No One Would Tell (2018) Movie Script

And I have to admit
that I was uh... thrilled.
Living vicariously
through her.
And when did you start
to see red flags?
I didn't.
Sarah, remind me to re-think
the whole skirt thing.
A bit cold?
Yeah, and I just low-key flashed
your neighbour.
Oh, your hair is fierce.
Maybe I'll just chop it all off.
Skirt shipment is missing
and Christophe is freaking out
so I have to go into work.
Extra cream for you,
and black for you, my love.
Alright, girls.
What is on your agenda
for today?
Let's see... crashing a party?
Um, matching tattoos.
Um, actually there's a-
there's a big wrestling match
after school.
We might go.
Supposedly there will be
free pot.
Wow. Alright.
So um, you're gonna be home...
A little before dinner?
Alright, bye. I love you.
Thanks, mom!
You're welcome, kid!
You don't need no reason
change your damn mind
like a change
in the season
I came to get high so take
a second to breathe in
testify something
I can believe in
I ain't down with
the misdirection
I'm sorry, I didn't see you...
baby I'm fly I don't
need to mention
that no matter where you
go and I'll be going
I don't need no hero.
Share your mind
and share your soul.
I don't need no hero.
I don't need
no hand to hold.
Come on.
that no matter where
I'm going, I'll be going
Cause I gotta get up.
Give me your hands.
Shake hands.
Let's go boys.
Wow, when did Gus get ripped?
Are you objectifying
that amazing athlete?
Well, I'm just saying
his body got hot.
Is that objectifying him?
I prefer bachelor number two.
Who is that, even?
Rob Tennison.
He transferred in last month.
Apparently just to be
wrestling captain.
West Sound poached him?
West Sound has good taste.
Get him! Get him!
Come on, man!
Keep it tight on him!
Let's go!
Okay, shake hands.
Get some manners,
nerf herder!
Shake hands please.
Damn, what got into you?
I couldn't say.
But I like it.
Miss C., are you cooking?
Is it safe to eat?
Hey, I cook when motivated.
Does motivation have a name?
And I'm betting he likes
Italian food.
Where'd you meet him?
I bought him a drink a couple
of days ago.
He comes into the store
all the time
because he's friends
with Christophe.
I don't know, I've had my eye
on him for a little bit.
You bought him a drink?
Rob Tennison just added me?
Who's Rob Tennison?
Uh, uh-
McDreamy junior.
Sarah defended his honour
at the wrestling match today.
Holy shit.
Hey, Sarah Joy Collins.
It was called for.
He's outside.
Outside where?
Outside outside.
He's outside.
Hi, I'm Rob.
Hi. I'm Miss Collins.
Miss Collins, nice to meet you.
Why don't you come on in?
Thank you.
I was just wondering
if Sarah wanted
to come for coffee or cocoa.
There's a new shop that just
opened up a few blocks away.
Uh, I said I'd study
with Nikki.
Oh hey, don't bring me
into this.
I gotta bounce.
I wouldn't say no
to a hot chocolate.
We have pre-calc homework.
Oh hey, I do too.
I'll have you back in plenty
of time to finish.
There's whipped cream on top.
Yeah, yeah.
At ease, soldier.
Arm thoroughly twisted.
Let me get that for you.
Alright, after you.
Thank you.
If Rob really was such
a bad guy,
how could you have
missed it?
Ok, just look at him.
He's smart.
And he's charming.
He's right out of
a Jane Austen novel.
And he picked Sarah.
Oh my god!
Where did that even
come from?
Ok, but West Sound
is so tiny.
It is tiny, so why haven't
we bumped into each other?
Um... we don't really run
in the same circles.
What is this, an Austen novel?
He reads?
Just enough to impress
the smart girls.
I'm not that smart.
Mmm. Who said I was talking
about you?
Oh, that's gonna leave a mark.
Alright, come on.
You are that smart.
You're a nerd.
Nerd is a strong word.
I'm sorry, would you prefer
nerf herder?
Hey, I happen to like
nerf herders.
I've always been
a Star Wars fan.
And uh, I may be partial
to nerds, as well.
Especially the humble ones
who have no idea
how pretty they are.
how did you know where I live?
I may have bribed the student
office assistant
to pull up your address.
What'd you bribe her with?
A date with Gus.
Uh, that reminds me,
I should tell him he has plans
on Saturday.
Actually, it wasn't that hard.
People pay attention to you.
Even if you don't realize it.
Well, it's-it's either very
impressive or very creepy.
I'm flattered.
Here, come here.
Oh, alright.
Hey, let's get out of this rain.
It went that well, huh?
It was nice.
He um... he invited me and Nikki
to his friend Zach's birthday
on Friday.
That's alright?
Two dates in one week?
Rob is on the offensive.
I'm impressed.
It's not a date.
It's a party.
I don't wanna...
make things weird.
Right, right.
You all play it cool
as you do.
That was loaded.
No, baby, it's just that
this is the first time
I've seen you even remotely
interested in anyone
in that way.
And Rob just doesn't-
I don't know,
seem like somebody
you need to overthink.
How do you still do it?
What, date?
Well, some people are happy
being alone
and others want a partner.
I'm the second one.
Even after dad?
Especially after your father.
And Rob is nothing
like your dad.
You Googled him?
I like seeing you get out
of your comfort zone.
