, Officer.
- Evening.
We have a problem.
It seems we have a case
of identity confusion.
The hotel manager recalls
someone checking in earlier
using the same name,
the same credit card.
Now if I could just check
your identification,
we could clear all this up.
( Tamara gagging )
Let's go.
Tamara, get out here.
He's here.
( Gasps )
- ( gunshot)
- Fuck.
Hey. HEY!
Turn around.
Where do you think
you're going?
( Car engine revs )
( panting )
( gunshots )
(gun clicks)
I'm done running.
Then come to me.
( Screams )
(coughing )
(cocks gun )
They make one of those
for your face?
( Cracks )
( cracking )
( screams )
I must admit
I did not see that coming.
And give him the honor
of killing you?
I don't think so.
Emma, come on.
We have something special.
Are you out of your mind?
I'm very much in my mind.
After all we've been through,
you're gonna go with this?
Don't you find it trite?
This isn't one of your
sociopathic stagings.
This is you dying.
If this were,
I don't know, say,
one of my "sociopathic stagings,"
I would have you say
exactly that.
And then
I would say, "Go ahead,
pull the trigger."
No problem.
(gun clicks)
College girls--
they think they got it all
figured out.
( Emma panting )
It's called "pump-action"
for a reason.
(cocks gun )
- ( gunshot)
' ( Yelps)
You can't kill me, Emma.
I'm deep inside you.
- ( Slashing )
- ( screams )
( beeping )
( Emma moaning )
Now it's time to set you free.
( Beeping )
(cocks gun )
( Flynn moaning )
( footsteps approaching )
I think this guy stole my wallet.
( Flynn groans)
Stop, thief.
The unfortunate drawback
to learning my name...
(cocks gun )
( heart monitor beeping )
( monitor beeping faster)
No one lives.
( Reporters clamoring )
Reporter: As more information comes in,
it seems that Emma Ward
was the victim of a kidnapping
by a local group...
( all clamoring )
( instrumental music playing )
J' If I take J'
J' Your love J'
J' It will be J'
J' For keeps J'
J' I won't play J'
J' Around J'
J' I'll keep you here J'
J' With me J'
J' Have I been found? J'
J' Tell me J'
J' Who do you really see? J'
J' Sinister ways J'
J' Bring me down J'
J' I release J'
J' Lonely sounds J'
J' Nobody hears J'
J' 'Cause no one's around J'
J' No one's around J'
J' If I take control J'
J' Is it mine to give? J'
J' If you ever leave me J'
J' I could never live J'
J' Sinister ways J'
J' Bring me down J'
J' I release J'
J' Lonely sounds J'
J' Nobody hears J'
J' 'Cause no one's around J'
J' No one's around. J'
( instrumental music plays )