Makes mama very happy.
Welcome, I'm Alexa.
Bathroom's down there, no
go zone's over to the right,
and all the food's right
over here.
It's Sarah, right?
That's right.
And this is Nikki.
If you're drinking
use discretion,
know what I'm saying?
No puking and no drunks.
Well, that's the type of shit
that gets you kicked off
the wrestling team.
And out of this house.
Rob's a hard-ass.
He's classy.
Oh, no, no.
Your classy?
Come on, Zack,
I want to dance.
I think we need a code word for
"get me the hells out of here".
I'm thinking "juice box".
I don't wanna play it cool.
That is not one word.
Yeah, I like him.
Like... like really like him.
I don't wanna play it cool.
Ok, then don't.
I can't compete with that.
Jacqueline is so beautiful.
The right guy is gonna
like you for you.
If Rob is the right guy
then there's no competition.
So just go be you.
Uh, sort of.
Um... It looks really-
Thank you for coming.
I'm so glad you're here.
Oh, well thanks for having me.
Thank you.
You look nice.
Let me introduce you.
Hey guys.
Uh, this is Sarah.
Sarah, this is Zach, Alexa...
Happy birthday.
She just met him.
You gotta control your man.
It's his birthday.
He can do whatever he wants.
I got an excuse.
Sometimes I just like to come
out here and clear my head.
You know, when things
get a little much.
I didn't mean to get
all zen on you.
Do you trust me?
Mmm, jury's still out.
Awe, come on.
You trust me.
Close your eyes.
What, did you think
I was gonna drop you?
No, actually.
Sorry, I guess this isn't the
most traditional first date.
I didn't even know
it was a date.
Didn't even think
about it, so...
well in that case...
Hey Hey what
you gonna say
what you gonna say
at the end of the day
Now you know it's a date.
Oh Oh where you gonna go
Where you gonna go
when she don't want
you no more
Well, get lost, weirdo.
Here, let me take this for you.
Oh, thank you.
Can I help you?
Uh, you're in third period Lit,
Well, yeah. You know that.
I was wondering if you could
help me find Mr. Simmons' class.
Uh, that sounds like an excuse
to walk with me.
Yeah, come on.
Ok, but my thesis is that
Stephenson's characters
don't act like real people.
Right, and I disagree with you,
by the way.
Oh, I couldn't tell.
Ok, well how about
we discuss it further
at the lake house this weekend?
Celebrate our massive milestone?
One month is a milestone?
If I get to steal you away,
it is.
Come on, it'll be fun.
The whole gang's going,
no adults.
Can I bring Nik?
If she's a necessity.
Someone more interesting
than me?
It's just Darren from math club.
I missed last week.
He's wondering why.
That's why.
So that was aggressive.
Hey, I don't like being
And besides, this essay
is due Monday,
I'm gonna have no time to work
on it on the weekend
because I am going to be
doing other things.
You wouldn't happen to have
another motivation
for taking me to your romantic
lake house, would you?
There's a small chance.
It's tiny. Miniscule.
In that case we better focus.
Did you do the pre-calc
Yeah. Are you stuck?
I can't get past
the first question.
I don't know why.
I don't know how to do
any of... this.
Sorry, I-he's... he's freaked
about his essay.
I'll-I'll help you in a sec.
Hang on.
You think because English
is easy for you
that it should be easy
for everyone.
Not true.
This is important to me.
Good grades are important
to me.
And if you're gonna be
a distraction then this?
This is a hazard.
And it has no point.
Yeah, I'm-I'm not getting
pissed at my best friend
because she asked for help.
And were you not the one
who started
talking about the weekend?
Hey, don't turn
this around on me,
I don't like to be manipulated!
Something tells me
I'm not alone.
I feel..
Sorry Nikki.
I guess we got a little
carried away.
I'll just wait over there
'til you're... finito.
You should go into hairstyling.
Yeah, my mom would love that.
I could stay home and cook her
a meatloaf
and clean her ashtrays
'til I'm 60.
Like I'd let you.
Hey, are you guys sure
that Rob's dad is ok
with the whole picking
you up thing?
Oh, what are those?
Uh, Timothy is taking me
rock climbing.
You realize that means you have
to climb rock.
Yes, but it was either that
or not see him for a week.
He couldn't change his rock
climbing schedule?
Ok, let's focus on you two,
shall we?
I know that I am
the super cool mom
but I need some assurances
about this weekend away.
Ok, Rob's lawyer dad's
gonna be there
plus all the guys
on the wrestling team.
Like, they literally can't do
anything stupid
or they get kicked off
the roster.
But you can drive us if it
would make you feel better.
Just means you'd have to cancel
on Timothy.
Ok, um... make sure you
text me when you get there,
and I get at least
one phone call.
Love you.
Love you.
Have fun. Don't break anything.
Except hearts!
His dad's gonna be there?
I lied.
Fussing with you?
I could take you out back,
We could leave it like that,
If you want me to,
But come on now,
You really got something
better to do?
Hey, bro.
What took you so long, man?
I know, traffic was crazy.
Welcome, welcome, though.
Hey, how're you doing?
What's up?
So uh... what do you think?
It's ok.
It's gorgeous.
It's gorgeous.
Call my bluff...
I'm gonna go get
some marshmallows.
Sweetie, refined sugar
will age you.
She's not gonna put it
on her face,
she's gonna eat it.
Jacqueline is on
another cleanse.
Chris Tucker lookin' ass.
Jackie Chan lookin' ass.
It would be awkward to toast
marshmallows in there, anyway.
Too bad.
That's a darling necklace,
Gift from Rob?
Um, Nikki, actually.
Wait, doesn't buy you
jewellery yet?
He's usually all over that.
Because you know him
so well?
No jewellery.
Deal me out this round.
But he's been writing me poems.
Leave it to you to find the only
guy who can take down
a 200 pound dude
and writes poems.
Yeah, I'm gonna need proof.
No passcode?
Guess we haven't gotten
to the sugar fix yet.
Or have we?
Give it back, Jay.
You do not touch
another lady's phone.
Only if she reads Rob's poem.
Otherwise I might
find something better.
Two lines.
Boy, you so crazy!
"You are mine.
"Mine alone.
"The perfect gem
I'll forever adore."
Not cool.
I didn't do anything.
Robbie. Stop!
Those were private!
Girls like to share their
boyfriend's romantic gestures.
It's a compliment.
They were laughing at me.
You were laughing at me.
No, Robbie.
I just wish that you would treat
me with a little more respect!
Oh my god, baby-
Why did you do that?
I'm so sorry, I-it wasn't
on purpose.
Here, come here.
Show me where it hit you.
Oh my god.
Where did-where did it hit you?
Let me see.
I... it wasn't on purpose.
You made me angry and-
and I was using my hands
and it just flew
out of my fingers.
Look, I'll get you a new phone.
A better one.
I was reading what you wrote
because it was sweet.
And romantic and who knew
you'd have a freak out?
You're right.
Obviously I overreacted
and I'm sorry.
It's just-I've been trying
to tell you something.
Something that I haven't told
any other girl before.
It scares me.
It scares you?
I love you, Sarah.
Oh? Is that all you have to say?
I love your hands.
And your skin, and your laugh,
and how smart you are.
I love everything about you.
When I think about you not
feeling the same way...
say you feel the same way.
I- I feel the same way.
You love me?
I love you.
There you are.
What's the matter?
You look like you've
been crying.
Oh, yeah.
We were just out by the lake.
I got a little wind burned.
Hey, you uh, ready to go?
Yeah, it's so beautiful
out there,
we're gonna go in the boat.
Oh, well that sounds awesome.
Let me grab a jacket.
Alright, Tennison,
let's do this.
Oh, Nik, um... it-it's kinda
like a couple thing.
You don't mind, do you?
We'll go another time-
Yeah, of course. I get it.
See ya.
Wear a life jacket!
Hey, Nikki.
Um, listen, I've been
meaning to say,
you're a good sport,
being the third wheel.
A lot of girls can
handle that.
We are going in the lake!
Safety first.
This is happening.
We can just sleep in the same
bed if you want.
We don't have to have sex.
It would be a waste of these
good candles
but we don't have to.
Yeah, these pyjamas kinda say
"cuddling only".
Oh, hell no.
They say "effortlessly sexy".
Subtly sensual.
Casually erotic.
Plus, they're not staying on
for long, anyway.
That was the subtext.
did you mean you actually
love me or were you...
I don't say things
unless I mean them.
I can tell you again now.
But I'd rather show you.
I'm not going anywhere,
But if you want me to stop,
tell me now.
You don't have to stop.
Going to do what I want
and that's what's up,
Ain't lookin' for a man
to hold me up,
Black coat, pink balaclava,
I even set it up and charged it
for you.
I don't like you being
without a phone.
Thank you.
I should have made you
the lock screen,
you're cuter.
Oh, hey, babe.
First ring, that's
what I like to see.
What're you up to?
I really need to study
for my bio test.
Ah, hey, don't apologize.
I like smart girls, remember?
Call me if you need a break.
Hey, Nik-
Calm down. What's wrong?
I hate staying in
that freaking house.
I've literally packed
my bags like four times.
Maybe you should talk
to someone.
Nik, she needs help.
AA or-
She's not hurting anybody
but herself.
If people knew it would
get worse for me.
I'm already a known weirdo.
Could it be any more pink?
I'll be able to find it
in my bag.
You could find it
in a black hole.
Right now?
She's so beautiful.
Stop, wait.
Oh, look at her!
Give me like five seconds.
Ok, fine.
Look at you.
Oh, what an angel.
Oh, you're the worst.
Oh, I'm posting that one.
Please don't.
Oh my gosh,
that's so embarrassing.
Oh, no.
You like this filter?
It's actually cute.
Wait, Sarah.
What the hell?
Oh, uh... yeah, I fell.
On the rocks.
When I was chasing after Robbie.
So you had been crying.
Sorry, I-I didn't want him
to be embarrassed.
He felt really bad that I fell,
I shouldn't have been so nosy.
I shouldn't have-
I shouldn't have read the stupid
text in the first place.
They were private.
I would have been pissed if he
read the guys some of my texts.
Oh, really?
Sarah Collins, what have you
been texting?
Just... stuff for him
to think about.
Well, careful.
It starts with a phone
and then it leads to-
I know where it leads.
Sarah, you didn't.
That's why you weren't
in the bed when I woke up.
I thought you had just gone
to the bathroom.
Oh my gosh.
Uh... was he nice?
Were you safe?
Hey, even smart girls do stupid
things under pressure-
He didn't pressure me.
If I knew I was gonna
get interrogated
I woulda just kept
my mouth shut.
Did you talk about it
with your mom?
Hard pass.
She doesn't need to know
everything I do.
He said he loved me.
And he thinks we have
a future.
He-he said it like that.
"A future".
No, no, no, no, no.
Rob, no.
Are you ok? What's going on?
Um, I'm fine, I just need
a minute.
I need to call Rob.
Babe, no... it-
it wasn't planned.
Nikki was upset.
Upset about what?
I can't say.
You're a shitty liar.
You picked her over me,
just say it!
Um, do you mind just giving me
some privacy?
I- I'm just gonna
be two seconds.
Just go in the bathroom.
Is that ok?
Ok. Yeah.
It's fine.
Her mom's a drunk.
She just-she just needed a
place to get away for a while.
Why didn't you tell me?
I- I promised I wouldn't
tell people.
I'm not people,
I'm your boyfriend.
You say you love me but
how am I supposed to feel
when you lie like that?
I- I'm sorry, it's not
what I meant.
Relationships are about
communication, Sarah.
If you really cared about us,
about me,
you would have said something.
I would never do that to you.
You've spent a lot of time
at the Tennison's lake house,
Do you know the-
the neighbour?
The girl next door?
She and Rob ever date?
Um, yeah.
They dated last summer.
She's at Overlake Academy.
She threw a huge tantrum
when uh,
Rob decided to come
here instead.
What's up?
Can you trust me for a little
bit and I'll tell you later?
Yeah, sure.
It feels like it's
happening fast.
Maybe too fast.
It's intense.
Yeah, well... it's your
first boyfriend.
Everything is intense.
But like... he texts me
all the time.
He wants to know where I am,
who I'm with.
It just sounds
like he's jealous.
I need him to trust me,
Not... control me.
So talk to him.
You know, tell him
how you feel.
People aren't perfect.
He's gonna have some flaws.
He says he loves me.
No, he does not.
Oh my god, seriously?
I mean, honey, he's obviously
just as freaked out as you are.
do you ever worry that you're
making the wrong choice?
Like... like you feel
like someone's the right person
and then they're not?
And then I remember that
that very same type of person
is the reason why I have you.
Life's complicated.
Thanks mom.
You ok, kiddo?
Yeah. Yeah.
Rob would call and Sarah
would... snatch up the phone.
You know, like she just couldn't
wait to talk to him.
Now I know that um,
if she didn't answer right away
he would get angry.
She worried that he was
too controlling.
But I just thought that
it was sweet
because I thought that it meant
that he didn't wanna lose her.
Whatcha got there?
Uh, it's a dress for Sarah.
Rob, we don't keep secrets.
Sarah and I, we talk.
About us?
Among other things.
Look, she's never had
a relationship before
and I'm guessing that you have.
Not like this.
She's... different.
She'll make mistakes.
Miss Collins, there is nothing
Sarah could do
to change the way I feel
about her.
I don't wanna lose her.
I like her.
Alright, come in.
You can call me Laura,
by the way,
if it's not too weird.
Ok, I'm gonna be checking in
so be a gentleman.
Cross my heart.
Rob... no.
This is way too expensive.
Awe, I want you to have
the best.
I love it.
But where will I wear it?
Oh, hilarious.
Will you forgive me for jumping
to conclusions?
Maybe put on the dress?
Turn around.
I've seen it all before.
Hope you kept the receipt.
Don't worry,
you'll lose the weight.
Besides, I'll help you.
Like you said, we have
a whole month.
You think I'm fat?
Did I say that?
I chose you.
I want you.
My-my mom was serious,
she could come in at any time.
Well I guess we'll have to be
quick and quiet.
I won't tell if you don't.
I actually really like this.
You look so cute.
Let me see the back?
See? I told you it would fit.
Yeah, I'm shocked
I fit into this.
You were so worried.
Oh. One sec.
Is that ok?
Thank you.
You look so pretty.
You look so cute.
Thank you.
Do you feel good?
You should be,
you look so hot.
I'm gonna take a selfie.
So I was thinking um...
What you're wearing
is unacceptable.
Cover up. Now.
I... I thought it was cute.
Are you re-branding?
Trying to get some attention
by flashing leg and ass?
You look like a cheap slut.
Delete it.
You know, nobody else wants you,
It's just me.
Sometimes I'm not sure why.
Sarah, are you ok?
He's being an asshole-
Don't call him that!
She came to school
with bruises.
It... it was embarrassing.
I showed her how to hide them
with make-up.
And you knew the bruises
were from Rob?
I did, but he was a nice guy.
To me.
And to his friends.
In other words he never hit
you so it wasn't your business.
You're deep in my abyss,
Oh, god.
I am so sorry.
I- I thought Rob was home alone.
May I help you?
Um, I'm Sarah Collins.
His girlfriend?
He never tells me anything.
Well, you know, if-if
he's training
I won't-I won't bother him.
I can just-
No, no, don't be silly.
You're here now.
He's been down there an hour,
Look who I found.
I told him to clean up
the mess.
Now this lovely young lady
can see your true colours.
Well, this is my space, mom.
I did read that messy people
have high IQ's.
I'm running out.
I'm late for my class,
but perhaps Sarah could join us
for dinner tonight?
I have to keep training
so maybe another time.
Well, it was lovely meeting you,
And I'm sorry that my son has
not introduced us previously.
It's ok.
I already know you're messy.
Now that I have your stamp
of approval,
what're you doing here?
Um... I came to apologize.
About what I was wearing.
You sure you didn't come here
to force your way
into meeting my mother?
You said your parents were away.
I don't remember
saying that.
Yes, you do.
No, I don't.
You lied.
No, because you nagged me.
You're always nagging me!
Sarah! Come back here!
You knew they were home!
No, I came to spend time
with you!
I love you but you treat me
like garbage!
You only focus on
the things I don't do
and you have
this list of expectations
that I keep failing at!
My dad gets home from work soon.
I don't want him seeing you
like this.
You know what?
Screw you!
If that's how you feel
then we are done!
Don't call me, don't-
don't message me,
don't come within
five feet of me!
It was all pretend.
Something happen?
Oh, uh...
Timothy finally decided
that he wants to get serious.
Just not with me.
Oh, mom, I'm sorry.
Oh, it's ok.
I'm just sorry that you have
to see me like this again.
Don't answer it.
You're upset.
They can handle the store
without you once.
Let's have a girl's night.
We will. I promise.
This weekend.
I have to take this.
The shipment was supposed
to be there yesterday.
Ok, you know what?
Um, why don't you give me
20 minutes and I'll handle it.
Yeah, of course.
No problem.
You could knock.
Ok, um, I have to go into work.
Surprise, surprise.
Weird, I don't recall a major
attitude-fest being scheduled
for this evening and...
what happened to your knee?
I tripped.
Rob and I had a fight.
Most couples fight,
don't start a hashtag.
Um... did it happen
when you...
did Rob get pushy about-
No! God!
I- I was upset.
I didn't look where I was going.
Rob wasn't even there.
And-and I don't appreciate you
jumping to the worst conclusion,
Just because your relationships
constantly crash and burn.
Wow, you're gonna go there.
Well, maybe you should try
being yourself for once.
Instead of trying
to mould yourself
into what you think
a man wants.
And even Christophe, right?
He says "jump" you say
"how high?"
Christophe is my boss.
I just wanna scream at you
just to say no to someone.
Just-just one time.
Just one damn time.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Remember how it
felt to feel
Remember how it
felt just to be,
Remember the needle
piercing through your skin,
How it set you free,
Remember when
we kissed,
I would lose myself,
Remember when
you said to me,
I would set you free,
For your love,
for your love,
for your love,
for your love,
I'm sorry, I thought
I was pretty explicit
with my "do not contact me"
Oh, now it's baby?
"Slut" had a pretty
good ring to it.
Sarah, I was a total idiot.
Understatement of the year.
I need to see you.
Too bad.
Sarah, I-
I'm-I don't want you
to be here.
You can't be here.
You-you-you lied to me!
You embarrassed me,
you hurt me!
Please, there is an explanation.
My family, they have traditions
and rules-
So-so you're worried
I'm not good enough?
No. No.
When I tell them I'm not going
to Harvard
because I refuse to move away
from you
that's not gonna go over well.
I wanted to introduce you
to my parents
when we were ready and...
when it could be perfect.
The perfect place,
the perfect time.
You in perfect clothes.
Just so that they could see
why I wouldn't wanna leave you.
Robbie, that wasn't
a normal fight.
I know.
I... I need to do better.
But you are making me better.
Please, Sarah.
Don't-don't give up on me.
You don't give up on
the people you love.
I was gonna give this to you
at the dance
but it feels like
you need it now.
It's a promise ring.
You're gonna stop losing your
temper and taking it out on me.
I swear, I will-
And I'm gonna wear whatever
the hell I want.
Of course.
You look beautiful to me,
And now you're gonna take me
for hot chocolate
and we're gonna start over.
Clean slate.
Clean slate.
Now I chase you
from the morning rays
I pray it fades.
I'm not a child
but I believe
It's too big.
I'll have to get it resized.
We're alive so I can see
Oh, here. Let me get it.
Oh wait, I got it.
Passion is a spinning
Turns and turns forever
just to feel.
There. It's perfect.
Left you lone inside
another's arms.
Still alone.
I'm not a child
but I believe
There is beauty.
So you guys broke up
for a few hours
then got back together?
Right in time for the dance
tonight, I guess.
Look, we addressed
some issues first.
He slut shamed you.
In front of a bunch of people.
He apologized.
We dealt with it.
Ok, yeah, no, here's the thing.
You can lie to everyone.
I didn't-
Don't even!
You can lie to everyone,
you can even lie to your mom,
but I am your best friend
and I'm not friggen' blind.
He hurts you.
Physically. Verbally.
You seriously think I believe
you tripped at the lake house?
He doesn't mean to.
Of course not.
He-he gets angry,
he lashes out.
But that's-that's actually one
of the things we talked about.
He's a good person,
And I promise he's going
to do better now.
No, he's not!
He loves me, and it's not
all his fault, you know?
I've... I've been pushing him
to do things before he's ready.
I- I can do better, too.
I love him, Nikki.
You have loved him
this whole time.
You don't give up on someone
you love, Nik.
And I know for you walking out
is actually an option
and you can't wait to do it
but for me it's not.
Gus, you also went to
the Tennison's lake house
quite regularly, right?
So you and Mr. Cahill,
all of you three were wrestlers
trained in the same way that
Mr. Tennison was.
You didn't even believe Rob
was capable of hurting anyone
until your girlfriend
convinced you.
Cara Levitt?
Um, my name's Nikki.
I was wondering if I could talk
to you about Rob Tennison?
The Tennison's lake house?
Remember, I saw you,
you saw me?
You were scared.
I wanna know why.
I dated Rob last summer and he
got a little riled up one day.
I was over it.
Now I avoid him.
Explain to me why any of this
matters to you?
My best friend's dating him.
He gets a little more
than riled up with her.
The first time he was
so apologetic
I actually believed
that it was unintentional.
I decided I just have to avoid
making him that angry.
But the second time he hit me
with a pool cue.
Did you report him?
Did you tell your parents-
No. I didn't wanna be that girl.
Not a particularly
attractive label.
I just left.
Ghosted him.
I can't get Sarah to walk.
She thinks she's in love.
Probably because she is.
I thought about
making her choose,
him or me,
but... she'll choose him.
The best thing you can do
for your friend
is not make her choose.
Be there for her whether she
stays with him or she doesn't.
You look perfect.
I got these for you.
Thank you.
Sarah told me you were going
through a break up.
The guy is an idiot
for the record.
But... this is a wonderful
and I'm honoured to be
a part of it.
Thank you.
I love you.
Love you.
Have a good time.
No, don't-don't mess up
my lipstick.
Come here.
Apres vous.
You-you look really nice.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Oh, she's here.
Rob, I'm not joking right now.
Oh, ok. Alright. Alright.
We will take a photo, but only
because you look so cute.
Here's a crown for you.
Awe, I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey, can I talk to you
for a second?
Ha Farrow, no more talking.
Let's dance!
Let's go, come on!
You ok?
She's trippin'.
I don't know what
I'm supposed to do, man.
She makes it so hard.
Oh my god!
It's so good to see you!
I don't know.
I don't understand.
I haven't seen you forever!
I know I miss you guys.
Whoa, whoa, wait, wait!
What's his problem?
Let go of me, Rob!
You were flirting
right in front of me,
we were in there 10 minutes!
I wasn't flirting!
I was talking!
Hey! Get off!!!
Get in the car!
Sarah, I don't wanna fight
in public!
You don't have to go with him!
What he just did is not ok!
This is between us, Nikki.
Not anymore.
Remember what I said, Sarah.
She is jealous and
she's squeezing her way in.
This is exactly
what I predicted, isn't it?
Sarah, I don't care
who you date.
You can get in the car
with him if you want,
I'm still gonna be
your best friend.
I'm not going anywhere.
But I am telling you,
you don't deserve this.
I'm scared, Nik.
He won't let me go.
Tough shit.
Neither will I.
Get in the car!
Get in the car, Sarah!
Get out of my way, Gus.
Not a chance.
It's ok.
He can't hurt you.
She loved him, too.
Despite everything, she didn't
want his life to be ruined.
He hit her with a pool cue?
We should go to the police.
File charges.
I don't know.
He needs some sort
of consequence
or he'll just keep doing it.
Well, I'm not ready to ruin
his life just yet.
What about your mom?
She'll be too disappointed.
I couldn't handle it.
No she wouldn't.
She'd wanna lock the snake
away and throw away the key.
She'd be disappointed I didn't-
I didn't bolt the first time
he hit me.
Hold up. No. No.
Ok, look at me.
This isn't on you.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You love him.
I did.
I loved him.
And you know, that's what makes
me so mad,
is he's still there.
He-he exists.
This... this guy who is smart
and-and ambitious and...
and who made me feel like...
like I was the best thing
that ever happened to him.
He's still there.
And he still wants me.
And I still want him.
I know.
I know, it sucks.
But the one half of him
can't justify the other, Sar.
It's still who he is right now.
Maybe always.
Thank you.
For being here.
Like you said.
You don't give up
on the ones you love.
I'll go to his wrestling coach.
Rob respects him.
He'll know what to do,
if anything.
Maybe he can make him
go to anger management.
He'll want to know everything,
start to finish.
A picture says a thousand words,
Hold your bones
up to the fire
Let me see beyond
your eyes
Ok, hold it.
Ok, just one more.
Holding onto and
I am waiting.
Ok, turn around.
All my love is
getting tired.
We were young back
when we started.
Getting further
and I'm still waiting.
Ok, I can't take anymore.
I'm so sorry!
It's burning down,
it's burning down
Gus says they don't have
practise this morning.
What if he comes in to train
on his own?
Sarah, he can't hurt you.
Not with Mr. P right there.
Plus, I know some moves.
You're lethal.
I think...
I think I changed my mind.
Everyone will know, Nik.
Sarah, come on.
Screw him, you're
not the villain here, he is!
Yeah, 'cause they'll believe me!
You know what Jacqueline
told me about Cara?
She said she stalked Rob.
That she was mental.
They love him, Nik.
My-my words won't matter.
It's my decision.
Ok. You're right.
What do you wanna do?
Um... I wanna...
I wanna pretend like this never
happened and I wanna go home.
It's burning down.
It's burning down.
There is nothing
we can do now.
Rob and I broke up.
Is he seeing someone else?
Well, it's just that yesterday
I would have said
that he would take
a bullet for you.
Seems like you're
leaving something out-
Yeah, I'm leaving lots out but
I don't wanna talk about it.
I'm just not what he wants.
And I don't wanna be with him
if that's the case.
I know it's disappointing.
Hey, look at me.
You have never been
a disappointment.
I'm sorry if I ever made you
feel that way.
You liked Rob.
I felt like-like it made you
proud that I was dating him.
Ok, the other night you said
some things-
I was a little shit.
Yes, you were.
But some of them
I needed to hear.
You already recognized that
you might not be right for Rob.
Not what he wants.
By the way, total, total,
total madness.
You know, I...
I really thought that Rob
was the guy.
Now I kind of hate him.
No you don't.
Why shouldn't I be allowed
to hate him?
I just want to hate him.
Hate gives him power
over you.
Look, you don't have to forget.
You shouldn't forget.
But you can forgive.
You know?
I hope you two
like spicy sausage!
I hate spicy sausage.
Why does she always do this
to us?
You would think she'd figure it
out by now.
That's for you guys.
I'll grab some napkins.
And green peppers.
It's like the worst.
The worst pizza ever.
Um, I'd like green peppers
on my pizza,
so no one ever...
No one.
Ok, next one.
Let's go. I'm on a roll.
I knew you'd pick it.
Wait, wait, wait.
Here you go.
Oh, sorry, I had to.
This is...
You... it was actually perfect.
Are you serious?
Ok, I just...
I can't believe you.
I thought he'd pick it.
It was really funny!
It was extremely funny.
Atta girl.
That's the sixth time.
Block him.
If he doesn't stop I will.
You're still wearing the ring.
Oh, um... it's just 'til I give
it back to him at school.
Or you could incinerate it
in the fires of Mount Doom?
Thanks for the empathy.
On that note, we need snacks.
Ooh, ooh, I want a muffin.
Nah, I'm good.
Some of us can't eat constantly.
What do you fell like?
Uh, chips please.
And a coffee please.
Rob wants to see you.
I'm sure he does.
You're hardcore wrecking him
and yet for some reason
he won't shut up about you.
Yeah, I can't even be mad
at you, Jacqueline.
He's got you wrapped
around his little finger.
Look, are you ok?
Why haven't you been at school?
My mom wanted me to stay home.
Did you tell her?
I told her we broke up.
I need to talk to you.
In private.
Just come for a drive with me.
Zach's in the car,
he'll chaperone.
What could you possibly
have to say?
I just-
If she won't go for a drive
with you, Robbie, I will.
I bet I can take your mind
off things.
What do you think, Sar?
Jacqueline wants to go
for a drive with me.
You can drive me home.
We'll say goodbye.
And then that's it.
After this we... we move on.
Let it all go.
I'll let it all go.
Is-is that Jacqueline?
Is he ok?
What's going on?
He and Alexa broke up
and he's handling it poorly,
so I'm keeping an eye on him.
I should text Nikki
you're driving me home.
Oh, and how thrilled
will she be about that?
Come on.
Stop it!
You took the wrong exit.
No I didn't.
You said you were
driving me home.
You said I was taking you home.
I'm taking us for a drive.
Hey, Miss C.
What're you doing here?
I came to get Sarah.
I thought she was with you.
You were the last person
to see her yesterday,
You're positive she said
she was going home?
That's where they said
they were going.
Yeah, she left with Rob.
Sarah, ok, I'm not mad.
Please just call me back, ok?
I just need to know
that you're ok.
Nikki, hey. Is she at school?
No, but one of her friends
saw her leave with Rob
from the cafe.
Yeah, that's pretty
much what he told me.
Him and Zach drove her home.
You've spoken to Rob?
He's here.
I called him.
He said that he dropped her
off here at 6:30, but Nikki,
something is wrong.
It just feels wrong,
you know?
This isn't like her.
She's not answering
her phone,
she hasn't left a note,
this isn't like her.
Miss C, there's something
I have to tell you
and I'm sorry I didn't
tell you sooner.
Rob's not who you think he is.
He hit Sarah at the dance.
I saw it, Gus saw it.
And he hit her once when
she visited him at home.
And she's got-she's got bruises
all over her body.
I took pictures of them
and they're on her phone.
She just-she didn't want me to
tell you and I'm really sorry,
I should have told you.
I should have told you.
Ok, um... you did
the right thing.
I'll call you back.
She's not at school?
Nikki asked around
and nobody has seen her.
Rob, was she unhappy
when you left her?
Actually she had mentioned that
she was feeling claustrophobic.
That she needed a break
from school and... from Nikki.
Right, so you think that
she may have run away?
It's a possibility.
Oh god.
If you think it's something
she might have done...
I want you to leave.
Nikki brought me up to date on
the nature of your relationship
with my daughter.
Laura, I love Sarah
and Sarah loves me-
So you never hit her?
You never threw her down
at your house?
You never smacked her
at the dance?
If that's what Nikki's saying
then she's lying!
I would never hurt Sarah-
Don't you dare twist this
around on Nikki!
Don't do it!
Do you know where
my daughter is?
I don't.
Rob, do you know where she is?
Then get out.
Get out!
Was Sarah happy?
Tell him what you told me.
Um... her boyfriend--
ex-boyfriend-- Rob Tennison,
he was violent.
He hit her.
He got angry at her a lot.
Miss Collins, were you aware
of Rob's alleged behaviour?
No, Nikki just told me.
So she did keep secrets.
We'll confirm Mr. Tennison's
but in these types of cases
the missing teen
has often run away of
their own accord.
We will reach out to his family
and take a statement.
So what're we supposed to do?
Let us do our jobs.
You know, make calls,
check in with family or anyone
she might visit.
Be patient.
Can you do that?
No, I don't think we can.
He's here.
You wanna tell us why
you've been skipping school,
Look, I don't see why you care.
You were one of the last
people to see Sarah, Zach.
I already gave my statement
to the police.
Ok? We dropped her off at home.
Except you didn't.
Look, I was wasted.
I barely remember anything
Well, you remember enough
to freak you out.
Make you avoid school.
Look, it was all a blur.
I thought Sarah was with us
in the car when we drove
to the lake house
but I passed out
and when I came to,
she wasn't.
Rob told me that we dropped her
off at home
before we even drove
out there, man.
But you don't believe him.
Her purse and phone were still
on the front seat of the car.
Look, I swear, I thought
he just ditched her,
you know, to teach her a lesson
or something, you know?
You need to tell the police.
No, are you crazy?
He's going to kill me!
Zach! Please.
She started doing her own
laundry and I thought...
I thought hey, she's growing up.
But uh... no, she just didn't
want me to see the blood
and I should have.
Nikki, where are you?
Don't touch it.
She was wearing
that at the cafe.
I got pissed at her
for wearing it.
u can't do this!
Robert Tennison.
You are under arrest for
the murder of Sarah Collins.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right to
an attorney.
Do you understand the rights
just read to you?
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Sweetheart, sweetheart,
we'll get a lawyer, alright?
All rise.
Please be seated.
Originally, Mr. Cahill,
you supported Rob's statement.
That you dropped Sarah off
at her house, correct?
Y- yes, but I was scared
and I was confused.
Just for the record, Mr. Cahill,
were you drunk on the night
in question?
Yes, ma'am.
Did you pass out at any point?
Long enough, say, to have missed
seeing Sarah exiting Rob's car?
Yes, but when I woke up I knew
something wasn't right.
You're leaving your girl behind?
Sarah, isn't she coming with us?
Dude, you're wasted.
I dropped Sarah
off two hours ago.
Uh, you got something
to say, Zach?
Nothin', man.
She just left her purse.
He couldn't let her go.
Wouldn't let her go.
He couldn't let her go,
that's exactly right.
Rob Tennison was rejected
by Sarah Collins,
but rather than give up,
he drove her to a remote
What're we doing here?
I'm-I'm texting my mom
to come get me.
Let's go take a walk.
Rob, if you wanted to talk
you could have done so.
In the car, while you were
driving me home as I asked.
You remember
our weekends here?
But they mean nothing now.
Did you ever really love me?
I really did.
I thought you were the one.
The one that I would be
with forever.
Sarah, please.
Let's try again.
I'll get help.
I'll go to anger management
classes or something-
No, Robbie.
I'm sorry.
You're still wearing the ring.
That has to mean something.
I- I was just waiting
for the right moment
to give it back to you, so...
You'll find love again.
We both will.
I- it can't just over like-
like it's nothing!
Robbie, we're going in circles.
It's time to go.
How do I know you won't
spread lies about me?
You'll make people think
the wrong thing.
You're hurting me again.
I- I won't tell anyone,
I promise.
You broke my heart.
I don't wanna see you fall
in love with anyone else.
You promised to be mine.
I can't let you go.
No... no... no...
I wish I told someone.
Even if it cost me
Sarah's friendship.
She'd still be here if I had.
Why would Sarah even get
in that car with him
if she was so afraid?
Why didn't Miss Farrow
tell you?
Nikki Farrow, look at me
right now, ok?
This is not your fault.
It's not your fault.
Don't let anybody
make you think that it is.
Miss Collins, it was
never my inten-
Ok, just look at him.
I mean, you're
all looking at her.
Well, I mean right now
you're saying well, why didn't
she tell anyone?
Why didn't she walk away?
If she had she would
still be alive.
You're looking at her
and you are blaming her.
Stop doing that.
Look at him.
Blame him.
Please be seated.
Rob Tennison.
In the murder of
Miss Sarah Collins
I must find you guilty
of all charges.
Between the year 2001 and 2012
we lost 6,488 souls in battles
fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.
But during that
same time period,
11,766 women were killed,
but by their own partners.
This is a war that we,
in this country,
refuse to address.
It has to stop because things
have gotten so dire
that this is what a victory
looks like
and I am sorry folks
but today was no victory.
This case should
not be closed,
because when it comes
to domestic violence
there needs to be change
on a cultural level
and that change needs to start
with each and every one of you.
I've never seen
this on your face,
The more I draw
the less you care,
I've been around
for quite some time,
I'm not ready
to let you leave,
For all it's worth,
I still believe,
We can work,
We can work this out,
But I'm drunk,
and it's late,
I've been looking
for your face,
All you care is that she is
now living for your stare,
I don't exist anymore,
I'll never see the light
of day,
The more I try,
the more you fade,
We won't work,
No, we won't work
this out,
Who would ever guess